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Dr.Lange talks about what triggers migraines. He explains why animal-based proteins are best. Some store bought protein powders are contaminated with toxic chemicals!Fortifeye Whey Protein IS NOT!.He encourages everyone to read "The Great American Health Hoax," which he doesn't endorse. Paleo Diets are good for inflammatory problems! The doctor/nutritionist talks about ways to relieve to leg edema with nutrition and vibration plates. And ways to alleviate the peripheral neuropathy. He also discusses the Lange Diet which is helping some people loose up to six pounds a weeks.

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Fantastic doctor board certified I commend the position to provide nutritional specialist can popular radio. Doctor Michael Lang Lang I cared so. It's time. Good morning. Welcome to ask the doctor embarrassed as usual. Doctor Michael Lang a Lang I institute and fortify vitamins if you've got a question. Regarding your vision I care worrying each racially related topic now's the time to pick up the sons and you may call. Some lines or 775862820. 775862820. Continue to program whose doctor Lange well come on board certified after magic's position. Also certified nutrition specialist Donna Lange I Karen assess his march 15 of 1993. Birdied thirteen locations. Sold all my offices except a Lang and I institute a few years ago he says well I hail from the Lang I institute. As close to 30000 square feet state of the art I care center. We take care of everything from major surgery to nutritional eye care contact lenses and glasses. All. Under one roof delaying eye institute is in the villages. As geriatric capital of the world golf cart central. Right on the corner for 66 in county road 101 next to CVS across street from. Public's. Many new phone number for Lang I institute write this down and give it to you twice. 3527534014. That's 352. 7534014. Guides com. Let's Sears. On hold I wonder that can be everybody knows he usually is the first scholar. Bob good morning welcome to the program. Mourners doctor why it's that. Arguments are either beautiful morning no aren't. Fantastic. Good spirit spirit. Are you an opportunity it all out yesterday in response we're. You know I tried calling. As Jeff Davis a couple of times and I emailed and texted mad didn't get a reply I mean these same as NASA out. He did it time for the little ones but. If you are still out there right yeah. We want them on the radio this morning if you are. Right so he's our world champion and a wrestling has set a specific wrestling M. Category. Our current. Wrestling and I I suspect are not or not we are what. So it all click go by age and weight range I would. That's pretty impressive goes a lot of people who know Jeff Jeff had a heart suffered a heart attack a few years ago and Thomas have one foot in the grave and he totally changed his life and now. Started doing some things that I preach on the show all the time totally changed his diet his re teens exercised. And net you know and let and middle wow he's a little lower than may later in life became our champion I mean we need to take my hat off to him and commend him congratulations Jeff Davis if you're listening and all of the stands. Yeah that's certainly a bit larger door open pocket doors. Need to get back in that I need to get back in the race car. You know my next races until what are fast. And just January. In that Sebring in January 15 through twentieth but I am gonna try to get to wrote in a manner Alam motorsports and race some radical. Race cars or car radical RX seized they're like prototypes and they're really very cool. One the one Allan ray says. And Ford eco boost when termer murder rent it puts out 650 worst are only weighed a thousand pounds so these cars are fast Sarwan undertaker. You know one the back kind of speed course in that to see if it's a type car one race in the future. They're you know well I always. Be careful. Salute. Our territory over the over the course appears shares are occasion are out which you have. Romania and ought to Margaret. Number I want what causes it AM out there's all the remote. Left corner earlier quarter left outside or are left are. If you're banks and that in about. Dead ocular migraines are usually at nine entities usually nothing to be concerned about. However if you start getting a lot more in my usually recommend having neurologist take a look at you. This is that it's really as a mechanism has triggered a mechanism deep within your brain and it releases some kind of inflammatory substance around and errors in the blood vessels. In the brain and you know people don't really know why. These occur but it is there is a change I mean they've done imaging studies MRI is the show that there is. I changes in the blood flow to the brain that occurred during ocular migraines and this creates what we call a visual aura or stimulating skip Toma. And that's where you get this strange visual phenomenon and one higher actually in both eyes. And it lasts anywhere from ten to twenty minutes if you get a headache afterwards. That's a classic migraine headache. But Bob sometimes we can figure out of their trigger mechanisms and we talked about this so keep a diary. Any three. In a conceived. Anything any common denominator is more intense day. Things can trigger things like MSG. Chocolate caffeine. Petroleum chance to rats and bright light. You know a lot of things can triggered. If you keep a diary right down the exact time of day had occurred. Anything twenty to thirty minutes prior to recurring meaning may be ever see a common denominator eliminate that from your life and you may never again and again. Well art. But it's its revised our world and there were there. Right so even just things that smoked meats all right. She is beer line and other things that we did dad mentioned. You know MS GA's huge content acting sick and sugar artificial sweeteners. Which isn't just about everything out there and you know that brings up. That brings up a whole question. You know is disease related to one of two things this is a questions a book. That I want everybody to read it's a really cool book cannot read a lot of books because. Most books just kind of boring but there's a book out there that says that most diseases are related to deficiencies. And toxicities. So we get a get rid of our deficiencies in China detoxify our bodies as well. Anyway it is bookie you wanna read it Bob you'll love it on the great American health coach by a guy out after I chemist. Named Ramon Francis the great American health out. I'm not endorse in the book but now I don't I don't agree with everything in it but I there's a lot of good stuff that he actually. Television this book. You know the steps to go through tell you what to eat what not to eat how to get ready to deficiencies and how to detox advice of the great American health coach check it out. Well that's good advice you know we ripped out over the years we are what we. What were eating now it's our our ports our ancestors each. You know that's absolutely correct we are we eaten food as medicine and that brings up another topic we're gonna talk about a minute. How most consumer reports not too long ago and I did a study that showed that most. Carter's protein powders that you're buying from the store her right. I hate to say have a garden of life and nature's best there's a huge brands were the most contaminated. Their vegetable proteins are right. The story than him the key the rice so I'll leave people out there thinking you'd take these vegetable protein powders and being healthy. They were contaminated with arsenic Mercury cat named pesticides lead. And and higher levels than there are on eight allowed believe it or not. So the gist of this story is if your body notre fewer weekend warrior he's just trying to stay in shape. Do a animal based protein powder like fortified super protein. And all based proteins bags in the way proteins. Did not have a contaminants that the vegetable proteins dead and remember there's vegetable proteins are not complete proteins either. So stick with the way it is the most bio available protein known to man. A whey protein concentrate from grass fed cows preferably from New Zealand. Boom I've done it for yet fortified super approaching. Actually it's not like they were using the dirty government or. That absolutely. You know and that's that's it's all been absorbed from the ground a lot of these vegetables absorbent so the cows. That the digestion system gets rid of a lot of those impurities and if you're getting them on grass fed. Pasture raised you know chewed up all year round and I getting these genetically modified grains. I that are toxic to begin west then you're gonna do much better now right. Actually thirty dark or similar but there are mature or did you Obama. Lara. Let's see. Stephen clear order thanks for holding the morning. Yeah well I think sometimes some people pay. These happily you know they got the ability. I look at themselves in the mirror type people. They homes if you think the most massive muscular animal from the world. Yeah let me try not terrorists. Is your laugh elephant. Whale. The most massive muscular animals well there are areas yeah. And the I I mean I agree we need to wreck and you know what it very interesting. Is that out of all of the amino acids that make up protein. There's three of them. What you know you feel all this starvation in other countries in Africa. They don't need all that protein they need free amino lapses like seeing the finding trip to saint. And they could eat what they're each mound they'd be okay I'm if it's it's a specific. Amino acid problem but what I call today for is home. Yes on the thirteenth of December we celebrate these. DC. If they first saint Lucie you know first thing. Lucie county airport is named after port saint Lucy. And her name means light. And she is the patron saint of eye diseases so I recommend anybody who has I do see is this fighting what it. And then everything that man can offer us. I'm just woke up on Google and maybe download a prayer and devotion to her and I don't know what you believe but I believe it does it. You know. You can intercede I've seen it happen. The reason she became thing out of eye diseases pushy had a serious back injury. On that we're I think we're reflected on purpose because sixteen didn't want Curtis gave their funerals. Being able to be heard to be a witness and he got better eyes gouged out. And big group back. And the Vatican has medical records. Of their in this secret archive. And there was a part of her fair application to become a thing. And her body lied for 400 years from this that this country is the country without corruption without being involved so. Yeah and I don't know a lot of things over there in Europe they had no one bombing and they their bodies never the case so. On the video there's things beyond our. Our luck this world that we don't understand them. You know god can help you it and and if that if you don't believe then that this man with a beard type concept. Other forces of nature it's quiet it's not just religion that says that he just. Playing and are hoping things but beyond his third and then received for your problems that don't get discouraged. You have a you know if you think you're going blind or something great tour and is she might not be able to help but but usually cans. And is certainly can aired Steve the power of prayer can not be an estimated amen brother. Do you ever seen a case where. Everything. Looked at me and all of a sudden something good happen and it's totally him scientifically inexplicable. I'm I'm sure every doctor. I see that all the time piano and it got Britain. I've seen a lot of a lot of miracles in my day amazing and so yeah you bring about a valid point I agree wholeheartedly with you welcome. Well Larry their big spending either be very. They've you know they've made their total client this. They don't want to believe in any of that type of thing. Or they're they're. Hope people who trusting god and won't go to a doctor you know and if that if this synergistic combination of your face then you're scientific reason. It's the most powerful combination you could hamper any kind of sickness I've gone through in my life and we all have to learn to use what I gave it. Amen. Thanks Steve I appreciate it. Yes indeed proud power of prayer and and you gotta have an open mind I agree berg two points there right listening asked an actor Ramirez doctor Michael Lang 77. 586282077. 5862820. If you have a question give me a call. We're broadcasting and you start eight when he oral FaceBook doctor Michael Lang Michael Lang or need FaceBook. We're on a variety other stations up and gains on any seven point three FM Clearwater is a station I don't think what is that like. I need. Eight point five maybe. Many eight point three something like that clear order. A variety of stations so I've been hosting the show you know a lot of you listen to meet the thirty years. Since in April of 1993. I started out sound off what doctor Michael Lang now let's ask the doctor. How we gonna drive time show on daily here every single day Sunday we were run. A tape but I was some live. Every day from nine to ten Monday through Saturday. I'm an NC patients in the afternoon. All right I'm ray take the next call let's see here. They just feeds in Bradenton bout time we aired and Steve Steve good morning. Good morning sir are you then don't get the work you then. Not Norton on the weekend and that's the first come out there a chance to calling it. He has been concerned about. The three season three musketeers and UN can't quite some time so as open was still on the planet. Yeah I just didn't have access to radio or follow in the market for a friend of mine called me have a blue from east Bradenton is gonna farm out there and I've been helped them look things it does on the weekend to doesn't do through the week. Yet though. And that's it and get collection size make a few books you know we'll send Roland that. I would say doctor Schneider my redneck guy and he told me that I am unsteady on my and it's it's looking good no let them. The mine mine thank each deteriorating in giving horse Norris what finally happened at the end don't. That diabetic read not that they did it ever stop and get better or visit this. They get traded at all didn't worry Arab warrior. Mentality examines may not ever say that the fury that before. Well you know I don't want to sound negative but I have patients that have gone totally blind from diabetes. By the same token I've had patients that have gotten to a certain point and totally stabilized. And I've had patients that have improved when they thought that nothing else can be done that have gotten better and progressively gotten better. You know are you can do is. Like the other Steve just said is certainly a little prayer followed your retina doctor. Your primary I care doctors' advice your endocrinologist your primary your decision. You know eating the right diet eating the right foods aborting Iran foods exercising is you know you lost a lot of weight. A few years back in. You know you're doing everything you can check out that book I talked about the great American health folks read that. The start implementing some of the things in that book art and your life as well the whole the whole section on toxicity. How to detoxify here. Body is pretty fascinating. And then you know keep a positive mindset. As you can only do so much TV and only do so much and you're doing more. Then most more than 95% the most people I mean you're doing exactly what you said is supposed to be doing so. And we'll have to just wait and see. Still be good form to take the focus I guess right. Absolutely there's a triple core rotten noise and routines he is antenna and asked disaster in the cross the blood. Rat no barrier the blood brain barrier. So it seeds direct map all right it feeds every cell in your body supports mitochondria how this boat anti inflammatory. A potent anti Auxerre remember it aging is oxidation inflammation. So this helps to combat against that I mean I wouldn't it wouldn't hurt my feelings that he took to a day. Instead of one and day Tom we're gonna have I think it's next weekend actually next Saturday does not next series the following sentiment of I think is next Saturday. Doctor Karen heck he's one of the leading authorities on Frerotte noises can be a guest again this will be her third appearance. On this program say two men have some questions ready for. And it'd be uninteresting. And discussion for an hour with our. I noticed the the vitamins and of course restore you know like they have bosh of all they had this is there but the madam I have yet to implement them so that must be an extent saying. It's quite expensive is the most expensive nature it on the market asked is antennas that's way to see and a lot of supplements. This is too expensive and they can't make their huge mark up does and it cost a hundred dollars a bottle and nobody's gonna pay a hundred dollars a bottle over the counter. So there's a reason for that but fast is antennas that one of the hottest. Emerging. Antioxidants on the market right now I just say I industry. And they haven't really embraced it the way I have to I mean we see. Patients actually improve. On a daily basis. And this is when we put them on the fortified focus and we put them based on age or weight you know one a day to day and three today. Based on age weight disease entity and things like that remember we also adjust their diet. We get him on an anti inflammatory diet you know we have lifestyle changes things that we talk about on this program I discussed with all my patients as well. All right doctor thank you very much struggle that I don't get to talk to you have a Merry Christmas though. Well I think he's going to be calm at bat Edgar Casey that great to it brings back and do enough to help him in a totally want chin now so. I wish nice talk and see today and it's a long time. Terrence did you take care is great to hear from me. But right. Yeah a lot of us were concerned about Steve. But we know is still alive and chicken hang in their brother. When you said you probably would've been totally blind along time ago. If you weren't taken the proverbial bull bull by the horns so to speak to. Guy Taft. See you think Q is next Q good morning thanks for holding weapons program. Yes I thank you doctor like say it's hearing Euro late fifties early sixties and that's cataract surgery. And hopefully you're gonna lose another 2030 years hopefully. Mom got he you don't have cataracts that come back again. All right so they're moving an organ in your ride quality human crystalline lens it will not grow back OK it's not like a fingernail our hair follicle or I like any choppy arm off. It's not gonna grow back. So. He can't grow back it's physically impossible. Now I don't know according to Steve saint leave it might get a greater saint Lucie and not take come back. But that would be a miracle so. You can develop something caught it posts two carrier sub capsule or haze or a secondary. Cataract. It's a little bit misleading. Because we take your chatter wreck out the cataract is not bagging your ride. The surgeon will open up that bad remove the contents are they cataract and leave the bagging Iraq. That bag is kennel like cellophane. Its stars to a pacifying get cloudy anywhere from six weeks. To six years after cataract surgery sometimes it doesn't. And that's a secondary cataract vision starts to get foggy than you have dabble we call a Yankee caps a lot of meat dime that's a laser done it takes five seconds in the office. Instant gratification. So that's a secondary cataract once that's done you never have to have any other procedure but that's not truly. You're cataract growing back then they wouldn't implant in place that implant is it as a type a polymer and a plastic if you well. That enables you see clearly it's the prescription that would have been in your glasses so legacy clearly ultimately often times without glasses. After cataract surgery. How are real quick question to you let's say it like you're in your fifties and doubt that doctor tell you you have the start. A cataracts would be better to have it taken care of when you're in your fifties rather than waiting for it to get worse included in your sixties or seventies. No there's an old saying that they broke don't fix it all right when the cataract causes a physical problem here I. Or it's causing a decreasing your quality of life Kosher quality of vision is that where you want it. That's when the cataract needs to be removed you don't wanna do it early because. It's a surgical procedure there ain't any surgical procedure in the world. That is without potential complications. So why risk a complication if you don't have to also. Remember cataract surgery you know about 1015 years ago you had that. Put a shot and the guy cut the guy open grabbed a cataract and pull that suture the guy out. Then we went to clear corny and no shot the guy topical anesthesia ultrasound now we have a laser to make the incision. Topical anesthetic not even an IV you don't yet have an Ivy League avid liquid refreshment prior to the surgery. Then you know kind of like go liquid verse it orally you don't even have to have an idea anymore so we've come a long way so what we're doing today. Five years from now or even three years from now we're gonna be laughing at because we get this snowball that goes you know ten years into the future retirement it it turns out. I've a procedure five years from now is going to be quicker less invasive and safe are our guy. Well thank you what you'll have a great holiday and stay safe on the racetrack. Aaron hey thanks for the call and I appreciate it. But backed. Her aides. So that's if I am gonna go to check out these new radical RX seize up in Atlanta Georgia just a really really want to do that that. I don't know if I need to be doing that I guess spend more time with the family during the holiday season yes. But I could fly up there and fly back all on the same day so I got to rationalize this. But I will be at WinFS and he had a lot of you guys Akamai to racism watch. I will be at one or fast that's a PB OC sanctioned race actually. And dad that is I think it's it's January 15 the twins has a five day. Race is a lot of fun a lot of people come from up north and indeed mutual funds come with their big giant semi trucks and it's a lot of fun day grace. So maybe I see guys out there it's so finally coming out. I let's open up the suns if you have a question regarding your vision I care very niche crucially related topic are trying to answer to the best in my ability. It is 775862820. 775862820. Are so we failed to talk much about optical. On the show we talk more about diseases and things like that. But I got a shout out to all my competitions. At delaying eye institute we get some great group about petitions and Debbie Henis is over there and I certainly tallest Zito gone. A great group of competitions. On the floor so if your interest in glasses. The Mumbai we get a huge selection of frames a designer frames not so expensive frames very expensive frames whatever you want. I'm some amazing. Lens types. I like the blue light defense progressive lens or the True Blue progressive lens. And that depends on each individual. What their prescription is to determine which lens we recommend but our petitions are actually. Very educated on what lens is best for you based on you. Based on what you do your job your hobbies. I had the disease entity whether or not you've had cataract surgery at M plans you don't have implants. And so two lenses I like our glue like defense and True Blue has meth I go to a website. True blues vision dot com you can also go to blue light defense dot com. But True Blue vision dot com use my name from O Lang Lang LE NG is a promo code. As you wanna buy likes and sit overs or clip bonds are reading glasses your computer glasses. That filtered the most harmful rays of light blue light coming from that computer that are damaging your eyes. Good or True Blue vision dot com and check out put Lang has the promo code I think he had 1015% off. So a dollar saved is a dollar gained that blue light in environment all its digital manmade. Light that we have it is. Not possibly is harming the guy. And so we're even seeing young adults. With that type of immaculate new generation that's related to blue like has it been on a computer and iPad and iPhone ever sustained important. It's been an iPad Apple Stock what do you think about that. That's been whacked along with Google and missed the mother saying stocks Amazon. Is it time to die that's that's another question I think a couple more down days if you have any extra money you probably should get ready get into the market star right. We're going to the fence to get this. Programs here. But he's Gerald Gerald that's a place of Florida Morton. I could mourning period. I would I was listening record Richie you're glad to talk about the cataracts and I have. Been told I have a cataract and more in my eyes is on the inside the lives how much difference to them from standard cataract. Well cataracts coming a lot of different flavors Gerald I mean we have the most common type that you get around 55 years of age is caught nuclear sclerosis. The whole cataract a whole Lindsay I starts to get yellow all right and we Great Britain won the floor for being the worst right around the three it probably needs to come out. But they only have interior. Quarter called cataracts post here quarter record cataracts. Poster is sound tab select cataracts so it all depends they scatter egg based on what location in the lens of this more interior more post here. And what location of the lenses senses a variety of cataract. Based on location. And then once again I get told that are the collar when it's starting to interfere with your quality of life in these to be removed so here's an example. If you're all you do is read a book and yet you don't drive that chatter can get to 20812100. Vision before you want it removed. But if your truck driver an airplane pilot. Match then you're gonna notice you're driving a lot at night you're having terrible night visual lots halos a star burst. You know what that Carriker mood sometimes when that only has 20/20 five vision. In the exam lane with your ophthalmologist or optometrists out each individual is different that's why I always recommend signing a good. Primary I care doctor like enough to metric physician optometrists. That's gonna spend the time to educate you and help you determine win you need surgery. Right a guy like utility tanked it and I was. They've I was in America full attention news tidbit though is circulation gasoline ethnic let you do you know what on the truck driver so yeah. So went. Pay down. So that's that's your livelihood. So you have to be safe on the road. So you're gonna want cataract surgery prior to somebody. That doesn't do you know it is not a professional driver. You know I have cataract surgery way before then seek to be safe on America's imagine you do drive a lot of night. And you know this three things you need to do when you're driving at night when she'll lesson this cleanest possible if you Wear glasses they have to be cleaned. And lubricate Chirac you'll get about 30% better vision by keep having a clean when she'll clean glasses and put some artificial tears in your I just had minicamp. And putting dropped in right before you pull out onto the highway. About thirty to 33% better vision and night. Are there one. Also wondering if you're not taking fortified focus. I would recommend one to two a day of that that's supplement I developed that does improve night vision improves reaction time which you need being a driver. Four eat a lot of organic spinach kale wild Alaskan salmon go G berries. And orange bell peppers which as a driver that's going to be difficult to do so it's easy to take the pill. Us fortify focus she can get. At the lat and a lot of eye doctor's care throughout the world Amazon has it or just go to the website fortify dot com. When you buy three get 20% off if he uses special code. LEC. 20%. LE siege since relying I care. LEC 20% when you buy three but I think it's actually on the website it talks about that too so you can learn about it all the studies that we've done. We've got some videos a lot of good study some white papers. Just go to fortified dot com that's FO RT I FE YEU remember an eye doctor just kind of a play on words fortified dot com go to focused. And just read up on latency which affect. Are. Much tonight take care be careful out there. It's you know around the Christmas time there's a lot of people on the road. A lot of people airports and everybody's traveling nights some lines are open. 775862820775862820. I think we're probably get that take a break here in just a second. And listen to some of our sponsors. As so have your questions ready after the break our gonna talk about something called Karen green. That you should not be eating that isn't just about everything. Out there. Now does not only does increase your risk of Europe bowel syndrome were colorectal cancer and literally it's an everything. The right were ready to go to the break and be right back. I I'm doctor Michael Lang. I'm a board certified Affymetrix position and certified nutritional specialist did you know that the majority of vitamins that you could buy it over the scanner. I filled with synthetic nutrient diet and trans fats and all of the things that are bad for you. This is why develop fortify vitamins and all natural nutrition local developed over years of clinical research. Fortified complete plus is equivalent to ten to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The supplement is a multi vitamin hide vitamin veggies fruit blend with the enzymes and Omega three fish all. Developed to promote total body wellness and healthy vision. Isn't it time that you took control of your health fortified vitamins. Take control of your help with the fortified. Learn more and ordered now at www. Fortified. Available at playing I care & Associates. All Omega three is not creating equal hi I'm doctor Michael Lang hear a lot of commercials that promote -- -- -- three products and maybe confusing most large studies confirming the positive health benefits of Omega three were done with fish or fish oil as founder of Lang I -- a doctor in search of what's best for my patients I visited Norway or research trip to develop fortified super Romania the highest quality Omega three fish oil available only wild caught fish with the highest Omega three content are used in this formula produced in Norway -- only in a second GNP certified Omega three facility in the world fortified super Omega eliminates any odor or after taste it promotes heart brain eye and join health fortified super Omega has 16100 milligrams of triple refined Omega three fish oil compared to anything on the market you won't find more bio available form of Omega three to purchase go to fortified dot com that's FO RT IF EYE. Dot com or call 8665039746. That's 8665039746. If you are a loved one is suffering from macular degeneration than take note of the following information. Hi I'm doctor Michael lab on the board certified Affymetrix position. And certified nutrition specialist masculinity generation is the leading cause of blindness in patients over 55. I have personally seen thousands of patients with immaculate generation and clinical practice forever seventeen years I've seen the positive benefits to patients can realistically obtained. Nutritional intervention and lifestyle modifications. I have developed a science based nutrition vehicle called fortified complete immaculate defense. That takes all the latest nutritional research and incorporated into one convenient. Daily packed yet. There is hope for immaculate a generation through proper nutrition. Isn't it time that you took control of your help fortify complete map alerted yeah. Learn more and ordered now at www. Fortify dot com available at length I care & Associates. Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and you know the we're trying to. Point 75 off the American position and turn my nutritional specialist Ken popular radio. My goal line no play night here and associate. Good morning. Welcome back that's an actor Emmy host doctor Michael Lang. You've got a question now has time to pick up the sun 77586282077. 5862820. A negative phone number for fortified items are when give it to you twice get a pen his paper write it down. Fortify vitamins 866503. 9746. That's 8665039746. 445 vitamins is in Ocala Florida right there on seventeenth street next to would you. Is open Monday through Friday you can go in there and buy retail it's our distribution center or warehouse there we send all over the country all over the world actually. But you go in and actually try the protein try to superffoods for free. To see if you like it before you buy it so combined have a quick protein drinks for lunch or breakfast on main. So check is that one more time fortify vitamins 866503. 9746. Go to the website. Check out the research that we've done. On the website at fortify. Dot com that's F four TI after. EYE fortified dot com right let's go to thugs. Bark and Ocala the morning. Good morning how are you doctor. I'm hanging in there and yourself. I'm still good I had a question Gloria and started not really related help but so more and nutrition questions. Actually from my father who are that live here in Florida with me but he's in getting up in years and even as early seventieth finish suffering turning quite a do you condition. How well one of them has peripheral neuropathy. Bad I was curious if you had any information related to nutrition that can help something along those are. Yes so peripheral neuropathy is uninteresting to me Ashley says is he overweight. Well he was. There's a lot larger people in my family. Then dove but you've actually taken below lifestyle changes in eating habits have changed. And that index lost quite a bit of weight in the past year. Is it diabetic. Our guard dead. So it's interesting you know my dad hasn't performed a rapidly as well and he's nineteen now and that is got a lot of leg edema is not related to his heart out. A lot of leg swelling and you know so. Basically I would be on that anti inflammatory diet all right something like a Hayley oh Diane her right. Which is difficult for some people to follow but the typical American diet is pro inflammatory you know we show the paley a means you get rid of all that overly processed garbage that is contaminating your body and being becoming toxic in creating inflammation. Dick sugar out of his life sugar is very acidic and he gets from your alkaline body more acidic. And it it's a root cause of more inflammation cancer all sorts of problems. So I would Garnett. Iraq is set an anti inflammatory dialect the Caylee died as a few supplements I would recommend at his age. A good Omega three supplement. But make sure it's triglycerides. A form. Nordic natural causes a decent one you can buy over the counter. Or you can go to fortify dot com are in Iraq places and get fortify Superman get this could be less expensive. The nordic natural and actually more potent. And it's the triglycerides a form. I love the fortify focus. Or eating the foods we talked about fortify focus a low toll intake looting Zia's antenna and asked his aunt then. Potent anti inflammatory potent anti oxidant once again aging is inflammation and oxidation your dad's aging says this can help calm. But he's got to do some form of exercise their right to help with neuropathy. Some form of exercise now it's interesting because. You know my dad being nanny Brooke is back two years ago used to bike ten miles a day can't get I'm bike anymore. His leg edema started going up more more more even though we get them out and I get him walking in stretching. A little bit saga tea sets and I thought I'm not endorsing this I just bought it three days ago and he's been using it and his leg edema has gone down more. In the last three days than the last year from anything we've been doing and it's Carter vibration. Plates. Google that. A vibration played a whole body vibration played. And I think this is something anybody can use. It causes your muscles your whole body to vibrating causing the synapse is in your muscles it's like working out for an hour in only ten minutes. But it can help circulation. And I think for a per from Iraq but they once again this is not my area of expertise but what I've seen let my dad is is not far from Americo okay. And if you look at these. I've vibration plates you can see semi Muppets for five I've seen a size thirteen thousand which is ridiculous. I bought one on Amazon com confidence. All right not endorsing this company common as it was 250 dollars when it came out doesn't it peas and John. To ten minutes to put together and it's super high quality I liken my wife's been on my darted Obama ma has been on my nine your dad's been on it. And that benefits of some food for thought thing about the supplements think about the diet I think about a vibration whole body vibration platform form. And then obviously follow your you know your doctor's advice he got to control. Any systemic health issues obviously. He needs to take his medication per his doctor Kurt the whole idea behind adjusting diet and exercising is trying to get off of the medications. Sure. Thumb and then a book I talked about earlier in the show the great American health Turks check that out because it talks about how you can detoxify your body. What to eat what not to eat. That help you as well as your family mom as well at any age or guys. Absolutely. What you said one thing that would bridge thing about that you one other thing request. Some things I suffered from about here a half ago I had a pretty nasty leg infection. And dust and I'm overweight myself. But it would result but I I had quite a bit of legged being very and that in that left leg of mine and they tend because it in what enabled as you'll well I have noticed and the leg infection has gone now it's been here to have. But. I still have quite a bit of slow it that even the leg. And I noticed that it goes it goes down quite a bit the more I've exercised this week. But it and that I actually walk quite a bit today at my work. Grossed about twelve fortune and other steps today. But but. It in the Dave I don't walk you don't know that at all our thirty nutritional. You know. Things like vote for a or something like that of oil. Did the same things I just mentioned for your dad met you gotta get that weight off are you getting any excess energy data get a laugh. Google the Lang diet plan all right Lang diet plan. I get people the average person if they follow this plan does not just the diets and planned talks about getting some vitamins. It gives you up a complete week of foods to eat. I mean I had my average patient they file plan loses six pounds a week safely all right without being on a starvation diet that's high in saturated fat. So that's the number one thing you can do is get down to your ideal fighting weight and sometimes is more difficult it's easy to talk about. But that's going to be the best thing in the world for yet. Com exercise is important you know when you have a little more weight it's harder and you're joint sometimes so something like direct come and buy sickle. When you buy one injured right in neighborhood and overcome it stationery by so we put in front of the TV. Or you go to the jam direct combat one they make one caught octane it's kind of cool it's Rick comment. And it's got they'll hit low handles like elliptical so you're doing upper body and lower body I'll onetime. You know a lot of that any time fitness gyms have these MM and they log on anytime fitness you go any time so. You know there's no excusing your 11 o'clock at night they go 4 o'clock in the morning and work out. Anytime minutes relatively inexpensive so think about New Year's resolution is take the weight out that's the number one thing you condemn. It. All right sounds like the Blair thank you very much we're quite there. All right take care of my life. You'd be amazed sir I health. When patients are overweight that's the thing I talked him a lot about because when you have extra. At a post tissue that's fatty take you're anyway six specially. Then the luge team this is Anthony asked is if in these crew rotten noise they like to go to this fat so instead of going cheer Ratner and you're right they're going to your body that's a got a lot of healthy fat. But not necessarily healthy Ratner. I write some lines are open 77586. 282077586. 28220. Remember last week I had I are actually really pushed the new chocolate protein it was a big hit we sold it I love it. Have already got a lot ever read reviews from it. I haven't really done that the mill yet because everybody seemed like it but the chocolate I Addison coconut organic coconut sugar and chocolate whey protein. And I cut the Stevie aback by 70%. And so it only has four grams of sugar should still diabetic friendly. But it tastes better and it gives you more energy to Stevie doesn't give you energy but organic sugar. From the token act does give you energy show post recovery or pre work out and the thing that sets fortified super protein apart. It comes from New Zealand grass fed cows that are pasture raised year round. It's not ending natured so that means it hasn't been heated to destroy the molecule. And it's not been bleached some people don't really realize that most proteins that you buy at the local store. Number one come from China number two they've been heated up and number three they've been bleach so chemical chemical chemical chemical processing. Not good so it's that last caller wouldn't be a bad idea since you're gonna be working out losing weight now take. Get a fortified super protein and drink it right after you work out. I mean within thirty minutes after working out good write your muscle helps should maintain and build muscle. Lose fat and gain strength right let's go back to defense. Thank gets Deborah. And my favorite state in the union Louisiana good morning. And ornate. Don't worry I am glad you got estate guy so. Marinate it it's got a chilly but are realized Louisiana is the deep south but it gets cold in Louisiana. What can I do for instance. IQ can I get wet and that do not have not yet. And if I'm not about not letting water in the refrigerator. Why is that yeah a lot of it but do it. Yeah well 88 out of ten that you have an in a glass container I do you buy bottled water and glass that's fine need to put in the refrigerator right. But a lot of these bottles or plastics and some plastics are still. Laced with by Steen else all right EPA. And if you heat ice team knows or cooled by scene cause it can release. These toxic substances into the Warner. We don't want toxins were trying to detoxify our body of a guy. Also you don't wanna drink things overly cold all right. Because things that are overly code believing that can trigger. Heart rhythm is if you drink something super super cold immediately after working out. It can cause palpitations and heart rhythm is so it's better drink things at room temperature now. You milk and stuff like that obviously got to keep in the refrigerator right but you war you do not you buy bottled water just drink at room temperature. Okay another thing how do you have a thought about coming up that they could Byrd couple by saying diet play and see it as if I'd been directed ill. And I think it would ignite this kid is. You know I've I've thought about that many times it's just this is the time I had I have no free time I mean. Right after this I'm going to say but a beach volleyball. Tournament and then I've got like four meanings in a row. It's going to be free time but now I stop working as much maybe I could do that you must follow me on some of the social media if you see some of the meals I poster right. I'd do yet and I don't get it isn't as. I've got to you know people would enjoy it. But yeah I'd try it out yet able to follow me on mr. Grammer to where linked and Google+. FaceBook obviously. Mr. Graham is one I I use a lot said he get a doctor Michael Lang. Let's slash what doctor Michael Lang underscore again doctor Michael Lang. Underscore. And since you Graham I followed and that that season snap a picture and put a little. You know tidbit of information and a lot of times I do on social media run special codes to get discounts on the fortified vitamins as well. Okay. Well that would happen but good starts on the there Deborah and thanks to the Cologne I welcome that and yet we can't. You two bovine. And so a lot of you know Louisiana's most offered rounds are group in New Orleans I should say no Holland's. And I think the saints are playing Tampa Bay today is that right I think San. Saints are pretty good team so you know about New Orleans I gotta say I miss that cuisine and miss the roost beat Ole boys that pushed to grow boys that. Jumbo. That crawfish hate to say and the shrimp creole you know seafood gumbo all that stuff. It's delicious now might be the best thing for your waist slated for your heart. But every now and then yet do it I think I'm gonna take my folks my nine year appearance on the fly back to New Orleans. You know show on the house that we grew up then and they go out to their late cast. Maybe have Christmas. There am I mean I think that'll help. Now they go back to their old stomping grounds maybe that helps psychologically a little bit but then membrane Ambac has some taking care of them until they die it's as simple as that. That list about that event. I think it's Stewart and let this good morning. Well I think the actor playing couple quick things one element thank you for some great advice or assert that cataract surgery and talked to look. Couple months ago and I just really appreciate your no nonsense. Analysis form it is frustrating a lot of different. Options so yeah and so thanks for that. I have my might be reflecting the strong with genuine shock about as saying terrible blue light. Weren't you talk once about some commercial ones like Miley Jim as being good or do I have that confused. Up actually do Maui jammed the new rally GM's nav they've been bought the last year. I do have blue blue filtering properties they are excellent so. They're expensive but they're worth the cost so Miley that to my two favorites are Maui jam and True Blue okay. Com if you need a prescription. Maui Jim is expensive True Blue is gonna be less expensive and actually it's new it's brand new. It is going to be sold to more of the harmful blue light in the Maui jams and you can go to their website at True Blue vision dot com. Yeah urged to embellish trying to compare the two because I don't need a prescription more efficient yeah Sergey and so. It's kind of a new world for me to be out of Italy and the thought of just buying sunglasses. Restorers so. And that's in comparative remember the human crystalline lens absorb all the harmful ultraviolet light blue light you don't have that your eye anymore you have got a piece of plastic basically that those harmful rays can go right through. So is more important now at any time in your life when you're on the sun the golf course the beach you know. Anything like that to be wearing a good pair of sunglasses so certainly a non prescription Maui Jim's are great. Or go to that website and see what they have die firming may yet. Script nonprescription sung lashing about their website needing uses. My name Lange is a promo code that you get ten or 15% now so a little savings. One more quick question my computer monitors as Samsung and it has a nice saving mode into. And this activity motive not nearly as sure. Obviously it's. I find it easier very good not nice saving mode that was give an opinion on maps. That's that's actually causing. I. It's only filtering. A small percentage. Of the blue light and it sacrificing. Your clarity in their four year over focusing its creating unnecessary high strength. So the best thing to do. Is Ted -- by a like I said the True Blue lenses at that website if you need a power you can calculate I mean did you have a multi focal and pledges. You can you gotta talk yeah I mean you let me hear clearly I didn't I still need to reading glasses so. I'm perfect when he twice distance which is unbelievable that there's really strong prescription which. Yep so you can buy the music such element to get off the thumb but you can buy at that True Blue vision dot com weakened by reading glasses that are perfect for the computer check it out. Let me know let next weekend didn't get so much I can't. I don't I think everybody for tuning in listening asked the back ceremony here have a great day. And god bless you.