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Michael Mayes talks about cryptids including the shadow cats

Jul 25, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to Michael Mayes about his study of cryptid species including the often reporting shadow cats or black panthers. These creatures are not supposed to exist but reports of sightings are common. 7/25/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. Are. Nevertheless went sailing swinging your start somewhere between welcome and we honor radio myself Jason Hawes and the always some cheap each so I'm a little bit confused and no that doesn't surprise I mean that's normal the ducks have brought you. But the black. And there's no we're not talking about the politically active group the black and those are talking about actual Panthers. That are colored black. That are reported seeing or being seen around the country which will or is what we're going to be talking about tonight are considered encrypted. I honestly thought it was an accepted variation of the species of of Panthers but apparently. It's not and they are considered encrypted they are were purported to not exist. And we're gonna talk with Michael -- about that tonight. Normal when you and I were down in Florida before they were telling us a sin. And understand aren't they saying that if they are dealing with Panthers or something. Ours well you know I guess I just I give a little bit confused about the definitions because I'm frequently in upstate New York anywhere here and that reports of my outlines mollen lions also Panthers is that the scene creature I mean. I don't think that the Leary got their songs here alone here right. They're very very similar I don't know exactly what the differences I'm sure Michael be able to tell us about that but I know at least I don't hostile campus I know. I don't domestic cows that is and I don't like them whole line I don't know Martin Zeno anonymous have all right yes exactly that's what we're going to be talking about tonight with Michael May's he's encrypted seeker and an author he's got a book out called shadow cats the black Panthers of North America. Are we talking about that with him tonight and he's going to explain all this make it very very criminal walk away tonight at the end of the show understanding at all. Well you watch the a lot of times we don't take him on the style so we walk we are more questions and then we don't start. That is true too we do that we do that. I'm I just gonna say yeah you know I we talk about wildfires. In blood frequently in California votes. It's definitely in the West Coast it's it's a very very common occurrence. Greece right now the Athens area of Greece is experiencing their worst wildfire in recorded history 74 already dead. Even now in the grease Athens Greece area and this is just something they don't necessarily. Deal with the very often and they've got to 17887. Injured. And they say that that's gonna rise rapidly they're not quite as prepared to handle these types of situations as we might be here or particularly California and the folks at have to do them year after year. It's never good situation but the folks in Athens Greece and then area in the Balkans are just that really really struggling with these out of control fires so. Our hearts and minds out to them. Absolutely and Cheney's best wishes to all that's a scary it really is especially. Loss of life venom that much faster. Ready yeah yeah it's it's climbing very very rapidly and one other thing known to mention because these things don't happen very often in fact. This particular thing won't happen again into the year 2123. Let's see how many years that's a hundred. And 25 years from now I don't think we will have the fortunate. Opportunity to witness this in 2123 saw on Friday night we better witness said then. It'll be eight total lunar clips but it will be the longest blood moon visible. This century. On their and that also has been falling to a lot of doomsday reports again. Yeah congress at that of course it will of course it will just so he's close at the other day and still only got where what are we gonna do achieves what he might want to wake up and not think that everything that happens means pure death for a that's. No well. I know we've had a few discussions about that we've passed several dates that has been listed as most likely but if it doesn't happen that gable try another date kind of kind of thing before. We just really survived the two the two Mays or whatever that yeah accidentally eaten last may something's supposed to happen and then he said if it didn't happen Mack Maine was gonna happen this magnate when we went limp through May and I didn't even think about it yes I forgot about a lest we didn't really survive and this is just blown. I don't know maybe this is the matrix we've talked about that too this is the arm we all know what a lunar eclipses of course is when the moon passes between the sun. Or the it's seeming earth passes between the sun and the moon blocks the moon out to pretty spectacular site in itself. But a red moon. Will happen when the those conditions are exactly right in unlike a solar eclipse no special equipment is needed to view with total lunar eclipse so you can actually watch this thing. And Friday's lunar eclipse will be particularly special as it's the longest lunar eclipse of the 21 century again the next remote happen. Like that until 2123. If you keep on camera show you moaning. I'm not looking that direction to another as of right now can't authoritatively having him she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond. Then of course is beyond reality radio. And check it out like the FaceBook page it's all good stuff. Are so we're talking about encrypted it's in specifically shadow cats tonight the black parents as of north America's the name of the book are our guests Michael -- also wrote a book called paddy SaaS clutch story it's a children's book them and find out what. Message he has for children as a relates to SaaS question that's all coming up on the program. Of course it's beyond reality radio right on the phone numbered 8446877669. And we will have take your calls later in the program seeking Joyner conversation beyond reality radio our guests coming up just don't go away. Panthers heard America that's in the book. By our guest Michael May's he's equipped at secret and an author Michael welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on our program tonight. Thank you see it's great to be your Christian. So when we talked about channel cats what exactly are we talking about. Well from two to the blame men we're talking about. What people would typically call black panther calm the problem with that is that. It really is no such thing as a black Panthers. Not a catchall phrase for any large black long tailed. Yeah abruptly Mountain Lion sized cat. Brown. Problem is not supposed to be in such animal in North America. And let's just so we can Kennedy get this clear. Rate in the beginning what's the difference between a panther a Mountain Lion. A leopard. Or any of these cats that are all roughly about the same size. Well com we'll store that Mountain Lion. Mel liner to her problem it has meaning meaning sayings. It has the largest distribution of any. The cat in the world it stretches from. Canada all the way to the extreme southern parts of south Americans or because of that large distribution. Are terms in terms of regional names or. Whom cougar Mountain Lion Adam now. Paint her and so on new skills harm. So turn panther. Can be used in any issues for forum a typical coal honey color on color well. But now in the Sal. And we're arm problem. That term panther has kind of come to mean a black cat somebody. Who stomach and outlined missing now partnered cougar. Com in the south. They say panther nanny nine point nine ocean Tom Tom black. Home. Now. The black and he's seen movies and on TV saying putting there's no such thing you know I've seen them. These are our. Militaristic. Jaguars or mostly leopards. Mellon is a mischievous. Genetic mutation. It causes an increase in Mellon and which is the portion skiing and the bid that it shoots it shape its colors so. Calm. It is truly just a leopard but it has autism it's exiting columnist missiles. So calm. Hope that answers the question. That denies those beanie leopard Roman. OK so if if I understand this correctly what you're saying is that the black cats that we've all seen pictures of and we all at one point or maybe even seen in a zoo. Those are leopards. Mostly net jaguars also exhibit known as themselves some of them couldn't enter our twelfth assume they're prep. There there either leopards are jaguars. And then but the cats that we're talking about tonight the ones that are being. Reported as being seen in seen in North America. Are reported to be Panthers which. As you just explain. Cancers are also known as a bunch of other names that could be Mountain Lion could be cougar could be puma the other cats are somewhat interchangeable. So it in the north the term answers and change I would say yeah in the south and in Texas. Southwest. Bomb. Intermune to catch the possible exception began in Florida. Where others sub species of Mountain Lion called Florida panther. And it's. It's become extremely endangered and it's like this and actually well publicized exception of southern Florida. We need eager to work hand during the south. Guess it not been absent tongue that person talk at a black not talking about typical color outline. So it's these animals don't exist why are we seeing them. Us that's the nuns the million dollar question. And there are from. Various possibilities. Arm. For example. Jaguars are. Needed to most of North America Iron Man not most people think of them as. South American Central American cat which they are at do you ranger in Mexico and at one time that roamed over a huge part of our North America. They felt fossils short the north west as Washington State. And as Far East as you know Pennsylvania and that there so the one time moderate plentiful up her alms. So there is one school of thought that believes that there might have been a remnant. Pop up population of jaguars and that Mellon ism. Was a Trace of some of these individuals. I eat you know into genetics a little bit that you find out. You know there and think back to freshman biology department squares and all that kind of stuff. You know there dominant traits and recesses traits and in jaguars the trade and Nolan isn't as dominant. So you had a couple of these. Black individuals and they were kind of cut off from the larger breeding population down south. Arm it would take too long before black garment collar. Of those jaguars over that roam around a person that's that's one school. Arms some bullying that mountain lions might on occasion. Exhibit Millen isn't the problem that is that. There's never been one document in case is that there'd been an awful lot of mountain lions in zoos and captured and a search through the years and and there's not one. It's documented case of that so. And then their various other possibilities. Parks and wildlife duplicate go to either alt X has escaped answers on my dad and exotic traded things of that nature so it really is the million dollar question what deeper scene and look there occasionally getting photographs of hum. You know has a lot of theories out there but it can't recruit any of. Is there are a concerted effort to. Deny or dispel the belief that these things might exist is does this is the scientific community. Like like something we would see with big foot is there an active effort to. And either disapprove or deny the existence of these things or is it just more of a question we don't have any. Concrete evidence we don't have any at captives or you know alive or dead specimens 2.2. Whether there's an end active agenda. Or not. I do not know what what I do know is that the official position volleys well agencies. Is simply that there's no such thing they're going to tell you. You're mistaken. Com. You saw a dog saw all house cat you saw. Atypical. Now minor bobcat in shadow or something like this was gonna say or they're gonna say won't may be but it must have been in someone's skate at this seems to be. A goatee thing so they they horror. Going to tell you there's no such thing now. What's. Is there some kind of agenda for that I don't know I'm really not a big conspiracy guy I think. It is just science in that there is no type specimen that no one has brought one in. There are some intriguing photograph looks little like you know you mentioned the whole bigfoot mystery. Column you know. Standard for photographic. Evidence and in Internet subject is that Paterson and when you want footage broad daylight grand. If if that's not good enough. No photo or footage is ever gonna be good enough. Alone and we're kind of in and bogeys cancer as well. We're talking with Michael May's here a secret dishonor and also an author we're talking about his book shadow cats the black Panthers of North America. You can also check out his website at Texas scripted honor dot Blogspot. Dot com and get a lot more information about what he's up to. Parent also hunts I'd lost connection manager needs to be back and only. So our head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like FaceBook page forest. Then had to beyond reality radio dot com. All the stations we are across the country you can download free iPhone and android temperate there which. Was it a listen live catch to show only go. Well listen any night rely frightened website click Melissa lies tab and join on like in do you chat great grip onto people's checking out. Or take a quick break a lot more to come to listen Jason G. For an hour it's our first our program we've got Douglas Douglas Cottrell. Joining us and he's a clairvoyant a teacher is spiritual healer and an author will be talking about clairvoyance remote viewing. Quantum meditation. Developing intuition and much much more as it relates to all that in the second hour got Rick Haiti's cousy psychic medium any life consultant we're talking about life as being a psychic medium. The reasons for Huntington's which is always a great topic and science no fewer being visited by loved ones in spirit form. And then Thursday we've got doctor Dawson church author and researcher will be discussing mind to matter. Some issue check that out should be great show yes some great stuff coming up for the rest of the week era beyond reality radio. Tonight we're talking Wii is our guest Michael May's he's secret to secret and author his book it's called shadow cats the black Panthers of North America. You should check out his website Texas crypt did hunter doc dot Blogspot dot com and again Michael thanks for being here. You don't think it always bothers me and I know Jason and I've talked about this on the program before is the word hunter. When when people say I'm a bigfoot hunter firmer cryptic hunter we're not out to hunt these things right. Look at what you're talking about obviously. Both got in some war. What I'm hunting. Comes in the s.'s is proof you know their existence and com. Outlet to justify. A lot of people's claims local folks suits. Endured some ridicule and and have been told no you didn't see what you saw things like ought to be it will Sula. You know kind of justify their their experiences for. All I get Ted and Betty even even my show was called ghost hunters may I was I always hated that hunters partly because we're. Apparel more researchers so we're for ghost researchers are what are you wanna call of them were cut because they're trying to look for the evidence. Rotten. Seekers in some cases might be a better word. Com. I guess maybe just listen roll off the tongue swelled up like that it. Yeah you know were were unfair where we're trying to trying. Through. And you know when it comes natural world however. In many cases I think it is going to take assessment that too actually. But science says it's. Maybe unfortunate but I'm not sure that in some cases it's not gonna take debt. Especially some more fantastic. Unusual. Christian legends that are out there. Science to buy it you know this problem map app. Michael how long. Have these creatures been sighted in North America. Or what is the first reports has it been you know since we've been keeping track of the suffers a relatively recently. Oh what becomes and the big black. Entergy cats that the stories go back to problem. You back in two. Central Mexico were asked headaches. That are there they're greatest warriors were called jag or warriors so. They also broke the spotted variety cat in the black all back to dare. You move Norris. Into what's now the United States and Canada. You know there have been many Americans by and large sedan occupied continent. I had oral traditions that they didn't write a lot down. You know some cases you had. You know Patrick Willis and things like dead two. What a whole lot written down so. But. I have found and document in the book a couple of gold and a native American legends Alabama shot Indians. Moved into Texas from back east. You know had a Angel and a legend about a big black panther. Oh what a lot of stories. You know it represented this or that but the animals I'm Denise east handles. Pro Israel animals you know that were made up side no reason to leave. That you know today they've got to legend about it and an eagle and Bieber and bear in the amateur world why would they just made. That one animal as opposed to meaning you know that kind of thing but to. Intrude into out and duck intention is better. In the Anglo settler really started to spread out. A cross continent and the manifest destiny. Stuff when that started to take place. A bomb. People wrote things down. Settlements popped up newspapers popped up those council made it. Into those newspapers in. Com desk when we have tried to get paper for also the earnings written account I came across from 17100. And then John Lawson explorer was sound or South Carolina. And it wasn't a black. Answer but it was no. What sounds an awful lot like a jet are so that it's. Spotted. Com jaguar with a common code was seen as far north and east. As the Carolinas. Is no reason they can melt on this expense and still running around at that time as well also. Did you get to those eighteen hundreds and started seek quite a few accounts in the. There really shouldn't be too far fetched seeing that most creatures out there is like I have a friend who's got you know pure black German shepherd and you know so it it happens in genetically in these animals every so often you get. These these offshoot sneeze talk these colors just like he might find that he. Totally blue lobster in the ocean even though it's a woman a million it's there. So Sally gets it's impossible for that to happen. Now is it it's not Emmy in some cases it it it appears to be impossible for example about how they just don't appear to carry the genetics. Necessary. To exhibit that no amnesty. Black coat it just doesn't appear to be in the whereas with the jaguars in the income. In the lepers and there's small. Now wildcat and takes the jet grounding which most people don't even exists. Even bobcats are carried to genetics where. Com they can be lack. Almost. Without exception. Date in eighteen has stripes or spots. Hence the genetic. Gene did that I get out here the gene in them. Wary of numbness and could be expressed. Anything that. Doesn't have stripes response source cat goes for the most part those are not going to have that capability. Michael has as you kind of went through the chronology of the sightings of these creatures. Have we seen any change in the frequency is it getting more and more common for these reports to come in less and less common or as a stand about the same. Well it's been pretty steady for me now you're not seeing them now in the paper. A whole lot in the communication or new C news reports and things went when I first armed started doing blog site. You know also talk battle out I've got any interest and you know I grew up in in the child seventies and early eighties big whitlock as Moscow the golden age call it kind of stuck on TV Ian. In search that knowledge into body creek and I kind of stuff and I want to talk about all that stuff enough. The blog and an up and won't for awhile and I didn't post about from black panther citing. Just north Metroplex Dallas column. And my inbox just. Just explode. Armed and it has become buck Shaw our most popular top taken into her. A couple years I I I just couldn't keep up I couldn't keep up with the reports coming and then. Part of it was a backlog some reports were all. But no one had dated had been blown off ballplayers officials horror. Didn't know who talked to about. Now that pace has slowed over the last couple years I get at least a couple of week EC still couldn't come into me. And now. These are ones I would call credible but I'll speak to people and correspond to come. Some would come in you know offshoring now. Maybe they did commitment and stake in. I haven't had a lot of your hoax or I don't training at a couple. Lit a couple credible sightings a week coming in just normal people who. Really. The experience is pretty mundane you know cat all across the road from their vehicle. Of the fact that it is. Black it's it's not. Spectacular. ENN dishes and it's just. Debt. Coloration. In this part of the world is not supposed to exist so. Column. It is pretty steady. I wouldn't say it's picked up and it's it's it is remained steady in these years. Michael do these particular animals these black. Panthers he's black cats exhibit any behavior that would be different from their non black counterparts. All not that I can discern how come. You know in the book you know I'll I'll sorted it char credible sightings and problem. Got enough of a Vietnam data set up a leaky where. We're starting to see some valid patent sent out and almost that except now charted sightings in Texas because I just someone ideas can't. Keep up with the old country bit. I'm basically. The eastern half of Texas is where 90% of these sightings terror. Home bare areas that are rich in water resources rivers creeks body swamp lake house up in areas get quite a bit arraigned thirty us. Inches. All of it. Corresponds. To what you did. Where you'd expect to grandma. You know it was just people hallucinating are equal in El Paso seen them as often as people and Texarkana you know and its investors not happening so it seems to correspond. Shouldn't. Thing living breathing animal. You know where that concentration of that population would be. Have a mix mode almost. Almost all the sightings or battery problem. Passive. The animal treats it walks away it runs off there are few aggressive encounters I am. But you know PEP compare it to map lines sightings that very much. The ratios are very much in line with what to expect so something like dad are renowned in one of those encounters sped. Com the most part it fleeting glimpse of the animal on this golf. We're talking with Michael May's about his book she had a chance the black Panthers of North America. He's also got a web so you gonna wanna check out its Texas scripted hunters dot Blogspot. Dot com Margaret information on the. Phone lines a little while also take on the number at 8446877669. Until free 844687. 7669. If you send any experience with these mis black. Cats in North America. Horry got a question for us or guest Michael Meyer Mays gives a shout at beyond reality radio. At then number you listen Disney dvd on her owner. The phone line the next hour 8446877669. Curious anybody listen to the program is headed. Experience with the one of these so what we might call anomalies or nonexistent creatures that people report exist. These black Panthers these black cats. That are scientifically not supposed to be there. Want somebody impose some on the FaceBook post Bowden there was a water a water fall along the railroad tracks also the Simpson PA cult Panthers blah. Because well Corning rocks there toll attract workers are claiming that they were seeing a black Panthers in the Willits. Yeah uninteresting and has been all over. So it's all very generous and stuff and our guest tonight Michael Mays has written a book about it it's called shadow cats the black Panthers of North America. Michael ware is the geography. That these things have been seen in mostly is it all over North America errors a concentrated somewhere. Now the ball ball in my research is spin and what would be considered the old south from Texas. Eastward. You know. You're civil war history know that you know the old south and Oprah. And about thirteen states. That's. Ball who were out spent most my time but I got reports in the Demi is literally it's all cock up out gut. Counts from as far west California. It's foreign orcas in Ontario. Canada. And then of course all out the Carolinas and end and back east to the Atlantic coast so it it's literally something that. Has been going on all the continent. On outwit. Say he seems to be a more part of the culture. In the south and it does in the midwestern the for a westerner or use our east. Problem. Where I grew up in east Texas news. These were just another animal that lived in the bottoms that little doubt Willis is these were common by any means that. It was. Nothing that was on that unusual to you heard about them I was in my mid thirties before. Realize they're not supposed to be real. Do you mean not supposed to be real. And that's what I found out you know debt you know what you see on TV. Jaguars look urged known as the mall construction. Shots close to such animal in the world North America. And tell you what he sure that some of my friends back home there they're ready to fight you look leisure. You know you're impugning their carry your basically called a liar crazier sucked and and then you don't you get kind of what I saw and there really are some parallels to the whole bigfoot thing in that regard that you're you're not had talks somebody they know they saw and and they don't care what anybody says. We've seen some pictures of these things you've got some are actually on your website. And as you mentioned when we talked about big foot that Paterson film is the kind of the holy Grail of video images of that creature what would you say the bill holy Grail of video images of the black panther is. Oh wow that's tough because. As is the case with a lot of photos from. Scales problem. Com. Photo that's on the cover of book for example. Is is a great images are powerful image you've taken is actually still frame. Video that was shot and Iberia. Count parish Louisiana several years back and forth to July handling and a picnic and big black cat just strolled across pasture. Not too far away from and shut the up and and well you know you look at it in an age screens. Big news like that it's not. And I'll I'll talk to these folks in the that was a dangerous animal that was a well Louisiana wildlife officials came out and they did some. Testing and so forth and their conclusion was those people saw how and I'm telling you they were as mad as wet hands about it they do. They just. When I contact them about you know historian bogeys and an image they just got at all over I don't what Greece today. Depp was that we were there they bar they came out a little car work cut out or some and its testing and they weren't standing in the right spot some that but. What you have is a photo this cat walking across pasture. And there's nothing of known side news. That it's right there in the photo they can give it reference perspectives knew exactly in in you know. You're talking about. Different a couple of yards either way can really effect. You know that perspective what you're seeing and so they're some terrific images that being one of them. Are. Now there's. Well let's let's do this so we don't cut you off when you're going in the middle talking. We're gonna take a break only come back we can get in to allow more and you pick it up where we left off phone numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 844687. 7669. Our guest Michael May's cricket seeker and author. Listen Jason NG he'd be on reality radio won't back at the. Stuff somewhere. Myself whose husband was awesome JB Johnson to. Other guest is Michael May's he's encrypted seeker and an author he's written a book called shadow cats the black parents as of North America. His website is Texas scripted hundred dot Blogspot dot com we're gonna continue that conversation just few minutes. Also tomorrow night we've got two guests for you won each hour Doug Douglas caught troll join us in the first hour he's a clairvoyant a teacher he spiritual healer and an author. We'll be talking about clairvoyance remote viewing. Speaking room remote viewing Jamie do if we have some time to do into the program bull it's been more time of their remote viewing psychic experiment. Asia women and that a while now when nice Tia analysts what you. He's pressured teachers I don't know winners Wittman choice right now probably talking about row viewing and quantum meditation. Developing intuition. Premonition this predictions and prophecy all Woodside Douglas Clark trail and Enrique is will be in the second hour of the program. He's a psychic medium medium and life consultant. We talk about life as he psychic medium. On Thursday doctor Dawson church author and researcher will be discussing mind to matter so make sure you tune in some great shows plant lot of great stuff our phone lines are open if you wanna join our conversation tonight and be very interest in hearing you're story if you have come across any of these black panther creatures which. Purportedly don't exist the numbers 844. 687766. And nine and again our our guest is Michael Mazen. Michael we didn't have really spent a lot of time talking about you yet Telus would invite your background. Well Tom our company's Texas. What's commonly referred to use of the piney woods area of east Texas and now. Stories of there's all kinds of stories out there ranging from. Build a typical Walton and bigfoot kind of stories to black Panthers and you know boulders that are out in the woods of William man all I asked us what kind of grew up. Logan you know these stories in these these tales and I guess such is never. Quite grew out it's always a kind of an interest in this sort of thing. And mountain. And got a little older and now. Decided to have to just kinda. Follow that up keeping your mama. A school teacher and coach and now. Here in central Texas in what you do for a living that blog spare time is is involved this kind of thing com. Trying to get to the bottom sort of some things that. Really you know people more qualified than I feel like should be looking into good nobody appears to be doing and so. Well you know it just sit on the sidelines now I'll get my feet wet and currency McIntyre now. All that's the most important thing really yeah it's it's always great to listen the summoning declared. If their take on him but it's so much better when you're able to get out there and really want to get your hands dirty and and truly try to figure out what's going on yourself. Absolutely and I'm sure you tips and this experience salute you we talked to the things you've done I mean these are just normal people too. I experienced something unusual. And you know that date number one and A wanted to bounce this off somebody wanted to know that they're not the only ones. Come across something like this but it just. Normally follow suit. Com. You know they're not Kooks you know they don't come across like I was crazy people weren't an additional faults and saw some movement in many cases were not aware. Debt what they saw was not supposed to be. A real animal and it's on it's only at the fact that jock and it's now what are you talking about that that's not real. End and that's what again and so I collected enough these stories. Well. Not published them a plug in to these things are pop up I should do something with these other than just published a blog that's what do you Genesis the idea of the book came from a man and a lot of people who. Appreciated. It nothing Nelson a book just I've got a 150. Oh lead. Credible sightings in there that they are not and cells are not the only ones who seem innings. Michael one of the things you mentioned so when we're talking earlier was that. The the television show in search of had influenced you. When you were younger and I tell you what I'm glad we don't have to pay royalties Jay for every time some brings up because I only ask every sort of show yet almost everybody we have on the program including Jason and I. More influenced by that program and specifically I remember when they presented that was for some I saw the Paterson some of bigfoot are among a lot of other things that still remain. Very very important and crucial evidence of many of these topics were talking about. Yeah I lose in this conflict is alluded to earlier it was kind of a golden age. There's certain age range and I think we all probably all end here and you know bottom. In search of Peter Graves had a television shark can't journeys monsters may be cola I think. The legend of buggy creep who became now that is scared the devil out of everybody you know that Gingrich and Galindo and so. All those kinds of things grabbed hold hold onto imaginations. For her. People are agent. Like I said earlier I guess maybe I just never quite outgrew it not just remained fascinated by all that stuff. And that's what Clinton blog and that's what it to look into this. Let's chimp tore phone lines here and try to take a few of these listener calls. This is at Allen from North Carolina hey Alan welcome to the program run with Michael makes. I thank you look you know one this year when I was so burned university in Virginia and whenever wait till harder and we look upon. And the periphery of a great. Does little slot Virginia which is steadily owned land. We've come out side that and why didn't see one. To do local lid on the property they were very very aware of these. These they called the black Panthers. And they always advise as to be here this they're screaming and you'll hear is not a child very thing it's. You know it's these panther which. So I just I want to share that it was very common knowledge among all of these people. That they exist. Alan Alan give us the location of that again we're just say this this occurred. That was around the Great Dismal Swamp they didn't. Itself eastern Virginia and almost going in the North Carolina. Got it Michael is that is that a common story that area known for these sightings. Well that they're the Carolinas have a rich history of outside as they did they do several of those are detailed in the book out. The gentleman who actually wrote the forward. Where the book. Is doctor Angelo cap Perella Lula. Did some of this research back in the seventies himself in the Carolinas and provided in notes to me remind him. Com so going back at least that far it is very common and what he sit there but the screams out where I grew up. Anything screaming in the woods to answer in an awkward about it I wouldn't go in the woods it's like her scream my regardless of what else. But let you know. That it's an interest seen. Our. It did you know to get better reporter because. Different types cast localized hundred days and one of the things. Up now on for example is actually not a big cat it's the biggest small cat it's basically a giant house. I'm in one of the differences has separated from what we go big cats lions tigers jags so for. Is this. I would point. High heel weight that bone structure. In them they're. Local courts that they cannot roar like those big cats. He is an economic screaming noise that they can even make whistling sounds very wide variety of stuff. We can't roar so you do this. This screaming and literally as cat. Then now and you know Bentley aging more toward outline conclusion and jaguar for example but that does some moderate grown up big ticket country here in Texas a lot discriminate answers on the now woods. Allan thank you for sharing met with a Cisco to Gary from Kansas he Gary welcome to the program you're on with Michael mace. You have let this particular call yeah deadly encounter when I was like aboard that tenure old and grow up little ground to dust in the area. In the weird we lived on the country of I was taken up trash are trapped only about. Well maybe 2030 yards from around the house. And a another regular trash or disprove that all the trash out there are ultimately bigger. This stared at we have a budget not that big dog or the so called adult to hurt the bullet into advice. All the I'm a little bit here. They admitted it made my hair turn on turn the light you know oh yeah and and I know what the world about no adult should bite me in you did hear that buying a rental through the backyard I mean it felt like you know. You know I guess so honor of them. Trapped in the Big Ten at least live in the that same night just that almost that same time I actually in that. They shut up camper. Behind them back or land. At the probably about 275 apparently the black cramp then yeah. While. On our ability ridiculous sound like Goodell wrote your ability and much noise and it made that much noise. Oh yeah you could do little vibration don't agree I mean it was huge you know. Well I tell you what if I ever look into kind of the dark and I see a pair I stern emulate that and own and and again I do whether it's screaming in the woods or ties to an MM probably run in the other way he gives that impression. It is just a bit eccentric was you leased engines from mom when am delirious unite the symbol on the boat but. It sure was a and the boy have serious here muted their target our department well you know go about you and your goal at the time build while we had quite intimidated early this. Yeah but when you side did you get a glimpse of the color was it too dark trio. It was it was pure black but it was so dark out there to see it shadow of somebody you'd run and I mean it was still like you like that. Almost like you don't look to jump through the back of the yarder. In I mean it was there was well Lou and elect a bit of the hit the ground you see that language you to get beat it's still the big animal. While they Gary thanks so much for sharing that would this we're gonna take one more call here before we go to break try to sit this one and this is Nancy from Texas hey Nancy welcome to the show. BookMooch donuts you're on with Michael race. Our RO. Yeah mountain intention. Yes. I don't know where I'm already went for a. And doing not let Rendell color of their community Compagnie community. Okay. Clinical my lap thirteen years the American 2000 and started strip mind. They don't belittle bridge and you achieve the black Panthers walking down in the afternoon down that bridge. Awhile. Is this something you witnessed yourself Nancy. I may have my brother Bubba witness. I would Iraq while we're at our paper our. But is this happening now relates to contemporary earlier resist what was this a while ago. Implementing our audio seventeen years ago. Now there's just that bridge still exist. Yes sir Richard or are they still see my homage to Nomar and dampen it was still up there are big and I'm Kennedy still seeing the cats. Yeah. Well don't pay them. Yeah Arnold thank you for sharing there was this Nancy I'm I'm not exactly sure Michael ware Nancy's referring to you have an idea of where that is. Error on models that lured his mouth closed and is run on and spread off interstate thirty. Or too little bit that's the highway that runs between Dallas and Texarkana. Arm kind of runs east to west Mount Pleasant sits often did. In what she would. Call east Texas is kind of where that low blows piney woods began. Com we have. Certain kind of Cole in Texas or Texas and ruling known as a as a coal mining statement. There is a good deposit late night coal that sue us and Texas and in east Texas. And that's probably what she's returned to the little minds and come addendum. Shall yen and that part of the world that part of the state as a rich history or sheer. Again we're talking with Michael May's his book is called shadow cats the black cancers of North America website is Texas crypt did hunter dot Blogspot. Dot com. And our phone numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844687. 76692. As a coal if you've got a question as you've actually had your own experience with these. These mr. mysterious black cast the listened Jason GB. Beyond reality radio back after this. 687766. Its shares for us about your power. Who is a strange black. Panther or McCadam another kind you know I hear that's the description of these cats so like they're screaming or crying in the woods or whatever and reminds of coyotes as coyotes. Have a very very similar sound they exits on the baby's. Crying. Well that's that's funny cynic that's how Fisher cats so I don't Fisher hazardous Fisher cats is the only game I think grant described it best when he said one time because yet Celek scanning baby now and it's just them it's a nasty sound you'll ever hear. And it's a nasty animal. Our guest is Michael Mays tonight Michael we won't even a minute here before jumping to break again. Let people know where they can find a more information about what you're up to and FaceBook page and all that stuff and when we come back from the break we'll get into this conversation with a more. Okay well the blog is Texas cricket hunter. Blogspot dot com. I can't keep Obama what I multiplayer. Takes Kryptonite on her FaceBook page Twitter urges do the search for takes as scripted out her annual. It'll pop up and you can tell me there. It's always a defiant no problems there and you've another book actually two of you wrote each children's book about bigfoot is in my understand this correctly. Yes sir that's correct scrap what do we tell children about bigfoot it would were you teaching children about bigfoot in this book are you using big foot big foot is an example for other lessons. Well and it. To make a long story short basically is an idea had mad a long time. Again the Paterson get one film is is the gold standard as you mentioned in. A lot of people question the motives of Roger Patterson. In. Lot that there probably came to be there are canned stuff I just kennel in my mind turned around. How did that creatures get their wobbly she'd care. And it's a story based around that and it's it's basically. An ugly duckling. Bigfoot story. Basically you'd ride to the heart of it. What would be worse for a young female bigfoot then having small feet and that's about it. Good. The idea behind it she runs all because of that teasing news there's a lot of drop. Parallels what kids go through you know the body image thing in these. Approach we'll talk about that a little more to come back from break don't mention if you're waiting on hold to join our conversation just stick with a suit to break we'll get your calls. And the numbers are 8446877669. Again 8446877669. Listen Jason GDP on military. Rated tennis match. All right we've got a couple of guests touring starting with the Douglas caught trail clairvoyant teacher. Spiritual healer and author will be talking about her points remote viewing in things. Like that the second hour Rick case was a psychic medium wife consultant. Will be within us all talk about life as a psychic medium the reason for hall meetings which will be an interesting topic consigned to know if you're being visited. By loved ones in speed in spirit. And on Thursday doctor Dawson church author and researcher will be discussing my seemed to matter. Some issue tune in some great shows yet some great stuff coming up tonight we're talking with Michael May's about his book shadow casts the black Panthers of North America. And we're gonna continue wins some phone calls here. This is John calling from Kentucky hey John welcome to program your own Michael mace. There are always Kentucky. In. Where I got a future exciting day on here are saying look lesser load when there are rumors. What are solid but all the way mister Curtin Candy Land grabs loan Portland no current quarter river. Most of what we here's cringing no Crittenton Colquitt. The warm striving. You know Kuerten Jeremy in camera curb so. When lord bullet hit it and we're pretty good look at him and hit lights and well definitely is. Sort perch right next to Bieber coding or but he returned a tree down and his top the shoulder blades were. I'm six hotel prolong the war back in us better you guys later located in the top which showed bright for the billion. Where between Monday in my life so he was a pretty. It's just can't what I would be in its last case. Now is they're all share was that the the only time you actually had a personal citing John. This so it turned out single webpart that trade directly hi yeah I know exactly what that is actually he had it and there was another term. Over. Oh where extra hinders and or its debt which candidate would towards. All the ports saying how. There's an army large. Well Larry and I was driving which you have the drought pretty slow because of the blog deer there about Maryland. Our car in front of me and that's also opened chemical stoke a rat control of their car and it was a slower. Car. What I saw it was sort of low. In I mean it was in his blow is to call or worse worse but there was aboard if so warm right. In when it went up in him in their car almost hit it that is trying to batted it looked like gateway through this audience in did not go over the streets. Not it was a dear it would win over the trap the scene so. A persuade your role played well he sang a stay accessible might go through its logo between the boards like that it. But that's mostly concerned go all out city. Well thanks for sharing that would mr. and so. Michael I mean is that description of size is makes sense to you. Yet you you hear that a lot to com in the net that's for people really will get into shape about. Being told what they saw house cat because. They know. They solve those very large. Com. So you are a lot of sightings described as mountain lions size or bigger every year. Clearly. Eight this own fortune and then he had something directors and he did what most don't do that go back to spot. Examined. That that tree at beaver and taken down and compare that to 2 PM we saw and. But the citing itself was very typical it's it's an animal crossing the road from a vote in front of a car at night. Not unlike you it's a dear crossroad it's just it's it's an animal that's not supposed to beat her. He and he was saying he was six foot on six what took so an animal he was saying it was between his knees and his waist I mean that's a good size animal. It it dead animals well over a hundred pound structure. You think about tip of coal out of data Dutch shepherd which is. It's a cross between the German shepherd and a Belgian on the law. And she's about seventy robbery count Shia on 63. And she comes up above my knees so you're talking about something Mitt IP yeah talking about an animal hundred plus pounds. So you're talking about full on Mountain Lion size or larger audience that that's a serious cap. On the sort I was judging an offer to 'cause I've got to Australian shepherds and and one of the ones in on him to remind me in my waist and he's almost ninety pounds and mean. That's a bit too big animal. Let's go back to the phone minds this is Patrick in Indiana Patrick welcome to the program. Yeah I. Yeah I'll want to other than the editor we got houses in Al as a riker. All twelve on grounds that any way out there right here that this android I mean you guys talked about it art this. And it or are had out there are easily bull new year. And at all. They if they did see an exciting doubt pared its place here are you done that old eat polar bear don't appear early flash. Albert so we know we're out here it is actually water pegged out there. Own interest as if they're taken off because the predators or if they're just being tech alloy. Four authentic Gallup they're cleared so they're Goldwater to work Driscoll aren't out there they get treated like cat out there are all part. And then cheap like me every year that your client that declined it. I can't expect me quarterback off that ball well but I Berkeley law that street. Yeah so what do you think of them Michael. All could be. You know as far as what's making that the deer scarcity could be predation it could be there's a cat aryan dear notice they get out whenever there's any kind of industrial activity going on the you have to consider that possibility as well that's a an irritant you know in central Texas we've got some coal mining going on as well we bella. While outside in that area and this is the second caller to mention. Coal mining has as a spot where they're seeing in these things which is interesting to me hum I don't know what that possible. Connection could be other than that these coal company's own big tracks of land were. People aren't for the most part good tough. That that's pretty interesting. Connection and because I have several accounts a boat from coal mining areas here in Texas. And just in this short amount time to have two callers mentioned Cole actually just interest into. Patrick thank you so much for the phone call ensuring that win this. Michael a few minutes we've got left here wanted to turn the topic to some of the other things that you've done because. Shadow cats these black Panthers isn't the only creature that you of looked into investigated researchers from some of the work as well. Yes or that it's correct Tom I'm actually a member. Of the board of directors for a the North American would date conservancy which is eighty bigfoot research group. And just got back last week's been a week up in the loss column mountains of southeast Oklahoma. Do research on that so let that something is fascinated me as well. As you've. Work with that organization what would you say. The most up to dates information in May be the up most up to date explanation is for those creatures. Well blooded and there's many theories as there are people out there what we believe we're all like minded estrogen yes while we've kind of come together and that group is. We think most likely explanation is that it's some sort of shot nor American great eight probably. A descendant of if not in remnant population of an eight atlas. Known to have been in Asia. During need the last ice age were reportedly bearing. Land bridge was exposed coach I can't took it to kiss black key monitored gigantic allergic you know against. Was an eight. That really fits the description of modern day put. Such is pretty well and there's a lot of debate as to whether that eight spot eagle walk round to treat not. Armed. And but we sure like this. Probably the most logical. Explanation. And there are those out here that believe it's some sort of primitive. The man you'll be it Neanderthal order or something along those lines. Oh we just haven't seen thing it evidence was to convince us that it was anything. Other than an eight. Do you believe there's been discussion of these creatures being in two dimensional. Which is one reason that they remain so elusive hole and one reason we can't find remains of creatures like this I do believe in any better do you do you consider that to be. Even remotely possible. Well I'm an open mind again I mean I'm an ugly isn't bigfoot pizza excel and I'm pretty open Monday that. I'm kind of about evidence. A lot of the stories horror. I mean credibility. Is a big thing with many. Certainly they are. Based on human and physical abilities they are. Way beyond anything we. Tremendously fast strong and can really make tracks and dirty. Bomb in its easy to see. Where someone could contribute something. Well paranormal or just disappeared. With something that just moved so quickly you know you're just east CNET. Com. But we just haven't seen anything that would back that up now if I ever do or me in mind my friends in that group who I trust. Ever came back was something like that to end in the would I would after he considered that. Then bindle looked good in the absence. 2005. It and then. I haven't seen or experienced anything in can be explained through. Typical great ape. Ager. Well in Jimmie and I don't matter what. Kind of guys that where we're believers in the possibility of something meal then I mean we would love for some initial on camera but all we have talked to a lot of people and like Jimmy Hussein people are talking in two dimensional where we're bringing up the fact wolf. Why haven't we been able final on why hasn't anybody come across when people bring up the inter dimensional thing im also bring up this whole thing where. There they believe they're being dropped off by aliens to researcher plan in the meeting pick back up by the so there's so many different far itself there that really let's be honest to seem extremely farfetched. When it. United and it does and in addendum. We're really trying to take a hard scientific approach will read. Some I'm not going to criticize anyone's believes solar. Theories on it because let's face it it's all speculation at this point. No one has any horror crucial Otellini thinks so. But sound. You know when he when he comes in not finding bodies and not finding bones and stuff. I'm sure you gets hurt the argument about it will be still front a lot of things out there and it died of natural causes. Home. Now here's. And I agree with that under senate has again I grew up in upstate new York and I'll tell Yasser all the times we spent walk into the woods I'd never came across to dead bear. Right right and you know and you think about it. Dog your dog owners so maybe this makes NC. You know dogs and old to get sick you know background from the I'll take it snaked bidders that crawl up under the porch and under the house or subcontinent into the state and they looted and making it will now. And that you're gonna go they're gonna they're gonna retreat into the deep end and inhospitable. Places possible. To try to get over it. Whatever is ailing number or to die peacefully on alternate date elite. Isolate themselves and when that time comes. I'm in these places and people just don't go we just don't get off on Archie Moore. And even hunters and deer season rarely go more then or dollar civil also and ATP traded over something like that simply because. Is they didn't kill year. They hollered out of the air. And data and I have talked you know Cary. You know that this animal five miles or something like you know they want to be. Within fairly close proximity and willing at this thing out of here and in Seoul. People. Really. Don't are familiar with the while my opinion warrant in hand. And what is truly like up there and people would be shocked at how much. Heavily wooded isolated pockets that are still are in this country think you're a lot people think it ain't got. Parking lots everywhere and now it's really race. My arm and get the plane and you can easy you can see it's amaze every every time we get up maritime and a plane and I looked down and you realize just. How much land there still is and it's funny as a result do you see it one house won him smack dab in the middle of just and most woods. Yes. Hello Michael romo's out of time here what have you got in the works next book project you working on now. Well actually. You know keep don't blogs on and I'm going to I'm not. Cord yeah it is a did I'm become little more diversified that and keep it up to now be updating that soon. Actually I am working on another book that deals with the whole would date beat foot. Topic in our group in its history and in what we have. Now what are researches uncovered our experiences things like that and so hopefully that's the next one in line. And I did notice that you. Had some involvement with a low files from those program. Yes sir our group levels contacted and and we were we did an episode that was. Robyn is to lose and now. They came out the water column and southeast Oklahoma with this and problem did that program. That was a good deal of fun and again. They were. Actually you know wishing hearts and stuff which. But I don't think they were quite ready should that slow hum. That was it was fun to get their reaction. In they were they were good guys gotten that good things to say about. Great well we appreciate you being on the program tonight didn't working through this with this teaches what these shadow cancer about the book shadow cats the black Panthers of North America. The authors are guess Michael met Mays. Yeah Michael thanks so much for coming in all of us and we we look forward to talking you can at some point again all. But to come back so much it shouldn't have a great night. Are so we're gonna take a break come back around. Things up and listen disenchantment. Portrayal as a clairvoyant a spiritual healer and author talking about clairvoyance and Rick gays in the second hour. He's a psychic medium life consultant will be talking about the reasons for Huntington's plus. But you're talking about life as a psychic medium we've we've heard a lot of interesting. Descriptions of how people. Who have these sensitivities grow up and how it affects them to clean when they're young and as they kind of come of age. They realize it's something we don't have to be afraid of or I have to hide and they actually. Come to peace with a. Yemen Thursday would get doctor Dawson church author and researcher will be discussing mind to matter. But hey tonight showed Jim does it help beyond understanding the difference between all these cats. It's I say no is that bad because I'm still a little confused as to the difference in a tenth. Or a cougar pull mom of leopard while the leopard thing forward Tony Carter talking casually talked earlier there's another guy but what I mean is that I am I'm Tammy I look at it as if it's bigger house cat I should be worried that can kill me. Exactly and and that that's calling it a day are hunting machines so yeah. See one house gets to know yet and then you know you you'll see the stories of one of these. Whatever they are open a tree in my homeland entry point deer into a tree. You know in in meeting the deer in it and a tree branch and units pretty powerful stuff as schools carry. All right well that's gonna pretty much do it for us tonight to make sure you tune in tomorrow we get great shows all week long. You listen to Jason NG Giambi on reality radio catch old tomorrow. And don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced my child Susan Johnson insisted. It's something we don't really read news. Yeah you know it's stuck on her face in the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason hello smoke and chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson follow. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.