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Terry Lovelace discusses the UFOs incidents that have defined his life

Jun 1, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Terry Lovelace about his many encounters with UFOs during his lifetime, including abduction, implantation, and recurring dreams. 6/1/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A. As we learned this Thursday on the West Coast Freddie and the. Those many are stuck somewhere in between what can be on reality review with myself Jason Bosnia is awesome she's each so sorry we met. We have this editorial that's really we don't see each other much if I'm glad we got the little glitch out of the way I mean you and I were ready to go last night you know minister for the show asserts and all the sudden we have this glitch and we just were struggling and configured properly noted this because the last 23 years and you are so used to just so we flicked it on in him ago men so it's one of those things where you that you don't expect there to be an issue. There's everything's were confide in and I was really excited last night too because I wanted to pick on you for being lobster boy would that all I just learned that you you know and their I get to see a number deals with the Seattle hours. You know my feeling is ten months and yeah she's the usually don't have anything but a come back and nobody at the funny thing is as long as you know me. I don't ever somber yet I don't ever sunburn and it was just one of those things where I got back from handled some business in New York. And said you know let's take double for I didn't make sure everything everything sound. Because I was supposed to be like act and if cloudy in no sun London sun came no result there for like an hour and a half to two hours with just direct sun in the water mill sun reflecting off the water and I I lit up and I never I never burn yet looks like it's I have to say it looks like her it is rather aren't comfortable and I appreciate hero demotion earlier photographs to do to help -- if we welcome to the program ready we've got a very interest in one tonight. Our guest is Terry Lovelace and he is the author of a book called incident in doubles Dan this is not the devils today and that you would find if you went to Gettysburg Pennsylvania which is civil war buffs are very very familiar with this is a park called doubles Denham wanted to learn. But about more about what happened Terry. Not only at this particular site but also as a child. Hit a couple view of phone counters as a young adult he had some UFO encounters. And then when he went to this doubles then location with a friend he had it's very very significant significant encounter. That actually affect the rest of his life when we're going to be able to talk about that with Terry remembering a month. And it will be great talk to him because it is again we've we've spoken a lot of people all UFO's and and there experiences. And Terry will be bringing out the fact of he he had these experiences but he kept them secret for so long. Four and really certain reasons does his career and you'd wanna be criticized especially with what he was in view what he used doing with a scorer and and you feel bad as some he has a hold hold that in because they're they're worried of well. Well being mocked or being made fun over losing their jobs or losing perspective. It's just it's insane. Yet and the inter you'll get into all of that Witherspoon and bring him on. Tomorrow night of course is a best of program is every Friday night is and Monday am very very excited for we've got James do you Jenny you know coming on. He is an author of a book called the JFK assassination the evidence today basically what it does it takes. A look at Vincent Bugliosi is book which. This kind of considered to be the definitive. Last word in the ending the conversation about it since he basically. Bugliosi. Hey as sided with the Warren commission and said that Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin single gun men and James do you Jenny has booked. Says there's been more documentation more evidence released sense that book was written Bugliosi book was written that refutes it any he basically says. The glucose is book was written without too any real substance and without any while none nationally without sex but not looking at all the fat. It's well of course somebody's gonna miss agreed with the commission and for the fact of troops are within their best interest or they end up Omnia. The some weight. Taken our list. Yet that this is a it was long actually. So we're gonna talk with him on Monday night we're excited about that and it will just peek ahead into two Thursday of next week we are going to do our first. Art readings with Rebecca that'll be a feature will do on the program the first Thursday. Of each month for them to do just during the first hour it give you a chance to call into chemistry reading you calling Rebecca give your reading and we'll do that for the first. Our enters in our minds and everybody on the eastern times and he welcomed the first is June that's right. It is June so now finally. It's going to be warm warm here that the words are thank. I'm mark ever complain if it went through it would drive that we it's no one day and then I was sweating in shorts and extends so quickly changed around here. You have you know we we keep an eye and medical advances on this program we like to bring good news when we can. About any science that will ultimately help people who have illness or prevent people from getting ailments. And I think we even talked about this not long ago there has vendor clinical trials and tests. Being done on a new way to detect cancer and the good news is that scientists have reported. That they've done clinical trials on 14100 patients may found a way. To you by using a simple blood test to identify DNA markers within the blood that can with a 90% accuracy. On. Detect. Impending cancer. Rally for certain types of cancer now this is brand new. This is something that's still being worked on so I would have to assume. That it's 90% today but as they perfected we could get closer to 100% in May and if we could detect these. Illnesses before they actually so sign yeah I mean DB rate of a survival and the rate of who worry it's. Astronomically higher so this is really really good news for the medical community. Devin really is incredible so and I was going to bring up I didn't know if you heard about what's been going on around New Mexico with this with all the Christians flock in news virgin Mary statue. No I'm gonna be an attention lava and hawaiians and yeah I mean let's make it more land my father used to always say just from Macon anymore and by the looks of it yeah she is home to thousands of Christians from Sydney next door and beyond have been flocking to the city of Hobbs. To witness what many are considering a real life miracle a statue of the virgin Mary crying tears. Not just cherished him. The alleged smell like roses. So there rose it's snowing two grooves sent to tears while now. Yeah you heard that correctly mom churchgoers at our lady of Guadalupe day church in harm's first notices sent to tears coming out of this as statues i.s last Sunday during mass. Now father Jose Pepe. Said that the parishioners informed him about the bizarre phenomenon he himself had I've had people white statue space clean. Only to see the tears flowing on the urgent matters facing. Well. So this would be considered it as the Vatican got involved the minute edit appointments in the makes this happens the Vatican sends ambassadors to determine whether or not it's considered a miracle or not. Well and they are now fully involved yet now and next thing in the pain they wanna do is stage the church officials are going to have X rays on of the statue. So will be fine and a lot more soon so to speak in champion rose scented tears. But people from all over all all surrounding states or anything Aaron now just flocking yen. And then the churches actually staying open day and night so some people common in and witness it's finally seems curiously it's like you know when when the the patch of mold on the side of the refrigerator assembled resembles Jesus and and morality or when you make grilled cheese and the brits who had its tenets that we see you know they sell on eBay for a couple hundreds of doubt and it by now. What kind of cat that got NASA this and oranges now you know. I hope you put it opened seal that one of those vacuum bag who's of the gosh anyways so we've got a great conversation coming up with Terry Lovelace we're going to be talking about UFO's abductions experiences. Really it's all about the incident doubles debt. If you haven't yet make she had over achieved FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality re elect a FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under reality radio dot com we can find all the stations we Aron across the country. Ellis is costly being updated to check in Austin. You can also download the free iPhone and android app great Irish laws and listen lies catch Pashos and allied shed more. Or just that I ever web sites quick pop up and in the upper right hand corner. It opens up to Sharon Nicholas and the show rate they're from the website while and I on the chat rooms are great community peoples so. The issue check it out if you Dallas show from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor resource helps push forward makes it easier for people to find. Are realistic to break when we come back to bring our guest in Terry Lovelace we're talking UFO's and abduction tonight it's. Young reality radio and Jason. Okay yeah. Can I tell them you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. Horror scifi celebrity guests plus panel discussions film premieres and screenings parties and a whole lot more a lot of fan interaction collectibles great defenders a lot of great stuff. It's being held June 6 and seventeenth in Framingham Massachusetts all the details are being put up on scare a con. Dot com check it out he be on reality radio listeners use promo code BRR and check out for scare come in mission in save an additional 15%. That's promo code BRR. Scary con dot com. Yeah greater Jason yeah. Break down the phone number will take your calls later in the program and 8446877669. We love hearing from you we love. When you join our discussions and our conversations tonight we're going to be talking with Terry Lovelace he's a lawyer former attorney assistant attorney general. He's written a book called is an and it doubles and his website is alien abduction Texas dot com Terry welcome to be on reality really is great to have you on tonight. Thank you much that it. We look forward so let's start by learning a little bit more about you tell switch yourself. Short. But it is the street Louis Missouri and. Grew up there with the air force at age eighteen. Spent six years in the United States airports. And that's where I had to. Pretty significant events. Got out of the military. College went to law school. At a career. Retired. And in 2012. I have to allow the state of our state of Vermont has an assistant attorney general. With the Texas where kids are. Our kids are should send. And that's why I discovered. Well but I like me. That's when I discovered this slow him. So before we get into any of that because this is kind of a short segment and it's a good opportunity of frost just to get to know you better. I know you've had some experiences as a child but. Those experiences aside were you what you would consider a UFO. Chaser war someone who had a fascination matter this is this all stuff that just kind of record do you during the course your life and you weren't looking for. I was never look for our government and you look old books are you show us. It disturb Ashley soft. On this is all this is solid grounds and ordered twelve open to endure. And and beginning to get into. Find myself in the U haul culture. Which is pretty good in this country. It's it's huge. Yeah no I never and I. An interest in the topic why are you. Well early til twenty and fourteen so when I made the decision rentable. So as a child word he said you lived. Maturities in Missouri. In Saint Louis did you have. I know you're right and I don't wanna get into the childhood experiences yet because won't have enough time to finish it. But a discredit to get a sense did you live in suburban Saint Louis where you in the middle of the city while what was your support your surroundings like. You this old shop single city. It was a semi urban area. Older holes are virtual state in back you know turn of the century. Oh yeah scared of the city. Okay and how did you live their throw your entire childhood. It. We were we were. All my life until I went your Porsche eighteen. We were there. And okay write this we're gonna do we're gonna go to break here in just a minute but before we do I'm watching I've given your web address. Is the book is available for sale at alien abduction Texas dot com right. It is also it went on FaceBook collects each occasional. Incident doubles there. As hostile an Amish. OK so while the Amazon as a good place to go and again the book is called incident a devil's den were gonna get and all this I just don't wanna start out. And then have to cut you off 'cause we only have a minute left here before we have to jump in to break in this is a very very. Fascinating story that we're gonna get into it. And we're gonna also be taking your calls so the phone number is 8446877669. Until freed 844. 687766. And if you had if you haven't yet make she had to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial light FaceBook page for us there. Then had to be under really Rio de comics find all the stations we error across the country. You can also download the free iPhone and android operate there what you allows adolescent life cash special join Allen Chan to only go. Or just listen right from the website scored the pop up on in the upper hand corner penalized to listen to their show lol at the website need to hang in on the nice chat room with a great. Unity of people yet a couple things that I wanna point out as well what we have a second here is the website beyond reality reviewed economy can go there and you can find the official beyond reality radio coffee mug. It's black it's got the beautiful beyond reality radio alien face logo it to is the best way I found to drink my morning coffee I address where coffee just taste better when you're drinking and out of this beyond reality radio mug. And like we tell everybody merry go and grab earmarks. I just I just have to click on the picture there and you will appeal be taken to the order page and if it's a domestic shipping the shipping is included in the price if it's international just reach out to us war got to. A special shipping arrangements for you in addition that's Derrick Thomas coming up in Framingham Massachusetts on June 16 and seventeenth. The website is scare con dot com there's a whole bunch of really cool people going to be there Jim we're tired of a decent under the permit. I talked to a couple times right and Al the government and face to face is a pretty fascinating guy and I did not know him very well but I I have a bit of professional relationship with the director Adam green. Who is. Mean that's when I mean but you might be forty years old who's twenty years under the letter before he even got into film. And ran into many convention. And has sent that sense that basically has been his mentor and Adam told me this story basically with tears in his eyes. Does that how important was two for birdie out. And who doesn't know who. And I'm I'm friends of Eddie Jada via the guitars for band as well. And I Twisted Sister mica if they were our. There before their time to pick four people there tonight and I know slick he's trying to get him to come on the program and chat a little bit too self we will make that happen and I set them swing a check it out as well pale for a bit so are we're gonna take a break a lot more to come to listen to Jason NG beyond beyond our daily radio. Noting radio Jason. Change the guest tonight Terry. Lovelace she's a lawyer former assistant attorney general author of a book called instant and it doubles Dan. His website is alien abduction Texas dot com lot of great information on that website. About tell what the books about and what the incident is about which were going to get to in just a moment. We are let's see let's bring let's bring Terri back in Terry let's start wits. Your childhood experiences tell us what happened do you is it child that really. Basically began this saga free. Sure. It was 1963. Saw all. I was in my backyard. And Darren and a bill. At a ball and. Are shooting your sentence. Bale hay. And downloading. And arrow into the match in my borrow. She's this shadow blue cross. That was beautiful May Day without a cloud in the sky. Look up. And directly over my Latin. That he he. Is this. Flying saucer. It's silver. Remember I dropped my bowl hero. And look at this this. Is it wobbles a little bit of breeze. And she is also my mind is racing or what this. Limit egging. On air balloons airplanes there are helicopters is not reachable. A little bit familiar with how things are put together as a particular model planes as a kid. And I don't see any regrets. Any more so it will slow in six years and. And. This is a subjective thing but it was just it was a brutal thing to look at which you really. Really cool. And every number. She utters in that neighborhood it. All silent. Her resume on an audible change. Or call. Us I mean I iced earth I mean they smell in the air like Oprah restore. And were holed that I had. Share ideas we'll more compulsion. Like random act. Personable well I look straight on the us. Negative view. Integration makes no sense whatsoever. I guess what I did. I have no idea hole leader look at the matter of minutes and sure. Chill to listen to one side. And shot off I accelerate from zero I ordered an hour. From a dead stop. Russell. And how high up would you say one's. Richard strip about fifty feet over my head. British out. Shut off so let's. That's basically rooftop level I mean just a little bit above rooftops. There you. It's like I said if it till to go inside to make sure that it clear the whole such. Well and when it took off when a shot off. June did you feel anything when it was that are any anti Arab movement. Any push back that you felt. Well do you I think it well we'll be able shall. I actually listening Rashean. Cash or. They Terry and assures you can hear as is sounds like you have a Mike on that might have gotten buried in your shirt or something here. Any army. That is an area. Yeah so there was no air to displacement or anything like when a plane or helicopter or anything like that is above you don't. You know he ought to change that were previously RH extent. A normal. Sense. Yet lawyer where everything just goes strangely dead dead silent. And then when this thing was gone it was also a you can hear the birds insects and wife in general. That's short. So what's going through an eight year old's mind when you're witnessing something like this did you recognize what it was in the significance of the event. I did I recognized. A place saucers Rahm. Reading magazines free comic books or television shows. I favorite show in an on off. Are there were sentenced whistler with the ocean shore or I remember. A couple of good news broadcast. Talking about cheap one. This time. And also eventually contemporaneously. With the same time that this is going on and having a terrible while night. I mean. Candidate bears will. Break up just school read. Where these happening lie or were these happening after. Usually happen at the shame of it I mean I had water to nightmares or didn't. Or at all and doesn't Herschel will withstand many malts. They were all on the same. The only involved. Little monkeys. We get to my room. Now. Sure they weren't my worst they were something else they were we were slow to her like monkeys were nine comical. All they do your entire room. And approach my bet. Formal semi circle around my. Might react to the wall. And one closest to remodel we speak. Any which I. Witnessed here in the Scopes or. And it all up and keep law. And then in some degree it's sort of off. Hanging. Long fingers. And when I saw that and the network to cheer ran away. At Ed and in my mind in my mind while I honestly don't. Scare me doubt shall. Shall yeah very strange that's that's what I saw. So back to the incident you're lying on on your back looking up at this object there was about fifty feet or so above view. Did you recognize or did you make any detail was it a smooth completely smooth surface with or any windows. Was it's spinning. I mean what was some of the. As it was dead scale and it came at her up on the edges. I remember being surely disappointed that I couldn't see the top. Is it lob a little bit of breeze at least wants. Yes your shot which he slowed while aluminum metal some. It may have had a little wrinkle or heard it Shearer error. The most part it was perfectly. I rocket which lateral. And when it's. And when it took off when it left he said it accelerated very very rapidly. Were you able to watch it in into the horizon or did you go straight up or did you lose sight of a pretty much immediately. I watched it shale. Shooter should show. Immediately. And didn't look so fast there. Literally in the blink and I didn't I missed it. And I shot and I am standing here staring at this. Luke Scott and my. Of course there's nothing to see a cloudless day. They just absolutely shot off it was. And what do you think it was doing when I was when YE mole what reason and add that it was just covering. I didn't go. In I didn't make the connection of course with the monkey injury news I'm so years later. Hold then she like it happened just that men should. Of course my parents were did not see you up well I don't know what she's a coach you did not you're flying saucer. You look not all around the neighborhood argue we saw Europe or blind shots back or not. I just get that sixty's mentality of our. And the and it ended discount children's show. And nobody listens and I couldn't understand I mean at eight. Are you count the Kurdish pretty straight at. I could not understand why these people wouldn't believe where try to tell them so. Terry. Do you in retrospect. Believe you told us what the dreams so clearly there's something there's another angle to this whole thing but do you think that. Saucer was hovering above views specifically to be above you. Absolutely. I don't think it was your by happenstance. I mean I. I felt there was there she. And I hadn't really warm to international. Spotlight. If they are high or I definitely got. They were visiting me. I felt that I don't jury problem. I didn't tell anyone. We just pour reception I got every own admission that. Now on I'm sure it would give you sensation of well being special of course something like that yet and I was just gonna asked to pick up on that point. We're at in this doesn't I don't mean to sound flippant when this question but was there anything special values a child Regis do an average kid. Absolutely I was average as you can be. It a little. Out of these student. I played baseball are my bike I did you know all the stuff the kids to. At a normal what I consider to be a normal childhood normal adult oceans. So no I can't say enters apps and anything that makes me any special special or in anyway. So you can't see any reason how popular home to a single juvenile. Out of anyone's house. Yeah particular reason and I thought about that over the past years and wondered why. And an idea guy. I don't know I I think that they they can change people. I wasn't a 100% sure that until later that job. Adding that he did it make any aid they were there were definitely there were relieved to see. Price of this community we're gonna take a break because the story does not end there obviously and Terry had another experience as a child a few years later. And double let him tell you that story we come back from the break now stand just where it starts. Our were to take quick break more to come you're listening Jason GE B honor relative redo. Pro asks her down and number 8446877669. Don't forget tomorrow and it is a best our program as it is every Friday night. Monday James DU Jenny know who is an author of a book called the JFK assassination the evidence they will join us we'll talk with the latest. In the quest to find the answers. When as a relates to the JFK assassination we know that a bunch of documents were just made an or are declassified. Somewhat recently cast. Launch were also hold yeah no they are saying they're gonna really small. Old once saying it so. Well for. National security reasons or whatever the security reasons OK whoever. And a so I Dick Jane so will do you Jenny you'll be talking about that and I'm always curious to see how this discussion moves forward and it seems as though ever sense the movie JFK app came out. It reinvigorated. The discussion that was special number and an M 20/20 plus years ago now. But the whole discussion got reinvigorated with next film commander brought that this story that conspiracy story to the mainstream and Oliver Stone whose film that was. Actually wrote the forward to James. And it also just open it up to a new generation of people where a lot of people started mall moving on forgetting about it and figuring they're never gonna demanding answers. It opened up to and opened it up to a new generation I think that's important here is. If he you're getting the government's hoping that people just forget about it move on move on. And if Singh is about we see the government. A the people that were in the government at that at the time it happened and who would have the most to lose I would assume Earl gone so what are these what is this new generation of government people looking to hide is being. We've been in the strange part is a lot of him met untimely deaths in strange deaths and everybody who was associated with this town are so many weird weird circumstances with the. Yet we'll get into that Monday night would James do you Jenny tonight we're talking with Terry Lovelace and Terry again thanks for being with us I don't wanna get into your seconds. Episode. During Kellner with the you saw which happened a few years after the first because we only have a couple minutes here before top of the hour break so let's focus on the period in between. That first incident when you were eight years old and when the next incident happened did you continue to have dreams. Or did you did anything else unusual happen in your life that again looking back on you can say hey now that starts to make cents. Absolutely nothing and and well actually issued a shade. Immediately following a 63. I had a own. Discomfort in the dark. He's played the dark and I shied in the summer that Elena street lights came on a much chatted old. And I also added an unreasonable tear of being a little extra patience and I don't know. I don't middle and what to attribute it to. That was that was something different. I hit a few I had a united air spoke for the most part I mean uncle bit. All of course I had a second. Citing a window when I was eleven years or. Didn't drop my adolescence. Well let. Anything or how long he's how long would you say the niners won on after that citing. Have you seen the craft in the backyard and taking on how long. How many nightmares did you have still apt from that point on. Probably a dozen national nightmare is over. Chicks won't sure. And I and they were all pretty pretty profound for you remembered the mall. We. Draw the shouldn't if they were all pretty much Shane. So that age. Or financial. You guys. She's gonna shake your I had. And as a kid I will we touch re. Well aren't you wake up my sister's a whole emotional. After the second. And now when I was eleven. That's all right let's hold on but that how I want more more question I want to ask you about the first event did anybody else. Or getting media. Have or whether any other reports that. May have been of the same saucer that you saw that nineteen anybody else come forward on the road and say hey I saw that too did any of the meteor. Report something strange going on in the area or was this in the incident that you were left to deal with by yourself. My mother are. Grandmother called. Everyone in a neighbor. Yeah I don't cherry thinks she's so are you upload video machine and of course. These are all the parents of all cheers. Here I got kids all over. Not only snow and other then. You're Nolan and The Who witnessed the event. Much. So and phone number in case anybody has any questions once he skulls 8446877669. Get tall treated for four. 6877669. We're talking with Terry loveliest. And we're gonna begin to more with the U. So if you listen just didn't. Yes there's been less close Friday and the East Coast you're stuck somewhere between love and be unreal you radio with myself Jerusalem as a Miller is awesome chief Egypt. So we've got a great program tonight we're talking about UFO's. With our guest Terri Lovelace. He's the author of the book incident in doubles and I'm before you bring him back in a reminder of what's coming up tomorrow night's best stuff program as is every front nine. Monday James DJ any ill will join us he's written a book called the JFK assassination the evidence today it's gonna bring us up to date. As to what is known now that documents have been released more people have been talking a lot of new information I would say has been. Revealed that changes the story quantum bit and James will talk about that. A Monday night we're excited about that. So I'll agree things to come home. So has Clemens throw their noses arms totally different Jemima some like you who you lose to a but if you have an Emmy Chia head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio with the FaceBook page. And had to be unreality radio dot com where he can find all the stations we are across the country and that this is costly being upped it to subjected Austin. You know also. Donald Treo iPhone and android operator virtualized listen why can't stretch past shows join Elijah and more. And or just listen ref let's click the pop a button in the upper hand corner in the spread from the website lying around now online chat with a great. Community of people yet we will be taking your phone calls a sour if you wanna join the conversation at 844687. 766. And nine let's bring Terry into the program here Terry. You had your first encountered eight years old it was more I was I don't know if it was hands offer not per sake is seems like some things were going on in addition to the sighting but. You were able to slide back and observe the saucer didn't seem to reach our audience and a touch you seem to be there for you what happened when you were eleven. When I was eleven. Mentally a better than three years higher. You know pretty much hate. And one night they should Jen you so bitterly cold. Leaving the floor watched television but I didn't watch anything scary spooky or anything of that sort. Attracting the data and everything has Sheila. Wasn't just your usual routine night. I woke up sometime. In the middle of the night. I guess it ordeal yeah. All these lights flashing in my window. Live like got room being likable stayed. Chest. Believe people will flashing. Yellow and white. Kind of off greenish collar. There was also a lol. Can I call the droning. Candidate can't I don't know if you ever stood next year arm. Large Isa machinery. He's a little short handed as you can steal. All you'll burglary in your chest. I had that feeling and it was so strong that. I did desk at my window it's a model planes there and they were I. Once fell close to well. It's significant nuggets who later. Open manner is I'm sitting right in debt. Through my legs or the side. And I walked over to the window. Hold Beckett curt. And I curtain into the Venetian blind slugger get to Lucas. And the sorcerer who brawl and I thought maybe could be a change. All. Same side. Of town machine that tops out at second Storey building a second floor and looking down. And I'll be six feet bowl win. News all grow next pretty this added goal on. That's the source of this liked. And it was incredible and I remember feeling cents a share extraction well I can't see the outside. Once I've noticed is that. Actually we're just a little bit. And then act for some reason I grew to centrist. Almost apathetic. And that was just not consistent with the dinner with Iran over. What sleep. So in other words almost as if it was giving off some something that just made you lose interest and you call it quits. And it I would experience and later on in life that exact same. Our apathy is centrist. So let's. Let's fast forward the story a little bit because. You then you went into the military. And you had any incident while you were you know a couple incidents in the military so start with the first one and then I think the second one was actually the one that the book is based on incident in doubles Danville walk us through what happened with the when she got into the military. I was I was a medic slash Ian she. Drove an ambulance. I had a partner. Recruited in the orchestra bias. And bias and I were or read a half years. We worked the night shipped 11 o'clock till 8 o'clock. And I ask let's say amateur astronomer. It was with net man. He lipped who watched the night sky. And short. What we made a great team in one night we get we gotta call. There's a thing called crash phone Red Bull rings. It means something bad does it happen. Then Ritalin. And it was a bitter cold. Night I believe in January. Should ring went up to were the ambulance. Toby gets all the details on this. With lax now. He goes she runs our house in the ambulance and were a law. Well we always navigated I was at Dreyer and actually were we had a it was a missile silo. Were virtually the baucus you'll find. I was right in air force base in western Missouri. At that time in seven days a house the meta man shoo. ICB since. They had missile silos slowed down all over. What was then you're rural western Missouri. And then you know neighbors corn fields artery in farmers' cornfields. And off our county snuggled nowhere. We are a little compound rep Bob. The trap resort type building small. Town and I don't have coverage Vietnam. To let the ICBM missiles sits. National we're all fuel pipe was was launched two shall. And the message that we got was that I've wrestled technician working on these muscles. Oslo and apple site asylum. Can't sit here recent months action or are marketed slogan is short on facts and while. The radio wasn't usually one. And he'll I was about 181000 written banks. In the middle of nowhere. We're lion war you'll find we get about to my house maybe a little less from the place. And there's a job. On. Yes the guy you know wrote shank works for ridicule. And beat me I don't. And we can cheat on her reason. This orange glow. I always check out what is. And. After the crew had to Wear it's she'll apply. Piccolo gotten lighter brighter what it wants. Or doesn't commercials security police vehicles there alterations writing. With exhaust fumes. Well mixing with that bitterly cold here. And east slashing overhead lights all let us. McKinney gave an eerie glow. All around. And we pulled up on the scene. Looking for somebody can't somebody had to be in charge. And can she wants it wasn't. Organized in any way. Well wishes people running around. We had no idea was. Stock. Any rule will radio. All window down. Jealous issue sergeant. Over there stay off the radio or get out your vehicle are guys walk and it all you can get them. Nobody goes nobody comes I'll like give BO. All. He wasn't taking questions. We hold the adults over and shouldn't there and. Leases and. I want what's cool well. Despite the captain's order in this ambulance should suck orca. Slides out of the end and he's cool he actually has incited the single. Billion efforts temperature us. About. Three minutes later. He opens the driver side door the end square edged me by shoulder it's. Then you didn't get as she is a mini written Regina. Any. Polar merely there to grab my are more. I walk out and captives in your runs. Yeah. Look around and it looked up and directly with the blue chips are comparable. Missile. To. Fifty feeling here is this. All it was meant. We Lucia. Terry. I know it's a good time to take a break we get Terry back amateur would have been their he's under Skype connection sometimes a little circle. Yeah so are sick brick where it takes quick break and more calmness and Jason. It's. I'm pretty sure I got our guest Terri Lovelace bacteria were lost in their first second that's a nature of these dude data connections and Skype but I think you're back with us now aren't you. Your okay. Perfect okay so. Where you left off we've got a couple minutes here before it's taken X break what were you left off he said you you were pulled out of the you're in the ambulance by your friend by your partner. You saw a giant something hovering over the dome of the missile. Pick it up from there. Now this finish about shines a multiple sites are opening at its net in color. In its debt still. Your mind please explain to me it's just. So bizarre is she's something to a gravity at you you wanna look through liars or something it just doesn't look right. The sing it you don't. Insignia and it was meant lacquered or green collar. It was lit up by half a dozen security police cars. And consent motion said that still. We watched it for. Big unit. And we should replay of 1962. Charlotte. Add. Celery and a 500 miles an hour and it is gone. At a trade show a lot of light in the sky not on. Well it was an amazingly this it was hovering right over the mess the missile silo. What it was hovering directly over the launched by the commission should picture. You'll. If you look at that picture visual trick is we're doing. Sort shape owning and there's a little loophole. In the metal. And that's what the end of the Shubert initial rules. This thing is to Brinkley over the initial U. And you do you think today is right. And mean. EU makes you question. If they did that on purpose justice. Show that there there was no concern of something I mean they're standing over I mean there from the hovering right over missile. Oh. All of rushed. I consider myself to be an expert extra rest. I hit change your actual cheers as a child. This wasn't a solution. In my mind this is the middle of the Cold War and thinking you know anything this is probably show. And that was kind of the idea of majority opinion that this was. Not some extra terrestrial. That this was. Looks like we. Shook the Soviet sure to check us out. Terry's. By the descriptions that you just gave and the activity that was going on around you clearly. Many many people witnessed this did you ever have an opportunity to talk to any of them after the fact other than your partner maybe. And get so you know their opinions or any did any kind of official account of what happened. Director to issue a we got back to the hospital drop our nation. Are getting shoes here. Anymore she just a bottle we went it was up S news. You wanna she cardinal. It was usual he took a report. Got a culture marker. And deleted the times. He left the time the arch. To lead the rest at times. Such as title rivals who are your prompt you'll I'm. All relevant social black belt then he took battle and made a photocopy. And gave me a photo copy it all read it well we're not. The original into this war. Yes it's usually look okay boards or would you actually. And we told you pretty dirty your work what we shall ask it should draw your. Clean or draw this three dimensional ouch. I should. On paper it just doesn't. Render shell and your intentions. So we did the best recruiting. Wish that it is our. Charlotte or ice coaching and well she shot there was an external. Oh. You know. I'll tell you look at or other or you got an actual. Wait that he would look at the slightest holes. All right so we are recognizing that our clock is ticking here and we have the big story to get to we're gonna go to break when we come back. Terry we're gonna get into what is basically known as the incident at devil's den and it's the big story in it it it's really what this whole thing culminates. Too so we'll do that we get back a lot more common usage is an entry BM yeah on LA. Heard the wanna join the conversation we'll get to your calls as soon as we count our guest tonight is Terry Lovelace and we're talking about. His book incident at devils did and it's not the devils then at Gettysburg during a part of the battlefield there it's a different place will get into the details just a moment. His website is alien abduction Texas dot com Terry were gonna run out of time here so we need to get into the nitty gritty. Tell us what happened at devil's den. Tour. To the chase here. My buddy too biased approached me straight actually he's. Gonna can't. Let's try to help children like eight era. We'll get you'll actually will bring our wives. And it'll be sure she'd. It was an amateur and that's I think I mentioned earlier. We like to watch the night sky. Should he decided that we should go to this place in northwestern or shall. Illness doubles down state bar. We could air or space and they were way. Nice parks and a with an hour were were. Should he wanted to go here he convinced me that this would. The desperation to go to get you ordered rational. So. Accidentally I. The jury in the city we grew up in Michigan new one should ever coached in. Shall we we can pull things together. The series the steps. Average across state. Stench they are big decision earlier that we didn't want to stay here. The reasons two reasons that the kid grows. Religious. Parking lot. Actually works. Strategy and done. We should look for these high. Look at little brat Eagles are big decision that we are picture. It all on our own legal played a place that. She asks. And we drove past there was chain across the road here is mark and look trust us. It was in nature re sure sure. And your chain across the road I believe the loop the lifted it and we broke right. Over the chain. Well we're gonna beat. You is always the navigator. Any idea and an eerie sense of direction and he. Sheryl baker right here at her year and used us up and ski race. Was this was arraigned this is needed cheap it's I don't know I'll. And we teamed up. This actual. It was just. A few late blooming. Or shall. And there was such real. Recorder should. The yen in the middle look at all. These suggested that we share the Sri. And it and that's what we we don't kill them. We make easy thing of our first night. We can't and shouldn't replicate our laughing it up. I noticed. The usual channels. And rocks. At all that stuff. Extra. And that's an eerie silence I mean people often think the noises coming from the forest through the fields can be kind of eerie but when it all stops it's even more spooky. It was even dead couple. Reader store with any kind of reeks and still be a certain. It's just normal business. Doesn't you did did did it under me any blue chip and I you know we think we've been in that. To be. And I used to churches had left. And he says he knew what we goes out there she goes before. I turned I had the look in their sitting in the western or ice or three starts. Any formal or Ryan all. And are shedding lol it all the strange guy. They are all. Right has the northstar. You're three of them. And because you look at a place we're discussing it could be where likes to shoot. One or else. While we're discussing is the coach. And this thing may shape about a three or her. As if it were anxious. Starched and who starts to climb. Higher this guy. We are logo we are just well we we can't believe she. Our attention. It is 100%. We're watching. It continues to do the hiring this guy. And we noted first that the the area inside wrangle this marched much Starker and look the next guy. It was a clear night. Billions stars. This guy was Luke is shy he's restart it was just laugh. No question it as it moves all star. Start wish per second in respect. Casts. I think robes and a roach exponential. And it teach which way you're Hornish. With each player always asked to. And it gets bigger. Asked well yes Adobe. What is that thing. And really appreciate it. I don't ever know. Well. Carpenter earlier. Went away I no longer and the only emotion kill us. This whole. Asked if you trade short. And straight. Russia I think it is headed in our election. Over the course of an hour we we actually were bigger and bigger. I don't think it was a emerged between X. We watched this thing until it's directly working a shy. And it should show up or the next guy it is absolutely. Warrants. And hurt or kick up watching this state and our response she this orderly and we were. And almost a centrist. Not a sheet disinterested. And that's kind of the same feeling you had and what my in you had the incident when you're eleven years old would appoint you felt disinterested almost as though you were being kind of forced not. Really care about. And I recognize that meeting. This you know we could come through before. And we're looking at the state I asked the leader should. All moral matter. We as a flashlight. HS I'm gonna show you what shorts. And before package they actually out of his hands. Shines it up or listening in its clashing couple times. Any should be applied to get somebody's attention. And it did and to Iraq should enter. This triangle. Like Cade. A light up the diameter shall well. It was a physical and that. You know Howell all church let us all. And it's a visible being. That's that's what this it's visible be able. Any action. Center of war camp fire which was just embers just learn. And we're look and add it. Again I don't think you're one of sort of where. Single citizen editors you admitted linked. The second that laid out. In its place. As a laser. A laser light. A break from dead center were worthy of a lighted room. This thing was about. But the diameter of a pencil. Bluish purple leadership in color. We shine in and lay somewhere. Or a little us. Laid out I didn't read it here somewhere else horrible shock and then leave it. Can't get the impression that distinguish just go all over our election. I know that landed and once you twice. And laid it old news. I can't impression it was it was. Shot in our. Wrong. Gathering information or shall I don't know what it was it was so all the campsites. And then we watched it for about 34 minutes. And it leaks out. And the preceding his right after rampant. This thing right over our heads. Obese is something back. I guess show's over. I don't think he's well again on drag her area oceans and when it or. Lay down fully dressed boots on. Remember they can tell it was well. More eccentric rugs didn't come back. It was still dead silent. And I was should we second line and hit a little. Inflatable pool. Goes out. And I don't go Howell I slept. You. What NATO the events I didn't have a watch what I do it. Must've been around 3 AM. And I am I will wake you think will again. Brilliant flashes of light. Lighting up. I wake up if I'm still in the fall and not get my wits about. I glanced over in movies crouching down artist needs. And he's got a plaque of the ten. Whole art and he's looking at something outside that there and let. I think here what is it always park Rangers and we're all rational answer something. Every time makes spooky with each now. Did I could hear her two weeks I noticed there was schedule according to see. Just like I heard it in 66 growing awareness. We could hear people walking. Outside Charlotte right in our. Now all of that happens yeah and the centrist I had earlier is go. Now it's nothing that you're ain't scared you. The brighter flashes of why exe. O les Snyder told space except. Yet sure when State's. We can what we couldn't move this years. Earlier we were first responders who enters some things together. There was a reliable global it. And I said try to get to cal coaching position. Actually noticed how much it was. Every muscle in my body of work. And I noticed that my boots were in June at least around where where. Little picture still action. And I got the ladies and all were in it and moved to hold the lap. And took a look outside myself see what was going and and this thing that we saw in the sky. I dropped down from 4500 Peter Robert Wise. You just about thirty over the northern I don't know if it's just right there. It is enormous. It is unbelievable and it. It is. I would guess the city are only. Terry Terry were gonna run out of time quickly here and I don't wondering because skip some of the highlights here in all of this is it is outlined in the book. Did you sea creatures. Absolutely. That's what I noticed. Is sweet little figures around underneath it's been written all. These kids to hear. Senator. Daniel is able units. And then I was aware day. And and you realized what was going on now we have to fast forward here because we only have a couple minutes left and you after you retired several many years later. You had an accident where you your perch yourself and you went to the doctor had an X ray what happened. I found it a minor problem. Lady. But I would mention that all those years since I shouldn't be said. He. It was kind of a non topic in our house shall we get we never talked about it. Every time we get right here. Shall we can't avoid anything to do with the apple shut. But in October 23 what are each well I had a took a ball. Which he Merck Schering to have my leg action. And the X ray technician asked me is have you had a shred all of our action and Herschel and it. Might account for snuggle in your knee. Only nine and I never left state shall never be an action bootleg and. And she took the floor as she took you X rays and inch and war in two more were well. She's gonna ask the radiologist. On. The radiologist came down into. My X rays on screen. And we should actually you can she include X rays might. There is change square on your. Perfectly square. To buyer should catch it too. And it's visible and they're visible in the extreme and she were. This doctor said. Are pretty pork and start right here shouldn't it is O line. But at a school. This thread concepts are. They did so they could not figure out what this was you don't know what it was this was the first you'd seen or felt or whatever of it since the incident in 1977. Is that object still. There. I should. Just preface to what's okay we only about a minute left tears with sadly sadly were just gonna run at a time. It is cool air cannon did you. Did you have it removed. I did that I assure you it would rule so you didn't have a room but it now gone. Schobel and I want. I woke up will there bird chicks keep us. In an incredible scene important comparable to my legs. There's I'll see an inch and low. Your type. Flour at a range of Bruges. On the top triple from my Lex. I had Datsyuk and you think that was that a result of the creatures taking the Seles and Terry we we just made a mistake and just didn't start talking about this part of the story in time we're gonna have to have you back on sweeping. I would look to yours as well you know yeah we'd Neil we've only scratched the surface and I'm sorry about that I'm also sorry about the folks have been winning on hold to talk with you we are just simply at a time yeah we'll call this part one by it will definitely we'll have you back on Terry and we greatly appreciate tarmac common sorry we couldn't totally finish Cisco will definitely have him back on the finish and connect. Look or. Shaquille. Are you were to take a quick break and come backer wrapped things up Gillis an adjacent JP. Casey soon to come off him getting back in the program. We're told some intestinal stories this website is. Alien abduction Texas dot com the book is called incident it doubles Dan. It's available on Amazon and through his website and is FaceBook page they're great tirade it's funny story started off slow and then it exploded he met every time he's really shouldn't have enough time and I also apologized for the folks run holder several people who wanted to had a comment and join that conversation we just ran out of time sorry arid so. Or as pretty much gonna do it trust me she tune in tomorrow it's a best and some great shows coming up next week you listen to Jason and GPS and beyond our earlier radio have a great weekend everybody. And don't know ingredients taste good she's supposed to GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students it's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You know stop why don't finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you like competing just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.