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Blanche Barton from the Church of Satan

Jun 8, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Blanche Barton about her role in the Church of Satan. Magic, and Anton LaVey are also discussed. 6/7/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. On Wednesday on the west coasters and the skills many are stuck somewhere in between what went beyond reality reviews myself Jason was the only sauce and cheese each. You know one thing that I know you're used to I'm used to it as well is controversy. As used to talking about anything paranormal or unusual or fringe you're going to have controversy whether we're talking about flatter series. Or hollow were series or posts go oceans. Demons or. Faked moon landings all of these things breed controversy and tonight we're going to step further into the realm of controversy and it's important to understand that when we featured guests on the program we feature them to be able to tell their side in their opinions and their story. And we let people make up their minds as to whether or not or should be something that they subscribe to they believe and they don't believe in the dislike than like whatever happens to be. Aren't our job here is just to convey. The information and offer a forum for people to talk about things. That may or may not have some relevance in what we're doing. Well I think that's the thing we need to be able to listen to other people's beliefs and thoughts in the way they view things. And whether when we follow that same path or not I think people still need to understand that everybody has a different belief system. And the need to accept that and I think that's a lot of the problem altered men just image. And not know but we're gonna do our own thing I can and I have. Hackett and and having said all of that we've got a very very interest in show lined up for you tonight. We have we've been talking about it for in the beginning you know first couple nights of the week blanch pardon will be joining us blanch is a magistrate ten imply wrecks of the church of Satan we're going to be discussing what that means. We're also going to be decided discussing magic and how it relates to that. And the founder of that church and time and time of day. Obvious promised to be a very interesting and controversial topic we will take your phone calls later in the program many for four. 6877669. But controversy by itself isn't a bad thing you know it's it's good to listen to what people. Had to say particularly those who you may not agree with it's it's it's the way you learn. And you know it's the way you on the show some of these values that we talk about him being tolerant or they think. I think alive a lot of it has to do also with the name is the many you hear the name of the church people. Instantly get this feeling of in mountain double worshipping and and so forth. And sure we'll get into a lot of that later but. Honestly the church really doesn't even believe in the double nor christianity or anything like that so they have their own belief systems so I think it's a really big misconception. Are they might believe snell but. I enjoy hearing everybody you know whether it's anybody practicing different religions and and myself or somebody who has different beliefs and politics than than me so at all all it's it's good to get everybody's point. Yup and that's you'll be doing tonight again we have blanch pardon coming on in a little bit. I tomorrow night's program will be the first of our readings with Rebecca it'll be the first hour of tomorrow night. With Rebecca Foster shall take your calls right away so we'll open up the phone mines immediately tomorrow night. Start taking your phone calls four Rebecca and shall do reading slides on the air and then the second Harris can be quite a treat to. Guess it's gonna be really wild really talking with Kelly Carlin now Kelly is the daughter of the legendary comedian George Carlin. We'll be discussing. In the new career restaurant retrospective a dvd box said. That did that they've got coming out and a bunch of other stuff and just talked about her dad and general who Chile was a Mike and Jim I think you'd agree it's. I have absolutely no argument that whatsoever he he really I think defying modern standup comedy I think he was one of the first to do with the way we're used to seeing it done now. I'm prior to that it was a much different form of comedy that at least you don't might compel humble opinion I don't know that much about it but just from what I remember seem to change that George Carlin. Yeah line it's funny as I remember as acute as the first actual. Ross comedian and my father left me a chip on your watch stand ready and there of course from merit I would sneak out my buddies and we go watch Eddie Murphy raw it's Smart Richard Pryor be that'd be later tunis the audience later idea but Amy have played but still it's just simply enjoy it's. He was just she was just great the way he put things out there and and our chat room on though this in my right in remembering that George Carlin was the actual was the first host. Of Saturn line the first one there. You know you know how they had guest host is everything every week I think George Carlin may have been the first and someone checked that out forests and I think that's why you have the world and led. The detect these things out and I think I mean it's just that's true Al Gore created and for that reason service that's absolutely. I don't forget to stop by the web site check out the beyond reality radio coffee mug it's the official coffee mug nothing tastes finer than if you're drinking and out of the official beyond reality radio coffee mug it's they're for sale click on the picture. Domestic shipping is included if you want to have it shipped overseas just contact Nestle company shipping quote for. Aged go to beyond reality radio and Ingraham promote exerted that are so he's a RE head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it to FaceBook page forest. Then head to be under reality radio dot com wearily TV said you can find the coffee mugs. You can also find all the stations we are on across the country Ellis is costly being updated news stations being out of all the time to check in Austin. You can also download free iPhone and Internet rates or virtual should listen wise catch past shows join me online chat more. Where can listen right from the web sites by clicking the pop abundant listen live button. Toppled but we'll connect you know an online chat and we can listen to the show hanging out with the Greek community people or just listen libel and you to listen rational a Scientologist or doing your own thing. Yeah it's a great it's a great thing to do. You know I think we probably should just get right into this conversation to get ready to do that yes I think so let's take a quick break into the war have our guest blanch Barton from month church Satan on. Illicit Jason dvd on really radio. Beyond reality radio friends this is TV and I'm telling you need to go check outs Garrick con dot com it's the website for the event coming up in June in New England in fact it's in Framingham Massachusetts. And sit fan convention that features paranormal. 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Are we air on stations all across the country and it's all because EU and I would greatly appreciate that list is that beyond reality radio dot com and it's constantly being updated news stations being added all the talk time to check in Austin. Very so we're gonna bring our guests in our guest tonight is Lance Orton Blanchett is a magistrate. I'm trying to read my hand right now I can't even to what each day geez imagine template wrecks of the church of Satan. The website is church of Satan dot com and I'm a star right out here blanch I'm sure you hear this all the time. This is this may or may not be but on the surface appears to be very very controversial topic what do you say to people. Who are immediately offended by the fact that this is the topic. I think they must be doing our job. They started the church of Satan in 1966. We've been around for over fifty years now. And at one of the points that you wanted to make quit calling at the church of Satan rather then you know the well the bill that you know this or something maybe a little less expensive is. Chip. Ruled it. Things that you've been high you know from from your grandparents near your mother's need better batter each caller we kids. There's a lot of KL a goes on and demonize. Her injured his back is. Yeah how we get a lot more people involved at state dot over the I swear but elsewhere is rather the point you know you start thinking about it. Well I'm I'm I have a knee jerk reaction it would see. Life that mean Alan my vulnerable to the way people want to manipulate me in India and politic and I didn't. You know we have a trigger words it will even work out. In the 1966. Where we're being divided into as a nation it'll work out. By these trigger again and it's more important never to realize how dangerous scapegoating demonizing. Is you know. But we have to yes that's a reply we've got it back this up this little bit though. I'm let's get some definitions out of the way so there were all talking about the same things as we have this conversation so to start out what exactly is satanism. They've been the religion I think they would started in 1966. But certainly. People that were called Satan and before that but largely it was. A contract of people who want it to demonize other people. And scare people into spending money and supporting organizations and in staying on the right path whatever that right path for society mystifying to beat. I'm in reality there's only been a satanic figure. In most cultures there's the trickster they're coyote. There's still want to do. And an urgent rescue. That does not eat things sometimes they're very creative. Ways to go for example probably yes. I would consider to Canucks figure bringing the fire from the gods healing that fire from the gods. In the beginning to mankind and you know our own Judeo Christian mythology we have to sneak. In the garden even attempt EU with apple. And you know that was that was the temptation. The knowledge of good and evil in the knowledge. It would give Q. What you want an equal par with god. So there's only item no mail Tony and each panic terror with them. In our culture and other cultures that defiance one. The ones who. Their risk taker his underdog. I even though he's you know. Vilified. Sort of solitary. Ironic. Character and that's that's what we. Part of a pattern ourselves and we injured beyond that we don't worship. Gamble force it and by any by any means tweak we worship ourselves but we use the metaphor. Of all in one of the defiant one. Ends at creative drive with an all of that aspect I think humans can relate to very well. And I think the name actually is what. And puts a lot of people on the edge and it they automatically think of it as as a negative thing and negative thing instead of some of the views like you just brought out. Sure sure and again that's that's because it and you know 2000 plus years of propaganda. Leading to that conclusion. So like I did turning I think people understand. Again how dangerous. It can be can make an us vs them kind it. Blanket statements. I think we we're understanding about. How they alleged that can really separate people and and be very. Dangerous to to a culture. Yeah we're not just on atheist geek Wear anti war state because. Because when you. When you have had an attitude. We're good at these other people at each other being that these other forces are evil. Then then it makes it very increase choose to dehumanize someone you know and again we see this in the world today and you'd think. With I enlightenment or out we have a lot more awareness but it seems that. We're getting more and more tribal we're getting more. If I needed and we can't even thought that we can't even did. Which against it I think Satan is more needed now than it than it ever has spent. Because because of that very same week we need to be able to respectfully. Dip to eight on very important world grows taking issues and again actually seen its. I just re tripping into this into the trial. I threw at them tribalism that that isn't isn't going to be helpful for. We're humans on this earth and certainly isn't helping the planet order for the animal that we're supposed to be responsible for. Well on this thing and before we had you on G Vienna I were talking and the main thing is that we want people understand this. Whether we all share the same belief and not. It's good to be able to listen to each other's beliefs and accept that that person's police may differ from yours. With cell. It being a defensive mechanism where it instantly starts. Some sort of an angered debate or just I think a pure hatred and I think that that's a lot of the public I'd I don't know you from from a whole wall. But I still have I have respect the you have faith in your belief system whether it's the same as mine are not pay whatever to each their own. Obviously you have a different belief system than I do and you know but I in return we can sit here and talking in a professional manner with respect for one another about the about these differences. Well that's a wonderful part of yourself that figure it out a lot of interest in albeit a lot of different. You point on your shelling and you allow people to. Can speak their mind to say that they let their expansions and know people behave and be respectful and in the end. Different people's mythology and and where they're coming from what cart path is what our cultural past is what their music yeah quicker. Good job what they get excited about. I mean Anne and I had some interesting thing to greet them around long enough that our people have grown up for example me. And the statement her group most of my life that I've I've been practicing safe for 44 years. And that a leader within the leadership of the organization where. That it and I don't. He'd call and didn't eat all of the world and Britain and around. So that you can see how it's a quiet at a lot to flee. That you grow older on Q I have had kids and everything you get divorced and you hear you have cry seeking your life and and that no matter how did that. Did they miss them really have legs that get it through tough times didn't inspire you to eat string and you get to focus he. And I can say yes yes war. Based on my hand and and the wonderfully young people and an older people that we tracked on a daily basis. Strong they're motivated. They are flooding in light of arming and they're usually very active in the community. Every once you get out maybe they never do it needs to be or want to be everybody's got their own. You know how politically active they want a beer hop community are they won't be but certainly. We eat. We have an attitude that we all want to live whether and if you don't hurt me I'm not gonna hurt you you know I'm going to give back what you get. And usually they are very cooperative. Person. Which one more question for we have to go to break here we've got just a little less than a minute they're the back toward definitions and I completely messed up my introduction because they couldn't read my handwriting. But what is a magistrate to comply Rex. Well we have a ticket and organization and our. Hi Kris is a more. Our president high priest that is picking up again they're very capable strong intelligent. Creative people. And I did go to the third in line and I put a high priest for some some isn't telling. I bet that leadership and change. Okay our rights are gonna take a break here won't come back we'll continue our conversation again our guest is blanch pardon of the church of Satan other web site is church of Satan dot com. Others also book Blanchard wrote a actually it's a biography of end time low today it's the secret life for the sake nest. I ran take a quick break or come to listen Jason GDP. Reality radio with Jason and cheesy tomorrow night we've gone to two guests coming on the program the first hour will be our first readings with Rebecca that'll be with Rebecca Foster and that it's a place by the way. The first Thursday. Of every month and at this point it's just one are gonna do one hour tomorrow and we'll see how that goes if she gets overwhelmed with calls send me to look at extending it most other works out. I can't fill chew well I know and the second hour we've got Kelly Carlin daughter of the legendary comedian George Carlin. And we'll be discussing a bunch of stuff with her about her dad and some dvd boxed sets and should be an incredible night. Yet should be a great night tonight we're talking about a bit of a controversial topic but it's not as controversial as you might think and that's why we've got our guest on tonight blanch pardoned. Blanch is a magistrate template wrecks of the church of Satan the website is church of Satan. Dot com blanch let's let's talk about the church of Satan. What is the mission. Of the church. Well it's. I would say that our mission is is essentially twofold. We're not an evangelical you know you're not and a fine. Tickets came knocking on your door and you know 10 o'clock on a Saturday morning are passing out leaflets. People who are interested are drawn to metaphors are drawn to the idea is that of running your own life and enjoying your own party while we have this site. It's Gloria likes to enjoy it. Now you satanism eventually you know they're they're drawn to it they look on the web site and it makes sense that he got the book. And they Agee you know I I felt that's when all my life and I didn't know that there were other people out there. I say we don't worship a guy with you know Kalin horns we eat we questioned ourselves and we card under court power from ourselves. To accomplish what we want in our lives silk I would say that the church it's what makes this. Mostly to. Continue. Clarifying and applying. And a couple of days a lot to see in nuke. Yeah emerging. Context socially and scientifically. Also we want to. Let people know you know if you. If you don't at work. Yeah a coworker. Another parent or. Someone in your life. Soccer bank bank teller or a nurse or. Failure doctor turned out to be at say mr. you can screaming down call in to try. And we and people can. Parent out we needed. In the community and you might run across from time to time and not. Always. Did you you don't usually. I can't people on because there is a certain amount of prejudice against Satan has them. On the understanding people don't understand what it into a lot of times we don't wanna spend the time. Explain what it is because of the books and materials are out there. But we do need to church they each had continued to. Be at the forefront of defining and sending our consciously and beat yet to be in court people who are attracted you and you want to apply for their own betterment and their lines. Well let me ask this plant so do you think that the name and the church of Satan do you think that that inhibits you guys really getting altered do you think that that hurts what you guys are trying to. To push and promote by using that name or who do you think that it hits positive aspect. One thing I do you believe that the positive aspect of it I mean what anti McVeigh was stealing I mean let's say that he wanted to while people over the head with the fact that. Satan can be perceived as something entirely positive in any given metaphors that we ask. Front on the L and then Byron no romantic poets substantially. You know we have a gallery of expressions. And that they are not many cultures not just western culture. Positive. Depictions then and perceptions. They can end and the satanic. And don't go through what we utilized. He he wanted to shock people he wanted to let people know. That there are alternatives to sort of blindly following like parents do or what society tells you will make you good or make you helped you haven't. I want it now haven't you know what do you make a terrible mistake you and you make the sacrifices and you pray and he'd do everything your opponent is duke. And then hop on there's a big joke at the end why not enjoying this party. And you know it's. It. It's up to you what you do with your life you know we're all about personal responsibility. On there's no god to give credit to and there's no double to blame or when things go go wrong with your life. And that's what Kampala they would trying to to say and yet it is shocking he wanted to wake people up front. From their corporate and port and cute. You meant you said something there that Saddam. I think as has been injured it it's an interesting it opens up in her interest in debate. When you talk about. Doing the things that would get someone to heaven if there was hasn't. And if we do those things and at the end of the day the jokes on us there is no heaven and you've done all these things aren't those things. It's wouldn't they be he'd be considered. In most cases and not all cases but. Good for society as you know these these tenants that are taught to us. To be haven to act a certain way to be civil to be you know to love thy neighbor whatever the whatever they are. Aren't they kind of good for society. Some of them aren't. Yeah but there's also. An aspect of a lot of spiritual religions and I'm sorry to say christianity in particular. That. And encouraged activity. And encourage blind man and ignorant. An aberration at best I mean apple thing abortion and guy on the crop I mean that's a little. That's a little weird and need. And it can be it can lead to a lot of ignorant and anti. Science. And that has held people back or century you know it's then and not to mention. You know creating. Other people at download and allowing people they'll burn people at the stake in burning animal that the stake in the end content a lot of aren't. And and hurt and guilt. The whole idea of guilt being born in scale and meaner so many things about. That along to see that I think outweigh. The good that they can do I think that the good can be put in the context. Ethics. It doesn't have to be in you know you don't have to be threatened with which help our damnation to do you good at it and co opted. And I'm the admirer of artistic part. And I ran across the wonderful quote recently. About. What was that about. Christianity. It'd been vetted and co opted. That morality they had been co opted and that that was a terrible treatments that he. Well and I will send out I was born. I was born into a Catholic family and of course when you when you look through history you see the there's been in just analysts deaths associated with christianity in general. Well for whatever reason in which you were talking among you appeal being burned at stake people being. Crushed by Iraq's because they're there for him and said to be witches and and things of that nature it's it's definitely where religion that has preaches about love and in love they neighbor and and all these other things it and it does have an. A lot of darkness and in its in its history as well so and I totally get that net but it also is notorious for persecuting. Anybody whose beliefs are different than it. Yes yes and and that's you know that's the big compliment and I I'm friends with Christian and they applied at a lot to see in in many wonderful benefit and the way. But. Still there's that there that's what it is emitted back is a reminder. It's a reminder to any. Any group of people when you start dividing into we're the good guys near the bad guys Dan Dan this conversation stop. And you know we don't vilify anybody you know we're we're at that level you know. I mean we know we're not speaking committee hi grant any moral high ground here you know. I can't count the double anything you know we've seen it on everything that it is the darkest and most passionate. Corner a human existence. You know there you'll find. Matt satanic but that is true that humankind. Humans are not all you know love and unicorn to rainbow. You know we've gone through some very tough times in in any human life. And you need that scorching heat that strength and when my back it up against the wall I don't find inspiration. From. You know the guy hanging on the cot they just don't it's not you know maybe someone who was raped in that context would would find strength than. And and and be able pit. Two cola. What you need to get chewed at halftime but from unique I I I'm like that they heroism and their romantic endeavor and they would be on. Persistent. The majesty. Of the satanic metaphor and that's like column within myself when I go into the ritual chamber when night. When I need it that's what I call and it Panetta worked for the strength within unique. I psychological. Strength that that I can land and I felt a connection with you more with the internal. When Terry I mentioned some things as we were talking about the things that. Maybe christianity would require or expect of its followers to be able to get to that place which we call has been in the Christian religion. Are there things that you expect in the church of Satan that your members do. Yes and in the satanic in the satanic Bible we you know we have the ninety panic statement and there are they're fairly well known I ink. You know indulgence instead of abstinence. Under filed with the we we represent they represent managed just another animal and turn better more often worse than those that walk on all fours. The because that's his quote divine spiritual and intellectual development has become the most vicious animal at all. We represent Satan represents. All of the so called him. That as they lead to physical mental or emotional gratification. You are guidelines were not a dogmatic religion. It's not like you have to go oh yeah worship on a particular day some people do you find that they enjoy time in the ritual chamber. Some people don't. But we do practice what they call lecture magic which every date basic psychology non verbal communications. Things of that nature to get us not just the everyday life ingratiate ourselves and do and do what we need to get. To move forward and also we have greater magic which is when we formally go into the ritual chamber and we we created psychodrama ourselves. And Darren and urge or celebrate. Yeah whatever we wish that we do it consciously when we when we explored that. Supernatural or or as we rather would call the super normal. It with the car hit a conscious decision we're not actually. In all contacting some beatings that are going to. Certainly not serve us or something. We're conjuring Nat within ourselves that force within ourselves that can only be reached in the poetic. It Q that's why they have the midnight humanist and it's not a Vietnam because. That's only stops at their rational reasonable mind these are poetic animal we're we're storytelling animal and that's one of the the best things about humans it is we think creatively. Storyteller that were poetic bankers. And again it took one of our strength and we re going to. A state we conjure a state for ourselves using sitting around and hand now and and and in all of the trappings of a black handle on the cape and it took to make us. Connect help but connect with that. That spirit greater spirit within us and focused at where we want to go. We're talking winds blanch pardon from the church a statement saying we're gonna take a break and we come back we'll continue the conversation. We will also take your phone calls and your questions and 844687. 7669. Will do that starting with the next hour aren't a lot more to come elicited Jason GDP on reality. Can show it's beyond reality reading your guests tonight went Spartan from the church of Satan talking about what that. Means exactly and now Blanchett again thanks for being here we don't have a few minutes in this particular segment but I think it gives us enough time. To talk about. What we kind of touched on. Before and I know you may have answered some of these things in your in your answers to other questions that are really wanna ask them directly just to get very clear interest. But if our state nests at odds with the god as we know god in you know the three major religions. We believed in such in god we would be but we really don't believe that such a god exists. If if there was such a creature. Who would so appreciate. Who was so cruel to the very people who worship and allowed him that was solely responsible even though he's supposed to eat. Omnipresent. Omniscient and omnipotent. I'm fine thank god with my last breath. Because he's he's childish. And inconsistent. And and and he did not deserve anyone's worship. When you talk about the teachings of the church of Satan and the the books that form the foundation of those teachings what are those books again. That foreign that are found they used to mechanic Bible that's satanic rituals. Anti McVeigh's book the saying speaks their credit and say it says double notebook. To complete which. Satanic which it was renamed the two can quench. And of course Peter Gilmore had come out our high priest has come out with his collection called that he can scriptures. And all of these and a lot of writing an interview is not all of our web site are are we have an award winning very well respected web site with. I'm just in and out of interpretation on what Satan hasn't yet there is not. And that is the church of Satan dot com correct. Okay we have about a minute to go here. An addition to the website if people were interest and getting more explanation and more information about the things were talking about here tonight. Is there any other place in addition to the website that you would send them. I'll definitely the satanic Bible I think is very important at our occasionally spend it and then in continuous print since 1969. And that would give you with your original flavor of of what they let them at all about. And then Matthew and pack apps. It's sort of a trial by fire because it is very aggressively. In the context in India christianity. And you can't get past that then you probably aren't really say next and in with probably one of tackling a little while. Okay we're gonna take a break here in the next hour like we said we will take your phone calls. It 8446877669. For blanch pardon if you have questions. The web city's churches say dot com Ross are gonna talk about the book she wrote which is a biography of Anton McVeigh it's called them the secret life of a Satan nest. We'll get into that in the next hour. If you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal like FaceBook page for us. And then had to be unreal you radio dot com. We can find all the stations we Aaron across the country that Wisconsin. Constantly being updated its checked baggage check in Austin. Com also you can download free iPhone and android app right there were too logical personalized touch past shows join me online chat more. You can also just clicked the pop up button which connection to an online Charron needless to show race from Merrill hanging out with great Indian people. We're just click the listen live button. And you listen to old doing whatever if you download the show from iTunes or anywhere else it was apparent to reinforce casals Bush's Ford makes it easier for people define next hour remember taking your calls if you got a question for us or gas Blanchard Barton from the church of Satan. It's a shot 8446877669. Didn't hole freed 844687766. Nothing else. That Jason GDP owner really. That's one sail West Coast Thursday on the East Coast and you're stuck somewhere in between welcome beyond RL you radio with myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome chief each. It's great to have everyone along with us tonight don't forget tomorrow night we've got readings with Rebecca the first stove that's feature that we will have the first Thursday of each month. Starts tomorrow night it'll be just the first hour of the program. So if you want to get want to get a reading from psychic medium Rebecca Foster. You need to get ready to call right away we don't usually open a phone lines were in the beginning of the show but we will for reading for Rebecca to market. Will for Rebecca so and in the second hour we get Cali Carlin daughter of the legendary comedian George Carlin. Well it will be on the show beyond talking about all bought her father and and new new dvd set the guy coming around them onto other things so many she tournaments can be agree show. Yet and tonight we've got a very interesting show underway in congress are taking your phone calls at 8446877669. Will remind you that because this. Particular topic we're talking about the church of Satan. Ten illicit an emotional response from a lot of people we wanna make sure that you're gonna be respectful we want tolerating anything but respect for. Us and our guest and the whole conversation must be respectful so again the numbers are 8446877669. Or guest tonight is plants pardon. Blanch is a magistrate template wrecks of the church of Satan. The website is church of Satan dot com FaceBook pages also church of Satan. Blanks is also written it a biography of church of Satan founder and time and time of day it's called. The secret life of a say listen again blanch thank you so much for being with us tonight. Are you with the spoke French and if we lose blades again we lost earlier it lost its the nature of the cell phone thing you know that's one thing you and I were talking about jade now and everybody has landmines anymore and it's getting harder and harder to find people with landmines. And you got to rely on the cellphone connection. One that's a big thing is and expressly cellphone text you can never know who's gonna have signal how he'd be and it comes and goes. You think that'll and being like the days of saw you know we used to dial up modems thinking that's how we're going to be stuck with their online sports network where are those now we look back and we kind of laugh at the fact we had dial up modems where he tracks. Yeah exactly correctly tracks cassettes and it's funny these are still have the tonic a sex to sell like a possible you sense from when I was younger and it even got the ones from like when you used to record we wait for the radio station played that one song you've been waiting for it you can hit record yeah I don't know I just that is saying it into your phone or and relax and then they please forward I have boxes and box of cassettes and you just can't get rid of stuff like that it did I put too much time into recording them myself and you know in just a although I saw I saw those all the chip monks on society had still not understand what that is chip monks and the enhancements aren't you. Ice it was a border take a quick. It's the only other way to Jason to. It's beyond reality that you need to have a guest bag with a swing sport of course from the church of Satan Blanchett who lost again but. Glad to have you back. Yeah well I'm glad he. Hurry so as we said which you didn't hear because you were when this at the moment we're gonna take a few listener phone calls here. But that's everybody to be respectful and let's go to John. John has a question he John welcome to the program. It's very. Are you mentioned earlier. So for depression and it's obviously that are indicated that a there are so agreements between. Secretary and Christians commuters saying. Maybe our initial shock of what. One or something. As well it was a very very little room. Agrees sort of Christian Leo. Requesting a motion yet request John thank you. Yeah thank you very much talent and mistakenly saying that so much of that has to do with respect that Spectra other people's. A spiritual path. I have a lot to see that practice is magic. I feel. Not the way I practice say it hasn't and that again not what all say that he'll perhaps by. I'm she'll that it it has built a rich heritage in magic. And part of magic is that we are all. With animals with when you know all the elements that have always been. Part of magic's practice. And I put it says that. Christian I interacted with most positive. Eat at interconnect didn't want in there hanging out of humans. And that these questions that don't want around the best that we don't necessarily proceed all the time. I wouldn't say that there's a point and they say that there's planned from god. I see. Is it similar kidnapped but it is. They inner me aid might need to panic. Connect kidnapped serial eternal. Force that I can reflect an influence in a positive way. I think that those are probably some similarities that we can we can meet meet someone. Heard her answer them thanks nick questioned John let's go to Kathy caller from Pennsylvania hi Cathy welcome to the program. Eyes. And once they. If you didn't mind at all and dog when you conjure up before you now or. Any devices. Like a weed people murdered there are cars there it says are. Didn't look like people I'd rather like which has now altered your rituals favorite. You asked a lot of questions there Kathy let's start with do you use any devices. In the practice of satanism. And or in the the the practice of the magic that you have referenced before pledge. The truth thing I want to I addressed that her question about mind altering drug and I think that's an excellent. And it was one thing net income of Britain attic about because he started. The church of Satan sixty you know 1966. Ground zero San Francisco. Or LA in experimentation with a lot of altering substances. On and eat out quite adamantly that don't change as he used that their ritual chambers say it was. That in general the use of drugs and alcohol QQ an extreme extent is it the matter hadn't played man. Oh you know statement that not to be enslaved. Any ID civilian drivers or any any influence another person per app that that might be detrimental because we can you give up your own power. Over your own life. I'm excited to buy it's we certainly do you in and sells so it. I've gone. Although I'm dark acting at one what I'm saying that we used we really used them and we need to conjure forth. Totally Bachmann can and concentration. On the day and emotional they keep immune cell. People where that we're in and as our intense in our markets don't into the rich Amer. It's a I certainly have a news or. Ritual in our the need for economic Ingrid that we feel included in in front of the drama. Craig someone in need earned a burden and there are picture. Or something and I'm quoting something that makes material who. That pat mostly as a way to do it for our. And out into the eakins. So that we are not blocked by the emotion and more we also have. A lot stretch and compassion ritual for a it's a four others that we that we chased into the lab and cherished in Iowa we want to. And out compassionate feeling 10 equaling that you're you know it's interesting that someone in just its really getting under your skin your really crazy about it. That's to get it out of their ritual way you won't be bothered by it anymore whether that will anyone. I Demitra chamber you don't even worry about that anymore because you've done on it for yourself and they're no longer part of your good. And then another part of that question was Micah and a ouija board or some thing like that which implies that there would have to be some type of spiritual entities that would respond to something like that wanted to address that as well. Well a lot of science I and that McCain with that herald cried for example is very helpful for me I looked at beauty and the inking. The idea behind the Carol card but I'm thinking it's actually predicting my future as much as. Again it's an avenue or. That baby created all that and guy meek and Karen. That knows. Sometimes when we're speaking to instead. Sub conscious level sometimes when we're. I am not sure about Ames. Where you are being perfectly honest even let ourselves. And when you. In front of the week people aren't I great you can be deported but I suppose it would work the same way that Carol I don't find very useful in just sort of died on mean with self you know to try to get. Answers that. That. I mean maybe seeking work or are confused about are not really sure. I I find that. And perhaps that is a magical process that goes on when and I draw card. About it concentrate on it I think about what it means me. Like what what analyzed one greens. And what direction. It would be you know. Thank you for the call Cathy we appreciate those questions. Blanch one of the things you know we talked about some misconceptions here when we opened up our discussion. And one of the things that often come to mind for people when they think of what they would consider to be detractors say they think things likes that you know ritual sacrifices or anything like that I'm assuming that doesn't happen one you clear the air there as well. Yes thank you very much you know throughout this satanic panic that was our Mon truck. So and I'm like forget to mention yes indeed. That he can't Bible that we do not kill animals we cannot sacrifice animals we certainly don't. Armor sacrificed children in our work you know and advanced holiday present as a mechanic philosophy. We regard animals. And children as as. Sacred. And natural emissions because they're the closest. Natural state and they're not in dispute are the states and could not keep up. They're very ego driven and very. Eventually do it and and you know what to my hat to hit China had a how to enjoy -- united and they say beat them all went. You know that's popular come animal. And actually himself as an ample cover he worked in the I'd be circuit than he'd. He Ben intimate that the tiger and lion that you're working with in the cage. Term and he loved animals he had animals throughout the flight itself. Very close to animal than that but once one of our creeped out is that we are animals sheep and start an animal that's our our foundational idea. And indefinite rationality and how poetic that notion sort of yet. We'll lay on top of that. Well blanks let me just this some. House I've talked with your high priest Peter and great guy. And the so I in the in the past so many many years to show goes honors I've been involved in the paranormal for. Going on nearly thirty years now and I have dealt with cases where we've been called in now I know they're not associated with church of Satan but. You do get these these other groups that woman associate themselves or call themselves and in satanic. Satanic. Followers or whatever. I'm but some of them do. Use animals and so but the they have absolutely no connection no ties or anything to the church of Satan in your belief system correct. Absolutely not and obviously they had read to take Bible because. That that's foundational to call a lot to me. I ended the -- but let me assists as the guy again whose investigative eternal I guess sent in by that your churches to write a preliminary reports on so called possessions and things of that nature now. 99.9. Percent of those cases we can usually chalk up to over religious overactive imagination looking for attention over medicated self medicated some issue like that. But there is a rarity when. Something negative does seem to be going on the person there and all of a sudden they're they're speaking languages to him unspoken thousands of years and so forth now what's that churches say his beliefs on a situation like that. Of somebody who then people would say is possessed by some sort of a demonic type and. Well we did our general policy that that there isn't. There is an I avenue for that to be able to happen because. Meet in a week. We conjure arts called the reality that we look at it now you are are confronted with someone who. Stealing their I would look more at. Psychological. Aspect that you described. And it all of that was let's talk about or addressed. I I would I would think that it would be something. On hand as I say. Super normal not necessarily if not it's natural it's not in not. Beyond nature because if such things that there's. We just don't understand exactly what's going on there might be. Nobody that we don't pretend to have all the answers. I went speakers just like everyone else and we don't pretend to have the word Satan our god our or anybody else I'm very curious and I'm only intrigued to read about. Theories for instance like phenomenon. And I mean more being discovered now current number of reasons. It's more interaction and more on you know a lot like the research actually cares what you did for many many. I think we have more sophisticated and as I devices. To explore. My new fluctuation. In temperature or or sound or. By its patient enough that hasn't been done before. And do you know everything. Apply to every bit part of almost self owner a tablet or or or a camera with them at all and eat what I want what that is coming up. And it isn't that virtual network with other. I'm Nash has. A usual thing and diplomats are very exciting. Because what we see is that what we're practicing every to a chamber while we see. Anna Nicole adult. Well hope. It just. It hasn't come up with that yet. Well you know what exactly are you making great points there. Because we're generally we'll we look at it is the paranormal just means above the normal what were used to at this point or what were aware of at this point. Not saying that it's it's supernatural. Or anything of that nature but it's something that's always been there. We're just not. A 100% aware of how. How it it's able to exist at at this point and that's why it's paranormal sort of bump in the normal or reuse it went into we come up with those answers. That's moral always we need to take a break but were a lot more to come phone number if you have a question for us or gas blanch Barton from the church saying. Phone numbers 844687766. I again told freed 8446877669. Were to take. Good jittery and we will look ditch your calls for those of you waiting on hold just hang on there as we get to the break. All right you'll soon Jason JVB honor relative retail. Except it's for. 46877669. We welcome your contributions to the discussion. Our guest tonight. Is blanch Spartan we're talking about the church of Satan don't forget tomorrow night that we've got readings with the back in the first hour. And the second. That type of very often I mean it's even got murdered at Georgia early look at her Kelly Carla her father's alleged aired comedian George. So I'm we look forward to talking with Aaron just now finding out a bunch of information. Yes so that that's all tomorrow night and then of course Friday night is a best of program. And next week we're actually meet Jason and in India on the road and stuff from demand for scare content some of the things we have going on. So you're probably in his investments next week as well still some great shows me she tune in check Kamal. OK so let's bring blanched back and let's also go to the phone lines you've had some people waiting pretty long long here this is. Amy calling in from Pennsylvania hi Amy welcome to the program. I welcome the show. I have a question for blanched. I returning. Ever come in contact Christine and demon. The question. Lynch are now. And then. Yes she asked if you'd ever come in contact or actually seen a demon. That would. Yeah we're losing a little bit here blanch the sorrow oh the self and concern. On her yet go ahead Mary now we lost you for a moment. No agreement as I have and help don't they don't want me to say it's it's true. But I know I have it you know had to say and step into my living room. On a regular basis by united they say is muted in metaphorical terms then and poetic terms. More than more than expecting an actual you know physical guy and let. You know point point bearden entailed walking walking them. Well and that's and that's misconception that we tried to get altered quite a bit is and legislate. And I priest Peter Gilmore had said the church does not believe in that level. Nor Christian or Islamic notion of state correct. So and it's it's just it's named that name is so misleading and I think people can't get past that part. Well I know there are we. It in particular. One how a certain. In a group of of creep up positions chipped to move away from that again but I think at our society maturities. We're we're moving away from those expectations which is I think very healthy. Thanks for the call Amy we appreciate the question. I'm let's talk about Anton a little bit tell us about him and specifically. At what happened and at the point in his life for he started to put all resigns ideas together and form the church. Sure yeah we'll acknowledged that you know he wouldn't biblical that he. And he looked good. The interest it and we heard it supernatural on the court and you know all that all that stuff that we're going to again and they aren't gonna go on. He has a background that led him to read. Dracula and nine and of course when the league tales. Magazine came out with a lot of crap stories that it. Corn and then. And all of the good. Yeah like the quarter. On matching now. Who is he would ask why at arm yelled so I'm. As I say he he it rebellion. And he left high school kid to go showing that cry baby circuit as a lion turning an keyboardist. That he he even on to become a hypnotist. And an early psychic investigator using you know what I have to look he had on the floor and and it. You know. There amendment and various machines and that there were available at the time to psychic investigation. And that. He gathered this really interesting group of people around him. I hit he he wanted to explore. In a magic he would giving lectures. I'm Pam terrorism and cannibalism and when US and strange goings on. In the fifties and sixties but is it a lot that in that group really came out of his life experience you know more. Existential it was more. From the romance that. But ironic content Byron Shelley and keep. I don't know Connick the end of they can he went under religious scholar and never wanted to be your religious scholar and act a lot of the dark magic you know like that dealer cruelly at that time without attempt to look into that. And he really didn't find it. Did it feel at all like they're seeing confusing and occult and yeah. That Lee obfuscating. He wanted something to really work you know like we're like one would would want something to really focus that was really thought about it. And the photographer. At that as an artist. An and employed and and bright and young men in. About the human Mark Ingram and why we have religion and what to do what it magically turn. When he put it all together into it into a lot to eat. That work in the started gap did it in keep around him when it started practicing magic and it at all igniting in nineteen next. But some let's take a call from Lori calling from New York hi Laurie welcome to the program. I'm just curious. I'm. How does she feel about politics. And. When it Democrats and Republicans. Are you asking blanch if the church has a position on mad are you asking her personal opinion. Oh. Two wins I don't know if you want to answer that but there's the question. Well I don't I don't mind answering. There is detectives say this as as you make me. You know the point Internet that we you know we don't Wear a religious organizations so we don't have a policy regarding. Political groups but he myself like I tend to. I'm sort of vote. I I don't wanna luckily it was only one party because I think that's part of the problem right now and people. It certainly invested one party or another party and they need to heat index of the trail and then go out on that party I think it's more important that we examine issues. I'm involved in the issues that are important to me I I volunteered. Did include electric in here than many animal. I'm involved and you know certain. Environmental issues and and ocean issues and things that I think are important to meet a lot of statements. Are eager apolitical art. Or there are involved and in things that interest them but again the important thing that we can meet. And not label ourselves I'm Simon being Simon that. And we can actually debate. Respectfully. Issued rather than you know. Personality and. Thanks expected to me irate. Yet Gloria thank you for the question we appreciate that I've got to ask you going back to 1966. When the church of Satan was formed by Anton. Clearly the demographics and were belief in religion has changed significantly. Over those forty plus years fifty years I guess now. I imagine when the church of Satan was formed if we look at the way people scratch their heads in and kind of raise an eyebrow when you talk about it now at that point it had to be ten times that kind of reaction would was that was a true. Oh my goodness yeah yes that republic ritual and that's and that's why people were so intrigued. I'm Byron what he was doing he at a mechanic wedding. That was you know headline news around the world. He learned that funeral and about his mother daughter. Yeah and and he wanted to make the point he wasn't just looking for publicity and people say oh he went Carney was looking republic city. You really was just making the point. That. Judeo Christian values don't have a stranglehold. Aren't aren't in the world now that it it is dangerous to be in lock step with you know because didn't. In at that current and even my own bad. In the thirties he litany eons by. But he it was the audience in in bad and people were sort of suspicious about. About ten you know they need born in question him about being an atheist now it. You know much more of an all alternatives. Sound. Yeah it would yeah it would shocking. And again he wanted to be to be shocking because he he thought that was the only way that people would. Sort of grab them by the supporters and shut them a little bit what your life is your party book and this is your responsibility. And what you do within. Is is not yet another with long or are there. Now actual lightning and then I'll be upheld book came out with. You know the late fifties early sixties when he was he was talking about that so. Was no yeah it was Alastair Crowley is sentenced. I didn't call him say that he didn't Colin selfish statement. He did sacrificed animal. Yeah which you know. By that definition he's he would not say and he he would user and abuser of women. And document they looked into his philosophy because that was hit by it it is going to speak. Well you gotta read Crowley you're interested in our magic. Try reading it out but he just found it rather. Obfuscating and and quietly. And when he does it depend on. Revelation. Which document they've you know with very much against. When they don't commit to college just gone off the deep end into. Into this and maybe you know I'd sell it tells degree uterine cells from the statutory cap that he wanted to do that. As far as real magic is not much there. And speaking of real magic you've touched on the magic topics a few times during few of a few of your answers to other questions. What is the magic. That you refer to come in you again you refer refer to it several times here. Well they say it formally week we've divided into less dramatic and greater magic let her magic is when it. In persuading people. In everyday. No magical way that party. So. Speech. Persuasion rhetoric. Non verbal communications. Cold leading. Very. Method to. Political weapon that getting a job in an apartment. Getting in your life. And then if that isn't it more formal magic put our you know didn't hear. About from the law. I missed. Your pick or psychodrama. Orbiter. And get it out into the equation. And walk away. You breaking up a little bit on us there blanch. I know we already asked about Anton bring your books a secret life of a say this is a biography of him right. What cracked actress came out in 1990. And and and we. They put out I'm not regalia and few years ago are talking about the last years that Iceland where that organization has gone. Since he passed away and yeah. Since he has done it well little actually 1990 that. So I think it's a real and does a lot this week. To see what happens after the original founder passes away what did you say a personality conflict at all about anti immigrant because he wondered. Brilliant I'm learning and a I'm. Not cut too worried he could I think people would be mostly surprised by his sense of humor. And the immediate that they were writing you can definitely get that sense of humor and claimed that he had. I guess I. Anger about Tampa Bay in the light and what if he and kicker punter that they had been in the first people that's a really good starting point. A statement in the general because then you know what kind of man he he's one and why he got what he's doing it. Or manual also wrote the church of Satan history of the world's most notorious religion. And now does that break down a lot of the misconceptions people have when it comes to. Satanism and the old church of Satan. Yet sit and that was my intent again that was written around the same time as the biography it was. He didn't panic panic really and it's a small block. And I and I'm now expanding and rewriting it thank you for bringing. Her. By. Is it going to be a much broader book now because so much had happened by at the time we wanted a little. Handbook that we can give to law enforcement people. War people in the humane society people. Police officers who are doing investigations that are pointed now let's say that it was about what it what it advocates and in they'd be better prepared cute. You examine sites. And evaluate. People who are claiming to be say that ignore or 800. In hand he held Leo that one's. Well I think that's important because that's one thing I've been called in many times by law enforcement to examine on different sites one when it comes down to. So called statements that are. And like I said earlier that are using animals for sacrificial means and and some that now and I'm sure you know you're aware so on the use breeders which had a lot of times a runaway girls that are kept hidden from the public continues for their own up purposes at. And the but these these are just sex that have. Popped up claiming that terror their part of this whole thing but they really have no association to answer to the church says it. That's exactly why that church if they have to get it to decry hate and and the a lot of that. I'm kind of been put forth and went further into you know yeah scientific. And and social context by yeah they're you know they're a statement says like the dot senator's statement and then there are not. Their people they can do violence saying in the name of Easter by the year to describe for that matter. But that didn't mean that they should be held up as you know someone a Christian. Or someone who really likes the Easter Bunny at a cost. Should be. You know in the position you know to say. They should be you know the majority should be and then in the position to say what is or isn't it self define yourself about about. You know what see what the religion millions which is what the church of Satan doesn't have has done. 40 do you now. Blanchett thanks so much for being here tonight around a time bomb we appreciate sure time and your composure. And the information he gave us an old director ready if they have any questions go to the church of Satan dot com. Thank you all my state and I had a wonderful time and I really appreciate you letting her you know get this attitude of of heavily sound. We have a great night and we look forward to talking union at some point. Are we're gonna take a quick break we'll come back and wrap things up beyond its. I was two bucks that was a close call your recovering nicely but good thing we got here for that emergency surgery when did it. I feel great now though here's the bill for insurance didn't cover would. Well there goes another one listeners and got lunch in ten minutes crack. This ever happened to you go to the hospital for a little surgery only to be stricken by huge bill like this will not anymore with the crowd go home surgery can't tell us have. You must sign that doctor wanted 200 dollars or look at me. Minutes later on the Internet I was pretty sure in my. 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TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.