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Dr. Laurie Nadell discusses the sixth sense & dealing with catastrophic loss

Apr 12, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Dr. Laurie Nadell about her work as a specialist dealing with stress, anxiety and trauma as a result of catastrophic loss. Also, Dr. Nadell examines the sixth sense - where it comes from and what it means. 4/12/2018 - B

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Our analysts are gonna half has got to us Steve here help me out tonight welcome everybody it's beyond reality radio on TV Johnson Jason is out of town he's traveling. Won't be witnessed tonight. I'll go back with a next week. So are there will be rejoining us will be in full force next week as we get going tonight we've got a great program lined up for you though and we are excited. Because we not only have one guest. Not only have two guests. We actually have three guests to will be coming on in the first segment and that will be Jeff adkins. And Todd monitor co founders of Detroit paranormal expeditions in their do something pretty unique. They are teaming up with the Atwater brewery. To make a paranormal seem to be here in the bureau is called polo from the other side. I don't know what it tastes like I don't know what they're doing with that but you'll find all that out I want to bring them on in just a little bit and I just him a little bit disappointed that no samples showed up today I mean it would have been a lot better Steve you know and I'm talking about is some samples would have shown up. Either way we'll talk about that and then in the later part of the program. We've got some doctor Laura. Need Dell joining us she is eighty a bestselling author we're going to be talking about ESP plus and talking about her book called the fight guest. Discovering hope healing and strength when disaster strikes. That's it really powerful book and given the climate of the world today and the things we see happening in our schools and in him just all over the country I think catastrophe is something world being touched by. Whether it's natural disaster manmade and this is going to be very very powerful discussion that'll happen later in our program but hello to everybody in the chat room alert to everybody in the YouTube streams great to have everybody along with us a couple of things elect remind you of the beyond reality radio coffee mugs are available I know you've seen pictures of them on our social media. These things are hot I mean they're so in my pocket Steve you know. And this one haven't set pens an a because I have a few extras but done nothing tastes better. And when it's coming out of beyond reality really coffee mug go to the website beyond reality radio dot com is a picture of the mug very just click on it it'll take directive ordering process. Shipping is free if it's domestic shipping if you're ordering from Norway who like somebody did the other night that's okay we'll figure it out free too we can handle at all. And then now the other thing I wanna point you might it too is the scare con website scare con is a paranormal. Horror film. Pop culture convention happening in Framingham Massachusetts. It's coming up I June 16 and seventeenth. And at the website has a whole bunch of great information about what's happening there are people like Dee Snider never Dee Snider. From Twisted Sister yet he is gonna be there Cassandra Peterson who is better known as Elvira mistress of the dark is going to be there. Com dwells. Doug Bradley in the got played Danny Danny Lloyd who played the little boy in the shining. Member Danny he's going to be there the actor's gonna be there so lot of great celebrities will be their it's Garrick con dot com. It's a it's a great place to to come have great time for weekend you can check all the information out. Renowned scare conned. Dot com let's see the phone number of them were to take your calls later in the program as well as 8446877669. We always enjoyed you participating. In the conversation phone lines are not open right now but they will be little literally you know when that happens. Policy would assume let's talk about here. Oh the psyche experiment. I don't know for and have time to do this tonight but last week we started another one of our psychic experiments where we picked the playing card from a regular 52 card deck. And we let people call and who feel like they might have some sensitivities to some people do by remote viewing some people do it by a the psychic connection either way. We focus on the card we'd look at it we think about it we allowed you to try to tap into our minds is a lot of empty space in the RC should be able to get right in. And tell us what the card as we only had a few minutes last week to do it's we didn't have anybody come up with a ready answer bubble be picking that up maybe tonight I'm not sure again how how long. Will be going with our interviews but to if we have time tonight if not it'll have to be next week but we promise we'll get back to that it's a great time. It's a fun project we've actually had some pretty interesting. Folks call in and do some pretty in an interesting thing so. All that's coming up and more it's beyond reality radio I'm JV game Jason is off tonight but will get through it anyway. Don't go away we have so much time. Beyond reality radio friends this is JV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com check it out at. People that are in the YouTube channel chat there's a whole bunch of weird stuff going on are so I apologize for that are ready you guys are all good you're making me laugh so you got to be careful I'm gonna crack up during one of these discussions. That's not good. On good to see everybody in the regular chat as well we've got double chats going on here one in my right when in my left a lot of stuff happening. In addition to multiple guests tonight which always makes it a little more interest in this well. In the second part of our show doctor Lawrie need Dell will join us she is a best best selling author of and should get a book out called the five guess we're gonna talk about. In addition to talking about ESP or your sixth sense how that works on can be great conversation coming up. But to start the show off we've got a couple of guys we've had a should for a I think you returning guests actually Jeff adkins and down Todd Bonner who work co founders in Detroit paranormal expeditions guys welcome back to show good to have you on the night. Things are bound to appreciate it. Now let me back in samarra. Yeah well it's always it's always good to have you on un especially who have given the the conversation we're gonna pass tonight now before we sir talking about this produced the special project that you embarked on. What he's been up to what's the group been doing in Detroit colonel expeditions since we talked last. On main DPX as it's grown a lot to treat type flat a year ago. When he spoke I think you exit about 45 months so soon now given a year. No we partnered with the verdict probably talked about on the brewer and their trade really big company I'm with investigated. Talks both stated reverse and a lot and black and only talked to arm. That would actually bid to ER it's been all great stuff has grown a lot and we're really into joining us. I gotta say though you know when a when I talked to paranormal groups I talked to a lot of them all of the time. When they start their conversations they don't usually start by saying I teamed up with the brewery at just that not to be the way conversations open open opens but I find it very very interesting. Tell us how the Genesis of this how how did this whole thing start. Jeff and I were actually having one Atwater breweries classic peers called a dirty blonde. And murdered just talking about you know they have pallbearers. Pomp and bust yeah. Yeah and I thought you know we're unique niche where they're unique Detroit. I'm very dot lemon here at the dinner at the meet parting up on something. Are you know the owner Rocco and he loved the idea he and it sort of their opera master Braddock urged. One of the grew up call out our apartment and Grosse Pointe Michigan. I've just rebel pocket they love the idea and then what we're copycat and they said that that. At that water in the park. That they had colonel looked into it from them or where footsteps and voices then as summer critical in the basement. And it just went hand in hand they want to buck gate there and we came up beside the beard and one thing led to another territory are the beer at least party is Friday at thirteen that's Friday. And it's been amazing really work. So you armed. You've already done this this this is already happening. Yes we we an investigation. And the thing that we did investigation we also help make beer the say they Don. On the edit page to it which I've never heard of the court but the group masters. Paula and that's what they used I got the belt in your. So just actually sampled a little bit of an island it's a Friday to the actual release party. He could play a little bit more out I. They think it's great outlets. A massive so you guys are you guys both your beer drinkers to begin with a mean is that. You know your preference. Yes I think cabinet vote are. The pursuit of nuclear here output and Atwater a lot anyway outlook respective companies and it. Work with them and like cats they have meat market here are some Atwater deterring stokes gaps and work very very cool you know I will tell you one thing I mean it's just yesterday. Channel or what you want to hurt its use in a has now. We were trying than beer for the first time and here we coordinate effort at least the current state in the live eat. The brew master and very cute your bankers arms so you know Lulu area. Exciting in that. Interesting moment again wearing it money we're extended out and Taylor he let them whatever Patrick sectors that are eager and her Atwater or. There's so hard to a true return to breasts and it is great we'll say it is like war during. Do you I'm anticipate this brood to be available continuously or is it gonna be a limited run thing. Well you know as of now are there certain he gets made at a temporary tag. They're there yet untapped at Atwater. Has been a lot of interest you know doesn't have a medium that stability our circle time and actually hurry now. There's a big interest the terrible. And they appear in Detroit so on I think it's it's received well people indicate kidney really enjoyed it a the opportunity and what they're being particularly. Grant county could be battled them on the can go to other bars or Indiana so the mechanically pregnancy but around. You know we're pretty optimistic about it I try to it is legitimately get I think people who know you like it shot on instructs. Now bomb. Is the only way that somebody could sample this. By going to one of those two locations surge is a sum that can be purchased. By mail order and a bottle or something. Right now it's going to do locations yeah. Whatever in each right now Atwater. We Tom I know this is something we don't recommend is that paranormal groups take the beer with him when they go out investigating that is not our recommended. No now management not recommend Robert it got a tad. Now no drinking. Obviously when you're doing any kind of investigation. Into the area. Yet this was the physical bond is that what I'm saying. You know I would and it's like incredibly good you we're uniquely trending you can try to do a good partnership commitment. There were get a lot of response a lot of problems respond. I'm like just out there on the news yesterday and are hoping none of those people at a better beer case when they are bitter beer face when they say today and then they all that it at the local were happy about right now. Well I think four or for everybody in the paranormal community that actually does like to enjoy a beer now and then not while investigating I think we have to to perhaps Steve for this. Thanks so much and we appreciate that you know I mean really it who worked at Iowa purposely and that's it's there. Not only for the people who do investigating the hope that they injury Q well actually like to see out of that is just people in every gay community who maybe don't investigate just go and warm which you try and zero o'clock but are things that you experience because it's you know. People have experienced it and I never talked about. Other states think stat. It's kind of can't boot developing its absolute stellar. And a shark about but it's ever hear your current a couple of things here at the start to see. You know I think that's a great suggestion we've had events in the past booze and bruise you know the BO OS not that would dessert in a Boozer isn't scary. And bruise you know things like that where people can gather have a drink and just chat about some of the stuff because they think and you you'd agree with me. That in the last. Fifteen to twenty years these conversations. And I see these I mean paranormal type conversations ghost. Encounters those types of things. To have gone from closet conversations to you know dining room table conversations they become more accepted. It's more. It's it's it's it's easier to have those conversations and other people as more people are willing to talk about it. Agreed. I think it's more mainstream now. That went up I didn't. You don't have to hide it not have blue and I think with the beard that the conversation starter you know call hello from the other side of the paranormal the beer. Among those crabs won an actor talk about you know maybe that there's they've and the colonel who couldn't get. The other conversation going which which we wanna hear we want to hear stories we love talking about it and just a cool idea I'm glad there it's turning out hello all he really Friday hopefully reverend god like. But it you know who were gossip here. And you're doing you're having the a launch party on Friday the thirteenth two great data do that I'm actually going to be at Salem con in Salem Massachusetts for that if and for that if there. All right how we're. Yeah but we're here or report yet while I have I know market he said that a couple times so we'll see what happens although I think the last post they said if I saw him post was this is absolutely the last one even though he said that a few times but. You know when you have a great time and you got a lot of good friends it's hard to say it's hard to not do it again sought to see what happens guys what's up next for you. You know they had definite stand that he. So that for any news or in. You know there are weak gas. Where or what that company in Detroit due some aren't created. Alec lantern tour sort order city. Ticket people around super or notebook market locations are open history. Maybe do little you know back session. On the gets to repair current color I think at the children more on man. Martin made president Kennedy. Public investigation as a deterrent poverty currently are experiencing. Looking forward to an enemy Jeff much well John panic. Greg Dana nuclear intent Lundberg. There's tickets just on Oprah that when we're looking Puerto that we're doing we're going to be all over on the going to be the year particularly. Glad to work around it really exploded course and I mean we're so radical political humbled by the whole thing on wearable talk about our experiences that. And we love doing this sort of action or so there's sort of relieved of the year this year. Well that's terrific come on I'm happy guys are keeping busy good. You know I think in panic at all ipads and arrogant a year ago and I. On this show. Alice park and were you eight cents and down you know always a pleasure ever enjoyed that interview but I mean if I would have. If you add it back there now and we're going to be here or there in particular right now that we be here I mean. We've been really supportive and a lot of people would see an article a thirteen and Jupiter we will receipt we've been really glad you work with some amazing. Terrible investigators local state. I think that it's been beneficial for our panel involved really door where the together so you know to have this chance to work with Chandler burden that's an. And that's going to be great event. Oh great guys run time but I wanna make sure the he promised me. That you give me a full report on the beer after the front of thirteenth launch. Maybe I'll try probably only a matter of going parliament ultrasonic record and on these recipes taste differs so that's a little bit better. Art awesome guys thanks for joining me good luck with all that's going on we have to take a break we'll be back in just a few moments we're bringing in. Our next guest. Who'll be talking about ESP that is doctor Lawrie need help don't go away and have a lot. I've emptied Johnson thanks for joining me Jason back next week and we'll get things back to normal and how. Kind of thought unsettled there but he gets when it's just one of us here I mean I get a little unsettled and is just one of us here will make it through a whole cast. Are going to be bring inner guessing just a moment doctor Lawrie need to know to be talking to her about her book the five guest. Plus your new talking about your sixth sense how it works and what it's all about. I lead and then just a moment don't forget coming up on the program we've got some great stuff in coming shows tomorrow night will be a best of program. As is every Friday night is a best of program but then Monday Douglas Stearns will be coming to the show again he's an author and will be picking up on our conversation about the mysteries. The great pyramid of Giza. And how it all inspired his scifi series of books called harmonic wars. Tuesday night's program Caroline clapper will be coming back to the show she's an eventual psychic medium and a medical intuitive. And will be discussing how her gifts came to her. And how she uses them to help people. I'm including to do things like find missing people when she's working with so law enforcement. We be talking about they each of these gifts is different from the other and how they all work to help her help other people. And then Wednesday were excited to have Lynda Godfrey back on the program again. She is a an author and investigator. We love talking with her about crypt bids and won't be having a conversation about upright operate canines. Things like walls meant. Dog man. And theories behind these creatures plus some other quick to self talk about this been a lot of reports. In recent days that we need to address with some of the country's sole ringing around. When tonight but let's go to our gas line and bring in doctor Lawrie he dealt bestselling author the website is Laurie need delta dot com the book is called the five guests and Lorie thanks so much for being on the programs we to have your. Thank thank you for having me on the show really appreciate it. So let's start by learning a little bit more about Utah also write yourself are you kind of a chose the career path and got to where ER. Well I think the career that I mean that kind of shows me that my religion journalism. And were true and can usually for twenty years and that field reporter. We're united press international and usually. I'm in. In Chile actually after there was the state of siege and then. The military government in dark curfew and and regime whose. They are extremely dangerous police then I came back. To the states and then got involved with such human right. At a time when the real human rights lawyers. And started the couple. Committee had hoped journalists one of them the Committee to Protect Journalists. Which is a big organization. I continued working out working in the news until the around country hearings and I sort of burned out and. But diagnosed with a virus like Epstein Barr. And back in the eighties they need their first they didn't believe it was a real illness then. Trying to leave the Centers for Disease Control declared it illegal real illness. That nobody had the doctors that I this can choose. It's a there was no conventional medicine. Four so that's when I started to. Learn about and medication look at some of the research and medication you know. Inserted certain admitted cheating every day. Inserted research Chinese medicine and alternative medicine and and I recovered and about 22 and A half years and most people have the illness structural four years or longer I know people aren't true seven years. Fifteen years and it's really like everyone a nuclear as a forever. And as a result of that I K I can I came back while I was sick my job was eliminated. Size and disability in trying to figure out what to do my life in. Asserted writing I wrote that the cost structure and the original title and a very long subtitled but it's now called. Six cents a locking your ultimate mind talent. And this is the first quote to talk about situation and the six cents. In the context of business sports education in science. How the government used its. How long bankers used to how baseball players and managers used it I gotcha interview people like French which Ford Coppola and Arianna Huffington and ticker ritual as one of the first astronaut to into the moon and some amazing Nobel Nobel science just. And that that book index is still in print it came out 1990. Sure Barack's and it's also an audio book. Which religion is which is really phenomenal because the audio book has what would you listen. The exercises like you and your own personal intuition. Restrictions workshop so. Very very proud of that. Ireland or result of sick sense I decided. My own experience that I would circle into psychology. And or worked very hard I got two degrees. Two independents say they inserted a private practitioners. 1991. Specializing in stress issues trauma. And poster and focus. At all. Stressed basically stress and anxiety. And that's an ugly dimensions 1991. Those specializing in stress and anxiety songs that you've had our share of that let's come back to have some very very curious as somebody's been in the media for most of my professional life as well. I've never understood how. Dedicated some reporters are that they can put themselves in such harm's way. On the sounds like you're assignment was was. Pretty treacherous. And I recently watched a document Terry about the Jim Jones. Event in Ghana and you know there were there were reporters that were caught in those cross hairs. On that must be a surreal experience you have an obligation and duty to report but you're in danger. Good chunk of that time. I I have to confess I mean I I'm kind of are recovering. Adventure attic heck at this stage at her side and IA. I kind of into red eye left ABC news and certainly you century. And a friend and invited me to actual friend. To welcome to go to south Americans and envision that I thought that sounded. That's added interest seen them along the way I kind of fell in Jason journalism assignment so. Chile is it is really where there's some things that the self directed. Partly because I who is adventurous and partly because. I really had no idea has dangerously Obama's. So you know those days we didn't have cellphones they didn't have a. I believe they have water chase satellite served elect like coming out of there's a satellite from. I'm trying to remember this one from Europe every night it was from England. Or where you are in the BBC had one satellite feed at night. I repeat it we could get used for the Middle East and to Europe. But. When it came to South America they were there what you were there there was there was very difficult to communicate. We're it with anybody outside the country even even within the culture within the city telephone service was very poor. So you that you really were like like gathering. You are our sources in the field. And I was referred to. Which are afraid to speak to a lawyer. For this usually consignment and he didn't like the questions I ask. So he reported me to the military junta and I had to go into hiding. And basically I I didn't show up for Ryan interview and they the secret police were looking for me and. That I managed to escape it listen it was a miracle but I I didn't skate. And that led me in Q working as as a volunteer working per bottle in the field of human I reached for that change the year after that. So the end if I understood you correctly that was your 25 years old or thereabouts at that time while there. An unbelievable yeah yeah. Let's talk about it. I'm glad I'm not sure that you know I look at it now firmly in 88 you look at it kind say they collect. Well that was a pretty wrecked the screen you can Q do you it's it seemed it didn't seem pretty you reckless at the time in in the context. Power powers living at the time. Who is turbulence adventure. Right a supplemental which are doing now you are specialists and acute stress trauma and anxiety issues and I have to assume. That in today's digital world I mean I think stresses you know it'd it did it parallels history there's there's not a time in human history there isn't human stress but. It seems as though those stresses are far too immediate in real and a digital world and an immediately. And it at any cable news driven world in a world where everything is instant. Are you finding that to be true. Oh absolutely. And learn Latin served very well expressed. It was a while back when did you just starting this. And even now I think it was it was sometime in the or are you apparently that each it's ten years ago. I remember correctly and so some articles on technology stressed. And that the point of the was that it's technology especially you now I'm into digital communication. Which were supposed to would be stretched our alliance have actually created a hold them tight this stressed. That was becoming overwhelming and all consuming. And and I think that you know well we have we all have a digital leash. We have currently we'll follow me is that the Chinese or that the studies. Reported that in my new book I can't. Is that keep people who who. It takes more than two seconds to download something that he was 97%. Of thousands of people studied got impatient. So we we have like 22 frustration level and to Microsoft just studying computer as if he found that the average attention span now. Among American Jewish eight it second and that goldfish is nine's second so our attention span has been truncated. By. Seeing these fresh tree and putting it images extra screens and multiple video coming out all the time. And I I personally think. That that is very dangerous for us as it is not only a culture what is this species can think it it kind of hit it disconnect us. From each other at a time when we each other in order to get through this stuff that we have to get term which pretty intense. Well it's interesting you say disconnect is because it. It's it's almost a paradox we are connected to everything yet individually were disconnected from each other and it's just an incredible paradox. And talked about that attention span I mean he you wanna watch a movie you go on line and you watch it instantly. You wanna talk to a friend he attacks negative in an instant reply. You want to you know anything you want to do you need you need an answer to a trivia question you begin to happen on your and your phony and the immediate answer. There's no waiting for anything anymore and it has created an impatience. That time as you said is destructive. It is destructive and and gears here lie in the context of where we are now I think it's especially. Questionable shall we say are certainly not it doesn't serve. And everybody everybody's concerned and and and I I used the word everybody in the sense. That it it's a universal concern right now that we are living in a very turbulent cycle of revenge. Whether in you call climate change your acts of god or whatever. Disasters. Natural disasters. Environmental disasters like toxic fumes toxic oil spilled so whatever. That sometimes they base sometimes they coincide with each other. Are there natural disasters environmental disasters and what we call intentional. Or human made disasters. I'll which are Brandon actual violence a match mass shooting masculine. And it's 62 drive attraction to crown and so you're eating vehicles and weapons of mass destruction and we see this. As soon as we turn on our screen just to the return on a cellphone. It's amusing you know news story clashes. And you look at people who who lies are going along like yours. In normal and certainly the ground dropped out under unique sound and everything shattered and say you're looking at these images that keep Iran and most of us. Just like the way. And you go shopping during the baseball score sheet that you go to your casket eerie because your friends and take a break eat eat to actually Greek we have the unconscious. Expectations. That. That if we don't like something it's something it's painful we should be able to make it go away immediately likely to achieve second slight delay. They control and it's not fun it's not pleasant not pretty but it could have when it happened to you you can't swiped it away. You can't change the channel and we need each side yet. Because we need different really different mindset and values so that we don't crumble in all part. When that when we leave running to a disaster or disasters something you know a tornado happened so route with something. So these and more individual or you know and I'll actually venture beat these things that happened to people every day it's just just part of part of the lifespan. Sometimes. Things that are things that are dangerous or destructive or painful cap and then right now we're in the turbulent cycle it's not stable. It's very uncertain so we need these sidekick. As we think that we should be able to make it cool you right away and and it doesn't. Where you are we're gonna take a break when we come back we'll get into that little bit more details beyond reality radio or against. Is doctor Lawrie need Dell and we're talking about her book five guess discovering hope healing and strength when disaster strikes is a lot more ahead don't go away. It's beyond reality radiology to. Guess tonight is doctor. Or any Dell were talking about her book the five guess discovering hope healing and strength when disaster strikes and Lori this is a particularly short segment but. Alex said something about twenty each good chat with you be freaking month on tonight the have a Cooperstown connection in some fashion. I don't again accessed by brother isn't based are the same Eric may gal the voice of the Texas Rangers he has been devices the Texas ranger patrol armed. Got a hundred appears I think character each 37 years 36 years and David abducted in 2014. All probably went up. Is that great event and Cooperstown. And the area where you are really beautiful. Well that's really interesting and a lot of folks don't even realize that the hall of fame not only ducks players but also ducks and ducks announcers and their reporters and another where sports yeah sports journalist so I mean it's very very diverse and it is a great time I will tell you run though our our winter has lasted way longer than he should have. And Bristol suffer with thirty degree temperatures here in Cooperstown although I think we're getting ready to turn a corner. We've got just a couple of minutes before we it's taken the break so when I wanted to stick on this topic that we're talking about stress in the world today Ameen. You mentioned turning on you know cable channels being wiped it away but sometimes. When returning aren't news channels and we're seeing. Reports about gunman's walking into schools and shooting children. Turning it off is one thing but forgetting and isn't isn't that easy. Now that's that's that's again we we did the word that we usually trauma and even illegal vicarious or second hand trauma. Is is that it would have a lot of and just like ingesting food takes a long time. Just metabolize Kandahar just breaking it down into some some kind of they ate or what some kind of a release. That. You know that that that doesn't completely. Take over in torment you is something that did it take time it's a process. Not only is it a process but we also start to. Create her own. I don't know who call it cause they're they're they're simply fears but we all stars are worrying about you know it was my child safe at school and and what do I have to do to protect them in a beacon you have a whole new level of thinking about these things that you may not have had in the past. That that's right that's right they deserve this and this is this very turbulent. And very turbulent period that ran. And ideal parents you are seriously considering all the schooling their kids because. Is that this. The possibly even the possibility. That there could be shooting the school is is much dangerous yeah many many Karen. You talk about come pounding that isolation that we're all starting to feel monsters it ourselves as a society is just. One more reason that people don't wanna be with a the people it's it's really frightening thing. Are we go to break when we come back we're gonna get into the book a little bit more we're going to be talking about the five guess discovering hope healing and strength when disaster strikes also ordered talking about. Six cents that's going to be great conversation will be opening upper phone lines as well the telephone numbers 8446877669. If he'd like to join our conversation. I'll also remind you that we've got to chat rooms going on we've got a chat it's based off the app in the website that's the regular beyond reality radio chat. There's also YouTube link to which has a chat room associated with the people can watch. Mean in the studio and the show being broadcast on YouTube as well multimedia that's who were doing your Steve Schmidt Steve in the studio tonight as well it's beyond reality radio don't go away there's so much more ahead and tell them. Radio playing GP Johnson Jason is all this yeah. Tonight tomorrow night will be a best of program. And every Friday is a best of program great interviews that we re play. And then now we'll be back Monday night we've got some good stuff coming am next week including. Douglas stern coming back to the program Monday he's an author. And that last time he was on we are talking about the great pyramid of Giza. And his scifi series of books known as prom on a war somewhere and continue that conversation on Monday night with Douglas Stearns. And then Tuesday Caroline clapper also are returning guest she is and have a central psychic medium and a medical. Intuitive and will be discussing how her gifts came to her. Which he uses them for how she helps people with them including doing things like finding missing people. With law enforcement. That'd be great conversation. And then Wednesday Linda Godfrey who is secret to zoologist author and an investigator will be joining us to talk about operate canines things like dwarfs that. Dog meant we've had more more reports of dog and inciting around the country. So we'll have that conversation with Linda got freaked. Wednesday night right here on beyond reality radio. The phone number. Is 8446877669. If you would like to join our discussion tonight would love to have you as part of the program before we bring our guest doctor Lawrie may go back in reported reminder of a couple things one. The beyond reality radio mugs are available on the website is going to be on reality radio dot com find the picture of the mug click on it there you can order one. And if it's domestic shipping its included in the price. If it's international and we have a lot of listeners overseas particularly to the podcast version of the show on his contact us and we can work out international shipping for you. And then. There's a great event coming up. In June June 16 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts it's called a scare con any DC convention tick it's like a comma con actually. A lot of people ask me what comic cons are this one tends to take a horror film and paranormal slant to it. And they're film screenings there are panel discussions there are parties their tricks Extenders. A few thousand people hang out to own during the same things to great time again it's in Framingham Massachusetts. All the information on the event is at scary conduct dot com that scare con dot com be sure to check that out. Let's go back toward gas line and bring doctor Lawrie made Dell in to the program again and Lorie we're talking about. Stresses in the world and you know your current your profession is as somebody who helps those who. Deal with the stresses. Aren't we you've taken a step further mean we're talking no more than just regular fears here you actually are working with people on some really. Catastrophic things that may may occur in the last give us an idea of the types of things that. Those that clients of yours obviously is confidential I don't mean to break any of that but the types of things that your patience. Has to deal with. I. Have worked out over the years the people. Traumatic brain injury JJ juju assaults. Yeah women. Unfortunately you know what percentage of women. Around the world or exchange sexual assaults. People who. Just in journalists. Who. In other countries you have been. A Christian or imprisoned or or tortured for practicing their profession. Like I work. I got a program for teenagers. Which fathers for children the world trade changer. And that for a few years and then you can't control. Actually send me to stride. Probably almost all the homes on the island where I was living which is outside New York City and my own home which was little cottage was to structure. And I realized that. And I knew from from working with with people who had considered deeply affected by September 11. That Turkey chanting survivors would we be long term support. And so over the next four years. I directed and and and inflow worked was two groups. Little survivors. Sometimes they overlap sometimes they need. They were separate the City Hall actually gave me the courtroom you start one group. And to the second group evolved into local church. And and I rent those groups from four years. I've also worked with a people. Who didn't I've worked with that one or two people who survived shootings says school shooting. I'm getting cheating on me underbrush. And have been. That privilege really choose to do a little bit of work with the fire department. That was on the scene at Parkland tradition. It's it's amazing work and I just have to mention that there are just a minute watched a documentary on now Amazon that was called the falling man. And down it's about. Some of the horrific images that were captured two during the as these new events of 9/11 were unfolding including people. Jumping from the there in the World Trade Center because they were trapped. Unbelievably sad unbelievably traumatic. And working with people that's that that are survivors of those who lost of lives on non on that day. Most of Bennett and humbling to say the least but have been an unbelievable experience. It was civilians some thing and know that he ear in working. I was privileged to work its kids. Cornell younger adults and it will have their own family. Indicates our current teenagers especially. I think are emotionally honest. And they need any. They they've really tried their grief. They don't want to be seen as special. And so so being able to connect with these kids. And help them to be there for each other which really that would kind of my goal two to let them. And I get to know each other and what happened was the older kids started coaching the under kitchen looked leak it was it is really really moving exterior it's. And stayed in touch with with a couple of them. Many in they've grown and they have their own lives there their own all the kids grow up into the remarkable young men and women. And I was really privileged future of that experience. So before we wrap up the discussion about this particular book the five guests and move on to talking about six cents. And we've talked about all of the the reasons why this book is important. But what are the five guests. The fact gifts our humility which we've talked about a little that you humility helps us to look at them. Surrenders to the fact that something unspeakable. And imprints there we never thought could happen has just happened. And kind of changes that's from going blind me to buy not me. There's that happened Q universal censorship will achieve their attention unfortunately. These things are part of lying. The second if this patient Richard also talked about that we are very impatient culture NG percent. And so sometimes. When our pain when our heartache goes on longer than we thought it would because we thought we could just like the way. And then sometimes two years later three years later five years later you know something good come back. That can be overwhelming. And that maybe we can bring experience whether it like to be shall we can. Now we can find it difficult to eat or sleep in effect through reliving that experience. Arm that's also a cup part of and it's it's the normal reaction. Or something that was catastrophic patient's sister gift that that helps us to handle that. You know we're we're we're no longer completely in control. Of our. How our motion to restore should speak. Empathy. Is a gift of connection. And we see many many scenes of people being a stranger stretch here rescuing strangers. In the aftermath of the death but that doesn't last very long have mastered it's free lunch. And people. Who who have been affected by hand and an action in terms. Catastrophic illness or problems in the tragedy of some kind. Really need long term and continued long term support for each other and and also from from people that. People who we care about. We have forgiveness. And you people think forgiveness is a light switch and you need entry yet you don't treat him. But in the book I talk about how it's really. Confirmed it's a process of executing. And that we don't have to forgive anybody. Is so cool it's a big ticket cannot regulation. Double a and we can't allow ourselves to be forgiving towards. Those forces double or individual sat up her past. Is it really release is a lot of the pain. That we hold on to actually agent growth in the final yet. And grow this when you look back at you saying. Oil would have wished that on anybody and I really wish I had we have to go through that that if I had would I wouldn't be land today. We will listen before I gifts. They look at us through the long haul. And assuming that the book. Helps explain these gifts and how we connects them to and use them and to help us overcome some of the challenges in our lives. I have five minutes today creature of the fact get Egypt and the end of each chapter. And I also offering a free emotional first saint tool. That's an MP3 and burned about two minutes that you can't. You can download onto your phone if you go to mind about the network dot com. Mind body network dot com and just scrawled on the home page into the sea defiant gets. And then it'll tell you how he can you know you couldn't sign up food to get your emotional Kristi tool or exercise. That I developed for the book in which and about so chair of many many people and recovering. Including first responders to the country very difficult call. This works really quickly to defuse panic and to lower stress and anxiety level. Very and that book is available on Amazon you can also find more information about it on Maury need help dot com. We're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna start talking about six cents a little bit we've got a lot of people curious about that by the way I saw on chat room. Somebody was still asking what was and title of the book we were just talking about it's called the five gifts. Check it out and insight beyond reality rated. Don't take 446877669. Remember the discussion with doctor Lawrie need gel were talking about several for books at least a couple of them one. Is the five gifts when a check that on Amazon. Discovering hope healing and strength when disaster strikes or let's talk about the six cents and I've got to ask Hillary in terms of your work in your discussions what. How would you define six cents. Well you know the. He had the original definition I started working with is the spontaneous. He sudden spontaneous knowing. Something. Without a conscience usually greeted him. And that means that got aha moment or flash of knowing when you know something works but it's called going without knowing how you know. And and I divided into two types. Then there's the type of knowing without knowing how you know that as many scientists and inventors. Will will go back and say it I I had this moment when I had a dream Ayala had a vision. And that came to me in my mind and I knew that that was the right solution. And that's what I call intuitive knowing what precedent where you can change that all of the information that you've acquired. It's somehow synthesized and it is and that certainly. He had the outcome or the the wrist the resolution you're looking for. It pops into view the cops and to refrain we hear an inner voice we get a feeling in your body. But then there's the other type of situation. Which I call without precedent we eat you really can't explain. Now where's that information came from. There's no it has nothing to do with anything that you've known or take any entry or tried physical sentencing don't history. The most common example would be and the data strategy before they were cellphones. There's a mother who's driving to work insulation has feeling. Turns aramco is stretching back home quickly and get their just in time to keep her kid from pulling a pop up on water you know are still. So bad that that kind of. That that intuition that keeps us connected to a sixth sense that they've come from somewhere that we can't explain. But in both cases is the way you know it is it's something that spontaneous. And what you see that are here are Sheila. You can't go back to who brought you what you were before. It it's it's that you know some things and it changes something about the course of your life or how you think or how you feel. Is this sixth sense innate in does everybody have a. Everybody has that. But actually it's like musical ability shill. Contingency that everybody can learn how to play chopsticks on the panel. And if you practiced really hard you'll be able to play Mozart in the capital. And that's also true that intuitive intelligence in practice and get better than. They the military did with. Training people use their sixth sense for. Psychic espionage. Which are reported on them in the books extension. So there's there's that you know you can learn how to improve it. Would practice and then there are very few people who will be able to explain Mozart in a concert settings. And there's only one Mozart and ensure that kind of like a decree calling from a little bit of Challenge Tour or any ability that we all. Going all at the spectrum Q&A into the EG yes. And we just like Albert Einstein. Is very often cited as an intuitive scientific genius. Because she had you get a dream when he was such teenager that he was writing and a beam of light and hit return to his point of origin. And he believed so strongly. That that little vision he had seen in his in his his mind. They came games simultaneously. He believed so strongly that we real that he spent years and years proving that it is that it was true that it was accurate. Coming over the theory of relativity. That would be an example of the end be dealing without knowing how you know. But having that flash of insight completely changing revolutionized. How do you see universe. We have about a minute every. Conservative betterment of the fourth to jump and break and you had mentioned you told us the story and that's when we first began this conversation but how did this salt do you become aware of all this as something that you wanted to explore and write about. Well I I found later found they do the research that there is. And an intuitive function that's part of the personality. And some of those old wired up so that we have it more than others. And as I began to explore and I realized that. This was helping me understand myself. We talked about this yet intuitive kids are considered different picture introverted. And intuitive your personality type only occurs in 4% of the population. And yeah ostracized true that there's physical work prejudiced against you people who were intuitive or psychic especially those are a little bit more. Quiet and internal. So Laura all of the information. Was really. It's a kind of revolutionized. Myself concept. And hope leader really become developed a quality instead not knowing like what's wrong with me why am I different. We're talking with doctor Lori need Dell we're talking about six censoring now we've got a lot more to discuss when we come back after the break the telephone numbers 844. 6877669. Don't go away there is so much talk about beyond reality. To tax. Our Jim Johnson Jason is not with us tonight he's off for the week he is actually and busy doing a bunch of stuff that they'll talk about when he comes back next week. Tomorrow night I will be headed to Salem con in Salem Massachusetts it's. Intimate paranormal gathering I'm looking forward to being there with a much friends. Seeing what's going on there that is so tomorrow will be a best of programs well. And then Friday always is Monday night we've got Douglas Stearns rejoining the program to talk about the great pyramid of Giza. And how it. And things related to it inspired his scifi novels called harmonic or series but tonight we're talking with doctor Maureen Ayodele and we're talked about six cents. And down. Gloria I wanna ask what is. What to what can be accomplished by byte grasping and understanding what the six cents. Means or does to us is is there is there something other than the obvious maybe just understanding something is or something bigger than that. Well I you know and I actually bet people who are. Uniform it's intuitive psychic. You know we we are we don't we're not there is we we don't think the way the majority people think. So there are prejudices against people who think two different way from by the mainstream and I think that most people I've met. Or professional psychic has experienced a certain amount of. That beyond skepticism when we just you know think they ridiculed. Every trying to that there are such as the so I think it's it's important because it helps to validate. And invalidate that we have disability we we have. We have a success and everybody had a. Those of us who were really curious about other presidential. High degree of instinctive. Oil or natural section Tbilisi. I think the validation. And the knowledge that this this is actually an important part how we process information. And how we see the world. So it it goes a little bit beyond the you know curiosity or understanding I think it's the insights. That we get from the being able to value and appreciate. This aspect of ourselves. Let me just you know that that that really is part of the work because you can't really be. Police tactical police stare shall fully intuitive or do it professionally. Unless you really really believe. That this is who you are. You made a likens that ability to media and musical instrument meaning that everybody can. Probably play a musical instruments the degree of who which they can actually play it varies from person to person depending on. Some innate skill but also just how much time you're willing to work to develop that skill. Having said that Tenet be groomed can be controlled can be improved or manipulated or is it something that just it's kind of you know it happens when it happens and you just to have to open happens to you. Well there are ways of there are exercises I have. I'm quite a few of them in the book actually four. For accessing and whole being and becoming aware happened and also being able to call on your situation. And to establish. I say that everybody has a personal signal. And everybody signal like a fingerprint it's like your own private language so sometimes people have visual. Basic sense speaks to them in the form of of an image. Laura. I mean they. I dream or vision. Some people here in your voice is may be a male voice should they be female voice it may sound like. Apparently it's usually I'll probably spurred a list that says something simple like yes you know goal make a full court telephoned. All it is it gives directions. Until you. Would later trust somebody or not trust somebody for example. And and it's a very different flourished in the relationship obviously stupid why did you start there. He got terrorist. Debts that your entry device so so. This developing. And understanding being able to recognize. Your personal signal so you can identify. And call upon your sixth sense when you need it. Is what I in teaching now since 1998. And I trot this rightly that meant that in the book. I talked and to corporations are all all over the country. And and also are professionals in Europe. How do they had to be able to. Again define success to be able she talked to it or ask it to communicate. To give you a signal when you need guidance from your six cents. I'm very. Yeah I'm very impressed by the two. Definition you gave it and one of them being an intuitive knowing with precedent because I've often thought and we've talked a lot of people about ESP six cents. On this program in the past and I've often thought that many don't take into account what the brain is doing and many door take take into account. What. Maybe our senses are picking up without us. Being aware of or whether it's a ceremony whether it's. It's nuances and body language that were picking up from somebody we knew we realize were processing at their brain is processing it or whether it's just the brain. Going through mathematical equations. It it like probabilities to come up with an outcome and then giving that information to us in the form of what. Some people think might be ESP. But that's what you defined with the intuitive knowing with precedent write him in the my understanding that correctly. Absolutely love my favorite example. Glad you mentioned masses. Coolidge encore careers the father of organic chemistry. And he had tried for eighteen years to mathematically crews are structure to Bengie molecule. And one night he had a dream about to make eating its sale. And in the dreams you woke up he became lucid industry he realized that the dream was giving him the answer. That is logical mind has not been able to prove for eighteen years any woke up and he actually sketched the dream in his journal. And you can she is it to you can hit it can actually get to Wikipedia has a picture of the sketch. And the notes in the journal. That's an example of intuitive knowing would pressure it. And let's talk a little bit more about the other without precedent. Obviously there's something mystical about that. What do where does that come from. While. How I wish I knew we we don't we don't know where it comes from having cliche can come from our source they can come from a matrix can come from the web. The India Indian in the jungle say. In which he'd be connecting force or the highest spirit. It's called argue how rich Greene two great forcibly. You know there's definitely. Actually that our intuition. Functions like a satellite dish. And like satellite dish we can pick up signals. From our carpet or human car and you've called it a collective unconscious. It's just sit there it is saying it's say peeled. An energetic field if you will of images and information an impression. And what was interesting is if you if you read love the anecdotal. All stories before 9/11. And remember taking a seminar. Dream is around 9/11 before and after nine elevenths. About a year starting about a year before the attack. People in New York where reporting hundreds hundreds of people were reporting dreams to their sharpest. About plane flying into buildings. Birds trying to towers. People flying through the rubble and debris would. Appoint its spire. Sticking out by the all of the archetypal. Images that they were seeing were already in the collective field. And people who did not consider themselves. Intuitive or psychic were having these in pre cognitive dreams. Out of out of rather than I had a couple clients who also reported dreamed that I wrote down. And one of them was exactly a month before 9/11. And which each they street shall we spoke. And people were burning and gory or Archie shoot industry where the traffic could go north or south and the respect hundreds of people. And they were burning north they were heading north. And the dream is great visit in very real. Yeah. If they beat these this really come from it it did there is a collective force. And we will eat we are at the satellite dish. That is inherited all of us and pickups signaled an end I think when there's a major event coming. We do pick up signals in our dreams. Another example then we've we've talked about and in the programs royals the indigo children who arm had these visions of lot of children are drawing pictures or school and and having these expert there is a nobody could explain at the time. We. As somebody who's a professional and and works with people who have undergone these types of experiences. At what point do we now look at a situation where let's say you know in the next two weeks a bunch of children are drawing some horrific pictures and we take that seriously and we act on something like that. Well I I think you know event that a Democrat talk a little bit of that incident answered questions that ties into that can we master it. Starting in the 1970s. Yeah that the military. Was conducting. Research into the six cents. And whether or not it could be harnessed for military purposes. We knew that the Soviets were at least ten years ahead and there is actually have a very popular book in the seventies cult psychic discoveries. Behind the iron curtain. So. There was a saying it's brilliant psychic who is I'll settle a visionary artist Inco Islam. And he became the lead researcher. There was somebody who there were should desist from. What are the major error aircraft company used a couple of admirals and let me be Edgar Mitchell. Was very very interest in that program even as the one of the first Esther touched and so a lot of really brilliant current scientific minds. Who were in this program. And they they developed a message that. Which could be talked to anybody you can take a kid from Alabama cool. It's never going to know what remote viewing Orszag kicked it up front was. You know chick a private in the army sit him down for a few days you can this methodology. And is sixth sense would kick in so that he would be able to identifying and draw targets. Images or people replacing that we're in remote locations it's very treatable. And so. Went no where no they use remote viewing their break up programmers. Supposedly this continue to that's been declassified. Since 1996. They looked at this type of pitcher like children's drawings or what remote viewers true it's liability here the intelligence. It's not they don't make major decisions station a remote viewing cash. You know in general how accurately somebody's agent they describe the target world resort nor should they you know nor should we make major occasion. Based on some children trying that we should be aware that this is in channel that coming trust. And that we can prepare and some way even though very often we we don't know what direction it's coming from we just know that something's coming. We've talked about all the ways that it can actually help us or warn us or lead us can it also mislead us. Our. I I think that that's and that's a very interesting question I think when intuition miss lead people on that because it gets behind. We sell wishful thinking. Or magical thinking. Will you all were riots because there's something that you don't you do it is is he usage just such a thing that you really want to. I one of the first people ever called me when they do. A call in radio interview was a guy named wolf seat from Boston it was a professional gambler. And he wanted to know you know how could he had a hunched and he played the third horse in the end its range. I'm happy you know whether he was having a real orange or falsely watched. And a lot of gamblers would call it doesn't give you a call in shows around the country. And they they would tell stories that haven't really strong mentioned they placed Tibet and then of course lost. And so. I'd actually say that the trick is to really be able to hone that connection to your personal signal. Because once you know for sure that your personal security is routinely situation in your right arm. Or. A warm feeling in your chest which most men describe their secret until now. What women get a tightening in the solar country should be after it once you know what that signal is. And you really can can I get to try it like right away very very quickly which. That we're not ms. Prejean but if you did there's an overlay of wishful thinking or magical thinking or this is what I want so it must be true. Than. If yes that that combination. Of emotion and intuition can be very misleading. We only have a couple minutes left here but it sounds to me like a lot of what you're talking about can be summed up in the phrase go with your gut is that is that kind of what we're talking about here your gut feeling is kind of that same message you're getting. It in in the complicated way you've just described it. One I'm certain that complicated. I did I know we cover everything it was just far more sophisticated than the phrase go with your gut. But it's kind of the same thing as an. Well I'd I think you're you're ticketed information and then they'll either you. You either analyze that information or ye you get that feeling about that information and information is is. In its neutral. You know we you get a feeling in your gut that says you know that's a screen lie. And heater you can you can say well maybe maybe America they have maybe America take that green light because. And it is just doesn't feel comfortable I think it's not it's not the only source of information that you're getting at a particular time. So I would say you know it it is yet take it to get under advisement but it could contradict. What you know what you think it's sensible or saying. That by all means you know just let it ride. Don't political it's Hugo you know this just see and it it it does get tickets did you feel safer I would say that should be your gonna. And this is this is fabulous work the book sixth sense that you said that was printed in her originally published in 1990s that which sent. Grant yes and then that was before the Internet and I came out but in addition. 2007. And that's edition. That you deterrence Salem and members. And as well as an audiobook of the new location. And I think he ought to put beyond your book that was narrated which gave its cycle is an award winning actor X comment audible narrator he. He's really amazing and during is that brings all the exercises to life's like having your own personal fiction workshop. Well we only have about thirty seconds left here but in the very little that time that I've known you likened probably is safely guess that this to be working on something you know what else is coming up in the future. Well right now we're kind of not getting ready chi you know we're in the process of launching. Defined gifts. We're just kind of let it ride in this kind of cheese she how we can get the word out over the next few months and and I have to kind of spent some time to regroup chill that's neat that's so basic that basic map but. You know I always expect the unexpected degree now. And I know I know I know on your website as well you have media appearances and stuff lifted us that there are some people want a kind of follow you see what's going on they can also just check out the website which is your name lorry new Dell dot com. Thank you so much for being with us tonight it was a fascinating discussion your workers tremendous and we really appreciate and are honored to have you on the show. Thank you it's my pleasure and thank you so much and what is scary and I asked yeah. There isn't clear yet. Jim what June 16 and seventeenth in Framingham mass. All right that's great kiddo. Thank you so much. Thank you so much again doctor Lawrie need Dell the website is Laurie need delta common glorious spelled LA EU RIE. We'll be right back to wrap things up it's beyond reality radeon Jimmie Johnson. Tonight we appreciate your guess. Tomorrow night is a best so it's Friday night we'll be back live on Monday night Jason will be along with a stuck with Stearns will be with us. I talked about the pyramid of Giza. Thanks so much for being here it's beyond reality radeon GB Johnson every night and. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason goes GB Jackson into this one held since it's a coincidence that the it's an yeah on real ingredients. Yeah you know it's stuck my feet in the agency hello fading centrist because well Jason is slow and she supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with JD Edwards that slick Eddie Edwards at