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Tristan Donovan - the history of board games

Jan 4, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Tristan Donovan about the history of board games - from monopoly to Settlers of Catan and everything in-between - these games have not only entertained us but have in some cases become pop culture icons. 1/4/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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At some point late tonight into red and orange show ends tonight I think yellow that's when the winds and everything spinal and now they're talking Waltz blizzard but now they're talking about a sixty hour. Winds and X-Men and people there expect they're expecting just tons of power outages it which is scary because right after the storm we're dropping down into Arctic temperatures again. Down into a single digits and and some negatives. But that time and they're calling for twelve to 24 inches of snow in and those high winds that's just a real mess I mean it doesn't take a lot of snow when he wins like that worked cause problems on the the governor of Rhode Island and and Massachusetts. Marty c'mon if they said they want everybody to us and off the road is Rhode Island really needed governor it's not big enough to. He's not a tradition and our government agency you know but but there is there actually they're telling everybody to stay off the roads. And it's just it's going to be brutal on that it would Jim it was so bad and I've never seen it this bad. I would just to get gas in my truck and half a tank as a however outsourcing gas and probably one of the worst choices I couldn't because. I pulled the gas light it took the half hour artery caskets are gonna lie in the line literally went from the gas pumps all all the way out of the main road and down. And then when I finally got up to the pomp. As some old guy toward certified equipment because he told me it's stolen his pump even though the employees from the place or guiding people into the respond. So it brought it you know for those you out there were going to be dealing with this. So understand and you don't use use use your your head use your brain because and then to stay off the roads if you can buy it. If he got a fireplace that she got some wood in the on little trick that and I I grow up knowing special in upstate New York Jim when and we were kids as any time peaks -- coming in my parents and fill the tub with with well water sure. Because you lose power and he may yet don't water. So you know that's another tip you know things that she got candles and flashlights ready and and things like that and just be prepared it's going to be of a brutal yet be safe for everybody in and it's not just it's not just the wind is not just this. Now I know or as this thing unfolds. We're world where I am in upstate New York now looks the wind chills are going to be like 35 below zero on Friday and Saturday and it's gonna be really really brutal so and take precautions and and be Smart now we don't need anybody getting herders and you loss of life. Because of this wall this is where my lifestyle of being sort of like a proper comes in handy you know it's their scores were a world said he Erica four different way 80000. And everything else we've we've morally packed up with stuff. But I mean it it doesn't it becomes. Terrifying situation forum for those people if they if they lose lose power they have no he. And that's and that's another thing interest the more I was gonna you know you can do when you don't have power. You can play board games you can play board games. Nation we've I've got a ton of board games or so but I know very low. About what we're gonna learn all about them tonight our guests and I distrust and Donovan he's a non fiction author and a journalist he's written a book called. It's all a game in the history of board games from monopoly to settlers of Qatar and it was published back in May. It's it's Harrison topic for us is not some we do a lot of but it's kind of a pop culture thing but board games have really played an important part of vogue most of our lives when we're kids I don't know if it's the same anymore for kids now. Announced on board games its iPhone and yeah great kids they're playing board games but our own digital device yet yes so there's that but really interesting to see how how the evolution of that has taken place interest and join us in just a little bit and talk about that we should mention. That weather permitting them we don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow night but time we've got deem horsing scheduled to be on he's a paranormal investigators are we talking about EVPs and other. Things related to paranormal investigating. Well you don't know what's happening tomorrow night but Tom. He remembered lassie and choose 2017. Are exposed to all types from what this planet never get a ring the only wanted to sing him neutralize it appears that they were wrong in world going to die 2008 a big change. Bumps and bruises and he actually some people are saying it's this Saturday so hang on we as we might not be back on Monday 10. Yes product sell never Russa according to the new claims will hit in 2018. As planet excused Ayers are now going into hiding bin literally. Going into hiding getting out there. So so called triggers are you the new groove also known as plan index is hurtling through our solar system. And will soon unleash chaos on earth. They're claiming that it huge gravitational pull caused devastating earthquakes and tsunamis and and all the strategies so and they're saying you know. Saturday saying so I don't know men its it. Could media and even in their in the says it could cause major snowstorms due to northeast because you know I mean them to get the snow might help with the impact might soften things up for him to think about it I mean. I'm interested in following the story continue to have people want to discuss it but we have had what three or four of these deadlines come and guards and then and thankfully nothing tragic has happened so far. A but I do remember when we were talking about this back in April I think there was it was in a may twentieth date or something that was being used. This last year and did the gentleman we had on the was talking about that said. Big calculations are a little sketchy if it's not this year it's an. Objection so I wasn't that it was last year so great Marianne we'll have to revisit that but we had David Meade on talking about this. Before in out of a lot of wood David has said has been taken out of context and and that the media. Reports they they're Ramos and they ran up whatever they want. Bottom. I also have to have David on well if we survived separate and or the storm or have to have David on again and really nothing you really get into what do what's truly being said. But our number was difficult to get him on because he was being. So misrepresented in the media easel was a little concerned about any media appearance. But I know he was pleased with our discussion and felt like he he got a fair shake and arm would love to have. Back capsule so won't look into that but so we got a great show as Jimmy Hussein's and I we're going to be talking with tryst in Donovan about pretty much history of board games and his book it's all a game. Tomorrow we're going to be talking Latina or singer internal investigator and so we're talking among them. But agree things with that if you have an Emmy she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it to FaceBook page. Then had to be on reality radio dot com. Your final stations we are across countries by. Clicking on the station tab Aussie and down the free iPhone and android app great original article is wise cast Pashos during our chat more. Where he can listen to us rates from the web sites quick deal listen live button up in the right hand part of the website. Join in on like channel TV and I integrate. Unity people. Yeah Lotta great people men chat room what to say hello to all of them now. We've got a couple of the things that are going to be going on so we have tryst in coming on of course and if we have time at the end of the program want to bring back our psychic remote viewing experiment. Yes yes we're gonna do and will enable try to get away from how hard it was before. That last one who's really so we'll go back to go back to what we're doomed for you wanna do the cards journalist who playing card Montana worked real well. And I did receive an email for hockey he said he was calling to solicit other goes I'll make sure slick kid he is those prediction or you. May choose Maggette is ready for felt like all right cellulose and his GCs if you were to take a quick break more on the. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find that you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Call us well to being pounded on by slowly getting up here in the northeast. It's it's. You're gonna get a lot more snow and I look forward to negative 35 degree wind chills are you know looking forward to that either but it will welcome back the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason JV happy to have you along job on the phone number 2844. 6877669. You can Joyner come rescission and any point. Also later in the program some we have time I think we should. Organ or revisit or psychic remote viewing experiment we'll give you Chancery to go back to the register just to go back to the playing card. More we will look at and focus on a playing card and only do is use your abilities to kind of tap into our minds and. Figure what it is in if you have a favorite board game that you remember when your kid to whatever give us a call again a 446877669. Told free eat for four. 6877669. In OJ be your favorite it was like operation. I like operation my fear was probably rockets. Were you saying that do I picked it. I had literally I can keep uncle with the company yeah. I'm likes to I'm I'm I would say I was as I love monopoly a minute and I think almost everybody likes now at some point no question I really enjoyed monopoly on Monday but it was really and its strategy game to extra T go in risky and battleship and you know anything that can happen in military connection I was kind of into sale of those games to him and it's over but I was gonna start calendar. Clinton league or against my little sister Jenny and so it's usually cheer came out and drove decreased at the what he came so it's an expert into the program let's talk about this for real. Tonight's guest is tryst in Donovan. He's written a book it's called all it's all a game. The history of board games from monopoly just too so settlers of the tonne and by the way his website is just as an interest in Donovan. Dot com interest and welcome to be on reality re discreet to have him show tonight. Thanks haven't met. So come on yes the very first question has to be. How did you get it all this what at what point did does this topic attract your attention. Well I guess is this let's say fit. You guys I grew up playing pork and saying every Sunday after it in my family would sit down and went. A boat and as. Pretty regular Iranian decent flag not to be done and they've. And a series. Espresso my interest in ball games and stop it and so just continue from that I'm movement things and it is so recently. There's been a sudden upsurge of inch simple. And how they they mean different ice is brown well. I'm Sarah and or actually be an interesting look at what's stories aren't orders in. It and write games Nelson. How green bit of the combat. I think it's I think it's exciting that they are having a bit of a comeback because I think for a long time there was a bit of a dry spell and we'll get into talking about why that is. An and a little bit but before we do that to look a bit about yourself obviously he you live in the UK. Is it do you do you have the scene. Selection of games that we have here in the United States is at the same selection. And it near enough I mean dude. He came US sort of broke and choices are pretty much same as achieved most of says senator Graham we call please include. And we don't really know about Candy Land not. We call some leaders had a part cheesy that both you know that is saying games on the knee. We have a few soccer games we shall. Less popular than in the US you have all American football games but. On the whole massive what you find in sort toys are optional. And I think it will be same as you find in North America. Right but the NT isn't the only topic that you've taken a keen interest and while I'm video games is another but you also written about the soda and how it's changed our culture stuff like that and you really. You really can have your hands in your fingers on an whole bunch of different topics. Yeah I can kind of think so much and when I have been right about the history of the fingers into his chops and lick my Bruce can well that. That's a lot of time charter plane mediated and board games and drew his appearance but he turned. And say what I guess as well as somebody comes room and give wildlife groups federal sits in a statement a bit out of the way that night. Changing subjects. Ate you know he teased into some three good being specialists and just one area and well this news subject let let's find out and then. What are people about us and highlight Tony. Well I'm really excited and Jason is too to have this conversation on board games and it but I have to say when I was reading up about your history in the things of Britain. The titles to his house soda shook up the world relieved really piqued my interest as well. Actually there's a total. I'm we've got a couple minutes of of risk to jump into our break. So big this is a good time to kind of set the stage here define a board game. Right so if it's it's actually quite tricky is that how mundane group that essentially as a flat surface. I'm playing pieces sounds kind of the core that doesn't need dice. Doesn't Sunni can't. I'm with great history is also English again like corporation. He is aboard came and me is caught flat surface they're playing piece this time. For the good cut I don't it's about being broken both the Nazi dad. I kind of process is reclaim pieces and that that's quite a little variety gruden so it's a good putts both need definition news you can argue about where they and I agree it is. Okay I'm also webcast entitled. I won't get as our same ingredient as is that it is one today's race only to hit. What about tsunami chess checkers those games and he formed the board game category. Well actually they say you know Dan Haren the original port like when I am in and out in edit. I'm bowl games or pacs or are you reading and know when they get. And what length tally came only two. What sanctions saying apple Ken's voice being around them predate brits who it's. It does hustled the original game to lie. To beat the world's leading risk much more recent. Kind of always considered. The definition to be a little broader and I think you do to menu includes a mean like hungry hippos into the category earn an army in operation into the category but I can't view it as any time you've got a bunch people can sit around a table. Wins something in front of them dead that that facilitates a game that kind of business do what it's all about isn't. Yet exactly and SP is win. I need so curricula is kind of you know what's cod games are playing cuts to. Exclude them and you know it. Announcing that I'm disposals they have to solutions are from role playing games I'm rituals they got ring around squirrels say don't pass red. And maimed and it's back at how do I need those are like. Let's sucks because on master of cards handed so. How easily it's. What we're gonna take a quick break and a lot put it up you listen and Jason NG. Reality radio conversation. 46877669. Tonight. Our guest is Kristen Donovan he is an author. A nonfiction books also a journalist and tonight would argue about his book called it's all gaming history of board games from monopoly. Two settlers of Krypton which I think everybody at some point in their wives most of the time rumor kids plays board games I mean. It may not be quite as popular with all the options are kids have today but people still play these games and Mike you said Jake it you have to assume it's still board game if the same games being played on a device so it's not a record but it's still the same game. Absolutely and I think devices take away that metal personal us sitting around a table and playing and his family or friends but. And it's it's still been doing a lot of times now they're just playing with people's morals that they can they have no idea what that person is ready kind of opens up the universe to playing but he takes with some of the social component trysts and what do you think about that I mean I know you can play monopoly on your iPhone you can play chess you know you play a versions of scrabble I mean this is all stuff that people are doing on electronic devices. Does that. Qualifying is playing a board game if it's the same game as they would be playing at around a table. I I guess it does mean is that they are basically just Russians are broke street traders don't destroy putts from both. I think the finger at. You separate and poke and you get seek to people's eyes you get to see that language is much more and I'm seeing. You know it is a whole kind of social I have come and so important that you can't kid with an online. Yet and can speak well it well and it's very tedious. You don't have a personal collection has always impeach her way. Back so while it's. Cheesy it's saved up some and I worked with friends and scrabble game on Friday and immediately is not quite the same. The person being banned next. But. About the history of these games you had mentioned earlier in the discussion that board games or. Types of board games the concept anyway predates the written word. Start to walk us through kind of the evolution of these games. Since we can read you know where it again and what deities. And we know where is full 3000 BC's this is for ancient Egypt even exist. Aaron. There's some fragments of what people tinker report that down around. And apple and bit ancient Egyptian dang cold senate which no one plays and morneau when he noticed Wu an. Ancient egyptians and so free pass me in different forms and and soundness and the teams and Egypt senator. Is it sort of exist for a long time but he's sort of early in games like checked and checked. Those new poll thing so it wasn't the set you broke and were pretty. It was just handed down generation generation that liked folk music and songs and people kind of get well aren't that bad right now rule out shafts and senator. And sort of kept simple thing it would centuries or some chats can in India there is a gambling game the full play and hit completely different her chances today but it. And for discrete solutions are an intro India. We're way from Europe and mental hurdles merit. Do these games. And they are. The whole concept of people sitting around a table and playing the game whether to board game or not but specifically aboard in businessman cultures to all cultures do this. Yet they're pretty much of a social week and any kind of I don't remember reading about any coach and he doesn't play gang and well. I think there is any ladies and kind of global and homeland and I don't you know games would've buried sort of they're fed about time that things aren't spread around well quite soon include pretty much every culture there and same wind every coach has clay. Pretty much every coach had something to cross his boat and referenced some lines drawn and sandal. And actual board it takes us. Yeah it was just something to try to pass the time keep yourself this evening especially Beck I mean yeah it's only to have any technology or anything. It's really play off. And some of the period ones that will. I couldn't stretch definition of board is limited sentimentality games. And her recent ruling could cratered and how report. On the beach went askew out few holes and sound and a few notes and a real ground importance. Can you deepening global design. It and give these games are appropriate thing wrapped around his house how wet day. Started his goals when you make imports and and sand grass whoa it's good and they tend to walk away and disappear. And we have very touchy backward out our games. Actually do. Now we week of course are aware of the more ancient alcohol use the word each and even though they're men and so be each of these games that have survived hundreds of years you know centuries. But a lot of the games that we think of when we think of board games or are inventions of the twentieth century. Let's talk about some of them and didn't take us back. I know monopoly is one of them but take this back to when these types of games the Parker Brothers the Milton Bradley b.s those the ones that we're familiar with. As may be you know wet when we're kids started to appear on the scene. Okay great strides here in the second count than eighteen hundred's and it. Under the first set it was bound to check it and recline which is. The Kansas where today's life and not hidden agency and that was made by Matt Barkley. I'm Aaron it's just on the fast so shoe commercial games created and yeah. And eight. Is facing some positive trend at times may bowl games helping. With moral lessons. And in games like tabbed as one quarter mansion happiness drape puritanical and and this candy brands who we get etiquette squares and be like oh you've been. In the passions say your name escapes a wig and fish can't really. And mpeg. Yeah it's just at its height is Hobson a match in Europe and I. And you've broken this happened into the stocks have been quite a bit. I haven't checked him like. Part of that kind of wavered gangs who dated I mean Paris. Had mentioned patents probably quite a nickel. And is food outs of the avoiding Syrian that we can. Regional node and they're. What gangs. I can submit to a nineteenth century. Then I'll grant is well Aaron. Does it was kind of react to gang Starr and George are. An NC games when he was young but he was it up with things. Mansion and that seem to kings have just London about new culture of blinking Lilian thanks statement and it needs and this is sort of him and Alec come needs ramat artists are doing. Aimed principally. Aimed at ice core gamers hoping it would call store. I'm just because he's been to going to be new development time ready I dig and got Kona what groundswell Jamie on what's happening and such disparities and stop it it's turning into these country out products to Burnett today. Ounces bringing nineteen century Bancorp going but it until twentieth century what was stepped up and and yet things ones and me and rich schemes. So my guess you know my history of these games isn't very good. The vast site and I know of them I've played most of them and my understanding. Is that monopoly was it was a it was a bombshell to give them a blockbuster I guess is a better word. Where their block Brett blockbuster games that predated. Monopoly or was not monopoly really the one that just blew the doors off the gaming market. I guess you know the two things to hold neatly and Sanofi came out and in defense he's I mean it could kind of our story is that he has rolled out at. I am as of the game we next day he came out in nineteen for them was a sprint race assassin and being McCain's all present and and used to reading to Greece can now. Coach really economy you and the Czech became a client which. Mean like his opponent is not new games and it was our production and then I've been revived in 1966. Look who's pretty. It of the turning points and in many ways it's us who's. This secret weekends that written article and so anxiousness in the weight and need to aim to make each test on all. The same time swords in salute. An ounce is kind of float type games. Kouzmanoff had she stops that and the subsequent century is Genco Glanville. Does that actually create test and outs and some people make money it's just and land and speak or eat and changed me around and eventually. Sentence would know it was published in. Nineteen sets and say it was a mass of laughs and to think as well I think there's going to be quite a crucial turning corn and ridden the mark in December and ten days report and wished. I don't know slated to air time and UH would be grounds. Or and I know you brought up the game chest numerous times and I know there's some disagreement where it started some cable talk about back in India in and around seventh century some people say you started in China. But that was actually board game that initially was beaten while it was mainly being used as also a means to learn warfare in certain. Certain cultures altered. As well correct. Yes or don't do Germans of them. The ticker you were very big on the idea or games and they're centuries playing around with chest as. Initial mortal wound and so these are at a test or try what I sit lay walk through some training who I am they've been a really sort of call and eventually a bunch of different directions and chest missile test and very important it. Today kind of thinking. Outrage and eventually that led to its military war games. Let them under which you and who can't. Crucially I mean they were Reese didn't like is assets cocaine type who was very complex. It is cool games unit. It truly did change Wheldon England things it was pretty. Interest in what good is actually. I can ask now how these war games action in real life. Campaigns that you were hoping like hell harper. Japanese crown now using basically had. Heidi and export and and on the fence at the time now with who we are so comparable knots and does things that tip the balance a group at heart wasn't broke and shattered. Iran would actually work such an engine that sends me and variance or ensure own title. We're talking winds tryst in Donovan about his book it's called all it's all a game the history of board games from monopoly do settlers of tonne. He can find out more about the game or the books. That one and other books by Tristan on his website it's Tristan Donovin dot com. Paris or to take quick break more to come you listen Jason JPM and we're here Jason cheesy phone oversee 446877669. We're talk mistress and Donovan tonight. But his book it's all a game history of board games from monopoly to settlers of the tonne and actress and before I went to break we are talking about to a monopoly a little bit and you said you know it's got quite a back story and I've heard the back story of how monopoly was developed and eventually became a commercial success. But maybe now's the time we've got to a kind of a short segment but I think this should be a great time to tell that story to make it's worth talking about. Yeah soon. Give original version of nuclear it is actually code landlords can ask Chris I woman who spent twenty and but Harry was achieved in protests and countless. Times she choose out of me and sit around ten of twentieth century cold. I'm single tax me and and basic. The court that belief lose that deep ocean just send money from a you know he should be good tests work and Randall he's got around. And about you and then they should keep the money not a Latin. Landon says that I was what games out and they're getting which looks very much like monopoly different names and faces on the we're and so on but essentially the same day. I'm such absolute sure that message and Bluetooth connections grew round which should have left wrist battles taxed more. I am. Yet it was eminently pretty much as we noted around. The Clinton still. Some blips monopoly is sitting in the end they won one person Clinton's old black and when asked she said the message you kind of lyrics. I'm beneath that he's had angles and great outlet around it it's tough to spreading amongst you this season students seem. Played it like it. Didn't really know who made it to school that it may read your chance learns. Some people landed the community chest sponsoring sound cool down you start renaming a street name where he lives. Eventually ended and allowed access. And that's clerical rule the names of the streets are and say that's clerical hotels and it is also. Tells. Us. Senator special comes along and been going cool Charles Ari you lived in Philadelphia. I'm chemicals and I'm actually hit and this was Jane great depression and theatre say son who work. I bring needs aren't some late moment. Kind of what is not against it couldn't I should try boxing that selling items and beat it and that's not merit base broken. It's Clinton are running that it's some scene is sort of this is just off Scott free apps from some game in some circles where they get around the names. Is when it takes so as is actually sort of its origins are actually in the and a slight protests and. Is it. Is there anything. Coincidental or is it actually quite to related that the game. Became popular in the thirties in a game about capitalism and making money. During a time when America was suffering from its worst economic situation. Probably sense you know the founding of the country during the Great Depression did that help or hurt it. When it was. Of being introduced. It tends Larry Coker and very quickly says sent you can. And I think there's more and may have helped us in any decent schools and make sure went. Too bad actions and his pals in cold air. It's an idea of the game when you get rich was how glued hate money. I'm probably felt quite good at that time I'm only a lot of things I hate come on Jay Williams ran him real well done. So on the current. So I think it would Helton bat sends it into a bit it's at somebody it's cool you'll see. Is about more than not is it so we still Copeland now that the great depressions and Lucas and it's well at times but I think that may have held in the heady days. News came down being rich at a time when he's. Very few people well. Let's not just about being rich while being ruthless and I and I think that's still still kind of fun of the game is also around to that and win that with the kids I'm like tough you know he landed here. The hugest you're trying to pretty much take everybody's money you can it's just it's a liberal game now. Which is right here wrestler and I make my kids cry plan today that all the time. I might have let my dad with you know we'll get to let them know the way up the million row is not yet drive and a lack. Imaging playing into two times and you and I think it opened up for our not Oprah. The way I look at it my kids torture me have been it's it's the best I can do this in Cambodia and be a brutal business guy and put them put him back in the spot but. Aren't so we're going to be that we have taken a quick break and the phone numbers 84468776. Tonight until freed 8446877669. Call us let us know your favorite game is and we'll go from there but you listen Jason GB and yeah. Once they on the west coasters him. He's toast to her stuck somewhere between this us on the East Coast prepare first moment didn't. Over the next few days welcome to be on reality radio lists and myself jeez and honestly always Allison Jimmie Johnson. All this talk about board games it if if Cooperstown New York had the pizza place that would deliver at 1 AM. I would be dialing right now in order no large pepperoni by. It's Cooperstown had pizza place pro it's. Early days right there I would do right on the air a putter right Amir I'd call an end to order large pepperoni pizza. I'm sorry I can do that for us with a welcome back the show everybody it's beyond real later you would Jason JB rate on the phone number it's 844. 6877669. Feel pretty Colin and join a discussion we've been talking about board games the history of those games. We've the noted expert on the topic Tristan Donovan he's got a book out it's called. It's all a game the history of board games from monopoly to settlers of Khatami's in the books to eject. Ferrell cities adventures with animals in the urban jungle also it is. How soda shook up the world and replay the history of video games which happens to be another passion of mine. Well yes and now video games that I can't get into the new video expert like when is it anyone's when he mean. I just can't do like that hold out call of duty and it just moves too fast they feel like him him ready to swallow my tong yet but I can play like the of the old it's funny it just didn't talk about pong are you win. Now upon the clique of vision and I remember that that was awesome but and I'll but I. Julie I remember the olden attend as a summer actually just brought just bought my son mark. When the older retro Nintendo games mean and it it's it's cool to see and still play those and and yet the graphics aren't all they're opening hit the and I don't feel like I don't feel like I'm about to be sick if you are there but I can't do those games and allowed Al people into the six. Well that they discussion of the night is is board game specifically more burner gas back in actress and I wanted to ask you what when it comes to these board games. A lot of family spent a lot of time playing them. What was more important and what made them more popular was at the actual game itself or was at the social component where you had your family or your friends all sitting round table. Interacting and laughing and in doing something together which which was the more successful part of that equation. I think it is so. Preferred course and calls but I think the social thing was probably more imports. I of rule eight provides an obstruction taxes social interactions and it's a bit of focus and saying. Don't think so depressed pays nimble fingers sort of coordination. Or gains of 5070s. Instant options weren't that many time indoors. You can read. You watch a future TV that nothing like the choice is able day and video recorder and Indiana game. Candidates and I guess and timing and it was a major form of payment it is also something where you could capture every one and she kind of legions of eight again. Rub this on sanctioning outset I think social site was probably the single most important policy not question. Well I think it's still it's still that way because now especially this day and age when everybody's on their rightful owner or there there are hundreds of voice and device and so forth. On even as a fan in my life for myself Lee who will sit down and dining room table with the kids. At least once or twice a week and kick open a board game and just and have fun I mean you put down on the electronics you get back to hang and I'll laugh and with each other. And just playing around and and and having the board game it's it's a real it's a great family time it really does. Yeah I am absolutely and I think that's. The principal aims first study in is awaits them very cultural the in some natural sort of seems that there are principles. Doesn't this console is a pay attentions and and let some very needy child and eat. It's very distracting rewards countries don't. Mean it is sort of sort of cooking people are gonna be an end this so well nobles and I can't get all hang on a ski suit. Anyway what kind of with people but not with equal a lot of time Americans missing or canes cultured app which has become really different while in port came out as it. You got to concentrate bit under not between Nazi marched around chat a colossal people say I think. Best hope or aims of that now and doing well well again. And I think that you. EEU I if you used the word and pressure of this was exactly the word but they provide a catalyst to social interaction and I think we're seeing that still today. I don't know if you consider game like cards against humanity which. Is a card game basically or some of these other social party games they really had kind of provide a focal point for. The gathering of friends. That can and then lead into laughter in and and having fun and it's the game the next is the catalyst. Absolutely. And Internet that's me is it's a framework which I guess around just to. To do that and much more relaxed quite sad news for example when suntrust in this. I joined a little. And gang are bound to name any it to people. And now is if we just and it didn't. About kind of like oh well I met you for let's have a compensation and probably get quite. Quite sink. In Iraq we don't know we shall we entrance on each route slept all game in the middle ennui and to stop playing it. Moment that gets it then reached at while playing the games surfing the net he's straight and we'll turn it into nine people. Well TV that's our next challenge next and you and I go to a bar and we'll just will bring aboard and mend we'll just take it kangaroo up there or next time we go to strip club or cheese roots in the let's don't let's monopoly money because of the let's jump on the phone lines here let's bring in Allan from Texas he went to shares amid with a sound welcome to be on reality radio read beyond. They guys really interesting topic tonight interest and thanks and I'm looking border read your book. I had a few games pop in my head as wondered if he had comments on Murphy all heard of them. One I group grew up playing with my grandmother called Chinese checkers and the board look at ghost. Our yeah yes and a jump on digital you know you're talking about that Germany could gain. Yes well gee guess a sorry and I javy and I are talking about that turned break but you know what about. I don't know this is really good memory goes what are you. Don't know about how old is. An and also wanted to mention a couple of games to see if he had any comment so cheer our number one that was called mouse trap. The I don't know if you'll know that you do is hold you aboard with a really intricate Allen hold on Iraq I want to get. I wanna get tryst in response to the hotel and Chinese checkers questioned first for we don't know the other games. Cable. Chinese check this does incorporate. Alma in the right let him run to pass a much and Burke in India and that pays taxes eighteen eighteens. Saying is such an affinity in recent Spicer is really Chinese or in origin. No not so Merrick and the behavior I edit the damage from another state and it. And then that talent you mentioned how old were made in China yet you mentioned mouse trap which I think it was like the dream game of most kids during I don't know what year I know in the seventies it was anyway. Are there yet that's that's a great game and and I think I think trysts and it was a kind of pivotal game two wasn't it. Yes it was wonder says big gains that kind of integrated. And he's an amazing house or some meaning. It feel it's. Date. Or site at this guy deserve. And say it basically started beeping at. The homes of just having a main port ams is important. Sense and it became huge. Who he's up to. Hide or in operation and connect fought and short condensed way there is a read kind of crucial point and it. As it is their arms pass. Out it's. Codes are and civic and had this great TV appeal which when he woke aims and. Yeah and it was a nightmare so thank you Amato. You know the kidneys ain't I would just I get game play out just setup track. You had to what they learn about one little mistake you meets at the whole thing off against most of the yeah yeah exactly the first. Hey no 11 left one last game that it was my uncle had a boy got played a couple times. It's from the 1980s it was cold reaganomics. Is based on the Ronald Reagan you know you had. Trying to command missile all that you win the game if you balance the budget which of course is a joke. At the time that's running the budget of about the heavy armored Eleanor it's really rare. Have you come across Taiwan destroy and no there was so few games singled around our bottle without. Yeah boy Alan thanks so much for sharing those memories in those ideas with the says pretty interesting and picking up on that that to reaganomics remember ever game and may have been in the eighties or seventies called billionaire. Which was kind of then a souped up version of monopoly I guess and I will also save this. I am. Break next to me in this studio actually I have the trump a board game. She's gone back to the reaganomics thing I think to reaganomics thing would've been perfect if they honestly he is the whole idea behind it would have been too Teradata at all. I mean people that that's that seems like it would you know it's aged tired on the wall. I never heard of the trump gave did you hear about the term gain their trust in. Outrage that's and briefly in the book. Sewed it into a social change from incentives. On one based on results would do Brooke back in some 1999. On the and then there was slates one base rounding princess on current TV show. I'm so maybe there's a certain base on special. To come boats and yet it did very well Lou I'll do you one. Don't. She successful and enduring the kind of you know enough for the Pope should gain speed and round very at the profits and now I'm sick and I am I. I mean is this guy he designed the games would explain he'd basically pitched a news. Every pre screened and so became in the critics it's I it's a gay man. I don't I can't ask what next hunting items just late. I'm sitting there watching TV actually open up his trumped him and start going right to play it right now I guess it's a fact. Yeah trysts and what that brings up an interesting a point when people call in like challenges still in talks about games that he that he played and he actually made the comment I think he said didn't do they still can play now stripper you heard that I think that once still available but a lot of games. That were popular. And then of kind of disappear from the market and any of those come to mind I've got a few that other dimension but I on Seward if you if you've got an in the topping your had first. Yeah I mean I. Not sure how many of these will be named in the US there's a gang who gloss on it dinosaur. App. And you tell you British auction respond short count American. And they see how these classic dinosaur junior explorers hugs and the treasurer. And board and the state is basically the Corey O'Brien no malice are past armed. Friends and it was simply disburse this monopoly game it looked OK if bird as well she stops so Ingrid Ritchie have around port switch. Stupid things. And said that the agency are thinking I've seen it wrong and should probably not so anymore I mean I spoke aims like I spoke aims kind of he would. And disappear within a year I am games. Jim chimney down and so blocks the ones that we. The suit also out today at the real and they can't seem to replace the book and scam despair in many fronts. Is there a formula. Deserve formula for the successful ones I mean is there something you can point is saying that you know monopoly has this that's why it's successful or of the game of life as this that's why it's still stayed around need is there something that you can point to or is it just. Kind of luck of the draw. Not a Vizsla can timing down. Each came has it sensitive anything's say read it with mouse trap. Congress says what's happened last spring but also having. An app plastic trap. Around times BTV advertising. And has Syria actually the same life actually. In the middle now is ready and hope 3-D. Mountains. Network as well and TD and a apple sent in and that was straight crucial that. Basic games and how. Things are true few seats and their wants will cut them to get. Bookings in shame it can't battling a man gang and heyday of Pacman and Donkey Kong and I'm entrance into video games now Aaron this game looks Korean. And you want to charge offs shoo ins and outs rules are as a crisis will blow. When you and I asked to have these warnings will be the biggest came in 1990 Sayer is very hostile people so. Predict games and sound were slow. It's amazing so our interest and we're gonna end of taken a break and we had a lot more questions weren't we come back you listen Jason GP. This shows beyond reality greeting card guest tonight is Tristan done talking about the. History of board games his book is it's all game the history of board games from monopoly to settlers of the time he can check out. Who information about that book and his other books at tryst in Donovan dot com interest and we've got a particularly short segment here. But I did or ligature take on and on something that I read in your website actually. You mentioned that a monopoly actually informed you was used as some point to help prisoners escaped. From the Nazis what's that about. Say to kick June Second World War. Christian television I'm candidate wants trying way mobile I'm lap and who. Come citizen escape equipment and so the Prisoner of War and until they. Help British Adobe's tank. And what they did is say to scientists put him in music or games I and you'd get. Not reports and you know how to cook the kind of paper sheets had to order sounds. I'm underneath stat they were caught that little comments and MG's ready kind of shouldn't. Come season's final things now and the or headed for a and then they would send these prison or walk around some good names of eight charities. You know usually with dress bombed out building Burson. So the sort of send touts as this and a brief. Armed. And prisons or would be kind of lifted it to throngs tree editor lets. Ground they are not all rich and a young rookies out lenders have done in Clarendon and their street Kitts and the deeds whom two were as big trees people as they score when landscape. And American oceans are learning about the start things well. The Chinese actually kind of weigh in and this hospital nine under Jim's I found out on the defined now that they were using other kinda games like chess to get. His equipment and there's so I'm gonna fan map out and it. Lester in his marriage so we're gonna we're gonna take a break and when we come back more. Other phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. Yields and cheese and GPU on Elena. Scholarship going on as we talk about war games send Dana said there was a time in our guest for some Donovan talked about it to the mid 50s60s. And into the seventies is really the heyday of board games and you know as you mentioned there was no digital entertainment there was no Internet there are no computers on our desks there were no our iphones are droids in our hands. You're lucky if you even had a calculator. To take the school at that point and in all those things. Led for a lot of vote leisure time that we needed to be filled and board games kind of fill the avoidable and. Honestly though they really seem to be making a comeback I have to say I am seeing more and more of them popping up in. It just in the last two months I think we've probably grabbed six or seven new board games for the for the owls and everytime I go to the store or half rumors are sold out in the southern to definitely make a comeback. Now that would interest in that there was a couple of games that came to mind for me that I used to plays kids they don't think they're kicking around anymore and them I'm just wondering if I mention these of people in Chad might recognize hammer. Anybody Weller and if you if you've got others feel free to call an 8446877669. But there's a game we used to play. As a kid called avalanche humor that one. Failed to cross I don't know I think it would qualify as a board game but it was little plastic frame they used to stand up and about 45 degree angle and you put marbles in the top and had these little. Lose little low Y shaped. Stings on a swivel and they would be randomly swivel seat dropping marble when and it would fall so far don't get to the point you get caught on a swivel. And keep putting marbles and until bunch of marbles or come out at the bottom and he had like a bingo card Indiana did match the color of the marble to the card and when you fill Jakarta you won the game. I thought it was a great game but I don't think I've seen it since I was a kid in the seventies. This has little lenders so Japanese send and chief KK and pools of down there. They haven't come across apple and then in another when I used to play a lot as a kid was a game called master piece which was an art. We had nothing that I I knew nothing about art being a pain in Sindh and that kind of thing but this game was they had had a bunch of pain means like Rembrandts and stuff and then you would take another card and attach it to the back and it would have a value and you buy and sell these things and some would be forgeries. And you anything to via an unit is kind of a monopoly type game or at the end you wanted to own all the all the art work guys that would ring any bells. Yeah it doesn't remember reading about that debate is telling let the added to an underserved region that live played that. Well I still have I have every game that I ever owned. From the kids still kicked in around so what if you pulled I'd imagine we complain that an accident. On the yeah. I'll talk apple and the apple it's one okay with a masterpiece does that fit into my court. You know we had in the chat room interest in somebody ask about a ouija board now you know that's actually something that's got a pretty unique. Interest to our audience give new categories under the does big topics we discussed here. But what is the ouija board considered board game. Well. I asked for easy to be honest. I did actually have to think this London and decided. To do. It was so surround you will be possible and so on. She announces. A bit but he is and our house hunt it is at a trade. And am I wouldn't say ignorance and ways. Needs expert in neck and broken and she hit us oh. In some sense. And then. One of the things we saw a lot of and I don't know that it happened so much anymore. Is the connection between either. Movies but more importantly television shows popular television shows and games that would come out with that brand on them. Blood of those games were kind of silly and they weren't very playable. But the you know the characters were from the TV show and some kids like them. Is that's is that a trend that continues today or was that kind of a fat. And perhaps in the continues stay humble tends how more is some debate like games get outrun your actions. I feel and Mario Mario professional. Monopoly which is coming recently or. I'm a Christian and crucially teens around mine so I need and that say did you sue to get that sounds too. Recent stumbles mean he's under special rations risk candles monopoly it's too soon. We tend to ease hybrid solutions already sort of take it. He's like star awards and then touch it you abate and as well rob to escape what damage it stumbles and scrap. Well as funny that you bring that up because I have a monopoly game but it's a road retirement. As it hasn't ended at these table and it's so funny but I but I do I do remember a lot of them and I remember. Having the duke of dukes of hazard a board game the other kids and ended up having. ET board game. I I have to I have to share this with you because I wish I hadn't done and now but about I don't know maybe 1015 years ago I had a game and I said they had all my games but this is one I ended up getting rid of because. I saw there was a market forward on eBay. But it was a game called the Bermuda Triangle do you remember that one. And the it was it was he had she had to ship products around the news the live Caribbean and and there was this storm in the east to move by the spin of a dial in it would move in different directions spin around and had magnets and it would pick partnerships leadership to disappear. Editor of selling it on eBay for curb actually considerable amount of money considering what was. I'm we only have a few minutes left here interest of and I need to ask you about something that's actually in the title of the book you mentioned. It's the history of board games from monopoly to settlers of the town. I don't know what settlers of the town and you know from pronouncing it right what is that game. Is Sid chairman getting. Came out and late nineteen read it it basically some. Possibly speak revival Orkut and senator Sasser is on his. Redeem its game. Ace Rouse are duking assessment. I didn't try it's the best and that's it guys. And it Richard was so Jimmy Dean developing Santana port and hope which. Launched. Their guests and some of the US changed and I race and no one gets her. Eliminated from came and told you you can withstood addictions. Can we carry on right on the senator. Tom was pretty dispersant these games make it big world wide on an outside job so it redeemed social aren't going through would abort and cafes and now it -- America. This kind of refine more contrast and brought to an announcement that it. It's like tickets ride and so which is written written kind of fire in Beirut the new wave or can't. Yes. Are you ask a question the interest in do you remember the game haunted house. The big plastic quo with social center with a exactly you know the three keyboard that came up in use today you dropped all the on the chimney and it would come around for 21 of the rooms and knocked out of he has. So is that they'll hang in there and edit very much was like that old master our game Miller Williams can set up but on its entrance like and it gives me it was. A national sanctum and are there really saying and yes there is a Chicago lawyer I'm toy mentioned company called off and gossip session which span the chaps don't include I mean they made same minute the same is is that period and yet he chief and things out there. Incite emotions people's chart and you know it's quite an impressive among come into cheers and my but that does brilliant. And coached. They've got. Now we do that we have a couple of minutes left and wanna try to grab a phone call or two we've had some people waiting on hold this is bill from South Carolina Hedo welcomed the show. Are great at the show. Hey thank you wanted to ask also denied each of them play ago or miniature game sort battled or are reported thousand. Oh war zone operate like that a lot of spin off strange now or going back to import. Organic. You can you have it would be killed manager especially now that pretty printing technology stroke well to exploit political potholes or stop what. What little one's self reported a racially components came Jews although aliens course predator charged. And or reduce familiar with any of the new or strange like. Yeah what you for interest in you do do and use our researcher looking to those who don't. Yes it's and then a bit in not noting that she huge way as. That doesn't cross say we're role playing and did that this is sort of tension about how unleashed the didn't get wins note that this. Cecil trying to turn things like trip through she'd say it. Kind of fell in the end it. It seems Christians and role playing games somebody says it rejected her. I just don't follow certain peace spy site but the did have from the instant they can't actually like playing and just can't find enough people ram. It's a lot more there were you surprised to gather a lot more complex yet require they require real dedication we're gonna take one quick phone call and then we get it we got to end it here this is Chris from Boston Chris. You got about thirty seconds. I've big fan of the that'll that it's time that they're variations of the city the night. And what I've ever played as a brilliant yet whether the board game was called cross well. Hop on Clinton and that a simple. But to break him but. Yes that was a while Letterman got the political trail thanks thanks thanks so much interest in this has been a fascinating discussion thanks much for being here. We've got about judge just a few seconds here but give your website again and any other information like folks to have. At my website is actress and Donovan dot com I'm tweet me it's. Actress and Donovan on the thank you should have already enjoyed it. We get a definitely have you on again at some point thanks so much for cloning an analyst yes thank you it's young Rihanna didn't back this morning. You just. So happy to her. It's one of the things of people look mean people what's talk about we've got a lot of the join a slot of the listeners. Call to spate. Very popular topic and one of the more popular psychics that we've had on the program in the past is of course the amazing funky. And last year he made some predictions for the year 2017. And done he's asked taxis Baghdad. To Britain do you remember with the relax and I remember a couple of them vaguely I don't know and I'm sure he's gonna remind us on. How to supplement or in north crown from the audience if whatever but he's been begging us to come on and intended to a recap of what his predictions were. I think he believes he feels he's was pretty accurate and you wants to our talk about it so all right hey a look at this show funky I honey Jason JD he hits and yet we can hear it runs her Kelly always we can hear him just like every time yeah. I just wanted to calling in Kentucky case apparent act of 2018. And can you guys talking about Nast nostril dummy last week he has a psychic. And his patients. I think you're talking about Nostradamus. It's a street profits and he's I was at a site Kiki considers himself a prophet. OK well that's that's primary and if he can consider himself every once pat. Anyways I just wanted to talk about some of my predictions and the ones I had for 2017. They all seemed to have come shrill. Psychology I spent some people will pass time. And it will be sad times and begin to lose him some people end up losing time Peggy Mary Tyler Moeller. Hugh Hefner there. Never had dinner at bats in hand and like some people's needs are kind to your status correct and that one I do remember you predicting that. I just I see him easily become to some people did stay life and I saw that one happening too. Jon Bon Jovi he's still life. My mom and I. Are happy to announce that air supply is still life. In Simpson had a great people. Yeah I think there's I think there's something like seven billion people still alive and I think that's really six point six restore of the last count on us Canada and javy and I seem to be doing perfectly fine American would fingers crossed our stuff he said that you you're you're summit be OK rich hockey. He's come back and see I was I was trek began. And I don't like to come running just keep peace. He's predictions. Thank you wanted to Philly and a couple of things that struck me at predictions for 2018 yet Nostradamus. Yeah thanks and she's like you know where I think he might be correct three might be wrong and he go from there and he has taken a text. But we'd love to have your opinion on it and those those writings or were like 500 years ago or 450 anyways so look maybe if 500 years of me writing about you Truckee. Believe they will be I think he'll look back you know. They like while he may seem cocky he returned to Kandahar in the you know and he need additional payments and carries meetings and he was correct all the time. I thought you were a 190%. Rate a 100% of the time yeah and nervousness out all the time and I'm 1990%. Car a 110. Think those numbers have changed a little bit but okay ticker I mean if anything it's an advancement Cisco all right so what he got for us what what's coming up in 2018. We're working national cunning kids say list. He said if you will be Smart quick and I need to give him credit. He struck back there will be some earthquakes in different parts of the world in 2018 and some people passed. Encourage little vague and where in the in the world there's earthquakes all the time so it's earnest plea specific off collapsed collapsed there will be some earthquakes happen. In North America. There will be sent overseas. Patent and other places are it's a little Steve got a master attorney did say something about. A war going but I just want to let you know that he and the United States will not go to war against King Kong on. At all over in the Korea beat Jimmy Kim Sean kings hung in North Korea as there which human dissent well. Each day however you pronounce it paint an accurate asking me it seems slightly different. Yes we will not go to war against King Kong alone in second middle period. So we're safe with that can I ask a follow up question on that particular topic funky course. Do you see any resolution to the North Korean nuclear crisis touched not carrying nuclear crisis what. And you know Amy welcome Kim John Boehner you're talking about in North Korea they've been reason there was a threat of wars because of the nuclear weapons that. North Korea has developed or is developing in threatening to use against United States will it. Well we will we have resolution to that problem or we just gonna have to is that going to be standoff continuing and he ain't saying yes you can't I'm. DES yeah and that would be the big problem area. It's kind of ho. I I think probably for the sake of the audience at this point (%expletive) provisions on here please so it'll still got our pace he called you Jason he's filming. Filming purposes or something in the UK coming up. I can't connect to each but well actually achieving years and years SP hang around me over in the UK well if I didn't films himself it's I doubt I'll do score on the record saying it's not porpoises so vote would. I'll be filming something. He's correct yeah. Okay well of hockey and I also remember another prediction you made and Jason I thought of little peculiar because you had predicted it could be talked in December which was a month after the presidential election. And you predicted that for Brett trump would become president. I mean I get short right of all this trend and right we already knew who the outcome of the election so that wasn't a surprise that you. Still were insistent that that was a major project prediction in victory in your column and and I was correct and yet you know it wasn't it did have emails are pretty pecan chocolate stare it precedents. Carla for awhile the travel what do you see 2018 being for you. She tourney team being very productive here I foresee that. And on the night will. Do wonderful things together you or your mom and you like what you do group readings together or just working together. Well I think it's going to be mainly between my mom and I Jason. We're going to do some wonderful things he can't. Truckee do you have any significant other in your life that you might want to share with us sites my mother at Selena guilty until he can't tell her. And Aaron I literally can't weak piece I care and Mexico so line. The things we can you are just amazing. It's borderline creepy funky as if her arm protect. What I will say do you what do you see for the show what do you see from beyond reality race. 04 C you at all. Healing GP additional coupons and getting bickering if any shall be king maker and and people sit there and say let alone paying have you heard anything I can yeah you AM ES attorney listening. And that'll really help children are itself hockey is that pretty much it is that movie where you stand with your predictions were torn eighteen. I have right now yes because we're only eat at 340 intuit so as I get more and more predictions. I would actually Colin because I'm not the only EP Taylor and I'll tell tell anybody what I foresee coming out. Well that's that's just wonderful news OK it gives us something to look forward to for short sake yeah. Well thanks so much for joining analysts and you got yourself an amazing night. How happy I think she hated Jason. OK let me today he's Lindsay he'll have an amazing night stealing other listening we always love the amazing funky joining us on the program. We love it all the time. Yes yes you do Larry it's a makes you tune in tomorrow we've got a great leader great shows coming up and everybody else they're Stacey if this storm coming in. But that'll be for us tonight you'll see Jason GBB unrelated radio can tell tomorrow. And the only news tastes good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's something we don't really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio de radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.