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Gordon Keirle-Smith discusses past life memories in children

Apr 26, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Author Gordon Keirle-Smith about his books that introduce the idea of part life memories to children. What are these memories and what is reincarnation? 4/26/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her are. Once the OS goes there yeah East Coast many are stuck somewhere between welcome to be unreal you review with myself Jason Hawes and it was awesome chase each arts I'm ready to hit the ground running today what about you. Originally is going to be an awesome action yet and I'm usher for everybody out there if you guys have seen the news by. And we talked a gentleman just about a month ago accused Tomas back on March 14. We have him on the ball this Golden State killer in the east area rapists and he had brought up all the so all this information they had written a book in and then they really were. Pointing at somebody and they didn't wanna say the name. Well sure enough today Sacramento released information that they finally arrested somebody forty years later. And even stranger it's an ex police Officer Jim you know 72 year old Joseph James. This is a police officer for six years is fired back at 79 for stealing a hammer in a can of dog power so you. And didn't and he didn't really test who wouldn't some people are saying they think that's because it is one police officers or anybody digging deeper into. Like comedian contestant is Gloria this Australia. You know this this this case is forty years in the making and it's more than most notorious serial killer and certainly serial rape disk tests in history. And when we brought Keith on the program. Were committed by this particular individual and there are many many other crimes that they suspect but couldn't necessarily confirm more committed by the same guy. And it turns out from what I understand and Keith is gonna get into this with a us that DNA. Finally solve this. Yeah and discarded to Ian and we I don't wanna waste too much time and then then will be bringing in our next guest and talking about our children learning reincarnation and so I think he's going to be great night. But what do you say we go to break real quick and we keys on the phone and get this show started yeah I'm ready let's do that are you listening Jason dvd on reality radio will be back right after. It's. A champion and tell him I need to go check out scary con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scary conned. Dot contract. Are there greater Tucson and champions got pretty interesting development and netherworld of unsolved crimes today actually and we had as Jim was seen earlier in the first segment we had a guest on not long ago Keith almost who's written and co authored a book called case files of the east area rapists Golden State killer we talked about that case it links. During that program we got a lot a lot of great information and it. Keith was talking about the latest developments in the case will they don't get any more developed and more leaked then what happened today. And when not at all not at all you thanks for joining an excuse greatly appreciate you come anomalous. It's great to be back especially under such. Often circumstance. So the first the first thing we need to do just in case somebody isn't aware of what we're talking about a missed the program you're on before. Give us via you know there in the breeders digest version of who this criminal or these crimes work. We're talking about a serial burglar serial rapists and serial killer who operated in California between 1976. Actually we're learning 1970 forward. And 1986. That's a total of twelve years that he was committing offenses. Up and down the state he stayed in one area for a wild and he'd move on and then he eventually started just. Going back and forth between different areas he committed over a hundred point five burglaries. We're about to tie a hundred more on that and he committed fifty rape crimes he committed twelve mark. And that's just the ones that are who are able to be tied to you to that individual correct. In the latest guy operated there could definitely be more. Out there that they. They might end up tying two run. And we were talking about the path to finding this criminal army who who obviously forty years of of effort to to try to come down with him a person in an arrest. Armed. It was a it was a path that was full lot of twists and turns and dead ends wasn't it. There's a lot to us in terms of that and there was a lot of false hopes that let you arrest that didn't pan out. What eventually caught up with this guy lives the DNA technology to get that I was so careful he definitely fingerprints. He didn't leave physical evidence that could be tied directly to him he didn't leave any instances where he was cited clearly stated we can only. So. Really it was the police learn that they didn't have a lot to learn what they were at a disadvantage when they came to finding this guy. Until technology started to evolve. And what what was the evidence that was in the bank if you will that eventually technology was able to take advantage of. One of the things that's that this case apart from other cold case in the Bay Area is that this guy unknowingly. Let DNA. His luck attack was in 1986. And forensic DNA technology did not exist. Back then especially the way that it it exists today. So when you committing these defenses. You've living biological evidence during the rates and during the murders that the look the jurisdiction held onto. And because he but there's evidence in the mid 1990s they were able to tie. A lot of these crimes together. And then at technology advance to the circle around and began to tighten. At what point did this particular individual be calm a person of interest. We're learning that he became a person of interest about six days ago so in those in the span of forty years. His entrance into this case is very very recent. Relics only six days ago he and his name sort of started showing up. As as a possible individual of interest. That's right there were so many things about him to check the boxes. He had military service he had law enforcement serviced. He'd lived in the area device failure rate of complications woods took place about 200 miles away from Sacramento. For about two years and offender over there was burglarizing and ransacking residence since. He attempted to kidnap the teenage girl in the middle of the night a father came to rescue he shot the father to death. And then he continue to burglarized and ransacking the exact same area that's sort of prolific offending and brazen and sending sexually motivated crimes. Sort of mass sought to a lot of things that they Easter relate this was doing another timeline matched up as well the one that person of interest. Had that kind of connection as well. Just so many boxes on this I checked and they became very excited about this person of interest and will justice finally started spinning into overdrive. Well now I know he was an officer for six years I guess who's fired back in 79 stealing a hammer and a can of dog repellent. But now. I and a lot of theories out there aren't that he sort of didn't didn't argue with that being fired Ernie thinks he didn't want anybody to look in to look into his life and possibly find find some stuff. The other legal proceedings that resulted from his shoplifting arrest that took place. And I guess it was July and I can tell me nine. They were very atypical. They didn't really precede the way it does seem sort of perceived that he basically. Faded into the background. And instead of you know that's fine because. A lot of people couldn't spot the evidence. Of the shop lifting was circumstantial. What I understand. He probably could have gotten around a bit but it apparently he didn't want the attention and for good reason that was a very active period pretty exterior late this he'd already racked up. Again that is felt without me. When a case goes forty years unsolved. And forty years down the road a person of interest is. Named in the sixties later arrested what how does that happen how does somebody entered the radar. Oh a week before they're arrested after forty years of the case being cold. There's still a lot of details. That need to be filled in but what did it amounts to is they have the offenders DNA. And they can get a suspect's DNA. End. It's either a matter it's not and it's either the guy or it's not. And in this case apparently it was the guy so they were able to wrap this up fairly quickly from what I understand the surveillance. Was basically just figure out how to arrest this guy peacefully. Without him. Hurting someone or consults. To you know so that the sheriff can do do their job. Correctly and get this guy behind bars so that the next steps can be taken. No Keith with your with your book case trials of the series this Golden State killer. Did this person show up on any of the radar after all your research and then stuff that you were doing for the buck. In all the research that we did. With the police file and extracurricular researched this guy doesn't really show up he is in our database in the sense that. We were able to trade him he is a member he lit into Larry county which is that the failure. Area we have them in there for that there was nothing that tied him other than that showed his occupation as police officer was nothing to indicate that that's the offender. He. The law enforcement people that we've talked to said he was never on their radar either that I was the armed suspected. And it's got to be tough for law enforcement find out that it's actually one of their own but as law enforcement. And I would also one sees that this guy would have all the intelligence to try to cover a lot of distracts X back then. Not not really understanding and DNA and where it was going to be you know 3040 years future. Right one of the predominance theories. In some jurisdictions back there and what that he was one of their own. End. I get to Santa Barbara who who really pursue that angle. And he ended up not being a law enforcement officer in that area and it didn't go anywhere for them it wouldn't disgrace to the match what it. A horrible thing is the antithesis. Of everything that that that stands to work and a lot of law enforcement that we talked to haven't really commented on that aspect of the case. But if it's got to be. A terrible feeling. I want to go back to this idea that somebody can actually show up hum on the short list so far down the road and not be suspected up until that point. Do we and I know we don't have a lot of information. On the based on what you know of the case in the kind of patterns you've seen in similar cases do we suspect the somebody came forward. And an axis in name to this guy and that's what started the surveillance in the collection of the DNA from I think I got a from some deceit from his garbage or something in the. Yeah they're they're talking about. It was a DNA collection. Taken from something that you discarded. So typically the way the thing to work is that it does come and and they pursue it and they say OK this guy takes a lot of the box as we're gonna take this guy out. What I've been told is that that didn't happen in this case that there was technological advances that led. To them identifying that person. And there's been a lot of talk about utilizing. New DNA technology. And I know that they had used some DNA technology to figure out certain physical characteristics about him Princeton plastered they told me that I had. Art brown. Don't send us anymore people who have brown eyes because that's not it. So it I'm curious. Just as you are how the hate that it is my little down into manageable amount whether they get it through. Physical characteristic whether they are able to determine has roughly his age at that time. And they are looking at demographic. Information from there or really how they went about that they haven't really been forthcoming. On the technology involved and we did get some information from law enforcement I guess it was about a month ago that they were utilizing new technology and they were. They seemed overly optimistic about it from Marcy and what we've seen so many of these things coming don't they didn't think anything about that it's time now I'm wondering. What it is it about what they were talking about that is that what caught him and the person that. Gave us the information is part of the group that's going to be prosecuting them the week. We're sort of figuring out how much can we don't communicate with each other or are you on lockdown. During this phase while you need to prepare a prosecution. Which would be understandable. And you just need but you do you gotta wonder who. Possibly came forward and gave a tip that would lead them to this gentleman who really wasn't showing up on radar. And he's gotten extensive family it then a familial DNA hit for somebody who got arrested for her. Drug possession. That's certainly that. I'm order some sort of violent crime or. Somebody who would appear Maria. As recognized something in and then their own DNA or do you really we don't know as well. Keith does the DNA evidence alone convict them. And I know that's a hard question to answer because so many things can happen and a trial. It actually do. Things can happen. But it should because that's the fingerprint of god right there. That's the only way of knowing that this person is the same is that person there's such a tight. Chain of evidence between the DNA handling and many laps reproducing the results. So it should be enough. On but doesn't that also open the kennel forums where now outlaw enforcement table ghost here attraction pick things out. And until losses when she discard something it's public yeah but it also opens a bulky and dorms where we've dealt in situations where a law enforcement and most of them are great but some of them have been. Well had their own hidden agendas are certain things make it open up another camp dorms would would you agree with that. It definitely can't I've seen a lot of those type of case that come through sometimes with mixed results. And really the way that the investigation was handled. Over the last six days and whenever let them from becoming personal interest in this case. It's probably going to be one of the key focus point of the defense if there is dissent. So Keith with as the amount of work you've put into this case in chronicling. The effort to find this killer rapists. My how does a day like today make you feel. I would elated I don't to put it mildly. And in hearing from the different victims and a different law enforcement people who did reach out to out there who we were able to connect with. There was such a mix of emotions and so many people. A lot of people. Are are angry enough that. At this person and they now know where to direct that anger and those feelings. And it's just such a mix of emotions and so many people. I barely had a chance to do anything today other have been discussed the case that the guys like you wouldn't and other media outlets and it really hasn't sunk in yet other than. We now know who we as we've got a name and a face. It's truly amazed. Well I'm I'm I'm would you consider this to be. What we might called the trial of the apple say decade anyway. I think it might be it may not be the trial we we have no idea how the trial itself may make Paramount. He may stand up there and consent and we can call it a day. And save the taxpayers a lot of money. But it is definitely the color of the decade you know it's definitely. The pets and beat them. The nabbing a bit of the suspect. Well Keith thanks so much and thanks so much for coming and hang Dallas tonight and we look forward talking unions see how this progresses. Yeah definitely helped out pointed it out and a live. It's greater and Keith Carlos thanks so much we've got to Gordon corals Smith coming up in just a few moments are gonna talk about his books another eight another life. Harry Wilson and Jason NGB on the island and radio. For coming on news breaking news today that the think he's scarier a pistol and stay killer was there's a suspect arrested in that case forty year old cold case. One of the most notorious serial killers rapists. In the history really and we had keeps on. When it was march Jim zooming in Moscow march 14 in we had the so geez what was I registered six weeks ago. Yeah and who would've thought that would've would've had shorts I mean literally yesterday I heard something about there's been a break in the case and then boom today. Somebody's arrested in the can be find out it's an ex police officer which is even more insane. Yes and we know how in demand Keith Stein is today because he's one of only a few individuals that have followed this case from start to finish and been really involved and and assembling information in and assisting law enforcement so we really appreciate keeps coming on and sharing his perspective on this whole thing and we certainly. You know everybody is innocent until proven guilty. But we certainly hope justice is served here. So. Are so as we I had originally schedule we've got to our guests are coming on now Doug Gordon coral Smith worked as an author he's written and a look of terror of books called another a get another life and they're designed to help introduce the concept of past lies in past life memories. Two children. The two books some one of them missourian and adults are grown ups version into how they present this information and stories they can read the kids in the others as is designed for the kids really Gordon talked you exactly what it's all about Gordon welcome to be on reality radio it is great to have you on the show tonight. Guys thanks for common among pet him at. Yeah well I am. These books. And as as as you said Sosa is a very kid it's eight is a new approach I mean. It hasn't been this kind of thing hasn't been down to troll because the well may be one of the reasons is that the people are afraid of of of tampering with greens with children's memories in this area and that maybe they don't have. Flashbacks of terrible fixing previous slide soul all all sorts of things like rat. And and some of the cost life regression at therapists and I've been in time twit. I've sort of you know made sort of run a few loans and sang I am. Is this you realize that this did this might be opening pandora's box. And and then when they discover exactly Arab approach they realize that that this isn't like it's happened. Adam is so enemy but it is that you feel and Adam. People are starting to wake up to the opportunity ZE it gives us but let's say we Leon sort of and doing something that nobody is only a fool. Andy and it's exciting and is getting quite a lot of the unit of production. Yes org we're gonna get into a lot of that and a minute but I'm start the conversation by learning a little bit more about you tell us about yourself. Okay well I am actually I am. I digital signals of lives that India is in my present life kind of missiles with things. And Adam. And now. As I am. In retirement age I guess I I've sort of come back into writing lies he was always it always blows my passion. Agility particularly when I was in my in my twenty some it was an error radio plays and and see it plays things. But anyway I am in the meantime hi I am I became anxious city and in so we sit paranormal things and and and the perspective of of several lines and and the a couple of Ebola a bit last year almost holy city is I compete he's. Manga trilogy cool Jim this is Antarctica which was about civilization. In Antarctica. That was factually true. Adam origins of the oath of the paradise gotten gotten beaten and the origins of the human race but there was a civilized nation that in this book. That it interestingly it had everybody could remember hole that cost lives. And it. And the full match was in fact losing losing that Tbilisi and so on the back of that IISIT. Working on. On these books here. And Adam and I live in the south of France. And and had been looking in AM in advertising is factual errors as it as a copyrights are. I always wit wiz with lots of major agencies in trop. And Adam has a sea captain I've done I've done some other things we also contributed to. Now working on base. On this particular project for children. You kind of touched on it here because he used basically what I heard was you're you're one work cut open your eyes to a whole another. Book I think you start working on this book as a result of the work he did in your your first you do trilogy. Army base but at what point do you gee you look at this past life. Phenomenon and and the fact that some of us have those memories among us retain them before we can get stuck in my children. At what point did you look at that and say this is something I need to explore even more deeply. Well because it because you know I've I've kind of found that I just I just couldn't get Adam amount and that's Adam. East is a huge for me seeing Lee when you think it matters what that a majority of people in the world. Am I believe in nation. It sometimes it's goes a little bit to see that we that we with Bob dogmatic religions but rich huge numbers of people belief. Believe it is firmly believe it. And yet in the waste in it in now materialistic world you know it's kind of conclude I was several people who who knows little like very much when I stop talking about being patient I think some let me. You know and I think I'm if they think how did you look at well. Am. So Lou I am an easy to me that. It wouldn't change so many things more I realized that there is. Rob animal into it and and did the living must be that the biggest race of the type net a little bit and you only live once. Well I think that you only leave so 101000 times. And how could one possibly. Let them all of it is to let you know about oneself about the union this magazine in one lives a mile las anything from three months ideas. Yeah now and I get that but also I think the whole idea of only living once it gets people Arnold gets people to try a while trying new things and and lead a life full of wrong just excitement and German and everything else and instead of instead of thinking automatically whether you believe in reincarnation I'm not thinking that you you live 101000 times or whatever. You might just now trying to next. Yet yeah okay you can you can sort of sit back on Yahoo! and she's and so it is as you say some things alone how do it next time around. And I I think yeah. I think you see it is such a busy unit that did it but there's so many equally in a blink of the existence. And done thing for the beyond beyond the particular las Blackberry and this being sick. Amazing. For the children who who beat com or try that about these these things in stores. Am odd it is to ease the stomach that max's I mean it's int yeah and we must. We must keep focus or I mean we we've yet it has to be taken into. Let me let me ask this center as does everybody have. These past life memories it in them some way somehow it's just only a certain percentage of us actually have the ability to call them. Everybody has everybody has them yes I was its exit dead there in ninety for the first time which is so it is. And bouts as everybody will of them. Adam. I would say that that that that don't loose who neat to have. Perspective beyond their current life. Will have at some point Adam some kind of flashback of some kind of experience. Adam if these people don't have. Any memories and he lets sign too you know I mean because I think that. And nothing happens my job so those who should have this kind of memories will ask them. And those who shouldn't and who do you need to concentrate on what they're doing right now they match. Then that's fine. But now do you think that in the world that we live in today more more people are pulling away from a spiritual. Or spiritualism in general or just any kind of religion. Do you think that that's sort of disconnecting them from these these multiple lives or the ability to be able to tune in. And and figure out what you bet they have lived before. I think he's supposedly the opposite I think that that it made a normal people on. And salute. Coming away from some of them some of being there the more traditional religious approach is and and sort of sitting out. On the unknown aluminum. Hopefully just take an explanation yet. I mean I think ideally there should be as many religions as there are people. Because we hope we're all on different set of positions. On the on the part of the solution. And and the best thing would rather than be told what believes the best thing used to. Find out for yourself. Because everybody everybody has different capacity. For the full pull for understanding. And have me and really nobody can tell you. What you should watch this is pleased because that because only you not. You armed. Are convinced of this obviously and you present a very very good case for it's a book at some point you must've been a skeptic as well what convinced you that. That we live these lives that we we all have these are boom whisper in Corning for the first time the beyond that that we've all lived these many many lives. I don't. I was well as you know you might even when I was that in my twenty's I I was very matching suit. In two restitution is Amanda and and and and he's like math and some heat. Idea honestly have the feeling that I was peeking out from from where I'd be neutral. So so I I you're. Ice you're talking running in your life you select your picking up from a past life. Yeah probably wasn't thought through several because that Iran the group is different different interests and different talents and them. Am and I I'd be able to do lots of seeing this in in my life. I was one should only be trained school and we show which I haven't been trying for it united seemed to seemed to. Seemed to defy. Am so and and is now all culminated. In Indy the begins at Cilic eagle Cogent as he sets out to get and to a certain degree ease even more focused O and on these books for children Adam. To be used these children and and I can't I kind of feel listings for the coming to a hit. And that set him and that these folks. Do you have when another you know several other people's think's missing six weeks as well they they do have a potential to being a bit of danger and that change. Am but it provided enough people here. We're talking with cordoned coral Smith's he's written a pair of books called another aid another life. And it's it's a children's and parents' a gut companion book that broach the subject of past life memories past past lives with children opens them up to the concept we're gonna get and how all that works. As we continue our discussion with him. Yeah via telephone numbers 8446877669. And again tool free 8446877669. He'll listen to Jason dvi. Beyond really real we back after the. Beyond reality radio. Performance in the next hour and pizza. Hurt her 687766. Ninths you can join our discussion we're talking with Gordon corporal Smith. He's an author he's written a couple of books companion books called another aid another life and they're designed to actually introduced the idea. Of past life memories and past life regression to children. On because according to Gordon in unlocks some pretty interesting things and I think go you know. Gordon probably place to start here. As you mentioned it when you start talking about children. And introducing them to things regardless who it is you're probably gonna get a lot of food food flash and a flashback but lash factor what would you call it people lashing out. You know that it with the idea but. You know there's a lot of merit to what you're talking about. I mean indeed people. Best festival. That Adam. That this season's BC that did bid to seize any existing field and am. Whose degrees this thing is that we end adults and this is actually the important point tonight. The week I'm not doing cost like progression mature because that would that could be danger right. That what we are doing is telling them these stories all. About about a penguins soul. It did that goes through seven lives as being different types of penguin. And during these seven lives set things happen happen to him a lot. And so who. This introduces. The idea to them that that perhaps they have. Leaves people. Beat because it's important to note that met children between the ages of 27. Are at this stage when they are likely to have memories. Of all our previous lives and about 20%. Of all children do have the lead you to varying degrees. And when they come up with things lacks the sort of view on my favorite mummy. And Adam. I used to be just says that you and I mean now I used to be you'll. Now there are quite a lot of children who say things like that and and many parents. Will say it all all you know what what honestly going on about and they sort of close the deal. That's if weak open mental little bit it could be interesting to disk Obama. Exactly what that child is talking about and that might be some. Some some things which which would which would need to be met should it means for example. Adam you might have a child who remembers. Strongly having been a musician. Adam but perhaps they don't dare talk about it to their parents who one reason or another but you stay. Our nudged a little bit towards the idea of having memories go back before they would in this insecure that the life. I am who knows you know you could you could be could be discovering yeah. And you prodigy. So Adam. So the day these books in another and other A in my life he's sorry these stories. Not just opening a little chink Eden Eden and memories and they may or they may not Adam. You know they may they may they may not stop both something box. Parents in the book on. Encouraged to to be castle. But to listen exactly to what the bit with children mass sighting and to a tragic win an open mind they don't have to believe in reincarnation themselves. It's just. Tell the stories telling about the and the soul of Pringles the goes through various. The cool advantages. On on his way up towards senate becoming the greatest. Penguin oval course and for a and Adam. I just see how they respond to it may make him from possibly 75% of them were just being made good stories and the children to lie and by the way they lack of them. And for social story for the stories themselves it is this something to be to be seeing beyond avail he can be useful. For the chill full for the parents to understand that children. And even more important. Giving the children just a possibility of linking up with something. Something that they did before world war all out of town full episode. The eight inch. Sit com am Alan. Field trials of to have come up with also some other interesting interesting scenario is and and them in time is very encouraging. That's just that's great and I love you and you gave pretty much two books an adult book and also via the activity book Islam it's I think it's goes to show you trying to connect both passed away and try to connect with the parents and children as well yeah. Yeah cause cause the visible than the veterans at least nobody knew it at the stories to the to the joke and it was the beat the gospel to grownups book. Contains stories and it also contains a number of articles on reincarnation. Adam. And. And it refers to for example this is this an excellent sites out there Kool green connotation recess so calm. Run by Walter Suu Kyi and he has the most the most comprehensive. Range of both stories. At. Adam and recent election results. You know we we sham which gives background tunes into the parents Sarasota. If they do now is they've never voted control. Then he can focus. Then and attention are well we got a lot more to come we're gonna take a quick break you're listening Jason je Giambi unrelated radio will be back after. It's Wednesday unless those Palestinians goes yeah so. A review of myself Jason Bosnia results and TV Jones. So I've got really really good news. What's what sucks them in the league and tell your excited are ready by this friendly activities apart while led that that's next week I get that a basket but now. We've got so we've been we've been talking about and waiting for this moment for very very long time and Tuesday of next week Tuesday and healthcare idea that there are. Fiona Horne will be our guests and she's better known as. The naked with the naked which suggests that sit she had to cancel it and I ended that night which if it can't salt. Last time she's also pilot she's actually very interesting moment in and as she had some losing hedge had to fly a plane that night each could be on the program. On the she's scheduled to come back next to do we access a great guest coming up tomorrow night doctor. Who's a radio host and free fall skydiving photographer a mediator a lawyer he was also on our bells producer. And he spent a lot of time with Art Bell as our approach to and you know the end of his career and life factually. And indeed may doctor Jay has also had a near death experience and has changed his life so we'll have that conversation with him tomorrow night. Yeah and then every Friday of course at best and beyond reality radio but the Monday would get dean McCurry the military medium psychic medium we'd ask us. Excrement thrown out on discussing if if well pretty much if he was aware that he was always a medium. And how we can figure out how to uses abilities and so forth. Yes we've got some great stuff and emerged Tuesday and yeah don't really have began and I mean I don't feel you got a plan. But tonight however we're talking with Gordon corals Smith he's the author of the two books companion books and other pagan on the life. One of the books is specifically for children the other is a parent's guide to help. Parents introduce the idea. Of thought past life memories for children. These books I gently probe. This concept with children it's a net it's an effort to expand their awareness diffuse any lead negativity and perhaps reveal some previously undetected talents and again. On Gordon thank you for being with a someone. Ask you though this this book. Isn't the first time these ideas have been discussed are actually. Spend some studies in some researcher doctor. Ian Stevenson I'm comes to mind that it looked into this in the results have been pretty fascinating. Oh yeah absolutely I mean I mean don't Stevenson he's he's. You need the pioneer. Is that did the most fantastic work. And an extremely missile to cool and and an and in fact he's isn't it really wasn't very digest of bull four. Full people and social suitable many people. And that did that he but he did the examine thousands of Casey's it'll of them in in in India. Adam. And and then he was followed on by a two time at least now be Virginia. University. And then have been Adam since then you know dean. Bill would. As as the sort of shall we say legitimize the idea of children having lost life experience he's however. What is what is am. What is clear is that. In most Casey's. Edited and aid did the the 20% of children who do spontaneously. Remember previous guys. ED eighties in invariably. Mixing with. Am we that would of wisdom perhaps of traumatic event. And maybe a traumatic death. Adam as said the move. This is this is why sometimes people was safe to me you know on June. And chief treading on dangerous ground they bet that the big difference is that that won't well we're trying to do is to. Is to reveal. The the delays and it's a win is among the vast majority of children and so they can so that they can actually. I would be held behind this new perspective and detect possible. Sort of hidden talents. So we I'm not we we are not in the in the area of three sets of finding out what little Johnny's screaming out. In the middle of the night and saying that he's been shot. By confederate soldier. Adam we we approaching it in. Introducing the idea as being an old because XT seasonal we believe thousands or hundreds maybe thousands of times and that's a legacy. Which. Should judiciously B Inge should be be introduced into in into everybody's lives and it so happens that children between age two and seven. I. The point where they are still near enough to what they work full actual. Some of these potentiality used to be explored and that's what that's what we're trying to do. Well and also isn't at the point where their minds are open the most because and it adds that at that age you're able to teach children multiple languages and is there are able to retain and and learn that when as you get older you sort of lose that ability or becomes that much harder for. Show so and of course they're not they're not Casey's old and children who spontaneously. As speak. Foreign tongues. And I did it did this 11 classic case of two children that the parents who have worked. Admit they were twins and and they they also sitting in the living room and I was talking to each other enemies we have language. And am. Was there a little secret language. And and and women recorded it played back in linguistic access sent out to be a full ancient Arab many that was sort of spoken in the Indian Jesus he's not. A little bit Derek is is that that the second mind you know you you just can't you just can't can't say ignore them. One that's very interesting to me is I I had. I have twins and my son's actually had their own language when her little in June but they called it a twin ago which am I didn't share. Literally like you had to say they had to separate them when they first started school because the fact of the matter is. They could talk normal when they're talking to somebody but as soon as the other was around they would go into their home language. And anyway it was a weirdest thing but but what you're just saying with with children being born automatically knowing some of these languages com. Now I your life I've spoken to two other other individuals as well about reincarnation and some of them and believe that. Children are born with these instant talents like in the the ability to play the piano and things of that nature. Did that while they were muted they played the piano and life like prior and that was a memory that just came with them into the new life to now do you follow that as well. Oh absolutely I mean they the classic case the moment there is is that is that is the young British girl who out of it Cha. Act Canada and fact recently she's at first it crosses over the area and it in the state. But I mean sheet by the age old. Over nine and she already written as of Friday internships and the candidates it's as she's she's she's she's the herbs she's eventually does it does instruments. And she she writes her own gym rats are uneasy. And edit it and when she was eleven. She had her first cooling off for a premiere in Vienna. And Adam is she any you know GG you just you just cannot. You just cannot believe that the that she's enjoying upon talents coming from somewhere else from she's so it should when you see there on stage. Aaron and it is loads of these years of as you know when you see how I mean she is she has got so much c'mon she's she's never skid of. Do you know. You know of playing in front is. 101000 people and so when you see things like that you know you you you just cannot deny that he's come from somewhere else. Turner is not Jesse is. This cannot be explained by the Emmett. Gordon you we've kind of touched on this is well below what do you say to a parent who might city why is this important for me again why should they do this with my children. It was a simple children. Because if if something Kennedy. Can be revealed. Some some kind of I mean it could be yet it into the classic case is is being able to play a musical instrument they can also be in a Finnessey with that particular profession. Yeah yeah. Or vocation. Adam and if we never know what to children's PP's. Vocations. We might just you know we might send them off to a Tutu to become. Assigned to swim when media they could become one of the world's crazy (%expletive) CNET. Adam is he's so so important. To to to see if there is if there's anything and the said. And and eight you say it. It's a whole experience fought for the parents as well I mean we have had Casey's. Both parents themselves who are really quite skeptical about the whole thing. And Adam who ended up being being so convinced. That David was something to it they started off on hold you pop off. All of reorientation. Airlines are taking taking on it'll reincarnation. People who've been to full lap pragmatic improbably people who would initially thought that he was you know bid ebitda. But it had cracked well creepy Chile muscle to an area to get into that Mona Adam. It makes. It can be very useful man apple parents is as as as well as children it's it's a whole family experience. Are you were talking wins are important coral Smith he's an author of the books are another take another wife and we're gonna get into. How these books actually go about presenting these concepts to parents and children we come back from break. And the phone lines are open if you get a question for foreign guest it's 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. You'll listen Jason GDP on how. The show it's beyond reality radio pharmacy for. 4667766. And gizmos GB Johnson. Thank you for being with us or guest tonight is Gordon coral Smith were talking about his books. It's a two book set one for the children one for the parents it's called another age another life. And we're were appreciative of Gordon being with a subordinate when with its people waiting and call on hold here. And we're gonna around times are just wanna grab a listener call or two this is Vince calling in from Missouri. They've been talking to Michelle. I sort of sort of question for you against. Yes jobs because every incarnation. Coming back candidate time to correct a pleasure and make Iraq trial on Indian I would do we have eliminated incarnations. Commit erect. Interesting question and now there is that there isn't a closer in and I think one of the things that they did that week. Do tend to find it well we'll win when reset she's done in this area. Is that really we've got all the time it takes we got time to make mistakes we got time to make up for them. And am. So it is that there is this not you know that there isn't somebody is gonna call and say OK number three time is I am not. Did it mean that the universe is infinite. And it can teach is at an infinite number of things and we Maggie it may take its hundreds will be paid even thousands of lives. Suit to have to live and soul to learn all we need to learn. Thanks for the call Vince we appreciate you checking in with a us. The brings a broad question though because Gordon some and I don't officer if they'd be considered religions or philosophies. Do you kind of preach that you know you need you need to reach a certain level spirituality. Or you're gonna come back and you have to repeater you've got to fixer you've got to you've got to you know maintain. I'm there is some kind of hierarchy to these lies in those beliefs as is is that something that you incorporating your discussions or is that something different. Show I mean the one thing I think we should we should be Buhner some people who say. Yeah I don't believe in reincarnation I don't I don't want to come back as a welcome. Am. I think that there is they would be very little points and coming back is. Because at the experience is we are building up ads as human beings. Require. The vehicle bulk of all of human being whittled whittled the the human mind potential that that we had so I am. Well I think he's that bit. Reincarnation is extremely over the way we incarnation works is extremely fit. And and the keys and each is tool in fact which enables us to become. More and more understanding and and and so the weekend moved move onwards and upwards. Sometimes if we if we do things that they're not good. We may have to come back and and and so. Account for that trip for that. Miss doing. And the widow of the lord come comes in I mean if we if if if Eddie. Keels. The come. So so there're there are things we have to live and die. Experience and and that will be. According to salute a little of of of adjustments. Adam we go all the time we need to to to get it right is certainly did graduate and ours is gonna say soured a never ending cycle. Eight does and because I mean the time will come when we have. Reached. A point where we understand so much. That I that we don't need to read on and and will go once it suits to Odyssey is rule and this is something which happens in the in the book the penguins actually. And Ole we may come back to beat the teacher and to guide others on the top. So these these happens with that story of the of the of the penguins soul mate working working its way out through seven. As different kinds of penguins. And did and after the seventh. The incarnation as a as an emperor penguin he's given the choice do you want to go on and become. An albatross or eagle. Or do you want to go back to begin can help your fellow penguins. On on the power that you have just just trot trot out. We're talking with Gordon coral Smith about his books another take another life. It's a two books set there's apparent book any child's book and it. Gently. Introduces the idea of a past life memories to kids and and it breaks the subject it to it confuses any negativity. Many generally probes he's passed late memories in in a way that helps parents understand them and maybe use them to their advantage and we're gonna continue that conversation. On the other side of the break we're gonna get some advice from Doug can ensure their parents that have. Heard things from their kids I mean from Gordon brand they have heard things from their kids that they may think and where does that come from how did they know this. How they heard disk as we haven't spoken about it in our home so Gordon mullah will address that when they're sort of the break. And the phone numbers say 44687766. And nine and we're gonna take a quick break more to come to listen to Jason and GBM beyond morality radio back. 766. Participate in discussion with Gordon pearl Smith's. He is an author and other aid and other life is the two books at the we've been talking about it's a book that is served for the first ever books written actually to gently probe. Young children's past life memories with a view to expanding their awareness defusing any late negative negativity perhaps revealing previously undetected talents have been talking about that all might. And that Gordon you know when used to set out to. To introduce these ideas to parents and children. Obviously one of the questions is why penguins' how to how to. Had a penguins figure into this is just an easy way to tell the story years or something more connected there. The yeah I mean festival we'll noted that the penguins. Since accuse. And yeah. And children and parents absolutely adore him. Adam box what I I discovered when I was there when I was. Thinking that over how how how to how to structure these book. I started looking at England's act and and there is seventeen species. And they got thrown very tiny angling who did the the little blue penguin. And they go all the way up to the emperor and it's like it's like a procession and Adam. And and so therefore the idea of having singles so it goes from one species into another. Is a wonderful way of shelling how. How lives and how I'm standing controlled as usual why the Chinese. And so I cynic teed the sevens that which which appear to be the most interest in and Adam. And so that that's that that's what started and the more I MR I looked into the mall I discovered that the bitty was absolutely fascinating and Adam. Did this one divot tool as one pivotal moment which. Which which. Demonstrates a little bit the way the way it goes I mean in Indy the Fed life. Allah Allah penguins soul angles. Is it Gentoo penguin. And I have met and has unfortunately that's Adam aims to to to that particular pin winning combination because it gets eaten by a seal. Box. What is great just think about that what is it that that the penguins can't do I mean and well it can't fly by hundred. And and so women leave this series paying the us was released from his chin to pin the pit penguin buddy. It flew via. If you're if you happen it looked down and see so the important political edge intimacy and being eaten by the by the CO but he was so happy. He was saying it was so gloriously happy because he could fly like an albatross. And and this idea comes across to children and whenever they get to this point in the parents say well I'm out it worried about this but they take it jungle. In a way which is really astounding. And and the idea of of being an albatross obviously for obstructing good news is Nirvana. And then. And and and it really works. So that it's an and we had one case interesting case of of of a child who sits in her mother she said. She's in Miami helping us his stated Adam but then he's not really it is that I ST yeah. And she said well does that mean that's Adam is if you if you and daddy died does that mean your comeback has somebody else. Where OUST. Yeah and cook cook your comeback maybe as somebody who's Chinese. Boy what are. Now I say it's it's it's adorable but it just shows the kind of the kind of way you know it in a child's mind candy gently. Opened up to these ideas. Gordon win some. The idea that parents might detect something in her children. That may lead them to think they need to explore this of them obviously the books are great start what are feisty give parents when they. That they they're faced with something coming from the children they don't can't figure at the origin of and they suspect there might be one of these past life memories. Yes well it depends you dig into it seldom. If ever is traumatic. I mean you know it doesn't come rule he's out oh. Edit children who have experienced. Should Massey. In life ends in the past. It will it will invariably intercom comes through is as asthma terrors oh all phobia as a summer's something that. If he's really strong it'll probably many fist anyway but still if if anything. Because they because of Reading these books to the children if anything. But it worries them does come up then you know we will we advise and parents to to consult. A past life. Editor of the therapist to see you in any one group. Who deals with Jordan bulls Cowell Bowman is the is the iconic and it put us in this in this area. And and so it made me that they should. Seek guidance if it's something that appears to be traumatic comes out but otherwise. Adam you you're just so big if if it shows is that if this reveals that the children have. Contingent. Talent that needs to be net should look and go ahead and that your unit Adam. You you you may find that did that the parents who will have themselves have Arab wider understanding evil is as well. So it can be inject needed it the whole family takes to get up. Do you recommend that a parent make decisions for their child based on some misinformation might come through for example should they. Send them to a certain school or push them and a certain direction if they suspect that may be in a past life. They were musician. In of these. Should they be me making decisions based us on this information. They they can do I mean you know they Dave Dave if they haven't thought about it control. They couldn't they can stop thinking about it and and just just see how the child reacts. Adam in. But wouldn't that also be pushing the child away from mall just choosing. Child's own directions through this of this life this new life that it's and. I don't know not not not necessarily a big if if it comes out. If these sort of that is latent talent is. Is sexy and they're probably a reason for it and and yet give the children an opportunity to to develop that if they want to. If they've decided opposite in time that did that isn't what they need to do in his life and that's fine you know I think. There's no doubt and a hot house rules the army the uneasy is. To give children they owe me the opportunity to express themselves. And to possibly indicate where they might like yeah. And just just don't decide that they've got to be an accountant's you know nothing against accounts. I mean you. A bit British seven British you say I was just you don't move probably was an account and his father was an accountant so you're going to be an accountant. I mean I am this could end up in a big unfortunate because the the the kid really should be about it. Gordon we number runner not a time here as soon soar one attorney gets few of these questions in when. Parents are faced with this information in any state. Do you suggest that they take him to somebody that could help. You know if if the circumstances. That warns that. Our Jason Knight had a lot of people on this program we've talked to look to a lot of psychics who talked to a lot of people practice. Things that are a little hard to measure and you know just like any business or any. Profession. There's going to be good once is going to be bad once how do you know your guilt going to a good one. On how do you know you're going to with their pros who truly can understand. This past life. Topic end in bees do something productive and I harmful. Sheila I mean I am I mentioned Carol Berman she has the most fantastic album reincarnation forum. Where where there's all kinds of discussions that go on. And you know you can use people who drew boos during the situation. I agree they really should go and look and see what the people talking about on that forward because those discussions about. Passed last therapies therapies that they've been to him and and the feedback so. It's a really Sony's Adam. Placed it and if I mean just just looking at all the different discussions. A real eye openers. So Adam. So you know again and you can be really really sure book that says. The diesel it's all about and tried simple and very and very sincere she will what it was just kind of mess. Is there anything that you can do during your current life that will help you remember. When you begin your new life. Ha ha. Goodwin Adam. Know that they honestly I I mean. I don't know. Because then that is death is that it is not a question which is rich which is Mario Haas Adam. I just think if you shoot you will you know I mean this disease. It comes back to this that big bit and didn't really nothing happens by charts. And Adam the opportunities we get eight. Odd because we have probably planned them to fool income eighteen. Two to a certain degree. You know we we do. Free program ally. Stiefel we come down again will. And I think it shows they will be certain things that will happen. And it's up to us we do have free choice which we and it's up to us decide if we take that opportunity or not. That Adam. Adam in is we need to know we will. So but were able to actually plan our our next lines before we come back. Yes yes that that is you know or do you you'll find lots are about people who have had near death experiences and and and have had regression therapy over aggression sessions Adam. Yeah you find it it's surprising how much we do program well well what he's. Well program that we will build the biggest certain jobs he's and it's up to us to take to it to to take advantage of them or not. Bernard and when I change the subject is a little bit here because I'm curious about some of your other work as well and you open those discussion. When we are talking about you and your and your history in the things you've done with the I'd trinity of books Janet Genesys Antarctica. And do you talked about that revealing humanity's origins in Antarctica based on documents that were discovered under the ice in 1962 Tulsa little bit about that discovery. Okay now. B and we should I should say that the that the EU that Genesis how does it have a trail blazers well because it is Adam. If he's owned it he's amazed to read at least allegory. Now Adam mr. Reid met some realism that there was a there was a school have a Dutch painting. Which was which was called material is set and I was I was at pains to perfect etc. ten years detailing. Makes it really is taught painting and so I want to chance format in Italy should check and. So Genesee sent out to cap. Ease as real as you need to steady. And now this means that. On this play in May or may not have happened. But it is written in such a way match. Actually never quite sure if he's real Obama because there isn't there is a sort of find disease store fantasy story but it's about the the origins of the human race in Antarctica. Based owe him. Yes space done documents found in 1962 under the ice but wouldn't say. And their it throughout the book they're out there. News identity. Adam. Transcripts of in a bit of radio interviews Adam. Web page he's an all kinds of things and it is easier to weather and we didn't leave the story. The ongoing story with quotations from the the papers which were the which were discovered. And it does atom you actually never imagine where that is real or not. And that's why I say that is as real as you need it to be there are some people out there who have said it M I'll I remember. Mind at previous life it is and the Nazis at the name of this of this organization. Adam and and Adam some people. Believe they really do believe that they were living in this. In this free glacial civilization. And I was actually what do I mean you know we now know about quantum physics and parallel. So there. As and the Nazis and the civilized nations may or may not exist in now world. But probably in one of the parallel worlds it does. Interesting okay. We have I just have a couple minutes left here I wanna make sure that we get your website out we won't we let people know where I can get a hold of the books and other aid. Another life they sold together earned they bought separately those the two. Come you can buy you can buy that separately Meena Lee in the parents' book. Might be enough so that the people you know that he that he's good as as as you seem to be needed the parent spook easy. Easy monochrome because intact. That's CIA doesn't meet that flashy kind of Adam and whereas the children's book easy in easy and Cadillac has lots more from Adam illustrations. And Adam. So yeah you you you you could buy them separately that available on Amazon and ally Al website is Adam is. For the penguins to teach in Israel is reincarnation. I from Antarctica dot com. And the other ones Genesis Tess and art aka. Dot idea dot com that I got this bit there is that there. Shall we say this material from the two. Works sort of cross Oprah Adam says so that if you go onto Antarctica. If you go on to Adam she got on to Genesis Antarctica thereon. Links towards the the penguins and and vice Versa because he's old parts of it diesel consulate I was at the same approaching. In Emanuel know any future plans to write more books on reincarnation. I am very easy live Jews may be there is conclusion suit to Genesis Antarctica which would be read revelation and Antarctica. And yeah that they'll be into ideas ideas will come when they need to common when facts when I'm ready soon to be able to have the time to do. I Gordon thank you so much for sharing this with it and I think. You know when it comes to this particular topic I think we've only scratched the surface and I think. As time goes on here are people more people like you do work in this field we're gonna learn more more about this and how important it is. Well Hudson animal Gordon have a great night we look forward talking union makes coming out. Thank you did OK things might case so we're take a break when we come back we'll wrap things up. It's beyond reality and different. Yes Gordon pearl Smiths and also keys to almost thanks for coming on hanging out with us and well just have a chat. This year tuna and my hour in talking with doctors JP haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page. It had to be under really radio dot com week final stations we Airpwn across the country. You can also download free iPhone and hander and apps to Los Angeles in like catch Pashos and more. Or just click the listen libel and and join us in an online channel assuming rate from the website any night we are alive that's gonna do for us it's Jason NGV beyond reality radio can chill in my. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced when held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only be on the radio's so good. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason no smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson follow. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.