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Evidentiary Psychic/Medium Carolyn Clapper

Apr 18, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Evidentiary Psychic/Medium & Medical Intuit Carolyn Clapper about her gifts, and the work she does helping people with their spiritual, medical and missing person concerns. 4/18/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Sticks out West Coast went sailing this managed to earn between welcome. Your radio myself Jason Hawes the only source and chief each arts so last may we had to talk about the sad fact that our belt radio legend paranormal legend talk. Radio legend passed away age 72 years old which you know in today's day and age that's. Not particularly old Dallas it's young but young it is it is and and then tonight we we go on the Aaron we've got to deliver I'm sure people verdict heard but to the First Lady Barbara Bush passed away now and that's while you are talking earlier we've we've found now it's it's that's that really is yeah I mean she was classy lady and I think she was very very proud of her family. Very very loyal to her husband and almost 9293 years olds didn't like that and and and George Bush is still alive at the same agent according to reports he's heartbroken she passed away I didn't realize that she. She seemed so much more healthy than he did last time we saw them public but I. Yeah and who knows what they're both being well last time last and I remember seeing them to believe it was during the simple and with the sumo in the Kimmel are both in wheelchairs and concern. And it was one of those things where I always liked seeing guys I I just liked him for whatever reason I just like to Los Angeles. And you see them Kamal arm and hand him the band together forever in Italy where you know you know who is really an inspiration for sure anyway. Our hearts go to the bush family and as the men do that loss but so they certainly have a lot to be proud of in on another note. Harry Anderson I don't know if you remember Harry Anderson to remember area and you always you all might remember him throwing the awful judge. On the whole night court show that. That entered our military currently Kmart in the eighties into the ninety's I mean air for quite awhile but. And he was actually use from right Aruba is born in Newport. October 14 1952 but yes Harry. He was 65 years old so and he was an actual. Travelers are good friend Josh is always there to. So I'm you know again our hearts go out to him asking them what they say the stuff happens at three assumes that the 123 would be we did for awhile. I on the L because vanishes about it Arnold the army of the guy who from full metal jacket just passed away and he was writing the almighty remembering amused. He's known for always like yelling BS people yeah it and I knew I was history that was his stick so then if that's the case and we have two more to deal with as a rift with foreigner counties. Senator currently be a pretty crappy here I know tees are well we'll move on to happier things and we're gonna have a great show tonight talking with Caroline clapper. She's returning to the program she's an evident to a psychic medium and also a medical into it. And we're to talk about how these guests came to her it's a pretty amazing story what those gifts are. We're gonna talk about to how she's worked with defect detectives not defect as detectives to find missing you people do detect it is on the mark. And there are five spirits that helper with medical mysteries and problems when she breeds people for those reasons. A lot of great stuff just is readings for people in Coleman's. And she has some information and has some contact with us David Carradine of course Renault he passed away but it's an interesting story. That goes along with the shall share this stuff or interest. Or an hour like. But we won't go unnoticed. Head over to if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com where you can download free iPhone and android atlas atlas and live sketch pad shows Jones telling Chad more. We can find all the stations we are cross country. Which are of course she stations there were constantly updating that list and adding new stations so make sure you check it frequently. We can assert once page click the button up top and every choruses listen or the pop up on much connection to an online chat rumored TV myself agree community of people usually you know. What year did drastic park come out into theaters on my gosh I. Who or. Owners in the ninety's right. Yeah sometime during the nineties maybe mid ninety's was itself the original Jurassic Park I think was better than all the rest it has agreed to integrate some of great story too and I remember when that came out. Not only was it a ground breaking film but the concept. Of using DNA from extinct species. To regenerate those species was something that at the time they said now this could never really happened this is just. This is just science fiction. Yeah and even Arctic spirit and zero start out just about to say there are scientists at Harvard. That are under way within a project that will take DNA from woolly mammoths whose books have been extinct for a very very long time. And they will use that DNA combine it with the DNA of an Asian elephant. And re generate woolly mammoths to re popularly Arctic regions and they think that this. Can not only be an interesting thing as far as biology goes but they think it could actually help with the climate change they think it could help. It change parts of these Arctic regions to more. Flush and vegetative. Places on earth give them vegetation. Give them. More I guess more use of member Alicia with the benefit there is but they think by doing this. They'll be able to reintroduce them to the wild and more of woolly mammoth roaming the earth again. OK so. I mean this just opens the door to a lover of lot of ethical questions and so truly my panel though are you you feel towards JG but. I kind I get scared sometimes that we are we are playing god. Replaying the creator Jim and how do you look at. No I agree with doing a Indian it mimic the whole bunch of ethical questions come around because when you've done that much of creed woolly mammoths. You know then what's to stop you from many other things straight down to creating other species. Of human related. Animals and whatever I mean is there that it does open quite a dork. Well didn't and Jeff Goldblum in the original Dresser park wasn't one of his lines they had their time. Yes and two in Tehran and it's of course you wish there. Intersil around. And just I don't I don't know it's it's just I don't know the ethics it just makes you feel we're down bothers me a little bit. But it's it's it's crossing lines that we may or may not have should be crossing on some people would say well god gave us the talents to do these things so. We should go ahead and do them I don't know if that's a legitimate argument and on but he science skills talents are god gave us the ability glued to treat the science is what they're trying to set. But this if this happens there it is going to be 20000. On acre. I siege safari park which could probably fit to pick it Siberia. So would be interesting to see what goes on and and I would like to look watch this stuff I've heard things like this before and I haven't seen any results from a so who knows where to go but that's of the talking about I don't Iraq. Local counsel Michael concept of Jurassic Park FO was it was a wild and and that could definitely come in handy with that with some animals that are going and you know. Stayed in state at stake right now. Tom but it's just. Something that's going on for thousands of years and now a year in year three year actually using. DNA from another creature as well. He and again you know what's the what's the combination going to Nina how long and how long before we get dogs with Al internet's. The. So important let's go to the bad guys Saturday guys try to fight you imagined. Creature within alligators head and mouth on a dog's body how quickly get rocket hit me that's a series by me constantly test home well then there's in the kitchen leg power itself. We're gonna take to bring together forms a 44687766. Night until freely 44687766. Are you listen Jason TV. OK beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Pour scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeen been Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on its Garrick conned. Dot com checking our. Parents are. Yeah ten inch records had you know remembered records using your albums and ten inches extended play records and that's the talking about their emails aren't coupons are being. Back in the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy we're still working on getting our guest Carolyn clapper. Wins this it'll take a few more minutes but it gives us time to talk about this other the story which I fared pretty interesting as well. There's been spotted off beat north East Coast you might know something about this where you RJ. A mysterious. They spotted them from the air. You can't figure out why these sharks are massing together. My votes already ago. When you go on get him to sketch. Because he's such an earliest arrive we catch sharks all the time. Well what they're saying here is they cannot figure out why so many sharks which sharks tend to be somewhat. Individual animals that don't travel more tax you instantly yes and no depending it depends chart I mean it a lot of shark shelter events in charge of basking sharks in the yet. Parents tend to be individual travelers sometimes the get together but it's very rare there in large numbers but there are now 14100. Of them. I think this is actually char I don't own it's actually a fix that is price math you know so many in and it square inch and in the mall you at the next one to. And hit notable turnaround and a half but I think this is certain NATO about ready to come to reality here I think that's what's happening. Pitches I am you know it's it's insane especially down Florida and sometimes you'll see. Just thousands of black tipped Sharpton and a lot of times the camera had to be a following him to hammer heads usually eat eat them. On. I mean and it's just an incredible sight as you see thousands upon thousands of sharks. It's let alone to terrify them. You know assuming when we wouldn't wanna be dropped in the water Middle East 14100 best feature it's the best sharks dangerous sharks and don't have I don't think so I mean I think any shark can be dangerous. Especially Atmel and when you get him up here we we've got a great whites we got some of the most adversary of pressure from a few familiar with them but they have this tale that. They whip isn't it's likable. And it is it'll literally kill. Nobody is that stunned again I'm a big prey and things like Toronto. Now I don't wanna be doing any of these sharks in fact when jaws can amount of moral and I didn't see when that when it came out it was too young but later when I sought for the first time and it won't go anywhere near the ocean for very very long time really jealous is terrifying movie LB on us you re muted there's a huge greatly it's Bada. And you've got to rule last year we had a couple that were well over 3000 pounds it is because there's a lot of Mac taxis CPR move but you talk about just now I haven't I don't swim a sole cause I have touchdown catch some stuff in there and terrifies me for example a lot of movement for the holy Prada. Prada terrified made that destroy that I agree that came out shortly after jaws did and that's a straight yes that was worse going through the years I couldn't pull out in the pool at night because it was just one of those things are you like art Harris. I'd I'd I kids who were not an salt water for very long and and when to say this even though I probably shouldn't because of it makes my nipple sensitive. I'll name that I really I think I have nothing to address duck I guess can be sent out just on this part just they're a sniff I also want to let everybody know that tomorrow we've got Linda Godfrey coming back to the show she's an author and investigator we know her from her work. I encrypted into Mona re talking about where walls and dog men and other operate canines that have been spotted across the Americas this is going to be a great discussion I'm really excited about this one. Linda's phenomenal person and every time off talk with her she's just as she she definitely knows her stuff and she isn't there Michigan dog man. In so many other things and just a just a wonderful authors who also if you get a chance make me shoot check out stuff yeah. Remember when we shoes on the program last time she gave us so a lot of really in interesting and important information talked about how she got involved and intend to in the research she's done it's very enlightening industry second work. Excited to have her. On tomorrow night. And again you know she's she's been on the program before it was great discussion. So our target Nordstrom's figure about the viewer regularly sensitive. And the agency rubbing lotion arm. And I took it to that experience so that. You went there. How kind I mean touchdown. Well you know I think I think it's gotten a horse show it did it did I think we in a last night we've we've disappointed some people because we couldn't get to a craft a commercial that went with a crypto wants us to play one when we when we go into that now when trying to sir Stuart and I here's some craft goes since spring is coming let's go this. Being in the garden TV and Pro Bowl oh well gotta go again it can kill me. So it's a crap go total license. You're duty do its duty with the perhaps coach fertilizer turn regular household human waste into fertilizer for your honor guard we'll do it we may as well get some benefit from month to may the players never get more juicy. External wiser than. And the only Cuban music video confirmed yeah thank you move to rising thank you think you can keep. It's 100% natural and crack internalize it works great with houseplants do. Achilles' do you told the receipt of slowly it's. Credit goes fertilizer comes with all the things you need to make your morning tour into a whole lot more like a hearty stain resistant. It meant a supplies fertilizer reusable storage back to copy of People Magazine and in ocean breeze air pressure to crack turtle like her music has. Project have the neighbors over for fertilizer part bringing to grabs for the weekend visit your kiln fires around so it's a big help when potty training. Didn't get them through and it depends fraternity big electronics created. Nonsense approach to return to nicer thanks cracked. Started small business for the ones by selling your extra internalize into the neighborhoods what's the scoop with your pool don't flush on those kids down the toilet crock looked like the crack of fertilizer is available for special limited time price and get this free pass from Decatur distort your eternal life or materials. To cause unpleasant odors. Action today. OK you can't help he can help but I mean it's her retirement a year for it Marshall it is you know we're heading in the spring the growing season while we every getting to spur him I don't know what that's been together as a realist is not happening here are it was a we're gonna break we know we've got our guests now Caroline clapper is waiting for us so we'll take our break and when we get back will get their online and get this conversation started. Paris so I don't know in the phone numbers 84468776. X wagon to a treaty for 46877669. Listening to these. GBM Chiarelli heard you. Great taste in her. Home number 12 holes later in the program meets for 46877669. You should do right down the number. Taking call in our guest Carolyn clapper warmup doing readings on there. On that sentiment we're gonna do tonight but if you have questions you wanna join the conversation certainly feel free dial and when we open the phone Munson who want. Absolutely useless springer guest on Carolyn clap Mary thanks for joining us. It Caroline is an evident shall psychic medium also a medical intuit. The website is the next world medium dot com Carolyn let's figure which have been doing you've been on the show last. Chair I guess what important should know about my story. Is that what kicked my ability agenda overdrive with but I haven't and geeky. Which people have heard about and share at a near death experience. Aaron when I had meningitis back and check out there and eleven. And I would miraculously healed which we can get into it you'd like. Arms when I was released on a lot and allotment allotment what changed actually buried in gaelic athletic and I'm not later. That the pattern of elaborate that there really extremely big deal and numerology. Comic came back with the ability to stand at the marks were out. And shoot communicate with Russia crushed our. Yet we are gonna talk a lot out at an eye on it. But yeah we're gonna talk a lot about that I'm fascinated by the 111111. Connection. You know there's holes studies. And researchers that spend full time efforts and in trying to determine the significance of the 1111 connection but it is somewhat mystical knowledge is somewhat mystical and a lot of people. Not only would attest to that but do they know they look at the clock can. It's 1111 and they look at it as summing up and shoot 111 record and so that's a pretty interesting connection there. Actually it and the fact he'd bring a pickpocket on me because. I AM glad someone who is indulging in com. I guess mr. brown before I had the stability and 200 you know reading books about medium chapter really delving in Kenya or challenging or anything of that chart. On an additional ten huge. Need change. So I and I kept those are paying and it just don't like Senator Obama because decrepit you rock you girl. But that being said. What I came out of the hospital I didn't even you know relayed that day Annie ink signature catch him mean just today and it. Obviously really happy to be alive. But you know the numbers can really mean anything to me and tribe began and seen her cry everyday. 111111. A lot of cash and no job I had one of the little like lying about crime action haven't aren't you know. They'd ticket digital pot where the pieces actually moved. It can't really thirty I mean we get to crack triggered. And the clock would stop analog and eleven and one of the eleventh actually ally for a ball and church Erica Pratt trying to one point. And I started posting 1111 on my sheet the page just. Train Ariza just because I kept seeing it everywhere. And over a span of a couple of years people asking me what what what the 1111 or I don't know I just every time XP and it makes me think there. And I want an inch you know a picture of me leaving trader how about. Popped up on my trend line. And I realized that the date with 1111 a lot of government took charge and I hadn't I'll compliment that broker or bank you know. As like on the air that I can we will have an eleven and then I started to be in contact with people who her. It will also worst undefeated but that try to let them. And it is open land all world up to the tour and the idea like numerology people and people who Wear often affiliated with the number allotment. Uninteresting you brought up chili. And you broke the hold near death experience and that's when everything really started happening for you and now that's not uncommon we've we've talked to many people. Three years on the shelf and it had that and that and that's something that we we've always heard is a lot of times people. The minute David near death experience or something like that that it it takes it all if there are already open all the sudden that seems more enhanced but if there aren't a lot of. Yves saint that because he medication that I wouldn't really ignorant about at the toward happened to me. And now I carriage carrying any. You know Damien Carrick round at the screens they were happening to me innocent just you know chipping out art. What different and unique about my story I heard from other people because now in present this scene that do well. You know at that anger considered to being well I've had a friend of mine who is affiliated with a lot of medium commie. Cherish. Meaning that amateur ultra firm which means directory areas and thanks Alan Richard a potential meeting in Russia. I find missing people with families and attract and and I am off to a radical and track and there are medium to come back from you about experience and I'm one of those camps or maybe even Q. But the fact is though tonight I specialized and all tree and I'm scary very scary high accuracy and call tree and I go inclined. I gallon now on termination I prefer that I Cilic a lot and I don't wanna be at a determination Acadia journalist. Throwing Alley yes. And people take note that Donna take out and trained to record more because probably better for them. I am I just got in my had too much I recorded the car and just mature thinking too much like about how around their current. I'm getting over that term. And yet because I'm able to get in aren't such high accurate in paltry area but can't harm people that are impacting on people on him. But an alliance. Which mission in content because you know early and I you know. And I optional. Grammatical. Reading chipped come back quench. Really try accurate team when people parent child content actor's actor on the you know to try and common term in I'll come ask on mine in Chile event in the top memory and an ironic scene and there can occur on. And I work that's tied to our parents. Amniotic Tryon. Made Dem I'm at a cost and and you know the credit belongs to them not me I'm just the medium. Or am and I do I do we totally get that we we get that and we understand and the fact but what we're saying is. A lot of times people who had no abilities prior as well and they have these near death experiences is sort of thrust them into this area. Where they start hearing seeing and feeling things and do a lot of times they think they're losing their mind because it. Then is it something totally new domain. That's exactly what happened Meeks. Now I can greatly agree at that and take care of the camera they're coming out 'cause when I think you know when I was in the hospital. I don't know how how their situation where they experience the brand or the current out. But when I was in the hospital at meningitis that you trainer. And I really should not be your today. The fact that I'm speech in the fact that I didn't minute limbs the fact that they have meningitis could be generous. At tea it's you know in my early thirty that really really rare it's a very Alder theater very young under the at. An attack that I had and not very strange. And the Czech and I ultra. And you know whip. You know any handicap turning you know anything wrong this mean that gift and Staten. It's cherished Amir comments. Look past Dover in the hospital and that's kind of in between world when I have one at a Matt brown and want to turn it around. You know I can think that that's strange not you know actors opener should give it to all the tiny brain Iranians. They're dealing with people who weren't dying battery can debate that can prevent it here you know aren't thinking somebody your email up current chairman here. From their client to patients that. Predicting your spirit I don't think is that Chang I think when you patchy start to see the people a lot of that are around. What was different about me is that when I step Kelberg there was a community of people standing at me. And I said before a and it was just very matter of fact there was no emotion that you are related. And remaining you know they were talking I could care of and I get asked for me you know create army and for my earner. I turned immediately all the time and I didn't know I had this thing for him. And take care commemorate. And they tracked among the top of the hour and it paid Mary can I premier returner. And me to let you know and he didn't Wear. And I didn't know what can learn. And then they know what they learned here is that I can work. Because ultimately. Armor. And you get a green. You're one of the incoming and the right again. It out in together don't want energy went in my feel and I had and I repealed completely. Karen when we're gonna get into this whole experience a lot more detail but I want him back this way up because we get I think a little bit ahead of ourselves. You're never eventual psychic medium what does that mean specifically. So and as essential thank you in my arm angle because people giving it to me. OK I learned from triple a I don't but first thank you are black you learn. On the and that her and Parma and that there are aligning our back there if you do have a and adapter that true that other people can understand what I. And the grandchildren you know ironic he was here where you're at it could mean they bring your evidence out there life. There have been and what's going on now in your life and potential future being let out. And Amy drink your object and terming her they asked these children nobody would not like somebody. Accurate portrait and increment committed career record. Aaron Ari you're sitting with them. And remember I'm sitting out there can monitor earned and they want cannot their loved earth from a crew error. Incoming. Like I democratic and something in the murder and are ever going to eat dinner here. Literally you know if he DL and nobody renowned ring in the coming up as well you're wondering why your regular latter earning record why I enter my armor. And this is why this is what happening. They meet hate machine in apple into their bad German champion mr. queried and bringing it and you count me here. And I had taken my life I think on and the timing where they put the gun can understand it printed in their mouth don't count me. Any particular term outlook from the Shamil what tweaks to cheat on their body autonomy. Do you reaction of the people around and not tummy in that worst that ever happening at a time. Don't count me. Maybe items that are still on the monitor him or her you know things. Internal things that people arm boxing this week you know ripping on Ter years and and somebody to open the auction in the basement and they aren't. I don't know Gentile culture those items with me. And that didn't. Al deliberate attack channeling that they know what am I mean that there are sitting with and at that time so that's sitting and asked them to just ask that you aren't. You wouldn't know bikes. You know I looking at an obituary air by knowing in putting instructor and nobody could ever now. Unless they were sitting right there with you about it at a potential to. We're talking with Caroline clapper as financial psychic medium medical into that we're gonna continue our conversation just a few moments her website is done next world medium dot com so much more coming up with Carolyn yes Moshood check it out Ari elicited Jason TVM Chiarelli area. Casey JP thanks for joining us they would so let's give a shout outs all agree radio stations carrying a programmer on the countries that list continues to grow we're very very grateful to them for being part of the beyond reality radio Stanley analyst affiliates. Pencil Eric K if you know them all shallow repeater almost as if it's good to finally do it and won one big giant Angel out out and that list is always getting bigger and bigger were constantly having to leak check that out at beyond reality radio dot com but more on stations all across the country and news geez many stations in. Certain states run many stations within that state. So again check that list though and so we're going to be having a bunch more coming up in the next few weeks ago. We're talking tonight with Caroline clapper who is an evidentiary psychic medium and a medical intuit and her website is the next world medium dot com Carol this is a particularly short segment. What's it mean to be the next world medium listening to your website and you've been dubbed that what does it mean. I. And that place that we can choose the next or it's pretty topics should church. And it's name. And I'll call heaven are iron in another round that you cannot world. Mechanic we don't die. Pepper we just used that as a word for closure for the living here. And the child. And let me cross tells her we just change farm. I was just in the next world that instantly and electric stuff stuff going on we have chopped we have things to do to zoo rebirth and a drink wine and debris and current meetings sometimes him entering appeared. Is his sound was this something that you believed in before your experience or resist the this'll come to you afterward. I'm not absolutely and I always known that it is not and cared extra kind of torn. And I remember a time and I didn't believe and now to the capture of a man. That dish was not at. I mean I'd. I am stunned obviously you've got more evidence of that now based on your work censure near death experience so prior to that was a just face was adjusted. Now it wasn't you know I saw a lot when I was too easy that the ball. I was born in China and hold our child in the game a conference. One of the ultimate power that the neighbor has. Just blue collar neighborhood that we had to iron in the back of our house to just journal old house. I was born in China that pick Victorian home. And at the little girl I ask spirit inside of my harm which was later identified to me when I spoke of them. To an elderly woman let's put in the neighborhood terror you know many many many years when a culture that story is that true I had seen an excuse like. Leno and Ellen and I go to a. Two others to owned a house or he looks and mentioned spill and now I mean she knew all of mentioned. Eight she validated everything that I there. But when I moved out of that home when I was seventeen. Until I got meningitis which it has not been. I call that like the quiet time and has just kind of blank hat in hand to any inner action or their spirits. You know outside of the normal gut feeling instinct thing like that everybody can. I didn't really have anything happen to mean. In that window and that stretch of time. It wasn't until I had and meningitis to note eerie very ill. And make sense solution we will all I mean they just exploded eight I don't know the better way to say it I mean it's like my mind just. Blew open. Has miraculously healed and came back with the ability to have. Like it had amateur track pack I have to street. And providential medium can find missing people on L cinematic and. I spinal managers one point in ninety chief. Oh no he didn't mean geez that's Auxerre itself. Ours are going to be taking quick break on the phone number is 8446877669. Again toll free 8844. 6877669. Leo Leo form lines out to the next hour if you have a question for us or against Caroline clapper. You listening Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio will be back after this. OK beyond reality greedy friends us. Is TV and I'm telling you need to. Check outs Garrett con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June sick and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out. Ask parents to use their worst persons on the East Coast and you're stuck somewhere in between now welcomed me utterly refute myself and Jason almost always some NGV Johnson. Yeah or excited tonight we've got a great guest Carolyn clapper as with the issues and a financial psychic medium and a medical into it. The website is the next world medium dot com we're gonna bring her back into the shown just a moment. But we're also excited about tomorrow night Linda gone free will be joining us again Monday of course is an author and investigator particularly. A when it comes to scripted and her specialty and what will be talking about tomorrow night is operate canines across the Americas sightings events reports. Things are squirrels and dogs men. The thing that we we've talked about a few people but these dog men and and and they are creepy. They are menacing. They have a sense for boating whenever there there are cited we had somebody call the show actually. Buffalo, New York area who had their own personal sighting of a dog mantech prepared creature said she'd never been more frightened her life and it wasn't just seeing this creature that Fries they're really feeling of it yeah. Just a sense they came off an impression she got off being inks negative in nature yeah and so we'll have that conversation Linda tomorrow night. We look forward to that in the meantime our telephone numbers 8446877669. Caroline will not be doing readings tonight. But we'd certainly love to have you join the conversation chat about things have been talking about and I know we have a few people on hold we'll get to those calls assumes we can capsule. All right so yeah and it lets welcome back to show Caroline and the training and Allen tonight. Carol let's start with a three gifts and we want to enumerate them listen tell us what they are no reset and a couple times now but I wanna start this hour and kind of recapping that. What are the three gifts that that you have that were given to you after your near death experience. Chara they're a lot considered providential medium I also find missing people and I'm a medic in China. So that would be the track backed out of the triple threat and go to the cops. And and you had a meningitis experience and that. Almost killed Jew and actually gave you this near death experience. Give us the details of what happened and what happened when you cross over for those. However long it was that brief period. You said you viewers you had to kind there was a kind of a comedian do you talk winning you actually had to barter. For your life walk us through that hole. Share shall I change structure from Mike Green had me and I used to take a chart how immature. Such a panic they're really bad at any time to quiet down payment checks and return and I think that if you. Meat being a single term. You know I try to hit those early it like a title can communicate medications laid down you know and tried to come right away because I'm among them on from the drop. With no different molecules on the run and I don't I found at chair critic coming. A couple of lines does that translate to her laughter I take it medications. Addition to batter into English and learn and eventually catch the Rayburn playing in some extra work wandering around. Turner I'm not too long how long I think you are wondering aren't true like. Currently over twelve hours. I'm with me not adamant about it nobody knowing. It disappoint. My pantry just finished. Hand and ripped apart an hour away from any family members. The cake stated in her area Cutler returned. I'm just and I try can that the treachery how you know just a great dramatic period but he that I you know. So nobody is really checking and means. Hands. When I would lean bear my armor on the U Auburn lead the little things well while trying to wake me out. And I think it worked out crackling and so you've had meningitis he sat on a unit of he had meningitis and Udall. Sometimes when you try to account but it ain't so nobody can understand because your brain on. For the disease of the mind. Aromatic kind of that terrible. Headache and and you know. Ask me that night fever and everything it can't appear like under their tree went from thing. Trying to rein there and and then there's this game is okay this is important as I'm taking pac ten when I was playing there. I started. Seen my child and replaying my hat. And they are the one distinctive thing that I caps came and it was my mom sitting next to me in the background about eight years called. End it should be back to a time when I'm not to cut chapter. Okay. And armor playing you know fitting I mean in a rambling about and she kept thinking about and touch Accenture now. And I kept in mystery clay and I remember my mom doing that but I never knew why she was doing. Sure the working moms you have to that'll work and we have to stay home rare really buckle up I stuck. Anna and current bump appears back. Couldn't back to an army is. And album. As acceptable back and to be you know at home alone. In earned it she would do that chin check could mean a what I like Colin Hanks and kept getting that you didn't have good credit. Well finally hear her voice loud and clear in my ear she sent Carol it out to change and cheer or not. Hannah and I try. And explain public feud that'll and I tried to such action and not pictured it pitch count how many could not. I can do. And the hurt her again loud and clear in my ear saying man in giant best chick flashed. An image of an ambulance and cat. Which and I leaned back down touched. And one of my girlfriend just Egypt or are you okay. Out of nowhere okay destruction to nowhere and I I couldn't speak attack by judge her help. And I fell back to when he she eventually came to my account firmer turn in the door Italy about fictional. An attitude that our cheat on my condition and couldn't understand what I'm saying. And she can't be an ambulance and and adapt our eight hours later they couldn't secure fashion I only got one word out of that work with meningitis. And then there came middle class and I want you to beta mean. And again at meningitis. Each time I I in return that the IA chief strain at an isolation and cash in hand to. You know they. Basically I mean aren't dying I had a heart and turn the camera actually targetted Enron a total commitment Enron trial about how. Firm and very content in the state charismatic captain marking allotted to feel my body so that I try to land okay. Don't track it down to 31 beat two pretty much end. In this chain of mine and with one foot in the trial of Enron for care try to feel my lob toward the battle mechanic in my laughter. Get all these other people around and me we're affiliated with people that were speaking to me in the room people that I can now. My colleague your parents are here. And I mixture relaying messages from the other night which I was totally not that weird because tying her aunt and everybody and their dying cute. Knocked on thirteen the other header attempt that I can accurate are really not that surprising. Part of the running when I actually get. Count myself. And I actually count my campaign this media ran Rick if this is an error. They attract older. And it's just standing there. Naked duty that took a world in understanding and my hospital count. And I have this committee of people economy. It would launch speaker she would have heard from Jerusalem. And mean we're talking among them channel. And I couldn't understand pitching excellent all. That I let determining Cypriot let me take my time. And that woman's turn in the China talking to 21 of the people that were and then it looked like required to make Pollack met. She turned achieve a debt and Richard talking to and camera caught her attention back on the idea if you do that arc for. I can ask. I didn't even know what they're talking about. Just kind of I had an icon bartering for my life because parent are doing came on agriculture and abortion deter him. It is happening and relenting and nobody helped me or my child and I knew he needed links to more than anything I just wanted to be here care camp. Didn't care about anything nothing no matter and realize at just the people. You know. When I can try and think that yes they all came together and China all of white line and they went out Kim actually. Although we cure my hand. And I are scaled. It was just that it would it would that temple. And when you see Sarah Palin all all the symptoms disappeared all of. Disappeared the neurologist came and the next morning and he is like how in the world are you looking at a light turn on I don't know how you're speaking there's something we can't explain the medical world I had doctors around me. They're talking about just charge me rent the day before that they are expecting to meet. The other just something to him when he looked at me he can't cure or trying to. And her that your mother told you that you had meningitis like where machine cottage in our flourishing. In such as catchy title. Any kind of gave me the blank stare like. Cocaine. And keynote at that moment aren't just like I'll see little. And I explained that geo. How to write cataract and Jack O'Connell and an even common agenda items aren't ignorant about that. And I didn't even know what at what their child after having oddly like I don't look at that term commonly don't want me to do. Yeah this happened to listen this happen and you were released an 111111. Is that right. Track Karadzic. And that we actually. I just want to go to our our our listener line here because you death toll from New York who wants to comment on that he Kelly welcome to the program we run with Caroline. I do anything Hank Aaron. Tiny howry. Today at gambling you can call them mister Garrity in the numbers I been getting. For years. Numbers sequences intuitively in the have a little bush you know it's those that are meetings are not that. Only once in awhile well I get like consecutive one like street street three or whatever I'll still around trees like at a model week. The last time weeks or so I think getting them sometimes one sometimes twice it favorites like 333. Now look at the clock at 555. And it's like crazy the amount like I've been getting at all and it scared me a little bit because there was like so frequent. But the weird yeah and I am in a couple of close to eight a group of people coming into the past and they're like up on about having the same thing happened. Street retreated and act like I'm planning and we're all like what's going on has had all of us are getting these numbers look like some big universal. Message. How independent that's it that increments in me and you know then there's the raising of the vibration. Functions are happening right now. Which it universally. The people in general more people are beginning to recognize. Where. Getting to notice them more like he's had been in a distinct entity in and day into the tree couldn't he would be number pattern that you're staying. It could be very very permanent now. Which is which is wonder child probably always lions but the fact that we're communicating about it to worry you know we're sharing the stories together. If sneaking it app and more. You know some people will argue with me about numbers they you know. The reason you're seeing it could you're looking. At state and take two to attract pulled out of my house today. And I laughed out there were 200 people on a lot and the main street and the strict track try to get too cute too early. I've been getting him no matter. The morality like I lectured at lately. Not get one or more tree tree tree 888 but the big one term mean when entrant and then you know at getting current. Carol you probably you'd kind of Elton out of a bit more than me Leno more about the number and I do okay. Just the fact that you're noticing them take notice from them I elect the way that Amy you feel winging it and you should turn off of that more than you shut what you read them there. That's my personal opinion. I don't know that tray and sure that there will cut again neurology that I'm where you keep a pattern. I recognize arm I give them gratitude to. I keep an attraction. And I pay attention to what's going on around at that moment and how that number she'll turn me. That's what I would try eat it you know if you wanna dampened chip mark of four and an interest in and I just don't have a match trying to like develop children are angry. And so busy with the spiritual stuff. Don't get Kelly thank you for the phone caller we're gonna do jumping to break your times as some whipping by we've got more to talk to our guest Carolyn clapper about when we come back and break in the following numbers 8446877669. Until freed 8446877669. Illicit Jason indeed via camera later. Radio we've got sick parent conference might have an answer psychic medium metals coal intuit web site is the next world medium dot com more let's see if you can squeeze one more quick phone call in here before. We have to go to our bottom of the hour break this is Celeste from Florida you're on with Caroline. Look at me I need if I you know where you can thank you for taking my hall. I'm moving here. Ask. I have handled handling lenders. While. I'm sorry to say that by fall are saying only members. Have passed away and be my own. On her feet I'd end you know Clinton and and room. Good hearted step. Said that I had killing tiller and lose Allentown lived not proprietary illicit you know was his same money. But that it was so hard and the dead set up had. To try and through com. And didn't it I just really playing to a eighteen depression and oh yeah definitely. Even bowling game that different machine all around I thought I was having a heart attack and hand it to the emergency Brian and I wasn't even name on the pitch at the funeral. So lest you have about thirty seconds soon. I'll tell what shouldn't I shouldn't have on the front porch and every came down with one need me. Back illness is real. Hill but all the sudden I had dealings say a very ease that came out of nowhere and her Brothers all week. That said. It has howl everything's going to DN cattle. And I am just wondering. If something like that. Can't happen if indeed it fat. At comforting thing. Let's divorce. Rate all Celeste hold on for me okay we're gonna get tech Terrell Owens' response to your question won't keep you on hold throughout the breaks or just hold on for a circus act. Aaron so if you have a number for if you have a question first it was quality 44687766. Night into treaty for four. 68776. X nine and listen Jason GP. Show hasn't hurt. Her 6877669. Before the break but we were talking with Celeste from Florida. And we were we did have time to get Terrell Owens' response two Celeste point in questions of Caroline if you wanna go hadn't and tackle that Renault Celeste is still on with us if you wanna screw anything. Can't actually moving over to Iowa and am very very tired your options. The what I wanna try and that. The message that you received. A mere brother and the turbulent become pretty which is why you know what Karen. Cain like you don't need me to tell you that it would have me already know that it apparently not confirm the Korean. There reason why he wanted to treat you know that it was gonna be okay is because you can't taken term. Jail you know for not being able to be at his funeral. For not being there when he passed. And he wants future release static kill the pain. And so when people come in the entire UK it's okay community. It's very normal for people to come into your arms and reading with me. So let people know that Terrell and Amy taken them to their tax structure cap and then. Give you things you find in your home and things like that that the message is always a laurel Cain. Knocks it does remind you to get stuck here and that's and that's robbed creeping about saying it's. Then. He wants street elect Dell book because that wasn't your fault. In our it would Matic com and you know he couldn't be there and that took cane because he wasn't even the anyway if you had already with India but he you know era with him. You didn't need to be at the funeral to be a term. Not saying he's. Sound night's that Senator McCain actually let me tell you my number as on my web site that you particular act and greater deterrent more than happy to connect to cure a lot of that I kind of turned on to give you some detail. Thank you so much for the call and sharing your experience in assert their sympathies with the Celeste but we appreciate your phone call. So Caroline we're gonna run out of time quickly we've only gonna scratch the surface here I want to talk a little bit more about your work with some law enforcement and detectives and finding missing people. Tell us how how how did you start recognizing that was something you can do. And can can you share any shot can you sharing lightning any and that any of the cases that you've worked on. Check so there's a couple. Testimonial on my laps and it's hot topic I'm probably because stinger and has decided kicker had a little how. Clay are reluctant to time everything like a lock box and determination. Terms. I helped assigned Madeleine Madeleine Conley and charming Illinois area of the Chicago area actually with optimum what can learn terms. Turn like seventeen and I spoke with her firm. Our we can do identity count about that amendment and an all star chart a light term change the term was found. I'd deceased unfortunately and I just adore both of them. They're just wonderful can't. Anyway as I can get in to deter about temperament and create time. And to their reason that I found out panic and people as such somebody came to me and asked me how I talk. Differently events are you do you know somebody's talking to run away and she can't can you think how prepared in your medium and exciting you know. I don't think and then Arafat can expand out and right after right thing to obtain an average and now. Timing expert. Terry and I had a Cano lot I don't know I can and shout action and I gave it a shot. On the dock. And you know touched land on it transformed into people as well. Channel and me next on people about in her deceased and their lives. How to locate and with detectives and look and remembering. I'll turn it right terms in term summer and I called future my car. Decade is really hard to. Just because our tight diet and check change it's really hard for me to. You know to extract out mentally. Can't wrapped up term. I can't desperate character hearing and castration and try kind can. And Gary German kid again 150%. Of make it out every line. Including K stern her title Gilbert resolved and climbed out and are completed in the next on accurate. To get it and saying you didn't judge doesn't settlement mean actually I should. That being fat I'm Dickey counteract my lack chain on the past or a pain channel trombone. Comment on published on behalf I you know chart and right skate through Israeli. Went. Solved yet I don't consider it we that any. But it actually extradite the Italian body but when the phone call about a tiny body count where he had he would be. Okay. That comment calibration. And away I mean it's very sad at heart wrenching because he wrote that aren't pastoral care. But it's wonderful that this underdog McCain just kind of like a celebration and nocturnal heart wrenching and realization that you ask you to see at that moment I was twelve by Jordan. What would com op and has autopsy. And has medical examination. And told me exactly what they which obtained and the lie. What is written down may not be picking what happened seats so it's like you know. And an ox gets appointed what I'm talking about is that. I wished people would take people like English period spring. End. Well I've a couple of questions it relates to first call first of all. The other a lot of people who are suffering with who lost loved ones and I'm not saying necessarily deceased these are people that are missing. And they they're waiting for law enforcement. To do something and you know maybe law enforcement is but they they're just not getting they're just getting the results that they need in the end and these disappearances. Are just you know without any closure wasted very very heavily on people. What do you what do you recommend. For a family who might have lost a loved one and that way I don't know. He does not question yeah when I recommend church alone is going chin action aspiration of our call to traditional ad. I mean. I'll I can't say is that I attack currently running it like I wish there was more of me wish I can't or more hours and arm. I can't imagine being an issue that. It's it's a place where I would never want to be it's a picture and it never want to techniques. You know police and attacked him tired are doing their best work to try and find Tampa mark and they have. You know they have the delegate Kathy education and have been on the ability to get church aren't strip east paying me I'll tell understand they often have to hit your. You know all the ambulance chasers if you well opted a lot of trot out there who you know who claimed to do what I do. And you know they Amy Amy couldn't believe that they can learn and for about Colin and termination should be attacked and we department and camera. They get an old liken him under an overabundance of all of the exclude that really are not clear that they deflection away from the true. And it can eat up election tolerant am. And they would be all running around in the trolleys keynote Damian touched it cheering hard for them. You treat and try to destroy Barack they had very strong strong reputation. Out of the accurate cap high accuracy have a strong reputation and Shelley you can peek at a medium I am the one who has that strong reputation. Has that. Background and eat right don't waste your time or your money earning one. Who is. Anything roster. That I that. What is it what is a if you were to ask somebody understand your experience you're going to somebody who approaches this problem in the way you do there psychic medium standpoint. Well what's what's a normal or eight an acceptable success rate that someone could measure against you know if you ask. How successful do you Ben what kind of cancer should you be expecting that would. That you would say would be worth pursuing that person is someone help you. Communication content that you need to gather testimonials. You know right now parity in myself that I can I don't wanna touch anybody up I would say. You know I need to have two solid testimony that you placed a partner Irish but I can get test test long term picture and at least not when I'm mark. You know and work directly to tend to pitch into earned Hastert and went. The king remembrance and a cat high six accurately match is hard at work that I do you. Diet. And I can't say it's the most fun because like case and I hate and least sleep I'll turn on and working indicate that heart wrenching means senators chuck. But it also Jerry Jerry Jerry Jerry rewarding. And every case but I've delved into tactics saturate content to fast. Thanks so that's just me. China continued an up and somehow you know I mean every but he does nurture air without very line I can't stay you know I'm a 100% accurate. I can say is that I am highly accurate. So I would not trust them until camp that you know intricate besides star accurate to somebody who I'm all worked at my brain like. The reason why do what I do. The reason that I am wearing a man right now talking Q on the radio is because my name has been expressed. Turnout this nation and you're out and I work here Patrick Canada here. Mexico. To work on little or that it all started. General lack of content and it was because that's working at a bookstore and Victoria's Secret giving. On spot reading too tired to customers that are coming to the door. Meant I didn't go from anybody and they were still take care and then grinding spread and keep posture that seeking the channel and calling me and it took over my life. I'm rare you know it'd effort four or five years I call that like Mike Barnicle in like about the actor has to do in trouble and all worked for years. I have given myself to these keep them out expecting. Anything back term. Oxygen rich rewards out there current comedians that psychic me trying to chew chief at her word accounting at capturing. So I don't know I mean. I don't really know what to look for. And the medium risk psychic because that number Don and number looked I've never stop when out. Why do you think irritated that I expect the highest chart my. Why do you think that an immoral law enforcement doesn't. Look for help from people like Q why can't. Because there's there's so much there's so many people out there who'd. China monopolized. Our. In a field that requires not a curry and you know things change senate played. Anybody that. Turnaround are thinking and the car straighter hammock I can't it doesn't mean that they act on an accurate people who are saying. Indicating they can get one little thing rain but it doesn't mean. That there ability as a product now or. Keep an up. Chewed out indications are Chan in a cash call. Difficult caves or they do something like act and make it a little bit of information. That I'm accurate but it's a level look back guarantee that important and significant especially when you're dealing with something cooked and Tibet in time our chat. In elks. Because of cases they're very transparent and that you're gonna try to go that route you better be on point you better and that actors because otherwise you're wasting their time. And that hadn't very valuable an intimate and are very very they're very critical married. And I know that and it's just not something the toilet so I have I must have marred by your people who are. Trying to give that determination and thank you took notre trying to seek it because people that are trying to eke out people like me median desperate situation. I have more information opt for chip notre DT on that for a career and on her. You know police and other people information like really. Chad carefully. We don't. Don't jump and that's something that you're not ready for gore because you're just concerned Q real people you know it watered current market on the water in our. Well and it's tough also altered because there's there are so many people claiming to be sentenced right hey Ken and also pushing it and pushing themselves into. Trying to help law enforcement are a lot of areas there are probably a little weird and federal and treacherous saying that. A lot of times there. And then pushing themselves into law pushing themselves on law enforcement and two let's be honest with some on the mall they're really have and do not have any sense of abilities and it's kind of just it's locking them up it's holding them up it's giving false leads and in creating a Mormon issue. And a lot of times in a time time. And in a situation where time is really really important. Yes it is great and it and tend to that situation like that is absolutely critical. To you have people. Banning together to howl if you eat I don't know. Actually if one partner had bespoke capped call so I can't even sit here and my heart I can't say yes. You know they are bad for being skeptical though they're Smart they're trained to beef can take their green turned that they are trained to keep our people that try them. Igniting interest and I camera pan and an. Mostly at separate remember at hand and they relate and that's just true about you know Damien. And I am sure that main aim at and chalked up I'm sure that you know. General opinion and check that a parent permission I would be at the same line harder. I'm completely understanding the path to her ankle thing has been on my reputation as. Is being pumped up because that had an accurate because. You know I'm devoted to my client because I make a harder or not you know what I mean. But I also know that it was given me overnight and it could be taken army camp. I had and it occurred before that and we had them crushed their content and tired as early session and a lot of finger trying to meet before that. If you went away and come back and it's not I can out charm people want to go back. And I think he can now. And I don't know a lot of permanent don't have an accurate can they get they want to in archer they can't they get information. Caroline we have about a minute left and I didn't really get a chance to talk about your medical work. Will you just for a reverse brief description about what you do. On the so I know people are innocent that tuna it's all on your website to be just let people know which you do when it comes to the medical work. Sure I'm not a medical care I don't know background and tell people about what every you get term mean I'll upper practiced there to get doctors take X content now. So what I do current chip called my agent everything out over the phone aren't hurt earned. I work with my act actors Communist I have been behind me the entire time. Our culture people cheer their right hand out cuter permanently keep the same town. And they sat in the it areas that are having issues they explain Jimmy where it client and tell me ask. And I moved forward. Together all of the termination Dan Maclean. And we put it together at the end and it grounded out. And they get them their valuations. And that compromise they believe they need Q I'd get checked you know at a doctor's surgery they meaning of the thing that they need to. You know meaning to the Munich Q and they take it to their doctors and they confirmed. Well everything's subs explained on your website the next world medium dot com Carolyn thank you so much for being with us. We just simply ran out of time have to have you back. Accurately thank you so much for having me pleasure. Have a great night it's a we're gonna take a break and come back wraps things that you listen as Jason GBM beyond brilliant revealed that. Let's talk movies and gets everything. So there are reasons and bridges and didn't get to go we interview late coming in investments you so tomorrow night is Linda got three great great friend of the show and just an author and investigator will be discussing operate canines cross America's. And will be looking alone talked about where roles dog man's series behind in these creatures and and a lot more Samie she tune and it over to FaceBook dot com slash B unreality radial it FaceBook page source and had to be under reality radio dot com download free iPhone and android app. Allies to listen live catch Pashos more. Final stage where I'm right perilous and right from the lips and any night were life you don't militia from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor rate it helps push a show for it. And that's what it's all about thanks everybody for tuning in tonight have a great night and we'll catch anarchists in GDP on Algeria and. You don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by Al Simpson told students they. It's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah you know stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason's hand smoke and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at be sure to visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.