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Reed Summers discusses the New Message and its implications

Feb 13, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Reed Summers - Teacher and Representative of the New Message - a message from God about the impending ascension of human evolution. 2/13/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Yeah West Coast is he still as many years and somewhere in between what can be on a review myself just doesn't use. Some JB Johnson went what day it's where where months ghost yes so it's Monday steers its Tuesday. For a two zinni's goes to turn America no no disarmament. The strip and no I don't know who this sort of over on the whole I just try to catch up until Atlanta with welcome to the show everybody we've got a great went to it. We'll be talking with reads Summers who's a teacher and represented of the new message this is going to be an interesting conversation. I'm I'm ready to be really describing yet because I'm not exactly sure what we're gonna work we're going to encounter and how this conversation is going to go because. It's gonna be about UFO's contact disclosure and revealing the alien presence in an agenda in the world but there's also was the spiritual component here that I'm not sure how it fits into this whole thing. All simply want to pinching topics all put together so it'll be interesting to to see how they'll come come together and how it it actually becomes a new message yet. And will be talking with Scott Walter tomorrow night he's a forensic geologist. We talked about historical mysteries and many other topics have been covered during the three seed its seasons of a deal under on the History Channel H two was called America on earth was the show. Yeah it was a great show I loved. On the and then Wednesday will be talking with this change in yen on her she squatters and now they're swatch hers. So us hands are we talking with them grow as search for a big footnote there crypt. Cryptic tight creatures that are out there and it should be HD and I think. It says that the name change may have something to do with the fact that terrorists and nick has a point this out in their synopsis of what we're gonna talk about is that some members are no longer win them and they have several new members so that may have what Ben what precipitated the the new name must find out. I'm the second half will be talking Scott Harris is the CEO of building construction group and building creator will be discussing it intuitive buildings. What it is and Earth's gravitational pull as it relates to homes zone debt placement. To top ten Thursday night we've got Ron Moore head that he's been and again I guess in the program before. If you remember he's an adventurer and he said bigfoot encounters and we're going to talk with him. In little more detail about his experiences on the woods when he's run into these creatures you actually get some audio recordings and stuff. On the he's caught over the course of the year so we'll have a very interesting bigfoot conversation with him. The following week JV will be solo mobile adults right to pop in here and there and give a coal I'll be a five hours ahead so and who knows I might be getting up and at times you'll be you'll be finishing your last point at the plaudits like I. Hopefully. For those you have not heard I will be in the UK had because starting home the 21 actually is when the first show goes live. Where I'm I agreed myself and Jack Osbourne Ozzy Osborne's son has have agreed to be captains. On celebrity haunted mansion line so Jack will have a team of five celebrities all have a team five celebrities. And it'll be like for five days and the viewers can actually poll and vote off different celebrities don't we can't vote jacket off so we're we're sixth. Sorrow Bada and you probably can't drivel Milf would you choose. A Marty turned a fun hearted guy and I know I'm trying to find the number covered chartered by the democratic critics. By did you plan hours there but it. Again nothing but anyway so idea that people can vote. And you know difference leverages off and go from the JV is covering as well thank god he's. It'll start airing one's in the 21 in the UK and I know it's only sky one on denying virgin once when he five ET 311 them. Bunch of things so I'm really not on percent sure on how medal thing goes. Okay. All I know is that if you if you haven't gotten your beyond reality radio official coffee mug yet then you're missing out you need to go to the website click on the picture of the mod there and you can you cannot buy one domestic shipping is included in the price of here ordering from Canada or some Ross on the world's contact us we'll figure out you need chipping and and on their four is seeking to the mug as well. Did you see what happened mice on the street I saw my song absolutely yes. For those you author of listening to show on race and my son's. Two weeks ago they actually won us a junior varsity state championships and lo lo imitation of first took second place. In their weight divisions. Well this weekend we had divorced states witches and all the bigger kids out there. And you know and their kids are doing great actually Logan was winning every match he had beaten every match had him pins and a mall and he was wrestling. One kid it was like his fourth match. Lohan was winning 622 and they tripped. And lowly came down his head on the floor and the kid fell on top of him hitting his head in to Logan's face well. Ended up my son who is winning at the time. I had to get taken out by an ambulance and he Adam yet have had severe concussion and I hated Mo hole black and blue line. Which is all swollen up is in the neck brace for the week. But he ended up losing because he couldn't continue wrestling because they wouldn't allow him of course because he had a concussion which I think is Smart call. But the kid who fell on top of them who Logan was beating 62 Jim. Ended up going on winning that championship. Also Patrick had to stinks I mean that felt so horrible way to end a season and just so horrible thing to happen regardless. And I feel yeah and this is one of those things you're on he's got a lot of years to run station Harrison goes back and but he admitted so he had just done so well he just and so incredible and I mean to the point where it even when he was going on everybody and based and you were given a standing up giving him applause can you see he's just phenomenal kidney did really well and you know outside it's sad but at least she's okay in the I think that's the most important. Yeah that definitely is the most important thing such when it comes to concussion injuries now. You know science shown us that those things if not treated right away and handled properly connect because some serious damage to. Yeah they really count so he had to be careful he's been our school yesterday of the school mark to you know beat on back so as long series that's all matters but our it's a take on the phone with a phone number 8446877669. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash BR under reality radio. What the FaceBook page forest. Then had to be on reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we are on across the country you can also download the free iPhone and android heparin there virtualized listen life catch past shows join him mention more. Or just click the listen live button Youkilis ripped from the website while fighting analogy V myself and a great community people the only general. If you do dollars a share from iTunes or wherever just to us a favor please read it forced host pushing forward and makes it easier for people to far. Are sore and take a quick break more to come to listen a decent team beyond beyond brilliant. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Editor Jason GT right. Down the phone number it's 8446877669. And also I noticed that the chat room from a caught on to what I thought was so funny earlier. Which we won't repeat but there was kind of funny estimate. Sacred six career path sometimes got to be known Narnia and if you've got what is the old and an actual source statistic six are so tonight we're going to be talking with three Summers he is a teacher and representatives of the new message to a spree and read into the program here read welcome to be on reality radio could have been shooting night. They're Jason. Thanks for coming out so we need you just started to very very beginning because. But I guess we just needed to figure out exactly what we're going to be talking about tonight we've got a whole bunch of notes in front of us here but just to kind of keep losing so starters at the very beginning what is this about. While slowly well from what I'd like to talk about tonight is the reality contact with its future Australasian universe. And the truth that contact is indeed underway. This is the greatest event in history and we are largely unprepared and unaware. And it's Tom I'd like to present perspective on what contact really is that you're likely. Not to hear anywhere else quite unique. And encompasses a large. Faster rate topics and I it's built upon. The work of Marshall and Summers my father who for over thirty years has been engaged in receiving. Pretty remarkable set of communications. Off from an off planet source regarding the extraterrestrial presence in our world. Who is here why they're here what they want and what we need to do individually and collectively about. So. A little bit of confusion I'm as we are doing their preparation for their discussion tonight is the discussion of god in the new message are we. Safe in assuming that there is a relationship between. This alien contact and those other two topics the new message and god as you speak of. Oh most definitely I mean. If you're contact. Is indeed happening. And we are eclipsing our Angel isolation in the universe than this has everything to do. With our experience of the divine presence in our lives because our stepping out into a larger panorama life where they define. Has been our tutors for beyond millennia. Or millions of years and so this this represents the only huge leap for us. I at every level of society. Condoning politics and so forth represents huge leap. In in our senses faith and religion and spirituality. And so we most certainly going to those topics. Good so let's start at the beginning of this current visit discussion of the alien contact now you said. This is happening it's already happening. We do walk us down that path how do we know this is happening. Well we we know what's happening based on a life long research of numerous people researchers in this field who have documented. Com meticulously the reality of sightings. Military fly overs on the disabled and military systems. Our human abductions. Are the mutilation of animals. From the taking. While not only people animals but resources off this planet. And that's that's our minutes well also there's. A large array a phenomenon together. Which indicate that yes some. Portion of it of those craft that people see flying in our skies. Are are not human in origin are off the planet in origin. And that all holes on this does not represents a friendly dissertation. But rather an intervention. And that conclusion is borne out by. Be observable phenomena that we know about you know taking the people on the manipulation should really doubt religious and political leaders all of these things. Are happening and indicate that. Our world's undiscovered. Not by friendly scientists and explorers and enlightened beings from across the galaxy but probably. I'm more prosaic forces and our local universe who are. Cheered because once you Earth's it's rare biological. Resources. And perhaps other reasons which we get into and again these are not my personal use I didn't come about this on my own research and not a researcher. I came to these used primarily. By what I feel is one of the most important documents circulating in the world today. Which is the alleys of humanity abrasions. Three sets of briefings published. Over a multi decade period of time by my father Marshall be on Summers which presents in the clearest terms possible. The reality of who is in our world what they're doing and what we need to do about it it's the clearest distillation of the phenomena. A few foes and abductions and so forth that I Epperson. And I are here with you today simply because I'm in my. Many years of martial having seen this process unfold I've come to the conclusion this document this set of documents. Is one of the most important. Things that means to get to the ears and minds of people around the globe novel because it. Yup now that finish well yeah it it kept it opens up the truth behind. This phenomenon which has interest at us for many decades. Which calls to us at a deep level I feel because. At this deeper level we know something's going on. Under the skin. Beneath the radar. It's not being recorded accurately. A lot of misinformation about it and yet we know at a deep level. That this has everything to do with our next great evolutionary step as a world. And it has everything to do arts and why were in the world's top. Well indeed exit do you think it's being kept well it's not being told it was properly for error for certain agendas for certain reasons. Well absolutely right they're there is a human agenda certainly to troll. The public awareness about contacts but more importantly there is an alien agenda. And it is the disclosure of that agenda that we need most desperately more than any disclosure of the government agenda government activities. We need to know who these forces are and why they are unwilling to disclose their presence publicly. And why they're engaging in such dangerous activities in the world. When we were gonna go to break here just in Minnesota one I. I'm open this question yet but I do wanna talk about your father because obviously it's his work and his writings. And the messages he's passing on. That are really the foundation of a provision was speaking about let's get into that for just the second but just. Before we get that two to that after the break tell stumbled when did you start working with your father on this on this particular mission. Well I'll certainly well it's it's been a long long journey for Marshall and are fairly and I know for me growing up I was in the midst of us. This mysterious process. In which my father was receiving a set of communications. From the alleys of humanity and off planet group of observers. In addition we divine communication. Bed. Connects to those briefings and expands into that realm of god and spirituality. In a very beautiful way and in total. Really reveal that humanity is emerging and we greater community of worlds in universe. And that we must prepare for this this is the next great step for us as a race. That was happening in you know in the living room in the at the kitchen table or home and I got a glimpse that process firsthand. And I think it was somewhere after my first year in college when I realized amidst my own plans and goals from my life and all that I thought I was going to do my life that my father is receiving something tremendous importance. We really didn't need to be made available to people in very clear terms. And that what else could they do greater consequence and help him all the world we contact is under way that it is an intervention into our world. And that we must now respond to this intervention rally as a people as a native peoples of the human to human species. And step out into this larger panorama of life's as a free and sovereign world. Pat Tony spoke spoke spoke down to the very core of my dean and I chose to you know cancel the other plans and come back to help my father present this message. Aren't people we're gonna take we're gonna take a break Friedman we come back that we wanna get into you know who your father is and and really start covering this topic so. Are you you'll listen Jason JV and beyond reality radio will be back. Teacher anywhere percent. Message should check out the website its new message dot org can also go to read Summers on FaceBook confined him there. And read again thanks for joining with us before we went to break we are talking about your father Marshall. Who is the man that has been receiving these messages known as the new message for I think about 35 years or so tell us about him tell us who he is in and how this began for him. Oh well it's quite a story it's I've always thought it's one of the greatest stories not yet really hole. While the life of my father what he went through it and and secondarily are fairly calm. But I can give something of a glimpse of it something of a snapshot of of his life and and what how this all happened for him quite quite fascinating. I'm Marshall was a teacher for the blind. Back in the early eighties I'm sorry but suddenly it would have been. And in his work with the blinds. He began to experience. An intuitive sense of how to work with his students how to discern their needs. How to arm. Really pick up deeper and more so communication from them some of them were unable to speak to see bull. And so some of them had considerable difficulties in yet. They demonstrated considerable. Heightened sensitivity is beyond what anyone else around him possessed. And so. I think this this struck Marshall at that time and Hugh is. He was not a religious person he he was raised in an episcopalian family. Parents were not for religious. He went to Berkeley and studying music and English. And dumb he had an interest in early life but you know somewhat an exceptional. And here he shot himself to teacher for the blind and he began to explore this reality and inner guidance buyouts being instructed. How to engage with another human being in a way that you would never think to do. The level from. And this inner knowing this gut sense that remarkably has moved us all in Germany your listeners can resonate about it. They felt compelled to do something inexplicable or go somewhere to meet someone or had a gut feeling something would happen a certain way and it darts right. And so there is this other sense. Of the sensitivity. And martial began to explore this end this. Really was. He beat beginnings of the message. Message from god which is a divine communication from the crater always. You can prepare our world for its emergence into a large universe. And also to bring our awareness. Whether we'd be religious or not back to the reality of what it calls knowledge is spiritual mind which we all us. And which martial discovered in his early teaching days the bond. He developed are his own experience of knowledge. And moved with that and this brought him into contact with. Com a set of unseen. Teachers. Unseen angelic presence as you might call them who began to work with him and instruct him even further how to work with the students in pretty remarkable waders and only he can really tell. Those remarkable stories of his early years and are are definitely her camera on the kitchen table for many years but. Martial began to work with these. Angelic. Intermediaries. Ends. What began as kinda wish them contributing insight and guidance to him culminated in this. Encounter he had in the deserts of the American south west's mom in 1982. You've been compelled to leave his work. And much is placed in the city and Stanley at that time and wander for a period of some months in the desert. And this was used and help to do this by this angelic presence that slowly had been guarding him and his early teaching work. And it was there in the desert that he had this. Sudden. Inexplicable and yet tremendously powerful encounter. With this angelic presence. That he culmination of this encounter which really rocked in its core it rocked. Came down to the foundations of what he thought he knew about himself in the world and everything it was a very powerful. Hum. Earthshaking experience for him. At the end of this experience. This angelic presence instructed him to record. A series of messages to the world. And in the months that followed these messages began to flow through him. The senior revelation. Through his own voice and using his body as a vehicle this voice of the angelic presence begin to communicate. Marshall recorded these communications. And transcribe them and they were later published through a series of books. And that was just the beginning we were this would take him and our families later on our eyes is something you're stuck shall end. It's brought into the world body of revealed taxed. Many thousands of pages in length it covers nearly every aspect of human life from family money health. On the environment. I'm political landscape of the world's all the way to this most important threshold facing be human ambling. Which is our emergence out into larger universal life. And contact without lunch that's not happening in the world. And so. That process of revelation. Which began back in 1982 continues to this day Marshall has received. A growing body. Of communication from angelic presence. On the really is here to help guide us in our modern time. Help bring the religious traditions of the world back to the spiritual heart game that gave birth to them beginning. Back to the heart of knowledge this reality it's. The spiritual mind that we all possessed. Into teach humanity about the power of intuition at the local knowledge because. This knowledge has the power to guide each and every one of us to a unique contribution to a life of service. And yet it's by and large destructed in the world you know knowledge is not moving and enough people. And that really is the crisis of this time. And it's also the answer. This time which is that this spiritual power move and more more people. Zone that's a snapshot of marshall's wife and and there's a whole lot more. Now initially when you you were saying that he felt this this need to do to. Pretty much don't often go on for a while and then leave you'll win them the most addiction current family at that point correct. Well I should correct my my usage of the word family is he had not met my mother Patricia yep that's our bulk purchase everything. Yeah does not air changes so everything's so. Yeah he had you know he had students and he had you know many people he was very close to at that time. He thought mysteriously compelled to depart. In ways that are firfer reason he could not explain to those around him and this happens in the world we feel this need. To step out of line to step out off the highway of life and should go into the wilderness. And Marshall felt that needed that time and he made the decision to turn right to take the offer her off that highway. To go where no paths. Wet you know that that in terms of the lives of those around him the consensus around him. Really go into the mystery. And what happens when a person goes into the mystery watched Powell authentically. By this deeper power within them. And I think marshall's wife is is a remarkable and special demonstration. And now how would these directing towners actually happened to him out. I would these experiences occur. Well it it it grew slowly so again there are many years that led up to this where this was kind of up a subtle voice experience arm. And inexplicable in holes to do something to say something that really had a profound and act on another person. We grew from about into a powerful voice experience and ultimately a voice that overtook him spoke through a and delivered. Well full length 4560. Minute or beyond blank message. On a certain topic. Largely. Centered around this reality acknowledged its intuitive power we all zest. And the larger evolutionary track our world has helped to converge. Our spirituality. And the great evolutionary thresholds facing our world converge and interaction help Alter meant to connect within the life of a person. So that was really the contents of the message in early early years of the revelation. In the years since the revelation is expanded tremendously to provide huge well of wisdom. On a wide range of topics that arm as I read these books which are again these were not written by Marshall. These are books of directly revealed word recorded and transcribed and published. Over 35 year period as I read these words I say to myself no human being could ever. Rendered text like this in speech in wide speech. And the audio of him doing so is available a free everyone it's on the website you messes up orgy purity. Original voice of revelations speaking through Marshall. Read why it was Marshall selected for this. Well that's something of a mystery and and it remained a mystery for many many years Marshall did not. Have a clear picture as to why him why why his family. And only later much later like twenty years after the original encounter in the desert. Looking angelic presence really reveal. Why he was chosen. And that is that he was. Prepared for this life to come into the world to receive this message. Clear your message for all of humanity for people every religion or no religion. And that that was. Is destiny in his purpose in this life to be a messenger to bring a message from the divine source. To a world that desperately needs new wisdom. A clear understanding of its larger place in a larger panorama of life and universe. And where this earth is going in what we need to be doing. As a result of work's gone. And so he was chosen and prepare to be a messenger for this message. Hands he never set out to do this he didn't study religion and try to piece things together this. This is really the story of of a man being. Chosen beyond his own will. And his own awareness. And relenting to that process to be good vehicle for something to be given into the world. And really is life is a demonstrate passion of courage. And humility. And dedication more than anything else more than you know one man setting out to accomplish something were to create something. Really Marshall. He relented. To a higher power that wished to create something. And that's the remarkable new message from god that we have in the world now. When you talk about god are we talking about the same god is from mutant most of us than me being a Christian understands is god or is this a different. Entity or different content. I don't know this this this is god the creator of the manifest universe. Hum the source of all life. Hands the sources. The spiritual mind within all sentient life which is very important truth as we get further into the reality contact but. No the new message from god is a message from the same god. It delivered messages in former times it sent messengers in former times a great threshold and turning points in human history. And god has more say to the world especially now as we face an environmental crisis planet earth a scale never with never before seen. As we faced reality contact with other forms of intelligent life. Again we are now encountering. The other 99.9. 9999%. Of creation. Of the universe that god created stepping out of isolation. Into a larger universe. And what I couldn't think of something that would be bigger and more powerful to expand our experience and understanding of god. How about works in the world. And when you talk about Marshall. And wandering in the desert I mean you can't help but draw parallels with jesus' time of wandering in the in the desert. It was at the same type of experience. I don't want to jump to any thing to to you know drastic here but it sounds very similar. Well you know it it it does. Straight this theme that you see throughout human history of someone being chosen. There there is amazes anyone that's happening right they're not in control the process. They relented to the process they're all out of society. Short time. Call outs into the desert her into the wilderness is that experience into the clearing in the forest where they can be reached. And something happens higher power divine presence in angelic source reaches them and something sparks and whites in the world. Something new answers. Human landscape. And begins to move and you reach people want to spread through the hearts and minds of people naturally. And I do feel that that has tremendous parallels election Jesus and Mohammed and other passengers perhaps. It's it's the same processes that process of revelation and I know for mean something for powerful and it's certain speak on his experience of living at a time of revelation. What is it like to be around this person. Chosen. To receive this message and to see him receive it and should that happen in your hands and read it. I mean it's very special. And I I am tremendously grateful for. I don't know how I ended up where I bet which is marshall's son. I'll which is you know that the kid running around the house just observing this process take place over decades. Entire book of revelation given in the space of three or four case. You know I'm talking about. 3400. Page books which you go read now for beta as they were dictated. End and you you are seeing something new a new reality. Of understanding and awareness ensuring. The human realm. It's a tremendously grateful for the experience. Would have a whole lot more to talk about after the break we're talking with reed Summers he's a teacher and representative of the new message you can find out more information about. The new message at new message dot ORG or new message dot org. There's a whole bunch of information there and will continue the conversation after the break I'm ciller's so you take quick break port Communists and Jason. It's hard to counteract. Could be here we're happy to have all the great radio stations that keeps signing up becoming affiliates is beyond reality radio if there's a radio station in Europe. Local community and day you'd like to see them carry the show maybe you're listening online right now be above to have this local stations carry it sent him an email let him know about the show let him know they can not check out our web page or whatever and in touch with us and maybe the become an affiliate. I'm still in more costly at a news stations that lists on main street checked it check it often we've got illicit right I'm beyond reality radio dot com. We just added three more stations last week and we're looking at a few more in the in the next next upcoming couple weeks ago. Trickery here are excited about that and tonight we're talking with reed Summers and or read we only have a short segment here attribute just about a minute little bit more than a minute. But some as. As Marshall was receiving these. Words and and writing them down and you were what you said you were witnessing some of this first hand you actually saw this in progress. Yes I'm not utterly John you know I was running around upstairs laboratories make noise will be sure you're on record and perhaps that. Later on yes higher than in the room Marshall. A number of times while this is how and it's it's very group and to see. And that obviously affected you rather deeply as well. Well I mean when you see that happen and I was with in the moment before the day before and listen to what comes through him. This this is. The process of rubber revelation this is this is it up a message from. The other side. Coming to our side trying to reach us trying to teach and instruct SS to it. How regard are like in the world at this time where world is going and what else could it be. So yes it was deeply convincing. And end inspiring. When we come back from our break here we're gonna get into the deep yells as of of what some of this new message actually is and also wanna. Get into the Alley in connection with a deeper as well. If you have a question for us or our guest the phone numbers 44687766. At denying again this tall tree day fourth for. 687766. Nights rim take a quick break. While more column you listen Jason G beyond beyond really reveal. Ourselves Jason owns me always awesome JV Jones. We have the really interesting discussion going on with three Summers he is a teacher and representative of the new message and you can visit the website at new message dot org. And find out more information about it before you bring him back and we've got some other stuff coming up this week that we should talk about as well. Tomorrow night Scott Walter who's a forensic geologist will join us he's from me TV series called America and Hearst. And his primary area of researchers regarding the Kensington rune stone now. This was a stone found in Minnesota in 1898 in it was dated to the year thirteen 62 which was a bit controversial because as we all know. We were told an herb elementary school teachings that Christopher Columbus was the first. Two European to be here in 1492. Win and that may have changed. Rewritten history there and with all that information even proof of it they've never changed the sister of yeah. No least or changes that historic changes you know let's got to beyond he's just a great guy very inched in to talk to them Wednesday were in me talking with us watch hers. Original female big foot for deserting group and Obey for the first hour of the second hour will be talked to Scott Harris is the CEO of building construction group in building creator. We discussing intuitive building. Earth's gravitational pulls relates to homes and how home's energy can heal or harm really inching topics. Our telephone numbers 8446877669. If you like to join our discussion at any point. And do springer or guess back in read. Summers. Is again a teacher any representative of the new message again read thanks for being with us. A before winter break we were talking about Tom about Marshall your father and and in the process by which he went through. To present these writings and what are the things they've always. Been concerned with and confused by when we have a situation where I've been a message of great importance is being offered to humanity. It's from a higher power whatever that higher powers purported to be why it's done so cryptically and not done in any more. May be dramatic is the word or at least obvious fashion why is it done in sector cryptic manner. Well I think. If it was done in a very overt manner given to multiple people or two very powerful person I'll be devices. You get a tube. Person existing religion those of another religion which feel disenfranchised. By giving to multiple people there'd be competing versions. On and so it's given to someone. Bob who doesn't have really a position in society. Who doesn't have a big investments in the name. War. And identity that might be challenged by the revelation itself. And this is how revelation takes place it's. Is given to the humble unassuming. The non the other ambitious. Because they are trust worthy enough to bring forth the pure message on corrupted aren't altered. And Marshall is most certainly the person in fact if you ever get a chance to meet amber or seen speak. You know just this humility and his humanity shines forth and he's. He's very grounded person he's not someone who has been. You know. Floating around in in better physics and you know high and cosmology office like he's a grounded man. He is a very wise person meet very warrants are in contact with you Joseph presence of so long. Time period. Arm and he earnestly. Is working to get this message on to people who are looking for people who sense and feel that. An intuitive level with the direction humanities going in has changed. At a better very far in a fundamental way and they are looking for the answer that the truth as to what that change is and what it means to them personally. And that is precisely what the new message are provides. Put. In in the same wouldn't it wouldn't have been smarter on the the people who have contacted. Your father mainly to didn't have to make contact with somebody who had a much further reach was able to get too worried out to it. Larger mass. When I had once. Well you know it's interesting I don't know if we understand this process very well. You know if if that 101000 page communication that would take 37 years to reveal. We're to be given to someone. What it takes for that one person two in humility. Undergo that process as it. We dictate the terms not he or she would which faithfully render that message and not Alter it or not rewrite it or tabulated. Well would wait for the time in the moment when it needed to be revealed to the world because Marshall was was really in a state of on semi seclusion and and deep focus receiving this for years. Amongst us. It could walk that journey of obscurity prolonged period of time. You know not a whole lot of support not a whole lot of acceptance. And I think we can all sense and feel that it's it's a bit harder than it sounds so if this were given a celebrity or summer with a huge reach. Would that person be able to faithfully bring that forward over such a long period. And readers Ernie divinity in Marshall. Oh what you mean by that community well he's a messenger. Of a of a message from god. It's something defining him or is he just simply passing on a message from god. Well I would first soft say that I think we all possess divinity in fact I think there are deeper nature is is divine. And is looking mass says is that. The power of knowledge spiritual mind within us is god this is the reality of god. As it exists within us and we are part of that and not separate from. Very important and you know god is not the father discard all lured a single entity got his presence that infuses all life. That life exists in mean view it exists in Marshall most definitely. And you know Marshall does house. Deeper connections. In an angelic sensed that that have prepared him for this role in this lifetime. But just like human being on key is a man in the world and yeah he is also. Person who possesses a decline hum reality within him. Let's talk about the message itself. Kate is is her way to summon up I know it's dude it's pretty it's pretty extensive there's a lot that's why you Schapiro to go to the website new message dot org. But are you give some Wimbley started for us what oh what is the message. Okay well and again as you said it this extends over. On numerous books. Many of which are free online for people to go read and to encourage them to go read this for themselves don't listen to me. Recap for you or don't be satisfied with just. You go see this tax cutie original voice you're Marshall if anything. On the search is name on YouTube and CNC and speak do better justice than I would as to what messages. But I think you could you could sum it up he has some Marshal himself. Yet in the following sentence. The new message. About. Re connecting with god in with what god wants you to do. Car and that's maybe that's the shortest summary ever of up such an enormous message but in essence it really is about. Coming back into original living. Connection with the divine presence within you not within the church with the leader in authority or an intermediary. Where scripture the oral book. Anything sacred outside of ourselves it's coming back to what is secret within ourselves which is the living beating heart. Who we really are beyond this one likes. We were before this life in who we will be after this if it is our soldier in true separate manifests universe over many lifetimes. Here we find ourselves on earth this challenging time in this challenging world. New messages about coming back into contact walking back home to yourself really end. Re connecting with this power of knowledge the spiritual mind repossess and allowing knowledge to move through you. Any unique way. That aligns with your nature in your design in this march to serve the world and some unique fashion with certain people in the certain place. People purpose in place. The new message is really about getting to those people get into that place and getting to that purpose. Because the world desperately needs more people engaged at that level. Not just living for themselves personally. Or in a state of I don't know ambition or anxiety or fear or. Our self service but really surface to the human family. And the new message teaches that that's why we can we can't we chose to come into this world it's time to serve the evolutionary needs at this world. And the new message. As you can imagine reveals what those evolutionary needs are in the clearest terms possible. It tells us that. Humanity is in them are young adolescent emerging world. Stepping out into a vast cosmos of a billion billion billion. Races or more all of which are equal. Creations in God's. So right off the bag and get the sense that we're not talking about. A father oral lowered in the sky Orrin holes understanding our representational drop. This is a fast new experience. Of god un. On hitched from all the parables and stories. And from ancient tribal. Anecdotes that have been closed and draped over this divine presence. These are now god is now being revealed as got as always truly bad in the vast universe of and we've got as the god of our world in their world to that changes everything about what we think religion is for war. Tom Cruise religion is the best etc. so it it represents a huge shift in our awareness about god. And opens up really experience of god beyond religion. It's the experience of god living in moving. In the world right now. It seeks to move through each of us in a very unique way. And Marshall as a demonstration that there are many demonstrations. Of what happens when. Someone a mine in a body begins to open up. The memory. To experience of who they really are they were before this life. And allow that to move through them. And it moves them in a way or direction that they would never personally choose themselves and remarkable things happened result. And the new message from god is certainly an example on a testament to that process. We're just jump in here and take a listener question this is Matt Cullen from Montana he met welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show. Then hey thanks for having me I'd like semi long time listener or I'm not my sent me a link. They say you should listen to this end and that's what I'm doing and and I really appreciate taking my call Columbus and a list and I and it must my question. For Reid would be you know I look back through my life and Richard content that was resonating. Evidence that the UFO phenomenon. From a very very young age you know support rabbi project blue book at age ten. And the and John Mack and end our doctor Jean David Jacobs are neck and exit ebooks on my shell. I just can't give up trying to figure out what in the heck is going on I'm so my question that I can't be the only one likeness. What what in European what does the new message it is somebody like me just killer is still on people know he has US home match. Could they just you know I talked about it all the time and I would say obsessed with that but I made up to forty years of my life. Researching it and then just curiously what they think guys like mere people like that happens is calling the biggest hit figure out why we're so drawn to it. And I'll take my air throughout the year thanks guys. Thank you Matt. Read well thank you Madden I would say and messages precisely for people like you. I would say that there is obviously a sense of deep inner knowing that this issue. Is big it's real calm it has it's not just information it's not just in interest is in need to now there's an abiding need to know. It's beyond the mind only it's not just oh gosh darn it what's the answer why they hear gore and it's something deeper than war. And I I felt that myself and the new message reveals that length. The reality of contact the reality of life in the universe beyond us stuff we could never otherwise now. That can be reveals. True revelation. And it's and that revelation what it what it click it finally places our world and true contacts we know where we are finally. And the reality oops you know contact UFO sightings set truck. Is a phenomenon. Or set a phenomenon it sits on top of a larger. More pervasive reality that really encompasses. The future direction of our world. And I don't ion in the world. I'm connected to this I would sex for myself I am connected. To this. Larger landscape of life young or world and contact is cracking that door open. Cry contact. Is forcing our world. Out into a larger arena and people of conscience around the world who are connected to that issue. Who feel that that problem has their name on it at some deep level and makes an Politico. They are the ones. The new message was given to that was given to confirm. They have a greater community nature. That. Their presence in the world is connected. To this marchers stepping taken it's not connected only to the past. And to earth based religions and earth based issues and problems and urged based conspiracies and all this. It's connected to this great step forward they are. And I've met many of these people and new Marshall has spent over thirty years. Trying to reach these people trying to give them this message which has such an activating power. Not only to answer the question. About who is here and why. But to tell them to give them the key to knowing what they personally need to do in light of that how they are connected to. And I I think that's the that's the difference makers when this goes beyond an interest it goes beyond information. And more books on the shot. And it goes to. Finally understanding. Essentially who is here. What this means for our world. And that we are connected to us and that there is a way to prepare indeed contribute. To this great stepped being taken now by our humanity at large. And so if you got a question for us our guess three summer give us equality for 46877669. We're gonna take a quick. Break more come to listen Jason GD DR. The message as a teacher and representative of that message you can check out more information about it new message dot org. And the phone numbers 8446877669. And toll free at 844. 6877669. You'll soon Jason indeed. Beyond reality rating to. It's got her returns as a forensic geologist we're gonna talk about his TV show. That was on night H two in History Channel called America and earth to its primary. Area of research regards the Kensington rune stone which is eighty Whitman might be actually attempt Clark. Document carved in stone from the years thirteen 62 and if that's exactly what it is see it's it's kind of a history changing moment. Toll rewrites everything and then once they we got squat Turner's original female group of bigfoot hunters. On and then we also have Scott Harris on CO a little of building construction group and building creators. I'll be discussing intuitive building and Earth's gravitational pulls it relates to homes and how homes. Energy can heal or are you. And tonight we're talking with three Summers he's a teacher and representative of the new message you can find out more about the new message at new message dot org and a reader. Our time is starting to run short here we've got to probably a lot still to cover so I wanted to get into the sailing Texan with a bit more because when we started the discussion you made a very. Assessing two point about that. What is the relationship. With the alien presence in the contact that's underway. And as in regards to this it does to the new message. Sure sure well. Alongside the new message from god Marshall received a set of communications from an off planet group of observers who call themselves hours of humanity. And the allies say that day. I'll have come into the sit the vicinity of our world observe the very dangerous form of contact underway now which they call the ailing intervention. Rich in Greece. News. Surreptitious plan underway by multiple. Economic collectors. And artists and the court here to take advantage of the earth and its resources and arts its people. And this is perhaps the greatest challenge our world our world will face as it steps out of the greater community as it encounters not. Beneficial. Forms of life but rather. Economic interests just like you would step out into the city of life you're not going to encounter you know otherwise and the friendly necessarily. You may countered those who would seek to take advantage of you and indeed that that is the the prosaic truth and what we're facing and our position Hannity and delivered three sets of briefings. On which really. Come into the world alongside the new message in order to present the larger. New reality. Life out there and universal large that we are stepping into and will step into over the next 100 years beyond. This is a huge transition this is not just you know information should this week this year or a little. Bit disclosure to kind of keep disinterested in cited. This is a set of communications and repertory dark moments to enable people to begin until May. That's huge shift. In awareness. Self identity. Opt focus in their life. To realizing that they are part of one of humans gambling now a larger universe of life and that we have. A lot we need to do need to restore the environment of the world. We need to address runaway climate change that we have created it is threatening habit ability planet earth. And we need to see contact for what it is which is. An alien intervention into our world engaged injury to our activities including the reality human alien abduction and hybridization program. Beyond that. There's a lot to say here it is deep dark to take. And the hours of community briefings presents the essential information that I feel every person needs to know about contact. It is an amazing starting point. Distillation of decades and decades of research. And study and conjecture. Now distilled into a clear picture which we can either seat. Or choose to Nazi. And the clear picture is. This is an intervention. By aggressive forces. We're here to take advantage of us in our world and what our world possesses. And when you step back and look at all the phenomena surrounding contact. This is that the picture that it becomes clear there's nothing they are doing in our world that suggests beneficial contact. Other than. Promulgating and spreading at large messages channel teachings saying that those visiting our world are light and space. I travelers that they can heal the ills of our world that they can uplift humanity do we could never do workshops. These very. Up beautiful. Love and light and yet this empowering messages that are spreading like wildfire all across America. That's one thing they're doing but the bulk of what they are actually physically doom and has been observed clearly indicates that. These are forces acting surreptitiously without human awareness and consents. Teaching people. Are influencing. Officials in government religion. Manipulating our religious and spiritual belief systems. Promising that the return of a chair savior or teacher. Mom is imminent. All of these things we can go on and on and on and alleys briefings again in the three series of books that have been released present. An amazing expose. Who is here. What they're doing what we need to do about it is he disclosure. That. We have not been asking for a we've not been asking for disclosure from BET presence. Instead demanding it from our own government's. Anderson indeed is exactly with the intervention would like. Distrust of focus on charter. Produce conflict with each other enough focus upon who was visiting our world. And what they're real intentions. And here I mean it's it's as simple as this we had an intruder in the house. Someone has come toward door in the in the darkness of night. Unannounced uninvited and has stepped through that door into our house and has probably on the ground floor and we are coming down the staircase to see who's there. Now to assume that this visitor. Our house is beneficial in tents or that there are statements of it and don't worry I'm here to help and you're not do this that the other is trusts were. That is not an intelligent position to take regarding. An. So this is this is a natural event this is a force of nature coming into our world. And we need to be reality based and not fantasy base and how we regard it. But some let's jump to the phone lines here we have Barry from North Carolina with a comment and question he very welcome to the show. Hello there well and I reiterated. I hope everybody is it. Record although there are frequent caller. A collision and out of the area won't run by your. Armed one of the reasons that we don't know more about it overall universe and and yes insurance just or Mohammed or whichever religion you practice. Is communication. We can't communicate with snakes are birds are alligators are whales. Yes like as a non of them can kick communicate with when you think about it there. Any thoughts read. Well I actually think that's quite perceptive. Arm. Thank you very I think communication is. Kind of the essence of what goes on diapers or doesn't. And the inability to communicate and connect with another life form. And perceives the intent of another life form. Is a disability. And I would say that humanity is becoming more and more. Disassociated. From the natural world lives and our natural. In neat. Knowing an intuition. Insensitive ground business on this earth is being undermined. And now we're stepping out to a whole new Plainfield life with new forms of life. They have their own intense and influenced by the reality that we recruit you know in our minds. And are we able to proceed. It are we able to communicate normally speak with it but understand. And engage with appropriately. And I as I look out into the you know the larger community people interest in contact. Our CD's why it'll release about. That they are here to save us that you know there we need to trust them that are solely to contract. Without that empowers them to take us as our identities. Wild things are being thrown about their which demonstrate. Complete inability. To engage in authentic communication. Caddies he's our. This is not engaging with the situation as it is this again. Comes back to the importance of reality which is in the name of your show. I would urge you before you step beyond reality to step into reality urge everyone Wear myself to do which is to perceives. The event of contact even the other adds the paranormal events that you guys research. As events. I mean if nature of reality itself and that lest we become. Driven by our own hopes and wishes projecting those until that natural that we need to become perceptive. About natural event and learned more about. Nature more than we know now especially as we faced contact with new forms of life. Wireless is a good fit in one more listener call here this is Justin calling from Missouri Haiti just some welcome to the show. I was wondering. If you can name he had kept people don't even. Know where. But then why he thinks that the power particularly where McKinney became. That's a really interesting question Justin. Read. You've talked about abductions you've talked about. Some of the on test or maybe you Stephenson hybridization is some of these things are going on what do you saint. Is happening during abductions what what is happening to the people that are being taken away. Well great court question and allies of humanity booked three upstart to goes way into this ends. It's it's multifaceted. I'm stepping back and looking at a larger reality of abduction. It is at the center of hybridization program which is. An effort to create a human being who looks walks walks just like you and I. But is fundamentally altered the deep level and is lines to be agenda of those visiting our world. And that this person could then take a position of leadership in government commerce and even religion and time. All because those losing her world cannot remain here for long durations we cannot read or atmosphere for long periods so they need us and this is important to realize this but the Alexei is that. We are part of the resource you met humanity. Both as workers. As those who will help the intervention extract the resources that they watched from planet earth. But also as participants in the larger collective. End in addition to that as a resource is the most elemental rubble and the allies you revealed that people heartache and never returned. On elements of their body your taken. Blood skin other sub streets are taken and used to the roster life elsewhere. Mean again work the universe is a universal largely bear and whirls. And here we are living on biological jab that basically. Offers every form. Well naturally evolve biology could ever imagine. And those from beyond our world who live in sterile lab environments and you know. Go long distances to obtain biology like this look at us as a resource and so some of the experiments pomp but certainly. They are to Foster. Young who are hybrid artist. And David Jacobs has and others researching a phenomenon. Have done an amazing amazing job doing so and document and very grateful to them about. And yet the allies do you say that other procedures are done to extract certain elements from. Human physiology. In from the physiology of other animals and this is well documented. Thanks. And Leo let's say one more call we do have time for this this is a Christina calling from Florida he Christina welcome to the show. Hey how are you thank you critiquing and I caught and ask how I read I of course and and down. On each leg jumping just like to axed. Spread some keys at town. You know I don't people who are being abducted and is it getting their bad term matter. Are happy. And eat. And I just why he killed our boy actually get to a letter bit to express intent on re not batted it. Or eighty any demands and you happening Darren Darren earned the cat like exchange during her home and back. I guess you worry about it yet there is accused call her but that he saw her. For humanity Sri Darren and that a lot of those people who are being up docked it can do about it cap can be protect them. Great questions Christina great questions read you are great questions well I agree this is it time to stop and really look. This is it time to go beyond the interest street in the entertainment we garnered from these paranormal you can logical phenomenon. Stop and really ask is this real. As if this this is the biggest thing ever and very few people are aware at all. And even fewer people see it correctly and even fewer people are doing anything about it. So this at the fundamentals. Is a hall it's a call the people of conscience. To people who always felt connected to these phenomenon. To go beyond. Acquiring more books and information to realize that there is simple and clear truth about this that we can discern. We have the tools now to respond to it. And that's that's actually essential and there needs to beat a move meant to speak out to generate public outcry. And and public education about the intervention itself. Mean this this is huge this is first contact we humanity humanity is now than needed people not of one country or one comments. Being visited by colonial powers of their own kind. We are not natives of the whole world being visited by those of another kind. Who have vastly advanced technology well beyond ours. And a very destructive set of activities that signal negative intense very clearly. And there's your great effort to keep. Opt public awareness of this are under wraps. Pretty much it's pretty clear. Both on the side of government and the intervention but most importantly on the side of the intervention. And you know Marshall has taught for many years in the alleys briefings make clear we have the tools. To make. This issue known by enough people a small fraction that's all it takes. To put an end to the intervention. Because it is a very weak. And brutal force their plan is well thought out but is. Basically incapable of being adapted. Europe adapting itself to resistance of any kind. Read we are just we just out of time I wish we could keep talking about this we're gonna have to have you back on the program we are just completely out of time so again the problem the website is new message dot org check it out. There's complete information in there and read that's subs and I'm sure folks get a hold you through the website about ten seconds. Great Jason JB and there's a community people preparing for this and you can learn about our community and meet those people. On our website so thank you for having me. Well thanks so much for coming on you have suffered great. For some conversations. His website is certain message dot org you may wanna check it out as a whole bunch of detail there. And tomorrow we got Scott Walter on remember forensic geologist. Who are we talking about historical mysteries. And many of the topics covering his three seasons on TV cable series on history in each to each to called American unearthed. And beginning into the hole Kensington rune stone and Atmel war so some interest thank you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio FaceBook page source they had to be on reality radio dot com final seasons we are on across the country can also download the free iPhone. In enter it out. To us listen live sketch pad shows and join online chat more are okay till march Jason JV beyond reality radium green and I had. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson follow. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.