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Rod Pyle talks about the most recent innovations in our quest for inter-planetary travel

Feb 6, 2018|

Jason HAwes & JV Johnson talk with members of the Apex Paranormal team about their recent investigations at the Beattie Mansion. And in the second half of the show Rod Pyle discusses new efforts to restart the space race, and the goal to revisit the moon and possibly Mars. 2/6/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. Ellis goes just beyond the East Coast and you start somewhere in between what going to be on it review with myself Jason allens and the only saw some energy each you know how they always say you know thank god it's Friday in a mental thing in every TG IF thank god it's Friday I'm I'm I'm saying right now thank god it's Monday or slash Tuesday depending where you are. I'm I'm that is stressful weekend. The Super Bowl that she's me be big game was around was fun. And internal code the way I thought it was gonna turn out it turned out exactly how I say I did I just guys said and I told him that I did not think that the patriots were going to be able to do it that The Beatles just. They had something oh I'm there they were all cranked up or fired up. Well some people would say they had the rest going but you're right I won't deny that there would definitely a couple of what's with the destroy your hometown after your team wins the game well what's going on in the city of brotherly love idol likes nets were first time they've they've won in sixty years so they trash the town I mean what don't get that he really has no that's that's ridiculous and you could see that abroad and New England. They've they've won five feet of him we that we don't go once during the Brady done. Now now maybe after next on at least one more year you know he didn't lose a game and who was and I think it was it was I think if anything was a defensive lost. And to there're definitely some some bad calls once and wasn't there are more I don't know but the details but I think there was like more passing yards. In their game than any other game I don't know that I know it was a pretty impressive offensive performance and our field goal kicker missed field dynamics there's extra point yeah it was just wondering after an artist says. And I saw those guys I thought that's exactly how is gonna happen in algebra two sessions yeah and deregulation on you work its regulations to Philly it was a great season. Eagles did a great job aren't you they really did I just don't understand they're destroying your hometown of UT moments thing but tonight we're going to be talking about a pretty cool stuff we've got a few different guests coming on the first part of the program. Apex colonel Moore joining us Elijah and Sean and the be discussing their investigation of a location in Saint Joseph, Missouri called the BD mention apparently. This investigation is going to be featured on a season finality finale of a major paranormal show sometime in March. Well. And hey I wanna give a shout out to KHH. Oh Seattle Washington. In keep Malone says that comes on next week we've got KB cozy Bozeman Montana and WP SE Erie Pennsylvania welcome to beyond reality radio family. And then later in the program we've got rod blast comes that you're and I thought that I just got down to getting. Rod file be joining us for the second part of the program we talked about tests space travel the upcoming launch which is actually happening. Today I think Tuesday. Of the falcon heavy missile rocket. Walsh we talking about president Trump's decision to try to get the USA back on the moon. In talking about nukes in space the new mini reactor that NASA has developed to that is designed to power. A base potentially on Mars. How's your courage and good years ago but just a tease I didn't that I thought he totally came to a halt idea I was actually just tell you wouldn't talk about wrought upon you now about him had not that great name that and so anyway isn't thanks big shout out to keep BO as he Bozeman Montana and WP SE Erie Pennsylvania from becoming part of beyond reality radio Hanley were constantly adding new families of that network yet and you you let the cat out of the bag of the station that we're going to be adding later in the defense or just you get some bits we're heavily edited you can tell it's Monday. Where is finally I am. Off I am totally off but you know I'm one of the things is kind of cool to talk about here are given the fact we have rod pile coming on later in the program to talk about space travel in the things it will be doing as a net as a nation in space pretty soon I think. Is that I don't know if you saw this headline go by but Google had sponsored race to the moon they'd offered a prize of thirty million dollars for the first private firm firm to put a rover on the moon. And nobody nobody was able to do that they had five finalist teams been none of them were able to get it done by the deadline and the competition has been declared over. And the prize goes unclaimed. We talked about that that was one of our stories we talked about last year concern dinner and I'm surprised I mean what's. I need thirty million dollars she and I think it would probably cost more and that's that's something to the moon. Yeah I would imagine it costs a lot more than that to actually get to the moon. But and and August just to be if you if you're gonna do it anyway and you get a thirty million dollar prize out of it legacy go for a but nobody could do it so we're still paid on -- and this is when things I'm anxious to talk or to ride pile about. We put. We are on the moon several times in the early seventies. And yet that was what. 4045. Years ago yeah. And we haven't been able to do it again and it I don't know that this is that we haven't been able to but some people have said we've actually lost the technology required to do with. Further then I've heard other people's sage that pretty much it's there's reasons we haven't gone back hunters that too as there are people say that say we never really went to begin with exactly those thing was on the studio stage but money my you know my guess would be that technology has advanced so far this so many of the things that we're labor intensive about putting a man on the moon 45 years ago listen to those things could be. Handled by. Our technology now and would be far less expensive and far less. Intensive to actually replicate that but I Ronald Ronald guide us through this kind of explain it doesn't hold back up the whole thing of maybe we never really made it now the integrity questioned think about it pretty quickly added supposedly in my I want to have more technology that was threatened threatened and they had used in the right that I it and sell and it's just it's crazy. And we had kind of sad news John Mahoney who played Martin crane that. I'm Frazier who played Frazier father actually lost all passed away Sunday. And he'll be missed yeah I am I a love to. The Frazier character on cheers it wasn't a big cheers watcher but movement and came on syndication Lau leader after its initial run he would watch have been met. A like the Frasier crane character. My parents loved the freezer Frazier television show I never really watched it at all I know the character you're talking about but I never really watched so and today marks the fortieth anniversary of the blizzard of 78. So that was seven years ago. Holder really is I can Soviet union's. Now sorrow and I remember that clearly has her arms and upstate New York took time grown up candidate oil we had so much snow. Are my father and Tyrell parlor dog literal window to go to the bathroom. And whenever everybody was on snowmobiles trying to get bread and everything for him for each other was insane. I can't make you know what it's like riding snowmobiles and really deep snow yeah that's hard it's not packed in on a trail kind of saying that's really difficult but I don't remember the blizzard of seventy only know is that. There are pictures of me and my sister standing on a sidewalk holding hands with snow that was taller than us and that probably was it I don't know for sure but a picture that was that. I was I was grow six point seven a couple almost 7 character why am I remember my father actually having to take off the door. Take off the door and shovels snow into the house so we can get out you couldn't open well you couldn't open that port while Soviets think about all that's gone mentally a little thorn advice she's gonna push him out of the way out so he additional snow into the lead at the door open it was just it was insane zone. But my gosh thank god we have an event or to what we came close last year last year and don't Cooperstown anyway we got that four foot plus snowstorm mine in February of last just listeners in March and a member of news it was quite a snow event we got pretty close there one. Or three years ago we had total eight feet that fell here in Rhode Island over eight weeks and so. Little insane so if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio with the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be on reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app where you can find all the stations we are across contrary there. How which can tune in or just click the listen why Barton and you can I'm Jewish spread from the website or click the listen live chat. He can join us in the general and javy myself and a great community people crying out. And listen right there from the website Lola and lying and Ellis yeah and some of the. Things are going to be able listen to because you've got a great slate of shows this week we've got Karen Anderson a returning guest coming on if you remember Karen is in general communicators. And we'll be talking about her book the amazing after life animals messages and signs from our pets on the other side. And how I learn to understand their language talking and all that I'm that is an. And when say Angela Thomas psychic clairvoyant. Weren't talking about study of their pre cognition. And research and psychics for the study. You know so we're going to be getting into the hole. A pre cognition and all that kind of soft soap and initially interest. And then of course another returning guesses and brochure when it task of fell he is a paranormal psychic expert also a spiritual author. We talking about his encounters with the UFO's. Positive energy vortex is and dimensional doorways and if you can use a dimensional doorway to get out of that snow didn't want to see that's when you guys are there we go to we got to put architect on the number number. 844687766. Thank until freed 8446877669. So we're gonna take a quick break more account real synergies. And TV on Dioner elegant reveal. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. This yards beyond reality really cheesy. GB I forgot to mention deep beyond reality radio official coffee mugs are for sale you can stop by the beyond reality radio web page in just click on I think though blink is pretty obvious stricter on the front. And vessel to drink. Coffee hot chocolate anything you. Your call whatever it is an L commissioner Graf if you need to why you're watching the show that's what are listening to Charlie's going along were talking on the show that the book out that we would do no never never as I said tonight we've got a a couple of guests were bringing rod pile into the program in just a little bit but our first guest to join us tonight are collage and Sean from apex colonel we've been on the program report. Gentlemen great to have you on the show again what are you gonna to since last time Iran. Big accident happened to lie generally able blah they have. Welcome Backus. So what are you gonna use our communities has been on last. Well we've been pretty good here we'll busy town. We've been doing you know our regular apex that happened more excited about two need to come on and talking to open about this. You place. Beatty Texaco announced Beatty mentions that we have been working. Okay well it's a great time to start tell us about the beating mansion. The baby mentioned. Well. You know principal legislative body is a great. You know the great honor to be you know Giuliani and on the future then you've got. Losing to. So they made they. That we got a call. Last year. I look at and think you know. We got a call you know without them like a regular residential. Call it like whoa don't have. You know the most successful presidential. Places that we are like who were like all right well you know public on you know. Without the world you know can be caretaker here think that this is great he's got more on. You know he kind of explained experiences even imagine anybody got grant and besides if a lot of seem like full body apparition Pollack out so. They're probably not like OK you know without any amount than. So that he kind of describe the places like old mansion built eighteen rookies you know look at Bernie looked remotely. Probably only got you know so the the mechanical you know we don't Coldplay called civil war era mansion. Like I looked really kind of cool so. Com so deliberate plan you know I'm gonna head up that Leone lately and you bet on at another location so. We defend like you have a look at daytime you know political bloggers is. You know who you know we got their medical exams they kind of be alive. Then it was if that don't they look rather. Got their man and I could be locked into place we just like if you know started having that TV uniform plucked from the zone completed Alitalia cannot they look like recorder income. But the camera over about that we have reporters. Physically and mentally to start we have elected somebody you know voices and mixed greens from across the main candidate Mitt stop them. While. Pretty much from the get go when you walked and has started. Yeah pretty much coming within the first output from the first probably twenty minute. We we do the study did that this kind of you know the count. We can't kill our guys we're not gonna have a lot of time with the snow because we've got another guess coming on bit just tell us what. What's the history of this place what is the BD mention. Rob our engine you know Nat. That Beatty Beatty mean. The manage a couple of 88. I am so there went on a whole lot of history known about the place until we got all. Started researching it. Beatty may answer originally started out as eighty personal resonance for Armstrong analyze the Beijing. And Armstrong was the first banker who just Missouri you'd still two days you'll only I kind mayors that he had. You know from deep. Connections to the city into the building of this city. I am want one thing we didn't realize it and you know being from in the city we call it optics in the city. To the wet. I'm doing a resurgent St. Joe can find out demand your early in jail was the big rock. That's where they would stop on you know westward expansion and goal aggression on the California. You know he think while qwest's. It would stop and think so and that's really perky solar suppliers there was a lot of money ran due to now. And Armstrong Beatty had his hand in a lot of that money. They're very wealthy. They built the cued me incident that sits up on hill overlooking the river actually beautiful. And incidentally they both end up passing away. Armstrong was an 1878. To end it is debt is actually at home mysterious. Like the past week two years later and they had no. Pierce the past Oman to do so it ended up going to read. Or. Convert it to what they called home for the friend. And basically back in the had about eighty brothel owner and went across to become pregnant she'd get kicked out of brought on an acre in. Covert ms. Beatty mansion. And so it served out for the number of years and was convert into old folks owned and operated that way for about a hundred years. And then sat empty. Around just about though the current owner perk to the point. In his intentions toward turning could be indeed that you nominally keep IndyCar. Air. Just he can be activity has been so intense they love it you know contractor determined gonna work on remodeling and caramel Wayne they refused to come back. Well he probably do well he served pronounce it Beatty because that's the way it's spelled. That's just my. Little. Boy that's just Mike analysts are we're gonna keep you guys through the break here and when we come back we'll talk about quickly be activity that's going on there and then what you guys did and what's going to be happening on the season finale of an upcoming show will do all that there's other side of the break. All right so. You listen and Jason Giambi unreality radio the call numbers each 446877669. Until freely 446877669. Protect quick break. Aren't they are welcome to a couple of stations joining the beyond reality radio family of radio stations including KB OZ. In Bosnia in Montana love to have those folks along with a some WP SC in Erie Pennsylvania we talked about a great name of a town. To have an affiliate for beyond reality radio urinary you're. Yet here is a perfect area there have a speech he Pennsylvania didn't do we get a spooky good Pennsylvania affiliates who was there hasn't silenced a European spooky two and only got was make it up yet tonight tonight we've got a couple of guests in a few minutes a little bit we're gonna bring broad pile in to talk about space travel a rod is a space author and the journal journalist from talking about a bunch of different things including. The upcoming launch of the falcon heavy rocket which is supposed to be a precursor to space travel for tourism purposes so going to be an interesting conversation. Also president trump of course has declared that he wants the United States to return to the moon we'll talk about that with that rod. In addition to the possibility of nukes in space NASA's new mini reactor that's tested to power bases on the planet Mars we ever get there. But the first part of a program talking with a life and show on both from apex paranormal guys again thanks for being with us are talking about BD mansion. You're investigation there. He gave us a bit of history tell us what the and kind of international what the claims have been recently before you start your investigation when you're hurt. Well what what led to left giving called in what is. You know contractors not coming back at their own little frustrated in the final straw. Was that the caretaker had in full body operation Christine kitchen. And they're overdoing them work and saw you know full on person who walked into the room stand next to him and he looked up and person just disappeared. How would that happen that you know not enough he looked around town burger in that list and check it out. So we're we're going opera claim the national on that first I. You you know 1520 minutes of being in the building. Out one of our members Ed saw a fall by rappers and walk across all away. And we all heard email yell out in its. Now guys were guys was this investigation done for. Paranormal television program or was this just something you did independent that. It it was just got and to be honor yeah I am planning to do an investigation we just went to you know walk around checked except that day. Won't. And you saw a rule within minutes of full body separation. Yup yup all walk across. You know when you look down the hallway and he kind of the doorway at the end walked crossed the doorway. And I would they've probably you worked on new assignment the leaders in regard the the female yell. You know you don't like it because the event I mean I I personally didn't feel anything but Ed noted thumper noticed. That you walked by defense company than we had a hole. We heard something we heard another voice on the bottom I'm down all our offense another week like that then I kind of you know you know got kind of debt that the got our attention. Sure that would of course what kind of evidence to equate you get anything is any of this stuff on nine camera and digital recorder anything. You know we got a Little League we got on our our audio recorder got to be very first time to prepare we got you know some like. I maniacal laughter. That the recorder down in. The basement and we went. Absolutely with the lead left the building collectively allow go no Phil or whatever the building. For a dollar an hour so. Got but you know they would review the evidence and quite clear that they ethical but cool like that all the commodities look. The look on purpose content you like really over dramatically across our all lab when we left. Really creepy this year so nothing about it they're piece of evidence that we got from that moment. So where does the paranormal are reality show commend all of us that that this place is going to be featured on. So it days they had heard about the place through the grapevine that the places. Reputation has spoken for itself all of that we're told you about this was you know no of the day afternoons. Yes. What was in a formal investigation lead and went back would just start didn't investigation in at. You know a mind blowing evening there and that gets it'll fall weekend. And brought. Couple other groups didn't tell me anything missile and see what they experience relate you know at hotspots and what they are and so on and so or to make sure matched up with. You know what we were caption. And ever fail or it went into this place. Throughout the weekend. Same thing mind blowing experience is we were definitely you know I don't have the experience that Jason has always been doing this for a while. And displaces. And you know head and shoulders above anywhere else ban for activity. There's this place offer public tours or anything like that. They do it delays they do you do overnight investigation now opening that we work with the owner and and content to do. Kind of our big it's two more as me and you know this restricted just sitting here at. Epic piece of history for St. Joe and the activity adopt the Charlton and nobody getting to experience so talk owner and opening it happened. If they do you do you know tumors by appointment Nate they are allowing overnight now. So which shows is going to be showing up on the. So I have I don't. I was hoping knows supposed to be out by now so we talk about it but yeah community don't know yeah. Terrible marriage so. I don't. I know and so it's our hope that's not I'd. About it now let's say he's my and I know I guess I can I know so bottom walk in it's just it's so but. And it is what this. Well I'd I'd I could say this much episodes post be airing within the next few months. There's definitely around April or so. And that well known share on meet the prime make your own. Inferences. So the place called the 80 mansion I am sure they have a website of me and if somebody wanted to check out apex turn most forget what you guys were up to how would they do that. Well you Barbara on our far right now go ahead. Yeah Italy and I'm outdoor what do you find that I had the APEC paranormal dot com that's our web site on our investigation and we gonna see the ball on FaceBook. As puppet. If they are normal. Be they imagine. We have. Being in all replica that he knew that it Beatty mentioned. But we believe that the BB LY dot com go there you find that calendar. You look at the bureau of investigation that sort of. Great guys merger shorter time but thanks so much for joining us and keeping us updated up to date on the stuff. In introducing this location Tora our roster of location special. Would preclude you guys introduce an opportunity the ball well. Okay we'll have a great night yes Elijah and Sean from apex colonel Morgan have rod Pyle joining us in just a few minutes actually so let's take a quick break more economists and Jason GBM beyond. It's HTTP Harvard speech for her. 468776. X nine be ready to call in and during a conversation with a bit later in the program thanks to ally Asia and Sean from apex paranormal for a chatting with this about the Didi not the BD eighty mansion it's spelled PBX. To be pretty sure that's OM stick to there and it's pronounced Beatty apparently we appreciate them by joining us in the first part of a program. Now we bring our next guest in the show rod pile is a space author any journalist. His website is piled books as PYLE pile books dot com even when a check that out rod welcome to be on real curious great to have you on the show tonight. Thanks coming. So rod tell me what does what has a space author any journalist I've been up to these days is a lot of news lot of things going on when it comes to looking up into the skies and as sending vehicles or what have you. In that direction what you've been watching. Almost looked too busy trying to make a living to that is exactly. There's opulent lifestyle of the on mosques. But we do we can't get out and of course the news this we give the talk of every launch our allies are on the tape for that. And it's. It it's not exaggerating to say this is probably the game changer or certainly the 21 century in terms of space launch could this just. So much more of everything you know it's it's people able to launch. The double or more of the massive anybody else first heard the money of anybody else's in this thing works tomorrow. More often than anybody you know the list goes on and on. And it's this time hey it Tony Stark who's just decided because he's rich he's gonna start building rockets and wasn't that long ago when it was only about 2008 that his rockets were exporting more often than they were marching in the lead just about. Just about out of business. But it about a big cash infusion from an investment firm to get a nasty germs the most Silicon Valley. And it turned everything around and his success has just been the stuff of legend. So let's talk about this falcon heavy would be citizen game changer he talked about the increases in payload and their and the reduction in cost but. What is what is the practical consequence of all that. Well since the shuttle was shut down we haven't had a way to get anything very large or heavy industries we have been steady demand greater human rated rockets sent them. Send anybody out so everybody writes the Russians to get to. The space station which we primarily built it's an international station the most money was the US and well over one or perhaps. So. Those rides and the Russians started at about 36 to contribute billions seat now Europe. I think close to over eighty million the C. But 'cause they can charge up to a great if we wanted to over the first base station we got a text. So that that that who owned park nestled quite awhile. So they Serbs commercial crew crew program to fund. SpaceX and Boeing to build capsules and and higher rockets going well but there's firm. United launch alliance basics broke ground but they Bhopal behind schedule partly because there were under funded by congress and partly because. It's just very hard to do and vision seems SpaceX had a huge setbacks the last few years and that makes a lot of people queasy about putting astronaut on the rockets. Even though. In at least one case probably both the deed abort system would have. They don't carry them away from the rocket. They're competitors Hugh Elliot and Boeing both have almost perfect safety record so. They're coming along very carefully and very slowly but what this means is. What what what they eat crew capable rocket first state from street that means is that we can start. Saving a whole bunch of money I'm watching people the space station with the falcon heavy means is that to start sending a heavy payload so we can send out. Big space station components we could set up pieces of the beast based gateway which is the station that has now wants to build around the moon. And you can do it in the right way sequentially you can you can turn things off the martyrs. The kicker Syrians. It always planned to. Man greater human rate the falcon heavy he is talking about sending a couple of terse I'm looper on the moon this year next year so on and so on and so on now just today he came out and said you know what might be FR mega rocket which is the next one in the plan is coming along so well. I don't think more people on the falcon heavy will skip that and we'll just want to ask not to space station on the falcon nine. And let this one before the big deal as we got to do Latin couple years we'll just use. Might even bigger rocket. You gotta give the guy a lot of credit he's got moxie. Via an imminent talk more about that I wanna know why EU saying that and it's probably an obvious answer but I won here we have to say why didn't the US as a nation. NASA as a in an organization what happened why did we give up our. Are under an hour our aspirations to to conquer space. Now. Good question and or reduce them know we come back. No Stewart Dallas went down before and we'll talk about Iran must little more we come back but I'm really curious why we abandon that effort it seem like. And in the you know better than me us whether it's to make it yield little lot of really really you'd think a lot of things that we do take for granted today were pro where were were a product of the space race and but what what happened. It's astonishing when you really look at the spin off the came from that program everything from mr. put a thousand times. That the circuitry in your yourself on. Everything in nature cargo except for the basic system in the crank shaft. Modern computing. Metallurgy medicine. All the steps to keep show live if you're that you are goes on and on and on so much to do it has soared in the space program and that be your fund. The basic stuff which was building more schools. Thousands and thousands of people growing and engineering and the sciences because they're inspired by either NASA or Star Trek. The list just give I can go on for an hour obviously the benefits are manifold despite that. The state even during Apollo during the space race in saint 1960 to 1972. Which is not a program ran rough play. If you count everything. The the support was all over the map people got excited when Kennedy made his announcement that a kind of waned. You hear people talk about though the nation was united behind Apollo and all that. Not a lawyer look at the Gallup polls and it goes up and down electoral Coastr Apollo eight we over the moon 68 people get excited dips though eleven we land you get excited. But it gets again. I'm all not remember during Apollo fourteen. After the debacle Apollo thirteen where it became clear that. The astronauts were gonna die trying to get back from the moon like they almost the Apollo thirteen in the middle of the Apollo fourteen moon walk. We only have people on the moon twice before that the middle of that moonwalk. The networks cut it way too soap operas. You couldn't watch the moon walk anymore I stay home schooled to do it now we're watch and I Love Lucy reruns so. Yet the nation cut losses direction but the support was never believe their luck a lot of people think it was actually remember it was. What happened later with the shuttle program for 35 years did amazing things and extremely expensive and somewhat dangerous. And Tony can we have a choice of either have to move on to create something new or spend more and more money to run this agent so hopefully. And Obama decided to shut down unfortunately. There's the big interest that we've got now where took commercial companies want to do we thought they could do sooner and it took. For ever to build this SOS Mecca booster that Massa on the government building. That still limits for at least four years away from implying anything meaningful. So that kind of the long roundabout answer your question simple one is we just simply lost the commitment to a. And the result was buying seats were. Tens of millions of dollars on Russian craft to get to our space station. Yes arguably was still cheaper than flying the shuttle and doesn't really expensive but not cheaper than the do it ourselves we're trying to do it now. We're talking with rod pile he is a an author any Spanish journalists his website has piled books dot com wanna come back and talk more about the on what's happening in the race this the current space race which I think we've actually kind of touched on a new way generation of a folks who who see value and and I think it's rather important. Not expressly Milan Moscow mean he's really the personal on so if you haven't Yemen Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial like the FaceBook page forest. Then had to beyond reality radio dot com you can Donald Treo iPhone and android app you can also find all the stations we are on across the country. Which Marty let's give TB OZM Bozeman Montana. And WP. SE in Erie Pennsylvania a big welcome to beyond reality radio channel lecture coming on board. But you can final ceased we are on across the country indulge free iPhone Mandarin upright there. It also listen library from the web sites by clicking the listen live tab or join me online chat and listen from the general and we're TV myself and a great community people hang out to download the show from iTunes is to us a favor and please read it for us and helps push yourself forward makes it easier for people to find. And that's what it's pretty much role model. Yeah we've got some great shows coming up joint wanna make note of in fact tomorrow night. We'll be talking with Karen Anderson she's an animal communicators and should be talking about her book be amazing afterlife of animals. And then Wednesday Angela Tom Thomas will join us she's a psychic clear point of talk about the study of pre cognition. And Thursday returning guest and brochure and task of Valdez a paranormal. Enthusiast a psychic and spiritual author talk about his encounters with UFO's positive energy for Texas and dimensional doorway. Strive for numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. Loosened Jason TV Dioner Elena. Mistakes and. So Jason. Gonzales and chief each. It's great to have everybody here tonight we are going to continue talking with rod pile about test space travel exploration some of the things that tenement in the headlines recently some really exciting stuff happening. On that front so we'll get into that that with rod in just a little bit don't forget tomorrow right Karen Anderson joins us she's an animal communicated with chatter on the program before. It was a great show on looking forward to that again to be talking about her book called the amazing afterlife of animals are to be fun. And then Wednesday Angela Thomas say kicking clairvoyant. To me she tune in you can also if you download the show and iTunes to assert reverberated forests you can also subscribe to a rate at beyond reality radio dot com. And yeah so let's bring I guess back and has this this topic I think we can talk about only launches. Think we can't we got a late start as we had another guest proceeding rod rod. Tom before regarded break we're talking about so basically the fact that the US said had somewhat. Abandon its role as a leader in display space exploration technology. And if we had a shuttle program that it's amazing to think it lasted 35 years is that the number the you give us. Yeah 35 year old program I remember watching the space shuttle lifts off off the back of a 747 to test its. A flight capabilities. On TV remember that happening. It's hard to believe that that program I've carried us into space for 35 years but. Why wasn't NASA more proactive for the US government for that matter more proactive in developing a replacement for the shuttle program before became obsolete. Well we got caught because of a bind you know NASA's budget has been flat line basically for a long time it varies but not I very much. I had a lot of twenty billion dollars almost but that's. Attempt to what it was. In terms of real numbers back during space race in the sixties so. At the peak it was about four point 5% of the federal budget now it's. Half of 1% of the federal budget. And remember that back in the space. Space agers space race decades. We had Mercury Gemini Apollo going along in the 1960s progressing towards the smooth trip and handled Croat growing up to Venus and martyrs. And the moon and that kind of hit those as small number of unmanned probes a lot of satellites and just this. One progression of a human spaceflight vehicles. Now we have this spate magnificent space stations and up there since 1999. Get gold cost money to maintain and six. We've got hundreds and hundreds of satellite many of them paid want to paid for and operated by NASA. We've got probes up by Jupiter we just had one that he's punching up by SATA rubio want to recruit the son. We got over the mark or burgers were on Mars. What goes around the gut one restore still attracting both wagers. And the new horizons probe up at Jupiter in the voyagers and actually left the solar system was one of them. So NASA's doing a lot more of a lot less money and they have to prioritize now that's sad. Even NASA with an internal study looking at SpaceX is path through developing. This first and second generation of big rocket and says you know. We'd like it to not be true but they can do it for anywhere from a half to a tenth of what it cost us to do it. Which is one reason why they're putting money in the private sector that getting back here your question. While we were planning on winning the shuttle down so far about. There early to mid 20032005. It was clear that he was aging and getting expensive and more dangerous to fly. We are supposed to be building the constellation moon rocket which is going to be a little bit different from SOS but it of large rock that a small rockets and a manned. Capsule and Lander. Apollo style we're gonna go back to the moon with that and so forth and the problem is George Bush. George W. Bush made this announcement. And so did you don't back the moon and headed Kennedy moment then congress never really found that so. It got expensive and very little was done and just never got built so what we've gotten now it was a little of that program. Re advantage and does this SOS super boosters that that it was saying earlier massive building along with Iran capsule. And has just taken forever so we're not quite sure what's gonna happen and also beating that this is. How much harder run space station. Originally talked about 20/20 eight person nor is that maybe shutting it down 20/20 four. Not trump has come recently and so I think redundant 20/20 five and the community is very split on whether we should. Keep pay into this wonderful thing we built this overturning a lot of good science but it is expensive to run the do we say enough is enough. Do you rip the thing and move on to the moon. So with the head falcon heavy which. He changes musical at a game changer. Elon Musk is able to launch this this a step forward and and in space. Cargo. Transport if nothing else. From an incident a third of the cost is that was that right so is that a function of just the efficiency of private enterprise verses an organization like NASA or as technology cheap enough to doubt that this happened. I think a lot of people wish that would the conversations really going what what what the truth of it is. So it about a and eat the cost in the equivalent dollars a with the Saturn five wood across but it carries have to payloads you could see the map works in our favor there. But what I was comparing to choose another private competitor united launch alliance which. Up until tomorrow they have the largest rocket in the US arsenal called the delta four heavy. The reason I think dirty driver purpose is to forty to 50000 pounds orbit and those 64000 pound to orbit are. For about. 400 doubt the 400 million do you have billion dollars. And here comes the falcon heavy is saying hey we're gonna carry a 150000. Pounds or that and we'll charge you between. Ninety and a 120 million dollars and by the way you can look up on a web site and with the first only people would ever put a personal web site. So it's not so much government being embarrassed by this but it's all the other part of it and actors and there have been flying stuff for decades. There's safety record a little better but they're using. Basically eat all the provisions of the nuclear missiles the government paid design in the 1960s. And seventies. So they've benefited from all those design cost being underwritten by the federal government SpaceX just. They want Montgomery to wanna build rocket from the start of the clean slate. And then of course you've got on the other end of this. The fact and up until now everybody's that. Except for the actual shuttle orbiter with the wings. Everything else pretty much got thrown away the solid rocket boosters came back. But they're they're almost expected to refurbish the word make you. Near you've got must adding to the mix. Oh by the way all records of this Stockton. Heavy rocket dislike my falcon nine. Are gonna fly back and lend themselves known human intervention nimble postmarked keeping them up to woman climb again so. It's really hard to overstate the kind of change and these are causing in its business. And it didn't Elon Musk himself say that were really looking at maybe a 5050 proposition here. Yeah I guess he has. There's an opposite day which and fortunately missed because it started at least at that time and that. Missed the memo that. But he says that. He was encouraged out to about 65%. But prior to that it would save about 5050 there's a lot of concerns one is. It's complicated the first time anybody's fire Iraq 47 engines on that. That's the Russians tried to do it back in the nineteen late 1960s or 1970s their version of the moon rocket. Which want four times and exploded four times they had I think 39 engines. So some of the largest cluster of multiple small engines have been clones have done so that. Get all of those things to fire at the same time and not bribery the terms of the pieces. And he's got these three boosters you'd think just taken three falcon nine into extending the middle one and pull them together would be pretty easy. But rockets are playing you know their big once they start using up their fuel to the big empty metal tubes that were gonna light. And there's some concern about them flexing and hitting resonant frequencies banging into each other not separating properly. So he said publicly he'll consider the wind to get far enough in the from the launch pad in the couple about. I think he's hoping toward map that stepped in public. So so look. Lower expectations says so that you can have you declare six success a little easier. Well I think you're exactly right I think he's he's it's funny because he does well people don't go. Do these cops close in Adelaide or Guadalajara couple years ago that they have got to build surprise might surprise announcement slipping into the apple conference every year one more thing middle this massive march rocket that will take eighty people the direct Canada time. And be cheaper why they think we're ever done before and by the way you can gold medal at the Shanghai and after an hour. How about that and we'll do it by 20/20 two and everybody kind of looked at her like. It's just kind of reels is crazy. But then so he he did he whips up today expectations that our expectations of and there are going to be very inspirational. Then on the other side when he gets closer to the reality of it he tends to downplay the expectations and say well. Gritting our teeth on this one and you know to be fair. Too the outs there's some of the critics it's years later this the falcon heavy recently spoke apply I think 2012 or twenty routine. But due to multiple delays in the being more complicated than some. Money issues were they had to put money into fulfilling the NASA contractor got the lay in bed. But that's nothing tricky you know he's doing this on his own cash NASA hasn't hit a dying from the falcon heavy. I'd put money into the space capsule into smaller rocket would not that neither of us and not again objectives. Great big. Big asterisk rocket us to believe. That's also financed my step towards doing. Well we get back from the break we're gonna talk about two trumps a declaration that we need to get back to the moon and and what that presidency might have the impact it'll have on our well I think it's our eventual return to the moon before we go to break. I just have to ask this question because SpaceX is a big part of this. Our rob when we get SPC space tourism is a real thing. In fact as a part of that but really who's pushing harder on that as virgin galactic Richard Branson's company and a couple of the smaller ones and you know again they were talking about having this flying united. Those 708. Hasn't happened they had an accident and the suborbital this is normal but terrorism. But probably within two or three years I think it's got to happen nor bunch of places you're just gonna have to give up close and we don't want that so. I think there's a cross ever 2092020. At the beginning of regular. Space tourism and nor that maybe a year or two later. Aaron if you have a question for us sir guess drug pile of this quality for 46877669. Weren't too quick break. More come Millicent Jason. GBM beyond relatively new. Yeah GPS decimated Iraq prior. His website rot piled her pile books excuse me dot com let's with a Y. I check it out route rod has thirteen books to his credit. He's a space author and a journalist lot of stuff going on there and rod I'd tease the whole idea of talking about the trop administration's declaration. There we need to get back to the moon as this segment we don't have enough time really to open that. So don't ask you about the falcon heavy again. Is this the precursor to the ability to be able to create a permanent moon base or maybe even some type of colony. On a distant planet be it Mars or morals. I think so you know it may not be this Wacom although it certainly capable of especially if they fly these are multiple missions to assemble a ten meters in orbit or on the moon. But between this and his via our rocket were to carry many times these tonnage. Into the work they're bigger pervert it into the moon and of course there eventually we should have NASA's so let's rocket flying sometime in the early twenty Tony's. They can start doing some stuff with big hardware up here that the real question is what will that be through the last ten years so we've been hearing about the extended journey to Mars conversation. But not a lot is being done. Except for a long range research about how to travel cost avoid putting your at a time now what we're talking about going back to the moon instead. It's only a few days out of a few days back we know how to handle hardware out there we did it took years ago. So that's something we think we can get our heads around really figure out how to do matter committing the crimes and developing hardware to do it. Notably we still don't have the NASA administrator plays and the confidence in the longest period of over com about one cent the formed agency. Not his fault it's just one of those but I did they took a long time to pick somebody and then it got to be vetted by congress none. The senate and so forth so there's got going through that but it would really help. I have a strong hand at the Helm the agencies to get the stopped moving. If we're looking at some. Any type of major. Effort to build a base or colony. Is that a fifty year project is that a 75 year project what is that. Welcome them we've talked to talk to one must. If he thinks to get as big rockets flying off about again because they're re usable even at the corner marred the reusable. And drop off and not target older people opted to do it that you can have a fairly good size is colony. There by the late 2020s and cities in the 20s30s we talked to NASA. They say well you know we could probably get something going on the lunar surface but only 2020s. Immediate expedition to Mars that's when the thirties. It could talk the Chinese. Civil war sanguine about it but it sounds like they're thinking moon by 2030 in March but 2040. I'm innocent question of how much money you wanna spend and how you're gonna get all the mass of people out there to do that. International still go to the corporations still possibility we don't talk to Chinese might cause some export restrictions and laws and so court. But we are talking to the Russians about partnering on the moon station in orbit that we talked about doing an orbit around a month. So the boy that would have to follow it really just depends on gonna do it another gimmick to cash must think we can make a business case by charging people to go to Mars. NASA doesn't think so. We aren't sure if money was no logic today does that technology exist earlier of there're there're still things we need to develop to get to Mars. And put colony there. We've got about money with our second 130 do and it. With nuclear grinds me again after in a matter of a couple of months and we can have. Cities there is still be tough to disclose toxic and we got a lot of things to figure out overcome. On the long trip to vote yes we can do that because the study years ago. All right so we're gonna take a break and if she hadn't any questions before numbers are 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. You'll listen Jason. JPM URL you reveal. But Coleman received four. 4687766. And looked him. Can't participate in our conversation conversation I know we've got some folks on hold to try to get to those calls to I do want to. Welcome a couple of new stations to the beyond reality radio family of affiliates that KB OZ in Bozeman Montana. And WP a senior Pennsylvania welcome to the to the gang yes welcome to the ever well that's beyond reality radio fans that seems to be. Getting forever larger and greatly appreciate. That's really like so you guys so we will look forty hearing from you we take phone calls and those new markets welcomed that's news stations it will be announcing the next few days to his wells were excited about that. Our guest tonight is rod pile were talking about space. And some of the things that have been in the headlines. Visit rods website it's piled books that's with a YPYL. Lead books dot com. I check out what he's got there is cut thirteen nonfiction books on space history and technology and we've been talking about some pretty fascinating topics tonight. Including first caller rut that we were gonna move away from their falcon heavy conversation the wind is the launch schedule. Tomorrow do window open 1:30 eastern time and goes so I think for leasing talent on Tuesday number surprise there and actually launches tomorrow but fingers crossed and EC tomorrow you mean Tuesday. That yes 6 o'clock mature mama it's your day today through depths. So let's go find do this announcement or directive I suppose it would be from president trump and the trump administration to NASA. To return to the moon is that the PT there's any real meat to that. What idiot to really good in natural question to ask because we've heard this so many times sent Kennedy in 61 insecure Tuesday we choose to go to the moon and then it happened and then every time per cent then with a partial exception of Reagan and the first President Bush saying. Well we're gonna build space station Russia went in Kabul would do it and that we did and we did the shuttle program. But since then there's been a number of these and they have been the result that much so. A lot of the kind of sighed and slump or folders and we've heard of ever going on the move because we've been here martyrs the last centenary years or human expedition. This does seem to have more seat I think an awful lot of congress is behind it and they've got various reasons one is that closer. It's more easily done we know more about it we've been there. We had the technology five decades ago so that's not a problem to repeat. Com and of course they've got things to build an altered districts and different contracts to scoop up and take care of their people so. That makes the moon very interesting in a way that marches and because the moves going to be done faster and much more expeditiously. So I think there's a good chance of it and it's if it's just you know mark is a real reach we've been talking about. Human exploration of Mars since the fifties on bond wrote a book about it in 1952. And laid out a workable plan at the time at least we thought it would be good turnout circle and then there's quite as sort of crash but other and that the basic. Principles need to hear in resound. And by the 1970s. There were. Designed and hand that would work just fine it's just really matter sitting down a building all the hardware to do it. But the moon achievable. And I think especially with what Moscow and what's so we just they goes the conversation I mean mr. hands on here. Is building his own bag Iraq at and there are very little behind masks schedule but they're coming along. They work very well in tests have been fairly flawless all the way along has lost that yet. And he's gonna bring down the cost of mr. missile between those two guys alone. Either dancers never finished their rockets we can reduce major burdens on the moon within five big years. If we were able to galvanize the nation to back. Another moon landing. Which is what you have to do you gotta have the funding and therefore you gotta have. The support of the public for congress to be able to do this to really make it work. Because it does have is a major commitment and it's gonna take a serious amount of time but if we were able to do that. What is the selling pointed to what we gain other than maybe a moral victory by getting back to the moon. But that's also an excellent question. When you talked him out of my government standpoint. It comes down to status military power all the things we've been talking about since there really the end of World War II. And is that the socket direct conversations what do we gain at home. All the money spent on state slightest spent here and we spent almost every dime of it in the US so when you talk about investing and rockets and blowing that money out the planet called the blue demonstrate captain you're spending it here. Now to fertility of the private contractors. On SpaceX if you're buying his rockets from the guy down the street selling and cash down streak Manassas center of that money is also spent here. There's an incredible as we talked about earlier blossoming technology that happens every time we have big state programs that has. You need the best technology to go and do this very hard to do. And there's a big swell in the benefits of higher education. Massive traditionally been one of the bigger investors and education. Very quietly but especially during the sixties and seventies on the money was going to the university. System our education here. If you look on the other side of the corner and the private sector. What's gonna get them the ball well they got to close the business case but there's a lot of money to be made and spent it's everything from commercial spying and satellites. You know when Wal-Mart wants to figure out how to market doing on Black Friday. They've by top bunker on commercial satellites and look at the parking lot so many cars are parked out there. So there's money to be made spying on each other prove the business sector. And there's a lot of stuff up there that we can use the water on the moon has water masquerade there's metal there's glass. And when you can find that stuff in space instead of hauling it out there are cousins very expensive. Take a one gallon of water orbiter because 121000 dollars or something. If you could find this stuff up there and begin to use it to make things up there and make your own rocket fuel. And air to breathe and so forth up there. Between that in this cheaper access were getting from these aren't the words. Suddenly this opens up big time in the series there are big problems we need that they're not getting a lot of people penchant. What what is the but why does seem so hard to get people interested in this these days it seems like now the public just doesn't really pay much attention to. Two things that are going on him and how often the earth. Yeah well you've got the media experts you know. You know what what gets people than just what doesn't. I mean I have a lot harder time selling nonfiction books on space history or were the one worker right now at least 2.0 weapons state program. But I would apart were really good science fiction horror perhaps you've per normal topics you know. So it is a part of it is just it's not appealing we've got this really saturated. That completely splintered media landscape. Back in the Apollo days ahead. Three or four television networks a handful of radio networks and that was and a whole lot easier to control that of those guys controlled their own message has to control the message they went out of them. Now it it. There's no no rules no holds barred so I think that's part of it. Another part of it is just got to have a good story to tell and I think the Cornel grounding here though is. On the one hand you've got all these privatize investing money must convince most famously. But last year. Exclusive of what state sector is doing there's almost four billion dollars invested by private business in the state sector here just the matter in the United States. So that's a lot of money so I think that's a big part of it and that you've got the story I mean. That must have been compared to Iron Man more than once or Tony Stark he said. So when you get a good story like that I think that doesn't get people energized the interest of tomorrow is huge mass has been sold out of viewing patterns for weeks. The people are flocking to the capable way they haven't since the first shuttle flights so popular it's it does take awhile to get people really. Behind one program I think. Rod Paige for us what he returned to the moon would look like a mean one thing I can think of for a tough my head as we have such better video capabilities and we did when we planted there. You know it sir no sir what else do what else do we do what other benefits we get from increased technology by going back and what are the things mobile marvel blasphemous. Well he Ed that's a fascinating question because. Who would've guessed back to the age of the first big rocket the Saturn far I've been going to the moon landing walking around there. That rather than flying cars in the city is going a thousand feet in disguise what we got that written digital technology. And YouTube. You know so it's harder to predict. Certainly I think the breakthrough will be more incremental. But what we are finding is all kinds of development income composite structures which. Some kind of boring but when you talked about building incredibly light fast. Very few with Christian airplanes completely out of composites and then do like structures. Now you're talking about being able flight cheaper than ever ever before mocked or talked about using his next generation of rocket after the falcons have you ever touched on earlier. Supplies from point to point number so you do lift off from. Upstate New York airport vertically. Why through. Go lower bit towards. The orient and went in Shanghai in half an hour. That's pretty remarkable and he claimed that he thinks he can do it for just a little bit more than first class now. So yeah this thing land if you without you fly it back now you've got some really profound changes happening on the mirror in terms of what changes we experience for actually being on of the world. That's a little dicier you know having a couple hundred people on the moon didn't get it changed what happened to honor big time it's going to be a research station and possibly manufacturing base. TV if it was from most Jeff Bezos he's talking about ultimately trying to move eat dirty hit the net used heavy manufacturing copier. Doing in space doable around Venus do it somewhere elsewhere they'll affect us. And then we leave this planet does Christine. If you will international politics. Where people live in Berkeley and they do things we give them pleasure. And all the industry has moved off the space than you can get an argument that it's not just science fiction but it's gonna take a while a lot of investments. That Miami could commute a little difficult for some people but it's if it's as though again going back to advances in technology that a return to the moon be far. Easier task then obviously getting their the first time and I think he touched them and a bit but it. Even even with that it seems as though it's a daunting task and I'm I'm kind of confused as to why it wouldn't be. Leaps and bounds easier at this point. Yeah a lot of people are confused about patent including some that work and that they and that industry I think part of it is we've lost a lot of the the industrial technological. Momentum we have then it's not that we don't know. Where the plans are and how to do it again and so forth. But a lot of those people retired cycled out of the system when did other things in the wouldn't be generation of engineers. To merely replace them there was a number of years between the end of the Apollo in the beginning of the shuttle program. Those two decades cannot count skylab. So. That's part of it it was very hard do damn now looks. Not forget the level lunar module and command model during Apollo with the move on 36 K. In their computers. The tenth of what the floppy this year's Nextel. But it was so well design didn't work but. Even Chris craft to rein in the mean manned space flight center in Houston said that. In the way he was relieved when they canceled last three Apollo missions as a response to plot 181920. Because that you know. We've been very lucky with an operating the very bleeding edge of this technology he was really pretty they're gonna lose a crew because you're so many. Possible point of failure. So we're much more safety crisis and burn more risk adverse now than we've ever been and that's part of it too and they're just afraid to lose people if they're being very. Very slow and procedural and they're getting to this process. So impressed at trump makes the directives. Recently. What's what's the timetable if if all in all engines are firing together here when would we actually get back to the moon. If you talk to the National Space Council which he recently reactivated which is top advisory body to work with Nasser in the military or private industry. We can be doing this within creation years you could talk the mass that's more like five. If you talk to private industry they say you know give us the money and what they've been there and in Torre. Actually touchdown to actually touchdown on the moon in three. Well no week we get in the lunar orbit three to five years old that he would that. A station that you're gonna land you guys are designing Landers right now nobody's doing that except project paid those. Who's basically trying to sell this idea of an Amazon carpet service to the moon with something. But about the same capacity of the old American lunar module. Government doesn't have plans to Atlanta they did beckoned the 2010 but they don't now. So there's all these little point to purgatory. So we we've been here we've we've talked a lot we've decent runner timer not going to be able to touch on this nukes in space discussion right now but. What else are you up to and you've got thirteen books available right now anything else in the works. Well I've got three more coming this year including a retrospective on the Apollo 1150 anniversary which will be great fun. And just got the speech to auto book on the newspaper's page. And I've been working with some very prominent people on that so that the great bend them editing a new America that magazine had new editorial post bagged lunch. Called ad Astra and space magazine the national space society let you do get very excited about. And you said that you'd be surprised if the falcon heavy actually lifted off from blood tomorrow or today depending where York. Only because they're street being extremely careful and that the slightest thing looked like and our borders are gonna wait I don't think there's any major problems with the goods that they're going to be cautious. To make sure they've got every chance of success they can't and so. They had an engine test that was delayed by eighty couple weeks are sick of the government shut them mostly because of them being extremely careful. So I wouldn't be surprised to the came within a few days or week but it becomes tomorrow I'm going to be the first status stand up screen. Him and after that after we see this successful launch of the falcon have you what's the next thing we should be keeping our eyes open for. Well he claims to have another one going up in for the six months after that there'll be a number of war. Very pocket behind flights and the next big step is going to be quite industry sending astronauts at the the space station so both Boeing and SpaceX are working on that that's supposed to have been. Possibly by the end of this year certainly by the first quarter of next year because that is running out of time because they. Thought they have to bite seats with the Russians. A couple of years in advance that it would not gonna have the private contractors taking a step they're pretty soon we got a lot more seats in the Russian spacecraft so. Fingers crossed that'll be the next big step. Rod thanks so much for being on the program what this night it's been a fascinating conversation we look forward to bring you back in a couple of while whenever we can and talk about this again because there's so much more recover. Greg Simon congratulations among Korean station that was blown away when I looked at your web site you guys had just taken over the planet. I a couple of economic or its own zone and sit on the moon will be on the first station broadcasting on the moon a well they carry electrical and hang in Alice. I what's yet here thank you once again that website is piled books PYLE piled books dot com check it out. Keep your eye on the the news that the headlines tomorrow we'll see if if the SpaceX rocket actually gets off the ground to mark be exciting if it did that really would be it'd be while so. Ours we're gonna take a quick break more come listen Jason G beyond beyond reality radio. You've got animals communicate are gonna talk about her book the amazing afterlife of animals plus. Messages and signs from our pets on the other side in how she learned how to understand the language and how it all snowballed when she was a cop so that'll be. Ian interesting twist in the story of a million questions for our specialists the loss of camels and I've had throughout the years and then once they were talking with Angela Thomas psychic and clairvoyant. And we're going to be talking with study of Greek technicians so they should be in exchange show if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forests than had to be on reality reviewed dot com final stations we are across the country were costly adding to that lists may she checked in Austin. Or download free iPhone and android app purchase listen library from the website and Knight who relied so they should tune in and everybody have a great night's Jason GB can chill Lamar. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson since its entire week. You don't really radios. Yeah. You know start why don't finish the agency hello and anything sent inspectors will purchase and install an actress and host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.