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Joshua P Warren discusses all things paranormal

Mar 14, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson welcome prolific paranormal writer and investigator Joshua Warren to the show to talk about his latest work. 3/8/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are all right and beyond reality radio and gene Johnson and I'm starting to believe that Jason actually lives out in the middle of the woods somewhere. In a cabin media hasn't indoor plumbing I'm not sure. But I can tell you this much doesn't have electricity very sad. He is without power again I know. I know a New England is getting slammed by another storm after last week's major hit. It's taken another one and Jason's lost power again so and if you follow months FaceBook you'll know that he's not very happy about it. He just got power back like thirty hours ago and he's without it again so he won't be able to join us tonight. Couple welcome to the show we've got a great one for you we've got our good friend Joshua. Decade or so will know that named Joshua is at paranormal investigator tonight obese spending most of the conversation on paranormal hurricane stories. For the first time since hurricane Maria. Slammed into Puerto Rico. Joshua will give us a live report from the island there will be talking about a number of breaking weird stories that surrounded. The event these history you never heard before we're also gonna talk about a new system that he's developed that I hope you packed reality. I'm matching your personality type with a method that works you that's old Joshua warned. That's coming up in just a little bit on the program our phone number you should write it down if you wanna join our discussion later is 8446877669. We will open the phone lines for the second hour of the show. And allow you to call in with your questions or comments. And out in the meantime you should stop by the website it's beyond reality radio dot com and check out the official beyond reality radio coffee mug it's a great looking little mud got a nice beyond reality radio logo on it. Coffee taste great out of its sodas hot chocolate according slick Eddie so we'll take his word for it. And you can get your own. Right there on the website. And one more thing to tell you about. The scare com website is adding guests and if you don't know what's scary economist check it check out that website it's a an event. That features or celebrities internal celebrity's film screenings panel discussions too big convention parties lot of stuff going on it's in Framingham. Massachusetts coming up. June 16 weekend. If you're around that area or select travel it's a great event to attend. Check out our what's going on there as they continue to update the website it's Kara con. Dot com just some programming notes tomorrow will be a best of program as will off Friday and as will Monday and then Tuesday we'll have. L Sydney Fisher joining us Sidney is an author and a researcher will be discussing her book called the haunting of Natalee Bradford. And then Wednesday of next week Keith almost. Will be without us to talk about the east area re pissed in the Golden State killer cases they are two of California's most. Enigmatic I'd unidentified serial killer cases so we'll have a great discussion about that and next week. And again we're gonna go to break but when we come back we will bring Joshua worn in the started the discussion over everything Josh rule talk about tonight when we get going to seize wishing machines that Jason and I have had that we have yet to use reload it hasn't. I wanna do it the wrong way you know never see one of those movies like cut. Whereas in the bottom monkey wishing on this a movie about a monkey make a wish and it becomes evil we don't want that happened so. We're gonna do this so wishing machine project with Joshua at some point there'll be tonight is Jason is a witness but at some point will do it. And we will do it under the direct supervision and the able hands and and and guidance of Josh wolf for an. It's beyond reality radio again like Josh on just a moment don't go away so much more. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the men you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Dionte Johnson Jason is now with this tonight he's got no power in his little tiny state of Rhode Island I think they only get allocated loom very small percentage of the power grids so when it goes out that's the first place and take the power from. Be that with a six summer life and I look forward to that of course we have a great show lined up tonight we've got our returning I guessed good friend Joshua Warren joining us he's a paranormal investigator we've got a whole bunch of things to talk about Joshua. Welcome back to beyond reality radio great to have you on tonight. Well thank you JB it's so wonderful to be with you I had enjoyed talking do you in this vast audience. And we enjoy having you but I've got to ask the first question is what he's been up to its been awhile since you been on the show but you never keep still. Oh boy well you know of course. I'm joining you right now from beat Bermuda Triangle research base invoke their own Puerto Rico. And I have been investigating strange phenomenon you're Puerto Rico for a about twelve or thirteen years but five years ago. I created this regular center in order to study be multifaceted. Phenomenon here. And I left Puerto Rico. Just weeks before. The devastating hurricanes hit last September. This place was hit by two hurricanes. The first and was Irma September 6 which hit part of the island and then of course via the really terrible and was Maria and that Maria just out. Right through the island and it was just it was the worst hurricane in all of recorded history here Puerto Rico. And delight just returned. About a month ago and now that I'm back. Not only in my. Sort of you know surveying the landscape and and sort of figuring out what this part of the world looks like now but I'm also just dispelled that. By the amount of amazing the paranormal experiences that people have been telling me about. That happened before work. During and since the hurricane and that's one of the things that I want to share with you in the audience tonight because this is not something as being covered by the mainstream media. Yes and you'll definitely get into that I mean numb and I'm excited to hear these stories but to use mentioned in your first comments there that you left the island a few weeks prior to other hurricanes hitting was a bolsa most of them or want one of them in particular that you left prior to -- Was a trial the timeline work there. Well the first one hit September 6 in the second when he hit about two weeks later on September 20 and I left the island in August and hit it left. Either one. So my question was going to be did you have some kind of I don't think the models had the hurricanes signal that accurate that far out to did you have some kind of information to paranormal source may be that you knew. There were some impending storms coming near it was just happenstance. Well you know that's a great question and I consider myself to be extremely fortunate because I have dodged tragedies. All my life had just distort things. But in this particular case. It was really just a matter of scheduling you know I have a museum and a laboratory in Asheville, North Carolina. And I usually try to get back here around August. To September. And stay in the fall there are so like I I would say it was probably more a matter of just good timing. Who's good good timing and good luck I guess. I'm in a lot of people are new to the program beyond reality radio has been growing we've had a lot of affiliates in a lot of markets that the show didn't exist before who've got a lot of new people listening so for the benefit of those folks. Tell us they got started in this wacky business that we call you know paranormal research. Sure well you know on growing up in the mountains of western North Carolina. I was always exposed to all of these amazing pioneer legends in native American tells about strange and mysterious stuff. My family actually has been in that area on both sides going back to the late seventeen hundreds early eighteen hundreds. And so that was inspirational to me because those mountains are the oldest in North America and when I was growing up. Was that a large family dynamic with my mom had nine siblings my dad and six siblings. I would hear a lot of stories that. Inspired my curiosity and there was one in particular that really stood out for being. My grandmother on my mother's side. Was a woman named Virginia Callaway. That was her maiden name. And which she was. About thirteen. Or fourteen years old during the Great Depression her family. Lived in this big farmhouse out in the countryside in the area call Barger billboard Carolina and they work. Actually trying to well law. For a long time but even may eventually lost their home. So anyway around 1936. I believe my grandmother received a really interesting and special gift for a kid of that age she got. A camera. And she had an older brother named Claude who is I guess and who's twenty's. And one day clawed and their father a man named Jack went out on a small game hunting trip. And the two of them came back from this hunting trip with squirrels and rabbits and things like that and she asked him to pose for a photo and she took a picture which is sort of a classic picture at least two radical you know mountain middle holding their order there kill but when the picture develop. Clawed her older brother did not have a hit. The photograph. And no they knew that that was weird but they didn't know enough about. Photography to understand just how weird it was it was a moving his hit it wasn't a long exposure nothing like that I saw that picture when I was a kid well one month later. Claude would sitting on the porch of their house reading a copy of newspaper publication called western magazine gunslinger tales. And Jack was in the kitchen fixing lunch. In the two were conversing through an open window this was in July. And at one point. Jack spoke Claude Claude did New Hampshire and win like it was ready Jack went outside here's the magazines they're on the porch. No cost. We are to caught go and hours went by no clawed. They use. When try and know Claude people were out scouring the woods the authorities were involved everybody was looking. And my great. Uncle Claude Callaway. Was never seen or heard from again it was as if he had vanished in the bleak tonight. Literally in mid conversation. And when I became an adult. I wouldn't use Barnard's bill I talked to every elderly person like it's fine and they all gave me the same story. I hired a forensic historian named mr. Pollack who. Follow the paper trail of all of life is employment record consensus records and all that stuff right up till that day. And I'm telling you on there exists no explanation for how he vanished like that and to think JB. That a month before that photograph was taken of him with Gupta ahead. It gives me goosebumps right now. And my family never got over that they've never had closure. And they have very early age just made me realize that these kinds of strange things where do you wanna think of them as a deductions. Or. Or slipping away and to some other row or whatever. These things that we often think of his fairly normal or real. And so at an early age and might keen eyes started investigating these stories I got a job and I was only fifteen working for the local newspaper. And since then. I have seen many many strange things regarding ghost UFO's scripted psychic phenomenon. And work 25 years now I've been traveling the world doing nothing but investigating this stuff full time. And that's why have a museum and that's why I have a laboratory. And out published over twenty books. And I'm very fortunate that I get to investigate this subject matter that I I loved and continually intrigued. Yeah and this story about Claude Callaway is fascinating. You kind of gave us a time reference there one point I think you mentioned the depression but what what exactly did that happen. 1936. And you know zoom way you described the disappearance. One minute he's talking. And then you know what what how much time passes in November at the time you you know you finish a sentence and you walk from one room to the next and he's just disappeared so if he would walk off. You think who would you say was your uncle your uncle could have seen him. Walking off and so well it wasn't enough time to task for him to be walking off so there's something much more dramatic than that. Well even though the oddest thing I believe is that you know that your father. Jack was there talking to him. And he knew that lunch was on the way and then when Jack walked out with a large. And the magazine was there you know admit it weapon exist. I mean you can't imagine this somebody's sitting there waiting for lunch reading a magazine. Would just get up and often mid conversation and certainly not even take the magazines so the context about happened. And it is just really public links and the whole thing this sort of magnified. By that photograph. Yeah well that's the edge does that photographs still exist do you have a copy of that. Didn't want to think that makes me cringe. Causes that this all happened when I was really you know a kid in terms of me seeing that my grandmother died. And it was one of those situations where. Within days all these kids that come into her and taken her possessions and we don't know where that photograph is in that's I'm hoping that one day it will pop up but a lot of people got to see it. While we only have about 1090 seconds here before us to jump to a break him but staying on this particular story with all the experience you have now and being able to look back on that you have eight. Leading hypothesis. As to what happened to Claude Callaway. Well and that particular case. If it is it's very difficult. Because you know. Sometimes you have these instances where things were to blur the lines and you're not sure what. Pilot goes into armed. I don't know that there's any reason as. Should have been like an alien abduction because nobody reported any kind of weird craft there wasn't in the physical evidence I mean it was during broad daylight and no I mean nobody saw anything. So really as the darkness down there are other instances. Of people throughout history who literally have just. Panicked right before the eyes of other people and in fact they also lived not too far from the national forest so you know that is always been considered a place where a lot of disappearances of Kirk. But I didn't think especially given my research here in the Bermuda Triangle. Looking disappearances. That it's possible that in the same way that we have atmosphere whether we might have places that experience what you'd call inter dimensional wherever. And sometimes a person might get called up in that and literally displaced. But could I do believe as all of our physicists are now telling us that there are multiple dimensions. And sometimes a person can actually get. Sort of transferred in from one dimension to another and I think that may be what happened to him. Interest and we're talking with Joshua Warren by the we should check out the website it's Joshua. Plus some really interesting. Footage photos all that is right on the website. We're gonna continue our conversations in just a few moments it's. Beyond reality radio on TV it's. I don't have juice and so without power. Joining us tonight and it's programming that's too bad because we've got a great guess who got Josh rupee Warren with a sees a paranormal investigator prolific author. On topics of paranormal interest and other interests. Teacher at his website he Joshua. We really wanna talk about some of these paranormal occurrences that followed the her hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico first can you tell us. What the status of Puerto Rico is a mean when those hurricanes hit. There was talk about electricity being out for a year or more and you know just real devastation what's the status currently. Well you know Puerto Rico is an island that is 100 miles from. East west and about 35 miles from the work itself. There is this range of mountains that goes right through the middle like spine and that range of mountains over 4000. Feet tall in some places. It's extremely. Rugged terrain. Those people live in the mountains of the ones who are having the roughest time getting power restored because even under normal circumstances. I mean they're always landslides and narrow road circuits. Caving off into routines. But from what I've been able to tell driving around most of the island since have been back over the past month now granted it's been about six months since hurricanes. Tom I did and stressed it looks a lot better and I was expecting. Armed land is beautiful the people are bustling. The businesses are open. You still have a lot of power poles that are down on the or or shattered. A lot of grouping power lines. Many of the traffic lights do not work. Many of the traffic signs are missing or or bent up and say you have to be very careful driving around. I hear my own two story Condo. I have power most of the time. But occasionally there is a black out double just yet with out notice for seven or eight hours so you have to be ready for that I still don't have any Internet horror our cable. And so. You know for the most part it is it's impressive I think what went there has been accomplished here but I am telling Syria to displace gets hit by another hurricane. In the season starts back. He it's it's going to be bad so. I'm I'm very happy to say the area were I am here in Boca Iran. Which is opposite of sand on the capitol. What sort of shielded. By those mountains as a hurricane came through so I'm actually in one of the better parts of the island. That's fortunate now is the is the effort to restore the services is that a repair effort early reboot of reconstructing in other words may be burying power lines that kind of thing and to make them more hurricane resistant to the next one. Well you know you you know hope that that's the case but there are a lot of people here on the island were disgruntled because I have heard that it's still just a patch operation more than it should be no I mean. When you know that's what does a great opportunity to go in and really sort of start from scratch and not date this entire grid. But it's just such a mammoth task I mean it's difficult for people who haven't really spent time here. Even understand. One a a messed. It agree it is here I'll get you an example of this quickly here and in my own Condo. Last year I had a problem where the powers. Not operating and part of the Condo I had electrician come out and he said that there were great parts that needed to be replaced. But that park had not. Bin manufactured in thirty years. And so he had to go to a local health and have a machinists. Create. It's part. The come back and stick them. And he said it was a miracle there had not been a buyers so that's just you know and and my Condo so you that you can imagine. Throughout the island it did the shape of this whole lot infrastructure and and again you know you can you were out here where a thousand miles right here in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. So. Yeah you could spend all kinds of money to. Put in a new infrastructure and then you know it just gets hit by another hurricane so it's it's very it's sad and frustrating situation in many ways yeah. How does the turmoil in turn to this story. Well of course Puerto Rico is one of the three points of the so called Bermuda Triangle. And the other two being the area around Miami Florida and in the island of Bermuda itself. And beat Bermuda Triangle it's not a nice clean cut triangle it's more. A patch. And a lot of people think of only disappearances. When they think of the triangle and it's construed disappearances. Similar to the one night talked about was my great uncle do occur here up to this day last year there were little little plane that took off from here and Puerto Rico and it was time for people aren't two adults two kids it banished you know nobody knows what happened to. You know I mean you have all kinds of instances like this putt. What I found is that that is just one facet. Of this kind of spent as much Gloria strange things that happens in this part of the world. Annan talking about extreme UFO and USO activity in US toes are these types of you have. Those that actually go in and out of the water and have the notion. We have extreme goes we activity I mean for example sent one of the oldest city in US territory. A lot of pirate goes in things like that you have an enormous sort of psychic. Activity here were people are experiencing. Looking and other dimensions I mean it really gets pretty bizarre when you get to scripted to me some of the the creatures that people see here. I would say that this will block island has more paranormal activity per square foot if you would open. And about any other place about investigated. And now there are. Lots of questions just as to why that may be. One thing that I noticed that cyber searching. Is that if you go on to Google and you look in Q just type in something like. Gravity map you'll see these illustrations that NASA has produced of the earth. That show use. Strength of the Earth's gravitational field at various spots because it is inconsistent. Some places have a strong field which is usually read it sure our interest. Some places have a weak field which is blue. This whole part of the earth that we called the Bermuda Triangle. It is is a very blue. And the island Puerto Rico for example is so blue you can really Katie could see it on the man. And iPad I've begun to notice here that. Areas that have a lot of near normal activity around earth. Seemed to be places reader's weaker gravity. And if you go to places where you have stronger gravity you find a lot sacred sites and pyramid and cathedrals. And it may be. That if there is indeed more paranormal activity places where gravity is weaker the people back in the day. He did not like being around paranormal activity. We seek out places where it didn't has happened so much. Not even realizing that these were places that have stronger gravity. And that's where they would build their safe zones. And so I'm looking at that those connections and trying to build the more specific database but for now what I can tell you is that one that might. Hypotheses. You could say it is that this area called the Bermuda Triangle an area of such weak gravity. That it allows interactions to occur here between again called different dimensions called different states of mine called them parallel universe is there are all these term as we can tossed around but ultimately what we're talking about as upbeat ancient Europeans called what can the area where maybe. Places and a phenomenon that are usually separate are able to emerge and interact. And experience each other. We're talking with Josh -- he warned his website is Joshua. Paranormal events that follow the hurricanes that hit to Puerto Rico in the fall devastating hurricanes just destroyed. Left devastation and destruction in the past. And dead as a colonel connections lot of turmoil activity happening after that or take a break first it's beyond reality radio. Jason is not with me tonight I'm Jim Johnson. Next hour drive hornets beat 44687766. And would love to have you call in and participate in our conversation which has been fascinating so for. Josh before going to break we were talking about. You were tournament gravity. And how holders. Seemingly a pattern. Between low gravitational spots on earth and paranormal activity. Once different very interesting is that gravity still remains essentially a mystery of science. There's a lot of uncertainty as to what exactly gravity is and is more and more connection. Between gravity and many of these. Topics that we call paranormal whether it's dimensional travel ports tying travel. Or. Meanwhile other moved somewhat and nebulous ideas gravity seems to hold the key is something we just haven't figured out what it is yet. Yeah you're absolutely right javy and you know it's funny because we have a lot of talented investigators out there are using electromagnetic field metres and electrostatic detectors and Geiger counters and looking into the infrared and ultraviolet and all that but. If they're very few people who were looking in to gravity which is the week for scripted but still substantial force. When you considerate. I hold their feet to the ground. And so on it's an area that hasn't really been explored that deeply when it comes to the paranormal. And I find it intriguing that you know going back to the idea. Whether. And how that may be in the same way we have atmosphere whether there might be inter dimensional whether. Maybe. Maybe gravity. Is playing the role well let me give you an example growing up in the Carolinas. I would always intrigued by these stories of the grey man. And the great man at the ghost who appears just before hurricanes. On the coast of the Carolinas especially around Polly's beach South Carolina. And this it. Apparition that sort of seems like a grade which speak form. Has been seen. For com well at least since the early eighteen hundreds. And nobody knows exactly who he was once stories that he was a man who died by getting caught in what amounts to some quicksand because of hurricane. And so. We have not had. Weather radar that can accurately predict hurricanes. And solo all the 1960s. So if you lived in the early eighteen hundreds and you solve a great man that was a very valuable warning sign. You needed to hit the road yeah. And so he would consider a harbinger. And that would be actually a positive harbinger of that would give you again you know warning you need to leave it and that you have negative harbinger of better harbingers of doom. Here in Puerto Rico. It seems that we have even more of this harbinger type activity. Which may be because is that. It's easier for these things to appear. Like for example. I don't want my favorite crypt it is mock man who doesn't love mark may. I'd like Martina what Nachman and yes. Have great harbinger marked man of course he was appearing in 1967. Before the collapse of the silver Britain's which. Killed well 46 people and in West Virginia. Well there is they've version of mop command. Right here in Puerto Rico about thirty minutes down the road from where I am right now he is called the garden a lot. Now the dark Gillen is described as a six foot Paul. Cargo oil looking creature Cargile literally means guard. With the face of a doberman Pincher. Big black leathery bat wings hunched over. He has seen flying or sometimes walking around in this area in particular cold and cannot which is part of town called one acre. And I swear to you. I have spoken face to face. With five different active duty police officers were all seen this thing. And every one of them and it tells me like they've been out in the woods looking for this thing with flashlights and guns I mean. Nobody knows. What the argument about and there was eight laps. A car dealer sightings just before the hurricanes yet. Very similar to what we experienced with marked man for the collapse of the silver bridge and as a matter of fact. I appreciate very much you mentioning my website address because they're actually using photographs. It's someone took that they claim that they photograph of the guard elope and if you go to Q Josh what. The bottom you'll see this photograph now I don't know this photograph as authentic or not to be honest with you to to me it looks a little fishy. But still it would give you an idea. What people are telling me debate realistically are seeing here. And that is one of many types of harbingers I literally have three or four. Or pages of stories harbingers. That have occurred before it's devastating hurricane yet there's violence. I'm actually looking at that photo as we speak here. Yeah I mean it's it's certainly curious item I'm kind of leaning with few looks a little suspicious but. Man that is a creepy looking creature. You know what you'd you can imagine you know one of these things that news in number and size and as frankly marked man. Was often described as looking a little bit more like a big at all. An and that this thing is described as looking like. Literally up big guard oil. And you know that they'll try anything at what I have gone there and I've spoken to give people in the town aside from. The police officers. Other types of people who have seen this creature were talking about a schoolteacher. Somebody who works for the city government. Yeah I'm not talking to like that held drunk or an Alley. Yeah these are respected people on respective positions. Yeah and they've been there for a long time they're natives everybody knows everybody in the news is not something that is. It's comment. In and so we have to ask ourselves. Is bear. Some property. Of the place. That allows these kinds of good beings. Easier access to our realm just before something. Dramatic. And perhaps even terrible happens. So in other words is there are some kind of say a build up of of energy. Just before I discharge. And that buildup of energy it sort of he works that relationship between. Where we lived and where they live. And when when the live dessert kind of debt if you will all we are able to experience. Each other on a limited basis. And you have that the event the discharge like lightning bolt. And then everything goes back to normal for a while. And those things may be enhanced. At places like this. This spot a Bermuda Triangle. That has been recorded. As. Apparently normal location going all the way back to Columbus his records when he was coming over here and 1492. And then in 1493. Talking about his compass going haywire seeing weird lights on the horizon. I mean we're talking about a tradition that goes back hundreds of years these things are enhanced. At this spot on earth. Yeah it's a fascinating concept and we got to jump to a break here so don't wanna open up another discussion yet only come back from the top of the hour rate for soul opening performance it's secondly we'll continue talking about this idea. And Josh was that'll many more stories we're also gonna get into another topic about hacking reality something else that Josh was come up with again visit the website is Joshua. It's beyond reality radio and JB Johnson. Beyond reality reward team. Here tonight he hasn't our power outage situation going on in Rhode Island broad New England being hit by another winter storm. After being pounded last week toward the end of the week just almost a week exactly. So they're suffering again but just more not here tonight do the power outage we're talking with Joshua. A reminder that tomorrow right in front notably best of programs a moment come back Monday we'll also have a best of program some traveling and our schedules we have to take care of and then Tuesday will be back live to tonight's show will be no blue. One that will be talking about for awhile L Cindy Fisher will join a Sydney is an author researcher only discussing her book called the haunting of Natalee Bradford. And then Wednesday Keefe call most will join us and he is an author and a researcher. We'll be talking about the east area eureka school and state killer case which is California's most. Enigmatic unidentified serial killer case so that'll be an interest in conversation as well it's like going on we want you to stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com why you're there you can join the chat room to replace to be a lot of great people there are a lot of great conversation going on. Also on the website you'll see beyond reality radio coffee mug it's a great. Way to start your day war. Injured day by listening to be on reality radio with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate watery and wanna put into it also holds pens really nicely too. And it looks slick it's nine and I'm not giving me credit as slick Eddie I'm just saying look slick so. That's there as well the skirt come website is up and running and is being added to all the time if you're interested in what's going on it scare con which is a great. Event it's a big event lot of great celebrities lot of great fans movie screenings panel discussions and parties. This could scare con. Dot com must Joshua back into the discussion just we can keep going on the standards but we can't help it but it did that the topic you are topics are too fascinating not to. But let's get back to some of these paranormal occurrences that you wanna talk about on Puerto Rico that followed the hurricanes from last fall. All of those hurricanes came through a lot of forced is that residual energy from those weather events. Fuel some this colonel more activity. Oh I think so and and and back there have been a lot of conspiracies. About. Why you know may be there was a reason that these hurricanes were magnified and directed here. Which are which are kind of sinister. Boom boom Beazer. Things biz sort of involve a lot of government oriented experimentation. That. It's getting backed more than parent normal stuff that was sort of happening just before and and and even during the hurricane. You know there is this. Gigantic. It took a system that is up north not too far from Aristide though where you have the heiress Tebow observatory. That's the largest. Actually that we used to be the largest radio satellite dish in the world and then just recently the Chinese don't won a little bigger but this is these. Dish that was in the movie. Contact with go with the Jodie Foster and then the James Bond movie goldeneye. And the cave system that's right near there is called the movie caverns just gigantic. Just a beautiful enchanting place whenever people come into visit and I take them there everybody compares it to something out of Jurassic Park. And so. The indigenous people who were here on the island when. Columbus came here where Victorino Indians. In the casinos would take refuge there indicators. Whenever these big storms would come and that's the Spanish now call apartment Sabato you're a lot about the experience. And the BK now. Are just via tourist attraction and international markets closed at tonight and nobody can go in there and yet I talked to a number of residents in that area including a man named Juan Carlos. He told me that for two or three nights before Maria hit. They would hear dogs barking in the neighborhood and people go outside in the here. This. Eerie sounds. Most Nina. And wailing and coming from that can aid system midnight. And it. Everybody knew there was nobody over the air emaciated sounded like a large groups of people just absolutely. You know there in the end distressed just more earning. And when the hurricane hit. Most of the people in that area have their homes destroyed. So that would be well we would think of certainly itself one of these wraps paranormal harbingers of doom. On the other hand. I talked to this lady named Melinda. Who lives in this little town hall Orman Garros which is about only ten or fifteen minutes of the road from me here on the West Coast. And you know where they Garros. Incidentally it's kind of a residential area. And it's interesting to realize that 24 hours before a big storm heads. The governor banned all alcohol cells so everybody has to go home I have to stop partying they need to go back to their property and baton now on the actions and get ready. And to people are very aware of what's happening on their property. And Melinda said that she was entered talks about 830 at night so was already you know. Nice and dark outside and she saw something big and wiped. Me being outside. In so. She's walked outside and was very surprised to see this unexpected sight standing on the edge of her yard was a while men. As you described this as being a woman with dark skin. Wearing a white. Hood and some kind of why are looking very out of place. And so she's walking toward this one men and certainly right before her eyes this woman just vanished. It freaked her out so badly she went back into our house locked the door started calling her friends sang. You know something very good target happened by now or when their hurricane with two former guerra. It tore up a lot of houses some people were injured. But her house was absolutely unscathed. There was not so much as tree branch that fell in the yard and she was telling me this. I'm just sit there listening. With this in the back of my mind not brought in oh my gosh she doesn't even realize. And and she honestly did not even notice JP in 1604. In that exact same panel. There was an eight year old girl named Maria monks are brought in she'd disappeared for two weeks this is recorded very. Much indeed tell in the history books. The whole community was searching. Desperately for two weeks. And then one day. Somebody heard. Well it sounds like all the student being whistled or whispered and they went into the edge of the woods and they found missile. Girl. Sitting in a big hole at the base of this big treat called this bigotry. So everybody was laughing. And crying. And it makes it you know what happened do you. And she told everybody she'd gotten lost. But the every night a beautiful woman. Dressed in white with skin the color of coffee. Would come to give her food. And kids here. And everybody in the community considered her to be an Angel. And among historians that incident is known today. As the miracle of warming Garros. Now this woman Melinda had no idea as many of the residents nowadays. And they have no idea about that incident but here's something that happened in sixteen though were the so closely paralleled this what are the chances that that could be sequential. Right no that's fascinating that that's fascinating knowing that these types of stories that. You know people like do you and other researchers chronicle for us other ways we never hear about. Well you know that's one of the great things about doing what I do Andy. You know life in people's space sometimes you know one are you rather paranormal investigator I'm I'm an author on the researcher Imus story. I Wear a lot of different have to like when you were new introducing the segment you know you were talking about all the different sort of aspects of this and it reminds me of that great. Quote by Charles sports. You can measure circle beginning anywhere. And I do believe that if you're serious about this field that is often just called paranormal and sometimes. Slip quietly called paranormal. What you'll find that you stick with it long enough then you rule you can enter wherever you want but ghost will eventually connect cute cute. UFO's and those won't connect you'd encrypted and all that connect cute psychic phenomenon. And you will eventually exceed there is a relationship between all those things. And that's why I love investigating places like the Bermuda Triangle read at a place like brown mountain in western North Carolina. Which is were like a miniature Bermuda Triangle. You have all these kinds of things. Manifesting. But. Obviously different people just experienced one slice or another depending on how they interest in the area. Let's jump tour listener line to let's bring in Barry from North Carolina hey Gary welcome to the program reach out beyond. Gave me an impartial law got to the curtain Raj relationship but I ain't. One year last night. How. I just endured tour tea and almost certain matters generation and in JV. OKC. It's ready a year ago we started her affiliation and our syndication with the west and one we're very pleased and and proud to be here a year or so what's on your mind Barry. Where I was at that you aren't sure what game long time you worry and lurid all right now Obama. You I have met a couple more. I'm brutal market also Parker are our acquisition hard. And pretty have that your your museum playing out there and now or any actual. And you are happy right now are currently total about five years ago are broke. And either group that it will advantage at the bar on mountain why. It would have been to have a dozen times and not a night in course learn today in an article saying you have. But anyway. It boy oh boy it would get ready to have another. Are no holidays sure. And almost did Joshua. You know and as I do it didn't just have a lot of leaker oh. And at that and then I'd have of course they have people without. Power. And they get ready Evernote storm. Where egos. Good Arcadia. That thank you very proponents. Barry. 88 you know and one of the interesting things that that you bring up very. I I just sort of hinted the fact that there are some people who think that may be as sinister as this seems. That this hurricane was magnified and directed toward Puerto Rico. Now to make a long story short. Com. There is this operation called Hart HK AARP. Which is a government project started in Alaska in 1993. And Hart is an acronym stands for the high. Frequency active Aurora. Oral research project and basically what they're doing is they are broadcasting enormous amounts of electrical power on the very small point of the ionosphere. And they do a lot of this to try to experiment with communications. You also can deflect that and you can heat up parts of the earth which would. Interference weather patterns. Well. The heiress Tebow observatory that I just mentioned is actually an official outpost of park. It became an official outpost. M Monday to say around 2007. Or something like that. So it's now called and ionosphere. Research center. You end. There are lots of people who think that if you have a heart outpost. That you can control the weather system around that outpost. And it is kind of weird. I think that when the hurricane hit there especially hurt and Maria in win directly over. And eight radar system called. Next rant. Yeah and destroyed it. And I've been contacted by a lot of people who this dead there's a pattern of this happening if you go to New Orleans if you look at Indian New Jersey you're trying to offer these hurricanes will go over the next reds system. And so the point being if next red is an outpost of the heart outpost. And these things are always the exact spot for the hurricanes that may be some of these weather systems are being directed. Now the sinister parties you'd ask yourself why would anybody want to do that for one thing we know that hurricanes happen here naturally and they have for. Thousands of years. But it may be. That to come. You might be able to use technology to enhance what is naturally about to happen to magnify it. And to specifically directed and it is very weird. To consider than just a few months. Before the hurricanes yet. From Puerto Rico basically declared bankruptcy and became the very. First US territory or state to do so. Mean there was a lot of investment here especially from creditors on Wall Street now to where who were never going to get their money back. And then just a few months after that boom the island gets hit by this. Hurricane that could not have. Traveled more beautifully if you will directly Richard caring out the infrastructure. Which allowed team to incumbent year. And spent billions of dollars of taxpayer money. Which gets distributed through this ambiguous system. Because Puerto Rico is a territory instead of a state. And so maybe some of that money is is being. Fondled or siphoned back to some of these creditors so they're all kind of conspiracy theories along those lines. Yeah and there are so certain certain dose it. Not yet there's certainly some smoke there and where there's smoke there's fire we have to jumping to break your relate taking this break it's beyond reality radio don't go to Johnson. Didn't. Assets. And get a few seconds here good one mentioned something Joshua though I read about you you had your first book published. When you were thirteen years old is that true. Yep that's right dumb you know my first book was a book of the fictional scary short stories and poems actually think it was fourteen. I wrote it would cost thirteen. Got published when I was fourteen and you know it did very well so by the time I was fifteen I was working for the local newspaper my have my mom and dad work in a drag me around because I couldn't legally drive. And and went balance by the time I was eighteen I wrote a book called talk and actual which was the first book cook. Ghost stories about Mike became the regional best seller and it did well enough that I've been pretty much self employed ever sent. It's nice she got a nice running start there are we get a break here when we come back or get him into some more discussion including hacking reality we're gonna asked Josh what that's about. What it means force it's beyond reality radio with Jason and JB although Jason is without power tonight is not with the as more of your phone calls too coming up. Thirty hours times. After not having it for about four or five days and now it doesn't have again so we kind of I feel sorry formal carrying on thank you everybody for joining the show I think he'd everybody for being in the chat room. Also thank you draw the radio stations during the program to be on reality radio list of affiliates is growing all the time we think those stations for joining our family. I tonight we're talking with Joshua. Josh I don't know how you wanna procedure we've got about and ten minutes maybe may be we stretched to twelve herself. We wanted to talk about hacking reality do we wanna continue talking about the paranormal. The stuff going on in Puerto Rico already wanna win and change topics alluded to you. Well you know actually is that pretty good transition because I know a lot of percent to arrows here in Puerto Rico who. Claim that they've put a cocoon of protection around themselves using magic and various techniques. That. We would consider you know maybe more spiritual tuned to protect themselves. And that really is something that has in the inspired me over the years because I've gotten to know a lot of these kinds of practitioners. And I'm producing. A huge. Three day event this may and lost vigorous. It's going to be a one time only event only 100 tickets will be sold it at the MGM Excalibur. Hotel on the Vegas strip. And it's three days were I'm going to be learning about everyone there. And teaching about what I claw. How to attain. Lucid living and how to hack reality now here's what that Armenians. I am. An extremely vivid dreamer and I mean that literally like I go to sleep at. Good night and it's been this way in my whole life I just have crazy clear during. And most the time I don't know that I'm dreaming. But occasionally I will realize that I am dreaming. And of course that is called lucid dreaming. And when you become loose fitting your dreams won't you can control revenue could have fun it's kind of like playing a big video game. Well. I believe that every single person listening to this show right now is actually. Dreaming. As we speak that this is just they know of another form. That. Reality. You think it's real but you can actually become a lucid. And you can control a lot more than you thing keeping control. And in a previous program JP we were talking about you know certain people up here we use things like wishing machines. And some people would today this has changed my life other people would say I don't like wishing machines because I don't like things that have knobs and switches. And then you talk to somebody who says what I have had success experimenting with magic Juan and magic wand and make things happen for me but I. And then you have people who say. Look nothing is ever worked for me I've tried everything. And I united just that it did nothing is ever connected. I'm open minded that nothing connects so well I've been doing your surveying people and studying he. People for a long time and I had this kind of off harm moment where I realized that by looking ahead. Different types of psychology and personality test. And different things like eastern and western astrology and all that that there are really. Truly twelve different personality types I don't know Pete and that's the right term personality type. And if you take. The correct type of person and you match that person up with the correct system. And so suddenly. Sparks fly away and there's like there's jarring moment and people are able to use some kind of technique. In order to view literally captain. And make things that seem almost magical happened in their lives now. But I even justices of the placebo effect fine. It's the greatest placebo effect in the world and it works. And so what I'm going to be doing is is teaching people these techniques and then that's why restricting it to a hundred people so there's just one on one time. And I'm going to be doing a lot of exercise is going to be having fun in Vegas you wouldn't believe how many people go to Vegas. And remote view which is one of the techniques that were teaching in order to win money. As a matter fact colonel John Alexander. Doctor John Alexander one of the men who stare at goats is going to be speaking there and on on remote viewing and intelligent basis. I've got some. Strange debris from Roswell. That is never before been revealed to the public that I'm gonna let people play whereas. All kinds of cool stuff so but again it's it's three days but I'm just going it it's a one time thing. For a hundred people and I hope that anybody listening who might want to upper dissipate nest wool will go to my web site and you click the link there where you can go directly to you will manifest dot com. And that will take you to use the information about the event you will manifest dot com but ultimately this is the idea hacking reality that. You know over the years javy I have looked into the relationship between matter and energy. And why is that always have to be spooky stuff right. Why is it always have to be well how does it goes materialize or how does. UFO and an alien. Sort of transition from. One plane and why did add that dimension to another fumble was deploying a of this thing called paranormal research well I think ultimately it is to take lessons from all of that exotic dot. And turn it into something positive. That we can use to improve our lives and so that's what dissident is about and so hopefully I'll I'll get to have some sun times. In Vegas with some of your listeners here in May. Yeah images of the dates work. But it's three days may sixteenth seventeenth and eighteenth. And you know I've never done an event like this I've never done one in Vegas produces the biggest event that I've ever produced. I'm very happy to be working with him GM on this and I'm not telling you I've got a lot of fun stuff prepared and it's. It's. Going to be something that IE I'm proud to say and I am willing to stand by a I really believe will be a life changing as a. Sounds fantastic and that's on the website as well and ask you about something else I saw on the website. You wrote a piece about. The hope experiment. We were talking with the nick read for an last night on the program and he wrote a book called slender man mysteries and that part of her discussion was about told bush and I'm curious as to what you he found out. In your research in your experiments. As they relate to this phenomenon. Well I'm glad you brought this up because it's so fascinating and nick has a really good friend of mine we've known each other for a long time we've done TV shows together we've traveled and then. Life presentations together and I have a lot of admiration for his opinion on alcohol distilled. Works but here is the long and the short of beat the Pope experiment which is anybody listening can do. I got a group of ten people together at my museum the actual mystery museum. And I said look we are going to try to create at all. It's going to be a very simple pulp. And the setup was that I would go in to. Room alone. And that I would put some objects. On the table. And I would sit there and stare that object for about five minutes. And then I would remove. That objects. And then one by one. Nine of those ten people would go win. Would spend as much time as they wanted meditating whatever trying to see that object whenever. And then we would have. Visit the tent person go win. And really be the decider so we have a combination of things going on here we have need being the person and planting a we have nine people going in there being exposed to be energy and that we have distinct person who's going in there is going to say here's what I think videos. And it won cases. It was. I it was so weird the first time I did all I did was I put down. Eight yellow piece of construction paper. And after going the whole exercise news. The person who is sequestered. Sequestered. Because everybody was sequestered sequestered sequestered came in and said okay. I aides think there was a box here I saw box. And I thought that was fascinating because. If you don't. See things either two and eventually your street eventually been and you might seem to block you're not gonna think of him being a flat piece of paper. There was another occasion were put down. A roll of shipping tape but haven't read dispenser on. And if you would look at it from the side is panel look like. The triangular formation and the person comes out I think there was a red triangle here I mean it was just the pounding. How easy wives and I've got all the instructions laid out there somewhere I'm not sure where I had so many different Webb is a jerk. How you found that when javy. And there is. Simple set of instructions there that shows you how we did this and anybody can do this to demonstrate. I you can quickly create simple opens and so it should be an easy to understand how that. Big profound. Exaggerated dramatic things could be create reduced his pulpit like monsters and aliens and things like that as well. Yeah a by the way did find that on the Josh or. You know you are constantly get about five minutes or your you've been constantly shifting gears in your viewed look me you'll foes one week you can go see another week demeanor all over the place in terms of the turmoil. Where do you like to focus most years time and energy. Well at this point. After having spent so much time looking at everything. And I and I still look at everything I've got I've got started would that would ghosts. From. Let. Be that just last year I put out. Video report called load UFO's a new discovery. Which you can find a link up under the news section of my web site. Which is about. This new perspective on the strange craft flying around Puerto Rico all that said. I really think it. It boils back down to understanding the relationship. Between matter and energy and that is to say how one frequency is able to shift into another frequency. So that you can experience. So. For example on one thing is physical to another thing. If those two things resonate within a similar frequency range and then there's resistance. But. On the other and you could have selector radio waves that are bringing the show right now to so many people. Goes away. Are at such a different frequencies and then our bodies. And our buildings that they passed right through it and just like. Ghost however if you happen to be reduced. To the frequency. Of a radio wave that you putting countered those waves like walls that you could not move through. And I am fascinated by the relationship. Between home different frequencies. Well either match up and away. So that they can slip through each other or they resist each other end. In some cases you get to be little blurry points. Which is I think what might happen with some of these more inter dimensional and counters and and and weird places. So so really. All of these things that we called Terrell maybe not all of them but many of them. Regarding ghosts and end UFO's and psychic manifestation at all that. Are are really just. Bombed examples. Of how that different. Frequencies. Are able to. Sort of either. Sync up and and and become sympathetic to each other again and sympathetic residents. War. Or interfere. In some way or simply you know. Completely. Work at different frequency level altogether so there is no experience. It's about this sort of relativity between frequencies. And I'd find it especially intriguing bit is human consciousness. Is able to tap into this. And materialized. Things sometimes. That are at one point in tangible. But can be sort of reduced. In Q and almost. Psychic mold. That physical material Walt Walt slipped into. And and manifest. So it's kind of like time Maddux where you have the budget stands. On a plate and you play frequency underneath that cement sand starts snapping into beautiful patterns. And it shows you. The physical matter will adhere to those. Invisible bolts. Right we I've been really negligent on our listener calls entitlement to winning a maternity one more call here in the three minutes two minutes or so we've got less this is Vince from Missouri hey Vince welcome to the program. Can we are. He would undermine yeah. I want your curriculum and you've been able. The best. Out what you expect it asks at what effect on the future. Questions. Well you know bits that it great question and I I couldn't believe what we are told by all the greatest content Mala just an astrophysicist. And that is. The the past present and future are all happening simultaneously. We however are only able to experience. A little by little because of our small brains. And so we are cattle like idiots crawling along at giant photographs. Scanning pixel by pixel. And we imagined it you know day by day week by week year by year and then probably when you get to the end of the photograph. Certainly the big picture flashes before your arrives and then you'd die. And so. What I mean by that. It's possible that we do have this thing called free will meaning that you can make certain choices. When it works arise in the road. But the road you're on right now is probably already established which were dead and that means faith comes in the play. And so we have to think maybe there are many established rogues. And I think it's great about being a conscious human is that you can occasionally pick which one of these. Establish roads that you want to snapped into a net of very short answer to a one complex question. Thank you events. Joshua we're just out of time I wish we could do I have another couple hours and and that means we're gonna have to bring you back as a just so many questions and so many topics we haven't even touched on yet. Well it would be my honor JD and it's always fun to talk to you and yes congratulations from me. On the great success of the show and I know it's only going to continue expanding. Thank you assert again the website is Joshua. A lot of great stuff they're gonna take quick break we'll come back to wrap things up it's beyond reality. Great cast his or her having our program don't forget tomorrow night as the best of program Fridays are always a best of and then a Monday and it also scheduled to best of a back live on twos and it with Jason as well assuming his power comes back that's always a question or another storm is and if somebody does said he jammed there's another storm headed for our our area. Sometime on Monday which that's just terrific you know march in like a lion hopefully I'll like lamb mullah all that happens but. Once again I visit the website stay on the FaceBook page follow some all the social media and be part of the program anyway you can it's beyond reality radio. I'm JD once again thanks for joining us and we will see you next week we've got a lot of great stuff coming up and that we look forward to having you would join us to care. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Johnson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's can only be on Leo and radios. Yeah. You know start going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will purchase most hope that she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.