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Grab a group of your friends and head on out to The Lange Eye Institute's Annual Extravaganza in The Villages, Florida on October 20th. It's going to be a blast, with race cars, music, food, 40% off frames, 30% off lenses, and all kinds of discounts, Hear about some on this show. Also, on today's show, learn how good nutrition and the right vitamins can enhance your life! Dr. Lang is an expert in eye care, nutrition, and preventative health care.

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Genesis communications presents. This shows that. Both CNET and you know. Board certified domestic position turned my new. Yeah most ten popular radio host. Doctor Michael my. Last night here and associate. Horrified right here each and every Saturday. They get it is our veterans unit costs 77 Friday six. Q8. Twenty. That is 76. I hates these. 2820. And we are alive on FaceBook this morning seeing go to my FaceBook pages doctor Michael Lang. Aura and news talk Florida FaceBook as well. Howard got a lot to cover a lot to talk about today. And the make sure and I mean just feed this into one of my FaceBook pages here's your share to a page hang on 12 facts. Just takes me a second pack a little more time idiotic question 775862820. Parents we're going to fortified tournaments. Right our first caller today you see is anybody know cal Bob good morning welcome to the program. Well good moral to our to our absolute. Emotional burden or Central Florida again remember glad Jew are survive cured blowout. Yeah. Yeah I am too a lot of people don't realize that but I was in Miami homestead last weekend. The first race of the day. About out and out 150 miles an hour or so on the banking I had a blowout in the right rear tire. And that really. Help help my adrenaline and beta endorphins for the day I gotta tell you. Nom but I survived. And I am went into the pits and change the wheels that made the next race but I can't say I I did a minute to 42 lap time. By the third lap before the sixth lap before had blowouts and as far as I know that was the fastest lap time of the day Cerro. That was pretty exciting and I'm gearing up we're Sebring on Sunday and racing at Sebring this Sunday. Our growth speaker ordered are obviously. Broad and tore into the wall. No good and the good lord is with south. Not I mentioned this tired and robots had blown up which historic. Well. And those are all flats that Iran here every day car. That you're thinking now because. There's a slick Sam is adjusting ahead run mission once our blue last year didn't have many blowout then I went to per Alley slicks and I had the first time and parolees had a blowout at this not the tires it's you know the viper has 2000 pounds of downforce and a 160 miles an hour. Can you hit that banking a 150 miles an hour and that's a lot of force. It's your whole. Debt settlement that basically tells me I should stay off a NASCAR tracks. And stick with road courses like Sebring and wrote a land that knoller speedway Birmingham barber speedway. You know courses like that. Encourage well again he controller stricker there's weaker. This morning parked where my question. Approach off the wall post mortem I'm getting older. As we all are there enough I know understood. I shouldn't be Jerry try to even or appears street sluggish us and I know portrayed knowledge. You're of of Bruce not that showed black and blue but really very well nourished. Grade version I need your. A question is I don't want our any medications at all particular mine. But fortified Richard which has course includes. Broke out of focus and commit your tree. Purdue made attribute them in my blood and not that it because in that announcement though. Yeah that's a good question that at Omega three does have a tendency to thin the blood and super high dosages. Now most studies Bob indicate. DA gets 46 grams a day. In order and actually start to thin the blood and that's why patients that are more for an hour crewman and you know you you wanna be on that debt Omega three your electric doctor knows or doesn't and if you're approached Robin time. If you take the same amount on a daily basis they can regulate it all right. How many there are data taken the fortified super America. Take two and a particular focus also. There's so he had to Omega three's a 16100 milligrams of Omega three that really should not be the culprit of the problem. And you weigh how much do you weigh about. Her yeah yeah yeah you should be fine that there's probably another underlying geology. You know it when you do see your doctor in Iraq had run a normal blood tests and and legend doctor knows that you breezy Zooey. And and see what they say but it's probably not related to the Omega three and in them believe or not. The fourth I focused on routines he is antenna and asked is it then has the ability to actually improve the elasticity. Of the blood vessel linings are right so. Helping UT actually bruise less frequently probably okay because Omar keeps the blood vessels from bursting. Now I mean obviously other things you gotta you know checked checked K you know your blood pressure and then are your blood chemistry is just to make sure everything is. You know normal. But I well. And attention usually do truly normal route over the past but. And you heard. Brenner are you on any you generally ask for and believe pads though. Any alcohol anything like that in a blues and that I don't think you're doing any of those aria. You know our. Daughter I restoring our own medication sure. Six weeks after my open heart surgery I am I meant power off every shirt. Right. Yeah I I don't think it's the Omega three that's causing it and were to talk about Omega three more deep tell on the show I just met with the Norwegians. Geez it was Wednesday. For breakfast. And then I flew nor I flew to Vegas and just flew back in from Vegas. I was discussing nutrition with doctors from all over the country in Vegas I came back last night. So you're gonna have watched. Record all of our ups. The now less than a finally get a good night's sleep I didn't sleep much in Vegas that I'm going to be at arrested for the big race on Sunday. Verio organ document because well from beyond me another. Should be live next to a yes there. You don't. Thank you listen to ask the doctor Ramirez doctor Michael Lang. If you got a question regarding your vision eye care or nutritionally related topic pick up the fans and give me a car that's we're here for the hosting ask the doctor since March. Of nineteen Rainey three wow time flies and have fun on multiple radio networks throughout the state and throughout the country. Actually had to drive time show a lot of you pick me up when I had to drive time show here on new start detour any. Back a few years back I was on daily and I mean literally every day even Saturday and Sunday. So I don't engage the says seven days a week for awhile. But now I'm just on Saturdays and you can pick up on a variety of radio station is a thank capping Gainesville Florida's 97.3. After them. Anyway he got a question Jimmy Carl. I'm 77 Friday six. 282 when he that 77586. 2820. Plus I wanna make sure that we're coming in loud and clear in the gains well radio area that's and any seven point three FM the sky. Intimate cough I don't make sure that station is working and taking a zap Wal-Mart 77. 5862820. Remember October 2 when he gets. Is our big gas. I want to say back to school specials not a back to school special it is our I twelfth annual Lang I institute. Annual extravaganza. If you well and it's October 20 from eleven to three I'll be there. More gonna have my race cars there the vipers. A lot of my buddies are bringing their race cars a lot of people bringing their their kind of cool cars or rent a car show in the parking lot as well so you're welcome to bring your vehicle. We're ensued we're gonna have music for a lot of giveaways or have 40%. Off frames we're gonna reframe trunk show with all the designer. I Wear. And that their wraps there we're gonna have I think 30% off all lenses. It really huge discount fortify vitamins as well that's the Lang I institute in the villages have been worth the drive and a lot for a lot of fun October 20. From. Eleven to three that's a Saturday let me give you found her Illini institute if you like to set up an appointment to sing in the doctor's. Come to me doctor yeah eighty X to ZEO doctor Laurie could truly. Our doctor Michael tool with Tino is there are so he's a retina specialist that has space inside the lane nine institute. The phone numbers 3527534014. That's 352. 7534014. Our rates yeah I guess I mention I was in Vegas sap we went down Wednesday night. As it Thursday and Friday. Talking to doctors about the power of Clorox. Nor aides specifically asked is aunts and passes and then is what makes fortified focus differ from anything on the market. This is a combination of routine Z as an antenna and asked his aunt and there's a triple core rotten noise that CD I put your entire body. Remember looting and easiest stand then and he's anti an ice and ritual which has niece Suzy is antenna actually impregnate into the Bakken EI and the rat now. Improving something called masculine pigment density which may have affected immaculate new generation a positive effect but I. Asked is Anthony is in the front of the guy and then behind the act it's in the ciller everybody it's actually in the eight queens in the big trees. And it's in the core Roy it'd actually improves royal circulation. So. The combination of those routines he is anti nice homers and NASA's anthem. Is amazing they're finally started talk about this in the conferences and I develop this about 78 years ago now. So it's global lots of viewer taking it you've heard doctor Karen heck in me on this radio station talking about it. She's one of the leading authorities that works with Astor real. The manufacture of the gas is anthem that we use and are fortified focus. So I urge you go to the website fortify dot com. And learn about passes anthem plus routines he is anthem fortify dot com go to fortified focus. And watched the videos look at the white papers look at the science. And you'll be. You'll see why so many people are taking I take to a date Bob the first car takes to a day. I'm I think is beneficial for all aspects of your health thumb so check it out fortified. Focus. And it works great with Omega three says if you utilize our Omega three with a fortified focused it helps them absorb while together iPhone lines are open 18. Now 775862820. We are alive in the studios today I'm not dictate this is September 29 2018. So he can cost 77. 5862820. Are several once again if you like to senator Parma senior doctors for the last nine institute is in the villages at 6352. 7534014. That's 352753. For Missouri on four for those of you watching on FaceBook hello. You're catching me on our FaceBook page costs on new star gate twenty FaceBook page probably fortify. Paley a simplified as a variety of FaceBook page you can pick us up on. Tom Gordon mentioned we're developing new product. It's coming out next month. And Scott paley a simplified crawl lean crunch. This is a granola. It has no. Oats and it is gluten free and oak tree and delicious. My New Orleans that kind of flare comes out. In the production of this that's why we developed the sprawling crunch are so we're coming out what they support. Five product that is a combination of Omega three. Fortified focused and something called GLA from black currency almost still trying to figure out the name of this product. I was in a car caught fortified dry eye therapy. But I might caught fortify advanced I therapy. And certainly anybody has an idea for this email me at I do not need to at iCloud dot com IE do you do. Nanny to iCloud dot com. Any name that you think would be beneficial for our new product. That encompasses. Fortified super Omega Forsythe focused and black currency to always GL lagged the reason I'm combining all three of these. It's been an amazing for dry Ari but also amazing for computers fatigue were all on digital map to reduce eye fatigue in high strain that's what he asked his answer and that's. The Omega three helps to dry out the gas is at the house to dry are than the GLA from black currency all. Combined with the Omega three gives you the exact ratio that you need. To help improve dry eye symptom Margie and still intent on. Helps improve skin and joints as well so the Big Three we're gonna push is dry eye reduction and I fifty. And blocking the harmful blue light that's what's the looting and Z is as a nicer there. So I was going to fortify advanced I therapy I was thinking fortified dry eye therapy but there might be another name that you like better if so. Email me that I did nanny to iCloud dot com that's EYE. Do you DE. Many TU. At iCloud dot com and if we use your name then maybe I'll be nice tee and give you good supply of new supplements. Barrett. I think we got some people on hold him just a second or intakes and call us. 775862820. I am going to announce for the first time that we are in the process every developing our fortified super Omega. I'm constantly trying to develop something better and better so I don't working with the Norwegian company and that's why I had breakfast or lunch the other day with the Norwegians. On. Not only the concentration but the quality and the purity if you look at our fortified super Omega we have lower. Impurities and are priced in anything on the market and so we do is we look at. That's the main things we look at our something collect Botox. Number which also looks a peroxide is rock sides and an innocent beings that skits kind of complicated basically these are impurities. We wanted decrease environmental impurities but also oxidation impurities that can occur from the manufacturing process. Camera coming out of product. Cart TG and triglyceride over 90% trust me more concentrated in just about anything on the market are EPA is gonna go from 860 in two to about 12100. An idea AJ from outside eighty. And 900. In two gel caps and your prices he stayed about the same I might have to raise and a buck all right. So. The new fortified super Omega is still probably a few months away I'm just planning that seed right now I'm tired we got some people on hold. Let's go to the for our first caller I think it's Stephen clear order. Steve thanks for holding good morning. Hi how are you today I do you know the blind spot which this spot in the retina that you can't you know he isn't functional couldn't. Yeah it went up to your food and. Is sort of nerve goes into the red absolutely. I was surprised that they are awful that select an anatomical blind spot that but I heard there's like a functional. Ideological. Blind spot and what are they added. It is when the data goes back to be our capital opened the Bryant okay. If you take an animal and flash you like I've heard the first packet into that animal yeah. And then once every minute or so you have only Ford shot. Think that that the brain they'd go brain will still have bought five impulse was that build them a lot of data. Just like your brain. And a comically Philbin put their mind about your not conscious cut your brain kind of build it and well when that data goes back to the brain if you miss a little bit let's face something happened. Well you you know something. Your brain automatically fill him with this data is it really cool and you had gone ET steady. If you if you eliminate some dated some way. Debris will feel that dated and that it's kind of like them a physiological. Brain. I'm not gonna talk like really if you're looking live at the very. It's interesting you bring net apps because when we were in school we did a little tests. Well we actually used prism to convert the images Barack this is bizarre and so everything's upside down are you where these glasses everything's upside down. And it takes just a few minutes in your brain. Flips it to see it right side up okay. And then the bizarre thing is when you take the glasses off everything's upside down for men and you're gonna oh my god I really mess up my eyes. But the brain does adapt very readily I mean it's an amazing organ can really. If it's really amazing person the only unit called her record learning I know if you teach people to do certain video games when they're drunk. And then they try to play it over. If they do work because they learned how to play it when they're gone. When their jobs. Yeah. Right right. And I think there's a lot of people appreciate it really strange if you if you take certain video game and you actually trained people could play it. While they're grown. And then they try it when they're over they can do as well because they learned that could play it and that physiological state of drunkenness. I'm not I I I am focal way well put together I really feel like you're I like I know I call sometimes some crazy things. But 01 thing about Bobby it is the eastern and black and blue. On the one thing that happened this you know the leaves turn colors in the fall yeah and that's because. Your yearbook. That the court they'll which has done a crook Cairo. Armed. Take marriage which is chased down on on Tom magnesium is starting to be great in that turned into these transitional colorful. Pigment. Well noted black and blue when compared to get green. That hemoglobin. But if I roll and that's breaking down if it does physiology is fair quote similar when you get black and blue markers. As one when. Leaves turn color in the fall the same process. What I taking a lot of vitamin C you can keep those in the reduce state. And so you won't you won't turn black and blue you still have that color of their better be much much later. And it's it's it will become black them. If you look what's left. Is really well really cool. No vitamin C is very get a read is that not ocular putt to Platte I can plastic department a lot. After. You know popular plastic procedures to help minimize version. Yeah and it really works good and what's always puzzled me and I about. I've always wondered if there's only preamble that don't make their vitamin C. And there had to be some evolutionary advantage of that. And they. Well we don't really understand what it is it's it's it's there's some reason nature thought it was better that we not be able to make it. And yet it felt good for so it's it's I don't think it's the genetic flaw I think there's. Is issues and recommit to attract a lot of people. Theorize that if the yearly cap that the America we make a lot of you know how people get down the northern animal learned. And that you're captive at this place. Vitamin C is the primary. You called me back most severe and I have been capacity your body is not vitamin zero he would your calf. And Guinea pigs do you might know this could any picks make vitamin sink or. No Guinea pig so that's why there that it's interesting you said that his wife animals we like to use isn't it that seemed to correlate better. We can experiment that you have. We always go about your Mac. And you know when they were practicing we figure out Guinea pig. They'll figure out my old dog here are that we see here we're gonna you make him a Guinea pig. Because they noted that for some reason Guinea pig. Many were accurate more accurate when in the in math model remain. He's human than most other animals or about may be one of the reasons why I think you're the Guinea pig the food eating bat. And that human. And it and get the vitamin C and and sugar glucose. Look at those pull up those who molecules or they're in fact most animals that make the vitamin C make it from glucose. I have to look at yeah that'd be up required what worked well number. Or Andre quote or court. How did you like I am I just I didn't doesn't block broad array. Sure sure there. If they're in a competitive compete and show how you know how beta carotene compete with. We'd be at dampened. The staff will shoulder and vitamin C are so close together glucose that they compete for absorbed into. Just think yeah or I'm out here this dynasty Iraq. They should go out there but my. He always has some interesting. Questions I think he's a self made Ph.D. in multiple areas. South tots. Always make you mine go from. Comes now iPhone lines era in 775862820. That 77586. 282 when he had a question can you call. One more time right this number down consultation is free remember this does not take the place of the medical evaluation or an eye examination. That's a legal disclaimer urging you may call and ask the united help you 77586. 2820. Fussing and follow me on social media a lot of times they give me some promo codes that last for 24 hours. And answer Graham to doctor Michael Lang. Back scoop. What is it doctor Michael Lang underscore. An answer Graham you follow me on Twitter FaceBook. When Dan Google+. All sorts of ways it's tough for me com. Look at tech is that the website Lang I care dot com doctor Michael Lang dot com sort of fight dot com or pay Leo simplified dot com. I tea. At the conference I was just that one of the biggest topics was blue light. What do we do with his blue light blue light is from three iron 82 about 500 nanometers. And it's emitted by the computer screens. The television or you're watching. I hate although lighting that your. And never went between the fluorescent lighting all this new LED lighting in the sunshine in this blue light. So we talk about new cherish and to absorb the blue light that's routine Lindsay is at then that's a fortified focus. And then we talked about using blue filtering lenses and and so blue light defense. Com a True Blue. Blue shield all of these are are very good. Blue filtering lenses and I highly recommend people investing in those you can even buy them. I'm with no power in the new go to blue light defense dot com and learn a lot more about them glue like defense dot com. And we may be getting to the point where we're very specialized where you might have occurred glasses you Wear it. During the daytime and into different her glasses you Wear right before even in bad. That even blocks filters more of that blue light letting your melatonin levels go up more at night when you sleep helping you sleep better. And I get a tea. Natalie glue like defense blue light shield but True Blue is also. You know staying abreast to these changes in developing these types of lenses so. That's pretty cool arena. A lot of viewers sleep compared as one of the biggest lead compared people he ever meet. Until I started wearing the blue light defense lenses. Because I was on a computer at night iPad iPhone and night. And I wasn't able. To get to sleep that I want and honestly than two hours a night when I start wearing the blue light defense lenses now I sleep at night I remind my guitar about 11 o'clock costly 1130 and sleep like a baby. And I go through Arian phases sleep actually dream that's how you know when your sleeping while if you dream and you wake up. In any dreams you are going through the phases sleep that you really need. The best way to get good sleep this to get off all of those digital absentee television three hours before bad take a form that put some hot apps to solve. Eat some. Pumpkin seeds and have a glass of but heart cherry juice at very high melatonin. And it does help you sleepy got to relax before you can invent. I usually a lot of caused by now there are a few tapes because I was at a town a lot so a lot of you think Tim probably dictate but this is live. Today is September 29 2018. Kickoff 77586. 2820. At 77586. 2820. Remember October 20. Is our big gas and party at the Lang I institute everybody is. Welcome to come it's free power have a car shareware and have the race cars out there we're gonna have huge discounts 40% offerings are gonna reframe trunk show. So we're gonna have a comic frames that you probably don't see your typical optical. The latest on the latest at 40% discount 30% off progressive lenses and all lenses. There weren't a huge discounts on the fortify vitamins and how much are gonna discount yet. But on October 20 is going to be worth the drive to Lang eye institute in the villages. RA com remember I'm asking you guys to help me figure out a name for the new fortified products. That product is coming out we're directing another phone call in just a second here. I'm but it's gonna be a combination. Of nutrients. To help dry I. Help absorb the harmful blue light and had help reduce eye strain from digital apps that Iran. So help thank you a name. And if I use that name then I'll do something with you to help you out from a supplement standpoint I let's go back to the sounds. And I think Stephen champ or good morning. Easy go I don't wanna be morbid doctored but a lot of people are calling because they heard he had a blowout and I thought well. That jet. Costs. Are simulating ala didn't oil or go to the or negative he questioned coordinate LDL I had done. You know just just technical crew fifty year old this textbook blood work to hand out. But he'll be out. Again we got today I got an 850 just stop eternal hole I don't want out of nine under contract. I tell you again and how we did not know that's the bad cholesterol. It's makes a big difference when you exercise every day they don't exercise you brought it up before. Reading your testosterone and a lot of quads down to a lot of heavy lifting but it's not at all. Who endurance type stuff that actually will will lower your disaster and Terry your body down somewhat and not to lower your immune systems as well. That's right so a lot of these mega athletes that are doing Iron Man events and things like that it does stare them down that's absolutely correct. It's a sometimes instead of going on run and five miles you do a few wins Branson's dad. But it's true when you're pumping iron heavy weight very low reps heavyweight that helps stimulate testosterone. Obviously if your getting up in age you don't wanna do that you don't pull muscle earn an outbreak found. So obviously find out if it's okay to do that with your physician. They got here your body out that you can do a mile and it feels pretty good you know this should stay where that tells. You know push a little bit but I'm Christian. Have you ever met and marathon runner who put up I think. It. I mean there's a rough shape joke what would you suggest you knock down that LE RL I can't. I don't need cheering and sent obviously don't eat fast food that it's more Amelio sang my mind mother. After her cholesterol like 330 years sometimes but she's nine years old so. It's so it's it's difficult the main thing is you waited that ratio better you only teacher HD ally right. And radio. Only six feet high triglycerides. Here are low though there are only sixty juice shop. Get triglycerides and normalcy reactor protein is normal home assisting a normal and often times contacted overly concerned about cholesterol. Cardiovascular. Exercise will help that ratio held HDL go up helped Al DL good man Omega three without a shadow of doubt. You gotta get up Ted 16100 milligrams or higher but the triglycerides swarm like fortified super mega that would be two a day at a minimum. That'll help your HDL go up and your LDL go down now nine us. You are like it cannot happen and with a garlic. Maybe you might wanna try eating the garlic and then you gonna smell. You know. I would try Coca not Warner right. Drinking some Coke and order throughout today niacin as long as it doesn't create a really uncomfortable situation for you. You know you can start with fifty milligrams of build up a little bit. Are you wanna get that little bit a fly sure rights but nice it's been shown to help with LDL cholesterol as well obviously you don't want to get on a medication there's lots of medications can lower the sometimes we're lowering cholesterol too much that may set you up for other. Cup problems remember cholesterol as a shuttle system for core rotten noise and I seen many patients that have been on cholesterol lowering medication for twenty years that have horrific immaculate new generation. She start to wonder. You know if that shuttle system has been shot down in the cholesterol is not there for the looting and Z is and how nice is in the knees as he is Anthony Dixon immaculate but yeah you're gonna have accelerated immaculate degeneration but also these patients often times have some dementia and alzheimer's is well. So there. Roster not do I mean I wouldn't have that level if I was playing around with the F this sounds I'm sure that. Yeah I mean. I if you listen to show you know I don't love Staten drugs and not a big advocate out of it. And I think they're sometimes you gotta be honest that drug a certain situations that you gotta be monitored with your physician. Very carefully because you're quite frankly most patients don't do what's required and that's why doctors are so quick to prescribe medications. Because they realized they can talk to you until they're blue in the face about diet and weight loss and exercise. And proper supplementation the right amount of sunshine. He realized that the lion's share of people out there are gonna do it. And so there you go write a prescription can say it's kind of a legal issue medical library. Cyber drank a natural ones that drove that is now the water for days. Well why are good at and bringing cholesterol down here's the problem you don't wanna take a cyber drink when you take your vitamins you wanna take take a fiber drink probably. One to two hours on either side if you meal because it can actually block the absorption of many. The dioxin it's. So it's kind of a catch 22 it's helping to pull out that bad fats that are in the meals but it's also compromising some of the nutrients so. A fiber drinks probably get to take at that time our rights or first thing in the morning Indonesia for two hours and get a little early and take a fiber drink. With lineal Warner he's got to have plenty of Warner but if you tell. I hear sleeves would debt meter famous survivor directional exact. About cereal eating a bowl of cereal and so will I ever drank. Yeah and cokes free cereal that's high and fired with notes. Absolutely why are. Welcome coach have site Kate's and it's an anti nutrient and if you wanna go through the time to take notes and soak them overnight. And had a sugar a jagr of apple cited energy got to have an apple side app. Event. An acid median is where I'm trying to say. That will help reduce these anti nutrients that are in this outs and then they're fine. Or by sprouted notes which are hard to find out but they did sprouted oats cereal. You can buy that is an senior scientist oats can lower your cholesterol as well so did have a bowl oatmeal. And you are not gonna have your blueberries and lots of stuff and your vitamins with it that's fine okay. And that can help you cholesterol a little bit due to the fiber that inside on Cyrus fibers that did buying into these cholesterol. But the main thing is to eat the foods that are low in the school Astros and eat a Helio type a diet. Or the Lang diet people can Google that Lang diet plan. Then that's fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds and preteen and there really isn't any. Bad fats and Nadal I mean yes and broken at all and a little volatile wall. Things that are actually good for your remembered. Certain fats are very good for us a lot of people are trying to stay away from all fats. In fact doesn't make you fat is the carves it make you fat and then when you get fat your cholesterol goes up so the best thing is is anybody can get pension ventured to 345 inches. They get a lose that weight that's the best thing in the world they can do for their cholesterol their heart everything is gay dance your ideal by anyway. You know doctor Ron Allen in their statement that doctor and I said well how about. You know my GFH is a little towards the top and keep portal eat it much that was so perfect keeping tally won't let the war will cease CNET. A lot of credit and it's another word he doesn't see stuff like that he's into what a look at and say that you know what PC users. It is not even close starting my list is complete perfection to rhodesian you studio now that's just ask. Our young are you. Well I've never gonna happen doctor outside like that this suggests maybe. I eastern and anal or strong Irish so long night something like that we have to get. Impact did and that senate bid already accrued through you. Realized that the I'd say every time I see somebody rubbing their eyes you know they get a decent rabbits. And do they realize. I mean how fragile that little ball a gelatin helped. Oppression citizenship and intrude you I've learned and I told you when I started my wife Thatcher broke fortified. I I I would open court and I'm like wow. Everything was clear with and the like from California a week or two dogs. So it's it's fascinating. But. We need to see that dislike you guys and other work out it wouldn't consider the heart hey wait a minute ST generator. Kept. And we we we forget about the army in especially all right so you brought us to the awareness that. Bit the I need nutrients and it all worked on in the morn sleep. I don't question that's out. I did what they succumb one night Elisa that's an actor Aamir has doctor Michael Lang Lang I institute 77. 5862820775862820. Gimme a call. I'll try to answer the questions to the best of my ability to know that they answer. How do the researching it back with yet right we're going back to the sounds a thing as Marie in Largo. Marie thanks bowling good morning. I doctor Wang. And I developed glaucoma. You know my early as it is. And I just heard your or your callers talk about how those vitamin C. Can you kind of expand on their view that there is that lower the pressure what it does it reflect well. That's a great question. Absolutely high dosage of vitamin C has been shown to lower intra ocular pressure in patients. But this is not something you want it lead to Willy Nilly on your own without your doctors monitoring your caddie this is one time I definitely recommend. That. EC your ophthalmologist here optometry sheet Sri it medically. V8 year drops whether it's with tanner president Beisel terror or similar law whatever drop she using. If you truly have glaucoma. But adding vitamin C is not a bad idea and then if your doctor monitors you and find your pressures drop significantly. Then maybe they can take you off the glaucoma medications or reduce the glaucoma medications. Now vitamin C got to take a lot Dow and so some people can't handle it because it can cause loose stools and cause you have diarrhea. So you need to take 5000. Milligrams of vitamin C a day sometimes even higher than that he could start out with 500 to a thousand milligrams of vitamin C make sure you're tolerate it. All right and then you can bump up from there I gradually increase it to see how you do. But never stop your glaucoma medications. And try to treat glaucoma naturally. Produces is one arena that you can gold blind very fast. Another thing marina can do wonders for glaucoma is cardiovascular. Exercise as long as your heart can handle and your bones and joints can handle it. You know walking SaaS treadmill elliptical trainers swimming stationary bicycle biking. Twenty to thirty minutes five times a week can lower the pressure as much as 30%. In your eye so that's a pretty high number. Com also this some limited evidence talking about Omega threes issue all as well. And glaucoma. And then finally. That's disaster and I always talk about improves circulation to the guy. So that's a good thing if we improve circulation to the guy and my personal opinion they can potentially help with glaucoma. By damage as well so there's a combination vitamin C Omega three I asked his dancing Carty asked who Iraq size. And then the whole pension and staying that I just talked about. If you're overweight you got to lose weight that's probably the best thing in the world you can do for glaucoma is getting down to your ideal fighting way. You know I thought trying their several different types of that at present time. That's being on the market. Is there a certain line that's better than another. Yep absolutely. There's a lot of synthetic gas does that come on the market you got to be very very careful what fast Zandt Democrats. Synthetic gas is Anthony is not the same is natural last Zandt and I asked is it and that I stand behind a 100% is caught faster real. It is in May here in the United States in Washington. It is grown in in these type get it type of bio dome and photo reactors where. They control. The environmental contaminants they keep it from coming in actually reverse osmosis the water they have the filter the air. So it's not grown gotten big fields that can potentially get a chance and faster real has more start I think he asked is anthem on the market. And so it's also been stepped there's only two X does anthem products on the market. This is a Daniel nutrition of congress congress and nutrition meeting at the Washington and I went to last year. And pastor real was one of the two that had noted no detectable contaminants the rest of them had some significant contaminants so if you buying asses and think you need a minimum of six milligrams okay. And look on the bottle make sure says. Asked her real past is anthem okay. I'm Aaron daycare but by. And I you're listening to ask the doctor army earnest as usual. Doctor Michael Lang nice to two glorified vitamins and paid Leo simplified. Also how we do have are crunched it's amazing it sounds pretty hot on Amazon right now. I'm and it's paley a simplified. Honey nut fruit crunch. So remember us talking about owed some not a big fan of it's so this is an boat free granola. Honey nut fruit crunch everything in and is good for you it tastes delicious. And you can use that as a cereal in the morning departure 82 cows know courier coconut milk almond milk and milk on it. You can or until it on your yogurt preferably. On. Yogurt that comes from Kyocera echo yogurt which is hard to find. And that's due to their 82. Beatty case seemed ushered eaten cheese chart stay with the man she goat cheese or goat cheese. Does that coach smoke or sheep milk. Once again it doesn't have that data one case seen this Kenneth CEA diddle with. Leaky gat cancer diabetes. And some problems with children as well so. 2000 that's available now that. Public's passing ago it's not fair to. So fast enough to subject comforts are starting about. But going back to ask does that and fortify focus has asked to real last is at the six milligrams an anti American men one a day 22 day so if you're overweight big very athletic and extreme athlete masculinity generation I recommend to Dan the fortified focused. Everybody else one day at a fortified focused not only is amazing for years to end. It's amazing for rat no health. In improves so singing ability but turned 57. I can see everything I wanna close without reading glasses when I was fifty. I needed to but reading glasses on the only difference is out with taking the fortified focused. Diaz Desantis and improve Stiller ray muscles functioning ability or something caught accommodation. Amplitude of accommodation. Makes you focus better and it works. So if you sixty. Don't think it takes four or five focus and you get rearing guys discuss that ain't gonna happen but it will reduce. Distress that you have from the computer to fortify if this will locks are harmful. Blue light coming from the computer. Reducing eye strain. And helping to eliminate your dry eye especially when you combine that with fortified super hero may get. And black currency all because of the GLA which is going to be the new product I'm developing there were waiting for a name. Remember I was thinking along the lines of fortify advanced high therapy. Fortified try I their peaks. And Vegas some of the girls said. Fortify a comfort nutrition. And in light that so. Everybody's drawn a lot of things that may so. Send me an email if you think event name to ID 892. It iCloud dot com right let's go back to defense I think it's probably can learning gains good morning. Good morning how are. Good good of all want to see yet of what advice you can give me I have to cheerio bimbo fired I don't know palm pronouncing it right there scar tissue that kind of start that there are no very goes out. Toward the color or to my eyes. It is both sides hi is really bad really raised a want there's something that I'm evidence or treat but I can doing our jobs server and connected. I've been bobbled or Sri get. Right so Accuray GM is. Kind of a callous this built up to ultraviolet light so wind to dry and it's a combination of all of this. So number one using a good lubricate and there's two lubricants that have actual pilot Ron Cass and and then which is a natural anti inflammatory okay. And that's a waste his tears plus. Or bullying. Tears the blink cash to be the preservative free version that's very difficult to find over the counter are you can't get no oasis tears plus over the counter. He can by both of those on our website at fortify dot com you get him at the Lang I instituting get a fortified headquarters in Ocala. In Gainesville I don't know worrying Yemen meaning get him and one day if you wore them online so take about oasis tears plus. And or blink tears either one of those in I would liberate teacher I probably six times a day that's gonna reduce the friction. They can aggravate these two ridge and so lubrication is important but lubricate it with something that has Tyler run a gas and and because that's a natural anti inflammatory. Then. Kind of offsetting the Omega six in your body by taking a good Omega three official like fortified super Omega. Two per day. That's gonna improve the quality of tears that you're producing so helping with this dryness. But I also in directly cuts inflammation remember to rate GM is an inflammatory response in the cons on time but basically it grows this callous and it does actually goes on to your cornea. So those two things away sisters plus or blink tears and then fortified super Omega two times a dank. Then. Sunglasses are crucial. People that are outdoors a lot you know roofers lifeguards. People that are outdoors a lot of much more prone to developing these two ridge GM's. So those three things can slow it down her right. If your eyes really read all right. About social Lama as a new product can you think of the name ever right now that just came out it so Ramon gained concentration helps get rid of the redness. But believe this is where you can get something caught NASA con and a taser Icahn eighty can buy it over the cam owner. And use it sparingly. Okay. Sparingly I say so let's see it go out when he meaning you don't wanna look like this guys are really red and inflamed. You put a drop of the NAFTA on air daisy Khan and it's kind of like by senior I. And that I'll minimize the appearance set because it gets rid of the vast future of the redness. And minimizes that. If he tried these things and then monitored have your local uptown version drop Somalis just monitor it maybe it helps stabilize that made it helps reverse and a little bit. But sometimes these things are our spouse so Palestinian grain into the guy that only real way to remove mr. to have surgically removed. And take it this is an icebergs are to raise Jim a lot of times doctors are coming in disgrace Hamas. What and they got a girl right back so think of an iceberg where the majority they ice berg is underneath the Warner that's the same thing with the originate need to go into that hole. Part that's underneath that part of the guy out so it doesn't grow back. Any gains or there's some good doctors they can do that but I would try to things we talked about first before out of surgery. Okay yeah absolutely. Well that's very encouraging. And then also when you see Europe time archers are ophthalmologist they can also prescribe the steroids drop. Something like jurors all approach fort day. I just drops us nonsurgical. And they could probably describe that four times a day for a week in and three times a day in two times a day tape you're out connecting shrink it down a little bit by I would never do that until you start when I said first. Did you can shrink it down a little bit with steroids and then continue to do what I say in the maybe you get to a point where at least it's not as cosmetic clean unappealing. Well it or wallet that's great information I really appreciate your hosts thanks. Okay cantor duck brigade of. And keep me posted on that if you do get better let me Nana yeah if you get worse LeMieux now iPhone lines are open 77586. 2820. That 77586. 282 when he I think we knew my take a quick break and go to commercial here in just a second. And we might not vote will city. About going to a commercial break. Remember October 20. Is the Lang. I institute annual. Twelfth annual. Extravaganza. I'm okay slang I used its twelfth annual extravaganza. It's going to be a car show as well and we never race cars there. And that is from eleven to three. On October 20. Com remember I will be. I should be in the saddle next week and they don't we don't need it actually take a break at this we we only have that you don't have. I was it was 935 I got a decent glass is here it's 950. Thigh. As they place a lot of show it's only 935. Oh wait we title one more quick call. It's going to be really quick 775862827. To seven. Five a six to 820. Once again if you like to set up unemployment Simi or any of my colleagues at the line nine institute the phone number for the Lang I institute is. 352753. 4014. That's 3527534014. If you'd like to order fortified vitamins you don't wanna do it on line. That's fortify dot com have for TI FE YE kind of a play on words fort if I can some Knight actor. Dot com you can call fortified Monday through Friday tick tock of the gang there were closed on the weekends. That phone number is 8665039746. That's 866. 5039746. I urge you to go to the website and learn more about fortified focus six specially. And fortified super mega not to mention you can look at the enzymes and acrobatics in the multi I vitamin. The zinc free immaculate offense immaculate offense that any reds to pull us. The pay Leo crunch and all of that is on the fortify website at fortify. Dot com members can buy three items and fortified. You get 20% off if you use the code LEC. 20%. That stands for lying I care 20%. So any time you buy three. Fortify supplement she's LEC. 20%. And check out right there's a section their promote shared. And you get 20% off automatically on that. I remember we are in the process of re developing fortified super may get. It will be the most concentrated EPA and DHA combination. On the market. And it's going to be under thirty dollars all right so it's 28 right now so that means they're probably need 29 dollars were probably the rays and a buck. But it's gonna go from a concentration. I EPA at 860. Took about 12100. Informant DHF 582900. That's crush the Norwegians have developed a new way. To actually concentrate to triglycerides. More than 90%. Were most triglycerides around 50%. So that's pretty amazing remember Omega three facial. Has some amazing benefits of this the triglycerides. A form. Cardiovascular health cognitive health. I how. By reducing the inflammatory response in your body chilling how nude held she mute helps with depression. And great for pre and post Natal for pregnant women and Austin the big thing is sports nutrition now. And that's why I recommend fortified super mega what fortified focused pushing kidney Omega three for sports nutrition. He did in the past is Hanson in the fortified focus for sports nutrition and you combine it with a good way protein concentrate not await protein isolate. I like fortify eight past super proteins naked chocolate or Vanilla and that's amazing kind of the triple whammy for anybody that's athletic. Also that's gonna help your cholesterol so Steve's listening Forsythe focused fortified super mega room. Fortified super protein triple whammy of anti aging fraud you. I can music's on that means time to get out. I gotta go load up the race card had received during our I think everybody for tuning in listening to ask an actor I'm out of here have a great day. And god bless you.