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Dec 15, 2018|

An expert in Commercial, Residential, Commercial Property Management of, and Auctioning Real Estate Tony Porter with Florida Real Estate Sales Inc. Porter describes how a Certified Market Analysis can help you to make wise decisions whether you are buying or selling. This also help to analyze Commercial properties for wise decision making. Call 352-213-3074 or Email: for expert advice.

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America's strength mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. American banks mortgage is a member FDIC and equal housing lender applicants are subject qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn productivity by companies certain loans require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators. From the studios in 97.3. This guy this. Is the real estate show. With Mike Jones from America's banks mortgage. You can email might get might die Jones and embarrassed thank dot com. The number of calling and is 877. Tell these guys talk that's 8779759825. And now here's your host Mike the mortgage man. Hey welcome to ruin this is a rules official with your host Mike Jones governors thank mortgage. Come on the air each week we talk golfing pros say whether it's buying selling building. Or of course my favorite which is fine meats and remember you can email me anytime at Mike Dunn Jones and a marriage going thoughts on this Mike Todd Jones. They then you are aren't as thank dot com greeting call and text numb my cellphone. And just about each and every day. Get calls on the weekends holidays doesn't matter when 3522150501. That's 352. 2150501. As we do at the beginning of each week we talk about interest rates just a little bit so do you have. Understanding what's happening in the interest or market for a four mortgages but all this information about the talk about you can find on the Wall Street Journal. So last information we have available was from Thursday December 13 2008 team. The thirty year on average national average for the thirty year fixed rate loan. I'm down four point 70%. So down about 66 from the previous week too so that's good news. And then the fifteen year national average for the fifteen year fixed rate loan the Wall Street Journal again Thursday. December 13 20184. Point 04%. So down seven ticks from the previous week. And then the ten year treasury note which is a former what made lie ahead for interest rates for a mortgage rates. Bomb blasts information we I don't that was Friday December 14 tenth 2008 team. Right out about two point 897%. Two point 9%. And that's down again from the previous week so interest rates are down. That's a function of from all the things you see on CNBC and other. TV shows about the stock market but remember all the interest rates you can find each and every day. The Wall Street Journal. The Mets in the consumer rates and were to return investors section and the money died just facial look that up and facts correct me if you'd like to see to make sure that the information and distributes correct but right now interest rates down all of us so that some notes it's all good news for people buying homes. Helping our folks seller council but users to when rates are down. Refinancing haven't not too much right now but we do refinance. Some homes so if you have a question on like it was a call. 3522150501. As we do each week we have a great local expert with us and I'm so fortunate to have fun with me one of the guys and I know from a and business groups that I have here in town. Who attend each and every week but Tony reporter with Florida real estate sales. Tony uses a seasoned pros been in this business for a number years. And just like to welcome to the shock Clinton's unexpected Mike thank you for inviting me and oh yeah I know my pleasure and budget can make it. So. I know one of the things about you that you're most passionate about this Florida sports. Well all of us all the sports right you've got all the games. Just about all the home games it University of Florida and I bleed orange and blue gray area here and whether it's football basketball. Volley ball great season they had this year volleyball yes. Just about any type my wife and iron there. OK perfect well that's really cool way and truly appreciate the support. So when it askew what's your take on grows to your office you do everything right we do everything. We do commercial real estate. Residential real estate management of real state we auction real estate. And one of the things that we do there's a lot of people like earth called certified market analysis if they're even thinking on buying. Thinking on selling. But not sure what they're property's worth like into a free certify market analysis which will compare. Previous sales. Businesses or houses that are or currently for sale. Billion businesses that have been withdrawn. And tell them why and then compared them all and and give them a price with a fielder's. Properties worth. Okay and you are I think one of the things have really impresses me about. You yourself this affected your real problem solver annually Q I have given multiple examples about. How people have on been unable to sell a commercial building and then you come up with a clever idea but one I think you said the other day was. His first wanted to sell there were. Paul under a business. Property and you went to the time it's in the building which you would think would become incensed. But you know that that preppy was for sale for three years locals turning call means that can help disperse in the my friend and I did and they needed to get a 1000001 out of it after going and looking and I thought well that's ridiculous properties worth a lot more than that. I went to the people dead where actually leasing in the property. Who didn't know was for sale and said who do you know. That might be interested in buying NS and warm themselves I wouldn't have voted for 100000325. So it's the way you do things in a way you think about it another great example is. There was a furniture store north of 39 on 43. Was empty for three years other realtors were trying to sell out as a furniture store. When I looked at it I took on releasing him within two weeks I sold to Sandy's she's doing great now. As a different type of business right to it if you want one more there was there was a liquor store in the sister area. That was for sale there were only trying to get a 129000. Forward. But war but couldn't get it over years and they were about to basically go bankrupt. And I looked at it the ruler call me I looked at it. I a window on the street sold part of the property maverick the property itself two car dealership it's now you score a lot for the new record viewership. And I sold the license separately in Maine they sold for over a 170000. Instead of 129. It's just thinking out of the box and seeing things in different way. Right being a little more open minded and just say and not be so. Focused on OK what's a French restored that's all the can be sure when we think is something else and SO I think you deuce. You were so clever and creative to try and make that happen what's your phone number how to people reach you. After the show they wanna talk to about selling their property you're buying a piece of property you're. Or what it may be. My phone number which. And I'll give you my cell number and so they can reach me personally but I do have other realtors working for me. But my cell numbers 3522133074. And I can also be reached by my email. My email address. You can remember easily because I'm talking on radio it's Toni TO NY talks. TA LK has real estate at. So right now we're talking real estate and pago. So what do you covered just gains so Ocala area which were markets recover and I'd like to stay in that area but for certain opportunities on go out of it I've sold. Very large buildings where people couldn't get together with. With national companies. And I will I went in and like and when he wanted to. Orlando. And as a business broker and put two together. They were fighting for about six months trying to get the other. I sold to a and large hotel south of Tampa. I can go anywhere for the right situation right but mostly I like to stay in the UKL. High springs Gainesville area okay and and real estate is your passion obviously this Hoyer and it. But prior to that you had a long. Experience and other businesses were your very successful close are you Bravo a lot of knowledge about a lot of different businesses right yes I am seven new accord dealerships that one time. I was a banker as a executive vice president. Of the largest privately owned bank in a world Chevy Chase Bank. I'd I owned a fine dining restaurant which had a 64000 restaurants in Florida was in the top 100 feet for the last five of the six years I had it. Really enjoyed it really enjoyed it but man on it at two companies Florida real estate sales importer management company got you okay in that order management you managed. Single family homes error or no mostly. Commercial property OK so somebody owns a commercial properties and you were I would manager for them yes OK art so give us your phone number again until it's also people in your hearing 352. 2133074. OK very good so that certified market analysis you do those from businesses as well I'd raise those for businesses. If I'm involved in the sale they cannot be used to finance it anything that's federally. Back which is just about any financing. But they can be used and analysis for sales of properties. Four. Corporations to buy. I've used them in court we won quite a few cases on my. Certify market analysis verses licensed appraisers who really yes it was okay. Obviously there must be very accurate and yes they are young Syria and otherwise it one of the judges said well this makes a lot more sense than that then there's appraisers figures OK well very good okay so what's your take on the market right now commercial access is doing really really well all right commercial zoning. Excellent. I actually had a closing just list Friday in a lack Chua. I've had a two to today some doctors that are spreading. Into a natural they're going to greet be great to have him there. I've had. The eleven buildings this year several in the two million dollar range some of them less but I do everything. Any price range commercial property myself. Residential line of realtors to do any price range from. 75000. To a couple million dollars in residential. And they're experts at it in auctions also we do that your heart is our auctions popular of these things are not really. They are there a lot of fun to do and a lot of fun of people eager to coach and if and part of the job is getting. An audience there when it one better and doesn't go anywhere currently held but when you have quite a few people and you can get them excited about it and have fun with it I like to be the auctioneer and have fun with it so. As as an extraordinary security of the auction so I felt it was fun. Actually doing these such auctions of those mostly distressed properties are not know none of none at all at all. But one of the things if I do an auction there has to be real state available to be sold it may or may not sell at that but it has to have real estate available as. As a broker such selling it but I can sell all the former equipment or all the business equipment all of everything. Even if the property doesn't so. Got you OK understood okay very good our it will Tony you were gonna take a break right here and then. Come back in just a minute you can tell us a little more row which is another residential side so great I like talking about some things you do okay are good loads. The city for now we'll be right back after these messages. Welcome back everyone this is a row stage show with heroes Mike Jones. We're marriage banks mortgage sites so much for a tuning in again this report are all things were also we have told reporter here with Florida real estate sales. And Tony was just tone muscle bell what he does on the commercial side and how arm culprits of businesses directors not a lot listed for sell for commercial right now it. Is it the amount properties showing them what I do have some of that or is available that we can put. Make a great deal on plus. I've been and it's so long did a lot of people that have their property for sale but don't advertise it because they have customers didn't depend on them. Right will come to me and say Tony if you have a a buyers in Vienna are sitting in my type of property. Please give me well and I do that I don't put it on the market until I have the right buyer. Bring me have a good view all wrapped up so that's pretty much younger and you know all the bankers say it does have the financing available so if somebody is listening. And their thinking about buying commercial property you would know the people who put them in touch was as well. I usually deal with the vice presidents or presidents that they I have all their cellphones I really don't mind me calling him at 8 o'clock at night because they know when I have a deal. It's a deal right. Also though I wanna say this. My rules when it when I either do residential which I personally as you know don't do much but some my realtors do I recommend they call you Mike because one of the reasons if if some of the people they call. And to put in application and and they'll get it oh yeah everything's approved thirty days later to find out it's not Brent. Where they call you we know the answer right away and that's how do you do them like. I think you know it just experience school hard knocks you know but basically you gonna know the rules route Mosul road you have to have experienced. Know what it'll go through what won't go through and you have to. In my case are trying to let everyone know up front I don't want them to the to get too far into the process of trying to gusher Kinchen alone and then they're disappointed and brother tellem. The day I meet them right up front hey I don't think you're gonna do is gonna work out for you. Now I'm might pass on a couple. But I'd rather have a thought way than that and never. Like now that I would set haven't had a farm not close this year but I think it would be pretty rare. So I think that's a way prefer to do it like for example we have one last week. But the week before an office were person applied for US to you won't somewhere else. And they waited 3045 days maybe two weeks part of closing find out had to make too much money for you is too long welders and income cap on the product. If you look at during come their pay stubs their banks there tax returns you can tell right away whether they make too much money or not so the person who they were dealing with. I'm not true I was but didn't really don't take the time to even pay attention or even look. For that matter is it was a hard to figure out OK their way over the limit they're not to review would get a US TA long. So we said we can't doing US steel we can do reference known for him that's what we do it. You know Mike you said. Thirty to 45 days and the road I've never heard you be involved one that long yeah I know it and we typically close a lot quicker than that because. Typically what people get a house under contract the first question is want to we closed we want to get to that wanna close too much from out. Both sides right both sides yeah buyer and the seller yet normally the fire can negotiate a little bit better price right if picture if they can average closed or closing. Yep so especially now around Christmas gift that the US open live and not worry you know today is the the fifteenth of December. You probably still enclosed by the end of the year if you need to close to be very quick. Be feel lot of blasphemous stuff but if you commute alone before December 31. He may call the number 352215. 0501. About the rest the appraisal we have a rush for you for that usually comes back within 48 hours. So that's really really good those are guarantee from our per users on our. Approved a prison less blunt object you recall the office or my cellphone. If you need to close on how's your ranks as they can do it. Options as you know Tony we're gonna get homestead for four for next here at the close this year and so people are. You know are being told no but if you are an interest in your view mirroring 3522150501. And if you haven't found that they'll ship. Call me and Mike and I'll sit down with you together and will make it even quicker. Do you have there go you know it's a loose I know that inventories comic coming up a little bit so zoom out a little more options for buyers right more options little more negotiation media makes it easier negotiate when there's a lot out there who thus right let's try it. So Tony you know I've seen you speak of an overt a different times and you're just so smooth and two great job but you're such a funny guy you just your your. Wit and everything else really just cracks me up so that one of the things that you said the other day I think is that you have. Five children right you have how these grandchildren attend ten grandchildren or Talbots lost so I need to sell something hit an attempt at oh that's right but but you love real estate you've been working in different over years you know. Fun yes I because if you if you share with the people right from the beginning right you tell them everything you know is wrong with the property and then they sort of say it. It's a lot of fun it's all pills and a break and you I'm. If you work with a number of people multiple times right and he's just one time I sold one person twelve buildings twelve golden girls buildings ice sold. A doctorate recently sold this doctor the north Florida regional. Senior health center who but I sold him three. And meta tag that's a great story that when it went. There was eighty. A lawyer that had been for you for years trying to sell his building a wrong on thirteenth street. And one of his attorneys belong Darby and I group and write once she tried Tony and toward can he do break right. Well. I looked at it listed it and within four days. I had a doctor. Bird a contract on it and we turned it into the after hours clinic over on thirteenth and tenth in. As they're doing great. To two great doctors. Are in there and they have a great. Program that that they were from nine other involved with chance and it's just a good situation and and I love those type of stories where I can. The candidates say will nobody could sell this. Great let me do it yet there yeah I love that situation well that's cool yen you have one after another after another spoke. Obviously. You know the secret to success and and the fact that you can't like it's a you have to be open minded it's a building doesn't have to be a furniture store can be consignment. Her play Jospin consignment shop and is doing well and then like you said all law firm goes out to be law firm could be. Young voters office yeah yeah or aura bar doesn't have to be a bar right it can be a used car lot for a new car dealership Wheeler and sells licensed separately you know that's it was amazing story well it's really cool. So the soup which did I know that. Commercial roasted is doing quite well but. But residential seems like it's kind of slowed down part of it has slowed down. But. There are some great values out there right now. And I think part of it is the season I know the interest rate went up some but I think it's condemn hasn't liked. It has come down it's come down about a half a point but I'm not sure how long it will be go away so I think if somebody is. There's folks out there listening and they're thinking about buying now is probably the right time to do with to capture a little bit lower interest rates or through thinking about. Refinancing your house right now typically what we're seeing is people taking money out of their homes paying off some other expensive debt. On the losing more than overall lower monthly payment that's the most. Advantageous. Time right now to do it could rates are down a little bit. I'm not sure how long we gonna say no no thank you Mike you just put a sense of urgency in my buyers are very good at the U pitifully so. It's really wanted to ask you a little bit just about. You know. Your family life is very important and you've you've been most important most important most important and if you want your children you have mentioned the other day is. Is a world class athlete right. Man our embassies our man she's is she completed in her end and moaning in her division. In cause Melo in the world championship she also. Completed in and was in. The Iron Man world championships in Las Vegas amazing. Just just crazy and and at one point when Lance Armstrong tried to get minute they start first to man. And she's she. Beat him. Who really and started after him. Really love that I was there watching like he came in a Huff and above it and she was just smile on the wow I don't know that I love the idea that was a campfire and that. So what's that you have to go okay how are well that's that's. If she must be gifted them as far as yeah it is but all my kids are all in All My Children are there there and there they're great kids. They had to work for me grown up and how. And then they learn they want to do something else and work for dead right that's. Area we're very. Well. I would any you know coming towards the end of the show here do you have anything that you are really driven touched on you think it's important for people knowing now. For me personally I think it's some. You know people look at hey what makes more financial sense to rent or our own home. For me it's all about having a place to live having having roots in the community you know more than just making a payment every month and I think the younger generation may be. Doesn't really feel that way it's a unity you know they're really care about what they pay for an reverses owning a place and having putting down roots in me would you. About the Mike what's great right now with the interest rates like you said or low many times you can buy a house cheaper than you can. A rent on the strip and also. It. People were surprised when they hear you can get analysis for only three and a half percent dance sometimes sorry and and the county less than. Right yeah it's amazing what you can do a bit you know all the all of the different programs so if I came to you with Allison said bullets. The location is here break you could tell us the least amount down and the best straight. Yes that's right we trying giver ruin all the options of elbows and tell them okay this is what you can do with this type alone and are what the pros and cons are so they can make an educated decision it's not just had one size fits all you're trying to find the best solution for everyone some people. Right now you know the real parent barge shall say gosh and here you off only three or four years as a member residency. Or fellowship. How are like a 51 arm I know I can get a little bit lower interest rates that way I known going to be gone from the south and you know three or four years so that's what we'll do for those folks so it just depends on the situation. You know. You know what's funny Mike when people buy houses from me they sell more illiteracy in my life the average person. Actually moves within five years right there financial thing where they get promotion or or get transferred remove. Or a family thing or. A number of reasons any number of reasons but the average is about every Friday years they move. Tester yeah exactly exactly right and we you know we see that we get all that information from a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to tell us. As the average life expectancy for loan is X number years five to seven years just like you're saying and then they either. Pay it offers unanswered by something bigger downsides in a move out of the area you know one of those reasons so. But to and they bring you trying to tell somebody hey maybe you should take a 51 arm or someone armor Taiwan arm and they just they hear him nor non interest. So a glorious you one other question. Win. When you purchase of mortgage do you actually keep them mortgage your do you securitized. So sometimes we keep elements sometimes are sold on the secondary markets so it just depends of bank makes. Management decision but right now moved there doing somewhere and around a 150 million a month. Loan to some big volume so they have a lot of economies of scale to sell to big investors some from go to certain places. But some we cue for ourselves so we do have a big portfolio loans we do a lot of portfolio loans are loans that don't meet Cheney may requirements. That's another Q that we have or another. Heroin are where Burress you may say to to help people out there couldn't qualify for something else not want to book condos was a big one and down. Condo projects are not who want to vote by Fannie Mae we do a number of those. And just different situations that we you know that's great tonight you know that yes it does that's amazing yes it's a really good if you have a question I'm in your portfolio stuff we do or any other loan you can call me. At the office 352215. Zero fives or one Antonio which are number one more time 3522133074. Or two or email me at Toni TO NY talks. Real estate RE AL EST TE. At I would think it's only one appreciate you coming on the show this week period. I really appreciate your time and I enjoyed having you here whether it's and just like to thank all the listeners again for listening this week really. Appreciate you just tuning in and listening to the real solution over if you're having is considering a marriage thank. And oracle Tony that's for real sleaze sells like so much have a great week everyone. The kitchen. American banks mortgage and MLS 408099. Mike Jones is an MLS numbers 315233. A Marist bank mortgage is a member FDIC an equal housing lender applicants are subject to qualification requirements on all applicants will qualify breaks in terms are subject to change anytime discussions are for information only and not a commitment to learn products triggered by companies certain laws require mortgage insurance discuss all options through marriage bank mortgage loan originators.