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Jason Hanson discusses personal safety and survival techniques

Apr 4, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with former CIA agent Jason Hanson about his company which teaches personal safety and survival techniques to ordinary people. In today's dangerous worlds, the threats are many and skills are necessary to survive. 4/3/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error I. Smart analysts coasters and the East Coast many start somewhere between welcome to be unreal he review myself just a Muslim always Stevie Johnson not awful weekend were ready to go we've got a great show lined up we're going to be talking about. News I self defense spy stuff counterintelligence stuff but but for the home again late for personal for individuals not enough for spies but how to use those techniques first cells to protect ourselves. Yeah and you know honestly I'm Anderson G Jason had to answer we're going to be speaking with she's a former CIA officer. And you check our website it's spotty steep. And evasion dot com and I've been the site numerous times and Jimmy and yeah they have some really great information there. When it comes down to protecting your house how to protect your house to protect yourself and and this goes on and. Yet it's going to be a great discussion talking about achieving mental sharpness are you ready for anything how to escape if you taken hostage. How to set up the perfect safe site how to assume a fake identity. How to read I don't covered at a -- X seventy that you had a faster weapons of mass influenced. To recruit others. A lot of good stuff that's going to be in the conversation tonight but you know it's kind of an important day as we turn to until April surge here. Which I can't believe it's April given how cold it is northeast well we get we get snow before it is yet we have some 200 goes horribly fool's joke yesterday sixty degrees yet and they're calling for another three to five inches in the couple days it's just ridiculous it's just ridiculous but. Putting that aside today is actually marks the fiftieth anniversary of the original film 2001 a space Odyssey. Did not know. And anybody who CNET films and knows what he landmarks scifi film was of course that's the one with Hal the computer how that takes ownership becomes a cellphone becomes self aware. Inserts to it's it's a whole concept of AI run amok which we talked about a lot here and that film kind of pave the way for that. They settled the audio part from Al actually are my computers. Wary way to turn it on it would go in and could start the whole thing and so it would it would it would talk to you and it was creepy what he's doing Jason Hess a lot of independent off tees and now. Now his status brilliantly creepy anyway it's a fiftieth anniversary of that film it's a fantastic film when he came out it was it was groundbreaking for a lot of reasons including. The fact that scifi films up until that point had all been. More fantasy based like forbidden plan under the incredible shrinking man but as 2001 a space Odyssey was actually. I've written and filmed in a way that you could actually sees technology evolving at that point and he could actually see how it could happen as opposed to being just kind of fantasy story. And it really pave the way from movies like silent running Star Wars alien out and ET. A close encounters all those films kind of built on Kubrick since 2001 a space Odyssey it was a remote for for its isn't as in the musical is awesome. And of course Stanley Kubrick. The director of that film also directed the shining on my favorite films on is the director who if you believe the conspiracy theories. Was the guy that provided him from the moon landing footage. That we also are we have seen since it happened that was supposed to have been fate that's if you believe that we shouldn't really don't threaten its Cerro way chime ringers are there's a lot of evidence either either way it's an interesting conversation for sure it's an interesting cause dissension in some people have said oh yeah we didn't go to the moon yes we did but the footage we saw with state because they didn't want to risk. Something terrible happened happening on my TV. I don't. That kind bonus and one of the discussions can understand that aspect to it then and the minute they say that it opens the doors to. But I know and I know the anniversary for the Al senator sessions today as well I'm not sure how many years as ordered them. I don't quite feed that was a book that I read we were we had to read it in now high schooler junior high or something and I remember. And in that book blew me away and then of course movie can now announce another kind of a brat pack of kids. Like of Muslim men Palin and tell my wishes okay Patrick Swayze can only and see Thomas Howell was pony boy. Yeah all those suppose some really interest and talent ministry from great book great home. It's funny my might bullies were my home just one or in school last year they started watching it in school. And so there they wanted to come home they wanted to to watch it yourself. We have a crapping on a night to Johnson sat around as a family wants to because it it is what it's one of those movies said. How precious did you read the book. I did. Yet but was great and I lottery yeah I remember the book before saw the film and as always whenever you read a book first the film contends the disappoint a little bit but it's so good normal pledges to audio of the apple once it's easy especially I think one of driving somewhere or whatever you may get a move the eyes back and forth it's so much works foot pages who were civilians he's got me into the audio books to us it's it's funny to see you all the news tried out as he doesn't fly anywhere is terrified of it. But he so he gets he's audio books and it's just. That's all he personally while he's driving just listen to the audio books and the division passes the time for sure who passes the senate to agree wouldn't we we were to make a trip go well what better. So if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality readily to FaceBook page for us. And had to be under really radio dot com we can final stations we are across a country can check that list off because we're constantly updating and adding your station to get ready to add some more to. On the can also download free iPhone and android apparatus which allow us listen life catch Pashos joining online chat more. Burleson right from the website just click the listen live tap in you be able to the tune in listening right different lips and hanging out and chat room TV myself in great community of people. Yet it is great community of people what to say hi to everybody in chat. And just looking ahead for the week we've got to chase Colette ski joining us he's returning guest he's a move fund director. Of investigations he's an author of forensic expert will be talking about the Pentagon UFO investigation team. Also military videos that have been releases UFO evidence. Lobbying night DC and lawmakers for more UFO information stuff like that it's going to be great discussion about your foes Tuesday night. And then Wednesday we author Gary Allen on will be discussing his latest book ghost crimes and what it's like living in a haunted house since 1999. And it goes it goes crimes chronicles crime investigation cases of detective Burke resigning in Central Florida Burke is driven by his sworn duty to protect the innocent especially children from ghosts yes Eric don't believe so I was gonna sounds like and content zone a potent cells wouldn't sync shall. Yeah really does some other great this week Thursday. We're gonna have a best of programs and traveling involved. But it's always a good one to tune into. I'm going to twosome rotary to commercials and arm. What and that you are I'm gonna say you know you bless last series of recruiter Kirsch Marcia you didn't quite funny actually. And then. I'm headed to spooky empire. In Orlando so let's horror convention in the Orlando area that I'm going to be asked for the weakened some excited about that. Are so we're take a break and when we come back we'll continue and bring our guest in our guest again tonight Jason Hanson he is the former CIA officer. And we'll be right back beyond reality. OK beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up once Garrick conned. Dot com try. Ariel guru Jason and he's technical what that's going on breaks that we had to just kind of flowed through. I Seattle from the happen they do happen and but we're back and thanks everybody for being patient and sorry took so long for us to get this figured out but we got to figure and amid a blame. RI data provider for it to say no that wasn't your fault there wasn't my fault. Star Michael data provider. Had an issue and they X took third sweet time getting result board back so. We're gonna get our guest here on going in just a second and just reminder it's Jason. Hanson that we're talking tonight to tonight he's a former CIA officer and security specialist he's also the winner of ABC's hit reality series shark tank. You saw his segment at some point. I did I did and it was really interest and you're looking to set up an actual training facility and and it was while also seeing them go back and forth and beyond what you shark tank was something my kids were watching all the time and I just sent out one night to watch it with Ayman that would happen to be the show the. That's pretty generous and that's kind of sadism that I mean it worked out. I didn't work out while slick is getting Jason on the phone into wanna shares in the kind of person we just went through Easter weekend which. Obviously in the Christian world is a very very important holiday. And down IE I. I had in my own personal experience of the weekend and I don't know if it was tied to Easter we miss it strictly the kinda think it may have been or it may have been tied to some other personal stuff going on in my life but for the first time today. We've talked about this on the program that's why bring it up for the first time. My mother and father both appeared to Munich dream. Really talk to me yeah it was unbelievable actually. And we've had several dream interpreter so we've had several people on the show talking about communicating with the other side and I've often lamented that I haven't really had that experience and my parents passed. And on Saturday night Indus in the Easter morning that happened from me so that's critical was there anything specific that. Eight they want to pass on thing the funny thing is is I don't remember me the words but I do remember of a tremendous sense of relief. And almost happiness in a way I mean why I woke up kind of sad. Because they missed them. However there was something very comforting about the whole thing. That's great and I think that's really what you need to. Yeah I think it was two really really pleased and allegedly shared but let's talk about something completely different let's talk about. Security. Let's talk about spies let's talk about fake Ted Kennedy's let's talk about all this stuff that we probably all think about especially watching James Bond movie and say it'd be pretty cool and how to do that stuff but our guest tonight. Knows how to do that stuff. Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer a security specialists and he's also the winner of ABC's hit reality series shark tank. Jason welcome to be unreal to radio sorry for the delay here but we got John finally. The Eckerd deal he grabbed me. Alex are coming on it's been such a mentioning that topic to forward her elegant in its depth and so the web site is spy escape and evasion dot com the book is called survive like a spy real CIA operatives reveal how they stay safe and dangerous world and how you can tuba before. We get into that stuff and before we talk about your CIA experience tell us about. Jason Hanson pre CIA what was your yeah how did you get to that point. Sure yeah and it's probably like many boys loose you know your run around the woods shouldn't be beat John Golden Eagles council spent a lot of time of the Boy Scouts to implement plane around a number one at a real job. So which ticket says I had some like Carolina Tiffany about it. But it would anyone keep myself pushing papers or forty years and the CIA suited seem like a pretty up on route ago. And didn't she spent some time this may be a police officer in Nam and kind of wish you worked your way toward the CIA. I did yeah I'm on board rates in the Northern Virginia area just right outside of Washington DC. And support her first job out of college was with Arlington county police department. And then aquatic you know pretty much every agency in the DC area and the Secret Service in the CIA operated job and I decide to go with the agency. Let's talk about that a little bit when you start making applications to agencies like that what happens to your you're whether true life or. Even if it doesn't have been directly to your life you know they're investigating you I don't what's the process like. It'd be very long and tedious process not for the second part so it took me about twelve once. To go to the entire process before it got higher all the CIA. And that includes stolen out of people work actually do your background. Other gonna interview friends and extremely interview Paris employers. I'm the gonna run a background check on you yet to do medical examinations. If you do psychological examination jet take a polygraph test. So it is obviously very adept. Well and little new and they wanna see our you're gonna handles certain scenarios are you tournament. He's gonna handle stressful situations and and things like that to over correct. You have him what my buddies were market are saying he'd also like CIA is he says spotting is common sense on steroids. So they're doing everything they can't make sure you're not knuckle head. You don't got common sense and of course you're not a threat to the United States you're trying to not trying to get in there you don't do something baggage United States government. So when you were going through this process. Was it. Was it any pre or post 9/11 world. So like to an agency 2000 parade so was published. How much have things changed at that point. A lot I mean obviously like I'd just gone their 2003 pipes you know or change a lot obviously to agency's mission changed. So it was still cold over to Afghanistan and Iraq can. You know all these places. You know a lot of paramilitaries stuff that the agency haven't done before. And when you finally begin working for the CIA what was your job. So why it was obvious it would be very blame here that not only to myself in trouble but out in the security protective Serena went straight roles. Seoul. Was not Harvard genius analysts honest but without light. I'm not sure what that means is I mean you're out protecting high value targets sooner will you move can you give us an idea of what kind of work you're doing. Got to protect some high value targets yes. And you know our electricity just make it very again ball landed and yeah just a lot tighter gun. So. Soon is Doris. I'm just gonna say is the reason we got cut off the air for fifteen minutes because we are about to have this conversation is that I'm trying to tell me. And I are very careful life everything I view that should be reviewed by the agency including my new book. So it took about six months for you that's what got any classified material so toward very careful about what I say. Well I think it's like a shark tank episode you're talking about it and you'd be taken out for this you like dom I'm Terry go to my job. You have and exactly right. So he worked for the CIA it's one about ten years. Yeah I would well 77 year sort out three out. Okay and I think I remember seeing something along the way were you realize that your family was more important and I tell us what happened when you made the decision to leave the agency. Sure so I was actually single time. But it is the single greatest games so a lot of continuity and she'd never divorced. Or they were divorced in their wives sit elector cute to reverse on. So it was a wonderful place to work it creature very very well. But I kind of solved thirty years down the road and I would have never gotten married never had kids that want to what I wanted. I'm so not so public speeches yet didn't get married now for kids. And I'd been there done that had a wonderful time to the agency but it was part or something else. Old and I have many friends who worked in the got inning and a areas that you worked in as well and it ended does it becomes. Every and just totally takes over their life they they don't have time for anything else I've got friends but your calls sometimes 2:3 in the morning to test head right out and be gone for days at a time. So I totally understand Sanger. Yeah I mean you're the delta had a bigger trying to while we're talking about that is see when he was with the district you'll also -- we worked together now but he was saying you know hey you know when I got this call at 3 am and I got to grab my attack in had a tear filled with ten minutes I can tell my wife weren't going original caller yeah. The unilaterally obviously Tutu told marriage so I just I didn't wanna go that route. No and I and I totally get that I played heiress and a friend duke. Some very similar happened in Lexington home he was on the last sometime around 2:3 in the morning. And he was gone for good month month and a half. Half and and that's a tough situation and sometimes some of these some of these ladies and and guys are. Are on leave much longer than that depending on what they're entitled to do. Yet the integrity and polite style choice being do you wanna live that life saw star Colin note to look for the next thirty year you wanted to do for a while ago. You know be more in the oriented and do something else. You're training in the CIA. Obviously you learned. It's survival skills. Self preservation skills a lot of the skills that you brought into your company and what is the things you do now. On the tell us little bit about those skills and how you were put through the did paces if you will and the CIA as you're learning them. Sure yeah. I mean I was very black Stiller and driving the base are trying to learn shooting. You are used to it goes good shot but it became a much better shots. After that trading soul you get all the schools literally emergency skills meeting should hopefully never have to use them. Soul beat these huge admit it that you know James Bond driving down European city to take you all the can bond movies are shooting and actually didn't. Jumped out helicopters. A real life it's your doing your job well you should never try to catch yourself. You know he should never be trying your Connor you know it was increased eBay to drive in Britain blew down a city. You know you really wanna be invisible to or are rumored disappear under would see you and that's what the best seat I outs are still. Our ports talking with Jason Hanson he's a former CIA officers security specialists also winner of ABC's shark tank program is web website is spy escape and evasion dot com. We're going to be talking about his book survive like a spy real CIA operatives reveal how they stay safe in a dangerous world and how you can too. So if you have any questions for us our guest Jason Hansen gives equality for 46877669. Again told freed 844. 6877669. Listen Jason dvd. Next hour jot down a opponent or take 4468776. 69 our guest tonight is Jason Hanson former CIA officer security specialist. His website is spy escape and evasion dot com all spelled out in the book we're talking about a survive like a spy real CIA operatives reveal how they stay safe. And dangerous world and how you can too. And Jason wanted to address a part of that title. A dangerous world tell us about the dangers that we face in the world today that maybe we didn't face in this world fifty years ago. She swore were light again I mean we've got our record school shootings. Of course recently happened. I'm would gut terrorist attacks. We've got not only school curious but gunman going into churches in office buildings. And then of course you don't let alone all that horrible stopper got natural disasters we've got flooding we've got wild fire so rowly. You need to be prepared and relaxed you me all aspects your life it's. Well and I am a 100% agree with that as a guy who it's funny I I've always been one of those preparers long before that became a TV show about prepping and everything else. And it's just one of those. One of the six are you always need to plan ahead of food sources and and water sources and let alone in protection whether it it weapons or things of that nature. And it's just household I know is corrupt and my father always told me if if something really hits the crap hits the fan. And you know there's no food there's no water in your neighbor how armed she'll well then everything that is yours is now becomes there's. Well it just prudent preparation. We none of us of course wants to experience. You know some terrorist attack or some school shooting. By that you don't even home invasions you know invasions capital a aren't so much like I have to be on the one night stands in the hacks or weapon axis saves because I have young kids. So it's like yeah I mean it's a tool you'll never have to use but it's there appreciate your life. So the list you gave us should school shootings or other shootings natural disasters terrorism home invasions what do you think. Leads the list as far as of the risk to an average American. Well who would be a pop relative to certain securities up is the biggest danger. So happier counts of your identity stolen. So that's what's been affects all of us eventually. But recordings physical threats. Men are you know physical threats are probably that it's. You know probably the the criminal is what's next truck six the guy who sits in the Wal-Mart parking lot says to the easiest person coming out of this exit right now Mitterrand. And it's still right now that the criminal. I'm but it doesn't mean I'm not gonna wrap my head opera titled walk around outside in case or some lone gunman or some more you know bigger catastrophe. Do you consider yourself as somebody who's been professionally trained to and to handle these types of situations. But do you consider yourself always vigilant always prepared for someone like that to happen. No all I like to say always blocks you know I I cut or young kids so age five and under. So sometimes I'm how many yell at them and get one in the car seat and you'll. We know my shoulder. You know somebody just come up and meet the right time weren't strapped somebody in coming by its racial the last five seconds you know that particular mine always. On ought right now to talk to you wanna flip phone. So I don't want down the street on my Smart phone texting I've never sent a text message in my life. Like how my head up and skating my surrounding tour right now. Interesting okay we're gonna go to break here again and when we come back we're gonna start talking about the way these people. Average people. Can start preparing themselves and protecting themselves and against some of the things that we just listed as as dangerous to us all. Well and it and it can happen and Blake and I and I am just situationally shareware. They today they'd just arrested two individuals. Wal-Mart near me that work. Robbing women of their purses and and when they're released expecting in the Catholic three women the other day and then take seem guys are back to the same parking lot. Today and they grabbed two more purchased before they finally caught two guys and both guys were armed with pistols and everything else so. He had to be careful and you never know what's going on out there some and I think that's the most important if you haven't yet make sure you head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page for us. That had to be unreality radio dot com we can find all the stations we are on across the country that Lewis is constantly being updated so check in Austin. You can also download the free iPhone and android app. That'll should listen live catch passion is joining online chat more. We're just click a listen live button that beyond rail at radio dot com and you can join us online an online chat room listening to the show. Paying only GG myself and agree to me India people but you listen Jason TV beyond oil. West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast when you start somewhere in between welcome to be on reality rebuke myself Jason Allison only saw some javy chunks tonight. Are talking about to self preservation self protection. Cyber security all the things that we face any modern and very very dangerous world our guest tonight is Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer. He's also a security specialist. And he is the author of a book called survives like a spy real CIA operatives reveal how they stay safe and dangerous world and how you can too. The website despite escape and evasion dot com. And again Jason thanks so much for being with a somewhat lesser talking about some of the things that people can do. To protect themselves and you know that there. He seller. We lose Jason. It would appear and it sounds like we lost Jason okay. I'm CIA. And again and we've had we had problems in the first part of the show and I ignore the little suspicious given the topic that were addressing tonight particularly with the CIA involvement in all of a sudden our guest disappears. Sort of have to get slick to get him back. Yes all of that happens and it but it always seems to happen with these people with these this table work in plays it doesn't it and we search argument government related stuff we have of these issues. Yeah and it Wally lower trying to get him back feel free to check out his once it spy. Escape and evasion dot com and it's really interest him mostly diesel and neat little videos and tips on. How to protect yourself from different things home invasions and survival. And right down to La. Protection for people with limited mobility in income per home Ricans people how most of them happened coming through the garage and things of that nature so. And it's real interest. Has anybody noticed that. That things are changing and our streets this is this is completely off topic but I thought it was interesting. You know they've been pushing away from regular incandescent incandescent lighting whether it's in your house or it's and horrors. Or it's and street lights and they've there's a whole new generation of LED lights that are being used for street lights. Apparently these new LED lights are now damaging people's eyesight. All on us I think I can believe that because I have I have always. But I'll be honest with you that night use among them both for a little while and my eyes are killing me from do you feel like I have seen income. So there's health warnings now saying that on these lights suitable host kept them. But they're also not only causing eyesight damage but they're also causing insomnia because of the brightness. People lived and every complaining about those cars using these lights and there may be have to and they have to be a whole rethinking of the balance between energy savings and safety. Those things are brutal way especially when their car lights and they're coming straight action because it always looks like people whether I'd -- in gas and so it's hard to escape okay we've got a gas back so again we're talking with Jason Hanson Jason you with us. Okay that welcome back yeah good to have you back we were again concerns twice now we fed does some kind of mysterious interruption in this discussion and and again I'm in and not to point any fingers because I don't wanna mysteriously disappear either. But when it comes to what people can start doing. Let's take these situations maybe one at a time must talk about natural disasters. What do you recommend people start doing to do they need classes. In the need instruction. Or can they do there is a list of things they can do on the run to be prepared for something like that. I mean it's it's as simple stop what happened what many people call like outback 72 hour Q what everyone call it. Like you should have worn your home per remember your friendly in the also director course. Obviously at no point yeah we're gonna be when that disaster hits. Seoul you don't you don't wanna be that person standing and that's been a line it's a mile long try to get a bottle water soul go to CommScope bar bottle are key to water sickened about your car. Secure peace in your house note seems that anybody can do under super easy. Well because you don't you mean you don't realize but 72 hour but I'll bagged it really is that doesn't give you much time he gives you a little time but. I mean three is goes by pretty pretty darn quick. We don't send at a minimum I mean personally I haven't you're supplied food in my house sub don't want supply water. And you obviously don't buy it overnight adult adopt throughout time. I'm saying the absolute minimum should be that seventy to market. And you don't even know you were saying hey everybody matter sound like everybody has that almost nobody has sole. You know more people did that we wouldn't have people becoming desperate as quickly so yeah goes wrong minimums on recommending. And at the better point though this whole survival scenario based on a natural disaster turns from one of having food water. 21 of him being able to defend yourself because. Who those who don't have those essential components to survive will be out looking for them and in many cases they could get violent in trying to obtain then. Do you take it to that step as well when you have these discussions. Yeah obviously I'm tall pole. You wanna play into the worst case here are the worst thing you can do is your head in the sand and say no never gonna happen are never happen to meet. Soul you know the saying played for the worst prepped the past. So one of the reasons that I have so much food shortage capped a lot of that heat get out people. If there was some disaster for a week he thought come a year's supply to Europe it was thirty days I've got a lot I can help others went. Yes I'm also older market teams on a lot of handguns. Because if push comes to shovel somebody's trying to kill Mir quite simply in no other writing and looting and all this stuff then yes obviously I'm gonna make sure somebody to kill me or what it. Or I was always taught and tonight tell me if this is a Smart. But I don't I'm I'm like Q I own a lot a lot of fun guns and whether it be handguns and rifles in MM but. And my father always told them the main things you want you Juan pistol you want pistols you wanna shotgun. You want a twenty you're on your. 22. Because at 22 at least no matter and no matter how bad it gets you can look awfully small small game whether it be squirrels or or things of that nature. And those of the person that's perfect size gun to be able to use when you when you're trying to take Al votes. Yeah denote rumor turned 42 was one of the best which rifles. How they're I don't several of them and make you sick and obviously your take down year because takedown rabbits and other small game and and there been plenty people till like 22 so it's not an ideal self defense round but it's cheaper MO and it had to use it. You and you could take someone out of the hat to. You founded the company spy escape an invasion in 20101. Made you move in that direction. So I love you know what look what it did the agency I local or protection aspect. And so earlier hours per blast alone incredible. Skills. And soul you know what I did is he obviously should only be a CRL server how to top secret security clearance to get restraining. So I worked pretty to see old people to see what I was allowed to share when I was not allowed to share. And there was a you know great deal that I was a lot to share and you don't nobody wants apple to invasion nobody what do you carjacked. So we can teach you BP's driving we can teach you how to make your home. Almost intra recruit for hopefully true recruit so it's you know all of us wanna be safe no matter who you wore weren't lit. What's the mission of the company you obviously here are passionate about the war. You've got a very important matches message to deliver what he what did you set out to do what's the mission. The mission in its you know were. We're darker peoples sole mission is to help can't fear here as the Americans. Protect their free dips. And you know you don't send it to general way but he a protector freedom somebody kidnaps you dislodge your freedom you know you're now return to reach house. You know somebody's trying to break into your home. Particulate scheerer rock your worst bluster free. Seoul. On the much you support the second men make it all comes down our freedom not what I want to make sure protecting. We arm. Many of us don't I don't think necessarily fear. Kidnapping of Irsay. But you bring up a really really important point and I know one of the things that you teach is how to escape. If you're being held captive let's talk about that of a bit how how can do an average person. We have enough skills to escaped from some type of hostage situation. Sure so all the beer I mean obviously a lot of that stuff you have to you'd person. I'm we don't somebody trying to kidnap cuter or you wanna ban are brilliant back to a car you can do whatever you can survive being you're Mexican and a growing you're gonna parchment it's probably gonna try to catch up arise. So you wanna do every new catered to avoid cutie that vehicle. What's it up in the car and your likely nursebot book closed out. One very important they can do is leave a trail of evidence of DNA evidence. So it doesn't sound pretty right now what you can execute figured under throw beat yourself puke everywhere. You can trigger finger on white blood in the band white blood in the water Peruvian I'm not in. Because at the FBI and police are tracking you. Natural DNA evidence make you a lot easier fine and culture rescues rescuers hope the parties sooner. Are you the proponent or a a supporter of fighting within attacker or do you recommend. Trying to be. I'm somewhat passive in hopes that that gives you a longer survival. Time. If somebody spit at it depends on the exact situation so somebody trying to regulatory demands are fighting to do and everything you can. However once you end up in a scenario. Being so we got you back out of your room then you've switched Pactiv. Because your acting in its work your art you lecture it is electorate targeted content problems. Because the Q and I got kidnapped together Anderson there are screaming saying you know who I am Dominic you'll you'll hurt you when I get out of this. They're gonna put more security on new. To make life tougher on you can't sit narrowed my head down. Being all polite it's not concrete problems are gonna say this guy's gonna currency problems shot in the corner. Gonna payless attention to me which will hopefully make it easier for me to escape policy that would no opportunity. But he. And making as much noise and finding as much as you can before getting in the van and of course you're open to the situation that it's drawing attention on the personal attention so they just say enough is enough screw it and they leave. Everything and I'm like yeah I'm pot shouldn't throw but the road is probably the best placed stick out most people. Doesn't matter how strong nor did bench press 500 pounds but that doesn't maker Corel strong. Seoul Donald we are streaming to draw attention but I'm doing every activity tech tied down so we says maybe this guy in the bus got kidnapped let me go find in the U. Eat your victim. When we we you know we've we've all been horrified. By headlines over the last few years with a school shootings or church shootings or whatever it is in the shooting situation. Is becoming all too. Real for a lot of people cross country. It's sad and tragic situation obviously. What do you recommend people do if they find themselves and that kind of horror. So depends on where you are but the answer is not and it's it's a natural reaction. So if you're sitting nearby towards some guy walks in with a rifle that's our shooting actual reaction it's a runaway between away. But then nobody around him and I mean they're pretty cute shot the backs are running away. Well people need to do or close it's a ruptured and taken out. So the Israelis are very good at this because they're surrounded by people who won a global up until that. And so some guy ultimately Israel before you know that he's dead or are people are chomping on a particular now. And so that's what the treaty should be here in the United States because when you run away again need to send a war or to new more bodies dead. We train people to rush the attacker Russia shooter or a lot of lives would be saved. I think that that's important expect revisions to this whole training again in my children's school. And the officer who was there actually is wanna neighbors and the big thing was to. Charge a person but also pick up an easy confined him to throw at him and hopes that they're trying to cover themselves. Wolf somebody charges out. Exactly and the problem is we perhaps we should be here disorder where people discuss why the ground and hate dead. Or they wouldn't get wind up against the wall before it takes about one by one. It should never have time to do that. In the moment you see a bigger within distance you should Russian charter which he set the roads people are alert Iraq on. Because it's just so many lives could be saved more we will dip back. Are we're talking with Josh can or excuse me Jason Hanson a former CIA officer author of the book survive like a spy. And other web sites spy escape an invasion dot com we've got a whole bunch more talk about only to back from break. If you got a question for Jason Hanson give us shouted 8446877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. Allison gist. Dvd on Elena radio that. Radio case to the guest tonight is also cheers Jason Hanson former CIA. Officer talking about self preservation protection self defense all these things that are kind of necessary need in AM modern dangerous world. This is a very short segment in fact we have just over a minute Jason and I just wanted to askew I'm the security experience and shark tank tell us about that. It was a wonderful experience and and I got publicly that I could never afford I ended up doing a deal with him and John. Was he very nice down to earth guy so it opened a lot of doors that I would available oh. Open up myself. And when you helpful how old was your company at what was the process. Do it you've been in business while I don't know how it works. So don't yeah I'd been in business since 2010 will be this here started the business soul I wanna say it went on in 2014. To my company was order sold. I'm but still very small and doing a lot of corporate work and shortcake and opened it up to the masses. And I am one more question before we have to go to break here we got about thirty seconds to answer this when you did a Las Vegas show. I didn't I'd teach general told the country and it kind of seminar center ordered much speed is on Las Vegas how would you like to go do what seventeen initial public ventriloquist duds are magician. And teach and here's why skills and I said yeah and so we did a pro limited teach me it was a heck a lot of on. Consensus would have to be are we're gonna go to break and when we come back we're gonna get into this digital security this whole idea of cyber hacking and ID theft all these things that are basically. 21 century problems that we're still trying to figure under the grip on it's gone it's crazy out there right now all that if you avenue admission had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond a real injury to elect FaceBook page Taurus. Then had to be under reality radio dot com to find all the stations we Aaron across the country make she checked at the start think were costly adding stations a bunch more going to be at a relatively soon. Are you can also download the free iPhone and android app printer which a large listen I've specialist joining online chat and more. We're just click the listen live button Nicklaus and ray from the website well joining javy and myself agree community of people on mom chat. He were to take a break the phone and receive 446877669. You listen Jason dvd on really revealed. Jason Hanson tonight he's a former CACI. Hey officer or security specialist. We're talking about his book. And also his website the book is called how to or survive like a spiral CA operatives reveal how they stay safe and dangerous world and how you can tune website despite escape an invasion. Dot com don't forget tomorrow night. Croats ski I'd chase caught ski will be joining us he's a move fund director of investigations and author and a forensic expert will be talking about the Pentagon UFO investigation team. Which is known as a AT IP and much other stuff UFO related. And Wednesday Gary Allen is an author will be discussing his latest book. Ghost crimes and sleek living and haunted homes since the 1990s. Or do you agree agree couple shows a lot of great stuff coming up for sure and Jason let's talk about the digital world I think were every day we're learning about new ways. That being online which we almost. All are almost all of the time anymore. Can be dangerous to us start ticking down some of the threats that being. In this digital world poses to us. Okay yet there's under the isn't going to want to Gretzky the huge threat this course public life. So everybody goes to restore boxer or you don't stated Alltel or even when the fly an airplane. They connect to the public quiet side. And if they're not usually what's called the yen which it's for a virtual private network. That means somebody can basically read their mail. Soul you always wonder how to beat speaks you know on your computer you distorted Internet if you sort of virtual private network. What should somebody to come up there's a lot out there you know throughout which would you like past. But never get a public Wi-Fi without that because you're giving away your password to give earlier bank account information sought probably one of the most of Ortiz in the. Now in order for somebody to steal that information. If you log on to a public Wi-Fi because hey listen and I've been a lot of airports among that Wi-Fi all the time. Or you know I've been in a restaurant I've been on their Wi-Fi it means to something that's almost. Essential in conducting your daily routine anymore. Did they have to be actively trying to get from you or is it just too is just a case of its floating out there and anybody can grab. Will if you really can do one of their popular ways especially these days is purchasing your Starbucks. So don't see when you go to the public blocked by DC Starbucks the right below the receipt Starbucks water you know Starbucks will and extracts. Is not the W why aren't spot. It's sold each criminals will go to places whether or restaurant or hotel. And and no complexity break W Wi-Fi spot you could still log into the they're controlling. So then they can see everything you're doing then they can see your keystrokes and your parents were not Latin which is why. You're going to run stronger hotel don't wanna ask what you Easter Wi-Fi. And we make sure logging into the court to walk. Are you are you. That much more protected if you're logged into the right one. You are but it's still can be hacked. It is open source you know they don't have any opt outs were pretty Tijuana which is why you wanna use the virtual private network. You know. It's funny because when I first got out of college had one of my first jobs. Pay phones are still pretty. Popular commonly used anyway. And I was in New York City and and had to make a phone calling you never have one of those. One of those pay the you know those good credit card kind of phone calling cards with a sprint whatever was. And I used in in a public telephone and then within 24 hours there was. Thousands of dollars of calls to Kenya and to South America and told these very very strange places and what I learned later was that. The criminals in this case had a video camera focused on. Focused on the keypad of the phone and that's how they stole credit card numbers. That's yeah and that Ivan and Jeanne you say that the doctor had something very similar errors using a pay phone in airport along time ago I typed in my credit card number two. It is you remember you're able typing your credit card too big to do it and somebody ended up taking yet. And they do the same thing to my credit card I got I was able to fight the charges and so forth but. It's one of those things that that happened. And now we're just seeing a whole new who version of that is how much more sophisticated but not only that so much of our data so much of our. Life is like you said bank accounts. You know do whatever happens to be it's all online and it's all accessible and I think people when even really understand how easy it is. To get into somebody's. Account bank account and steal their money it's not that complicated if you have a few key pieces of information. Capsule. Announcer it's courageously there were. Yeah yes so I mean it's it's it's a pretty amazing turn of events or were still trying to cope with a school or listener line we've got dairy from North Carolina here. It was a question he very welcome to the show. Oh they're very very certain generation and you may. Not. Oh wait that sounds. Now so now we're just talking what Alex you know lately there already as. And I'll. About oil minister Ariel or talk about. Cac area some 200 cherished. And Shura. Here he noticed. A lot of those members of one man how the stimulus can't have a larger group they'll use of golden metal chairs or put the stickers hero or a basketball court or stop them. And APEC terrorist comes element stage used are you try to shoot anybody and everybody. Was it Joba start to grow noted that picture and name. In an ambush in mania that would put him moment ain't rich David Easter in knee and tackle it must and hand. We're just I'll answer instead of a defense impostor. And I think that that's the point Jason made in a number one common here on a but the key I think casting either everybody's got to be thinking the same way you can't give you one person running at a Marleau are all the others are running away. Yeah I think it's a great idea I mean anything can be a weapon electorate that situation so absolutely metal chair without Paula had better believe going to be thrown out personally not a somebody. Yeah the main thing is well being aggressive and and trying to defend yourself and protect that person and make them put them on the all of the defense where there are trying to protect themselves and or do a dorm. Greatly. OK now's. Thanks for the call barrier Israel is love hearing from you but again Jason did it doesn't work it's only one or two people are taking that approach doesn't have to be everybody. Well I'm obviously a lot better Munich and I collect Israelis who are so Christmas morning and happy a lot of people rush. But even in order to you can stop it guys so would be ideal if you have ten people like you sit in a big assembly everybody Russian guy can eat go down quicker faster. But if it's only one person that one person stops like your eye disorders and then heated as you probably stick to what you lives. We'll just like legislate well the movie it's based on the real life event at 1517. To Paris or whatever. Where they get the guy who is on the on the train with terrorists was on the train with a gun and the guys charged him. Yeah exactly I think I haven't seen a move reality of the three guys but the merits we Americans yeah Adams he. You know nobody else on the train or get sauter did anything I don't you know it's you who don't know the full story but if those three guys see everybody. Oh it doesn't take much but yet what are you sure we have numbers. One of the things you talked about teaching people is mastering the weapons of mass influence what is that. So Iraq schools and basically without going to you know too much he killed. How do you put people get what you want to dole Woodward the agency Reuters by bureaucracy trying to get somebody to spark the United States. So Francis you may be over Russia saying mr. Russian want you consult speakers of the US. You've got an influence on to persuade and one of the that's wasted view that it is reciprocity that's Bjork. And all that means is you need a person to be taken out to dinner. Become friends with Donald you know maybe go shopping abide by a nice suit because you look or Russian government worker can afford a nice suit. So you've done so much stop and take it on the somebody's safety dinners that he feels indebted to you. And then when US first favor and all we certainly very small favor you can say all man. Jason Lott beat its emptiness food and all this you don't whine. Absolutely they'll do for you so while reciprocity is very very strong we're trying to make it equal to what you what you want. How does that apply to the average person how I mean this is something that you that you teach people to do. You know in in the case of natural disaster ultimately to be able to use something like that. Yes so what we do it's my teacher due to listen to that the targets here are meeting. Don't do because you only read it and you're expecting to manipulate reduce something but because of the weight human nature so. I covered your supplier to on to give it up to somebody if they need it's you don't get enough fuel you know bags of rice or whatever may be. And visual problem we are more inclined to help. Al might get a say hey go help me you know your trouble doing it is speck writes of course not but the more exact path that I can do about it gets people underside most likely. Are as good or less in line again this is Jeffrey calling in from New Mexico HF pre welcome to the show. You are a bit dark night I didn't think they'd have preserved it. Any good big dog that they used within your opener. Didn't need it thank you very. I think you have a great night yes thanks for the call very kind words thank you Jeffrey from New Mexico let's go to John in Florida hey John welcome to show. Thank you first triple. And a jacket that he should be its own reference bills. Yes armed affected me. We roar of bowel arm didn't check out in our like our art our. Part knee and that he. Ranging from thirteen Angela. And I hate that tore two or from a bargain that are dirtier work GQ. Costs as well as each share. I OR EG make it just rock just EGR or take out the pure arm in victory cut. You have to draw as much attention to what's going on as possible correct. Yes. And art short term your mom and Garrett were Jerrold as long as your state. Right it's all about being safe signing of Jason that's what it's all about right. Yeah I mean actually teaching his niece and nephews right seeing him in a lot of things that these attackers are gonna rapists do physical looked cool men per hour around earned Sheikh. Be quiet if you come with mean don't sit were like you lived. And so people did believe that even though this guy to Crennel would make it in and what to do our part being so. Moments and got put his arm around you screamed as a lot you can whatever you can't but don't just sit there are silent. Pinched by two and do anything kick punch anything anything you can draw attention and and just try to get that person today and get away from you and Michael. Do you have any statistics Jason you know frequently the discussion will come up you know are we actually living in a world were it's more dangerous for kids to play outside. Or is it just that because we have 24 hour news outlets and when the when he child goes missing in the coverage is intense and constant. But it's too we're just much more aware that when it happens is or is a bowels. Yeah it's it's ultimate not keep statistics all over the place and you don't depend on who's making a mob through this day. Of course we've. Elation you know it's not 19100 where we were not getting attacked by there's a lot more people the city's. Soul yes it is because of the news cycle. But you know FBI statistics have shown that in a violent crimes erupt sort of slightly more dangerous. Which his gender and the world isn't so don't get it get any less populated. The world need to get more more populated sport more more cool so much right to protect yourself. I think that's the main thing is the more more people the more more mentally unstable people are going to have the more more criminal you're going to have to just like tomorrow morbid. And good people here and have so. The more people are on this planet and the more of each of those categories is is gonna show. Just a numbers are right I agree with. The US just. So we have 320 acres in Utah. And it's ranch and we view a piece of driving where you can rent a vehicle so your strap on the helmet in the coroner's national tour roadblock. We at 360 degree shooting range. Where were doing all art the pistol rifle curls. Reduce it to division trying to get out there are so like Disneyland or keep yourself safe. It sounds like a might be is fine if no more fun actually. So what type of person. Should take an interest in de visit inspiring to doing that kind of training. And nobody wants to consult safer mean when we first started. We were doing corporate stocks and another mentioned short take an openness to the masses so that's when we're getting every background you can imagine. And out there because people realize hey. I want to cap on and learn the stuff I hope we never use it. But you know I have a neighbor who was titled patient or had a neighbor who was stopped for the next summit everybody knows somebody who hasn't story. So anybody that values their safety. We. You know don't have a whole lot of time left here but so your book the book that we've been talking about tonight's survivor like a spy. Does it cover the topics that we've been talking about tonight it doesn't go into more detail and is it is it something they can be understood by anybody. Yes yes yes so it does go on a much more detail where we breakdown CIA operations and never been sure before. And how you can apply especially when it comes to surveillance. And I'm talking to go to announce its image forever. The book is written for the every gay person so what is there are you to read it's a quick read. So you don't have to be a ninja you ought to be a CIA guy on it applies to anybody that really a mean of its earlier. And he but he generally want to be safer. Parents that's that's what it's all about these days and do what do you use what's the message you have for parents who worry about sending their kids to school every day in this climate. Future kids to rush I mean again obviously can't teach like a three year old but it's got a high schooler can. And I hate to say it but school security is the world's biggest joke. And actually that having kids in school but anybody can Australasian. And there's a sign that says don't go to the principle of our goal the opportunity tag of course no nobody pays attention back. Soul it all comes down to one teacher sister rushed also errors to their job. Any news stories of jaunty cap like ten rifles hidden numbers that mom and dad didn't know. You don't how how in the world is now possible. And you know my parents would go to my room and find anything park fireworks and it help parents need to be more receptive than the older kids are doing. All the scary because it and it of course it's an you know 00. On our policy and so forth and criminals look at that as. Nobody's there to really stand up to them or shoot back and it's scary situation and it might kids goalies were lucky enough to have an officer there. That's there all the time but much in most schools don't have that and and it's terrifying situation. Well that's a problem I mean some schools like two hours and you know somebody other ones you absorb opera search but a lot of schools can afford that are a lot of schools are more role rural areas don't do that. Soul yeah I mean we're gonna go to a guy who said doctor and number one pick Robert a lackluster rob takes to not for the money you knew what they target schools because guns aren't there there's nobody can fight back and another gun. We've been talking with Jason Hanson and the website is spy escape and evasion dot com the book a survivor like despite Jason anything else you should dare draw attention to for people. And it just individually to provide up don't have her record and cell phone across the street and almost get run over because if your head it's not concede a run at a time to react accordingly. Well thanks so much for coming in how we look forward to talking you do at some point. And grand and ours will be back we'll wrap things up. Just a moment it's beyond reality rating Jason June. Jason Manson for joining us this great. Yeah great guy great guy and make sure you tune in tomorrow we get some great shows coming up will be talking about UFO's tomorrow and and next they'll be talking about ghost crimes and what it's like be living and hard to tell us below that you listen Jason GG beyond really reveal. They're chilled tomorrow. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's in the week you don't really reduced. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello and I didn't send peacekeepers will Jason both smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to readjust and beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.