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The latest in nutrition for your eyes or your entire body. Dr. Lange says he believes prevention plays an important role in eye care programs on his website: And he is an expert in treatment and prevention states! That's why you should feel free to call-in and ask a question.. Mark this day on your calendar: October 20, 2018 It's the Lange Eye Institute's Fall Festival in the Villages, FL. with free food, music, giveaways, and amazing deals! It's a racing theme this year.

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Fantastic doctor flip board certified optimistic positioned sort of high nutritional specialist Ken popular radio. Doctor Michael. I know last night here & Associates. Okay. And welcome to pass the doctor yeah I'm your host doctor. Michael Lang as usual he got a question regarding your vision eye care or which actually related topic you can pick up the stunts and give me college 77. Side aged six to 820. That 775862820. If you need a program whose doctor Lange. Well I'm on board certified after magic's position must serve. They certified nutritional specialist I am the founder of lying I Kieran associates. Founder for five vitamins. And the founder. Palin Palin simple simplify. So what do we talk about this shall we talk about. All sorts of great things we talked about the latest in nutrition. Four eyes and for your entire body. And this is a call in show alive college it's a participation is encouraged because I'm so pick me up one on my FaceBook pages. I'm probably not streaming on on my FaceBook page yet but we are straining on. New stark Florida FaceBook and I will get us up on iron pages here just a minute to write our first question of the day go to Bob. Bob good morning Marcum to the program. Good morning good morning doctor Larry. Wrapping up the year candidate we're right. One next week I will be in New Orleans race and a big Nasser race on Friday Saturday and Sundays are will be off the air next week. The following week I should be alive. And in the following a big my birthday and the fifteenth Debian. I say you need their big. General direction under bird they have people are. I think you about that's us offer very nice having a. Op. Our question. Which cover out small apartment developing your back. You go I've worked your statement accurate regarding worker work and occasional bit of you're not look away or debris that aren't aren't. Bet they call it black. And Burke are wrecked. Now I'd be ruined moonlight and I do remember beer. And I'd. Have you Jody Wright neck sort of why it worked out and come out but are well. Barton caught where I mean I'm not looking at collection but. If you'll bear getting pink or blue light the parents all have. Our. Straight back to correct well arc while. That's a great great question Tom. So how far away is this if somebody's doing some welding how far away today from from from you when you're looking man. Well. It might bring you recruit yard. Yeah a year you probably gonna be say if you an academic problems from blue light as you know they'll flash a flash burns can be very very painful. But day in arts at fifty yards away you should be safe no you know blue light exposure is gonna harm you if you're wearing a blue light defense lenses that's gonna block the use beat. And the harmful range of the blue light as well. And you're not gonna be looking at it for a long period retirement you should be said you really should they. Okay why don't look and it is more about. In direct lax minimal Wear a bit but I'm not looking vote. Right no no problems whatsoever I get out on T it nag that's my. Louisiana and all owns to NASDAQ sentiment that. Spirit spirit. Doctor be careful emerge great spin off the law. I plan on a page about. Parent I've just about got it shared our dollar our FaceBook pages here so be patient and I think we had one more to share. IRA there room. All right now we're upon I don't know about fifteen different FaceBook pages alive. Eco watches on and new start Florida. NeuStar Florida FaceBook or doctor Michael Lang FaceBook or Lang I institute FaceBook fortified FaceBook. That is all sorts of places you went just right now let's remember this is a life college if you have a question regarding your vision or eye care nutritionally related topic. I don't hesitate picking up the sirens call me at 77 size 86. 2820. I am going to announce again in October 20. We have our big fall festival at the Lang I institute in the villages. Put that on your calendar you don't want to miss it we usually have a few thousand people that show up. October 20 Lang I institute. We're gonna have music organize sued all lots of sued. Free food lots to adjourning and our lots a giveaways we're gonna have framed vendors from all over the place. Trained trunk show. Amazing. Deals on fortified vitamins and all frames and lenses and anything we Cary. Dalia simplified blue light defense lenses. We're gonna ever it's gonna be a race I theme. Murdering two of my race cars may be another car. But you might bodies that we race with a gonna bring their race cars. It's a good possibility and I can announce names but some world famous race card drivers may be there with some of their cars tipped. So it's October 20 Lang I institute in the villages Florida just a hop skip and a jump from wherever you are if you have a cool car. Be more than welcome to bring in now we're gonna have a whole area set up so I would have like a low show where for the cars so we can turn into a pretty big car show. Here in Ocala Gainesville the villages Tampa Clearwater Sarasota. Anyplace like that come home by laying out I institute. On October 20 while should be doing eye exams on that date doctor yeah eighty X Zito and doctor Laurie could prove he was denied since. I would not be doing hikes and I'm gonna be mingling and socializing. I like it do it the fall festivals. Right before take the next call I just what I mentioned. All of your listeners in Sarasota. A lot as you listen and I always wondering where he can get fortified vitamins in Sarasota area. While the professional supplement center. In Sarasota write that down professional supplement center in Sarasota. Right there on Palmer crossing circle. Palmer crossing circle professional supplement sinners ours are sort of carries just about all of our fortified vitamins. I'll give you their phone number write this number down. 888. 2455000. Once again for professional supplements and are in Sarasota. They carry just about every four or five vitamin and they turned immaculate sense the focus the probe by addicts that any rates to the super suit. The phone number is 888245. 5000. Now to sketch pad and paper handy. Right down a couple of by the things are what you go to a website. Blue light defense dot com. Www. Blue light defense dot com re the website it will enlighten news. On how blue light that is coming from your computer your tablet your sound. LED lighting the fluorescent lighting. Is harming your eyes. And it's creating a poisonous destroying your fellow terrorists actors in your Ratner. AKA potentially causing immaculate degeneration. Are so. It talks about nutrition on there how we can slowdown this to proper nutrition. Wearing lenses Carl blue light defense lenses as he looked at me right now putting a pair of glasses on typical blue frame. He's a glue like defense lenses it blocks all the harmful blue light coming from the computer your I iPad. Your iPhone or whatever Sonya had the television LED lighting. We're gonna talk a lot more about blue light in the damaging effects and a few minutes but is very important to block that blue light. Blue light is associated. With believer in that cancer diabetes heart disease obesity anxiety. Depression. Of course the one I mentioned with Mac killer degeneration. Thing I like about blue light defense lenders they're totally clear many blue light blocking lenses are yellow and brown are orange these are totally clear and they blocked the most damaging blue. Light right. Blue light defense dot com let me give yet towed because you can actually buy these over at that Internet. These are high quality glue like defense lenses they're clear than that it imitations and wins that you can buy from 999 that do not work. Marie get what you pay for. So use that code. Write this down blew forty. Blew forty. You put that in the promo code blue light defense dot com or fortify dot com either web site. To by the blue light defense frames and lenses nonprescription. Used blew forty you get 40%. Off this is a high quality frame. Amazing quality lenses. Anti glare coating on them they're clear and they blocked the blue light blue laser will not go through these lenses they work so is that code blue forty. And knees and it blew like defense dot com or fortify dot com also if you wanna get readers. You can get to go to this section right it checked out waited Primakov there's a section you can tight then. Notes and you can tell bluelight offense a fortified vitamins what power you want. Plus one plus two plus three plus 150. And it's the same price and they will send you the prescription. For readers only in that let's go back to defense. Eden. And thinks deeds and clear or good morning. Yeah I was flatly until we think about that problem like tocchet that I might have a I've found some really really weird here is that a nice problem and it's more neurological and I don't know if you ever heard that this is called graft seen. Graphic. Yeah. What it has is that people get that. And what it is for real it's a problem in the rallying up in the brain and optics in the that the below. And what it is this when people see numbers. Okay graph being color in the Asia. Table C like I always feel wanted to read I always see it to his move something like that. And they think that kids that play would like little babies that played with with not with the box but have numbers on them. If they're rare that they get the brain gets to think that every time. They feel one it's going to be red and every time they used to it's gonna be blue. Because they every block that they had if you bottle and saying yeah and it is really her estranged. Saying and you might look at that and see what you think really my car is that it's. Called graft he must. Color than these Shia. And it seemed to be that people. Will always be like they'll get it I would always be a coup if they see it to it'll always be Booth or face before it'll always prepared to be. Read to them. It's really. During and Steve can you email that Timmy just so I won't forget so right now that. Yeah won't do that it's but it's basic access. It is they thought it was huge to kids playing with a refrigerator magnets and they look but they found the other a lot of other people have never done that happened at. If it's really strange. That's the first time I've ever heard that aren't so now I learn something every day canyon road Saturday. This is where who I got it figured out that now. Where are very hurt. Parents to never heard Parker thanks Anna. I look forward that he meant. Steve always has an interest in things like today. Bizarre homeland. That is kind of strange. We talked a lot about astronauts and I problems related astronauts not too long ago ST you know exact. Makes you think dove Boone makes my mind and one there. And I thought minds are 186. No no no that's wrong one. 17275862821775862820. Com I'm giving the phone number for fortified vitamins during the week you can call fortify vitamins Monday through Friday. Their phone numbers 866. Side 03. 9746. That's 8665039746. You certainly go to fortified dot com fortified as FO RT I FE YE remember and I am an eye doctor that's why spot sort of side. Dot com our solar Mort doctor Michael Lang dot com or Lang I care dot com a lot of you follow him on mr. Graham a secure place to follow me because. I usually get a lot of from a coach Charlie gets a 24 hours you save a bundle of money on stuff. And no I got hijacked that close to a 100000. Dollars and and Stu grant it to me out and about five years to build that. And somebody hijacked me from Russia believe it or not change the name in. I couldn't get it back and mr. Graham wouldn't give it back Timmy so I started a new one and asked his doctor Michael Lang. Bottoms and bottom dash doctor Michael and Bonham dash. At sentenced to Graham and you know I go about 5000 followers now so right back to that 95000. Dollars to get back to where I was. So help me out follow me and it's a grand all right let's get back difference. Let's see Sandra in Ocala good morning. I get going back and laying at the question about vitamin my primary doctor army. Don't acknowledge vitamins and they're mostly filler that I did it. And I'm an RN I had to act it what he say about wanted your take on it and also add you watch it any forward using your item. OK so that's a great question and you know there's some validity of that but not a whole lot. If vitamins and develop correctly right in the bio availability is going to be huge okay. So that but the problem is over the counter vitamin C and her most over the counter vitamins and don't recommend. This number one they're filled with synthetic binders and sellers like you just mentioned. But synthetic vitamins like vitamin ED I'll fly DEL Hoffa took off her husband associated with heart problems. So what eight tier team that blocks the absorption. Of bait Lou teens he is antenna and asked is it then. Actually predispose you to get immaculate generation of people don't realize that if your smoker like half of our country. They'd care to increase your risk of lung cancer so beta carotene shouldn't be in a vitamin and then vitamin a comic take our retton all the fat side both Favre item today. Blocks the absorption of vitamin. Neuro degenerative disorders. Zinc oxide associated with zero did you degenerative disorders. And copper also associated alzheimer's. And dementia and you being a nurse and just about everybody when they get to a certain age now to start F cognitive decline and dementia is. So there's a lot of products that just have not been thought of the multi vitamins out there. The binders and a ciller's I really wouldn't worry about that because most of those binders are basically fired okay. Now a lot of companies are using synthetics that binder. And that is. High dosage may not be good and are fortified vitamin line. We don't use right so. They it's based on what were trying to deliver so an example of hold up in my hand fortify focused. This is an fish gelatin or can't college bowl as the delivery system. And it utilizes Lou teens he isn't at them and asked is it in the is no binders of ciller's at all and it. And it absorbs very rapidly. Our pro by chaotic we use a vegetable capsule no binders or filler so now we get to seven that does have a binder seller. Like to fortify multi vitamin immaculate to censor the complete advance. I have to use it tablets at this and we've we've redesigned this fourteen times in the last twelve years. So as the US peace certified tablet that has a tool cities delivery system so the court to break down some lower. We have to put a binder an OK so it doesn't break down immediately in this is to maximize the absorption because we put a lot of different things in this. So we use vegetable based. Types of binders that basically fiber vegetable based fiber nothing's synthetic. But I wouldn't be cook too concerned about people looking at magnesium stare right and things like that because those are usually just in the coatings. And it's such micro amounts you know if he gave that to a rat in large amounts every day for years you know it could cause potential problems. So I wouldn't be overly concerned about the main thing I would look for is synthetic nutrients that are around that and things I mentioned beta carotene vitamin a copper and zinc oxide. Long planned and also the ad. I I doctor recommended the Mac you Al. Alice just wondered what that was yours since the year backward but there. Are Morton. So MacKey this is a good company it's a great a great supplement we actually use that a lot for immaculate degeneration patients MacKey health as a combination of Lou eighteen Z is Anthony and knees or Z Zandt from their rights and doctor to look Tino has been doing some studies along with me utilizing combination. Of MacKey health and fortified focus RIX specially for immaculate degeneration patients now here's the caveat. You never use them at the same time. Because the knees shows he is Anthony in the MacKey now has a potential to block the absorption of Lee teens he is Anthony NASA's anthem that's in the fortified focus. So you can take both of them but you would take 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening you wouldn't take him at the same time but MacKey has absolutely wonderful supplement and it's got a lot of good science behind it. And it's not one of these you can buy over the counter. Like some of these other ones that are out there that American mentioning names due to legal ramifications. That I think Mac yeah there's a very good supplement absolutely. A kind. All right our delight thank you in my keep at it work. All right take care Obama. That we get a lot of good collars in listening to ask the doctor Ramirez doctor Michael Lang of the Lang I institute in the villages if you got a question regarding your vision eye care. Or nutritionally related topic in my car right now 775862820. That 77. 586. 2820. And that you follow us on FaceBook may be hit that a little like button so I can know how many you guys are seen as loud and clear. I am one more time remember in Sarasota you wanna get the fortified by mr. professional supplements center. In Sarasota. Someone mentioned we do have bombed. Some new. Crunch coming out paley a simplified. Has a great crunch that's global right now I can get on Amazon we've got a new one coming out called pro lean crunch. And that I work with some buddies of mine in New Orleans to get the flavored and and it really dislike for all lanes but has very minimal sugar and has a few cards. But it's delicious it's an boat free crunch no outs remember what I think about it is that a lot of votes every now and then it's okay. But boats can actually block the absorption in man he anti talks and ends. Has fight tapes and it probably had the best thing in the world for yet if you wanna make out stood for a decent steel cut out soak him overnight put up. Sugar at apple cider vinegar and yet. That or reduce it or you get sprouted roots that reduces the fight takes as well. I also fortified item is that they're working on a supplement for dry eye caught fortified dry eye therapy were fortified try I extreme. It's gonna be coming out soon to its unique combination of our Omega three. Are fortified focused and some become GLA Gamal lower gas from black currency all the combination is amazing for stand health. Joined now by helping drive die naturally. And then working on our protein as you know me. I always try to make things better and better and better and Serra recently agri developed our protein are Vanilla protein. And what we're doing now it's coming from New Zealand grass fed cows. We used to get it from the cheese believer in that but now there's a new way to pull this way protein from the T seen. And where does it gives a much higher amino acid profile for all of us that are intent. Working out you want the maximum for your protein drinks but it changed the color a little bit it's a little lighter instead of yellow collar. And it doesn't make score. Does well you get shaken shaker a little longer. Or certainly put in a blender. Black. It is got a higher amino acid profile so a little more routine. Is they're very good for so I'm working on the chocolate when now. And I've been experimenting trying to get rid of that Stevie after taste. So woman doing is using a little bit of coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is actually natural and it's kind mineral content has annual in the net. Which is a free by got to act and it's low lysine Mick index sugar so it's diabetic friendly. So what we're doing where he still gonna use Steve yet but I'm adding a little coconut sugar so we still don't have many grams of sugar still be diabetic friendly low card. Diet was still we working but I think it's gonna get a taste and a little bit better. Are so some people have an effect from Steve the essence is so sweet because you don't come high vocal I seem. And this had been a sugar should reduce that type look like submit reaction. So what are the sounds we got a lot of people on hold so we're gonna go I think first. M its version. And you might be mom mamma maybe this is mark. Or view the morning. Possess more. This is marker here. I marked that that's just trying to retrieve all the lights were lighting up I was a little confused. What I do for. Yet they're. For our middle of these but a year now. Related to it does show. The past two years with him you DeVon it scripting. Floaters and chose floaters and occasional. Slash from my. For bill vision. I went through regret that I don't know how other quote there are dropped. That made the situation worse they sent me to a specialist at Saint Petersburg. Cheer again put me on. There are pill. The thirty days. Strong those. That didn't help. You wanna do further that treatment. And it. Declined. That I didn't take medicine at until it basically. Going to be. A lifelong. Restriction you know if that it works anyways that was just called it maybe you have as if they're the target to have a that are that are currently done DiMarco ordered bulk of the spirit throughout the one at that was sort of like Eric had an hour. And our corporate women breaking that procedure that we need. Some of the floaters would go away but you explain the doctor explained that it back of the Iowa where the sub cooking. That the courier whatever. And this cute yet and it buys oil. Yet centrist and so much time we have floaters are little flashing lights is vitriol and origin. The gel on your high has these little floaters and they float around in the majority it's time it's been nine. Thank you went to the rat is sooner than they made sure wasn't a renal care renal hole a retinal detachment. So there's other things that can cost flashing lights I mean. Ocular migraines are right blocked carotid arteries. Can cause this there's a whole host of other things that can cause it. So its interest in Ike which on steroid drops in the porch on oral steroids and it sounds like you must have had some sort of inflammation going on. Did they tell you had to start swollen match you or anything like that. No they were they were over there the better. Noticed. A small degree of inflammation. In the specialists claim that as well. But my doctor here that the former cataract that that you you don't utopian inflammation whatsoever so the house. And you know and he's. We want. Wait a little bit let Eric gill completely and then share potentially. Haven't spent the procedure done to recruit the whatever it does look back at ya. Yeah you can develop some haze after cataract surgery in the remove that with a fundraiser. So. That's interesting that one doctor saw some inflation and expected doesn't see inflammation remember. If you're on a course of steroids may be the inflammation is actually gone away now I mean that's a very good possibility. I mean. How old are. Or are you in a stressful position in life right now. I'm in logistics. Religious vision companies so. There's a certain degree of dust bowl but. Overall I would say. Other than you don't work related just moments in my life the great. I don't expect a lot of Serbs. If so let me as she did anybody throw big word that you like this video path eccentric serious Korea Iraq not apathy. Note there are there more attention stinks or somebody or create another patient you know steroids even though that doesn't help. I'm just wondering what they were treating I think there's nothing wrong with I mean it I would say that cataract surgeons more than competent looking for this inflammation I mean. You know seeing the surgeon for follow up and I'd be more than happy to see it the Lang I institute for a second opinion any time. I mean I'll so thoroughly educate you at least know what's going on it just doesn't sound like they can educating right knew what they were treating. So. There's nothing wrong a second opinions but I think you probably in good hands it's sounds good that the doctor couldn't find an inflammation some made the steroids actually worked it did cause cataracts but maybe it caused inflammation in the other area I'd go away. Focus on him yet but makes cents. All right moral that what is actually speak to your support person at that. I guess you can easily cobble Lang I institute in the villages and just say you wanna see me personally I'd be happy to see you. Okay now to our corporate. And I'd about. That we are great collars. Once again the thought ever for the Lang I institute is 352. 753. 4014. That's 352. 7534014. Lang I institute in the villages remember October 20 revenue big hoopla our annual that is like our twentieth annual. Fall festival it's going to be race car pit the pit crew day we're gonna T shirts made up and everything. That's in mechanical a lot of fun music free food lots of free giveaways a lot surprises and lots of discounts cite this combat defense. I think this is here too and silver springs good morning. We're digging my at all. I've high paying job and oh yeah he's going to be here now and I don't. Shop where they're trying to carry it out there who look Norwegian sovereign oil. Would that be better record visual well today. Now stay away from Norwegian salmon all stay away from Scottish salmon off all of that is farmer needs too okay. And so that they try to hide debt like get my wife came down one day it came home one day was so proud that she knows I love wild salmon buyout Alaskan sand and she came on the she says all of the store. I got Scottish salmon. And nice and loud you know that sounds all fine and dandy but that means it's farmer is Scottish salmon is. Farmer so his Norwegian salmon farm raised this guy say wild caught. I don't love salmon all even wild caught salmon or look at the EPA in the DH day is not very high on it are right. So the other problem that I have with this issue all that you buy over the counter are. No rainy 5% of all fish oil that sold over the counter isn't Ethel pastor molecule. That means it has ethanol attached to the backbone. So that makes it very unstable number one. And they should Burke back and nasty belching a kind of flavor of finished. And it does the liver every day to cleave the ethanol off to replace a triglyceride backbone struck an absorbent your blood the way sedition actually have in the state. Dish don't cruise around ethanol and their body. And so I don't like at the last official book costs and he could do a simple task. By the end of the official aloft squeeze him a star from coffee shop see what happens after ten minutes. Most of the time has been around a whole thing that cop. So what you wanna do is get a triglycerides. Formal Omega threes or short so you got to re look on the bottle desist TG form. Our triglycerides form it is good you can buy it. But most of my not gonna say if it doesn't say it is ethyl ester not to just promote my product the fortified super Omega. Is triglycerides form you can get it right there in Ocala fortified vitamins on seventeenth street next to would you a Monday through Friday. And you know Tom you heard on the radio a 20% off so it's. You know body probably need is one day that's a two months apply for a little over twenty bucks that's not very expensive. And it works we've got to make index studies that prove that the typical patient who weighs less than 240 pounds taking two per day. I'd bring journal mega index into the heart healthy zone to predict there is no over the counter official all they can claim that pick to predate innocents. Sort of him. She's hit pressure generally speaking what predator fish should apply critical or will go. I said at that stage at the small non predatory fish are right we use our Deans and anchovies. Wouldn't for 99% of at all. You don't wanna use grouper in tune and stuff like that it's. So the small non predatory fish and then that big kicker is where did they actually purifying concentrated. So don't you know you heard about the wine country the Bordeaux region being one of the best Serb developing winds in France. More than Norwegian area Iceland Norway not Oslo about Oslo Norway this kind of like what Bordeaux is to line to say Schultz. And they have gotten down pat what they can make it taste good. Concentrate it was. Out any ethanol and it. So it's all where it's packaged now I gotta say this is kind of scary not to knock and drag on China. But the majority of supplement should buy over the counter. Are coming out of China all right. And I personally would not be consuming anything into my body Delaware closed from China that's fine bit. I would be put something in my body a supplement that comes from China right now anyway. Okay thank you brought you good luck and extracts. Thank you I appreciate that have a good day about. And I appreciate and those kind words tell you that listen you know. I'd need for speed based race motor crash you heard my days are tough that that might occur extract and then mountain biking is being. And now I'm in two car racing and racing dodge vipers. That are set up for road racing 2017. Models and naps. Gannon again princess against some pretty good lap times so let's see how I do a nets at the nets erased. In. In New Orleans knoller speedway so where had that Wednesday night then Briggs gonna be all set up and the pit crew hit meets me at the village at the Lang I institute will get in the motor coach and the trailer head on over to New Orleans and set up for Thursday night timid at a barbecue and then Friday a B readiness the trends. Right the lines are open now 1775862820. We're going back to the firm's. Sheen in Ocala to mourn and. But lying about length. I'm greater input on the I dot com again. Come again is a fantastic. Drop swore glaucoma. Your are you won't come again right now. I guess that's started on those everybody that is picked fruit. Every six months from my idol once and while my pressure goes up you know and then. It's like the next time it's back down so I don't know what I've been. Yes so the only thing I have issue with comic and you've got to be a little bit concerned. About being tired. That's one of the side effects. Comic and is great at lowering intra ocular pressure a case if your pressure gets to a point. Where your doctor your time matches are tomorrow just uncomfortable with that because they think it's glaucoma. Then we got to take drops and treat it. So come again now is generic city and get it relatively inexpensive it's a combination drug. It's called for a moment dean and Tamil alt and you can use it twice a day not more than twice today. And if yet congestive heart failure it's Contra indicated if you CO PD your asthma it's Contra indicated city at any heart problems or lung problems. It's not that I know I've always had like an irregular heartbeat that you know. And I benefit for years. Right everybody dies after the age of sixty. So I I think he's a very effective treatment works quite well but I want to just be a little bit cotton and net of Amy signs and symptoms of being overly tired when you're on that drop. If you have no side effects in the Czech depression came down 2030%. Fantastic. It's a safe medication but remember it can make you tired. Similar laws of beta blocker can make you tired in the and then that ever moment team which is now thinking and that senate can awesome make you tired. So the combination of those two some people get very tired some just don't chalk it up to being get older they can be the medication and then. Your doctor might just have a reason to switch to something else that may not that cars should be taxed as is the first drop that he or she put John. I've been doing several different jobs that it when I was on was that level again. And that's when I went into my check out my pressure was that kind normal. Bryant. So it stop the looming and it just switched it comic and interesting because I if loom again entering the pressure dad. Then comic in probably won't bring the pressure down. Anymore in the looming and well also that of the interest and see what pressure goes. Louisville and I love it's a very safe targets prostaglandin analog it doesn't affect your heart rate it doesn't affect your lungs and also there's no side effects. And so. Sometimes week adds something to looming and so if looming game wasn't controlling it adequately. You can add just a moment Diener Tamil law not the combination drug I'm a big advocate of the least amount of medication. They get the job done but I'm a little bit disadvantage I don't see your visual theology your photos of your optic nerve in front of me and how thick your corneas eccentrics actress so. Alitalia doctor's advice sometimes it takes a few times to find a prescription medication that brings your pressure down. Adequately. And you had no side effects but right this name down right right this drug down there's a new and it's just been released code by sol town. Vice silt out ZY. And ZEULTA. Vice alt I've had some amazing success for patients that are responding to the other therapy and we put him on that's just one drop a day at bed time. I've had some amazing results no side effects and the pressures come down nicely so a lot of doctors don't even know it's no available yet so. Not to take out doctor to practice but if you find the com again doesn't work either just say our doctor Lange talking about my result. And I try. I can stabilize the pay PA. VYZULTA. Advisable to adjust itself. Why CU. LK day. Yes ma'am I think that's nice ballot that could be way off but I think that said. Okay yeah yeah that's what this and with the back side effect of killing time I've taken for a couple of days and I do little. Definitely I usually don't look I'm not a lot of energy. So if this can take another one. While I would take it further doctor's instructions I'm sure the doctor wanted to see it back in two to three weeks to check to pressure again. And so as long as is not bad I mean it anything as you know causing a serious problem car your doctor and see what they say you know. Having serious issues and then also depending on how healthy you are cardiovascular exercise. Getting on a treadmill at the coast and in a trainer stationary bicycle walking fast swimming. Two when he minutes a day five times that we can bring the pressure downing arrived by 30%. Does some new emerging science talking about Omega three facial. Especially triglycerides form like fortified super mega also bringing pressure down in your high. Yeah and taken that it has taken yours years. Yes I take your your vitamin yes they. Yeah that the pressure every once they're off I got in people and then go back down. Yes she can't have a dire in a fluctuation that's absolutely correct so sometimes it goes higher than other times. And usually it's higher first thing in the morning. And so like ten dollar patients come in different times of the day like when their pressure check one time I have come the morning onetime afternoon 1 time in the evening. That wait and see what kind of dye era fluctuation you're having. Yeah this look at that I know that might have been going pretty good business they're once and while it about this on normal days that I'm going it's. It's far down is maybe 1718. Yeah I wouldn't be overly concerned about that and and once again it also depends on you know how. For our top announced this glaucoma hits now obviously yet super advanced glaucoma and nearly 1% of your optic nerve left and you don't want fluctuating dollar caddy is but. Everytime I take my ignited and they'll go about their find. That then you're probably. You probably in finds punch and. Yeah I'm Jacob you know thank god I don't really you know have a problem when they check it you know. Periodically you know until at least six months. Well good it sounds like they're on top of the things. That I. Take care about. Are you listening to ask the doctor on your house doctor Michael Lang a Lang I institute fortified vitamins. Paley a simplified. Derrick Washington Kyle 77586. To date 20775862820. Remember October 20. Is that big gap fall festival at the line I institute from eleven to three I'll be out there with my race cars and it. We have a big crowd a lot of free sued freed train. Lot of giveaways. That's of the a lot of fun also remember we started to show off talking about blue light how blue light from. All of your digital apparatus is your telephone. You are. Tablet your computer your television LED lighting a fluorescent lighting is bad for you not only. Does it tell your brain stops are treating melatonin a television brain the tiny oval and consecrate melatonin. And then you don't sleep while skating read them this is totally interfered with. So people but come sleep deprived but also there's new science that suggests that this blue light. Causes of chemical a chemical poison to actually. So I recommend everybody in any age taken fortified focus that's Lou teen Z is antenna and asked is an attempt. Very good for you on the computer the iPad watching television this replenish is immaculate pigment density helping to protect your ride from the harmful blue light. Officer reduces eye strain from the computer dramatically. Some added benefits fortify focus helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles on the face. And helps. Joint pain and joint inflammation. Amazing for the Ratner protect your eyes from the blue light takes fortify focus is called glue like defense at the bottom fortified focused. Also I'm holding up these glasses in front of you right now actually put amount to little bit he's a glue like defense classes. They have lenses that blocked the most harmful rays of blue light but they're clear her most blue like defense most blue light blocking lenses. Are yellow yellow brown color these are totally clear they blocked the most harmful rays in the blue light. Your children should be wearing blue like defense lenses. You should be wearing them and you should be taking fortify focus less than double whammy protecting your eyes from the blue light remember blue light is associated now. With immaculate degeneration anxiety depression cancer diabetes. Heart disease obesity. All of that is associated with prolonged digital used. And we think it's related to the blue light exposure. So think about that go to glue like defense dot com bluelight defense dot com. Or fortify dot com you can actually order these blue like defense lens that's a few few different frames on there. Use the code the promo code you get 40% off we've never done this humble like defense lenders to our cost is way up there this is super high quality. Blew forty promo code is blew forty to get a frame with a blue light defense lenses and -- kids if you would know prescription. And you put him on and wearing when your on the computer especially at night time. But if your computer all day long where these it will protect you you can also get at your prescription. You just call fortified vitamins and talk to them. About that you can get it in reading. Glasses I am and you just put the power that you want plus one plus two plus three. From Indy notes section. When you've got a blue light defense dot com or fortified outcome when you're ordering the armor blew forty is the promo code 40% off. Let's go back offense didn't. I think sign me in Ocala the morning thanks for holding. Good morning actor Ly. I actually had a joke multitude of questions but I first foremost we actually heard about it. Contact where there. Appreciate the or yeah. She and you show Egypt a bit about that. Yet so that's called corneal refractive there being or precision corneal molding. Or there's a whole host of different names. But we do a procedure called corneal refractive therapy and next sure we take a special lens that you Wear at night time and and it reshaped your cornea it's very good for people that are nearsighted. I can't seen in the distance. And I and it takes about three days four to work that you put it in at night when you sleep and you're taking out during the day. And so it's great for people that don't know lay six surgery. For athletes that are in the pool a lot racing cars motor cross or contact lenses are an option. You know it's not cheap it's about 2000 dollars to do it. I'm would actually probably June 20% off if you can't see you heard on the radio shows and I'd be about 16100 to do it. I've done a lot of these and it works. But it's not for everybody and so people come in and we always direct them in which direction is best for them because now there's also a thirty day continues work contact lenses. So people want convenience you can Wear contact lens. One brand out there for thirty straight days with taking it out that's very very safe so there's a lot of options is surgical options. Contact lens options spectacle options and then of course corner a refractive therapy green molding in reshaping of your cornea the. Thank you so much I wondered did and is that a procedure that you losses oh up or you're out. Villagers saw that. Absolutely the line I institute we do that I'm the only doctor that does it in the group. And so you would call unscheduled appointment that first you know for routine night stamps first. Just to see if your candidate everybody's not a candidate for corneal refractive therapy the best candidates of people that are near sighted. Usually anywhere from minus one to minus three. Those are ideal candidates with you know minimal amounts of the stigmatize and they works phenomenally well I mean at that corner refractive therapy on patients. Literally twenty years ago and is still working is still holding today. Wonderful thank you are buried at justice that. But might Shrek entered the last question was and the very eclectic got fiance. Edge looking for a oriented upstream coal Coke co shall all. Can you tell me you should carry those perhaps. Your location. We did carry that is then those are kind of eclectic. So that's interesting you bring that up that's a very unique collection at handmade. And might be Italian I'm not sure but that's handmade is definitely not a Chinese frame. And they're gorgeous and Nene got some incredible. Bizarre collars. And we have those at the light alliance to that's a little that's one of our top sellers and not many. Optical scary that brand you know we also carry the typical Tom Fords and Tiffany's and things like that. But that's a very unique and like you said eclectic Brandt yes. Well we're coming down no gay or will get closer to operate. Out. He's not he's an incident all right Google are greatly be careful you've got elect Obama lied out. Aggregate a lot of economists and yet today as sunny and Steve and and the gang entering college for years. I write some lines are open 775862820. That 77586. 2820. And I remember. One more time and just pushing this because I had a lot of emails other week asking where. People in the Sarasota area I can get fortified vitamins and so the professional supplements center. It's an amazing send you go there they get every vitamin in the world. It's not like your typical enemy is really high and really cool stuff so. Professional supplements and in Sarasota. Palmer crossing they carry almost the entire line of fortified vitamins. I'm seeking go there I think they're open on Saturdays. And their phone numbers 8882455000. That's 8882455000. All right I am a lot of if you had been on the Lang diet a lot of you have follow me on its agreement Twitter and centrists and go relate to Linkedin and and showed me actual results from the line that I appreciate Daphne before and after pictures. And it's amazing how many of you losing weight the average person that I see on the Lang diet. That follows it that's the big question if you're gonna follow up now it's really the Lang diet lifestyle plan just not just eating. And that you read it it's a you can Google lying diet plan Google it printed out read it. So not only is telling you what to eat let me tell you start out of apple cider vinegar with the mother and a shot in a war eight ounces quarter first thing in the morning. It's casualty for practice what snack. But it costs hotel OG got to get twenty minutes to send five times a week with minimal clothing you gotta be some former cardiovascular exercise. Twenty minutes five times a week that's very important. So it's a lying diet plan lifestyle. Not just eating so there's no reason to get the sound as the reason for the cardiovascular exercise. The sound as if the valid vitamin. And obviously exercise. House burned caller's. You know weight loss is simple math that is you know you you consume. You burn more than you can zoom in you'll lose weight very rapidly that my average patient they follow the link diet plan loses six. Pounds a week safely. This isn't the Atkins Diet this isn't a low carb diet. I mean this is a modified. Low carbohydrate high protein diet with lots of vegetables and search firm attitudes and it. And it works as a method to this diet to Furman incident actually helps going to hear intestinal linings in house. Choke off these disks and packed in garbage that's in your intestines and then you basically blew it out and that's another reason you lose weight fast because of the stuff that's been impacted. In your intestinal lining for so long. So the diet does work you lose it very quickly and it's a healthy diet. So check it out a line Lange died dot com you call fortified items and we continued copy edit. The diet does consist of one if you meals a day. Is a combination of our fortified super protein one scoop. And a fortified blue green super suit one scoop which is sound like tactics. Shake it up in a shaker drink it down that's one meal a day sometimes practice sometimes lunch sometimes it's supper. And then the meals consist of protein and vegetables the snacks have a little bit of fruit nuts and seeds. And I give you a variety of different things you can choose from I asked about the defense. Joyce and safety armored good morning. Good morning artillery. I'm going to be time is throughout click I have learned the first four. Dodger blue blocker glass flew there nonprescription. Wanna watch TV country anything like that. But you know I have glaucoma and don't know I had to have a cataract surgery after a trap what's done Ernie. And well my question is they give you this tree wraparound dark glass from Delaware. And I I I think faith. Claim that yes they're gonna block out everything we wouldn't be giving in to you if they want they got very upset with you I asked. Don't think. But I want your opinion. Right so those block. They use Eli OK and ultraviolet they do not block the blue light than they might blocked a little bit of the blue light. And he says it in a perfect world and when you go outside put your blue blocking lenses on in the blue light defense and then put those that that exit overs put him over. You glue like defense lenses possession of the glue like defense lenses are clear to you walk outside. You cataracts can be removed and be very light sensitive so get those bush ADU they'll block the glare they block the UV but they don't block the blue light but you put him over your glue like defense lenses. Boom you guys are totally protected now remember after cataract surgery it is more important for where those blue light defense lenses. Indoors ex special because the human crystal lens has been removed that he McChrystal lens had some blue and some. Lou blocking properties inherently in the lends itself okay. Now that lends his removed. And the blue light to shine and that's one reason. People are more pro predispose to developing Mac utility generation after cataract surgery because of the blue like frying their Ratner another reason after cataract surgery where glue like defense Linda's. And take the fortified focus that I have in my hand right here once a day or even twice and. Depending on how much way she's okay the music's we're gonna display. It. They don't take care and a great talking to you hit bottom line. Great sheriff. Remembered blue light defense dot com use lose forty as the promo code 40% off there's blue blocking classes. I somebody ever great day gap last year.