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Dr Richard Boylan discusses Star Visitors and Star Nations

Jun 20, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Dr. Richard Boylan about his work with Star Visitors and STar Nations. Dr Boylan claims to be an ambassador for the Star Nations - who have recently established a diplomatic mission on Earth. 4/19/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Our. It's on the West Coast to his skills many are stuck somewhere between welcome to be on reality radio myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome achieve each ounce pay is great to be back in the saddle again I mean we had with two weakest stuff going on we and crazy week and breezy cooler in the way that team and belated Father's Day thank you YouTube into. You're where you've you've celebrated six times don't miniature seven raiders wouldn't rate that they did today and into its repeal forests and yet it has six and so. But a good time G you'll get to spend it with with tickets yeah yeah they actually were big help me via MLB I would get the scare con stuff done so there with me all weekend and I and actually gave me a couple cards yesterday morning but things have been so crazy haven't had a chance to you know tournament. Alex just Assam where those cards that I have to dig through the pox is defined and so we can actually do that. But anyway welcome to the show everybody we've got a great week lined up for you to miss start we've. A pretty interesting. Topic. Not just you'll flows not just aliens are going to be talking about star visitors. And the star nations. These are. Topics that doctor Richard Boylan. Is an expert on and he's going to be on the program chat about it. Just for you and me an inch tonight with that. I'm and then tomorrow night or in talking with Sarah Wiseman visionary and spiritual teacher so I mean she's two and and be talking about what this analysts is the secret to awakening and and have you ever wondered about your likes purpose and then much much more knowing you ever heard the term ripper colleges before. On sounds like a master afar it's up to that would actually no that's not we're going to be talking about figure SN episodes and I have no idea. No Michael holy is he ripper all ages stand he'll be on the program when tonight's talk about of course Jack the Ripper. You know and those murders occurred while how many here as a 130 years ago now 1888. In the white chapel area of London. And Michael's gonna talk about so what the latest in the search for that killer is and we had done. A guest on now Longo who claimed his grandfather. Her great great care grandfather HH Holmes were very much Jeff much it yes was actually also Jack the Ripper and they did X or during and reality show about this search for the answers in whenever it really is canceled but I mean normally answers and I guess you know iron. That's this is true the sister. But Michael always book is as great as it was sent two cents meanwhile back and it started reading it and going to be ounces just is really entry entry. So be talking with him when tonight's we've got a lot of great programs this week really really excited make sure you remember the phone numbers in the can join our conversation later tonight or any night 8446877669. And we always welcome input from our listeners whether it's through phone calls or on FaceBook page or. And anywhere else are you concerned Cummins of the app can. Yes you can and it's so funny because listening cheery now you sound like you should be hosting Italy night. Easy to rise tight with Heidi Collins. This is your energy level 'cause I guess being at the conventional we can has really beat the heck caddie and you can tell so 11 thing that there's an indicator that I drove from Framingham Massachusetts to Cooperstown this afternoon it's about a four hour drive I don't remember any of the if it's right but I do not remember a minute of a well. Haven't yet mission head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like if FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under really radio dot com where you can find all the stations we earn across the country and that this is costly being a kid didn't change so check it often can also download the free iPhone in Mandarin app which allows you to listen live catch Pashos joining online chat more. Which is listener from the upset by clicking the button in the operation corner of the pop him. They can listen right there are you know the great community of people an anomaly HM are we achieving and I visit a lot of a lot of times. Analyst and if you don't show my iTunes or anywhere else is pleased it was a favorite of course Apple's push for a makes it easier for people find. Jimmy you know those crazy scifi movies like shark NATO and stuff. Yet these. Do you have been like eighteen shirk NATO's now some new I don't know an enemy is like that and Thomas concept that have been able to hit it was so Campion so weird that became kind of a pop culture Phnom for a little bit of actually talk through the dumbest things yes it when I write I sell half of the first on net kerik in turn but. What if it was. True things like that really well that would kind of changed the whole thing wouldn't know. Well I'm seek creatures flying him falling from the sky in China. And now in the sister this is not a movie opens on a B movie now I assume this crazy storm. Swap over coastal city in China. And it created pretty much shark NATO conditions anything about it because sea creatures to rained down from the sky a phenomenon occurred. In Quinn Dowell earlier this week when winds and rain combined to flood the city. As residents were writing up a storm and running for cover their terrified to seek creatures in much of the deep being dropped on a cars sidewalks and all over from the sky. And photos of this aren't rainfall really it's spread like wildfire on non Chinese Chinese social media. But some of the most iconic images you'll oversee. Is that an octopus. And it's it's crazy to us our appreciation are hurtling through the heirs of it was floating in space on other creatures X our fish shrimp and fish. On the way answer a number windshields a us city streets trucks you name it buildings that and since saint yeah you know I've virtually happens efforts stories beef. Or of how liquor typhoon come through which is a tornado in the over the over the water animals suck up. The water and anything that's in the water a minute when it hits landfall of these obviously that does that the typhoon. Di is and all the soft that it breezed out of the earth falls to the ground. So it's kind of kind of what they taught what they've talked about and their biblical stories of you know plagues of frogs falling from the sky and recommending is that people think that was there is same idea same thing happen so then. Typhoon was over the water and went over feeding frenzy of sharks well see they're you know who truly have a shark and you know what I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility they think it actually scientifically could happen. Into now whether they would come down you know as green White House I can't help but it has come on now managed to fund this itself but anyway so it then it's crazy story crazy things happened and so much that we don't understand and that it however one. Yeah. Index MIC anything like that falling from the sky. I'm in a move is that a wanna be anywhere near that can happen and that could happen to me in Coopers and I'm way too far from now when he came to him by pass or trial and examine how to play his own Miata or whatever it is there you know petrol come out of the sky that day and nasty teeth so I know myself some more time once those costs. Carson let's take a break when we come back we'll start talking about star nations and star visitors with our guest doctor Richard boy went. And again the phone number for her when you won a college avenue questions 8446877669. You listen to Jason GDP. And really reeled it back. Back to the show it's beyond reality radio chasing GP we've got a great lined up for you and her new talking about star visitors to our nation's. Was an expert on the topic doctor Richard Boylan and we've got a month with this right now deductible and welcome to the programs really great to have you on tonight. Thank you take me and Jason it's. There you could speak with you. Now all thank you or militant Fortis so let's let's kind of get some definitions out of the way here so we all are on the same page for so tell us who the star visitors are. Well it. The turned her referring to intelligent humanoid. Figures from. Outer space. With emphasis on the ones that. Make it their business to come to hurt them. Show up in the sky is or appear in front of one or more persons. When the term some visitors. And is this a term they've given themselves or is this is a a term that we've given them. Well. Well hopefully. The term exit tres so it's fair thrown around it. I had occasion you know working with the native American elder who calls. Service division in this wet lies there. Consultation. The word got back to that they didn't like term extraterrestrial. It sounded too clinical and detection. They wanted something. The little more human so I came up with a terms serve visitors and they said that's. So you came up with the term. And bid that they approved it. Yeah then that's fine it's you know it. It gets away from the scary monster movies and stuff in the clinical detachment that some. Scientists try to applied to it because feature real folks and their personalities. And feeling. And they they want to be seen as if not humans at least a parallel kind of like four. Yeah and when you say extraterrestrial of course you instantly just aren't thinking of now. And scary little annoying guys and whether they're doing probing or cattle mutilation are any event that things. The start yeah tiger. Treaty been degraded by the people that tried to. Put out this information about them and and and and but out scared stories. So that's part of it to me they dislike them employed that term contracts up infraction it. Allow people to approach it with an open mind. So Richard these star visitors. A clue coordinated as a group. Or when you use this term star visited your target and any that kind of fallen today definition he said. Well. When I I use it. In my lectures and so forth I talked about all of intelligent life formed government in the universe that. But it uses special. Application for people come here because. What interest such as who is visiting ask so. Practically. In terms of working and you oppose circles. Refer to those that are actually showing up partner here in our guys. And is it these star visitors. That you refer to that make up the star nations that we are going to be tournament. Yes very these. Very very good. Yeah out there are many many millions if not billions of civilizations. Have intelligent life out there and all the various galaxies. But it's. Stern nations is the organization. Of intelligent civilizations. In our galaxy had mixed Milky Way. That's not to say there are other galaxies were further. Civilizations and they may organizing. Themselves this way or that way but. As far as we're concerned. Our own galaxy is Milky Way. And our son an hour period and so. We are. The subject of visit by peace star visitors and the once in our galaxy who are. Highly advanced civilizations. In other words they've evolved beyond war like behavior. Earth obviously is not reached that point yet. Have formed a confederation if you will what kind of being. Based United Nations of all the iron in intelligent civilizations. That. Not only got their own. Development. Together in a good wave that. Actually engaged in. Outreach and media. Have form patrol vehicle out and look for other civilizations. That haven't been discovered get within our Milky Way. And when they find one that is developed enough. They invite them to join that start nations organization. Which is say media. Organization of all the tire developed. Intelligence civilization. And I was I was gonna ask committee or you just answer that star nations is pretty much the equivalent of the Earth's United Nations. It is and the receivable. Little pop. The idea for United Nations came from. Start nations quietly reaching out to some of the human leaders after world war two and peace was. Upon a sentence for awhile there. And all the countries that have been ravaged by the world court who were trying to figure out how to. Come together in trying to solve problems without another world war. And the idea was floated by the start to visitors to. Well some of the leaders that they might think about forming a similar organization that was universal in this case universal that are. Just like start nations is universal took him out the way galaxy. And let it be a forum for communication discussion. Problem solving and noted cooperative activity. Richard how long he's been aware of the presence and the activity of these are visitors. Or oh. Idea. That goes back decades. I sat. At my first view oppose setting in 1977. But I day. Go back I men's senior citizen miracle that part isn't Mecca. I go back to where when I was this small trial. There'll. My parents. In 45. We're talking about the story on the radio news about how. You oppose it crashed there it is they called it at route well. And then of course the leader of the army denied it but I thought this through the interstate and I was excited that they said the people out there not just. And then in 1952. Will we had in July. We edit series in the United States and Washington DC you have. You have boas flying over the nation's capital information. There are several nights. That maybe newspaper stories all over the nation as you can imagine. That it turns on terror and people govern. Hope it would die out and started it. And they're scientists say it was. Won't guess similar flight that peace is something. That the people decide. Knew darn well what we all get. Back into. Iowa we're gonna we're gonna get into a lot more of that we're gonna take a quick break and a lot more to come elicited Jason NG beyond beyond her elegant revealed that. Yeah to reduce tensions during the program as well there's a number of them that continued to join. Beyond reality radio Stanley as affiliates. If there's one in your area carrying the show and you enjoy hearing the show on that station let them know about it that helps us helps you helps them. Also if it's station in the area that doesn't carry you think they should we are asked we answer sir I'm Christian and comes to now pull up in front with signs and protein as they things solar windows thinks make sure they know. But the runway there that don't don't arm reset I don't yet we never sees that fifth welcome back to the show anyway are decimated doctor Richard Boyle and he's an expert on star visitors in star nations and before the break we had asked how long he's been aware of their presence and their visits Haitians. And Richard you had said that there are a couple events. During the course of your childhood that really need me Jews stand up and take notice as to what was going on one of them of course was the Roswell incident. The other was the formation of alien spacecraft that flew over Washington DC so these things happen to you on any major open your eyes pick a story from there. Yeah this was for the UFO coverup people would forget there they are old enough remember there was a time. When he was okay do it now insist that there were you oppose sightings. We expect in the forties. 1940. But the government it didn't put in the cover up especially after that fire over of craft over the nation's capital. In that. Night after night in his 1952. And so they ache every bit up but to. I'm I'm gonna that old generation that know better than to believe the cover up because. We were around on it and still legal to believe that you oppose and to acknowledge them and given any papers and there were you look folk clubs where people were put out chairs Carol on it. But the papers so receive it seemed flew overhead. So it was very normal. And yet it's silly speech at those days. And then they cover up try to. Greek official ridicule and people packed away from. Yet. They try to make it seem like everybody who talks about UFO's possible aliens. Com is is crazy but now. With these is with these star visitors to the U you claim to be able to connect with. Have you ever asked them about the fly overs that happened that way back then over DC. Well I don't know that particular topic came up that you know they. Been playing a flyover sent over various places that the strategy seems to be here if that happens and in I guess it's government influence on the media that the story gets localized to the town where it actually happened then. And maybe it makes the paper there that not doesn't go on national wire services and. But when it comes down to them actually flying over the White House that would almost that would home seat in our DC general. That would almost seemed as. Either and emits and intimidation factor or. Just pointed to do that is trying to put the word out there for for something for a reason. How will lose weight back. And start visitors. Start nations had representative come. And talked to world leaders say about earlier people working your world peace or friendly. You know trying very very honored to grow up and realize there's a much bigger world out there were part of it and let's. Each friendship and get acquainted. Let's and explicitly this happened to president Eisenhower. In the the early 1950s. And he. Well it's summoned to eighty got meeting with them. Muir dry lake what we now call Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert in California. And several prominent citizens accompany him along with usual government. Officials accompanying a president. And they saw him go up to this crafting go inside and talked with the people there this particular races. To trips are also started visitors. But very human like looking. He wore very tight fitting countries that. They were particularly in the like looking in not. Different like this data is there appear. Racists and people see often depicted. And they told him when I just said that they would like the whole world to know this into. Develop the friendly attitude and but the government leaders to continue to meet with the start visitors about arranging ways to. Make. This truce. Known and can share information them. Do what we might call today cultural exchange mission etc. But I Eisenhower says that people are ready. Give me. Well time has passed. You know that was. As safe 53 yet look up they expect your pit you talk a little bit pieces here we are in 2018. Or we're half century has passed him the clock still ticking and the government leaders are still keeping mum on this. All but then that brings into question the whole idea if that if these stars visitors are able to be here that you. Be able to fly over DC and the EG being shot out of the sky which you'd think would be. Something that would happen. On and they want everybody to know why haven't they just said the hell of that whole that whole the government everybody and we'll just let people know on oral. Libya especially knowing that the governments and I'm almost our country out there have some corrupt or secret. Agenda or reason for keeping me keeping all this hidden for months. Well the have visitors are part of I hired civilization them and the people bird is a year. What we might consider delicate in their feelings and not wanting to seem heavy handed or ham handed doer of forcible. They were hoping to get corporate voluntary cooperation from the leadership on earth to. This unfold in the open and quiet of formal and friendly way that. The lid has been kept bouncing so that hasn't happened but. I will end it that. Recitation of delay with this. Game. I personally gotten very. Tired waiting over the years and I start to various people inside government. In the military and intelligence. Fairly. Everybody knows what the story is that nobody. What if nobody. Itar dues in a position to make it happen. And people at the top of government leadership still want to keep the lid on. So I practiced very nations about. You know enough with this. Peace. Com patient gradual approach it isn't getting anywhere. That they cover up is almost seventy years couldn't and counting. And I say what we need to it is. Eighty demonstrations. That cannot be you know I cannot be suppressed not be kept off television or at the Internet. And there was some back and forth dialogue in what we. Came to an agreement about is that start nations will position. Clique so they're star ships filling the skies over fide major cities all on the same day and night. Five cities would be LA. Minneapolis. Nashville. Monterrey in Mexico. And London. Same date same night and when that happens in the you'll stay up there for fourteen hour. Now today's world people cannot fail to notice. If it's dark it'll be described filled with lighted ships. And is stateside vacancies if ships out there. And that we will open up their cellphones and taking pictures and shipping them to their friends and maybe the press in the all over the world. And you'll pull cover up will be deficit. Darn Ella at that point. And that the public will insist. They'll leadership telling them you know. They're up there you can't deny their rep here what's going until wants. You know what's gonna happen next to them and you know are they are in view that we need to know. And the government's going to be in their very. Uncomfortable position of eventually being. Forced to acknowledge. Decade in decade so. Quiet secret contacts. With. That's what. Start visitor. Representatives who've come. And try to dialogue and. 'cause. There are people who are. Who don't are sitting on this information about what the government knows and has known for decades. And once the cover is blown they will come forward because. There secrecy goes there are no longer. Valid. And you folk hero will be over and the government's will be seen to have. Not treated their. People well by. Keeping him away from the truth. Now and I and I understand that but. Just Jews to a question and then I know we get a take a break but right so first first one would be I mean if if ships just showed up in the sky of course it would be amazing. But again the government let's just say well look aliens are real and not ever have to disclose that they knew anything about it in the past. Well they may not that there are people alive then and recently departed. Written books about what they knew. People like doctor Michael Wolff are colonel. Oh of course so. Army. Who. Describe their experiences talking with them in their official roles says military and intelligence representatives of the government. And there are plenty of others in that position to want this secrecy is gone who can step up to the might can say what they know how long it noted. So than just be able to yeah essays it's all happened. And one other thing. On will do what date is this. Gonna out. 54000. Dollar question. So I get the impression is this year ID they do not have the exact date. That is not being given to me. I think it is servicers are watching world events. And trying to find out a window of relative calm and peace. Two. Put on this display. Sort of be. Competing for. And with Tora. Lead news story time with some horrible at the door. War breaking out something's so they have to find the right opportunity. It is coming. I would imagine that so when it happens to be very few news stories that could actually take the front page away from that particular event. We're gonna continue our conversation with doctor Richard Boyle and he is an expert on star visitors and star nations his website is doctor Boylan. Dot com it's BO YOKEN. Dot coms a lot of great information and a lot more calmer and take a quick break you're listening Jason GP beyond reality radio. I. From the active so once hailed as being the next Beatles but they had that one album which had basically one mega hit. You can kind of color one hit wonder all the a couple of other songs on the album pretty good how many bands are on the that's a special and a date based city rollers of the that's the kiss of death. Thing to say about a band going meeting has been carrying and somebody that you can't compare to it's like saying so and so's. GCs like the next Jesus Christ he's ahead he's like I can live up to that are exactly welcome back to the show everybody we have agree we're going on we're talking with doctor Richard boy when he's an expert on star visitors and star nations. His website is doctor that's not spelled out its DR they abbreviation for doctor doctor Boyle and dot com. And that Richard I wanna they ask about one of the things that we had intended to talk about just gonna get it established here to tell us about the diplomatic mission. That was established in 2017. What is it in what's its intention. Well start nations is ready Keiko the minute. The leadership and hurt his ready to engage them in dialogue game. What we Michael diplomacy and Nina central. So. Being. But authorize C yes that was sort of a stern nascent diplomatic mission. Since you that they've worked with very closely on my team that is kind of the core of that on net. Her side or at least it's the bridge you folks. Ultimately. He. Objective is to. Get to eighty. Treaty of peace and friendship. Agreed done and signed between the United Nations since start nations starting patience is ready to go. It's the UN it needs to. The greeted that treaty it signed from her side if you will. And then they are prepared to follow through where. Ongoing series of engagements. Indian cultural relations and scientific. Relations since they've envisioned things like. Setting up. Experience and it's cultural. In that is where people can come and meet with start visitors can learn about the various races out there and and making get a better feeling for the various people signer and lower life. Do these centers for scientific information exchange. There will be O. Workshops for exposition by area. Very nations. Representatives. Talking about what they. Believe that. The spiritual matters. What they understand to be the case of what we call. Astronomy. Physics. And advanced. Quantum reality and so forth. You know the usual BAA it as it is cultural and you can exchange. Ultimately they would like his setup as it is an arrangement where. People. Who would like to volunteer to. Could take a trip to one of their class to see what it's like those. And conversely. A would like to have. Human to grieve for them to. Have some of their people come and visit various countries and. What should we. I believe we have to take a break here but I believe you wrote recently about one of the something that is actually happened already where. A dying planet has sent to a number of their residence or if you wanna call them them other species I guess. To live on earth as a way to avoid extensions so we'll talk about that when we come back as well there's a lot to cover our phone lines will be open. In the next Howard 8446877669. Are you listen Jason dvd on relative really. Yeah yeah. Yeah this past summer. On average price of Jason cause it was arson chief each ounce so is someone in need beyond reality radio chat room is asking about the beyond reality radio coffee mug in do we ship internationally and the answer is yes we do. Domestic shipping these included in the price if you're looking for an order to work. A foreign country and yes candidate is a foreign country moans and little weird. International shipping news is quoted so just the a's have to contact the fact we'll see we'll get sweaty as sleek. Slick Eddie hints that check report to address that question because. It is an important month. Hey welcome to the show are ready to get snow that we shipman and yet he can coffee and that would be really that you can get that coffee from deadly grounds. Brick company but the skirts they are really really good the coffees amazing. We've got a great show for you tonight doctor Richard boy when is an expert on the star visitors in the star nations. And we're talking about what they're doing here what they want from us or with us and how all that works. A we've also got some great shows coming up the next few days. Tomorrow right Serra Weisman who is a visionary spiritual teacher will be talking about what the secret is to. Awakening have you wondered about your life's purpose. She's a visionary spiritual teacher. A popular daily OM contributor and novelist award winning author of should be on the program messages from the defined as her book. And it's wisdom for the seekers soul that was just released actually about a month ago. And Wednesday were going to be talking with Michael hole. He's a ripper colleges now I learned a whole new thing that has nothing to do with having a module and certainly like that it's about Jack the Ripper so but non serious known Michael wrote a great bulk. And we're going to be talking about all the evidence that he's he's really found him and his thoughts and in its can be very uninteresting dismay she tuna. Yet it's going to be great when the phone numbers 8446877669. If you would like. To join our conversation. Again our guest is doctor Richard Boylan and to Richard we are talking about the diplomatic mission that was established last year. And the meaning of it and the intentions of it but I wanna back up because you've used some words you've talked about you view yourself being. An ambassador maybe it was a counselor and with both words have been used. Tell us what that means is that an official. Title orders that a title used just to explain your relationship. And when did you start communicating with the star visitors and start nations. Well it's counselors and official title of that that you. Our nation issues for. The designee who is the proprietary representative. Prominent but given civilization. To the council. Each start nations sit in the council being roughly the equivalent of the media. UN general assembly in other words representatives. From all these. Member and so civilizations member and have it it plants send each a representative. Two. Meet and do problem solving and planning and. Intensive purposes. The stern nations organization. So. I often use it interchangeably. With the ambassador because ambassadors. The human word for a representative. Of the nation our people. Disparities and pieces counselor because they're high cut it is cup remains a member of their high console. So that candidate capable. As to. Your other question about how far back an idea. What. In communication with them. Yeah when did when did you start communicating with them. I. Well. There have been various occasions. It stirred up more informally. You have couple friends who. Are very adept at. Telepathy. Which is their preferred. Form of communication mine to mine night using. Language. And when I was first engaging with this at the start visitors argues that. Help from. A couple of quiet associates who are very good at that I've become a little better over time that there they were way ahead of me so. And it crutch start but there helped arm. Dialogue back and forth. I had however. Start visitors should show up in person. Incredibly. And if you words so. As you call them third party. This goes back to. And it had. Our visitors coming to them sweat lodges when I was working with. To put this to. Spiritual. Leader who led. Sweat lodges. He was the so our keeper at the guest star visit disparate nations specialist for the Dakotas to try to. The yanks and Sioux reservation. And Luke when whereas that clutch. Certain is that they were coming in from time to time and and we would get a message. So there's been various ways that it had dialogue. But. And occasionally Davies and put words in my computer. Why him. Going along typing. So. This goes back several decades now. So things to boost along quite aways. Yet they you know one of the you know obviously if news is if I was. Whether I'm sitting in my computer or I am receiving a message telepathically horse or a star visitor shows of my door mean that's got to be a kind of a ground breaking day. How did they pick Q while old what were you doing something that caught their attention. Or did you pursue seek them out what was the mechanism by which this whole thing started for you. Well. They taught me I didn't see them I'm what can apply for the the they get. Used to them. I close friend as. That he had intermediary. And basically laid do you want. Are you willing to be our representative. At that point where it went well known war. I'm youthful lecture circuit firm specializing in started patients matters. And services commanders and with a lot more dignity and a without some of the hype and hold them. Welcome throws that you're both conferences that it like that. And I'll give you a deeper answer. Wish it involves understanding. The reality of reincarnation. What I kinda understand is that in any previous site I was. And exit threat. To our visitors will myself. And that was done. Now is that that they counselor one of them that. Members representatives. Ambassadors. Western nations are console. And at some facilities that eventually got to be out. In their head of the their counsel. For many years. And what I. Finished my wife says this start this sit there and reincarnated as a human. They they kept track. Mean are interpretations. And saw my presence. Here on merit. As an opportunity. To. As someone. Food and open distinct new lady is in their corner. And so what they've hit the outreach it was. Coming from that particular point of view. Or let's turn to our phone lines here we do have some questions from listeners is his Tyler calling in from Kentucky. They Tyler welcome to the show. It's Tyler there was this idea aren't age and on your radio so don't get back to. So Tyler is turning down his listening device and you really don't OK which question time. OK so. Basically. Com there of course been speculation throughout. These start visitors have helped in. Certain wonders of other such as the pyramids. And I'm just kind of wondering at what point in history did we have the societies are dismissing the idea of these are visitors. And when did we start trying to covers. It's a great question so far understand Tyler correctly saying if they helped us build things like the tournaments clearly there were some coordinated interaction between humans and we start visitors and I must have ended it some time. At some point when we started to for small mom believed they were here second united knowledge they were here thirdly covered up in the case of many governments. What what what's the answer to that Richard. Well apparently is correct that the start visitors have interacted with society for a long time. You know very shallow pop you beautiful lower would have all of that start in nineteen. 47 when you'll folk crafts in Roswell with it is not the case. The start visitors had interacted with. Human society from the beginning. Yes news there was some helpful in this game with the Egypt and cultures ancient Egyptian culture in in. I don't think that built the pyramids that having an understanding. About this whole life is like. After debt then reincarnation. Will serie. Ideas that. I says he one of the counselors. The our nation's. I console. Came down and went among the Egyptian people it as a teacher and she was seen as we've got. Because she was so events. That all the mental category they had four. That she cut them into we would call spirituality. And understanding. Good morality and right loading. And also things like medicine and healing. Techniques then and things like. Two. Work with sound and energy in preparation to get these heavy stone incident took place. But there interaction goes back much far bigger than that. Him. Almost all the ancient regional. Civilizations in cope designers that had interaction with the start visitors. Is. Section out of my web site that talks about. The. Very it's. Roll sort of start visitors and human development and Tyler and that is can go to that several starters. Human development. And I get and I fault there but I really immunity that sixty port dollar question. Answer. That we have the human race. Did not just the ball yet we evolved. I'm primate. Stopped. Up to a certain high level. The Serb visitors came by and saw that there was. You know well developed. Physical plant it and that yet. It has evolved species. 01 of which was. Suitable for intelligent life to get how this finished with a little genetic tinkering. And so they did what we would call Centene slicing genetic engineering and if you little. And eventually. That meant that brought forward in a media. Primate that was at a bigger brain case. The competitive skills and walked up Greg. And they kept tinkering a bit. About 275000. Years ago they began this work. And got the original. Human. Intelligent enough. Going and then about a 100000 years ago they came back and it'll Mort here etiquette upgrading. And what we now call home well it is Sapient Sapient smug man. Emerged from net. Upgrading. And so are very. Existent system and toad species. If you would have happened given enough millennia. Naturally that they. Extensive process. We. Moved it along faster than. This a random evolution might have done. Are able we need we need take a break but when we come back actually we've got a lot more questions so. You'll listen Jason javy Dioner Elena. Last sentence it's. Segment here our guests and start to return more than remembering him in again after the next break and we just don't have time do him justice here but his website is doctor Boylan doctors abbreviated doctor Boylan. BO YLAN dot com. Not only I can get information about his work their Richard Carlson find his books links to his books like the human star nations connections start kids the emerging cosmic generation and in many many others in check or a lot of web site. And if you have great question for our guests feel free to give us a call at 8446877669. Dental treated for 46877669. He haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality Marie elect FaceBook page for us then had to be under really radio dot com. The final station to air across the country. This is costly being updated so check it often can also download the free iPhone an injury to operate there ritualized listen live cash past shows on the go. I'll or just any time were alive feel free to just click the pop up but in the operating corner that a connected or online chat we can listen to show lying and now with a bunch of us so. So it was good times are we're gonna take quick break a lot. More to come listen Jason GP. That's on the line if by Bloomberg. What does it mean. Honestly it's just make sure of it rhymes the next step at a candidate this I don't think just Andy's act. Are you there are real word economy it's Islamist leaders are created and you're trying to fit girl so I was listening to a prince song today. And those heat three through word demand and has made no sense but it rhymed with tonight's lineups like current order yet creative. Liberties with those English very does that vary but. If someone one of our international listeners and the UK wants to explain if that means something we'd love to know. A welcome back to the show everybody doctor Richard Boylan is our guests tonight he's an expert on star nation and start visitors. We also call them extra pressure rolls. And we've got a lot to talk about an hour times turning to run short. Richard I wanna kind of move the conversation a little bit because you mentioned earlier. About this coordinated effort to make a statement by B star nations and and over five cities. Three of them in the United States one of them and Mexico on one is London in the UK. There's going to be a display. Is this display meant to intimidate. Is it meant just to make their presence known. And what do you think the public reaction is going to be with. With this is it going to be one of fear panicked or. Calm acceptance. Well it appears display it's going to be hard to miss and hard to ignore. Their intention is certainly not to intimidate quite the opposite there is very. Anxious to try to avoid. Creating fear and then they want to make. It is very clear that they come in peace and the display will be. The ash craft moving around in the sky at. The purpose of it. All right you think context is they're trying to bust the youth vote over. And that will certainly do it in matches that effort itself as. And it. Getting rid of an obstacle to. People beginning to take it seriously. That we're not alone that their ear. And that we need to be talking and learn more about each other. So that that is the core agenda. And it's gonna lead to other things as we've. Talked about. Formal diplomatic relations between stern nations and the United Nations. At a more cultural level learning centers. Cultural exchange. Senators where people can meet each other. Various earth stations and very disparate nations. And they eventually exchanged trips. Given volunteers going to another world see what they're like can come back and help folks that. Yeah I I need to ask you a little bit about that to you mentioned earlier that so you know there's hope that one day. Them. Humans can travel to one of their home planets in and see what. It's like. Get a feel for what that's about but in order to do that based on the distances involved there must be some serious technology involved do you know anything about. There technology in their ability for obviously faster than the speed of light space travel. Well a little bit it involves him. Quantum physics and the abandoning the space time. Basically and I am no physics which is. To be sure that as I understand that they basically. Used terms to get used. Jump in diapers base in take a shortcut through space and time. And then. Come back down into what we would be pleased to call treaty reality. And in new location that. As they. And they treated and taken short that it doesn't take. You know like year after light years to get there. It because that obviously I don't know what physically how they error. Make up handles that type of travel but we know that humans would have little bit difficult to that particularly was with the distances in the time involved you are. And no I think about this to what some of the aspects. Working with bending gravity. As they do. Is that they've solved the problem of ownership let him get taken a Puerto. As they did in her millimeter disk and does sit around in the skies 88 yard plastered against the back wall. You know. Wish because it's going so terribly fast. They've created it it mastered the problem ownership so that everybody is that any need to sit down here. And kind of stepping it's like yours any nearly Europe there's no sense of being. Earl about probably. So. By the same token. The jump seat space time. And people I've talked with have been access trips. You do well. There's no. Censored by nature. I am sure you heard here. Disorientation. It. He did it feel like. You're writing and it. Yeah have you done this is Richard have you been on one of these trips. I. I have been on board and I've gone up. I have a good as far as I know gone interplanetary. Been into near space. And. It's you know it's it's just. Matter that see you Michael beard in the lounge of a 747. That you probably have more sensation. Speedy and it's so important says then you wouldn't want a piece. Anti gravity craft. Tell us about start start kids and star seats. Now my favorite topic in this Ghana. Well we talked a little bit earlier about. Creative evolution in visitors coming in using genetic engineering to kind of push the envelope. He evolution. Faster than it would have been normally and move. From. People with their knuckles on the ground of the struggle two up right and tossed him being. If intriguingly years of major. Genetic upgrading. In this human stories since the start visitors. Came and worked with. Our ancestors sections. I already spoke about the first one where they took. And best prank eight. More more developed than Lucy here yes so that it isn't and mood that genetically in the first human. Then the receipt. Upgrade it 200000 years ago commodity given almost as if it means that in the let. Over the last several decades they've got a third wave of genetic upgrading. We have we have the planet full of regular humans. Starting in this seventies and eighties didn't end much or in the nineties and and and so. There have been. A new breed of upgraded. Human. One that I quality start is sort stirred heated dough spinning on a hole they are. Where it. They didn't look into an increase much like regular humans but they have. Additional abilities or they have them more strongly than their regular human wit. Particularly in the areas so intelligent. And not always you know bringing IQ some of the intelligence takes the former. Intuitive intelligence. Kind of. Learning. Through new means of getting answers that don't just follow the probably. That's straight line path that tend to jump around. And put. Things to give it that. When they're put together. And new. Technology verges. These kids they have abilities. And we would call striking. Down. Things like mental telepathy. Ability to eat shape actually and is it fair dealing. He's. And media. Gertrude C. Eric it. Question air. Which I encourage people out there intrusive in this two. Look at on my web site. The can often. Know what's happening before it happens. It has some of the better that start kids can move six mental concentration. This mental energy if you will. They can see things happening somewhere else. And know about it what had and it traveled there to. See it and learn about it. They can. Engaging. Mental dialogue with. Our visitors. Some of them are quite good it engaging mentally with their pets know what they're thinking and feeling. The NCR is around people many of them. And even get information from those are as such as how the person's health is doing or what kind of mood they're in. Or. Are they have good energy or bad energy penetration you should avoid. We have done workshop with these start his sister he's who's done things like safety diagnosis where you and a read your hands above their other person's energy field. Maybe three or four in just talk there about eight. And just kind of read didn't find it there's just it's still hurting and he needs. Healing. He's Derek is and levitate ahead of by the tell me about her daughter who is meditating and came in to their room and there are garner was several inches above the ground. As seated position. They. Sometimes peace. It didn't he is mentally influencing on another person just aren't concentrating their. Eighty. And sometimes cause. Time to get. Faster or slower. And make his trip at the faster than it normally would. In kind of bending space title bit the way star visit aircraft student. This at a personal level of just. Working with kind of make it. Earlier in terms of not taking so long to get something done. Someone can. Tell it's thinner it's about to happen or human disaster like our credit. And start is very it is. How many of these stored kids aren't there. Well. Good question. Get view area. And in this calculation. A little while back but it's a pretty. Good numbers. Percentage wise. Com. Because they ages. Because they these alternatives have been working with humans for several decades now. Obviously there are more. Younger Turkey is now because. That work has been going on and system. Of the older churches have grown up and take what is themselves and so he's. Cancer Mort bands. But I make it there sample and and tested for Eric it energy. From. Infants up to a couple twelve years old and over 90% of the kids that start kids in that teenagers. About 80%. Of adults say. Up to 29. Two periods. Young middle adults thirty to 45 year old range. Of 45% not quite half. Middle aged persons in the 45 to sixty crowd one in five. Senior citizens about one Nader starts seat. There you see at first there were so many. But now. Most of the kids. Being born in and growing up our. Our kids so it doesn't mean they're all awake and aware and one of the reasons I'm. Quite anxious that that you look for cover up come off and the that are prince put on this display in the whole world knows they're real. Is that that's gonna wake up about start it is safe level and so. All my life and kept myself in the park because I didn't want anybody know I had these strange abilities is strange things happening to me. So is it is it fair to say that we have people on the program all the time that have psychic abilities we have people on the program and have pre cognitive abilities are remote viewer these are these. Start kids are star. Children. The MR let me say this because. We as they have been very heated back. The first batch. Kinetic development. With a picture of starter visitor genetics with. Human error primate. Are craving genetic. And then the other modern humans. A 100000 years ago oh that would that change came in. And even Richard bland just our visitors jeans with a human. And now the start is very even richer recipe. They want to get interest rates so that it. This is intelligent species Gunner. Would be sufficiently advance that it would not make the mistake this happened on some planets where they use here. Scientific and other acknowledged to to destroy. Themselves or the climate. So. We are at that stage now where. And try to do a global. Assessment of the world population. And. Yeah well we're not gonna have time to get into that drugs this time Richard coups were really at the end of our discussion here aren't you know it's been a fascinating conversation. And I think there's a lot of talk daily. Right now over half the human race's start conspiracy. I'm. Okay the website again is doctor Boylan and dot com doctors abbreviated DR boy when the spelled BO YE LA and and does a lot of information on their include a lot of a lot of Richard work and I access to his books and much much more. Comfortable and it's been a pleasure talking you only look forward to talk communion at some point. Very good suspend that nice evening and I would shoot Jason gave you all the best and I hope your field continues to grow. All of thank you very much meant. Thank you and I just have been no we've had some people on hold these are gonna get a chance to get to these phone calls we've got to take a quick break. We'll be back to wrap things up beyond Leo great to listen to. Mean it's true that's for sure that it's that time. Are all big shot Augusta doctor Richard Moline for coming. Hang our oldest nine talking to us about all star nations and start children start visitors and so much stars. So and then tomorrow name issued tumor going to be talking to Sarah wise men. Visionary spiritual teacher. And we're going to be talking about secrets to a weakening in if he did if you ever wondered about your life's purpose and so much more. If you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page for us. Meant to be on reality radio dot com we find all our stations we guarantee it's free apps. We can listen right from the website he Donald the show from iTunes or anywhere else to this affair under leveraged read it for us. Helps push forward makes it easier for people to find that's what it's all about this and it do for us tonight's Jason GDB unreality radio can chill tomorrow and. And the only news tastes good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. It's something we don't really read news distribute then yeah. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face the agency hello and Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason host hello and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson following. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talked to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality review dot com thanks for listening.