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Dr. Karen Hecht and Dr. Lange field questions and discuss the benefits of astaxanthin. She is an expert in the powers of astaxanthin and its restorative abilities. Informative and interesting don't miss this outstanding show!

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Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better all over Florida. Fantastic doctor Flynn Boyle certified optimistic positioned to provide nutritional specialist and popular radio. Doctor Michael lineup playing I cared associate. OK good morning M combats a term Harris doctor Michael Lang. Of the Lang eye institute in fortify vitamins here each and every Saturday morning live. To answer any and all questions you may have regarding vision care take advantage of this and pick up the phones give me a call. I do a very welcome guest. With me today that's doctor Karen heck doctor Hecht is with pastor reopen the scientific officer with master real Ph.D. She's been in jest Doan asked the doctor and two there are times ran that's right yes and thank you are right you ask him a little feedback here. Let me turn this. There that's better anyway. Doctor Karen heck isn't expert. In Colorado annoyed that area of Koran annoyed specifically. Asked disease and then. And we're gonna dive into the powers Avastin Zandt and today on this program so. Anybody listening if you have questions regarding certainly Lou teens he is at an asked does anthem. Our product car fortify its focus. Certainly give us doll found in Europe and 775862820. That 77586. To date twenty. You know eat those either been listening the show for many years you hear me talk about routines he is Anthony C advertisements. In your optometrists office in your ophthalmologist office. You know on the Internet on TV on the radio talking about things like Lou teens he is anthem the powers that he's may have four. Ocular house. But a relatively new nutrient that is emerging. Is past his anthem and there's a lot of interest team. Nutritional value. Dressed as in then not only for the guy we're gonna talk about that in just a few minutes but first. We always takeaway costs and our car the first caller of the day who could that be. Let's say. Bob good morning welcome to the program. That morning doctor life. Our new smaller. I'm doing fantastic and yourself. Our newer quite well I got all the above mr. Davis has more anemic back on the radio or. As he did receive your text message you really wanted to say thank you for that. OK excellent thank you for that Jeff Davis the new world champion. Whichever wrestling is that. Excellent. Size nice to know war champion it's. The year ago but there you go. Our client columnist more because I have a question that that has arisen here. Meyer a strong. If saying that it's been diagnosed or been told him that there's there's sort of braves are started to disintegrate. Part of is that. Form of arthritis. And if it is is there anything that we can do you intercede in that area. While that's a good question for the eyed actor. Yes just like my vertebrae. And the issue this did he have a lot of trauma growing up by accidents athletics and things like that. None and so we I broke my back in my neck and neck race in motor cross and I've got some degenerative arthritis in my neck and my Lombard cervical area. And so I can just tell you from what nine now are right now you're gonna have a lot of pain associated with as. Number one IE. That in don't know how matter how good it is is that certainly needs to be doing some stretching exercises. Some sort of exercises to strengthen the back it's not a bad idea to see an orthopedic surgeon who believe and maybe even a chiropractor. I could have some benefits form. When I find that really helps me is a couple of things. Number one is taking a hot bath and NG 20 hot tablet jets. There's jets are on my back and add about a pound of apps and solved okay. That early helps eliminate some pain. Stretching exercises like this that is very important. Getting down to your ideal body weight which is very difficult to. There's something else that I just purchased from my mom and dad recently does that actually help my back pain. Is. A full plate are full body vibration play and there is some staff then and eaten can now. You know chronic degenerative back pain but also there's some supplements and we're gonna dive into that today if truly does have arthritis or this is an inflammatory condition. You know of the joints and it is certainly can affect this time in his vertebrae. And so we use Omega three fish oil all the time for that. Asked is anthem which doctor Karen that one of the leading authority sitting right next to me we're gonna dive into some of that on the show how it certainly has some anti Islamic. Our properties. And you know Bobby probably heard me talk about a new product we have developed to be out hopefully by the end of the year. Card fortify advanced dry eye therapy member dry eyes associated with. Inflammation. And so that just three. Products that are N fortify advanced dry eye therapy are fortified super mega fortified focused and in news product I developed called fortified black current Siegel. GLA with GO lag all three of those and he studies have show lower inflammatory markers in the body. So not only is it going to be good for drive a lot of our patients with rheumatoid arthritis. And aches and pains are gonna benefit from this product that has developed for dry eye. So that maybe something that he might wanna try. But I certainly out file device that is doctor and maybe maybe even looked look for some advice of a car practice eating get some pain alleviation. Well there are factors one that's determined that it probably has ten years and being able to walk operate. You mention vibration. Years ago a mission to death from a lawyer that I have a stand on. But Torre played we we talk but that's quite a few years ago. You say that word being beneficial. It's a vibration play. There yeah absolutely I would let him try that there are some studies that indicate that can be Bennett's Charlotte is debt and help circulation. In my dad's nineteen and contractors has. Patient and his we're from the rock that she has improved in only five days of being using this play his leg edema is gone down significantly nothing else this out so. I fail. Is some benefits and certainly is not gonna hurt many a guy. Greg good they've got to stand on play. Yet the one I have a stand on I've bought it in. The ECB can move is a dollar as I got one car confidence and that endorsing them but it was only two earned 39 dollars and I got in two days. You know on nine Amazon. What I always very similar to what I have here. Okay well I get up and let you talk with doctor. Okay thanks Bob take care a great architecture. And I wonder if they're hearing us on FaceBook I hope they are. If not we take a break will be able to talk about dancing so anyway back to heck let's afford go to the next car. Just briefly discuss ass disease than what actually is it we talked about it before but a lot of people listening and watching her first time so what. His ass disaster. It's I'm glad you asked to see all the science sort of recap even if you've heard this before us today and Dan is. And nutrient that's found mostly in some of the sea foods that we eat the best source for it is and wild. Salmon it's what gives salmon that red issue. It's actually a core rock night molecule which is similar to what you find in terrorists that makes them orange. And the nice thing ends. That we know that asks is it and gets deposited in the muscles of the eyes specifically in the silly airy muscles and that's where we see some of the benefits to the odd but as you mentioned. There's also some anti inflammatory properties and the star really is the antioxidant properties. This is a one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature and that's why we're so excited about talking about this molecule so. Asked disaster and as kind of an double whammy has as a potent anti oxen and a potent anti flag tour. And a lot of people are listening our our knows something caught or Ratner does have educated and oxygen radical observers to capacity and I think asked is anthem fur. This size seven has some of the high store of value out there yeah. So it's 6000 times stronger than vitamin C 800 times stronger than co Q ten. And almost two to three times stronger than it leaching and he is and then as well. Right and then we've developed a product in conjunction with you guys and Astor real caught fortify focus and a lot of our listeners are taken at. I take two a day. And fortify focusing those of you listening has Lou teen Z is Sam and I servers and six milligrams. A vast is antenna and it's in the fish gelatin with an olive oil delivery system and you go to the website at fortify dot com. And go to focused and you see a lot of white papers and research Nvidia has. All talking about the fortify focus in more detail right we're gonna defense. Stand in Palm Harbor thanks rolling good morning. I could monitor. What do that you were. OK so about two weeks ago all. I yellow spot at the open something that look like Garko lassie Ali signed off on further inspection looking into a magnifying mirror and look like there was a little bit. What looks like it jelly substance towards the bottom of a lid. And toward the end of last week expo article await what this past Monday. They came back and now it's it's it's still there export the bottom of the lid. And it looks like it jelly substance no I have no pain and it doesn't affect my vision and it is really no red niche. A very odd seeing it looks like a jelly substance. Is it on the lower letter that opera led. Our work. Armored car world war and is there on the actual white part of the guy if you're white part white part right so you probably have a little bit of inflamed cut con Jung tae about that's the very superficial. Outer layer of your ride. And making our inflamed from trying this from allergies from viruses that are in the air right now. And a look exactly like you saying that a little G a lot in this membrane. And what I would try is get some artificial tears over the counter or something like Sarah tears are refresh tears you just 34 times a day. Maybe alternate. Hot and cold compress because at this is allergic the cold compress is gonna how. If it's bacterial or viral the warm compress is gonna help but his drive ISS in the warm compress a since we don't know we're gonna go ahead alternate hot and cold compress. Use artificial tears C looks over the next few days. Obviously if he gets worse rat her painful blurred vision needed a local I'd doctor immediately. But this can also be something Carter putting wacky left. All right a ping wacky let is kind of a callous this buildup to the wind in the ultraviolet lie eight. The son and his fairly common and a lot of people just don't notice it until they really look at their high very very closely in the mirror. And you probably had a little flare up of this what we called ping YQ is probably nothing to worry about. But if it ever in doubt go Seawright after a gang. Thank you Omar I really appreciate your help and I take care. They care about. Okay where are listening had to ask the doctors this morning is doctor Michael Lang myself and doctor Karen hacked from Astor real. She's the scientific officer Ph.D. and and biology then that's right and if he's got a question regarding at any form of chloride noise. It specially. Lou teens he is anthem harassed as they have them give us a call will be happening yes this question 77586. 2820. That 77586. 2820. Now it's something that I learned recently. And you know I think I know everything right so something that I learned recently is that at its design and then. So. Ports to health. And maybe improves the house and the function ability of the little powerhouse cells and our body called mitochondria. So a lot of people first and our picks mitochondria. So let's talk a livid about that because that's fascinating I always knew that may be. Siegel carting off local gas and co Q ten had some benefits fair might conjure up had no idea about NASA's anthem. So let's talk a little bit about what the world mitochondria are and how fast descent and really supports this little organ now. I think that that's one of the things that makes accident and so unique the fact that it's basically targeting this organ I'll call the mitochondria. Which produces. All the energy in our bodies that allows us to do everything from focusing keeping our heart beating too you know moving around and creating. This is where the energy comes from from this little engine called the mitochondria on. And every so has it almost in our bodies and the problem is it also. Produces free radicals as a byproduct of that energy production process. What makes past present and so unique is that it has this incredible structure that just fits the mitochondria all membrane. Perfectly so we know that about 35. To 50%. Of all them past Tuesday and then in a the membranes of ourselves are specifically in the mitochondria. Positioned exactly where those free radicals are formed in our bodies. And able to neutralize them and prevent them from damaging. Might a con job membranes and proteins which keeps us. Producing energy efficiently. And that's one of the series of Beijing is the free radical theory of aging and what happens is it's this way heir and hair of energy production and free radical production over time. Breaking down these these membranes and molecules making leaky dysfunctional mitochondria. Making us basically. The less efficient energy producers and that's been linked actually this kind of energy crisis has been linked to shoot. Progression of AMD. And linked to severity there's been a study recently comparing. AMD. Donors and looking at rational to feel real cells. And the the ones that more severe forms of AMD also had bigger problems when it's their mitochondria all function and energy production. So asked isn't and is not directly link there's no evidence directly linking it to end people what I am saying is that it is. Specifically going to the mitochondria where we how we do have evidence showing they can protect mitochondria from oxidant stress. Through its anti oxidant activities. So if we protect the mitochondria mean ultimately aging probably starts even aiding her DNA sailor rest protect us respiration. At Purdue production of ATP. And all of that takes place in the mitochondria so we're supporting might conjure up health. In essence we're promoting anti aging. Yes that would be it the the notion I mean essentially your slowing down the V. The idea is you slowing down the Wear and hair. By providing. A dietary. Supplements. Of antioxidants. And the reason that's important is because as we age. Our own in darkness antioxidant capacity goes down from blood flow goes down but we keep producing these free radicals in some cases. In even greater amounts because we also build up the kind of chronic inflammation overtime as works for us the elements. You know our ocular surface is constantly exposed to the environment. Light pollution d.s all trigger the formation of free radicals. That caused that where in terror as we age. Right and aging Natalie in the entire body Beijing in the eye. Is related to do things oxidation and inflammation. So what better I mean taking a supplement that potentially can help arm both of those aspects of aging and fortify focus once again. So let's talk about what can people do because I think that. The lion's share of patients and people listening the show are going to be deficient and asked is there then. And the reason for that is it's not in our typical diet so I always talk about what patients can Eaton what listeners can need. To be proactive in their overall health meddling there I health but the row overall health it and we always talk about eating you know colorful fruits and vegetables. To get you eighteen Izzy is in an orange bell peppers and Koji berries does he is anthem. You know dark green leafy vegetables start preferably organically grown for. Am -- team. But there's really only one way you can get asked does anthem and people aren't eating enough of that. Right so the best source in our diet is from wild salmon that true consume natural last is intent through their diet but the average American and none only gets about two pounds of salmon a year. Which is really not enough to be an efficacious dose based. On the clinical studies that are out there using ouster relapses and and so you'd have to eat almost three. She'll lay zones of Coho salmon. It actually adds up and it's hard to maintain that amount so this is why dietary supplementation is so important. And in addition to that you know you have. Basically in fortified focused you're getting. Three Koran noise it's all in one of them are all functioning in the eye and a complimentary fashion. So they're not competing they're all gonna get absorbed in the gut. They travel through your circulatory system and get deposits in the eyes. Leaching and DS in the back of the eye in the retina to protect from. You blue light protect the Mac Sheila and then asked does and then at the front of the eyes. Those muscles that control your lens and help with dynamic focus. Well. I'm 57 years old now can you believe it. And I still don't need green glass has not yet say when I safety about the time we develop this product. I needed reading glasses. Now I can replant 37 imprint which is Tony Tony up close. Without reading glasses that's pretty amazing it's amazing I see this on patient solid time usually they take two A day of the fortified focused. It's a little bit quicker and that happened for everybody now we're get right take the next call Al hold on for just the second. When we talking about Sam and again I think and you might know more than this vote sockeye salmon. I think is the highest amount of asked design and then include salmon is the lowest amount. Yes. Sure that's right yes so. King salmon you'd need to twelve servings and I'm talking about hundred grand servings. A day. And sockeye salmon is the highest that's about two point six servings a day you'd need to get six the equivalent of six milligrams a day. Natural last does and then which is what we see benefits. I health most of the studies for eye health are Don at six milligrams to. Nestle we are utilizing in the fortified focus supplement our disconnect at times. Now being down Allan good morning. Good morning that thank you I'm just a question here towards doctor hack. After they have found it. It is there any studies done about it being good being used or helping then the blood or an aunt take so Agilent replied. Hi Al thinks through questions die haven't seen anything about anti cloud deletion and but I can tell you what data we do have before. Cardiovascular health. Past his engine does promotes. Healthy blood lipid chemistry so we've seen in some studies is decreases tricycle stride levels. And LDL or bad cholesterol levels and increases HDL. And there's also an X Vivus study where they take blood samples from. Participants of the study taking Costas and then. And they showed that they asked does anything can slowed down the oxidation. Of LDL. Or bad cholesterol which is significant when you're talking about. Development of atherosclerosis. There's all some studies that show it improves. Circulation. So we're talking about peripheral circulation and in the limbs but also about. A cup Hillary circulation so there are two study specifically that showed improved circulation in the core right in the high. So that's really in another important way in which justice and some contributes to our health and the other thing they can think of as. Past present and works as we said in mitochondria. Muscles are especially rich and mitochondria which is why we talk about fast descent and functioning in the muscles of the tie the heart is also a muscle. And it's rich and hard working on rich and mitochondria. And we you can expect that if past present and works well for protecting mitochondria from up to date of stressed. It proves the recovered from exercising muscles improves insurance. Improves fat utilization for energy and mitochondria but it can also support heart health so these are some of the ways in which she. Our studies indicate that has to sentence supports cardiovascular health in general. In what they'll digits where they tested are. Big question zone force. For the improved. Blood lipid levels that was at twelve milligrams a day. Yeah I would like to. And it and it being considered a replacement for vitamin C I have some. Stomach issues of vitamin C no matter what plans. I see a what I would say is vitamin C is a water soluble. I antioxidant whereas asked is Anthony is a fat soluble antioxidants so. They do work in different areas of the cell. Past present and has access to membranes. Whereas vitamin C doesn't necessarily so I wouldn't say that it's a replacement. But I would say it's it's a good antioxidants for your membranes which would bids are the most sensitive to oxidant stress so that would be a nice addition. And we do have a lot of patience on vitamin C that can't tolerate that Daniel is as is said they just scored a gas and can't tolerating their neck justice systems and I don't have anybody ever that says they can't tolerate the fortified focus none. Really good and one last question. When it comes to answer that and aspirin was there any problem wit says taking them together. I am I not seen any Contra indications reported before asked does and then it and we have over forty. Clinical studies addressing safety. So. Either side you have like senators sit I called the dent and maybe blood pressure reducing medicine that. Since yup but there is does have not specifically been tested together. But what I can say is that the safety studies we do have don't indicate any Contra indications but I would definitely consult with your doctor on the. Now you know I get hundreds if not if not thousands of patients that are on crewman and more firms tell. And there on the fortify focused and it has not interfere with their pro from and time. At all so that's a good thing but officer member you're gonna take a supplement you're gonna take it daily writes they don't take it once every fifth day. And if year taking a supplement daily then your doctor can regulate. You're coming in levels earlier war from levels. So it doesn't interfere with your program and time a lot of times I'll have patience command that I immaculate generation I want to eat spinach and they say blocking any Spanish. Does got vitamin KM on a blood thinner. Well they can they just need same amount every day saw half a cup of cooked organic spinach on a daily basis and then yet lecture doctor knows that hagee on the medication. And then you can get the benefits of both. Very good doctors say there's so much both. Doctor and get her doctor what will appreciate it we wouldn't your show every week you have a good day. Take arraf into about. Are you listening to ask that actors this morning doctor Michael Lang with my very welcome guest doctor Karen heck Ph.D. from pastor real. If you got a question regarding your vision I Kieran nutritionally related topic didn't have to be related asked his aunt and give us a cause 77586. 2820. At 775862820. Also. Somebody give me the phone number four fortified vitamins. You can call fortify vitamins and speak with Mandy or harper or Danny or need. Our miss Audrey and that phone number is 866503. 9746. That's 8665039746. Go to the website. Fortify. Dot com and that's FO RT I asked EYEU. Remember a night doctors just kind of a play on words. Ford if I. Dot com go to this section focus. And look at the research we've got a lot of the research from pastor real on there are some white papers and clinical studies from on the actives. After looting and he is and then we've got some videos of myself and some with doctor Karen actor myself. And a lot of really interesting stuff talking about. The powers of these three core rotten noise that we fused into one supplement. That works and logistically together. And that's another thing about synergy with his. There is evidence that certain core rotten noise actually blocked the M resort option about a crowd noise so things like beta carotene may block the absorption of crowd noise and examples of families so that's what we're concern in doctors that listen to this program are concerned. About will lead teens he is and can be blocked him by and asked to Zandt and a vice Versa. That's right there is a study published study that shows that these do not compete for absorption in the gut so they've looked at. One and three milligrams asked is aunt and together with league teen and he is and then and examines the cry and I'd blow holes in serum. When people are supplementing it before and after. And the lease teen and he is and some levels are not affected when you bad asses and into the mix so they're not competing. Which is wonderful and they also don't compete in the guy they actually function through different. Mechanisms of action in the eye in the Bakken in the front so you're really getting unique benefits from each of these crime ninths. Which is why fortify focus is such a great combination. And let's talk a little bit about com. Circulation to the guy there's some evidence that asks is Anthony may improve coronal circulation. Their studies out there right then yes there are two studies it's six milligrams a day apps is and then. Showing it improves. The velocity of coral circulation improves blood flow. She's thick pillar in bed in the eyes to. So this is actually important as we age because starting around. No fifty plus the start to lose blood flow to the ions that means you're getting. Fewer nutrients and yadier also removing some of those metabolic wastes less efficiently. And when you allow those to build up over time they can be problem right. And once again combining lewd teen Z is hands and I simmers and asked is there than. Is really a wonderful synergy the costs when you think about it. The core real cavaliers the quarry is what feeds the Ratner. Feeds immaculate so now you may have a dissenting cleansing effect also drew a similar actually go and impregnate. Underneath the radner and in this debris will core regulate on there and makes these little bomb scarred pigment and apathy Leo detachment. RP CDs and there's dress and get larger and larger and larger that's what dry immaculate new generation as. So it makes sense to have something that will improve circulation. Bringing the good nutrients to immaculate leaking Lindsay is aunts and improving immaculate pigment density. Helping protect the Rattner from harmful blue lights men ultraviolet light but the blue light from the digital world that we live and and it and then once again having kind of a cleansing effect to improve circulation is an enormous. I've benefit I think taking fortify focus. Four patients at any age you know I take it my twelve year old daughter takes it mean German staff takes my name anyone Europe and stake it. And I get a tea I have patience that we see on a daily basis you incumbent in my clinic. And we adjust their diet we mean make him lose weight we put him on the supplements. But I have patience with masculine a generation that improve. We see that after collecting our retina specialist. We should he sees that as well his injection rates immaculate new generation has gone down significantly. And we do utilize the benefits of basses and them because of the fortify focused. So I think this is that it still kind of an untapped market there's no double blind placebo controlled studies proving any of this yet. But I do see it clinically and a daily basis that benefits patients are receiving from those three crowd noise when their combined together. What we do you see improved blood flow we see improved antioxidant capacity of something called the week we assume there. Which is a liquidity flows over the lens to provide nutrients and antioxidant protection to the lens. And we see reduced some Hydro peroxide total height proximity in the same. And we see. Subjects in clinical studies reporting improvements. In eye fatigue and I strained symptoms because asses and then works in those muscles really I. To help improve muscle insurance. And also improve muscle recovers from exercise and really staring at a computer screen for a long time doing your work is finally doing exercise on your eyes those. Muscles contract to round out the lens so help you focus on nearby objects and they get tired. And so those are the mechanisms. By which asked Zandt and works antioxidant protection for that eight queen Schumer. Improve blood flow and also. Support for those eye muscles that are working so hard during the day see you feel last fatigue. Less ocular pain. And less we've seen some subjects reporting. Less eye redness which is also linked to there's some overlap between dry eye symptoms and computer vision syndrome symptoms as well people are talking about. Absolutely and you know circuit CDS are computer vision syndrome which the lion's share everybody has now everybody does their born with a computer these days they have an iPad and I found. A laptop. From infancy on us. So we're seeing a lot of the harmful side effects of being on a digital tablet all day long. And what I've seen in my patients since we had fortified focused. Before this we knew that Omega threes issue all was beneficial for drives so we develop fortify. Super Omega one of the most apt potent triglyceride molecule Omega threes and industry. And we did see patients having some benefits for their dry. But it wasn't until I added the Forsythe focus to their regiment in conjunction with the super Omega that the symptom managing these pages really improved. So they would come and saying my eyes feel less integrity Bernie teary itchy. But I don't have the eye fatigue as much you're right. And also does something really interesting kind of exciting that. I doctors understand something caught sooner myopia when you're on a computer screen for a long period time your eyes get locked into that near point then you look up in the distance and things are blurry right I was always having that I was a pseudo mine up are really wasn't near sighted. But I it would get locked into a spasm at the computer screen. I don't get that anymore we stand and clinical studies to that patients are reporting and reduce symptoms of blurred vision and following that kind of ocular you don't. Work. Right now. So I I ate just from a subjective standpoint think gases if and is wonderful to add to anybody's dry eye in natural protocol. Because of what I seen subjected in the clinic now. I'm we're gonna be an expert in this but I think there are some studies out there with asked is Anthony. Then indicate that tear break up time that's something they clinicians. Utilizing their practice off Somalis and optometrists both. To determine how drive patient's eyes as we special ties to look at it and thumb. Maybe I dreamed this but tell me if this true or not there is a study out there that shows it may be asked is anthem. Benefits to tear break up time and what levels of what numbers were they using. Right yes sir there is a studying at south clang 2016. And it was actually a combination products and abused. Four milligrams of apps is and and together with other ingredients. And other crime knives and they found improved. Excuse me tear break up time and they also found improvements in sure immerse tests. Without any topical any anesthetic so looking acts the black formal gland function. And stuff that's seems that seems promising it is a combination product but we also have. Studies on axes and then. That are preclinical studies showing it reduces inflammation. In mice. That are in in the eyes specifically he. So it's. That's an interesting application of a bit of feedback and but some at that point is that inflammation what happens with dry I mean. Part when you're looking at a computer screen your blinking time as are due so your high surfaces exposed to the air longer. Also as we age our tier production efficiency goes down. And the I is basically exposed to something called us not extracts. So your Ide drives out. The water evaporates salt concentrations co op and this triggers inflammatory markers like interleukin one interleukin six and T and ask. Which. Basically. Dole is activate our innate and adaptive immune response. And eight just as positive feedback loop where there is immune cells. Going into clear out the damage shrapnel that he'll he'll cells and then there's more dryness and more stress and that whole ox that is stress chronic inflammation live. Perpetuates the dry eye symptoms so we can introduce. A nutrient something to help. To silence that's chronic inflammation and Lou to neutralize this free radicals. Then maybe we can alleviate some of these tries symptoms and this is an area. That would be interesting to see future a search on I think with justice and. Absolutely this is a fascinating there at one of the largest dry eye clinics in the state of Florida probably. You think about it the Lang I institute is in the villages in this is the heart. The retirement geriatric capital of the world. Golf cart central mean my average age patients like 77 years a day. And so they all have cataracts or has had cataract surgery and they have dry eyes that's two things they all have so we have a big trial I senator. And in our number one line of defense for our patients and some us are certified nutritional specialists is a natural approach for helping dry eye patients. And so we certainly we adjust their diet the typical American that comes and our practice. Is on a pro inflammatory diet Perez and so we tried to educate them we give me handouts. There's a diet I created by the Lang diet plan that gives them a guideline but it's kind of like a combination of the pain Leo diet in the Mediterranean diet. So we try to adjust their die get him on an anti inflammatory diet number one album to lose weight. And then we had some specific supplements we certainly did artificial tears on preserved. Oasis tears plus is my favorite we do lit hygiene dot com presses. But will add does fortified super Omega two per day. The fortify focus which has the looting Z is Anthony announces aunts and remember the looting as he is if and I don't think has a big benefit for dry night. But it does improve immaculate pigment density so it helps to sell to the harmful blue light coming from the computer that is a direct culprit for dry eyes. And then we have the GLA. From black currency to all. The studies now indicate that is an Omega six but in the proper ratio and who knows the exact ratio. But I found through clinical studies and some blood tests I was involved in a few years back. That we do attend to one ratio or we take. Say 16100 milligrams of Omega three. And a 160 milligrams of GLA from black currency all. I've seen a lot of subjective improvements and awesome blood tests I've seen things like C reactive protein and even Iraq and I guess in going down these patients. So there we have the new product that I am introducing in another few weeks I should be out card fortified. Advanced dry eye therapy. And is going to be a combination. The fortified super Omega fortified focus ended. Black current CEO with the GLA. And from a nutritional standpoint I think. From all the science that's out there in the clinical studies that I've been involved then this will be one of the top and the newest. But types of nutrients to help combat against dry eye syndrome or cured token junk divide is sick guy which is a big word so let's face it. There's a lot of good drugs on the market now for dry eye. And there's very expensive most them are very expensive and a lot of people these days do not have. Great insurance anymore and they might have an HMO or they have some sort of advantage plan that has really poor. Amounts that are allotted toward these new generation drugs that are very expensive so I've seen some of these try I drugs that are cost 800 dollars for a month. Well most people are gonna pay that well if it doesn't really work that well. So if they have a natural alternatives that's not gonna break the penny bank. The piggy bank it seems like it's gonna be when when so we'll know a lot more when we get to more of the masses using the supplements. Peak rate Martinez alaskans say let's have what the fans that we do have some people on hold. And we're gonna take those questions just a cat just it's back in 77. 5862820. 775862820. Listening to ask the doctors this morning myself doctor Michael Lang hosting the show since. April of nineteen Manny furry and of course my very welcome guest doctor can have. Pastor real all right let's go to the phones. Stephen Tampa good morning. Take good interior voice director I Leuer talk not the answer can't and I called him before. I'd take it to focus and a and I think it'll that was driving down a road and I can't. And manipulate my eyes. Well we're round out but come up the steps as things look different. Because it would there by your your mind is so. You know. Well at least some of its shell went to let everything get here that it was looking out of a different lens that day. It's things were clear they were. Just different and it's just sit is just just saying. Comment about. Thomas and how Thomas actually I came to the rescue believe it or not I took it by actually where I'm so busy with Christmas Saturday at stake. Digest of enzymes every day. Well I accidentally. In his belly done this now you're an old man and I you'd probably have a little thing to say Monday Tuesday Wednesday. I can't chew it. One after the other the digesting enzyme signed ice found out like tolerance level ice we have a little pull outs and I spent some time out there but it was amazing how. I almost. Five minutes later after that second one went down bad. Burning started you know end and I you know got the Thomas right away but it is an adventure stating that exact tolerance. It is what I need and too much bone and you go into the burning state Chet the but I just an enzyme. Steve you're really in tune with your body much more so than most people that's true more other good thing is not necessarily. And hit a bad thing more is not always better. Yeah I'd burn side and that that's for people's affirmation of Coburn all the way and in absence. Coming out as well I'll be careful that we ought to be a classic American thing in our creative ones who get and Nazi aid sort of digested enzymes. But you know other people that don't even that don't even need one at all you know everything is they got enough digest it and I'm even it at my advanced years a vote of 49. But back to the yesterday up and where do you guys get yours from where where's it derived from this from flowers or Sam manned or or. Seen bell peppers. Yet Russian RS Denton is from a vegetarian Soros comes from algae and it's that kind of seeing L green algae called him Matta caucus flew the Alice which we grow. And doors in not closed for a buyer actors in Moses Lake Washington and right here in the US. Of course Washington State that strongly. That we are good stuff comes from the outskirts of cure I went out there one time and I was on the coast Pacific we wanted to go on the trichet now. Wet weather the guy's way up there doctor if you haven't been there you go there where that with the ocean meets that that forced. And I chills to this. Not only because it was wet and cold but. If it it's just spiritual and ninety oh warm and Fuzzy but it was. It was this spiritual experience you're like right dare stand and got out of there for Rio. Was that out on the peninsula. I looked at for a little while the beautiful area. Hit it. See it's just general like to live their goal like that those people. Doctor. Have both of you have a great holiday we appreciate your diligence doctor all these years and you're still going attic you're one of the only one left. Please don't leave those keep you keep one out of church and assisted living thing. This week that radiant. Telling you hey I'm I'm stopper that this by the way at all. I. You bomb go on because you know that's what decent people young I'm seeing and it's every day and so are you people that are retiring early and mirrored a client has just move. Remarkable what I mean do I don't they just fall off the table. Kind of went above ten Dovolani and I still got a lot of raising the death that. Well wait tired out key keep the radio show bought and keep our foot in the practice because there's some thought about but not recreational stuff that this stimulates the mind more than. I can't say my friends that are retired that are playing golf for sharp you know I mean I've lost guys in their late fifties lately they just. I don't know why when they retired estate just seem to decline you know we've got there's so many charitable thing you can do out there and I look pitcher radio show. As a charitable thing and again I thank you fort. All right Steve thanks for the feedback I appreciate your great outing. In as deep as he's gonna call like Bob. That other Steve hadn't caught yet who the genius that I can yeah I attempt. So. I wanna brag a little bit about faster on the let people that brag a little bit about and I was that debt by just recently at this annual American college of nutrition conference. 45 items was there one and the sponsors in Seattle Washington. It is beautiful out there but the year before that. And we were I think as in Washington DC and one of the guest speakers was talking all about asked as Anthony and and I didn't realize this then as well but he said there were only two. Brands. Asked does and then that we're not contaminated. Then so. Asked to Rio was one of them I don't know what the other brand wise but there's a lot and manufactures a vast is in and out there. And you know we want the best for our listeners the best for our patients at best for our loved ones. And that's why you know I use asked to Rio in our fortify focus supplement. But couldn't explain to our listening audience why. Pastor realist so pure. Right so I just mentions that the we get asked to Santa involvement algae and we algae is grown like like a crop than theirs. Different ways to cultivate them ends in different places to do so as well. One of the most popular ways to grows algae would be in an outdoor ponds where it's exposed to the elements. Or you could grow it in an outdoor clothes system or you can do will we do and what we're really. One of the the only ones in the US to do it this way is to grow it in a fully enclosed indoor facility. So what that means is we can actually. Have to filter the error that goes into the manufacturing facility. We use reverse osmosis filtered water not just for growing algae but for cleaning all of the equipment. And we have a fully controlled environments where we control all the nutrients and light so we can time the harvest of the algae. Precisely and dot the reason that's so important as we limit contaminants again in their from air pollution. From microbial sources call limited. And we can actually. Harvest the algae when their fully mature in the red phase so they've actually have. The most asked is and then that they can happen and the least chlorophyll. It seemed teasing the reason chlorophyll is an issues because it can actually affect the stability of the gases and then so. If you look at Aman a graph the standards for AstraZeneca and equality it limits the amount of chlorophyll degradation products cult she informed by its. And it's it's basically that the standards and and passes and then. That we produce meats those tenders and do we actually helped to enforce and continued to raise the standards for quality announced and then in the end. Streets and so Astor real is the only manufacturer that does it this way in the United States right yeah that's right so remember I was a buy American. So pastor real is really an American grown yeah asked to Zandt then I remembered. This the lecturer said there were two out there. And this is only when America grow in this way so and where UST certified just isn't and products to US Pharmacia certified oil yet. So once again if your interest and and by fortify focus she can certainly come to any of the Lang while laying eye institute. Fortified vitamins in Ocala on seventeenth street. Many optometrists and ophthalmologists throughout the globe actually. I haven't even get on Amazon now if you like I had to do the Amazon thanked those are fortified focus and go to the website fortify. Dot com that's a four TI FE YE fortified dot com go to focus look at C read the research on it soon when hadn't product for a fact. Advanced dried therapy avail in which Orleans it'd make it three the fortified focus. And black currency alt having a 160 milligrams of GLA. Combined it will be the first in the United States I don't know about the first in the world but the first in the United States with this combination of nutrients. To combat against oxidation. And inflammation. In the eye and in the entire body. So I wanna talk a little bit more about full body health all right we all wanna be as healthy as we can. And so a lot of people listen to the show they work out they go to the gym they work out a lot that's why develop the fortified super pro team. Which is a whey protein concentrate from New Zealand grass fed cows. But there is some evidence now that muscle endurance muscle recovery can be beneficial from past disaster and no I get it from patients all the time I'm a doctor mark Hanson is not temperatures up north he runs marathons these times have improved he's getting older. His marathon times and improve. And it's post recovery as much less. We it and it just email does that add a day we sponsored a bill Maris son. I've been the Georgia area. And we gave him some fortify focus to guide and he he had a lot less muscle. Spasm Maine and quicker recovery time. And only thing did differently he was taking the fortify focused so there must be some evidence asked is anthem helps muscle recovery. And muscle endurance. Yes and we see a lot of performance results in clinical studies. Competitive cyclist see improved power outputs and improved performance in twenty kilometer time trials form there comes a day asses and then. We also see runners seen less buildup of lactic acid. And soccer players also experiencing. Reduced chronic inflammation markers like CRP. And the reason for that. Past present and works in both. Insurance and recovery. Because it actually neutralizes free radicals assuring exercise and after exercise. Jeering exercised those might conjure rich muscles are pumping out free radicals and asked to Stefan is positioned in the mitochondria and muscles. To neutralize those free radicals and help the might conjure produce energy more efficiently and encouraging fact utilization for energy as well which helps with insurance. I'm sure exercise. When the white blood cells come in to repair the dished marble. They actually have their own metabolic activity and produce a second wave of free radicals that can perpetuate the inflammation and and contributes to you that muscle pain that soreness delayed onset muscle soreness. Cost is in an again is positioned there to neutralize free radicals produced. Through that repair system produced by those white blood cells and that helps to reduce soreness inflammation and and we also see in the soccer players studies that we. Can reduce the amount of muscle damage when he messed them. Measure creature in Chinese and ask for Tina Nina transfer raise the blood markers and muscle damage from exercise. So I'll pass play that there fortified focus or at least six milligrams Avastin Zandt. Astaro. Past his aunt and now. It's interesting Nicklaus Erica and everybody knows nick and it Nicklaus Erica and as war around dermatologist. She had a T a facelift. And three days facelift naturally is. Eating breakfast lunch and supper for three days wild Alaskan salmon a bowl of greens and some berries. And so what we think about it while the salmon has Omega three and has asked is antenna that. Greens the routine and it's so it's almost like fortify focus and it now. 38 days left that's nine meals a day everybody in the study had noticeably less fine lines and wrinkles in their face. Now what about ask does answer first. Get enough cap let's get twenty or so well what a look at a field wanna look at. Exactly launcher outside her represented here you're inside and asked does and then it is beauty from within is always say because. If you're taking ingesting less today than it actually can reach all of those skin layers. All we have to be at the Germans the outer layer. And what it does there is. Into the skin is the largest organ in the body it's constantly exposed to environmental stress areas and the top layer that barrier the shot him and end. Is what's supposed to lock moisture in the skin. And if it's damaged you get more water evaporating from the skin and we have studies down its two milligrams a day of fast is Anthony then. Up to six and twelve milligrams a day that show improved hydration skin hydration because you're protecting the top layer of skin. But you're also protecting all of the macro molecules. In the deep layer of skin the Germans where we have. College in the last stand and Tyler ironic asked. So we can actually protect the cells that produce collagen so if you're taking something like that collagen supplement. That's great you're increasing your your protein intake in all. But with a second you step outside. Your challenging those cells and your challenging your ability to produce collagen in the futures here breaking down the existing collagen. And you're also Chad. Do you undermining. Your cell's ability to produce collagen AstraZeneca and by protecting their skin five appliance which we see in and in vitro study examining. The same actually her check your collagen production abilities that's a nice mix. Passes and then together with collagen maybe one out of vitamin C Americas that's known to boost collagen the television as well so there's there's a nice story there and asked his aunt and accessing them into instinct tells fantastic. So all of you women and men that one looked younger. I take gas dissent and are easy enough fortified focus we go to Amazon fortify dot com.