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Jody Dean & Craig Nehring discuss contacting spirits, and hunting for ghosts

Mar 23, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Jody Dean about his provocative methods of invoking responses from the other side. LAter in the program, Craig Nehring chats about his paranormal group and their experiences hunting for ghosts. 3/22/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Wednesday unless it helps us here on the East Coast many stretching in between welcomed me utterly ridiculous myself and Jason Hawes and it was a lesson GD Johnson. Okay I've learned another valuable lesson tonight okay. Just before the show I decided it was a little bit hungry so I was going to have. Something easy so I thought what's. Easier than in little postal people are right. Yeah then we got this peanut butter thing going on your mouth for the rest tonight that's the problem I don't have any Mintz an enemy gum I just had this peanut butter flavored milk in my mouth. This could hit the rest tonight that's right the. Ill in this class mail hides in this smoke would it helped yeah well that was a good move you know yeah. Hey welcome to show everybody and that I've actually I've survive tonight that today was the non nor'easter nor'easter Yellowstone because I heard New York City was kind of getting new all the but it just didn't. Can extend that way or what have ever tell honestly it's twelve inch is 5060 miles an hour winds that we can get two wins but I literally. Am probably a dusting on the ground on the mound after Ben maybe a wake up in the morning I hit the department also. But as of right now it doesn't look like that and it's the worst part is canceled all the schools in Rhode Island but we didn't have any snow you know I mean style whatsoever. I don't know I don't know if you. Bhutto was like this for you but when I was growing up in going to school you know he'd wake up there be snow the Buick be half a foot maybe eight inches of snow on the ground you still waiting to see through mechanical snow. Now they cast like four days because of prediction you know they they look cancel it the sixty's ahead of time because it's predicted to snow and I don't Brittany Henderson agree with you remember as a kid growing at Kennedy at York too weak too sometimes we go to school and we get snowed hit. Daily Beast that we b.'s just guys or offer to seek it and what they always planned for that and I say about schools out there is. He always had something to do whether it's date set up fee. Well gymnasium for wrote I just did back then pulls back then relate to play dodge ball you can win walls of people and they presumably it's swimming pools and also to think you can do that stuff they'll still have pulls up there in school I know they do around here but I mean just. I just released we'll do things were dangerous some bold back to and he can do those things that. Kids are different we can we can take him leading engine a storybook apparently suing suing the school that's right we took a licking and and we kept on hit and. Well they everybody welcomed the unreality raid villages NGG. And if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality rated elect FaceBook page for us. And had to be under early radio dot com we can find all the great stations where across the country he can also download the free iPhone and android operate analyst listen I cash pressure of trying to attend more. Or just click the listen live to avenue to listen right from the website while hanging Al in the chat room achieving myself and agreed to NDP. Yeah a lot of cool people in the chat room for sure and tonight we're going to be talking with we get another try and not trifecta a by fact that I guess or a dissecting and of guest to guest anyway. I'm Jody dean will join us the first part of the show he's a colonel Moore investigator warlock in an impasse we're talking about his methods of investigating and we're gonna talk about the haunted dial. That he bought any garage sale recently end. This whole idea of witchcraft being used to fuel colonel investigation someone we've talked about on the show refer to make just had the conversation. And now I am I've till I hit I hate Els I do. And also but there's this whole. It's saying where a lot of people have this weird thing they believe that these girls become obsessed. I'll what you take. My candidates personally Chucky everybody's got to possesses exactly my take is that yeah I know you're bad experiences dealt with Dell's as a little kid and you know you had those barbies in I mean they just with the GI Joseph I don't know and I journalists. Want that to my porch sister strap strap bottle rockets to a recent Parker fly and we did do things like that yeah and eighties and south to refers to hang her hang out. But I'm nobody knew what to say and I think I think obviously anything it's got to face. An adult has a face generally and it just got them blank stare it can just be creepy just by itself just from what it is especially for looking at the wrong light. On so I can understand what people would automatically assume that but I don't know maybe there is something to the fact that you know spirits. Attach themselves something with the human form and don't see human forms of their very well could be something to it. Temporary pass I don't know but it could be all deathly Beatrice and find yet. Two Margaret talk with Ronald Murphy he's equipped to zoologist and forty in researcher we're going to be discussing portals in zoo forms. And of course Friday night's best of a next week we've got to returning guest Monday night yes we've got Rebecca Foster spiritual medium and will be discussing angels and in doubles. And geez ton of other things yeah a lot of good stuff coming up. Armed you'd at other in this Pino broader discussion that I really wanted to open the show was so there was reportedly be simpler arrangements can be and I gave me you Verdasco a kitchen is grab a add to his own grimace spoonful now you don't do that surfaces are also to do that is whoever does scare and that it's just doesn't work out well it's. No I don't let your Tommy Kidd the other day Thomas I'll give you five bucks if he if you can eat twelve salty crackers without taking a simple water. Could have been I did not have the implied but really I've never tried them I mean that Kennedy was even an hour after he's like my mouth is still draw if it was like YouTube challenges where you are turning into spoonful of cinnamon or some writers on on them. Regis actual science is something and to impart its chance I don't I just took the challenge and pay five bucks. It didn't cost me anything and so some serious injury that took a I was gonna say that I checked out Jodie deeds YouTube channel. Up earlier and dumb it's hunting the dead dot com he's got some very very interesting maybe even controversial ways. Of like trying to provoke paranormal activity so will have a good chance to talk with him and you wanna ask him some questions be prepared to call and we're gonna open up the phone lines points early because we have two guests tonight and the numbers 8446877669. Dan if you if you seriously do you have any questions or doubts or concerns about. Bullet or talking with the with them about Julian and so forth and so called on point two Dell. You make she gives a shout hey I'm. Sheila this this sort. Everything's changing these you know oh absolutely so genetically modified meat is now close to becoming food option. Anytime you certainly genetically modified and food in the same sense -- get a little concerned you have wouldn't return also news you can if you really look back at the vegetables and fruit eaten they've all been genetically outstrip throw throw history and let me ask you do exactly in the what's the difference between selective breeding in genetically modifying mean ultimately isn't it kind of the same thing. Yeah well the breeding you're looking for things are certain genetic traits exactly and your putting them together decree to enhance the streets yet so it's a form of genetic modification. And of course is no longer surprising scientists to figure out different ways altered animals and new creative ways if you think about it. But. Yes this is. Guzzle be on the whole laboratory. But in the US a complex regulatory process from the Food and Drug Administration has hindered those who wanted to bring in Jeanne edited light sought to market. But if the industry officials have their way that will be the case much longer. MIT technology review reports that gene editing companies and biotechnology. Audience trying to convince trump administration to move the regulation of Jenner. Editing animals to US department agriculture so this is going to be interest. So when they've been doing and they've been just modifying of course they're they're doing it's you know fast it'd get them larger faster and no he's growth hormones and us led them again. You're also dealing with eight children now. Well just going through different changes a lot earlier because everything right on hormones in the chickens and no that's it does send me a little concerned I mean at its getting to appoint Regis Wanda. Growing all your own stuff and raise your own stuff for a moment the officials say interest. Like a 180 Kunis who used to do but you're right I mean we were now just now starting to understand the implications of antibiotics and our food and and other types of hormones growth hormones whatever they happen to be in our food. You know it's this is a whole new science in this is a whole new I think we're only. You know a generation or two into the us into the world were these things have been -- we don't fully understand the implications on what you. It'll look at you all just the of the cancer rates and everything else that seemed to. There really aren't getting taking her huge uprising but on its pretty well and win every time I go overseas even overseas many times the foods totally different. I mean chocolates different data came into the lack ciller's that they do here in the United States sodas different read write down to the meat. When I was in the UK one of the big things was that they were they're having a shortage of milk and one of the this. Newspapers had a thing. That UK may he has to teach them US inferior. Milk. Because of all the hormones. Spots you what I've drank milk and in Europe a lot of times is not nearly as we know we are here so I don't know what they're talking about it is good for I don't know it just I can say is first texting and ten and freshness is whose club better your and I also say this I mean you know this is a debate that needs to be just had it needs to happen however. Like inspect expectancy is way ahead we're used to be hundred years ago when they weren't doing these things. You know there's a lot of things to consider in this whole equation and I don't like to ring these alarm bells but I think we need to look at. But then again so we shortened week looked after and so our grandparents who lived today you know 10000 years old who were smoking two packs of cigarettes a day so. It's it's there's definitely a lot of changes and things students they weren't apparent genius forget the things they went through and through the depression only one shot in the back that I mean he had them storming the beaches in Normandy I know and well now you say one thing wrong end you've got a teenager or you know 21 year old to ask go to their safe place. I know I talked to took my kids were in that 2123. Year old range all the time in my you know. The hematoma son you know there were people. You're aging younger storm the beaches and army Normandy threw a hail of gunfire. Or they're flying bombing missions and I don't know you don't you're not checked the oil yet and you can't walk to the grocery store performance he's calm on. Her own way. Judge the world has changed screens and Harrison that I think that's Iran and done a hurry so again the phone numbers 84468776692. Freed 844. 6877669. Gritty take a quick break more to come and listen Jason dvd unreal. OK beyond reality radio friends this is JV and I'm telling you need to go check out scare con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out. The championship. I bring you realize that we're almost at a point where all of the World War II vets have passed on their very few left compared to. You know what would probably grew up with and pretty soon that greatest generation will no longer exist at all. And it truly was greatest generation I mean you are you're talking about people who just ran to sign up tents to defend the country and in the world Julianne and knowing that they most likely weren't going to return. Yeah it's pretty amazing stuff I recommend that says nobody gets chance watch things like band of Brothers I mean that really puts in perspective so in the somewhat but the show's about but. I do think it's worth so understanding and appreciating what that group of men and women did. Paris or Oscars we we we are the beneficiaries of what they did what they sacrificed. -- percent agree are so that's enough of that got to talk let's let's go to our guests want to bring our guest for tonight in Jody dean is joining us journey is a paranormal investigator warlock in an impasse. Get a whole bunch of things to talk about Jodie I talked to Jody about so he Jody welcome to the schober caviar. They continue we think our young guys appreciate. They love the show. A case of yeah this is kind of a short segment but it's enough time for us to Kenny get to know you a little bit how did you get started in this whole paranormal thing. I'll actually. Big thanks to. You can go partners. Shows that were on TV eight years ago I was a skeptic. What are some of the shows into need to reduce. They were entertaining. I really didn't believe a lot of things that I've seen and heard. And my curiosity got in went out got you do voice recorder. Kate commuter. Went to some hard conclusions then I started trying to do my own investigations. And I captured evidence it is. Blew my mind he is no point citizens spikes at the same time and it doubled allegation that just. You know two things happening at once just kinda. Said wow this it's Israel and I don't think that person has been depicted every incident could it be eight years later little over 500 investigation in. And I'm here. Oh Massa thing once you once you catch something it really does become an addiction and he gives you just wanna. Well first off you wanna cigarette value and understand it but you also wanna get more and more and better and better evidence and you just keep on going. Absolutely a year you're constantly trying to are we caliber of that attention. And that's you know that's where I met now I heard here earlier you know I have some. Unusual that NG betrayed. And and there are a lot to do it you know you're always trying to update any. And you know that I do whatever I have to do to get the best evidence. That much when unknown or. Well and and that's and and that's what we ought to look at and a lot of people out there will look at it well don't look at it as in are really still in the stronger they're doing that wrong or don't like how. But they don't understand that everybody doing things their own way. It is what culturally push a field forward because people were in there doing things are only seeing what works what doesn't work it's somebody who might never try your method. It is okay bit silly but you're able to try your method which at least lets us know does that work or not and so you can take its the next step. Absolutely it is for the research and then into the street circuit is very important. Because I mean has this so when I was a skeptic came in renowned in the middle of writing a well I've learned so much in eight years that. I had something to contribute people until let him know you know how are believed to work and and why it works so. Yeah it's a beautiful thing this is really changed my life and I see it changing so many people like now the paranormal gain is just. As you get the scene and just it's blown up it's everywhere and there's so many groups out there there's so many people. To where. You know eight years ago it wasn't like it is okay now which just insane everybody in the grandmother. Once you give a voice recorder once dude didn't spear box once they're out there and Eagles and applicable because I mean it is mind blowing it would. Capture. Somebody's four days. We don't see nobody in front of what we're not talking we ask that question. And we record at play it back in their audio two point there I mean that finished compelling. And we've we've got a little less than a minute here. About a thirty seconds actually but I wanted to follow take you back here you said you. You're watching the shows and you kind of we got very impressive menu. Went out got some equipment you you started doing your own investigations not everybody who sees the shows among the shows actually takes that next step what was it that made you take the step from being knee a watcher of the shows to an investigator and get about thirty seconds. If it is you know I wanted to believe I really didn't. And I do know what I'm just gonna go out there and get shot and when I gave it it it blew my mind and and start to get more equipment to more investigations and you know thanks to the chosen and that's why I'm here now. All right we're gonna go take a break when we come back we're gonna get into more detail about how Jody does this work it's beyond reality radio. Yes phone number and if you got a question is 84468776. X nine and told 3844. 6877669. Physical if you have a question for us our guest Jodie loosened Jason GB MB on her own. From trying to trying to find her nice topic to her her serious. A lot of funny you guys can see what Jason are looking at during their products that we deal after it better if this was a video feed their registers we beat SEC or legal lose a CIA maybe even consequences community of big explicit. It's attributed to dinner record pros in front of in the press chat room people are cracking me up in their to integrate that they were talking we Jody dean tonight and majority has a website is called hunting the dead dot com. YouTube channel went to stuff and dirty work to have a whole lot of times we got to kind of run through this stuff pretty quickly. Let's talk let's talk about the haunted dal. And how did you get this down. Okay willow are on the are huge grit true gamer old which. I was yard chill look and person games that the best way to climb nowadays where you know there's so much money. So. I go to this yard sale last guy again in the games and all data view on the cool we know we make a deal took a look to my left the game period in his stall very creepy eyes just. Here's what I do. And I I said out loud sit at qualities she's got some pretty eyes but there are also creepy if you looked at me in on their forget the look many days he will. Like this being had been wanting to hell out of him and any kid that golf here buys meat to debt. And I asked why an armed opened again and tell me you know it could do all the property to want to sell it. And he starts only average and he got adult resisted energy came into the hole. Date is there and so intense that he can't even look at that doll can't come around adults we cheeks are in the garage. And he never goes and Gracia that school in the Gracia makes it really quick. On. You know you want seller. We talk Dixon number than I've talked at all program. No I don't know why he did so with Bobby Gordon get rid of the ball Pollard and that that is. I bring that don't hold them and we started. Investigating your right away. Nemo and Alicia. And it would respond to certain things which first and like in part yield something here. Bullet weren't aren't keeping any activity there's no voice is there's there's no doubt increase the captain but then that tall. This narcissistic call starts responding. To things when you would say into apparently keeping a pretty at all. I like you're our age any time you keep the dollar complement our separate about it. They keep you would go up and you know point would come to the same time we gain double ballot speech in a direct communication. Game. Actually what really blew our mind it is we figured out what you had to shape to keep installed to respond in and and it will change that you know has been almost two months ago now. And it still happened pretty regularly not every single currently sit down to investigate when they let it happen a lot. They did that don't respond to certain don't. Well now when you say your response is it. Would through equipment that you're using or is it dead you actually your voice coming from the Stahl. It quote. Through spirit barked we're hearing this seeing employees. Which is is sound like a younger woman always. On it and do digital recorder when we're recording and we played back we're hearing this same column boy so that you really compelling right there. And you know usually when this is happening there's like a huge game that you'll they call that had nowhere. We re asking certain questions. You know I mean the whole hard developing everybody nineties the table got a hard at all even export in on pills or. This well actually had so much substance to it. They're valid beach. It truly does have something I don't believe it eat each gear type in sight at all I believe they all the objects that mean a lot of them. Made because even achieve each hitter earlier they're very human like they can I get an I would never know the importance of these games you the person. If belong to. You know I have a daughter is believed to be called to their. Was this adorable little girl and it was all she ever Edgar premium he was or. And she died in a car accident with the ball that ended up in ten weeks. Possessions somehow. And they couldn't live with debt and passed it down to this happened last year I believe that dog to be on so I think the certain the right situation. You know these things can't kick or my life. Have you seen the Dow move and only mute any indication that you think you might move on its own. Then crawl our from the large scale mill. Well actually now that that's not true I have seen it move it moot. You'll leave the room into being in a different spark. Sometimes I have been might streaming people are like wow that dollar is moot you know I'd always catchy and sometimes that'll he would everybody else he put. I do I noticed that developing in different places and moved a little bit. Little things like that and that's a porcelain doll Tucson which. Really different you know which it compared to the plastic dolls out there. Eat you don't hear about too many of the Portland calls being the pocket dolls. Have you and we have YouTube channel you do a lot of stuff when YouTube have you ever just placed a camera on this doll with some audio running in just kind of streamed at or just. Taped it for awhile. And then gone back and review deceive you see anything. Or hear anything. You know with the with the thought of leaving it on the dark overnight I. Are just a few hours even I have not that is something that I would like to you it actually been suggested in the last week or two diet you people. But. One thing's for sure I mean we sit down with her for twenty minutes and run the voice recorder and then play it back. We captured don't always finish to came boyish every time which is. You know that's died in non secret there. Yeah it is for sure now let's talk a little bit about what you're doing YouTube by cap and catch a little bit of one of your most recent dealt life streams I didn't see alive but I saw it after the fact. Tell us what you're doing there davis' give us the idea of what you set out to do I think you do it every week. Idea of the western and I've been doing and home that I came executed. Definitely. It was not haunted. I mean I walked in here in Juno winner geez. What it was in met detectors did GDP work. Is being our way or another in your don't know that need to work in the penal as next. So. On the cream torched and so I can't Oprah marks. I potentially bring spirit comic on the investigator Eric during Spierkel from investigation. I eat colander to might which crap I own. Several items that I believe to be on deep and other write a whole lot of energy so like that these items Laura. For my light streams. And then I run it live in our won the spear box Iran time to meet in that detectors. You know broadcast relied so everybody can witness that activity added them all in. And it it's out of all the places like into spending a lot of money going all the older. This place has become one of the most haunted places that I've done. And you do use to spirit box a lot and does this still caught the other still some controversy out of that how do you find it as sort as far as it will obviously you like you can tell us we like about it. Well you know I learned how to lead you to use Damon how to read that I understand a lot of people doubt about him because. You can hear a lot of radio frequency what I look forward as the direct communication to responses. Answers to my questions. The full voice is understanding how this week Roland under the voice. I've got it to where I can almost count in my case you know as I'm hearing the employees how many we ran under and that's something. At the big king tuning your brain to understand the speaker box. And you know in the beginning it that would. Really frustrating. Trying to pick apart what could be your real time EDT. And what could just be some DJ and a radio that you're hearing fragment that something he's sure it. Plate narrow on the net my YouTube channel show how content and tons of real time responses and I'm talking about our church and all sentence. And it and it's grown our retirement hasn't always been like that and I feel good. It it maybe things are more attached to. See what I'm doing. My stroke now more than ever and they're combing through various crawl. You're warlock. So and you talk about using witchcraft in your current Romo investigations to provoke activity. What do you do and how does that work. All this talk under a different being state week Sheen that we continue to provoked activity to conjure. From forms of divination. Even using nature divination. There are certain rituals. Yeah and you can do ouija board is it and other things as a catalyst to communicate with these things and bring things during 2010 to one candle magic rooms. Certain spell work. Sometimes don't do certain work before an investigation. Or during an investigation are not happy which. The caliber Beck cheerleading bit and giving at that time. I think what you know based for me I've learned spiritual energy very well and it ain't anybody there and investigate for a long time. Currently locked into a place in you almost can steal it. Right away or at least. I've heard a lot of people say that and I actually I know what it feels like it's sometimes is stronger than others. And that's what we need to do in order or spell work to work really well. We need to identify that energy. All that and put our energy with it there opinion just magnified by you know that it. You need in and then important and really just. They're buying it with whatever who didn't. Only talk about that on the show Austin where it because in the morn more so called alt location should go to. You tend to become literate sensitive or just more sensitive that it energy where you can walk in 2000000. So called hawks locations. And out of those 800 haven't had nothing going on what your body tense remember how you felt that there was 200 that did have something going. And worse and that does that make you sensitive noted make you more sensitive than somebody who has link on to a thousand Sokol case. So you're able to pick up on a lot more inventive and others and when you walk into location a lot of times are able to tell right away if there is something that. Right yeah I absolutely agree and not try to build on it as much as possible constantly looking for their energy. Throughout my days where all right bill. Whether be at funeral home where. Onto location in my own on constantly noticing that different energy when a new energy company is that it used beer and that's where crime bill. A little bit even if I don't believe you know by doing it might we've all been he Billiton. Where all of you know if you'll end. It is this fall into. Although I wouldn't include mobile home. I got we remain confident what does it really ironic there's more recently moved bitter on the view. That content through armed. We would eat eat eat. Move. Again in Iowa unbearable validate everything that's what I book or. I think we all you right in the best when you know you mean everything happening at one. And I've been brought in less than not it is not sure that kinda evidence. Jody. If somewhere that someone knew were to come to you're YouTube channel and watch the way you conduct your I wouldn't Miss America call it an investigation because. At him from what I've seen him only seen one that. Here you're in a room in your house and you've got all these items around you that may or may not have spirits attach them you trendiest evokes in south but. Your your your techniques might be considered a little aggressive by some at one point I saw you holding the noose up that. He said somebody had hung himself with another point he had a what looked to be like. It's a skull of of a cat had a cattle or something what. What do you do when and how to those tools help you. Woke ever imagined. I you know I have several are objects are believed to be part Tibetan word is. Found in a barn where. A family member of my allies actually contain themselves. It was found down the road you know years down the road and and knowing what I do what I collector Cree East Coast they gave it to me. I feel like when things are killed in the hole. They hold energy. And sometimes when I do an investigation yeah I'll hold them now ultra gas on the fire. Provoking night. It erect protective. I don't know anybody else that is borne out and score you have those kids they were always in ears were okay unit shaping. And potentially even eat. Either fight or mercy something backing that I think we've seen spirits are intelligent and you know we can use these same met its wit and what I wanted to write a wanna go into auto location their pitch in my whole may start. Antagonize them you make it among comparable. But I feel like sometimes. You know in order to keep them to communicate. It would need to be done and in order to be researched and are seeking. In other research is very important comedian and I do go outside the box and pushed the limits to. The current or you'll. Will be then it will be eaten. Of the paranormal. Income. Yeah okay so let's stick a quick break and we come medical wrap things up with Jodie dinner guest is Judy Dean is what 600. 687766. And I got some folks on hold for our guest Judy Dean were to try to get to these calls we're running out of time. And second might try to keep Jody first few minutes on the other side of the top of the hours we get some of these questions answered. Jodi we'll leave a minute or so here on the side of the top of the hour but he said you've done 500 investigations and they bend primarily residential or what are the places do you go to. From all kinds of police as much favor or residential. Our our from presidential to graders to abandon buildings Cuba. No and haunted places on you know on the registries even done some on the most chronically Sudan and the state of Florida. It. I'd like all the over. I trying in travel much as I possibly can. And just in the last year to give you an idea I posted 300 treaty deals are my YouTube channel. Are all investigations which I which I captured. Could have been at. And by good evidence which are just a few talking about apparitions things moving what do you say. Everything from the and shadow figures to. Classy EV peace to. Anomalies to pictures. And actually a cart several shadow figures got lots and lots. Lots and lots of are gonna like activity. Things moved in doors close and lots of doors schooling. Things like that. Some our rights so we're gonna take a break kid and only come medical definitely a lot more to talk to if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash BR under Hillary to elect a FaceBook page forest. That had to be under really radio dot com. We can download free iPhone and Internet final stations we are across the country or listen library from the website is by click the listen live button in the commission on online chat. Gigi myself and agree community people are four and a receipt for 4687766. Nag until freed 8446877669. Synergies and TV and beyond really radio. So it sounds real results and chief each. Jason tonight it's not it's not Tuesday but now it's Thursday on the east as you just said Jay and we have a two for Thursday we've got to guest tonight we're gonna keep our first guest just one more segment here Jody deemed. Is a paranormal investigator also warlike warlock and an impasse is website is hunting the dead dad comedy takes a rate to. His his YouTube channel. On and then a little bit later after our next break roared to bring her second guessed in Craig nearing who's the author of a couple of books. About some very interesting haunted places in Wisconsin he's done Tom tonne of investigations. He's gonna talk about his investigative teams. The books and his investigations. As he conducts them. Yes and tomorrow night we're talking Ronald Murphy junior crypt is all ages and forty researcher discussing portals in Q forms. And then every Friday of course is the best of me unreality radiance a make she'd check additional that I secretly did do we have next week somebody coming in who's a demon C year. Yes regardless psychic medium will wish Adam. June June Lungren says being a demon seed in tennis. It's been the way if you can't get your money your view because they just a dispute were finally gets it would be good if they if you haven't gimmick you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio with FaceBook page forest. And had to be on reality radio dot com final seasons we are on its free apps or listen library in the show right on the web site. If you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and read a force to helps push shall Ford makes it easier for people to far this half price apps and her. It's free free apps even rhetoric satellite free yeah it'll it'll charge so we know that we let our astute in and we don't know it's our way nope it's not our as our guest. Back in I Jody dean is with us a majority we talked a little bit about your investigations and and the number that you've done and some of the evidence he's caught you've posted a blog that on your YouTube channel when you to these investigations or are you a loner do you have a team that you work with. I'm a solo investigator. I never work with the team I've always preferred to. Just be one green eco location. I'd Enola occasionally I like to bring the witness a long. You know just to have somebody there you two witnessed this for themselves especially the skeptics I loved it. Yeah I no one may have been going to all of these places by myself. We don't have a lot of time we got to bring our next guest and you're such as when I try to grab a phone caller to hear while we can. This is Katherine calling from Canada he Katherine welcome to the show. AJ Lowery and I could national. Expect to be here. What's behind Katherine. Are you I don't the moderate fertility. Like dream I wondered moderator. Only get them. I you do encoding. Doing good is it do you have a question. Yeah. I just wanted to actually say that. Guilty united a one on one earlier. A few months ago only got result. And I was wondering. How law. Yeah editing. Went with facts. Did you catch anything. Significant band that that we topic though. Yes absolutely you know what she's talking about is we always do was we didn't CEO. Faced at 80 actually over FaceBook. And what I try to do was to see it through our frequency we recruited. Capture. Any responses to it may be relevant to capturing her warning to get in touch with her mother are currently husband. We use digital which recorder we each speaker box and the united that you would all this and captured yet perhaps put that together. Match you know let's. Been in the middle of moving just. Bought a new house so. I will try to get that. Very soon but I think there are two responses and there that you would have tell me what they mean you. Are you not recognize of oil as in regular. But. I do like this that the trying this over the Internet. I think it is a possibility. And I've seen doing this with some people. It. Potentially being on their site can come through because as we know secretary energy and they can communicate with mr. frequency. Place the call. Yes thank you Catherine. Jedi were out of time here I've given the website witch hunt in the dead duck comic takes at least my use it to Accuray to YouTube channel. There doesn't know anything else who wanna let folks know about how they can get in touch with you or just kind of produced speeding your work. A pinky looked at it are there minutes Arkin that there com to direct my YouTube Chara and also like that FaceBook page light as Wendy the big thing Q can you guys are having me on tonight and do what you do including you get you're definitely need to pick mark. In this in this world in this game and appreciate which YouTube and children are meant to keep rocking guys and thank you so much. Thank you for coming on Jodie and we look forward to talking you get at some point. Appreciate it our again it's Jody dean the website is hunting the dead dot com. We're gonna go to break when we come back we'll bring our second guest of the evening in Craig nearing will join us Harry listened Jason team. Jason. Everybody for joining us we listen to one of the great radio stations run the country curing the program you're listening to the app on your Smartphone. Or listening on the website or where have you pick up to surely if you download it I mean we just welcome you to where we try to make it easy for everybody but on the list and found a beyond reality radio dot com and check it often costly updating and adding news stations. Yeah and now we're not bringing her second guess of the night in Craig nearing has been with us before he is an author and a ghost on juries founder of fox valley ghost hunters web sites that group is. FZ isn't fox valley ghost hunters dot com. And his book while he's got a couple of what is called Wisconsin's most haunted in the second as Wisconsin most wanted. Volume two Craig welcome back to be unrelated radio great to have you on tonight. Yeah thank you very much threatened again. It makes him so he didn't get enough punishment reading one book ta. Know. All and nodding and evidently it's second book and I'm working on a third right now for all of our honesty investigation will be a little bit more detail. You know what they say you know fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me just or you're just a plug in for punishment apparently the remark. So let's talk a little bit about you and how long you've been interest in the paranormal and then when you do get starting actually. Investigating. I'm when I was younger I used to live up in northern Wisconsin. Up there might not political at bat country. And in our high school there is pleased to go to a haunted man called summer wind at that time. It's notorious that's known around the world. For Ellen a lot of activity and I used to live close to that so we used to go up there as teenagers and see lots of different things that nobody could explain. Of course being teenagers religion really involved with the gold ring aspect of it back down what many TV shall not at all you know covering. And probably around. 2000 men. 5 AM moved from that period down to the Park City downer Appleton and Green Bay, Wisconsin. And started a career in transportation that are around that time in all the initial step up and up from goes on and showed different chose on TV. And didn't a couple years later probably 2008 at that hey you know I'd like to get a team together like that maybe do some final investigations. Started out kind of small to stone cemeteries and stuff like that but you know without any down. You know clientele where any you know. Does that character Webster cannot get much go on so. And creator what's nice about illegal hunters dot com. And around 2010 and started looking for key member where's the best place to thank you members. Craig. Bennett again Craig. Sometimes you gotta be afraid of what you find on Craig's list just didn't dispute inferior Richard. Little did but we actually had really good book primary and some of the numbers that I have today. On date back going back to 2000 and the McCain 67 years so. We started via web site and one of our very first investigations in 2000 and then on it's just been an amazing journey confirmed. When you set out to put the team together and to start doing investigations with your team what was your objectives. I'm a woman to help basically we want to help. People understand what they had no problems that have gone on in their homes. The finding answers to find the truth. You don't debunked. The stuff that that might not. You know paranormal like furnaces and noises like that coming from and I'll just the whole settling so armed. Some of quite that we helped over the years just recently and one true that. And just heartbreaking but very emotional. Investigation and it. That Taiwan but that long that's going to help somebody else. Well that's what it's all motives and whether it's paranormal and out most of the time you're going and you're figuring out what it truly is and has nothing to do with the paranormal can be everything from inner in the lines in the pipes banging in the walls to what you're saying furnaces or in turning. During the fall time when heats are taking on in and trapped separating the moisture in the wood floors and sounds like people walking and and so there are a lot of explanations that really come down to it and it's really it's about helping them out whether it's paranormal not just empower them. Yeah yeah. What type of club and results do you like to come out of an investigation with are you happy is when you come out having debunked. What was going on or do you prefer to come out with some type of and EVP or video evidence some input which makes you happier. Both let them know you're doing a residential he's probably. At least happy for the client in the client probably at least. Relieved that you didn't find anything. Of any substantial. You know evidence that would say that companies and golf course when we go to places that are known to be haunted. And the ones they sometimes have to pay to get into. We'd love to my outlook the the evidence that we seek. And do you find that you encounter homeowners or business owners or whatever that are actually hoping you're gonna find that it's haunted for some for whatever reason. Alia that point on I think some tumbled one it could be on and I'm not sure exactly why but that. The go through all types of the extreme to say that. You know this is happening things are planned around the moon. It up like that and of course when we go there but it you don't get that sense and then I'll call you back like a week later and say the same stuff that's happening again. And we'll try to come back again booked. I'm for the most part a lot of either showed up when you're that are in public it's just happening when we don't comment. He sees ever happen on Q and that's nothing can ever control what is gonna have a drive you crazy can you back to a location a hundred times before finally catching solid evidence. On definitely over the years dependent then probably about nine years of in not getting with the team. And that we haven't captured tons of really substantial evidence. We pulled their best stuff that we captured on line. And a couple times that we captured the body to operations. Good moving within a dwelling or not I'm a little. Girl drinking on a book about blurred that look what could we captured it on film. I'm hard to see him sometimes it looks like he could beat Kerry dole yeah. But you never know. Anybody your team ever gets scared. Pretty much almost. Although I would silly cap of one once in awhile even nine. And then jump PM I remember right from investigation. In you know first time ever going never had an EV PB form an alliance. And a first time gone in two days old hospital protection to them my second book. But going into that hospital. Investigating. And there that would be a bigger and in the hospital on what more in the and the goal that more. They're the moment it was called sub basement so they had to turn salute them other things down. Dishwasher places that they would wash. I'm treatment stopped for the hospital patients. And I was looking down into the Derek. Basically broken down into the sub basement. And I net to question kind of not really yelled down there but a convoy says is there anybody down there that would like to talk to me. And it's clear voice comes back and it says no. That's like every near Miami. Next to it up in a member group that for a number. I mean cool. Not Garrett person walked around in the Erica questions so you know when you're doing that for real and get a response point it's it's made me take a step back and captured on an amazing you repeat that night that I get it to twelve me. When you get some an experience like that in the Lotta times it's more personal than it is evident Cherie can't walk out with a lot of stuff that that. Supports that experience for those personal experience do you find them satisfying. Yes I do mom to know that there's more oil there to know that. There's something there we don't like after that there's something more to that I think that's the that's fine art. Yeah and the just be able to document I mean being able to dock minutes creep can you put an altar for the world to view it. But having your own personal experiences of course the world can't comment on the app is too personal experiences but it is definitely help solidify it. You were feeling that what's going on location. Yes definitely I mean not just getting evidence equipment now they're further on the seat. And you're on the holidays is it's hard to capture evidence that anybody won't really believe. There's a lot of stuff on YouTube where people you know exaggerated in its corner remorse stage bitter some. On film crew and did some thing in a room and makes stuff move. Yeah and that and this prominent early adults hurt it really hurts the field doesn't help that doesn't help push a forwarded it holds it back. And the more and more of course these phone apps and everything else that are coming out that make it easier and easier for these people to do that. It's just it's not a benefit toward towards what we're trying to accomplish this again. We're talking with Craig hearing he's the author of a couple of books including Wisconsin most haunted in Wisconsin most haunted volume two. We're gonna take a break we'll come back we'll get into some of those books some of the places that he's featured in those works the phone numbers. Eat for 46877669. Dental create a 44687. 7669 if you have a question for me JV or guess Craig are you listen Jason GDP on an island really. Our guest tonight Craig nearing we're talking about his team of paranormal investigators plus the books he's written Wisconsin most haunted. In Wisconsin most haunted number two no you may not think of Wisconsin. As being the paranormal hotbed but according to our guest cred as a lot of stuff going on there. There definitely is. Actually there is that. If Wisconsin is considered to be. A very onto states. I'm from surrounding towns all over the place to everybody coming forward with all these different. Stories to tell. What to what some of the most haunted locations up in that area. Home Berlin Wisconsin. Is a bit at that we've done many investigations that are on Green Bay titled own it all over the Packers. A lot of different Marty's goal is rumored to actually on. The stadium. When you glowed on investigations with your team do you have a psychic involved is there anybody on your team that is considered psychic or medium or anything like that. He would have a couple people Martinez a pound you know practice straight game and healing and stuff that. Arm and maybe not so much psychic or more of intuit to learn and friends that are within in a row. You think that's I mean obviously you think it helps she wouldn't have an on the team victory in order of things that we've always talked about on this program route and go senators is that. You know it's hard to validate what a psychic is telling you or what somebody who sensitive just telling you it's not so as scientific as you might like. To have it although sometimes does substantiate something else she found. Yeah older there's some really good psychic people out there. I'm not not in any anyone in particular anybody at all on. Everybody has Gibson you know he can injure guest is about to your ability. I've ever worked a lot with psychics come. For the most part mainly because I like to be able long term investigation and validate what I feel what I what I capture. Arm you know not necessarily that it unique thing that they might be a good seat but it'd be harder for me to. You know. It's if there's a psychic their fingers but like so a little born in the corner something if I can't see culture now that it is really there. Helen good did you write the first book Wisconsin most haunted. On a road or not last year but the year before so purple 2016. Will decide to display. It was election something not always what I only wanted to write a book on December really knew how to get into it and Michael walker. In increase future northern Wisconsin went into. Archer wrote a lot of folks certain stories go component Dillinger the gangsters who spoke. And I ran into Iran not on a tour that we had offered edit on the location. And she says it's it's easier credible and the thing and I'd be happy to help you so. Q kind of got me going in the right direction and it took quite a while to right to arm from meet the first book is. Probably want something that. Basically is that what might my true blood the first book that I wrote and do that Miami. We're on the had passed away and wanted to increase cancer. And just to be able to. Right about that dedicate that both serve was something I want to do not to mention it kind of turned the fuel the paranormal long for me. In the fact that. And normal people are under the conclusion that if the spirit. Per person dies in a certain locations. That person is bound to be there forever you know just an allocation of the can't go anywhere now. And on my girlfriend passed away I was able to talk to electrical sparks on Olympic visit her voice. And I would ask her certain questions that only she could answer should come back with the answer. But then I moved and that contract up I won't effect will be at the top two. And I moved to a different location we'll have a couple years in what the label to communicate with her political well. Yeah well not really not sure where people get that can that misconception that spirits and spear pat personally that it stuck there. On because spears they can go wherever they want the only time spirits actually stuck in location is if it's a residual type on and it's an and the energy it's not even a spirit and the energy is trapped. With an object and that makes up that structure an object in in that structure. And that's the only time that something is actually locked in by intelligence here can travel to wherever it wants eternal. You know that when I know that some people world opened that north look at bad. Somebody murdered somebody or somebody hurt somebody that the person did the killing and trapped in that certain location I went thanks so much so it was a residual like it's a. Increase I just saw unclear about this he said that after your girlfriend passed obviously tragically. You were able to communicate with her and you actually heard her voice through the ghost box. Yep I'm hurt her I had you know like probably ten or fifteen. Under for recording and put her talking to me armed militants stared out. In the beginning with. Where chip past the way I was communicating return there. And she goes Craig what are you doing and had to remain remain open and wanted to remain armed. What what you need to go can you please talk to me. So that was kind of amazing and then I try to a different location. And ran head after a couple questions please step and the important. And I executed coming what you're in the what you're nick and mark that I had pretty chew gum diamond I don't know munchkin. And it it was her voice that was the main thing. And you know just to confirm that I wasn't just you know. Washington won one yet to make it be Google I sent some of the recordings over to release and she kind of broke down crying kennel my. That's my aunt. Mount let's jump two or someone recommend a lot of times sick lot of phone calls here but let's go to Tom calling from Kansas he Tom welcome to the show. Tired as. To become a more or less answered request oh my are out there I was gonna asked. If there was room. Different between that spirit that is App Store it naturally. Our ability. Or even suicides are pure action. Yeah that's a great question so I critic. Yeah on what your question. If their dirt road difference in the spirit. If you are very fast so I naturally. Accidental. Or sort of silently. Not necessarily we just look into what Michael from pats went on we were able to communicate with her at. Where she passed away and at different locations and we just ten AA investigation. Up in northern Wisconsin as well. Where a girl that committed suicide. Last year and her sister is actually able to communicate with her at the same location. But there are cases where and when a traumatic experience happens it's not it doesn't become an intelligent type on it becomes more residual type on. In the energy from the traumatic experience gets trapped within. It's part is something that makes up a home whether it are the foundation part of Roman general or an object within that home. Yes that's right now we actually had one investigation has a couple of years back and but family reported that there were some banging on the whimsical and might all the time. And we wanted to do an investigation of course we did a little history. While we're there we found out they're used to the game farm there and on that farm not net. Some yeah sometimes seem to me I'm on the creeks these do the little girl and there's a fighter she can't. Tried to get out of Wendell Labatt. From incredibly open and should cut the link in the fire. And that was a residual and we had sent a recorder and her in captured her. Holding and screening. I'm that we will provoke flight ninety funeral from almost every night. Yeah and I think just add to the discussion based on Tom's question I think there is and there's a lot of common belief I don't know that this and he is substantial scientific belief because a lot of this doesn't have scientific. Evidence to necessarily supported directly. But there does seem to be something who in with a more traumatic event for more emotion so. Of that at events or. It just it just seems to be more energy involved in an event like that so that's a great question Tom thanks so much for your phone call. When you investigate. And you were looking for spots for the book to crystal did you investigate all these spots that you feature in the book or did you mean there's a lot so you may not have been able to get to animal. Yes no actually I didn't let it all done we did. Right so you must have investigated more than you included in. What types of things that made you filter out what you would include in the book vs what you didn't include. Arm alone and to make sure that people that we don't read my book she could. You know get something out of home arm I've put some of her best investigation than their rather than the ones where we are we getting captured much evidence. But we awful explain. To in all the people that read the book. I read the article that there are times. You don't capture and couldn't. It's it's a lot of sitting at a lot of waiting. On and basically. Kind of what my third book that coming out we're gonna take readers more into the mishaps along the way that not all the roads are under investigation. We had a guest on the program. And and for us last week and it was the week before last nick read for and he was talking about slender man and I know this isn't released. Anything to do with ghost hunting for say but it is certainly promo phenomenon and you in Wisconsin had an event not too long ago where two girls took a classmate. Into the woods in stabbed her and they're like twelve or fourteen or something year old at 719 times. Is saying that they were influenced by the slender man have you done any investigations related to the slender man stories. No I have not but I did hear both. I don't ask is is pretty crazy. Soro all of your investigations. Strictly in the ghost hunting type category ever have you done smarter stuff as well. I'm not yet I'm there's a lot of stuff going on in Wisconsin as well you get the Glory Road east. Something that urge them public have looked at man. Aren't always one that tried it's something like that you all aren't common her Moscow to at least not that I know and so we have really gotten into that part of that. We've been invited on a couple big foot out and that would like to take part in in the future. There as well as we have achieved yet we have to it was kind of do the essence of the a lot of fun you a lot of things have changed the ghost hunters has been off Tears for Fears now. On and goes under started on the air I would look at fourteen years ago owns 2004. So fourteen years ago a lot has changed with the equipment. With technologies. Not much has changed in its have his evidence and been able to click but is anything shown up. But the last couple years that today is a tool that you are impressed with when it comes to ghost hunting. But I got friends that Romania as solid cameras man. I feel a lot of people using them I'd like to pick one up but I'm alone there I guess are going to be stopped making the yet so let's. The blight the so I'm not sure because one up would be beneficial if you can't take that once something happened to that. But I normally they SLR camera that the evidence connecting people capture look like her. Print and could end up from the minors that one into our investigation. Which Arnold sent off camera that pick up stick figures. And he then Arizona girl that was from stating that she had completely undone on the bad match torrid night. Let her sit up yet so let's camera in that room and had the girl and the band and here there's just like to figure crawl onto bad. Lay it up on her chest. And then you have to tell apparently told her move she moved and that excellent camera captured the stick figures the winning an election that. What are their and their neat device I use than in the past actually when I was just over in the UK we're doing this celebrity haunted mansion if I'm. I know it's one of the devices I chose to use through most nights that we are there. And there's apps actually online you can download that still lie you choose to set it up whether so you don't need some deals creating it. If for those do you Alter wondered what it is it's the actual Xbox Kinect camera. And it's modified in in connected to a tablets you're able to see. What it's it's picking up because those things are notorious for being able to pick up things a lot of times you can't see with the humanize. And at the device works or it really cuts. Yes it's gonna like tell that you're not a catcher like a tripod in the remorse something on the wall at the plant or something. Seeing some talks and as well. Absolutely I mean if you know walking over its try to figure out what is what's actually being caught that you probably shouldn't be investigating the first guy gonna ask you this because you in your biography in the bio information you sent us. There's a bullet point here in the says you starred in US cellular commercials and 2016. What the heritage Q what was that about. Yeah I got a call one day and it was one of the main branches of your silly or down in the cobbler. And she says would your team would you be interested in the starring in the media or at least doing the commercials former. Arm in the middle of nowhere series upon to Syria explorer. October the one who tried something new book. They had total triggered succeeded degree. Arm cameras that you could walk around. In the dark. They wanted to do some statements and treat her sixty degrees and wanted to do some flat video and you know I'm not gonna I'm not one that turned up like that sound so. We ended up going to 300 locations one more than Iowa. On its little call for our. And we came back to Wisconsin we don't know a winery called bonds still wondering. And then another school also will start to ramp it's called for its cool. And missed some of the the particularly the commercial three US soldiers further been tense signal from middle anywhere so we did the haunted commercials and the media and most of over formally introduced. Now scripts are well pretty much at a time here Craig you've got the two books out Wisconsin most haunted him Wisconsin was sponsored volume two where they available. And when Jeanette spoken BO. That are available and on you can also get them on our web site looks like we'll turn dot com. Go to online store there that were ally chi autograph books for anybody that wants to order one through there. And Mozilla question. When's the next book coming city geezer you're working in your third book. Yeah what we're doing a couple more of the issues like seeing all of them sanatorium and number genius or is this one and so. Probably the the end of the year and then I'm also doing game. Investigation what Kevin Kelly. Former country musician that has. Because it's fantastic journey. You know you know at least on every president for our. Well the street and Larry Craig wolf we look forward to talking you again and again at some point in thanks for coming on spent some time. Thank you very much. RA's beyond reality radio we're gonna take a break we'll come back wrap things up tempo. Joining us to decrypt from all different foreign. Researcher who talking about portals and zoom forms. And then of course Friday night will be a best on the as it is every week. Yes which it should be great show if you haven't yet mentioned head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And then head to beyond reality radio dot com Rican talent Treo iPhone and android app you can also. A ritualized listen live cast sessions John Allen chat more humorous or Nationalists such quick listen live on and and analyzed to connect to an online chat TV myself and beat people usually hang on some children from there. If you download the show do us a favor and just. Rated at iTunes or wherever you download it franks hopes pushes forward makes it easier for people find. And that's what it's all about. And hey if you're out there if you're anywhere near New Hampshire whenever we've gotten an event going on at Mount Washington resort. April 13 and April 14 at the omni Mount Washington resort. Steve myself. Some people from the show on to towns and you know it bunch of great people are going to be up there investigating. Should check it out check in on FaceBook page it's listen on the events at the FaceBook slash ghost hunters page so checked out. NC about joining split the sort of do for us tonight everybody have a great night streets and NGV we'll catch you tomorrow and I. And we'll ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced in Alexandria Johnson insisted. It's only you don't really reduced student then yeah. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers and Jason knows all and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Canadian that slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.