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Film maker Joe Lujan discusses his work

Apr 24, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with horror film maker Joe Lujan about his work and the state of the film industry. 4/24/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Are a lot of it is beyond rail and radio wind Jimmie Johnson Jason off tonight but we have a great show lined up free with Jason back tomorrow night he's been doing some traveling. He should be back with us yeah I think tomorrow night. A tonight however were talking about film making in horror films we don't get to do this often because it's kind of a little bit outside the the and the normal B Sean was that we touch here. But I enjoy doing and and we've got Joseph Louis and joining us to talk about some of his films. And what to in what inspired him to become a filmmaker. It's kind of an interesting. Profession to choose it's an exciting one but there's a lot of heartbreaking and is well. So order talked to Joseph tonight about that we will be looking at demons tomorrow night did double. John Egan will be our guest tomorrow night he's an author and an artist he's written a book called between love and hate the devil is really plotting to get your soul and will succeed. With many that Tibet rather dire prediction. But we'll get a chance talked to John tomorrow he'll he'll answer the question her demons real and don't tell us what took place. In his house when the demon was there and what is experiences were with the full blown demonic operation in his house. Where did they exist will most people ever ran into one. Great questions John went to them tomorrow night and then Wednesday. Gordon coral Smith is an author and he will join us to talk about 82 books set that he's written called another big another life it's the first books ever written to gently probe. Young children's past life memories with a new view. To expanding their awareness and it's it's designed to defuse any late mid activity and perhaps will also help we're feel undetected talents within children this could be. Very very important for parents so it'll be a bit of parenting a bit of past life discussion with Gordon coral Smith. And that's when tonight's program. Already had a great weekend. On the phone number you should write it down so when we oh proper phone lines you'll be ready to call in with your questions and comments for our guest tonight Joseph Louis and the numbers 8446877669. That's great see everybody in the chat rooms great security in the YouTube Chad as well we've got a lot of a lot of good stuff going on here and we're continuing leaks during meaning when this streaming stuff so. We love having listened on radio stations run the country did to carry the program I think that's the preferred way but. Lot of people don't have a station in their area as we continue to improve that list hopefully that a change but in the meantime we've got the YouTube option in the and the life stream on the website beyond reality radio dot com so a lot of options for you to listen to the program she shared with your friends tell people about it. More the merrier that's who we says. OK so what we're gonna do is gonna take a break and when we come back we'll bring our guest for the evening you know couple things I want to remind drops almost forgot. Beyond reality radio official coffee mugs flying out the door and if you don't have yours yet. You need to ordered go to the website beyond reality radio dot com click on the picture of the mug in the rest of it's pretty easy. If they if you ordering domestically the shipping is included. If you want order from I think we had somebody order from Czechoslovakia last week or some I don't know but if you want from overseas. We will help you with the shipping process so that we can get that done as well because we want these mugs. All over the world. And they look great on the table they look great here I've got mine won here filled with pens or get one that I drink out of it's it's a great. It's a great to looks great cabinet looks great dishwasher almost think it's great remarks are we encourage you to do that also scary Thomas coming up I've talked about it before. It is in event that you will want to attend a lot of celebrities a lot of parties film premieres and film screening some retro films some tribute film some anniversary films. Great Sanders is just terrific event it's coming up June 16 and seventeenth. In Framingham Massachusetts at the Sheridan there if you're anywhere near the Boston area or if you can get to the Boston area plan that weekend June. Sixteenth and seventeenth for scare Conn if you want more information about what's going on their just stick check out the website. It's scary con dot com very easy to find or if you just search up horror convention. Framingham mass juices and sure that a corrupt as well so a lot going on we really appreciate you being with this I'm JB Johnson it's. On reality radio we've got our guest children coming up just. Beyond reality radio Francis is GP and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare conned. Dot com check it out. Current. You like Jimmie Johnson Jason's songs tonight he'll be back with us tomorrow night we're looking forward to having him back he's been traveling I noticed. But out west somewhere and he's doing a whole bunch of stuff is gonna like going on always has a lot going on but I'm happy to be here. That was a great program I'm I'm always excited when we get to talk about films. It's not a topic that we address frequently on this program it's kind of out of our normal sphere of influence but we really do like talking about it. We had as several filmmakers on the program in the past and you've got. One tonight. JoAnne is joining us and Joseph has a website you should check out of school carcass dash studios dot com many many films to his credit we're gonna talk about all of them once we get him in here he Joseph welcome to be on reality really is great to have you on tonight. I thank you thank you thank you for having me. Well what we need to do first since first time you've been on the program just to learn a little bit about you torture stories you know start give us give us your background what. Oh. Well well I am a film writer and director atom. Among other things at r.s filmmaking goes down. I think doing it for almost fifteen years now and I may Lee you know I was doing it for I would let family and and and friends at hobby. Well I was ending middle school in high school. But it band and sit up eat all being into something very serious. I went to college and I got my degree in now become my career it's my eight. I don't like that my job because I did you look at job and do what I look to do so it's. What's that expression it's an expression Dewey who loves to do we never to work again relies. Exactly exactly that is that exactly mean I don't silicon working. It. It is until. Well that's great. Tradition to be and we get an actual here is this something that's loud and you're in the might be. Beating back a little bit had friends or something. I'm hearing something if I beat my voice to me. Yeah that's much better actually yeah I got so you know it's it's it's interesting whenever I talk to filmmakers because some awesome and filmmakers. Don't start out wanting to be filmmakers mean like a lot of people. Fool around with us film ideas when they're young they have these fantasies that they don't mess at least think about it is decree passed. It was same for you did you expect her did you plot or plan to become a filmmaker from you know from your early days. I'm no actually I'm. But do you think that I actually am my mind was that in this divide between the middle school. It already thinking what he's doing his career. I was planning on being the veterinarian after the wanted to do ballot. Eight I love all all kinds of animals everything. Let them back into the horror film. We're still there I look what scary movies and look at that I would you'll record video camera and I get my country in Brooklyn that we make we'll go here they're. With the kind of like. Good week of filmmaking or could he could create but what it came to what I decided filmmaker. Now. My older sister. Actually could nibbling at the brother out of school for a quote doctor appointment. Com and look at in to watch speak first Resident Evil. When it theaters. Europe we are fascinated with the video game with a way to beat you gain. Throughout the night all the time so an appeal cannot crucial excited actually and I felt those little credit after the film that's apt. They all change that one failed. You know it's interesting that you say that because there are seminal moments in a lot of people's lives were everything changed. I know from me. Obviously I'm I'm in radio but at the same time a musician. And my seminal moment was when I sort of listening to Beatles as a kid. And it means you wanna become a musician and you know there are things that happen in people's lives it just change everything and you're telling me that Resident Evil what's the film that I deflect. Yeah yeah. That the that made me an epic patent. I'd like I got my health I ever felt forward or screening node in a summer long term over my boot the collection the only work on my parents allowed watch. So built were everything to people when the film came out of president people that an outlet OK I'm not going to be that they're kind gonna make that dramatic. And a Resident Evil of a general year that came out did you see it when it was contemporary age see you later on. Did you want ex im gonna. I thought the weaken it came out those 2000 what I believe yeah. While. So. We get inspired by something like that and it changes everything for you so did you start. Like planning at that point sure we it was a more about I. I hope someday I can do this. Now delivered something else like all right the following week and I don't like her video camera and I'll party working at it and they're doing. I want them I'd already surpassed 200 they'll honestly I'd bet on the extreme side I would make. Short film. Majority of them all or poetry night in a global portal. I would you want every weekend and I would. Do the best decorated and I would actually my family and get their feedback they would tell me what they lied to being skeptical look on. And I would go directly connect climate state and I would learn every content that's Pellicano. Progress and I expect it to myself out before it. You know high school in man to call to sell a couple of got the proctor got me to. I was arguing that even without political I've got a map technically called practical come a little earlier if they look at their. And they're living and breathing still have three days and it. It like that now bill I live in Greek film. Every single day all the. As you were making the short films and you were starting. Two walked down this path there may be run down the pass. Did you enjoy the writing process. Better or the directing process and I'm sure is that you know it is as you were doing this early on you're probably doing more than that during the sexy or doing. Acting you were probably doing it all and end. Do you do any one of those things. More appealing to you than the other. Yes what went back there and therefore I writing. I really been writing the story I was I would still looking and directing and yet I would doing everything. But I would come you know to the story as we were filming that's how. Ever chizik Iowa the bike and hitting him with. The camera and going to do that public Mike or exactly ball. Between eventually make it are basically right of the stories wouldn't have been learning techniques in Poland and the current practices that fired them. How important story to come up with ideas even the way I'd do it now with exactly how late do it Alec you don't know. At school like that without a weapon under drawing bubble that night clockwise all the way around page and I like. Point any of the story and then nickel back interpreted script and so. Prostitute exactly Kelly did it when I was in school and opening it now where I'm electric now I took that thing Procter so lighten. It is now a big part of it but he's actually been on that bet that most appealing fine part of their team the character come to light up the page and. Well who do their comfort go without buying a cup I make wild can't dwell. I'm still involved with every single element to come back till the light either directly on camera work there. Finally has. Now truck and letting someone. You mind my director concrete it it can get a lot from vector they looked at myself. So I let that happen but. I example with every single detail from the design development character's costume. Crop I make my leg propped up well I love getting all that helped build my accepted as buying as sets basically involve all Merkel even now my big one that. We're talking with Joseph Louis and he's a filmmaker writer director and as you just heard does a bowl on his website is carcass dash studios. Dot com. He's gotten many many films to his name a lot of shorts. We're going to be talking about all of that stuff as the program continues our phone number is 8446877669. We are going to open up the phone lines for questions and comments a little bit later in the program so be prepared for that. In the meantime stop by the beyond reality radio website check out the beyond reality radio coffee mug in check out the scare con. Dot com website it's all there refuted take a look at and I get more information about a role beyond reality radio were going to be back with more of our discussion. And the stations here for our country Protestants continuing to grow we appreciate their affiliation and her willingness to be part of the beyond reality radio family. As we appreciate all of you we're listening and are participating in the show. We really do love having you along we love it when you're in the chat room we love all the participation lot of great comments on FaceBook we love the feedback as well. How we've got some great shows coming up tomorrow night John Egan who is an author and an artist he's written a book called between love and hate the devil was real he's plotting to get your soul. And we'll succeed with many. It sounds rather ominous the topic pool continued to. Explored very question our demons real. And we'll talk about what events took place in his home when the receipt demon and tear there which I think kind of answers there are demons real question. Wall started as an ex his experiences with a full blown demonic operation in his house that's tomorrow night's program Wednesday. Coral Smith who is an author will talk about his two book sect called another aid. Another life it's the first books ever written to gently probe young children's past life memories we've all heard of these studies work. Thousands of children are interviewed about memories in and indeed come up with in many cases on people. That beat end up being historical in nature and these children have no. Way to really know about them in advance beat yet they talk about them and the connection is made and it's thought that these are past like fond memories so. A double talk about that with Gordon coral Smith that's Wednesday night's program. A lot of great stuff on tap and beyond reality read tonight we're talking with Joseph Louis and about his films he's a filmmaker easy writer director he's done it all and as most. Independent young filmmakers has to be get started his website is carcass dash studios. Dot com even wanna check that out. And at Joseph I have to I have to ask you do you think that we've seed. Ever changing world of technology. That it's been a good thing for aspiring filmmakers or do you think it makes it a little too easy for people to call themselves a filmmaker and this is kind of a loaded question. Hum well a I can say it has gotten a little bit easier to. To create films now. What I was doing it. Well a team and younger. I would shooting of this big camera that would require being checked and I would editing. On three different DC are the PP that's how editing it would it would still typical like it I'll go back now try I would out. Wouldn't that be able to do that today. Sure it would have to like it went up to do all over again but now there's so many. To protect the technologies that give you an opportunity to create. Liking it's got a little bit easier now. Now with more the heat tilt as far as what can. What people look in as far as. Who are filmmakers but could that more than writing the actual cinematography. That is lab with the challenges lie but it or eighteen. Film. Shooting at an end in writing and conduct that will now with technology. Yeah I think that you know one of the things that so we have to be happy about is that the creative playground lies in the independent film making process that's where people have the flexibility. The desire to be creative I mean you know Hollywood does a great job with some things but not always be increased yes you know they don't take a lot of risks. But in the independent in the independent filmmaking world where people you know doing it for the passion of it verses. An opportunity make money at it awfully they can make their money back. You know people willing to take risks and that lowered. Lowered the barrier of entry because of the technology the ability to shoot and and edit and do things on you know on on an iPhone for God's sake don't edit and her laptop I mean that really has just lowered the bar for entry and I think it's it's is that a good thing all the way around although it does make you have to weed through a lot of stuff defiance to feel like. Yeah you know it could that be are independent. Still making it. A total package deal I look at the top artistically. And any which way possible that it like. You obviously edit any perfection but not everyone's gonna like what do. It not Portland people probably. Disagree with something that you are up by. I that's kind of hit and he did you do when it comes to filmmaking it's a form of art in two IKEA so I don't hold back. Some of the book is very high on the theory out of the box market leader. Would it. Yet it may be guarding quicker but it's my artistic expression so acting it. It acquired in the panic and make them that is for sure yet Hollywood. A lot of them are great great though. It kind of like intuit now. It record soccer market you kind of an independent filmmaker. All of the big outcome army indicate blockbuster film or at the creative control not all. What I. Pork so. You kind of touched on it inner initial. Segment but why horror films. I hate I hadn't activation with. Court. I'd look at key. People scared terrified I. Some reason. I don't understand. And if you were to cut that you can't remember a quote learn. I get scared with every little thing I am the biggest. Kick in you'd ever meet. But I'd love to scare people overlook could create stuff that make people uncomfortable and and I know I like the people who look with the green copycat secret they're looking at. Can meet at and amp activated by. I'd like everyone has. Regardless of how sharp what they are we have here. They think that's one thing that. When you look at film will hit that a part of the maker oracle could hit a strip your lord and if we do that we get out. A immediately shall. What is the fascination I mean I am a huge horror film fan so I when I when I asked these questions I asked them. Knowing the answers to for myself. But I'm curious as to what are the people's sincere view the mass but what would you think the fascination is with horror films from the viewing audiences prospective. Well I mean I think you hit it deplorable rod. It's a rod and her flat rate connect everyone feared there could be affecting the iPad is. I loved I loved to. Get that the children and parents can actually to go or will look at a kind of like a lie to experience. And if I can hear what brought it out you know it. People are popping out scaring you at I love that redolent but yet and what that what I what. It was the Clinton bit hypocritical I don't ever sit down and like what the audience the like people covered the major child being a war over reacting to certain team in the national compete that is what. It. Kind of like record of accomplishment if or when it created capella trouble Candiotti. Put our estimation of what the reaction. Actor and be different and what I'm here I'd like between the dark I can call like that you know I like to play music and like what to court can. That's by way of dealing with fear and everyone is different the lead apple estimate at the way everyone react to a different. Do you think that. There's some kind of therapy involved in being. Having Mets that sensation I mean there are plenty of things. That happen in our daily lives. Whether it's. Personally to us or it's in the news or it's torn neighbors I mean there are a lot of scary things going on in the world constantly and and wins with twenty force our. News channels that are constantly throwing them in our faces it's hard to avoid this scary stuff. So do you think the fascination at least part of the fascination with horror films is that people can go into basically can controlled environment. Get an adrenaline rush from it yet they know they're gonna walk out six. Oh yeah definitely meet that that he that it. That'd be. The Celeron but that'd be right. Ear and gear until we all should. Experience to what we're that are the real stuff yeah that it looked at. I and I I am. I can at McCormick so I don't like what you put that preclinical. The reality stuff is collect the makes a couple you know they did not something that I'd like to think about. So people go to the theater at like he couldn't control environment experienced trail they can lead lacking or terrified. They're going back there normalized that we should have experience and you know it's it's a moment in time where they can pull away it. Get scared. In a more fun entertainment entertaining way. Yeah I and then I think that is that they're controlled environment that makes people. This is the scare except the adrenaline rush but knowing me to walk out in MB OK exactly so you're. You can bet beat them both here in theaters you know be there will be gonna happen for the kind of like you'd still have to deal with that reality itself by its its. It's just the way that we can entertain other viewer we will continue to do it yeah. Yeah I mean Hormuz. I think when you look at all of film history are probably the most. Enduring ends. I don't know straits financially. Most success on the certainly most enduring categories and and you know there's always another horror movie around the corner that's that's coming out to people are highly anticipating. Are you one of these one of the people that went to see the film the Blair witch project thinking that it was her. Yes I look at Berkeley out at the very nice about 99 and do some yeah. We were the purple can mount I would have usual what not completely real. It out so yeah I don't care fine I still salute eight eagle at a real. If you're comfortable sometimes. I think that's one of my favorites of all time and there are a lot of people that feels completely opposite about that particular film for holders who visit their whole camp of people that can couldn't handle. The sheer genius of the camera and all that stuff because the reality footage kind of approach. And then there's this other people thought it was boring in fact I think some of the new were audiences like like I know my son. And it thinks it's boring I still think it's fat this it's just one of those psychological horror films. It is they would play with the first pick that we all had foreign help put a genre it. It was ahead of its time at that point it would so really in the way to market acting. I read somewhere that they were barking like that the captain actually think that they call the shelf like such a great way of marking. I know there was a document Terry that was release and I can remember where I sought if it was on cable channel or if it was general was just too early to be on the Internet. But it was a whole document Terry about that then. The search for these three he students. And and it was convincing it was gone into effect when I bought the VHS set for Blair we expect him whenever. Became with that documentary which was kind of cool to re watch it but don't yet they did a great job of the guerrilla marketing stuff. Al you know it was great to have made even more real definitely. Ari Serena take a break when we come back to continue talking with say Joseph we're gonna get into some of his films. A lot more to the phone lines will be open for the next coward 8446877669. It's beyond reality. We're here. Johnson thanks for being with her and Jason is off tonight to be back with the tomorrow night looking forward to that of course. On you know we we're gonna have time at the end of the showed tonight probably for the last fifteen minutes or so and we're going to revisit our psyche remote viewing experiment. If you've forgotten because dispel a couple weeks we drove playing card from a regular 52 card deck. We still have that card here and hold it up to order a video viewers not the not the answer just the back of the car we still have it here. And double take your phone calls lot of people believe they've got some sensitivities in the so giving you an opportunity kind of tested and know it's gonna. Down and dirty it's quick. But to call him you'll get to an opportunity to see if you can tap into my brain waves as a dangerous thought. As I hate focus on this card and see if you can tell sweated as well the T shirt. Ready for you and if you get it will send it out that's what's can be that easy. But that'll be the last segment of the show break now we're talking with Joseph Louis and I'm about his films and did you we've got a particularly short segment here. But tell us about today is is quickly you can a couple minutes here about your most recent film. All the most recent recent film is defined by action called immoral wars I think more combat become. At Morgan Stanley friendly type film we just wrap the sequel will be. I am really seen that Adam in the summer this year the most recent horror film is tell phobia. Tell phobia is the fear of protection which I believe we have and regardless of how many people don't think they do it and we'll have that here. Did you say hold on slowdown did you say I think the fear of imperfection. Bennett I think it just around the word that describes you best I think he got declined quote I. We'll have. No matter how how we re opened by a pitcher that we all have a telephone we. OK so how do we how do you turn that fear into horror film. Well I'm at actually am a captive for life experience just from my feet past from high school I was bullied in high school so. My age someone like my artistic revenge to those who treated me. That school so the film about pageant queen who are all about it looks and social Bain. 88 bleed it's one individual and they are didn't. It captured and forced to either. And I end their lives older. Themselves to where they have to live the rest of their lives and corporate. That Marshall brain they would choose I'd rather it might help men even wanna live ugly. But obviously. Particular story equation second objective going armed about the about the kind of like a revenge on Cooley is and and hell with the consequences of cooling can hit to an extreme my cup cooked. The a critical phobia. Sergio so we're. Yet our ideas when I just when you kind of dove into the sort of more. And obviously you know bullying and that whole. Idea has changed to live with with the advent of social media. In schools are far more sensitive to its parents are far more sensitive to it is a bit of a political message in this film as well or just once again. Yeah it died of what. May be a little bit of both. I don't like to see it as much as. Just content. So it's kind of I don't I am immigrant not tried to advertise the film tour it's like. This is what happened to probably need to mean that not now electorate that but. It is that a way to kind of showing you don't believe it there's consequences to it now not to this extreme by. It's it's something that is not right and that there should be a stop to it and. Yeah that can get kind of the main thing when he came to tell phobia the sequel have adapted to be a little bit more of story wise and and and and character development. But the first what was mainly about that it was just my way of. Expressing myself and letting it all out. I had no other way of of telling Alex felt I am confident in myself so. Do what do you think in general when when films try to be a little too preachy do you think that says their films. Have a role in that or do you think it's just it's a director getting or right or whomever getting a little bit too preachy on us. I mean I don't mind I think it is good four obviously they'll fanatics who who who who watched film with. I feel like no matter what film you watched will learn something. Had no matter what is there that will be one being that when you watch film you're gonna learn something and it. No matter. No matter to what you meant intensely to eat something or to print something. I don't mind I think it's it's a Wafer to send messages to how to throw it out there. It could but it it is not to turn mixed extreme sense certain films but. I hate when people watch film but it's war but what's still an open mind and just now in pick ticket item. And kind of learned from which are seen by dumping don't take things too seriously yeah. And you know I think that that suit an important lesson okay we're gonna go to break here and when we come back will continue our conversation we are gonna open up the phone lines. During the break an 8446877669. Cubic to call in common or join our discussion at all. It's beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson thanks so much the site. Our parents are welcome unreal on the radio everybody I'm JV Johnson Jason is off tonight he'll be back with this tomorrow night looking forward to that for sure. Will be joining our guest Joseph Lohan in just a few minutes is a filmmaker writer director's gonna Holman just almost was credible talk about those plus the filmmaking process. Two bit of a departure from the normal topics that we talk about on Schobel we enjoy doing and anyway. Tomorrow right John Egan will be with us he's an author and an artist he's got a book called between love and hate the devil is real he's plotting to get your soul. And will succeed with many that sounds. Ominous and dire. And I John will explain it tourists will be talking about whether demons are real or not talk about the events that took place in his house. Talk about. A full blown demonic operation that John experienced in his house and a lot more that's tomorrow night's conversation Wednesday organ corals Smith who is an author. Will present his books called. Another Aegon and wife it's the first books ever written to talk about. Past life regression of past life memories within children. We've heard of it many experiments and studies that have demonstrated. That this phenomenon is very real. And Gordon's books help parents understand the possibilities and I try to broach the subject with children which will talk about that on Wednesday night. Stop by the web site beyond reality radio dot com check out to be on reality radio official coffee mug it's they're for sale is click on a domestic shipping is included if you went order in nationally. That's okay to just got to contact us. And also go to the scare com website that event is coming up it's bomblets six weeks away now. In Framingham Massachusetts. Lot of celebrities lined up including Dee Snider Elvira mistress of the dark better Romans Cassandra Peterson shall be there. Amy Steele from Friday the thirteenth part two. Doug Bradley from the whole reason movies bunch of great celebrity's their overall listen on the website it's scary conduct Connell also be parties and film premieres. And panel discussions and great vendors it's a terrific weekend June 15 in snow sixteenth and seventeenth. In Framingham Massachusetts. Look forward to seeing you there. So tonight we're talking with the I Joseph Lou hand and his website is Kircus dash studios dot com. And Joseph I want to ask you about some. Your influences because all of us whether we become filmmakers are not are affected by filmmakers from one way or another. Who are some of the filmmakers. That influenced you not only this but the way you make films but just the whole process of becoming a filmmaker. I have a number of a few of them. But the one that I'd say. I just love. That the focus on T tilt and everything that they work on arm would be Adam at Adam green and he direct. Actually our whole island home on old discovery there Adam grant is a great friend of mine I'm really excited eager you say that he's a fantastic guy. I just spent a weekend with him in LA. Just a few weeks ago and we're talking about a cup projects are we we're gonna work on together but you're absolutely right all he's a great guy his soul his work is tremendous. In fact you've probably seen his films frozen. Yeah there's no ray movie in a south of Disney frozen folks don't get some rest and completely different movie. Plus the hatch in movies films he's got Victor Crowley are now which is the we have in this great yet the so I'm really excited to hear you here you see that that's awesome. Yeah I look up to him a lot it is work is just phenomenal. Am I mean no shadow of his work in. Soon you know hopefully. To me I'm just like I looked just work critic people just what he'd done in this meet. It would be loved his work. Heavier JS one sorry attorney general are you here because I wanna get the full list but did you see any of his work of the TV show Hollis and that he did. Oh yeah yeah Hollister and yell it even seeing your brother around usually you know we're. Can't get the name of it I know it cause they don't it's. Where it yeah I've seen that yeah he had already would actually out how a gash on black why. This story the scary sleepover. Yeah yeah yeah that's that's that's a Webster city to dia well yeah I actually got turned and Hollis and a cool little while ago I think it's fantastic news to come out and worry there's two seasons and then the fear and it channel that it was on got absorbed. And it was suspended for awhile also were open season three of us calls and gets underway priests and so anyway and James for James one wells what are some of your. On Rob Zombie. And meet director. Look his work. Just. Amazing at what he does and so we'll. He didn't hold back either. Just like Adam we don't pull back decree what they want to be let it out there and they know you know it. It's what they do it's just amazing I love the work James lime yeah. I think Wes Craven of course John Carpenter I mean these are guys that iconic. And John -- or it's an interesting I mean obviously have fantastic core film director and this is the fortieth year anniversary of the original Halloween so important for 78 which I think was a landmark or from a I'm probably not alone in thinking that but is probably an obvious thing to say. But I think it Cheney created this the slasher is a genre moving forward to redefine things it was it was an independent film. And that's what we do what's amazing about it it was a low budget independent film and that's that creativity that we've been talking about. Yeah you know I agreed that it. That somebody like filmmaker out there that I look up to but I mean. That the pieces are out of work that out there are about out of the field competition which. Yes actually I have been to. The main skill level what I hear. Oatmeal Marshall. Allen directed at another kind of report and look at where but it. I acting to turn off that the interim you don't have apparently at a predicament could come in mid may be wrong but that would hurt a record that can be be feel better from. Could it. Such a great film for it to be an indie film I'm kind of sitting there like now that's great yeah. I let that it's one of the better ones that I've seen in a while to. What did you do your influences go back to some of the U. Black and white days and I'm still of major fan of these classic black and white horror films any of those help shape your career at all. Don't know about not black and why are there toward bill but it is it pretty old enemies I mean anything extra like. The 1970. Or. Okay let me just more don't don't say something as old wounds from the 1970s an assessment. As. You know there are a lot of us here that don't accept that so let's keep it that way for now look at. But this film. It's called beyond the door I doubt you ever heard of that film. Great film. Except about possessions didn't exorcism and can matter between them PX that. Which another bill that I cannot sit down and watched our own but I can't sit down and watch a ballot the app app people with you know like ought to be to sit. Come but beyond the doors this film that I am. Medley and the third. Beyond upset with this film but it great trauma are fine. I'm even trying to find a way to grant and get right so I would love to remake it you know bring it back in the remake intranet. A little modern feel political stick to your original. Concept they were going for and they would fork. But it's such a great film. It was directed by Adam Oliver helmet apple is suited to go direct that felt. Yet another guy who like to look as well there's so many and the list goes on and on but the issue. Film that has the collector called Craig wolf creek the film or just the mean amazing. Yeah oh yeah. You know I secure there are some key moments in and I'll go back to the sixties anyway and in some key films that came out tonight I'll so much to bring them up the night of the living dead as one of those from 968 or sort of a fifty year anniversary of that film. George Romero and John Russo who wrote really wrote the screenplay. Just they they re define this is the zombie genre and they re defined horror films and they redefined the way an independent film can be distributed. And can actually be successful and they did that only 1968. How significant it incredible like there at. The way I think it would be opening for zombie film when it came commitment looked at it it's. Every time economic and the first thing you can go ultimately death. Well if it does it is defined to mean there would be no Walking Dead if it wasn't free Arctic started Walking Dead zombie rules came from by the living dead. Gloria zombies and I remember I'm pretty sure that rhetoric people has you know it will extend well sure Nationalists and right. The same time on 1960 might have been 1969. Was Roman Polanski is rose Mary's baby and oh yeah that was another great yet that was like the first of the possession the real hardcore possession films you know X assists followed that and there are a whole bunch of them after the index assist. But that rose Mary's baby was not only. The Roman Polanski is that I think. Ultimate work on it was a great film and it was a great or felt. He had remember that urban mom would come out fine. You remember that till they go to basic and now let's hear about what. So tell us your your film rust. Was was brushed the film that started out as a short and you ended up making get a feature. Yeah yeah yeah the rest of like you killed a short. I hit it higher until I shot it one day. And say one day it would. Six hours it took connecting ticket all hat really to make felt. All. Justice. I know the whole thing. It was a heck cut into a short film I commitment to a comfortable that we thought was equally and people want more particular I think you have a Clinton. It would at the moment like a heck fixing some massacre. At film you know he would tour going into this. Abandoned at a park attraction I'm not knowing that there are credible stick killer who live. So there and hit my one. Or treat the very out of a story. It was. A product out there with my friends. After my friend the deliberate until the first eight project I eat I did when I moved out into a lot. That's where. All that started. I guess that I got a response from people they wanted keyboard so I looked like well what made the cut while the actual they have. At. Opening equipped. And then that feature. And after a Mike you know what I that people are writing Ira are not a sequel I'm equaled I don't look gushing the next installment. At all Brickell phobia we we should connect installment of this year. So did you I think rust one horror festival in upstate New York somewhere right is that. I'm older people actually yeah rescue one of too bad horror feature. They're gonna mention and am a senior corporal that we don't lecture. We're we're is the upstate New York foreign films so I'm just curious because I'm not immediately right after Rochester and. I I I know what else we'll be off DaJuan in 2016. Of the first to total BS I'm one. Best part feature come honorable mention as well until we I went up there and you can look at Rochester. New York. Okay yeah I do and maybe rock like this Tara Connell or convention we have a film vessels part of our fall convention. Oh no Eric he's New York yes this was curious. A case of this orbiter would take a break and when we come back we're gonna continue our conversations Joseph Lou hand. It's beyond reality radio I'm Jeannie Johnson thanks and if this. 677. 669. Go to get coming up a little bit later last segment of the show tonight we're gonna do the psychic remote viewing experiment with their playing card. So be prepared. Start warming up you're ESP and your other sensitivities. And we will give you chance to call and little bit later and and maybe win a teacher and went out. Our guests and and his Joseph Lou hand and we're talking about his film he's a filmmaker again his cell website this perk is stash studios. Dot com. And do we detect about a whole bunch of things Joseph we've got a pretty short segment here but we do have some people waiting in Baltimore trying to get to a few of these calls. The C this is John calling in from Florida he John welcome to program. Thank you. I don't Russian armed. Learn your papers drawn more. Gary knew. He lives there there are many different arm. Don't like like you talk to Johnny John like found footage verse is vampires verses where walls I can think. Well I would say. Simply don't really track and help footage. I am not out I think right now what really gets you really terrified me is. More like he killer types slasher films being quick. The strangers to meet that is my favorite Christian or reality that. Like home invasion type stuff specifically are you go via. Yeah I mean those are my favorite that's what really there right John little to be my favorite John what about you what's your favorite. It's a course you screamed apparent to polluted and rarely achieved a couldn T like wolf creek or sit there and bring in old art. But thank. Yeah well hey John thanks for calling in and sharing with the sharing that with this and you know go to the conflict is staying in and we talked about Blair witch project kind of opening the doors for that and it was. It was an unbelievable concept at the time and I'm not sure if it was the first found footage film I don't think it was but it was certainly the first one that made that kind of an impact. And then everybody was doing in and then every film came out and or some good ones I mean there live there where Blair witch what only. Good one on but it kind of just ran its course to you think we've got about thirty seconds here. Yeah. I think it was really good I think that not only poll where another doctors tell me what's the just. Barack record RT yep yep another you know great films yeah. I agree to yet. As a bunch of them are where go to break and when we come back we'll continue our conversation with Joseph we also or going to do the psyche experiment remote viewing experiment that's our last segment of the show or police start that sometime around. From quarter of the hour or so it's beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson thanks so much for being here. Check into chat rooms. Trying to make all the knobs and buttons and dials were properly welcome back beyond reality radio script beer everybody I'm GB Johnson Jason met with us tomorrow night when we bring in John Egan talked talk about his book. Between love and hate the devils whose real he's plotting to get your soul and we'll succeed. With many again that sounds rather ominous but we'll talk about it torn it was John. I'm our guests tonight. Is Jolie and we're talking about his films we've got a few more minutes with Joseph I will remind you going to be doing the psychic remote viewing experiment with our plane card. I will do that for the last ten minutes show program. The number is 8446877669. Don't calling for the psychic experiment now but I'll tell you when we will do that as we go into our next break. You can start to dialing 8446877669. Joseph we talked about your film maker influences. What are the film. Horror film actors and actresses who are some of the ones that are standouts to you there are certain faces that you basically only know from horror release mostly know. From horror films were some of the ones that she that you appreciate the most. A little com. I've been asked that question that you kind in my answers old. I would have the same people ordinarily 201 or what I have to say. Jennifer Love Hewitt he's the one that. I know last summer is the one who straight back basically what about first we include pepper ball. Electoral I don't I don't know it per screen her most and me but look. You know in the future. You know Harry and another one phenomenal actress. And looking at her. It Daniel Harris of course known from robs our Halloween films. Systems' annual Halloween well yes it Tikrit that's writing in Hillary market query I think her her appearance was Halloween for rate to its we more eloquent or why I believe yet which started in forks. Yet -- actually gets on who actually went to the the one of the premieres of Victor Crowley with Danielle on manhunt. When we went together so it was kind of cool. It cooled the NL I think they would that would recollection of the packet with. I was ecstatic and I called it a kick out of green and Miguel had the oh amazing compete at alike who another actor for that so the meeting with a broad term. And so many Annette Campbell as well. Distracting to have you named one actor these old and actresses that at a. Richard and knowing now how do you know. But he wouldn't be here am I out of that in their little bit what might Bill O'Reilly OP. I never I happened I get put them male lead in my. I mean if there is no I dislike her feet. Girl people. To click the photo is this something that I it to. Don't quit that working for me a they're required. Or. Comedic actors that stand out most of this. You know actors. There are amazing actors yet. You know. Executive big cup. Well I think what do you think the trends are in horror immune that we just talked about before the break there was a long period were found footage was everything in a war. What do you think the next. Everything is going to be a need for awhile Terry thought it was going to be like where walls and stuff that seem to be really making were surge of them but a pressure caught on isn't something on the horizon that we're gonna see a lot of. I've been with grand thirteen more at. Real. Home invasion. You need that kind of what I am seeing more well no empathy. Or supernatural ghost stories. It what's coming out I mean there's so many. From the country to a pretty couldn't. In this so many they'll go out there that are coming up their coach story can meet them at. Probably always going to be out here. Leading. Term. But lecture killer films or think or what. If it's creeping not legally at the perch coming out soon so that another war at all you know. Slasher film. No I don't albeit with everywhere he wanted to a couple of years ago not meet with everything but I'm but I haven't seen much of that lately. Yeah alike and identity were turned to see a waning of the popularity of the Walking Dead I think people kind of gotten their Phil zombies are we Aaron you know as much is gonna take for awhile. It'll never go away because it's such a great story line integrate concept. But I do think that that it's gonna take a breather for awhile. What do you what are what are you working on I mean he's got a bunch of stuff it's kind of in post production getting ready to be released you know what are your projects right now. What have we are gonna be getting we're Gingrich released lately and I action movie portal wars we will be com premiering that the summer the sequel. I think we have trilogy that be immortal award trilogy vehicle phobia trilogy which just premiered in luckily it's in Texas last week. And then we have rush. As well Tom we're gonna shoot all three. Trilogy is we're gonna finally volatility this year. Immoral and should all reinstall that. Later this year I'm glad. The next 1 that I am working on is a ghost story that caught my little nightmare and the script I wrote ten years ago when I was in school. It would an assignment. And now exactly 10 years later I am. I'm gonna do it at picture of I know what did that governments. The conjuring insidious pepper mixture you go to ghost story yet. Evicting them the working on. And as you progress is a filmmaker what is your what is your hope I mean to you what is the pinnacle of your profession what what's what's your alternate measure of success. I mean I I'm I'm I really want to get into studio work that is my main thing I really wanna start. Getting to big studios and and and so lead directing. That indeed that's where I'm headed. The right now on just. You know I am producing directing my own projects. And had yet to sign on to another product ground directly or not story. Everything that I've done I've written and directed. And everything else. As far as editing and all the details of what that is well. But to me that's the main thing. I double and it's been asking them doing it now parked on our debt into comic book series so that it's another thing that's being worked on it finally right now. And the immortal horses actually based off of my comic actors who think Richard so that another outlet have and am currently writing. I walk out bout two reveal it at that actually configure and I'm working on a project has been working on for a couple months now that'll be releasing him later this year as well but. A lot of outlet to outlet miniseries the dawning on line. It's on the web site it's not miniseries the immoral wars I'm in the caricature created in. This universe which I should mention. Only film are. There are all incorporated. With each other somehow there and they share in the they'll caught captain one way or another. Even with my side by action until my horror film. On cross it at certain point it's all the same world in nice. Do you think we are. Condemned and I say that. Knowing how popular and actually I get a lot of enjoyment out of work 62 but are we can jammed into a Hollywood that's consumed by superhero movies. You know what that is that is if it would in right now. I think they ran an article. Remember but. Yes in the wouldn't. We're kind of we're all living our our. Our childhood seeing all of our characters from your kids in like action films it's what we all. Are experiencing right now it would. You know there aren't poor side by side action films out there that need to be hole. On the. I don't know let me make and the slow down a little bit but by the looks of it in the the slate that they have strong on the field coming out. Leo we can't argue with a mineral block any more on an extreme case it entered the other fund films to watch is no question about it but and you know I'm a among the lot the opinion that I'd like to see something different constant to but. Hey listen we're we're out of time here. You know thanks so much for joining us is given out the website a couple of times or any other place that you'd recommend people go to following your work. I'm here I'm all over social media Mecca and Graham the book. I'm on all media constantly looking behind the scenes or even when I'm on that or. And then I'm always good yeah well a lot of our studio. You can see all the craziness that I get myself into as far as. That in and they'll make you know that but the apple or social media he could search my media. Terrific Joseph thanks so much for being with a snide and sharing. Your background your stories and looking for detention through your films to. Thank you appreciate it thank you for having me. All right it's beyond reality radio on JV Johnson we're gonna start to when we come back from the break our psychic road viewing experiment. I have this playing card race here in front of me I am looking and it's. And I'm thinking about it and know your job is to call. And I try to tap into those thoughts and see if you can name what's his partisan if you can I've got a EL a T shirt that I will seventy. The phone numbers 8446877669. That's total free calls so start dialing now we'll be back in the start this after the break speed on reality it's. Joining us as our guest tonight I appreciated his stories in learning about his film work you can check out his stuff that Kircus stash studios. Dot com a case of you may or may not know how this works we've done it a few times in the past it's pretty interesting this is a psychic remote viewing experiment. We have a playing card that we drew from a deck of 52 cars just a regular role playing card. I'm concentrating on and detect people in our YouTube Jack can actually see how hard I am focusing on this card. And out you're job is to call and and see if you can by a tapping through my thoughts is tell me what the card is and if you do a good teacher in Minnesota team. The phone number is 8446877669. If you need to get it again here it is 844. 6877669. So. Let's start this is go to Tom in Florida a Tom welcome to beyond reality radio rated view this. Okay I'm focusing on this playing card in your gonna tap into my thoughts mean to tell me what it is what EC. Well I am tapping into your thought in the first limerick on the money list of retirements. It's not a three diamond you must meet happening that you know it's a little more difficult as Jason's not here so we only have one. Brain or maybe even only half of it focusing on this card tonight when normally between Jason Knight and together we have three. Orders are brings a little more talk daytime takes a call on any given a shot credits go to low line yet calling in from Missouri one of our regular chat remembers he line you welcome to the show. Are you tat I don't don't don't rush into anything here OK let me focus OK all right. I'm focused now what what playing card do you see in front of me. Look I'm going to go with the aid has stated. It is not the spades. See how much harder it is when is only one Arab one person in Jason's and you're doing this with me it's more difficult to. Yes well thanks for calling in and stakes are playing we appreciate it let's go to move. We have a couple more here let's go to Michelle. Shell is calling in from Pennsylvania we shall win Pennsylvania area. On the new bill will. Miss bill and black thirty my own. He sent caddie Eric. All of Gettysburg when my favorite places in the world and that whole area is beautiful okay. So I've got this plane cart in front of me I am focused on it I am thinking about it and before I ask you do you consider yourself someone who's got. Any kind of mind reading were for a psychic has sensitivities. Is not a whole lot that aren't around front and pop you know it's as if on. Yet that's fair OK go here's your shot to see if you can actually eat he can tap into what I'm thinking and I'm looking at this card and to new EC. I'm in again with the text cart let me check it gotten. Jack of diamonds is your guests. Yeah it's not the jacket diamonds but thanks appoint Michelle and I love our I love the part of Pennsylvania dear they you ransom thanks for listening we appreciate you being here. All right let's see here we're gonna go to do with time. Yet we do okay were regarded David. David is in New York by the way if you're still trying to get in there are some lines open now an 8446877669. Okay David in New York. Here we go I'm focused on this card do you consider yourself. Somebody who has psychics sensitivities in all. Well I'm someone looks right now. Okay this is your shot I know it's hard to do it on the spot like this but I'm focused on this plane card what are you seek. I. It isn't the five parts not at this time David thank cats our great thanks so much for calling in an end participating in this this is not easy even some very very. Credible. Psychics would have trouble this because they have to do quickly you know you don't get a lot of opportunity to think about it it's on the spot it's on the air. And of course I am many thousands of miles away from most people who were guessing spoke to little more difficult to want to distance involved. The numbers 8446877669. And quick reminder tomorrow night's program we have John Egan joining us to talk about is booked. Between love and hate the double was real peace plotting to get your soul and will succeed with many I hope. But there's a happy messages these new pet discussion are let's see let's go to Ashley calling from North Carolina hey Ashley welcome to the program. OK so I'm focused on this playing cards your job is to see if you tap into my thoughts and tell me what it is. I won them but in my head burp and get started it. 98. No it's not the nine of spades. Thanks so much for trying though leopard no it's it's great guests thanks for trying to OK let's go to. It's gonna Dwight white is calling from Mississippi Qaeda might welcome the program. I'm doing okay do you consider yourself somebody's got some psychic sensitivities. Is not really Brit I would not really in a little terminate you outraged yet while looking at displaying card I'm thinking about it what are you seek. Our Q and it's true well no it's not. It's not the thanks so much for calling in and we appreciate playing. All right let's see here I say playing it's really pretty interesting experiment though I'd be might be able to sneak one more in here. This is more lean calling from New York hey Marley welcome to the program. I thank you for taking my call she I'll hit when you first said that you're gonna have I think and the hard. First I thought seven and then my platform but it's definitely a diamond. I can't tell yet. It's not it's not any combination that you just said but I can't tell you fee of just what the suit is the thanks so much for playing you do you consider yourself somebody's got some psychic since Tiffany's. Our. You do you do you do readings and suffer people. I had gone to some questions and Lily dale New York. Oh yeah Lilly deal of course you know my then there are times. I took a weekend class. And yeah I want you know what I did more meditating I was a little bit more. Aware. And psychic. I have been to medicated. As often as I would like. But occasionally. There are some things that. You know I hit the nail on the head. Well I appreciate your playing we didn't get this time but it's a tough situation as I said he would do very quickly so that was morally and from New York thank you so much we're out of time I can't take anymore phone calls ansari. Will try to get to this again tomorrow night. When Jason's back with us it's beyond reality radio don't forget Johnny can joins us tomorrow to talk about his book between love and hate the devil is real. And thanks so much for joining us and we will see you tomorrow night. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson introduced by Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's entirely on really renews. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will purchase most hope that she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.