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Robbie Thomas discusses his work as a Psychic Criminal Profiler

Mar 16, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Robbie Thomas - Psychic Criminal Profiler. Robbie's work with murder cases and missing persons has helped law enforcement solve some difficult cases. 3/16/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. It's Thursday analysts to a spread in the East Coast. Somewhere in between what we don't really review myself just isn't always awesome chief each Digi seasoning of any naked which. Make no no I order remembered sense of him into something about a naked which next week don't even make it which announce we have few. Although it's not just. She's she aren't on Monday I head idea yeah and I know you mentioned that last night and I've been curious about it all day what makes a naked which other than the fact that. Is the issues you addressed and he's Newt Gingrich with zone without clothes okay well I guess that's going to be an interesting conversation in just stood out on our each. The message which are like okay this is going to be a great conversation that's Monday night's show right. Yes but tonight we're going to be talking with Robby Thomas psychic criminal profiler. So tonight's going to be gracious if you having am issue head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond ordering you know like to pay FaceBook and McCain talked tonight. Most in the corners or jumping on the armor or. To effect in my whole body mature whereas in the Arab bishops with a put it I think so I handed and have a need to cortisone shot my elbow looks at its missile and I'm a plumber and how to get tennis although I have no idea. Anyways but I yeah head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial to FaceBook page. Then had to be hundred million radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone and android app. You can also La finals stations we are on across the country right there. Or just click the listen lifestyle many can listen Russian website during only challenging myself and just agree community people. OK so tonight we are talking with Robby Thomas about his books psychic profiler the real deal true crime cases the last thing we're talking about a true crime case. With the I Keefe coma so we're talking about the case of the east area repay us tonight. We're talking on a whole bunch other cases that. Robbie Thomas who has a psychic criminal profiler has helped solve our investigate in some fashion. And I have always been fascinated about the use of psychics and criminal cases and I wanna know what the you know success rate is why. If there's any success rate at all I don't care how small it is if it's if there's any success at all why don't more police departments and detectives and investigative units. Use this method to try to get some answers particular case is that they just start stomped on. Well I agree with you as in the as a guy who I've got a lot of friends there in law enforcement detectives and so forth and it's it's a controversial. If there really isn't it it's tough for a detective who's always basing things on facts and this is the fact this is well what happened ever. To then. Start connecting with some with self proclaimed psychic or sons of and taking their word on or following their lead and heat save but a lot of times. He even when I won a spoken my friends. They feel extremely silly and liked it they're going to be laughed that buys their their counterparts in their their other. And their other friends on the fourth. Yet there's a stigma attached to it for a lot of people still but I would just say this I would say that we if you got a family looking for answers. And traditional methods haven't come up with those answers for that family I mean I think at that point all bets Ross and if you've got somebody like Robbie Thomas who's willing to. Coming to a police department and day help offer some insight on to something again is certainly can't worked. And I know of other cases not associate was Robbie but with other people where they're actually have. Then some breakthroughs based on the work of some psychics in these cases so it'll be interesting to get a Robby is taken then. Of course tomorrow night is a best of programming as they kind of teased in the beginning your money now we've got Fiona foreign joining us she's known as the naked which. And we'll be talking about two her first book which is which a magical journey. Among some of the things that would make it which actually as he does slicks from all make it ideal I have to admit that tourism tax rolls in off the top. Because it doesn't and Tuesday will be talking to Debra Holtzman psychic medium will be discussing the gift as a psychic medium in the match messengers to spirits are. Mean she checked out now if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and is rated force helps push it forward makes it easier for people to fine. If you were going to wanna call the program immunity to phone number we'll take calls later in our second hour 844. 6877669. Is the telephone number if you wanna join us and join our discussion of Robby Thomas after he comes in and get more open up those phone lines in the second hour program. Did you hear that Ted president trump said he wants to create a even a US military unit called the new space force. Ice actually I saw him say something about that on some saw an interview yeah I actually on the on the news and it was intriguing confused all the same time. I think gum you know I think there's some dissident. Intelligence or logic I guess is a better word behind this concept you know sometimes it's presented and on way. But he told troops at Marine Corps base near San Diego that this new particular group would be able to encapsulate. A tremendous amount of the work the military the government doing currently has space. Related defenses and roll to win a we've all heard about in the Star Wars space defense system which Ronald Reagan started back in the eighties but these are things that are actually happening now. Where they're putting satellites into space that can use lasers and other types of weaponry to knock out missiles as there. I'm headed you know Intercontinental Lee. And so space defenses are real thing. Space defenses are going to be very very necessary saying as military technology increases. And so having me a separate unit of the military specifically tasked with that might be a bad idea I don't know I mean I'm not for militarized and space not say what. There's not really anything we can do to stop at the Chinese are doing at the Russians are doing it now we're gonna have to do our part to. Well I think it and I think that's where I saw a report saying that that was going to be aware of the national war next major war would be fought. Off planet you and I honestly that's I think it's I think it's probably true the way that we were going now in the waiver Brees making all these releases are. And eventually somebody's gonna try to claim this area Ers and somebody's not gonna want. This shipped over unfair and they're part of the terrorist. In the end it's going to create some serious standoffs are you treat to see. Yes it's obvious it's it's it's right on the horizon and maybe we don't need a whole new division of the military to handle this but the the concept is valid congress actually has a lot of support for these types of ideas because. They're saying that the US is facing significant strategic vulnerabilities in the face of Russian and Chinese pushes into space warfare. You know. It's gonna be as gonna have to happen at some point and we're gonna have to be able to defend ourselves. Well in the first the first country that actually can get up there and have an armed nuclear warhead up there he ever think of devastation that that could cause or just the issues because. The nice thing about it though is when you're out there. I mean if you if you had a an actual force here. And him nuclear warheads are usually you know leaving Ers territory come down right drop on us and then gives them a lot more a possibility of trying to be able take those things out. Off offer so yeah. And that's exactly the concept ICBM is generally leave at least the lower levels of the atmosphere messer traveling Intercontinental Lee and that's when they're vulnerable to a space type weapons so to keep an eye and that. I'm IE you know I was a very very encouraged when I'm president from said he wants to get to. Put a man back on the moon maybe even put a permanent based on the moon I think those are. Those are things that we really should be aiming for because not only did they. I'm give us a whole bunch of information and end answer a lot of questions about space and our origins but they do Opel hope onto other technologies along the way I mean. As the space race did in the fifty's and sixty's so many. Technologies came from that. Just the effort to get to the moon develop so many things that we take for granted today. Our soul and it's it's amazing stuff they came from and of course we did it again now with Pharmacia which ones were technology it is. Just it's mind boggling how is this thing. You're at the same thing that like we carry more technology. Or more computer power in our watches it I think was even less than I think lake and calculator. And it hit a regular handheld calculator then then the Apollo missions had in each of those individual rockets once and something like crazy and that's terrifying I think I mean just in the guest think back then let me computers yet pretty much as well monitors at least one or two colors you go green arch we yes yeah ideally he couldn't go well if we want all of the other. Dan and Gil is that you could play who would be like angry and yet while the other than and I go back a little for them and remember when I was in in school they had a computer in the guidance office and it didn't have a monitor all everything was done enough on a printed piece of pay you know wanna. A us you know those spangled. Dot matrix printer paper enemy everything would just print out every basically every quote and quote screen would pronoun on the page. He did have a monitor I mean that's so far backs up matrix yet basically it's what it was so I think is when he mr. per dependent whistle in recent play these games and every time you made a move to have to reprint the page in his country is kind of funny but at the time it seemed pretty neat. Anyway the things that come along way some I'm excited about the idea of getting back to the moon I think it's something that we may have neglected our our efforts to. Not conquer space and immunity in a military went certainly be able to. Music to our advantage and to travel in space they must bwics Leo I've actually banned here for two nights in a round night let's go to I just don't know what to do a little a little look at a loss for now veto that he used to it because it met Monday and Tuesday were supposedly going to be getting started it's gonna drop another twelve to eighteen inches sign him it's just anyway it's that I'm going to lose you know I don't happen again you may as of the you know the funny thing is like you took you took two feet of snow lake in 24 hours and we didn't get it hit that hard all the once but I went out today to do a little bit shuttling because we had snow snow let's try to get. Stationed at the snow was up to my my side to my you like my rib cage gotta be tough fight to hit a wreck that there's that too. I know it's just accumulated so much snow here today it's just crazy so the real. Our it was set us. We're gonna take a quick break organ or Robby Thomas on the phone you again the following numbers 8446877669. Toe freely 446877669. You'll listen Jayson GB. Beyond reality radio friends this is JV and I'm telling you need to go check out scary con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out. Yeah. I think certainly for joining us senator justice Ronnie Thomas easy psychic criminal profiler is a book out it's called psychic profiler the real deal. True crime cases volume one and guess that means is going to be going 2345. Who knows how many Robby welcome to the show great to have you on beyond reality radio. Thank you Matt Magellan. Now we're looking forward stroke. So this is particularly short segment but it's enough time for us to kind of get a sense of how you got started in this business. And for in the first part of that is at what point did you recognize you had some unique sensitivities. As far as being a psychic goes. Today Q when I used to go around. How my mother in my adopted error Garfield is a part of me out there and I'm talking about. Angel different type of angels just not being able to we know the wildly different Angel. Than. UK he's doing it again part of it is nearly your mother alone. And a ticket passport to. 1994. My mother passed away. Her brother sister pulled me aside. Said. All the years as a child you are saying no on our bureau there while you don't look at Corey you know kind of awful. And in. My uncle had to meet and marry. In my electorate gift. So. Looking at bat going back aged you know fox is a special public or reunification. Of me being married Miami. My half sister. Back in the early sixty. If any woman had a tropical wedlock the Roman Catholic Church would cut them and take the BB from her to a ball the media out. What happened to my mother when the government promised her world and never ended up getting my mother about part of her life. And she met my father bury him in Manhattan Beach so that's full circle and when it. Transpired. So coming through my adolescents under quite a bit how to engage in and out of engage with the spirit in peril counters and what happened. So it it started. At a very young age in just progressed into this pumping war wrote our first book in 2003. Where it's at my peer section that there were on that. I'd be crushed because I know that they would look at me in a different one. Well and you say age to you start realize I mean at that age and I'm trying to be funny but most kids are still crap and their pants on and just trying to learn how to walk and communicate so. For you to be able picked it up and each to seems all mind boggling. Yes you know there's a lot of different things. I remember when when they took me to Toronto. IP I went to these sick Children's Hospital trauma too there was like a red dot on my forehead. So they've included me in the in the nineteen unit Obama well. Nice to talk both mine mine died Carmichael. And we left the hospital. That can't Michael died but he didn't die he's growing up with me in this in the face I would go a lot and I certainly like them that I as we progress line. They progress what and so it was a it was kind of a must and cumbersome to listen to a child. Coping without explaining certain things. I think coming into. You know younger age and just dragging broke Carmichael and how he progressed and I programs he talked about different levels of count productivity and think what that. Yeah it's different what are you explain you don't get that each student just very little walk. Robbie did any other of your family members. Talk about have any any any of these sensitivities as well. The only thing accurate call and reflect to repeat the fact that on Sundays down would get together for dinner. In a play hard to be my grandfather my grandma. To propel him and I sit on the floor. Playing with these cards. And I put the cup and the cup or other man pictured together and I never knew what their work. But they were Carol cards and armored grandma he sold out for the fans come come along the lines of a mother. Or not. You don't ever remember your grandmother actually using those cards. Four. Will there be intended purpose. You know I can't recall that I just know that they were very play with a moderate. They played you know you Curwood happy. And when you and you said at Carmichael wager did you see spirit guide or your guardian Angel how did you describe Carmichael. Yeah Alec. Imaginary friend you're spear guys when I felt forms in the mid nineties. He. These two. Talked to a lot of different parents that they want to know how to talk to the children. How to. Communicate that sense and what to do for them. To break things down way how are you illustrate how to. Put in beat right context of what they're saying but don't elaborate more with the ankle when they get older like. We can look reflect back at her yeah I remember and I remember well my my imaginary friend if you will or might die. Grow with me. Great OK we're gonna go to break here now but when we come back pretty get into a lot more detail about this and of course. Talk about the book psychic profiler the real deal true crime cases volume one. Jot down the phone number it's 8446877669. Robby won't be doing readings because certainly answer questions. Related to our discussion tonight. Yes or if you have any questions on psychic profiling make sure you give us a call and and and ask away. Are to go on the phone I receive 44687766. Until 3446877669. Loosened Jason GB. Thanks. It's a Microsoft. It is the official beyond reality radio coffee moment. Which YouTube could have if you go to the beyond reality radio web site and click on the picture of the month there it's available domestic shipping is included free. International shipping if you want order of Richard order from Sweden the other day or something it was a really really kind of great to know the we've got listeners in Sweden chose downloadable across the world as it is it is and some but we do gives custom quote for international shipping so if you're. Listening overseas need like one of these mug you can get it too which is gonna send this email email almost figure out what it is. So okay so tonight we're talking about true crime we're talking about psychic profiling. And that work as it relates to solving some of these cases are guestimate as Robby Thomas he's got a new book out. It's called psychic profiler the real deal true crime cases volume one. His website by the way is Robby with an idea on the end Thomas. Dot net Robbie again thanks for being here we are talking before break about how you first became aware of the sensitivities. Your I think he's self described yourself on your website is being a spiritual man and a family man. Do you ever find that your spiritual life. You hear your boo your. Religious life I guess it would be on interferes. Not interferes but is in conflict at all with sons with the idea of a psychic because some. Christian religions don't so much go for that. Yeah no I've answered this before the term psychic I truly. Be myself I don't like the terms psychic. It's a benchmark is quite psychic call Weller problem the real deal had been calling that come detectives. It just stuck. Now you know and I think looking back at that where that term. I can only people can identify your estate many years ago you know. I'm a person M individual you know I'm in the lower. It and then you don't get. Flock is not the content which you are like argued there are you that so we're just explain okay I'm psychic. I guess you wouldn't do it justice. I did call from the police or or families who will be into the police and I go meet them in the would go one on deafening. And I just to review. All of that stuff because the words psychic you'll Cilic 1900 numbers should be attached to to the end of so there aren't a lot of times that's why a lot of a lot of people tend to use sensitive or mediums. And so forth as they wanna get away from that cliche. Of you know on 900 numbers. Drew turned ordinary. Like that term a little bit better or you know kept. I would give enemy when I was born in the flight from my mother gave the communal lobby sought me. If if people can know me just as rocket great I. You know looking at again. From all the different. My personal mind you know and I work with my partner who Chico police when you show I mean. They don't call psychic profiler card stock and if you know when you do. Yeah you know I do I find it interesting too because some I have a Jewish show. Convey difficult scare economy hold one of the events and an Indian Indian casino. In upstate New York. And one of the things that they will not allow on premises is is psychics they will not allow them to be part of my show or any show that they hold on the news on the grounds and if you ever encountered that were were you you've actually had bars put up in front of view and a mean in the jail Sanford just in the hurdles sensed. Beat because of the work you do. No actually not a leader in the latter years here you know I'm in the beginning years quite a bit it was a struggle. Churn out for me. Breaking down the barricade them in unlocking that wall down but as people got to know who it was them. An affiliation with law enforcement in particular didn't do it just became achieved here in the progression just kept coming and just. You can come here peacock here. It I've spoken at Catholic school. You know congregation. People in my church. That I. You know one of those Catholic sect go once and while I think when I do Coke. I'm Erica and we do not rock where you don't regard Kamal knocked on the gold golden era going there. Yeah the latter years duty in me is become. More you see let's say proud of them in the beginning. Well let me ask it now do you think that that's because throughout the years you've proven yourself or. He think of something different because the fact of the matter is and Robby you know and with all due respect in this field of psychics reads charlatans. And immunity I'm sure you know because you've encountered. And the fact of the matter is there's a lot of people out there whose main goal is to strip people autism as much money as possible by giving them and just in just leading among with the information. And and of course that hurts the true sense of those that are out there who are able to do and doing real things and had hoped real people. Yeah absolutely I mean illustrate that book. Several times. They're you know great on the beginning my I went on the tour was that like psychic you're going to turn affect you justice to work. And I hooked up with the US marshals on the conduct cycle double the US marshals. Are seen peace over here different state police and sheriff's offices and started in my home town in the first round and I hit. They were told since 1996. In the 2010. Are. Her husband was dead behind and jailed in Mexico. Very long pants one. In the individual once you know quote unquote psychic in the the family for money all these years and all these readings and went out. And I must say twenty years are done in the particular done. So I got her on stage in front of my home town of the law enforcement in a meter do your homework prior to this show. To. Were said you are feeling the light out west the British Columbia. Sure enough chronological British Columbia after all the years so when you say Sherrill and when you say. You know people who go pick people from lunch chat with respect and example like he didn't. At what point did you start looking at missing person cases or other criminal type activity when did that start for you. Let's go back through armor gosh my first case was 1990. When. Different inexperienced. Firm robbed at that that time. Quicker between doctor twice. After that time you get a chuckle out of that first time. I'm tired part in their. I was seventeen years of age I look like I was 20/20 one IBO. Slew of candidates to make it to the top three that they were taking prayer the pick Hillary yet to be twenty. Thought that she came in they early Fella he looked at me but he congratulated the other here. Fact now and let the people working its final three and seventeen. You sit on sort pitching and not your twenty could be the next Hillary. Of course they're very got a chuckle. It wouldn't discouraging because he sent me you know good side content could come back a bit. I got hired on another account kind of trauma Canada in the peel region. And that went through to our final round interviews all the psychological testing. You name it and you're tired grateful not to go back home Courtney Whipple the polite. I have to move to this area. Black chrome thing in my kitchen. And getting ready to celebrate you know come in the police officer. During this timeframe. I'm speaking with a friend of mine in apartment. Of an apartment complex where you know manager. So great the economy behind him is an individual who walked cost. The parking lot go to the main entrance. Into the black shuffle around around him look like. If you well in the when my feet and now in what happens as a child. Going up is something that people you can read the person themselves. Some watching Ricky and then he guy on him Greg Norton. So Greg Covert shoulder Christine is that Jesse Michael meet the gap so we ended up in just his apartment. Shall I'm just an apartment now I'm booked two feet away from him in great an adjacent on another chair. In just girlfriend was pregnant at the time in the local area. Dining room coming connected to a little bit on her merry. And my question being on the straight forward individual coal burned. I'm very foresters so I just central you know these tribal love what you do for a living in Japan on my question. And any help me to stand up in New York are you acting hot. And I did not crew into what you think there are still trying to figure out who this individual. And one I'm seeing this on him. And so our standup and even some pressure starts going around my belt loop you know my belt when we checked me out and I'm near the per wire. Any person be down in the chair. And now picture of their miniature part what prop up and get him you know he got into the seat at that gonna get. Prefer how many yards you wanna know what happened. And I wouldn't generally Korean it will going on and says to me he helped him tightly when some naked gun goes. I'm it would ultimately it means using opera like a rabbit because we were costly ripping up car stereo. And I am Thomas one to go and raw gas station. It restricts some of them walked across our nation on the pop the government start popular kid. Fourteen year old little Mark Campbell come come from Quebec and Ontario. Are just too you know. Their family given new life in and he was working a little cubicle gas station. And these two guys took his life. So doctor you explain this confession type thing to me you have to get up and then Gregory at the door. And he shake any corner calling I think about you walk you over grabbed my actual report income goes. Never count him and actually in different language. And explicit. That way and then he told Britain you know from now my million people warm group earned pocket courtroom and it still won't work going on crucial you know. And I'm a great apartment. Greg Michelle. Does is what you are going on what we're going on that we do an apparent. America aren't proper sleep cycle Bachmann partners intact for now. Explain to me that we and the following week they were actually in court over the pain that you described him as a part of match. So are very experienced throughout my purse in nineteen then you know I help people who listen and show that you. And if you think you've got an apparent Pope could consult an arm. Very quickly. And nearly get for me. And so I called police say that ankle back that you have to go back where wire they get in the same region told you could we need to learn court. And that should not I'm not gonna do that in Dartmouth first case nineteen. Mom I wanted to take a break we'll come back we'll billions more of this weather guest Robbie Thomas again the website is Robby with a with an IE Thomas dot net. And the book we're talking about tonight is psychic profiler the real deal true crime cases volume one. Not to be confused with brown Thomas from match whatever bad read and ask him about it Rob Thomas on an Robbie Thomas are you listening Jason GB on the unreality radio. I took fright and expelled Friday night. Of the show everybody it's beyond reality radio. With Jason and GB or guest tonight Robbie Thomas who is a psychic criminal profiler. His new book is called psychic profiler the real deal troop crime cases volume one of gonna see is a bit of a bit of a tongue twister Robbie the title that book from Eminem shall I probably. A lot of words a lot of liberation. I'm gonna having trouble someone over but looks like it's a good book I wanna ask you. On as you started being called by law enforcement. Did you find as you went to these cases as we're talking about before that you were met with the any resistance from people in the law enforcement community. Not so much resentment. My god give you an example. CIA individual daughter was murdered. In Maryland. So she's component for awhile and it took me about a year to get Turkey and all the other people that are bringing him on. And being. Can't fire to Maryland. And I mean that they're DS saying in the lead actor comedian I think office. Sit there and shown. Suspect suspect be. Control again I don't want any other cremation Indian man map. When he was Catholic and I mean like you know. This career on the that he does well you must become all the way you know he'd done disagree here are god ya ya. Got up behind. We look here's a map. You'll find here. So that's solid god sorry so there and I get taken back mental power when my wife for my wife and every get the hearing ago. You might then so idea. I mean there in the hotel. And armed polio like. And bush could not because of the people that we just did that was the whole situation. Poor mom and daughter. Missing. You know the cops and never trail Carol just you know tangle. From there don't look at the map from our crack a beer and earn my ticket drink what appeared around him. Circle little rural Andrews air force it and throw them up down not that I don't micro is done I'm done. And it's that whole situation until oil. Sorry the next morning I mean homer. He and bush on the map and get in the car. And we chart here in Maryland does this fit that now I know it could have been done before putting the territory to offer if you're gonna stay. Cute story here where you're you know you're flaky. So he doesn't nicer home stop this you know done this many times oh. In the called cut over to get a surrogate note comment further at them. He opens aren't in the return your I don't know why didn't you go to. Nobody knew. We're used circle that wrote that little world that the road of looking at all ears and everywhere Maryland Virginia Pat The Bat broke. In any news nobody ever called and got the power. Over here person that the power over in an end user base. So you know Islam. In you and you you're you're right good she sent me prior to coming down here the dumping ground. The way to grow plant in winds. In him what happened. He went on the road guys took a look like there's mattresses and there were TVs and little dumping ground. People literally went down a little road off highway for them to follow the play. So who bring a cadaver dogs make a little hit certain area. And didn't intercept them and I think you would look at homer that they're being in the water is caving in all he could couldn't giving them. But the puck back out quite a panic. Kind of banked. Everything that they items that order I think trump has struck. Our code and Coke and I'll flip phones. Weapon. Hearing that was coincided with the case at Portland look met. It is very practically speaker mountain area. It and it and that that I mean I've never seen it before the FBI with the FBI are the current Virginia it's been washed. An agreement think of it and actually got picked let me just a couple of record but don't talk to you. They're doing algorithms and a lot. Are a lot of Brockman they're gonna get you can see immediately. Street enough. But the end. I think she's a hundred yards party from broke away wrapped in a blanket. I guess her description. OK we can't fire so I come back home. The year to the very day mom called me says if founder founder hundred feet from the road which says wrap the blanket. And I thought conquering considered a week should we happily for the dental records on the want to do that Marcus because the decomposition. Of the body. Okay. Relate this cost reduction of my gosh you completely opposite what now you. Can't somebody else's pity. Counts somebody help me. Am. You know it's weird how that happened. But I understand how works obscure oil here it is. Kathleen didn't wanna be soundly now although we can't panic well up that part of the case. She find somebody not see any. Com. You don't homer. He's out eating. In when he took me the car we're talking about. How he became. A non believer. And I was mom died when a young boys that turn on him. You know on the air that we withdraw all the motions I've just explained teacher so well. Either a lack. And the chances that something more comes up into a book which you. Ironic that we got to catch offering tickets we got to go to break yeah Lola will get back into William vacuous and Jason GBM beyond reality radio. So just. It was awesome cheesy jokes I always like. Thursday's. Slash Friday's depending on where you are in the country obviously I mean we won't spill blog you know does this addition the week starts we're kind of getting getting back in gear by the time Thursday hits were on being a full speed team ahead. You've been on two nights in a row with how the power corruption and obviously we're firing on false pistons right now and and then no and then we get to weaken which is awesome has not saying that's and I spent. I electors and it's a feel like we have Romano momentum and there's and it's a lot of soul and or mean but Thursday this week is Tuesday if you suspect that either Thursday mean guys are going better today's it's bizarre stuff welcome to the show everybody couple great things coming up on -- make sure you're aware of tonight of course are talking with rob. Thomas won't bring. In back in just a few moments tomorrow night as the best of the Monday night. Fiona horrid. Who is also known as the naked which will join us she came out of the oracle broom closet twenty years ago their first book called which a magical journey she'll be discussing how the modern which has changed any modern which. On has different police. It's it's about casting spells and how that works. And what is the secret to making spells work a 100% this time and so much more at all with Fiona formed in naked which on Monday night. Tuesday Debra Holtzman psychic media will be discussing her guest this psychic medium and messenger to spirits SP and interest yep we got great stuff coming up tonight we're talking Robbie Thomas Cindy he will take your phone calls or have questions about the work he does take 44. 6877669. Won't be doing readings with Robby tonight. But we do appreciate him coming on the website is Robby Thomas dot net and his book is called psychic profiler the real deal. True kind Trotter true crime cases volume one its tongue twister one word at a time. If you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page source and had to be under reality radio dot com rekindled Treo iPhone and android app. Which launched a listen I catch past shows join him in check and more. On normalcy defined all the stations we are across the country now check that list Austin has worked constantly updating and adding new stations and that's because he'll. Where you can listen nine break their from the what's rich quick to listen I bought him and he joins online chats and the show and a GP myself and just agree community people yeah I'm pretty sure. We're gonna some as some pretty cool announcements to make about some new projects that you and are working on the to give people more opportunities to hear our goals and voices. Different. Yeah is that sixty a success t.'s own you know again thrown out there is a must bring Robbie back into the program Robby before we get back into the book and the work he did which you've compiled on the book on asking about another. Scenario situation that you are involved with can you tell us the story about bill who was hospitalized his wife Julie in what happened there. Absolutely you're gonna treat a title that oh by the way that you know. It was a magnificent really easy for just check with us prior reading the book collection of original roles and do we have that problem last week the week before with somebody who knows where do we do and the reason he got a renal tunnels biased and things and he's he's a joy to those of us get tell us about deal. Yeah absolutely. I was in Virginia on wrap up of Paris supernatural television series we shot eight episode of he paid a body and I think Jason Nokia. And job we order. With the final shoot. And I just got here Friday. I get the text message back from my home town Canada in hand gently says. Any help more or less and done injury but your health the you don't get a recall my husband. He's been declared brain dead wanna pull the plug in till. Com. I don't know anybody you know I I I don't associate black and I think I just wouldn't say I'm coming key and I'm doing this for the police from all over the place so. I don't have time to do that to know people column. And not knocking other people don't have time. So. I color she can handcuff. In NASA doctors I got three days of film here and now I'll come back and or Tuesday that tries to make five. Character com. We have got coming. In an end. I've been on Sunday finished with a lap good. Nearly wiped up in the cargo problem straight back Canada. Got exactly that money on them Sunday. And so on Monday morning. I hands went up to the the icu. Where it truly was waiting for me Julie Kent. And I get the puck. And she punched in the code into the icu unit security legal and she ignored the bill. I've never seen him of being plugged in England this relentless toll taken back. I'm I'm tired over the whole eager you know geez you sleepy G when you feel you're used to sleep. So. I'm just looking at the Puerto. And he got to come outside of Israel that he's got a moderate vote it got tight you know over every arms who wanted her Miller and it got stopped all on the minimum machine at all albums and they're keeping it a lot. I looked into his guys. In. You know I look at Julia negotiate my debt. You know being declared brain dead meanwhile unplug them to get her. This opportunity. For me coming in the next few teams that were not there. Open door so I just how tough. And my my savior lord Jesus Christ so I circling. And I mascot sir. Either you let him talk to me. Or you'd count of course I need some information and need within the vote. Two minutes here are my crane and taking I heard the wrong medicine. I bring swollen. And it's gonna take time for media deal. So I listen. I got my prayer turned Julie. Julie. The cut mean ghost. Its market phenomenon on the router and since this is what I heard. There is the wrong medicine. And during the swollen. And going to confirmed he'll. You have to columnists. So now I've done my part no mom content. And here in the room at all prime she came interest shortly. And she was strong and man conclusion that inch three yards. And try to pull it occurred to sort strong she says thank you com. She entitled to this story in the Italian packed into this problem. I lead our global. I'm waiting and waiting current stricken messages from Julie. Initiative that the whole IC unit is up in arms and trying to find excuses to explain to her. In terms kind of finally it you know apologize what how. The doctor and neurologists scientific individuals. You know this Arkansas street are you what's going on within three minutes you'd be equal chart looks oh my god poll put ID. You're giving him the wrong medicine. During work well in hand now. Bill is home. He's a life. He talks. He's getting strength to walk he's trying to get memory and stuff back and eating. You'll be handshake that taught her to go look human rights in in in your future. Particularly what she does not gonna pay into UP. Percent one in chick c'mon man. And sure enough he called I'm getting my handshake. It'll art from that they did not kill him it is not pull the plug. The misfortune not the whole time. Where is that they'll mom came and she was very healthy. In Chicago fighters. Somehow share and apparently ammonia and passing away. So there's that little memory in their power at the end of the story she just how collegiate and bill coming up I'll. The news. You've helped a lot of families in a lot of those stories are chronicled in the book whether it's been missing persons or murder cases or what have what you know whatever. The case may be. Tell me how that help works in a give us a give us a typical examples from start to finish how you love going to one of these cases and and come out the other side. Yet. Surgical. We called me up on the phone and turned. Out here every show earning power racecar and a show. In any sport to do an interview like you got insisting any. Well it up pop switches because I didn't type and there's just gambling industry partner that he is going on on a non. And I think yeah or restrict people involved and stop. And you're I think becoming more popular so the next state they call and sit on the Kentucky. He and officer delay and I learned just in case on the double homicide on the sale of javelin found murdered. Rob. They're in jail in front book crap in and so. We're going through the motions of doing their. In talking suspect any number one Ron. Very tough very tough all he wanted to do community try to shoot the armed. Accepted. After delay sent. The way to look at this and mistreat people want Ngo or property jail. Per. Beating somebody up so you know where he is on the home and on the spot. I thought let's do this respect the weakest point which would be poppy. Particularly Bristol board markers mom and profile this kid. I'm right down characteristics when he did churn would give afterwards. And so that would Bristol board we're in the boardroom on my in all the couple up. You know Obama on the board. We cannot attack caught up talking agreed to meet up. At the end of his replica. So we triggered great yuniesky being enjoyable. We're pretty good cut back cut scenario. I got the recorder in my opinion. I know it can be reached. And the start peppering scared Lockhart questioned. And then get up separately the act. Just go ahead you are not the question you were an equipment comes on camera and a kidnapped. And I think my language in the book is straightforward Howard talk in street talks in the street punks. Reinsert. You know you're coup coop runs down you know. One way are you that drew them like definite but departure of insurance and sure so yeah hundred Lehman and the kids. And look at him and kept in you can't call him mr. FBI. And it irked me. You know their respective could have very polite and everything was not there. So. And perhaps you productive in the back yes you can call prepared the report put to convert to bring it. You can't looking at it didn't make it fan yeah it is jaw. Fell one thing is for expression blank. He taught me on the board and attention yeah that you say it has been going there didn't do it. But you live there are taking part in the and I says yeah it does it and I don't you know what you're reading here and acute effect you have got a contractual thing great or compression. Some immunity go back now we're trying to formulate what we're gonna do that coach share. Learn and share. Now share that haven't police back our backgrounds are out. There have been becoming chair but for that original police background for the guy. Or any help me a forehand. It's corrupt. The opening corrupt and into the right now I can feel very true talent in Dorset membership question 21 of the detect the certainly up from the detective. Payne and on the tape. And if so just wait here gentlemen. Called them Bobby. I think you've gone back and forgotten now. We're thinking what's taken so long Gephardt in a backer with arcade. With the depression if it's and I feel uneasy here. Come there and there are a great job guarantee of that is not known state Erie the pigment back and Barbara back to. We come back into the front doorstep a lot. Hands. And uniter just kept because we know the top UN security field are gone you guardian. We'll guard on industrialists here. Weird how to count. And if they were just one town over not looking at the electing him cleaned out. Call back content derailed as methamphetamine unpaid and everything. All same thing wouldn't count so you know our power feel I wrote in the book. You know honor and I look at. We go to. The body and we had Coleman get a good way to get them. Well Robbie hold up are called on right there we get a and we had to take a break here were were overtime global comeback finish up the story it's beyond reality radio. I will be respected. Pharmacy for 677669. Jason Jews being our guest tonight is Robby Thomas have been talking about says his work is a psychic criminal profiler and Robby we had to jump to break quickly their beer talking. There are finishing up a story Sony just picking up where you left off we've got to be done a couple minutes in this segment. Absolutely. So we look at this from body in the audience the sheriff's office means articulate about the border we're trying to trigger. What's our next step until I got a popular long they had guy. I get him on the phone in this world last attempts and I certainly am after orchard Emilia. Insult when having it. Those two men are gonna EQ they're gonna coincide your soul they're gonna eat this type of we have pocket guard Tyronn. And so we finished in the case reports are all drawn up. And again in the book has all opera or testimony all the cases we discussed on a couple. But we go back to the fact that. We're waiting now we're gonna take place get some news. Good news is that Ronnie. Gave a confession. It would deathbed confession he couldn't ticket because he turned token to the psychiatrist. Instead that she brought along all these guys are gonna you know item in the Arabian applying it to go to what you did. Immediately after the horrific crime like that. The one gentleman before he died in the south because of the fire in one line column tomorrow. He hasn't won yet able to right well on me and so. You know. It is these things people really get seat and you know he's very keen crimes were talking. Iran you know. That's bad infection. And case closed. We have just just about a minute actually little less than a minute in this segment I just want to ask you one within when you when you go through a case like that you must. It exhausted he mustered by the end just can be completely exhausted. I'm so tired in Bangkok my wife and you know talking earned. And being able to sense and click united haven't accomplished during aren't as you look at the event. Goalies cases I would let these things every day all night long. You know liquidate three cases today. What they're high profile Mallard. And warning not Indiana. You know and these are very high profile cases bury in intricate. Hot irons and Margaret start early in the morning and called alternate payment never. Am sure. All right so we're gonna take a break and in some more to come for numbers are 8446877669. At all treated for 46877669. He'll listen Jason give him down now. It's. Like pro. Show as a download. As a podcast. And you have access to listening to us to a slide which you do if you've got either in a Smartphone or you have. Access to the Internet because we streamed live on the Internet as well. On you should try chicken out the live version because it allows you to call in participate at that level join the chat room which is very very active during the show. It's just a different experience altogether and Irish groups we can't headed now that's a problem yeah muted when you listen to the podcast download all the mess ups are gone that we just we make ourselves somewhat geniuses so we'll couldn't stand and where we we know that we're just screw up sputnik and by the time this podcast comes I was you know we doing and through much different experience literally welcome back to the show and her guest tonight is Robby Thomas and Robbie were talking about a lot as a relates to your book psychic profiler the real deal is true crime. Cases volume one night and I know you weren't gonna do or you're not doing readings or any of that kind of thing but I need to ask you about a case. That is actually a little bit personal to me and not so much that I expected to give mean answer now but it I guess I'm looking more for advice how you handle something like this. There's a girl of the name of Jessica C golden to see who disappeared on December 14. In Arlington Washington she went to a casino there. Ended up leaving with a bunch of bad people at some point in the night she was texting. Friends and family saying she was scared gave them the address. They contacted the police the police said this girl herself had to contact them or they would not respond so they didn't respond now she's missing feared dead. And down. In that there is according to the family out there the police serve really not doing very much they know where she was they know the people that she was width and nothing seems be happening. In your professional opinion what's the next step for the family in something like this. Should you know. You know ultimately different and they could not La police for. You know if you step on toes they get upset if Kurt good good reason for good good choice right I didn't immediately tool. You'd become the brainstorm. Of a case so as you say the Stanley who's tired. They get all the somebody like me we formulate a plan. B approach. Dvd Pakistan we want to bring in men. They say OK yes and 99.9 sometime I think yes. You'd you know if you get that one cent or order the Euro and it's a little bit of an uphill now we bring in the media you go to the media. And yeah you put that story there. Put pressure on them to involve somebody like me. We go ahead it may not like it or go ahead we do in missing persons. Case not how starts. Com. Advice I can give a damn. Pop because I know part of the stuff they got nothing to do. Nothing could go on other than burning around Reagan circle putting flyers. You know pocket people touching base. Detective. People say they're not on the Kate what he truly are. They're truly are on a lot of times to javy people say other not doing anything of the cases in years well it's never been shot. And if typical case suggesting that. They've put in there so why they haven't been working Americans want me to go out of the topic come forward there's always something going in the off oh. The Blue Line how to talk to them and done my part quote. Or one 1000000%. So but we have to bring a team effort here there's no argument that it's a team effort. So we have to put all the legal way all all of the departure will eat each other could I you know I read chapter in the book called the good about the and it particularly pretty much we're talking about here com right pal I'll Pam is one of the first when you do that one out. To the media that are Nikita Cilic Dr. Phil or are things are in charge you want only on the in car won't Hewitt. Because we happen to the police the chance you would they got through. And we're not gonna get into and out there and can be hush hush complete certain information. The person account gonna do they're gonna gore won the person who we start council now they're written away from the ground so it happened once. Does your company what. How I wouldn't go. Well but also as like you said as a guy I'm a lot of front law enforcement as well as you. When it's a missing person. They take a lot less priority then that of course cases where bodies are found things of that nature and and that that's a big problem here and that's that's why can't hit the mob always try to make bodies miss you don't disappear. So gaming concrete everything because when they're missing. There's not really a lot of a lot of effort put in soon to search or might be a detective put on it but. Candidates went when he can get around to it instead of an actual murder victims now it's got a whole force working interest Figaro. Yeah and and totally pick up on Jason's point this sale is actually been told she's assertions 39 year old woman she has the right to go missing if she wants and that's the way they've been treating it when. There's just so much more evidence pointing to something much more dire and nefarious. That occurred but when it's not a good who took child's total different different ball game but the minute there and minister and listen as an adult. I mean didn't go missing and disappear because until she's with somebody to pack up and just say I'm going to Guam. In the blink of an eye and I think anything of it. Promise you it's just it doesn't get a lot of that attention when it comes down blog for. No that's true and I've done cases like that where public which started the show the man went missing he'd left. And and went to British Columbia where they said he would get Mexico an early start with. You know and then there's another wanderers producer we're missing a show. And they were told he was even dead in a hotel shot so Hamilton County Florida Puerto. The missing persons report poll out what have you they call me up from. You know I just within committed and he's a life. You're locked up and economic electric untreated. And you didn't get called entry into the lot strict you know promotion but you're right because you're an adult. You can do whatever you want and not really gonna go under the proposal out there and you're missing persons report. Yeah and and not to belabor this particular case but her car was left at the scene of the people that had and that she was wins. Claims she left them a note to user card didn't know was in the hand rating of one of the other people not the not the girl was missing. Herbal personal belongings rolled their mean there's so much more to this case and in the champ here very very frustrated that they don't seem to be getting any kind of justice but. I from what I heard you say there's probably a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that they just won't won't be aware of. Why you know tobacco refer without saying that you have there's a lot of things are police do they won't let family know. As if I was going to tell Eugene B you have a daughter missing. Now the second and then you went out to where you know I'm not gonna give you anything I'm not gonna tell you what's going on one case for. And an LA Obafemi what is so bad so that our crime watch call they want and remember the video of the remake of the murder in what I convinced him to do it. And he did it in certain aspects on the video. I give it delicately so detect and the river has and so between him not you were we talked saying yesterday. The film is so desperate they want to get docked failed once crime watch they want PNC all the things and are calling me they want and not behind you he's not about to relinquish anything. I don't want to look them in the hunt down. This individual. They're about a month though from establishing any final conclusion and then probably you beat at the most to progress. You've done a lot of these cases and probably read about others and other people have done in a similar fashion what's the rate of success. In work like this it can't be a 100% or everybody be doing it so where does it. Where does it fall. In my age you know I agree not to question a racial and I'll look I've never sat down my. I'm right I'm right I'm right right here I'm never dynamic hundred cases. I'm a separate thing for consent. Order I'm a little different and we think term life. Crap I'm a little pepper you know now they're up track. And we had him track into Canada from Seattle. You know I look at things like that I go. We just got to pull together a little bit different title curry show I don't know what the number and just that. But to say so many cases this week alone can't guarantee a meaty. Twenty in my office. This week. Clearly it's teacher works so oil and I'm pretty sure no minute of the answered this question but do you think police and law enforcement should make greater use of these types of the services from people like you. Year. Com. Take a bird like you're on record here in Bangkok are on the conscious so many and they are like you know they got. Then it's an example when he. I get short list of which you say people like me. Given to meet with some of these type of very micro arcane fact that we talked earlier about I'm on. Now look at all the names aren't on won't watch all these names and their seedings and people have gone nobody cutting English. And I sat back for. Ten months and effective and Mac people like that you know it's in the book and keep all the messages and everything and equitable into the tree. And effect that certain people who want to pull me in on the sheriff's office you're playing on different angles you know I'm gonna wait I know something common. She came to me approached. A week and a half ago. She and living in fear for a year over year and is very huge airplane that was given to me. They have impeccable ready electric back he couldn't believe that the FBI missed Stefan. And and all the rest that went into it calmed the messages are long she keep me. You know can you feel. In some places that call doctor. Ever on a day so now there have to go back and train that go back all the places where these guys went and it would be here and and where you leave when out of town summer happened here we went our council a couple of serial killer cash. So you but you end up UEFA than the contact to you don't seek them out you don't try to automatically. Help out on a lot of these cases correct. No I don't I don't court for them come to me com. Europe so great I mean she supplement social media over a year she was scared to talk to. And she came forward she says I know he do this all the police chief and an offer this to you and she gave it can help them eye to shell in technical my gosh good note. We went through the scenario. I think any information on them now what are you altered due diligence and you go to all the you know it's a not Obama material. What's your thoughts on the self proclaimed sensitive herself clean psychics that. Do you contact law enforcement all the time trying to help out or trying to get their name and bull on a lot of these cases. I've done wrong person shows with detectives who are their that I post what you call us. And the first thing and I quote that person doesn't look we don't like it. I don't like it when they call him we don't like me they they try to attach themselves because they take all these. Lead if you will tips and now default. And some of them take weeks months and then include that in order just triple a phone call. One person. On the social media produce when I profile case we're peaking at media information. About the case. I would not get out of pocket people out of their own people running like. Better go on and on and on and on. And then she finds out that sharecropper the article. Going on it in. Other detectives who patent and not from a phenomenal week because I feel public company and she did well not protect people that are. And calm you know trolls. Well aren't intentions you know and so forth and and I mean I know some some have been nine. Now I'm on different TV shows and so forth and and the funny thing is they'll contact law enforcement. And then they'll do things like pull some intermediate page just come off the phone with us law enforcement about this case as if they were contacted. Bylaw enforcement but really it's the other way around and it's more just trying to be self aggrandizing. And Cecil promoting which is just shame because they're only using the loss of somebody. To self promote themselves. True true. On my social media and eat that you can you got the I have murder and socially. They follow me and my guess for the one guy got in to do they don't have this summer socially. In the a couple of smaller aren't we happened to me well the guy. I'm not fearful are different you know not it's the fact that. I think something about the public opinion of one. On the maturity he could meet you keep your enemies close Norton. Yeah well I know you're saying no I'm referring to light just other self proclaimed senses are psychics who. Do this only two try to test and came to something even though they weren't asked to be a part of it and yeah that's try to self promote themselves in the end there's. Those shelter and and I'd really excellent first author gets in the way of of our ongoing investigation. And it just creates more. More avenues and a lot of times it really don't need to anything and they're only doing this so promote themselves in all the word in in other words hurting. The Stanley in the individuals. Out with the ongoing case. Absolutely. You're you're 100% right. Self indulgent again. I don't know why did you look at that when I look at that when I got short left decent look better than he being done. Thank you can't believe that the people who want to work after the moms who want to opt for the apparently. Includes you know (%expletive) Yet and it's it's a shame and its earliest rebbe we have little lesser of two minutes left. Is there's still a TV project in the works. Yeah actually there's a couple. Pair prepared supernatural. Lovett. And then America's Most Wanted to meet with international police chief Kevin Smith. Who got the way army went to sleep passed away into how I'm choked a little bit shocked pilot. But an economic matter partner who's Chico police detectives and she stopped nailed. So she's my partner problem. An Emmy award winning director. Come up after the book at least you guys a few weeks ago. And he just Petrino gone we want this book would want this want you know how it is so he pretty pitched a complete program again. And it looks very good public. PB. Like PD and it is times like we were talking in particular angle in three minutes and consultant and then we're done you know what I'm not completely blocked. Go cope with a ligament you know. Conscripted into you think the degree program. The website is Robby Thomas dot net where else can people of find your work and just follow a trip to send me a bunch books. Yeah. Amazon no arraignment on a regarding your bookstore she you've been ordered him but you can stop by Robert Thomas I've met my libraries there. There's a lot of other things got done over the years with the point in the army over there and America and finally caught connect the corner and help local country went down. But it was great and much you know I'm curious what kick in the paranormal in I'm not a diploma. Rowdy straight talk you look forward to you again in the future. Not thank you so much yeah okay to have a great now we're gonna I take a break we'll come back we'll wrap things up it's. On reality radio. So it's just stuff proclaim him as it is every Friday night and then Monday feel. They need to which will join us to talk about. Her first book to which a magical journey among other things were learn all about what it means to be the naked which as opposed just a regular which had feelings can be very interest. Somebody in the chat room said if you don't ask her how she rides a broomstick that way I'm not a whistle spoke but it. Okay its interest if you. Oh geez if you have again this year head over to FaceBook to our com slash beyond reality radio late fees put page for us and had to be on reality radio dot com where he can Altria iPhone and android app greater Los Angeles life catch that shows during the only chat more. We're just old and find any station we Aaron right there. Which is all are which are all across the country at a check in Austin just constantly updating you stations costly putting them on that. Or any ninety squiggles and libel and join us right there online listening from the website and with the Greek community of people you don't show from iTunes or anywhere else who have you ever read it force house pushing forward that's gonna do for us everybody. Each Jason NGZ have agreed not able to chills and have. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason thanks GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson since it's. Normally you don't really radio's so good. Yeah you never stopped going to finish the agency who paid the same sentence because well Jason host an actress and host doctor first TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.