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Jan 28, 2018|

What's an Ameris Bank Digital Mortgage? Listen to the Podcast for the complete story. Rates are going up! Improving your intelligence in the blink of an eye. How geo-political events effect rates and economies all over the world. Listen for Todd Louis's philosophy on why you should enjoy change. Why you should List your home now to maximize the buying/selling power.

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American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an analyst numbers 315233. American banking mortgage as a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for informational and not a commitment to learn what triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options to a marriage bank mortgage loan originators. There from the studios at 97.3. This guy this is the real estate show. With Mike Jones from America's banks mortgage. You can email Mike yeah Mike Knight Jones had a merits faint dot com. The number of Hawley and his 877. W.s guys talk that's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike the mortgage man. Welcome everyone to the real estate shows with your host Mike boomers make mortgage and pollutant Tommy Williams owns. Where you're realistic guys that come on the among the air every week we talk golfing girls say with a buying home. Sony home building home which is your favorite Todd has turned right and of course mine which is trying to get alone uses. Remember you can email me any Thomas Mike Doug Jones emerged thank dot com. That's a MER IS bank dot com you can call me the office 35233974. Candidate how about Tommy Williams contact infotalk. Tom Williams homes dot com. It seems to be the easiest way okay you can call the model if you want 3523354140. Against 3523354140. And doctor ash here urging mr. miles but I'm doing some dot com. Is the website that you have all kinds of wonderful things on their wonderful thing to bring those in puppies and not warrants but at the foot so you said he says I'm out trying to get people along these days suggests hose out about it I don't know it's just sometimes you know perhaps Korea. So no we actually do. Have a digital mortgage which we are in the digital age that just came out not to Longo seeing go to our website. Mike thought Jones and Marist buy dot com missile is mark you Melvin you can go to school Mike Jones emerged bank. And then apply online and it's all automated which is amazing so you have to provide any bank statements based on W two's tax returns and none of that stuff not. Yeah that hasn't sounded yes that so it works it's all in her integrated through Fannie may. To all the web sites we need to get to the two give them an approval redolent. But surely have to sit back there that are going to be to turn it. Well the the flip side of that as you have to be hooked in with the implored them. Reports to one of the big com. Web site's worth all that information can be glean from if they're not then theaters. You gotta provide the banks that appears to have us like everyone else I city. Yeah but. Potentially don't have to perpetually you don't know what's in overtime untrue that number will grow I think right now it's around 30% of of the food supply can actually get a digital mortgage. Without providing information in front of the folks will have to go through their traditional. But even that number will grow grow grow over time so Joseph when word super old leave from the world I'm relatively old now. Maybe ten years from now it'll be different but what are super you don't necessarily like ordering Starbucks. Yes I'm retired heavy duty use a mobile Starbucks yes I do you put it in there in the collier and him out in the you're not there Emanuel can pick it up only if he loses market and it's ready it's about how wanna get a mortgage. May be Wendy just or correct order and I'll show up to a Maris and mark cannon get money that's right no wonder when that. So I'm as we do at the beginning of every show we talk about interest rates just a little Vietnam. So this week alone in the Wall Street Journal January 25 plus information available national average thirty year loan. You ever told me what the insurance are but I can tell by the look on your face it's not the it's just it's system so we give like a warning for people are driving around me and he seemed really despondent about this but and you know. The current state of things yeah it's just. It's a little lumber it's a little bit hard on your psyche every day when you see rates go up because it is pretty color coded from agreeing on my screen. From Larry Baer which is out in Texas and we talked to him briefly before the show I mean said Richard improving Sabrina is good. But this spring has been red for like weeks and weeks and weeks and means rates are going up in that red is not good and I'm courtesy and rent don't assume little green room is wrong because. It's just boot you know I'm a little obsessive on the screen and look at it all day it's on my two screens at my office. One for just dedicated for interest rates on one for the mallet and everything else kind of stare at their rent screen edges. I just it just doesn't put him and I do cash that's in black why you wouldn't be a good dude that's Eitutavicius makes me mad affect that wanna throw that scream across a room buddies here but to change the screen. We're gonna go to Tom Williams homes dot com and look at the rainbows and puppies. And did a betterment that's what they need that sort of hey I just read something this morning. And that said that kids who. Were getting ready to take a math test. When days you know science is now learning the incredible. Ability to really changed the way you think. And the access you have to wisdom and and an answer urgent and literally you can improve your intelligence you know in the blink of and I okay this is not as a science. That you can become smarter. My bat OPEC by being put in a good mood that the chemicals that Dover mean all the same things that happen much better understand. But actually. Make you smarter and so the kids who they've put in a good mood right before they took this math exam break did 19% better. That's rare just. Bribing government admitted I've been in a bad mood for a long time and I think I'm getting dumber by the day because this is not a fit. I just don't like higher interest rates are really don't and it is it is not. Do well let me get the interest rate to route and then you can. Criticize me about media being at I have no criticism yes you do know now. It's a gender it's 15. 2018 a Wall Street Journal thirty year fixed rate loan up four point 16%. Auction speak into the Mike. Critics was higher than the previous week. Garnett and so the fifteen year national average Wall Street Journal January 25 philosopher mutually. Three point 62% so up again from the previous week. Ten year treasury note you know you can do your snoring partner but. Up again I'm not an MR I know it's it's important that a senator Reid notes up again yeah I don't happen. We you know what happened we just doesn't look out for him but basically it's all the GOR a doesn't know what yes so the ten year treasury note is yield is up again. Two point 655%. So basically. All of you political events happening in you know of this conference have been over in Switzerland and and it's just somebody sits on commission is said and now senator our treasures are very much and yes says something you should miss and it freaked people out there for big people like you country's bright and pretty country al-Qaeda is like the climate so right. He should've said it's that something's each of the tunnel but more delicate deaths blip or more reserved. Little bit smarter than and so anyway so that's put interest rates up and down so what's a thirty year rate. Asserting your rate is four point 16% so higher than what it was and I know it's slow I know it's like yeah I changed when you go from. You know starting. You're gonna say they were like 55%. Done that yet bush still would be Ohio on I know would still be generational leap. Low low right multi generally it's four point one something. Kinda. People don't take trained very well. Right they like the status quo. So that space school atop that there's Mike funny story about that excellent my wife went to Switzerland when she was very young she was watching a band. And that being said. They had to take a mini weekend. Which is like what does that mean that was their words their American phrase for we're gonna take a break. They got to take a mini weekend and many weekend yep it's like that means about break yeah public cookie and a break so we're going to be taking a mini weekend and about five minutes. So anyway so that's what's happening with interest rates interest rates are up it's a little disturbing I you know I am on the second floor if you know if I jump on her probably what hurt myself and then kill myself but it's not quite to the point yeah. You're stadium jumping out of a window because there's another window so I opened my attention I can't do I have to it's a really thick windows sort of I would have to run really hard to try to German guy. I am a big guy. Yes you did did he got going idol should show of force to get through and I don't think so so you so you were on second story I am. So you if you are first or UN because there's there's no point to probably not second story it's at least have a shot the problem with view. Is there. A you know U seven feet tall so really be for you beyond a second story is is like being around though you know almost on the first story that super. Those are normal people the truth. So I'm not sure that it would do much good sides. That's the F did you get it yet on the ominous atheist on the fourth floor higher. And if interest rates go above 8%. Will you have my from what we're talking about areas are in dispute that you do this yes certainly and just you know. Enjoy change. Embrace that all of life is suffering buddhas that right that the act and what is the cause of all suffering. He knows I don't know the preference that. If you have no preference you have been suffering. If you don't have a preference of which were you on interest rates to go in readers happy that you woke up. And you know pushing up daisies. And what is the matter with you thank you program there appreciative. So information you have towards who was illegal let's say to me talk about velocity is like me listen you talk about a ten year treasury note if you what's. Stop order I thought everything it's just stopped a terrific recruiter because you feel my thing thank you aren't Sosa interest rates are up at tech yes. And the other thing. I think that is important fact we're talking to Larry Baer before the show your consultant yes yes and and he for after he first he sang some wanted to great country bears on these did not and then he throws a little bit about. What's going on with the interest rates and he made an entry point and that is. It's doesn't really affect. Sales rate appears to have the same and doesn't affect buyers there on the volume of buyers people are still gonna biased right people are still gonna sell right so don't pass. Panic you're not your argument stop making loans people are through a stop buying houses right realtors you're not gonna stop. Selling houses and helping people buy houses and buyers and sellers you know it's okay to buy your stoke on Dubai sellers know that the buyers are still gonna sell. What an effects is buying power to raise rates or somebody who you know if the interest rates higher. That means there payment will be able to partner right that means maybe they can't quite afford as much house is that it took so one or two things they don't look little less expensive house and so still still buying a house. Or you know potentially as they are looking at the same house but now they can't afford us much are they offer lasts right Brent and depending on the market that are situation restore good. Yes so I think that was one of the key takeaways was that we saw appreciation quite a bit last year what five or 6% or maybe even a little more than that. Nationwide this year we may see one or 2%. Because we may see prices moderate a little bit. In the realistic. Correct because really because actually I don't think I still think in gains you'll see 3% or greater okay. Just looking at some of the factors that are happening here he can't just look at interest rates and and and that. And and and come see you also have to look at job growth Brecht and I think that's a positive for new and so absolutely no word are on upon operators so low immune from by Thompson Florida senators were at the bottom in order creating jobs and we're growing and population and I think it's shown on the nationwide that weren't the jobs are people come and buy homes as a threat yet so I still predict ideas of appreciation will exceed 3% in 2008 team a technical that the restaurant and stick it to affect. Now the other thing that this does impact though that I debt I do wanna sound alarmist about. Is is the same thing only think of it a little bit different angle. So if people if interest rates are going up which were predicted you have predicted I don't muted and you were right. And you predict they're gonna continue to go up. Well maybe we'll have to wait see I mean it just depends on how strong stock markets there is of the stock market rolls over and starts ago and a little bit which a lot of people are predicting there will probably sue rates approval of it. So we know you said fourth quarter I think was their fruit by the end of the year the average are for a house foreign for a half so weren't being and so. If that prediction holds that week than interest rates are gonna go out here yet if adults and a no guarantees of course but let's say it does an area of and and that does. Impact buying power and they can you want they'll continue to abide by power so as a seller woes are talking market last few weeks is. Kitchen and home on the market right get it on the market now right now and take advantage of the buying power that exist before it's weekend right right can you wanna maximize their profits and home. So for the last few weeks we've been talking about getting your home ready to get on the market. And this week we're gonna go into our our second last week. On the tips to get your home ready to sell for the fastest and the most amount of money and I. I passionately believe in these things are telling you I know they work I. See them more time and time. Again you know on the self faster or more money so we'll move on to our to an accident tips. After we come back from army weekend okay. Tony Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder in the market for a new home called Tommy Williams homes at 3523354140. L building at Oakmont near Haile plantation and Finley woods near 34 street and Wilson road and now featuring Gainsville shortest new commute to US chance and the VA hospital starting from below 200 every Tommy Williams home includes solar power standard COLT Tommy Williams homes today at 3523354140. Tommy Williams Holmes is gains bills green builder. Since. Welcome back everyone this is a realistic show with your host might get caught we're talking real estate here. And Todd has some information you wanna share with a sweet talked about last week you wanna talk about again this week but before we do that. I wanted to do say thank you so much for. The launch that we had this week. Which is are your big event to you put on you work all your for it happened this week it was really really good. Enjoyed it was very nervous when I got my little part to stand up there and talk a little bit about our bank. In front of 600 people but dom what used social good about it and and how well you saw one over or. I've thought over his current federal of their best ever as it's called the launch leadership conference it's called launch for the kind of launch Hoosier year launch of your career we bring in national speakers ours this idea hatched about four years ago and so this is the third show. The third consecutive year we've increased attendance by over 50%. While we're at 600 people this year rose to the prices and still sold out a waiting list him when modest putting more tables in the room. Our best line of speakers but but I'll just sabres you know appearance there you know this is some sort you know. Sorry we just are much a lot but but let me just if I can mention two. Of the books okay let's talk about so. Dance over was he did the disk assessment profile. And and he. Talks it puts them in terms of birds so you wanna four birds threaten our I don't know what you were suitable for four birds are. The eagle right and that's the person who is the yeah. An aggressive goes right after their food guide nothing gets in their way and very direct right some people might have a derogatory name for some of these people not a nice one there abrupt. Not come off as a bit of you know. And then add up Powell resolution of the people who obviously take lots and lots of times to faint and analyze and do research. Very meticulous very meticulous and they'd drive Eagles. Out of our mind out of their clients. And then there's the parents great social. Right just wanna have a good time wanna have fun wanna find right and the doves right and the doves are. Harmonious and want everyone to get along the wanna make sure everything is running the way it should be and that's a group by a mile and say here I did in my appearance is that that's three where I guess in that fact all the people that work but the work for me so I know you're not a desert eagle and I'm like really think so so I have some self awareness issues right you're like bad guy does yes who said. Hey I'm a nice guy right in his head now and it's a lot of things and I said I like what. Let us off you know I'm I did a survey and everybody says I'm honest I wanna get stuff done too but I'm not quite to the park but I've only thing I have to say the only thing worse than an eagle. This expert had done a better actually an eagle concurrent with the guys I at least -- by at least I categorize myself cracked a Pittsburgh but so you perceive Margaret but your people featured Eackles somewhat volatile security I think your morbid death thank you appreciate that you do what's what's on. She is an eagle L has Aaron justice without a doubt yes you know I mean that's my life so that's area and arms Mike's. So yes Sosa anyway dance over those guys are pros and the velocity group and answer it was really grates or if you have any interest in finding out what your personalized style list. But more importantly learning how to identified those persons personality styles and the people you work with. Or live with or married to right that you can understand where they're coming from and I doubt in your approach to them and have better communications. And I recommend checking him out to him this puts it in whose velocity group is the name of it and and I just had to. A loss than him. And senior moment yet to me yet okay but his big thing was how to. If you're in cells you should know the person you're selling to and try and you know figure out third character. Traits in order to better without two of their managers allowing schools to them. So that's the of those whole point of the exercise was very interesting really enjoyed it. Splitter on up on the groups and there was interest missing who was in the Akron. But very very informative he was a great speaker to very entertaining a lot of fun really enjoyed it. Yeah that I can't fire him about I actually I was actually literally rating at this morning that news. Dense over to guests over like the so work like the color with a Tia media and yes and you cope with the book yet and the other one the last speaker was Chris Voss. And that book is never split the difference negotiating is if you let depended on it right Chris was former FBI lead international hostage negotiator. Three years and years news super Smart guy went to Harvard wherever else and hatton they're taught at Harvard part of our best is thing about Chris is he's you know he's not like Harvard educated bright guy and he was it more like the beat cop type and disorder you know. Learned as he went through and and and ended up. You know if an American got taken hostage anywhere in the world. They called Chris Wright and he ended up writing the book rewriting the book I FBI negotiates. With eat with even the worst of the worst. And now every international agency in the world who deals with a hostage in terrorist situations uses. His teachings it was a great amazing and so on and I couldn't recommend this book more highly. That's Hawkins column never split the difference Chris boss V as in victory. OSS is useless and Jessica you know so whatever fastening experts who told so go back to your own list of things that can help folks with grossly. Yeah last week I promised we would get sued. Knows what things you she did you should do to your home. Besides the cluttering and having a pre inspection and something that you should still be Carter. But these are things that you want to do you know should I spend money on these things I'm not only abdicate things that I think will bring you more returns and your investment. Okay now these are for people who are planning on putting putting their home on the market now token or in the next month or two. And not necessarily if you're going you know three to five years to talk about that later. Number one the number one you think you wanna do and again we are if you didn't listen the last two weeks. I don't know why and Nightline would listen that if he didn't. The there's a thing called blink and it's people make these buying decisions in the blink when I even if it's a 500000 dollar purchase decision on the house. They're still making decisions in the league given side so you wanna take care of those things that don't allow them to have these quick. Quick. Decisions and judgments about your home that they will then carry with them throughout their entire visit to your home. And and so the first one is landscaping so this is the highest rate of return. That she can do on a home is to take her Polanski hasn't steals with her repeal and it's the first chance they have to make a blink judgment about your home and you want to play attention to be positive. So things like here's the list mulch or could he do mulch. Cheap and makes a huge impact shrubs the interest add some you know I had some jazz man or something on the ground at some greenery to the shrubs. Inexpensive there are my big shrugs rank this looks fresh and new. Annuals when it's time to actually when homes on the market you know get a couple of flotsam annuals you know some four hours. But don't use our good petunias depending on the time of year Murray. And and throw those out front some plot makes a big impact and make sure everything has edged crisply okay cost zero record rate look for. Make sure everything is trimmed up if you got oak trees and and a beautiful Spanish moss yes is beautiful. It get that stuff trimmed up so you wanna go about my tight rates on everything at least eight feet off the ground OK okay so Mike Jones height canopy there are higher Erica. Minimum and and so it EU you'll see it makes a big difference when you take a back canopy. And then pressure washing. So you know this can cost you nothing if you borrow Mike's pressure washer Beriault. Or mine I just don't recommend actually loaning need or pressure washer or any other corporate democracy it's. So but pressure washing do the driveway due to curb the sidewalks and and now the Taliban are talking about thousands of dollars indifference and there and the value of your home just by those few things. It makes it look like it's well care for basically in what does what people wanna know right that the somebody that they're buying a house from. There's really been meticulous and taking care of and may only be a couple of days and spend cared for but if it looks really nice and when they drive up to it it's gonna make a big difference. It does and it's and it goes back to blink yet because people make a decision the minute they pull up. And it's it really is is some fascinating science like what do deep. What a rule on a profound. Decision make like how deeply they'll hold onto that belief about what you just said as well cared for right. And if people up and look shabby right and they they make dabbling decision that's not walk here for they will carry that with them throughout going to assuming that the homes now Welker for. And the opposite is Chu maple analyst Chris and the crisp and pristine right right isn't that going to ration medical care for home and now when they see things that might be. Not perfect. They're gonna have a ponds are just about a mile must be so I'm sure there planning and do better right Reza posters there's another famous actress proves my point dependent care for their home. Or the user to prove their point of they did care for. More than offer less of it and pick it was well cared for him no bathroom yeah. And then landscaping also this is. Who's is our little secret tip landscaping goes inside to Barbara you know. Brings its implants and house if some you know it's you've got this life energy. And greenery. You know and it really can do a lot for positive impact of house. You're laughing he thought the blood offenders delivered. So I'd say yes so bring in skits and houseplants it's a nice greeting or don't do fake ones but advocates of nice and nature of it you know if you had to be of a brown thumb. Then buys an inexpensive ones and you know replace him if he can't keep from green who is our number two is paint inside and out paint paint paint fresh paint fresh trauma okay fresh body so this goes inside and outside it's very inexpensive to paint. He can do it yourself right you don't have to beach you can and it makes a huge impact and you get all of your money back and then some on the house so it is a matter the color looking in Panama orange and blue outsiders should they I don't recommend orange and blue so. What I do recommend now what's been the hottest colors are the great pallets Reza. Mrs. that's how it in Osaka counters you're used to be chrome and and Brosnan brushed nickel and our director chronic. So right now though is grays are your hottest colors of random and so there's Sosa bats which are runner that would be my opinion at that anything neutral is okay if gray wouldn't go with what chart you have that don't agree you can you can still get away. With an off why eight us somewhere between half point ten to graze. And the Iran. You know those those types of colors which were negative but fresh paint and and always a crisp white for that to them makes a big impact. OK hey listen to him before he ran out of time here one arm say thank you to autumn she was a winner last week for a riddle that Todd did inched into the office. Here rhythm of the enormous. Ameristar coffee mug along with a ten dollar gift card Starbucks and all the other stuff. Choose very very happy so talked you have another rebel force this week. I do I do and whoa we're got to have more of these ethics and upgrades next week so be sure to tune in men but are riddled this week. Is it's a word real know which word can be placed between the two following words to make two new words to the two words now our table. And house okay what one word can you put in between nose and create two new words the cut in between table and house if you know the answer. I don't think dodger arms at emerged bank dot com right we'll go shopping and perhaps you know. You know that's a trip doesn't know just to send him a hundred dollars mill. So I knew it takes thank you Todd appreciate that and always appreciate you coming in in doing the show with your queries and all the information did on launch. Was wonderful encryption built upon his four peninsula where. Thanks so much over 100 we can go buy some real estate. America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC an equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change it anytime discussions are for informational and not a commitment electronically verify companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through embarrassment mortgage loan originators.