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Oct 7, 2018|

Celebration Pointe - What's in it for you? Hear all about it on today's show as the Guest Hosts Chris and Heather discuss the Real Estate available there and how it's already home to the recently opened Nike Factory Store, Tommy Hilfiger, Bass Pro Shops, Kilwins, and the area's first luxury seating, state-of-the-art Regal Cinemas RPX theater complete with food and lounge, Celebration Pointe is just getting started. The project is also unveiling a fully leased, five-story Class A office building at 5001 Celebration Pointe Avenue with 70,000 SF of office space on four levels, above 13,000 SF of retail space on the ground floor. Together, with the already open global headquarters of software giant Info Tech, there will be nearly 700 office workers at Celebration Pointe by year end.

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America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn productivity by companies certain loans require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators. From the studios in 97.3. This guy this. Is the real estate show. With Mike Jones from America's banks mortgage. You can email might get might die Jones and embarrassed thank dot com. The number of calling and is 877. Tell these guys talk that's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike the mortgage man. Welcome everyone this is a real estate show with your host Mike Jones swimmers break Morgan we come on the air we talk all things girls that you. Whether it's buying selling building at four of course my favorite which is fine if you. Remember you can email me anytime that might not show dinners and stuff on the might. Doug Jones they impede or I just think dot com or call or text me. Just about anytime of the day or night bully and not 352. 2150501. That's my cellphone number 352. 2150. Fives or one. And it's like to thank all the people close with a suspect we had a really. Busy week end very fortunate to have so much businesses for all the people in our office we have a number of mortgage bankers in our. A local north Central Florida community so we're very fortunate to have them and and really appreciate all the business that the you know real estate community sends our way each and every month. As we do at the beginning of every show we talk about interest rates just a little bit. So all this information you can find in the Wall Street Journal the last information we had available was Thursday October 4 2008 team. The the thirty year loan four point 87% up nine ticks from the previous week so it's a pretty you know big week to the upside forest. And then the the national average for the fifteen year fixed rate loan in the Wall Street Journal October 4 2000 anything that's Thursday. Four point 18% so up to ticks from the previous week so not much movement there the ten year treasury note we did see a pretty big up tick. Over the last two days of the week Thursday and Friday very big days. For obvious reasons because of the unemployment report that came off Friday morning stronger than expected so the ten year treasury note you can find again. In Friday's October 5 2000 team Wall Street Journal 3.2 35% up about politics from the previous weeks of very very big. Strong. Increase in interest rates and about the highest yield we've seen in the ten year treasury note in the last seven years so on and that's just indicator of the economy in general being. So it's doing so well anyways you find that in the consumer rates section of the Wall Street Journal on the money. The market by just page so you can check and all the information and it's under the consumer rate and returns to investors section of the paper. On to us we do each week we have some really good local folks here. And we wanna talk about their projects were very fortunate to have. A couple folks in the studio today we wanna talk about their project which was really uninteresting in Munich and so lucky to have them we have Heather. Purple I'm sorry you're cold Barton right is RS are flattened circle button okay Heather thank you in the we have Chris Conte. With so important celebration point realty and there the the folks that are working in celebration point we're gonna talk all about celebration appointment what makes it's so unique so thank you so much for you guys coming on today thank you for inviting us okay great. So with let me start with you just a little bit Heather you have your I mean that we went over before the shows how many times and it's still must open. Announce a former properly how how is that can't be your unit. Anti sex Terkel Biden and it goes down really easy you know once you've been trying out for about nineteen years but it took me eleven years of marriage before us whichever from Williams. At think SI haven't completely. But. My husband is from Norway a lot of Gator fans probably know him as the Norwegian to legion. He played basketball for US and mid ninety's. And yeah I name meets means animals around the base of the hill it's very old Norwegian and even when we're in Norway and Norwegian look at us like no one has that they. OK well that's very interesting thing Chris Conte is not a very difficult thing for me to pronounce knowing Conte isn't that original means count both. Yeah I am a very good. And Chris here's the you're the marketing manager sales associate for celebration point realty right so you work with all the fires and then Heather your the broker owner for a million barrels a company yet okay. Yep I got started and real estate back in 2003. And I went through my training with prudential real estate. And then as the focus shall stay the for a set up celebration point realty as a threat for about three years ago. Okay Craig Parry and and so let's just talk about celebration point in general. Terms of people understand words are located. It's a really big project right so where were you just look at it. We are less scared on the west side 78 found alive people. Think that celebration point is a part of what's on the east side but it is actually separate development and what makes it different from. Butler plaza is that it's more of a destination location. It's more of a place for you wanna go and gather we have events on so big deal for Gator fans. And particularly. We're interested in selling the town homes back there there's 86 town homes is the only for cell. Is selling for sells property at all in celebration point and we're really excited to tell you more about the. Okay and that's a view right that's another view that celebration point Brent okay beautiful complexes just getting started. You're working on some initial projects right now our initial building frightened you know but it's gonna be a beautiful beautiful project with a lot of different amenities that we wanna cut highland talk about. So. So what crystal retaliated so what's Vista basic information you have what two better in three venom for betterment how many units are in there. Yeah we've six different floor plans so mom aid which is our first one and it's a four bedroom three and a half bath. Spent 26 point 700 square feet on the next one is on a two bedroom two and a half bath it's now a little over 2000 square feet. We have three different com three bedroom configurations. Each have three and a half bouts and his range from about 2300. Or so and then we have another bomb four veteran three now that that's. Pre similar to basis. Okay it's a lot of different options right and we did. And that and that and I guess the beauty of all this is you can walk to your job possibly you can walk to. Have dinner or lunch you can walk to the movies right all these wonderful things that are right there right outside the view. So the interesting thing is our our target market we thought it was going to be nicely jet setters young professionals with children. They wanted to have easy access to US for sands and how are actually finding is sound. It seems to be mar. Does the buyers seem to be a little bit older than what we anticipated. And they have lived in a really nice home and they want to downsize and have. You know the ease of walking to dinner. They want their time back that they're using right now own our own yards and stuff and they. I also like the idea of having hotel and again nearby for when they have. Friends and family. Grown children in town and you know what to entertain their children and grandchildren had come back to visit with the navy theater. And sat says it's really. It's shaping up to be. More of a community of people who are actually condensing their lifestyle and they want super nice finishes. They want convenience and they want to be able to travel. See their family. And lock it again and know that everything's safe and taken care of. OK perfect and Chris what is the way for people to reach you have I'm sure a lot of things online and phone numbers and emails of all what's what's your contact info people on Richard after the show so the best way to get a hold of us as you can throw phone number and that's 352. 2049020. Or to visit us on our website it's www. Celebration point dot com back splash the view OK and so nine point has any on the end right does have a yeah yes yeah. We want to make sure everyone knows that so yeah no problem so there's a number different floor plans to choose from and they're really cool looking of one of the unique features I think. That I just realized was that you guys have like a rooftop tariffs on some of these write them. We do we had a rooftop terrace on three at the plans we have it on the T Ford Edge and plans as well was. Plan C which is that three bedroom plan and it's a whole fourth story. And it can have a summer catch and it it's really cool because it has covered outdoor living space and also you know has been living space. And the house have elevators. At first we were gonna have. Plan ENB did not even have the option for an elevator sure and those were hard. To get a lot of interest and because even if the initial buyer doesn't want the elevator breaks so many people want it that think it's easier to resell them if we at least have the elevator shaft there. They can build it out on each floor as you know it could be. It could get pantry another closet or storage closet friend and we still think it was important to make that decision to line up the floors and then an elevator can be then. OK perfect aren't so it doesn't associate. Just use of access to every floor right yes and then do it in you know if you have somebody who's disabled it's easy for them to move around as well right and yet so perfect are well that's great. So so give us a website and the human August 1 more time to people call you incoming new work was realtors to right so we want all the realtors have come out there in celebration point. Within me. And then parent and there we wanted to come out and see that the first buildings are going up right now right break and be on the ground floor and. Should be finished in April and one other thing I wanna say. Is that gay q.s a fewest homes is the builder that we selected he's a custom builder heat builds. He's in ninth to twelve the results to three homes a year that he's really meticulous Andy tell and he will customize these especially the first two buildings that are. Be handled and out around a common area. And that's why we got him is because the customers seem to have you know an exacting. Amount of DHL and they have. They have in their mind what they want because they've done it before. Her very well what's a conflict of throwing Grimm how can people see. These beautifully units online if they wanna check it out on the upside sure said the number again is 3522049020. Or they can email realty. At celebration point and you can dot com. Com or visit celebration point dot com back splash the view. Okay and you have a artist's rendering on their four open all the units right didn't yeah okay are great quite so I think we're gonna take a break here in just a second. And then good we're gonna come back and talked more about celebration Fort Worth Heather. And then one person and we're gonna go through a little more detail about what an ass off for so will be. Right back after these questions. Welcome back everyone this is Mike Jones with a marriage thank mortgage and this is the realistic so we are so happy to have you chain and again this week. As we talked about before the break we have two local folks here that are talking to us about. Celebration point and their project out there which is called the view we have Heather. And I'm still can't get any right circle but Terkel of course of course it's easy for you to say you cut them in for nineteen years use and they Chris Conte. So we're gonna talk a little bit more and indeed tell about this project and what makes is so unique and so livable that people wanna live there are so. Chris you're gonna tell us a little bit just about the amenities this or are a number amenities that we don't have. Typically it or maybe it's a mother foot places here in town yes there's a lot of really. Communities there's going to be a resort style pools that's like a walk in style on cousy Tom fire pit. Really nice cabana area where people can have you know the can run it up for events and things like that. In the ruling nice part is it'll be gated so there's three entrance uncertain three exits and one entrance okay. And it also gets the benefits celebration point security. So like normal call that goes around the okay great all right well we have on site security would ask that sideways and some other vehicles and golf carts. Article that's cool. And I think the what I noticed about the poll what's your public seeding in the pool to write to chip some type unique seating. Yet there's a son shelf of some while insurers and their so oh metal that's really neat so and then you have a restaurant right there too is our right or no so the restaurant is in on retail section okay. And that it's great restaurants gotcha yeah. OK but there's places you can get maybe food and drink prayer at the pool is. Right or no as this summer kitchen industrial area okay you took. If you have a party or something like that there are okay it's hard you're talking about maybe you can round as a teacher talking about the yes I mean it'll be. For the guest to use and there's plenty of parking for the residents guests. There is there's air conditioned that ends and I hospitality. Area after changing clients okay. And then in between the first two buildings there's a really nice Central Park area yes whether fountain and it's just going to be really nicely landscaped with concrete teachers as well as. Florida friendly secular anti. Landscaping. It's a great place to walk the dogs we also just decided to have a dog park. There's a lot of a lot of demand heavily effort for animals and particularly for docs right hand brake. Right well that's cool your room wants a wants a dog park is in his right and then 11 thing I forgot to say it's a really something we forget talk about enough is that. Did you backs up directly to 700 acres of preserved. And 600 I believe that that is can Napa. Gardens and then the developer. Even everyone thinks he clear cut all of his land he donated a hundred acres that's untouched back there. And that's an urban cluster development that the county wants to do where. Wildlife drives in a place that hasn't been touched not in a clump of trees here and there in the media and so did you accept that there's a pedestrian bridge at river. Going into. That cannot operate preserve. Well let's join it in its per search debris trail. So actually connect you always archer Florida and part of a larger trail system a pass eventually can bite you don't Hawthorne can still trail or you can. Michael are only the coast yet to really cool system so it's. Nature right there predator back or to get arrogant and enlightening it. Okay yeah. So urban living so you can walk one side of the complex to go to all the shops and restaurants and maybe even work one of the big employers over there or the other side of the complex you can walk right back commitment to write yeah I've heard that planning office thanks to. I don't know I don't know so I'm so one of the things we wanted to kind of how I talk a little bit about was this ICF construction you wanted to talk about that the right. Yeah yeah I'm really excited about this said gay q.s are builder. Believe this is the first large project other than a single family home in gains that's felt this way. But basically it's about two and a half inches of styrofoam. Wit a hollow core that's filled with six inches of concrete so. Actually by the town on the prowl also added on to the inside and this synthetic Stucco on the outside your walls are about a foot thick well and this is not just on the outside it's also between you and your neighbor. So it offers a lot more sound insulation and simply concrete block and definitely more than wood frame and you. But it also. It'll be very energy efficient marketing I seen sprays on the ceiling and you know all the nine yards on the insulated windows. Energy efficient appliances so be easier and a little less heartbreaking when you leave and you know go visit. You know family or friends or new places in the world and leave your home you know and I have a huge electric bill even when you know and you're not there. Okay cool Chris give your contact information out so people can call you after the show. And they can and saying how Roy come over. I'm sure it's appointment only and you wanna have groups of realtors combined agencies of view rights rights and how it works and Howard in Iraq sir connects with the rest of celebration point Richard contact information pictures that they can call 3522049. Out too well. Email us set realty at celebration point dot com. Or visit us on the website it. Celebration point dot com back slash view okay. And won one more thing I'd like to say as we we have got around to several of realtors groups and brokerages and town and educated them on the view I'm happy to talk with anyone. Do who wants to know more about it. And my kids actually land are preferred lenders he knows about the project and if you know Pannemon and you want to look into whether or not this is a good fit for you anyone take alone out on that talk to him. Okay thank you appreciate that yes so. So okay well so we talked about the fact we have a lot of amenities a pool I think dude rendering I saw was really really cool. And that you have these two initial buildings you're starting with right now and you have forty some of those sold but we do have. I think two bedroom when one left yeah okay an area. Yet one left as 409000. Dollars as two veterans two that's 202. Site 2046. Square feet it. It was hard sell I think because it did not have an elevator that we made the decision to. I'm designing every designer at to have an elevator a few weeks ago and it's being built that way we plan on Indian ready for the spring parade of homes in April. Okay sounds good and it's and it's really cool concert because there are three story right they are three stories in all of them have. That 32344. Plants that they thought plans that don't have a rooftop terrace available have that built ten minutes included in the base price and for example. On the two bedroom two bath that still available does have. Terrorists it's not an entire rooftop terrace but. Got you okay it's just a really. Cool concept to something unique to games so we don't have that somewhere else here in town and they have super nice finishes but great builder. And they're gonna be. The location is really dead and within the old fashioned celebration point within me. You got everything than celebration point the destination. And then if you wanna get shop at the big box stores eaten over the bridge there's tons of its power senator there are so it's really. As located close to you know great schools and and that the growing residential halls western side of of Gainesville. Okay very code article great well let me just recap interest rates a little bit here again. Promise we do each week we talk about what the national averages for the thirty year fixed rate loan on the Wall Street Journal. Last information we had available Thursday October 4 2008 team. Four point 87% erupt nine ticks from the previous week and then the fifteen year national average for the fifteen year fixed rate loan in the Wall Street Journal Thursday October 4. 20184. Point. 18% or up to ticks from the previously Sonoma change or amendment ten year treasury note comments if you've been watching TV at all 3.2 35% to up about point six from the previously purse the high initial reason I'm in seven years. So if you're out there and you're under contract to buy a house not closing until. You know sometime in the beginning or maybe even the middle of meg sure we do have long term lots available so we don't want the interest rate in today. Maybe not at these rates but you know we do have a a margin post an index of ridding us of a complicated formula. To come up whether an interest rate we happen out for your and then you can roll that rate down. Option to rate the lower but dom right now we wanted to hedge against higher rates by blocking in as long in the futures we can we do. You know nine 1218360. Or 27360. As far as interest rates grosso if you ever need for that. You wanna talk to me about a call me on my cell phone is 352. 21505. Or one that's 352215. Zero fives are one and argue real information to you can make a decision on that conceived that's a good job option for your own but is something that we probably wanna consider since we've. Kind of broken out to the upside for interest rates and it doesn't look like it's going to. You know going to a patent come back down where we want it to people who work has been. Even if you want to go down but does anyways. So that's good information so wanna make sure you all knew that and then. Heather and chris' or anything we've missed you think that we've we haven't talked about we have rooftop terrace is we have great amenities we have walking to. To us shopping and all kinds of great restaurants that are right around the corner there's events what you talked about what you at a big event last night. And tonight there's well you know I'm sorry the next the Friday for next home game yes they'll be topped the block for every before every home got on hunting. And you said there's like a thousand people to come to that right it's a big event we expected to get larger because it's it's been really hot then there's been about a thousand at the last one the last few OK and then you have some type of. What's that bouncing across from the from the but that the movie theaters and there's like hooters and it would be a pamphlet the Paris stage for yet but don't call that something you particularly common odd there we have the problem and I cashed a pedestrian only yet and there's certain things that go on in their right I mean most residents for for children from about six to eight it's usually like. Children bounce houses human is policy tracks. And then when he's a human whose fault humans is really you just have to come yet okay. And then mound from about eight to ten it's more the children you know it's a little too late for them and pray that they and then. Celebration point is it's alcohol approved every race from walk around from restaurant to restaurant a nice so it's tends to be more of an adult. Com teenager. Sure thing after eight. Okay that you could walk right there from the views or you could yeah. Walk out your front door walk break down the street and in your right there at the prom on and then you can go to these different events threaten. And I just encourage everyone if you get a chance to look at the renderings on the website. That the construction of these is really cool and modern it's more like a city skate design. Rooftops kind of vary in height and yeah if you can look at that it says something is hard. Describe on air. Right right certainly could you have seen give him pictures three story in forty or write whatever doctors whose. And the size of the units and everything else would definitely something new you wanna. But check out and Chris what is your contact info or so people can go and check it all out online and everything. Sure suits 3522049020. That's the best way to reach us on email us at realty. At celebration point dot com. Or visit our web page on celebration point dot com fax plus the view. Okay point has any on that and and very good friend and probe that's great so I really appreciate you guys coming on and talking about all this and and then think today and you're gonna go to the game are you gonna go to the football and. I know letters yeah. Seattle we're going we're taking us Norwegians are here visiting OPEC at my house we're looking forward to the hotel and again opening up and from what does that open up into next month. And those are really made really wanted to stay there and they had to settle for staying in my house. They would be nice to have instead ending up in the eighties you know we know they're entertained and that we're taking them to their first American football game tomorrow and I'll how excited you didn't have anything like that it's we know. That they that they don't they don't have they they don't have Americans about in Norway they have that soccer looks like her yeah so it's so looking forward to taking them today and seeing how much they understand. Billy now they're gonna talk for the gators. OK that's good well you're husband what you say it was an ex Gator Alley basketball hero it. And he's so little parity is what but six for their does that take yes for an accounting aren't really scanning is and I. I. Are well that's cool and in this this project is is that you're working with thread and yes there's no granola very nice. Yes he bout this land to to build apartments on about twelve years again OK and then with the recession and start working with the county and it became this. Cool projects that some pedestrian oriented in green and you know I'm not gonna say are thankful for the recession but that's what made the project what it is. Okay you too it is a really cool place if you haven't been there. You know check it out his right off I 75 right you can't miss and as you drive firemen you can you can you can miss. And it's really cool place very unique to our area we're so appreciative. Bennett's it is America's it drives a lot of business to. Gains following our Central Florida so if you're if you're over in Jacksonville appearance in August seeing make the trip over here to see is really really mean place. And we hope you you know we continue to go to the Gator games and enjoy Kazaa can of that as some of the folks that are looking at the Thames send our well thanks. Well we have Gatorade or there today I'll send you can you cannot bus from celebration point uprooted again. Okay viral great well thanks again guys for coming on a really do appreciate it and anybody whose interest did he give them a call and check it out and go over NC the view. And make sure you two with a have to offer. This is unrealistic show again this week we really appreciate it Mike Jones remembers bank Yemeni needs for the financing or any questions on gross and give us a call it's 352. 21505. Or one thanks so much for tuning in we hope to have. Have you tune in again next week. American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn products triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators.