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Douglas Cottrell discusses his work as a clairvoyant and spiritual healer

Aug 28, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to clairvoyant & spiritual healer Dr Douglas Cottrell. His work is unique and has spanned decades. 8/28/2018 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Error. The redeployment or well Jimmy Johnson and beyond reality radio Jason is off tonight we have a great show lined up I just have to say though I just. Who's getting ready to go lines here and I keep seeing what seems to be somebody moving. Tim the right of me kind of the you know to the back right here and anybody who's seen some of my other shows here to do Karen have five cameras on. I've got a set of steps. Off to the right here kind of behind me to the right. And on the steps I keep thinking and see somebody standing there but then I looked and there's nobody there. That's a great way to start the week right that's agree with just chip. Welcome to beyond reality radio on JV we've got a really good show for you tonight in fact it's kind of a part beat. Of slum of a conversation that we had about a month ago. Dagger Douglas cultural. Is a clear voice and a teacher spiritual healer and author. We're gonna that we had a month for an hour in July and it just wasn't enough time we realized very very quickly that we have a lot more talk about so we've got him coming back on tonight we're gonna talk about. Clairvoyance remote viewing. Quantum meditation. Developing intuition print a nation's predictions prophecy. And we're gonna take your phone calls. And Douglas will do readings with you later in the program or start that the second hour. And Ed Douglas didn't have time to do readings last time he was on the program so we'll do that this camera so prepared be prepared to call in. Now when I open up the phone lines for that. So that's going to be a great conversation more bring him in after the break. I wanna tennis at the week up four because he has some good stuff coming up to tomorrow night ML Berman who is an author. We'll be talking about the mysteries in the Mojave Desert. Lot of things going on in the Mojave. Crypt did you foes ghosts strange events also in modern times and historically. That'll be tomorrow night's conversation Wednesday David Moffett who is an author we'll talk about the role that faith plays in our lives. He's got a book called the miss birth and he takes a shocking look into life for the troubled teen and the influence that is Sam was violent and tumultuous past. His head on his identity and his future. That's so Wednesday night's program. Thursday Michael Green will be with the SEC travel psychologists more talk about his book. That he authored wins another guest of bars in the past Rosemary Ellen died late. Fabulous guest we've had to run several times. On he's got several books that he co wrote with Rosemary Allen including the road to strange. Series which includes travel tales of the paranormal and beyond and the road to strange UFOs aliens. And high strangeness lot of stuff coming up this week great great weekend beyond reality radio. We look forward to bringing all those great guests to you. I'm innocent and spread the news kind of intrigued me because sometimes you know when you're getting ready to do show that comes on. And midnight your time which beyond reality radio and a steep music cup of coffee or something to pick yet you know we all don't always have access to it. Well IBM just filed. Patent application for a coffee delivery drone. Don't get this the strong doesn't just deliver the coffee for doesn't just bring it to. It actually determines when you need. It actually decides when you actually need a boost of caffeine. It tracks sheer energy level your blood pressure. Even the size of your pupils. To determine. If you need an energy boost if they decide you needed the proper consent is probably going to be an app on your phone you can set the level of all those things. That determines whether or not you need to get a boost of caffeine to wake up. And what you said. The strong automatic and come in general to get in the house underdog always how the image on the chimney like Santa I'm not sure how works. But at some point and somehow this drone will deliver coffee tea you automatically. Probably charges your credit card you don't even have to. Do any of that stuff just does it all automatically you get yourself a nice hot cup of possible hope it's hot I'm an independent I guess somewhere has to deliberate from. So I'm looking forward to that I'm gonna watch this IBM has just re now just a patent applications so it's a long way from actually happening. I'm going to be interesting to see if that actually does become a reality and woods assume if it does relieve some Lumix Starbucks or. Dunkin' Donuts are one of those other Tim Hortons one of those other coffee. Chains will probably be the first offer that kind of service. He we've got some pretty cool stuff coming up you got to be aware of scare con is coming up in October and I know that sounds like a long way away but I'm just trying to get over the fact that. Wordy at the end of August Labor Day weekend is coming up just a few days. That Canada is the traditional end of the summer. I'm gonna complain about I mean I'm gonna miss the summer you know we all do will complain about the heat and then it this summer goes away we complain about the cold ready for in the northeast anyway you do. But I've been really miserable this summer. Just been too hot and been too humid in the northeast and that all came back today with a vengeance it kind of cool blossoming. There was a little. Less humid and was kind of comparable for a few days but. And now today all came back so I'm not that upset that we're going to be looking at fall weather here shortly but the problem with fall weather again in the northeast is that it doesn't last very long. It turns into winter weather rather quickly either way October is red around the corner. We all love Halloween police most of us do it's a Halloween is like the second most active holiday. As far as spending and activity. 02 only to Christmas that's pretty impressive. And I can understand Mike's love following two. On but the weekend before Halloween October 26 to twenty beefed. Is. Scare come weekend in upstate New York if you're anywhere within driving distance of upstate new York and I know a lot of you war. Three or four hours to Boston New York City. They even shorten that to buffalo. And everywhere in between. Wilkes-barre Pennsylvania just a few hours away and I know we have an affiliate there. Come up to scare card check it out we've got a lot of a great celebrity guests in those guests are being added all the time. If you're into horror movies there's a full slate of movie premieres and film screenings going on plus panel discussions Q&A sessions with celebrity's. And some great parties and a terrific vendors and if you wanna do some Halloween shopping you've got to visit. The scare con vendors if you're unsure about what's it was to be tells our goodness Eric Kahn. Dot com. That's scary con but people think it scared song and it's not not a teacher way and it's con scare con hasn't convention. Dot com check that out. It's pretty cool. And why your surfing the web if you're gonna be there anyway stop by the beyond reality radio web page we have reinvigorated. Our guest page in fact our guest tonight Douglas control. Has a link on our guest tabs have fewer beyond reality radio dot com click on guests you'll see. A biography their of our guests plus links to be able to pick up his books. He's got a lot of great books. Then and are worth checking out and you can do that right from the beyond reality radio. Web page we appreciated if you do it that way. OK so I guess that's oh yeah the coffee mug. Wanna mention if you're on the website check out the coffee mug those things are flying out of here and with good reason they look great and they work really really well they hold coffee like the charm. Like they were made for a fact there work. All right so let's take a break and when we come back I will bring Douglas cultural into the program will begin our discussion again are going to be talking about. His work as a clairvoyant to your teacher a spiritual healer and some of the books he's written. And we will take your calls for readings. With Douglas Douglas caught troll later in the program I will open up the phone lines in the second hour should be paying attention for that. It's beyond reality radio don't go away at returns. Jason's arms tonight we got a great show lined up for it right on the phone number because you wanna call win. Later when we take your phone calls for readings with our guest the numbers 844. 687766. Niners guest tonight is doctor Douglas caught troll and he is a clear point to teacher spiritual healer. And author and so much more we had him on the program about a month ago we just didn't have enough time. To get to everything Douglas welcome back to beyond reality radio re to have you here again. It's a pleasure to be under the where. A little security YouTube channel Syrian trusting gesture at Ontario based about go to fast and unity here to tell you to be originate and entrap me back on. Yet Terry was great what are what an amazing story he had and he is another guest that we had back on the program because we didn't have enough time. To get to the whole story when we had him on the first time and you know that's a common problem when you have a two hour program some times just not long enough to get to everything. While we're adorable Obama are important. I'm terrible you'll find job I I you just wanna make sure but he knows your website is Douglas James cone troll stored on comet CO. TT RE LL is the way you spell your last name. Dot com you a bunch of your books there plus a whole bunch of other information on. You know we've we've talked about some of your books on when you were on the show last comic secrets of life the new earth the complete new age health got to be you've. You've got about how many books now there's a bunch of them on there. There is a whole bunch we are related scenes conversations. Which the cash field. Which is our best seller is a matter of fact and down our distributor newbie current should be no charges have constantly. Getting to send new books on their. There are you folks there as well so a premeditation. And it's. It's a growing web site with them. Just so there's something for everybody and a complete new which helped gardens. Into holly informed well on. Extra Omnia. Go to meditation or used to be called deep trance meditation. 10 readings that we don't they were similar to people who know but it didn't seek. That kind of quality for. Port health concerns and that two losers very good seller. And the right are encouraged people to go to the web site you agree you can load that was shames crackle dot com or eaten go to publishing and cultural to sort dot com same web site. That makes it easy across. Yet here. Let's some I you know I know that we had an opportunity to talk about this when you were on the program about a month ago but can we get new people coming through listening all the time new affiliates in its probably good idea. Because it's a really fascinating story and it's a very. Heartfelt story if you once again revisit. How you kind of found yourself in this work because story of love and and family and it's it's very moving of the injured again. Okay well so my pleasure. Are used to work to try on the daily star newspaper. I'm mandatory resigned that position and in 1977. So that along to go west. But in. 1968 my daughter Sherry and Cottrell was born. And some difficulties so right away developed to climate first. And consequently. She was on medication. To control or convulsions. And the wind seemed to know two time. What they were saying you know. Coming up with a all sorts of possibilities. Terrible policy to multiples Grossman's two. Collapsed along enlarged heart. Following along with two traditional medical. Authorities at the time. I'm sure he's did not do well and would follow this medications. There are attempting to control their emotions but. They did not. It came time when albeit by users and are terribly tore loose my wife Karen and by two. Basically place Sherry in an institution. And Schuster and perhaps years of age and we did that. Biggest mistake of my life I regretted every day. I was part of that karma part of me the the about it. That ultimately got me my family on the so. Quality and that's what we're doing now. So sure he's stayed in this institution for four years and it was 1974. That I resent pres sure. And a friend of mine bill O'Shea came over and and be a book and secure this might be interesting to you. It's a book about this man get your Casey's. Scroll down there is a river written by Thomas circuit. So I read the book and I couldn't put it down because the netbook there was hope. And there was a story. That basically. Maybe it was possible to. We could help an entry to the question could something be done for Sherri could this news the idea of cherry. Was having convulsions. To the point that we. You know could not control the convulsions and the best medical advice time supporter an institution rushing suppose you broker work. I'm. Always an edit in the back to your mind it's apparent Jules resubmit but something be done you know reasons a rate decision. Well sure enough. There was whose manager Casey was able to unity state of meditation called deep transplantation at that point in time. Was able to. Investigate and had a reputation of never being wrong. That secret intuitively see into people's bodies tell them exactly what was wrong when nobody else could this isn't back in the thirties and forties. And he was also able to us suggest remedies send oh turned a terror as similar. Able to administratively to treatments. To bring people back to help. Well what a fantastic. Amazing ability this is the man I'm looking for. Whoever it is who's 1974. And educate you as long past. So caught lumped what to do. I was watching television show one day. Sometime after that. That book was given to me and they're on television I came from a workshop. In the basement I was so per year round turned on the television and there are long be all the this man Ross Petersen. Who would say. Keep trans square born in. Called the new record chasing. Well as fast as you consider we're used to live and had a weight get there. I was making arrangements to find him and help my very first psychic reading. Now before that. You're looking at one of the biggest skeptical guys you could ever imagine. When he came to psychic. Information or. Practiced. When my sisters are mommy would look to see the local psychic fortune teller I would serve classically say when they came back so which one got too tall dark rich and street this week. I was bad. However. Altria went and we. We were scared step forward Caron I Karen was a dual Catholic cabinet on. We weren't so there's mantra that seems to me from Michigan. Let's pause the story rates they're Douglas because we have to go to break and wanna make sure we don't interrupt restart. The the part about having your first meeting with the mr. Peterson. It's beyond reality radio and I JB Johnson guests and understood the spot for the. Like the interview. Classic black and white journal that he gave us citizen you'll also know she had amazing guys welcome back to the program. It's beyond reality radio I'm JB Johnson Jason is off tonight we've got Douglas caught troll on witnessed tonight and we're talking about how he first came to understand. His sensitivities by the way we will be will be taking your phone calls later in the program jot down the number 8446877669. I Douglas who were saying that that you when your wife for very skeptical. And you were on your way to meet with the Ross Petersen. For the first time we had to go to break but pick up the story from there. We will we will more than skeptical we were hopeful and we were terrified the same time. You know assessment of Delaware shipper was just at a con man. You know Oprah did a downside by. Motivating force was done based on what this man I was going to tell us. Fate of my daughter Sheri and two at that time now six and actors all all of age. Our shake rested in what I was gonna tell us so we went to at his apartment. And in Toronto. It was cold cold day. In the wintertime January and we are. Met him and oh my god you know she looked terrible he was not well. He was semi some some heat issues and that is ready to do drama. Where reset is down to you sir telling us summoned to the same or better. Each other and then you proceeded to arm. Great Dominic coached. Just like it church EC. Used to do. It's quite firm was the conductor or shoes or purse and if you see people going in the soap into hypnosis. You'll you'll see that one person conducting a minute no it's not X state where it was similar only assume it's much more profound. And rust Peters and begin the clock and eight theory. Old English crying do I'll voice there was very sort. And I was mesmerized. Mill again big newspapers are I'm Mara also. You know not easily taken. In. To what it sees so as you begin to recount. Aren't sure he's illness is what happened at first. How the doctor had. Basically now. Ever and wrenched her neck a little bit short closing the convulsions space at the top two bones in the neck of applying pressure on the nervous system. And that. As she was on and then he went on to say other things about her she was 200 kilometers away as Micah 120 miles a week. In a little town called Goebel Ontario and we rhetorical. And there's no possible way that he knew anything at all or cherry but as he was doing that treating it was accused really medical chart. So I interjected. And they said that she's having convulsions so or something to that effect. And done. He's right away Campbell put the medications. And told us that they were poisoned her. Which. Was one of my test questions. Access and a couple of your other times on share results and the vote myself. And he came true flying colors. Needless to say my wife and I were now. Excited I can say. And we had all the sudden they helped Cheney get her daughter back. Which render huge change in our lives send it was against the will look. Many of the sorties that time especially people institution warning us that it could take her daughter home. And it's a bit will be given out and it'll pick two years before the waiting cycle comeback could go to bring her back well. You know on the stubborn guy that what I saw with dismay and broad street. Recent coup that you absolutely nothing. About cherry myself by whites and arrogant you can be laid down within twenty minutes. He told us. Everything that was wrong which theory. It may tends to. But he did not ever. That your answer reader records. And what he told us about how can dish came. It made perfect sense to me. It also. Gave us hope she recommended. Treatments Claire we could just saw Asian and things like that. So election by the chairman of the mission and publisher. Might Wear what Karen. Captured our home century where he 22 pounds when she was sort of put into the institution two and a half years of age. And you wait 22 I don't when she came out of this institution while. Q where is. I used to say she received a worsen the ansari Charlton in Africa. We're Karen address the issue we'd rented a car recognize Beijing and ensure I don't know who Duchscherer reeker Barry first quarter protein adjustment on the net. When a Bentley who was highly trained man or neck adjustments and understanding commission and neck and would soon. Date Cheri no longer had to have per adult doses seat bar to land and Bible. Or. Cherry was back and that we hope and she responded she lived with us and so shoot 38. She passed away you are in 2006. Because eastern time in the institution she'd developed Petroleos suit send. Part of that her around the cage was over which put pressure on her lungs and pneumonia was sort of result recent threat. And ultimately took a bite. Wherever that experience prior to add without taking your at home within between the age who's out. Eight and twelve years. So sure he was rescued from there so that being including channel like I can call it and cherry came home and while law she's responded absolutely. As best I could possibly hope for well okay. How did you do that that was my next question. And that consequently. Another recession or two to a streeters and I immediately wanted to see our heads such ability. And a practice what we DN. Mario Romero Willy Nilly wait meditation. Copying his example. In the deep breathing techniques so they observed at a time of her street. And hard began every day in earnest to mimic. And developed what lustrous and was able to do. At the pilot that same time. We contacted local doctor. Truth despondent you India. Who are so you dumped a mastermind behind the chiropractic adjustments. And even meet the became our family doctor he's now retired. And he kind of you know loosen good shepherd watching over that. There was no missteps with cheer me because of course people we're gonna criticized as it should something happen to cherry. I would. Sure he's good fortune doctor meet it was a very good doctor. And so world the other people who can generate from time to time. Our. Our community when Syria was an increasing ma'am we became friends and ultimately aren't so. Knowing you've known but it takes it in Newport News on the chimneys so there was a connection there. But I did not know until we re back these men and I took him by the try to be would figure it he must Peterson that. So every Tuesday we go to reduce office. Use somewhat. Ultimately with hypnosis. We tried to hypnotize me that didn't work. I'm too strong willed man. So we try to these simple alternative approach you relax in my rolling your way. And get the repayment of some people. One particular impression want to grow the lady who was wearing Arab. And I are pictures in my mind. And isolating wearing. A caller rounder necked it's that you assume Knox and wearing a whiplash crawler. Short of enough concern not only achieve the hospital bracelet on her rest. I didn't could quickly make it let them have brought art I've learned to spit it out what are you see you expect. You don't thing and you don't. Go to these great production room and logical mind because then you're going to be guessing bumping into each student and I hope I have of course coming up in. In Fort Worth and Texas so next month in September 20 thirtieth. To give little portable without him and that things are saying is that don't tell me what you think tell me what you see. Their burden that. At that point in time because. The European that this sort of brief in particular community medication. I says what what is there. I could see clearly obviously be standing near that she had a hospital bracelet on and she look like she was wearing the look call. And he's sick well. That's exactly right the ladies in the distance and all wait explain nurse she was involved in a car accident. And then released from the hospital so she could come to work to cheer us to go back tonight and it's about what she's wearing hospital plan. All of my. That was amazing. So I need pushed the envelope. I continued to. In a reverse where you go investigate. Psychic phenomenon. And ended up seeing Nazis tortured teller my mummy and sisters where seek. That he wasn't too bad actually that. I met reverend Alex Holmes who taught me. By showing me don't think it's virtual dealing going on in terms and so. The that you are did you do that. Hadn't addressed Sherry induced virtual healing trucker. In the hands on me one day it was its its. It's thinkers when reached into my body of electrical Kucinich were elongated. And of course it was here energy from ten to restore it in cheap feel surround him. And like if you will contribute my body we get how did you do that he's still teacher like and either. Every time. Why investigated someone or somebody was neither. Which show up. Somebody told people extreme interpretations. Somebody else are we don't talk be about how I recall when I had to put my very first recall vote. Possibly being a Roman someplace. It was like my my journey words. When a teacher would appear just when I was ready the next ability. Two. And did a lady named Gina in Toronto. So wars and it went to see current do you do that and then I begin seeing my own or. And other people. So again once it was one. Get one ability after another because of the tenacious man because I like to investigate and perhaps. The motivating so it was security. Orange or this four year. Hell on earth in this institution. I can't describe how bad it was swell when she came home winning 22006. And a half years of age. That's my weight and I'd vote where shock. We get these good history got much my mother got Lester I would go frequently but it was so in course and we were told. That you know. There's not much grew and now not much left and social girls basically a vegetable. And you know reading we have a trust Peters and he told that. He could while others may not there is intelligence in this one there it. Will there think judge Karen Ross him when you did. Well it was looking back. You know people karma spiritual journeys. I guess and estimate. When you look dark you can see this you know we're looking when you're looking forward it's it's a black hole. Yeah that's absolutely true we're gonna take a break and we'll come back we'll continue our conversation with Douglas cone troll. Again the number will open up the phone lines in the second Albert Great to number down to a 4466776. It's. Our turn around us Douglas controller guest tonight. The numbers are 8446877669. And it took a short askew because I know that this is a very very sensitive topic. How do you advise people when they're faced with the and accepted medical practices from medical practitioners. And that the advice they seem to be getting they're not happy with announcing the results like you war. On and then you found another option. At what point do you suggest people start looking in that direction. Well isn't. Just to suggest that if people go to my web site that was chains cultural dot com. There are some embedded videos there. That to doctor Richard Childress stories and I'm Micah Richards Jaret. From coast to coast. And the country to show it on their telling good stories. And Australia pretty years. The idea that. You know when people come to see the it's usually. They've been to report results. So it's a window. Tenacity. People care about me. Or Kate. Have read about new York and I'm I'm pretty famous. Allergic. I don't take myself to be any. And you think special although I might have a special ability but certainly met to supplement field I do. That comes a lot of hard work. And the including YouTube videos here's one near they're really and so I'll answer your question directly. There's a man John Alderson. And in that. Interview. He tells a story about a little boy who was diagnosed as being autistic. And force seven years a circus has done all kinds of things to. Some Channel Tunnel we came up I can put it that way and he had been so behavior pattern where he would broke this fingers together period vigorously. And then you would glow in his hands as if it weren't there. That's exactly what it was feeling I court if you look at the sensational like aside head. In reading which on some Syria as an afterthought he just a question about it so port. And a net. Very brief description I was able to pinpoint the problem. Being nervous condition in the forties neck. Similar but not the same as my daughter's. And that feeling that continues tend to get you would bang your funny bone and Iran. And this little guy has been going on for years. And income can have a true minutes so I was able to reduce meditative state high mindedness that is intellectual. In the end. A corporation would give tuition. This squad is meditation on the middle might electrical that was able to direct on and to accept no problem. And what could be done to stop this behavior. It could create a compelling story. On sending. A professional. One and one of the far reaching an end of that although the line. But he managed researchers on autism. So disinformation. And took about the parents went to medical authorities and had a verified. And some manipulation. Two little boys back. Immediately result it in Kim's stopping. Rubbing his fingers together and blowing in his hands. Within a couple of weeks he lives very. Montreal and doing the behavior. And I'm I'm medical breakthrough at a Kurt. And because of micro that much later they're not only will was he not doing this to us distracting behavior but he was able to. Learn to talk because he was not be going to netcams. They weren't far. Because of that. He's grown up the autistic adult and he has a limited vocabulary grow like hundred words what he's productive and on his own. All that campaign. From. A man sleeping like chemistry clicks state me. Able to look into this so organized by him and be able to pinpoint what the problem each and suggest what music that we needed. To resolve the issue. Forty years I've been doing X so when people. Situations where and you get to me on the line. You have to ask yourself are there alternatives. Integrated Edison is now becoming popular. Alternative medicine is becoming popular. Yes there are people out there who are looking to take advantage of people. But there are many genuine people. Who can assist or help. In the circle works and other ones shorts and acupuncture. All these so manual therapies. All have their place system bias and prejudice that exist between the different modalities that. In my opinion. Sometimes truth in urban so a proper. Shielding. Doctors who take place. We're there we got a good break here bill were to continue our conversation and take your calls on the other side of the break it's beyond reality. Start. Beyond reality raider owner Jim Johnson Jason is off tonight to to be back with us tomorrow night. We've got a great show underway would Douglas Clark's role continue our conversation with him in just a moment on remind you though that tomorrow night. ML Berman will join us he will be talking about the mysteries of the Mojave Desert including quipped it's US phones ghosts and strange events that have occurred. In modern times also throughout history. And then Wednesday David Moffett. We'll talk about feet and what role faith plays in our lives we all wonder about that at times. And then Thursday night Michael Breen will be with us to talk about so some of the books and he's written with Rosemary Ellen Kiley he's faced travel psychologist. Some of the books he's written include the road to the strange. Travel tales of the paranormal and beyond. And the road to strange UFOs aliens in high strangeness. It's a week of great programs on beyond reality radio. And that would look forward to all those gasping on the show. Tonight we're actually talking with Douglas caught Roland we're taking your calls as well at 844687. 7669. We didn't have time to do readings was Douglas in the last program when he was on about a month ago but we do you have time. Tonight so I know we have a bunch of people on hold my normal winds are filling up we will get to all those calls as we can. I'm Douglas or when a before we start taking calls a wanna ask you about. Spirituality and what role religion plays. In any of this does it matter what your religious beliefs are does it matter if you're in if you are not a religious person how does that play a role in all these things were talking about tonight. Well we're really talking much spirituality. And I have. I'd certainly give them any mention virtual center in Hamilton Ontario and that's what I'm doing in Fort Worth were attempting to step established. Many mentions urchins and or worst. Where I'm an emerging and shakes minister. We practiced virtual healing we can get for free. And we're attempting to teach people this virtual ghost which are recounted in the king James version of the Bible. First Corinthians chapter twelve. Where they're delineated in the immigrant book. Who put it in there and and away. Again going back to that some rust Peters and where you know assess what it's a pretender demon was this and then into. Garments and so might. Two words of Christ comes through all the time. You know you can't have great. And he will mix of evil cannot come from got so if you look at and the evil by the way means the ups and so much. If you look at the situation spirituality. Then you can find their the world's great religions are all teaching the same thing matter actors studio. There's a chart Aurilia. I guess you. It's it's the world's great religions. Up put into district it hangs in the Vatican. And all the world religions can be reducing their golden rule. Which didn't in R&R in the west who is basically don't do anything any else you wouldn't want to and it happened yourself. That you look at all the torture religions and reduce them to their golden rule. They're all saying exactly the second thing so it's spirituality. Is what world seeking to have that's virtual moment I have that one step feeling blessed. Where you are contact. God almighty orgies and cries or whoever happens to be your religious site on. Or spiritual leader. They're all talking about La. Whether you're buddhas increase Christian or anyone else in the old religious nature news. How you interpret your spirituality how we are approaching there's urge quality in the way Armenians. That your family has been told that you work on police in the world community. This historic or the teachings of pure. Ancestors and skate that. Basically in modern understanding as an industry minister now I've not been able to determine if there's any great differences. In the purpose of religion which used to teach while compassion. And how to get along with each other in their love being constructive way how to avoid. I'm making mistakes. When you do when you recant. Or do you regret weight so to conduct at so to speak and she need to. Q&A teacher somebody who understands its virtual law. Somebody has been able to demonstrate its virtual gaps and also talked about its virtual laws. Which are basically. The people on how to. Wait though you're. Negative behavior. And find a positive behavior. So Richard becoming spiritual being which is a loving person that's able to forgive them which is able to forgive yourself and able to look forward. It is as you equate a great quote from and so language. Basically sort of something we can't. Quite remember. The integration into good morning and as sacred Catholic and we just go and be rational Mueller is equal certainty. We have created a society that honors the Serbian. And has forgotten that get. Most virtual get loose basically. Becoming more aware. You become more aware able to see you on. Elections across senses when it's a real similar to do and didn't callers commitments. I'm not too many deep. Not stick at state and I will be a little alternative. State of mind nor or. A little bit more relaxed because they've been doing that so many years and I've done over 50000. Of these beat meditations which would not true blood and lower. It rubs so you begin to become aware and I can see or recycling and so on people and miraculous you wouldn't talk and Richard document that. I'm able to see the future and I considered that would other situation. If you look at rims seemed right balloons. Channel or equal to my YouTube channel. Or you loosen Samari Blog Talk Radio show there were. Episode try I'm able to see. Recovered real Amanda Colorado. We're never ready given up on him I was able to see is Ricoh group which took place a couple of weeks after. I haven't done spoken to this person on the show. And we were to see two fisherman finding the body was noodling trees down. In the creek and they were apart looking down besides it would punitive orientation. Whether we don't see the Arctic. And that recent two weeks. After. 8223. Weeks faster and the Colorado particular the only mr. include the local newspapers. How did I do. Well it's simple I saw things in my mind and I describe what they're worse it's literal here. Only what you see now which you think which your guess and which you've rational mind. It comes to some deduction because that's a guest on me what you see. Inverted it is accurate to press eco. And you have to be a little bit stubborn like meat perhaps we will that would exceed there are particularly. And an average income there were involved in recoveries I don't charge money I do is an experiment that extra pressure on me. So when you take the pressure are so popular about the game victory grossing more clearly. And so. The idea of what is this religious experience I think we have to how. Evidence. Change you can believe that when you have evidence and you complete acute. Can have a say so my mother would say is looked upon what we believe has built upon evidence. Religion is a way of schooling years. To be any better spiritual person. Moral ethical. Loving. Indeed. Beyond that. We teach you what it's like in the spiritual realm so that you can help them into their dream just earlier reports of people can. Information when all hope seems lost. Sorry. Recruit dream. Or somebody in your life that we didn't hoping to lead meets somebody it would seem that you're casing. And prayers are answered. There are opportunities not training. Well pretty forget salute wisdom and strength. And tolerance because if you do that you could have been any problem in the world to be strong you're gonna meet every dumb person and didn't all of its. And don't make every mistake in the book to gain wisdom. So learning how to pray is key to that it needs somebody in the air. Who knows what it's like on the political side and you know. Little features that are actually demonstrates. The spiritual qualities abilities then it gives you hope when you consider look I get. Would you do that. I want to do. That's such you ticket first up into understanding spirituality. In their in the way that you might incorporate your Buddhist you might find out the top of the count the Q Mike how are not without which you will point out. If you keep looking. Douglas who we we've got full full months you're gonna try to get some of these calls what do you need from folks when nobody can read it first question first name and question okay let's go to. Alison Alison where are you calling from Allison. Battering Metairie OK welcome your round with said Douglas cultural. Which I would've been. I'm so I'm in a negative light on underneath you had any information. I have heard everything from. You know cheated lied to reptilian like those honored Indian partner or me. I'm not tortured you or do you mean how to improve your bladder you know just something to battle that. If it's true that we're a different now when he. We seem to have lost Alice hair better question was related to. There's there's a lot of discussion about people with a negative blood being a part of some kind of special lineage some say. It's religious in nature some save it might be alien in nature I'm not so sure that's part of other discussion we're having tonight so let's go to Kerry and. Let me at least yeah that's that's great that could very well be. I don't subscribed in the intervention chrome extraterrestrials. But to put news here. I guess on the news recently that that researchers have found that they can change there. Haiti and people are in two Opel. OK so it's manipulation. Of donated blood but understand that we're not. In time. Or not from the beginning till now. In our technology. There have been many times in the world has been much more advanced than we are now. And you understand that and you can go back that thing in different regions of the world. There was manipulation of the plug because of plug in this where they sold their support and help the body is the blood and the most important thing. And that we can take our and our body. So what you're dealing injected on creepy I don't know but it will be cooler because we come from different times and different blood Linda children's. When the world witnessed before in the second and third destruction. Let's turn to grab one more caller we have to go to break here this is Karen in calling on a New York to turn welcome to the show. I didn't say hello. Douglas. I got burned on my name is Karen and we have a lot of spirit or girl in her home. Normally that's a net follower. Every play no. Is there particular region. There. I quit spending contact with I'm Aaron. We don't know why these particular ones that follow that stay with us. Because. Because you pay attention to them. People I call. The ghost on the other so article goes people. You Karen and I will be a coast person one date. These are people who work for around there in net Astro complained that system both here. And mayor lost their way. So sometimes most houses or are inhabited by ghost because that's true people used to live and they don't know that they're that sort hated to my house what are you doing in my house go to where else you are connecting from their side. So that when you look for it. We're patient freshman Aaron but the ones that are here in hounds. And they even ones that follow are we're not sure that there are so many weeks. I'll bet everything on the big one particular one likes to play pranks let me go out and make and captain. Of course because they don't like Q there that's from going within a pick that up pretty quick so the point being set. When you engage. The Caribbean coast people. And they're they're cynical and she gave contribute Nostradamus used to called saying. You can ask them to leave you can demand lately. And then you can do a little ceremony. If you care to you can open Bible to light a candle. But the point is huge no longer engage them it's kind of like you know waiting for that. And other help on the wall so in order to it would be stepping on the war you wait weren't you saying you're not supposed to be here. I want you to look up look for the light you do not good longer contribute grandma that passed away. And go all the like goatee grandma you'd demand that you command. And they will be because we don't house. At any great to be in your house anymore but I sure don't engage in other words that could come back. Karen thank you for the phone call we have to jump into breakthrough on long in this segment. We'll be right back with more of your phone calls and more with Douglas Cottrell are beyond reality radio and TV Johnson. Take her phone call. Our students who got about three minutes in this say and actually a little bit less for ministers squeeze it all when mrs. Sarah calling from Toronto they Serra welcomed the program. I think you've. I chronic pain that had mentioned many years. And I just let them know how to get rid of it may get treatment providers that country is attempting to often have factors other things. And what it would getting this thing that they can't hear your mind to invite her or let. And no inclination going through your body there's south called light rig Roy like really spurred me in my. Oh boy you're really and it's an anti inflammatory. To Emmerich is somebody should at your diet your kidneys are weak. I would say you know acupuncture pre your kidneys and that's what's allowing me inflammation and continuing our. In that oil massage is torpedoed oil and castor oil combined. Well hope that's an inflammatory as well and that's what I'm just senior bidding from the top pure and workers' shoulders down here. And their rear don't share links and these everything's kind of Orange she read in my in my vision here which means to that information. Running amok through your body. I miss and that European Commission. And without a cot helped. Any trinkets anti inflammatory what I suggest it is oil triggers it and and that creams. And pebble cargoes or are nice they're good beat but I'm looking at is getting today. The skin muscles and the blood. And capped oil oddly. Their cultural and Pietro combined and you say there's a massage oil massage and all of your body and there's decree we can get shoppers drug mart called. L ideally. I own no shares in the company the American in my connected with them all the stuff is amazing. It get rid of inflammation on contact. Okay that's the problem though it's not gonna help them much but I would suggest acupuncture for your kidneys because typical week. Thank you took yes thank you for the call Sarah okay we got to go to break we're gonna take more of your calls. On the other side with dubbed the structural by the way visit his website it's Douglas James patrolled dot com. I'm Jimmie Johnson's is beyond. Decency the other Jason's off tonight and Gene Johnson. Ratio under way with Douglas Contra we're talking with him we're taking your phone calls to visit the website Douglas James call trolls dot com. It seals books there. And a lot more information actually as well let's go back to work phone lines and we've got Julie. From Washington is a Washington State to clear Washington DC. Or. Welcome to the program here on with Douglas courtroom. RPI. And anchor country out. I have a crashed into you. I cheered. And feel. I don't see. If you get my meaning that. People. You don't see people. I know I'm talking about ethics guy. A miracle I. I know who they are IE. Yeah it somebody that want to get a message you. I love blanked in fact awkward because I don't. I don't know election that you know I don't understand and I think that dear very apparent in wanna. Total you know. Like October and 2012 relic com. And waking act it it it can. Mark Aaron and I have lot what I call. Angels around me. I think he'll pitch in town Peter call over arm my security can't. Soap. Can you tell me what that's about. Well when you cross over that's a demonic experience where you know you're dieting comebacks and it's several weakening speaks so naturally. You're aware of the unseen world. You know the year making invisible visible. And your consent or intuitive ability is more percent and bank their point. And you can cloture this and become a medium picture like we're some protection that would obviously this current you're aboard these protect you from any and all negative influences regardless of source. Amen before you. Get involved with such into these two Christian never quite know whose backyard your rent. It could be a loving woman or could be in the previous one so it's via which some protection nutrient you know he had some experience. And you say the prayer it's certainly talking to go and people. Getting your message across as very important for them because they want people to know like to a couple of them that more people know what happened to them missing. Or something happened to them they're on to get that message through YouTube them so you become basically an interpreter. And domestic Jews that they give. What are they are they want to get to their loved ones. So be careful that you remember to say the prayer. And you know and a the book of corinthians that talks about people speaking tones and things like that this is one of those buildings where you're able to offer some first virtual service. But it's one in which you need to. Always say the pressure obviously protect it figured it'd be nasty feeling or you know any other derogatory feelings. Then you could completely shut them up and wacko Damien interaction. Which are so let lady Karen was on the show what we're on break it was sending to the healing energy. Walking out the people from girl her room. Residence. And you can do the same. It is banish them. But again that you're gonna pick this up because of some ability to them and encourage you to get some instruction from people who I've done it and able to protect yourself. So that you don't become under psychic to tackle would be bothered. That repealed or service that I would all the suggested to tell these discarded being. Until late. Look up to think of the siege relative so they can find your way to higher dimensions. There really loss in the just wanna get a message back to your loved ones okay. I. All right thank you for the phone called it a result the other brands have a good point before you jump to do another call here. You have a lot of books and if someone was like our last caller kind of interest in the may be. Exploring this little bit more figuring out what sensitivities they have been in and you know how does start to. Massage them into something that there's more. Understandable or control bull where would you recommend they start among your books on Douglas. Because you have a lot of hundred. Okay big concern wrote my first book called secrets to buy it. Which suggests that he. Go to recover rescissions would be catcher. In the right wondered regalia. Reader book are adequate. It looks but the leg irons and Jesus Christ so they can hear it's an. Dual battery is. It's virtual life. And it's a good question. JP because. People don't know where to look and I don't suggest growing so when he's been. Who don't consider reliable source. And not kooky and perhaps strange opinions what they did all the things. Armed again or teaching their course and for worse in Texas for people who want to learn how to do what I do wanna be an accurate you can hear us Peters and her pulse a woman myself. Called a lot since we've been profits. And there are the people let their record people would do it. The secret so like could be a good way to start and there are many other good books out there. And people go to my web site that was since collateral dot com or go to do so on the YouTube do the spectrum saint Rangel and my friend Thomas what they're together. Or you can get information that's available all the time I would suggest you poster with a dream. The country in my journal and get information directly themselves but those are good books to collect some very good focus. But the first book in its network so yours now and so I'm very army product. OK let's go to Jennifer in Colorado Springs. He Jennifer urine would Douglas control. I don't think you for taking my call. I hate on one at a medical issue that I had this surgery won't that they understand that trend in mind. I'm glad I'm not so I didn't want financial little Cokie. And I was wondering if you can't merge everything's going to be okay in my. And long situations and get better so little confidence. You know. Well personally comes to mind is. Do you worry a lot. Emotions are the constructive and destructive emotions. Horses in the light so I would suggest you try to cheer yourself up too Smart and simple simplistic but. You don't get some. And and jokes in your life for you don't go online get jokes credit card you get some levity. I think it's going to be a little more difficult for you or the rest of the year. But what are we going on the last two maybe five years is coming to an end. And I think that there's so somebody could sort of believe you it is going to be people coming along and saying I completed noticed this before. There's a server revelation content so the more difficult it would in a few months. And whatever this last two to five years difficulty is it's going to be a completely. What you can be relieved. Okay. Okay thank you. I give you hope okay. Thank you Jennifer for the phone call. Douglas what's the quantum field. Well the cornfield accord to meet small and the catchy feel door that it you know there's this. Clijsters story goes a long though. And this is what meditation is so important. There are various kinds of meditation from the you know trying to feel good and doesn't get in touch with your soul. At the quantum meditation that I teach you some. I'm looking credits still small voice within and getting ample would that hire herself which is in conjunction or code connection with. That bask. Compassionate field a place like a library in in the universe where you'll to go and get information to resolve any actual problem. In us a question earlier about ordered people go when they're in great need. It would meditation you can get a solution to any problem prosecutors are once said they are very few who much reduced much remained friends are born so there's a weeks old. But the quantum field. They cashing field. The universal mind these are basically the same place as were all the information stored. And one of our callers. Mentioned angels say if I believe a thing that was one of the callers. When we when we talked about angels. For so I have to assume if there's angels are my. That's truly Harris in a refer them referred to in a few times and show good. And if what are angels are angels what we learn as as a Catholic myself I have of the and I envision angels and a certain way is that what they are hers it's something completely completely different. Angels. They're just they're great they're grows people who are are the ball. As you become a more loving being. And you counsel and you go to a higher dimension or our level of consciousness if you will. A higher plane or dimension where more luck excess. If you're not if you're demons and there were people who were alive today that are demon that means that they hurt people and they enjoy it or they do it. Because they want to debate it hurt and hurt. These are people in the palace over go to the lower grill. The world is inherently evil. And as we go. From the world through these lower dimensions the console dimension or insincere on dimension we go to higher have been so you can find this all in the good book. A book that sort of a pretty level of heaven in the higher consciousness. And ultimately to be in the arms of garnered Christmas. So. An Angel is a and being believe people. And the thing of boat people being like avatars. Saints. The all the trim new currency and source socket are above and India. How many others are I guess I shouldn't I shouldn't say names but many of them have people being Toobin on the year. What are they doing. They're hoping whole week's big soccer. They're criticized. And ridiculed. But they still keep opening when they die they still keep helping promote higher dimension. I pray directly help herself feeling. Asterisk help I don't preclude him if he's a god idea struck I don't intervene. Master opportunities. When we pray at many mentions virtual center and how Bolton we have. All Serbs many of the holy family. I Jesus Christ just made an announcement to one of the unit directors series coming to many dimensions to go to work. And Mario so OSHA announced that much how much do you want to repay it. With. The what tool. He was the treasures so it's important to reduce its replied we're working at a later so the wages of a premiere love record or. This virtual world is a beautiful place where demons are missed devious. People who hear voices. Could be hearing to chronic courses are receiving its voices went they are not powerful. If you are traded them they've become more powerful put picture under trade. They will run away and I seen it many times we do our miracle transformational events only been on the road. On top of 2002000. People come to see me and wonder too when two of the people might have such an attachment and it please. When it's observed or when the light comes upon itself in the count to church you conceive many references to what do you look from a perspective it's spirituality rather than. The image you might opening game. Usually and social open appear. One as a talking and the other remained silent. When I was in India looking a broad and all the sudden micro in remission right. All the sudden. Two men appeared behind us that we have noticed him once there you looked like pure luck so. And it's a boy we are. And you sit there are. Koroma are sure you were. The lawsuit say that essentially this I didn't ask him that we're looking into the bus station will be work. So we walked up to as long road where there were no buildings on either side it was kind of dirty dirt dirt I think dirt. And no no shrubbery. Just the sidewalk and erode we went up towards the end. And the man spoke again remission and I were walking by ten steps in front of them. And you agree or saw over there and he pointed to the intersection prepared. I think tomorrow operative monies yet know they are underground and Kuwait you know again. Or hundred yards on either side and it's of this what clear road there was no houses or. Or portions or treat switches between dirt. And I could remain sound very strange that man showed up and in knew that we wanted to go on the bus station. And he agreed in there we go over shoulder. And they were gone. Then. There was no possible way that they could have just random where locked. Filter to Rachel's show when did the talking they look like real people he could look behind as we get noticed them and they disappear. And sometimes when that happens and you're like people show up here on the street and somebody he'll say something to you. It'll be the exact information you need to know or new dream that too late to people shall look wanna be silent the other rules say something. It'll be phrased it won't be a paragraph first sentence. And he'll be a direction. Though in the holy Bible there's all kinds of references were the only family would go to born angels. And they do come into our lives because we all have meaningful spiritual guidance. In chills or relatives. Especially. You know parents and and dispose of that school passed on. They want to make sure we're OK so we come back initiate police say things in the short. I don't sentence or two but then current knows that blowing in Phoenix. Which come back and I think somebody initially referred to one where. They they don't think it's going to be okay what was it was in the age in your YouTube and it was. Mr. Lovelace who was talking about he had a divine. Experience where. And angels welcomes it everything's going to be okay I can clients who consumer experiences. So divine being doesn't tell you what to do. They tell you something in any short sentence. Good information to you what they do not tell you what to do. They don't engage in conversations and they never criticized the other side to the moon excited criticized human failures to brute. It make you trade. They threatened. When you didn't contact with such misuse and to be that person you don't be afraid to say. Don't know Marty could require pretty minimal negative influencers. Regardless of source amen. And they go away because they don't belong in our house. We we're space we had time hmmm I wanna make sure that everyone knows they can go to the beyond reality radio web site and click through or gas tab and get links to your books. But more importantly because as a lot more information on your website Douglas what is your web address again for folks in and should they look for anything in particular when they go there. Well it there's a lot on there were there's Douglas James scored trails CO TC or ELL. And here and there is free information there. There's information that built her own doing abilities. They can get to be a crucial mini mansion spiritual. Dot org web site could have 180 beach boulevard. They can look for a beat developing and we welcome people are considered developing years virtual abilities and for worse. There'll be many mentions virtual center forward web site up and running soon and I'll be there from the a 22 of September 30 people who readers in developing themselves serious people injured. Who urged the developing themselves to be another Edgar Casey Ross streeters and revoke the comptroller. And so almost seventy. 68 and a half. I grandson and a gave me direct quote but I spoke to Dave Reichert. And I says okay I'm gonna mention your name on the radio and that's without respect to army have been good show but this has got to got to keep control of the grandson that's a little. There's lots of information. My web site would be stepping stone portal for people who want to. Why do or how did that bill themselves. As quite yet no nonsense. Only the facts only the facts. How did you do that. I can explain it because they've been. Sort treat trauma extra wrinkle. A massive as opposed to. And LA area esoteric. I did not go to teachers to find her way I just went out their children. And slush or rounded in all. Confusion the ultimate weight. The dimensions virtual stranger in in Hamilton Ontario as the vortex we have angels and we have divine beings appearing right now. And that's gonna happen again for work again I've been in Spain in. I've been sort of a place in Granada a billion Ellis who could and Norway suffered or are there where was in Warsaw an operative place here. So we're going to establishment managed virtual centers probably worldwide but we're looking for people. Who are in accord with ourselves we're not sure for money. We're sure to teach people so the world can get from this predicted time all the things that are going on now. Over predicted in my books they knew where this is one to Chico stricter remain in India prophecies that were made that are coming true now. Well Douglas were just that big yet we're just at a time see you thank you so much for being here appreciate your time the toward having you back. Pleasure to cure gov bush commercial and you're gonna a couple of good years and you do. I like and that thank you so much OK we have to go to break sorry we didn't get to everybody's phone calls to tournament time. Great night NBC tomorrow. Great program. And don't know ingredients used to play Jason Hanson GB Jackson introduced by Alexandra intransigence it's an the only the only angry news distributed this. Yeah you never stopped going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent inspectors will purchase most all the chiefs host Don attempts to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to being just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contact slick Eddie Edwards at slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.