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The Ghost Doctor, Rick Wagner talks about the spirits that surround us

Jun 25, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Rick Wagner, The Ghost Doctor, about the spirits that guide us and surround us and the messages they are sending us. 6/22/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. So there's and the West Coast Friday on the East Coast and you are stuck somewhere in between what can be on radio with myself Jason Mosley who saw. Some cheese Johnson so you and are just talking about this before the broadcast and in life but to the media. We lost a very very influential and articulate man. Tonight in the form of Charles Krauthammer. If you watch Fox News shall know him very very well but he was known to everybody beyond just Fox News used generally conservative commentator. But he was also affair. Individually criticized his presence of both sides to apologize to both sides and he was a speechwriter for Walter Mondale. So he worked on both sides of the fence but he was a very very articulate men. Very very respected man and he lost a battle with cancer and. And sixty years old and I I agree he was just a great guy he. Didn't play favorites mean any re wrote down that line would land to both sides speak his mind to other people I took an arm and you know it's it's it's a shame. In just a seat and he he went through so much he really did and a of course he became on paralyzed from Iran diving accident but is that in change I mean is just phenomenal individual and just overcame so much. In fact I think that accident given the resolve to work even harder became a doctor. Practice medicine for a little while and decided that really wasn't what he wanted to do went into political. Speech writing and then commentaries written many many books about the political system. And I find it interesting because he wrote two of what would be now considered his goodbye message me. He passed it on us through social media and and it says it's pretty haunting he says recent tests have revealed that the cancer has returned. There was no sign of it as recently as a month ago which means it's aggressive and spreading rapidly. My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I only have a few weeks to live. Final first that this is the final verdict my fight is over. I leave this life with no regrets it was a wonderful life full and complete with some great loves and great endeavors that make it worth living. So decree and he will be missed an actress. Rest in peace in our best coaster. Through his entire M yeah and I don't mean to make light of that but to another for so let me just let me just say this we've got Rick Bragg Wagner joining us on the program tonight he's the ghost doctor and we're going to be talking about. His technique by which he takes in context. The spirits that's round us all and uses their energies to help heal whether it's mental health few winged physical healing healing. Emotional healing. Only to talk to Rick bring him in the program just a little bit but here's some pretty as striking news as well and I brought this up on the program and maybe a month ago. The Supreme Court today. Basically overturned. What would be considered. While how many years have we had the constitution 220 some years. I don't know the exact number and have do the math but I'm enough that this is a pretty striking. The decision by the Supreme Court and what it's going to mean is that states can now tax your Internet purchases. So all that SOA and I have mixed feelings on that of course I think that. It's good for certain aspects don't compare me a lot of stores out there that aren't there are you you have to pay tax when you're going and buying him buy stuff from them. In but eagle Allman and it just made it into kind of an unfair. Right it does it levels the playing field to a degree but here's what it does do is well we are not a political shows so we shouldn't and what type on this but it's pretty groundbreaking. What it is the rule prior to this decision was that you had to have a physical presence in the state for the State's tax you. Now that they say you don't have to have a physical presence in a state for a state to tax you what's gonna stop a state. From taxing Jason pause or JB Johnson in New York to California see we stepped foot in California one day. And and they want now tax us because we are in that state for a day CIA or I've already had a deal while you exodus earn money there you never knowingly and guys already that's already in the case but that's usury their earning money that this is a different mechanism altogether this just means they can reach cross state lines. And if they have some kind of excuse they can try to tacked to it also means the European Union could tax you. If they find her just cause this is this is why it's a big camp warns that they've just opened so we'll have to see how it goes but either way. What's gonna happen bottom line is German purchases are gonna most likely be taxed by your state now if they are ready to some. Companies like Amazon do it and Wal-Mart those guys they do it already because they are ridiculous that they are. And I'd tell you way to beat the system. You know that it's it negated sepia and just one and one of the IP you know blockers or whatever. And just organ and threw go through a state that does unit sales tax well but it's a state featured is who can she do now that he's here's the problem. You're gonna have the Fed's knocking you score the capsule or experts say it probably did I tell you ultimately be the first time writer and adrenaline would not the first and what it says somebody was able Henry county radio everybody as Jason dollars and GB Johnson if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it to FaceBook page forest. That had to be under reality radio dot com we defied all the stations we are across the country. And that was costly chronic summation you check in Austin you can also download the free iPhone and android app which allies atlas and broadcast press shows only go. Com and or you just listen Brett from the website just click the listen lies tab for the pop up button. And you can hang around chat room on the computer bulletin listening to the show or you just listen rational ups on your own so. Many many different ways of doing if you don't militia from iTunes or anywhere else to us a favor and rate at Taurus and makes it easier for for people to fine. We love the comments to lieu of when people leave comments kind of goose ideas or constructive criticism all that is. Is enjoyable to read and loves those ones late Jason did he got to suck yeah. A book that K we'll make sure we don't suck next time it will work great ordered school work on the second yet on eight India and we've got Rick Wagner coming up tonight tomorrow of course is a best of program on beyond reality radio and then Monday. In our first hour we have eight pet psychic animal communicators investigator. And a psychic medium that's Dwight and Rhonda hole. And then Tuesday with get Cindy McGill dream interpreter will be discussing and train interpretations. And helping people find their true identity and remember Cindy McGill coming on the program before and do we had a lot of callers a lot of people want their dreams interpreted in addition to two great job armament being really good program that so. Speaker attack so we're looking forward to that as well. Next Wednesday guy McCourt whose a paranormal researcher and investigator in Jeannie bar levels but it's what the program Jamie's and author talking about his book he. And the people vs tech how the Internet is killing democracy. Lot of great shows some initiative tune in check Kamal. You never know never know what happens it's always next more instances. In his. Are as let's take a break when we come back to bring the ghost doctorate Rick Wagner it's beyond reality radio Jason javy don't go away we can. Really. Charlie Sheen can join us later this conversation 8446877669. Is the number we welcome your comments your questions your concerns whatever happens to be will look when you join the discussion. Absolutely submission give us a call into Iraq if you have any questions for lesser art Harris phones are always open. And we will give blue bringing in bringing in critical way her right now Rick is the ghost in doctor. And Rick welcomed me on reality radio great to have you on tonight. What thank you very much nicer tomorrow try to figure out what went straight in which it's just I will give access ready. Which ones and ask. Judy. A lot hey they've passed you passed the test and this is Jason's a welcome welcome to the show. How are you and Rick let's let's start here by let's talk about the fact that you're known as the ghost doctor what does that mean. Yeah explain that because this is not a medical profession by any means problem. But they were describing me as. It is a certain attitude around us that's causing interference with our human experience at its content. Physical pain Chu who emotions of depression and anxiety cute but so aside. I'd look at both sides calling it look at the human experience than that the spiritual experience attached to. I'm what he's doing here or light years here com what is the benefit a few being attached to this shipment. I connect them to where they are supposed to be. They are supposed to be connect with their families. One stepped on so I am the doctor for the coast where say that human can heal themselves. That the energy that ship that the that depression and at an excited here on. Same thing with part of addiction. And things like about. And then you come back to your own authentic self. By having these energies in the British. British. I yeah it does. How do you distorted. Well I'm Accra muscle in New York. And I the street bankers and it and I think. A lot of kids to experience. Banks that they can't explain that and momma bear or their imagination earned the support movie forget about it. And I I think we have a connection to our Geithner Shelly Lee thanks. Has chewed the decree and a level that I'm able to accept it. Most of the time that HR resist jerk I would be frozen gear fixtures so that you're so detectors or something at the bottom iPad. It was like a year later or economic flipping through a photo album and there was a picture of a man. We share are jobless and and which and I checked who attached to shut that charge other. Chief Akron the toward our writers are very years and wasn't able to stand up collection that's what was app that wouldn't mind that. That was freaking me out all those years. He couldn't stand up Cuba's manifesting catchy work out as human. And he was trying to get a magistrate Graham was in an extra try to spend years of terror thinking it's. I don't know what this is supposed to be. It was until years later when I had area and near death experience on a motorcycle. And I realized that no other purpose. And they. Have a message. Or not just Q deter. So you know you are carbon exterior and became a spiritual antigen a competing you're not threaten an quantity you're still gonna BJP understood that every case. And you or do whatever he has to communicate to. That's Shanley or the person that you were clustered trying to get the moment church. And what that's after an electrical connection to one of our electrical senators are pattern neck or shoulders are square or true politician to much going on with things like that. That's how that your only way it. So do you feel you do you feel your abilities increased. In strengths when you had a near death experience because we've talked to many people who. A lot of people who've never been able to have any experiences. All the sudden have a near death experience and they're they're able to start connecting with the other side. This has been done a great learning process for me and I think our guys are showing me things. So I am able to shield them. I'm. And near death experience was I was. Actually just go into the gym in Hollywood here. We didn't have to can't expect them. Fred gym bag at shorts and T shirt on and I got hit. That are on. Art thrown tricky sheet in the air landed on my hands on paper but the car was totaled the bike was told and I couldn't move anything from a neck down. Because they didn't have any feeling I was ensure that there was any pain or guaranteeing to our voters. And then made at cedars Sinai. It and. For your doctor at least meet and expect that might tackle pack and they shut you should frustration debt. Should track your skull severed spine. Is structured event. Multiple internal injuries they shall not being treat erotic and more the fact there was no black and what that aren't pavement and it wasn't a stood up and walked out. Again by Crist whole cars. Aren't. Going back to an accident actually happened that lying in the street and my permit that to me Pritchard Genentech and your head a program but it. It's true where she. Should like ten years ago. Little movie playing in light advocates see myself going through that air as Parker Spitzer in turn to Jim Beck from behind me and put it trying to. And what kind of a turning point Richard Murray they're not going I'm here and it's not just Garrett it's going to be messages from now so that's how I interpreted it and that's why. Packed onto the court and getting messages and have a connection I died in hand. And the wearing processors speeding up Norris two years and up to write books which Cuba. Oh man and that was the question I have no usage you having me you have these abilities prior but. And with that near death experience did that seem to patent your abilities to strengthen them. It was more or realization that it wasn't gonna go away in the gonna continue to show me things which you. Yet to strengthen in strengthen the ability that I hit out. I stole considerate so what that's all I can act like I can against. My client information. I'm Irish kept them. Take notes I get them spirit guide book to get them information because once I start channeling the late start giving an inflation. Usually the recall saying. I usually that they need to hear. I do we have about a minute here before jumping to break and I just went a little bit of their vacation here. When we used the words near death experiment experience. Often were talking about somebody who was pronounced dead and then came back is that what happened to you are you saying it was even nearly died. I should've been debt. But I do not get that and eat that you're gonna experience that people certainly cheaters tumbles light and all their friends or relatives are out there saying no no radical that he's got to go back. I didn't get that. I think that's what you work in my trying to do something and supposed to do in response shopping are supposed to learn from back. So your experience was more of obviously very very serious accident in which you should have died. But as easy as you relayed to us your grandmother who had just Prius C is just it just was deceased. Intervened and prevented that from happening so when you got to the hospital you were paralyzed that you weren't. Ever pronounced dead therefore he didn't leave your body and had that part of the experience. Is that right. No there was a time when I landed. And blacked out. And I opened my eyes and I was looking up at the sky and a few trees Eric I thought. When am I doing here get on a playground it's going to street I should get up. So I didn't go anywhere. I I think just as he impeccably shot landing. So more of an awakening that it is more an awakening for. Are you with that we're gonna we're going to be taken a break in and a lot more to come you listen to Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio will be back after us. Story can hate. Obviously a people hate me for saying this and I know David Lee Roth and all but. I liked them better when Sammy Hagar it was did you mean that the plot to exit. I have to be honest with you I think the very first Van Halen album was the best one I hadn't we like I mean those are good no but I took the first when was the very investment just my personal opinion yeah. It's pretty district. We'll talk about it off the Arnold didn't welcome back to the show everybody it's beyond reality radio Jason and javy rate on the phone number for your chance to call him later during our conversation. 8446877669. As the number tonight we're talking with Rick Wagner. He's known as the ghost doctor you can wanna check out his web site. It's my haunted reality dot com which is also the name of his book my haunted reality which is there and available for sale so. Rick before we went to break we were talking about your experiences what are things you said. Was that you know it's if Jason indoor IE you know work to pass on our carbon. Shell. Went away our souls would continue on our spirits are essence would continue on and we would still be. We would still be. Jay-Z. Does that mean that our personalities in our memories and all of those things that make us who we are are part of our spirit and not part of our. Physical brain percent. Exactly. Mike fox is we are here. We can't do this plan to learn something that has been learning planet that's why we only have night and day dark and light peace and war. Well yeah. We create our own cabinet how year I think our personal short. So when we come to the planet we have already select delicately. And leaked selective are. I age there are with us. That Samuel coming ago. They will always be year round at art guys are geared towards duration. So we are your shall learn whatever it is when I. Come across the spirit that. I I try to relocate and they keep bouncing back. A lot of time you don't know that dirt debt when. There is an accident and all for dose a suicide. If athletic quick transition. I can't see what they're seeing. But if I had the six cents thing they they see things and they can feel things it's not there's something option to figure out what to do it. Then I explained to them that you were successful. In whatever terms that liars or you had overdosed. And congratulations. You have. Now achieve to the next level or enlightenment so I don't number this February posts ago. It's eight at the same perception and so yes you do retain. York there are taught in your history. Sport just like I'm I think what she Richard Mack junior reunited them at. At that point you are able to go on tour cheers poster. So I this is cut in this kind of off topic I know this isn't isn't isn't maybe your expertise for say. But it's part of what you do so if if these memories and these this personality leaves us when our bodies die. You're saying then we lose that. Or it do we some top somehow retain it if it is on somewhere so so consciously as we entering new life. Don't we into new life marriage listeners. I don't work that I get information I get is surely helped. The client the person who witnessed like an election where we're it'll are. They're crashed in the wall. Regarding any kind of liked it right out. I think there is no limit to our. Further how we go with space exploration. I think all of that is a distraction from the OS or it'll art. Focused and our previous slides. Where and I shut and what we're learning here or I'm not the Internet Pluto and and beyond we're still not learning what were exposed to be easier for. I think that that Ella spending between the spirit world. And they're human world there are more questions dirt terms of China and the world is overpopulated. There are more traction in the past like and I think we're we're continuing to find out at various something there's a respect. Exploration ghost. So. I see the zoom memory that we out. Here. We can retain and I think we're going to beat them in the future reincarnated. It comes back to yet you don't remembering that now you article on that do not reluctant here whether it's the sources to another I don't know. They implement the discretion and. So saying saying that there's more spirits and people on the earth now would go go against pretty much guess most of what religion teaches you. Lithia. The whole cius souls and all that stuff. So where are. Where our spirits coming from where are where is our essence coming from. Everett then we came here. To learn something. Where we were previously I'm not sure. Animals from around the league from another solid system that could be from another planet. Or he might have been here many many times and I think part of it. Election if you do commit suicide he didn't learn Milosevic attitude can't. And I I'm I I agree with you on one of the statements you said earlier where I've always looked at it as well hell is pretty much what you. You can you create your own hell and I'm not a firm believer in the whole heaven and hell an idea. I believe that. It's a hell is something that you manifest yourself after after you you leave this world are worthless body it's you know a year. Sort of do you build up your own demons it's what you. Pass on with. What your focus on after that and you sort of create your own hell. I'm Sergio wanna comment on that it in Munich thing else. Unnoticed except. Oh I wondered things I would rather read the book. Because it is a chapter in here where you lost. An eight year old son. And I had to have his approval before and the whole thing about land my grandmother saved me from dying so at least go into. Guardian angels look guardian angels and sit. Can she get hurt. The whole point out this books in my voice is my experience and where I am not. IE gel cap any out there reference. Because if I used a biblical reference it's gonna put an imaginary hat at somebody with. No need there. And the same thing we're and sank to. Protections I couldn't do that either the book had to be very specific in. Format and the structure. It'll be before her rep wrote it say they shut your recovery is going to be a couple going to be friction chapters and you're going to be when detergent pigeons. You don't need the spirit guides. I got you to this book is only been out six. Began. I am just keeping up with the slowed us this is astounding I I am now by the way the only stop published author. In cuts in the shops at airports. And I'm writing this is all new to me I expect first book but it. There are opened the door for conversation. And get it and that's why I'm I'm trying to get through predict at this year. The spirit world they're much have a discussion about it. If we gentry chair of the attitude and energy of around you and you can heal yourself there's not cited text there's some indication of how great would that. Rick with the with your near death experience and the fact that you were paralyzed. Before this conversation begin I was under the impression that that Jason has said frequently talked people who live near death experiences and when they come out of that. It opens up some sensitivities that to me he had data harbored or not recognized or who didn't have it all in there were developed by that experience. But from what I'm understanding of your near death experience. If you it was more of an acceptance at that point when you realize what your grandmother had done to save your life is that true. The messages that thing getting it all seems like it becoming trump family members look like. Well we commit these art course during were just so program we have this peaceful emotion of the year and committing happened. All it comes up oh look at the door slams I got. It's an even you know under the I had a guy I'm so called me about a place in Hollywood she. Welcome auditor relationship and he should do something equal in my apartment there's something people here. And Atlantic engineer sensors that we have to do it. Exorcist. And let well I'll conversational. Not gonna do and actions as election limited's. I went there it is an energy clearing. And are sitting at the table and I tell you whether it's something near as I cannot trust for our normal it's. Actually Obama went. Why Kieran cool collections amateurs just about her name and has immediately been named to that program. UN do an excerpt under. Its. Its. That's leader of the unknown and I are only follow back are the movies at least in the books every week. I'm shameless attempt somethings around this referees and probably channeling him. Letting you know it they're okay. And and we talk and we and we talk about that often on the show where because I've invest in the kernel for many many years and and the fact of the matter is the only thing that makes the whole paranormal scary is his Hollywood is of them are the movies that people watch and a some of the TV shows that are out there. For whatever reason Dayton they focus on making it terrify. And it's not it's more intriguing than an east looks a Casper and Castro's entered. Rick we're gonna go to break you belong with a guide god and you thought. Well outfit there and I'll watch it fit it stirs up the ghost story on the screen now sitting there right in Britain didn't know Britain who looked just wouldn't you know and I. I'm looking outfit has. Of the sending the ghost written in the moviegoing template to put that actually they would do you know and it's. I haven't seen the movie yet that looked up to what might expectations. Of the struggled so. We're talking with Rick or Rick Wagner he's the ghost doctor check out his website at my haunted reality dot com home to come back and when he gets a little bit more inspiration about who the spirit guides are. And he's the all these other spirits that are surrounding each of us that we may or may not be aware of as we walk for a day. There will be opening up the phone lines are next hour to take on number it's eight were 46877669. Until freely for four. 687. 7669. Elicited Jason GD be on our earlier radio will be back after. Juicy GPS there. He is the game Stanford. Website has my haunted reality dot com that's also the name of his book my hunter reality. Rick we're talking about and spirits. That surround us dollar with the salt. Tell us a little bit about what these spirits actually are what they do. That. I think most people have more than one. Well I'm in a group of people and I can sort of edit and visual and then manifestation of. The connection they have to their guy. Almost looks like these guys are down. Because they're there to help us but we don't utilize the lead. Don't even think that data integration as I talk to man a 20%. For the site. I'm gonna go for a parking space at that you know gonna get the most but now properly I apartment actually get there. Then called cricket at the parking. There were a couple of records for me I knew. I hit three guy and they were for different reasons. And I gave them names. They're energy. Entities. And. They allow life to give the human characteristics that we can relate to them yet that you have different you. Which gives it particular purpose which context to win came at the ready to ask me what. He'd like attic which went underneath and the fact that each and what that relates to you whatever that energy is coming true. Project to view it something you can use at and then present entity. They really don't have human. I have one that is my strength tight and I call and no walks and four years I would shield by fingertips on the top of my cats. Knowing that humans here and now that I wrote that they don't have that it was a manifestation. When I'm connecting to a client I'm giving them information that they need to see your entire toppled like it. It airs on fire tingling it's going crazy and it is an affirmation. The information I'm getting them it's really important. If I'm connecting emotionally but something around them. I get that title wave of emotion whether it's that deep sadness and depression. Origin Jordan and there we connected so it's it's. Barry interact differently and her. Richt aren't these days ago a couple things can remind you we only have a couple minutes before the top of the hour break but. You say well this you named one of these guides for you and you said that he was your strength died so. Each of these spirits have a certain role that surround us is that that's the first question. We writes I'm not I have younger guy who capital expenditure comic go to guys. When I haven't educator and speaker located and who want to match really important that they do not sentiment could light this is an old. A lot to do that there was a man and clout that belong light beer shining a light around us that Berger supposed to go. There are millions of star that it there's millions of light and I get you know when I first started understanding and to like to come back tiger. Which like. So like connect them to their family I have one that's called fluke and look at my guys who will. Energetically connect we at the spirits and we bring the family member or so they can reunite and then taken to British post ago. Eight it is an older kind of taught. Comic legend but he's tentative on keeps me in line just kicks in about one and are not focused on what I do when exposed. And others you know Michael the archangel that surround everybody all times just church like all like over my right shoulder. So they're. You're trying to marry guy agenda and there is at the Shanle numbers and make it may currently on that here so credit. And that really allow the. But usually not a B you're saying a lot of people are all most people don't actually utilized they're guys' or they're just pretty much what sitting there in limbo because nobody's calling on them. Yeah or there. Jean king. I wanted to actually at a critic part. It's traditional form a three year. Am I ambitious tortured its decline attention but what you're asking for. Permission from what you've got locked in your Scott. Abundance is abundant Eric is abundant water you have to be very specifically to raise our preparation very high. And the the lower our immigration angered both took just aperture indication that he try to keep it very simple. And very specific what you're talking to looks like what is that you really want. And then the things start to return to get my client work every night in central African that you. Accomplished during the day what is that thing you can do that it is causing stressed that not allowing you actually get rid of that delegate Reagan delegated to your gun rights. Course. Present such control Richard argue Richard and human record usual as we can do so let's get to the guys. Sleep like a rock. And then you look at the morning and have a good shot for valuation and how they feel physically. And how it went emotionally. But this opens the door that they're gonna start communicating every character guys and just watch what happens. Aren't aren't we are talking with Rick Wagoner the ghost doctor and spiritual healer. We're gonna take a break a lot more to come in where in the world soon open a formalized X our city get a question 8446877669. Until treated for four. 6877669. Elicited Jason GG. Let's close Friday on the East Coast and stuff so. Eleanor you. Myself Jason Hawes mail is Austin chase each arts sorts and I were talking with Rick Wagner in the ghost doctor and we're going to continue that conversation in just a moment but. I fantasize sometimes you read things and he's still believe we you're reading. Yeah I've got one of those things you know a woman in Michigan. It's reported that this woman is served the remains of her ex lover at a barbecue she had. Served the remains of her ex lover to the guests at the barbecue. There's so many. Punch lines I can come and I'm just trying to pull because I feel really bad. Yet it's not a happy story by any means but does it television documentarian. The authorities are are alleging that a serial killer and her husband chopped up. And killed her former lover and then served his remains Eddie neighborhood barbecue. In 2014 this is according to a documentary on WG BK TV channel two news. In Michigan. And did this woman her name's Kelly Cochran later injected her husband. Who helped her chop up this guy insert them with a lethal dose of heroin just a couple of years later this is a donkey series it's called investigation discovery. And dead they have they allege that all this happened. On in mid may Michigan's upper peninsula it's not simply some and go for barbecue and attempts have been there many times two assists kind of creepy and quickly creed can you imagine. Going to a neighborhood barbecue and you know grabbing whatever comes off the grill now this drought worse you there are. Chocolate cheese okay yeah not not fun you know we've got a great show tonight with Rick Wagner but don't forget tomorrow it is a best of program and then on Monday night we've got Dwight and Rondo halt pet psychic animal communicators. And psychic medium the be discussing the white's new book. And but also in a much animal communications. And investigations. And a much more that's in the first hour and then the second hour of the program Dan Baldwin who's a writer and a paranormal investigator will be talking about his book. Speaking with spirits of the old southwest. And then Tuesday Cindy McGill dream interpreter will be discussing dream interpretations and helping people find their true identity. Some issue to an end if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality reveal it FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under really radio dot com final stations we air on you get the Treo iPhone and android operator let's listen to the show on ago. And he can also just lets pray for the website and inequity in the pop album. You know. Tonight we're talking with Rick Wagner the ghost doctor and Rick thanks again for being with us before we went to break we were talking about our spirit guides these spirits Steve the essence that surrounds us that. If we are able to tune into them were able to listen. Our help trying to help us liberalize trying to help guide us through life and many many ways in which we'll get into. But and it's a question I have about these guys guides are they unique to each of us in other words are my guides mine alone or do I share them with the other people. No they are yours. So they aren't there from the point you were born and so you. Lead your body. So there in some way or another assigned to mean everybody has these. Guides assigned to them to live. Usually challenged them they were. Part of that election when you cherish your camera you also chose her parents. Now are these guides are they. And for lack of a better word I'm not sure if this is the real way to describe it are they religious. As we wouldn't. See them or define in some nature. Well com. I I see an entity IE EE. Just fine meaning. The problem is that amber knew that snapped up an air yeah I wanna yes halo with weight at all you know that they expect. It's sick vacation out of Europe bring in the religion and. Well that's exactly my question you know there a lot of people that have a very strong belief in god. Clearly if it's what we're talking about is actually what's happening they have spirit guides to and I'm wondering if if those spirit guides are provided to them or in some way connected to their god. Well I'd manifestation. Of what kind is. And it lies I mean lying in bed one night and I had to build a quart of like going from. Me up to my mother to her mother. True every spirits. Mrs. Irwin a lot which is the trying to. Every spear with the we're out of body. There aren't they obviously it living her debt the spirits are a lie that they didn't die we just lost our carbon exterior. But we are all connected by that. Beautiful connection flight. And as it all connects to a source. And it's got an Internet connection between also. I don't see like is that before me and I McLeod the belong light beard. In a roll you know shining a light onto the debt debt and manifestation that's religious secular Bible. Right okay so I'm what you're saying then is that we may not have the over the accurate portrayal of god and in. In what how it's talked to us through modern religious teachings but there is divine nature told us. Yes yes but I'm so it also is what ever got is true you. Respectable. What does this sound of one hand clapping sound of one hand clapping at the analytic I think don't interpret it more than it needs to be chore but it. Yet your collegiate system is. That local and it's giving me strength. That is what giving your strength. Do if if we have difficulty. Hearing these guys are understanding their messages which I would say I would assume that a majority of us do have that difficulty. I've never heard mine I've never been able to recognize. The messages are trying to send me. If that's the case. That wire they dare it seems as though if they were going to be there there'd be a more direct or more obvious way to think communicate with us. It's pretty obvious problem has been there are not human or using arguments tackle these data communication with something that document so like hell. My client as a going to bet and you start the communication you step communication sacked negotiations continue with that communication or not. And it will start opening up. What you're gonna you're not going to eat it lick your operation in the here and Rick your ears we don't have that ability. And through that empathetic abilities in our chests we're we are going to get a feeling we're gonna get an into Grecian. It's for trying to despite between true choices and we topped an actor or director Mike Ford had a bet you'll and 2 it's simply by morning. And I hope an anecdote that way and it steps Kabul next. The more you use it that more bit door opens. So could it be that might get could be then that we've. All long been getting those messages just not recognizing them get out. Absolutely. Absolutely. Okay you're just that that market response rate goes up my stuff in our recruiting new troops here apparently that the that the heard that that I. They are denied is moving along rather quickly here and I'm and as frequently happens on this program we won't run at a time before we run on a quest are sort of move this along that I am. Things that your book addresses and I find it very interesting question of what is the difference between a ghost and a spirit. Yeah. I think. They are coached is. Yes the perception of being lost. In and again in those sudden try and trench situation. Go into the spirit world am I bet it's like picture and follow that what I don't Oreo. So a ghost will. Equip the surrounding. There you get the hardship how or whatever. They are not trapped there that they don't know where else ago. Spirit is free broke free to run home I just think the ghost. Parrot a limited capability or understanding or exposed the I'm discussing here I could renovations. And there's there's stories in my book about efforts and I had. There was something in it. I met last one had an eight year old goat and Arnold that's already used chapter in my book and you know we have. A great relationship she have a choice to go with virtually every pitch he chose to stay here. And make her presence now on almost every night. I think that that restraining ghost spirit. We're talking with Rick Wagner he's the author of a book called my haunted reality his website is my haunted reality dot com you can find links to the book. On the website and I believe Erica the book is also available on Amazon I think if you go there directly right. OK when we come back from break we're gonna continue our discussion Ross gonna take your phone calls at 8446877669. Elicited Jason. And dvd unreality reveal Lee Baca for us. Show. Are you ready JC GB phone numbers beat 446877669. Were talking with Rick Wagner tonight he is the ghost doctor. His website is my haunted reality dot com in the name of his book is much harder reality and Rick let's go to the phone lines to work and if you these calls are because we will run and it's time. This is Michael from Indiana he Michael welcome to show. I enjoyed that legs. Probably since you guys. Actually get to comment for one thing you're talking about it he asked. Where does the spirits company reported the energy come from our presence. I heard a lot of people say things that nobody really clear answer. Sorts you know was insisting that maybe twenty years ago I had a conversation. And older sister in 1910 years. And how they went quite weird behavior but you know as the universe is always expand and never expanding universe. It would even be sort of I want those voices in the back which don't quite the seat to. That will be our universe are amnesia track and we come from the have a place illegal to add. That's what we're technical. Back to the energy that we where. Well. That's been true that's an interesting thought my clinic kind of it kind of take Maxtor quantum theory well. And this whole concept that we're all connected life what does this energy that you speak of on the is that is that kind of where you're saying. Yeah I mean because that's it's never going to stop practice he energy DT the universe it's it's always continuously building outright. You know where does that come from where do we from where we go. You know what it's like we have abilities that energy. What you the year at its own helicopter that don't feel so I don't think I'll let. But we have and that you walk to radio it's at its worst an energy deal with our that's what we were and entry. There's a whiner and I didn't feel so before we get rich content on that did you say you have you had 2.2 wanted to make it. Yeah there was talk about the about our spirit to guide them and things of that nature. And I have always known that that guide which means somebody there was perimeter town meetings and I don't force you to listen to one. You know maybe time port here conversation coming out of there and I think to trick in trinity but now I take it at that chemical divorce and felt we understand it. Why I've heard conversations. Down. Talking about well why didn't do the right thing I'm no matter what them. And make stupid choices can actually hear these conversations going on my end I'm seeing my god must be O. But it actually does make more sense that there's more than one presence of rob has helped I think. And we can put it that if we look to quiet everything else about that and Kate take self out of the pick ourselves out of it all that we learned that we were kids. To open your mind to whatever is there. These types which can. That everything that's really cool Michael what I remember Malaysia has. Because usually more than one guy. Com be careful about confusion because sometimes they're all happening that conversation but there is no to send it to. Area Chu Chu. And Huey and so you get you to computer tech like that's what we're doing now I restraint in the final one guy as the spokesperson. But it can have a little conversation paternal and one of them is coming true with a definitive answer and it allows. Let's can't. Confusion. When you apple guys. Trying to make it an increase in your best interest. Right yeah I remember IBERIABANK Beckett like yeah but I don't know we listen and hear the multiple answers questions and shooting out of me. It makes me even more confused. As to what to do you know what we're you can participate connect application you can they're okay guys let's if I acted like a Turkey I'm gonna talk. Yeah I knew I knew right now I don't think that aren't and it or why not wait you you're confusing me I just need a cage Hugo now it what I meant was student didn't but it's. And then they'll come. Also this is important we also have access to our third guy that cannot. That are information. I was trying to sell outs and the aunt and my guides. It'll know everything okay. So it can you find me try it that it really you know Israel statement I'll be down here and I mean. So bad place actually to itself. So we do have a source but they're in all connected so why not use that information and pull it toward our exports are. A banister. Michael thanks so much for the call we really appreciate those those comments and questions and wanna give you a minute here to respond to Michael's first point about. This energy that may very well be the essence of the universe could that be what makes up the essence of us. Absolutely you're related to quantum. That fixed. Interest sat. BI if there's there's some connection there you know some some solace some you know similar series there. There's a definite energetic connections are like that were all energetic beings and I think bad. We are all connected to source. And is. It Turkey differentiate our energy from all the things around at everything around this energy. And part of the work that it started was. He really eagle in your heart to clear the energy around approaching them you like your stage how widget to meet you how. Let's be aware of the energy around. And how it's affecting our health. Oh. We're talking with him yet it does we're talking with Rick Wagner. Again he's the author of a book called my haunted reality and his website is my content reality. Dot com the book there's a link on the website for the book or he can just fine and on Amazon. Were to continue our conversation on the other side of the break. And if you got a question for us or our guest Rick Wagner gives shouted 8446877669. Until freed 844. 6877669. You listened Jason dvd on. Jason TV tonight that we would. Wagner witnessed the ghost doctor. And that Rick a turn this conversation to more of what you do for your clients. With these sensitivities knowing. What you know when the ability to communicate with their spirit guys in your own. For small tell us the type of conditions that your clients come to you. We miss that you can help them. I. Deep depression. Anxiety. I Q how corn if you aren't. Were attempt suicide. One of the examples it has a woman who has Darren. The rush. Predict 66 years of pro life. Seemed to me and was just finding that she has poisoning Hearst fine. They don't really know what that means please and in the stomach back into order during their spines says it's writing and corroding stroke it will happen before that. She should she kicked a technician stepped back. Then before it actually this is black tailed it comes down over her. So that's really a Christian and what happened before that should suitable copper head is tingling. At the let me tell you doing. You arsenal which in export about what information you're getting these are your spirit courage trying to communicate with Q. She's very empathetic she's Jerry psychic but every time they are showing something it is. It would record demonic or origins. And she just it was evil and trying to get her answer those New York writes they're trying to communicate Rickie by connecting to the top you're let. You're interpreting that the something's trying to ditch your country and that is black belt here I think and cutting important leaders are. Every time she present something truly I could see that as. Total opposite. So I went to all the events in her life. And switched everything around and she told me that first time in her life that she was happy. And what it did for her because I think she embarked to a recession that you know forty years they're. He can't do the interpretation of everything that was given to it was a negative and without skeeter. Mean that's pretty. Yeah that's what that's impartial. So how this works for you though you know you're you've said you talked to your spirit guides daily 24 hours a day to keep in set. How do you mean our winner to errors in what types of communications do you have that results in the healing process for them. Tom. I don't. Can connect with their guys but what I'm trying to do with the client is to get them to open up that doorway and the cap them. Cabot communications. And it doesn't make. I teach them how to cure themselves I tip and the spirit that book and I told them. You know I give them homework assignments at hand and this is what you learned in Europe going to monitors. There's a couple in Canada that moved in to station makes it can you please help us. Gentry years ago and we just something that's rich isn't really depressed and were just thinking of suicide. We don't know what you do. On that plane might be about two weeks ago. And key to cheaper and I I kept if you impact or what's going out going on it TrueCrypt was in the hospital for a second attempt suicide. And we have a special last week. And I sat you have so many little energy around it is a little boy. Start for the jacket and in exchange under the current crouse. Jokes sure that idea. This poor girl suffering with migraine. Headaches and abdominal pain. And I eight patient. Your dad is trying to communicate with you she knows he should nobody here so he's leaning to one acre electrical centers are Chapman being the copier at. That is why you're getting the tiger. Tuition but they're not hospitals and institutions of all this stuff that was going on. Curiously at what you get stuck back here pure human condition particularly. Told her that headache instantly went away. It down McCain would probably does sport a director a long time. Can actually grow up now looking at her at both actually here. Because we're connected through this umbilical cord was kicking his little court and trying to connect it to. Our social punching her in English public. Irish their cultures are right now I reconnect. Looked to where he and Edward James British poster go. Internal change stopped. So it it's redirecting this these entities around. That change. All the energy and our our processes and takes away and the thing that sparked a depression curse. Usually much action and still capture these these I I have them text me everyday how you're doing except. You know let them that you wrote restrictive in a normal and they're cleaned up ordering extra boring is good stop or this guy. Elect has been up and down and and now. Coaxed. Substantially likely than not trauma. And what they aren't at war yet at what point do. Do you recommend. If somebody's been dealing with the issues like this that they that they may be. When they seek out your treatment at what point should they be seeking out your treatment. Most of my track record help prevent repair person adventure free anti depressant medication I should give me an hour or two. And some Yelp reviews I just can't a new Yelp page I got there are so there's a great reviews on their. 2016 before a fact thousand Americans. That are older tied suicide. According to the senate for control it to 4% of people that they suicide. It not have been diagnosed mental health condition at that time out there that. 54%. So what happened is. Or and clank seemed to me in Asia usually very happy to hit a wonderful family losses like that can think about it. How he's going to panic. So when an instant in English when you have no reason. For this depression no reason. For this spot a suicide. Actually Richard and you showed it stirs talk in public she got something there. Actually pulled out a name much that this is academy under Eric you pick them up for more Q works at an old. Put Hollywood hotel opened 24 Q Christine you're living centers that spirit surround their electric light. They'll actually follow your home to your ankle lonely. Mile per hour Charlie so. What's. So this happens all the time this happened to me that's my chapter ten in the book. Where you're declaring it's something attached underneath. And the so lost long he wanted to be joined him. And show that kind of expensive to mine and. Actually felt so I can keep you company up there I don't thinks. So this is very clear that make it very clear they yellow you don't you can move up to that's who pretends to be attacked or like just gonna come over here in turn means. And why are these things to me why are they trying to get people to take their own lives. They are. So I can that clearing and this. And I followed me on my RI is going to that it might and I saw and standing trumpet an amount of depression I was sort of duck session. It out here chipped it with a short out you each go. I woke up the street 30 in the morning where it's like I had in the ice and sweating and might I was. Traction and that holds something it's Gemma I am gritty ER it would sound that. I didn't know what lies the confidence such pain as a competent bankers depression. When ever I get attached to a situation. The actual. Empathetic. Touch and it's still stuck. It's coming along with depression I know it's not me and knowledge and knowledge from another source. And knowing that what this. This depression waters. I didn't realize until later on me to do and I went out for the needs some where I was coming down. I'm acceptable part of it and bust coming right yeah. Very clearly and very simply. He was telling me just stepped right. You can instantly be overseer and Penelope really call right. No no it's and I I didn't couldn't see it. For what it was detected at an amendment Hispanic and shut. Her picture all the credit Tucker and a suicide. So Monica back to my apartment. I didn't sit down and see and there was into the key he crossed over to outlaw every time restraint expect them and he wasn't working he didn't know what to do. And he just kept more and more deeply depressed. And then I collect far it's just excellent view. And you don't see any other way out you know much like Europe and excel which you don't really know where it's coming truck. As soon as I connected him with his dad. And he left. Migrant that's gone. Nineteen has gone. Which I think was gone to depression does not regard I would like 125%. Of this happened. My own content really that's traditional army I yelled at my guys who say it and what I hear we get a vacation with our. And and they are now because if we told you that you wouldn't believe that so we have to show your. And at what they've been doing that's part of the book a journey and what they're showing me and how to steal. So would you say that some of the people that. Are labeled as schizophrenic or just hearing these voices instead. Not yet it's also bipolar. And a lot like companies anger bipolar because you know for. Beginning at that data really happier than an hour later turn crashing down and depressed. And bipolar is usually a child's spirit around. Because that the emotions of China. Are very happy. There's very anger. In Italy so it's. 100 things I told my client. In the wrong with Hugh. Whether that's an addiction or depression if there's nothing wrong which you. There's this the first to look at it you know I'd just rammed it must be something wrong with. And assume that they know it's not them. And they can start taking that step away. From these forces and these spots. And very clear that that what is. And I aren't that and the work has been. Tremendous it really has had an astounding effect on people. Regret deeply depressed that you like this couple in Canada text never Dana thank you wouldn't be here for isn't it. Well it's interesting that this is what you working is because I actually have a story here that are was going to reader earlier the surgeon general. Is talking about how loneliness. And depression is making many people sick in there's a study that was done that talks about nearly half of Americans report that. They are sometimes or always sometimes or always feeling alone it's 47%. And one in four Americans rarely or never feel as though there's anybody who really understands them. Decision be if it bit of an epidemic of this do you think. That. Media and the things we've been talking about here tonight where we've shut ourselves off from our spirit guys we've turned our a blind I. Two things that can help us in that regard do you think that's the cause. Of of this what I would say is an epidemic. Wu Aaliyah. Com. And I calling me he's retired he's a Toronto. He's. Angry that Jack I'd never allowed in my life and it. I act tried so many times have decent career military that let you play an excessively the first star and he just felt like it like what shall hear. And he didn't want to live anymore. And I said that mr. little. White calling me out of Akron and urged you're gonna do it. And they don't laugh and complain to your electric and heat you know I could if you call me tomorrow and the like preserver on the departure alike preacher. I'm not going to. Hope you. Tell yourself. So you're reaching out to me for region. And the problem is people don't have anyone to reach out to eight. I'm. Trying to teach him you know step by step that your guys are there. You need to communicate with them and yelled at mountain chain line to ingredient yet as it turns out that until it has lost. And we get a hold her hand and that connection I think that's the first thing. That door starts to open that can communicate that there are guys trying to orders supposed to be 260 Democrats stop giving him the trigger or not and loneliness. And start keel. And you can assimilate. Into being out what people. But its exports are red tiger like com. Chart per character content to get this great cloud over you is there's gloom and doom who want to be around. Get rid of that day and come out socialite and start during summer interaction that you need your grown people. Figured she could be feeling better you're loneliness there's. Spiral. Galaxy and it gets deeper and deeper and deeper than who practiced any result to. I find this last attested to be the most interesting in that survey generation Z nomad is the people ages between eighteen and 22 were actually the lonely list. Group in the surgery what survey while adults 72 and older are at least the moment we often think of our senior citizens being very lonely. But actually the reverse is true they claim to be the least lonely and the youngest of us are the most lonely that's a very very troubling. Fact. Century technology epic its own. You know ostensibly taken away since being able socialist. It probably you're seeing everyone else. And all the accolades and everyone doing so great at least for them and you're looking to contribute and then at some lonely at all not part of that group. I'm not doing all that they're doing. And it. Belittle you and me me me yeah your unit that means when the Sox game. And then he got the loneliness. I would have thought initially that that the 72 and older would it doesn't belong to they have. In children and that's huge. Plus they didn't grow up with the phones in the send their prominent nearly enough is so. We're at a time Rick you're Webb city get as much content reality dot com the website not only includes information about your book but includes information about your services and how people. Can get a hold of view if they want to reach out to that. They ranked. Wolf thanks so much for coming and hang on all of us tonight would really appreciate it and so we look forward to talking unions some pirate. It spent an absolute pleasure thank you so much I appreciate it. Have a great night. Ar is we're gonna take quick break and come back and wrapped things opulence and Jason GP beyond reality radio will be back after this. Radiohead. So yeah. It's like it's an animal communicators and the like joining us Monday night for the first part of the program should promises to be an interesting one in Tuesday's game until during interpreter will be discussing dream interpretations. And pretty much helping people find their true intent. Yeah Albie should get a lot of calls for Cindy as you did last time a lot of people have dreams that they want some explanation of and issued as a great job with that so be prepared to call in mobile try to get to as many of those phone calls as we can on Tuesday night. Yet if you haven't yet head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we air and across the country analysts is constantly being added to use a check in Austin. You can also download the free iPhone and android app repair or shall I shall listen live sketch pad shows all on the ago. Or just anytime reliant feel free to just go to the website at beyond reality radio dot com click the upper right hand button and pop up button. Or just a listener line on the pop up bottle opener Jeremy can hang our great community people listening to show. Listen live button you can listen just hang in your computer only doing something else. He dollar the show from iTunes or anywhere else is to us a favor and read it for us because it helps push forward and and that's what it's all about give or adults everybody is the pop abundant in Erie and only just a return units. Personality. If it beats me and us parents gonna do it for us is you listen GC NGV have a great weekend we'll look at she'll soon and. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Allison GB Jackson into this one I'll simply tell incidents with. It's entirely on real ingredients. Yeah. You never stopped going to finish in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers will Jason hello slow and she supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talked to being just beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with the idea that slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.