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Stacy Brown - Bigfoot researcher

Jan 3, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with noted Bigfoot researcher and investigator about his work and his unique video footage known as the "Brown Thermal Footage" 1/04/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. There are. On the West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast when you start somewhere in between law to be on reality review myself Jason pause in the always awesome chief each arts and it's 2018. Everywhere. Happy happy new year everybody in the year to everybody out there we've survived another year I just can't believe how quickly 2017 went by I mean I swear a point tonight that geared just went. By. And it's everybody says you know as you get older you know times to me these you know deeds go by so much quicker but I don't 12070 huge really literally was a blink of an ally. I I agree with you on that it's seemed extremely fast and maybe it's a lot to do that just because we've been focused on radio show and it cranking along with that in. It illegal by extremely fast I think that's probably part of it and think you're right there on your time just a slowdown or going to be real old hiring very fast time flies when you're having fun we're definitely having a lot of fun with the show so I can see how that would be the case but I hope everybody's. In off to a great start Jamaican New Year's resolution or anything did you do you mind about it trying to well here at first it was to get over that church school that did that work out we're in the delegate battle going on its I have done over and I end up having to go to that doctor and everything else and access to that someone in the deep correct your grammar boys integrity always going on but I did Peter just in time for us ticket. It was this brutal cold yeah I know that just suspense and now and now they're calling for Wednesday and Thursday here in new England and many other states. Anywhere from eight at twelve to twelve to sixteen inches of snow. And it's on the show so you and I were chatting about you know texting no over the course of last few days about this cold weather and I think the questions why are we living you know the street access bullpen is what they wouldn't do it and that was because I was fixing a frozen entree into a frozen lines in my in my house isn't it froze solid I'm white we never I'm a plumber by trade for rotary. And perhaps for frozen lines in my house but it's just been that its its pins below zero. So many days and everything becomes vulnerable yeah and and you also get a look at it just from a homeless standpoint almost Alter. Where I was driving to Providence yesterday and I just saw in me it's just. And I don't all right I just I am so happy some of these Suk is kitchens and everybody else out there try to try to go out and answers amount of complacent. You know I just is a world. I think about that you know when I get to go do something simple like knew him shovel walker take the garbage out in this kind of weather and I'm miles from like five minutes. And I'm if I'm unlike so cold even on got a warm cold William boots everything. I can't imagine being having to live and try to survive an inning in these types of conditions without. Somewhere to call in and stay away it's it's unbelievable to me it really is it really is unbelievable. Yes if you I mean you have seen dale please you know him playing cat or something to him charm from where it didn't open great athletes can't deal fiscal year but yeah we do of this brutal storm coming and this will this once in a Thursday it and you know it's funny to say my birthday. At the brand and thank you and that you semi attacks that you sent me all those pictures and I really appreciate it still traumatized diploma from a lawyer and that's more for us just as early as next in the things you can do it hassles are amazing community. But I got all these tools. These tools and I'm like really psyched about using it hadn't been able to use them at all man. You know no I have met him immediately it's their stuff I have in the garage yeah I can go into the garage without freezing to via. It's it's really really ups in the I thought I did sort of mentioning Casey because you know we we've actually in had a nice little break here we've been playing best of programs but tonight we're going to be talking about bigfoot. And estate practices big focuses. And Stacy brown junior will be joining us he's a bigfoot researcher in a filmmaker we're going to be talking about some footage that he and his team caught it's known as the brown thermal footage and it's considered to be some of the best evidenced. Certainly has some of the best thermal footage of a bigfoot sighting and as we'll talk about that bunt plus the Florida skunk take some of the things he's been doing. He's got a movie interview with a monster and Ernie Els wants talk well but Roz rules will be covering a bunch topics tonight with the SEC or he has voted. May sixteenth big for research for the years also part of via the winning team on spikes TV show. The bigfoot Bonnie Newton is also on the featured on animal planet's finding bigfoot and a bunch of other things so it definitely it's going to be an instinct shall we got a lot of ground to cover. Now we just Judy OK got it he won't even Nostradamus. The. One of those starting existed noticed we don't know that he was yeah no this one of those topics that semi votes on very very fascinating and what little bit of studying I've done I've written some actually some articles about some of his Kwon trains but what little bit I've done I've. And cut on the fence as to whether he was a true visionary or just really good at it making ambiguous statements and kinda on the. Vents there and that's the that's the problem a lot of people take his writing and they'll really bill just wrap it around and in claim that he was is that on what is whose talent that. And a lot of people. Could go on talk about while he predicted 9/11 he predicted this. Well for those of you who who don't know is he made a lot of predictions Susan. That's what is known for. And I ended up passing when he was 1566 siblings who was. And this is books have been studied for centuries but he supposedly he's got all these new predictions coming out on about twenty. And he was untrue and remember I think it was an alchemist listening losing the pharmacist alchemist. During the Renaissance. And then just started writing this stuff. If it's a really neat so he has continued solid intelligence. Of the reasons sir you are I think status say you know one of the things that I remember even as being being a kid in my mother watching some program about Nostradamus and you know at that point there relating all these. Prophecies to yet like events like World War II in this that and the other thing now that were older another change endowments and on a really related to 9/11 this. He knows that's the problem with them they're not specific enough that you can say that's the that's the one that almost took from a lot of doom. And doomsayers are now predicting that his writings contain information for twenty team. And one of them is a big war lasts for three decades so they're talking about. On the claim the big oral start in France and all of Europe will be attacked it'll be long and terrified for everyone. And then finally there'll be peace but only fuel enjoy. Com and on the hike release peacefully fuel in Chile but a laurels are between the two great powers will last for a period of 27 years. Com they claim he believes a media and his name is a specifically say France. You know according to the what they are saying so again these these are why they pulled out of there out of his writings about. He believes that it the Italian volcano mountain Susie is will it shake the earth every five minutes until well vesuvius is actually 6000 people and I don't has been rumblings of an. There's some truth to that in the course vesuvius is the as the volcano that buried Pompeii. So yeah there's been talk about that yet so on also. Supposedly predicted natural disasters across the US. And according to what they say he wrote an earthquake shill. Concern particularly the western area of the US and its power should she'll be felt in lands throughout the globe. Now another reason why that little touchy as. Some scientists altered and believe that California full line. Well it's it's long overdue for a major earthquake. So possibility there too yeah on a positive now they claim that one of his his things was the intense the advancement of Madison. Will raise human life expectancy. Up to 200 years of each that's gonna happen next year. I'm more this year all we have here I mean yeah this is really awesome to look forward. I think the last report was that for one of the maybe the first time in however many years US life expectancy has drops it's tough -- so somehow we're not doing something right I guess but here's the thing a federal countries have gone yet which is the weirdest thing here's my question is there anything in nostra promises writings that tell us what the deal is with bitcoin because that thing is just it's just confuse an academy. And them. And people are talking about a all over the place I can get it I can't quote I can get concept I need a need someone like Nostradamus or time with that said if anybody out there understands this whole point fiasco that police say didn't I just saw here earlier today. That folder of that thing get get abducted. I don't know my understanding is that the founder is is anonymous he is the prudent person who's responsible for my morning Marty got to do that could be taught it's possible but did my understanding is that the bitcoin founder is someone who would nobody knows his name who it is. And where he is in and it's kind of over a real mystery. Intentionally mystery but maybe maybe they've been you know may be was abducted the figure this out I don't get an a in his. You and I think I think honestly my personal opinion yours that you got to really be cautious of the stuff there's nothing tangible it's like this like the dotcom bubble in the stock market in 2000 or the real estate bubble recently here when with the visa. Sub prime mortgages is just a bunch of hot air and there's no nothing real. Nothing tangible to its therefore at some point people forget that out and just busts and be really careful. So I don't know but hey the phone numbers 84468776. X nine and told freed 8446877669. If you haven't yet. If she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond a real radio only the FaceBook page for us. And then had to be on reality radio dot com. We continue in Dallas triage on an interim to operate there can also find all the great stations we are on across the country are just click the listen life tab up on the right hand corner of the web site. That connecting or on line chat or GB myself a great community of people usually hang out. If you Donald showed us a favor just read it for us and I wherever a sports show Ford makes it easier for people fun and so tonight we're talking a bigfoot. Tomorrow it's going to be an interesting topic can we I we I think slick Eddie set this one because of the proximity to Christmas and you know Christmas is it is a time that you're not only you know that kids are getting gains for Christmas to play whatever but what family spend time together playing games over the holidays and and a lot of us grew up during a time where things like monopoly or sorry morrow to smoke or cheesy and some of the other board games are really popular. When we are growing up really were fixture of our lives his kids it's not so so much that way anymore we have a guy who who is joining us to money tryst in Donovan. Who's written a book. Called it's all a game in the history of board games from monopoly to settlers of Qatar and it was published in May of last year when he seventeenth. We're talk about that I think it's gonna release spur some nostalgia and and and I think a generous critical phone calls from people who remember plain some of the stuff is kids should have Chris Collins and actually parents crisp and make it as a board games Colin. And Mike's our. It's pinching topics so let me pretty cool and then Thursday we're gonna go and broad talk with dean war saying he's a paranormal investigator. And he teaches a college class about EVPs a friend had very interesting that there's a college it'll do that I love it when. Apologists think outside you know the box and allow people to express ideas and opinions that might not necessarily be considered part of academia. Well we're supposed to do that before the show listeners. The only reason I didn't I didn't do it is because we decided to show goes honestly felt that was gonna be a better way to get the word out on the paranormal. But we're in talks to sell they Regina over there. And I'm still very good friends one of dean's. And you know I still talk to a multi Gerri Willis but that was the initial in the initial thing we are we're approached teaches a class so they they wanted to make an accredited course of course to would have been a blast but. I just never did it meant that doing ghost hunters which were able to connect with a lot more people. Yeah I think there was from the remove their the deem to be talking about the class of bunch of other stuff. And we'll have him on Thursday night in the beating of a great program of course Paris I remember if you got any information as they're going to build Jimmy don't get the ball a little before 677669. Ours we're gonna take a quick break more economy listen Jason Jeter Giambi unreality radio today. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. The easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Reality reading adjacent cheesy and as promised it. Talk and being put me and so the horse country and things like that with our guest Stacey brown junior he's Stacy welcome to be on reality really great to have him show tonight. Good thanks for coming on. So proper. So we have a short segment here. But it's enough time I think we did just give us sort of your background tell us about yourself since is the first time we've hedge on the program. Well and 33 from Puerto. And started out. I knew it and they put on moment dead at the way to do you know like that about how. And one thing led to another we caught footage and or early that we ended up. Dick calls from a few network. Animal Planet called the little fun in big for it and then spike TV called. And a little under ten million dollar they put down Asia which made him a partner Wong. And I mean we just kind of kicked it in the full gear. Ari related to movies. It will let throughout the outcome outlook jailed Tom Green it's kind of like a bigfoot comity. And you know the storm from there. But back it up a little bit forests you know just one day wake up and decided gonna go bigfoot hunting you must be the must be a bit of an evolution there what got you interested in the topic being with DC you're dead. Was involved maybe that's where it started but to give this to get on the Genesis of all that. Yeah time well when all of the tube with a lot like unsolved mystery. And and circular of and things like that. And so I had it couldn't. The bottom my head that bigfoot lives. In the vacant lot across from how so like pictures sold out in the woods built atop that little wall back there. I'm looking for bigfoot. End. You know then that I grew up a little bit when I got about 22. And Lehman debt started doing it he would. And cancer so it started in hang in now and stuff. You are just getting out of how we're big footing but we really did think we're gonna find it neat thing you know at first and did you end up finding that it kind of an addiction after that. It has got to go all the talk in economy. Yeah was that when you started over there was your dad doing a prior to the enemy sells like it you know immediate in the beginning to some degree with the union dead spend time together in a quiet place. And that's all it was you know. On the week we had a little bit of equipment just realize poppy again. Maybe some people would get up go fly a remote control plane or something. We went high camp and we're looking for signs of big but. In the Apalachicola national or hand. It never really come across any staying there for a few years in it was until. I've finally had an encounter he would. At this point could go he would and surgery. To remove. Is part of the latter more kidney. So. I've win and a bass player from a band went with. And we head encounter in a tent so I quit my band which at that Osama bin. But we're Ocala regional but with plagued. Beat the departure covers. Make money you know means that we should do shows referee who can travel pledge to trick. Our purpose not a hundred baht. And so we got a big volatile making good money but the good part of income inspector 101000 dollars a year. I Stacy stop with that we gonna take a real hard break but when we come back and wanna get into more so you listen to Jason GB and beyond reality radio. Had a great season is well on the way to great 2018 and oral may have been basically a few hours and 28 team but to have party I mean the puck just change to the third of January mean it seemed like. Half hour ago it was midnight on New Year's Eve and also were at the 30 January just. Happens to split and it did and it it is it's great to be back I'll be honest Mary I think we need that time off just because that cold scanned at check us killing it was literally if you if you listen to the shows before it went on hiatus. My god I couldn't talk. The struggle and I do think you you know you somehow those those pesky little germs made it through work the next digital connection here because I. Again I didn't have a lake you had a but I had a little bit of a post Christmas cold too. But I have to be honest just not being on you actually it was cheating. An animal that's a really I felt like I was I was just missing out on things however forward back and were were happy to be talking about bigfoot tonight in the Florida skunk ape with our guest Stacey brown junior who is a bigfoot researcher Andy filmmaker. Check out his web site it's called the Florida not the it's Florida skunk ape project dot org you wanna check that out against Stacy thanks for. I joining us we had to cut you off in the middle of your story you're. Telling us that tell you were in a band. Via your points and gigs making some money be had to give it up you and your bass player was it that went down on on your first. Hunt together and had an encounter that but the story was. I yeah it would some. In any building and apartment that you couldn't. He went out there will be and then we had being counter. And it it just kinda changed everything you know at that point I realized that I wanted to. Prove the things that they've actually are real. And you know I have improved it everybody else but I noticed for a fact lucky you can never talk rattle off. You can never you never can you know it's a mind about what happened because that clear day. And I think that I don't know that's important to say because as a guy I've invest in the paranormal forever and a lot of people always ask you'll what do you say to skipped. I am here to saint skeptics I'm just Hamilton to try to figure out what's going on for myself and those people who ask me to come in and check things out. And in that that and that's an important thing year out their free yourself. And also it's such a great feeling you can go all this time without finding anything but that one time you find something it it late re ignites the excitement. Reactive and not a mean have big productivity every single up. In. And I did. People wouldn't still be at. It is at one time and you know usually only have maybe. Couple times a year sometimes it'll be a whole year report it really did. In caliber. Again but that encounter that you get just keep she'd go and you know. Through all the time warriors that that would have been questioned your sanity as to what to do it with. The united. So Stacey when was that encounter what that is that you and your bass player had how long ago was that. I know November 6 2011. Okay. An and tell us what the encounter consisted of. Well we went to the ladies now she did. Claims she had big but on the property. Come. Out overnight though we. That it would can be the first. And went around and you know just hike Tuesday without some treatment list the really kinda odd stuff but it. Not that screaming that it was real point. But then it got dark. And we Republican Eric are going now where we were work camp was that. It was kind of like. Circle area you know PayPal. In the clearing forty circular yeah I cannot feel clear in her little like old Shaq air. And well forty not forty you know probably forty yards a fort York. The road coming in you know from the west. And that was your only way out because a round that clear it dropped off but he'll. Now that the one area in Florida. Kinda like. I guess the bad they're related all the places of that squad today it would be like Upper Peninsula. Of Michigan. In BP. So. I guess it was. You know there until they're people you think Florida and I think you know beaches just flat and and but it is like Delmas the date but anyway that it's dropped awful. And we started hearing walk. And decadent but that. So we shot the lie and whatever woods would be on the tree. And we turned the light off go back to the fire and it would start again and become don't shop there again. And it would just you know candidate like Java me not because it was awaiting now the second we killed that life. It sort of walk. And then we were. In our broken. Stick with to a kind of get like under irked at this point. You know news to count them. I get shocking or something actually happened with that now than it ever happen that are have been. Doing it with my dad just you know. Like epic camping. For probably five years. Would know oh look at all. And did there were that about a fire and outcome it does call on top of the cool and it would couldn't leave because. It is just kept going on a go it ought to reflect our. You know but. At a market panic because. Again I mean no matter how much you're looking for that are hoping to see it when it actually happens. It startle you a little bit the adrenaline starts flowing so I understand those emotions. Yeah and and then you know we did we hear that put that the about a blesses us and we look over there and we can undefeated silhouette. You know I mean it's like it's definitely what I'm look at that and I'm not the and he did not. Peony real potential veto. So a ligament to look at each other and you know we'd over the they'd gotten. An attitude that look like and you've seen that. So we got we go to. That afflicted. An. And at about two hours later a wake up to about buddy scream. Okay. And that the net is literally like. Six inches from the top of the state. You know it's. BB was pushed down pot yeah. And peace agreement and then it just let go and they were involved in the woods. Now at like a beast be able. Yeah but the obvious questions here we did anybody know your out there doing this world would anybody have a Reeves a reason to mess of your play a prank. The people that own the property. You know they were the only ones that knew where we were at and would they do it that are in the sixties. To get also in the woods down there it's not really. It's not easy. Terrain. To cross. So huddles the these people doing that you know I mean. I guess they could if they wanted to but that. Is it really wasn't even like you know army he knew of me keeping them you'd be yeah they're now it would. And it and nobody in what you said nobody else really knew you were there correct. Yeah and then on top of that you know walk through the woods in a flash. Now did you did you happen to notice at the time. Any any. Older a lot of people report when Vicente bigfoot presence that there is a very very strong odor to juice did you still have a notre. At a company that an incident. Sheridan com and have never actually. Now theater. I thought the people whose weapon down it smelled. But I have never. Smelled the odor and which is odd because like. I'm always sitting with a win enough space. It would amount Watson bucket mallet it is coming up but I don't know what that promote like. It get startled and let all of condoms ought. Around it. Right and what about what about the next day when nominal one light returned did you have any collateral evidence any footprints any hair any scat anything else. Remaining that has supported the fact that you had that encounter. Of the trees that were broke the lip of delay and Thorpe broke there was there. As for definite tracked. No because the leaf litter were so bad. And but you could be worse but that all you could be the proper. You know army but she couldn't captain to see if they've. Yeah maybe you get it down there look like into the ground he could just need to or debt in the believe that you figure nobody walked out of the woods. Another group that investigated the site for like seven years before we got there. And they had never stayed in the woods that night which it struck me at our. If you're going to be researching a creature that. Nocturnal or primarily nocturnal. You know you think you will come out in the work. At night but. Yet insisted kind of one of them a life changing event. Know what was going on I was going on on the property that the owners of the property were convinced they had big fights big foot. A presence on the property. Well they had had a budget stuff Kona over years I'd actually all of them on finding bigfoot. He had had a hand print on in out of adored one of the first episode. And at places like forty about minutes. You know from my out we will wanted to check in now. That's how we learn about our. And we went out there bird. You know plenty years but it should. Of the places. It's more or less where they would pass through. It's not Wear that suit is. But that inning count her. We're not side who weren't finding net on the property. Anywhere we have found one like a little further. On north up the creek and and so we've kind of focus star. We've changed or hunting that we don't wanna be where they come through every now. Are described her describe for us you or. Your your position free encounter before that encounter where you would did you believe. That they were out there or did you believe in bigfoot in general we are skeptical over in what was your position than in and then what was it afterward. Before. I love the idea of big you know. I thought it was real. Hat. Proof that they'll get a matter of fact I bought into that hole 2008. They put in the freezer. That it on CNN and so by Al not all of buddies belittling publicly Israel Israel. And it turned out blood the back before that a public school. But I didn't you know under the. And you after word any people. Late. Yeah you're getting people you're saying people who had a suit Sheldon Sheldon a cooler and then was telling everybody that they caught a big focus then you also have other people like. So they're individual whose claim city's east showing body parts of bigfoot on YouTube videos. Via the but I gullible applauded that but that fell. The thought of cool and don't really hopeful that it was real I guess but that after after having everything happened. It changed a lot like the band thing was that he part time gig of making good money but. I could do you it's much that don't want it to. Quit that. You know it started in album would. Much rather it went to like twelve hour shift that to that though. I was then now they're probably at least three nights a week you know. And it can't just. Do it researching. And it was what I love of the game kind of looked at with a which. No more look vote was a good thing at the time because they're all thinking about. Because it kind of mind blowing when you when you finally. The united beat them to like this. And you know what just happened. It there's a change your life target you need to become one of the people but does that tell anybody about it at all. But these are scary and picked on her either you account set to the U you know. You become one of those. Few people. Right we're gonna go to break here Stacy when we come back gonna talk a bit more about the nests you you mentioned tonight at seeing any nests in that particular area be found one in another location. And if you have any questions for us which they see the phone numbers 84468776. Next I'm getting all freed 844. 6877669. You listen. Jason TVM beyond really. 167766. If you wanna call on the part of our discussions and I were talking about bigfoot. Particularly the experiences of Stacy brown junior he is a bigfoot researcher and a filmmaker and states who were talking about this first encountering you said. After your EU had that encounter it it really just changed everything for you and from that point on. We've got just a couple minutes in the segment but don't know what what who how did it change your perspective that point on what have you been doing over the years. On to help further your research. Well I think over the years to change but. You know I get that yet. I guess not economic it is my mom or markedly in a group now I know their their real. And something and I can feel like improved a direct political rookie time habitually going to happen. Wouldn't like we keep edit but you know gore now a 15280. Days a year. You know just to try to. Define that piece of evidence. You know that's going to be like that holy Grail you know maybe you're gonna come across the bodies and that scuttle them for. What about this nesting stuff we wheelbarrow a minute and a half here. You said there were no nests in that area where he had that encounter you sound Nesta one point. Yes and it was weird because like we had a public explanation some friends and well. They got lost in the woods in the middle of the night in and come across these things and then call upon itself on that we had to go find. Are these things being big foot or. I nests but it's huge net. Or something that lay down and like put up on the ground and kind of made Michael fall. In the in the tree you'd. You know kind of like put up budget they had limbs up. It was it was really awed and part the candidate know where a look at that. But over the years people you know come for the paper on the same kinda things do. You know so. You know kind of lead and you know the Cleveland tape what we fell back in May exclude it from Pasqua. Well and it has a guy who spends a lot of time hiking through the mountains myself everything week you are you referring to putting. Putting branches up to them more block the wind to keep like the elements from permitting. I don't located. Medianews just like sign of that thing right so many questions. And every time we get a answers more questions with that answer so. Though area around kind of like a big ol'. You know. The kind of like a large sinkhole. You know. Like a very big one. At a budget treated and the grown up than it up with a little stream it and do it and that you have this area where Obama like there are ones. Like a blind or something like -- against the wind could be a factor you know this that want the Wimbledon that it maybe they were trying to stop on that from three. Own opinion that's possibility Toobin has guy elect a senator as and the guy goes hiking a lot. And we put up barriers to a lot of times lock up the wind blowing talk more about that we come back we're gonna take quick break. Mordechai on you listen as Jason GBM be on Israeli radio. Myself juice and on. Bosnia we saw some GB each. And a great big happy new year to everyone and hope they're already had agreed to a Christmas or holiday. Weaker to win every get to enjoy with friends and family hope it was all awesome. And I hope we're ready for a lot of let me dispel a couple of I'm ready for great 2018 but we gotta get -- this cold weather because this is just just she's just too much June action. There's going to talk about what he's go to South Carolina where doctor in the Bridget javy and I were just talking about how we're gonna organized team up them by a please don't self. Because there was complained to wife about the weather is like he you know I I grew up in upstate New York so I grew up in the cold I am used to it but. He didn't adjust heat lately I enjoy it when I go to it when I wanna go to. But. My body hurts now she has a plumber I mean my body just hurts. And it is complain and the wife and she's like you know just. I placed counts how things go in as a local and it what do what do you say diminished and don't know not permanently damage just when he's complaining about the winter you would TV can just take off. That's a love that idea I love that idea and maybe while we're down there will have somewhat like our guest Stacey brown and ahead and we'll see some bigfoot sightings. Exe big feats is suspect texas'. The Stacy is our guest tonight he is a bigfoot researcher to filmmaker. A talking about some great evidence that he caught known as the ground thermal footage. Paroles going to be talking about film he made and the Florida skunk ape project public to things with spaces to Stacy again walking into the program great to have you on tonight. Thank. Let some let's kind of advance through some of your investigations here when you had your first encounter. You started doing this little more often more seriously I would imagine what are the terms of evidence have you picked up over the course of the years. Well we've had. You know some really good audio and now Manila. From a competitive standpoint audience not really at that they couldn't deal that easily faked. So when you're trying to present that to a person who does now. Not believe. Which is how high grade all of the stuff that we find. If out prison that somebody doesn't believe at all. Are they gonna take it. In now. Though it has them really get audience than enemy if you error when it happened. It's you know it it's pretty compelling for you but always put backs up that much. We've had. You know with soundtracks. Found attract way. Again little feet. Back and I think 2013. Down on the same area where my decked out with but it. Just kind of go along this all road in that it in the middle of nowhere. And just these little bitty tiny. Interpret and we cap probably. In the forty. Hurry when you say how many or when you say tiny do you mean smaller than human. Well Hamid it would be like child in the music on the child went out here there's not a witness so that out here. I mean that's how far alt fuel our. Now and you used the word little feet were you describing the feeder is there a sub species that were talking about dead are smaller creatures that. Or these just well and I had a good actress. That looked weird about the area because in the same area there's thing called stop jumper. And it pretty much too little bigfoot and from the sighting reports have taken them to stop jumper. I think it did in Cuba now but don't think it is by. Locally. You know the people there they believe that the little ones are actually two little. That's politically. So and so the listener Paul. We did find. They're well. Get about four provinces. Law it would get like forty variable in it was just one after another this is nowhere and I mean that is like a child. A young child. So. What parent right mindedly and a kid out there. Let him walk down to it. We'll says Stacy and in Libya assistance do you believe that bigfoot are all their own their own species but the stump jumpers are. Just like little bigfoot but they're there of their own species. No I do not only that but let me clear that I don't personally believe that I think what it is is that Q and now bigfoot but. A local people in that area. They seem to believe. It is a different species of picture. I mean it would I guess you know. Indian kind of had the same thing go on on that for some reason they had an commodity little. A little. In but. I get that there's no evidence to back had a. So what what do you think big foot is we've had a lot of people on this program and many of them have presented to varying versions of theory you know I think the most common still flesh and blood. But there's inner dimensional there's alien there's a whole bunch of new ideas being talked about what is your theory. All paella they're not and then dom because that they were dumb Libyan do right now. He go to saint you. But yeah I still there's been a few occasions. Or we had them than that in. Didn't hit that. Built for what we're trying to save big blue won. By. Again. I don't have to lean toward what simplest. You know that there's that part of me that if they or her flesh and blood and get in eight. Mardy. Oh they were repeated in Dubai and now somebody would've shot one. You know. Well that's that's the there's the question here and that's were leading with this if their flesh and blood. Is stay at some point we've got to come across some kind of evidence of their existence more than just. A footprint that we hope is what we think it is or a piece of hair that we can't get DNA testing done on her. You know that we've had who had a lot of these things and we just don't know what they are. It seems as though I mean. There are a lot of great apes left in this world we can find them you know why is this creature so elusive. I mean of course all you have to look at the amount of people that are actually. Looking for it's it's not really that much and you know these Europe bunch of rag tag. Like Weekend Warriors center go on now you know. Not. Properly equipped to do proper read urged and then maybe not have the proper training equipment and temperatures. Obvious. Out buildings and that folder at the bigfoot researcher. You know I mean even have a group here there it takes seriously but for the most part just individuals. Mike Meehan what that would do it. I'll have had a good top end. Yeah welcome to pick technically called equity research. Well there's been no big undertaking. Scientifically. Into the creature you know you'll have a TV should. Go out and say there too and but. I mean ultimately its TV shows they're just make it a TV show up there and on TV shows. It's not period. You know it's not like. So. I think it may be there was. A period effort put into that you could come across some period. Well I think I think what are the way the TV shows benefit because I myself did TV show for twelve years. A bomb did go solders. Where's that we knew we benefit is the the ability to be able to and then purchase better equipment for error for catching what were or were after. For him to him to be able to document things. So whether they're making a show or not I mean they are still in it to try to charted gather some sort of evidence which allows them. Allows teams who would never be able to purchase a thermal imaging camera or things of that nature or drones that you become a thermal imaging cameras on. It gives them the ability to be able to do that in you to think that with that equipment. Putting drawn up in 56700. Feet. Now you be using thermal imaging you're able to cover a much larger area you'd be able to document something a little more. And tangible a little a little just get a little more definite proof of something being there. I don't just investigating the paranormal we go with equipment recording equipment everything else were able to document. Whether it be thermal imaging things that are showing up or voices that are appearing. Right on the microphone as we're talking and you can see it he concede or era camera. I mean that really helps helps with the investigation. Yeah. It's just but it would big footing. Will will we would go out in the words. All for the future. We've got to cameraman. Audio guy. You have made up PA a a producer. And then you're you're trying to do it period you're not even. You know in and a lot of is that the maturity of photographic animals that are old pit. Road kind of in it and that way. And it then and then that should. There's never been really any. Eating or somebody went out there that that would roll call period. You know I mean and studied the area became part of the woods. And not think. They get what it would take you know went on to protect of course have figured out because if that doesn't do it. You know maybe there is that the now to them but. You know we don't need. You know a DNA sample I mean be nice to have one we don't need that. We don't need it a body it be nice to. I have when I suppose to prove the existence we don't need that what we really need is just a cellphone picture that's irrefutable and we can't even get that and that's the I think that's a problem with the skeptics is that they say. Hey there enough people walking around the woods or are there trail cameras are there this that the other thing. And yet every picture we come up with the is glory or root you know it's just kind of did the tail end of something you can't quite tell what it is. And I think that's what fuels the skepticism what do you say to people like that. Well OK so the main thing I tell them and what we have the public at position. We challenge ever but. OK okay got a break into groups. Or two hours walk around and take crystal clear pictures of every single animal UC. Just to do so well in the fourth and take a photo of the year and let it be crystal clear which is helpful. It is not eat. You know army and it would your show on the attendees on the expeditions that that it actually you know I've got to kind of be paying attention. In it happened. And click. There's a because not Larry it's just that it happened so bad people will be a good photos. And you know talent you have. Then you'd take pictures of the old species that live in the area. Canada. Is that life for them. That it be public became cams that's another thing why they're no pictures of them portrayal camp. The one thing that we learn from my father footage. Was that it is the not because it was still hiding. In the middle of the night. And looking at so it's got some kind of night vision nor can the elements living there are seeing the light. From the trail cameras you know eliminate. The IR aren't accurate for. The IR so they've been athletic the but because that mean that and that apple meter or along a trail camp that. And it is that you would think something would have yielded something by now. And you know actually get a jump to break your gonna get somebody follow up questions to what we're talking about right now again our guest tonight is Stacy brown junior you should check out the website Florida scar and keep project dot org. We're going to be talking about some of the evidence that's on that web site in and our next segment and have for the rest of our conversation here. It's sort take quick break more to come to us is Jason TV MB I really really. 687766. Or metal. Discussion about big foot and our guest is Stacy brown junior is a bigfoot researcher and a filmmaker and this is one of her short segment Stacy but I do wanna ask you about. The intelligence component here because I mean that's another discussion we have frequently would anybody who. Is involved in the hunt for bigfoot is how intelligent these creatures are which is one reason it that's given. Further ability to be so elusive in would you agree that that's true. Yeah I think constantly moving like setting up a lot for Spain all the top of the play an automatic them you know they pretty much. Generally in an area. I guess they're kind of like it the Internet that they don't stay in the same place. A law that they have there it'll you know it's gone from there and then they'll move on and that ability to date movie all the time. I think adds to the difficulty. In trying to you know come across a relative. And is that intelligence. In any way lend itself to the creatures ability or inability. To communicate with us more directly I mean you know and in and I think the assumption is pretty correct when you say that you know if if if if they. Were able to be caught they'd be in a zoo that kind of that that kind of reasoning that kind of thinking I think is very valid. However if there as intelligence intelligent as they'd have to be to be so elusive it seems as though they could communicate in some fashion. An end Newton in May be in some way actually sort of dialogue with us in which case may be who it would keep them out of the zoo. Well I've been doing and opting for awhile attested the intelligence of these animals. Well they'll melodies property research in that area. Under the cap and there and they would leave things around it capped a day though. I put it. Change. On a place by the cabin. Ronald pop little window unit. And it was four pennies and it not. The time was to represent me and the four pennies would. You know hopefully they can get in. That they can figure that out well sort of noted that in that. Like all the any one work on. When it came back the next time and this was over. Probably not her ten month that we did this. And they would always be in a different thing and when they were gone I would put new -- backed up. And we would take pictures of the opinion that we know what you're there were always used it for years. So we started. You know be an opinion leader and put them back there. And and barely been in different orders like compound that we repay any company wanted to you know. But then there toward the end we started the end. The open any return. Which was because all the part all one that little pet that we did the animals. I think we don't know how to communicate with them I don't think it and they don't know how to communicate we're just not. Don't work out were the ones that we just can't figure out what the messages are in some fashion aren't so we're gonna take a real quick break Mort timeless and Jason TV. On her radio stations during the show around the country look forward to adding to that list and as we continue into this brand new year. Guess and you can find that list if you go to be on reality radio dot com's click on the station tab or really red in the main front page now. Alicia is open. Hillary we aren't stations all across a country that list is ever growing so make sure you keep on checking in elk has a for not airing an end in a station in your area chances are we will soon. Where you can download free iPhone and android operate from the beyond reality radio dot com website. Well shall listen live or catch past episodes or jet to join me online chat or any time to join the online chat by clicking the listen live button on the web site. Connected to a chairman chief Ian myself agree community of people. Tomorrow night we're going to be breaking down to style juggle Laura will have Tristan Donovan on the program an actress and as a non fiction author and it journalist who he wrote a book. Called it's all a game in the history of board games from monopoly to settlers of Qatar and and there were to bring back stoke some of those memories of being the kid in and pulling on America are solid player extra teco redneck games. Risks you risk Ascot actually we're just glamorous the other night my family and I. Yes on my boys all teamed up on Meehan. Chris let's say that it can happen in risk if you're that you had that you had wasted ones like mouse trap it took in our thoughts and yeah that was when I never had as a kid and o's wanted so it looks so cool but all the friends of mine that had its it never really worked. I was in nightmares there's regular set up in the game there's operation in a member of Alan there's just some great whatsoever. A night of nostalgia with tryst in Donovan on to learning and then Thursday dean forcing will be joining us he's paranormal investigator we'll talk about the BP's. He teaches a college class of buddy VPs and open to other stuff as a relates to paranormal investigating every Friday is the best out of me on realities machine to and then as well. And tonight talking about big foot with Stacy brown junior he is a bigfoot researcher and a filmmaker. And as Stacy we've been kind of tease in the San brown thermal footage evidence that take you have a for a while. I'd tell us what that is I've actually watched it on your website so I know exactly what we're talking Bob tell us what it is your own words and how blue the the footage was all captured. OK so. The footage itself is. A normal image. Of a you opposes that ought to. Crossing a little clear. Me and my dad have went camping. Mrs. After the encountered after a really started getting into equipment banned. Eight being you know how serious it was a litany kind of believed to affect. Luke. He ended up put up the money. Who would he get the normal overture and we went out for a few months have not been in one day he just called me all the orchid at the moment ago. Squat in the public event makes dale. You know it could pick up my gear and come get me you'll run out and you know we got out there were kokin. Playing music in the area we were at. It was a little clearing but there were all matters all around or about head high in a oh started here and talks. And that they have what they've given him much in aides even to the state still very skeptical of everything. And then again as well if we get the Nolan you know will allow for. So write it he says that not one popped off. So head out there on the trail like salt. And on down the trail all momentum to Seward becomes a sneak out you know I turned to music. And I get the fire and all that kind of gave a distraction but as for bill now. You know we're here in Compton. Run and on the left side of it appeared something retinal ride up there. We hear something come down to re actually would hang a left. And go to the game trail. And my dad beat me by. Hey I'll run there at third is that they're well at first he thinks that concludes only ticket out of one part of the tree. And then it's our stick and out the other part. You know and did sticking out both sides of the tree which took. You know at that moment I guess he he catapult like. They've been multiple reckons there's something you know displayed in the tree. Well that that they just walks across the now and that footage you can be kind of peeking around and look at. That kind of gave that our idea of how could this thing could he would not because why would it be hiding. You'd it still. It think we give these it is making it you know I mean yeah it has been a reason to think or to think otherwise. Yeah no love. That some that footage again is on its gonna tell everybody is on the website. It's on Ford a skunk ape project dot org you can see it there. Again I have to ask the question as I asked when you had your first encounter. Are you short known was playing a prank on you I mean that the advantage of a thermal imaging cameras he can pick up things you can't see. However the disadvantages you just see sheep you really can't tell what it is you're looking net. While wood did Florida Lou Lou we're really got. Do like demand side is it looked like me you know Automator upbeat. And the yep that thing Q Tuesday night no other course in the parking lot of they've bark. All in at down into the woods. Though that thought came across my dad bought my net who would. And when you think about that kind of more. A terrifying. And they put a candidate is that they do it out here at midnight Tuesday. You know. It would use the chances of that I guess they're there but. You know we did a re creation of who wanted to make sure we had side. That being correct. So we're Beirut rule of things outlook of the tree like 27 which is why. When I stand behind it he can't see it now. So Bobo. I'm a big foot came down these logos there. In other there are still in their start dull so. He could pick out of both sides of the tree. Big gap with a nine foot gap that it crossed in debt and have it that camp three steps to get across that gap. So. That right there kind of it that was all that all the evidence we had code numbers we have but I don't go to body that over. Template Poland lol ain't right. And did you did you did you go and check the area out in daylight and see again if you had any other kind of evidence to support. After the encounter happened negative. I'd dad what now. Now that he's filming look at as do the thermal armed filming him. Is Andy K so I had a hole in caliber from the or would be the fire. To what we have being counter to running back to campus in flipping out and they would go the united batters to dead in this it will look at that many. And my dad will you know a retired army ranger. Is. Take a little bit you know. To make it loses are never really seen it like that. So in Egypt and without the current. It could see him medically kept saying it could be neat but we can't see it. You know and that just made it blew his cool. But. I guess it is just. That it carried itself they they they titled the best evidence yet. You know because it was is just not it and people don't yet. Well it's there's people there's enough thought yet there's nothing ambiguous about the footage and again if you go to the website and check it out you'll see that it's very clear. It's just unfortunately is just to shape. Anders and because it's dark in your looking at thermal image there's no perspective he can't see the trees he cared you know you did that root and work afterward trying to determine how big this creature was B can't tell. In the footage itself. In the estimated size about eight and half feet tall and I'm tired just watching the footage over and over Detroit last ten minutes and eager slowed down frame by frame and acting definitely has extremely long arms it's it's got. Very similar to the the Paterson footage and build it with with thing moves as well so it's inched your earliest. Yeah and the proportion but besides the hand at a really to a ball. You know could I had no idea. And I get the kind of makes sense they would have big hand to bit that they just look really large. You know. But that was. Are there. Applauded the Arctic project together after that and started really getting. And you know seriously. That investigation we did on that we give the clip correct them from platinum bigfoot. Are both for the show that aired. Before we filmed it double to about seven months. You know about going back taking measurements getting them to him and nothing that it was pitch black you can see your hand the party saying. So we really didn't know exactly where we are standing. We had become a lot out the branch and the pop right hand corner to. You know he's like today we know a tree it was just back up into the branch comes in to be and that's what we did nets that we ended up. You know coming up besides. It'll let. And they estimated at about eight and a half feet total. It I have to ask you it's it's difficult to comment on fellow researchers work but I do wanna ask your opinion. Of Todd standings work in his footage. Which has been featured in need documentary that's on nine Netflix and sure and other places is well I think might just be called bigfoot I didn't watch it the other night. He's got a lot of footage on there have you seen it and what your thoughts on. I had seen it and and it knows the free on that plate that are in it on him out what kind of disappointed about that. The side that. In a pot and not panic at that reputation. The first big foot now that one is chipped up there and look like it's got marble eyes right. Like attack he garment I mean if you look at it. It doesn't look like the living creature to me. That's my opinion. And a big thing. A verbal and come out of big thing was that it doesn't Bolick. Lou and get this next piece of footage and at all those the death lawsuit that in their perfectly in frame. All of my friend up like and the thing Blake who had not remembered them completely completely different look and animal and it even. And he looks like he makes the point public. You know because it's like not want it it's kind of multiple and throughout their one. The body did a thing on. On line or ID. Canada put his state over the top of that on you and it kind of kind of matches. The new one thing looking through. I get that under a law order or something like that you know the black trade on the Newman yeah. It also looked completely different than the other two and and act could be wrong idol. About buddy laughter crowd. Could undermine. Keep believe. Pod 100%. Okay. He said they felt or doubt there they had. Knowing counters. He believes a 100% that's the real animal I just can't look at that first. And honestly tell you that abdic. And that's in effect yeah. And if you if it ever gets found Al that in that he faked one even if he did catch bigfoot at some point. You know it's it's never gonna be able to be believed because and because you know the other things were were found to be fake so. It's it's sort of a catch 22. Stacey were almost out of time here I wanted to give you an opportunity we've mentioned your web saved what other places can people go to follow your work maybe participated morning your public expeditions and anything else you've got going on here. I need all the help they book. And also on Twitter and bigfoot they seek. The social media. This certain web site or Concord project dot org will be given the few expeditions this year. Three of the public. And they'll be all over the state you know in Atlantic come out enjoy it. Did you DNA collection had a cat so that. Tell us what is is involved in an expedition. That's is on the big word Souza tells what it actually is. Well. We like to go out in the daytime. In the teach people different skill. It may want if they want to keep big footed her palm will come in. At a big dinner alive by hanging out you know girl probably about not a law and able. You know split up into groups and go on not excursions and whether that be. But vehicle it's we have some people that you know maybe can't all as far as the others that we have stopped and for every single person. So is it isn't an overnight thing is it two days three days. I yeah we used to Rodham Thursday through Sunday. And it Debian state parks and things like that. We get a would be big directive that would go high spirited date. And I hope not we're just trying to teach people and meanwhile gathering evidence that a long way. Oh great thanks thanks for coming hanging out with a similar look forward talking you're Ennis from point. Probably it. If they're Nazis and again the website is Florida skunk ape project. Dot org yeah he's got a lot of evidence on there as well seek imagery checked well watch the footage that we were just talking about. And yeah truly inclusive from that. So ours we're gonna take a break more to come to listen to Jason and GPS and beyond our earlier radio. From garden moon 00. Or got to go again and again. Do. Presents beats the crap go through the license. You're duty do its duty with the crappy coach fertilizer turn regular postal. Human waste into fertilizer for your honor guard we'll do it we may as well get some benefit from month to may the players never bit. External wiser and Clinton Campaign music video confirmed that never thinking thank you have to rising thank you thank you. It's 100% natural and crack internalize it works great with houseplants do. Loses its hold it never seen him slow like dead before. Which gets. Credit goes fertilizer comes with all the things you need to make your morning tour into a whole lot more like a hearty stain resistant. 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And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted it's any normally you don't really radios. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish the agency hello and anything sent peacekeepers will purchase and install an actress and host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.