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Dr. Clare Johnson discusses lucid dreaming

May 17, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Dr. Clare Johnson about lucid dreaming and the importance of dreams in our lives. 5/17/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Our cricket matches media scrutiny that you do your ankle is due to mention it's your thumb and I don't think I'd be I'd be scared now well publicized seven of them were together with the seven of them and Burke and in tune seemed kind of ferocious of that scary and geez I'm. Now I have a stool and yet I mean only need is still gimme foot. That's a home. Woman in Oklahoma was mauled to death by seven Weiner asked acts that's shot right down does happen I'm not laughing because this woman was killed but I visited the story the headline is just crazy a pack of vicious dogs. They were per month predominantly dioxins a couple of them were were hot or not full bred dioxins but there're Wiener dogs they had legs shorter than me and in the hand of human. On and they mauled a woman to death last week it's unclear what caused them to attack the woman her name's Tracy Garcia 52 year old woman but detector outside her home. Near art more. Oklahoma and the owner of these dogs may end up facing charges because of the one of the dogs who shot after. It charged one of the deputy sheriffs that responded to the attack. The other six were euthanized at the owner's request of these dogs we're just a a gang of thugs apparently thug Wiener dogs I didn't know such a thing existed. It's now and then of course and are trying to make my poem don't come but. I mean should I guess any any animal can be I mean come vicious. Obama just can never see it leaner down. When that is when the call came into the police the person that called thought they may be. We're pimples but they weren't they were dioxins a couple of one when one was a Dachshund terrier mix but these were all but would be considered very docile dogs. And that and a group a group of seven apparently they turn into quite the monsters. All right I think seven or anything to area cream pretty good bottom. Mean it's just. That's why I asked what she lying now when this happened yet it doesn't really did describe how the incident occurred doesn't she fell I don't and I mean she fell and who's covered in bacon grease and I don't know what happened to me and I mean I feel badly for the Stanley obviously it's a horrible thing but I just it's it's hard to understand how that could happen with. We dogs yeah I will say little closely planning ankle byters what you wanna call mom. Illinois can't stand and probably. Listeners out there probably at least. To Wallis why can't stand Shalala just always seeming freedom religious he had day. Just nipping at your ankles all the time in the and everything else and and let alone I think any dog should be bigger than a cat yeah I agree I think if it's not bigger than a cat and it's pretty much just an oversight threat. Bottom. Do you think do you think she'll always have like a Napoleon complex like you know that's all I did I do know that. Issues and well good that everything is bigger than them which is pretty much everything except for cancers and things of that nature but I just I don't like to us I just do not. I don't know what it is I'm for I'm pretty much there with you with now and only you know and leader talks yet. I mean the only smaller dog is like you were cheered I like those are cute only that but beyond I just the little bugs I don't know there's just not my kind of my not my cup Petit. Now interests. That dog has speed data in the cat yet as just it is tigers tonight we're going to be talking about not dogs and cats that would have been a great conversation from last night when we were talking mauled to death by its may be may be. Our peck meat animal communicators and could have figure out what was going on opening weights and I were to be talking about lucid dreaming we have. Lucid dreaming expert doctor Claire Johnson joining us. And we'll talk about why these dreams are important how to have lucid dreams how to work with dreams to mind fully resolved night meal nightmares heal from trauma. How to help with sleep paralysis healing from illness and pain on bereavement dreams from moment mild ones that have passed come to visit us. Dial lucid dream telepathy and much much more with doctor Claire Johnson tonight she even talks about the pros and cons lucid dream sex. Yeah I didn't sit. Well with you at this it's going to be we're gonna save that part of the conversation celeb does what. The sex part really interest year. But CN with a I'm not sure to say about that yet but when you blush I loved Arnold's has come want to and penniless billions it. What should make you blush but it's making. Yes she's going to songbird Anne Lewis if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page forest and had to be under reality radio dot com where he can find all the station that we Aaron across the country analysts is costly being updated news stations being at its check in Austin. On the can also download the free iPhone and android app which allow us to listen the show on the go life and past shows. And join him in ten more or just click the pop up button in the operating corner of beyond reality radio doubt dot com. It will open up a chat room where you're able to listen to the show hanging out with a great community people so. Either way we try to make it easy. We do try to make it easy and we actually do do the apps are great if you've got a Smartphone and you don't have to be on reality radio mobile app on your phone you really. She'd go right now. To the App Store whether it's iPhone or android in and get that on your phone because it makes everything so simple you can join the chat right there you can listen right there you can be an easy sort. Podcasts are now long drives her short drives or whatever he didn't we didn't. Totally judge Tracy would come stories about killer and a green chipped filter and we need to itself. Yes listen I send them the past shows around there easily accessed. And a lot of people we know a lot of people that download the show the next day because they just can't stay up until midnight. And they listen on the way to worker were on the way home or whatever happens to be. And do us a favor if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere to street at forest is a holes make it easier for people to find and that's what it's all about Salma get lower mountain. Greatly appreciate all sport you'll show. And one things didn't make she check out when you go to the website beyond reality radio this is mugs there from all sore listed affiliate radio stations there if there's one in your area that's during the program and be really great if you could drop the maligned and thank them. For being an affiliate of beyond reality radio are silly list is growing all the time we're getting into new markets all the time so if there's not one near you there probably will be pretty soon. And also feel free if we don't air near you contact the local station in yearn talk radio station tell my request the honor artery. That makes it easier to. Pressure them pressure them to hit it in the front of the place so there's everything can he encouraged ticketing peaceful protesting in front of the radio station if they don't care industry. Aren't so horn gonna take a break in the we're gonna come back and beat Juli and they are aghast at doctor cleared johnsons are getting into the lucid dreaming. Are you listen as Jason dvd on violent video. Beyond reality radio print and TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Or scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great Sanders a lot of great stuff it's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare a con. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR a check out for scary coming mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Scary con dot com. Harbhajan Singh connection when runs on myself and so polarized my jet skis and boots a dual myself I mean it and I just. I'm I'm disgusted by what you told me and with the amount you spend literally cost me twenty bucks a winterize my jet skis that cost me forty bucks to winterize each of the boat and then the new rapid organ. Thought we were messed up next fall because I've been paying a lot of money to have that done welcome back ridiculous the mega show everybody. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy the phone or received 446877669. Bill one write that down Seton Colin or program when we open up the phone lines leader for questions. What our guest doctor Claire Johnson really talking about lucid dreaming tonight so let's bring. Claire into the program declare welcome to be on reality radio it's terrific to have you on tonight. Hi I'm really happy to see it actually. My source for coming to the first question has to be wary where are you tonight that we are contacting you from. Their commitment to nine inches of money is 6 in the morning on recruiting and examining. Chairman wild okay well we appreciate you getting up nice and early to do this show though says that's very good way to start that. So it can't. Let's let's start with getting a few definitions out of the way tell us exactly what lucid dream unions. Yes is used to teams and dreams when you. Then on his that you are dreaming one you dreaming. CNET most the time when each team we have no idea that we dreaming we believe everything that's happening crazy stuff that happens when we wake up we say. How much it really an honest that it was a dream and it Gibran school to mine and that's you know in any decent team. You understand how he took off in the living room this is not alone is not the extreme high and your team anxious when he had an amendment that reunites nation. It's just quite incredible transformation. Can take place in the dream. Has become a tape that you feel really I lied to greedy conscious. Every single file amendments and I get to see you the opportunity. To engage consciously these DR card just to dream images that you're surrounded. But is that the biggest barrier though trying to. And teach yourself to understand when you're dreaming and tarnished image you are dreaming and that because that that's a huge symbol that's a huge wall huge barrier. There that you need to it'll. Yeah. Yeah exactly because because we don't say you just slipping into our consciousness that denies it kite haunted us T. In GG consciousness in that state. Which is my very important to. Trying to get when it onstage consciousness. Every managing all we came. Time this lousy and I might not you can ask is so close to station consciousness that you end is late night snack and an answer you guys Nazi because you raise this. That may be some of the and it's a feeling I'm getting time Tina can't bring my eyes it's changing. Tending Dennis alpha waves in the shedding pounds because that is happening to Disney. And it's really just aren't just out. It consciousness I might end because and you find yourself on asking Max in treatment and realizing. And I actually dreaming right now. You obviously. It has chosen a profession that that focuses on this at some point you made that decision what was it about lucid dreaming their dreams in general that attracts your attention. Two make a day career move for area. Well this being kind of choice in both fool me and my analyst memory was when I was three years o's and I. Access to me now if you change those playing an attack clients include everything was on the phone. And ended being stuck to change into the night match and I just iTunes sync and I asked to drown an Einstein to panic in this dream. And then suddenly I had distracts but he says it TI and justice I had a choice on that I can stay in the dream and drowned. I can wake myself up and say. In the dream I decided to wake up and I don't really aren't in it will sent sent violently that I actually felt right out of my actual bags. And then my mother came running up and she had the bomb and sense and all fat and worried it is just to treat and it wasn't mean. Well how could she say it's not real I mean this is strange to me to hit. Me realistic Jean ma I'm just being. Was not being around us it happened he was stopped and understanding and with these two into. From what I knows want to welcome everybody seemed to think the Marcos and and that is a picture means that to me incredibly Rihanna and in person yet adults dismiss dead. Just like grandma I continue to have creating an easy thing dreams I had we'll sit at saint. It's sleek cool came get a lunch around the house in the night. At nine men. As Adams had a very. You should feel usage experiences. That I had no idea clothes and Lisa Jeannie ma. But these gaming experiences they stay with me they are very important to me in my life because in this every now. Answer that's close and fascinated me and his co subjects us to study it at university. Yeah. And on and on to grow best if it isn't considered a science. But it is these days then in the top eight yeah that cost there was no car kind of scientific treat. But luckily in 1975. To two key and he is it just psychologist. And he has the idea that doing an experiment we want to. Conducive cheat who reason that your days. And and you get them to say no when it can be used to treat me and obstinacy jima to signal with. At minus I maintenance. Sweeping the innocent Shia. Including cross machine. Instead he managed to do isn't it took quite a while that she gets here by maintenance and get the right pass to come on you know to signal from the NB CU. But he managed to to make this happen. I'm not as fast scientific truth. Released meanings in this chain that was signaling to say hey I'm currently usage in my team right now. That was scientific created. Well that's gonna be amazing enough because you're sort of creating a doorway from the dream world to the real world especially if you are able to give science that you are lucid dreaming at that point he sat. Can you must be really hard to do as I'm signals without waking yourself CNET is when you start thinking team you'll feel it current policy on releasing cheating you kind of basis and and he kind of stopped wearing cop and I currently sit teens who aren't experiments is and the shouting and name because that was Russian philosopher whose whose Penske he said that it is impossible to NASA and managing it I waking up not that sounds like nonsense to me I'm gonna try. Snow and sleet and I had NBC Jeanne. And I start chanting my name in the top of my boys and chat. And I send me. The west mine my actual physical physical cruel it's in my mouth and and I I was art and that I was gonna make as I could really feel myself in nudging him when I can't wait seventeen. What trades at a premium. Wrong and I admit I can just picking. So I still sentencing Wednesday in the G being and I managed to continues to eat and that it does bring you commit to your physical policy issue. Don't think he must be -- just seen an issue to gain to share my bail out of that movie Jim and you probably remembered to escape oh yeah of course like 8045. Or whatever yet we're talking with doctor Claire Johnson she's a lucid dreaming expert or web site is deep lucid dreaming dot com check that out we'll have more of this conversation after the break we'll talk about. Her books including mindful dreaming in the loans complete book of lucid dreaming. They'll be open up. Phone lines and a little while also take on the number it's 8446877669. Again. 8446877669. Who listen Jason TV Yana. Conversation for. 46877669. Jot that down will open the phone lines up a little bit later in the program for questions as we continue our conversation about lucid dreaming remember tomorrow and we've got Gary Williams joining us he's a raider any psychic investigator will be talking about his book called the miracle workers the world's psychic consultants. Which he says is a bit of yellow pages guide. Two mediums that are poignant healer psychics new neurologists and other people that work in those types of categories. We'll also talk about how to avoid fakes in the business because there are some of those we've all content that there's a lot of. Merit and there's stuff when a lot of them but yet later on in the show we wanna if you had lucid dreams are you of questions about lucid dreams. We wanna hear from the assuming she gives calls and we'll open up the strong formalizing slow while let's you'll know when that happens. Let's bring our guest back into the program a doctor Claire Johnson Clara wanna talk about again getting a real handle on what lucid dreaming actually is because I know as from personal experience. I'll I'll be having a dream and at some point during that dream I Walt. Start to my benefits wake up a little bit but as you've defined it I served become aware that I am having a dream Annika almost. Control it in a way is that what we're talking about former truck and a lucid dreaming. Yeah running team this is genius not worn out so it dream controller and domination dream that I. I say to you or this is teaming is guy in between rich county if you want to kind of change says. What you'll often find geneticist Jean is that you can expect. We didn't dream state which is very exciting this is content the wet and I ditch we're trusting my Ph.D. in DC teaming created to. So I would against the dream state economy isn't and I heard it. Stagnant with the environments to get creative ideas that might not all of us some time since we saw one of the insight into our current and coming musician dream is saying I find my noble act. And get to know him that well I'm asking questions. To do is ask the client really quite surprising thing about my whole. His which I was able to bring in an offer. And I think he continues to James. And scientific studies that Shannon that you can actually improve sports scandals in these chains so when you become an ace didn't change you can decide to practice this little scare at Bristol swimming OK seeing the strength to offs. And when practicing medicine treat your strengthening. The cop is that in the brain and you went cops you go this week is active memory it's like doing extra practicing your dreams. And then when these athletes. The school this named sportsman with a cop. They found that performance was in homes. And medicine isn't it amazing the amazing. Things at least a team is that done for example one of these gene is. And he does this and his teachers told to that you would net it is then you'll you'll get a temples in match and he just you know didn't listen and actually had an in his these two teams he can't practice this instance and he didn't create this inning who. Made strong and it would instead of what's AVG site honey city contestant not resistance. We'll see creativity and prove that it. Sweet seasoned unit and cast each unit Coogan and he's classy guy and he practiced his roles this task. He can get the best and the highest possible not to he's in because I'll be honest ages sleep he was practicing is spinning in his dreams. Anything is possible. And so one so when it comes out of lucid dreaming Tommy. So. Is being able to solve a problem in a dream if to me and just bring up an idea about. A year ago a year and a half ago I was trying to figure out this wondering schematic. And him Austin might Austin my blog on an all day long couldn't figure it ended up falling asleep. At night and everything and in my dream. I saw that Larry systematic if for whatever reason yeah yeah I understood the I need to do so when I got up I was able to go and in six fixed via the lawyers issues that I had bullet. I mean did that my dream it somehow it answered my question as of but now is that lucid dreaming yours that's something else. Well I mean basically in the dream state we and to animal creates his. Stated minds on embrace change as well they become animals just. Feet and a orientation is that it is underweight each candidate and we have going on messaging and Internet. And we sit classes to a unconscious now. The unconscious is. Is just incredibly important notice also says things that region and and and it only. Eight G path and we re entry into contact with young conscious unconscious is being web team in the country without even being icing as we get out day and then it will present. Loans in the dream how are close to a sedation. I mean I've cut its G agents knew hassle to me complex equations. In the usage means. This just in different and my sense is closing in dream and they can artistic creations on apple and I wake up and usually 95%. Accurate what they come at an age study's inception and so this is incredibly hot hence it is when you think this is asking is she does not invest. You know Fatah to sleep apparently that isn't getting enough passes Martin at least it meant connecting with the jeans and cotton starting Wang. Well Anna and I understand it totally because when I was working on the situation it was for whatever reason mostly my game my thoughts were sort of battling. What really need to be done is something for whatever reason I was told myself now plays that aside and work or whatever but when you go to sleep you don't have that. That party brain really trying to fight what you know polish right. So it's just that he had just opens it up and and it's normal as things were all the sudden you like not just dust like common sense I strategists didn't display. So it's strange things happen. Yeah see assistant doesn't it. That is that is because you you Dina you have left to the critical. Mine too manual when you dreaming you know the critical minds just backs in my office saying that's not a little better when that all cities negative tool just an hour winds and is doing the dreams station anything is possible. And that's when the unconscious can meaty speech siege since this team is is just such a great way of getting in in touch and it is incredibly creative. Unconscious part of our sounds. Yeah conscious Wilson holds the cheated on has not an additional illness so it was enough and solution told listeners who got a problems go to sleep and so yeah me. All my health and yeah. All my problems get solved when I go to sleep very I think that's definitely true I've. Actually clearing. Why is dreaming important to begin with whether it's lucid or just regular plain old dreaming why is that important to assume why is it such a big part of our. Psychological and actually our physical well being. Let me asking density is five to man who listen I have. And that's even general business essentially well in good mental and physical health and quality not so it is is is sacred in Atlantic we didn't get enough sleep on mental health lessons and what I teach defense. Trying to healthy she's become a statement on the international level. It's neat this is cool Manning's so we'll listen healthy and means estimate it helps ST you know. You greens Chile also happens heating functions because they release emotion is it too strong before these emissions can built up in quality and coolest. Slight that it creates is not an international and all week and past physical illness and since dreams have to release. All these emissions that are being doting on during the day and that's plenty of an additional Austin. I think it's very emotional and they often seem to contain emotions that we feel like below I would never get past angry at best situation in waking us so watch it and stick in my dream. That's the dream just releasing. Seem that this this. Angry angry and I said that we need to sit activities in order to be happy yeah. I'm Jane Olson has functioned consulting team met me and uterus and insisted it helps and adding princess since Jamie is just any credit mean national. Very eating healthy function as senator and we did all every artist when they become conscious of our teams can we get even more from them and become lines and not streams. We enjoy and I teamster. Creativity. We can house and the content is stressful and not mess and then I'll wait and quarters and so Adams. Let me ask this is lucid dreaming dangerous. Now obesity is not too entranced. This streaming music is complete she natural kind of spontaneously. As an ancient urgent and finally took note is obscenities at GMAC she's saying is off now. Yeah I'm actually see James classes at 10 AM from France very young age says this isn't not shirk and honestly. Yeah. On the one what do you think what will you thinking when you ask the question. I mean they're such there's always is I'm people used to always say when your younger you know fall out of a dream if you fall in agreement. If you wake up for your head because if you hit it hit you dead but all these other things and a lot of people say that they have these things happen the dream wake up and have a mark on them so. And they need to make you wonder if lucid dreaming is dangerous. Or and trimming in general ago. I mean. It with dying and intervenes on this team is it past the actually times in the teens just see what happened. I don't think I'm guaranteed student Irish. That sense it's an interesting is an interesting thing because. It achieves Iannetta hit trying things like that and then teens. That well pretty honest. Bonds and spiritually calm them and kings here transcends. That that she had his desk and a long way. Trying to transcend fear of death is to experience it on the on the treating. That's being practiced there every day it's a pretty move unlimited funds practice. But generally used to aiming and it it's actually. Refute it if you need gay interest to me with puritans were released it. Then there send any positive benefits cycle and cheaply and mentioning me and me. Especially bad here physical ailments in the on these genes. But I think T heating energy to send people half results very secrecy fear is that it is an estimate current not Madison and making instead it's just neat. Since they are currently sit in the team Manning now safe in that it's in the wake the same thing. And and then being at a tea I engaged in this way we've been nice marriage kids crews on who I sending enough since scary dream house and that can be some say he's not standards they can being critically chancellor exit. He left of the grisly engagement on the this unconsciously is in this man's. We're gonna talk a lot more about that when we come back from the break we're talking with doctor Claire Johnson lucid dreaming expert or web site is deep lucid dreaming dot com. She's the author of several books including mindful dreaming and the well once complete book of lucid dreaming and. Lot more calm you're listening to Jason GP on Chiarelli revealed. It's now 84687766. Masters Federer got a few netted lucid dreaming experience are usually talk about a dream and morneau and interpreting dreams sniper were curious about them and what they you know what they. Yeah yeah I just question whenever I give us a call. On an infant immune to the program is something we don't do enough of because we have people tuning in for the first time all of the time. On we'd be you know we rotate topics we talk about all things strange paranormal conspiracy. Unique Hulu can't stuff you don't you morally here most of the parcels yeah exactly and that's and they leave it just to talk about it and I. Thanks for Walken you're catching gives a shout let us know what an -- on the tonight we're talking with doctor Claire Johnson about lucid dreaming. And this is a purpose short segment Claire but I think he gives us and gives us enough time to talk about. Lucid dreaming and they in the in the circumstances. Or conditions that have to be present for it to happen for you is there anything that's. That's consistently. Necessary. For someone to be able to have a lucid dream. Well I think you couldn't manage yourself in the sense of how much he genie I knew it deep sleep over very Nazi. And so if you'll deep sea ice isn't very good idea to try to rate to that tech technique which is when you're not just south half full 5000 DEC. And he sent you an on I'll. And you wake cop and just think about his dream being and think about the teams you've had to imagine yourself coming usage in the end and then. I'm eager to see what repeating in a match or exceed. I am new usage this isn't dream ironies in this is a tree and as usual classy. And then it's pretty ends find yourself repeating them on show. With and it treatment you've actually managed to remain conscious life were to sleep so that's it fifty speakers. And if you lie to the hat on I'm an IST I think this Jennings seems pretty antsy to an easy. And because you can we'll say he's not time not time to grant a release Jamie because you in the industry and to make ends meet which is very and Ricci. It treatment mentioning. How the company said and it's that I city and brain chemistry and mass sands when mr. Reitman and speaking. And speaking in the mornings isn't very good thing because again you have message you'll about the time he can sleep cycle to cool its and one hour this. And and then just let's just remind yourself fulltime and some people see things are now. The whole pedal and a half until at least eight and every time these green pepper and a man yeah I'll having this change tonight. And just to remind them this very fit to set your intention had a very fanning tension to the economy sit in your dreams. Or what about some. When I was younger and and many other people have been able to do this if you'd falsely Butte have a dream and of course she wake up and the next night you'd go to bed thinking about that dream and is sort of getting back into the story line of vets and that dream you had the night prior. So as you're able to keep on accessing that same same type story line in your dreams knows that a tightening of lucid dreaming. Well yes this time it's very it's very kind of a wet thinks it is easy to get back to the genius tool now whether. You're pretty usage depends iron on new and out of consciousness and stay that and a lot of people he just dream reentry. And dating back against the same team and they continue to uncle Lucas during nighttime tonight which is enough for me to say is that this natural storytelling managed to online car you know win to a to a storage and it's not teams can we have. Students. Yeah that's a very nice and nice way to have thirty cities to treat and is planning to constantly dreaming same scene and you say just off the next time how to being on and to me and I'm dreaming and I can engaged consciously with everything that's happening in that. Sheen. Things are Q do you thirty years ago thirty failures or can't do it in my sleep anymore. Sorry can you just Leone I barely sleep now so I can just an animal lucid dreaming dreaming in general. We're not happy enough to send aren't eye candy that I the suns are like canceling canceling. And I'm the same way we have been given the nature of her schedule a clear we don't yeah I don't get the benefit of a lot of sleep but I do try to sneak in a nap every day if I can get an hour it's usually usually pretty good it's and doesn't always happen but you're right about napping though there's something about. That sleep that's far different than overnight sleep. Yeah must nicest cities and you know you'll put each time that you're you drain your mind to Melinda. Send you more 92 and I that you're dreaming in the states that they're sending out estates community to these dreaming I'm just simply denying down. Passing horizon or not. I think Willis and take Q3 because his dual wait that's called Pittman Garcia does these are these act images and sensations that come just as they are constant sleep. And she can go out this you can't just tensions can always. Each year in releasing Jeanne as well just a question being mindful. Want you all for at least unanimous it just thinking I'll thank goodness I just can't afford to say he kind of went yourself less as. Yeah it was happening Saturday Charleston police happens we. Barely scratched the surface were talking with doctor cleared Johnson lucid dreaming expert. We've got a lot more to come on the phone number will be opening a form lines for the next hour. So it gives a shout if you got a question about lucid dreaming if you had lucid dream yourself at 844. 6877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. You listen. Jason TV beyond relative radio that. It's Wednesday. This post starts. Welcome to be on reality radio with myself chase and Bosnia was awesome JB Johnson so he supports I. About lucid dreaming wins a lucid dreaming expert doctor Claire Johnson will bring her back into the program in just a few minutes but. I wanted to talk about this for it for a second. What do you think about the idea of living to be older than a hundred years old do you think that's a good thing or not stupid things. I think it's I think it's it's a good thing because you get Seymour more than Jan. Generations of via the family you know if you've created. Well the oldest person in the world news. 120 years old. Wishes she had died much younger saying that her longevity has actually beat Denny punishment and she doesn't understand. Why she continues to Linz is it because she's experienced so much lost zero. Living that long well she does say that she hasn't enjoyed a single happy day in her entire life so I don't know maybe it's a life over a hardship and maybe that's the reason I'm not sure I suppose yeah it seems our youth and if I mean. 128 years old hasn't lived a single happy day in her life recording her I've had kids if you men marry in in these girls are happy days she is a Russian. Citizen and she bluntly says her long Jim jedi was God's will. And she did nothing to make it happen. She says it could be a healthier active lifestyle but she says she has no idea how she lived. Until now and shall be a 129 years old in two weeks and has not had a happy day. Congratulations to her on the age I'm sorry that its pen and are some really crappy days or armed by the sounds of it. Yeah. And I don't know man it's. It just. I think living in living that old scribe but I definitely don't want our whole lives. And eat any of mine Mormon wife from my kids. This is kind of interesting stuff she was her birthday it is June 1 1889. So she says she's been able to see or two and two changes I mean. She was 27 years old during the Russian revolution when the last Russian czar Nicholas the second was forced to abdicate she was 55 years old when the Second World War ended in 1945. And she was a 102 ether sold when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991. And look at all the she seem I don't know I mean going from from then Upton now I mean. It's been it's been amazing and me amazing. Amount of time and just to solve the advancements we've had in that time so. I just. I wished she didn't say that she hasn't had a one happy day in all the time that makes it tragic I suppose but seems you know 4000 plus hour. Where she clearly didn't know the secret to lucid dreaming. You do know the secret to this entry must bring her guess speck in doctor Claire Johnson by the way to fund received 446877669. If you're waiting on hold we will get to your calls please to speak patient. I'm Claire. When we talk about. Lucid dreaming in the fact that some new basically they're of the order wage you can induce this or kind of control or at least. Put some energy into trying to make it happen is this universal can everybody do this if they if they try. To. Yeah Lisa streaming isn't. And it will scan on being stuck tees addiction. That's using simple call at least is Jean induction techniques results in high prices dreamy Sissy. NASA's study IA and her tenacity from the UST hunter. That not. Needless to say sorry and he and we tested spend three participants. To test. Reality testing just when you lost just so sick of consciousness and I am irons. If this dream cynical and students he was sick either way back to best technique which I discussed anywhere you re such a book on DC and then stay away for a little bit and then trying to get it straight into these Geneen. I'm Wilson it's undermining induction of these genes. Which is immune. Trying intentionally meant that you dream and before you intensely. The next time dreaming I don't remember I'm Jeannie you say can you imagine yourself in recent change. Yeah. This pretty high success rate arms. Many people ask you half an EC teams in the period just one week and which isn't enough high end the week it didn't practice techniques. Sense. Basically it isn't an apples here you have to kind of want to do I think will power is very cheap in the coming days and it drains you need to. Sing ascending to bring you waking life is well just keep thinking if they're decent team right now this man right now. What I did and then imagine yourself. I want authorities Jeanne attention. Just bring an entertaining nice that can happen soon. Let's say I jumped to listener calls here try to get a few of these in this is sick Kerry calling in from Colorado he Karrie welcome to the show. Terry Haley Darren welcome Alicia. I'm back I'm here. I'm so happy they took my call and I think that mask cleared Jack and she'd get the call. Because I can totally relate to. IA I can totally control my trains. Paula and I am. I'd stop my dreams and like looked debt people. You know like people that are you know have been dead. And everybody should be able to do this it's it's so great. And it's it's it's a real saying I mean yeah. The only thing that sometimes I have confusion as to when I have a dream with an attorney. And I don't like having knowledge. Terry have you been like this is Terry have you been able to do this all your life. No. No it I. It was trying to light. Maybe having bad dreams. And then I got sick and tired of it you know like. I'm gonna control it. She made a decision to control it what do you think about that Claire. Yeah I think that's the very good way of very effective way of dealing with nine minutes. I I'm not Minnesota fats heating gifts and people didn't realize this is not be so dreadful. And make this says scant social two cents. That they can a city very heat and not miss consulates to reach and they highlights unconsciously is Spanish Truman is along coastal commission's. Primary how does it helps to heal from this same kind of a red flag he hit it twenty ha ha a thousand times that we need to well in order to be happy and healthy yeah. So when it come release it in a frightening dream and not men Wear and wander the position that this this team is an act direct aim at these aren't conscious images. Results and we're transport and energy healing experiences. That's changed dreams and it hasn't happened yet and creation so there are also in the teens. Again thanks for the call a carrier appreciate Chua and into the conversation here that dream story being in a dream in a dream. And formats the creepiest thing Alter. Have you ever had a hand. I camera caller I'm not very good at remembering my dreams or some other saint Clair why are some people. Better at remembering their dreams forces others is that a veritable Steelers a justice who a function of how your mind works. It's it's also an ankle skin actually am a citizen thinks it is when you may come in the morning it went in and Elaine and uncle who is this an until you're treating recoup. So it's good to wake up to that famous song pretty solemn and conditions you minds. When he sings a song you would cool your dreams. And then you just admit to physical position. Because the quality is retaining the memory of the dreamy and Justin. He's stay still and you lost just sounds. Slight sting it's just strange how I just seen and and then you'll actually find that you can teach tennis and dream and you can kind of put an. Spreads to get hold dreams come out Aaron and then you can just stunned. My team down just jump to tally finishes just dreamed times sure. And then help each of the core dream. Or you get into eight trying to the core nutrients. And the easier it comes just practicing an angry 82 Cheney's mind to me is that you chest it and and that you won't answer Mandy your dreams they sixteens to pummel this age. And it lets you Ginny my second sound Hume what's your shout out and it sentencing is an amazing mrs. saint James and wants our attention they want to listen to then and and say you can create to show. Yes. Let's go back to our phone lines here we've got pat calling in from Missouri hey pat welcome to show. You add I would like to ask her op. I mean I can't guarantee I don't eat and not. Whenever it starts to crack Dele I I would get so tired and sleepy. And I will want to go into the actually. My mom used to tease me until many analysts are vampire. What geek yeah conscious fan. So you surely you density Jane and I see you really feel like you'll maybe see us. Yes I did is about clay and I cannot and earn him. And every any everything else that I did not a bit silly EP. Tell it acts to cracked daylight. And that gets killed there is scary part. Yeah cools and I mean PH two because this is in Sony really. If you can't insomnia this is good not tonight then tossing what's happening and and we do brain reactive instead. And you space to actually get happen. And sits. In the job until. The only times and then get back to that to just sit out of bed and let you mind just relax and that is crazy racing drills just kind of calm. And this is this to really help with insomnia. And then you go to Tibet and you are more ready to get past that the guns trying to isn't intending and in. And it's getting in on the have been thinking oh now you ask any estate for three hours or any threes to us. It's not that Condit this dress says good trying arms and break the cycle. I don't everybody's different new people Hamels difference the toughness and and it can help us ten new action into a very. Secret sleeping space to didn't do anything new bench in the conference the Pina and their meeting. No other activities. Just how it is a common sense sacred sleeping sentence no other activities. Yes that's an okay thank you that they are engineers. It can end. Pat thank you so much for the phone call hope that helped. Number to take a break here when we come back we'll continue our conversation with a doctor Claire Johnson. Don't forget to visit the website deep lucid dreaming dot com check out some of the books mindful dreaming in the well once complete book of lucid dreaming. And if you have lucid dreams or you have a question about lucid dreams give a shout at 8446877669. Guillen told freed 844. 687766. Niacin. I tried I tried doing. Perhaps it's her lucid dreaming or just in them enough time I mean a whole PD Peter Gabriel song sledgehammers sounds like a loose it to him he can be me at all these things I mean it's just that the perfect is the. Did you turn in the video is kind of that is an animation yeah it's it's kind of content we're saying ray and that's almost like he's the opposite he's aware and entered guy we're gonna we're talking with doctor Claire Johnson tonight lucid dreaming expert. Clear this is a short segment but I have to ask you this my first question to you was where are we talked new to you from you said Germany you clearly don't have a German accent. So how are you do you live in Germany are you visiting Germany. What's that about yeah. I'm even a minute amendments and this is very this year income cheese I am out of his on English and that I played in Portugal. And proms and Spain as well as German anti tank. And I EI and I'm not to me around I mean you're it's a great place and it's a very different countries very chase together. And Diana to learn the language is the place I'm living in and get into college I just find a nice they sent to live my life. Nice yeah that is that is terrific. And we have a just a couple minutes here before next break so wanna talk about the books for a second I've mentioned mindful dreaming has mentioned the loans complete book of lucid dreaming. You also. Wrote to lucid dream inspired novels. Yes I did as a defense fund was caught my Ph.D. sense into these genius creative writing to. Tried to online music genes to write this novel breathing income. It's enough collateral send this extreme fitness and I grew ten medals. A lot of imagery commodities to change in the Lisa Chaney how did tell its story than mop he's Dorsey is missing while she's backpacking she India. And to modify without seeing trying to contact Alyssa says it quest is equestrian but it's also been an in that request access the they didn't the main protagonist finds out. Or she'd be connects with the trauma. And in non cash. Yeah and I'll put his dream and I am not dream. It is based majesty to salute quote Rem sleep behavior to salute and a this is when people asked how that two means in a violent way and it's Ashley and can be quite dangerous in this about this natural products since then we see to stop this and Tina dreams right and that in some people this rest is just lifted a sense. They might streams there's an intruder in the house and they run and they pay the ticket intra Asia and then you know they actually that ticking against you won't say and they Waco with a broken toe with an opponent and they can be very very scary people to connect hasn't window is and pat themselves on attacks that Communist sits quite come on dog at all I don't answer my second nobody is based around it what would happen if someone annual charity defendants since I started in nineteen that violent dreams and is and is also reduces training in Paris well. Because this team could be a way to resolve this if you win I was unhappy not not matter again. Then you can wake yourself up to the. Terrific and talked you know we'll talk more about that I just wanna sue wanting quickly here if you're waiting on hold aren't have to wait to the other side of the break to take you call also just be patient will be with you yes just hang with us. And we are talking to doctor Claire Johnson lucid dreaming. Expert so you've had a lucid dream where you have a question on lucid dream gets shouted 8446877669. And 844. 6877669. You listen and Jason TV beyond our own. 468776. Accident and try to get to us. Phone calls here as we continue our conversation with doctor Claire Johnson. Lucid dreaming expert we really appreciate. Her and getting up in the crack of dawn she's in Germany action to be on the program tonight. Yeah that's that's that's above and beyond the call of duty Claire thanks so much usually lower on. I thought it's true at all. Central and and let's take a quick call here. Because you've had to people waiting on hold and I've got some specific questions about how lucid dreaming can help us this is John calling in from Tampa Florida he general into the show. Okay are there are good arm or grand com. There's rural. Church youth. Like Goran. A server in our church. And your dream you know you're dreaming black. My friend to me he sports like you're red moon industry and certainly never teach three. As there are some denied EDT. There are extremely Brooke are darn country. Are you saying just so I understand Johnny saying he knew it put some type of object or symbol into your dream that accuse you into the fact that your dreaming is that which are asking. Yeah okay. Claire yeah. Yes the Nittany is it's a very very pissed way. Helping us out to get leases and sent it. I think you can ask your dreams come up with. As Jindal fool you just might dent it seems as he went this symbol comes on an annual you go sit. Well you can cheese and today we specious ankle to them resonates TT Leon an emotional level and you could say this is my music teacher got this subject is gonna sell in my dream when I see I'm gunmen on release it in my dream. Say and arm. Well they'd be pretty narrow or were ordered be current and background. Well I think James is let's it tasted it depends a mean. You could have like a mountain Jack's mannequin to settle and casino in eulogies as a shining through and you know. And it might not be the healthiest city you have to give it. Sure if you how it is quite good time in the raking them as well understood the shallow natural it you can holding hands and just take that into a high. This week it just me and say your zone under recognized this project however since in my genes says about who looking just out. I'm counting that intention new mine says that you will ever. See the object in the team and become decent. And there. Thanks for the cold yet thank you for calling in. Unclear how how can lucid dreaming helpless. Tackle. For lack of better word nightmares. Yes look. It can help this attack and not miss because we have various options limited content is it in the dream weekend we can think OK. This is this is scary and I'm mad I feel kind of want to just she it will wake myself up in the not match. That's kind of distant dream and I want to resolve it I'm gonna state by wow this is Jane I'm not gonna change the gene and runaway. And then you can face on today is not meant images. On the questions great uncle. It is one and it Nady was anxious waiting. To happen Harry not mess that she was chased by threatening men and she decides that she needs to come sit in this nightmare since we happen to ends these horrible man with chasing pack. Tens of our face one of them there was a giant with Kennedy on is she said. Why are you chasing me. And then in the change he'd pinch ran down to normal sun sentinel science is gays they sat and helpless and he sent. Johnny you want to just come we need to us through your feet yeah. And that's been the KGB eyes. That I fear was self crude hit. She didn't need to fear anymore not to kiss that it is not as never pretend I'm told that she felt him. Let's see if you're just waking tinge so that was a very hot and wait to see you slice it it's he engaged and not men and see that not just transforms. And spontaneously. She was able to have this door and opened his skin you know it has cost us now that need to hear Disco. Let's say jump to another listener call this is just in calling in I believe from Chicago right Justin welcome to the show great to have you back on. Hey aren't you go oh we usually. When you gauntlet of play. Yeah think our brains or something that crew. Went from sort of. Other late for a crate separate occasions and entry. Justin you mean like you do we travel to another dimension. Or is it something that her brain who were just experiencing within our brains is that the question. Okay yeah clarity think. I mean I I didn't think bets and streams are restricted to you on brains I think at happy if I grant jays when you're thinking that we content creators and beat the opponent reality and say definitely my fear is that dreaming it's kind of unsigned mentioned. And we didn't we can experience also some things in this is James there's so many there's some things that tend to teams swept people and actually receive information. That's treatment dreams and they couldn't have national ranking ice has a I was sick and lots of people contact team need fun web site and saying things like I'm I keep dreaming recount her dreams. This will people dying I mean these are really happy teams to hi Brian Schatz is again. It means transcends. The usual waking reality that we seems it usually think is the new reality it's not any reality. Dreams have very deep ocean and they can help this season. To understand more about the nature of consciousness. Because this into us. Have there been cases of people different people having lucid dream is being able to connect with one another and the lucid dream. How being cases of mutual dreaming yeah. Yeah I think each car. He lived very dedicated to trying this this time sometimes happens spontaneously. And you can finance. And bits and I'm never some people who actually trying to students and is that but this is isn't experiments. Will meet tonight in our dreams. I'm Tina Barrett and he'll miss. And sometimes there is connected to the I want to remember that any dreams. But it is sometimes possible that you can Gina and I think as the technology. Elicited NS we made fun way he's having rule mutual dreaming. I imagine how tennis and tennis and I monumental Asa and kind did you greats is some way. When unity sitting your dreams to connect with another cousin who's also currently an NBC team I mean I think that Canada because at least you waited technologies developed and should that tell us that it sends it seems to be quite. Difficult to make you captain and his eagle. Let's good jump to Randy calling in from Indiana hey Randy aren't ready welcome to the show you're on the air. Okay an eternity read atlas. Our I had been experienced during collects. Worst lies the other light and it was suggested to my question a plaster of Lebanon during tour. You know you can control what do whatever he wanted a light and an agreement didn't it would present hiker won't play here never really been my dream you know we're going to. We can't so I didn't agree with or were. Yelled don't argue with. Poland delicate marine who helped you. Clinton portal during its key is internal they could. Well we can get a little more insight on that Claire systems are game with a dream there are you part of their dream of a party your dream home on how does that work. I think the question and I think sometimes that the is it Jane is there's a tendency to think. Right so I'm Lisa this is my dream everything in this dream belongs to me and I wanted to show us. It's not necessary to ignite that and that's one of the things and he's changing isn't actually attends our assumptions about the nature of the dream reality on the head. So it's very interesting if some changes on the English team. He could be caused to yourself this kind of resistant to eating whatever it is that you want to do and dream that's that's also very interesting. And did it could be something deep enough it could be a someone else eat beans and streams and it is this is exciting and just discovering about this is the way to find out when you're pitching is all questions are questions if you dream people. Find out how conscious and does not put this in mind when I see the country's dreaming because it's so fascinating. Fine how much she can commute from Europe needs to change biggest people who tan and you dreams sixty question and answer and then. So yes sir I guess some people of different dimension to. Quite rendering in the poor dog look over my body until I'm sleeping and so what photogenic and that is. Like for example I grabbed my dream of Eric about the bid to grab crawl of my own bed post and got a dream on now wondering. I broke across the LaMont made in his past life. So early in the morning that are ignored it sound like different dimension. Yeah and I didn't hit some of that because it was a bit designs and it's funny to me so it was out of bounds and about feeling that you connects connecting with other dimensions beyond the dream house. Yeah actually and it not though no on the boat but well looking down. He brought to we're about to open up a wake up there and in the morning we crossed not my and it worst Doherty around the world to remember any work. Yeah like this like Spanish. Yeah words are usually show up. One. Is the that would never showed up in a and president that didn't buy it don't stop there have been well there is paying for. Everything. Or base article. You now or out of body experiences. The same as lucid dreaming he was just saying he was seeing himself floor and above himself and that's I think that. An out of body experience but now sent center and one during out of body experiences. You're able to a lot of times control we control the environment around and things of that nature as soon as that style of lucid dreaming. Well I mean. And I collapsed between the experiences indecent dreams this and the differences can be seen in practice we'll fix all our ability experience. Ten we'll send happened when you'll want to play in waking consciousness and Lisa changing doesn't happen just like that united since we saw fuel huffing and it's a sensitive physical tool and a nighttime under the age you telling me using it and that's what I crashed. There's this immense impact cnet's technology and went up. And just what is meant to fight is it sit around and read and crashed out she felt the same intensity disconnected from happening in it didn't. And then. And she is cool and the audience is that rage and pain and less of the stuff I don't sit that's that is definitely an ounce of Buddhist innocent not to release it dream experienced so there are definite differences and that they need to stay in her son and a say in an buddies you can always say. Ice it tends to get to an extent and then on the east illnesses and you're in. An environment and excitement physical environments we saw who rents in at least pitching you could be and that's very kind of dream I dream I N dot. Com. Tell sometimes if you're an it is extreme mental and that's what he stands iPad experience his class at what. Ice this started out as it is to dream and now isn't sure what kind of music streaming anymore it's just a trashy Al is publicity so I think it and Cindy concern any sense is this student various states consciousness. Interest in America and then just one more question about the benefits of lucid dreaming you talk about it being able to help he'll actually heal physical ailments he'll. Of bodily issues how does that work and how can we put that to use. We'll visit came as they hit it to influence unconsciously. Instances and I accept it in net assets. Chris does it cools this very strong minds G connection I think and an idea what you're saying having someone sometimes the coolest hopping. Dream about taxing themselves in the wake up and go to prison on gay rights and if it finishes this month connection the tank in on me. How can affect on how good is. And we can see that as well stated I am. Three studies NC actual physical Athens it is it chains again with the iron ignorance and Z now signal the onset of all Assam. And then there's such a subpoena to NASA. The changes in the velocity and around and it and just like the physical isn't that still waking. Since he should uses that we didn't dreams isn't sensitive ice and they think it. Actually happening effects on this a couple of days so we can use asked senator Shaheen and if we can for example if this as something wrong in win suffering. In we have paying weekend. We can decide to Tenet TE NG dot com local. And then hit it on this and with people and equipment and it felt bitch and sort of stated that pain has long and senators. And do something with her something she she strained attendants couldn't get hot it's cool and a terrible pain she eating tuna and next is it change. Domestic heating and it it came onto the stream that it is environments not close. And she could see beneath this kid she is it is in shape and it's actually. Message NASA gets out her wrist and then she went to admit estimates aren't in different directions and sit in that campaign says it. Costs are being counted you know I can recreate it until thinking really you know scientist as saying. Well it would appear that night anyway. That sends his sunny many many stories. Effective basic team. And that's the bottom line there's too many soars to discounted a Claire were out of time and thank you so much for joining us and one of the things a monastery nose and we're gonna have to have you back on because we didn't even touch this lucid dreaming sex is IUI think that's a. Almost all multiple what. Especially show to show multiple shadows. I've written a psychology today Arctic and you can find is that it's unknown in recent teen sex and the whole independents and see if he's cheating. I didn't in my continue to as well this nation out as quick as well exclusive dream sex Wednesday's. Promise to come back and Claire promise you. It's been nothing to keep it thank you so much for having me on thank you so much for coming on you had a great night we look forward to talk to you again. The web site is deep lucid dreaming dot com the books include mindful dreaming and the well once complete book of lucid dreaming it check it out Daniel what sorts. I'm on I'm on it right now and she covers a ton of stuff so. But I Amaechi go to the about section you applicable things on the loose it and it. Are they were gonna take a quick break and then come back to wrap things that we will see Jason TV yeah. There may seventeenth in his. Telecommunications. Today. And the reason I find that pretty interesting would normally even talk about it cost him the I think I've found my calling in your life but coach. I found I found it interesting to see what they claim are the most important on milestones in telecommunications 1865. When this was started. Obviously the telegraph was the moat method of unit communicating long distances 1876 telephone came into existence. That it wasn't until 1957. All the whys and radio in there which would have been. 1890 something that's interest in don't include that they talk about the launching of the first satellite in 1957 which begin satellite communications. And then the Internet was developed in the 1960s by Al Gore. As we all know she could affect India and then 2005. A Smartphones became popular so welcome to world telecommunications day may seventeenth. Well may she tune in tomorrow or me talking with Gary Williams a writer and psychic investigator will be discussing his new book the miracle workers the world's psychic consultants sort of yellow pages gay rights. And guidance to mediums clairvoyance healers and so much more. May shed over FaceBook dot com slash beyond really really to FaceBook page for us and then not. The head over to be on reality radio dot com finalists east we are across the country grabbed free Smartphone lamps. And I just listen a show library from that but that's gonna do for us elicited Jason NGV beyond reality radio catch all tomorrow. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Johnson into this one Al Simpson told students they. It's normally don't really read news. Yeah you know it's stopped going to finish in the agency hello fading certainties because well Jason long slow and she's supposed to attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond real radio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at