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Ira Israel and the difficulties of being an adult after we have been a child

Jan 18, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author, Psychoanalyst Ira Israel about his book - How To Survive Your Childhood Now That You're An Adult. MAny of the things we are taught as children turn out to make it impossible to live happily. What are the important things in life...? 1/18/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Aaron I. Sorenstam OS goes first and ask those many years somewhere in between welcomed me on really review with myself Jason Hawes meal is awesome chief each arts so I'm sure you've heard about that meteor. That down. That doesn't have streaked through the Michigan skies. Now I guess I didn't and I heard about one. The other day there was this loud explosion in Dallas and everybody was wondering what it was loud boom. Income find out as a meteor about the size of a grapefruit that created this sonic boom but I did hear about Michigan. Yes it seems like they're coming down all over the place anymore it seems like these things are coming into our atmosphere and making noise and exploding on the one in Michigan. Actually was strong enough and bright enough that it caused a small 2.0 earthquake. Well. Earthquake he had this thing came into the atmosphere and it was so strong and so made that such a sonic boom and all this that Tom. A 2.0. Earthquake followed if you can believe that I did was how is that possible others. I mean. I don't know but the US side Geological Survey has senate confirm that this is all true and many many people were actually quite scared you know with these recent. Missile mishaps in Hawaii where whole book hawaiians and I think of Saturday morning work Arianna or woke up scared to a warning of a bomb in impending nuclear missiles or make horrible when you can you imagine. Well people in it knew worst part is it takes 38 minutes or whatever before they can send out another tax now I think they've got to fix but. Thirty minutes before they can send out a text tell you that it's it was the correct false hope and you saw people she is sticking their kids down the sewers and it was just saw video I was mind boggled and how. Yeah it's just in the state NH offer stalked the stage an age where they have to be worried about that so much because of war and where their located. But then for the human error to be that simple where it's just cyclical. A button in the rough edges of the. I'm Ruslan yeah the click of the wrong button and and of course as you said. Today's day and age meaning in North Korea has threatened a nuclear missile strike on Hawaii. Yes so it's million noises and any other time to make a mistake it might not seem so real but when you've got that threat looming and then you make a mistake as as the national or this state emergency preparedness people. And they send text out statewide saying it impaired in nuclear missile is not a test this is not as fast yeah so under those that circumstance all of a sudden you're in Michigan and you see this bright thing coming into the into the night sky. I mean this thing was bright and big. Making a sonic boom causing no a minor earthquake under your feet I mean that's got to be scary enough certainly terrifying. My gosh especially that coming and on the ground the needs you start shaking I mean it would make you think that's something did hit the ground and explode. So I just it's mind boggling here's one more thing that makes this very very interesting. About a month prior to today her last night or whatever was there was a preacher. Who'll petty cool it in this is all on videotape he was giving a sermon in his church in Michigan and he set I had a dream. That a meteor was coming to the Great Lakes and it was going to hit Michigan. His name is Rick Satterfield 59 years old and he's with the I am church and he said and video won on New Year's New Year's Eve December 31 when he seventeenth. It would cause Ohio and Canada to feel the impact of and that's exactly what happened. While. So this gives us is to guide. Claiming price and profit now I'm not sure but the church itself actually post on FaceBook today January 16 2018 the meteor prophecy from I am church senior pastor. Was fulfilled. Online watches his colleagues in the two guys are you now exactly sky and its direct it'll FaceBook and everything else yeah game that you know so they welcome beyond really radio everybody if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond artery to elect FaceBook page forest that had to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app which is listen I catch Pashos join online chat more. Also the final stations we are on right there on the website eagle and we are all across the country constantly adding new station so check back Ted periodically. Or just click the listen life tab and you can join us in online chat hang out GB myself agree community people and there was a lot of times talking to double the show from iTunes or anywhere most of us favor rated for a sales pushes forward makes it easier for people fine. Now you're talking about that. That meteorite here at this prisoner. Who. Who woke up just before he started doing an autopsy on this prisoner but yeah ours so prisoner and hospital mortuary. Wakes up in a body bag just before the autopsy while. Yes Denzel Montoya Jimenez woke up with autopsy markings on his body in a mortuary. Spanish inmate. And men as 29 will cope with autopsy preparation markings roll over his body in a cold room after being declared dead in his cell at around 8:8 AM. Com they said he failed shelf prison morning cal. And one of the most dangerous sections of the prison and appeared to be when they found him he appeared to be suffering from Riga mortis having no pulse when found. On the said the date prior he slumped in a chair complaining of feeling ill. And at that time there and there are no fault signs of foul play or anything cell. They just expected that he he had passed on. On it even has his family manages all. Really confused and how this whole thing could happen but officials said he was cyanide they. The perp bush discoloration in skin appear that appears after death he had to his place in a body bag. And yeah I mean and they said they forgot how they finally realized what happened may hurt him snoring around noon time. In in the bag bruising in the back in the bag. In the can you imagine nobody but that also brings up the fact that I mean how many. How many people. Has that happened to in the past. Where. Something like this happen to be you appeared dead be really you're not in the final that was a big thing. And I am back in back in the day when this whether they have this whole thing ringing bells and attaching bills to a the coffins of people for if they're buried alive and so forth com. Jesus is terrifying. Well the you know back then you can almost understand it medical science wasn't nearly as precise and they didn't have the same instruments be able to detect check whether someone was dead and ensure you can listen for heartbeat in check for breathing. But sometimes it's more subtle than that he may need more army and advanced equipment to tell we have that equipment so it's very shocking that in today's state needs them mistake can be made. Orleans of course this is a Spanish prison and so forth I'm not sure what technology there but I know. I know in and Haiti and in different different countries variations they used to used different types of potions. Sue any sort of make somebody appeared dead beacons and and it wake him up later on and imperfect person of memory loss and and they were referred to as the walking zombies at that point it views that slavery in all different types of things. But it's just it's terrifying to think that that that stuff is still possible that stuff is still happening I mean she's. And our depth and have got to be one of most threatening things could ever happen to you. But something that's also a little bit frightening is how to survive childhood especially now the turn adult. He. I don't often mountain. Mind boggling that access to wake up in the political sway us from things that much of the work to talk about that tonight and that's actually the title of the book. How to survive your childhood now the turn dulled our guest will be honoree Israel is a psychotherapist. And an author and he's got a pretty interesting perspective on. It's all it's actually boils down to what makes us happy and unhappy and why in its own and involves the things that we are exposed to and were taught as kids. That we hold onto as adults maybe we should be hold on holding onto them so tightly and Ira it's gonna walk us through this and then something he might changer last night. Won't sounds great men on me she tune in tomorrow we get Stephen urging towel up colonel vascular will be discussing his new kernel TV show haunted tours. And many of his investigations his techniques and stuff like that come Friday every every Friday is a best of beyond reality summation you tune in and secret mr. weren't gonna make in their natural light show at some point javy right. Yeah Newman try to do that. We've got great plans and great ideas and working and putting those together so that five nights a week we're gonna live programming note you know we do the corn and twelve of the weekend host committee on Friday nights and do different natural force Leo. Our it so with that I think we're gonna take quick break more come molecular gas on the elicited Jason GBM Dioner daily radio. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. 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If you've got the app it's just quick click of the captains of button perjury in chat room chat I listen live and go from there so often come join us hang out for a night. Tonight we're going to be talking with Ira is real he is an author and a Psycho therapist he's written a book it's called how to survive your childhood now that your an adult by the way his website is Ira Israel dot com and Ira welcome to be on reality radio recap you on the show tonight. Thank you don't have to be here. So to get started here when we you tell us little about yourself you've got quite a the history and Reza may end I just gonna Davison a rundown of who yar. Sure. And back in 1985. Car and that I was eighteen years old and I was very about it hurt and it set me on the journey. Trying to find the leading up life been like that. About eight years there that I'd be a lot of the I would want to either Pennsylvania. And then I got a knock him off beat them and you go to Connecticut ended up living in Paris for three years studying film literature music art. And then I I got hurt in Thailand. And that that now might the part of my journey which was ground. Studying spirituality. And also. Parent psychology that caused a woman he'll meet with her hand that was the on I've. Caught my head on the door and we were Rahal well at that continent away too you know getting medical help go with the let me you know you would. My hand and she did and then back put into question the entire eight years of voting block the pretty big you know learn about the other Arab. That would that these other billet. They're prettier there that and that studying buddhism Hinduism and I went to Duke University. At the Blue Line research center in 1990 stick buddy Parrott psychology there. And that really got into you know questioning what how reality of operating. How the universe which function and why are we cheer you know footage at ego thing like. And forgot your authority that I took a map to agree and religious studies at that I could that it history of buddhism. History. It Hinduism. And Kabul off. And then after about eight years ago to a pretty dysfunctional relationship and backup is studying psychology tree here. And then now it all came together in 2009 and I started out. Changing and are doing changing right thing and trying to and be part of the conversation ever went. It's quite quite story but I want to re wind you all the way back. To the episode you you mentioned where you were healed. By a woman with her hands. Tell us a little bit more about that because that's fascinating and in itself and it seemed to have been a turning point in everything you believe. Yeah well you know what can benefit is that pat pick at churn can build. Let the rest of the world for any don't look at the human body. As a holistic there and sit them you know I. Would act. Puncture. All of your nerves and that either you or your years there would they treat all the organs and you're at your strategy. At. And your. So when I wouldn't pilot. I'm about if you talk about what it does not rate is that it would back like I could blow bit shorter and I walk. Dead into the door or like get Colgate clock ahead on a target top of the door brand. Give her talent now and customs and done I was with a brand that we were. Going on the low life each and we met this woman and I was kind of like my iGoogle. My had a woman so. Know what's going on I don't you mean I'm not mine normally chipper well I pop my head on the door. That let me Ilya. And I said no thank you don't believe which crop and she doesn't know how long I'll play it either you do yeah. As electro we took her out and want to you. So equipment Shelly can. Laid down time and a bed that was not in the know what he. Move your hand all over my body to get the field. Then it went right over. The wounds of the gas up my head hunter did OK I have. And I could feel static electric today and that the only it. I met Bob sweat beading on our lives and it felt like it if it does pod. Tangling temptation and about a woman managed that okay shall at all. And I arms begat and that it was it was caught her on the birds are covered it would it would it would feel really. And down then you went up and down my body told no one thought anything about my life at the whip of the new life. And yes he had a spending can be put her readying. Yoga medication and happening and just oh trying to open my age my eyes to a new paradigm which would you know being. Don't really correct that on the 09 we are quite accustomed to end in America. We've got about a minute forest jump into a break here but we've all seen you know these videos or he maybe even a person these episodes of a preacher healing somebody at a religious service. Is that the same thing or are we talking about something completely different. We're talking recovered and put it. That is Ricky you know playing and I could that would call urged rob. Yeah just keep banging you know everybody says it would when I would look at that would and that the real life you've got a lot of guts it. It cure rate you pay your regular map there that mean you're only. Because if you are rigged practitioner what you are the conduit. And I actually in the London Palm Pilot. And I went into the reiki training and basically they opened up on an antenna. On your head. And I felt this when the woman did Barbara from Australia did beat their little ceremony. My whole body than up like a church being struck by lightning and I've been doing regular. The thought there twenty years. And that's and staying and Ricky actually is from a Japanese buddhists. Are the ones who weren't originally started using a knife I've actually had Ricky done as well that's incredible but organ into a lot more that we come back we will take a break. More come Millicent Jason G beyond beyond. Jason. Mason guest tonight is. Cairo Israel he's an author and a Psycho therapist his book is called how to survive your childhood now that you and installed an artery you give us quite detailed their. Of all the experiences. And a place you've been. And it all led to a point where he decided to write a book called how to survive childhood now the journal tells what books about. Well I became apprehended by the epidemic of depression and the epidemic anxiety in our coltart point three million Americans take anti depressant that remote morning hurt tech until our you know I didn't think that there would just some rogue gene affecting America and I took a look at our culture. And hoping that we consider to be normal culture whether capitalism or that the they're low we're sighing and all the things that we consider to be you know normal reality for our. And I wanted to do it eat it Bob you know me be with us pull the that was contributing to guitarist and it would the competition. Or maybe a social media. Or you know just like so that's right directed. You know wrote the book but I don't believe consciousness. Around what we consider to be normal real. Well and I will I will tell you as a as a father of six I will say anxiety have never seen it this much in art and their children travel have liked the last. Ten to fifteen years and I do associate a lot of that with school and and so forth and just than just the way things are it's it's kind of it's it's a crazy time for at all. Yeah wow I think our whole school with the need to complete revamping of their should be court who in there and play. You know it will happen intimate relationship. How to be happy how to lead about life I mean not everybody needs to study chemistry biology. They're you know all things are equal to about 200 years old. It combine to make Packard worker. A voting that the older than half the chat is in the public antiquated like that America is right for a great revision. You mentioned something in and did describing the book to us and relationship to depression in you miss said you know to social media play a factor. Have you seen in your research at correlation between the increase in incidences of depression vs social media news. 100% because we're deluding ourselves into thinking. That we are interacting we humanity but I think in the book mirror neuron he's not fire by it had met it. We need eight that they contact in the Arab line in the book it one hug equaled one million FaceBook like. So you know all the things that we're doing on the Internet ought to lose social media where are we really need. To be there how I contact. Know what I want facial expression you know corporate V got to have a couple coffee have a beer. At a height. Do think we other people and interact with the. We've heard a lot of people sounding the alarm bells regarding technology specifically with the generations that are now Obama more apt to be holding the cell phone in their hands and their faces up front of a screen. And holding a baseball or or whatever. What kind of damage is that doing to society in your estimation. Well for me. By the 88 the and the ability to actually focus on one thing at a time you know we're all out. Is that the level of anxiety because we all normal and happy and we think that that's normal and until you know you'd finally you know hit a somebody like her ex met and injured protect not yet got our car. You don't realize that like while this is really dangerous you know so. I you know either put all the things that we consider the B. Normal today you know our economic are hard at 45 degree angle or are we different app and were you know during the bank. You know hopefully. You know iPhone Google the way back machine in ten or fifteen years and we can figure out another way to communicate. But the scary thing is 1015 years at that point we've already Lost Generation and it's a situation where I was even driving I was driving to the hardware store one of my sons today. And the whole the whole right he was down on us on and everything else and I finally said I'm so Logan has that you have said a word to me in this car you've you've had your face Barry net formal time. And finally I got and put it down and were able to talk but you they do is this whole connection. This whole interaction with it with individuals because of these electronics item I love the electronics but man and I will tell you our heat the electronics. Yeah well I think in the book I like my iPhone and my government. And that one of what I of the problem the nor taught America it's put our best foot forward. And screw the things that we show on social media are normally. It skewed toward you know the cool thing and to make a look at then and do you know. Successful on and like that and you know it's there's there is identical in my community good like that. You know we keep measuring our insides. And against other people out sides are or are inside lives you know our boat and a lot. And what we need out of other people out live and on FaceBook and snapped chat that Germany like that. And that while we detrimental to be comparing you know with the united roots and staying. That your competition. Would be people who were you know things about it to Graham from Hawaii Europe a move they are now that it could be preparing yourself. Who would be people looked at all. One of their key. Ideas that you discussion your book is the idea of the good life. What's is the good life how to weed is how do we debate and how do we develop our perception of it. For me. Authenticity breakdown in two attachment atonement a tomb of president congruent put them on a compliment but what. Martin Seligman from the universe with unfamiliar sound that everyone has eight. Backdrop more range of happiness and there in the book like oh that it would not articulate it and it back in the seventies at all. Accident victims and lottery winner and it found that basically. If you won the lottery or you weren't terrible disfiguring car accident. That after about eighteen months you'd be back to your level. Happy though for me what I try to each. Art cool that keep people are hired that there happened at spectrum which. The one in the correlate most strong that would happen it. It's not money it's not that does not mean that thing that we learned through. Pop culture. It all the of our intimate relationship and that's why can't hack it. And our ability to securely packed with people and know that people how far back. And and that. They know that we have. They are back. Like that the thing you know we're we're we're basically tribal creatures we grew we grew up and it would you know humanity will you glue in tropical 150 people. We're thousands of the year and only since the birth city. You know 200 a year again. That the industrial revolution that we know who we are some people live and more rural areas but Britain like I've always with the city. And you know where we don't put our camp the were interacting with the people and we have to do a bit. Kind of odd primal thing we need a new purse and the kind of weight you lose the weight dogs sniff each other when they meet. You know he captives opt out whether the render both love my gonna have to run from the pertinent to note that were very. No way we think are sort that indicated but down the way we are with each other is that current crop. You mentioned the relationship between authenticity and a weakening. I tell us what that means. Well I don't believe there's any that thing at a permanent state of enlighten and so does the word booed need a weakened. So again these are things. Being conscious of our own way of being in the world. And that's again not with the book about you is that I do a rude humor and I hope that the that. But I but you know to go there were a lot of Bob. Actually the ball predicted signs that the need it the history of the Lockerbie could be cold as a series of jokes. I'm very understated and you know we know how hard at work and why things are funny at certain time to turn people. So. Yes awakening for me just mean. Going down that happened personal. Evolution being conscious of our own way of being in the world and then making weeks. So that we can be vulnerable show up get. The love that we really crazy. Which I what I say is not unconditional love you know attempted being. We really want unconditional love and then we go through this school that we grow up in a competitive society. We're only human cool the game look conditional. Pick a grade because worst mark of respect who earned money and like that. And so did a lot of regret it because you know you turn your wife in did you spank. You wouldn't be here Heidi didn't have money or you know if she turns you on that you would be here by what the so sexy. And so you know it hit it where we really need to again we learn what we what are what are primal desires are and you know I'll all this stuff about accomplishment. Then things. Now at the end of the day you don't want which is kind of cemetery under tombs don't you walk beloved. We're talking with I were Israel about his book how to survive your childhood. Now they churn adults the website is Irish Israel dot com him on a check that out there's a whole bunch of great information there. Parts are gonna take a real quick break more to come listen Jason and. If Giambi honor really real. Michelle it's beyond reality radio Jensen James defense. Her chair tomorrow night actually really talking about ten paranormal investigations of course. With our guest Stephen Perkins hello he is the an investigator who has new TV show called haunted tours we've had him on the program before Chia. And he's got a pretty interesting and some would say aggressive techniques for trying to get evidence in paranormal investigations. Yeah definitely controversial well but and and I knew I worry about Adam and points we brought that up to a must Imus and we spoke about well children watching and and so forth his thoughts. But you'll get into a lot of it mares he's a really good guy he he takes criticism and he he runs within he's a pleasure to talk. Yet to be a great conversation ought to be tomorrow night's program tonight we're talking with I were Israel about his book how to survive your childhood now that turner Dalton Ira I want to take Q. Fast for the conversation a little bit just because they think this'll help set the stage for everything we're gonna continue to talk about when you wrote the book what was your objectives. Well I wanna do again with a continent you know. So that people could get you know the beautiful quote by emotional quality that I don't know I don't know that over the water but I got finished so we all. And I don't think that you know I do a lot of them go to our trip in. I didn't and I hate teaching. That I assure people that military relies upon the information that that we we we get away are my child could together. So you talk about things like voice of dissatisfaction. And you know there are a lot of terms and phrases that you use. That helped define. Things that make us who we are and maybe make us dissatisfied as the as that particular phrase would it would indicate what does that mean. Mark. This quote by Joplin Kon at language thinks me. So what I'm working with the client in my office and they say yeah but I won't be happy until. President. Desperate that. I always got them whose voices that. Because no baby was born dissatisfied. No border no biggie with the before the board to I think it did I'll never amount of money that. So all these pain in my estimation are lower and there are learned throughout I was saying. The competitiveness of our society and that things that were taught through on pop culture. About what is life you know it's happening to me and I talk about it in the book we live in a culture where we have they inalienable right to. To pursue happiness. And that is a sure fire way to be miserable if you're pursuing happiness because happiness is a byproduct it's not an end. It it happens. When the police expected. And it just happened because. You are you're leading. You know that your version of the device and you have heard more integrity. You decide who you wanna be decided like you wanna live you're not playing by someone else measures up except. Yeah happiness though it it's pretty much should be every day you wake up there it's it's just wherever you are in your in your life on. But you're you're able to pursue. I mean we'll getting on getting further away with things but tag I've always looked and happiness is just. Every day get up every damn with the family and things of that nature. I mean that yet you haven't you are right I mean there are. We point five billion people living on less than a dollar ninety day. You know we live and the best seat the culture at are we lived in a culture would most privileges. And the most blustery. And the mostly down and only people are struck out you know this suicide rate is exorbitant. There's epidemic in the that a depression and and you know we really have to examine our culture because we're we're creating. Ira is there a problem from we the people understanding the difference between happiness and pleasure. Well. For me it's more about. You know. Which we find distractions. That I've got the whale and touch it. So what you're talking about the terms of pleasures. I mean they're saying like it you find. Oh. On paper around there the people arguable that that great at not a distraction if you're in if you're buying fourteen hours of video game. Pleasurable. Distraction. So. You know it's really just finding out on how to lead a balanced life. And also again achieve authenticity. And the registration buddhism. Your mind playing too were tried to at least to have to think to quite her book and that it tried a Bert Payne. And instead of of war the one way to a board that it would be authentic. Dear to present moment knows that you know the the pain they're gonna the side of the pipers are gonna subside. All the things are them are all music didn't show up in the present moment that while this is really quadruple and just. Accepted. And not to try to cling to it and it would have been paying you say well what information is that giving me that the military ball and and deal with. Now and when you were saying just a minute ago about and people saying Daryn there'll be happy until they're president they won't be happy till this or these things that you feel were pushed on them as a child through. Through a family life for whatever of them being brought up in in that manner. Yeah 100% I mean look at our we'll put them. You know there's only one person who's number one on the cop and they're the people get aid and we're hitting these children. Again each other from the eight or five years old I mean in the book I think very clearly. Children want to. Sleep on her tired. He went on a great group when NAFTA group empire when they're quite at all. And at a very early age we come on how to schedule we say okay 730 Brecht and thirty quite content 1130. Sleep time now time 1230 launch on. And and that you know children really. There and we you know we we we came children in the same way that we came pat who we we we we eat we educate them. Beat productive members of society and I about the question you know. Is that not caught them all boot strap apparent side. Well and I and I get that and I know we don't have time to get into it. Because we got to break it about a minute but the fact of the matter is though I and I understand the you know one child is the head of the class and everything else. Listen it a better or wasn't a better win it every everybody wasn't getting a participation trophy and there were people actually trying to excel further. And then than others who might not have been trying as hard or. Or whatever and it just seems that this day and age there's so many people who feel. Entitled to everything and that seems to have come out of out of nowhere. Yeah I agree a 100%. Capital of the debate on Herbert a blue that become the survival of the that it. And that's great person here who mentality it would kind of be your own name like we were what you meant more aware of by. But we have abundant resource and now we don't need the competition. And what I'm saying that it struck and people out to check what could be an artist should be shoving and that. Map co opted and making him compete against people who do we shouldn't be competing again. And I guy agree with that totally RA and we'll get into a whole lot more this week America you have any questions. For us or against equality for 4687766. Night until free at 8446877669. You're listening Jason didn't. Redeem myself kiss and Bosnia always Dawson chief. We've got a great program for you tonight will be speaking with I were Israel he's a Psycho therapist and the author of the book called how to survive your childhood now that you're an adult. His website is Ira Israel doc accomplice who got some great stuff coming up taster Stephen mercantile talking to us tomorrow night about. His new show of haunted towards its parent Roma show he's obviously paranormal investigator. Yeah I'll be talking to him about his techniques and investigations and things like that every Friday is the best and beyond reality radio but the next week we got some great shows well Monday we get Douglas Stearns author of the mysteries of the great pyramid of he's a and or are we talking about a much different things as well so this year to an end. Yes some good stuff coming up and I want to mention some we don't often talk about no sort of pop culture topics or do we reduce touched the surface of America once in a while. But some. I know you're a moviegoer YouTube actually go to the movies and of some regular base take your boy we take a ticket kids so it means is that Tennessee Sophia. I I'm not I don't I tend to wait so any of whatever is I wanna seek comes out to on Netflix or something along those lines well it turns out that says. That time 2017. It was the worst year for moviegoing receipts a number of people and actually went to the movie theaters should see him the movie since 1993. Oh yeah. I wonder if that's due to the whole Cody aspect and people will be you know get a fighter and I hacked fire sticks prevails I mean all of them I'm sure plays a part in the summer commending him. Display plays a part of it but. They're looking at and there were in the movie industry is really beginning to rethink its strategy and how it. If it spends money on making these films some of these films cost astronomical amounts to make 8000200. Million dollars yeah and that's almost common anymore. In and do you know how they're gonna get the returns on those on those dollars I don't know if it's a good or bad thing because you know when the money stops being there for them they're gonna stop making. Product good veteran different. Ball. And the thing is Tom I heard a one point that they were looking at. Honestly that there the him immensely the plan was a movie theaters should be a thing of the past and when a movie came all you re able to just buy it. For certain amount whether it's in 4050 dollars or whatever at home. And watch it there with the family so it is so instantly would be when it comes out to available to watch it only gone and or whatever like that. Cash is kind of like that now I'm in a some of these sounds ago into the theaters and two weeks later you can see them on demand and you know on your dinner service so it's almost there I mean there's something about the collective experience of going to a theater with a bunch of people in the room all experience in the same thing at saint. Get a popcorn NG at that Yang islands it's in Essen in just about that hanging out time and I would definitely miss it if it was gone but then again. I mean I'd go with my kids scenario in my 42 kids and it did on the wealthy and well. But it ends up costing us in by the time we get the tickets are the tickets are lightened cost 7080 dollars in the and then we get pumped me it's a 150 dollar all day long. Yeah that's hard to stomach and it is and I don't know if this is a symptom ministers from what we we're going to be talking about with Ira and we'll bring me here in just the second by the way if you're on hold. Waiting to talk please stay on hold want it to those calls soon as possible good Ira. You know what I mean a lot of what you're talking about in the differences in knowing that were feeling emotionally. It's related to stresses send. Some of these stresses may not seem obvious but just a changing culture and it shouldn't changing culture that it's done connected to technology. Pass to have something to do with what we're all feeling when it comes to being anxious and having these anxieties. I could see that there are inside and against other people out size and weekly you know Gloria wonderful air brush then on the Internet spectacular vacation and exotic quit there about eight look at people are. Going to do but you know most of our lives are not like that spend and so we really have you on. Stop measuring ourselves you know I hope in the book I had get people to own their own bond would be happy wood who they are. Today and not you know a little bit that what has. Which you know oh yeah she must be happy she has the Louisville called him back I have a look at our back I'd be happy. You know stop measuring yourself against other people and did you leave your own life. Well a lot of times of people trying to do that measure themselves against people they and a really well financially just Baring themselves as well trying to all trying to match up to other people since the keeping up with the joneses syndrome yet. Well I talk about that book the average mortgage is 220000. Dollar yeah cards you have long wanna do that and the general Burton pointed out not a attic average credit card debt it worked out dollars. And you know that that's a really interesting. Statement about human can't weakness for the vast majority of humanity. Most human never reach the age of forty years old. And so we live in that society a thirty year mortgages. So they're like you're here it is very interesting thing to be locked into it took them you go into the bank you've bar 220000. Dollars. He today you know I'm gonna pay whatever does. She dealt brought to the next thirty years that whole bit about interacting. You know to a bank. Could fire property or go to school or by about this stuff they can't afford today. And then Yamaha sport you know there's that that an interest and took them you know it it's relatively recent. And you know it's. It couldn't look past a bit saying. The weight control and people crew to get them hooked into it has some. And then all the better and you know ten years it's your job realise you really didn't wanna be decal or lawyer or are there or something else but you know you have that Motley not helped it isn't college couple more. Lee Carter got a great warrior churn. And and you just trapped. But we've got a number of people hole I just wanna try to pepper some of these phone calls in a broader discussion this is a Michelle from Niagara Falls. He Michelle welcome to be on reality radio Richard in the shell. Hey thank you iron or are they are. And that. Certainly you'd like Harry it's only three. He can afford or can't already battle is wanna help we're hearing now. It would hire Rick Perry and your experience where you'll and you'll learn. What are you saying to kids should people here. The white panel it is only right now let kids seem to be overweight and even in years ago what he's saying he's. He's chance to get the actual reality and so they do it so they mention I am hoping that the link between eight and into theater they cannot they don't shoot a chain under. Tweet that I. Yeah Ira is this something that we can do on an individual basis there's does it require societal shift. Are you societal shift because prediction is rampant. And in you know in my community I think marijuana was legal but this year and you know went to distract out of school particularly the want to moron. Our all and the other guy out. Anxiety or. 88 dedicated. They find they can't wait to them and that smoking marijuana at night in order all week. That it of this cycle that Iran we really need to address these blue problem the wire kid. Stressed out and then give them. Things like medication that I eat very yoga ward you know pick a runner go swimming there two things that are helping or you rather than play video games than do drug. And Michelle had sent her son is 23 and in rehab in California. Is our traditional. Understanding of this rehab process the right way to go to try to solve some of these problems. I'd really love. All that program personally because and so the board other psychological thing. Programs that I but I've taken Hardenne I nine recover myself. But that the basic. I'm kind of the my book is that you're mind would build new hate that comment that you have from your childhood. And meek. Bungled expectations. I didn't you either with that man. And that is to try to stable future problems. And again. You know that from the call the program. Is that beautiful added on resentment is like hoping your open I waited for someone else to go blind or would that it likely important and waiting for someone else that we get that. So hopefully the program it started that will really look at it would bet it. All those things that you know what he would four and seven and all the things go well you know learn. I couldn't do there are shouldn't do that her boat thing. That you would then happening because there that they in the book the chapter called. On the square peg round old program. Meaning that if you walk and chew. You're home one day or your loved ones sitting on account managers and shoved square peg into a round hole. You'll see you with Bob Hope and yet at what your mind all day long tried to change the path. And the captain dead and gone beyond the -- there are stories about it so hopefully in the rehab program Mehdi then he can eat and reshape that now. Narrative you can only hit light. And he can eliminate them resentment that are called in today. Oh just grew about it no distract myself with these drug and alcohol whatever it. The tort laws. Michelle thank you so much for the call are sharing your story with us and knows stay tough and obviously give your son as much lovers you can. Irate EUU. I have talked about buddhism several times during the course of our discussion. And it seems we've had a number of guests on during the course of this program that. Bettered him seemingly more and more interest Sid in those teachings and more and more respectful of them is there Renaissance or an awakening. Going on globally to those ideas. Absolutely and that they had no capitalism what happened at a hundred years ago. And now we need to learn compassion so when you sit with people and the dollar law law. We just one small part of buddhism could you be the spokesperson forward with a bat. We're Tibetan buddhism it. You learn you know and that spiral what kind of my religion is compassion. So you know those type of thing that I applicant that they you know all the medication agriculture either comes from me and two of them are booted them. So they can do lineage interpret that vacation travel ban on medication that you're trying to cramp and your five cent is that you realize the you know what got the lord your divine now or mystery or something like not and then libel that no Buddha what can Bluetooth. Bhutto began by the Hindus and what do you who again played you and then he decided you know where are we saw pain suffering and death. That there was no belt to try and then the note of fine and sent to them he created mine on the medication which is. Being aware away your. Ron Brown a little puppy dog and then you know learning how to change. So you know although that they import of bond. Eastern block the pay our culture is incredibly average age at what we need to learn these things that and it's wonderful that we have so many great pitchers. We have to jump in to break here in just a second here but don't follow up on that. Is there. Any type of contradiction between christianity ordered to Judaism. Verses buddhism or can they can they co existence somebody's heart. It a 100% there to buddhism is not a religious. Buddhism as a subscription to alleviate suffering period. It not only did the boot an effort to what you described Obama crop I think in the book he never looked down at that hey guys could you call yourself Christian. And that Buddha never we know from now on what I directly core result Buddha people weren't trying to create religion they're trying to do anything that you and I are doing what did you understand how reality operating. Why bad things happen. And how to wake the world a better place. So are its if you have a question for us or for our guests Ira. Israel give us call at 8446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. You listen. Jason TV on the unreal. 468776692. When a call be part of our discussion we're talking with Ira Israel tonight about his book. How to survive your childhood now the Chernin Dalton his website is Ira Israel. So just like it sounds dot com so stop there and I were gonna jump right back to the phone lines are treating it one more and for a bottom of the hour break. This is Christopher from Kansas he Christopher welcomed the show. I cheesy game he loved the show think trap me on. I meant they remic call to. Mind crystals on month. But I could Questar Ferrara unlike us what senate like what you said about buddhism that really a appeals smear rush go both by the bought Wal-Mart recently. And I'm mad at phase in my forum. I'm cut certainly haven't diagnosed mental illness you know among ultimate occasion so I was curious if you feel that. Going to school for some from the it's your passion it would be better than going to school for some more sane like pragmatic does an excellent. So there a 100% I mean there's studies done a brilliant move immersed in her book Howard happiness she talked about how. Anybody who does anything for money is going to be miserable about how much money you make. The only people were really happy are the people who know their vocations. And the word broke though and lack it means whole line though. The dead and that is why you know conflict meditation or so beneficial and bring them knowing knowing what buddhism and trying to read an Arctic light because that. Once you can. Happened to. What the universe or what mystery or whatever you believe that it is telling you you know John Campbell. Quote. All of your list. Well I believe that our Haiti. Will guide us toward you know living the good meaning that you know we know that thing. You know like loving relationship. Then and the balance alive. Eating correctly or incorrectly accused but at a higher end of our happiness spectrum. And you know if you were drinking a bottle pocket for Breck has been mouthing off that we file off that there's no you're gonna keep yourself at the lower end of the spectrum. The advantage of you know being content being a week. And sneaking healthy long term choice at. Thanks so much for the caucus for we appreciate you listening in Kansas of course. We've got about it was just a little less than a minute here before jumping to break again. You used the word false cells I don't know if given a time to address that in 45 seconds but maybe I started out okay good. With a hot talk about on creating all built in order to survive arch Heil loads what I stated. In order to get our emotional and like on Google needs met as children. We develop these are not the way of being in the world you know made you became the sarcastic guy or that job according equal or whatever your way of being written that you develop. To try to survive. Figured he'd met the child and you know he should be very happy about that because they work and we know work because you're alive now at at all on the other hand. It's cool that you learned at the child are probably now hindering you from getting the call that they love that you really want you have to look at. How you grew up and your hats and dynamic and all that you learn and then decide you know which one should day in which ones you go. Okay all right so we're gonna take a real quick break more to calm you listen to Jason G him. How to survive your childhood now that you're an adult. You can find out more information about everything Ira is up to it Ira Israel dot com and I room talking a lot about. The effects of our childhood. Obviously. Don't linger it in into adulthood. But what is the parental role in all this because most of us are children become adults in the become parents are we creating. A vicious circle here is this cycle that we are having trouble defeating or his or something else of parents can be doing to kind of break this break this chain. Well I think in the book that parenting is the moat. Typical job in the world because what you're really trying to do is and still they'll get the plan. In your child to that a you know grow up and become a productive member of fighting have good value but the problem that. Children a family. Information as. There's something wrong would that. We have the coal epidemic in our culture of negative self talk and other nobody could ever born weird the board and oh are terrible I'll never not wanted to thank. And yet you know the way we. Greed debt. Scored them and understand it it makes children at related information like other something categorically. Wrong with me so. For me parenting is you know we have this great book out on content parroting them aren't apparent that and it's really about. Berkeley. Demonstrating. Your children bet you we know should be loving human being should be compassionate. And then you know concrete and steel that they'll with the client and character and bad news to. We help you live a big help either billion. Well and but the way we discipline them and racism is very much different in the way we're disciplined and raise your kids as well. And I am him don't me wrong it's never raised a hand in angered many of my kids ever but it was a common thing in my house as a kid growing up. And in return to us the passing and I look back and I think a book men we we respected. And we have a lot more respect him in children these days with just for everything in general and it just seemed like we we a lot more stride just a really get altered and and get things done. So should change so drastically since world war two and that you know look like the Cold War and the fact that. You know the Russians could push the button and in any DA and European nuclear attack on America. I think really haven't and an employed on. How parent game was conducted throughout the fifty and sixty. And and you know people were living in. The year and they were living the you know update their kid had to have a better life from now on God's will work to suggest there are all the day. So I really think that what parenting goes within a week ago than it had been closed. And so what I I'm 51 years old. And the parent and my community are very left it there meaning that you know the kid like oh mama want our ally are either own or that earns the parent. Kind of have to stop content pattern in their head where they really were not. Frigid of the way their parents discipline them that they do doll with that and they don't get upon nurtured. But unfortunately. Some of the children. Misinterpret that as well my parent or don't care about me ever be doing it and I want. But I read that she did outline and not to be. Reactive about you know the way you were apparently maybe you know that you're apparently there were totally looked at fairly your kid a picture did whatever they want. And then you're very kind of you know like helicopter parent then. And it's really good about the com and easy having clear communications with virtual. Does that include expectations. There you can have a occasion that you would you you want about like your kid I just wouldn't force you know your. Idea except on bears. I mean if you look right now the millennial. Let me also learned some really interest in bank. I mean I made all these legitimate or not I'm in the book but our deathbed. We will remember experiences like walking the street apparently dark. But we will not remember the hand that we have we will we don't remember material possession. So you know maligning other really. They're learning that experience. Comps but that shouldn't. So you know where you know referred there's an enclosed area in parent exiled and and our desires and and you know hopefully we're all going into wanting Maurer. Interest and thanks. In Qaeda into the quote I some of the book from possibility that. A man and district that if you get up in the morning that would lead want to do during the day and go to sleep at night. So you know there's there's you are stating you know what you consider bringing the thing to bring you happiness that you know waking up in the morning and that they were the family. That really lovely unfortunately. You know we live in that this Craig under the body where people aren't saying. You know like 1% there's 0100. Billion dollars I'll be happy when I 200 Billy even know that typically. After 8000 dollars nobody anymore happier. One of the things you say is that we would know who we war if we give up our resentments tell us more about that. Well we have really addicted to our first line identity. And Carmine build these grievance stories like they're they're critter with a Christian didn't. Like oh I'd be happy now I had become a doctor hadn't married dispersant that I'd card Pittsburgh then it might it did it at that. And all these hypothetical things caught our own opera. So we need to break that addiction and and and get them in play in two on our own personal identity because. What we do it. We enroll other people and our allies in those personal identity whether where the victim of our stories like yeah I get fired every job. War or when you're clever story you know and some. So again exit about the law and their. And not and Belichick too much on these stories who who do you draw people. Obviously. There's there's some basic needs that we all have food shelter. He has some cases amino and those things sir are an economic concerns so. Rob we have to work we've got to provide first cells in our family. On so in some cases is it completely unrealistic to pursue whatever you know your dream might be or you're your your. Happier happier pursuits would be then just the realities of having to provide. Well it is fascinating question because. You know. The cost of living in America has gone up so much as I read that book or you know that a lot of people have a con it's dead just two. People with the joneses and get used that. So what I'm happy people would do is just reevaluate. Their their knees and do you know be happier. With the with less. And or whatever they have not try to compete with other people will probably get more and debt toward you know could you know they could have bigger how to that they could you know. Pay their outline of a lot more than anyone expected. Put it it to stop compare. And and figure out what enemy you truly happy and you know read the studies show that love and relationships. And can that be nice vacations. You know things like that are those people are happier than a quarter. You've talked to a meditation as being part of foe of the formula to to happiness is in terms of how he presented it here. I'm what does that do for you personally and how can other people benefit from. The limitation in the anchor so again. I'm looking at content and the fact of the matter is that the past. Did not exist is dead and gone you can't change it north and at the bit about the past and your story the future doesn't get a bit the only thing had a bit about the future is. We know your expectations about the future. So what I'd meditate for a couple minutes in the morning and just creating that anchor for the rest of the day round today. Where I'm just. Eating into the present moment. And then later in the day in my mind. Trips now and I don't get upset about something now my god you know bishop topic about what happened by now or whatever it. I can I can just think back to that. Bet that calm moment that I had in the war and and and you know. Find might equal lived weren't equal good these are campground that it was a little. Out there let's let's get. Desert later in the day. Well again it permit if it is it and it hasn't been paying I think in the book that they'll. Being equal dull it upon meaning that if you make a commitment. Discern fact is that whatever it is eating correctly and take a walker whatever the practice it. Make a commitment to a you have that type of accomplishment. So you know the benefits of meditation or unequivocal you know it makes you calmer and things like that. But for me it's really about you know connecting with Stewart you know I'm just getting out of my own my own creek and at the mine in my head my own you know medical machinations. About the past and about the future and learning how to live in the country at all. And it's just about sort of just stopping amber opinions and Reese centering yourself I think that aren't so that's a big thing. And it's it's important because and throughout the day ME you do you get all the oldest Kris Nestle these things come up in here a year. Pulled twenty different ways and it's just about stopping and taking a minute for yourself and our couple ministries soft and trying to. Resigning yourself and I didn't get everything back together. What happened to an end of you know being beautiful thing is that. No let paid something happened during you know one of your children. Could you offer up my back you know. What does the beauty of medication that you hope that they non activity. But your course. If there and and and be tortured. By your own mental opera. So them when you get spun out late in the day it allows you to create some different than before happen and now adaptive reaction. He can you know and you know like man. And what we're trying to when I won't cut them off. Well I mean I don't know what you. But like I've you know you'd be like this can't be cut in just that I wanna. Mean some sanity here you know we have our middle finger of like badly and you know ride aid that ballot now that you bit. If it doesn't make any sense that it that they did you talk about why the carpet in just the but somebody you know cutting you off without indicator by giving up her little finger you might actually get shot you're lucky that the situation worse. Though you know you wouldn't have to learn how to be calm and expect reality the way it is change a thing that we cash. And and you know just carry around. We've all got a few minutes left with few Ira but I wanted to ask you about this phrase professional child that seems so. A lot of people fall into that category what is it. So for me language creates reality and we have to be impeccable in our word mean at. If you expect other people who show up for you you have to do you know your your were larger ball a commitment. Other people what the commitment to being near people. So children. They don't they don't they don't. How that relationship waited reality with other people they kind estate gangs they're dis regulated. And that they're just all over the place so for me being an adult. Mean you know on patent limit yourself. Have a personal integrity deciding who you wanted to be. And then of living up to you know go to expectation to be that great person to reduce elude that great life. And and and realize that down you know you do you have decisions and and I guess we live in the incredibly privileged. And luxurious culture none of us are running from tigers are firm order Kirk Lyons tonight we all look over head you know so. It's really an amazing time could be a lot for. We get made the choices and so I wanna help people make healthier choices. Ari you've got a lot of things on your website. Beyond just information about the book tell folks what they can find his you've been a lot of services and a lot of other offers there. I really loved teaching at on June in northern California had a wonderful place and people to calm there. And now Mike is a little yoga I do all these metal firms that need political kind of little magic tricks and jokes and things. That just expose. People own hypocrisy and await their minds were an away date they think about that. So I'm a lot of integration that is bill while my five EDD withdrawal for raid on Amazon tribe my compliment for the press and mindful that turned variety. And you know available Skype and I'd be achieved in that inlet and LA area. Awesome wells thanks so much for coming Manny and all of us and we definitely had a talk to you again at some point in the near future. Or. Are you have a great night. Once again the web site is Ira Israel dot com the book is called how to survive your childhood now that you an adult we recommend you check them both out. He makes incredible point Angelou that obviously it was great talk Ariza we're gonna take a quick break Mordechai and listen to Jason NG. Young young really reveal. Great deal of discussion tonight diary is really appreciate him coming on and sharing his thoughts with us and some some critical Stosur. If there really is and he's just great I look forward to talk him again tomorrow night we're going to be joined by Stephen or can tell part internal investigator. We're going to be discussing his new kernel TV show haunted tours. And as investigations is techniques and a bunch of other things so he's he's a great guy very down to earth and in a pleasure to talk to if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page forest. And had to be on reality radio dot com we can download free iPhone and android app which allows you to listen life catch past shows. Shows join me online chat more. Or just and you'll find news stations we are on across agree conjure it on the website or click the listen life tab. You can join us and the online chat room listening right from the website at night that we are life. Com or if you download the showed us a fair and just read it for us and iTunes or every in my download it from is helps push shell Ford makes it easier for people to fine. Yeah and we encourage people to do that it's it's a great way due to become more involved what we're doing and lot of stuff going on so be part of the family. Yeah we're gonna be adding a bunch more stations coming up not too long from now also may she keep that I am and into. Occasionally threatened and Johnson shows a success because of fuel we greatly appreciate that and its ever growing in we greatly appreciate everybody who's who's become part of the the beyond reality radio and I agree 100% in June and analysis of happy if you debuted it all right there are it was gonna do for us everybody the other grade nine will catch in March Jason NG BB on highly rated and. And don't know ingredients used to doing Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's an old home week you don't really radio's studio. Yeah you know stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will Jason's house saying that she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.