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The importance of using your Medical Flex Savings Plan to your best advantage! The construction of Dr. Lange's home is not only a big benefit for him and his parents, because of the innovative rehabilitation center in it for his parents, and the benefits of the knowledge gained he can pass on to you! He has a team of uncomparable medical and nutritional specialists at the Lange Eye Institute in The Villages, Florida. Dr. Michael P. Lange, founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates and The Lange Eye Institute and one of his Associates, Dr. Nathan Schramm passed boards achieving them both the designation of Certified Nutrition Specialist, (C.N.S.), from the American College of Nutrition. Preventative Medicine is Key!

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Fantastic doctor board certified I commend the position to provide nutritional specialist can popular radio. Doctor Michael Lang Lang I cared so. It's time. Good morning. Welcome to ask the doctor embarrassed as usual doctor Michael Lang a Lang eye institute in fortified vitamins if you've got a question. Regarding your vision eye care pouring nutritionally related topic now as a time to pick up sons and you may call. Some lines or 775862820. 775862820. Continue to program whose doctor Lange well from the board certified up to match your position. Also certified nutrition specialist found lying I care necessities march 15 of 1993. Birdied thirteen locations. Sold all my offices except a Lang and I institute a few years ago he says well I hail from the Lang I institute. As close to 30000 square feet state of the art I cure center. We take care of everything from major surgery to nutritional eye care contact lenses and glasses. All. Under one roof delaying eye institute is in the villages. As geriatric capital of the world golf cart central. Right on the corner for 66 in county road one on one next to CVS across street from. Public's. Money your phone number for Lang I institute write this down and give it to you twice. 3527534014. That's 352. 7534014. We're on FaceBook or on a variety of radio stations there at the country. The phone number two lives to get in touch with me is 775862820. That 77. 5862820. A lot of did you pick me up on FaceBook all over the world now. So I got a shout out today guys in 2000 Australia. And New Zealand. And China the Philippines. Russia. I'm so a lot of you guys and Dow's or who are watching on FaceBook so that Tom Lauria. So what are we talk about this firm ground. I'm a board certified up to metric physician must are certified nutritional specialist. I found lying accuracy & Associates march 15 of 1993. We're eager to thirteen locations one of the largest privately. And to metric centers in the country. And then I was blessed be barred by a large corporation. I sold all of my offices except delaying eye institute in the villages. That was my flagship. Close to 40000 square foot building with the state of the art I care sooner we take care of everything from major surgery. Two routine night here in nutritional like hero on the one Ruth. Let me give you the phone number for the Lang I institute I'm actually going to be there this Monday. Usually don't work Mondays but I'm working this Monday is that last day of the year. Second a lot of you patients that one again and doctor Laurie could prove he's going to be working with me and were worked the whole day. And you can get in turn I examined to have an emergency kimono and seeming remember you can use your medical flex savings plan. Toward I care I Jimmy Ganassi use it for vitamins. If you purchase it through a medical provider. Glasses sunglasses. So given medical flex savings plan you might have the type if you don't use it you lose it. So a lot of people come in the last day and say hey doc I got 2000 out I got to spend it. I'll help you spend it. I said the thought never delaying eye institute is Erica 352. 7534014. That's 352. 7534014. Sorry so I'm available. All day Monday come on inferno I exam. War come on then and spend the amount of money you need so big government doesn't keep it. So what a concept now let's go to defense. Men Ocala gonna mourn and. That more than darker land trust huge general MacKenzie had a wonderful Christmas and look forward jewelry. Prosperous new year immense. I was a great Christmas that I drove a while I flew my mom and dad down to New Orleans. And then we went over to their lake Jackson Mississippi. So is interest in taking and anyone in a nine year old see the airport there and back could we survived. And we alerted we have a lot of great and we had great times. Are there. Man. So so he gets his good days and bad days and if I could be at home full time and didn't depend on outside help. And as I can be at home full time and didn't have to work. You know I think things would even be better but. You know I I a lot of people know I'm building a new home on the bay and this is I got a whole wing dedicated to mom and dad. That I built. And let's get extra wide hallways it's got handles and railings on the hallways in the bathroom national wide doors no lips for the shower. It's tore let's that are extra high. You know tile floors no carpet. And then again elevator that would go up to would jam them putting all rehab equipment then. For somebody. Like my dad and my mom and a tennis court my mama loves tennis so. I'm whenever crane that lifts dead and puts him in the quarters so we can swam. So I'm actually did some building our homes to rehabilitate. My dad. And so will cities not rainy and you know two years ago if you listen to the show he was bike in ten miles a day. An amazing condition. And he's got this drinks he's got a lot of strengths to a body found Brooke is back doing something kind of silly. Two years ago and it's been downhill since then she. But I'm not gonna give up again I'm on the right vitamins and get on the right diet plan I gotta get sunshine I get him on the vibration plate now again I'm Walken as much as we can. And we're gonna move and about how some hoping in a month so. Hopeful George the contractors listening in one month that would be announce things hurt her career. Just so little national wide brush their that would hurt us going yeah yeah. Doctor Lange. My wife didn't topic reported aren't huge being treated for a Bayreuth. Interactivity. But dumb. I got lay out a fire last week and worse when Stewart pitted indicate. I die and specifically our it guy from old. And so lithium. Could be natural. Supplements are great help deal with this situation. Cheated on. A marriage you are pharmaceutical met. Or hurt Bayreuth. But there's. I've personally reflector appeared off. Pharmaceutical and be able to deal with this same naturally you have and didn't rush trick or show you had done. What about our secret doctor. Are there ever in the series yeah tactic yet starter Derek. Was talk about how they harvest there. Their product from. Well. It does she we give it saying. Yes now G analogy okay walk through it just triggered. My thought you'd think that 88. Iodine trades. Are derived from all pennsylvanians. Not now. Yeah I I would not go that route Bob because as she's being treated right now. For her thyroid condition I would not put her on something that might treat it even further. Here's an example pages look Hashimoto whose disease there right which is. They thyroid dysfunction. And that. Today if they're being treated for you get on I'd iodine it can actually cause some some conditions to worsen. Relatively rapidly. I used to have iodine in my fortified vitamins are now fortify advanced. Our fortify complete advance supplements we had iodine about 56 years ago. And the lion's share my patience not only have cataracts immaculate a generation they have thyroid problems whether hyper hyped oh. And a lot of them have Hashimoto as. And so I took it out just remember I wanna do no harm. I would be very very careful. Trying to treat her thyroid condition naturally without consulting. A physician or somebody like doctor John Potlatch ski you're right I mean the problem with that is. You know doctor John doesn't take insurance to these and so a lot of doctors that are into more of the natural approaches. They don't take insurance is only cash and they can't add up relatively quickly met doctor the blocks he's excellent for treating thyroid naturally. Yeah I would start adding iodine as may affect. If she's got a thyroid problem she's being treated I would try to minimize do you did you just the opposite I would minimized her iodine intake. Unless told otherwise. Our good I go to Denver guys. Art but thank you very much are playing happy new year treat Jeremy and can they are she'd order volleyball. Economic and he's like an Olympian athlete for twelve you're so she's amazing you know she's on an international team. A national team both her regular volleyball and then I heard. Partner gave from you know they get second place and and and the state championship. Almost got first I mean nineteen to 21. I was big with a final and state championship and volley also. They're doing great and Evans and beach volleyball so that says she's playing both indoor and beach she's almost almost 51012. Years all. And another thing about McKenzie she's just a sweet girl she is straight days never mated B I can wrap up a rocking give it to her for Christmas. Our birthday and should be appreciative Sarah. May be my son Logan's listening to this. So I thought we don't portray interior Darth thought. Or Bob. Magic. And happy new year to year and years. And I wanna wish everybody had their FaceBook internationally. As well us all of our listening audience to radio happy and healthy new year. And most of you should be getting some New Year's resolutions Iraq enroll unranked. And probably the best New Year's resolution is if you got an you know if he can pension ensure remember most did you remember that. He can pension and she got to lose that bench or two or three or four or five. American society is dramatically over way. And that's what I try to preach to my patience and number one thing that they can do. T even help their eyes is to lose weight if they're overweight write some lines are open 77. 5862820. DiMicco we are alive today. This will be the last show of 2018. 77586. 2820. All right once again limited phone number if a lying I institute that's 352753. 4014352753401. For the like I institute is in the villages Florida. Ten of the dead center of the state so it's a hop skip and a jump from wherever you are. And like this and we take care just about everything in that facility from doctor Michael to Latino I was upstairs. Doctor to Latino as they Warren now retina specialist he's begat an and then later that afternoon invented. The Avastin injections for your eye and yet. He would. Have probably I don't know what the exact percentages are fifty to 60% less chance. You get an injection Mariah free immaculate new generation if you see doctor toll Tina he does a lot less injections. And why is that. Because he uses proper nutrition. And supplements. Like the fortified vitamins match you have. Some really good supplements that help. These patients with immaculate a generation remember. God made a pretty good body if we give it to right fuel right the right fuel. And there's a big problem with the right fuel. You know if diverging from talking about I care you know. I eat I try to talk about every other things to condition your whole body if we get the body and proper health. You know everything else falls in place. Solid you're out there that work out of the gym and then you go to the 7-Eleven of the time saver that quick king. And you go on by these over the counter or refrigerated. Muscle drinks not gonna mentioning aimed at like five of them that are very popular. Used to drink until after the gym because they were convenient. Who read the ingredients read the other ingredients. They're fed pulled with some nasty stuff. Every single one of them has secured green and it care green is linked to her about syndrome and cancers of the colon in the rectum. Care greens a bad thing and it's and it will take it it's as simple as that chocolate milk cakes ice cream have cared green and it. Eight to cow's milk an eight to cast Chaplin look has no care green and but they also all have sucralose senate. Artificial sweetener that's nasty can cause serious health problems. They can also cause your here pancreas to oversee Crete insulin creating a hype the local ice seeming to state we feel really light headed and can't pass out. FT NC red yellow blue and yellow and red yellow and blue ties to make it trading. And some have way too much sugar or some have no share which might even be worse because they have the circle less. So they assets synthetic nutrients I mean it's chemical after bad chemical goes ought chemicals are bad. I had a listener bring that to my attention. Bad chemicals after bad chemicals should do yourself a favor make your own post recovery protein drink she. All of your and they can decree attend. Branched chain amino acid sit true leaning mix it with your weight protein that comes from China and look at the other ingredients all of these muscle building product should bio with a count our. I mean almost all any 9%. All have the garbage I just talked about sheer polluting your body's you might get you strong muscles. But then you might develop some horrendous cancer 345 years down the road. So like you said do yourself a favor take the bull by its a hook by the horns be proactive in your future health. Not just to promote my fortified vitamins but fortified super protein I'm holding up right now the new chocolate flavor. I like the bass. It has no sucralose and has no. Kerry during and it has nothing synthetic it's natural. Grass fed whey protein concentrate. And he did the naked that sit just natural weight protein concentrate for about forty boxed in by three always get 20% not so much that's that 32 dollars. And we haven't shot that we haven't been no on the chocolate night at 84 grams of coconut sugar to it there's been no has no coconut sugar just deviant. I'm probably gonna change the Manila and add to coconut sugar and cut this deviant back. Some research I've been involved then shows that it's just better free work out and push worked out. So the ultimate post recovery drink or get ray takes and also hold on would be fortified. Super pro team all right once you even two scoops to burning and depending on your size. 82 chocolate milk or white milk chocolate in my outpost recovery free work out would be white milk. Moreira Mallon. Watermelon as hell tion Al suture lane right so are your branched chain amino acids are rare in the way pro team. I'll sit surely there's no more Mallon high eagle IC Mick index is in the chocolate milk and the watermelon and Austin is 80% case seen. They get eight to Casey which is a good case scene is an eight to chuck I'm such a perfect push recovery germ. Too big in the case saying you can find Casey mana hydrate that has nothing in it but that that's fine post recovery. Or eat some grass fed stake three times a week. Grass fed stake stay away from all of the beef because as pro and Islamic caucuses grain fed grass fed beef is actually good for here. It's like wild Alaskan salmon is actually pretty good for a while Alaska salmon is better however let's go back defense. Who's. All right we're gonna take. While I think Marius first in the Steve. Mary and done needing good morning. I could boring actually and if there aren't very big diabetes pitched here I'm not gonna go in kidnapped. We can name calling his I have a very dear friend. Who would like overnight. Woke up and get diagnosed with l.'s policy. So now. Question Noah added an interface. And actually going for physical therapy that you really in her right. And I'm just wondering he crushed. I won't close. And she weird that he you know protect what it an and I. Every week anyway. Oh. And she's not going to take an up or lack. Medication and she doing acupuncture Gregg now. I'd let our king and yet and I wonder about Botox and I'm getting tired you know I thought maybe she lecture I can hear me. Eckerd docket are bad I'm just thinking to myself. I know there aren't all that shots in. So. You banging. Trick sectors swinging bad I can bring to hurt me suggests. You know I can't say she doesn't like cake you know a lot of heavy duty medication. Actually seeing an ophthalmologist. Who. I don't know try to prepare medication. I think she you know volunteers passionate and he might well. And not succumb to U. Absolutely so. Bells pausing is it temporary. Weakness in facial muscles or less a temporary. It looks like at a stroke but it's not a structure is temporary it goes away in most cases are right and you do it makes half your face droop on one side all right nick can occur at any age we don't really know what causes that are right. While we think this swelling and inflammation of a nerve that controls the muscles on that side of the face. And often times it can actually occur after a viral infection right. So I mean ultimately saying things I preach I would have her be taking a good vitamin like fortify completed advanced or right. The good vitamin a behind rating all right good most of as a dehydrated. And get some sunshine to get the vitamin. That are inner dating. The face right. You she might wanna go get a chiropractic. Adjustment believe it or not and a facial massage. Okay. Chiropractic adjustment and a facial massage. And then give it time. And the thing with this would Bell's palsy it with a drooping you're gonna have some issues. With that side of the face where the high as and it can cause some problems with the guy can cause the idea dry out because the I'd be irritated. Because the eyelid would droop and come away from the guy. The eyeball itself and so using some liberty aiding eye drops I'd recommend her use like blink tears horse or oasis tears as the two I like the best. You get him on the fortified dot com website. And I would use as frequently during the day in May be putting gel drop burn ointment in RI at night when she goes to bad. And then follow the advice of her ophthalmologist or optometrists but. Those are some things I would try you can even try soaking in hot tub with apps and sought the magnesium. There's some very minimal evidence. That may. That may help eliminate this and and go away little quicker so the combination of not hot so with Epson sought. Chiropractic gum adjustment. Facial massage. Eating the right foods obvious who little vitamin. And then follow her doctor's advice and give us in times. I OK we think shall protect and help. The whole body are her harder case. Now no homebody I mean mainly the whole body that you know the biggest organ in the body is the skin so it's gonna Missouri this magnesium. And help her relaxant right because she can be stressed in this doll causing administration are. And so that's gonna help or just relax you know turned on the lights put some soothing music on and sometimes it's just resolves overnight sometimes quickly. I get days sometimes. A they don't resolve very quickly and sometimes they do come back. But ever do a combination of all that then please keep me posted. Location in Mary Mary Mary and and she hasn't she went down like 98 I think she'd cry or art or. And she didn't need to get her heart is just a massive phone and she just can't put weight actually don't know who I am thinking. You know inner pact and great about making money but she just she kept Kara hundred pounds now. Did she need she Jason makes movies with whole milk not low fat milk hold held this chocolate mouth. Ed some ice cream minute that doesn't have any pair green and that and put a stupid the way for routine and that. And they may be some that I've been Nan are something like that as well but hold chocolate milk the scoop the weight routine. May be a banana. And had those a couple of times a day I mean. He should be able to get some way to honor. Okay well are out different you're buying. And enroute. Occupant cannot tell that you know how she's doing. It just came out overnight. And I remember reading app acts you know and I nursing career. And I talked to get back to match. Forever. She'd. You know really discouraged. In cricket at the picture an early age you are so. So I'm up somewhere out there and see what happens. Okay thank you and happy new year. You're here aren't you excellent from a married phone lines are open you're listening to ask the doctor and a host doctor Michael Lang. The Lang I institute fortified vitamins and chelios simplify we're getting Reagan the next call Steve's on hold so staked stay on hold for just a second. I do wanna mention our new Helio. Simplified. Not crawling crunch is coming out to be about seven dollar 78 dollars. It's gonna be gluten free and boat free. It's gonna take sort of like probably means very low sugar. And it's gonna be delicious but it's going to be good for you and so sometime in January early January is gonna be out remember in the new product have been working on for years. Cut fortify advanced dry eye therapy will also be out sometime in January. And this is gonna be a combination of our fortified super Omega are fortified focused. And a new product that develops from. High amounts of Gamal and oil gas and from black currency at all. And this is gonna target the computer user that I found. An iPad users everybody everybody and anybody any age can properties computer strains can improve immaculate pigment density. So help against Mac utility generation help guard against blue light damage to your retina. It's gonna help control inflammation in your body gonna be amazing for your skin. Joints blood vessels but I developed mainly for dry eyes all of you with dry eyes this will be the ultimate. In the market today there won't be anything like it. And just somebody copies it for patients would dry that on a natural approach. Right let's go back to offense. Steve thanks for holding the morning. Yeah I agree is that all chemicals are bad for instance if you're dehydrated I recommend you pick a glass of fact I could cannot fight on the it's it's it's just the word chemical has has become a very negative thing weigh anything this matter is chemical. On how what the outcome what I had done that got talked about is very complex because I had dying. Is in dire economic iodine and I had died which is the ironic form the effect that I wouldn't opposite direction. And another thing is that you know that void your belt and be heard of that. I think if that area up in the played Great Lakes could be used to get a lot of poitier. There was no glitters. It's interesting that they pretty much it eliminated it would die die salt. Right because tonight and efficiency. It will not two and a large die thyroid gland which is a border. But there's one in the seventies when they started telling people for blood pressure go off the fault that Reuter started showing up. So everything if everything no calibrated if they had him and I agree with you that. That I had done thing is really complex. On that and and the and that's one of the things that they would investigated by the Secret Service when just when bush was sick. I U member Gray's disease we have an overactive thyroid and yeah well George Bush had it. On mrs. bush had it you know how life can look kind of like they were wide open all the. I don't know the exact democracy and yeah. And that her dog had. Campus so my husband and wife having there are thousands for one. And what really kicked this secret services they're looking at that was that Millie. But gawk. Did you not inform them. And they can't affect thousands and thousands of you know. And it it but they looked into what they couldn't find anything on the and they didn't work that's gone awfully Obama and they found it was just. Quirk. And so iodine is very actually not I'm limping a little bit hurting right there you know it's like if says this is something that. It yet when you're making the formulation I'm sure you have this experiment you've you've you've you've you've you've you've you've you've you've that you can't make a perfect supplement. For everybody if its like troops. And it it would you pin and one thing you've you've disqualified. Of the large group from using it is very difficult and they I have to take a baseline of everything. I know I think I can really feel for you not to work a lot to get that things just. There are a lot of blood tests a lot of patient you know feedback it loses a long haul. And you know still not perfect you're talking a little bit about iodine a lot of people you know are getting enough iodine than diet because of this saw. Eggs believe it or not tuna fish shrimp are I have very high and it. I dairy especially yogurt it's even cod is this issue of Irish call it's pretty high and I dined in the NC weeks a lot of people there into the macro by not a diet. No there Eaton. What Tommy come Boone nor read all these different sea weeds that are so high and denied nine. It's just that that many of these patients are trying to. Treat things naturally when they're already taking medications for their thyroid. And as they take too much iodine then naked in big trouble with her and then they failed elect their doctors know. And Mino is sued can be medicine as well so. Nobody wants to overdo it. Then there's that big controversy between before and he's very you know should be kept at that I don't know what they never I don't know what try to wrap it. If so many multi various things in medicine. That from time to target it at poppy everything's going to be an estimate. Not everything is built figures. Combination I think the biggest problem with vitamins and minerals. Is the question of antagonism between minerals I think. Who I think could drive up copper too much smaller than could I don't think much iron can drive up copper. They care team oxy absorption of Lou teens he is antenna and asked is anthem that's absolutely correct. And so I try to think of all this when I'm putting a vitamin together and you almost have to have a Ph.D. in nutrition and be a clinician that works with nature is to be a order. On the surviving you know. My advice is to try to get in bad shape possible seeking a stay out of the hospital stay away from doctors not to knock doctors are right. But you know it if I always preached god made a pretty good body can only do the things that I talk about an issue out. And the lion's share people are gonna do it but I got a lot of patience they do it I mean I've patients that are 500 pounds. And listeners that we're 500 pounds or 250 pence today. Just from this radio show. I'll tell I'm not and it's a feeling that everybody's doing it it's a group that if it is that's hard to explain that like this before. Everybody listening now. As I beat him I'm not being egotistical about this is thinking what I'm saying and so it's a collective consciousness yeah. That will be if more powerful than any one of the talking to you alone if it if people have no idea just. Just how powerful this program that. That that you you have no idea. That's probably thousands of people. I like debt that you collectively their collective conscience is people better coverage right and it's kind of like them. And recruited by H. The amount of help you giving people by the amount. Of it NATO would cost them a one the one you're probably curing people of things for pennies per capita if what it says that the evidence of the benefits if you do what this program are are just some. Nowhere near obvious that you or anybody else. Amen. I appreciate that feedback Steve. Or happy new year. Happy new year. And you know if you watch him and say specs I was hydrating this is kodi eat turn all naturally alkaline spring or not endorsing it but. Spring or just make sure it's a spring order on. None of you were drinking enough fluids none of you all right when you think about it. How many cups of coffee heavy Ernie had today twosome of the three how many cups and alcohol how much booze did you drink last night. Maybe two glasses of wine may be two Martinis. Who knows. So for every cup of coffee and every. Glass of blues need to drink three cups of water spring ordered offset the die you rhesus affects. So if you're the typical person out there that having four imaging agent twelve cups of border just to get back to equal Lieber deliver him. Plus half your body weight. In ounces of Warner CC a dehydrated. An eagle on the golf course or you go ride your bike or go to the jam is sworn even more and so. Deficiencies and Warner dehydration is a root cause of meaning. Many health issues including heart palpitations. Anxiety and panic attacks so try it just do yourself a little test. Drink try to drink 1015 cups of mortar during the day not dispute that that the stuff coming out the faucet but good spring war. And see how you feel. Also had some Warner by your bad and about 3 o'clock in the morning drink a big big glass of water you wake up and you'll have that headache that you waking up way. Patricia dehydrated. Specially if you do lose a lot the night before you get a drink a lot more tonight let's go back to the firm's. Steve and on good morning. So many things doctor how what he's talking about the collective thinking advertising industries and trying to figure that out forever. How all of sudden all these people who you know group of people go to a certain place without any average height seemed that they know over one of their collective thinking. Hydration during I had and 85 year old. On chat rooms. I don't. Without they eat that or few years ago anyway the idea. A true let's. Not only did you come back to where she lives but all of a sudden she was like she was forty year old again. So obviously she'd not been getting enough. Hydration. On a regular basis so we tried upper water but it's very difficult to get older people drink. I am I Steve I see it with my dad all the time. If I don't force him to drink fluids he becomes cognitively impaired I mean really. I mean he'll come in and say you know the mat savings are coming to pick me up and where heading home this morning in the next say yes I ask that literally and. NC cold weather really cool about mental not wanting anything to drink plan fact that the lower humidity is you know it we drink more water. There's a situation where the Raleigh NC so you're part of the iodine a lot of people are switched over to that I just wanna warn people that 90%. Or make aware not warning. That mostly animal in itself does not contain not that. Big any knowledge minerals beneath huge noted as the great thing and it is. But if it. You're using salt as a source of iodine and in cutting back in there wouldn't tweaking your diet and a lot of ways of course if you want to McDonnell wants month battle deluxe. It hadn't a lot of dynamics. Right don't I imagine about the lady I read an article some years ago about. Bilateral sanctions where you had. I have a problem so a one time or lent herself forced I'm quitting nurtured not to show you heard that I. Whenever she does due to vote and try not to cheat that Ike covered I'd like what you set out. C. He needs EMC caps insults and salesforce soaking it in circulation and especially that facial massage. I think she treats both sides just sank. Tell us circulatory. You know that absolutely and she can keep that going and don't favorite register safer in this system. Like he would start his spiritual like. Your mind missing you know what I'm gonna say OK that's gone what will move an auto we're gonna put all our focus literally into that other I don't do. Outdoor ranked they're showing great success put people in congress. Lives that absolutely right. Collective consciousness like that I liked you guys and into the shaft. That was that was a great thingy that I just got Agnes one thing about I think I would a lot of talk radio publishers years into the battle because you got it meant doubt and you know you you get something like Smart guy even so for a minute we get a lot from it. But anyway you're talking about different this situation estate could. Cause you stress and that's and that. Candidate chemicals released in the body and everything else. Well. We're watching TV last night in recorded to the new year right we all remember John F. Kennedy junior right in and the tragedy. ABC starting out the lineup for the new year January 3 at a two hour special about JFK. Junior yeah now. That that you know we all know about it it's just it's going to be hit calendar why start treat ear out with something. To bring you out. And any positive I agree needs something positive. That story on it next week. It's about veteran and I China. And I think now we're trying to do I mean we have got to what were so worried about what we need a drink a lot of rescue and I the people that listen to the shell. But that other source are things that we put on our bodies. Cut out the negative state police say eSATA many types if they're someone really negative in your life you just got to draw the line. And when it comes to television. Our curiosity gets in trouble whether we know it or not studies have shown even if you don't. React outside. Your body is wired so would you react when you when you hear and see things that are unpleasant. Stopped releasing those negative chemical in your body. Amen. Steve thanks to the golf body thank you want. ST never great new year. And you know I hate to say but doom and gloom. Sells newspapers. And people click on it and people watch the station. But you gotta stay away from you can't eat it during a valid point don't let the media get too down and depressed. While stock market could continue to press this last week. A thousand down 601. Day down 600 up 400. And are you day traders are probably making some money. I'd phone lines are open 7758628. Twain at 7758628. When he where it may take the next call. First I just wanna mention fortified vitamins are distribution headquarters is located in Ocala Florida. And we're right there. On seventeenth street that address is 1510. Southwest seventeenth street it's right next order company called would you. You can't mrs. A lot of people just think it's a warehouse we just shipped from who we are retail center in the front you can actually walk in there Monday through Friday and you can try are approaching new Trier she pursued Trier official. You try anything before you buy it. And you'll you'll really find you like the stuff and it's it's come a long way over the years. Com we're gonna talk a minute about supplemental facts for our multi vitamin I vitamin combination something called for a fight complete. Advanced nutrition. You see and commercialism here in commercials are listening to people talking about. You know this that they gather while we try to combine everything in a synergistic product this call fortified complete. Advanced nutrition. It's got all the vitamin C that you need to vitamin DD three. That eight forms of natural vitamin. Of B complex and has the right foreign zinc zinc model method thigh out as Trace an essential minerals a seed allow Carter eighteen an awful collect gas said. In a settled Sistine soaring co co enzyme Q ten. Kirk acumen the most bio available form Reza very trawl. The blue team in the Z is anthem Romo laid an enzyme. Of course attend and has additional token trying all's has paraded in. I lick a pain and then it has a bio active or rag blend that I developed. Or taking super. Potent anti oxidant foods like green tea. Go G varies kale spinach blueberries bill Berry's two cola. Great seed I site. That is US peace certified. It absorbs very readily at two phase delivery system. It has little beads that senate to make fat soluble absorption batter in the small intestine. I changed form of the fourteen times there isn't anything like and I'm not gonna brag on the market. You can't buy something like this over the counter or be well over a hundred dollars they all want a six time mark up we barely we don't even double the price on this. Is so roomy it is discounts. You know we don't make much money. It's all about providing you nutrients they can slowed and the aging in the guy and an entire body. Read about it on the fortify website fortify dot com go to fortify complete. Advanced nutrition. Check it out. It's an insurance policy has none of viewer eaten thirteen servings of organically grown fruits and vegetables a day. This house give either anti oxidant see you don't have any nutrient deficiencies. The phone number for fortify vitamins is 86650397461. More time right down to depend. Monday through Friday were open we don't have a call senator so that keeps it cheap for you so we don't pat opener in the weekends. 866503974. Or six anytime you buy three products from fortified. Use the code LEC. 20%. LEC 20% and you get. 20% off automatically right we're going back to defense. David thanks for holding good morning. Yes those what should know Bob back on the doctor Leon guy. He edits and what sort of towards you know the show we had all they have provided that he said. That decision the same as the scripture in Croat but they're not FDA approved. I couldn't believe what I was hearing edited dawned on me as this is not a big look itself. The FDA approved prescription drugs have killed more American all the war we've ever finished the bodies. And he had been Durbin is another thing he had about a year later on the show. He says 50% of every big backer won't. Know we've proven all in ten years. Still like ten years from now when every throw it in now or Betty doctor 50% of it. Who do know is that it's an old adage that medical profession. They also know what is it very little respect for 50%. We build will be front and be proven wrong a ten year should visit they have is that a lot of those but my point is is when they. But doctor. What people don't question or thought there. It would added just like this it was stats like this by the way on those approach that. If that was always happy to buy an award of the sort of like minority that you were black or exe given what we have legal. The republic minority there's no way we would have tolerated at all because it's an equal opportunity killer it doesn't matter. But anyway back to those say it. Why they waited I think that the back a bit. Fifty rollout that he shows on our co co week probably a route that's still more that goes into advertising cigarettes and actually has not the first. Recommending the best cigarettes to. Broke. For your help police statement Gigot the estate or bad receiver help. And that's they were the least baton czar the Kurdish problem on the Staten lower cholesterol that'd needed. Bigger wasn't it didn't care about cholesterol. Is a bad about a special problems let a bad arteries. The correct. Saying that. There were no holes. Well good result sport they collect cholesterol. That's sort of so little of this big advantages of all the people say why they considered doubt there's there's a little bit about this. But it shouldn't listen tool let it get out glare and probably still the poll what poll but quite Borough of locals and a real world. Don't look like third foul ball there's nobody ever do it well. Right nobody's perfect right. Yeah we're both track record as a probable. So David you know you know what makes this big country run is that my name. You know you follow the money and then wonder why the drug companies why everybody's pushing drugs well and you know it's it's money. That a good look at rap comes and takes a whole staff did Danner and and is that almost brainwashing going on you know prescribe these drugs this is what it dies there right. He says you know listen to look at the health care problem we have with the no Bob look at all of us as well there are those are about that type of alternative health care they have that catastrophic. As you know we don't do it opens door of her late fall off. But I'm not quite what that goes outside health care work all homeopathic treatment. It would cost a whole lot less. Insurers was in medical wise. It people who wanna be traded away where their health will be dealt with like the Chinese and the Indians do. He be elected well because restore. Worked by drug or yet. Aren't I great agri whole heartily. I just said if you if you become proactive in your health and give the body to fuel it needs USC physicians a lot less it'll take a lot less medication. Big pharma wouldn't be happy with that the stock market wouldn't be happy with that after the truth. Yeah I mean but the big is as a pro lapse that just lifts up body. And Utah and create your alert at if you don't you just that's that's yourself that's going to stop people realize. Brutal war they don't know what they get toxins in the environment Electronica stuff coming at a big oak that they go about. That a programmer brutal war and then they have to take the step that you're rebirth admitted it because they'd need to concentrations of the nutrients. Because broader tech put all stress like because it the other caller we certainly think coming at the human body. They're just third Bloomberg go to war they distort realize yet they got a counterattacked with super weapon. I superffoods. Right I agree David thanks took off but then you have a great new year. David brings up some valid points. Not to knock at traditional medicine because these docs. We gotta have to keep us alive back. I always preach this you know be proactive in your house eat the right shoes do the right things exercise lose the weight. I guarantee. That's my New Orleans Kunis accent coming out. You will see the doctor less and you will be unless medications. I and many patients hundreds if not thousands of pages of the last 27 years on their eye doctor. Not your primary care physician. That I've. You know discuss nutrition with them got them off the crazy vitamins that been taken and got him on the right supplements the right diet is the right exercise program. I've patients that have been on fourteen medications that are off all their medications. Now I work with their primary care physician studies that don't say stop senior doctor. But many many many patients have lost that one of my visit biggest success stories on the Lang diet plan. Lost half his body weight went from 500 pounds to 250 pounds got off all the medications. Diabetes went away his depression went away. Amazing right let's get back defense. Food spoon. Barbara thanks holding the morning. Good morning back guy and yes I actually you wish I think you saw much. Not only for. Over. But line already saying well I think our shared goal for people. Questions you're in the sense that I want you Abu. We put applied in profile can't you come focused has found. We LA yeah they used to I've been here before it died years and actually condominium I have your aching body perhaps and that's soccer from is amazing and you don't need to understand. And that counts. He. Our candidate and an important we know is not created equal. And that style acute did the right amount we cannot show your vitamin and is absolutely shut up about and what he made it. You can't you emotion can affect and you come with you haven't let up in the establishing your body and exorbitant. Com we'll. Basically 100% of that came and I just fine thank you so much for they can the time and such and danger. Number one son number one father of an action picture. What has threatened. Anyway thank you so much and your vitamins are good actually and not know that protein drinks and still died for. Barbara UT sweet ute to kind and I appreciate the positive comments. And yet you know I've been working on these things for along time. You've been listening to this radio show for a long time as well. And you've seen the evolution of fortify. You know wasn't always where it is today that you know hard work and determination and I'm still. That they in our ad that grindstone trying to make it better and better and better. Every single revisions. Yeah any and you get away and be called me I understand that. You know you have to have that vitamin. Asset to the point that it is great if nobody can really slowly in the dark and I'll look. Your vitamin does that I have my ducks elderly parents say man on their perks. For years end and their blood work and it do you think that their light work or as a teenager. I I get fine thank you so much cannot do like. You need to start building can't run against English he's cute very. I am I'm building a wall of the new paths. Take care Barbara. About. It's Barack you're listening asked the doctor Marty getting the phone number for the Lang I institute one more time if you like to see me. In my says he had doctors at the lying I institute in the villages Florida. You can call 3527534014. That's 352. 7534014. Remember we will be open Monday I will be seeing patients all day Monday. The phone number one more time for fortify vitamins is 866503. 9746. That's 8665039746. I I urge all you do go to the website at fortified. Dot com that's a four TI have EYE. Fortified. Dot com. Go to the fortified focused look at the research the white papers the studies the videos I've done on this. And you'll see why it's becoming one of that number one prescribed nutrients by eye doctors throughout the world now. Com but look at that fortify focus also don't forget to check out the protein and read about the protein. The New Zealand white protein concentrate all right we're going back to the firm's. I don't take enough time to take everybody but let's see. Joyce Joyce and safety harbor good morning. Good morning after laying I have sons that has trapped on a couple of years ago until it left my high kind of look for a little bit kind of like could be on. But lit area anyway I have gone now and I have thing port deal on the upper lip HO RT EU. And it's there at apple won't work. And what is that ancient apple moment I know I thought it was a little guy common. Did I don't want compress certain center. And it didn't help but you know appreciate it. Stat sheet for descriptions for. Antibiotics saying imagine it blows my mind off well so it's an ongoing thing. Hot compress is the heat is what you need. All right a hot compress if you have a forty year old next week. Infected blocked an inflamed in my bone mean gland and I would take a hot wash cloth put her on their 45 times a day for ten minutes and massage and a little bit. Obviously follow your eye doctor's recommendation. But he is the number one thing I mean often when I see these are often times they just go straight to heat during the prescribe antibiotics hardly for this anymore steroids. Does he really works quite well. If they get bigger then sometimes get to prescribe an oral antibiotic or topical combination in in my attic steroid. And sometimes they have to be excise that they continue easily get large. You can actually. Do you good lid hygiene scrub your eyelashes back and forth right before you go to bed with a product like hockey softer erases it and let it. All that in fact someone you know he's an actor I live in new products for dry eyes did you keep my race. The new advanced fortify dried nutrition would be perfect SA. Kind of attempt prevent these dyes and forty alms from coming back this is gonna have the nutrients to keep those glance open. Good Omega three is very important for this is well okay. And I keep now fervent. Okay. And hydration. Hydration. It's an infected. Landis looked. Infected and flame glance searched the hot compress is a massage it why he'd sounded okay. Thank you very much softer. They can. Safety harbors my stomping grounds now IRA we're gonna go to marrying gains all marrying gains though thanks a holding. Taking my call happy new year happy new year I'm. And there's an awful lot written about meg and EP EI NN right and I question he had quarterback will be. Well you know leptin and moderation are fine all right don't freak out don't eat beans and he's the president elect and sent them. Collect pins are it's a type a protein that and just about everything that you meet these days and it. In moderation can provide good health benefits however large amounts it it's an anti nutrient can actually block the absorption of nutrients. So that's one thing back on a macro buyout of diet I don't like this is too many elect and zen it. So if you block the absorption of nutrients than long term it's gonna affect Jerod. And it actually is so in moderation. I wouldn't eat a lot of food to collect and but you wonder if you absolutely look. Music Zahn. We're gonna have that they're reluctant. Are you. Guys are with a lot of people on hole I can get to Ali I'll. Maybe next week I should be alive again because my racing. Season doesn't start till mid January for the winner fest at Sebring Elena thank everybody for tuning in listening asked the doctor have a great day. God bless you.