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BRR psychic experiment & Ashley Farmer from Horrorchicks

Jun 21, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson conduct a simple psychic experiment with the listeners. Later in the program Ashley Farmer, founder of a group called Horrorchicks joins the program to discuss that group's mission. 6/20/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. The program it's beyond my own renewing Jimmie Johnson Jason is off tonight. And who we back country is correct tomorrow or servers and it whatever he'll be back it was comes back. So we'll look forward to that as well. I'm glad you're along with me we've got a very very interest in program lined up for you tonight Sarah wise men will join us she's a visionary spiritual teacher. It should be talking about what's the secret is to spiritual awakening and have you wondered about your life's purpose. I do particularly now. And shall shall talk about that she's a visionary spiritual teacher popular dear old daily Owen contributor and a novelist award winning author. And shall answer these questions. And talked about how she does that and more in her new book called messages from the divine wisdom for the secret soul that's all tonight on the program. We'll invite your questions in the second half of the program. On our. Tall free phone lines and 8446877669. Looking ahead in the week just you know what we've got coming up we'll be talking like Jack the Ripper tomorrow night with Michael holy he's a ripper colleges. That's a discipline and I didn't know existed but apparently do this. At the time of the white chapel murders in the autumn of 1888. There is this suspect called doctor Francis tumble T. He was arrested in London on suspicion that they didn't have enough evidence. Are we talking about that and other aspects of the famous Jack the Ripper killings in London any team mediate so. A lot of stuff coming up on the program we've got things for you at the website if you wanna check it out it's beyond reality radio dot com. Specifically the beyond reality radio coffee mug last man in our chat room. We had a I chatter ask about getting the mug overseas well actually he was in Canada so technically that is an overseas but it was international nonetheless. The mug is includes domestic shipping if you buy it online. If you're international always do is contact decimal get a special international shipping quote for you and you cannot get among them. And that mug makes coffee taste fantastic. I'm a big hello to everybody listening on. One of the great radio stations that carries a program throughout the country that was continues to grow we're very very pleased about that and thank those stations and the listeners that support those stations. If you're listening through the app welcome to YouTube and I'd also like to welcome all the people that listen to this program as a download I happen to know. That number is huge. Because whenever we guide. Player pre recorded program a best of if you will when we're taking a night off off for whatever the reason happens to be lately in the latest one was because of scare con. We don't update the podcast because it's an old show that thirty doubles a podcast we don't re issue it as another podcast but we get. Emails and texts and FaceBook messages and everything else people asking. Why there isn't a new episode so thank you for your passion for that and thank you for doing that because we enjoy listening. Even though on it is the recorded version not the life version if you do listen to live show. Feel free to join the conversation in our chat room you can do that by downloading the app on your Smartphone ordering Iran on the web site. You can also come over the YouTube channel. We're doing has some YouTube stuff I javy Johnson that's my YouTube channels kind of cool William stream get a chat. We've got a video feed of the studio felt kind of fun Omnia we just trying to make an exciting year. By the way if you're keeping track I tried like keep an idea on what's going on with these national days of you know on the national hot dog day the national Pete today you know so I want it to the food ones via. As a problem has got on it happens to be national American Eagle to eagle day. That is June 19 in case you're wondering we just crossed into the twenties here on the East Coast but June 19 was national American Eagle they also national ugliest dog. Day if you got an ugly dogs celebrate pet dogs face. I see some ugly dogs you know the funny thing about dogs is the uglier they are they cute they are and how that works but it's true. On June 21 coming up here and and about 24 hours as the summer solstice will be prepared for that. That's the day that the the in in the Northern Hemisphere anyway that the daylight is longest and the ninety shortest in minister is going the other way. As we work through summer get into fall and yes that traded season. A winter it's always right there on the corner it seems. Our discussion with sir wise general tone will serve pretty soon here but I just wanna mention that it toward the end of the program I'm going to take a few minutes out. And revisit our psyche experiment we've been done this in weeks and I just realizes I'm looking at playing cards sitting here that we haven't. So what will do toward the end of the program we'll try to take the last ten minutes maybe fifteen. And I'm gonna draw a new playing card because we've had the same card forum and a month and a half on and know how long anymore and start over. We're gonna drive new playing card and give you an opportunity to call and and use of what might be psychic abilities may be they are remote viewing abilities. Maybe it's just a simple gas but either way give you an opportunity to tell me what card I've drawn from the deck and I'm looking at and thinking about and if you get it right. You have but we'll have a special gift for you think you'll be a teacher this time round. Almost ended up to. But it's pretty tough to get at the first time runs this this specifically can this be notes pretty quickly picked caught the calls were rapid succession succession happens pretty fast. So a lot of great stuff coming up on the program including our conversation with Sarah Wiseman that is all straight ahead on. Beyond reality radio don't go away the past sir. We hit each. I was an ER and had my eye on this hot Anderson's ground glad I had my wish you each deal along for the ride. They'd buy Pampers back and now I'm getting some ground they kiwi seen HD. Which city to use the latest in new technology to harness the power of that in the real planes and grant your wish not just do normal. I needed money and fast. I just use my wish today's game. Seven chase thanks again thank you wish they state. They're crap go wish she'd HD guaranteed to grant your wish in stunning HD. The crap we should HD is not guaranteed grant and KG hungry I just heated up a couple potatoes here let me grab mine in the microwave no Chafee don't. My mom myself. Don't let this happening you Brett goes it's umbrella is the perfect protection for the perfect and finger. The crypto umbrella is made up of high quality heat resistant asbestos and perfectly suited to handle the most dangerous jobs just don't breathe here. He used the umbrella for. For apple to get some protection while using matches during coffee sunbathing near the pool changing spark plug tingling kiln fires ceramics and so much more and how about those romantic candle lit dinners in the UBB. It yeah. Don't worry and provide protection thanks umbrella. The umbrella usually. Sells for 2995. But pulled now and we'll triple you'll order. One for Pete's not the end we reported today crap global donate thirty seconds to safety seat the forgotten them international. The craft umbrella is the only seed do you approve some protection device on the market that isn't your thumb worth it. The crap go some relish not. Not be considered some protection device and is legal in some states. It's. Our side and we're having more trouble getting her guests here I guess Sarah Weisman is just unreachable the moment so working turn a switch gears. A little bit. We've got two and we're gonna start the psychic experiment right now so this is how it works I'm going to draw a playing card from regular 52 card debt this is an opportunity for you to eight. Demonstrates. Whether or not you have psychic abilities doesn't always work doesn't work on command like that but maybe. Media remote viewing capabilities you can use those. Or maybe you just wanna guess at what part of it is you get of one in 52. I'd chance and it gets better return some guesses wrong on so it's pretty simple we're gonna give give away teacher. So the numbers 8446877669. And you call in just wait on hold and we will allow you to you know have your chance of trying to figure with his hardest. In the meantime we're gonna continue to reach work on reaching our guest slick Eddie is frantically trying to. Tracker down Serra Weisman is scheduled beyond tonight's talk about her book. Messages from the divine wisdom for the seekers soul and as we look ahead tomorrow night Michael Hawley who is a ripper apologists. He's gonna talk about Jack the Ripper lot of pretty cool stuff surrounding that particular story as you know that is still an unsolved. Series of murders. That really gripped London in terror for quite a long time isn't a lot of theories out there so. I'm Michael Hawley will be talking about. That when we bring him on the program so once again if you wanna participate in the psychic experiment tonight start lining up the phone call city for four. 6877669. And going to pick me. Card in just a moment here and there will be we're gonna go to break and when we come back from break we'll start taking your phone calls. If you think you have psychic abilities this is not offered the opportunity to try in my home. If you think yes thank you if you think and that view I have remote viewing opera of the capabilities is has a chance for you to try that out. Or you just wanna guessed we'd guess we take we take guests. Guesses man as well I've got a guest on the brain here as we try to reach tests are Weisman so. 8446877669. Is the number and we will begin that right after the break it's beyond me. The. Didn't he didn't. She beats the crap go to fertilizer. Or you're duty do its duty with the crappy coach fertilizer turn regular helpful. 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True to them all why political heat stroke interfere with your backstroke use critical moment bombing came to start small. What do you show that children can continue to own sense that it's. Our whole crap goes to see you money. May not be right Mina theatrical hell. It may not even be equal to craft Golan bombings that you'll save on the way to the the greens Franco helping out the living so you can afford to dot com recommends that your. Kid to. Having trouble moment. We are having trouble. Getting all of our guests are Wiseman I'm not true there were going to be able to get a hold of her so we're gonna try a couple different things but the first thing we're going to do is our psyche experiment we have full phone lines right now. People ready to jump on this so we're gonna start taking those calls in just a moment. If you're not sure why this is what it's about. It's very simple I Droid card from regular playing card deck I'm looking at the card I'm focusing on the card. And if you think you have psychic abilities or remote viewing abilities or you just wanna guest call and I put you on the air at any given a shot if you get a bright we're gonna send you a teacher at this time around. Now if you get it wrong that's okay two on and people continue to call also has the phone lines open up you can call an 844. 6877669. If everything goes well tomorrow night we'll have Michael wholly on the program he is a ripper apologist an expert in Jack the Ripper. That is one of the biggest mysteries one of the biggest crime mysteries. To date. It's still haunts people people of nightmares of Jack the Ripper there's been a number of movies books TV series. A bunch of things based on the stories Jack the Ripper. Gruesome murders taking place in the late nineteenth century in London. So that'll be torrents program okay let's start with our psychic experiment here we're gonna go to Vince calling in from Denver paper then. Welcome to the program. Well thank you don't. Great now before you give us a shot that your nature guests here do you of consider yourself to be someone who's got psychic abilities. Com I wouldn't go to that floor. All right that's fair but so it would consider yours is going to be more of a guest sir do you read you begin to draw on something here what what's it going to be here. You know I'm trying to convince you that it sometimes. Strange thing seems so they're currently that in my life. Okay turn off Ocala. Right so why am I am focusing on the card here to regular playing card what do you see. It's not a native clubs Vince with thanks so much for trying let's go to Tom. Tom's calling in from Rhode Island hey Tom are you somebody to consider yourself to have some non psychic abilities. No more psychotic than I can live to emulate that we'll bring you re not all screwed we like those who looks on the programs that okay. I'm focusing on this playing cards you're gonna give and guess what you EC or you know I'd. Straightforward. But I'm not sure what that would suit if club for heart but I want to pick up. Missing fourth clubs yup that's not time but thanks so much of Conan appreciated. Thank you very let's try John. John from calling them to me John and before idea I'd take your call here I need you to turn down your radio or you were. Computer whatever it is you're listening on that forming here and we should come back. Johnny Johnny would mean. Okay and yeah I can hear you now so John do you consider yourselves to be someone. Who has cyclical mode June the disease. Who are. Really into detonate it but I never considered any insight now. Okay are able here's your shot I'm I'm looking at this playing card I'm focused on it. What do you see in or guests. Well I I sought to problem in my head I'm gonna pick and I'm gonna say the seventh diamonds. And that's not it that's on at the thanks I appreciate opponent John. All right all right so I don't know this this just call line is a mystery line here and slipped didn't give me information in the before I take that one. Owner reminder of the phone number it's 8446877669. I have to admit something. This whole slot psychic remote viewing experiment and I'm doing was inspired by the late and great. Art belt. RL east do something very very similar when he was host of the great program coast to coast. And I thought it was a fasten an experiment. He he actually had people that that seemed to be able to do this pretty well. Homeland and and in naked would seem to be easy for some people but it's certainly not easy by any means that you would do it a little bit differently. But it was the same. Basic experiment and as we continue to do this on the program over time. Bull evolve it into something more sophisticated. Okay America alliance fighter this is I'm not sure who this is online fighting could live on the font. At this carry your username and Terry somewhere again. Turning. It and city. Okay great notes do you consider yourself to be someone who's got some psychic abilities. Now not some expedite Unita had some creepy during that. Were like prophetic. Oh really like anything you can share lists. Did the strangest one I had was. Before 9/11 happened. Had a dream where. There were let there were playing it in Munich at the time it after right fox. The stage and that too considerate is in between the trade. Anyway I. That it would it would that dream where people are camping from airplanes. But keynote and that it would hostage situation but bench. Some escalator. In didn't look in the airplane which made no sense that we and I saw. The on city H I can't escalated the World Trade Center. It would hurt escalators. That Qaeda might. How how far we've Manson and how far in advance of the event did you have a dream. It was only six months. At a turning. I'll sort of money that that that particular port cities more excellent. Why did you win it. When you had that dream did you were you concerned enough for convince enough that it was prophetic that you reached out to anybody or is it just. He didn't make any sense. Time to do it would like I didn't get you know there was one thing you don't and escalators that are going knowing airplane. And so it didn't make any sense any until after the fact I don't like that would just some guitar. Yeah well that's pretty interesting any anything happened you similar sense any other. Prophetic dreams and now. No not not really. Dang well here's your chance to see if you can now to get a teacher and you speak I'm looking at a playing card I'm focused on Ed. And use what ever sensitivities do you think you might have or just take a guess and tell me what the carcass. Port. It's not it's not that thank you so much for your aims to thank you know we really appreciated okay that's fascinating actually. We've had several people. Call the program and and even with their gas surges still listeners calling in and talk about dreams or other type of prophetic. Occurrences that led up to 9/11 we even had you know that the indigo. Children discussion of kids that we're drawing pictures of what turned out to be Euro looked very very similar to when ended up happening on. Those it in a tragic events of 9/11 pretty amazing stuff. Are again the phone numbers 8446877669. If you wanna join us for our psychic remote viewing experiment. Let's go to Alec in Indiana Alec welcome to the program. Thank you for calling would you consider yourself to be someone who has psychic or remote viewing abilities. I don't know about now but when I was younger child my parents and told me some crazy things that I said to them that trig now one. Psychic type stuff about little. Really anything you can you remember enough to share with us. He my grandma I was watching my house one time about about five years old. And down I came out to her one time and say hey grandma mom and dad are here. And you should not about a on vacation outlet that now I know other ear can hear them that talk in meters they're Tommy to be states. And she let nobody out here and she walked around lunch again want to hear about. Well. I found out later that calm down around 3 AM on my top knocked out later that my parents were holding each other's hands and praying for my safety and talking to me. And a prayer. That I somehow heard. Across the states. Allow while a school. Anything happen sensor area it you know is this something that as you got older you recognize too was some some that would occur to you more often or did you just gonna fade away. I know we're at thank though it's happened to me about experience. I am weird phenomenon in my life you know I'll extra iron just. Not paying attention to it or not let it bother me but now we thought it was cool but you know. I'm not sure it's such steps attracted demeanor why it happened but you know it's just part of life. Yeah okay what's given a shot here I've been looking at a playing card it's one from regular to 52 card deck. Use whatever sensitivity you have gorgeous Ghassan tummy with the Curtis. No that's not yet but thank you so much for calling in and sharing your story with us we appreciate it. I can't thank you okay out our let's see who's next to give this a shot let's go to. Looks a Julie Julie's calling from New York he Juli welcome to beyond reality radio. Oh. Are you someone who consider yourself. To have psychic a remote viewing capabilities. On occasion that you know things little cultural. And to be Kerr actually. When does a scary you know when that happens. It now let's could that's good okay. So I have a cart in front of me I'm focused on and I'm really really concentrating. On it so what UC. I'm cheering for a stay this. No that's not bad but thank you so much for calling an alternative. Shatter. Your welcome. Remember we've got me. A T shirt on the line here for somebody could actually do this we're gonna take a break and when we come back we've got a lot of phone calls to get twos so we're gonna continue this is C a psychic remote viewing Experian and beyond reality radio. I'm Jamie Johnson again more coming up after the. The program whether. Actually harm returning to the top of the hour Serra Weisman is not going to be with us tonight when try to get her on twin another. Program on sometime in the near future we'll be talking about it's actually farmers group called horror checks. Going to be in recent conversation right now though we're gonna take your phone calls we're gonna try to see if someone can get this. Playing card in a remote. Viewing psyche experiment. This is Daniel calling from Indiana he Daniel welcome to the program. All right what do you see I'm so locust on this card lets see you get osment. And I'm sure I'll come. Across the English Channel won't help at all. What was open. That bell residents say religious unity is our. Targeted. What card. Home aren't that great. Yeah it's not it didn't give thanks so much for the call that. John from Texas a John welcome to the program. Good site good evening. Yes I'm focus on this plane card what are UC. It is an it is to reduce their use some on the Ted does psychic experiences before. And not particularly I think it probably included in net first inter are gonna get out there. I. OK well let's let's not that when this time but thanks for calling in John appreciated. Our let's go to Mike Mike is calling in from Missouri hey Mike welcome to the program. Whatever I'm okay thanks for the call here do you consider yourself to be somebody who has psychic or remote viewing capabilities. Darryl Ledbetter had dreamed that have come true of oppressed. Music Tomlinson reasons just moments and her. And it's probably had a pair do come out. It doesn't sound so how are. That's pretty significant anything that really stands out a story can share quickly. Most or the senate proposal almost traders over at their dream. Record and a visiting who are talking capital partners and these escrow three young men camera opens protest couscous which in their dog hair look go or collect preserve what we have a picture or look at. Don't commit similar to the car put a picture nick let me America remember that only a word permanent. In about a week later my gut and they're competent which has put everywhere converted does that offered. And we're walk in the park in the same car record although present and it. Ernesto. There. We hitching their can read that a picture of it would come look at it matchup number on. Wow sorry let's see if that any of that helps you get this playing card I'm focused on the cards from her her a million seek. That's not it but thanks Mike there are yet that your car and we appreciate it. Aren't that good yet thank you. Let's go to Lucy who wants to we have here we've got a long long long lane alone I can for for you know I've been trying to pronounce her name for years now and Manila lenient. Welcome to the show and also thank you very much for being a chat room so. We're gonna give you a shot at this now I think he tried this and on past cards now I don't remember me answer this question so do you. Considered it yourself to have some psychic or remote viewing capabilities. More attacks one psyche. Exterior and our experience in my mind that that's about it. Even then okay well. This may men may import your benefit 'cause nobody else seems to be able nudity they get it so I'm focused on this playing card. And EG to concentrate and many did tell me what you say. I think now who lit the serious. And that's not Elaine yeah that's on that let's take you so much for trying. Okay let's go let's see now who do we have this is. Daniel I think Daniel stride once for them and try again Daniel Joseph Cohen before. I'd do well that's right. We're gonna give you one more shot at your goals or. Man I'll hotel motel almost say it's. Not clearly large. That's not it but thanks so much for trying to second tied. OK so this is what we've got going on our original scheduled guest Serra Weisman cannot be here. So we have Ashley farmer joining us Ashley is the founder of a group called horror chicks. It's a way that says three friends can share their love for haunted houses. Horror movie special effects makeup and much much more it's in it's evolved into seventy women. Across the country. And we're going to be talking about that with Ashley farmer. When we come back from the break. In the meantime make trees start by V website at beyond reality radio dot com and look for the beyond reality radio coffee mug its rate they're for you to purchase. Domestic shipping is included in the price if you like to order overseas like our friend did last night in our chat rooms asking how we can do that not a problem. Just contact us. And we will give you a way that you know we'll give you some focus special shipping arrangements and we'll get to Monty that way so it's available to everybody. Also we have five great show coming up free tomorrow night we're going to be talking about Jack the Ripper that is going to be a fascinating conversation we're very very excited about that. So let's see we've got to your calls as well later in the program and 8446877669. At this point we're gonna take a break when we come back again Ashley farmer will be joining joining us to talk about. For a chance to be on Rihanna. It's beyond reality radio on Jimmie Johnson Jason is off tonight. And maybe tomorrow and rusher what is plans are tomorrow but we'll have come back at third by Thursday at the latest. We've got an interesting program lined up freedom and originally Cerro Weisman was going to join us to talk about her new book but she's unable to so. We've got Ashley farmer joining us in just a moment Ashley is the founder of a group called horror chicks. Which he can check amount on the website it's horror chicks it's HOR are all are in teacher a little bit confused chicks is spelled CH. IC KS dot com but this group was founded in 2012 is away for three friends to share their love of pointed houses horror movies. Special effects makeup. And such sense then it's evolved into seventy women who are sharing those lovable all those things and we be talking to her in just a moment. In the meantime on Burma and Bremer tomorrow we've got Michael Hawley joining us easy ripper colleges that somebody who is ace as steady over our researcher. A scientist or some sort of Jack the Ripper and he's going to be talking about the latest. In need the search for answers in that long unresolved and unsolved series of murders that took place in England in the late. Nineteenth century in London to beat Hewitt be specific. By the way will take your calls and if we have time we both. Resume our psyche experiment but to we will take your calls for questions. A freshly farmer to 8446877669. In just a little bit alike you know when those phone lines are open in the meantime let's go to our guests want to bring Ashley and Ashley welcome to be on reality radio I know was last minute we thank you for joining us how the heck are you. And actually really edit them panic even the FB and you're sorry now well. The little girl. A well were very very appreciative of you being here and be willing to be with a so first of all tell us a little bit about yourself before we get into. The discussion about four checks. And well. I'm 28 and fan Cleveland I let me inside out industry. I. I ain't gonna turn out in the street when I was nineteen years old. An element to it. Oh age and graduated from the Cleveland school idiotic engaging visual arts in the fact that he. I got a Fulbright scholarship. And then mayor of Cleveland retaliates. Yeah and. Oldest street children the oldest grandchild of 23 and less. Our power. So at what point at what point do you develop a love for horror movies haunted houses and things that other people did you know future shivers down the spine about. I'm not actually got me into Blair at a young age and he can say is I keep them now. She is really being here and those that care normal romantic spark. And then. Series handling the popular apple actually give me the books in the new reason so we don't have like but club they. When I was younger and you watch where maybe ten. Is one of the first thing I can remember watching like yep this definitely. Here nine years old. So I'm pretty set that. It'll emotion. Hi how they don't have him. Completely different story and really begin filming probably in nineteen and I was bound and actually care I have sciences. I need to be unpopular like that said I like going to the hunt Allison now looking anything. That won't change until I started working for a hundred house. And then and then at some point along the way in 2012. You decided to form this group called horror checks. I to have. Okay he's really different list in the to my house. And I know very David Anthony in the beautiful times together and ended up in the year party. We learn a little after the like Kiki you wake island off for the season. Emily is listening to music and we relate to me to have like a group means to callers felt something. Kid that's typical kid day we can't everyone has what it means being the hey. Picketing. So at that time there is that it has and I'm. So trains. All the trying to train sound old escape. Start playing like that fact that are critical that there it. Animated by looking at mainly. And not help at all. And actors like it can visit like going back and forth at least I won't query takes and they click. Dust pollen. Me and my the other girls Lehman and we backwards explained Pat Buchanan but it and it back. The talent these things he had like I can't patent shirt means. Perhaps little clip of her house and the other went home that was all that work for acts or behind Al Bieber flared. I can be kind of break that habit like these from one. Well I don't think being in Egypt because we'll be like are kind housing where we get back police call fouls from the time that we look at. And it just grew. In they look at that yet but now there's over injuring thirty. It. Yes he's grown I did that successfully within like the last. The last six months or so we have grown a lie back in February there was only about media. Neither of Saturn game area I think all of your country yep I'm in California we have them in Florida we have to match. While so I'm you know I died I read a description of what this group is but give me a better idea. You know what it means to be a member of the group. I'm being a member of the group hi Daryn the need. Winning that are only actual life and and to be graded in industry experience. Where we expect little CD. Quote and quote sexy or attractive. Necessarily scary. So I went and seen that and let them know that we can be just as scary as the back is there any industry. Thank you for us here at the attack different we use our team now make up artist he mound. So everyone's comfortable I expect them to be happening at first associate. I'm not expect them he is fit certain. Mold they can eat. Anywhere between eight and each team to 93. I think the older man barely had a 64. Yes definitely has. Average site spill mandate. Elderly man named Annie isn't IV positive in that empowering topic. That they played good about themselves in the guilt that they love and not worry about. Well I definitely do it because. They think that. I'm not attractive enough. I'm at Indiana land that young enough or I don't think animals that thing. Worry about having to be. Speculate or worry about having to deal acre or anything like that who. And they didn't have been. Caught on. So it all off and powering each other. Media. And finding sneaky peek each other makeup techniques and different how many teams have to look sweet green home. A lot girls will bring everything that they had been a little. Chance there on. Their past he means and fast as per other members to be different look for. Triple negotiate. And Australian powering of the women in the in the. So let me let me ask. I don't know if that is obviously -- you very very important part of the group in your mission. But let me ask you this in and forgive me if this is a night eve questioned because I'm not. In that part of the industries are not you know I'm a fan of that part of the industry and I'm not in it. On do you feel as though there have been barriers to women pursuing. Those roles in in horror film making. I. Definitely. Yes. And and like you know horror movie. The women you think they handled the stress not really and that really little of the care exec. He has like eighteen secretly how lean mean. Tired of that but it is polluting our colleagues they don't. The I mean that's where did we get the well commonly used terms scream queen from much is that there's a little demeaning itself but I. You know I don't I don't look at it that way because I think it's endearing to a lot of people as well but I understand. Getting a lot of people. Off a little quiet you may not. They don't. There trust ones out there that can handle there. Well let me ask you this then let me ask you this then and I don't mean to cut you off but we are going to be chart we're gonna be short on time and only get certain key points here there seems to have then at least maybe it was temporary in in this -- I'm not prepared. Asked this question entirely but I know enough about it that I singing and make the point. There was a period there where. Some very key. Roles went to women as heroes vs real you know in remakes verses that men make money comes to mind is not the living dead. In one of the remakes. You know a female was given the lead here hero hero and role. Verses the traditional mail that filled that role is that something that's kind of trending or was it kind of just a flash in the pan. I beat defending the trend honestly he has Blake those. One margin that they empowerment. Mingling and for women now. And the whole feel like you. That is starting to trend and people act like it's taken noticed that and we're just a small portion of the port six herself. And I hung it out in the street you have brought in that spectrum. And he. I'm actually proud to say that and I'm. He had been putting myself out there and in the forefront of something like that. And not definitely it is studying the trend I say I I think it's starting to trend in my personal opinion. And I must please you I mean that's got to that's gonna be a good sign. Didn't attack inaccurate one step in the right direction you know. Seeking out there that women are definitely agree is just the power powerful and just as strong as a maintenance. All right listen. Absurd to yup we have to go to break here when we come back we'll continue this conversation normal actually open up the phone minds as anybody wants a chime in on it. It's 8446877669. Our guest is Ashley farmer founder of the group horror chicks and the website is horror chicks. Dot com it's beyond reality radio. Continue to take. Guaranteed Johnson Jason is our tonight will be back with a similar terms tomorrow and Thursday either way we will plug on. Tomorrow night we've got to showed that will be related to these longstanding mystery in unsolved crime and murders of Jack the Ripper. Fascinating topic that's tomorrow night's topic on beyond reality radio if you tuned in. Tonight to hear Serra Wiseman she is not what this we will reschedule her but instead. We have Ashley farmer who is the founder of a group called horror chicks and actually again thanks for being here. This is a particularly short segment we only have a couple of minutes but I wanted to ask you because. One of the things that it may be one of the colors and made them may be the wrong word but it's filming when I can think of at the moment the pillars of horror horror entertainment. Is the sexuality of it. Is that something that bothers you with your group or do you embrace that yet still feel as though women should be in power. I increase then I felt the women should be empowered. But it. It's a factor that's been our father years even saying that very first quarter it. As Germany and Britain say Universal Studios. Like Dracula and Frankenstein and the line they didn't want it now it can't be factual lies it I don't think that that they're going to change. Say need to empower them they don't need to meet and he might pay a higher. It. And apparently what are helpless helpless victims is that that. Part of the problem I mean get dead that has been again the long a long standing theme throughout four movies particularly summon the will we would call camp a year or movies. You know when you see a woman. Running from a villain and horror movie you know she's gonna fall down you know who she's gonna trip you know that's just kind of what happens right and that's the type of thing you're talking about. That is exactly what I'm talking about the fact that crude saying such a stereotype. And it usually like captain Murphy you blanked them though it uranium does Iran is trying to get away and like falling in. And they think that they in the steering movies. Act theory that protecting these they actually makes fun of it. And the fact that that they make another issue showed that they view it all the time that they can meet. And yet it's it's certainly a stereotype no do you think it's that was not in horror movies and not particularly again these campy movies a slasher movies. From the eighties that are still very very popular do you think it's been that. Wasn't there at the movies would still stand up as they do. I think that they'll stand up and they can't fit being uploaded. The characters themselves edgy thing. His whole story alien he would count that they can then elect Barack. Even making it even if he can Mac has to be infamous jetBlue now. The whole being pulled the list still has had to stick around it still live event and remarkable quarter down. Even now how old am not sure about because he can pull out exactly the Michael pulled being one trend at all after his sister. Apparently the whole point of Halloween. Check and CD and she Jamie Lee Curtis becomes secure women in that movie she wins or you although she although he comes back for number two but. That in that first when he she wins. She doesn't mind but it is still the fact that he lit it will be good if it and and distract. But I think I think I think she demonstrates in that character in the movie in the original Halloween some incredible strength. She's a teenage baby sitter and she's battling a demonic villain in the form of Michael Myers and I think she shows courage. I think she certain shows poison to certainly certainly shows resolve. And the the overwhelming. Dedication to her responsibility to protect those children I think she's a she's probably. Kind of one of the characters that you would applaud a verses somebody's there is right. The affected me not that mean I think that where you can break she was playing the one thing it says that. I thought okay character who has different. Different ways of place it would normally you can proceed. Right listen we've got to ask her what. Happened especially we've got to go to break here again when we come Beckel pick up the conversation. If you'd like to join us it's 844687766. Nights now. Great everybody along with a thank you for being here. We are very very excited to have Ashley Farmar on the program was just talking about her group of groups she formed in 2012 called horror chicks. And actually you know you'd talk a lot about the empowerment of women and I have to go kind of askew the symptoms. That you noticed. Whether we is in Mali and in the horror film industry. That made you feel as though an impartial to Steve the actress' performed far from the roles that we see on screen. That we just talked about his being stereotypical. Beyond that what are what are the barriers that you see. In the behind the camera stuff that made you want to start this group. And won't find you here late these stories and telephone. Actresses saying is that. In. Out and having to do it building sexual harassment. And it used during still being found. Now the how he directors earlier screen right there or anything of that nature that's been meaning to it and horror movies that well to day thing fraud was put aside how the industry. Song. Where B into port you know get me wrong I don't know that the girls and all of them actually. Both the ladies that are in Korea kicked at the corner and 90%. That girl ladies and a quarter chick is. Where are kind of houses. And his belt perk thirteen and waited some type. Actual harassment court ruled. Hacked from China how owners or. Makeup artist or something I'm very influential in the industry. One mandated speed. In order shake. Had one and he said now it appears content and pumping her home. And all different and our good friend. Ahead of time in her home sit parity with him and her roommate. And we need actual event is ordered her and her roommate. Aide said no he kept trying to push them into doing it again they have they know what I keep him off. And heard telling the story and her telling me about it what had happened. And parents here telling you that she was so scared. That hurt her roommate clearly sat in the living around me because they're cast lacking that I can directly sure he would come back out. After he passed about being in the can't spectrum. So let he me and I. And she still will not move him because he cared I of their repercussion that the she will get for meaning that the man. Because he did that day in the heart health industry. No matter how many turning me he thought lumpectomy and then I. That little looking out so they can take it can't hear the call him now he's got the immaculate. And the fact that we are scared. They called the Mickey out there. For giving something. Integrate this should be able to have to wait to be. People expect act out and back again because. 88. They don't show let their back they don't. How old they don't treat it like the other men in the industry. Like many in the industry Patriot Act and they. Need support them but yeah. The winning is completely different. Ninety. And 90% of the time and I thought they aren't at all and I both through. The key actors are only male vote sent them my Mario come across the key female actor. And then and that's saying that you female actor is actually did. Either her cleavage is picking out something hanging out in order for me to be at. He. Packed hearing on how has. He flew that you go through where they interact with the crowd and where people tend to take upon as. And interact with actors and actresses. Owns. It's sad it really is. Let me let me fastest of just a kind of a play devil's advocate a little bit and I don't mean to see how. I don't mean to seem insensitive but I just drainage just to figure out the differences here. Is is how how is that different. And I know. It is but I want you to tell me. How is it different then a male actor. Being selected because he's you know he's all but often worked out in you know all muscular do you ski don't you because they have those type of guys. You know it would be ax wielding whatever happens to be I've seen that as significantly but. That actor is to own chosen for a body trait is that how is that different. And because he didn't that he disclosed I'm here at the chilling enough. Well no not only got like the guys I'm thinking you know they they're they're trying to I don't know I mean I've been a hundred houses in this big muscular guy with a Macs running around. If you know use the obviously no shirt on now the which we know he's muscular. So they're using his body tree in that sense is it it to Minnesota to announce different. I. Overall it felt specializing in the human body which is wrong in general. So that I doubt it that way that would. Lie I don't know I'd. I don't know that that's true because maybe they say okay we want to do the that you're gonna you know you need to Wear this costume and has no sure. But what you're all what you're saying here is that the San Jews as much as the other. Pretty yes. If that is true it does it. And I think I have initially for no idea. Bringing it can hit it past can be apple has just does not stay overcast you mean. Age. Owner or the person who runs on an attraction. Now there is behind a house here and Ohio car behind me who she. Those female I expect it to layer are in short throughout the whole thing. That's it out financial experts blood splattered and then. Couple of America did put a little bit can't make up this time I'll even have a go go teach you ordered the women's it and then. Now the men. Okay now the men. They have leaders an end. If only quote can Wear hand and let it that they want to Wear it for that. That at three B now you build your seat in the house is wearing a bra and shorts. Which it up and I. It sounds to me like just given a name that's kind of what you know but guess what that's right and so and so in that case does. You know everything you've described to me here it exists. Beyond just the port owner on a whole house and destroyed beyond just the film industry misses this is kind of what we've they've been experience on the last couple years. What this whole meat to movement on this is happening everywhere isn't it. It every land the fact that they looked at. There's other platform for different areas and whatnot but they don't. And the PA and the record industry in China helping the street there have been a platform for that. For those industries. Let me. Good platform. At Starbucks workers they can have been neat he movement and everything people understand that people get people talk about it. About the sexual. Sexual harassment is in front nine and like the wind that was not against bill has speed and and speaking like and that any chance. But you know I hear about that stuff going and and then in the glory in the street or in the higher health industry. There are something that has like popped up recently. And the power industry where they said that. It's like anything given me recount. It doesn't act. There is little. Dare you verbally and physically abusive and actresses. I just read articles I can't remember the name off that happened in my head I'm sorry. Arlen let me change the changes topic here because Reagan era time I've spent little time on your website and tell me about the photo shoot you've got on their weapon. What do you what do you do with those what's the idea behind them. Her idea definitely it's OK. Went in and more flattering way I cannot dictate what they can Wear what they cannot later went after. And they felt comfortable I'm sure he's the ones remain where one of the girls like wearing like don't read at least the draft says. Herself underneath it. Tito the battered felt he's felt comfortable doing it. Again against them at created speak to express them sound alternately that they liked yeah. The land to act like you we showcase their different. Trying to help characters and just empowerment altogether we didn't photos she is back in February bit and even her and hello from Condit play it. And who knows anything I'm sorry second game Larry and and we split the role he usually it being that like and the force cattle and the guy starting saying it does he know that all sexual black aids thing what have you. We liberals and detect the heat and let the actors he hit it in the background. The cheeks looking front and center and we sexual light pan and we did and her bed in that would turn a Valentine's the issue. I also know on the mag the when says Jim magazine tells what magazines about. Patent patent you actually earners. They're working on that very issue now. I'm the magazine actually. So keep in mind that the board take Aaron Nat is that our issue. It was and that he he in the Cutler let her own defense. We pap about her he pocket. President and thought it had happened at the heat and being together and they think overlay them. But going kind we can take up set. Make up artist spotlight where. I get a team I'll make up artist and I shall keep her work in the magazine and we showed that photos termed out of seat and payment loans from photo shoot. Time in our second issue I actually get an interview that he wallet and a bit down with very popular for about. 1520 minutes during interview. Really nice. He intends to abuse. So. Cheater and absolutely amazing. Ashley were out of time year again thanks for joining us in such short notice here but is if I'd I don't know if you accept new members or if you do how if someone's interest. Coming party your group how they do that. I'm trying to act out there actually thought he ordered X. And can happen at the often. I think the one metric crimes he has been packages I'm there. Nothing like a little questionnaire about yourself and. Why you want to be upwards taking any. Simple things like that is nothing higher because of where exactly. Are not picky like I said. Where I'm turn every woman that didn't help our loved her heart health library and want to make it different then. Went to express themselves in a safe environment and I have to worry about being created that way historic. Ultra sexual I. Let's great site it's a great cause keep up the great work stay in touch with us let us know what's going on would love to hear from you again. Brightest beyond reality radio we're gonna take a break when we come back we've got about ten minutes where we can take more of your phone calls. And tried to you get someone who can use their psychic or remote viewing abilities to figure out what playing card I drew from the deck. Earlier tonight. We had several people try nobody's gotten it. The numbers 8446877669. This is your chance to show. I'm in with a teacher in the process. It's beyond reality radio and TV stations off tonight he should be back then returns to birthers and. All right so we've got a few minutes left here in the program I don't know how many of these phone calls we can get to below continue their son psychic or. Viewing experiment at 8446877669. I drew a playing card from regular card deck of 52 cards have been focused on and I've been looking at an event concentrating on it we took some calls earlier. If you think you have psychic or remote viewing capabilities this is an opportunity to test that although it is kind of down and dirty quick. But who give you shot or you just wanna guess either way and if you come up with a right. Card it's a good teacher and four more have slick Eddie sent penalties again the numbers 8446877669. And right now we will go to David calling in from South Carolina he David welcome to the show. So David. Do you consider yourself to be someone who has some of these sensitivity psychic remote viewing or anything else. At least dryness about it but even so for you this just gonna be a flat out guess then right. Okay well that's fair to all right regardless I'm gonna focus on the card and I am looking at it now and tell me what you see. I. It's not a jacket diamonds are apparently you don't have those sensitivities and if it but that's okay. Your artists in the beginning of the programs we career in the beginning of the call also thanks so much for calling and we appreciate it. Okay are so it is that simple if you don't know anything about it being psychic or any of that stuff because not everybody does it's okay just give it against like David did did there. I will remind you that we have a great show coming up tomorrow night we're going to be talking about Jack the Ripper. With Michael hole easy ripper apologist he wants to talk about. Some suspects that were actually. Arrested. And questioned at the time but there wasn't enough evidence to keep them. And so they were let go and one of them such person is it in New York doctor. Named Francis tumbled ski. Very likely suspect so we'll talk with Michael holy tomorrow night about that in the meantime the season into one more call I think we have time for one more. One more. On a psychic experiment here this is Tyler hey Tyler welcome to the program where you calling from. Henderson Kentucky I called up my. Oh great well thanks for Conan are so would you consider yourself to have any psychic or remote viewing capabilities. Are all right so you're just gonna guess that. And that's okay tuba let me focus on the card just to give you a little bit of an edge I'm doing it now go ahead to who you say. It's not a three of hearts thanks so much for calling in teller appreciates culinary. I will continue this we don't have time to take another call mobile will continue this may be tomorrow night. Yet so we'll try that so anyway. Welcome to the program and be sure to join us tomorrow night we've got to Michael Hawley talking about Jack the Ripper tomorrow night it's going to be a great show promises to be in the meantime stop by. My FaceBook page at GBJ. It's paranormal or it's just GB Johnson on FaceBook did data like Mike Siegel's numbers go up also. If you're watching this on YouTube please subscribe to the channel that helps as well. All good stuff it's beyond reality radio for Jason cause I'm JB Johnson thanks again for being here we will have a great show tomorrow night hoping join us pitch tomorrow night and. And I don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell students it's an normally you don't really read news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will purchase almost all the chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.