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Dr. Michael P. Lange of Lange Eye Care & Associates is the host of a syndicated live call in talk show called “Ask the Dr” . The programs focus on eye care, nutrition and anti aging . Dr. Lange, an expert in treatment and prevention states, The purpose of these shows is to increase vision and nutritional health awareness in all age groups. Dr. Lange’s academic experience and clinical training qualifies him to discuss the latest in eye care and nutrition , including all advancements in medical, surgical, optical and nutritional interventions.

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    Slow down the aging in the eye and entire body, naturally, by acting on information given in this live call-in show. Ask your eye doctor first, but if you want a second opinion, or are looking for an eye doctor, call Dr. Lange at: 352-753-4014 at the Lange Eye Institute in The Villages, FL. Dr. Michael P. Lange is a Board Certified Optometric Physician and a Certified Nutrition Specialist with The Lange Eye Care Institute located in The Villages, FL. He sincerely cares about his patients and goes out of his way to give good service. Listeninig to this program you will hear a lot of preventative measures that can be taken to promote eye good care: in some cases preventing surgery. He offers Breakthrough Technology in new vitamins, plus some that data show improves dry eyes!



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And welcome. Yeah and it's. I know you keep fortified vitamins alias and look. If you get a question regarding your vision or eye care I'm here live. Misty is a Saturday morning were broadcasting through a variety in networks throughout the country if you got a question 866977482. When he. 866977420. If you need a program whose doctor Elaine well on the board certified document your physician and hosting yes the doctor says that April of 1993. And to I'm the founder Lang I care & Associates the Lang I institute fortify vitamins. I am not too long ago last April of last year I sold all of our lying I secure locations. Now we're up a one time to twelve lying like your locations in the state of Florida. I sold them off to one corporation except the Lang I institute. So now I hail from the Lang I institute on no longer in Gainesville or Ocala. Aren't summer field are clear order in those offices. If you wanna see me personally. I'm you have to come to the Lang I institute come to give you the phone number of fiddling I institute. It's 352753. 4014. That's 352. 7534014. You certainly tight been lying on institute into the Internet. You open your CS or. Go to doctor Michael Lang dot com or Lang I care. Dot com. Relying science it's that we do everything from major. Eye surgery to routine I care to nutritional. I care. The lying I institute houses a lot of great health care providers. Tom we've got to also hearing sinner upstairs here more medical center that's Michael Moore. If you guys and gals are looking for great hearing specialist and you're just not satisfied with the one you're you're even using. I gotta tell you Michael Moore has done a great job for my patients are hearing is very important. If you're hearing impaired. It can't increase your risk of nerve degenerative diseases like alzheimer's. So get your hearing checked Michael Moore does free hearing evaluations in guarantees the lowest priced. On hearing aids so we give his phone number I like Michael so absorbed from hurting him. 3525710150. He's a board certified hearing specialist one more time. In the Lang I institute take this number down. 352. 571. 0150. Also wanna mention. Doctor Michael Cole Latino wasn't on board again in a lying I institute now downstairs. Not upstairs savior looking for a world renowned retina specialist. One as the inventors have the injections. For the guy from immaculate generation doctor Michael toll Tino is at the Lang I institute on certain days. Beaten coddling eye institute and set up an appointment to seed after toll Tina. He is also very in tune with nutrition very rarely were eager to rate retina specialist. That that's a given the detox foot pads. From what I'd vote and I don't know a lot about it but the Japanese detox the ads are the best. So don't get the Chinese don't give the American version of the Japanese version if you're gonna try him. There there. All of our our run. Out of cars ready it's been Satan said in the in the in the garage wait to race. I'm it's it's ready at what 88 pound. Lithium battery and it sounds save and another. Probably 35 pounds. I've got to carbon fiber racy which I'm saving about another 45 pounds. So I'll be almost another hundred pounds lighter for this from next in this next track that is next race. At Sebring I'm sorry it happened. I thought all our. I did lord willing I'm miniature around. Or are you always sir and I don't take him. Buzz when a caller for media rounds that you're listening that's that after the got a question you may call 86697748286697748. When he. I tea. Myself along with the crew from fortified vitamins my wife Mandy baker. The crew from paley a simplified. Were all in Los Angeles, California last Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. For the biggest health expo I think in the world. And it was the health. Products. Vision Weston health products expo west. I'd say it was huge. I mean and mr. walked eight miles a day I'd just in the convention center right there at Disneyland. But Devlin made a lot of good contacts fortified paley a simplified were both a huge hit. I'm at open a lot of great accounts people are starting to understand. More more about how proper nutrition. It's so crucial I about the difference. Stayed in Bradenton Morton. And. Good morning sir how is called to check on you and now you're is still in. Steve that's nice idea I'm. You know a lot of you that listen this general realize that my doberman or follow about what is three weeks ago maybe and have jumped up and hit the snout right my left eye. And had a really bad case a flashing light semi constant flashing lights and so. You know Monday that happen necessary my dad got doctor yeah eighty X to Zito one of my docs to. Look at my guy we did ultrasound b.s can't OCT's digital says. Everything. And that didn't find irrational terror retina hole irrational attachment so I had what we called atrial rat mold traction. That means that there's traction tension on my retina causing a flash of light. Now what happens is one of two things usually happen either hey it's attaches to Iraq now all right then yet that surgery. Or B hole is losing you get this big floater in your vision and that's what's happened thank god. It all loose and I had this big giant floater floating around I know exactly what my patients are going through now. And as long as that no flashing light summit to be racing at Sebring next Saturday at I have flashing lights I won't be racing. In Sebring there's actually they turned it I take it. Scott bishops Dan. And Sebring and it's a turn that we take about a 137 miles an hour. And so you get a lot of g.s on your high and it can pull that pitcher's night jalla and he had a torn render it they don't detached retina so. I don't want that that didn't happen so I had a flash lights out for days. Senate saying like came molecular Parker well. Well MacKey a puck gets sort of like that immaculate soccer is tension in this senator Bure Ratner there right. That's kind of vitriol masked killer traction. This is peripheral rational tension so I would college. You know peripheral exit trio rat no traction so. A little bit different set pulling on the synergy immaculate pulls on the periphery of immaculate the periphery of your Ratner. That's potentially causing a retina detachment immaculate Parker usually doesn't cause that. It just causes central vision loss worst case and Eric Schmidt match up Parker can cause a Mac killer hole. And the need surgical intervention obviously. So what you prognostication. On the long term all of them. Well I yeah. You know I really really probably shouldn't be racing cars. I should be lifting heavy weights and should probably. Just chill and relax and take up a different sport that you know that it can happen. So. A little prayer the good lord willing and Nath. I mean number BR right. If you lift to the heavyweight is the first trade on your aren't. It can if you're straining especially if you're doing bad things where you're bending over dead lifting. Or even you know any power lifting you know cling in Jerker squats. Heavy bench pressing the bench isn't that bad but if you land flat out. Inverted said apps inverted shares. In you know an inverted debt conversion boots anything like that this is very bad so my patients that have glaucoma have rattle issues. I recommend not doing those type of exercises you go to the gym. I do the lighter weight more repetitions. Right there's very and I drops on speaker called pro living bill would then help you know able. And pro lenses it is like a liquid. Aspirin it's a very mild Munster rural anti inflammatory it has some very good benefits at. You know from Mac killer team especially combined with the steroid like that Islam assets later to resolve. About AM want to help these flashing lights and want to Herat now. Assert in out it's the I appreciate that that's very south politely. Thank you. See you hang in there. And two weeks we'll talk more about you so hopefully you know you are hanging in there is you know we know that anything going through a lot. With your size is nice let's see what we're doing now. And I think number line. Colleen in Ocala good morning. Good morning you are you own room. All I am glad they go you're showed changed my life. Or else I should be thinking yeah. And then quit encourage your and you're show our bachelor. Really just hit it hard and Hamlet is the curtain Michael Jones who actually. Yeah actually it that term cash and found out it. Am I hit and it eerie each. Center hate it the whole nine yards so I have spent nine. Eight Jerry green week for any ain't free ship their old. And I know once seated and right. I am doing that dramatic and doing and nine eat out of yep about that India and fortunately I can't let my card or. About how they can eat out cardboard. Jack I can't content. In Q lead I have a lot it accountant as it is Santa hats in the act and act on. And seeing it in progress but my question you it. And I try to turn little eight Q on medical transport you in a car. And eat cute twelve hours to gain. I'm kind of and a headache but it it. Eating a salad bar turning out good it. Internet benefits or anybody in the car or out of art you know I think it'll eat it difficult hurdle during the day old. Are in and accurate way to contact you by your chelios and I I expect chair umpire. And and earned in the year. Mr. crunch is writing a minute that I eat it Campbell Kate it'll come right. And I know on. No oatmeal at this time and Linda. Tell her I don't know is there any gloom and you're lying within that period and thought that it helped me. The all of the paley a simplified products like every perfectly because they're all gluten free there'll oak tree. They're on non GM oh localized seem Mick index there is some sugar and have that. Sugar from the DO UG varies from the dates which is a local I seem index. I mean you have to have some sugars in your diet and are to survive a right. So. You can have you know a hand in the morning you could have the pay Leo. Honey nut fruit crunch. And it puts a mom and okra Coke and had no comment mean that could be a breakfast. Haley a bark could be a snack during the day. You know that I'm bombing coconuts. Economic token out of the compiler. The troop bliss. Any of those bars would be very beneficial now the other thing incident as watching me on FaceBook right now. I've got to have both in my hand. The Haley while notices fortified super protein. And fortified blue green super suit but we also have them under the alias simplified label. So what did a great meal Liz when you're in a hurry like you are. You have a bottle let's bring order like a Dioner CG something this this spring Warner had a shaker in your car. Yeah next time you don't wanna go too fast food obviously you take a stupid that organic blue green super feared. And then you take us two of them naked nets got to be the naked. Com. Haley a simplified. Naked super pro scene of tank and then it. Killing Garrett I would juniors younger drinking before with the way old slow and Lola at it and that they judge I'll get caught it and nine ranked. And and I got that I think dealing. And with green in fact they get cut it and try green right around. Eat so I think urinary retention maybe the only true I can have it. Chart Ares. I have been doing chart airy and immediately it green and then right on it Shannon cook and water. Unfair in doing that in the morning and that certainly pretty it. Good samaritan practice that's perfect keep doing that cedar lawn you don't have apple launched airport today so. You know if you go through I mean I hate to say it but sometimes you go to a fast food restaurant get their their grilled chicken salads. All right and then when many get eating in the cards hardy vs you know a little sandwich but it. I'm glad you could puller first three minutes in and needed that. Have you know between patients I've paley a bar in between patients and those have the cherries and those are our tart cherries. I'm which outside had a natural anti inflammatory properties they ask you actually boost melatonin levels as well. So yeah I think I think the pay Leo out of bars and Palin are crunch would definitely be something you could add to your diet. And then them in a stay on that diet because you are lost significant amount away in a short period of time you will be healthier and we'll see you will feel better. She won the recently he'd do everything that a lot on inflammation. In melee. And Alex for a bullet that current downturn. And I have seen done in it'll actually expect aren't aware that inflammation kind. But a lot of increased especially in my and my. Panic area in the gut everything else acute Jill appearing ill and mine he stated that their content. DJ and and that it. Though. Little and tattoos that you can really get that I like that here you're excellent at had a minute show. It really helps and it really really appreciate it though. She showed so much and and like I said GT eight and that we are. English she and Derek. I will and telling takes it all right. Keep up that. Actually Ichiro let you know having it go in giving you that and you mentioned Campbell that you hit on. Intense it felt very how. Appreciate it that you haven't got one. I I. I regret take the next call some are telling brings up a valid point we had that doctor Michael Joseph on that too long ago talking about team record. And you can go too keen the code dot com that's HE MO CO DE team loco dot com. I'm pretty sure that ATM AC ODE. He became our team mound and the sheriff and his team Coco dot com and used my name lying ads that promote dirty get a hundred dollars off what that is. It is actually. I test the blood tests you do at home and then they see and you were that the results so you don't have to see a position to get these results. And they show you what food sensitivity you had to show you what Fuji Kinney. What do Jeddah a very high sensitivity to do. Now there'd be your building and embodies that to which Fuji have to leave out of your diet and then what did you need need a lot less seven may be lead out for six months. So it does help and it helps you find out certain synergy been eating and loving. And that may be the best thing for you could be actually causing inflammation and all sorts of other health issues. And loading and things of this nature so team occurred dot com used promote car lengths and you kicked out. A hundred miles off by us about the defense. Caroline latch or good morning. Good morning. A few months ago and time was listening to your program and it. Talked about and there early and indeed generation of found. And Betty. Well I heard he is Petri dish and went to live the pain clinic in the lake city and a that's what they wanted to do give me the China and I ask for their doctor if it doesn't that we generate can manage and he agreed yeah. But he did he have to get a lot of shots. And I really doubt wanted to do it so I just had that that feeling about it. Well I mean if I hit it's if it's gonna help you all right that's gonna helping not gonna be on high dosages. Major are very high dosages eminent English studies indicate high dosages of steroids for the long term six months or longer. You know may help bone loss. Occur. So. But it did not on high dosages and it depends you know what dosage she's gonna wanna put you on the doctor's gonna wanna put you on and if it helps pain and help should be Mo about. I mean a steroid can be amazing. But you and us always try some natural ways of lowering inflammation and cutting pain as well. And quite Michael Lotta doctors just don't understand that arena. Well I have been doing this and naturally you know. You're products and a he gave me description for an anti inflammatory. To. And so. OK Rafael Little better at getting it because I've never had a gang crime murder. Alcohol problem what should they really are concerned that not sure the mobile eight one and 69 years now been announced. A delicate little good. Am I glad that it. Is not you know in my and I end up falling in getting it worse shape. And the appeal late. And you don't wanna be an opium is that's definitely a nine or so I'm not pregnant zone in my opinion. If they can lower inflammation and help relieve pain union out on a long term it could be a godsend okay. They should definitely don't want to be you know gives edges masking the problem that's covering up the pain but not getting to the call part of the problem which may be inflammation so. Talk with your doctor very carefully. We'll let him or her know that your concern about the side effects of steroids and maybe get on the lowest ocean the Canon. And you know try to remember there are other complications from steroids and steroids in 'cause diabetes and and I can cause glaucoma can cause cataracts. Cushing syndrome all sorts of problems. And so we see this all the time and are remote toward arthritic Sydor on. You know I steroids long term so obviously. Just be counseled very carefully talk with your doctor. And if you can use low dosage for a short period of time I think he will be fine parent. Okay yeah well I feel much better about it I really enjoy your. And your panic. Slowly and good luck can tinker. I think here I appreciate it you hang in there. Or yeah. And does it yeah listening that have chronic pain you know I can outrun that more credit than anybody out there 56 years ago and in used to race competitive motor cross had a lot of bad accidents. Back in the day at trying to qualify for its super press series and it really bad accident. Broke my neck my back in my right leg in multiple places the bone came out in my leathers up by amending came out my leather boots down by my ankle. So that was a double compound fracture so I've got some degenerative arthritis in my body and I got to tell you. One of the best things in the world I find that tells me is still not the hot bath tub as Stetson jets and at that helps but it. Putting about a town with apps and soft and with the back out. And I do take a do you take to fortified super may get him 14 or five focus religiously. And sometimes to fortify focuses because those combined have some. Relief powerful anti inflammatory properties Natalie today helping out a ticket every cell in your body and help lower inflammation in the entire body. So an absence solved back you can buy apps and saw different flavors and different sense and things over the count our. Try that and see which effectively most of my Arthur critics teaching get in the back then in the big thing is can he get out so. You might want to estimate there and how did you know what he did and not be able to get back out Barack. Let's see some lines are open if you got a question 866977482866. 9774820. Phone lines are opened a new dimension. I'm Michael Moore's been helping my brother a lot of you know my brother is basically profoundly deaf. At least to raise murder crap shoot guns with me had a high fever to very young age he's at a hearing aids. Ever since he's been very young and that they're their god sending as the old analog hearing aid. The digital hearing aides do not work at all and so there's a lot of people out there that have become accustomed to those analog hearing aids. Well Michael Moore is a hearing specialist at the Lang I institute he's been working with mice my brother and I really want to thank him he's been helping my brother out. And we've gotten some analog hearing days inning when you can't hear and you know your last hearing aid. And you think it's it red brake and indeed it really is quite depressing. So if you wanna hearing specialists that I really think is a great guy. I'm Michael Moore here more medical centers in the villages and to give his phone number just 3525710151. That's 352571. 0151. He's upstairs. In the Lang I institute. I am. And just found a polling suggests that writes Imus. We're gonna go to the phones and just a minute 8669774820. Timmy colleagues 669774. Point if you've been watching me on FaceBook and not you can't tune and a FaceBook isn't news talked Florida FaceBook. News stark Florida FaceBook tennis live video streaming. I'm holding up but two things right now fortified super protein and fortified. Organic blue green super fitted. So these dots are under the Haley a simplified labeled. Under the alias simplified dot com the website it's the same exact product all I did was label and differently so we have different skews it's all about marketing. It's in whole foods. Fortified vitamins is typically through doctors' offices paella simplified can go just about anywhere. So if you want to lose weight are you want a good meal replacement that is chemical free. I should say chemical free are chemicals are bad. One of my listeners pointed that out. But doesn't have any of that bad chemicals and it does this stuff the binders in the sailors and that artificial sweeteners. Are you can get this. If you trying to lose weight easier for your supper once duke but the fortified blue green super suit. One scoop of the fortified super pro team weather's chocolate Vanilla or naked naked means it has nothing in it but protein. No flavor and natural flavor notes deviation of Oregon. Bombs. And use this for supper people lose weight very rapidly remember weight loss is simple math right you intake. Less calories you burn more calories you can lose weight. Most people the largest meal is at supper. And Europe's smallest meal should be at supper a lot of you wake up in the morning you skip breakfast you shouldn't skip practice that's the most important yup. You skip supper had tipped. Now I'm. So think about that if you're on a weight loss. Kick for a by super protein or Palin a simplified super protein. And the blue green super duty the paley a simplified or fortified mix and together mortar shake him up on the locus of like that maybe takes mix taste a little bit better. But that's actually calories you don't need so Warner will help you lose weight now. This one I'm told that this is fortified naked super per team remember we haven't labeled under an alias simplified that was strictly marketing. And I have way too much at any time I have way too much product that doesn't expire for another year and a half but I still have way too much I usually gonna amazing deal. And so this is the deal. Not for the fortified naked super pro team but for the Helio simplified. Naked super pro team you can get 40% off if you use the code Helio. Forty. Write that down Helio 4040%. Off I guarantee. You cannot fly. I'm non. That price nowhere all right so go to paley a simplified dot com or go to fortify. Dot com. Then go to the patriot simplified naked super for thirteen. And used Helio forty. As stigma promo code it checked out on the Internet unit's 40% off also if you go to that nutrition center are fortified vitamins and Ocala they'll honor that or to Lang on institute. All right let's see we're gone back to defenses. Yeah. Peace. David in Clearwater Gebhardt and. Yeah I viewers saying it was that your brother that's best. Yes yes are what are. I think we think it was really a high high fever when he was very young marine you know 12 years of age. Well there's one drug it is it's called high energy unit was developed by Aybar and Coughlin are half term for that is last thing. In Germany had believed and some people have reported but they were taking it vs other things. That it helped there it will less easily yeah. And they reported that they help people could hear better when they were taking it and I don't know what that and she hated that time. Jeans. Yeah this is unique visitors. Yet it's it you're got. Aircraft come on yeah house. Yelled one thing very very quickly we have come out the astronauts' and I don't want it or people are being repetitive but. I was treating the other week you know astronaut Kelly who was married to Kathy pictures that we shot Arizona. So. Yeah CEU. They have found he has an identical brother and he's been instate stronger than practically anybody. Guess what. Is identical but they they they they compare they're not identical mark me he'd had genetic changes while it. Bet that it literally happened and if you look up and cool local. You'll see that he's not eat he would not be considered if you took the cash from both of them now. They would not show up this identical went. So instead casings basement AJ genetic make apple route to a base what else. Amazing. May so. It is I think if it's really amazing and it it it it brings up. They're super certain forces in space which we don't understand which. Which is astrology believers not you know how they talk about that fact of the moon the lunar lunar the un circus comes from lack. Increase your mood and all the planets have certain very specific facts. And what we thought was a quack science may actually has some. Good. Yeah like for instance if you look at. At ash asked if athletes. You know the top people basketball football wrestling they tend to be when ma -- as it's called the Mars and that they tend to be one bar just. Do these forces that cause it's his genetics to changes. Very complicated. And I had one little quick questions. We'll have more trouble there left side is their right out. And you know that's a valid point yes you're correct that mean dry eye cataracts here in America they do. And over in England it's the right guy you know why. Want to think about why do you think. Well I am on my well is dry I don't holes I had no idea I know everything traversed over there. That's our focus when you're driving your car her right. The wind the constant sound is coming in from the left side now right. So it's going into the lens in your I going into the rat net potentially damage the retina and the cataract causing a cataract. Us and air conditions that is right there on the left side of the car boom right on your left Dyson people get dry ice. Related to air conditioned that related to the window being down the wind currents coming in. And the sun all of that. So best people the driver left side are more prone to develop. I proms the left side people driving right side on the right side that never convertible we needed do a study to see what happens if you're in a convertible. Yeah and you know that would be very interesting maybe people. It'll look like in nursing homes from there we'll bottom of an ideal. Patient patient alternate the direction which they're sitting. In Utah and does not sound silly but maybe. Well there's. And they say how many things affect this it's just it's just amazing how we can find out these things that this isn't just incredible. And Steve they really should be taking those people who wheelchair out in this I'm not in the pat you have to get out in the sun. We get these are some vitamin because that's the feel good hormone from vitamin. You know may put a tank top bottoms in shorts and take him out in the sun for fifteen minutes in between twelve and today obviously we don't want to get sunburned but. A little bit of sunshine is actually gets. Oh yeah I think you know it it's. It's so it's so good for people on and and you know I I think one of the things we treated extremely badly. If the worst area of medicine that we have made the least amount advances says it would run backwards as psychiatry. I think a lot of these people need some natural food. Some sunshine. A few bucks in their pocket and hug and I think that would do more than all this cycle therapy I I really really there. You bring up a valid point yet how it is very powerful it really is. It is it is and it changes your whole chemistry and backed out very quickly at I'm very quickly. Are there not being there you know these Staten drugs. These based upon these rabbits who are who are. Poor vegetarian animals. And they called them up with all this clash on fact and make up the date they cast their latest baton and all these and let this. This is it that's fine I just noticed that out of every batch of fifty Ravitz there was always one rabbit who never got any arteriosclerosis. And so then the next actually do another experiment was another group of the rabbits and there was one or two that didn't yet. You know what the thing was they asked the technician. What I would want her to and every country has fallen every group I had my favorite. And I taking loan holder. And I I I I've I've got one in every group I'm dealing west. Dish. And if fact that these animals were love. And were held and felt important. And and and shared shared. A feeling of being wanted by this individual completely over ran. All the all the horrible things were going to beat them. And I think it says a lot for our society have really did you bring us get off their feet or more important problems. Hi Steve thanks. Steve always has some great things to say that it does bring up some legitimate points out of you know. How can people can be careful these days they're hardened people he cannot be really careful about beta endorphins are released you know that's one reason that race cars. As I know when I'd get over a 160 miles an hour it releases beta endorphins. Now the problem as SA get better and better racing the speed has to go up a little bit higher now a little bit higher. Terry release that feel good Mormon. But everybody should get a I heard a few times a day at the minds are but 186697748218669774820. You know something else is very very important if you don't get sleet we've talked about this before sleet this crucial if you do not get a good night's sleep. I mean you feel terrible. Also. All systemic diseases inflammation in your body goes up remember. Some of the root cause of Beijing's oxidation and inflammation she. That's why am you know really in tune with all of this. And why develops supplements to help combat against both oxidation and inflammation learn more about that supplement that fortify. Dot com FO RTI yet. EYE fortify dot com. But sleep is something that is crucial and there's there's a few steps that I've done over you know learned more about over the last you know ten years or so. And that really can help you sleep so a few things right these down number one. Organic tart cherry Jeter's. It's going to be tart cherry he's very high mallet melatonin. It actually is natural potent anti inflammatory. That's an interesting tasted as high in sugars if you're diabetic be where com. But you can treat big glass of that and then about three hours before baton and maybe half a glass an hour before bed. And it will help. Pumpkins seats also Turkey believing that. And in these things are high and certain amino asses out of the scene that can help you sleep you combine some pumpkin seeds a couple of slices of organic Turkey. And tart cherry geez that's a triple combination help you sleep I didn't say alcohol I didn't say glass a line. Actually it's all flights and wind can actually cause you to have problems sleeping and interfere with your REM say he's a sleeping. Thank you drink a bottle line you're just gonna pass out so you might sleep pretty good after that. That don't recommend that. Also we've talked about this forever in blue light from your computer premier iso from the iPad from the television from the lighting in your house. So we got to filter that blue light you can Wear blue blocking sunglasses and house. It looked kind of odd and you want Sewell. So blue light defense blue light shield lenses I recommend putting those on especially had been having trouble sleeping about 5 o'clock and don't take them off. You don't even have to have a prescription and then you can learn more blue light defense dot com blue light defense dot com. That blocks the blue lights or what happens is watching television and working and. I found all of us do it watching TV and texting and emailing on your iPhone you get the double whammy of blue light that's a high intensity visible spectrum of this manmade synthetic. I had digital instruments is going into your brain eye and telling your brain do not sick creep melatonin. Therefore you don't sleep you might think you sleeping but you're not going to orient phase of sleep rapid eye movement. Where you're actually dreaming. If you wake up and you dreamed quite a lot that means you actually had a good night's sleep. So no TV no iPad. Dimly lit rooms. May be read a book under candlelight not that I know that Kendall a book a paperback book. Three hours before bad that will help our crime machine I'm also. Relax take a hot bath but some of that apps and saw that there are telling about. And relax out may be read a book under candlelight and hot bathtub with apps and stop while you're sipping on your tart cherry juice. Eating Hansel pumpkin seeds and a slice of Turkey. And let me know if you don't sleep better off so. No. Chocolate no coffee no teeth no green T no black T know white T know much at T. Nothing with preservatives and that no Chinese students and our two before bad that has MSG and it. So all of these things possible help you sleep. And right you heard it right here from asked the doctor York I doctored but believe it or not. If I help you sleep better you're gonna have less eye problems. Because all the eyewitnesses are right square right SUV ideas I ride it's Breton nice carrot tightest. All of these are our problems I see on a daily basis if inflammation is in your body are more prone to having the simply by getting a good night's sleep. You're gonna have less eye problems despite some lines are pretty got a question can you call 866977. 4828. X 8669774820. I was talking about taking the paley a simplified. Or the fortified naked super protein NS do of the blue green organic super fitted. And and mortar shaken it up and using that as one meal replacement a day. You will lose weight if you use that for your supper you can lose weight faster but let's face it every now and then you're gonna wanna have a nice steak and some broccoli and a salad. So you can't have for supper every time after working out you can have this could take the naked protein the fortified. Super naik approaching the Helio simplified. Make it routine since the same thing when you're 40% off with the daily you know forty carrard. Com. You take watermelon. Heine suture lean tight lysine make index. 82 chocolate milk a goat milk and put some organic chocolate sir Bennett blended out together and three seconds and drink it down right after working out. Let me tell you folks it is anabolic all of you that are working out that there. Natural body guard as the main professional body builders power lift his professional athletes Weekend Warriors immature athletes it. You just out playing a Droid payment offer going alarmed by Greta let me jump. Within a half hour of working out. More time take fortified super pro team or the Helio simplified super pro team. Two cups. Of eight to chocolate milk. And a big wedge award amount. Combine them together. The combination gives you fast acting is slow acting protein. Hike lysine Mick index these are dilation of the art the blood vessels bring in this protein to your muscle and immediately. It's really anabolic without taking anabolic steroids. All you athletes out there you know what I'm talking about you taking Diana ball and a far tech editor rob eleven. Wins dropped testosterone. HGH I mean all of this stuff and you buy it from the guy in the jam in the back god forbid who's getting it from that cica who knows what you get and you should stop that and believe me. Or you gonna have some problems later in life trust me do it naturally. To me right now you Tony when your result a bench press goes from. You know 185 to 315 and four months on anabolic steroids and that makes you very happy definite. But let me tell you 1520 years from now when you're on dialysis you lost your kidneys and liver liver cancer. You can wish you listened to me it's so. And sting gains. Most of the time passing consequences. I. If you get a question gimmick 866977. For a Tony I think we're getting ready take a break. So we're gonna take a break in just a second here but it had your questions ready 866. 977. Foray toward him adapting to a half minutes. I'm doctor Michael Lang. Come on board certified Affymetrix physician certified nutritional specialist. Did you know that the majority of vitamins that you can buy it over the counter. I filled with synthetic nutrient diet and trans fats all of the things that are bad for. This is why develop fortified vitamins and all natural nutrition record developed over years of clinical research. Fortified complete class is equivalent to ten to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This supplement is a multi vitamin hide vitamin. Veggies fruit blends with the enzymes and Omega three fish all developed to promote total body wellness and healthy vision. Isn't it time that you took control of your hell we'll fortified vitamins. Take control of your help would fortified. Learn more and order now at www. Fortified. Available at the way I care & Associates. All Omega three is not created equal hi I'm doctor Michael Lang hear a lot of commercials that promote the may get three products and maybe confusing most large studies confirming the cost of health benefits of Omega three. We're done with fish or fish oil standard line Ike hear in a doctor in search of what's best for my patients I visited Norway or research trip to develop fortified super Omega. Highest quality Omega three fish oil available only wild caught fish with the highest Omega three content are used in this formula produced in Norway it only an asset and GNP certified Omega three facility in the world fortified super mega eliminates any odor or after takes it promotes heart brain eye and join health fortified super Omega has 16100 milligrams of triple refine Omega three official compared to anything on the market you won't find more bio available form of Omega three to purchase go to fortify dot com that's FO RTI FE YE. Dot com or call 866 by 039746. That's 866. By 039746. If you are a loved one is suffering from Matthew energy generation than take note of the following information. Hi I'm doctor Michael had come on board certified Affymetrix position. A certified nutrition specialist masculinity generation is the leading cause of blindness and patients over 55 I personally seen thousands of patients with Mac given generation clinical practice for over seventeen years I've seen the positive benefits to patients can realistically have changed. The nutritional intervention and lifestyle modifications. I have developed science based nutrition the Pope called fortified complete immaculate defense. That takes all the latest nutritional research and incorporates it into one convenient. Daily packed yet. There is hope for immaculate a generation through proper nutrition. Isn't it time that you took control of your help fortify complete map another. Learn more and ordered now at www. Fortify dot com available at laying right here & Associates. Genesis communications presents the show that some people see better and it's. Mastodon. Board certified pop domestic division yeah I nutritional specialists can popular. Last night paired associate. That's. Point three and then this guy and broadcasting from Gainesville Florida 8:20 AM here. And Largo Florida broadcasting through almost the entire state of Florida and outside think is 98 point three FM. In Clearwater. As well if you got a question. Phone lines are not doctor Michael Lang a Lang I institute fortified vitamins. Participation is encouraged. This never replaces a comprehensive I have valuation or in medical evaluation this is for educational. Kirk is only 866. 9774828669774820. Okay. Get a pen and paper only give you some phone numbers for fortified vitamins and for the Lang I institute. Pen and paper on the give the numbers twice you so fortified vitamins if you'd like to order anything I talked about on this program. Or you can't talk about don't do the more information you can call the gang over fortified. They're actually located in Ocala. I'm right next to would you on seventeenth street so the phone number for a caller's. Fortified vitamins 866503. 9746. That's 866. 503. 9746. The website is fortify. Dot com it's a little better play on words. FO RT I FE. YE fortified. Dot com the Lang I institute is in the villages if he'd been there lately EC we did a little bit of that kind of inside outside facelift. Not too long ago that paint the building was totally retain agree landscaped. I'm inside now we've got all new furniture. And it's a lot cleaner look. You know I'd build that building now we opened in now what was that November. Thanksgiving. Nine. Teen. And an imminent. In 2006. Fish so it's been and then went twelve years of starts for. So the thought never totaling eye institute is 352753. 4014. Once again that's Lang institute 7534014. Area code 352. Or certainly go to Lang I cared dot com doctor Michael Lang that come or. How fortified dot com. You'd find that on all of those. Website. It's. Easy to follow me on any of the social media is a lot of you follow me on a lot of the social media as you can follow me next. You know Twitter Linkedin Google+ face about Penn terrorist. I instead Graham all of that is the right doctor Michael Lang dot com you can hook up to that. Does go back to the founds. Earns it and then to. Let's see. I think it is pats. Seek pat and Tampa. Yeah drag high eight us I love I love never begged. I love everything about you everything about it and let out or you're not a lot or. I have felt more sure in my account. Alec and guy got. Out I thought I had. Check out I got the ball duration. Of the plane. And Edna my arch but I'm out all the warm. I'll. Sell it well. Yeah let's talk about this a balanced policy is when you have a sudden weakness in your facial muscles OK and a whole body your face can actually sag all right. I'm half you're asking drew from your smile one side doesn't go out. And I am innocent it's basically a facial it's a type of the facial Ozzie the exact cause is not always known. We think that after a viral infection are more prone to get these. Now they always have obviously have to differentiate. Between a stroke. Vs just bells policy okay. And so I. A neurologist is a good person to see for this but the problem pals blog whether good thing about pause a year usually it will run its course right and you will act. There and did it. The problem and I love the yellow. Cut out what Iran at the reason I felt like how water. The reason for that is pat what happened is the the through the muscles that control. The lids I became very. Let's put it this way your lids are sagging they don't have the integrity in the strength they had prior. To the Bell's palsy is a problem are sleeping at night. Yet somebody went to check your eyes probably open a little bit when you're sleeping at night are right. And you probably I have a complete blinked. And your corneas drying out significantly. So we get it sure to dry eye in and that's can be much better sometimes asleep masked. Is good to Wear it night when you go to bed but I would recommend passing either bleeding tears or away since two years plus I like. Oasis tears plus the best. And I put that year I frequently during the day and minute nighttime put eight gel drop or even an ointment do you buy over the counter at the drugstore. Like refresh PM remember that 1 refresh PM. My right. And put a big heat of the refresh PM in your eye when you go to bed just pack your ride with that really gets in the when you wake up in the morning the best when he uses a waste is tears. Plus. You can buy that op the website at fortify dot com it is better than anything you can buy over the counter. But let's say you can't you know yet no Internet access knew what about it over the counter. And just get re fresh. Drops and refresh PM ointment used to refresh drops during the day to rest refresh PM ointment and night okay. I'm sad I need probably asleep mask all right. To keep that I clothes when you're sleeping at night but he did just it is too simple and three simple things I bet you comic back in a couple 23 weeks and that you doing a lot better. Obviously it's a good idea C a local time drop Ramallah just make sure what I'm telling you is correct but about the bad man at at my crystal balls working correctly I think I am correct. I want you watched. Now what about the energy moll glacier on the right knee hit it doctors who got a problem or black belt all. Tim Salmon is a whole lot of finger acting because. EEU Gannett the exact. I'm no no no announcement but. You know you need to see a neurologist at that. Absolutely and neurologists now well I Howard followed with a neurologist to find out what's going on there is there any any MS or multiple sclerosis and your family. None none. I don't have that could not walk right let me know what added element of the cal. This year. So you know a lot of things I'd like I was lucky that my weren't late and I will. Let it could buy on the hill where hats. Yeah you know Meyer having Petrino report when your team. Really nice yeah. That's an. Sting you so I I don't know I mean if that's if you where tied hatton is pulling on those Leigh Vader muscles is causing Friday's deal but even more possibly. So. Just try to things I said that ointment that night the drops during the day let's see how you do okay. I think definitely ally but a lot and now I'm I'm I'm not. I'll let you can't try it and they're young I'm think I'm good I'm involved nation. Had the neurologists like to set a neurologist is you got to see okay.