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Dec 2, 2018|

Hear about the benefits of Pro Active Tax Accounting from Paul Hines and Tom Porter. Especially vital information for this time of year! Learn about the Down Syndrome Achievement Centers at GiGi's which helps to educate, inspire, and send a global message of acceptance for all children!

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America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn productivity by companies certain loans require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators. From the studios in 97.3. This guy this. Is the real estate show. With Mike Jones from America's banks mortgage. You can email might get might die Jones and embarrassed thank dot com. The number of calling and is 877. Tell these guys talk that's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike the mortgage man. Hey welcome everyone this is the real estate so what's your host Mike Jones and owners make more. Come on the earth golf each week we talk all inclusive whether buying homes selling building. For my favorite sport whose whose finances you can email me anytime it might. Thought Jones and mirrors my thought columnist Mike Dunn Jones and AM you are I don't spank the outcome. Cream called text me in my cellphone just about. Any time day or night 3522150501. And as we do at the beginning of every show we talk about interest rates system a little bit. And done today in the well couple days ago actually the last information we had a drill hole in the Wall Street Journal was Thursday November 29 2008 team. Thirty year fixed rate loan four point 85% so down about 56 from the previous week. And this about the third or fourth week in a row that we've seen the modest decrease in interest rates of us that was good for all of us. Tom and then basically the national average for the fifteen year loan again in the Wall Street Journal Thursday November. 29 2008 team four point 18% down six picks from the previous week. And then the ten year treasury note. Closed in arrange around on Friday November 30 three point 17% to down. Another 66 from the previous week so those are all good indicators that. That we've seen interest rates kind of go down all of it and we saw a notice up because the Federal Reserve may be on hold with interest rates. Increases sought the stay tuned over the next couple weeks for their next meeting. Where that was ordered victim the tickets or put it for. For this on Nixon meeting that there were gonna race and 25 basis points from him maybe not we're not really sure. So a little and certainly there and we'll see how that alternate so and over the next week or two when they're meeting comes up and they. Have their announcement and what they're gonna do so the market right now is predicting. Another increase of 25 basis points from them for the month of June of 2019. Are most of the about a thirty to 40% probability right now also just based on of the information on the economy that comes out. So as we as we do that information you can find in the consumer rates. Two returns to investors section of the Wall Street Journal. Each and every day. Sort of information we have was from Thursday. November 20 minutes. So also wanted to highlight this week that we have found. Number actually Morales Tommy Williams homes. You know set via couple homes and have immediate occupancy available for the month of December. So if you're still looking at my house and moving get homestead for 2000 in nineteen. You remember have to close by December 31 and take occupancy of the house. But actually has two homes out there and Oakmont beautiful subdivision we've talked about a number of times out in the U southwest part of Gainesville. I just say yeah three bedroom two bath on Madison home once story it's about 16181. Square feet. In your opinion entry rush hour in the master bedroom it's pantry doors for the were born nor on the entry. In the kitchen and just testimony throughout 333339000. That's lot to 26 it's an Oakmont beautiful home and they have amassing. Five which is a cute story. Three bedroom three bath with a loft. Misses a twenty foot soaring ceilings in the great room so another while factors should put it's a beautiful home. And that's for 29121. That's what 230. 1 out and Oakmont I know both of those homes are available for immediate occupancy for the month of December. And so you can move and and then. And you know given by the name of your file for homes that so I call actually you're every questions 352. 3354140. Ducks the that's a number four Tommy joins homes on no market. So as we do each week we have a great local two great local professionals with us this week and we're talking. Taxes or not they have a tremendous. Sexy. Version of the rule states open bring important information so we have fought tall pines. And we have thought Tom Porter from proactive. Tax and accounting in the right here in Gainesville and we're gonna talk to them about. The big changes that are coming. And for everyone for next year but especially small business owners. And what some of the changes are so Paula and and Tom thank you so much for coming in this week thanks for having us having us there. Oh great so are Paul wanted to just highlight your bio a little bit it's. It's quite extensive and and I love the fact he does have a great web site. So I just a tremendous I was just blown away vile the stuff that's on their sold one if you. Tell us Munich Tom you're CP one of the CPAs are right correct RAM and Paulson charges the accounting manager right that's correct yes. So but you guys must spend a lot of time on the web site. We do we we put content up there with the videos out there com thinks that we think our clients' needs no words you know I'm might find inching. To help them run their businesses better and and the the videos that that we put up there week we tried to it address commonly asked questions by our clients. And things that they could Getty in instantaneous answer for. Obviously they can always give us a call our offices but we want to make resources available for them to get real time answers as quick as possible to effectively run their business. OK perfect and you guys are the experts when it comes to taxes most definitely we are the quick books and tax expert here in Gainesville okay very good art. So. So called me you what I know each other from the united local group here in town right that's correct yeah. And I just it was so. Impressed by your background and everything else that it thus far wanted Vermont today but some of those some of the things don't wanna just kind of highlighted in May be calm can speak to this about. Just a couple of changes that are coming the big changes forward next year for small business owners. Sure that congress passed a major attacks overall last December December 2017 in this was the biggest. Tax change since the 86 tax reform so that says it's a major bill. And is kind of one of those things in the in the current legislation where they passed a major. Really detailed bill without anybody really knowing what was in it and you know for the first part of the year we all kind of Reading and saying well this isn't clear in this part seems to contradict this part ERS finally released proposed regulations for the bill to clarify some of that confusion in August. And so we've been unpacking it you know ever sense and and trying to share what we have pulled out of it with our clients. The main thrust of the bill was to bring the top tax rate for C corporations down from a maximum 35% to 21%. To make them more competitive on the world stage but com for most of our clients who typically have escorts or partnerships or assault for partnerships. They had to do some for them as well to maintain parity just gave a major tax cut to seek corporations. Well you know what about the little guys and so there's something called they qualified business income deduction of 20%. For example if you're escort brought her near the 100000 of income. You should get nest many many restrictions in the definitions and calculations but the simple dumb. Simplified version Jeanne a thousand men government escort negate its 1000 dollar deduction against that so effectively in law I had 80000 dollars do you taxable income. So that's that's a big deal that's a big deal on the business side on the personal side there are a lot of changes for individual taxpayers as well. They did away with personal exemptions but they've more or less double standard deductions. So that section of tax or term will be a lot easier for everybody to deal with this year and probably very few people end up itemized in anymore. Okay all right well that's. That will have to wait and see how effects are real estate market consists what are shows about but some people will no longer. Mean to. Right off their interest on the mortgage right. Duke isn't standard deduction will probably trump. Correct if they had any trouble qualifying item arising in the past that they were close at 121700. And it's Samir really hard now it's 24000. Relative to its so even having your property taxes on. You know Brit that's whether you call you guys and trying to figure out. If they mean what's the right way to file for next year correct in with respect to the dim the mortgage interest that they might lose with the the deduction. You know one of the things that a lot of small business owners can do is if they have a home office in their house. That they're dedicating primarily and exclusively. Exclusively to the use of the business. They can then deduct some of the the interest and the property taxes. On their business for the good portion of the home office so it's a way to recapture some of the lost. Deductions that might occur when it's your website your phone number credit what kind of people reach shore. Our our website is proactive CPAs so pro active CPAs that's oral CPA asp dot com. They can also give us a phone call at our office number 3523337880. And while we're not sure again next 3523337880. So when I know that you you've talked many times before all about the fact you guys are quick books experts. Include books on an OR 80% of the small businesses front equipment that's correct I'd say more has that authority of probably even higher than that use use quick books whether it's quick books desktop or quick spokes. On line for their for their business software sorry you do classes on you told me we do we do training as well so we will we will meet with our clients. And train themselves train if they happen to have a bookkeeper that needs help. We can certainly help them learn how to efficiently use quick books if they'd rather hand off the accounting work to someone else we can also do all the monthly counting for them. And allow them to focus on their business. Yet as I know we have small business owners have come to us for alone makes it pagers attacks is my sepia or sometimes it does say here's my CPA and recall and they. Incur good tax returns and you melt in to us of which is really. Helpful but they don't know it will how much they made or what they do you guys that do advise people on on how they should pay themselves right. Certainly yes we we meet with our clients and we discuss. Terror and reasonable compensation. You know for themselves based off of you know the earnings of the business okay and this is the time of year where you meet with people right that's correct we've been meaning for the last few months having tax planning meanings especially given all the tax law changes that have taken place we wanna make sure that all of our clients are aware. Of these changes how they're gonna impact their taxes and how they can maximize the savings. Through some of the changes in the law M I know that dump all your mentioned has been maybe Tom can talk to the fact you should be taking a salary right based on what your company makes a prisoner of rules for that. If you are nests corporate owner there is something called reasonable compensation is a hot button area for the IRS. Reasonable compensation audits do happen in and we advise clients you don't wanna be one of those and the way not to be one of those is nobilo playing for it. As an example via an escort the mix on a thousand dollars in you're taking ten thousands of salary in ninety thousands of distribution. The IRS isn't a view that as reasonable compensation who works full time for 101000 dollars. On the other hand if you have a 100000 are propping you take 40000 other salary is 60000 out that 60000 out as distributions. Now let's see you know a little harder case to the IRS to make that that's not reason mall in 40000 arcing Gainesville Florida. Is you know as a reasonable salary so we just that's kind of advice we wanna give our clients to make sure they're not doing something inadvertently. This put them on the IRS has radar and and potentially causing him problems down the room. You know like the fact you go so you do your annual reviews before like to help them for the upcoming year right that's correct because. Is in as many times if we meet with them in the the new year. Some of these changes and some of the things that they can take advantage of it's too late for them to make and possibly major asset purchases and things like that that they might need for their business. To help reduce their taxable income tendency you don't want him to show up come April 14 fermenter with a shoe box full of receipts or something and say they are ready to do my taxes let's go right that's correct that at that point obviously we'd be able to do their taxes but as far as. Helping them reduce what they're gonna oh is you know is is another story at that point in time. We do want them to show off the we'd want help for nineteenth and at that point it's pretty much too late for anything traits and. Right right OK very good all right what all the information I think so let me get stopped how much you give us your website again injure you Mel and you know how people reach you and and whatever else you wanted to bear right now. Our website as pro active CPAs dot com pro active PRO a CT I VE CP eight that's the plural CPA dot com. And on the website we have eight several different places where you can contact us. Send us an email. NEC may have. We are happy to help you with annual tax preparation or if you need somebody to actually. The your bookkeeper in and do that wield your books and the tax returns com we also offer advisory service who is where we come aboard. Come new with a business owners score early and try to go through their business results and help them run their business better you know both save on taxes and make more money at their business. So we offer a wide variety of services they can see a lot of that that stuff on our. Website and then again our phone numbers 3523337880. And right in there with the business owners saw something that you wanna see them once a year. You're trying this helps them advise him during the year for their taxes and and a note how do. You don't reduce or liability guesses best is the deeper relationship we have the more we see is the better relationship we're gonna have a better relationship we have the better work we're going to be OD four FOK Brad simple. I'm so we're gonna take a break and amenities your but I wanted to do starlet. And reasoned that stick around. For the second part of the show is that Paul and I meant to be nigh and I was just kind of blown away by his story about don't want of his kids and what he's done to help. Our community with something that happened to him personally so we can talk about that after. These messages so stick with us we'll be right back. And. Welcome back everyone to the real estate show with Mike Jones with the owners bank mortgage we've got stuff tall pines here and done Tom Porter with. Proactive. Accounting. And I just you guys are Jones felt technically right. Technically engines they'll just west of tea over okay so people know where the sun country is were directly across from the sun country and a Tom you wanted to mention the fact that you have some other information you can send up to customer to folks right now to help them. Sure we had just wrapped up doing a couple presentations for our clients on the new attacks on all the changes involved and we had a PowerPoint slide deck. If some wants to contact us or email us we'd be happy to try to copy formed a look at carriers which are in millions. My email list Tom TOM app proactive CPAs dot com PRO ACT I VE CP AS the plural dot com okay and that's for a small business owners that that is correct although there are a lot of changes affect individuals as well so it would be useful for somebody who want to look at the 1040 changes as well. OK very good. And so we wanna spend it to the second part of our show today talking about. The season for giving end wanted. You know were in the coming year where we can help our local community. And I think Tuesday was what was internment to using was I was giving Tuesday giving Tuesday there ago. We wanna talk about that organization the Paul's been involved in for a number years momentum really have to do with the birth of your third child. That's correct com. So the organization that Mike is referring to his TDs play house Gainesville. It is one of about forty Playhouse is around the country. And what we do is we provide free therapeutic and educational services to individuals with Down syndrome so all of our programming in all of our services that we offer. Are offered completely free of charge to families. But obviously those programs are not free to. To run so that's where we look to the community for support to help provide these valuable resources to to our community. Kinect is a nonprofit organization obviously that's correct yes there are 501 C three OK so all those contributions you make her tax and a that is correct yes so worse worse and look I'd TDs Playhouse Gainsville is at 3345. South west 34 street in Gainsville. Again that's 3345. South west 34 street. It's in the the university town center plaza right at the corner of archer and 34 street. OK and tell us what would you worked at moved from services you provide to short and Lisa use or short so we provide services from infancy all the whales through adulthood for the the individuals that has Down syndrome. I'm so Weaver number different programs that are designed specifically to help the individual learn it is our children with Down syndrome learn in unique ways. On and so we have programming that's been specifically designed to maximize the benefit to them. We have programs that door for school age kids that are literacy programs that are gonna help with reading we have a lot of social skills programs and we have some for the the young children for the crawlers and walkers and element OP which is language music and our peeps and its about just speech in helping them develop. You know language through music. Obviously this journey for you. But I came about because your daughter is born with Down syndrome that's correct my daughter Katherine is about four and a half now. She was born with Down syndrome in May of 2014. It was a surprise diagnosis. And when she was born IA. I have another child with special needs as well. And so I reached out to some therapist and said what can they be doing to help my daughter. What can they do to help her be the best that she can beat the best the ball is something that we like to say it TDs. And they told me about this group of people trying to form. This nonprofit here in town. So me being the big giver that I am rolled up my sleeves contacted them and said how can I help. And you joined the board is one of the sounding board members serving his portraiture and and president for a time period as well look at the GG's wasn't here before you're involved that is correct TDs was not here in fact. She these Playhouse was not at all in this entire state of Florida. So the gains a location at the time was the first and only. We're proud to say that there are two morneau vocations in the state of Florida which we assisted kind in helping provide some guidance and and and like to think that maybe. They saw that the Angel to do it may be it was the sparked to do it elsewhere what's the best way what's the website and all lets up short looking into commit page committee. Provided donation online most definitely people can certainly make donations on line they can go to GG's Playhouse stock pork that's G I GIS. PL a YHOUSE. Dot org slash Gainesville. On that'll take you right to the website you can see about a lot of the programming. We are completely 100% volunteer run we do not have any paid staff on. On hand all of our money goes into the location and providing the resources to the semi. So we're always looking for volunteers to so if if you one to give up your time as opposed to giving up dollars that is always an option as well. I'm but they can go to our website pick in click on their and they can make a donation to the play house. They can know we certainly write checks bring cash as well but they can make online donations. Other phone number if anyone has interest in giving a call to is 3522245722. So that. I think Q Sid there's an event coming up percent in euros three events each each month to reach every few certainly so we have a lot of programming. A lot of our programming teeth typically place takes place on the weekends. Where in which can be easier for families to not have other constraints that are in a preventing them from attending. You know we see the the calendar events on our website to see win the different programs are taking place. Additionally. This. Later today. There is going to be a Halloween part Halloween sorry there's going to be a Christmas holiday party. At our Playhouse there's going to be. Some princesses from cape since he ours and other nonprofit in town so it's always a wonderful time. So we we certainly welcome the community to come out and you can find out details on our web sites. About time and location. You know and go from there but in what's what's audience the website is GG's Playhouse stock Borger. Slash Gainesville okay and as you told me before was. Tom when your daughter was born and it was a surprise diagnosis you didn't know where to turn that's that's correct heading nowhere to turn in. One of the social workers that came into the hospital to talk to us afterwards suggested that they do a Google search. Ands. You know I think everybody knows that there is a lot of great information out there but there's a lot of also. Horrible information as well is incorrect information out on the Internet and so this you know sparked me to say you know what I I don't want Stanley's in our community to go through this and so that was you know one of the many reasons why I. You know helped bring this to it with the help of a lot of individuals make displace a reality that's is determined historian and obviously you have a full time job. And you're Thomas you said Clark for his ball this time you're right that's correct I have a full time job working a proactive tax and counting. And guess I am a bit of a Christmas fanatic so I I go a little crazy with my lights. There are so you're very busy guy but you've found time to do all these things for our community for your daughter especially but for our community has benefited as well you said you served. Probably upwards of home what maybe talk about four years I served as as treasurer and board president for the Playhouse where producer of 400 families yourself correct the other. About a hundred families that participates. Within our Playhouse you know we see families from Daytona we see families from lake city we see families from Jacksonville. We see families you know throughout all of the surrounding community around Gainesville as well so it's it's a wide reach that we have. And you know we provide the resources to a lot of these rural areas that truly don't have any thing. And it's a beacon of hope and it's a beacon for them to be able to come to. And the purpose of TDs Playhouse is to change the way the world views Down syndrome and send a global message of acceptance for all. Right I think that was right on the web terrorism has tactic that's correct yes so if you are in need of TDs Playhouse and make sure you check it out it's on my what's the website won't the website is GG's Playhouse dot org slash Gainsville that's G I G I asked. PL a YHOUSC. Dot org slash Gainesville okay very good and I think that's. Tremendous I'm gonna make a donation call will take my money I'm sure always Mike Lee and I am I definitely appreciate that. And and if you're out there and you are involved with the child or on adults with Down syndrome you know please check it out. Make a donation be be generous they need your support they're really you know and if you can't give of your money if you can give us some time. For volunteering and sure they can use that as well that's correct definitely I want guys thank you so much. For coming on today do you have any dumb last for missing song you wanna mention about you know the new changes are going to be the whites leaping right for. Were for taxes for the term. There are these changes are like I said the biggest change since the 86 tax reform. There is still a lot that has be clarified in defined by the IRS so it's going to be a learning process for about fro the accountant's firm taxpayers and anybody involved so. If you need help new please call your tax prayer call us we'd be happy talk to. Again a phone numbers through 523337880. And Mike thank you for ravenous oh yeah on my. Pleasure it's just you know I knew that you know when you when we met Paula I'm Matt I knew it was just going to be a great topic tonight than ever after story about her daughter that is even. A slew of important obviously especially this time of year where the play tells me so. Right and definitely yes so appreciate you guys coming in any. In the last minute predictions on the game today between Georgia and Alabama do you think Georgia has any chance of winning you know what I think nobody's got a chance against Alabama and balance for you Chris. Yeah area this took place. And now I think it you know and you never he's been he's got a bomb the yeah. That that that's Georgia's best hope that fit in well August we'll find out what thank you very much to our guys for coming in and you to please check out countries play house and then proactive accounting. In their web several more time was. Was so proactive. CPAs right reverse her dot com so check in my several on information so thanks so much again for listening to the rules they show again for this week and will love you Keith see that's we thank you. American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banking mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements. It's not all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change it anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn products may very by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators.