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Dina Rae and a look at conspiracies

Jan 9, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Dina Rae about her examination into conspiracies with a particular emphasis on the involvement of Adolf Hitler and the NAZIs into the occult, and the possibilities of alien technology to help their war effort. 1/9/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Aaron I. I'm now West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast man stuck somewhere in between local and beyond really revealing myself Jason is the only some cheap. Each one of the great things about. The show that we do. Is that we get sucked about a lot of really varied and varieties topic topics and down what are enough time we do in the news this couple that's the other good thing about it I'm radio and TV. But you know what things that you seen on TV recently as this renewed interest just TV actually but a renewed interest and no World War II history. Specifically there's that what the hunting Hitler program now I think it's on History Channel. I haven't I'm not really up to date on the on the episodes but I know that there were generating some pretty interesting evidence that supports. The fact that Hitler may have escaped Nazi Germany it didn't end the war and made its. South America the end the FBI actually edit files in CIA files. Talking about that he made its South America and a lot of black album and even the even even believed as well yeah so there's a lot to that armed. Course the official story is that says he committed suit Hitler committed suicide in his bunker justice. Basically hours before the Soviets so the Russians I'm overtook the bunker area and his corpse and the corpses Ava Braun is. His longtime girlfriend but then wife were found in the and a shallow pit outside the bunkers. Entrance and they were burned in beyond recognition but it turns out there's a lot of problems with that. And the I think they had actually done some DNA testing and they couldn't they couldn't verified that it wasn't a sort of but what about say is that I know there's so many things that are kind of popping up and pop culture right now that you shall renewed interest from over two. And one of the things that we're gonna talk about tonight with our guest dean array. She's a conspiracy expert and she's also an author. If she knows a lot about two what the Nazis were up to when it comes to the COLT when it comes to aliens when it comes to wonder weapons that may have alien. Influences with technology how Earth's power Syria on him a bunch of really cool stuff. And I think the timing is very very good and I'm really really excited to talk to dean about the stuff I think it's going to be a fascinating conversation. One really excited about this is you and I do a lot of talking just amongst ourselves about about this stuff and and it's one of those things have always been highly interesting and controversial. On and we've always had our own beliefs on at and we we weren't told the whole story right and I think now tool will be able to figure out a lot more. So but this whether this whether chin today did he hit it I felt like it was some say no way I was outside just a teacher today. While yet it was amazing yeah over the weekend we barely crossed the zero mark for temperature starts and it was I mean this is bitter bitter bitter cold them with the wind chill was and like negative thirty some thing like that and and all the sudden it's 25 degrees today. And you're right that's a that's a swing of like a forty degrees in a matter of 24 hours it's a big swing. Hit 3034. Or something today in Rhode Island and that's funny he would drop plate which Stalinist see him back but I'm. And but yet we're we're in the minuses as well in this weekend they're calling for in the fifties. Which and then they're calling for heavy rain which is going to be a mess just outlooks commit mass because everything's gonna melt things enemy clogged can be a nightmare. But it's been so local and it's just not affecting us I mean it's been snowing in Florida. And everything else wanna freezing temperatures in Florida having causing lizards. To freeze and fall from trees. This has. A hundred sincerest sounds like a biblical prophecy I like Reynolds wolf fall from the treaties so the temperature in the sunshine state has gotten so cold that iguana or freezing falling out of the trees the temperatures in Florida dipped below forty degrees early Thursday parts of self South Florida. According to the national weather the weather service in Miami apparently the temperatures were cold enough. To mobilize green iguanas that are common in Miami suburbs. I Crist the Summers overseas and non native fish and wildlife program from Florida fish and wild like like conservation commission told the Associated Press. The cold blooded blizzards. Start to get sluggish when temperatures fall below fifty degrees Fahrenheit. Besides iguana suffering from the cold sea turtles also Stefano new high temperatures drop I get sluggish when the temperature falls below some unsolicited in my house. But the wildlife commission and biologists. Vehicle's been rescuing cold stunned sea turtles that have down and found floating. And a pretty much there's just floating around or near shore. On and no no rescue plan was planned for iguanas he has few clips and having a nightmare come by. Officials have warned residents leave the wanna alone even though some people said today if you find them to put him into the sun because it helps them. You know replied Bada. They say is safe if they feel threatened in my once warm up and bite somebody. I'm there and in invasive species of Florida but he sinks can grow over five feet or iguanas can grow over five feet long over five feet long and when we were who we are down in Miami at one point filming. And I don't remember actually seen some some in the trees agreeing myself and Steve were out there. And the huge. There are huge as Alex something he's thinking and little lizard and the tree did you see the little lizards every time we go to Florida you and I have seen a more pleasant of little ones him but in these things can get the 34 I feel like in their tails are just monsters while while. But so iguanas falling out of trees so why I don't with a with a cold feeling Florida watch your head because. You have an Arnold and. Yet again exiles a good good biblical passage in of the iguanas will fall from the trees and you know that the end times have come I don't know we'll have to bust it's not the end. The we're gonna we're we're just talking about because we have all of the hot and now. We have a guess it's going to be joining us to talk about. This topic and I can't remember exactly what we were just talking about so wanted to bring it up. I. About a one has fallen from the Renault I'd definitely a testament to our assets. On our ethnic and there but. Well I don't know that says no and ray Thomas from the Moody Blues. Agree pioneering group. That's that's obviously. Oh loss to the Iraq general community Munich moody group blues sorry rock and hole same group. And really. The hat to him several decades of success and let every music. Even even in the eighties and nine general have been around forever but I mean in the eighty's and ninety's it's incredible music as well but he ended up stepping back from the group back in 99. He was sick in 2014 confirmed that he could diagnosed prostate cancer and end up losing losing his battle on the force which. It was last week and right after we finished up the show so nothing Kamal punt I'm sad I mean he was great. In Dallas yeah that is set by the way when I was going to say which I you have a descent a lapse of memory there. Is that we're talking to a I guess and not to mention his name just because I don't know when gonna have it scheduled and don't want to jinx it but. He's got a very very compelling argument saying that forget global warming we are headed into and I. Sage. Really yeah aren't you feel that kind of relaxed cup witnesses felt that way and this is this is February now obviously usually February and we don't see this I mean last year I think it was nearly sixty degrees at Christmas. So yeah it's just it's spending its been insanely coal and in Ali I enjoy the cold aisle again now the UN Eileen we do it's only are the host but I mean it's just spent horribly. Just horrible that year with the I was looking at where the immigrant and I used on up in New Hampshire. And one day they're there. High temperature was minus nine in their low temperature is minus thirty. And we don't wind chill factor. Was sixty below zero and I hit. I saw somewhere and I think committed noticed it but should didn't bring with me is that Mount Washington which is very close to the Spalding in Arizona and and it's also the site of Mount Washington hotel which is a great place for investigations but I'm. The looks they had to in the negative 200 degrees. Out up top with a tough from our Washington. And the actress prize help me Lou pretty but pretty. Fierce of there. That is terrifying if you haven't Imation head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us. And had to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android operate there are shall listen live sketch pad shows Torino when Chad more. Or click on the station list. Youkilis Manny and Christian nation we are across the country or click the let's analyze tab. Up in the ring and part of the website no connecting on online chat room you can listen right there right from the website. While you join me online chat or GP myself and a great community of people usually hanging else to turn make it easy for everybody. So you can listen no matter what if you do download the show from iTunes to use a favorite just read it for us. Auspices shall forward makes it easier for people to find and that's what. Yet it is and we invite you to join us and every one of those levels and we keep coming back for more we hoped. I'm just a quick you know we've got a really interesting program lined up for tomorrow night Vincent Jana who's been on the program before is aware and our world renowned psychic healer. He's going to be talking about his predictions for twenty team. And then Wednesday were gonna talk with doctor Carol Osborne. Well pretty much pets and their six cents so they should be impeached and showed to beat you to the cold over there it's going. Upended and Peter Brady figures and is in my voices with an eye on what's going on I I am getting overt political last week but not a pretty good on Newman was just must be. Must be those two things so we'll talk about that later those things those energy technology. She's the threat intelligence to come yeah it gets a passport to make your voice like a network analyst no no I don't know what's. But it certainly have taken the wrong things and also remember that tonight we're we're gonna revisit this card scanners or we picked a card last week it from a regular playing Mexico and playing decked. We picked the card. And it's a remote viewing so if you call we want who we want you to pretty much. Telus will Kart it is what card from the debt and if he can you went 300 and and niceties he only need to do is won't. Either remote viewer or hope luck of the draw I guess mortar or two hours. If you if you can remote view or aunt or your psychic you gotta that you got an edge and everybody else and if you don't have even that either those skills is given a guess or you can do most psychics do it and you can just take your gas get lucky and it works out and say the user centric networks and so but it's our. So the phone numbers 844687766. Arrogant wilfried 8446877669. We're gonna take a real quick break beyond reality and we come back will be joining us our guests there and listen Jason GB. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I'd welcome back to the Charlotte XP on reality radio and Jason and Jamie we thank you for all joining us whether you listening online or. On one of the great radio stations we hope you'll check out the chat room just go to the website you'll find it it's a great place to a tough talk with people who have similar interest tickled when we. Talk about things like we're gonna talk about tonight with our guest dean array Dina is an author and conspiracy expert. And we're gonna cover a gamut of topics (%expletive) we're gonna talk about. Operation paper clipped Hitler and the COLT. The drill genetics and article a hollow earth theory wonder weapons of the Nazis ripped Chileans. Atlanta eons and anything alien Nazi related I don't think there's going to be enough time and when children go throw us and that's going to be on the first one step back and that's pretty dean and Gina welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. I think I care much for having me analog your shell. Howell thanks for coming on and we look forward this is some great topics that you conference and we're really excited about it and you do you know you have such a wealth of knowledge in a breadth of expertise that we're not due to cover at all and when show you know that right. Well yeah Ali locker room to have me back I guess. Well we have we are. I'm sure by the end of the show tonight we're going to be that more and have slick Eddie get in touch with the U2 Ripa to schedule another one but let's start. At the beginning of Tulsa little bit about yourself and I got into this stuff. I'm not I have written eight bucks wanna vomit nonfiction. And on the nonfiction line into the conspiracy that it how big act grabbed. Eight and nine big conspiracy. The other side and Aaron travel but they are. Conspiracy case. That again and I am and I wouldn't cannot conspiracy crack pack. But I had been. I'm getting more and more in our industry is seeking here at C Internet or all the or maybe the last 1520. Years. And I've I really do not believe that the mainstream media. Is telling us that your. What and that's a thing with the conspiracies the minis are diving into the into just one I mean it opens up the doors. For so many and so many other ones and of course there there's a lot of room out there that are very outlandish but. But there's some incredible once that when you dig deeper likenesses. Highly possible this really looks like there there are truly hide something from its. Exactly. And the conspiracy theories don't seem so far patched. After awhile compared to what they're trying to sell you on the news. It's Dina just so you know the label crack pot is a something that we act actually wears a badge of honor on this program similar to a you'd have to worry about that. But I'm edgy as you say you kind of some conspiracy information caught your attention was the one particular conspiracy theory lot of people start with like the JFK assassination that's a really popular. Entry point for conspiracies for a lot of people was the one that that started you down this path. I would say I started really questioning. Good news. During the first popped war when non the first question president. All we went into Iraq I just. Didn't seem to really understand laughed a lot I leave would be risking my. I am over an oil pipeline that went to Kuwait. And now I'm kind of got my dealers. I was really gone and now. And I'm asked and of course we had 9/11 and act. Of course. Let me and I think millions and others. In new pack Maryland out I wasn't really sure that bridge was being and then it would ensure that the media is being and a violent. Share about what the investigation. And you would coming up led I all of that have a lot of holes. And and then of course the more. You get into it I I really. Certainly I think it granddaddy conspiracy of them I'll pack. I bet everything seemed to sound prime at least most can military background and of course new world order. Then. Yet and that that in alone would take up a month's worth supports programs to even begin to scratch the surface of that but we hear it more and more and it's so connected to so many things. You know we're gonna have to get into that and a lot more after our break. And we have to like I said we've got so many topics to talk about what's dean it's nights so let's let's get into or break your. Yet if you have a question for us ordeal and her on the show the phone numbers 844687766. Tying control treaty 844. 6877669. Ran take a quick break more to come to listen Jason TV and be on our own. The show it's beyond reality review Jason and GP Gupta here later in the program we are going to revisit her psychic remote viewing experiment. And if you aren't sure what that is we did pick a card from regular deck of playing cards you know the 52. Card pack. We have it in front of us we pulled it went last week and we only had time for a couple calls last week we are doing it's we had a couple people try. To get it it wasn't done guessed or seen or however you wanna say it so I'm we're going to be revisiting that. We'll let you know when the phone lines are open for that in the meantime the numbers 8446877669. It can jot that down also if you have a question for our guests later in the program we'll take those as well. Tonight we're talking with Dino ray she is an author and a conspiracy expert we're going to be talking a whole bunch of different things with Dina. And have before to break teeny says something pretty interesting talking about how conspiracies kind of captured your attention. And you talked about the fact that we can't believe. We shouldn't believe maybe everything that we're hearing being given to us from the mainstream media. The news isn't necessarily always what it's being presented as. And you said 9/11 was something that really really was kind of the granddaddy for you here as far as. Not making you question things can give you sort of have an idea. What about Bennett and we've heard some of these series of course here. But what TU is most of fishy looking about the nine elevenths story as we were told it. What I'll need hope you don't to playing. You know bringing down almost two buildings on. Is little much I armed agent shall I count cards and that fact it hit on Dolly uniting. And now I people's minds because Ahmed wasn't seen at all apart it. I. I'm panic attack and crash is hands down. That dish is. The fish. Are starting with the who. Paint and the plane. It was an American Airlines plane and the blue paint on the American. Airlines and that could be seen with mapping Rite Aid. That American Airlines uses. It will I'll Philippines to crash into the wind action on the entire building that was conveniently under construction. There's no eyewitness says. The whole thing. We have little. We'll officially. Real fishy and then. And I'm I'm sure are you now and I'm most Americans now all right afterward there are a handful of people who made millions and millions and millions of dollars. The only leakage you after the crash now. If we were not in not saying we certainly do about it handful of people I I do believe that would leave. A handful of people that are running things in the country knew about it. I need you be reviewed and. Well and there's also a lot of talks Alter about how it seemed to hit as one part of the building that had all the files that were. I'm always looking into. A vast amount of money that. Strangely went missing and that they are trying to document during during the clintons. Clintons office and and all the files seem to is strangely it destroyed during that time so yeah there's definitely a lot of strange things an Islamic questions and in conspiracies have come on. Right exactly and it is not just the Clinton. George Bush was just as fascia I mean the first thing he did was he. Blew out. A lot end. Arabian family out of the country when he when they were that has that old pat on them on I want the prime back now. You know all. Both parties to order I think equally issue the clintons yes. With paperwork and now and then Bush's reaction was very odd to me. But let's let's roll back the clock a little bit what some talk about two. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. And it seems as though anytime something. Strange or kind of fell almost fantastic. Is discussed. The Nazis had their hand and they had their hand in the call they had their hand and witchcraft. They had their hand in looking for. Holy relics they had their hand. Who in an alien controversy. Arm why isn't that the Nazis were sold. Eager and involved in so many of these things that we would consider fringe topics. How that the great crested and a lot of people have different answers or it. I am up there believe. The but where and his. Frenchman. Ali believed that they weren't mastery now I'm sorry that I can't hit what I heard like me. Understand why supposedly intelligent people would think just because you're born with blond hair blue eyes but you are mastering your have to be something more. Going on to be making a claim my back. And down that they were her at that time. Even not Larry you know eight eat there it is evil as that at all. I've Bain had the best weapons on the fate of planning and they had technologies. That no one has ever seen. So again where they can't back it where their people chant that brand or did they have a little action restroom at all. As doubtful I think that he apple crash in black forest avenue in the 1930s. So I don't know all it outlook and I like Barack while I don't know if it later. Apple look and alien technology and are you get pretty old. But he certainly could have spent a lot of time with ancient relatives with our work. Will he called. Little. Two grade I Eddie. He I was involved in a couple of mom that you need to cloudy belt and Eddie. He's a lot of pilot dead. And why pat I think he's running a country he's fighting a war Asian and take over the world. I would think he'd do it wouldn't have a second chance that we lacks any theory is. You know sending his men Antarctic attending his men and actors who landing and to back. I'm having drilled and then with. Media who are supposedly talking to aliens Tehran. Outer space. I had the one about purse and your top of the air out of destiny in the Austria. Museum. So why with all the Rappaport who am I captain as the magic question to the economic engine that we know. Maybe a little bit more I would love it because I yet he was crazy but. Everybody better reason for being crazy and found I know I think a lot of people like now he is really really wasn't I don't. I don't think it has is everything to do with the master race than I mean act signed. Hitler supposedly. What part Jewish and I'm on mount it was here that have president conspiracy. But his mother are wasn't made it or block child family and other interest game conspiracy kind. And I'm not sure not but she pollute pregnant that you Mary Tyler. And that latter. What is rumored to be part you change. Now there was. A lot of things going and in his mind. Well and for everybody else are listening to spirit destiny was the spirit that was said to have punctured Jesus Jesus aside and then. So and then people believe that that would pretty much give you the power to to rule all. Do you know when you talk about Hitler and the Nazis and their belief that they worthy of the aryan race was the master race. And you said there's got to be more chewed you suggesting that maybe there was some aliens. Involvement in the creation of that race. From their eyes or are you just saying that. That there then the whole thing is just it has to be a bigger picture there. Well actually. He was really in June where the chairmen. Waves came from. And I'm just to go back to even more parlor and history there with the payment. Russian apocalypse mean madame Le pot he. And your listeners are familiar with her she's the founder of C via topical society. Well she died before Hitler. I don't think they act that they couldn't match and Adam I'm not sure he was even born when cheap I'd buy. When she checked out he basically. You know came here declared an app. She believed in that in route to race head. Now a lot of rain rain well according to her. Creek we were created in the latter sudden death her statement. And one of the greatest agent blue root for when the Atlanta he ends. Came to power in there from Atlanta and and then of course you root attic which are the right after the greatest race of them all which of course is the aryan race. Who are these tendon problem the only champions. And again who are the only champions will they work from B. Continent. Atlanta and back on people being. It just a fictional place that played out wrote about other people think we're in real place packed an alien civilization. I live act and had. Great technology and great train in Pakistan great civilization and then that island saint. Yet it technologies puzzling those foreign advanced any any body else in the world time. I Dina did the Nazis have. Secret bases. In the Antarctic that. Today are actually being a reported as possibly being alien bases. That's the great question. That the eight. City Hitler and than not he's. We're very interested. In Antarctica. Now. Again and the guy in the world he's trying to take over the world leader running the country. Why in the world would he be interest in a block of ice on the other side of the world. I don't now by any way he does sent his. Man now in 91938. That not the first time Germany. Went to Antarctic but I'm that it occurred and that Hitler. Thank you man marrying. They went to the area com new lobby. Which was. Claimed by Norway and I'm. Back in those days. He found an area are not normal living you did the popular band wagon. Failure and like magic it was yours. Well he went there are heating collection the man went and they planted the flag and now that it was chairman Eric Corey in. They found an area that didn't happening I had on regular Leann and supposedly they've built they. Called to love and B 211 and absolutely they found cocaine that. Twenty to thirty miles deep in the bag beer. Which gives credence to another conspiracy theory be how are. And on. While leaving house. Alien technology there and they even found bar. Act tacked on you there he. Originally. Gave hated. Countries the Q as to why they're going. On because they Wear looking pull our whale back. Our so. And margarine and I had to excuse. Me so I'm ridiculous. But when you're Hitler who can argue with you you are you Hitler here immediately killed. So. I am. Well and I know that I know there were reports of while he believes that alien species all these ships under the he says. The opening ticket into the earth was up. It was it was there as well. And so forth but we'll get into law more that we come back we gonna take a quick break but. You listen Jason TV I'm beyond our own. Jason can be our guest next generation is an author and conspiracy expert we've been talking about. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis and they had their hands and a lot of so very very strange things that we would please call on streets today and their motives are a little bit unclear. Other than the fact that we were trying to take over the world of numbers is a mix of distance pretty clear and thirty matches yeah. Idea we only have a couple minutes in this segment let's take this time on to go through an even number number of books let people know it's titles in the books are. And are winning get a hold of them and then when we come back in the next hour to get into see more of this discussion about Nazi involvement with the aliens. Great. I. I you can find everything that I ever written op and he he had to say about me and my blind I had are their age. I DI NAR. Eight EE. My Q most resent how old are about color and the EP global and there they go pick out there. Out there about. What we're talking about Hitler and I am. Secret societies. And how alert an alien and I'm in their lap with genetics to. Back it bad goes with those cute story line. People are that I am well my ignited picture and big Paramount gag wrap it can there be. And then before that I wrote. That you do wait challenge that we had that. Had a title change and that now. Blah blah and bit ill and man now I have payload an apple on Halen on the hill of the damned. The laughed agreed and then I'm sure. Karen might be prepared and handled them that. How long I'll go. So I don't. Had ample land and then they agreed to. I have a good read page without blond hair and and I'm very proud and they've been reviewed several times in their highly rated now. Helen you actually get ready war. I've been writing for eight years. Inch and now do you have plans to raise anymore covering all right because conspiracies you can write on those forever I mean there's and those conspiracy Salter. So do you have plans to write more covering covering conspiracy topics. Yeah I'm writing a novel or. Right now and again it sat in their debate. And not it's about the hiring key it it indirectly. About be an Iraqi museum. That got ripped docking. 2003. And some of those are tax cut how a lot of those are attacks are still missing and what they may have been. Awesome our if you haven't yet Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial FaceBook page forest. And had to be on reality radio dot com where he can download free iPhone and android operate there which is let's analyze touchpad shows join him in check more. Or click on any of the static quicken station tab fine and he agrees stations we are on all across the country. Constantly updating that so many teacher back Austin or just click a listen live button you can listen right from the website you'll joining javy myself and agree to mean you people return to India in chat rooms are. I were to take a quick break more to come to listen Jason GB and B honor really gonna deal. It's the start somewhere in the. And redeem myself just cause they always awesome chief. Johnson we've got a great show I'm going tonight talking with Dino ray about conspiracies. But tomorrow night Ross whenever very very interesting show I don't know if you remember Vincent Jana but he's a world renowned psychic and healer a spiritual teacher. Very animated public speaker. He gets messages from the other side and he's gonna be talking about his 2018. Predictions well maybe try keel Callan and give us his prediction well if if I don't competition FR key holds true to form he did he called after we talked about. Nostradamus who he referred to as an Austral dummy or whatever possible to. Whatever thin and Erica you King Kong Hong yet King Kong great. Beyond the game and he called the next night to two. Comment kinda on what he believed was right or wrong about Nostradamus or maybe stayed vague I don't know I don't know fart to you self proclaimed psychic who attends a column to show us some really only into Asia while. Yeah let's just say he's amazing and is in his in his own mind series Arizona. And Wednesday night Carol Osbourne doctor Carol Osborne will join us she is an integrated veterinarian and will be talking about pets six cents to pets have psychic abilities of any kind they have. Those skills can may have them up. Doc browse when we talk about that when tonight. I'm a firm believe they do in this we've talked about in the past and talked with everything Democrats like X and so forth and wanting I've always said yet is it's it's confusing can sleep well. My dogs compared Jimmy better mimic dogs don't bag and just work or exactly recommend it in the Blogosphere wanna count and they're on the usage due I'm button. And it's funny I'll sit there and think I'm gonna give something to talker that that I have in my hand and he'll come walk up and sit down a funny and like he's waiting for. And it's only time the liberty that is when I'm thinking about it so dog's gotta have some sense of which is not aware. Yet and I'm I'm always curious as to whether that is a some type of telepathic send some type of ESP type thing or is it that we give off such subtle. Body language such signals that they can pick up because of whether it's maybe it's even pheromones maybe they can pick up on it and sent them we don't even know is occurring. You know it could be a physical thing it could be a telepathic thing I don't know but I'm Carol Osbourne should be able Luke said to my. That foreign left to definitely get into that but again tonight we are talking about conspiracies. And it's just starting to get. Don't really interest and so welcomed the showed in a trend analysis. It. So let's bring it back to Adolf Hitler since as you said no and I think most people agree he was crazy madman. Had a lot of success. You know political career that people left people scratching their heads and then just I mean did some horrific things. For many many years until he was defeated in 1945. But he also had a hand in things like the colts. Was he a real colts list was this something he dabbled in did it did it control or influence is life and any serious and meaningful way. Actually. Any wind blew once you. Blow that knocked into apple. I mean let big time ING is being called and. I don't know why they don't crippled in history books I do. As I do I don't understand maybe. Hanging it they don't want. Kids to you know get distracted. And not really care what the reasoning and but I'm. He loses com. He he was kind of showed ended the chosen one of the week she didn't I N com I have called and they. Stop pumping him. When he was young and and there are going to jail. That he was kind of like going to be ordained and be. The man in June. Take over the world. Now. I wouldn't say he was in June it eat for his right to our. I would say that want to live in jail once he was. Writing. Mine com. That. Those who are around him and helped him backhand very involved. Want to be societies that he not only create what part. And to me that I didn't and worm. I don't know here. Listeners are not Arafat patent data again as part of that madame or not he's obviously. And I I'm with you look online. At I'll kind of intricate handles. I had it and 1 other symbols. 8 o'clock o'clock which weapon called the plastic. At that point it was really. Aid symbol top arms and correct and I'm mountain. Outlook not eat again she'd want that came up with an idea that exciting group rate is when. Any. Yeah she's a lot of time in bad. And a lot of time in India. I mean he. Eastern religion and you know according to her she you know on the land enough. According to heard that Tibetan monks taught her. Good luck of being clairvoyant and a any way Hitler chose that swapped to count on that you need society. Should be. He is not he party and I'll tell. Did say that he didn't have anything. You do that he would call. You know he didn't crown balance you know just something he didn't want an island ridiculous. I'm. They held. Hands and together. And even smaller sacked of the Chile society called the real society. Out. Broadening women who want to vomit name is Maria of course second. All these women were gorgeous beautiful I saw women with real long hair and they warned in need. Only jail Bob but back in the very want Tony Allen. They believed that their hair. Work like liars. You communicate. With aliens and opera they wouldn't have sampled me let me read. You know opponent could be. I'm G-8. And channel aliens from out Enron. And mom. According to a lot in home compared to a very. They went. A lot and certainly weapons and hand. There that he immediately after the war. Maria and her dolls were gone. And wedge and does that day. Out and you need. Asia that Hitler had built. And lock up everybody and one. I'm on the count. I knowledge or you know like a science fiction novel. Instead of and Eric Berry. Why. I don't I you know I don't know. I'll bet happened but they're they definitely helped plan an end those women were very important. Chewed Hitler and his. His inner circle because of the stop that they were coming up let. Gear when they channel aliens now. On it there's quite a bit to it and I'm thrilled society. We're named after her a book called the calming me. I am Edwards will work lighten up and down. So again Hitler's naming his secret society capital a block about alien and now. Drill drill drill was then copped an energy pound. In the hollow of her. And drilling those are the aliens or the ones who control. All he ancient secret that Andy drill that anxiety. After her. Aliens in a pot and then he challenge. For me it involved a Handspring. Campbell that he called the flap to confident that he parried well. Did say that he is in now. At something you do it. Amy in town with dark angels with any attack at I A is ridiculous to me he resign needy do not want. You brought up by hollow earth again. And we talked about it last hour. If there is a key in Antarctica. That the Nazis. Found and reportedly use to access secret underground bases do we know where that cave is and has anybody sought to. Rediscover it and investigator. Well although on a duopoly eighty air after the war. He you know wound up being out of turn on the ball I'll. Had a national adult Antarctic and I'm. They. Claimed. That they wanted to go to an article actually trained. There army and you train her navy and found. In all chew on and establish abbate on. In on it sounded. Again like Hitler and none of the whaling act that would be army training training. They'll. In 1946. Under the rule and brawl Richard Byrd. The United States and we and a 113. Ships thirties during the aircraft. They're training. To again and the other and the world in Antarctica. Does that sound like a training exercise I mean I'm not I'm not. Member of the military. Why. Don't do countries. And that kind of money for training. I agent. Again. Hitler Havana I think is good course record in that I thought I read about it. And I'm admiral third. Already. We're wondering if there with a power because years prior he went in dark hole which is. Can believe in power there that's another opening. Well I'm he. Recorded in journey journal she's me in and amounted. Man. Where. Saying day in and out there how hurt he was writing about it. And everywhere and shut up about it when they get back to the state and not admiral Byrd journal disappeared. As private journal him. Right. Now I have that an erratic yeah I'm. It said you believe there and Holler at. But he was quickly. His what are those quickly did land and found out that. In a moment you and you need it also went about seeing. Or series of claims that he claimed about seeing ships and other news coming out of coming out of this this opening in the air. Good to. Dina do you mom. One of things you talked about his operation paper clip of course that is the post war effort to bring Germany Nazi scientists particularly. Aerospace scientists from Nazi Germany to the United States to work on our missile. Our ballistic program our space program they pretty much invented in and developed our entire space program. Was that effort. Then we'll talk about that specifically. In more detail but I wanna bring it back to this however think. Could there have been Nazi scientists aware of what was going on a what could've been going on in and are to cut. That directed US military personnel. And it guided them into this this particular case when this whole idea that there there is and we bases under the surface of the ice there. You know let that a great question and comment I've got a knack at and while there is definitely. A coincidence that. You know there but there's dad he went to the same exact act and arm will not be normal like he had somehow. With the on. I another note. A lot of these nasty. Went she moved on America now which bombed an immunity get to southern Argentina and that he really not that far. From Antarctic. You know that. Part of our world that apple recalling. And chain link let me when I'm that initially 1188. Well I think you're right I'm I do it dead. On he was working with. In home. Now he's who had you know under operation paper clip had their names change and you know on that. Had somehow. Yeah you know I I was afraid there were we're gonna run at a time and we do we have a little bit of time left but sadly the list is long and the time is shorter than the that Morgan need to be able cover everything we just take a break right now. When we come back I wanna get into the more details about this operation paper clip because. It's there's several moral dilemma and dilemma that's associated with the operation paper clip in addition to the fact that we had it we are on the verge of the Cold War at the end of world war two and we. Feared more than anything at that point the Soviet Union getting a hold of those scientists and developing that technology before we did. Absolutely numb right so we'll take a quick break Mordechai Millicent Jason NGB on the unreal and. Jason JP. This difference first segment or bring a dean Beckett here quickly in this is going to be short give your website again and the the in place that folks give books and peace and Amazon. The world's people find your books. Mom and pretty much am I am not Amazon I am time while I am and IA IQ InBoxer. I have I'm. I am and Barnes & Noble but that e-book is on Amazon. Only and about dollars to 99 and the sequel is. Branyan hit about a month and a half called. And it or 99 killed that probably your past value. If you want to see it on more reviews then what they're about good. These apps I do agree that cash out their page there and and the reviews. Com. My I write a blog I own my own blog and I write brother blog is loudly eaten. I'm in my post ink which usually have to do with conspiracy apple like to review books and movies and on promote other hardware. It Diener raid right and that could be a NAR. Eight eat act. Right are your WR IG he. At you that pat. Pat blog lack. I backhand. When will be able put a link up on now on our stuff too soon get they're nasty they're dean because we got another segment to go when we come back are so quick break and Mordechai Millicent Jason NG him beyond really reveal. Jason GPU gonna please be patient get to your phone calls. Our guest tonight. Is it Dino ray and we're talking about conspiracies Reese we spent most of the time talking about the Nazis and what they were up two Indian wanna bring up a couple things and play a bit of play devil's advocate role here because. There is a lot of discussion about Nazi technology and how far advanced it was when he compared to what the United States in the other allied nations had at the time. Whether it was their aircraft they developed the first two the jet powered functional fighters and bombers and even rocket powered fighters. They had and well advanced missile program something that we could Neiman and begin to dream of without. Nazi scientist joining our forces. After the war and helped. They had incredible. Tanks I mean they're technology was advanced but I have to say. Police are talking about alien technology you think if the aliens were helping the Nazis they would have introduced technology that would have been unstoppable. By anything that we could produce and it wasn't that advance and knows advanced. But it wasn't on that scale is there a way to reconcile that. Well it live definitely. A lot mart and Arlen ever seen on they had op plan are and I'm ranting on. Math course and it wasn't they never found evidence that was being built I don't. I'm Andre ware they Lee used in the beamed doesn't sign and they laid British half a mere hour. In the skylight satellite. And elect an older man yeah I'm only that you'll magnifying in the end trick you know within the last six -- and that's exactly. Actually. Exactly it except they had. An idea. How to deal it. You know Heidi you again I'm Amir op and base how would they now that it would just love their army unknown at that point. In LA. They apple of upbeat you imagine a lot of their weapons but I'm weren't there won't payment. What and it probably block and a I'm little a wonder what happened and now they are not that the Czech border and now I'm an hour on the actual lap and but they did find. The and looks kind of like. Circled. That stands out with pillars. And that the college and maybe I'm being bet that was sport keep being the block which was I'm not a bell. Off from flying away that they. Don't want him one journalist who and it got murdered and it Igor went koehlke. He had he never seen the weapon but he sees the plan in hand Beatty had. They had anti gravity technology picture. I hit these plans were cracked and am in area where they've built. There it was like a mass grave because I'm on the Mercury that they were using all along won't bother paying. And on anybody would trying to get right arm not out getting exposed and I just dropping like why. Okay you're you're on the thumping bass. All we don't have a master. Right our Lester to the phone mine's entrance and people waiting very very patiently this is Ralph from East Boston here Ralph welcome to the show Rick getting on. Earlier. She can't do. Cool track to add a little birdie and had seen a couple questions and I have one follow up question should be their beer and bought. Operation. DC operation high jumped in an operation fish bowl. I I definitely heard of operation com hi John how I know we were talking about that. Don't operation dish all I am not familiar let. Or they conclusion opt. Elude the Russians and their own American. They couldn't get enough new so. They couldn't get him trashing Washington would always gonna turn out. Okay admiral Byrd and it's pretty humor birdie. The computer he had on TV. You union operation I job. He was an all those that interview Rihanna on television if you can't get our. Beyond the Irish law beyond their character now you're morally it is big that you marriage teachable these resources. I had. I I've read about it and I never stopped an interview but they have bragged that he did tell reporters back. Yet Ralph we're gonna run out of time here so let's pick up the scandal that. I'm nick my question did I mean it and it's a flatter I'd question. How would they were trying to map the dole. It would try to bridge fluid in Canton high apple wasn't in with the outlook and all that can't argue what are your opinion of America. Yes that's that's a great point what do you think you know. They were trying to map the map I don't. Through god now Holdren Daryn. Issue nukes so I can turn a guy I mean thousands of them. I mean you can you can look at opting out I don't that was operation Trish ball. Yet a Rel for you are you referring to some flatter theory here. Soria yeah okay we've really touched on flat returning hollow worse flatter has a little bit different. But you know that really I'm sure you've looked at flatter theory too as well Dina. Actually I haven't hand on his new territory throughout. Very interacting. Our let's let's jump to Allen or in Texas say Elin are welcomed beyond reality really great to have you on. A little Aaron Aaron honoree is still there. I think we lost them and see if we can find on Ellen are you there. Number also lost on our. Yes of the flattered Syria mean that a lot of these things go hand in hand and as Ralph was talking about the flatter Syria has there's a component of it where there's a due home. And the sky that we see above is above us as part of a dome. And. Well. OK now I know alleged act Steven king TV show yet and I already packing an hour. Right right yes so that he believes. That this three operations he was talking about were related that in some fashion. On do you think you'll ever find. If it existed. And and and and if in fact after war the war US military was in and are to go looking for and maybe even securing you think whoever release any information about what they found on their. You know I hope. I know we got an apple close. Learning there's the manhunt and now Afghanistan and not indicate an Afghan and that I'm Maria our soldiers. And I diet and I'm an independent state went to the cave they rank you what was in advocated and I'll learn more about we've got the door opened my day. I think. Media article and I do mean act would would that be great and I'm. Try on our driver it is our president who actually are really little I thought. He did recently released. The JFK I'll plan now we. You know I think it did did you really count on her story I don't know loud but on Hitler did back commit could baggy. I ran out while math class and and within Colombia now. Maybe. More and more information will be released in Nam will get you know I'm sure. We have Alan are here on our from Texas welcome to the show and our greater beyond. On thank you I'm a big band you know they can. I'm I'm just ordinary and are good at what who do you think has the tear gas Sydney including a world. So after Adolf Hitler took it from Austria worded eco Dina. Hi Alan. Will the world now. I don't know may be. Try it may be. Angela Merkel has. Mean. Well they did say lol them there were claims that at the end of the war principles when millions millions. I'm general George S Adam so I'm sure. Our I. I heard that but and he was murder solved. I hate war Eleanor thanks Jim follow up to that question homeowner. I'm do you think Germany could possibly still be like. Like controlling pain like with aliens and today. You mean like maybe as soon as leader of the new world order kind of thing. Yeah he's good question what do you think you know. Well they are you my news. Economic power and they Ali Khomeini either hurt or second to their onetime ally Japan anon. Archie Manning pass and they do have some of the top technology and abducted and there are. None or one ally now. I wouldn't be this past I would not get it right and now I'm I'm inside now I'm not allowed to owl. Either of my books. In Jeremy because they don't want anything want to block I have those are trying very hard gallery their history. Yes it's true it's actually I and probably should admit this on national radio but one of my trips to Germany I actually went to a secret military relics store. Because I'm a World War II buff and wanted to buy some some collectibles. And they have them their backroom kind of things you have to know who to talk to and you can go in and that stuff and if you're caught with any of that does there's a very serious penalties so. You're actually right they do they're they're trying to keep that not that they're trying to it. Ignore it but they just don't want it to come back in anyway I think is really the motivation behind that you mentioned something just a moment ago and I wanna make this the last question. You said Hitler did not commit suicide in the bunker his body was not burned outside the entrance to the bunker. On the Soviets said they had. The Who what remained of the corpses of Hitler neighbor browned but that's not what they had to use and he escaped and there's been a lot of talk about that recently. Do we have any real concrete. Irrefutable proof that that's what happened are we still trying to find that. Now stop the Soviets took the charred body and they could've done that. And that he's Indian name was. You know discovered that they didn't do it till the fat in these I mean you have. Somebody is important Hitler was in history and you know into Canada that it is I leave it. I'm a body. That supposedly what Hitler the line to a twenty to forty year old woman. Now. He's now only he's lived out in the evening Columbia. They called and sugar even try to hide the identity. Sol iron Secret Service or our CIA. Must have known that lend lend lend let. Know I'm there are dark there are documents ultimate show that. United States government knew or at reports that he had been seen and so America. And other areas and that you know v.s in new office. But it was just such an area so full of Nazis at times and Armenia very cautious underground bunkers and reveals that. For whatever he's long ago that we'd we didn't pursue. Dino we are out of time. Again your books are available on an Amazon and do you do you won't get out and talk about any of this at any point you make per. Appearance is a book signings at all or is that something that might happen on the road. You know I had. Planning yesterday and I'm I do. But finding the right I do a lot of radio. I didn't whenever he wanted it and do and I'm pleased. I like my pancake at Todd Diener rained and I am deeply doubtful. And I'm doing and Twitter and act halo of the damned. And I do get around the interact. My apple. Why are there blocks from time to time and wound my own blocked. Mom. Let's. Only so much for tomorrow morning and now with us and we look forward avenue on again at some point. Well thank you so much for having and you can't or are wonderful hosts and a great job mom. Connor can be your guest. They do every night are sort gonna take a break but when we come back we're gonna have a few minutes to spend whether or psychic remote viewing it experiments if you wanna get in on that try to. Figure what plane car Jason and I are going to be staring at and focusing on. Call 84468776600. Going to be giving way to who needed the person gets it all right summation you give us a call now and 8446877669. Will be right back. Gina. Ray I really enjoyed having her on the program you can check out her blog it's a Dino ray is right would with a W Wright stuff dot Blogspot dot com you can also check on the books in Amazon. And don't forget tomorrow Leo at Vincent Jenna coming world renowned psychic healer. They're in Jordan twenty Tina predictions from Vincent Jenna OK let's do this remote viewing psychic thing speaking of psychics we've got a playing card in front of us that we're both looking at. And we're focusing and concentrating and focusing hard since they certainly use coming out of the years were focusing so ardent. What you need to do is see if you can tap into our mines or remote view it. And I tell us what the playing card is and if that fails to extend that was all mine to bring in this is Nate from buffalo Nate your first. You ready to go here. Sure okay we're focused on the card were thinking about it what do you seek. Hurt. Now know it's not banks thanks Nate thanks for trying all right Ralph it's your turn let's let's give this shot taken time were focused on this card what DC. Eric K. According cloak. Now sorry no thanks and thanks Nate or Ralph for doing that that wasn't right let's try one more here this is. Vince of course friend varsity events while the show you gonna give us your shot. It and I am not a sentinel that. Paper and thermal but I don't but I would note the economic. Me and that's not right vents that sirens thanks for trying again. On border continue doing this until someone gets the card obviously there are some people to keep track today that they let this go to Panama turned its audience how to do it by means I'm able to write down what currency here in the fifth and I don't know what is a certain we'll see is a dirty little secret you can go back. And pull up the show us I think that's been at past shows than I do the math sprayed their figured out loud so you have to be on reality relapse and you can do its rings is nice and easy so if you haven't yet may Chia head to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality agree only to FaceBook page that had to be on reality radio dot com Rican download the free iPhone and android app again to listen to ship cruise and possibly write down which cards averted and chosen it all illogical listen live cam especially those joining Alan Judd Moore. Or rights money clip from the station to have final stations we era across the country and direct atlas is constantly being updated its just a stamp Thomas that. O line or any any time you want from computers click on. In the rate upper corner. On the website listen live to listen rate from the website while joining tedium myself on nine and online chat with a great community of people who stole the show atmosphere injury that for us. It helps make it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about. Great show tomorrow night incident Jenna will be joining us again he's been on the show before he's a great. Respected world renowned psychic healer he's also a spiritual teacher dynamic animated speaker. And he receives and decipher messages from the other side we're going to be talking about his predictions for 2018 and from what I understand hundred offices Vincent's take on this but some of that. Predictions I've heard if you thought 2017. Was a tumultuous year 2018 is gonna put 2017 to change how. Kind of no non announcements what did you did you I'm just happy to be our secretary yeah I mean. It was just way too insane and then Wednesday we've got doctor Carol Osborne integrated veterinarian and in talking about pets six cents. So that'll be great show as well also makes you tune and. Yes and also we will continue this would have me time to take additional phone calls on these psychic promote unity experiment again tonight the Pope we will continue this tomorrow night. The card is going to stay the same we're gonna keep a break here we're gonna keep where I'm gonna go to bed thinking about my dream about its and I mean that'll help. And I don't know sailor goes but Aaron everybody that's gonna pretty much do it for us tonight again. Thanks do you rate for coming Manning and Alison talking about her book and all the conspiracies Beltzner. This year tune in and Jason javy beyond reel to reel catch you'll tomorrow have. You don't know ingredients taste good G suppose GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's it can only you don't really read news. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello fading sent peacekeepers will purchase most all actress and host attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at