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Dean Warsing discusses paranormal investigating and the phenomenon of EVPs

Jan 6, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV johnson talk with Dean Waring about his work as a paranormal investigator. Dean makes extensive use of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon) in his work and teaches a college class on their value adn the most effective ways to get them. 1/5/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. There's always those Friday on the East Coast many years somewhere in between welcome to be honored obliterated it myself Jason Allison there was some TV Johnson and it sounds like you're there and sounds like your powers working it sounds like the data connection is up and running so sporadic though its battle to teachers who have we want you we know why they. Bowed out of the did the student the storm on turn out to be everything they were forecasting near I was gone on it's been bad I mean it literally anything we've got somewhere on its seventeen inches of snow still some slowing us. The winds have been brutal I mean when gusts upwards of seventy miles an hour by no it. I know a lot of rob more out of the danger has been storm surge. Boston and a areas situation Massachusetts. Yes storms don't vote because it's spent an exceptionally high tide. And a water actually has come over and it's it's flooded the streets and what issues you guitars are frozen in place now is there there's video one house means wait scratch over interest in Colorado house so it's it's Batman it's. And hopefully everybody else there's been safe and there they're doing OK and analysts and it just trying to pull through this one. You everybody stay safe don't taken an unnecessary. Risks there's no reason to do that work await you know. Go into the store way he can beat and waited out a couple days let things come down but anyway. Welcome to the show everybody it's great to have everybody along tonight. We're going to be talking about paranormal investigating something dear to our hearts with dean Morse and tonight he's a not only a paranormal investigator re actually teaches a class. In college about EVP some anxious to hear about that. And they're not subject he's and his comments apparently listened in on day definitely should be agree shell if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash B under failure radio. Like to FaceBook page forest and had to be under daily radio dot com where you can final ceased we are across the country can download free iPhone and android app right there. Which is listen shall live as well touch past shows join them chat or just click the listen lies tab which is up in the right hand corner of the web site. That connect you know when online chat rumored TV myself agree community people he's adding and found them fun tightened and bringing a different topics and so forth. Yup and so will be doing that tonight talking about TVPs and paranormal investigating. Each other things to dean is actually don't know one of UFO investigating as well also have a chance to talk about that. And of course we always invite your phone calls and 8446877669. Tomorrow night best of as is every Friday night and then now Monday we'll have Deirdre ha he'd be coming on she's a mistake. And shall be discussing what it is to be a mistake and shows was a book out called the not so little book of surprises. They choose are retarded Medina race about pretty much conspiracies or anything from Hitler in the Colston. Genetics and Holler if you need him we're going to be covering it. Mean she tune and then in GPS and tonight we're gonna we're gonna try to kick echo this cart thing that we are a leading get a chance last night as we get to in depth with taught him some of these or games. Which is funny because that's always been pretty much doing. Actually today because we we can't do anything so I mean I went plowing today did just trying to plow my driveway and and Samantha my daughter's driveway and it was still so high it was coming over my plows only now to go out of my truck it is so we're just like tunnels and around play board games. So and then that show last night worked out perfect match when did you play. Well the kids had the rescue and the twins teamed up and they and they have to mail it was a it was a you know typical waiting and that's who had a different thought so but it is what it is. That was a lot of fun Wesley talking about those teams brought a lot of memories back for not just us but of course of people listening people with channel were commenting on it before tonight's show. Lot of fun chatting with Tracinda Donovan about the last night. So since we're talking with a kernel. A service story that just c'mon you know Amy Winehouse was threatening and of course singer songwriter and seven you much member of the twenties in my Senator Clinton joined well. Singer songwriter Amy one how's her dad reveals that he talks to her ghost spirit she visits him I'll bet in while he's in bed and and today at other points but. Anyone else's dad has revealed that dose of the tragic singer and still visits a multifamily home Mitch winehouse claims he still being visited by. By her presence and I hate to see your face that she try to speak to women at different times that she shows up and sits at the end of the bed and and tries to make contact with them on any died of alcohol poisoning at the age 27 back in 2011 after a long battle what's the substance abuse. Again like Chris thanks joining us that we set a club which is a close singers musicians of the passed away. At age 27 due to alcohol or drug abuse are but he says her spirit comes and sits on the end of the dead. Just sits there and looks looks just like her with her beautiful face and as she looks at me he says Saddam. He says I say you know or are you all right because they get nervous with her being there but it's comforting in a way to know she is here and around me. I'm still are broken data revealed that he needs ghostly activities also take form of bird there visits him as one exchange. He says that the blackbird which identical with the one on EB and it Amy had tattooed arm. It's flown in through the kitchen window and actually a slice it and on the table and. Yeah and I and his wife had some question though have you received a blackbird that hasn't looked identical to every other black Purdue University. I felt the same right there and I guess I generated content to in my arm looks terrorism not just me now but he you buy it he says this bird flies influence. Sat down between the two nominations pretty much to sit there saying. You said it was very comic to sell accurately sees itself there. But hence in the had just does in the little. Evil thing yeah I didn't that is interesting and I'd love I mean nothing you wanna take advantage of a celebrity's. Passing but to be interesting. To actually. Do some type of investigation again it's some kind of evidence that the that this is everything he says that is have been would be pretty startling yet and anyway. Winehouse and she suffered numerous relaxes it was substance abuse and gonna trolls please many times they would choose found shoes on dinner you know like Camden on July 23 2011. There are three bottles of vodka in her room and cornered discover nature's more than five times. Yeah the limit it's just so it's it's tragedy earliest and. You know I and this isn't something we intended to talk about tonight but I don't know how you can drink that march unless you're intentionally. Drinking. To do is do that harm to yourself I mean I. He's just I mean I guess some people have a different way of processing in their bodies but tell me you know people who are she was five times the legal limit people wore one and a half two times can even you know aren't coherent they can't stand it can walk. How. Which hesitancy has to be like water medicine saying but that has to be asked to be intentional almost so it's it's sad it's just salsa. They're aliens so. Are again we immigration tonight the phone numbers 844687766. Dying. And tall freed 8446877669. Or take a quick break. More to come to us and Jason. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond realty radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Our producer Ariel re doing Jason in jail solidarity a longing just quick thank you to all the radio stations during the program we know 2018 is going to be quite a year for growth for beyond reality really were excited about that we're excited to come. Two radio stations. Throughout parts of the country that we haven't gotten into yet although you can hear us in almost every state I think if you'll soon rating and certainly can leaders around the Internet. You have slowly Wear pretty much on states all across a country in our our mortgage popping up in more of those states in different areas in the states. So I and we look forward to the growth and we greatly appreciate all the sport from all you a year year. During the recent shows success and we greatly appreciate. Yeah we do for sure and our guest tonight is dean more single we're going to be talking about paranormal investigating something of course that. We'd love to talk about here from beyond reality radio deemed welcome to the program's great to have you on tonight. Jason and javy. They tell her that scenario the door don't want EL let's start at the very beginning here do you tell us about yourself. Tell us about you free paranormal investigating I do get started. Okay not a problem case to when I was a little kid. I'd love monster movies Asian watched black and white TV had. Telling you how old I am but you know attic Costello so I mean you know vampires. Dracula all the good stuff. And then when I was about nine or ten. I recall my uncle Mike. Coming over in talking to my mother and he would talk about Roswell and he would talk about any importing ilk and we super intrigue. With the things that he was saying and a little bit scared to be honest with you. And then. That age twelve. Mean my brother Clint my best friend a guy named Jill. We were ice skating and upon that was how much else in a cornfield. And we had a beautiful man and we had plenty of light which is good because. This particular pond had played in it that kept the water level at a certain level. If you get close to the plate the the ice was kinda. We clear or you could fall actually in the plate and get hurt so we're always conscious of not getting too close to that plate. So we're just playing in donor saying in all of sudden are light source completely banished and we all kind of stopped what we were doing. We look up towards submitted. And there's this giant. Kraft. This is really weird because it's not. Conventional. It would is it was a rectangular. Picked it was almost like a skyscraper. On its side. Floating above us it was enormous which and it was making no noise at all. It would is. A little bit different. Black colored in this guy we keep we could make it out. And there was there was late. Mechanical. Definition we could see in his skin com. Almost like when you beat if you were to get under your core and look under your core and you see hell like. Mean there's like a metal plate in it might be bent in such a way to allow piped. To be there when have you yet it's just not flat. And at that point I do you know being in the young kid I just kind of realize like we really don't know anything. You know there's there's stuff going on I mean I'm very blessed that I had that experience. Quite. Their stuff going on we we just don't know anything. Are beyond increasingly weak conference under that we don't. So I'm about this or dean tell us though who did this experience scare you at the time on how many were people with you how many other kids were with you and do they all see and remember the same thing. Well that's a great question Acadia I knew for sure that my brother in my best friend were there. And there there were some other neighborhood kids but I'll be honest today I can't recall he was there. And it adults I mean many times I work with my brother. Which guns and a humorous thing down at the pond oh yeah you know we totally remember and also him my friend Joseph we've we've talked to him about it. Like I can't recall other people there were there I fought my next door neighbor was there dining Jimmie and I asked him Downey's like I'm a redress talk about it but I wasn't down there. So I don't recall didn't know it it didn't scare me. That is the weird thing was. I ate one in my mom to see it so I'd let the pond and ray and with my skates on through cut corn field. To the bag or my house and yelled from my mother. And unfortunately from net vintage point she could not see it you had to be on top of this thing to see it. And I could regret that in a way I wish it just kind of stayed in and and took it all in right there underneath. Put. Yeah it was incredible that truly incredible. Did you bomb. He said you were ice your ice skating and so where where was this again and pressure fiset who were wise. On. This would be considered L in Maryland and they wished it was flowing across this on words the elk river. And it and it disappointed to describe it it was it. It must've been a supply ship or a partnership. I would according Euro fell I would absolutely say this was an ailing craft it was an unidentified. We had nothing. Com. That I know of they could possibly be this thing and it was just floating in the year. I was defying gravity. And it was enormous there was giant like S citizens it is because the skyscraper. And how many feet would you say it was off the ground. That's real old you know when it was actually pretty close com. And it. And a common mistakes I went in order kid because you know twenty feet off the ground looks incredibly islanders market. Yeah I'm when I'm gonna see it was a couple hundred feet above me. Com. There with somebody wanted to argue with that I would argue with him it's it's it's that's typical to say but it was it was actually rather clueless. When you saw this you know this is the type of of a citing that is. If if somebody's lucky and they wanna see something like this it's once in a lifetime. Was it once in a lifetime for you or have you seen similar things cents. No unfortunately I was at the right place at the rate time and being a paranormal investigator I've put myself. In situations where try to seize similar things have done a lot of work with the third generation night vision goggles. Where we go out and we've used disguise and in infrared and we'll see me moving objects in the skies. Not uncommon but most of time they're satellite speech on the space station but every once and a while. You'll get an object it'll kind of break or brutal walls like make a great term or something like that but it's very very difficult. To see district with things and document. Yet it is for sure know if if if fury in a place where there's not much light pollution and you've got to clear sky you've got a pretty good chance to see something going by but like you said a lot of its. Either space junk or satellites or something else is just orbiting the earth put there by men. But I have to see in those things that kind of defy. Logic they make turns and go backwards they go forward ninety degree turn you and those are the ones that are that would fall under the U a folk category meaning we don't know what they are and you know obviously are too far away to really determined. But when we come back dean we're gonna talk more about that plus we're gonna get into some of that EVP work you've done. And more about your paranormal investigating Corey we've got a whole bunch to talk about. Forget the phone number is 8446877669. We'd love to have you call and be part of the program and Jake. Hopefully we'll have a little time I think we will tonight we'll have some time will reopen our RS psychic remote viewing experiment. Within a with a playing card draw on the card from the deck conceive people can tap into our minds and figure out what it is. When a podium went and win the whole idea ever heard of US army Europe to play exactly. Again it's still freed 8446877669. Euros in the Jason GB on beyond reality radio. Reality radio Casey BJP Conner received 446877669. In. We're talking with dean worsening tonight he's a paranormal investigator we have a whole bunch thinks chatter about the before we do that you let's. Where we were talking about starting up the this psychic remote viewing experiment again I think the problem would make sense if we drew the playing card now. So we can be thinking about it. So people who want upon waiter can can already start to kind of work into our minds here into it because typical currently sitting out we get the idea. He's the Caron. Just the shot former royal rumors from the senate and an agreement and it's it's really I'm just from accredited that it's a better intelligent art art support are okay here's a cart. Eleven of diamonds now that no no no they're not eleven or diamonds are a good point that. She's my god Paris itself are so we have the card here. Jason sought I sought and we're going to be thinking about it as we continue our discussion with. Dean worsening so if you are inclined to get ready to call not now we'll tell you when. We'll tell you when to call and then you can no you try to use what you may have as far as psychic or remote viewing skills and capabilities intrinsic to what this card as well. If the person who gets it Ehud equal cinema movie and it's something that's highly needed at this scenario is here near especially on the East Coast when you're trying to dig yourself well so it is our case let's bring our guest back Indian forcing his paranormal investigator. Do you also teaches a college class about EVPs which is pretty cool but. During the last segment we are talking to dean about how he got his start and his first encounter with the paranormal was a UFO encounter in deemed. Tell us how that leader turned into a curiosity about ghosts and the other side. Well. He JD I love everything turned normal I have had a big interest in any internal. And what I found through the years it is it's very difficult Seagates. I've been blessed with being able to deduce one time in my life and it was actually in my adult that passed away. Play to be on investigation and to document against it's very difficult and I know Jason. As says content sets stake experiences with some. With catchings and stuff especially through law. I'd love that one. Shareware. He get this thing in front blocker on style your views and that's fantastic I mean put you know. That's few and far between. So what happened was. Peace stability Edie can work. Long ago. And I head moderate success with it and then recently. I had some equipment changes every year or two ago and the success rate went up quite a bit. But the problem was the recorder was using it as a very sensitive and that was what was good that it was also what was bed about it and I and the economy changed the way. I did sessions because. You know you could be cold this recorder and call and actually make your ears bleed when you do the edit on the tape. So it best best sort of figured out a way to do EVP sessions a little bit differently. I'm trying to control environmental downs. On used to be I'd walk around. Great yards and Jason I knew you'd hate graveyards the complex. I actually get a lot of EVPs they graveyard and it's why I don't know maybe maybe I can go in the middle of the woods and it is many BP's. Why there are around greater I don't know in their dimensions. Could they be could be not a great yard. Could be dead. This sorrow and the attention from people that visit graveyards they feed off of I had no idea. Well I'm just Lebow let me just put the south I don't heat great to him my biggest concern is. When it comes on the graveyard of common destiny graveyard and catch anything and I put the evidence out there for people to. To review in check alpha themselves. I need to worry that the younger crowd tends to also follow a lot of my work and I have to worry about the fact that they'll go in and it'll it'll start becoming eighteen. Teen hangout place tombstones and it kicked over and we've had that situation before. I do say all the time that well you know people are dead and Toomer Steve days before their bodies right arrive in the graveyard. So chances are slim but. The fact of the matter is that's the main reason why I avoid graveyard it's the fact that I worry about the ramifications of me investigating there putting and putting it out that I've caught something there. And what. Can follow that from the. And I think that's commendable and and through my research and actually seen that exact same thing where people Qichen to worse on like. Buildings that are in the graveyards are kicked standard over and it's it's sad that that's not respected better put dom. The the great thing about great yards oh with that being said it is. You know they're growing all the time. They're changing all the time. I was an early kind of throw in the joked they're his people are dying to get in but that program is a privilege that I won't say that. Great and Derek did the other thing for me as a parent orbit skater girl is accessible. And I don't care where you live in the world there's probably graveyard within five minutes ten minutes where you live that you can go to. And that makes it good I mean I do what else here in the air well I don't get to do that as much as I would like. Palm put in and to be honest with you is eternal more investigator with this EDT self I mean sometimes I'm going to help like every day every other day. And actually I'm trying to document you know Jay I want one excuse that this. Here in Maryland. We have a situation where come about April things get way. And the way it's feasible lesson till almost October and I find that turn normal investigation gazed down quite a bit. Give you example that it at the peak of paranormal investigation under undo any BP session for fifteen minutes. And I may have ten different voices on the tape. That I have to investigate. During the wet season would strike which I teach my students I caught the dead zone. And they go out and I keep things for months. It it it's really weird and actually I think there's a correlation between. Possible EVR excuse me up turn normal activity and maybe. Maybe humidity. But haven't figured this out exactly. Or Alter the water is the perfect conductor if you think about it below we've always found is paranormal activity seems to pick up. Well it seems to die down and spring and summer to pick up and fall and in the winter and now it's that really paranormal activity in the winter Moritz. People are now in their houses it's getting dark early. The sound of the heat's kicking on it's it's you're getting the moisture out of the woods so it sounded like footsteps on the loaded through the house are getting pops bangs. And so people tend. Have a lot more so called experiences during the winter months when a lot of times those can be disproved but the most activity we usually get is usually in the fall for whatever reason it just seems like everything seems charged. And activities that at its strongest. DI agree matter effect I think there's a good reason we have Halloween when we do I think it's rather appropriate because I think even our. Our agent ancestors. And documented the fact that. Paranormal activity. Sorts to pick up as a we have the change of the season. But don't. Excuse me it. Yeah it for some reason they're really dropped salt and this year it's been wet even up to now. And the paranormal activity hasn't been as great as I see it as political like and last year. So what they teach our students and what I do myself as we keep the law book. And we go out and do it meaty piece session we keep track like temperature humidity. We even. Look at the UV index. We look at the PP index the KP indexes the energy that comes off the sun and it excite the ionosphere. But defectors actually can get for your current work. The decay. KP is hot. But we really don't know exactly what changes in the environment. To make it more conducive PE PP what. You know this experiment for me has been going on for more than a year and I clean and figure out. What conditions do we need to Wear world war more conducive to keep GDP. Dear when asked you about TVPs and in the mechanics of it. You know for those have you who might be new to this topic EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon and basically what it is small you dean describe exactly what it is. OK that's fine in the spec up a little bit the reason I love you BP's. Is it's the most document all document noble turn normal phenomenon. That a person can go out and get. Like I said this cedars it is it's few and far between but to go out and talk to a guest. On your average person can go out and may take three or four times. If you do it during the winner when when when. The environment is more likely to yield such a thing you can document it and see for yourself. It's it totally works you do that the funniest thing when I'd listen to any BP. And I asked the question I know exactly where otherwise. I do that there's no possible way. That is fault. And and I would say ninety or 95%. Of the time they're intelligent they're actually answering the questions that I asked. So that's what I like about DPP's they're very document rumble. Well and that and that's always who the best part is when their answering questions that you ask because than it helps solidify what you're able to catch instead of catching a lot of times even when you're on investigation you'll catch. What just sounds like somebody talking or people talking amongst themselves and yet those are UVPs as well but it it seems like those those things a year catching. At that timer armed. It just. Entities that seem to be still their own time period during their own thing and you're just for whatever reason time is overlapping you're able to document that when you're getting something that actually. Answers directly answer this question that you passed I mean he he he can't get any better proof that. Yet and I mean. So you get it teaching these questions. These courses at a college global what what happened with me was I would I would go out. And do these GDP sessions at Acadia Jason what went I would sit down and listen to the tape and people were talking to me. It that the only thing I could equate it with was like Christmas morning as a kid opening presents. I mean it would just throwing and I thought to myself there's got to be other people out there that we just totally enjoy this that was the old Genesis. Of putting together there at the college class and the public crisis like five week course. And we go over what it takes to be a good turn normal investigator. On how to how to do any BP session we go over a quit man what's the best equipment and then on the fourth week. We actually go out to date. One application and my students. Particularly BP's in the fifth class. They get the BP's they edit down may amplifying whatever they need to do and percent for the for the class. And this is that this is certainly the thing you could spend a lifetime I don't care how old York you can be ninety degrees but you keep constantly. Entertain yourself by going to different places. Just doing X I I just love it it's fantastic. Our were to take a quick break here we come back we'll get into the CVP. Discussion little bit more thoroughly in some more detail we've got a lot of questions related to it yet if you have any questions body. He's give us quality 446877669. Yen. 8846877669. Elicited Jason and TV. I'm beyond really revealed. Play hard and hurt us sooner. Thinking about her continued to think about it and kind of send those vibes out for the remainder of the program. Your job is to try to tap into our thoughts and when we ask you to call in and see if you can figure out what this card is in the first person that comes up with. What playing card we are looking at will get a hoodie from us and will be crowned. The new winner of the remote viewing the slash psychic experiment just make sure it's happened Arafat's playing card yeah. Terrorists are snorkel doesn't want to be traumatized they're sick or totally ignore the twins tonight we're talking with dean worsening easy paranormal investigator on west as signal we're talking about. He BP's own continue that discussion dean. I asked the question you know what wasn't EVP for people who aren't aware and pressure we got to the real fundamental answer of that which is basically. What a disembodied voice something you don't hear with your own years which capture on a recording device of some kind. And that device can be analogue it can be digital he can be pretty much anything could be it can be a video recorder that captures audio as well. There's really no limits to that. Absolutely cheating men a fact we should talk a little bit EV piece of electronic voice Obama basically soup just in case anybody doesn't now. What you do leash he's if you go out into a great you're off on applications. And you have a recorder and you ask questions and at the time you'd normally don't cheer response. With the human year. But when you go back and review the tape a lot of times. You'll get answers your questions and he BP's I teach my class that. I I think there's maybe three different ways it EVP who will I guess the most popular. Thoughts on how EDP's manifests are the obvious one it would be sale and I mean in this is probably have an adjacent to. There's been two or three times where the EBP auction here with my ear but that's very very rare. The and that and it doesn't Bennett doesn't fall under the Ole EP phenomenon SO. He kind of doesn't it kind of does indicate that it doesn't egg I agree with you that that. Usually you don't hear and then the second thing is some people think that the any peace has the ability to. Manipulate the electromagnetic. Field and then. Manifests on the tape. The third way and the way that I believe that it happens precious time is caught in purse Connick. And supersonic is a term that means. It's beyond human hearing. And I think that's what happens -- time it's almost like a dog whistle the people pick it out we you won't be aware of it and you won't hear it. Being internal investigator and I think that calendar curse state before we move on. I think we have a couple mutual friend Jason. Well of course Joshua pew warned that it is a dear friend and I've done many many investigations attempts agreed to. Yeah he is a great guy and you know it just is really Smart. He's he's internal investigator. He may be in the genius strange disorders sports guy add. In depth conversations with the guy and he's just he's on the ball. The other one is an immature about this. There's a guy with root river. Up in Delaware and his name is Marty Smith you know him by chance. Marty Smith I mean thinking. Regional. Manager Ers open and he may have something to do it back in the day. In your region. Okay well I know keystroke Nike says of mine who runs a region and Paul Abrams a very close friend of mine runs. It all but. And I'm very possibly have mad men Marty at some point and we've dealt with each other so and wrote readers it's great company I mean we know we all know each other so. Yeah sure sure yeah. And yet more he's a real big time matter of fact. The last summit Wal-Mart yet it was an attendee totally out of three homeowners in the plumbing now. And he was helping each one of them figured out what peak oil port city and for their particular projects. So that was her call you iPhone so they're doing then same exact thing so. We're talking with the dean worsening tonight he's paranormal investigator and will be taking your calls as well at 8446877669. To be prayer. Prepared to call and if you wanna chat about paranormal investigating Auburn go to break we come back we're gonna pick up our conversation but he peace and if you haven't Yamaguchi head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page then had to be on a daily radio dot com. The final seasons we errand across the country. Also download the free iPhone and android operate their virtualized listen shall live catch past shows join online chat more. Listen right from the website just by clicking the listen life tab in the right corner of the web site. Join me online chat while listening to the show right there so you listen to distance and. Welcome to be honored Algeria ourselves to you Jason was real results and GB HR I just want images only really really quick. We last night the amazing fox he called an end and of course far key is a self proclaimed amazing psychic. He has called keyword itself claim he's she's a self proclaimed. He caught last year offered some 2017 predictions wanted to brag about how right he was. And then offered some twenty team predictions and if I remember correctly. One of the 2018 predictions that he offered last night was that the would not be a nuclear war between the United States and North Korea right density put him between King Kong to a he said King Kong JUSPS. -- in middle Korea I mean the end it all messed up but either way the the domestic close away comes to it I guess so that's what he said. I just watch it and know that there is a a renowned Mexican psychic. He goes by the name of Antonio bass quiz. And he is every year he is sought out to discuss his 28 urged his annual predictions in this case fear of 28 team. And he has said. There's no need to fear that 2018 we'll see clash of egos between US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader he doesn't say King Kong he says Kim John owned. Lead they don't he does not see this escalating into a nuclear war he says there will be no bombs flying they will reach an agreement so I guess the amazing funky. And this guy Antonio bass quest from Mexico who's a famous Mexican psychic on the same page of this and a really good news poll asks Iraqis. Other persona from last could be that maybe you think (%expletive) he is a multinational. At that I. Think he likes to shop where. You can hear somebody and took them jealous that's for sure Kirk is Macon all those people famous welcome back to the program everybody it's beyond reality radio tonight we're talking with deem more sing he is a paranormal investigator want to bring him back in just a moment I wanna remind you that Jason I have drawn playing cards from they were standard. 52 card deck. And we are focusing on this card giving an opportunity to try to use a psychic or into more remote viewing. Skills. To try to tap into our minds a trio discarded as will take calls later and deceive anybody get it and you'll never guess that is the fifteen art fifteen parts December threats just how we trickiest senate ethics act and we're gonna get to see a phone calls here in just a moment to we've got to again dean were seen joining us Dina want to. Circle around on this EVP question before we do that I wanna bring the C this is Cameron in calling from Indiana has been winning an old. For a little bit here Cameron welcome to the show's creator beyond. I'm as if there. Court. We're normal on well on our regular. I want. Yeah oath can use your phone has a recorder free EPs. Yes absolutely I mean that digital or analog it doesn't seem to make a difference. I will say that I I find that some of the more sensitive. Recorders. Do a better job. And heads situations where. A win out with three investigators to them head recorders that I consider very sensitive and then some that are not too sensitive. And did Q with the sensitive ones would catchy beat piece in the and the guy with the one that was insistence that it would not ketchup. So late or do you think he quit and makes difference of what with that being said yes he can catch it almost anything. I'm Bridget I just aren't it would put that up Crandall. A lot of our Libor. Rick thanks article thanks Kerry. You know and that's one thing that's that is actually quite amazing about modern Smartphones is the equipment at the lead this sensory equipment that's in those phones pretty pretty dramatic it's got. Actually very very high quality microphone most of them do we saw iphones do I know that's for sure. And obviously video and are still photography it's all very very high quality sensitive equipment and those phones stolen icing as you can also stick an external. An external microphone around them as well and right right and that helps Apple's pretty much too. Now I wanna bring bring this back up before the break Jeanne you've had said that there were three ways that some spirits for lack of better term. Can leave. Audio impression on and on a reporter and don't boo outline those three forming again you don't have to. Church world. The first when it's sale and there's been times in the field where just two or three times where. Okay GDP on tape and are actually here with my year and that kind of breaks the rule the BP's Jason brings a pocketed. Point there the second is some people think that'd be any peace can manipulate the electromagnetic. Force. And actually put their voice on your record in the third is in the one that I. Really believe it's kinda think it scored infra sonic and pitched it did that prefix is just like infrared. It's like the remote in your house. Beams of red light pitcher can that your TV but you can see that red light was back in for. It kinda means beyond human capability. So interest sonic means beyond human hearing and I think that's. How that man assessments that time but we came here with. That I'm curious about that because just to play devil's advocate when we play the recording backing you actually end up hearing the voice and you hear it any frequency that is obviously audible to humans or you wouldn't be able accurate. How does it make a transition from something that we can't hear frequencies that we cannot hear infra sonic. To something that we can hear in there and it imprinted recording where's that transition take place. Yes I agree crest GB basically my understanding is that. The recorder has a much wider range. As to what eking capture. And manifest. To a human being. Com. Lately you know a good experiment would be to take take a recorder in ticket all of whistle and blow it. Does it show up on the recording where you can hear it or does that not sure if you Dunn's. I have not agree disagree with such incidents that needed these yeah. Let. Yet to whom my understanding is that recorder can picks up pickup 000. Wider range. And then playback we can hear. I know I I just dessert in a rock but I'm I'm very curious about the assignment sound engineer I've done a lot of work and recording studios and also been in radios. Since the eighties. Disarm I'm pretty familiar are how the serve recording equipment works. And it's hard for me to understand how a sound can be infra sonic and beat then heard when it's played back then to make that transition I tend to think. That this second option that you outline which is some kind of direct. Manipulation. By the entity to the recording device is how this these these sounds get put onto an EVP recording. Well yeah that's a good point I mean Joshua he Warner had many conversations with him and he wants me to do an experiment where we take one recorder. And we try to get treaty piece and then we taken at the recorder and put in a box where we actually saw. Put in a vacuum because they don't can't travel through that was my next question against a GDP. I've not done an experiment yet played that would be one way to tell if you're right about achieving. Yeah that was going to be my next that's where I was headed but this whole thing I thought if in fact the spirit is manipulating the device and putting the audio there in some ways the does not sending sound waves through the year whether there and for sonic or not. Then they should be able to do that in a vacuum and they should be able to do that in an inane and and as an audio sealed. Container they still should be able manipulated that device that would be really interesting experiment. I so we learn from EVP's I know that well you know you see you said and I think that you might be a little bit optimistic when you say. I think he said 90% of the time or something that you can you can catch in my sights set to planning where we haven't gotten any but when you do catch them a pretty amazing. They are not I'd love to place some. Examples for you but basically my whole thing is I want in oh. When you dropped your body like what's going on. Bombed your friends eat yet six. TE two. Do you do things for entertainment. To people married people divorced in a female have a he have a baby we're here that I mean ask all these crazy crazy questions. Because some of trying to draw this picture as to what happens when you drop your body and it turns out so people now. That when you drop your body. It's a lot like what we're going but I think it's easier. It seems like the hard part is what we're doing. This is like the hardest thing you can do is to be in a meat body. On earth or maybe another planet. And doing what we do it's it turns out that life. In any human experiences rather difficult. And he gets a little easier on the other side. Like I find that these people eat too they have sex. They communicate. They do things war entertainment. Net effect Libya. The nuclear example Korea. We'll try one of these it's it's a little difficult to to take this stuff over the phone let's try one if if it works great if not then we'll just leave it ever. Yeah let's see how the audio is on this Ullman a plea this twice Korea and then I'll let me know how it is. But basically we are at the graveyard and this is somebody asking us to stay. Katie had to come across. It's it's I could I could hear and I don't know you know again there's a lot of fun links in this chain from viewed through the phone through our system through the satellite to the people's radios and stuff so I'm not sure our heart and heard at the far end. But I could hear where you're talking about. Okay cool well let's see what. There's another one I have here and basically danced to people before worse. And and they told me a guy named ralphie Newbury. I guess apparently gotten divorced but that's that was the name in the game in which general Wear on which like me to play don't try. I tried it it may be a little louder but it. The worst thing it. Oh. Now relative newbie and I can hear that when Korea yet to clear out. Here's here's an interesting thing and it and it and it's that it's illustrated in this example not a wanna belts assault adjacent. And this is all conjecture on my part it's just a partial. In that clip. There's a popping noise and I piece by students that this may very well be that net dimensional popping where they. Weather's where there's a like and an energy transfer when they pop into art dimension. And I'll play this again. What I keep this a lot with DPP's where. And you had this little digital equipment should be new popping there's new moving parts I shouldn't get any kind of weird ways. Put it happens quite a bit that they get just popping noise and the interesting thing is. Not only is it a pop in this country aren't its Helm Blake. A ball being dropped into. Like Katie. Like pipe we're excited to duplicate you know that's a good thing. But he and we let replacing and you hear that dimensional popping as Michael. Google were there. Across six. A negative popping talking about to come down I'm not sure on that and and it's tough because what. In order to. What you're saying like two people divorce I mean there's different types of VPs in the year catching you can be catching UVPs that like I said it seems that things are look of these these people are living their lives in their own time and for whatever reason. Our times overlap so of course you know if that was the news if that was case you know they could still be getting divorced and everything else but. We will we will get into little more that we're gonna take a real quick operate more to come to listen Jason NG via yeah. It's beyond reality radio currency for her 687766. And nine a lot of great insight in the chat room on an if you don't know where the chairman is only use either download the app on your Smartphone or go to the website to different chat room and join the discussions and what a great stuff go on a lot of people's theories start nobody VPs as we've been talking about whether or get steam more sink underneath stuff. I'm so it's a great great placing just great much people but eighteen before winter break we're talking about now on TV peace and and one thing I did find is you seem to machine to be different types of VPs and some of them like I said earlier in the show. Seemed as if there's sort of an overlap in time. Where. You're catching these these people are written in there in their time living in a normal day in their lives and for whatever reason were able to pick that up. Wall to wall trying to investigate. And I'm sure I'm sure you Della situations like that correct. Yeah I have. There's a mystery as to. Exactly. What is going wrong with them in comparison to sometimes it seems like it's real time like their. Co existing in another dimension alongside a split. You know you also have residual type things that you pick. A solemn. No not solely at the residual on judge assigned yet. Yes so. It's very difficult obsolete to say exactly what's going on com. I do that. The BP's they get that are intelligent and they answering a question. Lend a lot of evidence as to probably what's going on matter fact GPS heavy and the PPP. That if you could warn me I can play at the end of the show it is one of the most amazing. EDP's I've ever caught. And the contents. Page is very interesting and may have thing is. This GDP is is this awful sentence which is you know that's like. That's like the big thing. Together some one war that's like the holy Grail of BBP's for sure. Our sewer and really get to your real quick break heartbreaking will be right back after a solicitation to. She is a mistake should be discussing what it means to be a mistake in talking about her new book it's called. The not so little book of surprises plus a lot more conversation was Deirdre Monday night. Then Tuesday dean array or rhetorically pretty much conspiracies. Hitler the call and genetics and article earth you name it can be pitcher. Yeah it's gonna be great we're looking forward to that tonight we're talking about EVPs with the dean or seeing plus some of the things as a relates to paranormal investigating. And Bieber I'm gonna run out of time here pretty quickly it's gone fast. But I know what things that you teaching your course is what are good questions to ask during an EVP session give us an idea of what you consider to be the best types of questioning the line you know that the approach people should take if they wanted to conduct the Roni DP session. And basically I teach my students that it dealt we have questions sets and what I mean by that is. After awhile you PD BP easing eat it yes and no answers. He gets very old prologue he can only do that person at all so what we try to do is have questions sets where. You may lead in with a yes or no answer put blog TV example palm a questions set that I used quite a bit it is. Are there any veterans with this and of course that's yesterday answer. Put. The follow up today in this set is can you tell me which war you ought. And it would it would be lovely to get anted them over a Gettysburg and and you might say com. What kind of what kind of rifle DGR achieved not rightful because that dates for what kind of Gundy to carry or what kind of nice to achieve what what. Yeah what was the color uniforms and they are all great questions because you needed something more than yesterday. So that that's what I tell my students trying to. Yeah trying to do have these that's where we're getting something more than yesterday. I'm sure you've. Had time to analyze other people's TV peace and you know there have been many that have been played for me and I know Jason has had the same experience. Where you're really really have to dig deep to find the response that the person who recorded it says they're hearing on what your doing cases like that. Well EDP's are very subjective. There's a term called parrot Doria and terribly is a fancy term to mean that. Evidence. Will more than likely be butcher preconceived ideas about it. Or so in other words of like hey here here's somebody telling me to stay in the graveyard there's a 95% chance that you're gonna make yours today. Com. But that makes DPP's very subjective by. If we took PD BP and we questioned a hundred people in 99%. Of these people. Agreed that GDP was saying this that makes them more objective you know that. That it's seeing what it's okay. And TV I have won the VP I would love to get on the show. Debt is actually very interesting. And in this sentence. This guy communicate some urgency. May be some anger. It's very interesting to if you could stop me for the truth stops were complete this one last EDT I would really. Look to get to. Yeah we'll make sure we get that out before we have to which Wachovia for sure I'm one of the things you talk about it as we move away from the EVP discussion among the bidders how. You know how people can be good paranormal investigators which is more urgent more than just EVP collection what what are the other components of being good investigator. Well basically. We teach people. That you know we we want everything to be. You know the scientific method that we wanted to be repeat noble. We teach people that there's two kinds evidence or subjective that it senders objective evidence. There's different types togethers I mean I've been on. I've been congressman's with people where they think everything is paranormal you know they're just not open to eating you can't be that you have to be subjective. And you have to. I you know it will that was the one thing a lot of actors and all these years and under and I've watched decent twelve years. They returned to politics and I loved that that I think that adds credence to the hole. Investigations. I mean I'd hate to this day I still don't lectures suggest. Sensationalizing. Go crazy man like watching goose on ensures our very interesting when you feel that the people that are. Drawing the conclusions are being honest. And scientific. If that are sensationalizing. And gist. Everything is like crazy in its is that next it's rather bored. So that's that was one thing I've always loved about Edgar's. Well they are. Well thank you and we appreciate patent and it's tough because there are a lot of shows a lot of common and and so on and so forth that that's what it's about it's more about. No matter what it's all paranormal averaged just boos boost in fear factor and it's really not want to know what investigating the kernels about. Exactly I agree 100%. Right dean so worker or a couple minutes away from here are being four selection go hmmm what else is going on I know that there's some of the things you wanted to chat about but didn't. In the couple minutes we have less maybe you can pick you know prioritize what we have left. That we haven't touched on yet. Sure I'll play this GDP for you well before I do that let me just say that my next classes are sorting out February 15. And the so far we course and it's takes place on Thursday night between six and 730. And. We learn all the Bettie BP's history BP's the acquitted support and on the force we four week we actually go out to eight. On implication could be. And misty and scripts that are in need BP's so if there's anybody listening that's local. Or in the tristate area would be welcome and it that would be. One to do this it seems so college oak and location February 15 is when that sort. And JV with that being said let's played this amazing. You keep it. OK so I'm gonna tell you had a time what this says. Because her it's extremely interesting that this guy rushed up to date. Investigator named nick. And you'll hear nick he's walking on a gravel group but this guy rushes up to elements says. I'm having sex with my girlfriend. I'm dead serious right now. Get back. And I make is I made peeved that played this place but here regale. It yeah. This just didn't protect it. And yeah. It's just didn't protect him. So I find it extremely interesting and unfortunately nick was walking on any. Gravel road and you'd hear his feet on that but you can clearly hear of this guy's saying this and that discipline and so much. And he insight into what happens when you drop a body it felt like they're doing the same stuff that we're. Yeah it's very interesting. Thank you for sharing that in the others without sin and sharing your thoughts. We do have some people in chat that are again asking where the classes are I think we need to be more specific as to where you have them. Yeah it's actually an L in Maryland. Is worth a classes or it. And her to do they just show up there or do they sign up online now. Yeah I think we can sign up online or called the college and sign up that way I think they bang for like 69 books to five week course. And you know have done some of these in the past and we always have collapsed and at that get. Think I'm that oh lead investigator for Iraq where. Colonel society anybody that thinks like class like can try to consider them a member of popular colonels society. And we need we go want to view other things sometimes else's stuff to help people out. So the more comfortable with whatever they had going on of course we do that all free we don't charge anything just like Jason and his. Well that's awesome and and they sort come and hang and all of us and we definitely we gonna talk to get at some point. And I know the only. Indian and we have a web site it's UFO night shift dot com in the some information on that website as far as how to get all the human stuff freight. There is and you can all you can also let email me with any concerns as you have it. At ops. Which is a career per normal society at assume Internet dot net. And that's though period. Is in Internet dot net the other thing is you can also friend me on not FaceBook and there's some information there and it. It's free to me that I can give that to people. Sounds great. It dean I got a great thank you. Make you have a great night audiences a case of breaking just a minute and that we party drawn this playing cards amber and give people an opportunity to call and see considered the testing how. The numbers 8446877669. Use yours psyche indoor remote. Viewing skills. And if you don't have any of those and his guest but we will be concentrating on a plane cart is in front of us and the person who gets it may Bogut went quickly double winner but he will send a video to. Absolutely until free at 8446877669. Are you listen Jason GP. 67. 7669. If you wanna call in join our psychic slash remote viewing experiment we've done this in the past yet we've. We've had an opportunity do this a couple times in the first time. We did we used to playing cards from standard 52 card deck the second time widget that we tried to mean much more it's more complicated I think you may have scared some folks. Antisocial. Little difficult when we had won a little net no papers and books and note yet post it notes and had a designed around and then fill idealist to pick pick Colin well and Africa. Pick what was unique about the paper rate and pick what was on the paper but that it was definitely it was a little tough -- tough. So we decided to go back to the playing cards yet. Went back going back to roots so we have drawn a card from again a 52 card deck a standard playing card deck. We are looking at it we've been looking at it and thinking about it for the entire show tonight. And now is your chance. Two see if you can tap into our mines use those skills those telepathic skills and name this carton if you do were gonna Sanyo but he. That sounds pretty simple error is up. So I guess it took but I know because you've seen it. The numbers 8446877669. Let's go to the phone lines now this is Joseph from Indiana. They Joseph I know you've tried this with this before. It is not Peter diamond Joseph thank you so much for trying to again and let's see here. We're gonna have to wait to slick and he releases this next call but and don't forget the tomorrow night is a best of program. And Monday night we've got Deirdre Heidi coming on. She's a mistake to be discussing her book called the not so little book of surprises plus she'll be talking about what it means to be a mystic. There were going to be talking Regina rail artery conspiracy expert and we are we talking about. Operation paper clip Hitler and you colts. In article Holler at and that that's something. Have you seen how hollow earth has really been taken off lately Jim how lower things popping up everywhere yeah I mean it's he you're getting all these these actually all of some celebrities and repeals the trying to fund some of these things it's it's crazy that in the flatter and flatter angle. Yeah I'll just go back to our phone lines here this is and is this what I think it is. From Oklahoma. Oklahoma there's only one person who lives in Oklahoma. Now they're up there aren't event. Respect here with us. Cents. To get out and arm back. The pirates I am in the tornadoes TP. All right so so Christie negative you're going to be able to do risky new Tappan. Into these mines as dangerous as that sounds and is tells McCardell meant. I I don't care I detect an Atlanta mega future. I guess here yeah I know is she's only for a long times at least angels do us how you can get monthly figure. Group dare I. I came here at eight yep sure. And did. Keene act Simon. Like only now now I don't know how are. And not a good facility to tell me how how's the weather out there and local XISS because the ones who when I was there hanging out with you. Did we went from ninety degree days to an ice storm back to it became eighty degrees the next day. And then late two days after we get six inches of snow. Don't forget that oh hires. Sure so we literally had every season in you know we get the way you just described in terms for why the heck anybody would ready musical about Oklahoma that's what it's like doubt. As I knew what was I thinking when that happened. A. What I should you opt for Oklahoma apricot literally in my eyes one day early to. Eternally. Quick snap out aren't you lean back on I mean you're here so. That on here. You truly blessed and you do have. There thanks Chris for girls and we appreciate it. Let's go to Erica in Kentucky hey Erica welcome to the show you we are focusing on this card what are you seek. Or I'll. It is not a nine of clubs and thanks so much for calling in and us we have time for one more this is Nancy dance but does show. Any Arizona alone Randolph but you know actually it. You and Leo but look at a map that is actually now. What I guess you're going to be the eight oh diamond. Now it is not since thanks for call and an end encircle India and we'll pick this up on Monday night again we don't have time to take another call now but we will pick it up Monday night discard will stay here. We will continue to think about it all weekend so I have a hard time thinking about anything. Well right now you'd be thinking about cleanup bullets now. Eggs are exactly but if you haven't yet make she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio unlike the FaceBook page source. Then had to be honorably reviewed dot com reached final seized we are across the country can also download the free iPhone and android app. To Los Angeles Michelle lives catch pat showed his shot at joining ally chat more. If you do download the show from iTunes just do us a favor and read it forest helps us show foreign and to. Makes it easier for people find that's what it's all about just one wanna get the word out on. Yeah absolutely join us at every level we love to have you along. And again thanks to the radio stations during the program. Tomorrow it's a best of a lot of great stuff coming up in the coming weeks those who make she stay tuned. Again Monday AD tree and teacher aid organization mystic Tuesday. Dino ray authored spears expert going to be talking about everything from operation paper clip. To Hitler and the colts. And Tartikoff hollow earth just the list goes on and on reps billions you name it if it's conspiracy we're gonna cover it so there's gonna do for us and I hits Jason NG he'd be unreal to radial catch old. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Simpson told students that didn't. It's only you are really renews. Yeah. You know it's still going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well and Jason is saying that she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at