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Jan 21, 2018|

Money-saving topics today include:Loans available to help you get your new home! The state of the economy and its effect on home-buying, things to do before listing your home, steps to take to buy a home!

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America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage as a member FDIC an equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn what triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through American based mortgage loan originators. There from the studios of 97.3. Disguise this. Is the real estate show. With Mike Jones from America spank mortgage. You can email Mike at Mike dot Jones had a merits faint dot com. The number of calling and his 877. W Skype talk that's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike the mortgage man. Then everybody good afternoon this is Todd Lewis and Tommy Williams songs you are listening to the real estate show with Mike Jones. A Marist bank. And Mike is joining us via telephone today Mike Terry there. There right. Mike's not there. We'll get my here in just a minute. How once again US is there really say Cheryl. And you can get old Mike Jones in a Marist bank anytime day or night seven days a week by emailing might Dow Jones in America spent dot com that's Mike dot Jones in a Marist bank dot com. Again on drug problem is Tommy Williams owns and you can reach me. And our products on the web but I'm doing songs dot com. Org car models at 3354140. 21 of our wonderful sales people Jane and Ashley were working all weekend a week day and night. As sullen gray green homes sold are standard on every home we build and let's go back to the phones here we have Mike let us might get there. They talked just under power is that one are you. Doesn't get Atari can be in the studio with you. That's OK if I were in Fiji I wouldn't be. Period there I Sharif PG I wouldn't be doing a sheriff. I write that shares your dedication. If I thought. So there are gonna show we talk about all things real estate Mike's well playlist in this. We talked about building homes we talk about green homes you talk about buying and selling real estate. And of course we talk about its. Mike's favorite which is mortgage lending is our might. That's right that's right sides of it is that got bored and delete and interest rates and I am. Watching interest rates just about every day of my life every moment of my life really with a little excessive but I don't sat at the but I knew group's us on. Yes they're so well the government has shut down Mike it's that were twelve hours into the government shutdown but the real estate show goes on. So they can they cannot run the government. You know they can map pigs can fly in the jaguars can make it to the championship game via FC but Dario stage show will continue. Nor hair. Roger Taylor furloughed over doing it for free. Unlike other weeks where we'd. Do it for for. Anyway or what's going on in the and the world of interest rates might. Yes so. Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal market closed up again some of that with the market right now. Because of the government shut down and not knowing what's gonna happen. And last night but the tenured. I'm part of a thirty year. National average thirty retreat alone in the Wall Street Journal yesterday Friday. January 19 2018. A was four point 11% and I was up on the repeat we normally quick we would ultimately changes or at least. Very much retained but that it is being basis point increase from the previous week. And it's up quite a bit from where it was just a few weeks ago so there's definitely enough port going. The fifteen year national average loans in the Wall Street Journal adjustment Friday. January 9 in 2008 the was 3.5 7% up another Olympic points from the previous week in those are pretty deep changes. And as we've talked about book or the center country know what we don't talk about a whole lot but that. And apple are not enough for lack of effort on your part and my dad. Yes site trying but then there's much I can but two point 659%. That's the closing basis or the ten year treasury now not that they're at that per year. I point that numbering you know or we've been in this Oslo economies become abused in. In group a lot in the last you know Paul months and that's what would retire. But the real resolute and almost two point 6% so now that it would have exceeded 2.2 percent. I'm you know the next the next stop would beat 3% and that's a pretty pretty. Jump Ross you know on the new content you have an abandoned in probably a decade so that. I don't know what we're gonna wanna decade that 3% of percent. To 3% ten year treasury note so that's gonna crack mortgage rate up. And that's just it an indicator war rhetorical. So the ten year treasury note is up significantly as overtures and yes sir yes. So that's that's exciting and we not necessarily good exciting but they're excited right and then and portends something for the future I still don't know what that I know it's important palace again why. Yet yes this and it's because get a new content outside the stock market has route we. Tony it out of on the Dow in just the first seven trading days of this year so. That's the flip side so the bond market looks a year a year from now things are going to be substantially better. Then what they've bent over the past years of the other quite in several interest rate increase by the bed. And think like that that's why the ten year treasury note that have. Well broken through that two point 6% level and that. Part of that is also here in Europe what's gonna happen with the government to restore Monday in a new week it's going to be several. So says. The cliff notes version and the cut to the chase on the on the penetration has big jump and treasure and no means that the rise in interest rates will continue well most likely. Our that's correct and who and what I would like everyone to know. Is that you know if you're looking for a house right now. Q well you know get a mortgage and also at the office 353397588. Org email me at Mike doc Jones and has buy dot com. And I didn't just get recalled from us because people call in the morning got a record pagan tripled my bowels. Well that's great you know the call back in the afternoon in the rape torture in middle and why it. The rates are changing all the crimes you know they. It is so it right now the trend is that fully up and that's something that you you know looking should look hard right now looking later in the year maybe you wanna re. Re such a point to look. I'm now to trying petrol a bit lower rate but could we are expecting. Interest rates should be on north reported half percent by you know by the end of the sheer and intimate sort of the. North of four and a half percent. Now the beginning at beginning of the year you predicted four and a half percent B the average for the year you are you amending that upwards. I'm not yet. Whether it's gotten their lot quicker than I thought it would that's for sure. And so we mice are you so you know users to view an average of 40% which I'm guessing average means that we would probably will will passport half percent at some point but then the average over the twelve months is that correct. That's right that's exactly right and in normally we see there the rise in interest rates. Over the summer you'll we do the most to me at quote I usual due early year like this. Because it is owed sort arm of the year or you know nationwide or buying him. Probably with the upkeep in Beijing July when you know folks are advocate out of school marijuana movement. Well but right now we're sitting seeing reached which up quicker than expected against Ole synopsis of a recurring. So this on serious we're not just talking because we like yourself talk not that we don't. But this is it's. Mrs. I don't know it I mean it's Monday it's time to do something it's time to act it's it's you know would it seems like you know people are. Are probably for T by hearing people like you and I say oh interest rates are gonna go up and I haven't gone out and quietly ten years. Brokerages that your aunts and nobody weren't weren't where the high interest rate you know who cried or with the board grind higher interest rates. I ended loving company. It's happening. You know we're right it's finally it's finally happening or write at least one or one time so that yes it is starting to happen appear to be mindful of just noted you're what you're looking at that it probably going to be on net street Louis chapter. And at certain points of the year there will be ritual were trades go to a little bit but typically. Generally speaking nickle very quickly in the on downwards well. So you know it takes a numbered dates for them to go down on the ball in water two days so we've seen that you know week after week now before you read your rates are up. And done it just doesn't seem like stopping right now there's a political level off to make an uncomfortable for us lending business but. It is what it is an incredible long term commitment or you're building outs and you don't know that we want to be punished you know you may want to consider a long time law. We outs are almost there so you wanna call the office and give. It's an information on during an expanded law. Street five Q3 397588. Or might not Joan de merit bank dot com. And I'll give you what options that we have available on bank I'm someday they'll put something we haven't used an amber your signature may be the year we you know we start using them more and more because. You just don't know where they're gonna top. So it sounds like it's it's really not fear mongering to say. He or she who hesitates is lost and and there's a real chance that if you hesitate now you could Tuesday. An idea and I'm the president give any kind of story that might illustrate that point for people. No podium spot. But I know and you know anything and you owe anything to remind I do have a pretty in Europe if you wanna hear a lovely jokes. Especially that's especially when there especially when their pre sold so well. He had pretty lame but here readers that is the long term. Our wrote a long. You're a good thing about announcing it as a lame joke is even evidence that if there's anything. Giggle does he have to idea. They don't get a rise the level of snicker they could just be a funny feeling in your stomach and that you know and you and you've exceeded expectations of doing so. Okay well here here with the regular guitar so alone out there not saying it's going to be hopefully I'll be honest way to closing. Your Chirac when are closing on their opponent and not be on right red light and yet. Into a major part in next may know there are no longer on earth. Of these commuter when he says little joke. Viewers to know that are not funny at all. Well what does it get better. I hopefully but well anyway so argued oh loss in front of it Peter early date. They tutors that you know reviewing your life you've done some really good thank you all on boats out and you know portable housing and you've done some really good things there but other parts you like an aggregate your spouse yeah you. The dog want to also talked about ten year treasury note. And yet talk about the tenure at you know I was elected obviously because of that I think on gonna give you a choice between heaven or hell. Angela Bassett but really that's quite interest in computer so prosecutor takes them over to. Take some overdue one door opens the door in their Evan and Evan looks really review matters gleaming streets and everything is why it hadn't been beautiful and everyone knows that you seem to during the sultan bonuses and while that much really nice computer and that it so all restored earlier opens door to help. He looked in there and they're like playing golf and there are in the pool would swimming it's beautiful everyone governor replied. Angela options like well you know the public really rate new mine by. Take a little time that they do so or. And distributors like yeah that's an illegal requests you know but I outrage that you know sleet. He goes away a little Burton you know you could you know honestly honest come back the next. Next day and they Peterson's okay it will not switcher decision watchers those. They Peterson you know have a look really good but particularly gonna go with Alcatel looked Lugar and you know like all elect swimming at the moment ago with bell and they're used to it okay that your choice he opens the door and it you know there like fire and brimstone everyone's going to be over and screaming and yelling and crying. That alone up to look you they report ultimately what happened. Computer system where each block yesterday. High gas. Yes he should have locked. Metal all right fantastic. Cautionary tale. Not a lame and our load ability but. Maybe it yet not a short. That it's but the fact of the matter is is this is serious interest rates up they have gone they're not going up yes I've gone out yet but I'm gonna operate. All right great you are. Are listening by the way to the real estate show with Mike Jones from Marist bank dot com. And I thought Lewis from Tommy Williams homes dot com when we come back we're gonna continue our series and getting your house ready to put on the market. What you need to do to sell out fast and for the most money we'll have tips number four and five. When we come back from the break there was in the real estate show on this guy. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder in the market for a new home called Tommy Williams homes at 3523354140. Help building at Oakmont near Haile plantation and Finley woods near 34 street and Wilson road and now featuring Gainsville shortest new commute to US shams and the VA hospitals starting from the low two hundreds every Tommy Williams home includes solar power standard called Tommy Williams homes today at 3523354140. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder. But no matter illustrate showed us is Bob Lewis from Tommy Williams homes dot com and Mike Jones from Marist bank dot com to get all the Mike email him any time. Even when he's in Fiji that might got a Maris bank dot com my Dow Jones and our strength dot com puzzle Wi-Fi down there might. I'm not in his bounce off waves and carried out earlier for courts ought. So before we get into the the tips on getting your home ready to sell for the most amount of money and the fastest. We want to go back to our riddle from last week and we that we put on a rental. And I believe we had a winners are correct my. Okay the Rezko was the wrongs of a ten foot ladder attached to a ship our one foot apart. If the water is rising at the rate of one foot and power how Long Will it take until water covers over there. That was the riddle that was last week struggle and who's the winner might. Cops are to put me on the spot and don't have a right in front of me but gentleman that you. You know on the back the correct answer and you know it's all the great I mean your home address meant you were up there and never are bent so the beat up they're listening at Albany was the winner because it was up on the opposite 177 you north west 43 street. We passing game it will reduce the suspect and pick up its prize packet which owns. You know wonderful merit bank copy mode with you know two really big night and and delicate part Starbucks and open to the lights up or are from the back. Yes so weights or email Lennon and and and had the correct answer. And the answer was. Do the latter would never be in the water should. Or something like that. That's correct says yes so the wrong to have a time for ladder attached to ship if the latter's attached to the ship the water rises the ship prizes the latter also presses the latter will never be water. And so he personally so he had the right answer and so when he when he you know on the right answer you ask for his home address. I did it and he didn't give it to you. No it is not. Yeah well at least it just edited it. It could have some negative event that we also I implore Buehrle when they when they emailed us that they have a better chance of winning if they gave their credit card information. Know you've been and you asked for his home address I'm really not terribly surprising. That time anyway well so let's move on says move out of this weeks ago. Are you ready. Yet if you have the correct answer to this week's rental email Mike at Mike Dow Jones at a Marist bank dot com and is the prices and this week. It is this and let somebody you know they're welcome to come in and look at all those out there and take whatever they want. To ask. Blood they're OK with that with all the patient out and get desperately to pick you come and that they poppy mug or. Or have a humbler whatever else we got up there are a ball. OK I recommend a giant and are spent coffee mug. It's huge and and also they get the ten dollar star rescue effort. Well awesome all right here's this week's rail purity. Already locked in a blind man is alone on a deserted island in Fiji. He has to blue pills and to read bills. He must take exactly. One red pill and one blue pill. Or he will die. How does he do it. And repeat a blind man is alone on a deserted island. He has to blue pills into red pills he must take exactly one red pill and one blue pill or he will die. How does he do it. And he does. All right if you know the answer that question. I mean being given an appropriate answers that question over producer and this week. Via the V you know address is Mike Jones and respect dot com Mike dot Jones in America spank dot com you know the answer that question and he went price. All right moving on last week we talked about how to a sell your home for. Most amount of money and how to do it quickly. And you know earlier in the show if you missed their week we talked at length about the the rising interest rates and and you know a by product that has people do decide to go ahead and buy an if people are deciding to buy in at a quicker pace because of interest rates rising. Then you need to decide to future home in a market quicker pace. And so now's the time to do it it's not too early January to get ready to do that here in Gainesville. And so last week we talked about the first three tips the first one was the clutter. And I gave a couple of tips if you missed that one is to just you know Paula five garbage bags and and and and drop. The one in each of your rooms that you needed to clutter it's a good start you know it's it's tough to fight inertia so discretion garbage space center in your room and then you wanna do something with it and what you do it is filled up with stuff. Keep in mind too. People need more stuff right so don't feel like you know it helps to let go of this stuff. If you realize that other people need your stuff more than you'd use and take it to good will take its Salvation Army. And and people can make it used to stuff you step you have been used in years especially. The other is that you know you can you can throw any pile and you touch it and some incentive if it doesn't bring you Julie get rid of it. We also said number two is to have a pre home inspections so called home inspectors across three or 400 dollars but it will city view more much more more than that. And we talk about all the ways why. That we'll sit humans have a pre home inspection if you wanna find out more details about this or you miss the show lastly feel free to email me. No gimme a call up my email address is Todd Tommy Williams homes dot com I'm happy I don't list homes so I don't want your listing. But I'm happy to be here for himself and an even recommend real. Our and then on third chip was to go look at homes on the market Sosa had out and check out some homes on the market see which are competition looks like. You'll see the good the bad and the ugly and you'll have a good idea of what your home needs to look like and when it doesn't need to look like and remember of people when they go to look at homes before they look at how your whole house and after the look at your house they're going to look at other homes. So you need to compare favorably. To those other homes all right this week we got tips number four or five before tip is going to sound familiar it's the clutter. That's right that's not a typo is the clutter so last week and amber went it was declared this week it's the clutter again. But I wanna go into that a little bit more indeed tapioca or that might. Right so I can't emphasize enough how important is to future home to where when people feel walking and they feel a sense of belonging and making it their own and and and having a field big you know regardless of the square footage your home moniker fits if it's 812 under her 4008. Can field day it can feel small. And that's a big product of how much crap you have your moment I'm recommending that you get rid of it. And so a couple of things that you do and remember what was said last week is and it's a great book from Rita called blink. People make decisions big big buying decisions. Quarter million half a million dollar decisions. In the blink of an ally. They make those snap decisions. Now and they're not gonna walk in an army and I'm going to rather gonna parked on quarter million dollars but they're gonna make a decision about your home from that Blake. From Matt positive or negative reaction they'll take that with them throughout the home. And then now color of their decisions go into your closets and here's what should your your goal future closets reduced to until their 50% full. That your goal so you are at an army linen closets hanging clothes closets. Pantries. 50% falls which are looking for and that's gonna tell people when they walk in your home that that there's any room for their stuff and here. All right all under the six this is were shorter the cluttering people look under your sinks and you know I hate to have you look undermine right now in my homes on the market. If your arms going to be in a market. Get rid of the stuff under your sink people do look there. Are in nine yard and garage you can also decline when you just take a look at your backyard and and and you be surprised at what people will will hate if you just take it and put it down by the curbs are no John no clutter no extra. Planters around planters and around plants and that Branson hammer the rich cans or. Trial says with no flowers just get rid of that put it armored urban summit will be happy to take it. And the garage the last thing is the garage I wanna pay to secrets about the garage one is they will get a pass from people so if people opener garage and stocked full of stuff. In order. Type but but stopping the drug doesn't have to be perfect in people over to give the garage or pass. Psychologically well the second seeker to mark Rodgers is if it looks phenomenal. And you paint the garage floor you get everything out in the pain to drive for which might cost 200 dollars people are absolutely blown away we we've had a great house a few years ago and long lead village. We literally had and an active flowing creek next to proudly we installed a creek. Without pomp at one and it rocks at the other meanwhile how Steven has its own creek. And we also pain in the garage floor and which one of those features do you think created more buzz when people walk through that house and he guesses might. There was progress for so so there's your chips on a garage and that's all the rest are on the cluttering now. That that the second tip today was going to be fixes and upgrades phenomena which off until next week this is maybe the most important part of of the entire process. Is what do you do. In terms over Packers fixes upgrades. To maximize the profit on your home. And I'm a huge proponent of not spending. Any money that won't bring at least you know its own value and more and returns so that what you spend. You'll make a lot more back so even talk well talk about things like paint and carpet in landscaping. There's a lot of things you should do and some things you shouldn't do and we're gonna say that there and talk about that next race that featured two and then rethink my. Yeah it so again now is a time as Mike mentioned earlier. With interest rates rising to really think about it in general can get your home on the market. And Mike while we have a couple minutes left in me give us that update on the market again. Yeah so interest rates up substantially where they were from the U the last few weeks so. And no Wall Street Journal yesterday. January 19 2008 in the thirty year national average four point 11% so. Up from a little over 4% the previous week and normally we don't you actually like that I want cook over but it picked up. And then the fifteen year. National average street point 57%. Up from report forces some previously left space points and that was in the Wall Street Journal again Friday. On January 19 2018. So just just in some of that as you appear. In the market because of the government shut down along the collapse it's going to be cleaned up. Were cleared up and then. You know but the outlook for the economy is very bright and when that happened you more demand for capital which coaches interest rates up so. Aren't we talked about earlier the ten year treasury note that. Through its support level two point 6% notes. Two point 659%. So up substantially from the previous week. Arm and it sounds like you know the next resistance level 3% but a sort of ball you're are right now. But it's a new trick Renault which is going up mortgage rates. So it sounds like if if if you weren't going to pay attention treasury note and believe me I wasn't now but now said. It is really really does indicate that we are gonna have higher interest rates by the end of the year. Where about it. Org bill may actually done an excellent yeah. Yet yet so they're coming now so there's something to be mindful of when you shop and my lame joke what porcupine at a rate today that you like Taiwan Lockett and to be done whether it. Because next week it will probably be yield slightly higher and then several weeks from now maybe higher than that so. It and you have many options now people whether it's a short term interest rate lock long term interest rate locked. The thing that I love most about Mike is he's a straight shooter sent him a call or email and Milwaukee accurate and he knocked and I Lilja hanging. He's gonna shoot you straight Mike dungeons and embarrassment dot com Mike we got to run enjoy the west year time in Fiji. And we will see you back here next week whether the government and government is working or not. He damn well will be even less into the real late show with Mike Jones rumors bank dot com atop Lewis from Tommy Williams Jones dot com. Every week. Ameritrade mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC an equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements. It's not all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to loan products triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options to a marriage bank mortgage loan originators.