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John Eagan discusses his experiences with demons

Apr 25, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author John Eagan about his personal experiences with demonic forces that invaded his home. He discusses the demons and the devil as they presented themselves throughout the ordeal.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. CLS close ones heading East Coast many are still simmering between welcome Leon really really use myself chase and most news awesome. Achieve each arts okay this is going to be hard for me to say I'm gonna want the truth OK yes are you cheating on me with another radio show. And if you have lived and where you bet my intentions are watching and measure things that CNN CNN you handle blows away a day. I've been having fun at least be brought to step back from Vegas and I knew we were right in saying IIDs Kerry remember. Exactly it was it was like bread out of that hole then most of them handle can idea. Yeah so hard about staggered into the that we will we will a legend when the when the pictures start surfacing on the Internet that we can talk about to explain away at that point I'll tell you what lawyers do. Welcome to the show everybody itself beyond reality radio obviously Jason javy. We're happy to be here together and tonight we took you would demons. Other people are excited to talk about regardless it's it's a heavy topic and we're gonna really delve into that tonight. All of the instinct get. And our guests' thoughts are because it's it's topic that I am very well. Knowledge and I do I deal with the subject and a lot of especially with the churches so it'll be. Merely adjusting to get into on just fundamentals behind what his writings and his belief systems. Yet our guests will be John begin he has written a book it's called between love and hate the double is real peace plotting to get church soul and will succeed with many. That's rather ominous let's pretty long collar areas. The title and it's pretty frightening. You know I mean if if if his conclusion is that the devil will get the soul of many of us. I guess the question is what's the criteria what if you do avoid that and what's the consequence if he gets it. Well and his sister set up we were talking about this right after I got back with this. I don't think there's any group in the series. It is very varied to deliberate by slick Eddie and big slick new obstacle mostly by an act so now I haven having animation head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond her failure originally to FaceBook page Taurus. That had to be under reality radio dot com we can find all the stations to air across our country right there are listed on the site. I'm more costly out updating that list check it Austin it also download the free iPhone Andrea operator shall listen live catch pressure rose joined Allen chat more. Or just on the website click the listen life tab. The upper corner and it'll connected to an online chat room where GG myself agree to beat people usually hang around me can chat will listen to the show yeah. I don't know it's gonna have time tonight I'm hoping we are. To revisit our psychic or remote viewing experiment now. It was a two weeks ago. You an idea we drew cards regular 52 card playing decked. Last night I I took a few phone calls for this but nobody has been able to tap into our consciousness. NTELOS with this card is and I was blaming the last night and the fact that it was just. It was just me so it'll only a quarter of her brain vs unite together we have a half a brain. Yeah lie now and I agree with so I had. I'm Slaton. Nothing's and he hit the senate you're dead arm it's so maybe tonight will be donated all depend on how the conversation goes. If we have any time at the end of the show will do that again. And take your calls and what you try to participate in this psychic remote viewing experience and I had a pretty fascinating we've had some people call the show that have been pretty. Interesting in and certainly has some sensitivities list. You know we'll see if there's somebody get that tonight so would you do for the Costco idea. I knew I was looking for you actually it was calling I was I was upset I was crying I mean I was so they only gave me one phone call. That's ahead district of oyster beds tends to do it happens in Vegas yeah. Yeah I know we are designed to make things you know be smooth move along whatever it is I don't know. I will say though wouldn't when he gets back to the whole Vegas thing on. First off now marijuana as totally legal wedge and teach their own I don't have a problem with tennis or whatever but I'm just I might might thing. But the fact of the matter is no matter where you go. It's all east and dad just I don't know how you can one current. Kids that's the problem and I tell you this rate now listen I'm not judging people if you aren't illegal but I think they should be designated areas just like secrets that's exactly right everywhere you go where it's legal just all you smell. And you're right what can kids round I mean it's it's scarier too we too I took my rental car back and America secure and point fingers but there were literally employees. There. Yes see that's that's I mean you know it's no different than drinking on the job communities can match. And for those of you in the chat that are saying you know why wind days with kids. If you ever been to Vegas and long time it's you know it's gambling and all that's up there's a lot of family stuff to do in Vegas too there's lot of stuff for kids. There's a lot of things going on this or a lot of kids get made in Vegas a lot of kids get married in Vegas why numbering in the back it's kind of a reunion tour. I exactly don't leave your area Torre gets started up so but now I'd do it that's the one that's the one downside I think for a while might be an upside for a lot of people Alter brought. It's just it's definitely issue you gotta think twice about bringing kids in and walking around. Yet no way anywhere anywhere that that marijuana is legal that's going to be a problem and I've been I've been kind of saying this rather is going to be a backlash against that is as you just said there might be need to be designated areas or whatever several any different than. Then regular smoking which has been relegated to locations or whatever but even regular smoking isn't nearly is poignant. As a of an older as as Hemmer once but they in OC Ellis from this plays out it's a whole new chapter in in American history Vegas. On its you know one that won't. You remember she can it'll be. Plus a little lower part of tomorrow no but to be allotted Doritos soul like to call the Mountain Dew literally dozens snicker bars and follow your advice stock in those and that companies they go so far numbered tonight is 844687766. Night until freed 844687. 7669. ECB if there are any questions for our guests today. You know when you were talking with famine. Or any general thoughts on demons and dolls they afraid of sickle British take a quick break more to come you're listening to Jason and. Easy on the unrelated male when. Beyond reality radio princesses JP and I'm telling you need to go check out scary con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great Sanders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare a con. Dot com check it out I. And we're excited happy here. We're also very very happy so many radio stations around the country had decided to become affiliates of the show. And those stations we thank you for being part of the program and we look forward adding a lot more as our days go on here. Yeah will be having a bunch more to that station last relatively soon that you can see it that beyond reality radio dot com. List all stations we are across the country less is ever growing summation you check it often. And and it's all because you alternate tuning in men enjoying the show that's made its successor to just so one. Topics that we broach occasionally here on the programs that have demons and it's one of those topics that they're very very diverse and mixed feelings about. Some people want it just avoid the topic altogether other people. How wanna embrace the idea of discussing it because they feel like if we need to find a solution and these demons are far more. Prevalent in in and amongst us then we think they are and I don't know. You know where I fall on all of that. But I think from the truth lies somewhere in between but still the whole topic is fascinating is one we're gonna get into tonight or you don't have to be wrong. Live just suited to think about it because they can't bear looked at many different forms of course a religious community has their police some on. And there's others out there who believe they have no association with religion but it just hear that he'd been here forever. And and all that we will be getting into that. Yeah our guest tonight is John he began his website is John dash Egan. Dot com he's written a book called between love and hate the death hole is real John welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on our program tonight. Then do it sounded to be here. And we're looking forward in the so let's get a let's start out by learning a little bit about you tell us a little bit about your story before you got to the point where you were writing and talking about demons. Our pets but I originally eligible on the Brooklyn and that's when Matt. And that's what I get most of mine who really did in my immoral as you know a back in the day when people want to share it shouldn't and my mum and dad were likely you know. So what the end of the time when people they begin there and series kid and held a deterrent to getting into that too and that's that was my hair Baghdad. And not my mama I can really. Strong. Italian broke an Italian lady you know I mean my dad was an irishman. And they were very religious people that in fact when time. And school that the young kid. Heard. Italian joke and I'm Libby couldn't tell my mom you know so when you could set the plate up at the united tell a joke about. But it turns so today. They told that he did to complain about MySpace and just isn't enough they won't do it again that normally you get back over here at Saddam and I think it's cute and have that guy and I was and did you know. Tell you John I grew up in an Italian household as well and and that whole story right there reminds you several incidences in my childhood so I feel free completely where you religious guy or child I mean did you were you. Again I'm assuming you're Catholic based on the Italian upbringing but we religion yeah. Where your religious family mean did you go to church and did you remove. I have Alison thank back there and people went to church like you know when I got injured have back then you have to get there early to get heat. Now big big tell me that 75% of my religion. That they have to have dropped off now if I mean when I go to church has plenty of this in your room you know enemy. I had to back in the day that was a time when we are all you know stuck to our religion pretty much. And and really thick skin cell was but he kept my mom and dad and then from Brooklyn. We moved to the New Jersey my dad looked as though he had like six kids don't even have a good chance against. Emily moved into Jersey and I went to that school here. And that it would that quote trying to stake out but now escrow account in New Jersey until I got my education. Over the. On an elaborate it. And handle moving to six I'm I'm originally from upstate New York from one of six and my mother and father moved us from from upstate New York up to Rhode Island. So and it's not easy it's definitely a huge thing to do so. Yes so I guess Olympic city kids moved into the country. But it was fine I I enjoyed that high school here and I enjoyed college and that's when I get my degree in and I had. Well look they look at about all of that mile so when I got my degree is that it teaches special Ed kids. But I felt that I would is that bless you when you were you happy and the kids and declared. There are addicted don't have any. Accurate gauge that didn't have anything going but you know enemy. And just being normal felt like I was glad and I felt like I had and needed to pay back that. So my dad and some prank to Latin my life. That's what one thing when we have to get into the aberration that happened in an anti in his house. A lot of it's going to be related to this story can I tell you now. Yeah and we will get into that in a little bit to tell us about your experiences teacher I mean was this something you aspired to be or. A lot of people find you know they can just follow a path and they end up there what was your story. Yet there's that. I thought that the way the Mets make a living but out of our dedicated to learn today. And that had decent he's like that it looked as wonderful kids 89 but they didn't they are gonna really. Can be anything silly and it elected logical that I work ahead like Roland and another girl that you have at the end of the truck and it's. And it about the diamond and rolled out about this. Is the yeah tell a knock classroom I had a road there's so. I would lineup that these special Ed children and I have one think about Hamburg and Roland and funeral adapt the other guy. And yet again and opened the back it and they got jobs they were we were trying to trying to in the middle of the you know at someday that there are good they are an intellectual side of the wedding in guerrilla. Anything intellectually that connect to open something in the back. And then next that would like try to close about certain that basically did nothing like that dealing and special. About and that's spent the better. I would I felt like I would let you know that I had a hundred children that really terrible can't that they were going to keep it Dayton whom helping out. An academic and instead of working with these Davies spoke people who have children what is terrible can't sit. That would give Mike something that crayons and and it drove by numbers. And them as territorial Adam had these terrible can't does that mean you're on your head that anybody can do it like tool and that he did they would like clean it up. And no matter how hard they would sign into roar and get a Dorgan and live very long and it that is that the plane was in the skill that they get used someday you know. I also felt. Less money Andy did you know that would put my life but praying I think was let these kids. Yeah we your certainly face was some morbid and sober realities swells doing that and that's that's a very very difficult position to be and I imagine they used. Every a bit of energy you could do try to provide hope and solace to some of these children. And it Lester again what I did this because it's the I had time so I did that that are working at 9 o'clock and and so I had these. These like these little and it should kids' Sunday and had like a little darker side of people at night I had to learn about you know I think he's. Sure you know. Yeah you can completely different side people that is that our right. Yes eight. And let these that this has not been very relevant I think to the ever since I met these people that were out at night. Doesn't that you know 90% and we're good people that a lot of people looking for it to do things that war. Little you know this stadium and it looked in danger under the look and you have that if there is married guys to do you know have been a number of prosecutions that have been drugs that. Well I have all the dog so I don't think it. War in no warrant. And it didn't hit any any nightclubs. So just like when people say and what that. Nine I mean just like once in Vegas against. Actual attack and they pick. So I know a lot of people that I liked but I didn't really as a would be good friendly with them but I had to be at the moment every night and a lot of these people. Intended idea. You know from overdosing or alcoholism. Call for one reason or another and an independent of them pretty pretty well and and I I felt it felt that these people. They died in light. While they are doing the right thing in that manner and same. I'm I'm not sure what you're saying actually he's saying that they. They they've passed away early because they were not living a wholesome life. Yeah they are the tight end in the middle of the dead the it disappeared and now and Tuesday and I would pray for these people. Two and candidate got him at all offended people account till I'm done praying for them. This is also going to be irrelevant to what happened but this aberration and I had here. So I mean so that was something that they did my whole life long for people who I met. So I felt good living going to be you know fairly well India the life. So I tried to help them there. All right well we're we're in order and take a break Q&A only come back so we get more in depth in the story. Ellison's Jason GBM beyond really revealed. And then Justin. Hit a difference and save you and we're talking about the travel stories at yelling no is well IG then and now I know who's leading you astray and competitive and that's the problem. It's a welcome welcome back to the show everybody's beyond reality radio the phone number I'd open a profound mind a little bit later probably as we get into the second hour. The phone numbers 8446877669. And I wanted to mention too that we've got some pretty cool gas coming up as well. Tomorrow night Gordon coral Smith who's an author. Will be joining us to talk about his two books set called another a get another life and he's the first ever books. There were written expressly. To gently probe young children's. Past lives. And their memories of those past lies we've talked about studies on this show before where anytime they look at they talk to children in the ass to want to remember in the east kids come up with these. Stories and then when those stories are checked they actually were try not to be historical figures that these kids would not know anything about. Otherwise and there's a lot of good ways that they can go in and we've also talked to it with other psychologists and everything else about. Some that that lead them in certain directions right and information right. So would be interesting to get taken on them both aspects of. Yet sort of talk with Gordon on tomorrow night and then Thursday night doctor. And near death experience and he was not just in radio each day he worked with our bell. And I are very want to legend ya and and we course lost Art Bell and a week ago or so. In our pal is really the mandate we all many of us have to thank. For the ability to get on the radio late night talk about these topics that we talk about because he was the first to do it. It was an incredible guy and weather and I I know that there was some where things happening near near the end of his life but silly he was just an incredible guy and and it's he's definitely a law. It's yeah. Tonight we're talking with Johnny and however his website is John dash eat in that spelled EA GT and dot com and we're trying to get his book between love and hate to doubles real. He's plotting to get your soul. And will succeed with many which just that title alone gives me kind of a goosebumps and shivers down my spine John again thanks for being with us. I know little about it yet no thank you and Iowa I wanna know. A little bit about again more about you before you know the details of the book. What is the what are things you say on your website is that you need to know yourself no dice yeah because what you're talking about what you're talking about when you when you reference know thyself. Well it's very important for our. People today to know yourself know what you're capable of what Europe. Frailties are the senate until you can go on that like Anthony Keith he's big hero a great musician. You know and your mind. And and and and you wait until much time trying to do that you don't have that specific talent now. That didn't eat do you wait it kind find out what your talents are. And then go with that. That Clinton than knowing yourself but one thing I didn't bring up eleven London nightclub back in that could have been selling book and a battalion you guys even know that but. It was called just had to pick a beautiful and nice up there and get the place secrets every man should know is like about twenty years ago. That was the best seller still felt today but it's just because there are denying what that. Hugs and Xavier is funny you brought that up because Jason Knight is doing her show prep before the show thought it was an odd title for a book for someone who's written a book about demons to a. I don't I'm CNN that a factor such as the book out of bad sit there and what they want what I worked nightclubs. So our problem may try cute picture that was the simplest that I mean at some of the guys in the coming tonight that they wanted to communicate with women. They had a really hard problem doing that. And every time and equipment worked in a row but that would go over to united front so they would say they dug a little girl they would say who's that girl step by urging hit it and don't you go over and talked to a long and I was like well well sure you know let me go over and I think admired what can you talk to a girl in unmanned that this is happening a lot. And ending guy who did get Dinara to go over to talk to girl. Probably get sat down got back into heat again and rotated into this day three of the present day Helena think to myself I didn't. Honest and candid guy and didn't deploy read the book. And have a go but it what do they have a good. And you can let it all it's yeah he's been on the 72 here three times and still excited do they decided it. Do you can do women. Two I didn't Beijing doesn't undermine the kind of the proper political I don't courtroom I don't look at act how to behave. What turns them on moment talking to them what turns them off from the supplement and get that statement and break it down to his ankle really was. And like a scientific and I think that play hit number one and at that time and I ended ended every show including haven't sent very much heard him right. I've heard of those unions absolutely had to attack back. I don't have a did I would probably and had ended respect so so that there yeah. All my because these are you know this is not something we normally talk about this program but. You wrote this book it was a best seller saw a lot of guys. Bought the book they read the book did you get any feedback from many of these guys saying Harry I read this book and while I am a a good god with the ladies now I mean did that ever happen. They're popular get some of these reviews. I know like Amazon. You know bigger and jello and inflate to that sell the book you see that. It really was at was only because I ended in 2009 found out from them how to do it added value added you're not a thing. That's why I think US dollar successful. And a lot of big names behind a legacy that I did every single key ingredient so the year is back and I wrote a couple of magazine that I hung around so let. It was something had that it still felt that this day that look at and I don't understand behind it because they're everywhere are registered as it is to let you know I think it has its good studies are about to go to university that is gonna get fired at them and it'd way to that I said. And then it turned out to be that won't. So in that. I absolutely believe that I don't know I don't hear that it's still the greatest of a lot of ways of. I'm John John we've got time bidders hit primary John John we've got time tell us the Ripley's story please. Well I think we're and that that I'm also I'm not a Soledad that's why would he go to the my web site done titan EHP a NI a dot. The sun. Did he indeed you know that type in between so to did in the Cuba that. You stayed at that picture there on the cover of the book is exactly what I saw Laura and I have a feeling that I got this apparition. Because I was able I would be able to depict exactly lit a sore subject if I am sure you must disarm them. And money really revealed that yet and I wanna get into that related but. That that I'm an artist I'm able to. Focus on what I'm seeing and and then. He picked exactly what I went seems so but look like I mean I've been allowed on over the years and I've been a lot of magazines and and not just about my office. They'll let you thought they did. Actually let's. It didn't tell the story in itself and if you're interested. They get to an extent that an agreement in USA today which is the magazine examining the kids. Usually you have to give yeah well as the actual full. Full page in USA today that on a couple of years ago John and I'm. Something did you tell us the replace part of this. And I haven't done that this an alternate of the USA today Ripley's believe in that all these people picked up. This secular world picked up on this piece we're gonna get it he's got work work. My wife worked in the battery is apple over at the church here. Many of the women that you had been a monster and content they have the light candles still want a light candles when they've earned on the trust be thrown out. But my wife's the same thing inside look at debate Monday and it sort of like back then backed of these little things and into the what do you do didn't get a low light sentence you say well it does. So again he and his company go all the time. I couldn't throw them out too that you're not excited is something that sent sent okay. I took my mouth and more about like fifty pounds of candles and I tried apotheker did this it's seven at the talent like cut out. If you if you like. Google John Egan waxed but that she used against the actual. I think that BP would you would think they put it in there. So I guess it didn't look so beautiful. That everybody wants to cover it every newspaper and magazine and I can think of coveted basically believe and I want to buy in Britain and museum but I received them and they look at them putting good money involved in anything really. Not in the mood to sell it. The cut in this database has been there to into the 2018. Publication. Yeah and repeatedly that. Girl has so let me ask you this semi new. He kept the melted candle wax statue of Jesus that you didn't sell the rip with a hot day you're gonna lose it means is that what happens. So yeah I couldn't I just like my bonus it's gonna I don't know be simply didn't. And many can be like this is the name in my house now or year it into the air conditioning that this summer and he's not going to and it's never been that don't allow. I'm spoke to bring that somebody plays I just don't have the time to do but I do Branyan hit. Certain terms churches that I'd like to know that I'm gonna bring it there and wonderful the people gonna get around and he's taking have a blanket immunity empty senate. And it really got a lot of attention from the secular world that I really appreciated so that's not important who I am didn't reveal when a Doug maybe be good appetite now. Any estimate I've got out of work to take a break in just a minute here before we do that let's just try to bring this story to the point where demons entered your life. Oh how do we get to that point in your life. LO all this time I a goalie had to have triple life and I rarely get that I never looked at triple life. So that purple light lit something that. You've collected. Aberration. And we get actually and I tell you what happened within his decision that any kind of an accurate since I've ever. Heard about or read about in my life so it when we finally get there. I think you begin to understand how and why he got there. Okay are perfect so wool believe it they're for the moment we'll take a break and combatant in the that. All right so far numbers a 446877669. Ginn told freed 844687. 7669. Nielsen Jason JB yeah. Yeah. Radio geez yeah thanks for joining us live Gladys wood let her glad that comment offense is good or glad which is good right. But I guess you listen weren't radio sometimes or to combine words just to get the job done okay. So it's good to see everybody checks I don't know whether it's Tennessee River to along with us we're glad to have you with us and Venus poster and push for a show only do what went into those rules. You have to assume those rules against elites and talking with John he gave his website he's John dash begin dot com. He's written a book that's called deal between love and hate the devil was real peace plotting to get your soul and will succeed. With many we've got about five minutes in this particular segment John and I'm hoping this is enough that we can open the discussion. On your demonic encounter. And how this whole story started it now I don't know I don't know no just just in the senate in the senate now we got we got a homeowner hour with use so. Yeah yeah yeah so let's let's take this next five minutes just gonna introduce a style. Demons and or your world and how this whole stories story started for you. Let me tell you face skeptic I think skepticality one of the biggest skeptics ever. I think about things like this time you read about gambles like bill did in the Bible and he hit it. God created angels and then they have cried became the people in need Angel so how well. And beautiful that pride speed gains egg they're beginning before the fall and it felt that they were so iPhone. I guess they came Eric I apologize had to go to Allah wherever they went. And we all know these stories as I did think about it ended blank. Like anybody appellate very skeptical about the about these things. I didn't I didn't happen practical knowledge of them and at and what the Bible told me and at first I ever get and I heard about like. There's something very personal to me was. And let down my brother died of this kind of blood disease he had and again again in my heart attack and he died my younger brother who is like forty happy to have that blood disease. And he got a hot attack went to the hospital and he. He died you know a while if he died so and ended being brought him back I took to life. And that then he died again at the app or when I went to talk to him he says to me. And so and he sat there heard anything anybody can really boy you talk to me that when I die he said. Apple came from me eat it. And I I've got they did did did did the bed you know and you want the narratives and the doctors. Frantically trying to bring them back to lied and said these devils were taking me into the dock side of the room. And the comic timing put him back to life he can't and he said to me why it doubled company. And I that he didn't have an end to the evidence and now my brother you know I have to whether they're not very logical intelligent people. And had during his that the whole war logical intelligent. That he would say something like that to me. What is this 100 closest. Encounter that I ever heard of that of the somebody. You know so I was always a skeptic until he told me that. And now that there's one in the first ones that I heard about you know but it had nothing to do with me but I mean it. That it was so close enough of that habit of anonymity utility woods story like that. I turn out all right John homeless are we had a guest on this program Jamie B member who was I don't know who specifically he told us about his near death experience and went. He had left his body he was being pulled in a direction of very dark direction by what he felt word demonic beings. William and it and it and then well I do remember that specifically and but the saying it is John you came from very relieved religious family so. Where do you where does that term now where did it turn from where you're very religious family spending all your time. I'm praying in all the stuff but all of a sudden when it passes on he's being dragged away by by negative type like these I mean would. Exactly the edgy sense to me why would tablet company but it didn't think it cannot fully imagine that it is my that my brother my relatives. Syncing up and you that we all grew up on the this morally you know for operating ME and that religion at all there. But people that take it away from you the end of disappointment that we need to talk about the ever cement. That people can comment take that it way that he stopped. You know he's going to eat meat of movies and he's got this religion if he he didn't get married to clear that a woman he had children he never brought them up and religions. And now he never gave gut you've diminished over time I'm saying that he felt also taken him to help but I think what we're gonna discuss later. It that we go on adjourned. Yep that when we die and it is what we did here is what we're gonna get there as I say that he was gone he that he bit. I think that what came and we dragging him across your room into the dark side of the room and air as he was blocked in the narrative and the doctors frantically bringing China. Back resuscitating him and bring him back to elect and he did come back electing went back into his body. And it was a one this year he's a very religious person now more than it did until. Yeah now on in that experience unity that you have to make sure all those sit back and wonder if you spend a thirty years of your life has a religious individual and two years of your life for three years are realists and has not. I mean is it is. Elected to try and he is nah you know he didn't get Muslim religion. He can't get married and we will get married in a church in and get married enter. I have been people and a real comfortable. Elliot Perry visited there I have nephews. Who are. Well some might think they've really tried to bring up their kids and Catholic faith in our school eight yesterday I mean I wish we didn't security. They went to work in new York and at some reason that people can take away your faith in knowing that you think really faith in god. And then when I tried to talk to them back into the relief that it flipped me when I talk about guys know they think he did some things some. We people made upped it to keep them in line and I mean and and and it's like it did totally. Guys I need a net debt wonderful upper and somebody took that away. And then another and staunch atheist and you know and it's very sad that that can happen to people and have. And other relatives. Who. I like those two. You know some of these places where they came believes are. And try to be you know it brings food and clothes and talk to them and be nice to them and we were suspecting that to a one of my relatives said that it at that erupted. And I thought to myself whose troops yet compassionate way you guys who are in contention that somebody came and took dead like such possible. For our. To lose these things you know yes and I think that they're going to be and when we talk about the actual Everett that I had I think you'll understand when I'm when I'm trying to say. And we'll start talking about them rafter we come back of phone numbers 8446877669. Until treaty for four. 6877669. US. Jason Giambi I'm really. On the West Coast. Skills when you're stuck somewhere between welcome to beyond reality radio with myself Jason Bosnia is awesome GG John. Okay so like I got I have to say this because. We had a best stuff program play less ignorant which meant was you're traveling with stuff going on today. And best of play but I still went into this stream that we've been doing and I was chatting and stuff like that and Alex you know mark our assistant producer Alex yes was behind the console running moved the best of program forests. And she made the mistake of bringing some to Rios down to the studio. In eating just to read those. Next to the mixing board. And I drove it aka actor ray. Not a very good we we don't need over the console we know that leadership pushed the orange button he. So now the old Chad has become a conversation about crummy es un the console. And you know when I might be dead or not that bad I mean I am bad but not that that OK and just. It's funny everytime I travel or go some arm gone for a night to come back to dislike you gotta talk a what are you working on which showed little you don't. Will show you donated this happens and it's like it's way okay. Santa I won't soon and you know I will not throw you under the bus system what you're actually doing moments. Email invite and to be in a show at some point with the blue jeans. Anyways if you're having him make your head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like the FaceBook page forests than had to be under really radioed a comic finals stations were airing across the country were constantly updating that with new station subjective frequently. You can also download the free iPhone and interrupt. Great there were two us illicit life catch Pashos young challenger mark. Or just go right the website beyond reality radio dot com in the upper corner click the listen life tab. The connect to an online chat room where he can listen to show you can hang out GD myself in just a great India people. By the way we're going to be taking your phone calls if you wanna comment on our discussion of a demons that number's 8446877669. And then later in the program we should have some extra time tonight. We're gonna going to revisit our psychic remote viewing experiment in this is very very simple. We drew a playing card from the deck of 52 cards. And we will be when we tell you will be concentrating on this card you calling and try to tap into our three quarters of a brain between Jason and I. And did see if you can pick up the vibrations are the images or whatever happens to be you have to pick up to tell us what the card use is that six of warrants it's a six of warrants were sources tell everybody aren't perfect for the demon as. Anyway so that'll be out later in the program assuming we have some time we should have little bit extra tee into the show. Tonight we're talking with John Egan John is an author he's written a book called you between love and hate. The devil is real and John I've got to ask you right out of the blocks is the double real. Absolutely real I mean I had to Tug that Elliott and me being skeptical I understand being skeptical. I was one of the biggest skeptic but but this is. But this apparition. It it was not feeling like I had it my cell had averaged myself that it did think that happened this happened but at least what we heard. Was heard by my life and my son to assess that the reason people are happy can't have that same hallucination down and he can make any psychiatrist in this country today. EQ isn't possible but three people will be having exactly the same who's saying that exactly the same tactically it's like if you did drugs they're both feet. Haven't some kind of create a particular would be exactly you know well in the tank you know an insane. This is an aberration. That so little was Oakland and it did so ever so much about the well what went out about it we wanted to I understand how it started. I wanna know how it of being the very beginnings of all this you said that junior you bet you better religious person. Don't you brother had an experience at what point did a demon entry your life. Yeah well. That's what they don't have been one day it have to have a nice fat cat I have three boys I will we rate them Olympic college. One graduated Alyssa graduate college you wanna come back comes I was fine but me and I have my elected together and empty nest syndrome so he he wanted to come back inside his own business so he's back like an apartment downstairs in the basement and made my oldest son. He's in my bedroom appear anywhere together but to date on May decide as the debate and and hit a major problem down there. Or I applied signal in the living room we have a section so like everybody does. And I usually sit there and night and again my first time I tried my whole life. So I believe this happened this had that one day I'm there framed. And he's a big debate is the gripe is that under the house with a base and is and is the middle door between the garages and basements. And while I was trying to put my script and I heard that door it was a Paul Malone president delightful and chat. Opens slams yet. And I thought who would do that note in my life threatening strong enough to play in the middle of that type. And and I think my son and it's in and that means that the some means somebody in his car his girlfriend broke up but I'm site. Get up. Can I get my captain went downstairs and I looked around and net there's nobody found evidence to connect had a feeling something was definitely wrong. And I searched every moment certain departments they're different Islamic sect and maybe try that. And then an event and came out here and it looked have a camera sentiment that get a camera system that if anybody came in the garages at the doors anywhere in the nobody did. And that's when it first started before I actually get the aberration and end. Wednesday night like with home series that you can tell me that something wrong with this house that something in this county that I can't explain it but. I hear people that you hit somebody coming up the steps could some debate into the kitchen missteps. And you know going to if you live in the past twenty years. I you know every. You know it sounds absolutely. Felt. It's key issue I would I've heard yet to do some coming up but does that for its indicated something heavier big bigger than my son. And then walking in that there's a hallway that behind aspect goes down to the bed Jones act and here's something walking down the hole as slowly and a late. This aberration but not let anything I get crazy and like be here. Something crazy happened and is I think he's thrown around and things break even wind enlightening it's nothing like that nothing. So this went on the last my life depended who it is really scary what should we do not like I didn't want to tell that those laws. So I didn't say anything and so we have a beach house to be going to be saudis has done some of the going to be out. As you think some academic understanding that happens to spend weekends down there. Most of the time this summer and my central. My my life and says. It's something really weird going on in this house since he said black student and am now he's back here towards landing. And as everything walking around them and come upstairs and hear the doors slamming an abatement Indians have. A glint sliding door and he says that something slash Mason back and bought. And I had a hit and a I don't. I think anything he did what's what's gone on like that to me knowingly got home well now to talk about this and and I knew it I can't handle it was but it. I didn't want him. Frightened her you know. So way we will really don't know it John Rowland hall and John says so you're saying that you're saying based on on some doors slamming in some footsteps you already were suspecting a demon from that. Why would why would you tell us why would you jump home on why would you jump to that I mean. Jason I've done a lot of work with paranormal phenomenon and that would be our first assumption what what major jump to that so quickly. Good it felt so evil. I don't think people my wife helped implement sometime Walt perfectly normal human being you know who else have this event that something he believed it felt it. And then at times but put that. That's an okay so this is like to have Venus they are you familiar feeling news feeling negativity in the air. You know yeah yeah Selena DMZ were to just feels that way prior to did you feel that prior to doors slamming in footsteps being heard was that. Now you do not see it all came about the same time. Accept anything time now I've been here for 27 years and now that debt that was the only time I haven't thought something like that was in this house. And then balloon when we Lindley came moves aren't impact that she says to you we have that it may be like to preach here or haven't actually sit disrupting. Exactly that a if something really handy with reading all the Meehan would wake up my life and wake me up and give it to what is debt and there's something like yeah. Cycle early in the match like about slow breathing in something like that right Albany. And. So very heavy and very heavy breathing is what you're saying yeah. You know OK okay. And then when I was sitting on the couch. You know the sectional and the living room. I guess the key here at the kinda. Something really heavy breathing. So but what do you as the plane did that. I don't know what to do in the situation might be a candidate I mean we know we've we've we've belonged to deter a Soviet another priest that priest come here provided the spotlight debt. We have a garden party every week you know priest and I had to go to create a nugget and on present element distinctive and you have a system that I mean it's impossible it. I don't know I don't know how to do that I didn't do it. Yeah well and so a tough situation but why why do you think that this team in this double. Singled in the year your family out your house so. Yeah run and explain it to you now and everybody is saying is true. I'm sitting there again it I'm my sectional couch and I immediately democratic medicate them back now on hand today and have done after the 27 years. So and I do it must in my print on April rosary beads and I'm Catholic you know. So I'm sitting there and I send my president put him down I have a little table next to me. I put it did merited them there I think admitted break and nice that this city. About five foot by the fact that area alongside me like. And you still Iraq in two quarters and you see how it ripples. You understand that sir but I bet but I started seeing some of them. I thought they didn't tell assortment of technique that might be and didn't even tell my life but I so. As well as Pakistan that this city. Claimed that claims Barbara there was the little I don't know lion can explain it but I try to tell you I try to play in the book every detail. A bloody so big that may be something that I. Tell you you might understand better than I do know that it's okay to do the whole area it was it was a rippling. And I decided seeing blue plane. This little planet at five foot area blue flame that kind of advocates have quite ignorant. So I got up to cats and looking at it fate of the people who claimed and then slowly. Slowly. Not like crazy like a crazy Eamon as something. You know wouldn't boring and and doing crazy things slowly I got out of there haven't been to the board meeting. And you go into the blood mean most of the people picketing with Italian and notes and addressed it and that when the CEO walks end. He owns the girl he walks into the zone time in their own pace he sits in the intensity or is he. And he own bedroom that what is going on and in this past year it came to protect Soros. Big long point I don't know what it was that was committed to fight the plane they would look like chrome Carl you know thumb on the ocean. Like really long piece. Of the plane but then I saw what it was into that hole on dean while not even. Yeah. And it. Stood there and looked straight at an analyst at full head get like it seeing that you went to John did he can bet com that picture of that girl. And it's in my mind and a look at an eyesore that hole. Think I would be able to detect this is the best I could. Of what I was like yeah. And now it was it was there it was looking straight at me and it was there or read it and I think this like Elvis like again. And send them there wasn't frightening. Very frightening than it was like a crazy. Yeah like he must have ever since that would craziness happening you know this thing was very intelligent and powerful would like is. It is palpable as the alliance. That could do value and a second but I. Felt that it couldn't go past the Fed is independent and like neck at that party it was they elect. I think was permitted to come. Yeah coming into my. Out of the realm yet the I John hold on we gonna take a break we'll come back more get more of this story after the break. Our phone numbers a 446877669. Into afridi for 4687. 7669. You listen Jason. Dvd out early here. About himself. It's beyond reality really JC GB thanks for joining us former receipts. 446877669. Will be taking your calls if you wanted to join this discussion about demons will also take your calls later for a psychic. Remote viewing experiment if you wanna try that. Our guest tonight is John Egan who we are gonna jump Tora phone lines trying to get a few of these calls knocked out here we don't have a lot of time for our next break but this is Wesley calling in from North Carolina he Wesley welcome to the program. Kate thanks appreciate. What's on your mind. You know this the first ever called me and I listened to you guys are a regular basis and usually money. Garage that he is. I know these guys are a lot of time but I'm just a quick question is that is it possible for. I was seeded demon but maybe your spirits and evil spirit to follow the only. Well in my beliefs yet but I'll I'll letter I guess Jon has to question John woody thank. What well actually I don't see how it wouldn't be putt lol what would be the purpose I think keep these things have a purpose says that's just like a random. Out of that that what I would have to put my admiration had a purpose I guess so hopefully we'll get to talk about what does that purpose wise but. I would not think ever heard of things I dampen economic I think goes as everybody else until that happens to me then eight. The and I and I mean I didn't really know that demons to realize I really did the meaning. I knew you know we read the vitally all heard this story but it. I actually know now that they are real and I think they can almost anything but I also think they're a spirits. Do you and I used to wake up and have been used you don't want to journey and I know that there must act and a molecule it spirits that are demons who haven't. Gotten where it starts again yet. You know and make it and write about people and animated he's so many stories about that I am I'd imagine that would be true. They Wesley DE do you suspect that's happened to UN and or your family and so you ask. World absolutely world of virtual my my father. And sing that well I won't talk to two people have talked to my grand my grandfather talk too much are about ten. My father. Says it's more my dead rates anymore and my mother's alcoholic drug addict. On and sheep like followers said that. He will win win. Before I came around there at key has seen. Almost presents. You know and go through each episode where where she would speak out. You know and it wasn't an herb points yeah that that I was speaking out. That that sounds like a little bit like possession we're gonna keep US sleep through the break so don't go anywhere will continue with the a conversation. With John as well wounded back at a pharmacy for 46877669. You listen Jason GBM beyond or later you'll be back after this. Yeah 44. 6877669. We invite to join our discussion. We've been talking with John Egan about his experiences with a full. Demonic apparition in his home we're gonna get more involved in that story the first who wanna go back to our listener line. And pick up with Wesley from North Carolina who was telling us some business personal family experiences and Wesley you think that. Maybe whether it's demonic or not some type of spirit has attached itself to your family. Yeah. You know I mean my grandfather I was the first one it's only and the baseball then and there might end Tony. What they've all been very debate about it arms. But. You know I'm just curious like is that it did you know that it possibly be disappointed in him might seem being or. It's in my just putting you know my mind because some people told me you're what. Wesley are you saying that this entity whatever happens to be has followed the Stanley through generations. OK I understand better now. I don't know you know that John DUI mean I don't know if this is kind of the same thing you've experienced any of this stuff I mean we're gonna get in your story a little bit more bud. Yeah do you have you ever hurt mean after reading your book you must have people telling you their stories. Has there been another Sharon like this where were some type of demonic or spiritual force has followed a family through generations. I would think probably might be that I do that in there and then there and then didn't just make it a great great grandfather great great guy who haven't been able to find their way. And yet the lights. I've just. Let hooked up with a distaste with the fans think of generations could be something that might be have. Happening so and so you think but music that you think this family itself might be the source of the spirit. In other words tacit sees him. And does seem like some some some from another and the wouldn't would be bloody but they're gonna be agenda. I hooked up with is with his family. I think is probably something dumb his. This is the subject from his pants that they did is can't move on and made it in the hang on Islam that they can hear against that would happen to people at some point. But maybe when I tell you how I get rid it is Eamon you might wanna try but I did yourself when it finally gets its. Wesley thanks so much for the phone call we're gonna run short on time here but I wanna pick up here with your story John on you said that till the last point you ready demons face. Coming at you yeah through a fire. Pick up. Yeah and that buyer that would mat rat and mean as that the siren blew and this demon who has a little. And that something that was really. That I couldn't you know can I I even begin I think virus is Brett. But this list a different type of buyer and the minute Damon trying to communicate with me what is movement is Malcolm and moved. It is didn't contact the what you eat what I heard but. Even as I get translating into success something that I can understand because it was so bad that it that this blue planet he said to me. That that. Kind of fire it only at sectors beer at target legacy I was just looking at a so much. Again this is it isn't like a miracle in itself this fire and I got humans have buyer which is right. I mean we that he keeps it warm or cook with it you could be a mold eight. Steel and you get to steal that you could plead no burn again and make its strongest field. Like a miracle in itself but this is a completely different type of buy another that I felt that we've played. And god speed tests Asian descent and this thing. What it was and it even think I'll admit but. So this thing it would yeah it would whatever this thing it would gotten off with it but when we've we've read about the Bible. You know whatever he think did they get thrown out there how he only owned it isn't just let him. And it would like his hatred psychic topic says that they could hit a little that little or little little point and I drew it and there. But as they split that being burned by the it has. Station at lips you know enemies and net night that it wouldn't like either he was sort of you know for less earning. It was sometime in chastise me and that. That he felt it yet because like I went if you I want the president your president and you didn't do the crime a different thing would tell me that I didn't do this and I belong here but this being. It is owned it you know an insane. Is it it was just that it single event in this in this kind of thing. And the thing that they want to tell me lies. I mean I can't sit here earlier than people that I knew who died did you know I I'd say in this ten. And that I tell X god don't send these people held until I finished praying let them. So it can I don't know what it was reminiscent to me no more I don't know what that meant no more president no more defines you saved souls because distinguished. A 100% hatred. You could say. It was a wall went through every fiber of this of this thing it was always going to be like that it never gonna step being hatred. You want so badly and I Mac and. We want them because it wants to. Gay even would god make me I don't know he's you know well and that was what it was liquid disputing that it totally. So why why did it knew I mean there's many people Alter reprieve for for people so why did it yeah she'll. Now I think because that in the amount of credit that I say that it kinda Chris chaos there but there evil in this. And I did see it wanted to show me something that was inside that plane there. But I didn't sting was so intelligent. That I think. I felt that when when when we die and yours spirited week is going to. Try to. Even Richard Gere in an independent truck is is it still account independent tried to. And tied. Your spirit somehow bike is telling you how to get you if you guys that hatred and not going to be hate your brother hit series name Maria. As somebody nationality is. It hit the worst thing to do because he's gonna work with this thing because he is a 100% hinted that it seemed that. And he is going to kill you had you dead hatred to relieve your pain. And and I think in the end to let it go least there you might be seduced by enlisting and I think that's how. This is not a wild and crazy thing you know trying to stay right that is an intelligent. Very intelligent being and powerful. And ended only had a certain amount of time against duke but I wanted did to tell me. And when you had like a bad thing I elected saying what it did break before it left but that was some of the things I learned from it what while it was a year. Marbles built what's move on to what it told juror before left let's let's wrap this story up. I want her well anyway it. They say don't leave this planet than any hatred in your heart because it can use that against it like on my brother said he'd do. Mentor would pull me into the dock area that other her home. I would imagine it would if I don't think he was gonna help but I think we're gonna go to this thing that I would bet that there was blizzard is that appeared to me. Because it looked like it was in charge. And it looked like is going to. To do you. You know I think me and and and and and try to dig talk Cuban sued. It is empire containment trying to tell me again I haven't heard a plane so they are ailment he held especially inside there but it looked like it would be huge news. They'll yell and and it was his yeah I mean that's where that's where they give and take this for our despite everything that I get to the miracle of some other kind of backfired and none of us. We'll ever understand. And I don't think it's an aspect of spirit you know I mean this. Is I mean I don't know how much like Akron summit in detail in the book that I would hope that when you read it. Or any deal that misery that they will take amid. Something and I may have missed but I just want to put in there every. It was it was I was looking and have dinner with Bobby never seen before I think Jesse now. How how many times that it appeared to you. It was one did you all all on this one episode one this one instance of this all happened as we sank. Right and then I guess that means yeah probably want to wrap up a lose lose out and so it came into until it is owned the room it was like. The it was powerful an older home in Latin trade being led like wind blowing around here is flying around a lightening any kind that. You Agassi how intelligent this England that it was created. And they do want to play. When god creating these things. They all wore creative intelligent in Cuba and like all the angels teaching younger angels. It's got to be Smart that they all created the same plane and need each creations but didn't understand happen. We've got kicked out if there's one of them is Iraq positive of that now. It is smooth over some period end and we'll have a big I think anyhow. So we have to it is. Be careful we don't buy that says don't leave this earth but the heavy haze odds that you can only slightly pick it up slightly in on the way it. It can use that hatred some did get it out in and worked through it. Like I said that no yourself make sure you get that out. So by. Sides insisted. It confronting many thanks straight. I think most men talk together how he is a little bit more of an ankle you don't like stare them right in the face and talk to them. This thing and staring me right in the face the whole time and that it would have been taken and it was powerful and it was intelligent and it was Kapanen. In his head and had no fear anything and it couldn't I think conceded it couldn't come all the way through. And then it didn't look at me one more time. And my groceries on I'm on a table next to mine my kids my idea section of the. And it looked down at them and then and says it just stay to prop up and it's actually spit. The driver from this match out but saw it leave it map. Right now my groceries and I'm sure this establishment candidate really hate anybody frames. It looked backpack indicated yes. It is slowed it came and is it slows it back the way and then it is backed away to claim is still there. And then man they rippling. Asserted that claimed that the governor whenever we decided that it is spot again and then it just disappeared let that stay local with inanimate roses to restore its. Spit on my groceries. They didn't get that and then one day at that thing into my mind that I am an artist and I didn't want to remember everything that he you know what what just happened. But at the start looking at river delegates. Isn't it came it was stable that. But I Bowman and as illustrated picked up the road into illustrated demon saliva with you know. So way to look at it is and then the line that Kevin wasn't there was a supernatural. To life was really three dimensional but it wasn't there. When I'm when they picked up yet that it would be like. So I brought them to do but it wasn't it showed me how much it. Hates. You know you're right back. Yet did you Lum once that once it left did you have and any other episodes where there was of that one time it came in delivered its message and moved on. Yes so what I did the next day let. Because I'm Catholic I went to 6 neglect mentioned morning. I received physical strength back I tagged and was inside me I came home I Lackey zipping them. Hold it what are the gifted. I took the Hollywood. And I and the Clinton's viability you know I had to go at it with something the Bible says the immediate so we gonna who gonna idealistic. You know the right grade instead of the gonna expel demons on them attended these said that I'm gonna think that the the bank which makes site came in every single moment that the Hollywood. I think the main conceded Christ who did it in me right now. I demanded the lead that I looked at every single room and then left in my when you look at them. Problem though that the actor is and media. This case that was there that moved and that I thought it would let that happen and then had to come back since then that's that been a while. Now whilom in let me ask this reality I do a lot of work with it lifts the Roman Catholic church and and many other great organization Joey I do and we get sent and actually write a preliminary reports on and so called possessions in the monetary context. Why is it that the majority of these cases seemed only happen to people who are religious. Well I think that I I don't think I guess I did I tell you. I would the skeptics have been summoned before this happens and maybe some meat you know demons did. I mean like well I don't know you know I wouldn't Allen believed I would not believe it but now. I know first or 100% keeping think exists. Yes they want to stop the religious people from doing anything that would hurt. Get him from getting themselves that they want. They want all of these pills I mean I guess he's heard got to imagine. Well it is to start the kids of misery you don't need company something like that but they've locked the cell so badly. And then and like if you go to the air I know myself that I think I can you actually went to have had a good how and being with these things. You could not that you hit with these things and until you became. A 100% hatred. Like just like these things are EU could not be yourself and how it gonna have to become exactly like these they didn't fit with that and that you can exist and is bootlegging. All of eternity as the something. Almost like he's being examined you're going to be sending an almost. You gonna hate god and again I hate you can hateful return is going to be of most horrible horrible thing that nobody should ever have to. But I mean it did I would help and did he these doors for hello why it is easy to go to an indoor I haven't narrow. And I can't begin to result. He just sent to make sure you get there have been no need to do now want to. Did you know ever wanna be with something like this. And Israel and it really is really Israel. And John you do you tell the whole story in your book between love and hate the devil is real I mean you tell the story may disease in the book you would you detail every part of that. You wall so I imagine give your interpretation of the experiences well. Yeah absolutely but I think get an odd end. That I was able to. Focused on what I was looking at and and it didn't in my mind so I could. Related to deter the next people who want to do you have any interest in this whatsoever who want to. Save there soul pumped some ever haven't had to deal with something like this. I think that was against me so I can do this site and related. Two other people I really believe that now. Yeah well listen we appreciate you being on the show and telling issue story again the book is called between love and hate the double was real. You're website is John with the H John dash Egan dot com there's a whole bunch of information there about your work as well. To be ready in ga ga and I was done dead ga ga and I come here. Late so much room on any analysis tonight and we look forward to talking you again at some point. So I mean now with deadly than not that the united thank you very much. Thank you have a great night thanks Jenner we're gonna take a break when we come back and wrap things up I don't think we have time. To take it with my am of you would do one call in on the site to promote human experiment we don't have much time we get Charlie numbers 844687766. You listen Jason -- guiana island. My target car turn her for our remote viewing psyche experiment we've selected a card from playing dec 52 card deck. We did this couple weeks ago we've had some people try nobody's done it yet so. Jason and I are gonna focus from a share focus rarely caught our ways and we're gonna go to the phone lines and see. If see this is going to be David from South Carolina deceived David can tap into these brain waves and tell us what playing card we are looking at David you raided do this. Apparently stood. With your guess not yeah. Now sorry. In December thank you so much for for calling in thanks so much appreciated and then we're not really it's it's Dudack neck and we'll take any other calls I'm sorry we got to this too late tonight. Mark guests had a lot to tell us and we just and get to do permit would meanwhile some time tomorrow night trying to kill terrorists save election time and show for him we tread the line we just giving these conversations we just can't seem to stem a yes Nixon so Nixon you know we're here we get that we get in the program that'll save you having yet and. Over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio FaceBook page for us. That had to be under reality radio dot com where you can find all the great stations where across the country and costly updating that extremely adding a bunch of new stations are relatively soon. He and also Louis Wright from Los adequately Melissa lies tab in the upper right corner. 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TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.