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Listen for details on Dr. Lange's new nutritional products coming out! An amazing product called: Fortifeye Dry Eye Therapy will soon be available. Dr. Lange recommends going to for information on items that help to shield your eyes from damaging blue light that emanates from the electronics we use daily. Call Fortifeye Vitamins at: 866-503-9746 for information on Dr. Lange's nutritional products and don't forget to ask about the promo codes to get 15% to 20% and discounts off on many products. The Lange Eye Institute in the Villages Florida is now hiring in several positions; Call the office at: 352-753-4014 to find out if a position you are looking for is open.

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Genesis communications presents the show events. We'll see better and feel better on the board certified aftermath positioned to provide nutritional specialist Ken popular radio. My goal line you know last night here Edison. Good morning and welcome to ask the doctor I'm your host as usual doctor Michael Lang. I was lying eye institute and fortify vitamins here each and every Saturday morning live to answer any no questions you may have regarding your vision and eye care. Are a nutritionally related topics of pick up the founding gimmick off. The number here is. 77. Side age six to eight between that 77. 5862820. Am live in the studio today this is after Thanksgiving and so why it's in November 2019. New and apologize have been out and about for the last three weeks they had to listen to some tapes. Let's see I was a rural land are racing in the name into the American college. Annual conference of nutrition. In Seattle Washington more talk a little bit about that. And then the last weekend I was at Birmingham Alabama barber speedway. Did quite well in the super solo advanced class. Nobody passed me. And I did on the passing lap quite a few good people so the fortified viper did quite well. All right now let's get some lines are open 775862820. Remember if you're not happy with the IQ that you're getting. Coming for a second opinion delaying eye institute is in the villages Florida. That's the fastest growing population in the entire country and they're building 50000. Homes there. That's crazy. So Illini institute is right on the corner. 466. And county road one on one. Were open Monday through Friday would got a great staff are great group of doctors doctor -- X zero doctor Lawrie computing myself. I'd doctor Michael told Latino more renowned retina specialist is now upstairs. At the laying out institute we've actually moved him upstairs they're building out a state of the art retton the center of their research center. So if you wanna see doctor told Latino he is in the Lang I institute but not downstairs and that's anymore moved an expanded to a much larger space. Upstairs inside the lane I institute. Get a piece of paper write down this phone number for the Illini institute of like to set up an appointment to see any of our doctors. Underlying eye institute once again as in the villages. Florida. The phone numbers 352. 753. 4014. That's 35275340. And four a do you see a lot of you watching us on FaceBook this morning so hello. FaceBook that's Michael Lang who. I would go to sounds out of first caller one there that can be. 5 and good morning and. Are we auto bailout bill. So partnered up with you this Saturday morning. Absolutely. What don't you're. Thanksgiving was amazing I got off the Lang diet fair. Quite a few days at a lot of Turkey allowed stuffing a lot of Jim Blake gravy a lot of mash the state is glad agreeing beings. Way too much a compiler and blueberry cheesecake and pumpkin pie I got it today it was it was delicious mom and dad were there. I'm my son Logan McKenzie broke Brittany. You know that analyze everybody. Need it made some amazing. A step Yang soon. If that that's Jamie's mom so we are great dime and I probably game six counts so I went to the gym twice similar to the gym 6 at 6 o'clock in the morning yesterday. And again at 10 o'clock at night last night Sarah I hit the gym twice from. That there are well I'd like I've bought and what I would call. I never question what sort of thought well me but dom. My talk your power water out sick. MM. I've worked some foolish in well in both our commercials go out. Couple years actually. There's bad. An oral or generation a lot of water out well respect crucial meeting between. George. And I do have a prayer groups white. Who struck where where are your are quieter. She's a great deal for our order they beat up on by a lot of outs or we're out. Our pilot right gas it has been FDA approved to treat osteoarthritis. Believer or not. The neat idea and an injection into the name okay mom. And net I don't know how great the studies are but there are also some uses for dry scaly skin we've talked about data topic Dermot Titus. Dry high. Match you know it's an artificial tears now it's in the oasis tears plus is in the blink tears. People using it for cosmetic purposes running rubbing it into this to end. Orally. Four and joint and arthritis. And inflammation. You know most of this has been much the studies have been shown in music in Jack the most and we even using the guy. There are some studies that there that I also may suggest and I gotta admit they're not great double blind placebo controlled studies with a lot of people want them. But there's some small studies this show that a certain preparation. Of oral highly erotic as it may help with some joint pain. But the studies like I said are not that that great. But you know who's gonna wait there's never going to be in a double blind placebo controlled study with 25000 people and it just never will be. That so I tell people try it right and that you have joint pain you know given a driver helps and it works fantastic. And I think it's the low molecular weight. How ironic gas and it absorbs better than the high molecular weight. So I'm still not an expert in this field out. But third joint pain some things that really do work that have been studied more believe are not as I. Asked design and then and you've heard doctor Karen had to suggest starting here with me. Talking about asked his aunt has been a potent natural anti inflammatory. And it does help with arthritis in the some good studies that then actually. I prove that. And things like Kirk human and two American ginger Boswell your route. These are all natural anti inflammatory as well so if they have inflammation in their joints and that's a problem. It can help reduce pain. But I don't like people to be on the of those latter three that I mentioned. Ginger Kurt human to America for for a long periods of time but it does block a enzyme called sci clocks you guys and says you're on a going after three weeks then off for a week or two on after three weeks offer weaker to. Tennis cycle on and off. But I would say it's worth a try I humans and no real fluid com has a lot of highly erotic gas and then that. You know it's kind of like the these to call like the glue that holds everything together in the body. Well my record there were like a boat that's about it eluded her that if if that course is born. And you know serious that they knew that our continued use of joy maybe being wary but are you are to be destroyer were swept the joint. Now that's a good question I mean obviously if you're right you know a narcotic or something that. Is gonna really and decrease the pain in May be could do it did this isn't gonna decrease the pain that much okay. It if it works at all you know work a little bit merit does not gonna get rid of all the pain I guarantee that. I've tried it forever from my back in my knee. And you know I don't know maybe I get a little placebo effect I think it helped me a little bit but it wasn't anything to really get super excited about. That now some and commercials out there will promote it and it's this best thing since sliced bread and and I know they guide is promoting it he's really good guy too so I would say try it it doesn't hurt to try. Okay. All right very very well you'd expect to be diving strictly can be under video. I'm off for the rest of the year from racing I have a big race event of TB OC race called the winner fast. January 15 161718. Nineteenth some like that's five days at Sebring. But I am going to be going to a school. Where I'm going to actually be racing are radical are exceeds. These cars are amazing they're new generation race cars they're like yeah. Formula One race car with a roof on it. They go zero to 6090 seconds they have the fastest lap times in mini car out there they're essentially a prototype. And some of these new generation. Radicals actually go as fast or faster than the prototypes. If you're stage we have put them back room no water. The Formula One that I missed Kirk already in doubt wall 107 mile an hour. That lived yeah. Yep dirt and then made an and it's Sebring if you are a week before that we at a young age forty drivers a lot of Sarasota that died Jews and dragster she wasn't on the road course. And so you know my my heart goes out to their family. Well thought at the end how did. They're all. I'd pop thanks to a great weekend Marlon. About my collar for years pollen you know that pay phone lines are open 77586282077. 5862820. Com. Let's talk a little bit about the American college of nutrition annual conference in Seattle Washington right so. Centrist and some of the take comes and there's pretty complex is all on the genome human you know as all on genetics and DNA and it's amazing where medicine is going I mean literally though not be taking your DNA and and determine you know what drugs and what foods and and what is right for you everybody's individualized. But 11 of the take comes as coffee or write a lot of you drink coffee a lot of injury can way too much coffee and Demi cups of coffee or RD I did day. Right may be some Garrity had three caps. And then you have a luncheon having dinnertime first Markoff is a diuretic but coffee has some anti Auxerre property and the gist of this story is if you do not have a DNA study done. If they don't match by your genomic they don't know what DNA you have an I don't know if you're a fast metabolize or. First is a slow metabolize or caffeine. You should not drink more than two cups of coffee a day. Because if you're a slow metabolize or caffeine and only this DNA can determine that. And you drink more than two cups of coffee and increase your risk about fatal heart attack dramatically. Now let's face it none as wanna drop dead and two were nanny nine and a half maybe a 105. In her sleep bright so. Basically. Two cups of coffee a day and less you have your DNA tested. And if your fast metabolize there. A K a fast metabolize her. Then I mean we can trigger a couple pots of Davis pretty interesting. What the study shared so be careful with coffee. Don't drink too much out of it. If you don't know just drink two cups a day and two cups a day had been shot and actually be beneficial. So. That's what what are the things I learned the other thing at the American college of nutrition annual conference was. None of us eating enough colorful fruits and vegetables none of us so eat more colorful fruits and vegetables preferably organic. And eat a variety. So remember granny Smith apple and red apple is a bright they're two different types of Apple's. So your plate should have orange bell peppers red bell peppers. Blueberries. And broccoli purple cabbage. Things like that and then some pro team a little fruit obviously. Directly should be vegetables and proteins supper should be vegetables and protein. Lunch and snacks can be fruit. As some of the carbohydrates that you're not exposed to eat so none of us leading efforts of vegetables eat more fruits and vegetables. If you can't shoot for ten to twelve servings of fruits and fashionable today. Take organic blue green super fruit I developed that's equivalent to seven to eight servings of fruits and vegetables today. That date and it has. We grass Jews Barley grass juice spinach kale blueberries strawberries cranberries. Parsley cinnamon pepper Middle East it's gluten free it's five maps free and it's all certified organic you can look at it on fortify dot com. Tom is caught organic blue green super food it was the first shot map free super through with no fiber and it. So people with IDS hear about syndrome can take it it actually is Berry flavored. To little scoop is scooping water Mecca to melt or whatever mix it up drink it down. It is good for you show drinks eat more fruits and vegetables only two cups of coffee and less. Your SaaS metabolize it and you can have a powder to your diet let's go back to the sirens. I think Barbara good morning. Good morning how we don't think you should take and I can't. I am hanging in there and your staff how would you Thanksgiving yet. Yes. I have a question if you know let's send it diagnosed after the fall of functional Estonia. What can I give him TE. Content. Actually can't be it you know I if and they look to fill me. And it's kind of the movement disorder. Your movement your muscles and contract. Involuntary Michael J. Fox has it at the form of it. You know I'm not an expert in this area and also. What can they know what what can I. Give him different is actually turn them and like they didn't eat any any kind of. Now that's a great question you know you probably need to be talking with his position about that I don't know I don't know enough if if I don't know enough I don't talk about it but I knew anything about it I would give you as some ideas. You know what I'll do is go all the research and a little bit and you get Internet access. To new email me later on today. Let me give you my email. It's IE deed nine need to. That iCloud dot com so let me give it to you slowdown spell it out EYE. EL. DE EU DE 92. It iCloud. And only later on today to say and the article about the starting a question and how do a little research on it and ML. I'll enlighten you from what I signed Africa I don't. Thank you so much can have a great day. Parent take care about my. Right throw lines are open. 177586282. Lead at 7758628. When he. I see a lot of people watching on FaceBook I'm wondering. If the callers can hear. If you guys on FaceBook can hear the callers. So you can reply right there in front of me because I got the headset hooked up to myself on some wondering missing mom and there watching and Tammy. Interest in the stakes for the well mark time phone lines are open. I saw I today now a lot of you get ticked off because I Iran takes a three weeks in a row when you might be thinking today is it takes seeing not gonna call. But that is in there week the day this Saturday. After Thanksgiving 2018. So it should be November 24. I'm my dad's birthday is that when he six. To deny any. Happy birthday dad so. To because 77586. 2822. And he can hit the cost. George. Schmidt while world renowned optometrists down in South Florida. And fro swimmer. But I let's go let's. It FactSet. The meat of the matter are soaked. This a product I've been working on for some time now. And clinically been seeing what this combination of nutrients can do for my dry eye patients at the Lang I institute when I had all the other Lang our secure locations. So we've done we've taken a combination of three nutrients more in that actually five nutrients. Omega three official on the triglycerides form which is fortified super Omega. Fortify focus which is blue team Z is antenna mast as anthem. And then a product that developed recently from black currency all that has a 140 milligrams of GLA Gamal and elect gas it. And I found clinically. That this combination. Helps dry eye dramatically. Naturally. And so burner once again combination of 16100 milligrams of triglycerides a form Omega three. Asked does anthem from pastor real it's the type a vast as Anthony need at six milligrams ten milligrams a looting two milligrams as he is anti and I simmers. And then a 140 milligrams a GLA from black currency all it's all coming in a package RD package for had a pretty good birth price. It's called fortify advanced dry eye therapy fortify advanced trying to ice their peak it should be available in the next couple weeks. By the end of new obviously not by the end of November. I ended December it will be available in May be before that it would be up on the website soon seek him pre order just got fortify advanced dry eye therapy. It is the ultimate. In natural nutritional approaches for people that are on the computer a lot. People are on the iPad the tablet that I found watching television. Anybody and everybody basically and a lot of you know like this it also is amazing for this to end amazing for skin health. GLA. Lou teen Zia's damp and asked is it an Omega three all these things are great for this Guillen. Great for your joints. Remember Bob called and talked about how ironic acid you know if I saw studies that really proved to me. That the high around a gas it was beneficial I would put it this formula. But. I just don't see the studies yet. Not to not get it but is set always try it but that and nutrients that I've put in the fortified. And advanced dry eye therapy work. All of the nutrients have been studied. For years and years and years and they have the double blind placebo controlled studies. So that'll be available and I don't know the exact price it would be fifty to sixty dollars. But if you try to buy all that individually it would be well over a hundred dollars in them are always gonna have the discounts Ryan listeners. Which would be 20%. And when you buy three always get 20% off their rallies forensic specialists do you follow me on and stay Graham. Twitter FaceBook. Linked and ten terrorists move applies. If you follow me any of these sites I will give you a discount code usually for 24 hours a huge and amazing discounts. Specially on Friendster Graham to go to answer Graham doctor Michael Lang and then that underscore doctor Michael Lang underscore and Stuart Graham. Follow me on that and I give really special code a couple of times a month on there for big discounts on fortified vitamins and also paley a simplified. Also remember paley a simplified as a company I own now paley a simplified were all about developing. You know healthy bars healthy energy bars healthy granola is. Oh free granola is so we have one that's a big you can buy on Amazon right now cart honey nut fruit crunch. We sell out all over the world honey nut fruit crunch isn't boat freak delicious granola that's good for yet. We got another one called trolling crunch. It would be available soon to be less expensive than the honey nut crunch and that's my New Orleans background coming out. So I love probably means so organ had the sprawling flavored crunch. Vote free remember boats have a special type of fiber that blocks. Meaning anti oxidant silly way to make boat's good for you is if you soak them overnight an ass and medium. Or you buy. Boats that are already sprouted. We're just don't even the simplest that night so the the new Haley a simplified. Crawling crunch will be available I'm I'm hoping. Now and the next few weeks. And right. Some lines are open let C 7758628. When he once again I'm alive its November 24. 2018775862820. All right let's talk a little bit about the Lang I institute Illini institute is in the villages Florida. I built this building while. Back in sixteen its 2006 is Romeo and November of 2006. I have my first office in Ocala march 15 in 1993. I think telling eye institute was the sixth south side are open to. And then we opened to about seven more than the remember I sold them all except Illini insecure about two and a half years ago. That's why am not in this area due to covenants not to compete. But the Illini institute has stated the yard it's close to 40000 square feet. Retton men. Cataracts. Nutritional I cared contacts glasses. Everything all under one roof DNA testing Omega index testing. We have all the fortify vitamins we're paler simplify we have all that. And delaying eye institute. Doctor UAE XP Zito if year span a shirt Cuba and are Mexican and U know speak really good English certainly see doc DAX busier she's fluent. And that doctor Lawrie XP Zito also a great opt to metric physician classmate of mine. And that myself doctor Michael Lang and of course doctor Michael to Latino has space upstairs in the Lang I institute remember he's that. Ophthalmologist and actually. Did all the studies and in the invention and injected a Baston in the eyes first she's kind of the inventor. Of the Avastin injections immaculate degeneration. And no statistically if you compare. By the amount of injections that we're doing it lying I institute is much less than the national average and the reason for that. Is we're using nutrition dietary changes supplements like the fortified focus to fortify sync free immaculate offense immaculate offense to match Q health. The Omega three a combination of these nutrients and supplements and and we actually seeing many people improve. With out injections. And many of these patients were doing much less injections. So if you have immaculate generation my second opinion certainly come delaying dynasty dominated the phone number. Write this down 352753. 4014. That's 3527534014. This about the defense. Let's see I think it's. Maybe Scott and yeah O'Callaghan asked us. I love director Larry Enrique tat I can't read the writing here they tech and that's a bit. Good morning. Bed knowing you gave me my area that I exam and you are saying that the way my eyes turf. Going yeah my it didn't mention then the next Stanley Cup Mac that I get a deer rabbit cataract. Types of checks that he had to do. Frank and I can't NN I only have many cared. Could until I can't be covered by Medicare if that doctor required it and now it's not just me asking about it at. On Medicare is probably the best insurance very to have rice and Medicare cover 80%. Of everything and anything basically that we do. That's the medical and origin brightest knocking the cover your glasses and things like that. It would cover 80% of your cataract surgery so if you don't have a supplemental insurance is that what you're telling me. Weird and so you have to pay 20%. But late tea with all the cut Paxson the last administration. Cataract surgery hey that expensive anymore OK I mean it's like you have. I don't know seven or box so you pay 20% of around 700. And then you have to pay the facility fees which wouldn't come to us and I don't know that's probably similar price. So you know it's not our huge out of pocket expense but remember what I've told you in the past is an old saying if it ain't broke don't fix it and if you cataract isn't causing a a physical problem in your ride. Like a secondary glaucoma and narrow angles or something like that. Or if you're subjective really not experiencing. You know terrible symptoms and blurred vision there's no reason to remove it so I have people that have 2080 vision and they're happy. All they do is sit on the porch and Iraq they're not driving they don't eat cataract surgery although they Carrick probably should come out but. By the same token I have X. Airplane pilots you know that have not only 20/20 five vision their customers seemed Tony and they want that cataract removed. So it's different for each individual. I always tell patients when he gets to the point. Where in your vision is not satisfactory to you and your eye doctor tell you. This is the best I can make you see with glasses or contacts and you're not satisfied with that. That's when you are you cataract sermons. And I really am there for my next thing then make it still I just wanted him. Make sure I ask you that question make it back I would prefer to do that but this. Right well that's a good thing I cataract surgeon with today's technology were very accurate and calculating the exact implant to give your really good distance vision. And then you can you get a where reading glasses or B you can have a multi focal implant put then. That cost a little bit more and week's green our patients are very carefully to make sure your indeed a candidate for that type of procedure. As you just Willy Nilly go and do it on everybody you have a lot of ticked off patients with. And and and I think. And then them can serve. I hope they cheered doing in the community Richard pro am on Saturday that lets you know without. Well I'm glad I'm not put to sleep with. Mary and take care. Provider that. And happy holidays well I'm politically correct but I will say merry Merry Christmas happy new year happy past Thanksgiving happy Chanukah happy Kwanzaa. What ever that phone lines are open 775862820. That 77586. 2820. I can recall remember no matter how simple it complicated your question as long as vision or yen or nutritional related topic. I'll try to answer to the best in my abilities and have no that. Answers belida fake it or get back to you but now fading team actions. Eight moos what are we talk about them I'm. Then. I. The other thing like that it was a big take comfort in American college of nutrition annual conference not only are we not eating enough. Fruits and vegetables on a daily basis not only is American society drinking way too much coffee. Am. Also drinking way too many diet drinks and these diet drinks are not good for you there Carson engines. When you buy something. Mosque so I drink can and when mentioning names for these protein drinks the bio with a can owner. Look at other ingredients if they sucralose senate I personally would not take it. All right now diabetics think that's good because there is no sugar and carbohydrates a lump. But it's sucralose. Has some very bad side effects especially if you take it a whole lot Barry now there's not gonna hurt chips. Look for Stevie Stevie is better resign what caused that there batter. Or just plain old Coca not sugar. Especially post recovery work out so there's one bad day can buy over the cannot flog Imus called core power. I like it when you compare it. To the there sir I still love that but it does have sugar bush recovery after you hit gem after you play tennis after the golf course. After going on the wrong by cried. The core power has sugar and carbohydrates that you need I go I seeming connection you need that sugar right after. To replenish your like ancient stores in need that protein so core power when I like the best that you can find over the counter. Because it doesn't have any artificial sweeteners has things coconut sugar. So that's okay. We're developing a new protein chocolate protein that will be out in about two weeks. And it's still fortified super protein. But I've added a little sugar believe in and out. Everybody's gone club so and Stevie and before I still have Steve yet but some people react interest only to Stevie Stevie is very sweet. It causes the pain increased over sir creek insolent and you become tight broke right slicing me two hours later you feel terrible all right. Like you're light headed you gonna pass out so we're adding a little bit of organic coconut sugar just 34 grams so stow diabetic friendly she will not get that. I spoke like seeing the reaction to Steve yet I'm one out in that gets it. So I wanna give or take my products so we're adding a little coconut sugar to the chocolate. If that works and everybody loves that the Vanilla flavors gonna be the same now remember we do have a naked protein that has no flavor at all. And you can add which you want so if you don't like Steve yet. The fortified naked protein easier way proteins wait concentrates from New Zealand grass fed cows. And we actually taking it from the key scene instead of the cheese it's coming from eight to cast with a casing protein is good this doesn't mean a lot TU. But the key scene makes the amino acid profile and our weight protein much higher than that even by over the counter are. All the stuff you buy an over the carrot cake comes from China. Comes from. The cheese portion. That has the bad a one TC and it is well I it is an offense. Tony not a lot of good morning mark and Ed euphoria. Yeah. About a week I've been having a problem my. Look died. I mean if you see. I live has been clearing. And it feels like maybe once very seldom you know yeah during that come idol. Good short quiver and then it'll be okay my vision is okay long distance no problem. And there's been no Lou a recent changes senate. Right and she stinks so. Tony that's called a nine mile Kenya some doctors are callable after a spasm is ruling out a block for a spaz spasms so it's a little eyelid vibration. And there's a lot of things that can causes stress is one of the number one causes of this are right so maybe needing go to the Bahamas for a week very. So stress can cause it the wrong prescription if you wearing glasses the wrong prescription chronically whirring along prescription can cause it. Vitamin deficiency. Said taking a good multi byte and like fortify complete once daily. Can cause that. Dehydration. Is one of the biggest things that they they can cause it. So remember if you drink a lot to coffee and haven't a couple of Beers in the evening chance Jerry dehydrated vision I drink enough water. Com so go to some of the simplest things and take a good multi vitamin drink plenty of water com. You know relieve the stress may be see the eyed actor have your eyes dilated to everything else checked so this and things you can do to help get rid of it. Alternate a hot and cold compress right. And believe it or not. Drink some tonic water I didn't say gin and tonic I just said tonic quarter. Get a little heist and drink a couple of glasses of tonic water for about five days that actually as quiet nine minute they can relax that also see don't have that little spasm. And right. Then if it continues to get worse than you know obviously steer you localize doctor. If he gets worse from there but try that. Alternating hot and cold compress. Drink some. I town a quarter and relaxing. Okay. I've been need to come here and I doctored and I am saying much about ten years I know I need to come and see what what what should location. Right so Lang I institute is in the villages so. We're right basically on the corner of 466. And county road one on one. There's CDS were right next door to the CBS across the street from the public. Right in the heart of the villages so you can Google lying I institute as well that's pretty easy to find. I don't. I'm only a few on the look at cal Max six. And that equity great. Gagged and done but done. I know I enjoy four in the water. And viewed. Editor reporter cranberries we excite don't have cable pretty reticent to. But. Sunshine are you get any sunshine. Because vitamin DD deficiencies and limited studies that actually say that these little eyelid which is may be related to vitamin. You know I always tell thirty minutes is some between twelve and two with no sun screen only thirty minutes unless you're an albino and make sure you have your sunglasses on it or not I don't don't go unsigned. He. Okay. I thought well he could checklist developed. The temptation talked about not seeing which one I'm doing what trump I'm not. And although I didn't try to get percent during next week. All right California zany. You noted that take take your. And the phone number for the Lang I institute is 35275340141. More time 352. 7534014. We a lot of people on hold I will get T guys. I wanna give you a little promo code you hear me talk about blue light all the time. And one reason they develop that new formula the fortified man strife there be it has the nutrients and at that actually impregnate into your MacKey let. Improving match you look pigment density filtering the harmful blue light. But if you're not gonna take that supplement you can actually get some glasses you can buy. Sit overs over your regular glasses or you can buy them to work week work on the computer. Nonprescription you can bimetal web site. All right called True Blue vision dot com. True Blue vision dot com. Now if you're wearing a pipe focal all right or give a super high prescription you have to use glue like defense and blue light shield lenses. They're the only lenses that go that high and and a flat topped by focal but it thinner progressive lens just won't sit over short clip bons. Then the True Blue vision dot com is the way to go these are amazing lenses they filter the harmful rays of blue light. Mom amid media promo code I gave it about four weeks ago and you guys really. Went to town and caught a lot of them they work. So go to True Blue vision dot com promo code to check out is simply my last name Lang. And you get certain certain percent office 1015% off so a dollar saved is a dollar game. So you can buy back clip bonds you can buy nice sit oversee coming Graham brown. You can buy a computer glasses reading glasses read up on it look at the science it's True Blue vision dot com. Lang is the promo code I do endorse this lens it's great technology it's the only lens on the planet right now that actually filters. To what is it 445. Frequency nanometers. And that's coming from the computer Sony it it is even tilting more in the summer the other ones that we've talked about. Right let's collected offense yeah it's I don't know I think. Blossom and Tampa. I doctors that are good morning it's taking my call my. I am about eight edition a couple of short at eighteen years old and I have a chat app had what I call an add up if you have kind of opened up a normal. What not a problem. We think about ten years ago. They don't Jerry diagnosed me with quote many street didn't go quite the lap there when I went to another doctor he told me I did not expect. All of charge that it is his third time I know that had been diagnosed it gets to looking at and appreciate you know. When I try to tell them about Vietnam. I optic nerve they'd just content to just describe for. Well glaucoma and I I have doubt and I wonder if you could tell me about it you know is it possible to have no pressure. And there have dealt. Absolutely. There's that there's a disease entity for glaucoma Colo tension or normal tension glaucoma. We could have left 1213. Pressure yet still have glaucoma okay. So yes you can have glaucoma with normal pressure. Obviously the other type of glaucoma is more common were your pressure goes up. If you're suspicious fellow tension glaucoma. We have to look at other factors to see if there's something causing Ed you know less a purse she Jeanne a blood flow to the guy into the out. Oh yeah how might it let my optic nerve I don't see tacked up pictures up it is very weird. And I doubt and I can't say is that. The doctors are not taking into consideration that if I had dealt polarity in my update if I had it public advocate. Hot yes so in other words doctors had been telling you for a long time you had funky optic nerves right. I have always happy becoming a good look they would like shelling out because they put record I knew that. So blossom you could have been born that way and you could have physiologically. Large wood caught cupped disk ratios in any doctor that has. You know and decent and knowledge on glaucoma should be able to do the appropriate task. Number one a visual field task number two and OCT. Of your optic nerve. I have gotten my whole nine yards but doctors I don't press the earth I undetected my issue I have one very it yet and it will. I should they aren't. But that is my issue because when I tell them about opted to air is like they just dropped open over at my time she out. Yes so Timmy Timmy doctors are so worried about malpractice suits and if they see something that looks and smells like glaucoma they treat it because they don't want you losing vision and suing him I mean that's I. I hate to say that's a bottom line. God are there aren't they need to find you need to find a doctor that's Gannett educate you and talk to you I mean I got happy my. I'd be happy to see it from Tampa it's about an hour. A way to get to the villages to our Lang I institute I mean I'd be happy to see you any time. Com and I pretty much guarantee you'll surly know what's going on and I'll tell either a yes this is Glock nominees to be treated or no this is not glaucoma we don't need to treat it. So I mean every now and then there's a gray area but wait let's face it you're eighty years old and so you're not gonna live to 120. All right. So if you are 35. With a large very large doctored or I'd be much more concerned. Than an eighty year old because glaucoma is a very slow. Chronic disease usually especially low pressure. It takes years and years and years and you look to be honest with them at their right jobs before your hundred but it probably be dead before you go blind eye. I am quite I am I do and that is my issue also I guess I don't that it. Think it's above that I had cataract removal of the event and I know this is started on the right and it it talked and I agree that we won't do that it has irreparable. Outside leave it they're big I that we had this big cats are up remove it any pressure heat after that after surgery eight. Yes so you see there's nothing you can do with that anyway you can't lower the pressure lower than they emanate Michigan drag on sexed up. I don't as a matter of fact I think is a negative to that no pressure like as. That's exactly right if David goes to allow it can be just as bad as to hide that now. Remember they have to take other things in consideration if you're corny as super zen and the pressure is going to be higher than they just reading eight because in that reading it correctly. But you know you have to look at all the pieces of the puzzle and put it together. I would say that it's a no brainer to me it sounds like you're not happy warrior at get a second opinion that's a lot of great dot. Gonna be and I went into effect and that they can think quickly erode our odd that it would be honest if back there was that big. They did not predict and to me it's the right guy that has is this stuff optic nerve it starts at 88 did not it would epitome. It just grab me as a patient coming from the talked about I think it. That's my issue I'd have a I haven't tried it yet so that the pocket video you know. Blossom set up employment come see me and and I'll make you happy. Okay appreciate that up and down and of their much like to do. Take care but I. And does not throw a second opinion and their case maybe a third opinion. But. Who knows she could have let attention glaucoma the needs to be treated. So they'll be interest thing I let's see Steve's been waiting patiently he lets see Steve thanks calling the morning. Yeah I think sometimes film they say they talk about second opinion trust with the same opinion it's not. What then they think they should think get another opinion and is a second opinion if it's the same opinion if you have an endangered and wrecked all I was wondering now that fascinated me you know he's fit this EPO will lower your blood sugar. Yeah Alex is that all. What's really fascinating if Stevie has covered at all you know anything live and could go well usually an Amtrak and electric copper all Latin all. Cholesterol in fact this they had could it. And what I read that somebody would go get go that this bit. That the and the chronology of couldn't figure out what people who used to lift were all proposed the back burner stuff seemed to have more controls are simple. I'm I'm wondered if maybe they were me I think the fact that it just what we're working at an artificial sweetener but it was actually. Lowering the shouldn't it be your own thing. Right so Richard Tyler Steve yet is so much sweeter is like a hundred times we didn't burger OK and so what happens is your putting your mouth. Your body thanks while I'm getting a lot of sugar you tankers over sir creek cents a month ranked. And then your blood sugar plummets if you're not having anything else and any carbohydrates or any other sugars for to metabolize. And so that's why it's great for diabetics and in Germany the U Stevie actually to treat diabetes. I've got many patients that take higher organic blue green super food. Which has Stevie edit it has cinnamon and it and has that partially and that everything in it that helps diabetics. And many of these diabetics that blood sugar drops. To the point that they're over medicated so that can be dangerous you know always doubt diabetics they always need to have some of their sugar pills. I've glucose wafers in their pocket. Or Snickers bar some apple juice orange juice or something. And I've very near for sending in their car in their glove box because you know if your blood sugars 3400 you might not even have symptoms. But if it drops to forty you can die Aaron you pass out when you're driving your arm boom you die so. Over overly medicated. Patience for diabetics is a big problem desire least educate my page before they take something with Stevie and it. To be aware of this and be prepared because you might be over Medicaid which is a good it's a good thing because then they can talk with their physician in May be cut back on their blood sugar medication. And some remember god made a pretty good body. Yes we have the right foods the right diet you know a lot of these diabetics don't need to be medicated. But quite frankly a many doctors are very frustrated because the patient walks and and you can tell immediately that not going to be a compliant patient I mean they're 200 pounds overweight they're smoking a pack cigarette today their booze and that. And they do and everything and so does have it compliance issues so it's very easy for doctor prescribed medications. Well I like to thank both of a physician more as a coach I don't like the traditional and you know he is that the coach doesn't go out there who played the game. The coach go there and give advice to the person to play their own game and that's definitely guys try to be the patient have to do all the work. And they think they can come it and using has some miracle. Here firm firm icons and it's just that it worked out. You want real quick question how this could vegetarian. Animal get their vitamin B in other words they have first so they can get different gone. And if so reading only plan. I could feel rapper eloquent how would they get the vitamins and. Well you always have great questions you stumped me all the time. A vegetarian animal for how would they get there. This is that not eating fish. Are. Yeah net I you know I and that's a good question I mean maybe there's some skin on their body someplace I don't know I have no idea that's another thing I gotta look up. Okay and would you accept animal that's your practice. Well you know I've actually help people with their dogs and cats a lot of times I mean no I usually don't let man must commend the layoffs this to be treated but you know I'm always open to. Discussions discussions over the found. Or after hours. You know lever cap that has this nice statement. It's time before we go and Stephanie Goodman can affect her ability to unapproved. Yeah that usually will not it's amazing animals have searched other teens senses. I mean animals can go totally blind and they can still Ted around just somewhat. And if they have glaucoma and they lose 95%. Of their vision and hardly affects them. Because maybe they don't know there it is now. Bryant vitamin. And vegetarian. Animal. Yeah if if if it is the thing about animal says that they sometimes not. And I know is that they're there that they act differently they don't know they're sick when the effect they just think you know it. It's something normal. They've had a daughter lives. Aged. They were very good and I'm glad you're back here we miss you when you're gone and we have to pay a purple. You know animals may make. They're a vitamin. All welcome won't you know cholesterol. Would be the basis the other Yoko think of the word co or cal but overall. Okay. And then think of the word. Cholesterol they both start with CO LL and they both ended Noel for their prize very chemically very it might be able to make the vitamin. Right thumb and I'm a look at that what talk about next week. Murdered Steve Avago went right. Where I sat phone lines urban 775862827275862820. Am doctor Michael Lang. The director Michael peeling. The Illini institute fortified vitamins and paley a simplified I've actually been hosting ask the doctor. Jeez since march of 1993. And now April of 1993 went country Jim Kirk in Ocala. Florida gave me an opportunity. That to come on his radio station. Called sound off with doctor Lange back then. And then I drive time show every single day for many years right out of here the studio. And you start gate twenty from 9 in the morning to attend. Monday through Saturday I remember I had it and had a radio station in my home in Ocala in my Clearwater office. And I'd come to the studios. When I Bono wasn't at those other locations and there on Sundays we branded tape. At 1 o'clock so I was on six days a week and then we ask you to broadcast a multitude of radio stations all throughout the country. That's an added thirteen locations after. It's not necessary anymore anyway if you like dig get a second opinion with your eye exam you like to come to see me personally doctor XP Zito doctor of boutique doctor told Latina whose upstairs at the Lang I institute. With his own space. You can give us a call 352. 753. 4014. Also fortified vitamins we have eight distribution. Center. Bin Ocala Florida. Right on seventeenth street right next to word you so you know where would you is a seventeenth street so. You get off interstate go down 200 all the way to seventeenth hang a right to go down about three blocks. On the right you'll see fortified vitamins and a warehouse there right next to would you. Fortified vitamins you can go in there and you can try this super fruity and tried approaching them make a smooth eight free of charge she'd try anything before you buy it. The phone number for fortified vitamins is 8665039746. Write this down. Fortified items you call them Monday through Friday can order anything I talk about paley a simplified or fortified. Or even though waste is tears it has a high around a gas and anything I talk about the show. You can give you 45 items a phone number one more time is 866503. 9746. Also we are hiring or expanding a little bit were hiring. New ophthalmologist. New optometrists. Also. Competitions. Technicians. Scribes. Soviet ventures did contact as you can email me yet I do 92 at AO up now. ID 92. ICloud. Dot com sets. EYE. DUDE. 92 it iCloud dot com. We can use to more ophthalmologist another optometrists. A couple of scribes and a couple of technicians so we are hiring at the Lang I institute. Narrates and let's see. And we get Joyce Joyce is safety harbor good morning. Good morning I'm delighted to stick with it and didn't have a quick Q regarding. I wonder though recent video reruns. Playing with the inquiring about a thoughtful I'm not ever for the calcium. Would you recommend this. And that's drowning and then help call account Freeman center out. Now on Baghdad. Well I tell me on the struggle and you're not allowed to say yes. US helped him Bentley is deep through airport hours in between. I can't take the approach it it does something to me it doesn't affect pillow at me I tried it like I couldn't they get. So I have to take to help him like they call it out of vitamin K all the good stuff there and that's the sad mom crystal whatever. Stuff. So my question is why how can you taken out how to say hey it was journeyman and again I got to wait a few hours. You know that's interesting because he had there there are some interest in studies that they they show that adding a personal bone or adding extra Ronnie M. Actually helps improve calcium. Absorption into the bounds that it circulating throughout the arteries and veins. So but but if you're not gonna do that if it's aggravating you I would stay away from her right but you do have to have vitamin K one or take to either one. Let it does it look so look I think general thrown out. I have always. But it has the vitamin. Additional weight bearing exercise. Her right not a member of the gem amiga board medium born Barbie you know you can join the ten dollars a month. Well I was very dim personnel that I have been on now I have noticed that the issue as far as. The problem. So I'm sure. What we're about sun's shining god your backyard your bathing suit right. Yeah of course. On which I did take extra vitamin. And it's got to get this out because a lot of people have trouble absorbing. The vitamin. They terrorize us and I hate. I don't think they're ready for tuning in listening to ask the doctors. Go out it's a beautiful day in Tampa. Get some fresh air and some exercise somebody have a great day see you next week god bless you.