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Dedicated to listeners, Dr. Lange's call-in show talks about the serious epidemic of pink eye in the area! How to start out the new year with correct eye care, information, preventative medicine, along with what healthy foods and vitamins to choose at the supermarket. He is also a certified nutritionist who has developed different food supplements and diets designed to increase your well-being! If you have an eye problem; see your eye doctor first!

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Genesis communications presets there's snow on the it's helping people see better and feel better. Your play board certified pop. Position and yeah applied nutrition specialist and popular. You're Michael my. I'm glad that I cared associate. It's time. I'm your host. Every Saturday morning. 27 years. It got a question regarding your vision eye care nutritional related topic pick up the phones to call 1866. 977482. When he were broadcasting from Genesis communications and beautiful Largo Florida this morning broadcasting through a variety of networks that 97.3 F and the sky eight when he AM. To mention a few. Remember this a live call in shows dedicated to you to listen I'm doctor Michael Lang I'm your host. And it hosting ask the doctor since march of 1993. And the founder of lying I care & Associates lying on institute fortify vitamins. And also Helio simplified. I'm so big on the phones DiMicco. Com is going to be the last show of the year so I don't take this opportunity to welcome everybody to the new year. Happy new year 2018. And agree here. A before we get started I'd do what I mentioned there's an epidemic of paint guy. Viral can jump divide is going on in the village is marrying counting. So. So I've been seeing a whole host of people coming in with the red watery. Light sensitive AT guys. So if you do get this coach your eye doctor to not go to the urgent care facility at emergency room. Go to and optometrists store ophthalmologist. They were diagnosed correctly and treated correctly. Most viral forms of content providers are very contagious. And day you don't wanna rub your eyes obviously on anybody arrived here I was your hand and then touch summit in and they touched their right that's how contagious it can be. So what you can do if you get a red irritated I you don't wanna go to the I'd after cold compress is number one. I'm you can alternate hot and cold compress is keep your eyes very clean maybe baby shampoos from here eyelashes twice today. Flog your eyes with artificial tears frequently go out in the sun when it's not code. Dick Cody got to get some vitamin. And believe it or not you can drinking whey protein concentrate similar fortified. Super protein. Because it stimulates glued to tie on helps kick start your immune system as well. And for the rosy view that want a great deal until the end of the year was usually a day or two I use the code Haley over forty. And this is for Helio simplified. Naked super pro team. You can learn about it fortify dot com or Daly a simplified dot com. This is only place in the world changes for. Percent off this protein it is the exact same as the fortified super pro team in naked protein only on the naked current team. And it's only on the Haley out I'd developed too many alum I've got to get rid of them. So it's the same exact product this fortified super protein that we do not have a discount on. So it's 40%. Off of used kitty Leo sorority. Only for two more days and take advantage of that at fortify dot com. Or pay Leo simplified dot com. And I wonder who is at first it's not who we thank. Steven Bradenton to morning. More sorry. That you beat Bobby must've called in around 6 this morning. That it would not to go and it's. I had a big problem positions almost gone now arm. What happened on November 22 at an injection the our attacks. And then. This would be December 27. Even injection of the highly. And the next day after the media. Dilation or option off while that's better. Our vision is an all time low and I went package of 2200. Almost 28 people for the shot. And the doctor tells me it's my eyes irritated it's going to be okay dazed and I don't see any improvement common. Which you have any idea what happened and it is this going to be a permanent deal or bloody examine me real good test her. Day after the shot. Said everything looked good. Yes Jeanne that problem as you know with diabetes and with leaking macarena arisen in your retton and swollen redness swelling in deem it has miraculously. You know it's difficult it's still I get say it's difficult to treat this in your doctors have been doing. You know all eighteen and these injections sometimes can actually make your vision blurry air for a period of time. Because the and actions can actually sometimes cause more smiling. And it takes a while for that injection to take effect. For the mechanism of action to work and for the swelling in your retina to go down. Now I gotta tell it doesn't always work you know sometimes patients get progressively worse. And you know are you can do is exactly what you do and menu then you've been eating while even exercise you loss the way it controlling your blood sugar you senior doctor yet to great doctors and your coroner. I mean you know little hope a little prayer little faith and continue in his seat doctors. And and is that you know eating the right foods taking the right vitamins I mean you're doing everything it possibly can though. It can get depressing when you lose your vision. And you have to try to. Try not to get depressed because that doesn't help anything. In May stoke. Have a positive mindset and and and try to take good shots. But there's depression. If you get depressed it can cause our holster problems including. Cortisol levels that go up and inflammation that go up which adds to the problem. He's not done it almost certainly have to repeat I'm eager shoppers ormat loft division well. Right right and and then your other arrive I recall isn't very good to begin my visit. Now DS and peripheral vision in this and run one remaining good I. I've got total patient accept everything real blurry now it's. Where it wasn't like that before that shot. Reggie don't have any quadrant of vision and are missing all right. None none well I don't have actually degeneration or if they like this. Just like guess diabetic be on this additionally key generated thing there. NASA web to give a little more time and see what happens with the swelling when Jeanette next visit with the retina specialist. Well not so on January 30. And it before you know it. Well. How long how Long Will it take before it's just got to straighten up a lot of mayday you'd think it would be the forestry. But it's different for everybody Stephen and it's just it's hard to set and some people respond to treatment NATO and 34 days some people it takes weeks or even months. And and I gotta tell it you always got to be prepared for the worst sometimes people don't respond ideally the way we want access. It just seems like that I Eliot shot what made me. This bad because it was so it was after that shot. And a M I has mystical sort of query give me the injection. And then that's sliders and all your eyes very irritated he says the couple that is in the you'll be seeing good again. So on must not look too bad when he you know outlooks for them microscope but the split like all you know. Right right well let's get out of it if he says it takes you gonna improve then I would just sit back and wait. Okay I did I just typical audience see what's your opinion on that hole but it was. Really scary daka today. Now I know exactly from an idea with this every day and and it can be very scary can be very depressing that I just said keep TP chin up and and think positive thoughts. Okay thank you thank you sir have a have a great new year. Nice to meet him. Steve's gonna cause a long time and that's tough when when people patients friends. Lose their vision like that. Right fertilizer of an 866977482866977481. Remember if you learn anything from the show today your eyes red and irritated duty go see your eye doctor. It can be your optometrist or your ophthalmologist not your primary care position not to urging care facility not the owners care profession are. There's care practitioner or not your natural path that position that emergency room. Go to an eye doctor. Because a lot of times this is not bacterial it's not allergic it's viral. And a lot of different viruses can go in the including herpes. And so are her panic virus if you get herpes in your eye. And you put a steroid Arnett in here in big trouble so that's why you gotta have a doctor that's competent looking behind a slit lamp or bio microscope. To make the diagnosis correct the first time and have the appropriate treatment remember it's and the schools now it's all throughout the villages totally not gonna catch it if you stay in your glass bubble from Thanksgiving until February. And that's usually not gonna happen. Let's get back to the silence. Bob you know Alan good morning. Good motor and we're way happy new year you hear him a year. You excited about getting back on the track next week and then I am. That's going to be the winner fast in Sebring. I get a big crowd of people come into that race it's a five day race I think it's like nineteenth twentieth 21 them something like that I'll be racing on. Thursday night Friday and Saturday. So I'm looking forward to the car is ready if I don't get another car I'll be rationed dot Vudu the hood of duty so yeah. That's that's welcome Haskell which going to be the buckle literally got an hour ago. Did the black one and thus I did this this other one which I'm working on stuff. OK good well hope you had a good time where that. This morning are ahead and interest rates experienced in the neighborhood. I have a neighbor that peculiar you donate to him and out in worse complaining about. At Brent at NATO. Nerve back into nerve to go down and away and attic by attic. Well I gave him a ball might make a tree bite of the order vitamin accurate. Are. Pretty ago I without meaning they'll work on my wish you well. Andy says thought I got a good they're as the borders. Sure what might that have very good well I play etiquette part but my doctor torpedo. Are a ticket and they Katrina caught and out. Both took me up you make a true Nagin April. Now all about well water you know or by the heir apparent bush and it campaign in my hand. And carry out a conversation of my neighbor. And I understand your frustration in not try to tell. There's nothing in it make it straight it's gonna caught out. I. And and well or start a little bit conversation he thought orbit. And civil war much lawsuit might well we've got up a lot of finger look. About spoke way to gut and got that step as well rider's neck. It will take you very much you make your decision. But our doctor level of frustration retriever out of me. When somebody that all right. Right well you know if the people listening out there there's actually a study Boston University. I've doubts studying this is where was caught us like online doubt study and it was fairly recent it was that no 2013 fourteen. And it tested our about a thousand people and they assess whether or not Omega three. Was linked and says Ed. So Omega three is actually good at protecting against further gout flare ups eating. Different types of fish however Sar teams are not good side so our teens actually may actually cause a flare up. Something in this earnings out the Omega three fish oil is probably advantageous. I mean it reduces inflammation. You know Omega three poly unsaturated facet fatty acids suppress activation is on the cocked and LRP three. Which is inflammation also C reactive protein human crisis factor. Our racket down a tacit so make it three is very dead it decreasing inflammation in the body the problem as most Americans haven't Omega three and Omega six ratio that is totally skewed the wrong way. The Omega six is too high and remember Omega six is pro inflammatory. It's our especially patients with rheumatoid arthritis. They do Wear it very well when they get on an anti inflammatory diet that consists of Omega three fish all in their diet. Like the length diet that I created has a lot of Omega three has my fortified super Omega and it. Obviously people that have doubt they need to avoid foods that are high in pure greens and they can Google that is a whole host of Suze. That are high in hearings they need to eliminate that. But I have not heard of sensual increasing doubt attack he very well could have had something in his diet. Something else that triggered decked out attack and it probably wasn't the Omega three official. Well again that's right that term punch it up on the ladder and in god and I understand his frustration you know it got the neighbor that they wrote. Well it took to doctor Solomon you know don't be that your adult. And though. You know what he opted for the doctors the so fiscal all we weren't out. I don't know. That doctors behalf there are certain fish that are high and hearings that you should not be consuming. So. He's got to be careful come with certain fish and making Google exactly which one those are. Because those type of fish may actually increase. The risk. Of doubt. But others aren't there other fluids that he didn't have. I mean things like Spanish believe and that can help calm so. Investing Brandon do get out and looked it. Students that aggravate doubt on Google and just to avoid those students. Obviously well. Solid my actions have a lot of friends here at work who would have eight finish. Me oh. I don't know what can this dog but it gave him the guy out. And then a bit from you do took all of my bigotry. And in our walk around an epic beta right. Yes I I think Omega threes is as good just about for anybody and everybody but remember. There's certain types of Omega three out there and we talked about this before they had ethanol and her right. Now who knows what that does that's an apple asked her molecule. So you want a re justified triglycerides performance issue all white fortified super Omega. Are you want to eat this specific fish. Cut back on foods that are high in Omega six fatty acids and cut back off of foods that are high and in periods. Well I gave him again my neighbor of years ago the styrofoam cup test and churn out there's. Earlier amid a trade you know wiped out the bottom of the cup. But you know eight if you're. Doesn't pick it that's a significant reason through changes. Brand of special oil. But now here but really humanity and aren't you know Roberto. Right or apply. Of cause you're gonna tax. Right dead that that I just don't believe that happens you remember a fortified as triple distilled it says so it's my lack Julie distilled. And so that should not affect their gap because there is no hearings and official. But I. That's what problem but. I don't go to church pro Rama that are right. Our pedestal is still not too young to go back to medical school athletic big. You can take yet outdoor Obama ordered. Happy new he would you to. Bob's always gets an interest in questions are phone lines are from 1866. 97748218669774820. You're listening to ask the doctor. I'm doctor Michael Lang. Let's see if we're getting people listening upping gains fell from the sky area. Now at some point three Sam this is just a day before the new year. Saturday but is when his New Year's present sent him. Tomorrow night's New Year's end. And that's screw us got over their talk and he's kind of like my ad mega man and sit and over to the side then. That you're watching on FaceBook guy you probably can't seamy side that the back and my workout partner front is also appeared and I think he went out to. Make a phone cost them so yes getting Jimmy Carl let's keep the show going slash show the new year 1866. 9774820. This confirms. But I Stephen clear organ morning. Yeah if you wanted to let why Gallup bothers you so much go into Google images and look at. Look up pictures of those little doubt that your gas and crystal. And out like sugar is little square saying it. Salt foursquare thing they look like literally like shards of glass. They're like little charity that means that the crystals are like little pieces of glass almost that's what they look like. All when I don't want to talk about this this this this pink tie break out all. I guess is that this is type far fetched but. Right after the eclipse it's. You know how this Spanish flu epidemic occurred right after one of the major clips is of the century and there's a lot of unity Jenny radiation from that light. That causes a lot of viruses mutate. Com it's very interesting that right after that. Right after that you know how global they keep track of what. Keywords are being Google's. Okay. That they say what's trending keywords. It's very interesting to note that for about two weeks after that eclipse. Okay. One of the biggest. Search it's what people looking up what causes it she buys his net interest. Maybe they eclipse it's not you don't only have to just look at it. But may be that bad reflection of that light bound. Off windshields bouncing off water bouncing off Blake's bouncing off cars bouncing off. Is they're still getting. That that dangerous flight even if it's at a small level because. A big Google said that they were getting all these these searches for like two weeks after the after the eclipse. What causes itchy eyes are remedies for HER racer in my guess I don't know what it in May not be true. But you know Steve that that's a pretty interesting point because again today that eclipse was really good for our business. Well I mean our our business we got a lot of walked into an emergency because I don't know if I was half hour was Psycho somatic you know because a lot of people were looking at the eclipse they weren't looking at for a long time but they're just looking up at a and then they started being more cognitive of their vision you know they put in the right hand over the left and the right now and they've all got an OC guys did damage tomorrow night when they indeed had a cataract and began left. Or they had a little immaculate generation begin with they didn't realize it so it made people more cognitive of their religion and a lot of people were common and so people were probably Google in a lot more stuff I related. After. The eclipsed you're you're exactly right I think it. It says it did create. Like a little frenzy of concern. About their visual house. Yeah. But it is definitely that the like I said these east. And I itself is certainly usually viral as it sometimes back. Usually viral bacterial as more and children believe and I've bacterial as more and STD sexually transmitted diseases which is pretty prevalent believe it or not. I think like chlamydia and gonorrhea and stuff like this. But it's usually far most evidence in a Dino virus and a lot of kids get and it's very contagious. It's when your eyes redden Morari okay light sensitive doesn't have a green discharge if you haven't stick. Green brown discharge coming out that's usually bacterial. And then again. Itching profusely and it's very swollen but it itches that's allergic. So a lot of times just by a case this street was that it is in a patient you can kind of determine what it is just by their symptoms and the appearance of the so remember. An antibiotic will do nothing for a virus or analogy that's why you gotta go to eye doctor instead of to primary care physician to make the right diagnosis. One thing I wanted to say is of course speed is trying to get depressed as it is our problem. And an. I know this sounds silly but you know how they have to answer people. They have games like a video games for children that have leukemia. And they have the white cells. And the video game it's the white cells against the cancer cells and there there there there are counselor after they played it well. I did I have I have this eye problem and push you should know that I've really don't know what it is and some people say that what they'll do is they'll breathe on their glasses. To make them faulty. And put them back on. And then as that bought those awful on their visualizing my vision is getting better. And it's it's it's sounds ridiculous. But what it does is Asia visualizing for the other person what you want to happen there ice sheet just breathe on your glasses. Although Mott put them on and say OK at this ought goes away goals these thoughtful way. And I I I know it doesn't sound scientific. I. If it works on Mac that area we're all connected you know. Well Steve's listening I'm sure Steve yeah giant audit their. There age don't get discouraged that night and will get better okay. Yeah thanks for the car corporation. Ticker. I won 866977482. When he won 86697. Some for a twenty. That was another Steve very intelligent Steve they call that I always has a lot of great stuff sharing with us. I'm right where get re take the next on a second but I wanna I just one introduced fronts here fronts this one of the head guys over at hype around. Software company. And he's my workout partner and I gotta tell you we're gonna talk briefly about working out here for just the second before tickets next guy tries thanks for being a guest this morning thanks my. Tim and keeping me the whole team here we're discredit on the road trip over to Daytona too big RV shares so. They came and keep me company now. I get tea front's been working out for a few years now and I've watched him morality. In street that you get a lot bigger a lot stronger and a lot of that is obviously DC dedication and hard work. But I easy eaten properly and an easy in the right stuff and he's taken. A post recovery work out drink that really works. So this is a drink that I recommend everybody you take fortified super prep team remember 40% off if you pay Leo forty. For the fortifying naked protein actually at the daily a simplified Natick rating you take a scope this protein. You take two cups and chocolate milk 82 chocolate milk and some watermelon. You blend it all together eat the watermelon and shake the chocolate milk with a pro team. And right after work and now and it's a frenzy and having some pretty amazing results engine on the fortified super bright thing. Have only knows the system take about protein nuns. Until they can protein especially like the clearing out to an internal flavors us a Great Dane mix and at the top of no. And it's just not impose some things don't perfectly. Right I mean you strength has gone up in the bench press your eyes as I mean you really really come along Gracie can be like the next. What is that not Hulk Hogan and uncle has pretty day minicamp and lose for a net that was a big dude he was the Hulk he's too young to remember that show iron on the parade there was done as a whole. Right so remember fortified super pro team. Check that out it fortify dot com and look at the paley a simplified naked protein we get a naked we get chocolate we got it even though this is 82 callous that we get this from. This is that none teenager concentrates. Or has the goods that senate. And Natalie promotes muscle growth and fat loss and strength. But it stimulates included time and so all of you that are fifty years and above. And you start to get tired loss of libido things like this a good way to whey protein concentrate with stimulate glued to sign down to master it dioxin and your body. Moments like super charging your body. I asked him the suns. I think it's now. Allen Don Allan thanks for holding. They've got a question my wife and I take your sort of fight focused. And should like to know if it is you should take vitamin C with that. That's absolutely vitamin C is a good anti oxidant. It's certainly you can take it with that it won't counteract the sacked seven adults. I'm so absolutely. Also on. Now one of the best times to take. Supplements if it before I'd meal during or after the U. Yeah most supplements is better to take with a meal all right may be right before right after or during the meal because the facts in the suit. I'm are gonna happen at George said don't take it with a salad take it withstood it actually has bad and it. I believe unethical rotten noise to triple correct noise in the fortified focused this studies out there that indicated you take it with milk. Whole milk so you go to gets go to goat's milk or you get. The new hole melts it may two cows and you drink a cup of that so we don't know if it's actually the fact. The whey protein. The case seem approaching a combination of all of that but itself and cry knives absorb. So to fortify focus is best with milk if you have analogy to melt and obviously. Just take it with food but yes taken with it. What about any item and adaptive. Whole bit true. Yeah usually with most most vitamins does it take vitamins and an empty stomach department depending on the concentration you can. You can vomit could expect you can get nauseated and that's got to take is probably at breakfast or lunch. But as a lot of people had taken at supper some of these things like in the fortified vitamins we got to see low car nineteen apple put gas and co Q ten. Which stimulates ATP production which is energy a lot of vitamin B twelve which gives you energy wood on the caffeine but. You know then you might not sleep as well as you should size recommend taking vitamins have breakfast or lunch with food not its opera. That it take a whole bunch of different vitamins if the back the space. State that out or any pick him 111. No no serious example some ice take a fortified immaculate defense in this post's take three day don't take them all one time which can have very expensive gearan all right economic analyze it off and a year and will be bright bright yellow. So sit back to Asia maybe take half of them practice and have them at lunch. Or one what breakfast moment luncheon then won with it with a snack you know a few hours after after lunch. So you need access supplements lot of ads that all get. What I'd focus is that really hurt our attitude to take it that they. Not I don't know I mean I take I take fortify complete my super may get I take the fortify focused. And it takes an enzyme that take it all the same time yet. What about taking aspirin. Aspin will let me have a headache is something to take invited in and take aspirin afterwards or is that not a. It doesn't matter if you just take an answer to get rid headache you can take it anytime you can take it with you vitamins but the best time to take aspirin as a preventative approaches that bad time. And you take one Omega three with a baby aspirin a bad time that you potentially effects of each other that is against us and good studies that have proven best aspirants NJ it's something in the may get three caught resolved and and protect against so Steve Creason Chansi getting a clock when you're sleeping. And having a fatal heart attack or stroke first thing in the morning. That's why you take it at that time so it's maximum concentration when your waking up in the morning Bremer most people have these fatal strokes and heart attacks first thing in the morning. And so you take the baby aspirin load as baby aspirin and a good Omega threes visual like fortify Superman it right at that time. Ideally the perfect time to take it as many special when you get the year ended it in a midnight 1 o'clock in the morning did you take it then. But most people officially tonight that's not gonna happen to just take it right at that time. Today it was the last question. Well we can't stomach acid then they pretty much a pretty strong that is up a lot of things. We take supplements and vitamins. How have you know that it's not destroying the value in those foods. Right right so as certain types of acids and enzymes and probably out its intrinsic factors in the stomach. Actually made to help help that worked batter her right to help you absorb this stuff better. But some people are are off on that some people as we get older the hydrochloric acid is very poor as they can take HEL supplements. You know that enzyme activity is very poor there insurance it's actors are very poor. So usually the way god made our body is to break down those passes are good at breaking down the fats and carbohydrates. And these vitamins to help but absorb. I'm so it's not the type of Bassett that your thinking. That's that's gonna destroy things is actually it's good at helping and absorb batter and sometimes people have to take extra. H yeah hydrochloric acid and things like that to help absorb. So another rule of thumb here cover up and let you brought this up. When you eat your food when you eat your meals and also when you take your vitamins don't drink a lot of fluids with Chris that actually dilutes. The acid okay. It dilutes the ins and Medicaid digest of properties so the macro by attic ways remember him acrobatic was very vogue you know it's 2530 years ago. Date Judy -- usage you are your suited you know fifty times the dozen years and Malays insides and saliva start to act on it. And then don't drink anything twenty minutes before our twenty minutes after. Eating until twenty minutes before twenty minutes after. So it's not diluting these digest today it's night. Well that's great information thanks a lot thought it would talk to you next. All right take care. Happy new year can you believe it next year is right around the corner. New Year's resolutions we're gonna talk about that a few minutes. Let's go back to the phones I don't know who's next. May be not a better. Studies let's try steeped in Tampa good morning Steve. It almost comes up but some intelligence stuff we got Colin yeah I'm just not a democracy have a one. You're talking about eight Q now I was into a lot of outpost or ask how do and it should not too well. I think it may be because people don't 82 I think that might have to name it something like. Mothers for the creation honors society need out something that that members I think it's wrong people are actually it look at case. Interest and yeah I noticed that publics they don't carry a lot of LA to have one deeper sound they don't carry a lot of it but. Around the villages is very popular and it just got to tell my patients about it so they can't keep in stock in the public in the villages just. Well good that he's just bad overcrowded. You know those old people or they're getting they're out and form that a year they are that. Serious question. Doctor when you have pay out. And older. Relatives. And they basically. Are turning down the lights are not person. Stockpile medications and so forth. I've been giving her. Cohen thank you Janet. The area. Beaten in all there as well what's great about the speed being great for circulation. And the other thing that you might recommend. But hey you know a lot of times you see these and in this situation now be prescribing things like boost and ensure. Which is probably better than nothing but if you look at other chemicals on these type of products and there's a lot of chemicals in there so what I do is I might recommend taking a combination. Of that chocolate rather than Allah fortified super pro team. And this super suit is a super fruit is gonna give you all these others fruits and vegetables. You know mixing it up and shake and just let him drink that down once a day that's given out all of final analysts. Outer city art to get it. No it's silly but you know what people can hardly swallow it it is a big deal while we take a lot for granted I want you strong bench I. You know Archie is does that go to that result pretty nice actually that super fruit. It in water to simulate really well don't use the naked progeny got to use that chocolate Vanilla because we vetted organic war gone too it makes this simulate more almost immediately. And so you can drink it through his stride he's put it in shaker had some you know nice bottle water take a little scoop for the fourth via a super food to scoop for the fortified protein. Put in more and a shaker shake it up get mistrial let him drink that down. That's gonna give them all the anti rocks and it's the protein everything you know really for that day and. Sure you'll agree that tidbit this cycle this cascade of events when you get an undersea almost. It's it's I hate to say it but I can't a lot of good assist deprivation of human contact combined with. Bad nutrition and and you can pick a twenty year old actually put in the same situation and every track around a lot. Yes absolutely correct absolutely correct porn attrition is is huge there because they're not getting the right and nutrients they should be getting. I mean I don't know any of these places as we both have loved ones that are in the situations and and it's hard for them they get the right foods and and they don't wanna eat and that's why if you could go there I love want to go there and given that shake once a day. I mean it will help you'll see enterprise. Way back after duke overtly issue probably yeah. It does not on the prescription. Yeah yeah that's right. Everybody just Poland or get the big Trout Obama forget all the stuff. And dedicate one either treat yourself. And to your family. And just just Poland that don't go out just Portland State spiralled people that you care about her death about all that stuff it's literally killing. Hey man I agrees that if and I take care. Happy new year. He's awesome and a column for many years yeah it's pretty intelligent needing contrary woody thanks. I felt lines are from 186697748. When he won 866977. 4820. Anybody in the sky listening area and many seven point three FM a winner in lake city and we a lot of Ocala caused. Lake sitting gains on pick up the sons Jimmy colony now we're coming in loud and clear 18669774820. Right so work study found that at the last nine institute in the villages. Okay. You're looking for I care of the latest and I surgery being nutritional I care glasses contact lenses. We take care of and all of the Lang I institute even cosmetic surgery. So we got a great staff are great group of doctors just about all walks of life in the line I institute. Right there in the villages. County road 101 and 466. Looks like a big 40000 square foot plantation on the Mississippi River. I guess said that I'd built that office we opened in 2006. By 2006 Thanksgiving 2006 in that location started my first office and Ocala march 15 of 1993. We opened thirteen locations in Florida and then last year in April I sold all of my locations. Except the last nine institutes on a one man show. But that we've got everything. We need under one roof there we give it a fellow member of fiddling I institute. It's 35275340141. More time 352753. 4014. Also if you wanna learn more about nutrition some of the supplements I've developed go to the fortified website that's fortified. Dot com FO RT I ask. EYE kind of play on words fortified. Dot com. Anonymity via phone number for fortified vitamins I'm gonna take the next car. Fortified item is 1866. 9774. And stuff that's that's that's the collier I can't think of the phone number for fortified vitamins maybe fronts can pull that up and let me know. Here's just a second while we're taking the next top. Allen and saintly good morning. Exports are. I'm doing great that person that you probably were ten years and I never called then. Until I know our callers and you know listen everywhere expelled. Good to talk judges sent. A couple of things go and ask you now or earlier dot com and volley on Twitter to end up and it got echoed. We're just cannot you know we're we're on the bottom and alert but solve unfortunately not could also. That's got 45 focus right. Yep we sure we should be back again the first week of January people can't get fortify focus on Amazon is wanted to discount but. On Amazon. Still available yeah right after we had those guests from asked to realign. I mean we went through hundreds of cases in the we had the big Christmas extravaganza. And now I thought I had planning I mean I had like 300 cases and the whereas and I'll went in three weeks. And that's a barge and ultimate and of course is called scored from that first goal in. Look like except goodness and everywhere. Do little. You know I read this book recently by a great guy name I didn't let. On an. Inspiration really inspirational book the story out going. I thought it. XP all understand. What. I'm about six. But water success story in our local and see. Alms people. I think I don't construction but you've got no regret at all worried. He bit about it was like what what Supreme Court oh god I go to. Construction up about her record operational book called I like Coca. Go to. I open up and let's. See well I read it. The worst thing happened let you know what let the last course. Right and thanks for that and know what I'm gonna do just since you brought that up I'm gonna do a special code on Twitter okay. Believe it or not this code it's going to be good shirt that until the end of the year just for a wedding day and a half. But it's gonna give 16%. Any fortified vitamins so people is that and he got to go to Twitter my Twitter account is. Let's doctor Michael Lang Twitter our rights act Michael Lang a lewd key. So I think is doctor Michael Lang at Michael Lang OT it's the Twitter account that has a 135000. Followers to have a smile on Twitter account and a bigger toward her cat. So for people out there sign up on Twitter. And and about an hour from now I'm an at tweet it showed a special code this conferred today and the others and you get 60%. Off any. Fortified product okay. I don't. Well you should now I get that 50% savings and out I was I really do things like this every now and then once the bloom and. A lot people out there are so cool to greet our. I announce agent happy new year. And be. But my teeth Barrett. So once again go to Twitter sign up and follow me on Twitter. We view this I mean the followers have just been crazy in a lot of listeners a follow me on Twitter right now. I'm we've got a 135000. Followers now I'm at this rate we'll probably tenth 250000. Followers probably in the next two months. So my goal is to get a million followers we'll see if that happens so. Discredit Twitter and that Michael Lang those. Are mighty doctor Michael Lang that Michael Lang OG and a Twitter but you'll find idiot reporter put my name and the one that has a 135000 dollar sign up and about power. A minute we get code. That is gonna do you view. 50%. Off fortified vitamins and till the end of the year which is just you know a day and a half from now. All right that's my New Year's gift to all you guys out there. Right phone lines are from one. 8669774820. That's 86697748. When he so frogs. The New Year's resolutions I think everybody. Out there you have to worry about it B and your age that you know when it's fifty years of age and older. I think one of the New Year's resolutions as we all. Should work out. Until later. Get in better shape yes and so I hope that a combination of the things. Had hit the jam. You know weightlifting yeah decent car audio get on the cardiac cycle elliptical trainer or something like that at least twenty minutes a carding a five times a week. Eat right all right C go to the Lang diet that's a great way to eat right to school allied diet. So work out Carpio eat right get a little sunshine at least 34 times a week for about thirty minutes between eleven and two. Take your vitamins right. Am. Be nice to be nice to people. Just being guys. In though. That's that's hard for some people it's difficult for some people would be nice. In now I think I'm probably the nicest guys that there is no I think about it I I've never had a patient that really has been met with. And I can always done fuse that situation I think that's one reason that been. You know pretty successful. You know some people have tempers and when they have a temporary you know they freak out their cortisol levels go up they start out this kind of raises an egg right over there. And I met. Ed that man over in the corner not. We're gonna take some fellow guards let's go to the firm's. Tim I think deals next. Galen targets brings good morning. Jail yeah yeah good morning I didn't. They'd get. You wonder how you got how. Kicking. Want to know what they hey. Is there. You know like we may be wine. Low on Burton. I didn't care. Exactly. Why. Well I mean there is still way. Gail and you can't I mean I like turns out I tell people to start off number one by doing something Cartagena code tests are right. You can Google this go to mocha dot com that's HTM. Oh CEO of GE he let code dot com all right. And actually read about it. This is awaited text test for food sensitivities. So the first thing before even starting on vitamins he needed to check diet and checking you eat the foods that your body is thirsting for. And not consuming the foods that you're developing these IGG antibodies to okay which foods and activities. You can eat these foods are your life and not realize that the food sensitivity. But the anxiety that the were asleep determined to logical condition you know all this could be related to those suits so the first thing you. Check for food sensitivity you can go to your doctor to do it but it's very expensive. This is 499. Dollars or use my name lying. In the promo code you get a hundred dollars off so it's 399. They sent it to your house you stand if the special instrument that hurt at all and yet the lead on these little markers they have. You send it to them or they send you a report that shows you all the foods you should eat. The foods you should stay away from and they talk about the science behind. Why so that's number one that we start quoted court. No they send it to you they sedate stuff its plan. Mandatory explanation. That clinical nutritionist sends it to you and as he can even call you and discuss it with you okay. But it's pretty self explanatory the report that you get. It is pretty self explanatory it's been Jack and it cuts the cuts that middleman in the position outside this section right you don't catch it does now. But just to help. Adjust your diet number one okay. Now you start eating the right foods okay based on your body and based on your blood. Help dramatically. And if you really get used to find out. If years still deficient and things you can ask your doctor to run a test a blood test caught a Spectra cell task. I used to do a lot of these when I was developing the vitamins and inspectors are. Actually looks for nutritional deficiencies okay. And tells you what your nutritionally deficient it however I don't recommend that until you do to suit sensitivity test first. And you get on that diet for four months. And you feel like half a million bucks I'm telling when you eat that lose that you're supposed to be eating you feel like a million bucks and chances are your nutritional deficiencies are gonna go away. And you might not even need that blood test but then. After four months of being on that type a diet you can have a spectrum so tests done. To determine if there's anything out she eat need to add ever showed you deficient B twelve B six from magnesium. Things of this nature. I'm that then you can also add something I created a multi vitamin believing that co fortified complete once daily. And I recommend when they're getting started just take that that you combination multi vitamin I vitamin veggie cap troop cap and inside and one US peace certified. Dual delivery say at face tablet okay. It's I've checked aren't yet fortified complete. And I'd change that formula fourteen times in the last eleven years based on ongoing research I'm involved and it's not a miracle pill but it does give you all the nutrients that your body is thirsting for and that's kind of an insurance policy just to add that. Two that he let code adjusted diet are right. If you nada I vegetarian make sheets and good finish especially wild Alaskan salmon drink plenty of Warner during the day. You can learn us a scapegoat Google Lang diet like diet talks about exercise hydration sun and it talks did you sample of a diet. That he can actually do that's gluten free and it's five Matt free as well it doesn't having the fruits and vegetables that permit. In your stomach seek a look at some of the things on the line diet plan and implement that your daily life. All right so. I. Online came like almost feed. Right. A dark and hit suggested I take that. I don't picket every gay. Right so they see as an innocent of Sistine. And that's supposed to stimulate glued if I am okay. And so. It bet you know something that works better as stimulating glues eye on is actually. The weight protein I just talked about weight protein concentrate. Fortified super protein regret back in that respect yourself days and I was doing a lot of those. One of the biggest deficiencies my masculinity generation patients had was glued if Diana. And innocent of Sistine. Did not get rid of that included found deficiencies however. Routine walk. Concentrate from grass fed cows did get rid of their desire deficiencies that's why I developed fortified super approach. Coral. World. Won't write it Ngo and to be president now. Yeah. I don't mind if I'm a wealth of knowledge this morning trip. Right let's get back in reference to Dennis and Saint Augustine good morning. Mark. My wife a liar traveler provisional worst visiting here in Saint Augustine, Florida December to catch you on the radio. And by the way forward get into Marvin BR and I find you on the web once we get away from Saint Augustine. Absolutely I'm all over the web on social media everything but he's got to my website. Either lying I cared dot com. Or better website is just my name doctor Michael Lang dot com just DR Michael Lang dot com and current of that website. Now I am and that that will actually link yet to a lot of my other companies that I had as well also you can learn about fortified paley a simplified glue like defense. Some other companies that have developed over the years. Great. My thing was that model wife and I both had our flu shots and revered Saint Augustine and she's got all the symptoms of the blue. I'd be heard on eight and all that stuff and she's taken Tyrod all. Is there aipac policy if you had any suggestions to alleviate any of the symptoms. Wow after the flu is really go around it's pretty bad at Saint Augustine is probably pretty cold right now. Now her now did in Florida it could be warm tomorrow. So probably the best thing in the world even though she has to either believe or not. Is go out for a half hour in the sun with minimal clothing I'm between eleven and two and a half our son to vitamin. Load up on vitamin. 5000 union you know milligrams of vitamin C that's fine. And vitamin. 2003000. Units even 5000 units of vitamin. The thing about kick starting your immune system right now let's talk about this way protein. Member when you have the flu your immune system is compromised so. Wait protein concentrate. Right that's a very good way but some blueberries may be. Pineapple and there blended altogether with either common though a coconut milk RE 2000. Now. So wait protein concentrate why you got the flu obviously bed rest she's got to get a good night's sleep and each got to get a good night's sleep. If she's got fever I mean obviously you take something to bring the fever down cold compress. You know aspirin or leave her ads though as long as it does it agrees with her stomach. But I don't like people taking a whole lot of that you know only if you fever gets really high you gonna have to take something to bring bring the fever down. Asha green tea organic green tea she can sip on organic green where she's gotta hydrate okay. Gotta hydrate you get a drink plenty of good bottle Warner. Like spring war not filtered purified wars bring order. Why have the loose or try to get out a little bit assign hydrate take about taking dead weight protein concentrate. Good night sleep. Believe it not hot. Right eagle with a low fi hot bath. And you could put. Some saw the magnesium goes and helps her relax or helper. I get a better night's sleep now obviously he got a 104 degree fever don't get knocked act out. All right and indeed let's run its course I mean at the virus that suppliers are usually runs its course. They're or I called Paul runs and one of Austin and so on goal got the fluid and he had bishops in the seemed like he got over real quick with some that didn't give. Lou didn't get to shout Israelis suffered. Right yeah I'd mixed emotions on that flew back vaccine that's a whole another radio show we don't have to add to talk about. But the whole idea is get your immune system kicked dead we got to go to grad time Dennis good luck. All right thanks for tuning and and happy new year everybody come on here god bless you.