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Douglas Stearns talks about the Great Pyramid of Giza and its resonant tuning

Apr 17, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Author Douglas Stearns about the inspiration for his Harmonic Wars series of books including the Great Pyramid of Giza, A440 vs. A432, and other ancient mysteries. 4/17/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Swann analyst Steve. East Coast mania stuck somewhere between walker and beyond reality review myself just because there was arson and and all over the place to get some special kind of music because your taxes I got them. You wanted to use it out so. Fast and turns in a restart this program goes in this auto mode in his hand it's change it anyway welcome back good to have you back. I need you around doing some pretty interesting things and if you wanna talk about that at all into your phone now from. Gosh this test it actually is doing some rotary snuff film and some commercials with them and yeah. It's always it's always on just stood again not until that. You know the main headquarters so Cincinnati and then if America had an event in New Hampshire I'm Mount Washington. Washington's a degree place it's beautiful it really easy he. You know the worst part is though it's it's it's so tough because the suspense such increase a year weather wise and I got up there on the on Friday it was about sixty degrees and then all the sudden it's Saturday on Saturday it was like that thirty some thing and there weekend we snarl on one thing after a dollar and is just ridiculous. Yeah I do the weather changes seemingly overnight and now Latin I don't know what's actually another week of what I will call win Turk. Here where I am in 2% and I'm just I'm just had enough I just had enough. Yes and hey one thing I do wanna say though on no had to win loss in my time. Over the weekend he. There's there's no mom understating the importance of this man radio legend not just radio legend but a legend in this very field that you and I have made a profession whether it's this show or ghost hunters or any saying. None of that would have been possible. That of course we're talking about yeah and that's the passing of Art Bell and chairman many of you might have heard about. Radio host Art Bell he diagnosed them on home on Friday. I'm 72 years old. Com can use the nationally syndicated radio. While creator pretty much of coast to coast which is one of the biggest syndicated shows ultimately just. All these details are yet it is the biggest syndicated radio show in the world and something over 600 radio stations are bell built that to 500 radio stations in his would show. Created to show. When he brought the show concept to programmers they thought who the heck is gonna wanna be up the middle of the night talking about when your topics like. Conspiracies are ghosts or UFOs are big but no wants to talk about that stuff and it turned in to the biggest syndicated radio show. In history. Well and to be honest with you would tell people low light without him. We would never have been able to accomplish what we've accomplished and it and I talked to our many times in the past he leaves or use a great guy. Com and of course you know he tried to come back to reveal when I 2000 fight fifteen. Com and there's a lot of chaos going on who's doing the midnight in the desert never even had claims that. Yeah people or else our home with guns and and threatening him and I'm not sure. And more what was truly going on that point. Now of course we all had our concerns forum bottom he he I mean he was just who's an icon and he will truly be missed and it was it was heartbreaking to hear that he passed away. Yeah and I know that the the cause of death hasn't been released they're going to do an autopsy I don't know if that indicates anything suspicious or not. I guess we'll wait and see you know he had a whole bunch of suspicions. Of things going on people thought he was paranoid later in his life so. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of that Tom let's hope not. Let's hope bomb you know whatever was was natural and and an RL will be truly missed radio legend a member of the broadcasting hall of fame. In he's a paranormal legend as well. Yes our goals are to him minister Hanley in. Aung scar. Guess he knows the answers or going on the other side has now he does now business. So we've got a great show tonight we've got Douglas Stearns we're. Returning with a seasoned author and if you don't remember our first conversation that was back in January we were talking about the mysteries of the great pyramid of Giza. Plus his price has scifi high series called harmonic correspond to books that he's written. Based on some of this ancient technology and we also talked about standardized tuning and how that affects all of this it's it's seemingly complicated but. Struggles of break it all down forests and make it easy to understand I'm only bring among them a bit. If you haven't Amaechi had over to FaceBook dot com slash B unreal and elect FaceBook page forest. Then had to beyond really radio dot com we can download free iPhone and android app. It also which a logical slide catch Pashos joint joined now on China more. You'll also find all the stations we are across the country and costly updating that list and adding news agency check it frequently. And you can almost list personal ups its click the listen live to have the pop up button in the upper right corner. Connecting on online chat we're achieving myself immigrant community people are. To listen to rate their from the show. Another no men. GB so tell me you would make you think like September 23 when he seventeenth and October. 2017 in November 2017 will you remember from months. Such heavy drinking the you'll Upton. September 23 October and there November nom I do remember that we had some into the world prophecies that were being discussed users took to ease I do remember those Allen Allen who won his April 20 there. Oh April 23 April 23 though. NASA reveals sang in the war the world will not banned from 23 but. According to the new claims now April 23 2018 will mark the end. All the end of arts. So that whole day I was I thought it was going to be April 17 which is tax day and it's who's in the mile year that is that's the data were all getting screwed the disparity this past three days at the end of the last. Carol Politico but according to a lot of the claims I'll turn now and I'm not sure to at least we spoke with David meet before he claims he didn't say that it would be the end of the world. That'd be a new coming out and need a new age. But claims are now saying that. April 23 as the new gates. This whole. Disaster and may in when when planets are going to slam into Austin Tex. Can I tell you something little embarrassed to admit I knew that Dietz unfamiliar to me it's actually my daughter Alex has burst so well and then yeah you might wanna celebrate the tourists enjoy idea as to she's headed to Florida sun you know. Well shall have to Austin celebrated on the numbers self. I mean expression marijuana to expect yes the era is from just good to see tougher bots and so but anyway so yeah okay so NASA and everybody else says that. The world will not and unable to monitor just so you know one of these times one of these guys is gonna be rights and overall going to be sorry that's I think if the world was going to end of April 23 do you think NASA would come on say hey guys. The world's gonna end in April 23 just be prepared and not because they're all going into their bunkers and hiding out. And leading us all appeared to well to do it just like a tax day is current excess. And this happened a parents are the phone number 8446877669. Again that's eat for 46877669. We're gonna take a quick break more Tom I you listen to Jason GB on the unreality radio Rebecca. OK beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com check it. We're here around. Following non performing the minds later in the pro 2446877669. We love to have people join our conversation that fixes some pretty cool stories and talk about leader. In the program right now let's bring in our guest for the night is returning guest we've had Douglas Stearns on before he's an author. He's written a series of scifi books called harmonic wars. He did after being inspired by the great pyramid of Giza bullets let him tell the story Douglas welcome to be unreal to really agree to have you back asks. Guys thanks appreciate it the alternate. We're doing we're doing great. It what you've been up two cents. His judgment on the show less I think it was January when you're here with us last time. It up their we have read and execute your question yeah let's let's do this or we're we're gonna have a slick re establish this connection as we don't have a particularly good connection for some reasons let's do that. Musket Doug was spec dynamo were doing then I wanna talk about some that thinks kind of important this is not something. That we normally talk about. You know in the constitution United States there's a discussion about interstate taxes meaning that taxes cannot be charged across state lines. And the constitution set up that way so that these states don't try to penalize each other try to you know if they get an feud or whatever that they can't say welcome some intimate from New York is gonna be taxed at 30% when something coming from Virginia beat dads drive you know they. They just wanted to avoid that kind of conflict between the states you know it's it's it's it's a rather. I guess what wise. Trying to keep everything fair exactly well. Enter the Internet in inter people. Moving almost. Not all of but a great deal of their retail shopping to the Internet. And all of a sudden most of our products are coming from across state lines. And there is a Ben embattled. And and what it's done to the states is that it's reduced their sales tax income significantly when you have states like New York which you know their 4%. Of that of the sales tax that you pay some most places C percent before that is goes right to the state funds a lot of things. All of a sudden people are buying things on the Internet and those taxes aren't going to New York State anymore it's a significant revenue challenge so the states have been challenging this part of the constitution and it's going up in front of the Supreme Court. I'm in the next few days. To see if states actually have the right to impose taxes on Internet retailers. Old let's be honest though I mean. Taxes taxes or something that's needed but. Every state mall lot of states are they're really taking advantage and I think you'd think you'd agree JD especially living in New York communal morality as well. Where were pretty pretty much tax investment state so I can't sit there and feel any pity. Four before the State's win when it comes out especially when it's you know you can't tell me if the money was going to help people out. That that's a different story but so much of this money seems to just go missing or end up in all these crazy funds you know hoping out. Pretty much that the people in the in in the government. Yeah that's part of the prom alliance pockets but you know open apart from bin revenue discussion is in and how much government spending certainly conversation. The needs to be had. But this is a really ground big breaking Supreme Court case that'll determine whether the states will have the right to impose these taxes and if they do if they win. Then you can expect everything. That you pay for on the Internet today that he slapped on an 8910%. Sales tax. It's in general skyrocket. But I think people still shop online just because the convenience of being able to do from the comfort to their own homes senate. Going out and mutually America aren't going down and deal with the store wondering if this store's price is better than that it's that store's price and so forth. We have gone it'll be it'll be a curious to see how this turns out in Supreme Court because the constitution's pretty clear. I'm up until now what a lot of states have done is said to major online retailer say they've says listened. We we we can't impose tax on you B but we are going to force you to have a physical location in our state. Therefore we can charge tax on you because you are physically located in our state if you don't do that we normally you sell. Our mail order or Internet cells in our state so there's a there's been a little bit of that game going on as. Ellen then again I mean how would they be able to stop them with the with things like sepia and since star often to. Isn't sure that would be through IP addresses and IP address is written and people can easily just them you know easy pins to. Change or IP addresses appear that are going from different states so that it's tough. Yeah it is and that's why and it'll be curious to see how this turns better. Our were still trying to get again Douglass on the line here I think we're gonna. We're gonna change our men method of connections Skyping just wasn't working with him tonight and it's a way he wanted to connect and it will go phones here. Because of good old trusty land line phone lines seemed to be moral reliable we good slicked. Okay there's a list it's back to the fall mind let's bring Douglas begging NATO is sorry about the technical issues there you know they're not always perfect read these technologies. There lectures they're not not a whole lot we can do about that would just move on is that we can't. Ariza he subtle about it. Oh. Or earlier. Let's talk let's you know let's spend a second here in talked about what you been up to censure on the program last I think you win this in January the last time around. It's not too long ago but what's been going on your world. Well we get released book should do. Officially last week so. You know last week as a very busy week at a couple shows. And then of course. You are built at the way on Friday and greatly didn't earlier on your. The model concert appreciate. You know Art Bell was the pioneer qualities late radio talk shows and you know it's it's. The tragic loss for the community without untrue tragic losses in their lists feel. Well last year. Let you know our bills seems to be. Caught in that a great deal stressed and singled for a lot of people so. You know like at the listeners you know out there. You know being cautious what you say on our social media you know not everybody likes everybody else that they're people you're in pain at a loss. Of a loved one you know so. In. I understand that there was a petition now to turn his home in studio. Into the market that breakfast and museum on everything well. But there or problems that folks first everywhere you don't the studio. So. And she's cute and her you know and they have certain partisan. Our bills family still lives at his house so this is not going to happen and you really shouldn't. These signing things like there. We get we have I want I want to book the minute Wheeling the minute your twisted jumping to break and wanna bring back the RL discussion come after the after we go to break because they do have a couple important points to make and I think wanna be your opinion on Doug. But don't when you say that he you know pioneer of late night radio he really. In a lot of ways pioneered talk radio in general wage rate now talk radio is one of the most profitable and important. Formats are on traditional and terrestrial radio. You know he did more than just what his genre was he did and he did everything and he really invented a whole new classes radio broadcast. Period. So it and I. Axl actually download a bunch of our goals all podcasts start and never get old I'm personal for years I mean. Age I I haven't listened to relate coast coast and in many many years but when our bill is doing is shown it that's all it that's all right listen to. It was great I remember being and a teenager as a security guard at a at a facility late at night third shift and and it's attorney Lawson armed only. All right so we've got Douglas Stearns we had a little bit of a late start due to a technical glitch we're gonna continue talking with him on the other side of the break. I'm going to be talking about his books the harmonic wars series plus the mysteries of the great pyramid of Giza. Now a lot of stuff all right if you have any questions for us or Douglas Stearns or if you wanna say anything about urban feel free to give us coal. 844. 6877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. Nielsen Jason GDP on really real on the. So I Chrysler's car called harmonic wars. And rusty dornin great pyramids keys are we're talking about standardized tuning in that sums of confusing at the moment but when we get into that discussion no better understand what we're talking about don't. Russian argument radio legend yet. Yes the incredible Art Bell I mean anyone who's an icon and in this hill and T. He passed away on Friday film deftly will be greatly missed frequently you were ninth talk about the show in search of there was a television show in the mid seventies and and been influenced a lot of people other group were on time we did. And a lot of those people like you and I ended up. Getting into the colonel Moore as a profession if you will feast even possible to say that. On our bell was a similar. Influence on people. Our bill did things and no one thought people wanted to hear nobody thought anybody be interest in the radio programs like who wants to hear this stuff and it turned out to be the most successful radio program all time. Davos where you and our bell listener from the beginning what what point did you get turned around our. I didn't get turned on to art until after I was probably three quarters of the way. Group argue pursche book and I was looking that. You know. Where the different shoppers and I'm and hitting on and you know I kind of hurt coast to coast and I seen. All ancient aliens and that was actually showed their influenced me. Start writing. Well as a an ancient aliens show and so I didn't know who our Bill Walsh. And as a lot of the George Murray is the legal if we get on trying to on his show. And is fast and basic here soon. Prior and then the next one will serve caravan at midnight with John B wells is also portrayed here. Our belt. You know and so if you show first actually coast to coast or prepare. And then you know somebody what are my cancer eight meter it on the part battle certain that the show. And assault on fifteen. And so I was just trying to contact them. And I I couldn't get through to invoke. All of this stuff was happening in the background for him you know people were that you know this house and it was it was truly stranger and he can't sit back up and say yeah. And I'm not gonna do this anymore had to wait you kick it over. Well. My slip past. And I finally got a call from featherweight and society. You know I know you've been trying to get ahold of this book but he doing tonight I'm like. And get some haven't show you answer my pin on older shows. And I never got the chance to be on with our belt but. In talking with senator. I've been maple and you know you're really good sense of who he lows and is slower his family as well you know so and now he cherish. In his Whitewater. Well you know again we can't say enough about him and is somebody and radio for very very long time myself you know he's he's red up there with Paul Harvey is as far as I'm concerned is just to have. One of the provision in the top five radio legend of all time maybe Orson Welles is in that group to try to ensure there are there are many that they reached that stature. And you know just like ghost hunters has been credited wins being the start of paranormal investigating on TV Arbil -- really the granddaddy of all. Of these discussions and it just didn't happen before he brought into the air capsule. Absolutely absolutely. So again I I I gesture which you'd been up to you said that the second book has come out just recently ranked. The second board remark or series. Exactly. And you know we're we're enjoying. To bail them off the bat so they're very happy without. Harmonic wars. The crap that's true it is that there is law. Biblical bird. But it economy it's one of three colonies. They're humans came into this galaxy. And started these these settlements. And the reason party. Pushed in that direction was because of the research and right here at the researchers labeled delicate thing on the shows that are talked about and and that's great truth to the wolves so. I'll. The great pyramid. Willows. You know what brought in. You're the media expiration to right. Let's talk about they you touched on it earlier you said Euro. Watching a television show about the great tournament and kind of you open your eyes and inspired you at the same time what what happened there. Well. I was laying by all the really curious thing to were built into the breaker. And I started doing some are additional research. And I'd look there it is. And there's no other answer from me that that a global society wants to exert on the server. In our ancient past. And I believe that society much more grants than probably Noory in state. And the crew is the great pyramid itself. And all of the the particular sitting engineered and built into the man it's just tremendous. The three week here they're on the Giza plateau themselves. Well we'll probably freak you out because there are supposed to be aligned with the oh. Iran spoke restarts are right now. But 4500 years through the start charts showed that those three. Start with the ministry line. And now one star. All center for the other two. So you'd have to either come here to pay. Just see those start in the configuration or your people back and thousands of years. And I seen a common theme I'm back about the camp now your point. We're being used separately changed. Article that epic. Was a settlement in Turkey. And it's loose stone in times twenty. If there's twenty different don't injures that there are beginning on copper there and they were purposely covered up. Was it miserable it's not that you know back silt from. Slow cooker. You know normal seven it's purposely. Corporate and saint. And you know it's so beautiful reminder of their civilization that we know that in about it don't written language other and yet wolf well. You know widely seen written language of these ancient societies. There'll probably. It's pretty easy actually. Discover why if you look at today's site. There is all electricity went out in our society today. Well what happened to what's on your phone about the picture which you have heard from. No great everything would be gone. Yeah they'd be gone you know there's so much information we save everything to the class outer week. Send document that's important email you understood her prep for this show. You know we've sent a number of document back in fort. And what happens so there's information. When the electricity goes out and consider irreparable. You've sent you know what it does super massive solar flare or war. Almost. Ian he blasts. All of that. Electrical equipment is gone it's wasted. Can't recover from a and all their information on the Internet distraught. So. Although that's a whole idea here in this whole idea behind Indian media all. But the polls like that or is still pretty much threw a society into chaos. When well when somebody does that because you lose the ability to jeez you lose the ability to even start your car if you think about it because. It is destroyers electric only car battery system and everything else. Exactly and one. Once he and the result of the very strategically placed and it would knock out the entire grid in the United States. And they were talking about 95% casualties if that happens 95% of Americans would would not survive that and not not not the immediate impact of it but the aftermath of it. Oh yeah because what's electric because that powers that pushes the water. Into the towers and I continued the pressure that stops and then there's no water. So people where and how to clean water on the to do is go back and look in history NC. Hurricane. Katrina reader. The hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast in Texas. You know and you can see. The massive chaos that happens you know and it doesn't bring out the best in people. You know it's it's so horrible situation and once chaos begins to rain. You know on a global scale. Humanity will really go into eight survival. Mode you know. Bill beer hunter gatherer trying to stop all of within just two generations. It will be sitting around the campfire talking about. How all of knowing great Google wants force you know. And create a Google but if we had the tag if we have if they were more advanced in technology. There and we are now wouldn't there be some sort of remains that we would find. See that's the that's easy part okay it used to look at what's going on in Fukushima right now. OK we can't get anywhere close to boot the actual. Plant. And that whole town the met area has just been you know evacuate. Well. It's over growing so fast you know the nature streak in the back over. Very few of the road serviceable in the locker. You know the brochure and the grasses in the trees and bushes are certainly grow up hope Luke talks to call urgent. You know within a very short time. It will be nonexistent. We can find examples of the same thing that's happened over and over in South America. Where we continually find. Cities and pyramids and things along the slide that are just covered over by that. The growth of the jungle. If they're more here habits in South America there are in all the other cultures could bar. And so I pushed in that direction. For a minor wars. It was an interesting. Point to me and that there that culture. In my hand income. And you know even the ink and people base. Clinton never claimed that they built the majority of those of settlements they found so they were there before the Inca. Where there isn't took over and you know repaired and you can see there appears that they made to assume that the places. But that all this built in the oldest structures in all of these places. Are the most advance. Isn't that strange isn't it counterproductive to what we know about how people do things. It would seem counter oh yeah it would seem counterintuitive for sure. Exactly and we built we learned we improve and we've built here and you know take the car industry for example. You know it's not uncommon to see muscle cars in a 650 horsepower or more. And so in twenty miles per gallon that was unheard of in this execs. That we built and improved. And we built again. And you separate 1980s in the cars in the age and that struck but true. We still learn been you know now. We've got some fantastic we wonderfully. Built quality cars. And that would be what I would see. Or think you see in our our history. But. Although it didn't see let in the ancient societies. Are strong buildings. And that's because we don't building thing today. It's gonna last hundred years. Without massive amounts of militants. Well. What happens to all except it just falls apart breaks apart and there's nothing left. You know the tools. The measurement devices betrayed you for those who. And to build boats building. If they they wrote. You know they're they're great for a couple of hundred years and there's nothing left. So all the things to be where in the hundred years from our society would be Cooper damn. And old number four. OK and it 200 years on contributors are. Well if you if you believe Charlton Heston planet of the apes statue of liberty parts of that would be showing in it and my favorite series in a cinema hall of our time. Right listen we're gonna we have take a break here quickly welcome back to continue the conversation we're talking with Douglas during she's the author of the series of books. Known as a harmonic were serious or talk about how he was inspired to write it does a lot of ancient technologies and mysteries actually that. Inspired him to a pen these books annual synergies in GP and generally radio will be back. Santa Clara got some great stuff coming up just wanna give you quick reminder that tomorrow night Caroline clapper. Is a returning guest she's never intentional psychic medium and a medical intuitive will be talking about her gifts and how she uses them to heal people. And we're excited to have her back and then Mindy Godfrey who is equipped do zoologist author and investigator will be here to talk about operate canines across the Americas that looked like morals or dogma and we've had more more of these dog man discussions. Yemen has been talking about it the. Years I have now I remember talking with her back when I originally did beyond reality radio and taking so it's something she's she's been involved in Seoul and it's for such a long period of time she's definitely an expert field. Yes she's one of the best so we're looking for that Wednesday night tonight Douglas Stearns is with a sand Douglas were talking about your harmonic or series of books they're two out now. This is a quick segment here so it's just been a moment and and tells people where they can get ahold of hold of the books they wanna. And learn a little bit more about them Bynum. I. Obama wars is a series or two books. Guardians of the crystals goals we want and children of the guardians as spoke to. But you can start reading the truth so. This is full story by itself you don't have to go back and read book one book that you shoot the Genesis. Uh oh. The antagonists and protagonists. In this story. So that it that you view all that history. And then Hutus just a great book by itself. You could find about Kendall note and I boats. And if you go to my blog at harmonic wars stop Blogspot dot com. There's links fair and by the printed copies and you can even get me out. The e-book copy is well prepared to. And there are some savings that you get if you on global books together you can say eight dollar so that and combine Merck's. Anchor yet and I just remained we've got a minute here you before we went to the break here we were talking about how civilizations can be can disappear and how that's actually possible we often think it's it's not possible we should find evidence but it can be can happen. And when you talk about ebooks that just one example. Of Powell things can become so temporary so fleeting I mean any book is a great way to read a book but it's not gonna let it won't last forever. It that's the type thing we're talking about right I mean that's how civilizations can end disappear without a Trace I mean you don't have scrolls hidden in the cave like the Dead Sea scrolls loosened like that. But you can uncover when you're using. And it could it could disappear in an instant. Well and we know that there are examples. Anxious society we used electricity. In Egypt they had Baghdad Patrick's. And you did produce enough electricity to illuminate the Bible. Yeah and then it was actually proven on the sponsors from different territory in the mode again cheese potato to crucial Tuesday to listen to what you can use and make a clock. Yeah if you make the clock with a bid that you can also shoot him out of a cannon and you can burn your thumbs on them we know all those things be true and Emmy champ Jimmy's Jimmy still wants and quite a few times are its toe in the far numbers a 44687766. Oregon toll free 88446877669. Or take a break more to come you listen Jason TV. They do a better. Reviewers myself Jason Hawes railways arson chief each arts so I would consider requests in the in the chat room some decent beautifully some crap Coke commercials knew he gets them some crap Goldstone to play later in the program in a -- we got we are some of those guys I don't know I don't all the you know they've been in debt heavy R&D mode you know turn company new products new ideas and I understand what they're trying to do they're trying to reinvent themselves little voice translated device at the north on. I and I still don't see how they do that that. They will work be why the heck which one and and it's so you can understand clearly that hey listen you mentioned Illinois says it's okay if you go golfing and it really picks it up and tell us what she really yeah. On so yeah we'll get we'll turn to hook up some of that a little later in the program we've got a great show tonight Douglas Stearns is with a sees the author of the harmonic or series of scifi books. He was inspired by the great pyramid of he's a plus other technologies from the ancient civilizations that relates talk about on the program Russert a standardized tune tuning in semantics and when that means. And now it's important to the book plus it's just important to us and science as a whole. Arms can be very discussion we get him back on the program just few minutes. Every great to finally understand what effect at me it's how we started talking about it when he had him on the program last time you didn't really did do you know ended deprived of those that did that onion apart and possible and to actually. In my in my head was throbbing head because it's it's it was a gravity and if you have an image she had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio only to FaceBook page forest. That has to be under reality radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone and android apple should listen live sketch pad shows John Allen chat more. He also find all the rescissions where across the country right there. On the web site which were costly updating some check in Austin because we air on stations all across country were costly adding new stations in different in some of those same states as well in different states. Or he just click the oval pop a button on the upper right hand corner of the web site. And they'll connect you or online chat Rican listened to the show wall ideology be myself and just current Greek community people to download the show from iTunes or anywhere else disfavor in just please read it forces helped push show Ford makes it easier for everybody's fine. Yeah it's it's agree we do participate in the program not just in listening but he can also chat all those things are happening there. I know we've that you we were at an event this week and I was on an event this weekend I just wanna mention we've got something pretty big coming up and I'm involved in the liked to just put out their. Scary con in June in Framingham Massachusetts might wanna check the website to scare con dot com article stuff happening. It's getting bigger bigger bigger bigger new location this year so we can check it out scare con dot com. Yes we better than this spring feels the dad's got them I'm really traversed a new location Alexander but the new spot. Gives greater certainty and we checked it out here today I think should be fun yet should be a time let's let's bring our guest back into the program Douglas Stearns again author of the harmonic or series of books of two books out at this point. On and Douglas some of deterring the topic here to the semantics. Systematic X experiments that this whole concept that sound has something to do with a a list. Open this discussion for a scandal in the ground work. Okay now we're gonna have to kind of rule that's about it are going to be here. Through that in into the standard by studying. Because it at all of our rapid all out. And this time we were trying not think he gets her. Can take it. Good good good luck with that. Okay. Somatic experiments. Is. That's the impact. Sound on the matter. Preparing to and you can see examples all over YouTube. Are outside the attic experiments there's. Examples of water lie. The ones so I prefer. Are where the user tone generator in a piece sheet metal and they put salt on top of the sheet metal. And the tone generator rises and frequency. That solves cheeks. They're performs. It's really cool and the higher the frequency. The more. Complicated and complex. Negotiates become. And it is really amazing. As far errors standardized student. There's also. An example. 8440. We're choosing Ford 32. Tuning. We're a sign that experiments. And it will clearly show that the salt. Is real reform mean at the frequency went through it ordered 32 perch. Verses 8440. Hertz. Those. You concede that the salts are already starting to break apart. Listen let's. I wanna do some here because we have due credit define what these different to earnings mean because most people particularly for not gonna musical background you really don't understand. What's that means but before we do that we've had some people on hold for quite some time here and I just wanna. Least get a caller to in this is Barry from North Carolina hey Barry you have a question for Douglas. He buried there. Remember Paris has missed a chance so far apart in the interruption Douglass on let let me just set the stage here. Well it somewhere along the way and I know you've talked about this last time you were here. The world kind of accepted a standardized tuning for the note that in that's known as a and it's 440 Hertz. And that's what he's used to as to tune orchestra is it's what's used. To tune me in on their musical instruments is just kind of become the basis of bark what we know is musical notes 8440. But what you're saying is that's not really what. And is a natural tuning for us we should be looking to something else to take it from there. Okay in in the past. There were a number tunes that were used imagine going from orchestra orchestra in the eighteen hundreds which you're. Different type the formal. Beautiful instrument at some instruments are perk to the numbers and yet each orchestra troops in different. A different standard you know there may be 4154. Ordered 32 thirds or sixty say it's in now and it read it really changes the sent columns. And how people feel when they're here in the music. And and their worst thing movement. In their twenties and thirties to pushed it eight or forty and one that the people didn't really pushing this was just a global. Of the Nazi party he's propaganda industry. And yeah when you listen to different between eight or 32 point 8448. Or forty sounds part. Where. 84 or into the sounds. A harmonious there's a big difference there lecture you got. I can't do that so yeah I actually do have the 8440 vs a 432 comparison usual play that now. OK so this you give you an idea with the differences are enact I'm a play and then you can explain what we just heard a case of this is that. Comparison between 8440 tuning in 8430 to tune. He were here in a whole bunch you know it's your Douglas what are we hearing. And apparently there's an album familiar with but you can. You can hear one of the bounce is harsher. That would be a full forty south. The other the and here's here's a 100000. Example. I think they have another file that you connect this with a recent let's let's try this when this might be more to the point of what you're trying to the pre trying to make here. OK so that one was to short pieces of music one based on any 440 I tuning in the other earning a 432. Right the first one was eight or 32. And the second one was eight or forty and you know going through but I mean like what it says they're literally. Hundreds of examples of that stuff. And it'll make your head hurt just trying to listen to this. But the second one was harsh in comparison. And and a recent years they're eight or 32. It's actually in tune. With the but harmony at the hour. They heard her sound. Okay and that's sound is somewhere around eight shots. It's called shoot at residents. There's documented mat radically in 1952 buchert emphasis. When period auto shoot. And it's caused by the lightning this chart news in the atmosphere. So it has a range depending on how many. Lightning strikes are arguable that that has remained constant but the origin is generally accepted as eight much and Christopher Dunn. Has done a lot of studies on this in Barre area that Egypt and he says the issue that residence there. He is extremely. They'll. Solace in EP cured everywhere here it's a card here in the great peer as well. And we can't really accurate pursue it because it's below our. Our ability to hear we can hear about twenty Hertz. But we can feel the residents. Carrying. And it eight hurt you if you beat him there at that Cuban residents. And it hurt Chico but the scale five opt it's a you know ABC yet treat. And it goes back eight and that's an octave carry. You go up five octaves you will reach reached a note see. And that frequency will be 256. Turks. If you continue that the scale reached eighty above middle C. As 432. Perch so 430 should do is in true with the church frequency. But if you start at that sang a note. And started before forty. And go back to that same note that we referred to that 256. Search. It's actually now change you 261. Point 65 actually church so it's not a whole frequency. It's safe fragmented. Frequency. OK. Any if you keep going down you'll miss it hurts altogether. So for pre two is in two under resonates a fundamental part Peter irked the bigger. But for forty is just harmonic to nature. It's an etc. and yes they said you're gonna do this economic matter. Where oh great pyramid student. Two border and dirty to perch and they're so a lot of examples. There. Okay. Randall Carlson. And Fareed. That the great pyramid. It is. There is related to the Northern Hemisphere. Okay and it's a representation. Of the Northern Hemisphere at ratio. Well one to 43200. Eric or preach to their certain number. Area so there's speaker. Are that's that's our. Show how the pyramid is related to the third time in Speights. Gonna do that now do you wanna wait after the break. Are you picking about fifteen seconds to get accurate you did. Okay be trying pat we talked about half that atmosphere in happier. So the Northern Hemisphere in this to happen day. Have to pay is twelve well sure 43200. Seconds. That number or beat to get access states. The sun. The rapists or half but the thought that measurement is roughly 132000. Months. So you'd get this common. Steamboat for 32. Routes states. Eager. Time and right here in the pyramid along with a number of other. Measurements. Interest all right so we're gonna who were gonna really get and mourn death on this point come back we. We phone numbers 446877669. Dental freed 8446877669. You listen JC NGV we're talking Douglas stern stood shouted a question. Very very short segment here soon. Gonna break in just a second but we will be taking your phone calls a trying to hold please be patient we'll get to those calls after the break. If you wanna call and be part of this discussion. It's 8446877669. And when we come back from the break we're gonna have dug break this down a little bit more forests and tell us what the implications because. If there is an implication there's an importance to all of this and answers as part of foundation of his harmonic or series of books. Not sore and I am I'm makes I laugh about it but now it's it's really really interest in but of course one of those things where at least he wanted to know 1:30 in the morning is just Massa and his death I mean I'm having a hard time you know deducting times it will warm embrace can we come back and everything else. Well trying to figure out other things but. Are it's a whole lot more to come you listen to Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio pool deck. It's just speeding by another of the show's almost over here and and generated by an it honestly the church before or. If you don't see that it would it would necessarily attack it was a can't go to 4 am yeah that's. Of people leadership they're gonna all do that injured girl and tonight we're talking with Douglas Stearns he's the author of the harmonic wars series you can check out. Some information about that and at harmonic wars dot Blogspot dot com. It's available all over the place there's two books in the series currently. And Douglas were gonna take some calls and hear in just the second but I wanted to bra wrap up this discussion about the 440 vs a 432. You even presented a very very powerful case about how they're the natural frequency of the earth. Builds to fourth 32 verses to say for 48440s. And a natural frequency. What is the implication of all this for us as people and the harmonic series or how much more serious. Well. To wrap it up okay. Is it you if you look at the great pyramid and its references. Intent and who built great period. And what society. We put so many tipper were purchased. There are reports to the Earth's very preparation. The reference to time in reference to space there's references. To pot three point 14. Multiple references the Internet there's multiple references. Five golden ratio one point 61 built it and two different sides of the pyramids taken from different management points. It you know even the speed line. Is figured in to that very point of where that break curb it dislocated. Why would then this much trying to put this much mapped into this and this much engineering. Just couldn't get guy in the ground. I don't see them there's about. Yet doesn't and it doesn't seem to and justify the effort. No it doesn't and that was the thing that threw me off. And I care researching. The different sites in fact exceed that there was a global society. And what with that society it looked like. And so in harmonic wars I try to bring forward. That and the bits and pieces archeology that we see and the things that we're going to see in the future when they start. Actually identifying their you know Hager was the society. The civilization that lives on planet Mars you know they. I'm more should know these things. There's a lot of evidence and then there's a lot of things that you you try to do and look at and particularly with marched. You can't sit here because there the other pictures or lose our satellite photos there are pixelated happily. What why you know we've prepared. Technology. You know first satellite technology. Per per decade sticker read. License plates you know from space in here we've got these pixelated pictures. Mars. What are they covering up what they're not sure who in order not silence. And so are trying to cool beast sinks into. It into my actual. And I I had a really good time doing it because it for me it answer a lot of things and how why. We see in history. All the art with spaceships and huge sent Essex based Apple's. You know you can see things throughout. Our history. You know but Obama in India. Well spear. You know acknowledged that there spaceships. You know and the different societies that don't. OP there's certain you know we came from states. You know and it loose just so much fun for me to police and together. And create the society how they need to look at how they were organized. And some of the technology. That they can't. So. Aggies kept running with it and it has built and built. This story unfolded the forming before about do it. I had like 800 confusion draft. And Witten got the publisher and pictures that were practical way to set. Let's jump to our phone must we've had some people waiting very very patiently this is Alice calling from Denver. He Alice welcomed the program. I don't think we're on my phone call. My camera to get black wing back. Stearns it's Douglas Stearns. Our own war. On the and then not understand. When Cochran about how we. I'm. Winning column tool being almost certainly. Are. I am what movie I'm not educated in the area whatever that area or I know all brought by any role. Inflation could you know it's great don't get that early critic and baby are pretty story you all are about or. The whole of nation like why are you much more interest you and I do like hearing about what relation. Yes Al yeah thank you thank you for the comment knows no we appreciate we're trying to get there in the amount of time we've got less let's jumped to Barry who's been on hold twice and now very welcome to the program. LL have dazed and immediately after the toddler blog at third so. The original quick at Murray got a short period of time. Today. Yeah it sure news that they got great pyramid is. All of us another half hour now alive and I can't remember that a lot and it from just above the equator. And if you Obama let that attitude not a whole way around the earth. About not 8% of all pyramid is all a home that latter two you know latitude aren't. There is a a line it says third degree angle to the equator. And what it does is mixed. In ancient societies it connects crucial route it through next Easter Island incidents. And little plot it connects the dope on. Society. And it's just straight line all the way through so you're correct. There are still pretty pyramids all over the air network. So it it won't connect like 90% of those careers but you can do that clear. Connection to all of those different civilization which were separated by. Time. And confidence. And it is just an amazing. Coincidence. But being. Yeah its absolutely their. Very thanks for their phone call we always appreciate hearing from you. Douglas is we really probably should take Alice's advice here get a little bit more into the books and today Ian you've crow created multiple dimensions and world with the books. Are these all things that were you were inspired by this this these ideas we've discussed tonight is are more play here they did inspire juju too. The peace to a stories and civilizations together. Well I've looked at. Things like string theory. Multiple dimensions and. All possibilities. For you know life in general and I was thinking about drink it's okay and how. Real some greens aren't some during your just in the district circuit this summer so that it. It pages they have their own novel watering you know I don't know there's. In my dream I'm talking to be real virtual. You know I guess he'll bat you know assist this is not just a normal during this is something it beyond that. And I took that that says well you know but there were multiple. Possibility sort of urged all of these dimensions thousands of generations are thousands of she's dimensions. Thousands possibilities. All of those dimensions there's this one super dimension does it work it wraps all the and I hope that over and deterrence. And the water when we're having strings were actually interacting with people from different dimensions are different part of the world. And what are. The monsters and in our not they're sort of the earth beings from other directions. You know that have also gone into this Lander during this and it added. Whole bunch possibilities. That we're just in this for the as far as the science fiction story. And you know I imagine having a place that you can access. And be able to go there and find. And those laws of nature don't exist you know you can make them. It will Jewish people bought you control your environment. Control people who are injured Bernard is strong enough. It's stronger mentally than they are in you can control them that you can. Just do whatever you want. It was an amazing. Later that I was able put out and people in the Olympic dreams were able to. Fired on the others are able to influence strains are able to actually go to different places. When you hum talk about inner dimensional beings what are you. Look what are we talking about here these space travelers would. The inner dimensional beings that I use and for all of my characters. Are modeled on after all real people. Or. Different beasts. My editor dimensional convenience. Had to be. Things look good Burke is people. So I used angels and demons and I use these wrinkles in this Sunday and so are into Michael the Archangel Gabriel. The demons feature. I've used those people in restraints and in the history of the world and as the bird. Have been adults were occurring in the army would approach each other on the battlefield. And tools and you know football live. In their own dimensions on the same battle field influencing the Cubans. And it replied it is. Eight battle that had six different points of view it will it will grow our aren't paying for right. You also talk about technologies. And you've had some inspiration for these and is there advance things were to get the inspiration and much of technologies. Do you well I'm in the book. In the in the look okay. There's so there's a lot technologies and I got their inspiration from them from being that I can reveal what you project manager and nieces think outside the box and how to create. Who sent who sets. So I hope people do things. And it was it was a tremendous. Kind of mean just seeing the different technologies. Were being developed that the capabilities. And so I went forward with a sense of what would be like continued action when you mention hundreds here. How would the technologies. Exists. And accuracy holographic in the states. You know that should. Operating a spacecraft. From the virtual reality. And so you'd see nothing. The space around you and your war you're involved in this series. It it blows there's a lot on the need to bring. That are the same if you were if you were in state senate in a warship they're put in here and saying. Pol. But it could also serve at and that's eight. And these self sufficient and it would actually. Interact with war nervous system so there. The speed of thought. Is how our street to react. We've got to just the end do you regret you know just say we will get a few minutes left and I know you can wanted to some some things up here. Once again time got the best of us here as he or through some of these pretty complex concepts but you know bringing all around force. Okay. If you want to see an example of what. These type of ancient civilizations made it look at what happened today. You know why did not seem even more or maybe they're right here maybe we are the aliens there green integrate period. And we were actually from another planet maybe this is not that doesn't hurt that. We think the various. Purposes won a streak all of these sentences since. You hear all means that all these examples. That your group coming back you know under the plan and pressure to lessen. On and on at all well I say if you want to find what they're bureau wants Wallace. That you root she's. Look at that Astro field between Mars and Jupiter. There are no longer exist. They are there are certain 200 year orbit. Is it gonna look like Strickland was gonna make it just turned back at 16100 years and come back here. It just didn't make sense and so there's a number of things that are like. Included in in the rule book. If you want to see how were ordered all the distant you know the different technologies. Are anti gravity. Technology that would have been used to create. Cut and place all the stones at the breaker that. You can see how people will have acted too bad at and utilized those are the technologies. It can market show like this let's speak to war let's. It if you liked this show and this kind of show. Become available we'll support. Or thinking of Jason group is that a lot of what goes into this type of show. And you know just the same ways it will all work goes in and Michael. You know we're we're we're all of them on the nurses were trying to no pay bills and maintenance me you know so. You know if Indian Jason innocent. But the year you know and all we also want to think about it. But what will she can and then on Kindle. My books and if you don't shoot from all the wars. Blogspot dot com. You'll find links. We're you can buy the books that printed copies in my publishers agree though abortion. Resell it in the patent. Or low. Alt option. And we we asked them route together. On sale for eight dollars off or bundle our 40 let's go to this written. As a standalone book as is book once that you don't have. You know I opened if you don't watch it. I think I liked you. But you know oh. It is an incredible amount of work. To put in one of these books. Book to children of the guardians is 271000. Words law. Or about 808. On Kendall so is that if you don't have pretty copy that got it down the 600 no. 12611. Pages so what now. That's like Warren. It. Well yeah you know it took eight months just do your second. Portion of everything not just another eight months you know breath stole the second front office. And I began writing this and 2012. But O Douglas were were out of time here thank you so much for being back with us and bringing these concepts to us and our listeners were still scratching their heads a little bit but. It's all the book and I'm sure it makes sense there. And again go to harmonic wars stuff Blogspot dot com you can sign on how to get a whole new books. They're available all over the place and again thanks for being with us. Thank you appreciate you all have a great day. And I were to take a quick break and and wrap things up elicited Jason Giambi on really weird. Wrapup segment here thanks for the students returning the second time spent on the program the books are a month or series you can find them all over the place yes and tomorrow we're talking with Caroline clapper. Ando mission on medium and so and this should be interesting in the ones we've got Linda Godfrey. Who's good friend of the show her and be talking a crypt and animals dog men Wear wolves and list goes on on getting it had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond a reality radio elect FaceBook page source and had to be under reality radio dot com. Find dollar stations we are across the country can also download free iPhone and android app. And lots more and if you do you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else who Safir registry to trust. Helps push it forward makes it easier for people find this gonna do for us tonight's Jason NGV beyond reality radial can chill in my. 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