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Kala Ambrose discusses was to empower your spirit.

May 31, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Modern Muse & Wisdom Teacher Kala Ambrose about ways we can use our intuition and other sensitivities to empower our spirits. 5/30/2018 -Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. Well don't tell everybody it's beyond reality radio I'm GP Johnson Jason is off tonight and we are excited to have a great show for you though this is the first light show back to back after the Memorial Day weekend hope everybody had a pleasant weekend hope. Everybody took in the spirit that its intended and opportunity to mourn and respect and honor. The men and women in the armed services that tag gave the ultimate sacrifice and no it's important to me I'm sure it's important to all of you and manage many view. I have loved ones and actually gave that sacrifice that we we and he was well. But welcome to the show we've got Q Ambrose joining us in just a little bit she's a modern news and wisdom teacher plus many many other things so we'll have a lot talked to her about. And we will have that conversation coming up shortly of course. The phone number you won't going to wanna write that down seed can call into the program and ask questions later when we open for phone lines is 844687. 76698. Or excuse me just a little bit because allergy season has started. Usually don't have this problem until. I don't know you know mid June. My birthday is June 20 fifths are usually right around then I know that's when my allergies and mr. kicking and that's just went spend. I don't Allegra and takes care of the whole thing but this year starting really really early and an off everybody's got the same experience around the country demand appear in the northeast everything just exploded after the weather finally turned. 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It is family friendly there is a children's costume contest as well and our kids like like to dress up for Halloween this gives him a chance of doing in June. So that's Garrick conduct come check that out. We've got some great shows coming up during the week as well for you tomorrow night Lori McDonald was he clinical hip no therapist will join us she's also an abduction researcher. We're gonna be talking about hypnosis. And abduction also regression therapy for abduction victims of so this would be a very interesting conversation. Then Thursday night Terry Lovelace whose a lawyer any former assistant attorney general. Will be on the program Terri was an active duty air force member after high school be talking about. To childhood UFO's sightings that Terry experienced at the ages of eight and eleven. And also talk about a bunch of other UFO related topics things that he experienced while he was in the air force. He's also the office author a book called incident at devil's dance will be talking about that as well that rounds up the week of course Friday. Is always a best of program and we have agreed to show that we get to replay for you on Friday night's. So check that out as well stop by the FaceBook page give that'll like stop by my FaceBook page which is just add. TV GA paranormal. Brent on FaceBook and find me there or just search Stevie Johnson that a shall as well. All the stuff is great it's good to see everybody in the chat room on the YouTube stream it's good to see everybody in the chat room on the website. Wherever you are listening we thank you for doing that. We're gonna take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest and again tonight we're talking with Q Ambrose killers in modern music and a wisdom teacher and we've got a great. Conversation coming up. Just want to know. Beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare a con. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scary coming mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Scary kind dot com. Yeah I'll our Jason James Taylor can sing is not what it's like who's on tonight will be back with us tomorrow night. To look forward to that time we got a great show for you how ever going to be talking about a whole bunch of things because our guest has experience with a whole bunch of things Kayla Ambrose is our guest tonight. She's a modern music any wisdom teacher her website is explore your spirit dot com. She's got many many books tour credit we're gonna be touching base on most of those including the week into dreamer the awakened psychic he awakened Bora. Spirit of new nor ones curse of voodoo curses vampire legends and cities the cities of the dead and much much more going to be talking about all that with her. Kayla welcome to be on real to real great to have you on tonight. And so much rather be happy to be here. So I mean we we this first or even on the program and I wanna learn a little bit more about you before we start talking about your work shall first shall tell me what. It is to be a modern news and wisdom teacher I know what all those words mean independently but what does it mean to be all its foot and put them all together like that. Sir one chance in life and I was pretty young lift all eighteen to protect teachings field. But competing for a tiny increase in Egypt and had a passion form that would go in the library in researching it. And then what they're able to find different teacher so called mystery schools. And study with planned to learn these ancient teachings and so that's a lot of the F kerik was competing. High end up teaching now that's what my first spoke about the nine month alternate left and secret to the mystery schools and now. And with my intuitive ability psychic ability whatever word people like these these days. I mean there's a lot of different ways you can use cash and I have. You sit down in a variety of ways but the one that I love the most is teaching people bodies that prompted concern tuition and I have built their business. So a lot of my client her calm and Silicon Valley de are impacted there and finance. And politics. And time. Consultant for them chilling and how these circulation and using my intuition that he feature track and Obama modern music. And taking a little bit. Techniques into action and shelling people teaching them and consulting for other showing them how to grow their business further career. Grow their bottom line basically using into action. And that's really generous and we're gonna talk about that a little more specifically as we continue the conversation so what point did all of this attract your attention that you decided to researchers' study it. And then teacher. Well Carolina and Michigan and like it really explain it well I started telling my parents are trained to have a past. That would country. And how much father noticed is that I would talk about things are mentioned being that he would see it in the paper there regulator. And I can dreams that I had no way of knowing anything about I think it would happen within people dynamic and the freedom. And that I have dreamed about fines if I would remember. Living at the different person and a lot of detail about it and I gripped the lead to you know which. It's fortunate because a lot of people are very open minded about the sprint that thing down there. So it was that and heard the talk about it and it kind of runs in my family so there are other people like did discuss Atlanta and one day when I was twelve I look up to my mother I'm ready for my formal education now that want to learn astrology and that she decided wealth a lot of mountain bosque is committed or work computer personality Billy had a calculator and Scioscia let me study ecology and the texture and so I'm ready to head. He's at children now and to lead this defense. It's like I kept pushing my own educations so. It kind of volley then whipped me and I feel like I came back early with a lot of that it was just. Like get getting an update on it really like OK let's see how we doing now and it's been a passionate person. When you say your family. Is kind of branding your family do you believe that most of this these sensitivities. Are our. Genetically. Passed on hours and environmental how do you think the connection is among families that he seems these things it tend to cluster that way. Well I've given a talk about that about the puppy genetic cabinet. I've become life or have spoken a lot of conferences that scientists were popular appeal than talk about it. I'm really passionate about it in the blue blue out of it and then channeling that there are genetic ability to put that into well is learned abilities. And one of the complicated it was about at the genetics at some of the genes within us. Aren't totally turned on vulnerable and then went something happen. To a person it can turn on women in these team that would that's. Basically a beacon ethics trial we talk about there can be that turn that dot particular gene content. And for a lot of people you'll see if they've been under a lot of stress that they asked. Something really stressful hour. It's scary disturbing happen to them when they're younger sometimes they'll switch and attacking it's a protective. It seemed that I believe we used to use more naturally. When he's happy with indicative strong side and groups you see it they probably had it turned on the kept. They used more acute. The ball in the one final thought intuition and accountability. And different things it was an extra sense it was very helpful person Bible. And as we became more industrialized. Apart what kind of pushed. It was kind of turned down turned away from. And a lot of people stopped talking about it because it wasn't encouraged at the time some times it was because. Very stringent religious beliefs that you and a lot of trouble artwork that he talked about it. Still it was dampen down not a lot of people so I think it actually hit gene would then all of that so that's come back keeps like time. Maybe with that turned on more or more experience with it that the more active Jeanne. Probably I'll have a and that's kind of in the awakened packet that. Talk about how all. You can awakening you can turn it back on because everyone has been tuition mount but does that mean everyone's super psychic. Content like it eating it takes practice that picked or just being born into the family that. Maybe. You're attacking authority turned on the demeanor going to be great at it either. And it takes practice and some of it is natural talent or ability to come back at just like my all like to play baseball. You know and I'm. I've played softball but I'm. I'm not gonna go to approach and and riot or with the piano we all learned to play the piano but not everyone is you know gonna to perform. Concert well so it's a talent and ability to like anything else. You know I find it interesting that you said that you know we were kind of taught not to think this way or boards dampened in us its era that part of our spirit is kind of either. Discouraged or completely. You know they've pushed aside by a modern life. Because a lot of people the we have on the program that have these types sensitivities and we talk about say the very very same thing. Is this something that you think society is stuck where do you think were starting to evolve. Out of that and be more open and receptive to these types of sensitivities and ideas. I think we you turn the door open and I'm not turning back now. And credit a lot of that the final few. People like Jason and others who went on keeping an hat shows where they were going to talk about these types of things that mystical experience that paranormal experiences. And to put themselves on the line and I weigh in today. If there is more than need to guide there's more than you've you know and we're gonna take a look at the and I think people all had an interest said. But it does what they're not common complications make it now there necessarily educate them on TV or if you're content YouTube video or. Either taking concrete but wherever talk about it. And you win wherever I got in trouble or speaker at a conference. Everybody has the story to tell me. Whether they need companies are dreamt about something that happened. Whether based CNET goes default something if we're unified government hasn't had some kind of experience. If they feel comfortable. That you heard that person talk about it you know to open up by David consequence. Koch. With the script there were a lot of medical lot of doctors and audience. And it was the same or similar words can do in the field of medicine. And to have them doctors endorse dot that the awakened door and say it. The future of energy Mattison and where we're going with the mind body spirit connection and and I talk about how you can see. Energy and being fed yet not right in the north before content to that physical body and if we can corrected there it doesn't have to manifest into a physical illness. Army doctors find it afterwards the Palestinian. Only about experiences of their own that they've had and self contained in just. Didn't have anyone saves early to talk about you know these things twit that. A couple of scientist with do the things they want to do more research but worry about losing funding could restore them very conservative. University are completely top but more and more it's changing and the dollars are following that research. Because of the mind body spirit and the connection starting with medication integrate Keyon. Thank god so we are definitely moving more more into here. We're talking with Kayla Ambrose modern museum was in teacher website is exploring your spirit dot com. Many many books to her credit. We're gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation right down the phone number 28446877669. We will take your phone calls. Later in the program once we open up the lines beyond reality rating. Just contribute but of course Jason's not with us tonight he'll be back with us tomorrow night tonight or guess though is keenly Ambrose. She's a modern news and wisdom teacher website is explore your spirit dot com. Many books two kilos credit. Q I've got to say our chat room is saying that between your voice in my voice we've kind of put everybody in a bit of it a bit of a trance kind of fast he's very soothing voice is there saying in the chat room in the they're kind of like in a meditation plays just from hearing us talk. Well I have a lot of medication CD come on let's try to do that in front. Well I take it's it's no wonder that you do because the voice is very soothing I know I have this for make a comment on something you said before the break to. You're talking about tell ghost hunters and shows like that on television kind of moving the discussion of these types of topics from you know back room discussions to dining room table discussions and it changed things quite a bit and I find it very very funny could you also said you don't think you meant anybody Europe. You use something about the is the effect that you do almost everybody has a story to tell. And one of the things that I found as I got involved with ghost hunters and traveled around the country talking to people about these topics. I found it very interesting that frequently someone would come up to me doesn't happen so much anymore because more people are willing to say they believe but frequent they would come up and they'd say. You know I don't believe in any of this stuff but let me tell you what happened when I was ten years all. Right and they tell you this story that's that's really common right yeah I mean that's that's not an uncommon. Story right. I moved getting to talk to someone who does believe it did it actually opens something for them. And allow them to remember that same sort of consider them. You know I've been on the tour with violated that they awaken during America and that people come up to me and say. I don't remember my dreams I never dreamed and they entity to count the number here what you do you remember. And then you know I think that there in Melanie and come up the next day at the conference and I like. I think you not sign and I remember them for the first time that it looked like. I'm just reminding them that it OK it's OK to remember your drink it's okay that's get in touch with your direction and it's it's okay that's kind of an experience. And if I think the work that we all do it helped people. Know that in an increase from walling in term under the same could have you know expect. You have talks on a lot of things in almost every time you start to answer question to discuss one of these ideas you bring the word in tuition into the conversation why is that so important. I think it's one of it's it's important breathing. Are seen are tasting it's another part of that we all her. And I'm detained passionate about people recognizing that and having it because that then it's again. It's. To get as much as breathing you know it's not something where. And he's like say I'm gonna take it will move out of things can't take all the blew out their company mysteries to will never really understand. But at least that double put that it's something weirder. Otter something's not everyone had wanted to be. How common that people have dreaming or thinking or are considering something to say what if my intuition telling me about that. The same way that you sleep on something or he felt good and I think about this for a little idol. But integration there for you in the same way and available to tell you that things such. Sometimes you otherwise would now. And that's important when you're trying to make big decisions in life that you tractor. With a lot of man that I teach especially in law enforcement things like that. I'm iconic gut feeling instead of into question because some people couple block but the word intuition or psychic. Still I'd like trust those gut feelings that gut feelings that it's intuition and that's what they're telling me you don't know why you don't trust that person aren't plays are. When you currently at nine needed. You know you'd still something's not right before you block and it's something. Into around our place. Your intuition is trying to guide to and so if you awakening you pay attention to it. You start to work with more it's it's not gonna lead you wrong and it's. Helping make logical decision to flock. He'll as we as we get to know you would have a better before we start talking about some of your books some review works specifically. You also talk about being the travel guide to the other side in that particular. Statement do you mean at the life after death as the other side are we talking about something else. Well. I do about that of actual traveling to get people haven't explored like that I'm going to their classic record. The other side meeting what you gonna talk about the other side of the bail out kind of like making up some of my book like. Spirit of north island and go to England Carolina. Notebooks when people read it they petty nearby police and the book. If they take you wanna journey could streak in the war and sent me show you the hottest places and interact with spirits there I tell you what's going on there and chilling connection between different plane than the other planes since. Some that are coast and other that are scared to go back and forth and share the stories the people on when I. Consult with people need help them that they want and it happened to their culture cracker tour. Remote viewer actual travel or. You know could it it just depends of the person letter. There are looking to get a little better on the side because. You know like I think that haven't passed what we think teacher or. There really weren't yet those things because I believe people already how that's Republicans. And so I'm just trying to help them remember who they aren't. And why they're here are and the possibilities there are available to them so rather than saying hey let me just tell you about it. Whether he had gone I can show you that you. Experience it for yourself. And do you consider that obviously needed it the way you've defined it is definitely different than just being a medium but as medium ship part of almost. Yes there like them are reluctant medium it's time. You know I'm more. Inspired. Trying to help people that are here on the airplane trying to get things done and lived there about life whatever that is. It would and then dealing. There are times when. That's from the other side when a company another case then that I am open about bouncing like some of my books are about his experience at communicating with them like spirit to ignore Ireland since. What I communicating with different those conspiracy like that so I do but it's. It's not like seven popular daily. You also. I have written about ghost hunting and we'll talk about your book go sending to North Carolina in just a little bit but you can do a lot of ghosts running and that that type of turn normal investigation as well. I had a group for a while we're we did then I had some. Interesting experiences I've read about in both of those books since and got coming North Carolina. I was. Let with a group where we. Which had what looked beautiful Condit capital in the world which at the North Carolina. Well in North Carolina and Pakistan. The Dolly in on capitol and have quite a few. Interesting experiences that I have setup feel logged into the attorney Neil Armstrong and security confirmed everything in. I was there in the library looking around and an operation in the corner and the alarms were going off around me and all the security everyone came running game that can't be happening the liturgical turned there's no way but. It activated everything and I was able to describe. Again this operation at all. With story in there who was able to look at the part of my description in my description and so. Mean a picture of who Atlanta we're able to identify added yeah I've I've done some interesting. Things like that and mainly when people call me and looking. You know for assistance in front. Let's talk a little bit about that that book. Ghost hunting North Carolina. Indeed it is it is it him chronicling of experience as you've hatteras and chronicling their stories that you uncovered around the state or is it a combination. Well this particular publisher. To have criteria of how they wanna these books written it's part of what's called America upon that road trip. And I wrote to that formed a kind North Carolina and spirit of the violence. And they take their data that the opening statement and then cities that are considered very hunt hunt and their criteria is that they want. People to investigate. Want these areas for content and you have to keep it the public places so that people can pick up the book and go to these places and so every one and written a book is the place that you can you took the trouble kind. And goes yourself take a kid if you want to your friends and go investigate yourself such that their criteria that people can go because tanner a flop. So in this case that's what I did that I. Started out by deciding which had a between partners Honda placed at the North Carolina. Can investigate. And then I spent about a year and researched. Interviewing opposite the people that were associated with plays are open to interpretation that the building. Adult inpatient rapper and getting all the stories from law enforcement from. You know people that have grown up in those areas compromise to put it had experience is gaining all their formation. And that I would visit each location and open up and see what I would experience as well so I'm very forthcoming in the book if I didn't. Experience any pain I tell you about it. Unlike. Did this particular day or evening I was there I didn't. But here are the people that did and here's the story behind it and other situations where that. You know confirmed okay Aaron sometimes speaking with one or more. Goes and other times where things are happening personal activity and document all that well let it fall what I falcon. It's something that I had conversations with them spirits and and other times that you think maybe around didn't. Panel and I originally passed up both of those books are part of I guess would you call my tropical like the other side where I'm sharing. Well about New Orleans one about the. Yeah I'm excited talk about the one of about nor own as well it's a really fascinating city with a lot of interesting phenomenon we're take a break right now we're talking with Kayla Ambrose modern news and wisdom teacher check out her website at exploring your spirit dot com. You'll see the books that she's written their and two as well as a bunch of other information we're gonna continue. Our conversation with Kayla on the other side of the break it's beyond reality radio the phone numbers 8446877669. We will. Be opening the film. Style yeah yeah. It's. In June. Jason talk tonight. I regret killing members who this is our guest I don't forget tomorrow night we are going to have a great discussion was Laurie MacDonald was a clinical hip no therapist she's also an abduction researcher and a lot of folks who. Undergo. Become the victims of a deductions. Use tip in therapy to try to. Deal with Seth and I we'll have that conversation Laurie MacDonald tomorrow night Thursday night Terry Lovelace who's a lawyer any former assistant attorney general. It was also in the active duty for the air force will be discussing UFO's. And his two childhood UFO sightings. And many other UFO related topics that he experienced during that during his time in the air force that promises to be a very very interesting discussion though as we continue. Our talk tonight don't forget to stop by Kayla is website and explore your spirit. Dot com still I noticed that several of your books have the word awakened. 80 awakened in the title like the week ended dreamer the weakened psyche be weakened aura. What is the the connection with those books were the awakening occurrence how how does how does that word. A play an important part of what the books about. It's starting with my first. The awakening north. And I've seen north around people in animal in place since my whole life and started keeping journals about him I was Sean and so I can't about a bargain racks or I was. All over the place and I'm John Edwards he's coming on line. TV program that he did choose them into that class and without his show for a year reading aren't coming back just it's a little acting at all important for people to learn to see origin and to read and I teach at Oliver. And at what happened is the balance. Fifteen years ago I guess that is now. I started seeing a violent or has changed. And that there's there's cord that comes after the war. Wayne new EU rules on connect with someone accord and energy core country music connects with the person. And we thought we use that language without the family. Is that binder cutting the cool word. You know breaking up with someone or break it up court and definite time about the why all the into cultures teach about bringing in surgical. And I'd probably seeing core economic connect with people. And it's part of what you without a problem as well following that court. What has about fifteen years ago. We're records were changing around people and growing and and getting thicker. And that they were the court and another color portrait that. Seem to be releasing a lot of toxin called energy and it was an energy grid of courts buildings around each person's. On either energy policy and as I watched over time and worked with Brooklyn. I begin today with almost treat him like action for want of a better word a Korean underground. And I realize that's how we're gonna make this transition. From third dimension to fourth dimension to dimension is there's an energy grid literally. Being built around and give us with a lot of crystal line in time and energy infrastructure and in line. And it can't hold progress together preach percent gasoline make a couple patient and so when I approached. For the different public services hello Allen and what I have like some of our readiness popular. And I said I wanna talk about. You'd get clean or netbooks out there. I wanna talk about what's changing and there aren't helped gonna change everyone's fine. And what can it be for you energetically. Which this new credit and I want to explain what does that mean these energy quickly at that means. When you're into that with someone now what does that mean. Now when he's got a lot of time with someone out of the court that insane how are they evolving as well. Settle we worked on the title and came up with a wake indicate that they need the conscience. Awareness of this energy and the chords integrated. And attacked tend to be weaponry. Wouldn't deal Bernanke just awaken people to the possibilities to the realities to the potential to their passion to their purpose. And so we kind of talked about it in the culture said more at least argument is scenery cities and that's how it's continued on into the lake it's like bacon and then we can dreamer than. We've got about a minute here before we have to go to our top of the hour break consent you have so many books. If you were talking to a a reader who was just being introduced you tonight where would you suggest they start with your books which one. It. That's as that's the best place to start. Well if you contracting or if it's gonna open up your intuition it's an open up your abilities and the other books built on. So at least I would tablet if you what do you wanna start seeing go 21 open your tuition. What you just wanna know more about people. Whether you whether scandal hobbled around you that your. Physical mental emotional and spiritual bodies. He wanted to happen to their classic records. And it's going to on the other side working with the aura. Does that won't even and I tell people all over country and we get workshops where they walk away after two days. Cingular and people the United Nations. It let it defeat or acted favor. Speaking with people with speak different languages and go out there waiting for the translation that we need CD or ECB and continue fielding energy and the person. If you wanna do any of the type of ability it's a great place to start. Okay we're gonna take a break when we come back we will open up the phone lines as well if you have questions for Kayla talking with killing amber us who's a modern music any wisdom teacher so much more to her as well to check out the website you'll see it all released. A lot of a lot of information explore your spirit dot com it's beyond reality radeon JB Johnson got a. It's. Juicy always. Tomorrow night we've got a great show tonight we're talking with Q what Ambrose. Talking about her books her experiences her website is exploring your spirit dot com we'll bring her back into the discussion just few moments. Our phone lines are open if you have a question for Kayla 8446877669. Tomorrow night's program will be talking to a clinical hip no therapist and an abduction researcher. How those two worlds come together Laurie MacDonald will be our guest. A lot of people who are victims. Of abduction. Have. Go to hip no therapist to get therapy to try to deal with it and we'll talk to. Lori about that she does that. Also Thursday night Terry Lovelace who is a lawyer and and if a former assistant attorney general be witness talking about his time. Working in the air forces and active duty member of the air force in the UFO experiences he had there plus a couple of experiences he had as a kid. And he's also author of the book called incident at doubles then that is Thursday night's program. Of course every Friday we have a best of armed beyond reality radio which gives you an opportunity to be here one of the best interviews of the week re played. And then now we're back with a light shows next week so great everybody along stop the website to beyond reality radio dot com. And check out the beyond reality radio official coffee mug which is available there and only there you can grab one for yourself and it's works great looks great. He's great when African out of also stop by scary con dot com and check out that event that's coming up. In Framingham Massachusetts June 16 and seventeenth it is a great time lot of celebrities on a panel discussions film premieres parties vendors. Socializing it is a fantastic time I will be there. Many people will be their it's going to be a great time again scare con dot com is the place to go to check that out. We'll be back in just a moment we're gonna go to break now only come back we'll have Q Ambrose back with us it's beyond reality radio I'm Judy Johnson. Or 6877669. We're talking with Kayla Ambrose. About many of her books her website is explore your spirit dot com and kill again thanks for being here where this we really appreciate it. Let's talk about nor owns a little bit that you wrote to about in Romans. You have a book that covers a lot of things specifically because New Orleans has a lot of things right is called spirits of New Orleans voodoo curses vampire legends in cities of the dead. First of all what is it about nor owns it makes it such a spiritual place. Well I'm probably finance could occur rapidly CNN so. I love it died that there are certain things that land a place to hold indicate that there and water it really is important without. And that's why when you read so many great cat stories search underground port Keeneland in the areas of water. In Long Island. You've got to hit the Crescent City and you got Lake Pontchartrain. You got the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico and Qatar for the cradling although the water holding again and many candidates kind. Such a long history here. You know would be you know by the French and Spanish and back and forth before it became part of America. We have a lot of different people and a lot of different. Religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs and rituals that returned there by them and the water kind of hold somebody and in people come there and Delilah to try to American enterprise wide because it just awaken your creative energy in. It you know you feel why there's there's definitely a spirited well the spirit of the Portland for sure. When you write about it and as it is a relates New Orleans voodoo curses vampire legends in cities of the dead what are some of the as stories or. The things that you learned as you're researcher for the book they're really struck out two was being quite remarkable. Well that you can hear the question explore the real. Not just her kingdom but the stories about hair. And the one the difference is that she's now in the most floor where she was. To how someone who was wrongly accused and did original. And pop up peppers and Paramount are really suffering a market of what effect of the cathedral and killing this intense ritual or event. Suffered in her away believing that added the energy needed. To activate a ritual in campaigning hot peppers. Under the judge's chair which way it opened his eyes and make him see the truth about that. They court case that would come in contact your family adjusting. Stories about the American public is kind of adding some stories repeated that they're not perfect either and certainly there have been at your cricket but there's a lot more to spirituality of the medium. And the vampire legend at this great story about the casket girls that are supposedly out of first vampire ever came to the US and did these casket girls were brought over from. France's main date stated that finishing school to be married off basically. And if you encouraged to get more women to settle at the time in Louisiana wasn't. Really fun place to settle it was covered in mosquitoes are swapping. They would reach out to be nice feeling contained we're gonna give the girl the only thing to get him meaning to these wonderful men and they would send him these trucks to pack everything and and then look like casket to the girls would pack everything in and brilliantly term but there's this story. How one ship arrived late economy. And that the girls can only get off the ship after sunset. And disease. After their caskets go to the third floor and not because star. And then the story of one of the learned to live out there Q captain GOP the Catholic and they world and sea island feel to get the Middleton on me and she looked around and net follow the dirt at all the casket. And realized that there were something Glenallen. So keep they'll be caskets senate trying to figure it out and which would protect the next day. Did bill at all and I'm done and she couldn't opening up and David Field from the inside it. And essentially payments you requested that. All the windows being ill child and the next thing when she went to check. Some penalties that night air green hill ever screw that I'm done the delegates to be opened and the story doesn't feel. How would believe it to where the first in part to keep the US and traveled with a specific group the casket girls from prayer. And the other way over here. And the city's kind of somebody put country giving just little protection is the line but around the city to the data that this cemetery in the Portland that. Are about crown because. Believe the waterworks days the delicate period underground caskets with they try to the casket would load up during this storm and then followed up the streets. So they build up in the Yucatan. And these beautiful buildings and it's really create and in the casket can't hire them look like little cities. Get her refer to different cities so the gap to. And telling the cut and all the stories then so many more. Yeah I came to see that goes to war Alan just like habitable incumbent of the questions. I'm not Wendell wingers you really wouldn't favorite word in Latvia goes to get. You really can't go home look anywhere in the historic park for the city and not have to panic and think Connor so I hear her actions had. Meaning god is spirit on the street Connors the building and. A look at the cemetery drilling into more into place of work people on her and have a public Condit street's blocked down to see. Dose and just continue with that at the trip and then I take it up further but I loved North Dakota which can't forget. And a bit of every chapter I debut traveled to like hey you're that good barbecue and drink cat not the potatoes but you know we generally get drink. Hit a great hotel that they had here to duplicate the shopped. You know it's got a whole experience a whole alt sights sounds paranormal and otherwise have Norton. Let's let's try to get a listener call or two in and see this is David calling in from Missouri he David welcome to the program. Well thank you very much I'm quite fascinated by the guest tonight. We used to live in the encampment area and one little north of fox New Orleans and I can certainly appreciate so a lot of what she's saying. And number one at my my question my side instant upload a recurring dream over the years and it becomes a like maybe. I want to a year or something like that it does probably back to untrue Riddick chimes and that's a constant. Black shrouded figure wet spot Celtic arches in the background. And it does that disputes the figures reaching out to me. Over and over time. And that it had several psychics that I've known through the years. Who told me that common. That are metal pole but they concede my they can. Obama aura that that I'm an old soul. And not one time when we were down in the world when a stop buying out. Madam of those around shop I think he'd probably know who she is there. And won a lady there she. Knew immediately. Armed that I was an old soul and cheapest of I don't know what kind of fascinated. And that's really you know we have debated the chat so I did and just trying to curious. You know I don't I don't quite know what to make of it. Common it's it's probably been going on thirty years or more. And that's it so assists this figure this constant China's treatment and a psychic tell me that that that person from that time long and so it's trying to reach out to meet today. And whatever it is you're trying to say here it is I guess the time it's not a right. I just try to curious what you what you spots aren't that far. Yeah I work a lot of people could have recurring dreams. And right about that they awaken gamer that I say they're for different tight to dreams they're. Prophetic drained just recurring dreams and daily life during different ways for our consciousness fact subconsciously are higher conscious self work things. When we have a recurring dream that our intuition are psychic ability being activated. If connecting with the hired south. Actually two outs in the western school that's part of your soul your hire herself a part of national. Stayed up at the higher rounds that I can have a chairman turned upside down. And so most of your consciousness stated that they are higher realms and cute picture pyramid coming down. Except of the pyramid. Actually come to cure or and then to the top of your head and a little bit of your soul is deposited inside your body any strike talk and then when you die. After the back to the court that old backup taken all of them and to meet lifetime and the restored and entire falcons and the pastor cracker. When we come back for each lifetime. We activate certain things tackle car make imprinted markers. In our or. And that attracts certain people and certain situations to left and they content to have some things it would called rain that's well. And these are things we're supposed to remember explorer. And previous candidates like certain people. Are drawn to us why. We eat meat and dairy certain people that things. Because the credit markets are tracking those people from an electric back into our. With your recurring dream. There's a good chance. That. The figure that your dreaming about. Is neither any actually view from the lifetime or be someone there. Did you had a strong experience with Annika need to connect without working. Conditions it. So to explore. That really didn't. Energy deteriorate keeping. Content to maybe go back if he wanted to go to. And key European and defeat at a lake in that for you. But the reason usually have a recurring dream like that entire south is trying to keep your attention about it and get you to explore them further. Those different things you need to do. Connect with and I'm fine to Katrina just Scotland. And the other and just some kind of became you have to take action facilities start. Doing drew at work studying you know with the drew pretty stark. Going to one of the period piece of think that further awake at your consciousness and it'll it'll lead to monitor me. But you know I'm an effort silence startled and and kind of scared about it and over the years. You know I'm not fearful about it and you know kind of an apparition that one might think that you would be your Credo. I'm really not that is that I'm feeling in something that's other psychics are told me. But they're trying to tell me something or teach me something I'm not fearful. Is that okay not being careful about. Constantly. You know in all my books and I public school online academy and that to collect special scientists. There cannot read or online school that teaches you to mine had a do these things but in all my books at all. I give them protection you do it's a wildlife protection to put around any capital of the highest and best anything can come around here people ought to protect yourself. And after you do that suggestion entering her book. That you then he's staying out of that the protection around you. You saying outline around I want to the war with a string beans if you're treading a trying to send a message to me. I need a more clearly are needed to show me a fine. I'm awake. I'm I'm ready to hear more what you have to say. And get burned when that people do that in activated. It really helped and then they're going to come more profound they get more information. That we got the next day some anticipated defeated. This through this thing that's going on our big outlook appears to them about something that got. Something some connection to blame they will find a way to get the information key but it deleted filter past life and that your. To talk to explore partner. Oh great I appreciate very much so. David thank you so much for the calls a very good question a very very discussion we've got about a minute left before we have to by jumping to break again. Aquila I've given your website out of a few times but tell us where people can go I know the web site any other place they can go to find out more information on your books in your work. And along all the booked on and the time and time I'm on social media FaceBook in Japan Twitter Linkedin. And tricky game it. And I have a YouTube channel twelve instead of letting Kayla Ambrose you can see videos I have free videos and we can watch Howard oral work. And I teach you how found activate feel try to meet crystal's an energy mines that you're at. Different video like that it teaching the basic thing and that armor YouTube channel. But all of that when you wanna get to the Barack Obama outlines school. Everything's obviously spirit dot com and you can go from there twelve with social media and everywhere around. Okay we'll gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation take more of your phone calls it's beyond reality it's. Just. And we got a great chance at a free tomorrow night Lauren McDonald will join us to talk about obstruction cases and hit no therapy you know the two worked together to try to. Help those who have had an abduction experience that's tomorrow night's program. Tonight we're talking with Kayla amber has her website is explore your spirit dot com she's got many books to her credit including. The wake content series which includes the awakened dreamer the awakened psychic and the weakened aura. Also spirits of New Orleans. Voodoo curses vampire legends in cities of the dead goes turning North Carolina and life altering lessons secrets of the mystery schools unveiled. And I ask you about that and more get your phone calls in just a moment here but. But Tim Cahill and ask you about that book like faltering western lesson secrets of the mystery schools and failed during your initial discussion we started talking tonight. You. You you mentioned these mystery schools but can you detail or give us a better idea of what these schools are what type of secret you're talking about in the book. If you look back changing kept changing Greece fuel feed their remnant of the pyramid. The temple where these proton pack time. And they have to before than volcanic. Then and many different cultures and you'll see the remnants and India. In all throughout eastern. Part of the world. Where you see these these teachings and while they were hot different for each culture and understand and complain. There are ways that are called universal truth meaning that they. They kind of transcend time and made sense. They're all always there for a stellar and these are carried on a continent that I wrote about my and other non life altering Americans switched. Are they getting agents. What you beacon disparity in these type of mystery schools. And windy you do you go to that they determining you'll find which one who has been in learning. I'm into an initiative which is one who initiates to take action hit. Jacob knowledge and then. The prudent action which than the cubs put them I don't think you can really be alive can achieve. Had any experiences to learn for next time not to step. This study Obama can get to take action and do it. And if so then during nonsense kind of start to laugh on the past and I had a bunch of school for years dialing and didn't respect me they would say not everyone can count study that he directly liked it. Would you like that for people that you don't want to now. And Friday and it was funny at first because a lot of the but beyond that course he can about it and a lot of base than the others. Would come to these book signings not happily but are you giving out the secrets of being gateways that. I'm like well I guess because I mean you're doing that again. How powerful I can in this for a pardon me temple learned of these couples and women to be shared I think coroner. And he revolution in time where is that fervently to learn these things can not to be hidden in the old couples like these could be. My name make each person who reads the vote. Particular journey and make it out themselves these questions. Who Amman and finally here. And then we delved into the heart going not the lottery where you're coming in are you father husband and brother. An uncle. Who argue pitiful level. What's your point is being hair what did you come back you're thinking. What did that mean what oh what is your purpose. And I can't really be lifted until that I think these things and taken through the ritual and the teachings like you'll magical day and killed. You start to transcend. What you it didn't find yourself since culture our society you are what you parents told you are. School told you. I Mississippi pork I been with students who really wanted to go to the public of mechanical trouble. Where we really look into their soul and say. Hill lie you can at different times what he wanted to do and and who argue we didn't recognize that didn't sound and wanted to get to me. So you can't duplicate it and went to political or direct the mayor what they say they do for a living you can see it. I feel that people see you as a person. And right now to hang in UNG don't mean. We can have a conversation. Because once deeper. Or let's jump to our phone lines here this is Vince in Missouri agents welcome to the program. President David thank you. I take your car by actor. The star of the show kinda. When she was talking about intuition and I you trust your gut feeling. You know the body has like eleven different systems that work at all. Together but separately. And the reason you're dressed a gut feeling is because the gut has never learn to doubt itself. Just like the other systems in the body. That's give peace sign like the respiratory and circulatory. Digest of nervous and ex senator. A lot of work thought the problem happened you know the brain has learned that down itself but here's Dominic. In your digest that system has not walked out of the others. Yes great question Vince what do you think you. I delve into that in my awaken to make it look. Because well let's talk about the aura. Talk about how all the information you get that you call upon. Actually comes from outside of people from her high herself and then goes into girl. On in your body and then the last place that goes to the brain where they can. Say it out loud or act on it. So we think accounts in the brain that's really coming from a higher source and talk about how cartoons described got in the libel. The other person and your thoughts actually come from your higher consciousness. And then second I get into the science. Psychic ability and intuition. And what science is beginning to show now. That there is they're bringing content. Experience in the coming in the solar collectors and the guy that. And that we actually received information first. The remove. After the Horry and Q would be the approximate an end to the ethnic area and we absorb that information first and that's why people say. Until thickened Hispanic or look like a punch in the gut we feel odd notions and dark first. In the a little brain that scientists are calling a second brain in the body get the public in the gut. And then that information radiate throughout the body and not place citizens. Into the brain in the head where we didn't speak it around so I agree with your caller happily. Thanks for the call Vince lets take home now from Gina in Florida hi Gina welcome to the program. Hello thank you for taking my call cracking. I can. It until I was wondering if you could give any suggestion that his how to hit the handle or learn more about one of the relatives. That is. Just that Romney proverbial same page in this confrontation on it that says it may be in. You know highly successful intelligent above average so. And makes it difficult to communicate with a personal net. Caliber and I was wondering. How can best understand them may be a Catholic reading or what are your books do you recommend you know getting into first it'd. Think it's trying to get the bottom of that please. Senator. I recommend bacon Norah first because if you get to lead the energy level and you can see what's going on top person whether there. Being an eco what that are angry with the within their. More going on with them you can see because every person has the story we're all going to be things here. And it helps you have more understanding and compassion empathy for. What they're not saying out loud T. But second I did a great exercise in the awakened psychic. Where I talk about killing would do with people whether they're difficult and we can't talk it out within or the people we don't get to see again and we can't have a conversation. And it shows you how to connect with your higher self. And your heart that you do an exercise. Where you're hired herself goes and talks about person hired. And the higher felt like I said is higher consciousness. Is more on the other side there you go have a conversation with a person like a popular now. And that your you picture their high yourself and you say hi you defect and tired self. I really want to understand more than lucky to understand more about me. Andy you talk like you're talking to them which are not your speaking with your good intentions from their higher self to their higher off. And if you do you that several times that information will filter from their higher self down into their consciousness. And many people they keep their shown that they have the people that they've been trying to reach have a change of heart to have a change at all about being. Feel more comfortable around them and opened it's a way to do it. Come and hire more loving vibration. To get that information across when the person. End in the earth plane and did the physical yet or is not ready to receive that information. So like I described it exercised at the psychic and a lot of people find it really works. It's part of my daily practice. Dead and night I think about we have brought down to the data front said something I thought was harmful. I resolved to apologize to that person the next day or. Or make things dry if it's someone that I can in it isn't willing to receive it or I won't see again that's what I do either can't control yourself. Tell them I'm sorry and a lot of work think I wish them the bad. And it is just filled. Wonderful thank you for that. Jeanne you and thank you so much for the call Jeanie we appreciate to you're you're in putting your question. I'm we're running out of time pretty quickly here kill I wanna ask you can you referenced your school a couple of times gym and on my school tell us about it. Yes it'll thought exploited spear dot com. And everything that I brought about and teach I have school put that there is or at school and psychic school and dream school and they're the year uplift and teaching that you can take. On each month at a different course where you learn about all types that think actual trouble how do. Work with crystal and can count on all the type of metaphysical things I have a classic record. Peaking governor I have a nine month old reluctant scores. And at their videos so that you can macho men. Time that's like for you and con you know they're from Nokia booklet to comment on that give you call markets after practice to try. And you get the book within it so it's greatly if you're more of a personal learned more from listening market like. And pulling together here Meehan premium video that we just reading my dark it's it's just a different way to get information. And of course. You know in these course that I can get a lot more information and an internal clock in the in the morn down so with the ticker anyway. To Africa when he and I'm happy to come back until he can't talk about any of these topics the word that they intend to like gave me. Great well we will definitely have you back I've got another couple minutes with you know in one ask you one more question something that we kind of lost over in the beginning of the discussion and didn't get a chance to get back to until now. You've worked with the entrepreneur wars and visionary she said you have clients in Silicon Valley you've got politicians that are clients. And dead does it does your guidance in your help with them. Help them focus on what they're trying to achieve or how how do you help them. It has been awakened their intuition. And show them how to hot to hone morning and that's how best to. Build their career deliver their message and what they're doing and and the second thing a couple leasing and future trends. And just. Package when he can I think I would and New York in Manhattan and I was speaking at the Armenian accent they have they have I would take part in them that they were writing. Saying you know what's gonna happen between trial of the decade beyond. And I wrote a lot of predictions about future trends. So I'll work at companies to to say okay this is the product or building right now but in five years. It's going to be hopefully get what's coming in the future. So help them all public directions on things like further company's solid building full hour and you know I've started at a podcast channel. Brown back in 2006 when people were like what the podcast and I had to go explain to people on publishers wanted to come on the show I had to get you some of the podcast glad that. Always seemed future trends and where things are going like so. I hope attack to just you know what we're trained are going. Well that's great again thanks for being on the program do you have anything else coming up they want to let people know about any appearances. Or working in the book or anything on the horizon. I'm working number seven right now and illegal peacock at about the afterlife and exploring more into the and only teaching two courses and I. Kept my web site fervent and things like Egypt anchor Katie they are he had a total Lily Allen Jamaica and teacher conferences around the country settled. Specially designed for a minute Saturday afternoon just as trying to release this crowd this new book. Time and place of refugees around the country. Terrific again the web site is explore your spirit dot com seems like that's the best place to go to get information your books of their there also on Amazon killer thanks so much for being here. Pressure and hammer. I just beyond reality radio gonna take a break when we come back we'll wrap things up. Check her. Her car are welcome back it's Chafee Johnson Jason's not witnessed tonight. If you listened to show you know that he'll be back with us tomorrow night though and we've got a great show coming up tomorrow we got great shows the rest of the week tomorrow Lauren McDonald will be to a witness. She's a clinical hip no therapist he's also an abduction researcher and she works with a lot of people. Who have had a abduction experiences and uses that hip know therapy. To try to help them with that. Will talk about all of that with her tomorrow night than Thursday Terry Lovelace who is a lawyer a former assistant attorney general. Also an active duty member was an active duty duty member of the air force all talk about his two childhood UFO sightings. And then also. Many other experiences he had during his time in the air force as they relate to UFOs than to be an interesting discussion. His he's also the author of the book called incident and it doubles dead and that's Thursday night's program and of course Friday. Is always a best of couple things don't want you to do between now. And tomorrow night is stuck by V website for beyond reality radio check out the coffee mug but they're also check list of affiliate stations in case. UV traveling you wanna know if there's a station in your area that's carrying the program so it was nice to listen to it right on the radio. There's also the chat room you can download the apps for your Smartphone from the web serie can just do it on your App Store on the phone either way that's great. There also what is your conduct common check out what's coming up. For scary konduz a lot of great stuff lot of great celebrities including Elvira mistress of the dark she's somebody that I've met a few times and I've been trying to get. Her to come to a scary con and we finally were able to make it work this time she's a great lady really really sweetheart. And I shall be it scare on New England June 16 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts also Dee Snider and I think we're gonna get. On this program to do an interview prior to scare cob we're still working on them but I think he's gonna c'mon indeed going to be. A lot of fun I know I wanna get I wanted to get to Elvira onto their schedules just really really crazy. Either way we've got a lot of great stuff coming up for scare contract it all out it's Eric Kahn. Dot com. You look you'll get all the information you need to get Dee Snider from as a from Twisted Sister also did a bunch of acting including strange land and it's you know. Adam Greene's TV series or two seasons and fear neck called Hollister and you might wanna check that okay. So we're gonna go now and I don't forget tomorrow night great program lined up a lot of great stuff coming your way it's beyond reality radeon GB Johnson thanks so much for being here. And don't know ingredients used to play Jason Allison GB Johnson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted its can only be on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going thinks the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.