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Dr. Lange describes his re-developed Chocolate Protein, the many benefits of drinking it, and how it can make you feel amazing! Listen for a special discount for 48 hours, for the Chocolate Protein only. Dr. Lange answers questions from listeners, from all over the country, about eye care, inflammation, allergies, vitamins, blue light, dry eyes, eye surgery, diets, glasses, contacts, eye exams, paleo, exercise, sunshine, prevention, and topics that add to your all-around good health; achieving, maintaining, and steps to take in your everyday life. Call in to ask your questions each Saturday between 9AM and 10AM at: 727-586-2820.

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Genesis communications presents a show that's. We'll see better and no matter how. Fantastic doctor board certified by the American position at a high nutritional specialist Ken popular radio. Actor Michael lining up last night here & Associates. Welcome to ask the doctor embarrassed. Doctor Michael Lang have lying I institute fortified vitamins paley a simplified. Glue like defense he got a question now is time to take a bouncing DiMicco we're live in the studios today this sometime. Please December 1 my son Logan's birthday Tony three years of age happy birthday alone and all right so number 775862820. That is 775862820. Now we're broadcasting from Largo Florida here at news talk 820 you know so watch your FaceBook. Doctor Michael Lang or Michael Lang ordeal on FaceBook. Alive right now like a lot of you were doing. So so if you needed program is doctor Lange memo board certified up to metric physician I'm also a certified nutrition specialists. And I found lying I Karen associates march 15 of 1993. How we grew to thirteen locations and in two and a half years ago I sold all of them except to Lang I institute. It was a good day formation. So hard work does pay off anyway the Lang I institute is located in the villages Florida which is the fastest growing population into our country. I mean they're building over a 100000. Homes right now. I mean they're gonna have a half million people there soon as crazy weeks so willing eye institute is right on the corner for 66 in county road 101. Large close to 40000 square foot center. Howard got primary I care ask. And that general ophthalmology. Downstairs. What doctor toll Tina has his. Correct this inner space upstairs now so he has moved up from downstairs upstairs needed a larger space. So you wanna see any of the great doctors at the Lang highest ever give you the phone number dimmer and take some cost. The phone number for the Lang I institute is 352. 7534014. That's 3527534014. You can learn more to web sites Lang I care dot com or doctor Michael Lang dot com. Don't forget to go to the website fortify dot com as well. Where are running a special I get a tape the special right now in the beginning then we're gonna gonna Ference. I've never run a special on our routine. Well folks we get a new protein I read develop that chocolate protein. The chocolate protein is amazing I'll probably change that the Nellis and we added some coconuts sugar organic coconut sugar. To an already amazing New Zealand grass said Monday natured bond believes Tway protein concentrate. So what I did. I cut to Steve he had back in and only four grams of organic coconut sugars are still diabetic friendly and I did this for a reason. Many people me being one of them if we have too much TV yeah. It actually cause your blood sugar to plummet and Gaudin insert two and a half hours after drinking something when lots of Steve via you can become hyper local ice CNET. Because your brain think sure getting a lot of sugar where you are not because Stevie is a hundred times sweeter than sugar. So cars your pancreas to oversee agreed and so lend and you become hype ogle IC we can nobody likes that. If you feel terrible when you can pass out so simply by adding the four grams of coconut sugar. It stops that from happening now you drink this and you feel amazing. So also coconut sure Danica pressure has some Trace an essential minerals that are very good for you so what I'm doing. To get more people to try this everybody listen right this special code down. I'm giving you amazing deal it is the cheapest protein in the world right now if you take this deal. So it's 48. Hours. 48%. Off for 48 hours starting at 915. Today. It's 909. Right now so yet what six minutes. At 915. Until 9:15 Monday morning. That's 48. Hours you're going to using promo code. Routine 48. Routine 48. When you check out it fortify dot com at the very end there below section for pro America but pro 1848. You know at 48%. Off this new chocolate protein it's only for the chocolate protein. Thirteen 48. At fortified back count right we're one of the violence. Let's see. I'm a chart take mama. And announcing get. It's not flashing. A problem multitude of. Program. But it don't report thanks ultimately. Are just a certain work from social knew it my interest in Europe who are great chip there. Wrestled in lots there it is our right and won the world championship. What are you sure it's very serious. Very here. Amazing. That's good news casts. Lest we can really are there's freestyle. So last night he more or championship. There are still it not play again today Brooklyn we. Interest hang out I'll be looking forward discussing that more DeDe Jeff cook. Yeah and world. Com. Today. My question out fluctuations are part of why are real men opened outward check it really. Ever try any it managers of Omega six. I read it right there on my desktop or so warm are are a lot better. Are now. I don't have a pretty reasonable are clearly animated three. They are our I am I quoted justice say hey there's something new some. Automated tricks are what we're trying to impatient. Right yeah I can't believe everything you hear bomb so Omega six fatty acid is an essential fatty acid like Omega three. And your body needs it for normal growth and normal development. All right but you need a healthy balance of Omega six to Omega three. Excessive consumption. Of Omega six. Sure here's the body to produce an inflammatory response alright we've talked about this before. And you get inflammation in your body and all the things out there there are loaded with Omega sixes that are things like back. Corn corn oil safe LaRoche some slower rate Siegel. Even Tina and all of that all the vegetables. Mayonnaise things like this a very high in Omega six. And so that typical America and write the typical American has a pro inflammatory diet because. The Omega six content in their diet is no way above the Omega three. How many people eat a lot of fish out there so our Omega six is already way high. Now you think got all these other people there eating these crazy diets the Atkins Diet. If you're not careful lost so. The one that put shoo in to keep terrorists is the key to our dad mean these people are also. Eating a lot of Omega six is more inflammation. So there is one aspect of a mega six that is good we discussed that before so this gets very complicated I mean you have to have a degree in biochemistry. But Omega six Dutch produced one arm a prostaglandin. I call PGE one that actually has some anti inflammatory properties. And that is triggered by something card GLA demo Leno like asset GLA. And that's why developed the one from black currency all that's going to be available before that ended the our promise. And so. That GLA once again. Bag has an anti inflammatory properties but they ratio has to be good that you can't be taking loads and loads. A black currency tool or board jewel art evening primrose are all a lot higher than the Omega three content then you're gonna have inflammation even from the good portion. Of the Omega six so as a rule of thumb you take Omega three fish oil. To fortify super Omega is a day try to eat wild Alaskan salmon sarge means just a little bit of tuna. You know 34 times a week and you'll be fine even if you're having consuming Omega six goes in the ratio is gonna be. A different remember you have to have Omega six to survive. But our diet and America is too high it's a pro inflammatory diet. That's what I expected to thank you Becky. To get about our Jeffrey to know what they're. That's amazing. Mumbai. I know why he's gonna different micro long time there when the world championship that's amazing Abby column much article on the night she now writes. Phone lines are open 7758628207758628. When he. Donor class that was all right. Let's see we get some of the people on home. We're gonna get us. He even clear orders did good morning. Now I've found interesting not rocket speed you know all of the sweeteners that if you eat them my mouth. They won't create. Nobody thinks I'm sure there because if you are tasting right however you inject it into a person and they don't have the sensation of face. The body has to make that connection and usually it will not make extra effort out what's really interesting. And the corollary if we're talking about a gust it's very effect now Pavel alien reaction psychological. Prick you know that most people have never the most people work in restaurants and be heavier. The constant smelled the food. Will increase insulin. You go into a restaurant go back in the picture even if they're not attacking the smell of the food you know if you if you have a dog in you open it either he's real food you'll you'll. A panel Ovie and response absolutely rat. Exactly what would you know who anybody would also note that you know there also are hurting because Dicey creating a record gas and when you know food all your digested glands start to produce what they produce. And they found that the average person. That work in a restaurant or the food industry has higher insulin levels and that and between five and eight. I don't I more weight than another industry into the net interest things. It is entries in but I also now. You just tell me that have never worked in Iraq struck but it ended the day at this super comp high left over instead of it going to waste maybe they give it to an employee well. What they did they can look at their weight is much sit back there that was a fight that actually took insulin level. I don't know if they looked at the average insulin levels in an era in people that work in a restaurant compared to you know people that run actions. So it is it's. In the you know the old joke I can just be around food and I gain weight. And actually be true if it's not necessary if strict caloric armed. Calculation. Interest in her car that is so. But yeah you guys have some great staff to add to the show and you know Steve yeah I wanna talk teary asked about the whole vitamin. And there was some studies done and not too long ago where they take cows and they covered them. In light of course covers when they're out in the field pasture raised the ones that were covered. Their vitamin. And the 25 hydroxy was very low the ones that were not covered had very high levels of vitamin. They're out the side in the vitamin. OK so it's either direct absorption to that see them into the oral and hair follicle into the bloodstream. We also thank or they think now we not me. Com that when they live can they groom themselves. They're during the vitamin. They're getting vitamin. And or possibly they're likening it vitamin. Oh that's really cool I'm I'm. But you know I never thought that would be possible that is that is really course is amazing how they make sure we'll get some benefit absolutely have to have it done. I want to maybe. Is there a possibility the retina could put them because that's the only exposure of of the issues on my mean. Now that's a good question that had the sunglasses on cows and see if their vitamin. I guess the if they're back by. You listen as an actor Ramirez doctor Michael Lang and do in this jeez since. April of nineteen now Rainey three non stop crazy. All right 7758628220. I think the next caller. Is. Load a take next. Three I record here silver springs and good morning. Fiat after laying out are there any true over the counter vitamin supplements that should not be taken together. That's a great question and yes never take beta carotene. Period just don't take baby carriage and you get enough Leavitt vineyard diet. Most beta carotene is an every single multi vitamin and a lot of that I vitamins out there. I was actually an investigator in the study we did a pilot study called the blaze study. Beta carotene routine now securities he is anthem Georgia study proving that beta carotene which is a cried annoyed blocks the absorption. Of a ride noise in the Zandt of Phil family that are good for your skin and your eyes so things like routines he is Anthony and asked to Zandt and so I don't recommend daycare Tina that's a multi vitamin has beta carotene I wouldn't take it also. Copper is not something ought to be taking in a supplement. Because. You were young enough copper and our body if you have houses that have copper pipes. We didn't copper just in the war that we're drinking and in the bath that you're taking toppers in Europe toxin are right. Along with zinc oxide so a lot of vitamins out there have weighed too much zinc oxide. Now remember if you have over 7080 milligrams of zinc oxide he got to have top around that. But what people don't realize. Based on the erased you study either eighty milligrams of zinc oxide and that we found that that's way too much so there's a lot of companies now that are cutting the zinc oxide back to twenty milligrams but there's still leaving the two milligrams of copper so is creating a copper toxicity. So look for beta carotene copper and zinc oxide. And just be careful don't load yourself up on the all of that. That's why I try to do the research the vitamins that I but develop. You know. Where are learning curve we did notice five years ago as if you look at my vitamins five years ago they had all the things we just mentioned and it charger to stay ahead of the curve. So those are three things I would definitely stay away from but also on vitamins. You gotta read the labels look at that other ingredients if there's any FDNC red yellow blue dye. I would stay away from why you needed diet that they can cause endocrine disruption certain types of cancers. A lot of trans fats are in there as a binder as well we don't need trans fats either so. That's a little tidbit of information that will help yet. Now there's a fallacy it's not true that tablets do not dissolves so it can be a tablet. It done that to be a gel cap and done that to be a veggie capped it can be a tablet. Because most tablets now our US be certified and they'll absorb just fine but most tablets also have a lot of Diana's soul read the other ingredients that Iran. The label or vitamin bottles. You would you offer. Upload a daily vitamin pill. It has all the right stuff that it takes only gets worked out for the person. Absolutely I mean I've got something that is based on the latest science are right. Which I would like to thank you is this as good as it gets its and its fourteenth revision in ten years so I've changed it more than once every year. And it's caught fortify complete. Or fortify complete once daily there's two of them. I recommend the fortify complete because the complete once daily is a bottle of thirty. Divorce fortify complete is just a bottle sixty is the same exact saying. And it's much better price for the fortify complete its to its call fortify complete advanced nutrition it's your multi vitamin I vitamins that he kept crew kept enzymes. All one USB certified tablet. Based on your weight if you're under 200 pounds probably just take one a day if your return to towns take two a day if you're very active very athletic. Take two a day if you smoke or abuse alcohol take two a day. All right so if you're really pretty good shape eating a well balanced diet one a day. Everybody I've stood at. Thank you very much and stay safe by the racetrack. Now all right thank you take care rep. And happy holidays mean Jesus. Thanksgiving is over Christmas is on its way in New Year's happy Chanukah happy Kwanzaa. Elected stuff but I hit with this took back the defense jealousy thing is Joel's. Show that Wesley chapel good morning. I I I have both been told that to have student might fire roared brushing those disputes which. The you know live they their mutual and dozens you know stop. Now I'm being told I've duck for it just. That also surged later soup sometimes. There are immune and so not shutting off. My wife and I really do oh. They gaps diet police you got slowed to a high in January. We think that would hope. Yeah where were these issues. Well you know colitis is an inflammation of your colon and definitely not an expert in this area but. It would make sense to be on an anti inflammatory diet all right. Hi Larry I like to pay Leo died her right and try to use organically grown fruits and vegetables as much as possible. I would need some rest fermented foods often alright OK or solar sauerkraut miso soup that's only time my like Soria has organic miso soup. Matt and Kim Chee. You know things that are firm and it. Probably not a bad idea afridi either take digest of enzymes or some pro by got X or both. Yeah I usually don't you overdo per day has. About all these scene calls from you know red you know trying to strawberries blueberries. Whatever AB. I would not overdo the fruit for time sugar and that can that you're digest his system but certainly a little bit of organic berries is gonna be good. I would if you're eating yogurt all right if it's cal yogurt. I with joy in the trash but today it out. This is what are usually either slow or short or I are webex. Get to know what you need to do is get goat yogurt or go to our teeth are much better because if you have leaky gotten her right. Leaky gut is definitively associated. With data H one T seen protein from dairy all right so most doctors that are and a leaky got would tell you stay away from dairy. But that's because most dairy in the United States isn't anyone casing instead of an eighteen K seen. Should be got to drink milk get eight to cows smokey can buy it at publix now or goat's milk. And then get back into there isn't an 82 yogurt there is an 82 cheese out there you can eat cheese. Man she goat cheese comes from sheep goat cheese that's okay. But dairy he would wanna go with a go to yogurt or duke Kiefer and there are some of these health food stores out there I think even whole foods might carry it but don't do any cow dairy unless it is eight to cal or go to guy. And I can get hey you cal broke out. Public school where all of publix and whole foods probably has it as well. And then. I would say some things that are very good for the digest of aligning our Omega three like the fortified super mega. The for a fight so pissed because of the app. Asked to Zandt and there are some limited studies talking about asked does that then. And lowering inflammation in the digestion tract in and things of this nature so fortify focus isn't not only good for your ride. You know helping to absorb the harmful blue light from the computer or digital world that we live event and produce a comedy distressed. But it's good for. Every cell in your body so does that to supplement she may wanna think about. In conjunction with enzymes and the pro about ex us out first thing in the morning when you wake got you can take a diluted solution. A brags apple cider vinegar like brags because it has. Yeah a lot of studies behind it and has the mother rent at that has all these enzymes and it. So you gotta diluted like a tablespoon eight ounces of water and that helps your stomach got it gives a little ass and god takes enzymes to help with digestion throughout the day. What other what other supplement like keep popping up on the Internet this Stephen gun injury. On to be a cardiologist that. We used only Jeanne all we need to buy develop solar called vital red. That was supposed to be early yet to. Reduce inflammation in the body tell our patience and and burden is simple nation to give or heard of it. Yeah I've heard a little bit about it I think in moderation here's one of the problems with many of these Polly themed dolls all right especially things like rise very trump all right. If he takes too much of this it actually can cause your testosterone to drop. Any estrogen and go up you don't want that. Mariah or what not so if he did it naturally from the fruits and actually from the vegetables and not a concentrated amount. That's probably say it does is a lot of people out there promoting an example arrest her trawlers and anti aging. Anti oxidant and don't 500 I've seen a thousand milligrams of the stuff. Anything over fifty milligrams studies have indicated actually what interfere with your hormones so war's not national clearly got a guy. So yeah sure your child would stop what you're around her. I would go with fortified super Omega. All right published US. Amish duet are cured. If I would take to a day. And if you don't take fortified super mega and you go over the counter nordic natural has a good product called pro mega 2000. But it's gonna be more expensive and dad you get you know you can get 20% off of fortify a if you buy three and so. And then fortify focus. You know has looting Zia's antenna and asked to Zandt and I would take one day have that that combination. It is beneficial for your eyes but every cell in your body of gang. There are and they keep me posted. Say you're much ticker there are. Elliott said pro inflammatory. Colitis. You know there is an inflammatory inflammation of the colon so. Not a bad idea if you have a serious problem Dick tuck your primary care physician or gastroenterology just as well. Remember anything I talked about in the show is educational purposes only and never replaces a medical evaluation or an eye exam. That's at my attorneys and listen I phone lines are opened. 775862827275862818. Also. The last caller on the collide this. Chew your food fifty times before you swallow it all right that helps to enzymes start to act early from the salary glanced. Break things down seed and am also fight a lot more easily this is kind of the macro by attic away so I try to take things from all these different diets. Chew things fifty times before swallowing it I mean you'll be there a long time meeting. But it will help as well. Remember to drink good Warner when I say good quarter spring more men were ordered not the faucet water has chlorine in Florida and so you know bottled water. As you know. EAV. And you zephyr noses even okay I've checked out calamity Avant. Anything that says spy ring. Not reverse osmosis not distilled that can actually make things even worse. Now it let's see who's been on the food. I think is marrying Gainesville. Marrying gays are good morning. Good morning thank you what taking my call that's how my question my question have to do we computer screen. And I know back. They are our wave that you could turn the color screen into a gray scale. Does that we use the that raid other ways that are bad. Yeah I get it reduces a little bit of the blue light and it also reduces the contrast. So it creates a little unnecessary I strained her right. So it it helps a little bit in one aspect and harms a little bit and the other aspect the best thing to do. Is to take a good crowd noise supplement weather's fortify focus or match you have author any of them has routines he is and then. And asked as answer Lou teens he is anti enemies as he is anthem. So one of those good supplements. Eat plenty of organic spinach kale orange bell peppers go G berries. And wild Alaskan salmon so take the supplement and or eat those foods. And then invest in a good pair of glasses even if it doesn't have a prescription and it like blue light defensive blue light shield or True Blue. So matter of fact. How many did you website right now. And you can go to it is scarred True Blue vision dot com write that down True Blue vision dot com. And you'll see all the products they have it's probably the newest and latest from blocking. The harmful blue light from the computer at a frequency up to 445. Nanometers these things work amazingly well. And on the website you can buy. Nonprescription. You can buy sunglasses you know by Sid overheat and by clip bonds they could put on your regular glasses up a variety of things you can buy. Remember to save a little money use my last name Lang I try to get everybody did in give a little DO LE NGE. At the promo code and you'll get you'll get 48% like fortified vitamins today but you'll get I think 10% off. On the True Blue lenses. So look at that True Blue vision dot com. Also blue light defense dot com is another good website that what educate you on the harmful effects of the blue light. So they do not make a screen that you could put over the computer they do not. Have a computer you can turn the blue light down and avoid it like you said that. And that diminishes the blue light a little bit but also diminishes the contrast which creates them a little more I strains are going. OK that sounds great app bomb and then back. Part of that question. Import how about computer screens but how about covered TV it's the same thing. Same thing in lash at a black and white tubular TV from the years ago there's gonna come can be very Vodafone today. But the good thing about the color television a lot of that blue light is gonna dissipate before it gets to you because you don't sit. Right up on a color television the way you do computer and iPhone and iPad so the television isn't as bad. But that's why the glasses are nice because. When you're walking around the house. It's can absorb any of the harmful blue light from the fluorescent lighting and Ellie delighting the television the tablet the computer. Even going on the sunshine is a lot of harmful blue light. So those lenses I talked about would benefit you also the fortified focus has those three crowd noise that are beneficial for the rat no health as well. Great and take care but my. There raid on doctor Michael Lang a Lang I institute in the villages Florida. You learn more lying I care dot com or doctor Michael Lang dot com. Go to our website at fortified dot com that's gonna play on words it's sort of and then I EYE so FO war. TI asked EYE fortify dot com. I'm did you get a phone number for fortified vitamins and give it to you twice. And the remedy that promo code that's giving huge discount off the new chocolate protein so get your then. Fortify phone number is. 866503. 9746. That's 86650397. 46. I think that's right. Yet 8665039. Some 46 every now and get a look at my look any notes. So. The promo code for the new chocolate protein. Remember this is the new revised version of the chocolate protein it tastes better and it is better. Due to. Meat cutting the Stevie get back in adding some organic coconut sugar also people don't realize. This chocolate protein comes from New Zealand and it's a new way of making this fortified this concentrated. Pro team. Everybody Russia almost everybody takes the wait protein from chiefs were taking it from the key seem protein from eight to cast. And therefore the amino acid profile is higher so those are you there in a bodybuilding power lifting I mean just any type of athletics. There Regis staging and you wanna slow down aging process. A whey protein concentrate that is derived from the case seem routine is going to be much better than the stuff you combine over the counter. So this is good for anybody ten year old 203050. And I think there's many people over a hundred firearms here. So here's the trauma care and it's 48%. Off for 48 hours we started at 915. This is a deal you cannot get a New Zealand to wait protein concentrate. That's grass fed all year round pasture raised you cannot get this deal anywhere in years states right now. So write it down it's true team 48. True team 48. And you will ship it out from our distribution Cerro cal you get that one or two days. So approaching 48 got to go through the website at the end after you put your order and for that Chocolat road team there's a promo code section. Protein 48 immediate 48% off this is only for 48 hours if you try to do on Tuesday. We're not gonna on merit so do it now I let's go back to the phones is a lot of people loading up we're gonna go to a Louisiana. Deborah Louisiana good mormons. Morning. How are you. Look what part of Louisiana if from. And him and wow southeastern is an Hammond right that college. Kids I used to race motor cross it ticks off. A motor crush track which is probably close by here. If I. My old stomping grounds so what can I do for this morning. I if you can't get bought it back I I didn't. I've read I will go. Out I think you'd say outfit that. All right so I'd like to say one pill of fortify vitamins and you'll never need try folk goes again maronite. But if I said that out I got some swampland right around the corner from your house for sale so. 45 focus is developed. To actually screen out filter out the harmful blue light that is in the digital world we live then. And also has developed to actually improve. The focusing ability in your eye this ciller a muscle it will improve I'm 57 years old. I don't need reading glasses when I was fifty I did need green glasses I take to fortify focus a day. Now it happens to a lot of my patients I'm not gonna tell it's gonna happen a year because it doesn't happen everybody. Everybody notices some benefits down I mean. I've testimony after testimonials of people noticing less eye strain even less wrinkles in their face less joint pain. So yeah. So it's it's I caught an anti aging supplement if you're not eating organic kale spinach wild Alaskan salmon orange doppler doesn't get OG berries every day. Then you take one little fortify focus though one or two a day. Eighteen did you the nutrients that your body is probably lacking okay. You don't eat wild Alaskan salmon probably that often you probably a lot more catfish being in that area. So. Therefore probably deficient these Koran nor aides and we think that. Re punishing these crowd noise can slow down aging the guy but also probably an entire body. I'm gonna have one of the leading experts in the world. On this aghast. Doctor Karen hack has been a guest twice on the show coming up in about an a couple of weeks. Talking all about asks does and then how it improves. Not only I health. But helps every selling your body so it's not gonna get rid of your trifle locals probably. But it will be beneficial book does is gonna give you the nutrients that your guy and your body is thirsting for okay. But still you still probably gonna need you try if locals. Yes he can't but I but lacked. But luckily it is content like it a lot and I got it. Right and that's let up AG that type approach. Well how order area. It. Yet and I hate to say this Deborah but this is a normal process of maturation. So he's there I'm 4045 we lose that ability see up close fifty to 55 we lose that ability CNET intermediate range. And so you're here you know you're following the normal age related changes but I think we can reverse the aging. If you do some simple things you get out exercise kick down cheered a year in ideal IRA I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Twenty minutes a sunshine a day get a good night's sleep hydration you get a drink plenty of good spring water. And you know what is that that the spring quarter over near you guys is kit would spring water that's pretty good spring water. Say. I'm very active it says. Act setting arts started out our I vote. We think forty got kicked it out every day at work yeah. Said that like it to get at it thought that Jarrett actually write. It at that ilk and at what Alan why it F. OK that's your post recovery all right so let's say after your ammo and those lines are right. Which he doozy coming get the chocolate protein that we got 48% off. Watermelon Michael I seem again next fruit that is very high in L Citron laying the causes of days oh dilation of your arteries in your veins. Bringing the pro team directly to your muscle is very quickly and we used chocolate 82 chocolate milk. Because it's got 80% Casey protein remember the good tasting protein. That does not cause leaky got eight to Casey protein and as an additional 20%. Weight routine added to the twenty grams that are in the protein. Already so it's the ultimate post recovery right. NATO what are drink that free so before you go out mile eighteen lines. You would do just opposites either white smoker coconut milk may be but blueberries and a banana and there and the pro team. No chocolate no no watermelon only chocolate local watermelon right after working out. Within a half hour okay. Okay. It may change their ilk the that I would rate that met. Rush probably why you're so strong and do so well go milk is an amazing. Anti aging nutrient and goat milk more closely simulate human oak than cow's milk are right. So what a lot of people don't want a drink go melt for whatever reason there's a negative stigma that they if they think it doesn't taste good but it tastes almost the same as. As regular America's got a little while flavor to it so goat milk is wonderful. It sees it as they tried everything else out there and my body couldn't fight it. Yet that's because an. OK okay. All right but thank you very Matt very I have a patient and I enjoy it Sharon. Take care Debra who dat. In Mumbai. Who dat say they gonna beat them saints. You know saints lost to Dallas site yet. I mean talk about that sky let's go back to the fair and that it is Janet and Indian rocks Janet good morning. Yes and right are you doing and you do yours plug it well actually got a little irate but I'm getting better. And I know it checked my short this time I never had that before but anyway I'm. I'm out of them. I think you had mentioned recently about even some bottled water for a gates. By I might cheer went up I got a lot. I'm thinking of course is zephyr hills I do this spring water my IL EF and that are so I drink a lot of crystal Geithner are you familiar that's. Yeah exam I am that's good stuff. Okay they thought I was gonna call the company asking you for a day night double let me check which usually they'll. No no they they do not. Right they do not that's that's a good quarter to spring water and it's relatively alkaline. Taste free yet. En route is to stay away from the ones that say reverse osmosis or distillation. Or purified. And yeah looks for spring spring. Well liked the QQ can you send them on adultery spray water so I switched and that's what I'm you know ingests. I never remember habits and a black plastic bottle. Don't freeze it don't refrigerate don't let it heat up in the back of the trunk of the car room temperature. Yep I know that and I didn't do that religiously I think. Thank you can't. All right fantastic. All right thank you have a good day and and got to take care of yourself it will talk to him future. Take care thank you bowled by. Happy holidays. Look at that. Or horsepower for the racing car is absolutely. That I had some really good times not too long ago and Birmingham might did quite well. That's an amazing lap times nobody passed me. I test everybody's that was good the viper was running quite well will be at the winner fast. In Sebring. Run in the viper might take to vipers. And it should be perfect weather and that's absolutely correct people don't realize it in the summer especially in the afternoon after the morning runs. The horsepower is not as good a race car she's and then you're times aren't as good so that can be its debt to be depressing. Yes I saw lines are open 77586282. When he 775862820. For those of you there are taken well I. I didn't hear any collared Gilbert humorous actually talking to me. About ZS FaceBook right now so I've got a lot of people on there we got people from Russia Hong Kong. Australia New Zealand amid a lot of people that are watching this today so hello to. All right let's see what we had talked about today. One more time to mention a specialist the first time I've ever done a discount. On our protein first time ever. What's another reason you might drink a whey protein concentrate from grass fed callous okay did a year round. Well lacked a stern is no reason CLA cons against Lu and Alec gas and that's hard to say. And glued to sign out these three things that stimulate. Your immune system. Right. They reduced the chances studies indicate this reduced the chance of many types of cancers so not always a wait protein concentrate good for. I'm building muscle and losing fat. But it's stimulating the master antioxidant called glued if I am so it actually has anti aging attribute. Is a good detox a fire. And in the lacked a fern in the CLA that's and it I'm also helps. Rich try I and helps stimulate your immune system remember all that immune globulin is our end a fat. The good fat that is in the concentrate not to isolate saw anybody goes out there that think you're doing a good thing by taking a weight routine nice select because the protein is a little bit higher yeah actually not. That's been acid wash so it's destroyed a lot of that the molecular structure. And the concentrate is gonna be much more bio available and Yassir get the immune properties. And remember if that is to edit his good sat. You don't get fat and fat he gets that from too many cards all right. Bags. Let's see and so. Wait protein concentrate. I like my elderly patients on it. Not only to build muscle strength but for glued to style and I would get a lot of blood tests on my patients. Three biggest deficiencies here in Florida believe or not vitamin. May twelfth include a science so we can get rid of a 2030 minutes. And less germ albino don't go out in the sun if you're not buying a certain medications while so I'll make you super licenses they don't want to guard and the somewhat there's certain medications. So. Wait protein. Stimulates good if I around stimulates muscles Ximian strength. I'm very very good for you when you think about it what did you have for breakfast when I quiz most of my patients. Their breakfast was either a no brackets cup of coffee cup of coffee and bagel. Some sugary cereal some vote me out a glass of Orange juice more sugar. Nobody's ever protein for breakfast anymore. So there's nothing wrong and egg omelet for breakfast or take a scoop but the chocolate protein that are right. Take some Cahill some white hole eight to milk or goat's milk may be a big man are pineapple. Blended Saudi gathered have a good protein drink that has thirty to forty grams of protein and it. Then you're gonna feel better all day long you're gonna be stimulating your immune system helping the muscle strength of your body. Slowing down the aging. I so think about that right. Conclude it for 4048%. Off for 48 hours started at 9:15 this morning I'm giving you one more time this the last time. Olympia a horse to death order that sameness. Com protein 48. Routine 48. Go to fortified dot com go to the chocolate protein. Buy it even by one you can buy Tenet doesn't matter. And then put protein 48 at check out there's a little promo code section. It automatically calculate that. Now I know a lot of you are listening and watching what can be watching without a computer but I listening on the radio we broadcasts allotted to her radio stations. And you don't have a computer believe it or not 2018 you don't have computer. So you're gonna call in the morning on Monday morning to fortify vitamins and I'll honor. That discount. Via the telephone. Probably until noon but OK so let me give you found her for fortify vitamins 866. 503. 97468665039746. Wall honor it till noon until they open at nine net's three hours. I you can call and get that discount armaments 48% off for 48 hours only on the chocolate. Because I want you to try to chocolate I haven't changed the knell of the Manila still has the Stevie it would no sugar it off. And then we have a naked when for those of you that don't want any thing in in any flavor we have a naked protein that's been huge. And has nothing but pure whey protein concentrates. Right. We're gonna take some more cars we get time. Phone line a 775862820. That 77586. 2820. I'm. Costs a lot of you have been buying the paley a simplified. Honey nut fruit crunch remember you hear me rag and a lot are talking a lot I should say politically correct about. The negative aspects of boats right. So if you wanna make codes good for you got to soak them overnight NASA medium like Google apple cited better soak it overnight that reduces the fighting gas and then it. Or get sprouted as it scored just avoid it it's so you can go to paley a simplified dot com or fortify dot com or Amazon. And look for paley a simplified. Honey nut fruit crunch. So that's a granola with no votes it's delicious it's good for yet it's diabetic friendly. Mom we also have it available fortified vitamins location and Ocala right there on seventeen street next to would you. We ever available to Lang I institute it's available a lot of health food stores all over the country as well scar honey nut free crunch. We're coming out with trawling crunch. We finally got all the bags of prototypes and it should be an opening day or any week. And the official retail bags so for the lady in Hammond Louisiana. Louisiana. It's pro liens are probably. Something that you like all Louisiana ins like pro lanes that's why do about the crawling crotch order something healthy. But it was good Soria picked tasted really get so it's coming out soon remember. Are also our new dry eye formulas coming up by fortify vitamins or worked on it for five years scarf fortify advanced dry eye therapy. Fortify advanced dry eye therapy is a combination of her Omega three fortified focus and GL day. And is giving your ratio of Omega six and Omega three that's beneficial for a total body shelf right let's go back it up. Phones. Let's see I think it's Linda Linda good morning welcome to the program. Good morning. I don't know what the best well balanced daily diet is for the average person and the average weight Somalian I can do every day. Sort of optimal health. All right so you're not a lot about her right you're an item you're not overweight are you are you. I am not okay get so. There is a diet actually develop whatever I developed this originally for the diabetic with immaculate new generation I was overweight and it's called the Lang diet Lang diet plan. And you can Google that and you can look at that you can get some good ideas of what I recommend to heat. But you could actually add a little bit more and you could change around a little bit and not shall. Yeah it's really simple for breakfast. Everybody that knows he's gonna know and get rays say for breakfast a pro thirteen and vegetables. Okay. No fruit no fruit for breakfast no carbohydrates no toast no bagels. No Danish is Patricia sugars I asked first thing in the morning so you ought get a gun that in our free range organic egg on the stuff for the a lot of vegetables sauteed in coconut all and some green tea so much a teacup a coffee's fine are right or war. Lunch can be even cheat a little bit at lunch stop same is breakfast. Protein and vegetables and AMP that an economic but he never a lean. Grass fed state the only time neat red meat as if it's spice in buffalo or grass sad otherwise it's could create some formations so. Grass fed stake. Wild Alaskan salmon you know free range chicken Turkey some kind of protein and may be some broccoli or a salad. No baked potato and no plastic no rice if you're gonna have that remember lunchtime is when you can cheat a little bet. Then in between each may assume between breakfast and lunch had like a little peace and goat cheese and some blueberries all right. And then in between lunch and supper maybe have something like that the paley oh honey nut fruit crunch a handful that. Or just something else this protein and you have a little fruit then if you want. Because freaks do a poly seen dozens and enzymes and did a good four at. But you don't want fruit for breakfast or for supper. If you follow those guidelines. You're going to be very healthy and you gonna continuously be healthy. I mean. One reason we have so many diabetics out here is because of the through there eating quite frankly and practices are terrible and then suckers are terrible lunches usually than the smallest because everybody's work in the don't have time Avago lunch. But supper you know you got a big thing a spaghetti and meatballs and French Brad and a half liter of you know Coca-Cola and then you have a and he's become tired cheesecake and then you go to bed with a all of this and you'd and your body. And and that's high sugar in the wake up and have. A bowl of Mino sugary. Cereal more sugar and some orange juice more sugar. If he had orange trees just at the orange and don't drink the juice too much sugar one time. Thank you. Thank you take care. Bag it's 955. And 44 seconds Saturday December 1 2018. We get time for one more car 775862827. To seven. 5862820. So let's start. There and talk about. Now I'm I wanna brag a little bit about my staff over the Lang I institute about doctor Lawrie conclude the doctor. Amazing primary acute care up to metric physicians. Great I mean great personalities. Amazing credentials they've been did figure right. Certainly dissing me as well but my other doctors are fantastic remember doctor Michael to Latino Harvard trained retina specialist is now upstairs of the Lang I asked you not downstairs and that's anymore. Has no state of the art center. Upstairs said you wanna see a world renowned retina specialist in the Lang I institute. The Mumbai remember the phone number for lying I institute is 352. 7534014. That's 3527534014. Are so a lot of you wake up in the morning he had this crusty stuff all around your eyelashes. And you've tried everything you still of this crusty stuff on your eyelashes and eyelids are little swollen and a deem it is and you might have some animals in the bed with you. Well you may have simply condemning decks we talked about this before Demi Dex is a natural might. That cross into the glands lays zags and it just doesn't go away. So if you hit thank you may have this eyelids kind of swollen crusty man he shot in the morning. Use a preparation called clear a deck she can buy and on the fortify website fortify dot com. Cleared X comes and a foam and also medicated pad scrub eyelash is back and forth that night before you go to bad leave it on the right. It takes a month up to three months to totally get rid of this but this kills these liberal Dem index mites. Awesome obviously see Europe Tyler should not the mile just to make sure you're doing the right treatment right we get time. This. That's easy to go to one more call here I think it's neat. Dana good morning. The mining and I was listening here. Ask for any actual grant. Right wait company right and that it's within your web site and I couldn't throw different story our web site that direct web site. Right it's FO RTI asked EYEE. Fort if. No I went to the web site and it lips I projects. For some reason I just couldn't see everybody now I'm. And I know you go to the chocolate it's gone there I looked at this morning and you have to click on the chocolate pro team where it says order her right. And you gotta go here like you're doing the order put the order through in the very last screen look come up and there's these little squares that's what you put the promo code then. Routine 48. Exit the very last thing before you check out and that automatically takes the 48% off. Okay could you or me whipped the search for your search bar at. Let's say it products and the girls just go to products. Right and they go to the protein it's his sports IC approaching them be Vanilla chocolate and naked. Okay director Eric thank you for your night to dinner it's. I with that the music sour at a time I wanna thank everybody for tuning in listening to ask the doctor about am faced I can live. And ramadi have a great day. Got questions.