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Jul 21, 2018|

April Strickland with Golden Rule Real Estate in Gainesville, Florida talks about the benefits of using her company. Find out how you can save money using Flat Fee Real Estate whether you are selling, buying, or renting. If you are an owner looking to rent or invest in property she's the one to contact. Check out her website by going to or you can call or text: 352-514-1441

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America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to loan products may vary by company certain loans require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators. From the studios in 97.3. This guy this. Is the real estate show. With Mike Jones from America's banks mortgage. You can email might get my guy Jones and embarrassed thank dot com. The numbers calling and is 877. Tell these guys talk that's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike the mortgage man. Good afternoon everyone this is grossly so what's your coach Mike Jones rumors thanks mortgage each week we come on the all things on the air we talk often throws things. Good buying selling building and my favorite course which is fine if you remember you can email me anytime it might not shown that a marriage I think that's my thought Jones. I've paid them you are as bank BAK dot com you can call or text him myself on any time 352. 2150501. Come on behalf law breakers that work in a marriage wanna say thank you to all for a wonderful cause customers again this week we had a truly are great week. I'm number of closings and and just really unfortunate that so much business. As we do at the beginning of every show we talk a little bit about the interest rates in this week the on national average on the Wall Street Journal are less information we have available Thursday. July 19 four point 5% so down slightly from war was a previous week. Com and that's all good news for everyone trying to buy a house up there refinancing your building. Mom picked him but basically interest rates are about a half a poor powerful or rather from where there were last summer we've talked about the up before initial a lot of times so. Basically one full point above where they were last summer national average for the fifteen year fixed rate loan in the Wall Street Journal. On Thursday July 19 20183. Point 96%. So down slightly again from the week before. And the ten year treasury note on the bond Euro was up up again. This week two point 882% so that was our weekly close and I messed up can pretty much didn't summary fiction were those of previous week. Final this information in the Wall Street Journal consumer. Many great sections in the dinners Peters data center preach in content on the so Tom as we do each week we have opening another great grossed an expert with us and we're so fortunate to have fun people Strickland. With golden rule and real estate and property management and people's gonna. Fills a little bit about what she does switches become a unique and it was unfortunate to get her to come on today everyone's very very busy so appreciated. But coming on the show people power unit paying cash and Harriet and I'm good just trying to address surrounding your reaching down just like you. Arm but I wanted to kind of go through your background is so unique it says on your bio that you work. Working in the rental property. Six each search teams are ranked. Yes see my dad diners agree weighed 21 train mean hypothetically. But I'm pretty sure just because I was free labor. Early and Matt Keeney at houses to be pain is on the weekends. Oh boy well Bob Casey says you have extensive construction real soon experience and imagine since thirteen. They're not thirteen anymore mainly a couple of year I do my my fifteenth. Okay didn't fit but really a lot of experience are ready from many young usually you are Q how so much experience in real estate many properties. Young age and you also have. A unique come background in that you were on TV. Yes so trees Rihanna I used to work in television. You pretty much pegged it I have it totally random background which includes. Ready construction firm from the ages eighteen. And then yeah I got into television he and worked my first show is extreme makeover home edition. And worked on over the country for them. Compass of the estimates and that was an amazing show and was in Ty Pennington right yep tie he was an amazing person award went by the home team was chests we are huge family it was an awesome show to be on. Yeah I know that we were in the bank I was previously. Were able to be major sponsor for the when you're in town yet and that was really cool to see it all come together. There's so many people involved and it's really. Quote yeah are averaged known we would have about a thousand people hold you retain he had only child and a lot of people a lot of herding cats. Both very good works very interesting so Tom so what's your contact information how to people reissue after the show still wanna talk to you about. Listing their home I mean would you talk about running their home for them and all. Yes of the best week in contact with mean obviously my cellphone wages 352. 514. 1441. And that's a lot of ones and fours so 5141441. Tommy can deathly hit me up on my email which is eight troll like the month. Acting golden. Rule. Realist state dot com and those are the best ways honestly tax and it always fabulous so feel free text meaner respond right away. OK perfect. So we wanna talk about your unique proposition for a rental property in that you have a fluffy. Right yeah and so it's it's a little different than everyone else. We do a flat fee it's no slash. 99 and month all inclusive media everything start to finish. For in just nine year and a month. So that's pretty amazing too zealous significantly less than I imagine most folks right yes so most folks are anywhere between 10% to 12% a month. Of their rent sin the average rental right now is upwards of about 15100 a month that's the average PM holy insane. And that is a lot. OK so 99 dollars a month that's a big serving a huge saints had a lot of money we're putting back in the owners' pockets that's right and you said that done before the showed you save jurors clients about how much. Men and two years we've been up and we see them right about 47000. Dollars 47401. That's a lot of money. And so you're listening in new console property that you're tired of taking care of yourself and renal you need to call April Strickland and a caller herself on what's in Bergen. Three thanks to. 5141441. OK so let's talk a little bit about the fact that. Did you do. Property management but you know in Europe putting anybody in these properties right I mean there are fully vest vetted right you do some thorough background check. I totally wish they were awfully can have been no we we get a lot of properties that are they can. So we are finding that tenants we are marketing these properties we are in June lean mean maintenance up front to get on moon kind of ready for tenants so we are start to finish everything. I'm BM majority do not have tended to meet you all of them. Okay all right so when you go on preview the property consuming right you know toll on what they need to do to get around it yet. Bernard and good working order right. Yet putting good working order advise them on what to rent it for my we have found that a number of self managed owners. Actually undervalued their properties by about ten to 20%. Really gas so a recent owner that I ain't took on three of his properties I was able to increases brand by 20% a year over year. Which put an extra thousand dollars a month in his pocket. And you do this offer and I mean nine dollars a month yep hallmark in this holy you know that's amazing. So you tell me or advise them on what to rental property for you help them and then you find that Tenet for them correct OK sorry you do that. Through. I guess to the Internet from assuming. Yeah I mean everyone you know everyone's Internet craze now so I am and myself included I'm sure you check faced a break before I started talking but. Yes so in and that so we're big on Facebook and sticker and snap Chad pretty much if you didn't see it I'm on and so that's a little obnoxious early and it. In the afternoon in its cola golden rule is what you look up on this website to him yet but canola he had golden rule real estate investment kindness okay card very getting all the properties are Merrill all the pictures and everything else. All the ones we have lefty out we are down to only two or three at the moment every time we list only granted the last two restrain about 24 hours on my goodness gamble others there's a great demand for right yes so arm but. And we're gonna talk about some of the reasons why people should call you. That. You know you can help number one save the money. And remember to make sure the property is in good working order and then but you're gonna post what do you do when you. Do a background check on folks right you just don't. You know go to FaceBook and check them out you can do some more than that right. Yeah and I'm night I wish I was just FaceBook stocking. No so it's it's Stephanie a process we. Treated a lot like a lender would treat qualifying empire. And so it's really a business transaction and we try to keep the same standards across the board for everybody. So we're going to do national. Background checks Sony's or nationwide we are searching everywhere. We are going to do. Very intensive credit checks. So we're look teen very anti TO we can find civil liens we can find judgments. Where do you lean lease history checks. We are doing even fiction searches which is uniquely actually can do those nationwide. Drilling down the Aggies can't hide much trust where. We're kind of noise detectives say yeah we are growing up in your business. So and we're also doing lease history checks and then checks teen financials to make sure that what your reporting missing Thomas we're actually making his incumbent really came down OK so how do you do few we're getting paste as we're talking to employers sometimes so kind and you know often in LA Nina in the street guys need thirty days of pay stubs and we require the same. Okay cards are being met just taken the word for it to thank you actually color employers say is this person to work there the hour verifying we need. They have to use a recent paste I was in the last two weeks not one from you know 2017. OK okay. So yeah our actually gain knowledge and their business okay and so I'm sure you do find some people who don't tell you choose hell yeah for sure yeah movement say they think they can hide it but they can't we always find it. OK well that's that's unfortunate for them but I'm budget during it to protect the seller for the blue than the folks running their property write with Ashley which would it's all about. So when you have a number properties now that your running Brandon yet. And but you're always looking for more and that's good to purposes him on the show today so I appreciate that but. Hum what your contact info people wanna learn more about the 99 dollars a month then and has to do that. Yes that they want more debt in depth information and I'm our own website is amazing. Mate is Debbie Debbie Debbie stack of golden rule. Real estate dot com. Has time and information for owners also has great information for attendance so tenants can jump on there and look around as well thank you can find out a lot of what we do our processes and also just really how we treat people and that's it's a big thing for us is how we treat people. And I think you mentioned this the other day and I could be incorrect in but who do have some type of portal maybe is a what you do as a. Yes I am I'm on the money don't so I pretty much hate anything that's not online earlier papers so. Owners have a portal where they pitch constant access to their money in properties tenets also the port also may have constant access. So pretty much every going get something on line where they can stay in touch and we're big on transparency so every you can see everything at all times. Okay are very good so they can. Look him there ensue if there's any work quarters are dreaming nurse or something like downright yep. They have access to all of Vinnie also get access to other receipts so we've purchased anything on their behalf that's all up polluted and they concede at all times a world that's amazing so. Well that's really and that's a lot of information for only 99 dollars so my eating out and embarking thank you furnishings. Conducive for urgent that's for sure all right so I think we're gonna take a brick grey here and talked. Have. Some sponsors c'mon here and end to a commercial and we're gonna come back we're gonna talk a little bit more about what you do things in do you tell about. Maybe what things are really important note the local market and you can help. Folks up there are running their property so we'll be right back after these messages. Welcome back everyone this is a rules official with your host Mike Jones remembers banks mortgage for your mortgage and immersed in Florida area please give me call your office or on my cell phone rather 352215. Zero fives or one you can email me to it might dot Jones that a marriage Bangkok com. And we have reports trickling here with golden rule rules say the property management and huge home also. Sells homes I did yes no and done you have a couple of open house you have one today which is Saturday and then you have one tomorrow right. Yes I have an open house today actually be pretty much right after this over and long leash it's a really awesome four bedroom home. Coming out when he comes Simi valley's love you know meaning you people so. The actress said that one is 7937. Southwest. Eats dry you mean and that open house us from one to three among leasing act coming out at me and let. Meet people and hang on chat OK and with suppress on the house Dow wondering now is 394. Okay all right so are a lot of folks or to chants and the view confer house long leaf beautiful area lot of medical professionals there yet. When you come into view and and checked and outside. And there were some one on Sunday. Said that one and send. He cans and that. The last joint coconut since Indiana stations so little bit more of a starter home. That one's a three bedroom two bath in the address. The enemy craft Arafat's. To be good pre rental property maybe could agree ran all and it's in great condition and the owners took amazing care and in. That O'Neill is 158849. Northwest. A 122. Lien. OK and with someone listens for sounds listed for 1849. McCann how big is it. That's a 32. In just under 15100 square feet it's a really decent sized home okay and that's a nice neighborhood so yeah position Syracuse here kind of right in between new Marianne a latch Lang and kink into Gainesville and ten minutes OK hard great. So we didn't really cover at the beginning commercial but what area do you have reduced due the Janesville area are you all over north Central Florida spring aren't prima stick to agree or Gainesville area my kind is. I really want to make sure I can service my clients can be as proactive as possible so stay keen to gain sole electric canny as my best and right now okay and which are contact info on the website and everything else again. So my cell phone is 352. 5141441. Text her car meet. Web site is golden. Rule home real estate dot com and they can always email me to April. Acts golden. Ruled real estate dot com Larry Craig then you had mentioned why we were take a break that come. You do inspections every six months which a little bit different as well right yes so a lot of our owners are not here in town and majority are more than three hours some of homer lever and over in Europe. Hope so they're not here locally don't have access to the park green I find that's a really big pain point with most owners is the wanna know what's going on with their home and they feel like if they handed off to a property manager they lose that control. So to get some of that control back and make sure they are staying informed we do inspections every six months we take about a 150 photos. We do all right apps and then they have access to that in their portal at all times and can go view and see what's happening. Tell that's me okay Willis good so they don't have to win a whole year they wait six months and then they give some peace of mind that their house is still and still there. Yep still that's been destroyed. Yep and in some Omar is seen their homes for multiple years so I have a number of clients we brought on that have admitted and not seen their home for 234. Years. And by the time they do see it again it's. A little scary threats who. It's an have you I don't mean to introduce so they need to call you and they need to. Go visit your website and check out your proposition of only 99 dollars a month for this yeah guarantors are cheaper than cable. There you go that's probably very very true creatures so. So one of the things we wanted to discuss is that if you own a house now in your first time fired you've lived their for short period of time may be a few years and you want to keep that house. That's a good opportunity for you to come in its home. As you view this is what can rent for rim can keep 1005 maybe a bigger home. Yes that's an amazing opportunity that's something I personally did as well so we have a lot of people who bought their first three bedroom two bath starter home four bedroom two bath. Got any great interest street a couple of years ago and her wanting to upgrade the wanna keep their home as an investment and they're not sure if they key and 90% of the time they absolutely can and we can rented and also not only cover their current mortgage that. Probably even make enough that they can start pain sundown on their new mortgage when they go buy a new home. That's crazy well so they shouldn't be afraid then don't be afraid don't be scared you're OK yeah so the mean that's what they need to call you think put him arisen your website to get up because. He does not a lot of money plus a cable pleasant cable blessing cable but come they can possibly turn that house into cash itself in her ex man come off the list. And then you know and if you know fifteen years or so. Have a mortgage paid off and god forbid you within a mile loan but. But to have that break coming in Minnesota you can help them right exactly yep let's attendant pay your mortgage for you break them too literally turn now but that's the reality that is how it is and that's right. Okay come. So one of the other things is you are pretty extensive when it comes to move out right when these moves clients move out of these homes and you go through and make sure that everything is the way it should be. Yes so with my construction background I I would probably venture to guess man and that's a little more extensive than most so I am not only looking to see. Possibly what attendance did to the property but I'm constantly looking for potential maintenance issues. So work constantly looking to make sure we don't see any leaks from the roof preacher has seemed would rise. But then in addition obviously making Asian attendant left it in good condition and left it how it should be left I'm really looking for those deferred mean and say gee is there really cost you in the long run. OK very good in. And and then you're release is set something that and you used to defile yourself I mean everything you have merit is is to protect the owner of the property. Yet while project Fiona are also protected tennis so my release. You know I aide did not technically develop myself I heard a very expensive attorney UK. And we eroded so that it one protects the owner says there's four pages. That kind of explains to the Tenet what they're responsible for me kind of cut out 90% of our arguments and issues right so literally four pages of what they can and cannot do. But it also ally rains for the Tenet with the owner is responsible for and how things like security depositor processed because I find that's probably one of the most misunderstood portions a security deposit to OK and has a work. Let me says security positive guy and kind of brief summation as you need to put it into a noninterest bearing account as an owner you cannot touchy cannot spend it needs to sit there and stay while attendance in your home is not your money. And then when it tenant moves Alex. You need to do to move on inspections immediately. If there's nothing to be withheld from it has to be returned to ten win fifteen days. Mean not fifteen this instinct I had okay fifteen days and then if not if you do need to make a claim the F thirty days. Okay and those are two very time sensitive things that a lot of people tend to overlook. And then there's a whole thing from mayor if you know. Sites and whenever ensue but that's in the fifteen and thirty AZT big points. Okay all right and I'm sure you're ordered on this right I mean at some point. Yep we we get audited we have time to CPAs helpless oversee everything and we are also accountable to state for an easy money so we keep a very close eye on everything. Current sounds like you're on top of everything so that's why people need to call you what church you your number again some people can call or text you and get text mean it's 352. 514. 1441. Part intend as we talked about before you're also help people. Determine what the property may bring for based on your extensive knowledge right comes in our market. Yes for sure yeah please don't try and value yourself we find everybody tries to get a zillow and uses Aston then which can be helpful but can also hurry sometimes so. We will do a full analysis we will come in toward the home and we will give you kind of their real skinny on what we think or rent for and tipping clean leave. We'll find that we already Tim more than you thought you had rented for. Now that's amazing yet often the extra money that stereo. All right so only do recap interest rates a little bit down for the listeners this week John in the thirty year loan in the Wall Street Journal four point five. Percent so pretty easy that was announced Thursday as Wall Street Journal Thursday July 19. 2008 team. I'm basically flat from the week before and then the national average for this fifteen year low Wall Street Journal. On Thursday July 19. Three point 96% so on down slightly from the previous week. Ten year treasury note two point 882%. So a little bit this week. And I was talking to Allard Baird who's our our resident expert he's from Houston Texas. He's been on the show before and you know what if you listened to Larry in the past he's very folksy. So he says some right now there's a lot of stuff going on obviously. We're waiting for the second. Quarter of look to come in on what to GDP numbers gonna be in that's going to be in the close to four point 7% so that's our first estimate. Hamanaka mound next Thursday and as you said the waters may be very combo right below the water it's there's a lot going on so you just gotta be carefully so there's a lot of a lot of other things happening so reduced to a lot of people in wall remaining one particular way and if it doesn't go their way they're gonna fly towards the exits and we're gonna see rates go up so. We set to be very you are cautious as it is. Designed to me was my Q bureau their official on the guys. Just be very careful and don't bring your pickup truck because of fear they are cracked and you might wanna get off. So that's what kind of talk so it use a pretty interest in guy who's been following interest rates for you know better part of 25 years so Petroleos. So he Q we know so anyways if you're you feel looking for a loan in the north Central Florida area you may call the for myself on 352. 2150501. Or can you know me and Mike Scott Jones and marriage thank dot com. On April as we're getting towards the end of the show here is or anything we missed you think that people. Haven't do I haven't asked you about you have a number of properties is not what you managing 5101520. You said it was over a year ran 85 renowned for Jim part of view when you have a whole stuff for people to help you salutes. Great civilians who got my support staff to make sure that I and don't check up and Massa but yet they keep me around and architect. And and then you're gonna be an open house right after the show could you do umpire and so rules that too on top of all that yet have a lot of craziness at PMI still buy and sell full time and now I'm still in doing that as well. Very well one of the questions I didn't askew who who answers that call in the middle of the night when when the house is flooding there called the owner of the call you. They call me button Yahoo! so yeah right now I'm taking on those midnight calls I have been handed that off yet to a staff because I don't want them to wake up at 2 AM but. Yet you're not using a property manager that means you're using you're gonna get those 2 AM phone calls and they're Superfund. But somehow I'm not sure that that's true but okay. In them can you give us just an example one Christi caller maybe you've had if you can think of any. To pretend you know the worst DN a horse runs and we typically hear from men a number of owners and we picked up and because they've gotten knees to land calls her. Come flooding slowly get the flight team and he and no one wants to wake up to that X specially PRD had two kids at home anymore to an 85 break. So flooding tends to be the worst military and it's just yet. Them not a fun parent and all right votes if they need a property manager in the computer. Keep peaceful area of the one call people Strickland was on golden rule. Real estate property mantra what's your phone number one more time. Yet so my Seles 352. 514. Fourteen and 41 relative that's awesome and thanks so much for coming on this week in talking about that and and I guess is they don't wanna I've talked to you about done. Ty Pennington they can call you talk about protecting anti paint an alligator folk. He just needs and health OK sorry there are they have a question maybe there wanna seller house and after the talk to you and say that there were rendered. You do that suits yet and I well I am happy to advise if he should rent or sell that it's not all not all people need to ran not people need to south. Okay are no that's true I mean it's it's not a one size fits all the news this unique to the individual person can't and they need to decide what's right for them so okay. Part woes as we finish up pure wanna say thanks so much for listening again this week. And if you Harry questions for a mortgage can give me call it's 352. 21505010. He called me at the office 35233975. It is. I'm do appreciate everyone listening again this week and we'll be back next week we'll have another great local experts have a great week for. I. And. American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC an equal housing lender applicants are subject qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change any time discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn products triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators.