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Michael Brein is the Travel Psychologist

Aug 31, 2018|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk to the Travel Psychologist - Michael Brein - about stories of the creepy & strange that people have experienced while traveling. 8/3182018 - Beyond REAlity Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. There's Campbell it's Friday and spending your stock simmering between what can be on morality revue with myself Jason honest Camille is awesome GP Johnson. So it and we had we've had a lot of people kind of in consternation. From last night because this Hayward. Because they couldn't. You get the answer to what our theme was for our bumper music class. Yes now you know it was a known as do we get some people who were pretty close. You know how people can ask for the rumor curious what you and I had decided there were one and something not exact but pretty specific. I agree breaker here and so they've been waiting on pins and Nielsen assuring should name the songs were again actually just say give the answer. Think you should name it yeah okay so the songs that we had left for a bumper music last night were America horse with no name. Doobie Brothers China growth Boston hitching a ride. Beatles Kansas City PGE's Massachusetts. Loving spoonful in Nashville cats. Chicago wake up sunshine and Atlanta rhythm section so when do you. My goodness so what what what's you know what's what's pretty obvious and all those nine actually just a song titles but either the group for the song title. Joyce as well he reviewed me as well. Well I guarantee you you promised I mean I just you shouldn't and it's time to give the answer in our parent or its cities and states at least since these cities and states its its cities and states are places in America in the US now. That's pretty it was I mean. I don't think we're being too specific we did have some people say cities but. Obviously Massachusetts is not a city and then you have in we have somebody said states may be learned they'd add that together yes and put it together than they got on the. Whole thing anyway welcome to the program could this essay if you haven't yet had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like the FaceBook page forest. Then had to be under really radio dot com where you can find all the season we ran across the country can download the free Smartphone apps. Which allows you to catch past shows listen live and more. Or just clicked the listen and Chapman right there on the website you can listen from the website lying on the chat room that was down that we finally got back up and running so. You didn't get back in there it is running now well it seems reforming committed a few yeah it's not for me renowned mature and and it's slicks and so on and media. All right so and we had a great show tonight we're going to be talking with Michael Bryan the travel psychologist. And he's he's he's got some great books out there and do ones that I I like reading and you've read him as well javy and he's a co authored with Rosemary Ellen Kiley. The road to the strange series. And and we're going to be talking about those pretty much covering UFOs aliens. High strangeness. And travel tales of the paranormal and beyond. Yeah Michaels a travel psychologist. And tickets at a term he coined. I think back in 1965. We're gonna ask him what that means but but the bottom line is he's a professional traveler. And during the course of his travels not only has he helped people will just travel tips. And not only has he gathered just stories from people whether there are stories of a great time aura hellish time he's also. Gathered paranormal stories of travels so we're. Where do you go from being a traveler to professional travelers. Well if you can do it in somehow make money in and I guess that makes you professional I mean don't be my music I've traveled different yes to a knee and you may in my would you do you generally so familiar professional travel. All so maybe it can be competition from the media it's just the fact that you traveled to go to your profession where is he travels for perfection maybe that's the difference. 20 kinks in this thing and I do what was of consternation that was the. Used to early and I don't miss I'm trying to look that up or talking about it and if so is so get the serie so Esquire. You know a magazine turn it did the fists in the fifteen spooky is movies about ghost ever made. So they made a listen to this yet to spooky just goes I'm lesions that are. Some of them just in some of them are good but I don't get your take them there's a few that I am the current stereo audio series. Aren't so number fifteen we'll do the count on your own. Let's don't. Candy me. Okay on Tony Todd in I was Tony tonne grade it was about graduate student I think completed by Virginia Madsen PM who was researching these are only consider the DNA ghost movie though I don't know I don't mind it was and it was good when I was younger but it was the only thing we're in the Mir and everything's mimic everything he's got a premium over to -- senators I don't do that old what's ING little announcement it's an alien head filled with vodka and he's talking about our itself number fourteen. The devil's backbone. If you earn that when I don't know them. Say it's from. Del toros and one of his best films that doubles back bones models he's a legendary porn director sort of to say that's when his best follows Carl's young boy who writes an orphanage. After his father's killed in the Spanish civil war base and greeted by a ghost of one of the orphanages former residents. We're gonna have to check Elena you know. On any time you've got something about the spend some words spooky so I'm Moroccan council. Right number thirteen now my wife would agree on this point she stared at this movie the ring. I think that's a growing up. Yeah so I guess that's ghosts I guess it's ghost yeah. Then I mean in so and did it sure most Yeltsin knows actually off the Japanese horror films and so forth but. Number twelve mama. I saw that that has some really really creepy moments creepy images but I thought overall it was kind of disappointment. Because I haven't seen him that was a few years ago when it was released in and they did the trailer was actually very very. Disturbing and it when you see a lot of times you see these trailers like looks so good and you watch it. And a bit of a let down and I think that's the case with the mama however we were some moments where it was really we. Really creepy we adamantly and it did this movie mom have the guy from. The HBO showed him throats that I'm not sure no number I was thinking did differently I think it is I think it did serious. I'll pull back and number eleven. The authors. That was Goodman with Anna Nicole Kidman right yeah but it really see it is later terrifying hormone. No it wasn't but it was more of of mystery the end and with a really world twist ending I think is with the but I thought the concept was great. And the worse some creepy images in the whole time he should probably should given spoilers who. So number ten now this is one of my favorites after says. Michael. It it was just it was a really good movie I think the way it was done for when it was done was it was great yeah I think you're right ahead actually and with those computer graphics -- reason was an animation and remember when there was there was definitely crude at the time but it was actually done that Peter Jackson who also ended lower ranks yeah. So number nine. Ghostbusters. While it's a great movie I don't consider ghosts of the oral horror movie and all basically Glafcos movie and or my guess ghost an episode as Casper I don't think you consider Casper or more a year earlier I think same thing on the radio it has beetlejuice yeah well that's disagree that's kind of that's the Disco kind of class of all summer you're right it's not a horror movie but it does have some you know jump scares and it. Ice I can tell it Esquire Magazine put this list of critics are not a horror magazine putting this was our guys and it's funny because some of the ones I thought would have shown didn't and number seven the innocence. Here in the yeah I actually have and I've I've watched it and now that. Not that doctor Simon Syria. Profit checked out looks like it's old black and so our number six in middle floor. That's great what that's agree one you know despite we think of the actual case itself which we've do debated in disputed on this program quite a bit the movie itself was actually scary frightening and disturbing. Woman number five would be on the same thing in the conjure. Yeah that's pretty much run on the same lines very good friend of ours and your parents been on the show many times him the whole thing is based on her family and their experiences. Number four haunting. Punting which when was that is at the black and white one for what Dyson 63 yep essentially Jackson's only April and brilliant novel though haunting of hill house yes of that movie I was actually considered one of the best colonel moon move paranormal movies of all time. It kind of opened the door to this concept of ghost hunting paranormal investigation gone wrong. That's a good movie number three Korean organ down there the six cents. I have problems of them he is. Just allow politically. I I have and sorry but I have some issues. I actually think that's a great movie however I eat when you. I don't think it's it's as brilliant as a lot of people of that said it was when you look back at the sixth sense and you actually know the ending in the re watching you might do a lot of holes in that movie that does not make Sonia. And I agree with you I think it was a great movie I wasn't it wasn't one of those movies and terrified me by any means but then and I think was a good movies that an issue there are some startling. Moments when you know those images of them did the dead folks walk like past the screen so put that that was really really effective yeah those really scary creepy moments. But the concept itself. Was already done in a movie called Jacob's ladder I don't know if Jacobs letters on that list but that's one of my favorites and that really in Jacob's ladder was good I get that yes so. But it's not on the list number two is the shining that's a great movie that is agreed I'm talking about the Jack Nicholson one not the one that was made for TV yeah I mean that was hit a bit. Which the one that was made for TV there actually filmed at the and the the stand which was where Stephen King peaceful movie the shining on the turn on and number one. More what do you think. Well I hope they don't say the ex assistant that's not a ghost movie. So out and and I agree with you on that the that definitely should have been on this list but it's not it's and it's not Tom sue will be the number I don't know I don't know I think I can think of another movie that's it that's left out that my. It's some content. Tomorrow. Oh poltergeist the samples as Carroll and makes sense okay. Number one is pulled guys and access them and that was a good movie really was started off whose. It's sort of a strange way he can get connected to it and then. It's just Oprah close yeah. It's a good movie it's a Stephen. Spielberg movies so it's obviously done very very well and it's funny to think that. Stephen Spielberg who is probably considered I would assume the best director of all time I would think or at least a suitably that. Arms and player and player on the ocean shore but you know to it's it's interesting to think that he has in his quiver. An arrow which is they actually have is considered one of the best hormones all time but no one ever says he's a horror director ever. Which I think is interesting because horror is often looked dead in the film communities as a cheap. That's real achieve medium but Stephens won a best his best movies is a horror film and I don't care you know if if you can try to debated otherwise but it's a horrible. Now for everybody out there listening at some point tonight when we open phone lines later Jimmy I want people call in and if if there's great horror movie that they think should have been on this list. Tell us about it is if we haven't seen it we get Leo once we return from Omar telling you grieving towners which have mentioned this prepares you for should've been on that list that's a great ghost movie and it takes place in an insane asylum with a bunch of ghost hunters you know doing a TV show it's really really good night. I always recommend that's one of my favorites so that when comes to mind right away so I get a check down on the at a check this to the devil's backbone now and again if you if you can think of some that should have been on this list that were and a give us a call in numbers 8446877669. Until freed 844. 687. 766. Now I know what we've got October coming up here I mean Merle William you know thirty days away from October and we gonna have to get mr. Lobo back to talk about Halloween scary movies that you need to watch your site this at this point. This is the fortieth anniversary year of the original Halloween from 1978. John eight of its annual income now. And during which looks phenomenal in the explosion continued criticism that. Paris we're gonna take a break we're gonna get our guest Michael Bryan on the line the travel psychologist and a rootkit to show fearless in the Jason GV beyond reality radio with that. Jason came GP telephone number for later in the program and tickets. Phone calls to see 44687. 7669. We one mentioned that tomorrow it's a best of program. Bomb Monday's holiday will also the best of program mobile have a great Labor Day weekend we backward like programs and Mike Cleland. On nineties and it but tonight. We're talking with the travel psychologist Michael Bryan is he's an author he's known as the travel psychologist. His website is Michael Bryan Bryan is spelled BR. And he's written a series of books with the Bruce Mary Ellen Kiley someone who's had on the program several times they're called the road to strange series one is called travel tales of the paranormal and beyond in the others. UFO aliens. And high strangeness. All fits perfectly with the things we talk about on the programs let's welcome my compile the program. Michael welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. Thank you very much on. Very happy to be here. Alex and mom we've got a short segment here but it's enough time for you to tell us exactly what a travel psychologist is. Apparently your questions. Because beat Barack started thinking about that body else I ever really are about it. Talked about. So I had. An uninteresting to kind of career district. Started out. In chemical engineer at all they opening. Kind of agree he's signed to epic sort of sorry. And then neither side ha. Metric earlier in so I transferred to temple university and are working our bachelor's degree and master's degree technology and there really got to do that then right. All right I you know what is real passion in life. And I took the part about our our I've been bitten by the channel bug. And I liked it certainly is like or this or that is a Ph.D. in Seoul where I do. At university of Horry. And I I studied basically specials like art that. Within an emphasis on all things gently into that travel and I was the person actually. Point that Chan. Channels like our travels like orange. That'd been sports psychology. At lucky nobody got Psycho. So important strategic. Most of us and quite a bit internally like. And a popular a lot of interest and passion. Are it's a crime. Well I think you're right a lot of people a lot of us do travel but I think it's even more accurate to say most of us don't travel enough. We only about 38 with only about thirty seconds left in the segment here. But it's it I know that personally some of the most rewarding experiences and not just rewarding but educational experiences are when I'm traveling when I'm somewhere. Then I'm not used to being particularly when it's a cultural difference that's an important thing for parents and. Absolutely well we'll talk quite a bit about that. After break or so. Yet we certainly will because you know he is was bitten by the travel bug most people are only bitten by the Travel Channel to sores they get you. Nice but I aren't so memorial on the formally easily 8446877669. Until freely 44687. 7669. Our guest Michael Bryan in the travel psychologist you're listening Jason G. Even beyond really revealed. The series. Strange too good to talk about tonight travel tales of the paranormal and beyond and UFOs aliens and high strangeness. The author is Michael Bryan his website is Michael Bryan dot com Brian is spelled BER. The eyes and so's Michael Bryant dot com he wrote those two books in the road to strange series with Rosemary Ellen guy ideally. Who we've had on the program before and it's a reproach pleasure to have Michael on with a snow. My blood got asked yeah how did you develop a relationship particularly writing relationship with the Rose Marie Allen. Count very interesting question. I also are was very edges to the UFO about. From saying yeah aged fifteen. And paralleling I neighbors and now all of us interview people everywhere couldn't doubt their travel experiences. I also. The gap so that sent a lot of the local cop sources of support Leah. And he'd been. Cavaliers visiting some crop circles well placed started to Europe become. Visited by lots of people around the world. Thank you Rosemary way back Stan I just knew her as a colleague. We've probably walked in some restraint crop circles together. I see are many times or at least a folk opposite so we became friends as she does that. I had collected thousands of stories from people not only about trap or spears is but also you have broad experience as a parent or Spears'. And we started talking about the possibility of new book series together that's how that happened. We couldn't be in better company to be writing books about strange and and paranormal topics with and marry Allen who great great choice of writing partner there's been a very good. She's terrific she's Smart she's a good writer. And he's actually not only echo offer which is really the publisher. Of art here. She herself has. Published somewhere in the range of our succeed dark locks on all subjects and ours is just a couple of those books and in this series. Yeah and she's been very very close friend of mine for a long time in just a phenomenal person just just on fast vast knowledge that she has our era. Her so as you were. Traveling so a had a passion for it he you've worked to make it a profession if you wanna call that profession I know when you do what you enjoy you know when you. Make it while what's the what's the phrase saying if you do you enjoy you don't to worker Dana life for whatever that or that works. Now. You work ten centers are decided job right but you're doing that you're collecting these stories at some point you must have recognized. That sound. You know there's that there's a distinct category of these stories which we would put into this strange category this paranormal category. How common was it for your stories to have that kind of an angle or that kind of a twist to them. Good question. I discovered that in Miami and uses live. I think it's somewhere around eighteen hundreds and thousand travelers. And people go to Canada piece. For Europe folk are just. That a small percentage of these stories. Had to do it very strange experiences. And it doesn't it's not surprising. When you consider that ID usually start out with people. In the interview process. Well what kind of very interstate experiences and you have. And of course. The road to strange. It went to pursue that. Avenue. Inquiry. You find that so people. Maybe somewhere in a rage about 5%. Are percent of these stories. Have to do what is burger strange. As things are tapped the people about the that all sorts of things Eric Thatcher would trap. You you talk about your foes on any city had a personal interest that developed over the unique New Year's in the UFO categories crop circles that kind of sink billions. But your books could these anyway cover other topics there's there's you know paranormal type stuff. Did you also develop an interest in mattered he just find these stories were just too good not pass on. I I just kept an open mind aren't. Figured the way that would really learn about what went. Out this is like it. And in talking to people. Our eight discovered. Early on that they experience. Trout or are getting away from base so speak. Opens up. Europe more receptive. Choose experiences happening injured you're eager to host not surprise. So upset. Of the kinds of experiences of people haven't travel with these. Some of these very strange experiences. Because there's sort of a factor in the portals to speak you are receptive. And open to all kinds of experiences so. Be careful what you are seeking. Somebody's going to be very strange. Because here you've got yourself. Two to be opened to experiencing there. As it was only natural that Amare all these different kinds of topics are you people. That you're opposed stories paranormal stories what happened. Give you governor example. Book that I just. Completed this girl traveled knows women alone the agent at travel. That was a proper subset of experiences. Girls and women travelers are themselves. Had to do with the experiences. Are a Baptist partner. Around the world so that was just another subset I have a lot of the substance and experiences. And paranormal or UFOs. Art just Chandler. On the meat to a travel like I can imagine as a guy who's traveled for a last thirteen fourteen years for the and to on the show go senators. We'd what I I've seen that I've seen so many of that when a lot of via the women on the show have had to have had a Dow and so forth just to harassment and just the way people people activity in its mind boggling especially when you get overseas. Howell. Play over there a lot of times it's the norm for a for a many of those individuals and where over here and it it's not. And it'll drive you crazy. I know I don't but I was very eager suit just find out. How people don't will situations. What they could have done to avoid them at the first place that they had to. Cap that it carried all over again they do differently and that was kind of my motives are Romney. No matter what the subject would be. I would basically you have a lot of a profit soars. And I wanted to know what to people choose to. I prevent it from happening to them again you know what what they've done differently. I have my own experience. Nearly being picked sparked by reported that. So there's a lot to learn that there's a lot. In light. That that you learn it's not always. Good wonderful sometime this that well but we need to learn how to deal with these situations as well. Yeah and and going back to zoos experiences that women shared with you I know that I've traveled in Europe quite a bit on many occasions and I know that particularly when you get into the Mediterranean countries which is a completely different attitude. And and kept calling and and the whistle laying in that kind of thing is is an off its excepted I wouldn't say it's accepted but it's common. And you know if you're an American woman traveling you don't expect those things but there it happens you have to learn how to deal with the as as women we're sharing the stories with few. I'm assuming that some of these stories went beyond just kept calling it was probably more serious than that. Absolutely our fact. People have related and he. In their calendars with fellow travelers. They've heard stories where. Women has Eden did kidnapped and had disappeared from markets that were to be seen again and special worst case scenario. And it doesn't happen that aren't a but yes operate every. Actual experiences. Can happen that people. But it's not just whip and it is almost to learn about safety and security and and and making ourselves. Still more secure your travels. And then presenting its divert small percentage of bad things that can't happen. So there's a lot to learn right. Our our brokers are mighty effort. Power people can travel more safely and securely. Not just wouldn't that everybody. And and how to maximize. Of the benefits travel or how to get the most out of the spears these have been part of our focuses not just the negative dangers. Things close calls but. What you can do it is just. Grow personally as a result of the travel experiences as a great impact on our hearts. And that's a psychology interpret our. Missiles psychology of travel as you call an Angel hair as it's really important. And it's it is it is incredibly aren't. I can't argue art had. The most part of my life just being people sitting with government interview that recording these experiences. And a great learning experience are. But now lately right. About. Base and a Psycho you out as you know group people's travel tales. And so Rosemary and I decided we choose a series of books on some of the stranger. Things that you talk about ghost country. It's interesting because. Percent as of these. Stories that people are related to a have there about goes reparations. Not that people were really seeking these out the Big Apple. And so Rosemary and I are currently. Two subset of books. Or this common areas of ventures such united air cheer. Well and it and it's strange also be a lot most of the time people have these experiences when they're not see Allen and out seeking that it now when they're not going somewhere expecting too good to see it goes down. Is when there's a lot of time to have these experiences when they least expected and may get its mind boggling can be very terrifying for individual. It can't be and it's not all scary and negative. Some of it is just unbelievable. I've heard for example. Many mandates for this city. Stories of how people rented just. Strands. Darkest places that you'd ever expect that whatever happens and it seems to capitol aren't trapped. Even more soldiers than that and are all right. Yet aware we have to go to break here but before we do just because you mentioned that I have to share this I was traveling was in Austria. Of all places with a friend of mine we were walking up to the castle the the fortress that's and in salt spurred Poland Salzburg it's called. And so it's a walking trail humble wandering up there's a little chapel halfway up the the mountain and we stopped in this chapel. As we're walking out of the chapel I literally ran into my cousin who I had no idea was in Europe to begin with us. A I hadn't seen her in probably fifteen years. And I ran smack dab into her as them climbing the mountain to go to C hall insults Bergen Salzburg Austria so I know exactly where you're talking about. And it's amazing and maybe later I can relate one of my own personal. History where perhaps like. All right and so it all merged together and next here. It's pretty amazing feel pretty true freedom from Hillary in your next book I I think that that on the house our guest is Michael Bryan the travel psychologists were discussing his books the road to the strange series and more. You'll listen Jason GDP on morality. The Brady GC TP were opening up the phone lines in our next hour 84. Her 6877669. Or guest tonight is Michael Bryant he is a an author plus he's known as the travel psychologist. A freeze that he point. Years ago I think it was like 1965. Wasn't it Michaels and I think that's red that's when you came up without. And when they usually say I finish like that work that are supported by Pete sat so wouldn't that. Ara you know. When you started writing about traveling and and I know what you mean about the travel bug because I had that I was bitten by that same bug. Mom and you were able to find a way to actually to do it for a living. But when you first started to find try to find that path of what you were you looking for a just. Ways to advise people on how to travel or where they should go what was your original. Entry into this yeah. Now I I think it was somewhat that was akin to SARS Gupta. You know I just got it I had I interview people. And I just drag around a big tape recorder and beginning of finally wound up just using it I'd grow. Little portable recording. Device sort of font I'd just. West during event. To talking to travelers were armed and people with UFO experiences. And I found. That around that aren't exist are doing there's. More Arabs around. The middle seventies. When I talked for the university of our of the Europe or had a Volkswagen bus. Travel. And I spent a lot of aren't aren't. Aren't the people talking to them interviewing them and it's funny because eaten the question I ask that today I look back. I was dressed in saint church of questions like that well attitude you have the what would you do different race. He had to do it all over air. And I just Gerald Internet and equipment are something that seek psychological nature I would just ask. Questions some product people were really eager to share your experiences. So. Our solar recording from the socket parts start what do our. Everybody knows who pork store. Everybody knows who Forrest Gump is for sure. You know it's it's pretty spectacular that that you were able to do that so you've collected we only got about a minute left here before top of the hour break but you've collected over 101000 stories from people. Of of travels and I'm assuming it was from all over the world. Yeah our most mostly English speaking people or although leg as a hobby of mine and I get around. At one point maybe is a candle little bit you know not fluent but I have. Story is Spanish and grants some carrier. And you know basically have. Transcribe them and translated them but mostly they're wearing coach that it was just easier work and he. We're talking with Michael Brian he's the author along with Rosemary Ellen Kiley of the road to strange series of books. We've got two of you here with a travel tales of the paranormal and beyond. And UFOs aliens and high strangeness and we come back from our break we're gonna get into some of the details of other stories that Michael has collected. As a relates to these UFO encounters during travel or other paranormal encounters during people's travel pretty fascinating stuff. Absolutely if you haven't yet me she had over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond that reality radio like FaceBook page for us. Then head to beyond reality radio dot com you can download the Smartphone apps you can find all the stations where across the country. Or you can listen right from the website and clicking the listen lie over the pop up in Chaplin. And he can hang around great community of people and and some show right from your computer. We did ask earlier. We brought up these fifteen movies. If there are actually listed as the fifteen school he has movies about ghost ever made. And next hour at some point we're in all of the form lines because if you if you heard the movies that word talked about. We wanna know if there's some that you feel should've been on that list that worn out on that list. And interest you to take on on the ones that they actually have listed there so. Our were to take a quick break a lot more to come to listen adjacent GDP on reality radio and back. It's Thursday in the last Friday and Eastman you've spent some time between welcome to be on reality radio with my. So Jason Hawes mailers and TV Johnson it's great to be here we're having a great night. Lot of good stuff going on here we're talking of course with. Michael brain Brian he's an author of the series of books called the road to strange he coauthored those books. With Rosemary Ellen Kiley his website is Michael Brandt Brian dot com Brian is spelled BR the night and again it's dot com check out his website to get a lot of stuff just be a more than just what these books talk about. He is a travel for V travel psychologist and his website is dedicated to lot of that work. A we've also got some great stuff coming up Friday and Monday night both the best of program. And then Tuesday Mike Cleland will be on with us and then Wednesday we have Dave returned yesterday. Cohen yes we do and now wants a Democrat so there's a national I think had a distinguished. Professor of history and author will be discussing his latest book timeless eternal personal history. And that was just released yet so will be limited time next week talking with him authors and of course is readings of their Beckett to be the first Thursday of the month we do that. On the first Thursday of each month gives you an opportunity to call in Rebecca. Foster does sort of free psychic readings everybody. Capsule if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio it to FaceBook page source and had to be under reality radio dot com. Where you can find all the stations we ran across the country Melissa's constantly being updated. You also download the free Smartphone apps which was listen live sketch pad shows and more long ago. Or any night we're lie just click the listen live button in the ivory hand corner of the website and listener from the website while browsing online. Right so let's bring our guest back into the program by the with a phone lines are open and 8446877669. If you'd like to like chat with us would love to cure your travel stories. Or commenting on the list of films that we talked about in the beginning of the program. Yes now on that list Jerry's so I'm just put it out to Serena as a fifteen spooky is movies about ghosts ever made that Esquire Magazine just Leno. And I'll just throw them are real quick number fifteen was candy man. Number fourteen was the devil's backbone. Number thirteen the ring. Number twelve mama. Number eleven the others. Number ten the fright nurse. Number nine ghost busters. Number eight beetlejuice. Which I think was him based on Jimmy's life some emergencies and it's truth and then number seven the innocence. Number six the end of the war. Number five the conjuring. Number four the haunting. Number three the six cents. Number two that shining. And coming in at number one. Poltergeist. And that's what they say fifteen mysterious ghost movies. Spooky is ghost movies ever made. And we know there's a ton out Saturday you'll have seen that didn't make the list and we wanna get your take on there's some that you day you'll know that should have been on that list that and that are not and mogul from the. You read that like like mrs. Robinson's kindergarten teacher would read and heard what that that's really the slower time in this instance has. Let's slow myself down let's bring Michael back into the program. Michael I wanna I wanna ask you about as we switch this conversation to the books themselves the road to strange series. Let's start talking about UFO's can you share with us some of what you would consider to be the more interesting or maybe even more spectacular. Or frightening. Stories that were relayed to you were related to you by people that experienced them on the road. You know first wanna tell you that basically these are interviews. Mainly got myself. Some boots on. To the collections are. These are mainly we use but don't look people that these stories. Really that that appear elsewhere. So these are people that I just in counted. In my day to day activities. So mostly. They were. Generally due to be here and you know about. But other people here here's one that those. My favorites I live and why years ago. Right Ph.D. there. And I used to be active in the actually not vote that work. As state director Horry further frustration that so as you. Most of your listeners probably know what's the largest. Pre World Cup boat research organization. NATO problem very late people. And no anyway I did that. We clearly got together and our cuts and now a professor at university Lory. I'm really not starry. Artist HD armored you know all things Japanese language literature. Amazing guy. That sent it buddy list just a regular. Dario and he. They'd Abidjan experiences he had once was just after World War II in India Italy. Ernie was visiting his knuckles. And he said he saw our. For a by this tidbit distance. Over the amount just kind of going you know line. And everybody. Credit card all I do about our partners but his attitude was well. This certainly want something. Strawberry. He. And the attitude well I know what I saw our our. And let's fast forward. To 26 years later. In Honolulu. And he Europe. After that extra inability. Point by this experience and he also has outlook. He says he just got every book he gives them the and his whole life changed. He'd really want to try to understand. What happened. And that's how it got to know him so he related history Honolulu was was just. I'm believable. I've been on the highways and eat stride many many parents I lived out of that area it sent one. Meeting that they had. He was an activist. But social causes bad the end. President just a tent that one of their relatives that they had were driving back home now. August highway I'd been on great terms and he said he has deterred right he noticed a row of lights are golf course. That famous Lar are right off or. On the other side of docket. Most people that these places it so all the time and a life's. We're not really in that whole line of rights they beat pat that. And he sees this news desk. Fly right that over the car across a highway up into the hills. And he's said again his was the same mattress that so many people. Have. And they are excited about relating their experiences to you I know what I saw. And I find it could be extremely credible. And I just happy to. Chat about taking his experience or they argue. There's somebody who are the oh reliable and witnessed. An announcement story here that changed a lot. Between those sightings. As a good example want Karl. Yeah you know people that have those kinds of experiences particularly when it's more than one time. It it almost always changes their life and I can't imagine means one thing to. To be at home or at least in your general vicinity. And to see something like that to be a bit to be on the road and any place that's and in many ways strange to begin with and to have that experience must be a completely. Different. You know overall experience. By the end of the day I mean you must have a completely different. Feeling from that type of experience vs one that's in your backyard. Absolutely yanked out a person driving our solve some of that not as much as needed. 2000. Like to talk about refuses to talk about. Because a student art in the handle. Whereas just let my. I talked to anybody about it because he wanted to learn more and go well what's going on. As you collected these stories or were interviewed people and got these stories did you happen to notice particularly when it comes to UFO is there right now let's who'll stick on stick with on the Java knows any pattern. Of these stories was where their particular. Countries or regions that had more of these stories coming from them. Then others. Per different different cultures that would have more of them than others or was it just completely random. We found that the events little difficult because remember this this time a subset of people are routed to the bitter feud. In my channels to stop producers. But. And number of these speed to be. In California. Mowed areas. Of cal year. Foothills so now. The now so cells. That candidate generally away. The populated areas. But what people had. Them was their absolute. Stand. That match yet I know what I saw. And they stuck to and aren't these people. I listened to their recount experiences. Really sat there off. Of what people reported and so it's DK at all that sir. It amazes me never ceases to amaze me. That are routed to a sub people has the experience. Is where they actually see. Large objects that just shape. Reps over. Their houses. Just just unbelievable. Do you find it kind of along the same lines of the question I just aspect do you find that a certain type of person has. May be more of an a more open mind in their four. More capable of experiencing these things or again is it just completely random. I think it just runs across. All different kinds of people all walks of life. Or races. Yeah it's really hard to pinpoint any shake. Really specific. But I wanna say that these people were all rational. Intelligent. Open minded people. Very rarely do right somebody. It. Think I'd be for example schizophrenic. Error. I just had near. Cried W oppose stories coming from people. Who work not basically of so poor. Wall and a lot of times those who were close minded. Aren't really willing to talk about it or to tried it and tell people what they actually saw on they try to keep it to themselves. There's always a sub group. People baby sister or Brothers of people that I interviewed. Who did not want to talk about the experiences did not want so revisited and shut them out of their lives. Whereas at work rate of that. Where the teller of the story. Watched him no more wants to learn more we're eager to you have. A couple of instances. Some fairly well well but it sort of purpose. Actually came to beat. Some of these people two. Regrets. Couple of them were they export surge spiritually and more. And what drivers just a stout. Basically urged. Yeah and we're talking with Michael Bryan about his books the road to strange. We've been talking about the one that is related UFOs aliens and high strangers will talk about the paranormal and beyond. I'm as we continue the conversation after the break. Yeah right and you listen to Jason GE Chiarelli. Michael Bryant tonight about his choice to call. Coauthored with Rosemary Ellen guy leave the books are in the road to strange series we've been talking about UFOs aliens and high strangeness. We're gonna try to change the topic to the other book now which is known as travel tales of the paranormal and beyond. Michael when we talk about travel tales of the paranormal and beyond are we talking about ghosts bigfoot all of the above when we talk about. We're talking about some goats experiences. Additions. Some. So this city's. And we're talking about. My personal experience. Just kind of discovering America has. Psychic aspect of myself the right. Really thought about. Prior to writing a book recognized that and turns me June clue about the war on mine oh. On travel or spears. And I know that I had so. Why. Use this example apparent passing my parents. Knowing in advance. It was happening and having it spurs brought the onetime what you people that I. Know it happened because they were guessing that respect. Except Europe. Are you work so are quickly responding to. Work so in this book goes up my mind. All related. And it is with a realize agent. It is very likely. Need to travel that. Bailed me to have these experiences because travel opens you. I had that once a particular I'd like to talk some of the multiple synchronicity wrapped up in war. Yeah I'm anxious to hear this and we have about a minute before we have to go to break here who can you do it in a minute or shall we hold until after the break. We're told that want. And so after the break just talked about it Leo so. So why don't ask you right now then it's obviously people were interested in getting the books worse the best place for them to go. Well the absolute easiest way of course is ago ought to happen to. And it's it's available on all kinds of warms but it that was not the quickest easiest way to go to my web site I have some. Easy links and enable you to shoot kept them away that's as most immediate or use your favorite way to get aid worker. Kurt Kurt directly to Kindle but I'd say happens to spray. But your website is am I'm Michael Bryan dot com and that's PRD. I again so Mike. Nolan so everybody else there knows Michael Bryan dot com MI CH. EE LB caller. You I again. Samie she checked out now serenity a quick break a lot more to come you listen Jayson GP. It's. Monitor that's our program Monday night because it's Labor Day we'll have a best of program as well hope you'll have a great Labor Day this is the end of the summer Genesis this is why you just want you really say that. Well I didn't I didn't mean in a news just came out of my mountain. Path for the but as it is it's the end of summer of the kids actually started school two days ago and it's just horrible moaning that are open around the corner there's and snowstorms. You know and they've been saying man it's going to be a brutal winter while that's what the farmer's almanac has been saying if you believe that. I don't know how they know this stuff I mean you know I hear that every winner I think I've never heard. Anybody say. Farmers almanac or otherwise say this is gonna be really mild warm winner I haven't heard that at least I don't remember every during that final is three years ago here in Rhode Island that we had if you just soulful in seven weeks and we it was the worst experience ever. I'm I you couldn't see out my first four windows it was insane so let's just crave those programs can't. Well if that is the case and you wanted to escape. The northeast. The best induced travel and our guests tonight. Michael Bryan is the I travel psychologist V travel psychologist he's an author. Of the series of books called the road to strange he coauthored those books with Rosemary Ellen and highly. And Michael now's a good time for you to tell us the story of the multiple synchronicity is that you've been OK tell us ranks as the year so tell us that story. You know a the single secret this week that your attention. Terrible what how what do you make it something that's very top complex. Let me tell a story I was living in a southerner are absorb and I had. Just written that travel guide series so I seat Republicans protection and and I was going to go national origin in your city group looked there and display these two out cards. But I was gonna land and build up here. This was the end of the day is that my sister take the trend in new York and then come back. So I get on the United Airlines plane that for Gartner and I grab the atmosphere magazine. It cute or pay making Loc contact them. Estimate that might wanna write about I tell organizers. First of its kind at that chart and so I go to Philadelphia. As it was my sister get on a train out to New York. And I passed this town signed says Robert injures in hand look at the sorry. At like a lot of people do. In these circumstances I don't somebody rot away in Jersey. And that person was attending. Are currently you know universally when I was there 42 years earlier. OK so I go to New York I do the books show. Now this is now shouldn't on a plane back there are yet. And I'd pick up the in this you atmosphere is magazine. And it my attache case they veto. To review abide travel guides here's a lot of wishful thinking I get back to my place and so it. Our air and I look at the problem now there's a big outlook. Says hemispheres magazine in orbit and I opened it up on the air quality issues are out on a plane. Maybe it is an issue right. It's says he pays twenty or something like that I open it up there's a review of our child organized already a well perhaps they're right Napster. All right well cape. Both are pretty basic I go upstairs now to my law office. Look at even ousted arrogantly orders while I was away. Apart now guard Alec are occasionally want for Europe for about one somewhere the United States you know at right look. My goodness here's an order from somebody in the past year I never had to order a child that. We're right there. Well our views of those that. Am not looking at bat and I can't. Thank these people out our car up a slow or he no say which electorate that please stop. In person. And seek a lot aunts and around where you are which are likely to have deliberately so that they do may. Welcome picked up. And I think you know yet that name. And they just say bay on the person Rory bought up when I saw signed probably agers. Chance you take you so if I eat allies that. Could you be that chance taken. That route waited Jersey at that 42 years ago at Carnegie Mellon University. And because they don't borrow. And he says I would be that chance chicken. So they were the people from Raleigh New Jersey. Outlook papers aren't they are I asked how it happened like nine. Always sort of an atmosphere Agassi. That's got like five. Hours mystery is how do you explain Merrill way. There's no way to explain urged. That is that is amazing and it would think is it a certain energy in just to active traveling dead that. Helps generate this kind of thing were well what are we looking. I definitely think so I think it eschewed. Sources. Want is because if you everyone of us in her reverse psychology course cars. Without anyone know why. This probably familiar with the idea of them salute these tight ski. The big triangle. That's about safety security blue. Ignore the latter sapa scheme. And then all of the top as knowledge. So backs or is Asia. So I think traveled. And it was you move up the latter view that needs to open up yourself or more more. That that's why travel was kind of mind. Broad thing but on the other hand a lot of psychic stoppage relate to state the security of survival. So that the bottom. Of that China you know safety and security. So I think that current woes and perhaps. By the proper that the bottom of these these. Piracy so I think it definitely opens you up. From top to bottom. Which you saying it opening. Opens you do you do you think that that's because well with travel. A year sort out your comfort zone years you're going into he you're going somewhere that you're not familiar with so you need to be open and this is pretty much what's what's happening that's how we're opening up to the whole thing. All of the above but it's also extremely reinforce tickets is it's extremely rewarding you know you remember that whatever. Hersh your first trip overseas. And you did you we weren't sure are you were scorer meal or general blow your and you had to. You know pull yourself together. And deal with survival in a safe. When it's basically mostly say but in order to get a place to sleep. Eat communicate with people you'd need to learn how to do this and what happens as it happened that. Such a fast pace and it's so exciting. When you'd discover that you're capable delete these things that it gets more and more rewarding satisfying. More quickly so traveled does this way that you can't do that as quickly here as fast. Six exciting way. In your lifetime has brought for doing trial. I think that's part of. And I will say when you when you do travel overseas and it strangely you go from. You know being so dull person here where you're used to everything and our everything works to all of a sudden. You sort of feel like a child at times because you're learning this whole new thing Andy. It's so you can really have to step up. Exactly and it does open you up being a child you know more receptive. That things are less extent stopper and resisting. As as you become more horse an auto less sent waves and I think that has something to do with. The psychic experience as governor talked to. Future Michael we we have com. Just a couple minutes here with few left and I really wanna get into a ghost story here too because so your book travel details of the paranormal and beyond. You know there's a lot of talk about ghost stories or some encounters with the dead stories pick one or two it and share with the sun I imagine. That particularly you probably had some people share some stuff with you about castles are ghosts in Europe I don't know anything that that stands out T. You have the good work this is a woman who is attending an art workshop. Long. So they'll soul of Spain. And cheese in this town of about. And it took that actress and her dog there all paint me. During their art that's not except this one while. Is there she goes to bed one night she's right it energy her all about today's events all the sucker then starts to shake. Control it should think like out what are we have to earthquake here. And her bed shaking she's in her guards present and after that comes back checking stops and starts talking. The owner of the bed and breakfast. And they've got a raw poop fluid. It's no doubt the spike has not altered there's no air conditioners. Are rumbling and I break out of that this so this. Woman who tells stories now sitting up on the roof deck Agee here's. Market speaking man media tour are right. Chartered group right around there she kind of goes from whatever the root. The average blood bank and and he'd say that these people and now we're on the Alley of that yet. It was a place where do it dispatched egregious. People were murdered in the streets in that area there. And the whole Perry ought to and she's absolutely convinced that the owner at that breakfast absolutely it would here. Oh that would not talk about it. Because she is a great that she would lose. The business so people company and staying at the bit breakfast of course you are right now these days it's applaud. I have a honor code so it's a big draw people wanna come visit. Yet parents are sir our normal tourism is is as actually something that's come of age it's it's pretty interesting. Gets a good story what about two anything that led I think I saw some in about a ghost dog. Obviously some story involving animal. Not so it really quickly this is a woman who is writing. Or such financial. Out of my car up. This is on paper on periodically. That she is now going to Salt Lake City chatter right. For the series and they have a highrise building at their disposal with apartment center are that. Especially goes and there's staying there. As she's writing for the series. It's to be here to hand the sensations. Of the problem at all. Chuck Roberts needed dogs. But yet cheap cheap feel the spirit of the dog coming down the hallway. And gradually night after night getting a little bolder as presence exceeded skills as a that dog is putting its paws supplement that peppers secret but cheap. There's absolutely convinced that this is what she's experiencing. Chistov braid it's not at a saint. It's not threatening but she now want to talk about her other co writers that she's back. Now an LA. That's from the trip historic city but it's he's talking to people that she. Our talked whose one out there right here. As she says you know had a really hard aren't sleeping now apartment. It is yeah yeah. Are that apartment so it's the dog is. That was sort of you know more of that story yeah I hear. Are so prevalent. I have to be scary write an essay frightening. But it does happen. That's a type of thing that that make your hair stand up you know on the back your neck and things are. Michael thank you so much for being with us is fascinating conversation the books are the road to strange series is a couple of them whether he had any more plans. Our tunnels Syria that you want more on safety and security. Rosemary and higher. It working better look at we do it turns any of their listeners if they practice. Possibly share. One of their parent or you are stories with us contact mr. our web sites. And Rosemary a QB out on the Internet as well Rosemary. And guardedly. And and Michael Bryant. Or contact you if you have some pictures and having yours or is included in whatever future books. Well thank you so much Michael for coming Allah so we look forward to talk and you gonna some point. You have a great night. And again make she'd checked Al Michaels Saudi it's actually Michael Bryant Budd PR EI and PR EI NN dot com so check it out there. And paid the phone numbers 8446877669. Again 'til 344687. 7669. You know there's a ton of people have been sending me emails. With these movies that they think should be in non. Should have been on that list and and we'll go over those but you've got some you wanna actually Colin. Time and time is now some issue of cigar and take quick break a lot more common listen Jason TV. The honor really revealed. The show it's beyond reality radio gas people call me an Intel sooner what's scary movie should have been on this ghost movies I guess should have been on the list and sit we didn't want to interrupt our guest so we didn't take a lot of those calls we wrote some of the suggestions down what we do have a called it will go to now this is so good friend of the program and the chat room laying him welcome to the show the other scary movie going to share with us. Not relevant tension and which which one. And when you were there or did we lose your. Each shot became stuck. So that's the story the story is that as she starts to talk about this particular film she disappears you. So Melissa Harris summon her I'm gonna read some of these off for a parent. So we have. Tom from Atlanta said they changed and Oman news or that your perceived change. Long time ago I don't I don't remember amber and I I know I saw it soon. Ari we. And lose. And and it's such. Parry. Alice. From Virginia says leak Monaco and I've never heard that that's what actually one that I recommended lake mongo was a relatively new film a few years ago. And it's actually really really good it's an Australian film. There's been a few out of Australia recently lake mongo the Bob a duke was another when they can't from Australia that was also very good although I don't know if I consider the Babbitt duke. To be horror percent think it's more psychological thriller. In you know if I was to do you find it but it is good and it's creepy and it's got some interesting moments and it. We had Jenny from Massachusetts says the fog with very very good friend Adrien Brody India now has a that's a John Carpenter film and that was a great movie. You'd go to John carbon for a sudden that's a Stephen King novel right. Right tone and I think it's based on a Stephen King number novellas and short short novel yeah the good news. And we've got guy Tim saying the high and there are I don't know the night one thing that keeps coming up that I have seen several people mention is rose Mary's baby and I have to say that's one of my favorites of that was a great one camp that was agreed not a ghost movie certainly not it's it's more of a demonic satanic film but it's a Roman Polanski film before he ended flee the country. Entity it's a classic it's a great one. We had Jimmy from Kansas and says session nine. That's a good went to that's a psychological thrill let's go to the phone lines is Susan from Denver wants to land hey Susan welcome to the show. Here I am the. Might scary movies that I ever thought of the entity. Oh yeah Barbara Hershey actually via and cat. She's shy of. They'll make neatly put their light on whenever I think about it or and I haven't seen it years that. Just wanted to put data and that's the scary part ever. It's funny I was doing a convention and this lady ran up and gave me this hugged and Anderson there and the I think he came to the convention Jerry palm. And I do had no idea who's Barbara Hershey. And she was just a big fan of ghost hunters and she so we set turned talk forever because Steve actually got involved in the paranormal because of her movie entity yet it's a great film Susan thank you so much for Brooke for bringing that up because that is one of the best for sure. And we've got Julian. Who says silent hill now. And I'll listen to bail them. No I don't I don't remember that on a ticket I think I saw that's an I think part of the problem with some of these newer films for me. Is that they go overboard with these computer effects these computer generated graphic effects and it just gets to be too much. You know what I mean what are my favorites is the Blair witch project which has basically no effects whatsoever and it's all subtle psychological. Pork and I really do and other people say is boring and no I enjoy it. And Tom says thirteen ghosts and we're gonna have to ended on mats and thirteen ghosts I really enjoy wheezing and now but we're going to have to revisit this with mr. Lobo as we get a little closer to Halloween. Absolutely let's gonna pretty much do it for us some big shout outs to. To our guest tonight Michael Bryant for coming in hanging out with us since Jason NGZ beyond reality radio catch on the actually. And I don't know ingredients taste good Jason Hanson GB Jackson into this one held Susan Johnson insisted. So can only the only angry news. Yeah you know it's still going to finish the agency hello Hayden sent peacekeepers well for Jason host hello and she's supposed to taps to TV Johnson following. TV chief paranormal if you talk to be just on beyond Rio Rio or you have a suggestion for guest contacts with Canadian that slick Eddie Edwards at be short visit our chat room as well I'd beyond reality where you dot com thanks for listening.