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Tito Abao discusses his experience with reincarnation

Aug 17, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to reincarnation expert Tito Abao. Tito was reincarnated after being the Roman Emperor Nero as he outlines in his new book. 8/17/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. It's oh West Coast trying to and the East Coast many are stuck somewhere in between welcomed me on really ridiculous myself Jason honestly only saw some. You each well the special music right out of the in truth seam is of course in honor of somebody very very special that we lost today Aretha Franklin the queen of soul. For good reason labeled the queen of soul. Lost her battle today with pancreatic cancer at the age of 76 years old. Just an unbelievable talent an unbelievable story. An unbelievable woman and while. She is gone she will certainly leave her mark on music and all of us and soul rest in peace and share issue issues phenomenal and Mitchell. And actually messed you know we have to remember that you know while people go in tonight's conversations actually going to be very very pertinent to this discussion. And this idea. But you know as people leave the earth their existence. Continues in their essence continues and you know people died or people pass. And some things died in things like relationships. The people live line. And someone like Aretha Franklin. Will. Not only live on but she left us with a body of work that will remind us of how spectacular her contributions to all of us work. And they will always be with us some and I'm so Antony to entice conversation about reincarnation. Is going to be very very appropriate. Yeah and south recovering pretty much gotten a lot of different things about week with three incarnation with Tito Obama. A reincarnation specialists who will be taught by his new book the Monica graph of parallel life which centers around his reincarnation experiences in training and and a lot more. Yeah. Good stuff coming out for sure and then just remember tomorrow night as the best of program. And a Monday we've got to a broad pile coming out of him was on before I don't remember exactly what we talked about with rod last time in our notes say that we're still working out topics with him. But I know he was on the show once said the one of the time. Yeah he was he was in the past some. Should be entertained. If you haven't yet had already FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio to FaceBook page for us. Then had to be under reality radio dot com meet final stations we error across the country we're constantly updating that looks at more stations. You can also I don't free Smart format which allows you to listen lies catch past shows on the go and more. Com where Eagles arsenal of sending that relies too scored a listen live button in the upper corner and listen right general browsing the web. Bomb yet and if you don't shall write to journal Austin's a fair and just read it first hopes to push it forward makes it easier for appeal the fine and that's what it's all about. Yes it is and I just want mention one more time that time in our hearts are going out to the a friendly of Aretha Franklin and you know there's going to be a lot of tributes to this woman because of her impact. On the music world of music and pop culture. One thing I thought it was really really touching as some of the pictures that are being I'm shown round on the Internet in relationship to the news announcements of her death. One at the Apollo Theater in in New Yorkers. Saying you know announcing her death and that's. You know that place is obviously a very very important part of her history trips cost the history of all black Americans who started in music around that time is it was a brief it was a breeding ground for great talent. And it's it's there it's just an amazing thing so I'd never bend the Apollo Theater but that's one of those things on my. List of places like to go some day so you probably be a great place for an investigation to. You don't throw it would yeah. So Lawson I kinda chill that went live on through work and and so forth. On did you hear about this crazy thing that happened with Colorado police department. Getting this weird call now. Aren't so police department Colorado. Recently pretty much found themselves and the senator wrote in dissent and spooky situation. It's an reportedly occurred last weekend in the emergency dispatcher in dispatcher in the city of wobble. Yeah scramble. Received a 911 call. And from an area funeral home at about 3:30 in the morning. Things deftly took a stranger turn when the cold disconnected Aston dispatcher answered it. I think it is some kind of crank of course they cold back and trying to find out what was going on. What happened that today Jim. And brought the whole thing to some relief justice had bigs. Stew really spooky and a level to think about it they called back someone answered the phone. And didn't say a thing it was just pure silence the officers. Are trying to Figaro was going on and asked why they pulled. So with that counts resent the police officers over to the funeral home. But the buildings or locked up lights were all off an area spa. Send the owners I guess never called about a break in or anything else arm in our contact the police department. So. It's just a lot of weird things out recounting the experience. On Twitter officer Tom rumbles said probably just lying trouble right sure we're gonna stick with that. Then in which you match and meet Ian Paul from a funeral home at 3:30 in the morning. It hangs out in them when you call back somebody picks. In just sits there to sustaining thing. And I am just curious if there was any heavy breathing or any kind of breathing whatsoever because it was a corpse I imagine there would be no breathe and they said it was just silence in response the officers questions on who had called me. With summit at the fall that's that's that's creepy enough and it's like one of those line that that line the calls are coming from inside the coffin. Actually. O'clock in the current trends in the house there are none but I imagine any. The officers must have been just really spoke out our situation like that if I've been sent to investigation our homes. In there one of those places that no matter what you can yeah creepy photo and others absolutely no way you can not going to a funeral home and not have a creepy feeling it's just the nature of it and I don't know you know I don't know if there's an energy there or not but I can tell you that the feeling is always there. But to get a call at 330 which is weird enough 3:30 in the morning. And hangs up when you answer the phone and then you com active and see if there's a problem and somebody picks it up. Just sits there. Not no thanks I'm not going to visit their feud you know I don't I don't really understand funeral home but it just how the angle to get wanna do it alone. I don't I don't wanna do it all so new to an extreme heat take by the latest couple quick things. Today is rom. Day national Rondell you sign on the menu and I are both big fans are rum runners so I'm thinking that we're gonna have to ever run run run run over the weekend. In honor of today's national from day winds that we get heavily rum runner challenge. Regardless of how they are runners can JD and Jason while what we know we know we we rung up lesson we're doing that yes that's it's also black cat appreciation day and I know there a lot of people and our audience and a lot of our guests that would fondly. On that day black cat appreciation. Yeah them by any other any other crazy to Oregon where that's at young that's on camera now. Aren't sick with the rom rum runner. Emerges from day are certainly talking about a reincarnation with our guest tonight Tito a day EO and Tito is the author of the book called. The Mon ago them on a graph of the parallel life which actually centers around his reincarnation experiences and is training as he learnt how to deal with them. On the edge near death experiences out of body experiences other paranormal and count first. All of culminating with this book and him being in a show tonight. And later on in the. Shall open the phone lines and numbers 8446877669. Dental freed 844. 6877669. Or to take a quick break a lot more to come to listen to. Is the dvd are really. Beyond reality. For joining us our guest tonight is Tito a day EO he is the author of flow a book. Called the Mon a graph of the parallel life he's a reincarnation specialist. The book centers around his reincarnation experiences and his training and Tito welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on with us tonight. You go around me I appreciate it. However showed two. So let's get started. By talking a little bit about some of these definitions for shall tell us what. Reincarnation actually is I think people probably understand it but I think there's some subtleties to it that we should probably get out of the way. Well only have. If you look reincarnation. Yeah today sentient being. If you. Yeah two. Ought. More. Pattern. And what you do that you will drop and cute little political universe they are yeah it should more. Political body. And then what has happened here. And the first. Or five years does somehow some Williams used that we're at our summit here. Lecture cut. Yeah you know. People up. Through everything right between the light green. And essentially a run at you is creating reform. And reform follows. We try our medical story. So if we had to. Kind of separate. The differences between reincarnation and resurrection I think again most of us know what those distinctions are but tell us what they are. Well I would not necessarily know a lot of talk about resurrection. I only know that from my own experience and as a person. Has actually reincarnated. And that look would cover about pretty poor light track. Which has already have raised its pattern. If you. Are uncertain climate issues developed over the centuries. It was moving into that. What what part. And they were among the word miracle on 38 B 6888. I reincarnated on the planet are at record terror erupted 2008 players they climate. Restitution. Two crimes against humanity. One I ordered the execution by my that the anticipation. Eat period prerogatives extort money on low level of scratch. Build aggregate dollar. And who is on fire that gathered Sarah. I gotta say I'm Rory talked about between life agreement that. I didn't use the word I could get between what we're doing. There than between night agreement matrix that you enter into. An agreement. That's higher what sort. Of that agreement. What experience it is this Smart. Or to let them pay restitution order execution what quite moderate. He will timeshare durable warned them all AJ are between that they have less and heroes our air. And romantic yet it is. And then after that. She it's. I inherit. I'm supposed to inherit. Closed one point three million dollars. And unfortunately. Roman Catholic Church accurate. They're still admire. Her and and you find out for a phased out years ago. So I didn't let me I didn't want to do. I stole money. And that created in money and a lot thanks so it was like yeah. I normal process. Like early Hewitt hadn't seen it so that I that concept the idea is not a homily. It's an actual. Part right. Track. As alternate back and get in on itself. So that. You can actually ever get away they had an article probably didn't. Yet you know work negated all of this and a lot of detail. After this break we've got coming up. Number what I was trying to do here is just establish some things everybody understood what we're talking about in my understanding of the difference between resurrection verses reincarnation. Is resurrection is bringing some one or some saying back to life in the form that it left life and it's this it's billion debt saying back Jesus. Was resurrected. As Jesus on reincarnation however is the life force leaving one form and coming back into another form that form could be if it's a human. It could be another human another body or could be another being altogether ray is that is that a fair way to define those things Tito. Well on the lead and I can't. I just yeah. Direction and future of our antibiotics or are trying to say look what I experience. Yeah I'm just trying to get that comes out of the way the definitions of everybody understands what we're going to be talking about that's all I'm not go look at it or not. About reincarnation and I don't really alienate the may have bought. As direction. I don't know I am and where we are we've. Gun that picture and that what I'm that was in our intention target listen we we've got to go to break here and went on the other side of the break we're gonna. We're gonna start over with your reincarnation story 'cause there's a lot to talk about here. Your book is called the money graphs of the parallel life and by the way you should check out Tito's website. It's the oasis eat eat eat the numbers 888. Dot com the oasis eat eat eat. Dot com TO is a reincarnation. Expert and we're going to be talking about then on the other side of the break and silly head over to FaceBook dot com slash B unrelated really to FaceBook page source then had to be under reality radio dot com. Reach final station we here and across the country can also download the free Smartphone apps plus listen line catch a show on the ago. And a lot more any ninety rely just listen arsenal of Senator Clinton listen lines tab. Are you that you listen Jason dvd. A long battle with pancreatic cancer. That's just a nasty and mean and no cancers are good cancer for for for sure but man I just keep hearing these stories about people who. It diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in this matter of weeks who really is a lot of go find it until it's its parity to spread like wildfire in you know well again it's it's a shame. Welcome back to the program our guest tonight is TO a day you know and Tito is a reincarnation. Expert he's written a book called them on a graph of the parallel life and his website is Z. Oasis. In the numbers eat eat eat dot com Tito again thanks for being you know let's take a step back you kind of started telling this year story about you reincarnation. But let some let's back this up for so tell us about you how did you get involved in spiritual work to begin with. Well honestly I don't Jerry yeah I've had a lot of greens. Yeah we're actually excited and I'm Alabama by upward as they were actually remember. In my life I am Adlai. Got acute. Former that is very sorry but it I have I had sort of and the. And 2000. And anxiety or it will be my body. Glory or at least though. Now. I can't for the guys yeah I don't remember saying. Okay. Eight. It was back in the physical world. But nine point and a lot and I came around they're trying to energize. Can you tell us what Cameron. I'll tell us what happened with a near death experience what happened to you can you share that with us. Sure accurate but it dropped out of what happened was booed out of luck this week. And then I became aware of all the people working on my body. And I could pick eligible yeah. Then. And I know a lot of well I'm not. Controlled at track can't get Derrick. It would my actual. Will to do. I knew what. Rejection au AG that are double. And that it is. Symptomatic. It bluntly that sound. Your body fluids very high vibration won't do projects if you Eric double. Now when you actually. The full never leaves the body. So what happens when you eight patrol. Began to lead what are natural flow. As little as only afloat. And you're blowing out of the quality. And then. You're actually going through what is back and look at it. Well that day would call. What. Elect. Well I'd. And we want it I presuming they're guys. I mean like you are. And I think a lot more to do this story I don't know almost that would add to your truck for. Well we're we have a lot of time we talk we we have a lot of time that we have a lot of time to discuss this but it just wanna make sure we do it in steps so that we you know everybody understands exactly what we're talking about. And I wanna get to know you a little bit better before we get into the details of in what happened do you sense the near death experience. Well let me ask this though the near death experience it wasn't anything. That happened it was just you went to bed one night and you started having these dreams and and that was where there are what are. Well I went there. And that. The actual process. It is that it almost see like I doubt it earlier. I had two goals of being MetLife. And what was to. Make restitution for our to my mother executed. We'll be stay quiet. A billion dollar it. And at that time and 2000 Sutton. Between lightly matrix was completely. Open and me saying a lot. But I there. And that. Green light green I. Know our guys. And then. Higher power all call or. Ask me not there yet. And so I came on the guys you essentially there are as well at all but what about. We want to look at are unaware that book is actually available on Amazon dot. Right you on. Did you were you aware of your what you. Described as you were. The the reason you were leaving this particular life to. Make up for those past sins as narrow did you were you aware of that prior to that near death experience 2007. About it all the good revelation came later see what out of first place that there are higher as well let me. Wildly liberal entity to be brilliant and former Lincoln. Net slash Iowa I would go through this and that no substitute teaching people about how to travel. But I enter guidance. They did the couple didn't sort of looked as altered. That got here. But once I got there and I got into their program. We're not getting into the program itself. Let you know they're worried where people well didn't try to spot you remember about oh. It is what it ought. And during the time that I did the training. I was always dropping through there and then barely heard it. I've at least according to them because I wasn't following the program. At saint and they understood what not. But. As silent her didn't realize you know I'm going to do a little part. I gotta go until a good regression. Therapy. And an adequate intelligence there. Oh. Yeah well I just want to make sure that they let it work quite the bargain regret that they different. And I'd suggest that. Brian why. And about the Michael need training and apply it practitioners. Well I used to real little overlooked on here well there. And are meant to be people higher integrity and skill. If you do it will be the face it. Although they're great and I needed to do different sites work and that's what regression therapy does. Particularly he didn't give me wearing flight the issue. But. Can I said this it's really simple yeah exploration. And try to move or complex and actual execution. When you go into the because of the physical universe Lanier. You can only one or two things one content. I only had two mission to take care. I had to make reparations. Or my mother and execution and that agreement. And I got to lose my eight iron curtain and and the content and corporate owner out of Italy the democratic banner. Right. I I extorted money from Lowell and aristocrats and build a palace. 2000 yet you know. In 2000 a year later. I got my edit Heather and stripped. And I let it get earlier. Do unto others what you doesn't do what do you wanna probably had battled suggestion. No matter of Carmichael law. A lot easier gonna space you're gonna say whatever you do you eventually. Yeah I'm whether people believe in karma or not people are certainly familiar with the concept. I need to ask you though prior to this experience in 2007 which was an eye opening to say the least experience for you. What closure of opinion or your beliefs about the human soul I mean did you did you believe that the sole existed in the the sole. Could transfer from one mice to the next. Well let's those from the earliest my earliest memory I have is traveling a. Wanted to at the time I didn't. Didn't know you did or know what I mean he didn't know what what she said it was dreams right. Well. I didn't what he couldn't because of the way. And I was bit eclectic. I mean that's what can. Argue that while they're great. Well I don't know what it waters. And I began to find books. And let and that's I know about the flared up. And that sort of thing that's and I wasn't entirely. Not involved include. And you had a goal obviously. Sooner than that I just didn't know the technical aspects of that. I'd like to yeah learn more saudis. So you knew it wasn't a jury it wasn't a dream but you weren't you did not know that it was memories that you're. You remember or better or. Italian local news later I was having a real time. Adventure. When I was traveling. And I I don't know a little island Australia. And I actually. Ran into. Asia and aborigines. Who hover above Australia people. And they're nervous it. And I wouldn't trade and I thought it was kind of room. Or what that most if a person. French elections they are. And very. Smart. And I saw him and I yet another and then. Pull back in my about it. Apparently the party and Australia. And whatever it is. He already above the Australian got. So Tito you had a unit you have these visions these Astro projections these dreams which turned out to be memories of past lives. Up until the point and maybe after but up and 2007 when you had a near death experience in all became clear do you. Debt you knew at that point what was going on. And what you had to do so in 2007. After this experience you had a mission what was the mission from that point on. Well I I don't actually know the missionary I. One of those things that aren't as the between life agreement is very typical. You penetrate that and though the fight they look they are a bit it has to do what did the solution. If the idea that a concept I don't know purely going to be able. Comfort where. As they spiritual beings. If you look at something. You see a lot of it is about. These typically universe. Is that who you are very rich. I get this from get who live and collapses into white Knight commission lack. How would you. What reversing that prospect of a sudden become more spiritual war away. Then. You really only got out the ultimate eluded. Everything I look at these are all. And it got to not very good when you're Guadalupe and the life. You don't want the world around you could only. But you at this stage at new. Hole want to triple over conditioned air line. Right right. I said that that's correct listen we have to go to break right now Tito were to come back and continue our discussion we're talking with Tito bail he's a reincarnation expert. He's written a book about his experiences called the modern graph of the parallel life and you should also check out his website at Z oasis. And the numbers eat eat eat dot com. A lot more to count me listen adjacent JP beyond reality radio. It's. A gas tax. Yeah reincarnation expert. His book is the monogram from the parallel life. Tito I wanna have you offer our listeners a bit of description as to who narrow was I think most of us know that he was a Roman emperor and this famously. Was used fiddling while Rome burned to the ground he was playing to settle. Least that's the legend. Tell us who narrowest. Well he you know a little blow obviously or earlier and have. Relationship. Our European. And hero worse. May have connection because she's the one. I've got caught up in pain. The and that. She herself world very ambitious. Was I remember. She actually wanted to be an attempt. And that time and that place. A woman and irregular bailout through a little problem. You know she went. Create these plots. You know people who may have. She's happy. She's the one that got me into car. Then he decided to tell the people who didn't do that will do little Q admitted that. And in Nero was. And made emperor at a young age I know that he was. There are a lot of different things are a lot of claims that he's the one who actually. Cause room to Burma is that button and that he blamed on Christians and started having MX cute and so forth yeah. So unless you listen to you in the book I explain that. Or let me get up on the continent. Clearly Christian. Foreign debt partner. And I am pretty much not only true. I don't remember. Let. That's the next question how much of how much of your life has narrowed do you remember. Do you remember much of it at all or huge you know what you're doing and. Johnson knew when you're working in the spiritual find him. Acceptance tko. In the that would character. I remembered somebody and I wouldn't name and motto institute. Some people or material. That that date so that they can they tell me that Nero beggar traders somewhere. They wanted to get a credit being. I would remember where or. Ten and they weren't successful. Get a look at the end I love I didn't just popping out at a moderate Fletcher. Don't know who didn't let it for regression therapy. There are outlined in the book. Which you're doing is here and wind in your wiring. And you're you're only being a the neat things that are necessary. To execute this particular. Between life agreement. Eight yarder to delete them all a kid or are the people and to be stripped the one million dollar and our current by the Roman Catholic Church. Well it wouldn't you wouldn't hear you oh you. So away we can work. Is I mean to you know spiritual. Tool. He can. As I think all. But I have a FaceBook page. FaceBook dot com or less so yet you know they'd be AOI. And the title. The group is titled incarnation. And pat. Didn't spiritual liberate. Because of the way out of that trap door here. And I don't know that people are that you're done to wake up and into higher spiritual or did you start evolving thought. And Bernard of the independent go on and you have to hold on certain conditions and an 888. Stable. Now. I can I can tell people that your conditioning when you look at a you just never let. Your condition has not yours. Somebody else in particular and what is it you. It this year. Yeah yeah you're a student there error. It's what you think when you were growing up. You can climb they're adding that while you're conditioning that we are a lot of yeah it until you discover your authentic self. The year is going to be tangled up at hand and a lot of things that go along to you. Aaron Valentin on that and that no we got to go to a hard break is so on and we are a lot more coming up. Listen adjacent Gigi I'm beyond reality radio will be done. It's there's endless goes. It's. So Jason Allison Neal is awesome GB Johnson. Are good friends in Seattle are getting hit pretty hard by these wildfires at least the smoke from them it's caused some serious. Lee difficult fair for people to brief the mean dangerously difficult there. Pollution levels in the Seattle area right now our our Iran reaching record highs and they're in their their toxic they're caustic. And people need to be very very cautious about how and then they're breathing. And outside I mean this is something that do we don't have to deal with the in the northeast very often. But men in the West Coast particularly Seattle and in places in California just getting nailed it they're not being hit by the fires themselves. The smoke from the fires is causing some real real damage. And it has some friends out in California has posted videos and it is it's amazing but also terrifying all at same time. And our goes our everybody don't yet. Not only that also Seattle also reeling from of the fact that environmentalists. And house suing. From Seattle are suing the federal government because he said the federal government is not protecting the endangered. Killer whales the orcas. And there are you know obviously the whole West Coast from a Seattle rate down to San Francisco is an area that they say. Then the federal government should be protecting. Killer whales from one. From predator from from whaling from. In the hunting from. Anything or even even known environmental factors are killer whales something people are actually going on and I just I'm not sure but there was a death of a newborn. Killer world killer whale. Calf last month and it's drawn international attention to the plight of these. Animals and the rely almost exclusively on salmon as their meal. And salmon. Have dwindled in the last two decades too which is also. Creating a problem and what they're saying is that water pollution and boat traffic around. Those areas are interfering with their bleeding defeated reproduce and away. Trees. Well so okay well that's what's going on Seattle and a key issue on to know. Tonight we're talking about reincarnation with our guest teel a day though his book is called them on a graph of the parallel life. And his website is the oasis eat eat eat. Dot com check out the the website the book Isabel what an Amazon. And let's get back into this conversation TR one who ask you about read the reincarnation. Perspective for other people what when you learned about what was going on in New York. Reincarnation. Instance. Did you also learn how it affects other people and our other people susceptible are all other people susceptible to this or is it just a select few. Well I can't. To Italian absolute truth of what I know I had an upbeat welcome morning experience. Every woman goes through there. And the reason why you don't remember. It's your own ability to move a life. Yeah. At that particular. Well. Because remember you're coming you know. What they between our agreement metric. And it didn't you start becoming worse spiritually aware. He started interfering with typically like a great great. Into essentially. I for a lack of total. You can't change it. Elliott as. Just the way it works as I did become aware of their agreement until I got done at the right. Who's you know Tito who's here who's the agreement with its. And I Italian relay extra little brief. The detonation. She really to get it so it goes consciousness. That constant. This self perpetuating. Conflict in reincarnated excelled in their attic leak site where that line well between like who didn't. Well Googleplex. We need to find he. I feel your audience and the scandal it Googleplex. He just didn't know what Laura gets number. Conflict over an attempt to play. Well. It's not only did I Googleplex it's gonna look like it. That he continued. I tried to its target bluntly what al-Qaeda guys. It is capable of anything. But it all has there parasites but what are liquid inside story line. In this story lines it has been diluted he just a matter that I have not experienced it myself or. I'm told that there are. Different kind of why. You that you and I can tell you and I continue to happen when I was about three at all. I would like an embed. And I are my what I thought of myself climbing into the station. And. I I taught myself well and it did not like quite low sodium that's why. I decided to be in that life. And actually it never occurred yet but I don't think it was agreed I think I manage sites. Beyond that I'm Smart. If I had maybe a choice climbing into this Peja. A little bit of that fact alliance. No I didn't have an experience that I Smart. Instead I noted that for sure there are OK okay then that happened to you when you were three years since. Yeah I think you know I'm about three years old I was laying in the bed and I remember very good. Larry Bird or those stats won't be. You know that kind of experience would now. And are you telling us through that relaying that story that they there are these parallel time lines co existing. Yeah. I mean that. Input the number timeline. Now I don't I have not I'd only experience with that one time at another time why. But I can't yeah I know that there are at least literature says that there Internet. But I can't I can't yeah I like to try to talk from expert. Sure and hit it left and then there's also people like truck. There's no point in. We you know whereas. It's simple indestructible. What are you know it really complex that execution. To to what are the major religions. Leave when it comes to reincarnation. Well I know that we. They're Hindu religion you believe in reincarnation. We. Well that believe in reincarnation matter of fact. We will let him I'll saw all of it lightly that you don't I think your your audience but ultimately applicable period. Beside them there hasn't separate regulatory or. I don't realize patient experience. Included. Seeing all of my time he'd ever had and then dissolve. You sense in the monetary out early yeah OK yeah. But just feature called I'd get shot today we had the same experience. He didn't speak in front of the line but they want but perhaps he couldn't. He couldn't go back our or articulate any just. Because you put it under the lights. And my kid I remember them the old uniform because I did it through through regression therapy. So let me all right. In the book I tell about Korea for a life time yeah. They'll go get it will be like I'm built satellite fact they're actually trying to improve yourself you know. Yeah and I understand that aspect but I only ask this were your last life that you. You lived there is it was that when you're in Ito when you're in yell. You know quiet in the Brooklyn new book and I thought about about but I will ultimately and that's. In England. I would not anguish. My patriarch of our large family. Came overworked. And now our ordinary. Victoria. Andy Roddick continued into the trembling. And why didn't support. And my father was like a lot of little life you. And that's how I got in Germany but I can tell you that it is important part as. He brought me over because he didn't hit at somebody and I was newspaper truck and and it didn't look beyond the absolute fly out of my brother went there it was going to be aired to the German freight. And I wonder. In this light I am. World. You mention. It couldn't make it and I think. You could determine the I know where that's brought in with my partner and I go to England. And and you all are. Tax code words and. He couldn't pay cut but it did an America that position. Because I didn't think. So I need to askew view when you died in 2007 after you completed what you had intended to. Do whether you aware of it or not here on earth. But you were told. You were aware that you had this near death experience you were told by a high or higher power. Today. They who didn't want you to die yet is it to date today that higher power continue in give you the reason why they do more needed I did they say do you. Is it that you never actually know. Until you start you probably. And little by little it unfold like the whole book and unfold. And that's why did what it was important for people at least because. In principle that everybody why. Didn't let go. It is going to get. Agree and how yeah reflect. And everybody has planted either gonna be the beneficiary of a comic that. Our guard to repay your comic. And that's the way it works. Ten minutes lets you got it. I I've sang it from the point of view what I know yeah. You hold on let's take a break and we come back and when it continue talking but the religious aspects of this whole deal when the phone lines and 844687766. Going into free for 4687. 7669. Elicited Jason GP yeah. Maybe Jason. Peabody made the phone lines are open 84 point 68776. Accidents. Like to join our discussion. With TO Deo he's the author of a book and we've been talking about an almighty it's called the monitor graph of the parallel life and it's Tito's. Story basically he's a reincarnation expert has. We're realized is as of the year twenty or two's 2007 that he was or reap incarnate and individual. And day Hughes actually narrow the Roman emperor in his former life and Tito a we only have a couple of minutes in this for in this segment here. But some I wanna go back to this a question of religion. The Christian religion which I would say most of us are probably most familiar with the at this point. Does not believe in reincarnation is that correct. Well I had. I have a team that writer's true. Challenges. You know all the president are you wanted to but is it possible. I didn't well I don't I don't follow up that it is not a fighter ever cease. But there are a couple of writers that are out there people are Google probably can. Actually quit it area. And back and come to mind that you remember this also. Yeah themselves and that. For her favorite and I am. A lot of people kept being on. Thank you feel it before some pretty fired Edward. Particularly worried why. Yeah it's an interesting point mom can you look at somebody and tell whether or not that individual is a reincarnated. Individual. It. And you can you know after talking to them figure that out there and and continue after having the conversation with the person you are there certain questions are certain things that you can't. Lot of people who are natural. Parent. And that they're natural that I can help them. I can get. I'm not not trained at a test or regression error. I do. Believe that I'm. Yeah. Like orientation guard lowered. It three goal let people. Are in the world war. People don't care about spirituality and yes a little light switch and we're going to between life program. And that people who want to do you think that they have used the law of attraction. To build all Lara. Our lives that are full of abundant and I'll. And then there's the people that I accidentally hit it in oil and who want to obtain spiritual liberation. That's my goal. I can't help people find out where they are what they want a bit. A lot of heat usually won't go that route. Well I don't. We have around. Teachers rigidly David. And do you root out and let. Me go to number. And one of the book is. There were already have been true Google it. Always a little more practice. And the reason that it is people are not evil although. In. Internet. Service. I want to a one minute you're wiley taught Laura yeah. I want. Quite a year our people our armed well I caught that people karma. What if you. It. I think they call it. Didn't do as your lord and savior. When you actually do that and her profile on the. It would they. All of your common. Issue could hit it well in. Practice what you do. Four and then. I fully concur concur with that because that's good grew chilly. Relationship. Morgan into law more than only come back our guess is Tito on bail reincarnation specialist and retirement his new book demonic draft of the parallel life. And a lot more to come phone numbers are 8446877669. Listen GCG. That's gotta hurt around Monday night we have rod Pyle joining us Tuesday. It's Peter looked and who is an author and historian we had him on the program when he published a book called the love Kraft code. And daddy's gonna new novel out called done which in going to be talking about that and when suited to guest Jack. Yes we do we have David Rees communion and paranormal show hosts will be discussing his podcast comedians talking about big foot. And in 2014. And then the second guess we have is John. I Kendall. Author paranormal scripted investigators it's going to be some great shows on the next week. But tonight we are talking with TOR Bob Hope and Tito one thing I wanted to ask. How how is the best way to pretty much connect with passed versions of yourself. All. And I. The way I didn't. Or to get it ended up. I mean sang oh what was the minute and let it slip into regression therapy. I don't know I have a way to do it of that and more want to. And it should follow that you find out and she lived in Florida you know everybody. And how do you know but. Yeah okay but also when it comes to dealing with some past life regression in. So called experts. It's kind of tough because a lot of times. Well you go in in in there are those out there how do you find it written in one that's actually respectable because there are ones out there that pretty much just tell you what you want me here. And everybody ends up as some. Yeah emperor of Rome or king of and or things of that and B. Let's send it earlier. People that I found. Three relationship with the way you build ears were trying Bart Bryant got Brian white. Mike conducting my eye on Newton has got away at least they'll let cool. And these people a while on duty due diligence because. That's what I had different. Be able. To hand if you actually wanna go really entered my conventional route. Of the Monroe institute informal and you'll have flattened traveling. And I am am that your. Supply and there. Also what are. Going on finishers are. How well. There are some very interesting thing what happened to Eric. And they wouldn't. Went into the various you can build it and I'd come back remembering my past lives. M Wear it well but where's the benefit from where who why would it matter to me now if I was a peasant in England in. You know this century. We're doing what you didn't pass. Creating what you principal. And an. But a total misfire out of but if I lived multiple lives and senators say there's a lesson I need to learn. From back then and I live multiple wives. Have a night. Most likely already. Party cross that that passer or fix those issues to be able to blow to an excellent. What could not quite that easy as you can see. That it ought got very nice thing Errol. And that's. The tendency is. Who. Eaten a moment. And you are conditioning packs. And the way it works there so well in the big circle. Cause and effect. You so sociology degree. You really don't know entered. Until you get that big amber planning on the front. But if this is a big. I learned a lot of that I'm never gonna ever. It will probably gotten. But it so this is just as vicious circle keeps on going round and round. We applied that my definition. That the pecan. It felt obituary. What is arguably a reincarnated himself and not radically Estrada storyline. Built between light agreement. Google welcome you to meet my ninety. You may even be between light agreement. And the council wind. And then you're dropping in improving as a client and the equipment apparently being born of political. OK but is there ever a is there ever an end to this merry go round is there ever a. Well let's send it via FaceBook. Group India and Bryant to help people they're. Well. How to have a spiritual liberation there to the trap door. Very little yeah. A matter of fact I think clearly it will only lead to break. About you'd describe it except you know Craig Daniel Orton tiger. Yeah I Beirut at the front you actually. Actually accomplished a lot of people being a lot better and a bit but I Nigeria. You know that's legal let. If you do that you'll fool than to come to. Become worn blue jeans kinda. And when you become one that you didn't quite like what are your car. But in return doesn't that idea the order that would support and again when I'm. I know. OK but then again does doesn't that mean that the only way to end this is to follow the beliefs. Welcome follows. He just said and I had to accept Jesus Christ as my lord save your christianity nor CN yeah. Like connected to Ukraine. Mean and means yeah I co Heidi. Beaten and a few that actually commit to a church church. They just took it over and made. A comment like something that would send. Mickey didn't that court that either side who didn't do that. And that's what I that would people I mean I have not actually met somebody who look at. Yeah that. Very. I think Indian born again well. I never met anybody but I know that. That is ultimately. All that let's start deliberation and. Achieving that stay in the country. In which you're no longer. Need I have a neat Supreme Court it is about all that comic. Stuff that you bring you back. Because. Another attribute that concept there. Duality. Is how life should not try to forget that now. Collapses into the finite conditions in the mine. So you're really. Larry I love what they're competing. But you've you do guys collapsed. Until finite edition mine and you forget who knew her. And the whole the whole game and those attitude and you're back. If you shangri La. I don't know you know the story. Yeah you know we're here we're here we're if we're just absorbing everything you're saying Tito. I'm more. But look at the mood when it blew me in the thirties and forties are shangri La and good movie I grew a bit but movies so blunt I really understood it. And it had not that what it is friend. I've got to believe. And I want it left and got back and brilliant new debt. Well the world petroleum and try to get back where the story and we don't know we'll be there it. They get Edward M. Shopping at least through ice and stuff like that trying to find quick check. Particularly desperately trying to do you kind of get back to you really are. As. In the center of your being little light that never got a. And that's. But beating you're trying to do. When you were you when you go in and take a tapestry collaboration. Try and get back there and become won't let that her life. Well you do that but in the end in the world. Incarnations in the physical dimension. It was just a dimension. You don't have to be here you don't want to be aired. Juno I drill Tito did you not have to be here due to atone for your senses narrow. Because I've been known better and yeah. I don't know I have to admit that where we grow. Outlet near death experience that you know all the directions and I wanted to focus spiritual liberation. And keep coming back. And phraseology. He issues. Is that not part you know very hard to turn elegy you know. When you say turn the other cheek you mean to. Acted away while you're in in human form. As to not create these problems. That would make you had to back to atone for that. Whereas. In other words you hear. Yeah didn't want to others that you have a lucky few minutes. These guys and got our combat situation where there already you're you're attacked for example. If you fight back or you do you create in that frame that you. Well the thing that people don't understand is. You get to know where you get killed all right we didn't. And so it changes the whole. Trajectory failure you can lives. And I wouldn't it if you're this I. But turning the other cheek in the right here. I think I think we understand that completely. I'm gonna run at a time we look at a few minutes left with view and I wanted to ask a couple other questions. You. When you look around the world today and particularly at leading world figures. Do you see any that you suspect or know that are reincarnated and are they atoning for something they've done in their past lives. Well I can't tell you what they're gunning for a blank and tell you that we. My client can be viewed. Obama a lot of that. They don't like him. That'll trump. World and do Johnson. Andrew Young student. Replace. They don't like it and you. I think we're a little what is apparent Monday when you yet. Got a lot. Each. Yeah Andrew Johnson was impeached really I can't actually go back on. Do not Armageddon. I don't I'm not in Beijing agreed to an eight part of that story out of all right well Larry and story. You're laid back there. Now there are these just things that you suspect or do you have inside information that these are. Fact. Bond and I can only go my my my my and Toulouse. And guys. And that's what I city intrinsic. You know what a variety. Nobody that discouraged I got to believe it. Based on what you've learned so ensure your awakening in 2007. Would you recommend. People to go tour aggression nest and get that therapy and. Yeah well you wanna find out that your marvel that you're aggressively. And he and if you discover that you had before that you know here either younger guys is also saying that. Ever happened America. He then that is what I'm telling people that you are particular thought I. Definitely her. I can't tell you that you're gonna successfully find out all right. People literally don't believe that the guy talked about. A pretty good job. Are there are new soles. Well I think I think there's a cycle and connect it to go. Yes youngest golden soulful. Brought another thing that's gonna boggle the mind. I've been here in the political play 7000 years. Seven seniors Harry how many lives was that you know. Well the one remember. Yeah. I don't remember mall obviously. But I don't try to remember our president before you object to let you know a lot of information they object that he would think spiritual read. And that tour and that right now I along with our coal. Well they bench. And almost let any point going forward. I can. Realized myself. Ed good spiritual medium there. Are no longer am. Q Apollo. Well I am this spiritual being. Without a body anti Obama. But I know at that point you are. And separated. In front. And right spiritual aspect. Sense you've accomplished what you set out to do it needed that as of 2007 matured told to come back. Are you at the end of this cycle for yourself or do you are you gonna have to come back to atone for something else. Well. I let let I'm on the great bench. And it can happen. From here actually during the whole thing to collect over at all let's go alluded. But that's something. Holding me in need a political year. But Tito were not attire were at a time here sir to cut you off Buddhist at a time I'm again people can pick up your books among a graph of apparel like he said it's on Amazon right. But I am glad that I went to another location look at the most ubiquitous on. Right doctor and your website is the oasis 8088 dot com. Right but that approach to go to FaceBook. OK give that give that FaceBook page again. FaceBook dot com forward slash yeah I feel. Eight the hero. All right you know. Well thanks so much for coming and hang in our office and talked with a life. Her only. You know I think it could beat anybody. Now while we look forward to talk you again some points the other great night now. All right so again our guesses Tito bail in the end his FaceBook pages is named TI TO AB eight all. All right we're gonna take quick break come back wrap things up you listen Jason dvd on really revealed that. Okay. Psych program. It's the venerable star in the even prior to syndication or different first indication but it may even been before we Iran within a com. So you saw in the long well listen we we had passed lives it and that we are connected though the UN nine had been married in a past life well no we can't win now and there we were married to a child we know we're married to. We were cousins lessons are we married sisters and parents sisters and it's really I don't so what do you what do you think surely what do you think. Henry garnish. I honestly don't know what to think I'll leave it or not I mean there's got to be yes I don't know. Well I don't know I I think a lot of things we talk about I'm open minded to and I'm trying to figure them out just like everybody else but I can tell you this a lot of people. Have. The go to these past life regression sessions and they come now convinced that they've had a past life maybe in many cases more than one. But so many of them going and they come artists I'll I was temporary yeah I was a king I was queen I was eight you never hear anybody I was peasant in you know. Yeah yeah yeah oh I suppose that those particular pet I mean let's say everybody has lived you know a thousand past lives whatever happens to be as opposed the ones that you can remember most of the ones. Then are when you're king or queen. Whatever whatever happens to be not the present one I think being the person would be yours you're fighting for survival I think that would be the more. Important one. You doing everything you can to survive he did say peasant not pheasant ranked. It's just and asked President Bush 40% unemployed are well let's get a pretty much do it for us tonight the head over to FaceBook dot com slash it beyond reality uranium issue like the FaceBook page forest. And had to be under reality radio dot com find all our stations download free Smartphone apps seek to catch a show on the go home. And so much more they should tune in and everybody agree weakens Jason achieving that shall soon. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one Al Susan Johnson insisted. It's only the only angry news distributed. Yeah you know it's still going to face the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well Jason smoke and chiefs host attempts to TV Johnson follow. Cheesy cheap paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.