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How to save your vision from problems caused by screen-time. Listen for unparrelled medical and nutritional information for your eyes. What supports mitochondrial health? What can the Lange Eye Care Institution in the Villages do for you? Dr.Lange describes new products coming out in the market. Fortifeye Advance Dry Eye Therapy coming soon! Paleo Crunch is coming to town. Helpful hints for dry eyes. The newest and latest innovations in the field of eye care and good health can be found here!

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Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better all over. Ask the doctor board certified aftermath position sort of high nutritional specialist and popular radio. During my goal line no play and I cared so. I. And welcome to ask the doctor Ramirez doctor Michael Lang. The Lang institute. And fortified vitamins here each and every Saturday morning live dance and you know question you met you may have regarding your vision and eye care so take advantage at this hour. Pick up the phones give me a call I am alive today we ran a tape last week. I was racing at road Atlanta did quite well. And the week before that remember we had the big fall festival at the Lang I institute. And we take quite a turn out I mean we had him well over a thousand people show up. And going eye institute we had a car show we had. Huge sale on everything has a lot of fun so I appreciate ready came out and support. So lines are open right now 7758628. To twenty. That 77586. 2820. I'm if he knew the program whose doctor lamb llama board certified up to metric position Hamas so a certified. Nutritional specialists. I found Illini Karen assists is march 15 1993. Now we grew to thirteen locations sold them all two years ago to a large corporation except the Lang I institute. And I hail from Lang I institute now see patients four days a week at that location that's in the villages. Right in the heart of the villages that's the retirement community of the world. And the golf cart central were right there of 466 in county road one on one. Large senator Lang I institute is close to 40000 square feet we take care of everything from major retinol. Surgery to nutritional I care. A big what is nutrition for Matt Killen a generation dry eye and glaucoma certainly we do glasses we do contact lenses cataract surgery. All of those other things that you do it typical line institute. With a two west. All right one more time phone lines are open 775862820. It's kind of chilly this morning and safety harbor. And it's. I've got a phone call came McKenzie is playing a big volleyball game out of Clearwater Beach today and I'm be going there right after the show now if you're watching me on FaceBook I see a lot of view. Look at that a lot of you Thomas back K herald. Gina Cecil live from New Orleans dead be allowed on Juan Carlos a lot of you guys are watching us on FaceBook. Can you hear me is the question because I got the little. Camera connect crammed into a headset penalized this town of Jeremy bet yeah summer's gonna tell me if you airmen that. Let's go to the science. I better bring knows who's on first base here Bob good morning welcome to the program. Go to our guard trying to party and thought you were surely not only are pretty. Damn I try to make it almost every Saturday but you know I got some other things that got to do every now and then I got a need this beads. You know I got a I got that put the pedal to the metal every now and then I get it's they erode land that was an interest in track. I went out to first race and you really got mobbed might doors blown off auto about a forty people in the class. And then secretary said in a little bit better but the last five. I did the blowing away Eminem nobody passed that test everybody. Came out in front so I get my month of good journalism beta endorphins. Well that would have been my marriage question back to Florida. That I hope they were pretty safe quite. That was safe it was good that car ran well and had tea murder Lan has a long downhill I get up to but I 170 miles an hour. And a couple of people and their cars bold the brake fluid in neck couldn't stop and that can be quite dangerous going down hill 170 miles an hour and they can't stop for the hairpin turn it's right there. All of and I don't don't have a safe do you really felt like did you come out. That's true yeah. Bartlett at short and I'm gonna come back to a question madam I. Increasingly concerned about my wallet or purse struggle that matched. She wrote pretty good well. For her you've got pretty good about noon and then make like some old blog Carter. Is there. I've heard of mitochondria. Bane be our energy shell cathartic about yeah it will be reckoned dude Jew out. To increase my card to do think that all help our pocket and her activity during that Eric. My absolutely I think supporting nutritional support of mitochondria is very very important. The powerhouse of the south is actually the mitochondria. Are can and it's crucial because. Not mitochondria is. Is that part of the south that actually turns sugars fats proteins everything we eat. In two basically energy chemical energy ATP. IRA that's at keynote tried fast fight a Dinesh I wavered just. I'm and so ATP is very important. And so there are certain nutrients that actually improved mitochondria function ability to right. And that's a single car retained our full court gas said. Co Q ten. And essential fatty acids from a good Omega three a marine source of Omega three. And then new research now which is chemical you'll hear me talk about. Fortified focus you hear me talk about ask disaster I think last week they ran a tape of let me discussing the importance of asked does anthem and doctor Karen hack for master realism with me. And asked his fans and also help support mitochondria health so now we have codify things and there are other things too but. Clo carnage in apple sarcastic co Q ten. Asked does anthem and Omega three fish or all in the triglyceride molecule now you can get that by taking fortified super Omega. Fortify complete. Advanced nutrition. And fortify focused there's a three things you can take you would get all of that plus she'll get B complex scene eight forms of the everything ocean need for the guy in the entire body so. I take those on a daily basis has fortified super mega fortify focus in for a fight completed fans nutrition. So. I would recommend that your wife beyond that if she's not are ready and now you're taking those things. Yeah why don't have her on focus and now it's my lifelong battle. To get her all of her. You know our multi vitamin shop where people. McCain here they're calling question. We tried flipping this over on the flip this over viva limit them to let you speak again I'm certain. I don't dare to say hello Bob they're better received they can hear the question now. Our I am I'm back my question they're a large already chicken. Make a tree. I have focusing now of course I ticket. And I have the multi vitamin also bought my yearly battle they've battled are eager to come away from her. Multi vitamin miss specially formulated person over here. Right you venture and that Europe that for a long time. Well unfortunately Tom. I don't know I art council. What I have to say government over our arms bound by rules holds huge. Yeah I know who our resident and I heard the loud and ever and they're. I know I can say this can send their Tammy is that the volleyball game right now I'm listening to the racial. Broke our court ordered our problems don't remember happy why he's happy loans. I've been told that and I try to live by that motto get. Bruce and Demi can hear me now nobody can hear Bob. Its interest in all right cemetery to fix this so they can hear on this. Let's try this. And I can't Simi. I'd say something. Yeah welcome. Bob thinks that we're gonna dig the mother calls. Our architecture now. Ago when. All right. Marina trying to do is maybe turn up divine M. So they can here than this one right here bear or this please ensure its FaceBook graph thing to work. Branch. Where's the Ryan that I am as right here. Right. So let's for a third one. 775862820. That's 1775862820. Com. And we're going to be working on this a little bit so Bob had a question about might conjure what actually is written and how can we support it nutritionally. And then there are. On the answering it. Consumers not bring anymore. Right so we're gonna talk a little bit about two some of the things here I'm just gonna hold this and to reconfigure how we can get this. To work on FaceBook. But some remember if you like to come and see me or any of that doctors that delaying eye institute doctor. Yeah 86 to zero I doctor Lori Cooper hootie. Any of those doctors or doctor Michael to Latino world renowned retina specialist. You can call. Let's see it's 3527534014. That is 3527534014. Give us a call. And Louis if we can put Keppinger Tinder Simi burn in my doctors. You may not be able to get to recruit but they sport. Things will figure it out again we had a working at one time. Eight. I got a lot of new products coming out on the market may affect fortify is right now I'm in Georgia sponsoring a big marathon. Iron Man event and then fortify myself were heading to Seattle Washington. The floor and the 66 annual nutritional congress put somebody American college of nutrition. Abbate on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and then would talk a BX Saturday morning actually so we'll talk about it. That whole nutritional conferences on the micro flora in the gut. And you sure Schenscher alzheimer's and then nerve degenerative disorders so that'd be kind of exciting so will share with that. All of our listeners. When I learned. We're rearranging the so little that. Some more time for lunch Europe and 77586. To each morning. That is 775862820. If you got a question. Did meet gay com. All right so we got a good product coming out called GLA. From black current Siegel super concentrated extract saying free. It's a non GM most source. GLA gamma and all the gas it is a potent natural anti inflammatory. It helps dry eyed dramatically helps join health skin health things of this nature so. It will be out and about a week. We actually have prototypes that were that gonna have that Saddam the conference in Seattle Washington. So it's a toll you take and when you combine that with Omega three. And fortify focus is still triple whammy. Fighting against Ryan. And so we're gonna pack to Jamal and a box and it's going to be called fortify advanced. Dry eyes their peak fortify advanced dry eye therapy. And it will be available I'm hoping we could tip maybe less. So that's combination of G away from black currency all Omega three triglycerides form. And fortified focus which is Lou teens he is Anthony and asked his aunt and Tom Barrasso. Paley a simplified is releasing in new crunch. That is gluten free and vote free and sprawling crotch actually developed at my New Orleans background is shining through. So I wanna something that had probably aim flavor. Without the sugar so it has a little sugar and a real sugar but not much I think we have four grams in the cards are very less it was diabetic friendly. How to be a great serial butchered 82 cows smoker coach Garrett smoker. Coconut milk gone in the morning and and be a partial. Correctly she still need a little extra approaching them com. So probably crunch is gonna be available. The new drive advanced therapies gonna be available very soon. Right I'm. When C. We're gonna see is in need. Body will be able to here's on this we'll FaceBook in a minute. You can't watch a FaceBook Michael Ng OD here shortly we are gonna take a cop and now on who it is but let me think he. It is. JK and seek peak of morning. Good morning dark. Pyro Quinn alone. They use that would co Q ten. Do you have any information on that that's a cornerstone values sodium salt. They have me in fact certain pyro quite alone. This protective by AER patent. And CG company in Japan. Right so you're saying rabbit hole what you have limbs. And GCs from Japan. Where are almost all of that they're great deal mitochondria. Right so is that it's a derivative of co Q ten do you think no credit crew. Okay its attitude now learns learns something every day I need I need alert I do need to write that down Eddie's ballot. Round I. I'm only good PR eight. QU. A RE NO. LI END. Our course alone just away sense. Yeah I've deluded that our research that a little bit maybe we'll talk about I expand when I think about nick shaft. Yet the if you take. That is more grams a day general and the one point realize it was taken. And if you have to take two to get fifty Cokie you can and then he gets twenty milligrams of the apparel Quidel. Yes see a lot of stuff on. Down on on the Internet about it back kiwi criticize and it. Her interest are. All right thanks so there. Merit PowerPoint alone also caught a mass that act sticking to redux co factor. So we're gonna to learn more about that phone lines broken 775862820. I don't know if anybody heard that call our. But. Hopefully they did. Pyro clone alone was a question I don't know a lot about it. But I will learn more about it it's a lens several more times seventy send 586282077586. 2820. Adored talk a little bit about immaculate degeneration immaculate generation is something that afflicts me any people. When they hit 65 and above actually can be even younger than that and that types of immaculate generation affect people are very young age. But it's called age related immaculate generation because it is. Basically. Affecting people as they get older. And it can indeed. Cause vision impairment and exit costs significant vision impairment. There's basically two types of immaculate a generation drive immaculate generation and wet masculine generation. Dry is the least visually devastating. To slowest acting. Wet is the most visually devastating in the fastest acting however some people. Think they want to wet form because she can treat the wet form with injections. A Avastin injections. You can use. I daily injections Lucent is injections however you don't want a shot your eyelash absolutely have to have one. Now I do have to brag a little bit delaying eye institute and also doctor toll Tina who invented the Avastin injection is that retina specialist expanding. Inside the Lang I institute upstairs to a state of the art retina senator. You know his percentage of injections in the eye for macular degeneration as much less than the national average and that is doomed. TE using. It's supplements like the fortify supplements the MacKey health supplements. These supplements when combined we're seeing us energy and patients are doing quite well. So if you had immaculate generation if you are interested in finding out what she can do how you can be pro active. And do something naturally to help. There remember I never tell patients that have glaucoma are immaculate generation to only take the natural approach to. Because it gives the wet form immaculate degeneration often times you need to have the injections and you don't wanna be taking a supplement vitamin soul. OK but if he isn't in conjunction. Absolutely. And we see patients that have come to our senator and had injections every 67 weeks for years and then we adjust their diet. We just him the supplements we put him on the right supplements. And many of these patients we actually see we don't need to inject them anymore. Or they're injection rate goes down significantly. From ever got made a pretty good body if we give it the right fuel the right fuel. And the problem is the right fuel just is not over the counter most of these vitamins for immaculate a generation. Look at the other ingredients. Are I learned to read labels. Most of these. Are going to be filled with synthetic nutrients chance that's dies right. All the things that are bad for you and then super high concentrations of things like zinc oxide. Which are bad. Our country you either. A little zinc is fine. But Titus is a zinc can be very bad right I would get regular throws just a second if you like to set up an appointment to see any of the doctors are delaying eye institute myself doctor eighty X visit your doctor. Laurie could Rudy or doctor Michael tell Latino who has space inside delaying eye institute like you said it is expanding. Upstairs. You can call right this number down 352. 7534014. That's 3527534014. My people from the Philippines are watching now. Yet Tammy is watching now she didn't hear what I said earlier batter. Dot also Carla. Allowed de Cristo. Lots of people. I would want facts now let's put this back and hear and see if we can figure out if we can hear anybody. On this cops. With the it didn't. And Alan Dunn Alan thanks holding good morning. More intact thank you so much for taking my clock. I'm intrepid and that's easier met it seems of the cat in a very important. This is clear our help. What the proper dosage and balance those. And that's a great question I don't know if anybody has the magical answer I mean typically most science this morning toward it if you're taking calcium. Right. And remember too much casting are finding is bad. But like a war of one to two ratio so Cassie and if you take 500 milligrams you said 250 milligrams of magnesium. All right you gotta be careful about supplemental potassium. Clergy can have some serious problems that you take too much potassium. You know I usually say eat and eat some banana eating banana a day or believe in a nut avocado very high potassium. I don't get your potassium through a supplement and less you're gonna die erratic and your prescribed by a physician does potassium build up to be very toxic. But magnesium edit it easy it's hard to get toxic levels magnesium because you're gonna know Alec you take too much menus and as you're gonna have the runs right. And it's hard to build up too much levels of that but calcium is also an issue because a lot of people are taking calcium carbonate casting six trip. All these calcium in super high doses discussing trying to combat against. Ask your opinion osteoarthritis. But what happens is they take these large amounts of calcium and circulates to their body and they think dad this magnesium is gonna help. But star's cousin classification of that are of the blood vessel linings increasing your risk of a stroke and heart attack and immaculate a generation. So. It's it's becoming Armas an exact science when you're taking calcium. I like when caught hydroxy appetite but it has to be combined with not only vitamin. Magnesium phosphorus boron. Something caught it personal vote or strut GM and vitamin K right K one or Kate's do. So if you don't want to take all of that wanna do it super naturally basically put limited clothing on you go out in the sun between twelve and to get twenty to thirty minutes is sun. Do not take a shower for six to eight hours after which is that washes duels away. Eat some cooked spinach gently cook not rock. All right and since our teens with the bones so starting with a balanced mentioned some sunshine and then do some weight bearing exercise. And your bones are going to be strong until a year in two feet in the grave just. What what that that is so much so it is very important far higher health. And that's why I'm concerned that the testing is still it is some of the problems we have we don't have enough potassium one factor recommends. This is manner that doctor 4700. Milligrams a day that you can't. You know you really shouldn't get through a supplement he should get through your fold but that's an awful lot I think fifteen bananas. Yeah I'd say that's a lot of potassium if you're not on a diet erratic in your night out you know sweating a whole lot that's probably more potassium that I would think you need. You can get a lot of this three your diet nuts and seeds are very high and magnesium. The potassium we talked about in trade banana dessert or. Other free skin and vegetables are high end and that but yes if your decision in these. You can have heart arrhythmia isn't. Irregular heartbeats and heart palpitations and all sorts apart issues. So you don't wanna be deficient but I agree I mean getting it to your diet and so I always recommend she extra ten servings. Organically grown fruits and vegetables a day does if you fall short. Usually you get seven or eight or write a. That that question is is that testing out the level now. They fact that if you can get the standard tests which test your blood unit that and it looks okay normal that for the minerals. You've made that it may not be enough because it's what you salads are actually absorbing. It is there are some special task. Absolutely. So there's a test that we used to run a lot out of that Medicare doesn't cover anymore and and so we don't run much have been anymore but it was caught Spectra south. Go to their website Spectra sell dot com and look at it that looks at the absorption properties in the sell not just in the blood. It's very interesting I mean we use that to help develop the fortified vitamins. Looking at absorption of specific nutrients were using so write that down Spectra sell dot com. Check it out even always ashy doctored to run that test. That will look for any nutritional deficiencies that you have that through the typical blood tests are not gonna look for. If in one step at a wanna be hacking your time so valuable but one more question out. NATO can he had never heard that the. Gas at I mean it's a natural blood thinner I don't know a whole lot about it you know I'd I'd be very careful about. Loading up on anything that sends the blood overly all right. But if year under the supervision of somebody that can look at. Say pro Roman times the thing that I I'm concerned about. Some people are big into the natural approach and they might have atrial fibrillation their own crewman Ener1 of these blood thinner than they think they can stop that and start data came days. I would not recommend that correct you I take a little American based helps thin the blood a lot of things then the blood you know ginger does Kurt human Omega three fish shoals. Which can overdo it and the first sign that is in your bruising a lot or you bleeding very readily then you're blood is Doucet. Well thank you so much the doctor who's really appreciate that we'll listen again. They taser from an. And it's. Gad like I said made it pretty good body if we see it the right nutrients so in a what's a good breakfast wake up in the morning it's three organic free range jags. Eggs ain't bad for that are actually good for it's the perfect suit. Takes organic kill some organic spinach may be some mushrooms so attaining coconut at all and put a little goat cheese and and the reason we used goat cheese. Or men she goat cheese that's a Spanish she's because comes from goats and sheep. You said that chasing pro team is an 82 beta casing protein that any one. Anyone may casing for most cow's milk when she's caused leaky gut cancer diabetes. And a horrendous problems in kids. So you're gonna give you kids Malcolm the Syria make sure it's eight to cow's milk goats melt. Or promised land. Those are all eight to calm me casing proteins. Tom. Is all the way proteins and there's no key scene pre teen. At all write some lines are open nets C 775862820. Listening asked an actor. Hamas of broadcasting a FaceBook I am I apologizing you can hear the questions on Facebook's. A figured out Dixon next time maybe. But I try to. Related question Osama. 775862820. If you have a question today is sometime in November are ready. She likes third or fourth anybody know what it is. The third. November 3. Says Thanksgiving is right along Rick coming up soon I actually have one more race this year. And it is a PD OC sanctioned race in. Barbara speedway Birmingham. I think that's the week. After. A week before Thanksgiving. So I'll be live next week the follow wake up probably be in Birmingham probably kind of chilly this. Let's talk a little bit more about immaculate new generation. So what's the perfect food for immaculate generation and really the perfect fit for anybody and everybody not just immaculate degeneration. Neuro degeneration alzheimer's these things were on hand in hand. So he takes a model. Alaskan salmon it's got to be wild salmon not far racing Eminem stuff as orange Diane it. The make you grow four arms so wild Alaskan salmon not Norwegian salmon not Scottish CNN. I mean a lot of people think or get this Norwegian salmon a Scottish image that farm raised spacious as wild on had a wild caught or wild Alaskan. It just says Alaskan. It's not while so make sure it says while while caught so we take that he sucked dating token at all sir locale Los bench orange bell peppers. You put an egg on top the fossil lit bids in the yoke. Make the blue team that the looting from the Cahill on the spinach in the Z is anthem from the orange bell peppers. And the asked is anthem from the wild Alaskan salmon. All absorbed into the cells absorb into Iraq and absorbed into the brain. You can't have a little green tea with that or a little much at C argued during blue gene have a little pinot noir from Oregon region. Very high and Reza for trial I don't recommend. Over doing that. And a low bullet blueberries or go to G dares that is the perfect meal from AccuWeather generation. You can type an ultimate meal of the perfect meal from our utility generation I think Akamai number one in the world. Talking about the exact science behind that suit but that's good for any any analogy of a lot of diabetics listened to the shaft and I always tell diabetics. Breakfast and supper should be true team. Vegetables and in safer rooted in sick carbohydrates are certainly didn't say spaghetti or chocolate chip cookie. Protein and vegetables for all of you no matter who you are but especially diabetics remembered butchered his highest first thing in the morning. And then you're given that Syria or you're given an a bagel you're drinking orange juice and that's a lot of sugar. So. Protein and vegetables for breakfast and supper lunch can be used beginning meatballs are your hoagie when every in there and I was directed defense. Mary in Gainesville thanks so holding good morning. Good morning thanks for taking my call. My question have to do with the peripheral vision loss. And beat the fact that Ron. Do he was certain to generation. So what can you do if that is happening. Is there a way to beat by the rob. Or. Com. Do you have a disease like retton that is pigment terrace and there are. Yes so RT is something that is fairly complicated and it is it distributed a sex deride as you know. What I always preach to my patients is to cede their Ratner and if she Dick tones believer not. The Kosher cones are responsible for your central vision. And you had a central vision and as we mature. Our codes are gonna start today. Actually get worse and and they're going to start to. Not function as well and a lot of that's because our diet becomes worse and worse is we get older. So feeding the rat now with things like fortify focus are the food that I just talked about. The wild Alaskan salmon eggs spinach to kale orange jumpers to go to G Barings. But not so Omega three but that's in the wild Alaskan salmon are taking Omega three there is science. That is proven that Omega three can help slowdown the degenerative effects of retton that is pigment data center. Com we also another vitamin a but we would have had to do this along time ago high dosage of vitamin a vitamin a rat on comic take. Has been shown to help slowdown the degenerative effects of red menace pigment has as well. There are some drugs out there. That are available now that can be used to help slow it down there is research. I mean there's some pretty exciting research. Using DNA and genes. Com for. Helping B patients with threaten menace dignitaries at Symantec University of Florida reversed our peak and you living gains at all. In and animals and dogs. Using a virus with the Jean on it I think doctor shoe lace cal showed was the one instrumental. In that study and he is available now on the village's. So he has an office in the villages so we might wanna write that name Daschle laced count shall MD Ph.D. He's probably one of the leading authorities on redden that is pigment has sent. But I would. I would tend to eat the foods that we were talking about there is a drug on the market could decked a code that's Bob froehlich ass said all right. That is also been shown in studies to help patients with our heat and low dosages so jot that down. About pro at gas said. And then once again if you were interest that I can always referred to doctor cal Shuler you can look them up in south for firms to say you heard on the radio are. OK that sounds great. Thank you so much and take you through it. And keep the faith. Tonight phone lines around then 775862820775862820. Patients would threaten nice pigment Towson we have quite a few that listen to the show. This is a disease that actually affects the Ratner and the rods they did generate and you lose your peripheral vision. And you can get ten holes vision and ultimately you can go totally blind from this. Com us America still listening. You may want to seek the advice of a low vision specialists as well they do have fueled expander they can prescribe and things of this nature. And I think K University of Florida. Another VA has sap low vision specialist they have a little vision residency over there at the VA in Gainesville. Right I am. Talking a little bit more about masculine a generation. I mean in Florida we have so many people with immaculate new generation so we gotta give it the proper food like Ouattara I was talking about. Routines he is antenna NASA's anthem is the fortified focus supplement that I developed the has worldwide people are taking this worldwide. That actually improves immaculate pigment density. So it's kind of like an internal sun screen UV screen and blue filter the blue light is coming from all the digital world. And I'll this new man made light is harming our Ratner has. Ex special anybody that had cataract surgery. I recommend they take fortified focused or something similar to it but there's still Lindsay human crystalline lens. Before he had cataract surgery absorbed all of that harmful light. Well you don't have any more have an implant in place that does not absorb. All of the blue lights. So that's why you're more pre disposed to developing immaculate generation after cataract surgery takes fortified focused one day to day that a helped keep the eyed actor away. Also if we filled during the blue light and I talked about this almost every program. Via glasses. So there's a lens that I developed color blue light defensive blue light shield there's a new lens on the market for certain individuals I like better than my lens. And it's called True Blue I gave this website out a few times ago go to True Blue vision dot com. True Blue vision dot com write that down True Blue vision dot com remember my last name Lang LA NGE. Use that as a promo code you get 10% off. So on that website you can order these lenses as Sid overs over your current glasses as clip bons. Plano with no prescription. Or prescription. Right from the website. So check it out true blues vision dot com. The thing I like about Richard Bruton True Blue vision lenses. Is there polarized lenses only polarized lens on the market that surely filters almost all of the harmful blue light. They are True Blue row land is not alive stop the pro lends us a little gray hue to it. But it filters more of the harmful light from the computer than any lens on the market this is brand new technology just came out. Will light defensive blue light showed our phenomenal. Excellent lenses. This True Blue lens just still just. A little bit different arena. The blue light defense filters more from 400 of 420 the True Blue filters a little bit more from 430 to 445. In this two camps on this 411. Nanometer is very bad for the radner 445. Nanometer is very bad for the radner. And they really can't make one that filters all of it. So I like the True Blue for people that are on a computer a lot Sergio on the computer more than two hours a day to think about True Blue lens go to the website true blues vision dot com. So now you're putting glasses on that sill to the blue light. From your environment and you take in the fortified focused that filters any dictates and that's a double whammy against fighting against. Masculine degeneration. Today. We are gonna open the phone lines 775862820. Yeah that is 77586. 2820. And I think we're gonna take a break here and I'm gonna try to figure out how to get that voice coming through FaceBook so state team we're gonna take a break. And then I'll be back in about them. Then have two and half to three minutes you're listening to ask the doctor 775862820. I I'm doctor Michael Lang. I'm a board certified Affymetrix position and certified nutritional specialist. Did you know that the majority of vitamins that you can buy over the counter. I filled with synthetic nutrient diet and trans fats and all of the things that are bad for you. This is why develop fortify vitamins and all natural nutrition record developed over years of clinical research. Fortified complete class is equivalent to ten to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The supplement is a multi vitamin hide vitamin veggie and fruit blends with enzymes and Omega three fish all. Developed to promote total body wellness and healthy vision. Isn't it time that you took control of your health fortified vitamins. Take control of your belt with a fortified. Learn more in order now at www. Fortified. Available at playing the eye care & Associates. 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Fortify dot com available at length I care & Associates. Genesis communications presents the show and it's. We'll see better and no matter how. Board certified domestic position turnpike nutritional special. The radio. My goal line. I know last night here & Associates. On FaceBook maybe you'll hear me on FaceBook may be nice. Phone lines are open 7758628. Tony we got a lot of people loaded up by doctor Michael Lang of the Lang I institute and fortified vitamins. Learn more about our supplements at fortify. Dot com that's FO RT IS EYE fortify. Dot com. Independently due to fortify phone number you wanna call and talk to the gang fortified you and order any thing. You don't want to go online you can ordered by calling 866. 503. 9746. That's 866503. 9746. By going to the first person on line whine don't need good morning thanks holding. Hey good morning about the way. So my question preview is. I seem BP's. What a way around or you know to push controller quipped I classes. And any time that I ever had an eye exam we view. There's been some kind of feedback from me whether. When you're flipping through move this thing it boggles my major problem things it is better or worse. And I have to tell you yes better know that saying it's better that how you do that with the people that doesn't vocalize. Yet so a lot of patience not over only infants but people that don't speak our language here. You know with mental blocks are neuro degenerative disorders we can't rely on their subjective. Input. So you have to be a good good clinician in and learn learn your objectives skills very well. So here's an example we something Carter rat Disco correctness scope literally I can figure out the prescription and that infants died in about four seconds maybe three seconds to. By using erect a scope it's a light that I shined their Ryan I look at the beam of light to see it as with motion against motion and different meridian second determine if this emptiness far sighted near cider has a statement ism and I'm pretty accurate with this. And so the baby doesn't have to say a word now what we do you have to do is usually given a puppet to the mother so as long as that baby that infant. Wolf focused firm I'd literally 12 two seconds. On that topic I can get the prescription that's how fast this. So yes you're absolutely correct there is no subjective response at all in many exams are many people. It's amazing web technology just continues to blow me away your ability basis. And we have automated. Computers now that actually would do that threaten us to be as well. It's just that that and that sometimes what looked as like you know a pretty. Apple are pretty dog here of course years something like that. And they'll look at it just long enough for the machine to do it but. I'm more accurate my hand held ready to scare. Maybe. Until how I trust you sit my eyesight twice and as a matter of fact I've been called upon my return company. We begin with you were. Here please so. These diplomats and abilities and obviously to send. Larry Tony look forward to seeing you take care. Tell your folks a little forming. I've known Tony since about 19931. Of my first patience is dead was probably before US I let's see. I think she innocent Indian rocks good morning. Yes good morning factor how are you. Okay at everything should just starting and I just a couple of questions. You get mentioned like you're taking it one thing right. Complete and say I'm. And I'm thinking before if I'm accurate defense reject it the three I I'm criteria I'd burn it up by I need at least at least at a moment. Which do you think would be better for me. Other immaculate offense is ideal mean immaculate defense is the most potent. Our formulas so it comes out fortify complete once daily than fortify complete advanced and then fortify complete immaculate defense. So the immaculate offense is about 33% more potent in the complete advanced. So anybody at high strung Taipei personnel the aging any type of disease entity that solution that doesn't have to be immaculate degeneration. You can take to fortify a complete match killer defense. The right thing OK one other question I can attack at about calcium today. Okay industry that is MD up what could be a supplement that I'm taking beta 120 milligrams of tells you right. Okay and initially I was told I had actor wrote several years ago I had this covered outfield teen yeah my my right hip. And situations you need to increase this year calcium. In total not taking a supplement inefficiency or if it's blue bonnet it's calculus the trade make me given vitamin. And total up all their fortified accurate defense and the book on it isn't Allison 120 calcium is kept safe. Do you. Might now I cannot say probably about a hundred lieutenant. Yeah I mean a year probably OK with that however. It doesn't have any stride image doesn't mean Oprah floated that MG vitamin K and it's so you know I could get the maximum absorption and I'm concerned about it circulating through your blood vessels and causing counts of occasion. And lack. I haven't chased separately today 22 right do. So what are much to do right down this Douglas laboratories. I steal guard. Plus it for a full of loan. Douglas laboratories. I steal guard plus their personal and look at those nutrients look concede that profile that's a lower dosage of calcium but it's a much more bio available form all right. And if you combine that with some weight bearing exercise a little sunshine. Need a little spinach like you said Sar teams and salmon. You probably should be fine. You'll hurt slots. It for a slow load to throughout the night I PRA. It era in the flood zone FL AZONE. OK okay so I feel Kart class. You prefer that than it did get eaten that we have that on the fortify website. But if you go to health food store as torture look at you could find something similar to that new chair profile. At a health food store. Cheapening what. What India ask you can't let it for alone. Yes exactly that's sort of what you did this got out hydroxy appetite phosphorus boron. Vitamin K a magnesium April fool's own vitamin. Body. Can I ask you distinct at this little. About it just supplement that you think it's been doing any harm to me. Though I don't I doubt it you'd be probably okay but you can moderate are absolutely blew the artist in good company. Making very good right senile so yeah night night I don't think you doing any harm. Okay. All right so that I'm not doing too much just. Am now and I'm glad you didn't see your taking 2000. But you know you know as you know 12100 is probably okay. Am. You probably fine right but look look at research that and read that information on the web about that when I just judge okay. Okay out that. Thank you so much. Take care. There are you listening asked the doctor around doctor Michael Lang you can see me at delaying eye institute. In the villages the phone number for the Lang I institute is 352. 7534014. And now you can barely hear the callers but you hear misty cranked to provide him a little bit. And a world nick. What do I think about vegan diet food. True 100% vegetable diet I don't love. But if you add a little pro team whether it's eggs or milk or cheese or from an 82 source. Low chicken or anything like that then absolutely I think. The majority. Of the food that you eat should be vegetables and then protein and then a little fruit. But the biggest helping on your plate should be vegetables but a true 100% vegan diet I don't allow that because there many deficiencies. Omega three is a deficiency B twelve is a deficiency. But many people do very well on that but I think you got to add a little more pro team you'd be very educated if you're on a vegan diet because. You know I getting a complete routine often times but if you do rice and beans it is a complete thirteen the selective science. And I think this is Regina in saint Pete thanks for holding. Hi doctor. Chris Chris questioning. I haven't had a Carrick surgery. In purely fifteen and we can tell I diagnosed with a wrinkle on the let him. And and and that the one thing you know it's easy and accurate defenses will that either at the complete and accurate that could be good for the. Stories are Ricoh already has three names immaculate Parker epi retina membrane or cellophane Mack a lot that they. Usually it's nothing to be concerned about as if your vision is 20402050. Or better. I wouldn't do anything if it's worse than you can have a surgical procedure done Cohn at he written a membrane PL. It makes sense if you take a formula like fortify immaculate sense. That siege your Ratner all right did you the new change for the entire reading your entire body in your immaculate. There is no studies there is no science out there that shows that it has been a fish focus nobody started it but it doesn't make sense if you give the right nutrients to the Ratner. And the body that you're gonna need do better so in theory it could help. Decreased the chance of that progress and are turning into something nastier all right but there's no science that would prove that. If my ear and it might get a template connecting Heatley that he has actually generate I mean haven't. Glaucoma can he play then. What if cycle pre nine protect them. Absolutely absolutely one not an interference within an off. Great out here and I take care about heparin and it's very it's let's see we have time for one more calls. And reach around here that gives you. Hewitt's over springs thanks for holding good morning. I thank you very much a quick question I can't you trees. A vitamin pills. Yes you can't freeze and that the right now why would you wanna treason. Well we have some lead our family member cast not who has a big vitamin ticker. And she had a lot of pro vitamins that we're. I guess some activity purity jumped and idled by the expiration date I probably won't get a chance to use a ball. I know just sort of like the trees those who are older value. She says she can't absolutely a lot of people do you freeze vitamins especially Omega three fish shoals that are Ethel ethyl ester brand. And it is a nasty taste is so they freeze in the they take them when they're frozen and they don't given that nasty taste the best you can freeze of items admit it will not harm them. Night take care. And you can refrigerate them as well you can refer Dre is meant protein powers is good idea the refrigerator should never know what's in the air. Specially connect going to consume them. Quickly. So refrigeration is probably pretty good but remember. We are required to put an expiration date much earlier than they really expire so vitamins are good probably for a couple of years. After the expiration date I don't think everybody for tuning in listening to ask the doctor a doctor Michael Lang have a great day. God bless you I'm out here I'll be glad again next week.