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Listen to this live call-in show on eye care and nutrition to learn anything we can do to slow the aging process in the eyes and in the entire body. Dr.Lange talks about preventative methods for eye and body care. He also describes the latest findings in eye medical care, eye surgery, glasses, contacts, vitamins, diets, and more. He has the purest non-adulterated protein available at Fortifye Vitamins in Ocala. Dr. Lange has just released his new Fortifeye Advanced Dry Eye therapy, which he spent five years developing. Based on true clinical science improves eye fatigue, lessen dry eyes, improves focus, and help computer syndrome, and other eye diseases, and your immune system. Go to to read about it or call 866-503-9746 for more details.

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Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better all over Florida. Fantastic doctor Flynn Boyle certified domestic position certified nutritional specialist can popular radio host. Doctor Michael line no play night here & Associates. OK mark. And welcome to ask the doctor Ramirez doctor Michael Lang and how the ruling eye institute and fortify vitamins here each and every Saturday morning live it's. Answer reigning Al questions you have regarding your vision and I carried a little feedback here. May be the vines to time we're gonna have some technical. Adjustments here. These Jumbo here. Thanks better. Some banks and I'm lied on FaceBook ISI so those either watching hello. I'm happy new year I wanna teller very happy new year 2000 in nineteen. Oh my god where is our life go and so this is Adam. What is this Saturday January 5 2019 this is alive show. So if you get a question pick up tonnes DiMicco rollicking new department is doctor Lang I'm a board certified up to metric position. Imus certified nutritional specialist. I've found lying I care & Associates march 15 of 1993. We opened thirteen locations throughout the great state of Florida. And moss so the founder fortify vitamins and Helio simplified. Idiotic question didn't call that number is seventy sevens 586282. Winning that 77586. 2820. And what we talk about the show what we talk about to see anything we can do to slow down any team in the giants and the entire body. All right god made a pretty good body we give it the right fueled week shrieked about either way it's supposed to. So New Year's resolution should be the top of your mind right now so all of you should be practicing some good nutritional habits trying to shoot a thirteen servings. Organically grown fruits and vegetables and if you thought shorts you be at ten ranked. Tom also. We need to be doing more exercise cardiovascular. Exercise every day. Shoot for every day than did you five days a week year ahead to stay ahead of the curve. So you know get a little trampoline there's a car rebounder. You are tread now go on a walk glide run swim body go to the jam do something to get you ticker beaten a little bit faster. So proper nutrition cardiovascular exercise. Proper supplementation. We talk about this on this program all the time that's why develop the fortified vitamin company. So it's. So enough sleep in enough hydration. Is also very important and a little sunshine and you gotta get that vitamin. Right we're gonna get the fountains. Bob in Ocala good morning. Good morning Roger let all you have to do your junior and. Happy new year YouTube. Com I'm not sure I'm. Off and I was wondering if you had an opportunity to do anymore researching into the vibration. Therapy. Yeah I guess Mike. Meyer lead off question. Will be. Fortunately or unfortunately I have always had a tendency personally. Peseta through there is good more is better. Yeah our bed sometimes. That isn't the truth. But in this vibration. Plates. Are my unit are as as they are dot I like it you are cards that or increase. Go. The frequency ordered the district and the vibration. Our showed worried straw or rather during world RO one doesn't it make any difference shortest. It all depends on the plate so a lot of vibration plates will go up to 35 or fifty all right vibration wise and some I'm go up to 150. All right. Like to go up to 150 usually more expensive. And especially issue get older I wouldn't be turning I wouldn't be cranking that thing up that high. You know I would usually if your talking about yourself and your wife Barbara Starr if there's a different programs start in the lowest program first for ten minutes all right. That's gonna be that I can have a minimal vibration and goes up and down. And it it really is pretty uninteresting you know I'm very new to this but you know. I had seen my mom and dad on these things I've seen my dad's swelling in his lags. Go down significantly. At night and that's the only thing different is easy and well balanced diet seemed five times a days on the fortified vitamins. He just didn't get is not able to get agony cardiovascular exercise and the whole body vibration system what it dies this rapid vibrations that forced the muscles in the body to contract okay. And reactions you know performing a form of exercise. And it many many studies show that it is. Very beneficial. Not only as a cardiovascular form of exercise improving circulation. But not so it may actually produce more I steel blast so can help as we get older prost Ukrainian osteoporosis let's face it. My mom's dining once she's not gonna go out and jog Americana cash in my dad's nanny he's not gonna be doing the type cardiovascular exercise he did a few years ago. And so a lot of people that are bedridden almost her chair written and are we using a walker or wheelchair. You know they can put their feet on this plate and it's gonna give them these synapse is in the muscles causing in the contract. And I they get really really does help I've seen firsthand evidence so. I think is good for just about anybody and everybody I use it twice today is undoing ten minutes twice today. I've noticed my lower back pain and my neck pain is improved dramatically said the question is is it a placebo effect and I think is gonna work. I don't think so I think it's legitimately. Helping at some has given me like a chiropractic adjustment and a deep tissue massage at the same time. Bow while investments intersect. Okay now. Arms. Moral if they have gotten on the play a couple of times. And her response. While I assume not surprising. Is that you can't you can on you sheik it talked on the contract. Charl. That's why we're fashion I've and that spirit to see weren't. How she shut the machine is our work frequency issue years and or maybe it would be less impact for our orbit it's still do Mercer broad. If we if we cut down the road is you want to. Absolute. Yeah you know I'm I'm definitely not an expert whole body vibration pitchers but did you know. Deal but. I would start on the lowest level first all right and let her try that they usually a program. So goes low and it might start out at five and goes to 25 inning goes to fifteen in the gazed at 38 and so it can Hoss a late back and forth. You know try and see how she does. If she sit still having issues then however sit down and it share don't stand another Porter legs on that while she sitting. And that'd be a little bit less add ins to sometimes it can. You know some people say I'm makes me a little dizzy NT get used to it's a start low first. OK excellent there. Thank you get into a player who appreciate time did you spend most on Saturday morning. My yet regret day or abide. And just one of our listeners out there are watchers on FaceBook can hear Bob talking let me know. And I see that mom and dad are watching on FaceBook name nominate that a lot of other people are April. Eight. Our minds are open 7758628. Tornado at 727. 586282. When he it is in new year 2019 you're listening to. Ask the doctor I'm your host. Doctor Michael Lang the Lang I institute and Lang I Karen associates. So let me give me the phone number for the Lang I instituted it like to set up an apartment scene near any of my doctors at the Lang I institute the phone number 352. 7534014. That's 352. 753. 401. For the Lang I institute is located in the heart floor right in. Central Florida the villages it's where everybody retires to. It's golf cart central thing my average age patients 78. So I've been in practice since March 15 of 1993. And I love worn negative and so I don't know I love developing future cynical steps let out an aging process. A love seeing patients and you know. Trying to figure out what's wrong with them remember the guy is the window to the body so not only is an eye exam potentially vision saving it could be life saving. Many of the first signs a systemic health problems will show up on an eye exam high blood pressure diabetes app atherosclerosis. Pending strokes brain tumors. Pirate problems. Back in show up on an eye exams so. But you see clearly now why it's so important heaven I example this is the new year once again New Year's resolutions. That should be in their go to your local optometry struck them colleges. Have a comprehensive eye examination certainly come to Lang I institute it's a hop skip and a jump from wherever you live. In the state of Florida are urged further away when people come from all over the country to cius. Remember we do things with a twisted delaying eye institute a little bit of a nutritional twists. So we try to consult. And discuss proper diet lifestyle adjustments proper supplementation. The lion's share of you out there are taking the wrong supplements. The lion's share of the supplements you can buy over the counter are filled with FDNC red yellow blue dye synthetic nutrients trans fats binders and ciller's that are actually very bad for you. You gotta read the other ingredients is a new ingredient that's been around for awhile but really is getting on the radar screen caught scheerer green. And it's in everything special value guys that are we can warriors and body builders in power electors. And years bad drinking knees over the counter protein supplements. That's why devout fortified super prayer team to have deep here is not a dole traded. Protein available. I was at Wal-Mart the other night after our worked out and anytime fitness and the applied for any time fitness because this great place this I go at 11 o'clock at night work some work out sometimes till 1 in the morning. And Eddie get a protein supplement and have one handy. Didn't have my fortified super prayer team so into Wal-Mart 1:30 in morning and. And bought something not to mention their names on the big macho guy on the front of it. And that protein had a lot of protein and had to create ten and it had branched chain amino asses that think this is great. So I got it but then I looked at it and ingredient profile and had dies it had synthetic nutrients. It didn't say where the note came from that the cows. I used for the protein so that's probably China. And debt and had sucralose and aspartame and on top of that it had. Not natural flavors they had synthetic artificial flavors on top of that. So basically it was negative chemical after chemical after chemical that I would have ingested so it's basically. I put it down and I'd Boston a two cow's milk and drank that it's. Am. So be very careful that's why developed. Fortified super routine and fortified naked super pricking. Pure protein concentrate from New Zealand grass fed 82 cows. It's a little bit more expensive than the Steffi get Wally world but were Marie get what you pay for. God made a good body if you give it the right fuel this is high octane this is like the fuel like put my race car. Fortified super protein checking apps I write some lines are but it got a question 775862820. 77. 586. 28. Twenty. And I do want to mention finally. We get a hallelujah at their finally. We have the fortifying. Advanced dry eye therapy available finally. I don't work on this for five years or random lots of roadblocks. Finally all the robots are down by developed to supplement this based on clinical science based on hundreds if not thousands of patients that have seen over the years. I've seen what works and what doesn't work so we have taken the right. Fortified super romantic. Fortify its focus and a new product I developed for this formula are caught fortified black currency or slash GLA. The combination. Of these three supplements are gonna be in a box three bottles. 62 dollars and I'm gonna honor when you buy three bike always do 20%. Off. If you use the code LEC 20% at checked out LEC 240% it checked out. So that nets down to almost a 50%. Discount. And I'm gonna do that for a long time I'm sure remember you're gonna get fortified super Omega a bottle of it fortify focus about a Leavitt and the new. Black currency or GLA a bottle of that. All for 62 dollars when you buy 320%. Off on top of that. So if he if he actually did the math all those individual ones but together we'll be about eighty dollars and you're gonna pay 62 issue again more than 20% off upfront. And they were you by three and other 20% off so it's gonna be closer to 45% off is can big a deal. Now I put these three supplements together we talked about last week in the week before. Because it works it's based on true clinical science it's the best of the best nutrients that will enable you. Two lessen your dry eye symptom Knology reduce I think teed improve focusing ability. If you have computer vision syndrome from a nutritional standpoint this would it be that top dog in the industry there'll be anything like it and the reason there won't be because. And everybody Lessig a six time marked up I'm not even doubling the price on this. So a six time market to be 250 dollars. So it's going to be 62 dollars that's affordable to everybody. Com think about it you're getting everything in one box you have drives can be great if you have immaculate degeneration is gonna be good if you have glaucoma in improve circulation to the guy. Can be good for your joints if you have Arthur writes great for your stand. Com great for your immune system GLA from black currency or stimulate your immune system amazing three nails hair points to end as well. Just got fortify advanced dry eyes there be Monday will be the first day that we shipped them out. You can call fortified ride imaging go to fortify dot com and read about it last night opposed to some stuff on their cell give you a little description. So fortified dot com SFO RTI aft EYE fortified dot com. For those of you that do not have Internet believe or not or computer and get his phone number for fortified vitamins based out of a talent to write this down. Phone numbers 866. 503. 9746. That's 866. 5039746. Were in Ocala right next to would you on seventeenth. Street. He need to address that's 1510. Southwest. Seventeenth street were open Monday through Friday. You can try anything before you buy it are right so if you wanna comment and ever launch on me. You have a snooty you know have the super food with a protein and Amon now. It's free nature rye so how many places unity that can you walk into a smoothie joint and Sam Warner free one. A whole Freeman not all of sample up can't do that right we're gonna open up the ferns. And get right take cost 77586. To date to when he were broadcasting throughout the great state of Florida and live all over the world on the Internet. Let's do two. Wrecked in Gainesville thanks holding. At two nick. As says get. I had I've been told sorry it cataracts. And I'm noticing ordered drive died from I'm a little. I can't see more of the edgewood road is where career starts. Al Warner says due to the cataract is going to check and see. Very well there's no problem with that. So would that would that be a factor. SM neck and nighttime your pupils dilate right they get larger Berkus is dark and then if you had a cataract usually creates more glare. And the light hits a cataract and ricochet is off to Iraq net and it decreases your depth perception decreases your night vision Deke quiche. Decreasing your contrast. At night and that's why it's difficult for you to see where the grass in the road ends. Right can be very dangerous. So Rick when you get to the point where you have symptoms and that sounds like what you have a right. And you can do a lot of night driving in need to get to a local ophthalmologist in gains at all or come to the Lang I institute. And disguise having your cataracts removed. They'll be able to look at your ride in New York second to say yes neck. These are bad enough to come out they're going to be covered by your insurance because they have to get to a certain point before their insurance doable cataract okay. The characters come along way now. I mean it's topical anesthetic only had dropped and I'm the guy many doctors don't even start an IV on yet they just give you a little cocktail at a time that help she rely. Acts so no need on your body no needles in your ride ten minute procedure. And we put an implant and the guy that gives you really good vision and you can even get them plan that allows you to read up close and see in the distance. That's not covered by insurance you have to pay a little bit extra. But her there's another issue at nighttime nick the eyes start to dehydrated there right. And your Korea could be very dry so real simple test you do tonight. To differentiate this between the cataract causing it just plain old dry high. Is go to start by some artificial tears like reef trash sure there are tears any good artificial tear. And just to our show right a couple of drops in about sizing they'll get in the car and then drive. And see if it's not batter if that significantly better. Then it's related to the dry I creating. The same issue a gag. How long should I wait air guard put that in my eyes of a 34 minutes. OK but I Wear contacts I can't you have with the contacts. Right so you need to get like. Refresh class or blinked tears. Those aren't compatible with the contacts okay. Yeah wince and so it's actually at nighttime if you were in contact your eyes are going to be doubly dehydrated. So I bet you this will help but the question is is gonna help but not you still many cataract surgery again. OK but but what I mean is started there it then doesn't bond that is no. Symptoms of scatter. Right is Warner. Yes or during the day your eyes are gonna be as as dry number one perk and during the day your pupils constrict it from the light so anytime you pupil is a larger union more optical aberrations in glare. And decreased our perception a guy. So you're saying that Chico get blank try it out and worried about ten minutes and then. Go out and drive. You got it a little a little controlled study and then let me now right. Now. Rarely take care. And remember anything I talked about in this program is for educational purposes only and never replaces a comprehensive by valuation. Or medical evaluation that's at my attorneys and listening makes him happy. Narrates. Also the problem lean crunch is gonna be available very soon from my Louisiana people that are listening. The two dances and occasions that there. I again our own T Orleans or one of the best things in the world I mean delicious but this prowling crunch is going to be a granola that is. Both free gluten free and the sugar contents can be very very low so prowling crunch were hoping his MB available soon. The fortify advanced dry eye therapy is available now and also for those of you that just take black current Siegel. And want one that's more concentrated in the stuff he typically buy over the Canner. That's available now by itself I think is twenty box. On the fortified dot com website just typed and under products. And look for fortify. Black current seed oil slash. GLA. Let's go back the defense. Jabber and Louisiana. Again mourn and. The money I would eat their U I aren't. I have a question about. I read tried both of them. Can someone and I hope I'm a and other people have web site quote. Apps contacts. I had that parents set but. I don't think that I made a big those items that they. I had a couple of light up like one belt and step up like. So let me just the context that you were right now did today he's just door reading glasses over him. Tristar they multi focal or are they model vision where the doctor Justin one eye for near one eye for distance. I think she. Just get one. Adult and as one is. But one point seven. And eight point oh. Much the other. Let me. OK so if you close one Ilie your contacts and is it clear in the distance in the other eyes blurry in the distance. Aha this they did mono vision and this is what the majority of optometrists who would do these days. Is where they correct your dominant eye for distancing non dominant eye for knee air. The problem with mono vision is I mean it works great on lots of patients. But it does decrease your depth perception and sober driving at night you're night vision is a lousy and not say. So oftentimes if a patient is happy with mono vision contacts during the day. And we to prescribe a pair of glasses that you keep in the car for driving at night that would neutralize. The reading lens with glasses you put them on and then you have depth perception and by not hilarious increased night vision dramatically. Or in this is another question you might talk to your local eye doctor. And ask them defeat you in a new generation. Multi focal contact lens nominee DB two names. So either if you want a monthly replacement lens go to basho. Mom all Trent multi focal Bausch and lomb ultra multi focal it's the best optics. And then if you wanna one day disposable. How kind. Total Warren multi focal ALCON totaled one multi focal it's a one day disposable. So those two you may wanna try and they should be able to give your free trial pair. To try and seeking test strategists see how it works to compared to your contact lens no modality right now. And then the other thing Deborah. And if you listen this program from before you probably are ready taking at. But it can not taking fortify focus. Irate recommend taking one to two A day. Am really push into a day lately because as twelve milligrams a masters anthem. This will I guarantee improve your focusing ability to not gonna negate the need to Wear reading glasses but it's going to help reduce eye strain. From you know prolong near points or get a cash register if you're on a computer and iPad you know anything like that it's gonna help. And it will reduce dry eye symptoms also and is backed by many studies proving that what's in the fortified focus will help dry eye. And reduce I string. Well I have west play in that boat I thought I'd out of that and magistrate ordered. I won't quit a but it vitamin. And antibiotic. God gut. And the acrobatics you taking hopefully in the evening or in the morning on an empty stomach. I. We now I thought I should it get any day now. Fabulous. All right so yet talk to your local doctor seeking to try those multi focal contacts and then let us know how you do and I doubt about it. And help you still listen and Debra Dudack. Center who dat say they gonna beat them saints who dat we're gonna get that sound is the saints are going to super bow. You know that's my old stomping ground remember last year. When the north not now last year while west at ten years ago when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl I was so happy added 50% off all day. And I stretched to two entire week a lot of people remember that. I'm so I'm gonna tell you right now if the New Orleans Saints win the super ball. Celebratory. I'm gonna pass it on doll my listeners my viewers my patients comedy 50% off for at least 24 hours maybe 48 hours. Kudos to platinum limited may be a week but it's in the 50% off. Everything vitamins classes. Everything just not contact lenses this and I'm mark to any. So. You just if you wanna save some money help the New Orleans Saints go to the Super Bowl. And when the Super Bowl and I felt like Missouri and 77586282727586282. When he. You've got to calm Amoco's race season starts backed out when assessed in Sebring is gonna start up here very soon. I think it's the seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth and twentieth Abby at Sebring racing at the fortified by ever viper. So I'll be out and about quite a bit this year different tracks throughout the country so I am alive today and this is the new year. If you've got a question. Jimmy Cobb by a lot of people on FaceBook good morning to Barbara and Debra now likes. People from all over the world they're right it's 932. Saturday January 5 2009. Singing. Yes I had let's talk a little bit about why once again at their routine nine's same is so important why it'd be advantageous to come that Lang I institute number one you get the same day. Right or doctor Laurie could pretty doctor yeah eighty X pzena if you go upstairs up the elevator. You get to see doctor Michael to Latino. He's a Harvard trained ophthalmologist. World renowned he's the guy that basically invented VA vast an injection for masculine a generation. So we take care of anything and everything at the Lang I institute in the villages were opened five days a week I'm usually their four days a week. We've got a great team we get to quell any examination rooms we get state of the art technology. We've got new generation technology that the leader not hell obsessed diagnosed. The alzheimer's. In the early stages. Through the this is called the need is our HA there's only four of them in the state of Florida and there's not going to be any more than that does is very expensive technology so. And the company I here's. So luckily we have buyers. So. Come to the Lang I institute for routine eye exam or if you have glaucoma yet immaculate generation. You want a little bit of a natural approach we treat everything traditionally is well. If he had glaucoma we're gonna put junk glaucoma medications or we're gonna do laser surgery. But Ross are gonna council you know what you can do an adjunct therapy not alone there beat our for. Glaucoma. Now wanna. Give a little tidbit of I advice for eleven listeners out there if you immaculate degeneration. X specially the wet Foreman immaculate did a bit and it. Immaculate degeneration. Do not go to a holistic practitioner. And I doctor optometrists are ophthalmologist. That is going to do something natural. Only all right. Now adjusting your diet putting on the right supplements absolutely but that does not mean you can't see your retina specialist and have your injections in your eyes still. Now if were put you on the fortified focus of the MacKey house or whatever we've got and we see the swelling going down. And you improving then maybe we will decrease the injections or she ultimately stopped injections. But never go to these places that are using the ten unit are micro current stimulation. And and you think that's in. I'm gonna replace your injections. You're going to go blind trusts me so. If you wanna see these holistic practitioners that are doing. Ten units micro current stimulation I fine but you still see your retina specialist still see your eye doctor does not replay stacked. Parent that's when my pet peeves. Let's go back to the firm's. Known as in the didn't heard different net. It Ing day is welcome back. And that this same guy I heard you oh I forgot to tell you that we're mono issue. And I heard he's spoken to the other woman about a certain type of glasses that little less and then different. Absolutely so. I'm glad you called back mono vision is not good for night vision all right because you're driving wheel one eye basically in the distant roar so it definitely decreases your depth perception. So you can simply go back to the doctor that debt kitchen contacts assay add or doctor Lange on the radio I doc Jeremy set I need a pair of June nighttime driving glasses. Over my contact lenses. Right. Oak end Aaron Crow aren't nighttime driving last that you Wear over your contacts or what it would do that give you more minus power. In your mono vision OK so when I neutralized the reading and you'd see out of the distance above the eyes and they might do so little power lowly stigmatize them in your other right to. So when you pop Aman you'll probably see 405060%. Better at night. Just by doing that. And they're just called nighttime driving. Nighttime driving glasses over. Mono vision contacts a guy. Are you got to let them know it's going to be while you're wearing your contacts. OK okay and at. I can I go down there and it did villages and get a clear of those. Absolutely I'm yet you have to ceemea where my doctor so we endure fraction and a calculate Zack and what the power is you need. But sometimes we can make a needle while you wait. Very okay yeah. A grayer I'm glad I called back I appreciated it. I and then I can DOS or tea whether or not truly have a cataract and that's the problem. I mean after you seem nearing my dock you'll know what's going on without a shadow of doubt you know if there's truly dry guy if that's the amount of vision or. If it's a cataract a gag. You're your take care neck. And happy new year. All right so line is so then 727586. 2827275862820. Since your writing down. These questions and writing down each and ship it to end and you found number of phone number for the Lang I institute is 352. 7534014. That's 352. 7534014. Also. Fortified vitamins right this number never murmur Monday through Friday were not over on the weekends with a call senator. That's why these these are priced at affordably. Phone number fortified writing is 866503. 9746. That's 8665039746. Right we'll Womack the defense. Now we're not from a different it's done. Steve I think it was one of the Steve's got me back and I will take the car pull. And I SE or gonna doc about. Loose. We did talk briefly about the super crew team. Things start I want to mention a couple of great docs upstairs doctor John Pau reserved plastic surgeon upstairs. In no Lang I institute and Michael Moore hearings specialists. With the hear more medical senators. Upstairs and lying I institute. Both great if you look at for good plastic surgeon John. And John poses great if you're looking for a hearing specialist. There's gonna sit down and spend the time with yet free hearing a valuation. I can remove the waxing year air he guarantees the lowest price and hearing aids in the villages. And I get to a he saved my patience thousands of dollars out here more medical Michael Moore upstairs in the Lang I institute. And make sure it tellem I sent Qiyue. And I think can be very very happy and I we're getting Greg go back to the sounds you're just a second. I wanna mention that. One of the biggest deficiencies that I found in my patience when I was involved in these clinical studies using blood analysis we did a lot of DNA testing. We did Spectra cell analysis of the blood we did Omega index studies. And there was three big deficiencies my patients over seventy had a most of these had immaculate degeneration as well. Vitamin. And glued to Siam so we can take a math elated Foreman B twelve get rid of the B twelve deficiency go on the sun. Or take a 293 so deficiency. But how do you get rid of the glued if I am deficiency here right so. You can take innocent of Sistine that you get takes so much ever get diarrhea so that doesn't work well. Elderly with Diana G solution my eyes were thrown in the trash can doesn't do any thing. But way for routine concentrate. Not a nice select. But remember make sure you know where it comes from I like it come from Australia New Zealand that's the purest they had the best milking facilities that there. If it's American bases its grass fed only part of the time crane said the other time. New Zealand's grass fed all year around remember you on grass fed. Wait protein concentrates its time you immune globulin is. It stimulate your immune system helps detoxify you but more importantly it stimulates glued thigh down. But wait protein isolate does not do that is just protein and hasn't been very little to do with your immune system compared to the concentrate. You want these good facts. That's why devout fortified. Super protein. Chocolate Vanilla and naked that chocolate I urge you to try the chocolate I've added. I've cut the Stevie get back 8075%. And added four grams of organic coconut sugar to get some Trace an essential minerals and keep your pancreas from overseas creating. Insulin causing you to plummet and become very low. Or high Bogle I CNET. And that's what happens to many people and they only have Steve. It's still diabetic friendly I'm going to do the same change on the Vanilla long run out to right now Vanilla majesty via. Chocolate has a little Stevie and coconut sugar in the we have naked for those you do that don't want anything in and Nadal. Ed just absorb whatever you mix and blend and so check those out fortified super protein at fortified back. I'm all right we got a lot of questions loaded up we are going to go dozens. Bank mess you good morning welcome to program. Good lord you do and I'm hanging in their new south. Getting to blame. What can add euphoria. This was to see what you can tell me developed cold drug district seat majority of my. Mother sat abandoned tested positive for a minute sorry I did. Probably 70% of them. The wounds are Conrad dystrophy is is basically. A group of inherited. Eye disorders. That affect a light sensitive cells in the middle of your retina known as tones and rides OK. And people work experience vision loss overtime. Some can be significant vision loss. Your peripheral vision can be for your color vision can be very poor right. There's not a whole heck of a lot of got a tea right now that can be done. Other than proper nutrition all right so. I aimed. Basically recommend feeding the immaculate that's where the clue czar remember coach rod history affects these. So feeding the immaculate with something like four or five focus and as Lou teens he is antenna and asked his aunt then. That goes directly to the Ratner all right. I also like using Omega three because increase circulation. So good Omega three like fortified super mega fortified focus. I would recommend highly it's not a miracle cures stuck in reverse this Kenneth slow it down may be. Maybe not I mean and hasn't been studied enough. But if he had color vision anomaly. Then we can actually fit you in a special contact lens caught X crowned the next crow would allow you to pass color vision testing. For those of you that have to pass television testing for May be your job. So a lot of people are going to be red green deficient when you have a color. You know and I'd recommend seeing a good retina specialist that is in tune with three search. I tea out one of the leading experts in our area. Is not only doctor Michael told Latino in our institute. Barrasso doctor shoe lace how shall keys in the villages and and it Inverness. Doctor councils also an expert in coach rod dystrophy so. You know wouldn't be a bad idea to see a good retina specialist says is in tune with this. And then eat you know take the supplements a minute in mention. Eat a lot of wild Alaskan salmon organic kale spinach orange bell peppers and dude G bear eats. Okay. Appreciate over information. Overload and the irony today deadlocked hang in there. You have order they aren't buying. And there's a lot of good stuff on the Internet boss if you just typing Ko rod dystrophy and you can find out a lot of good information on there. But it is genetically linked up so somebody in your family. You can thank and you just adapt and overcome that's all you can do right he can't. Dwell on it and get depressed it's all right let's go back to the firm's. Allen Tampa good morning thanks for holding. Good morning sir if saw album of longtime listener they had only enjoy your show and I think that. I I thought it could get a little bit of floaters in the I was surprised to see that in that doctors. That is not big major right now but this one to put me on notice. Any suggestions of things that act to start looking at a going. Yet I mean first off any time you get a sudden onset of Larry you gotta go see the optometry throughout the knowledge is in your eyes have to be dilated okay. They have to dilated and not dilated and they sat got a machine I can do not dial AG yet go the other way nothing replaces being dilated when you have floaters. Because floaters can sometimes be the telltale sign. A retinal chair rat hole or even irrational detachment and the key is early detection. Now usually the lion's share floaters are benign little entities a lot of those. Are remnants of something called the high lowered artery that believe it or not when you're in the embryonic stage in your mother's womb. There is an artery that goes from the optic nerve to the lens and brings nutrients to the lens in the developmental stages and this little artery kind of braced down and disintegrates throughout life. The gel on the ice starts to liquefy and you notice these things floating around more. So those are typical floaters that are benign enough in the worry about another type a floater is caught a post here your vitriol detachment a PDD. This is when the Zhao also lick qualifies pulls loose from the back of your Ratner and sometimes you get a flash lite when this occurs. And they would oppose lose you're gonna see this Cleo tissue which is the glue that held it down to the rat net. Kind of floating around in your line aside and it looks different for everybody he can look like a mosquito lag it can look like and that can look like a cob web. But these are floaters that are Ross are relatively benign. You just need to be seen by your doctor annually usually for that have your eyes dilated her remember. All of our listeners a sudden onset of floaters are flashing lights get TI doctor immediately don't go to the emergency room. All right and have your eyes dilated so they can differentiate. Between a benign vitriol and two T this normal. Purses anymore. And you know I serious retinal terror retina detachment. Right thank you very much. I was a lot of information very quickly that I've earlier this say that if that I talks fast nick that's what grade inflammation. Time now I have a great need air they say please sir thank you so much for your show. Take care but by. IRA it's we like great college and been listening for you Asian haven't hosting ask that actresses from April of 1993. Started out on news talked to know I know what he news Tucker started out on. Debbie MOP mop there was a country station and AM station country Jim Kerr gave me an opportunity. And I got to thank country jam. Hey you know. He's probably responsible for my success. I mean I went into Ocala Florida didn't know assault started a practice. You know alone at one employee and if and when that radio show patients probably wouldn't recommend. And then the radio show just exploded out his own like thirty different stations. A month at one time. Driving to the different stations before they signed up gas than bumps and then that had to drive time show here on new star gate twenty. This time I'll cast him with this guy 97.3 FM. Every day for minded to and including Saturday. Except Sunday and then we have broadcasted from I think there was one dead two. And so a lot of you pick me up when a drive time. And then you know I had to get a life so I just do it on Saturdays now. I got to read things to do car racing down there and interfered with my radio show our guests. I'd reiterate takes more phone cause if you got a question 77586. 2820. That 775862820. Brett talk briefly again about the fortify advanced dry eye therapy. I've what do largest dry I practice is probably in the state of Florida I mean the villages is try I capital of the world remember of the average education I see is. 757677. Years of age they all have dry eyes. So we typically use artificial tears I like a waste is tears the best. Blink tears second best. We do live hygiene with hockey soft or waste is lids and lashes cleaning alleged dot com presses. Hi generation none of you drinking enough spring Warner. You know this help sweep but total plugs in your drainage docs. Com and we can prescribe certain medications like side drew. And restates isn't steroid Paul singing. I'm we can even use stem cell enhanced and the attic membranes nest something called the pro Kara. We've gotten amazing results for our dried patients we keep those in the freezer so we don't have to order I mean come on we can do it same day usually. So there's a lot of things we can do for dry eye but let me tea. The number one way to treat dry eye is through proper diet and proper supplementation. So getting on an anti inflammatory diet like a Helio Diana hunter gatherer diet. I like the paley would die at the Baston Mediterranean diet is good toss out some more protein and vegetables. A heavy on the fish. But none of us are gonna do exactly what we're supposed to do maybe for the first week or two and three. For years new years resolutions in the new gonna get lazy again. So that's why I developed this package car fortified advanced try high therapy. It's a supplement. System. That works synergistic to eat together remember there is nothing in there that's gonna block the exertion about the thanks contrary to what most vitamins have. People are realizing beta carotene blocks the absorption of looting and he is anthem zinc oxide 'cause you have deficiency in copper. On this whole host of things if you have crow person and doesn't absorb without Romo laid at the same levels. So I try to think of all this when I'm developing supplements and I took all that in consideration when I developed fortify advanced dry eye therapy remember. You get three bottles and a box which are the boxes yet see just can't get three bottles and boxes are a few weeks away. So. You get fortified super Omega. That's sixty tells of the highest potency triglycerides form Omega three in the industry backed by some good Omega index studies. We get fortify focus that you've heard me talk about doctor Karen heck has been on here talking about it also. And we get the new black currency dole I developed it has a 140 milligrams of GLA. Which is higher than most of the ones you buy over the counter most of you have forty milligrams of Geoeye. So. These combinations you take. Works and logistically to gather at lowering inflammation and oxidation. In the body. And in the EI. At as sad you a level. It goes into the mitochondria. These are organ now all's inside this now so sat Saudi elect her right. And it works I mean if you have arthritis she got to try this if you have skin that's really drive our you know so Ryan says. You gotta try this again dry I certainly masculine a generation. Any of these things I think it's worth trying now nothing works instantly out we say tracked the three months. And see how you dipped. And at 62 dollars. That's dramatically discount if you try to buy all three by south remember use LEC. 20%. You get to 40% off on top of that. So you're getting close to 50% off on these supplements is gonna be huge doctors have been waiting for me to come out with this for years now. And so to Monday the first day you can order it. At fortified dot com or call toll free 866. 50397461. More time 866503974. Sexist about the defense. The day it's. Mark in Bradenton thanks for holding the morning. They get morning blank longtime listener first time caller. And tools. OK so here's my issue laid down vomit and so for a night. Then I just smarter reads something I'll leave that put my head on the pillow with white Ambac may. And all of a sudden marshals are burning really bad I mean that's two point right got to sit up. And they'll be carrying him and it's really really hard but markets are up on trying. What is that. Yea your eyes are dehydrated from beaten laying it had back in is there a ceiling fan in the room. You hear your secret but a debt and the ceiling fan it laid back like that it's a perfect that the wind currents are getting on your cornea skies Indy heidrick. An equivalent without a doubt I'm 99.9. Percent sure if you just put some liver kidding I'd drop senior II like a waste is tears plus the vast. Are linked tears second best. It's gonna help. And then the things we were talking about I mean drinking more Warner springboard or not bossa Warner. I'm and then if it's still a problem may consider this new formula I just developed advanced dry eye nutrition dry therapy does that will help as well. Is that the order coming up Monday's that would uterus start on Monday it would be the first day that people can order. Monday it has one more term in the name calls fortified advanced. Dry eyes share. Very PR OK great. Well look I designers say thank you for your work their balance and you for years and we look your products have come and go ahead and get in order to Monday thank you so much. I marquee take care and emigrate near. Nobody there and the money. And we got Collison moll lover right let's go back to another Bradenton listener Jeff and Bradenton thanks holding. Thank you on another question I had heard about a year ago. Let them all and I've been my. Left diet had you know blurry vision and no career feel vision. Arm and I went to the ophthalmologist. Won't eat said. That it looked like I had to scale Arctic manner he in my left side. They gave me some correctional black to try to correct it but that that there's really nothing that. Mom was able to collect. At that time. And suggestions doesn't. How how old area. I'm forty or you young so pale optic nerve is either day. It wasn't pale before the follow all right. And the sol actually damage the optic nerve depriving it some of some blood flow. And cause a little action team that's possible trauma can cause a pale optic nerve. Or it's possible he had a pail out to her before and they didn't detected an instant gentler you were born that way. You know it might be a good idea added doctor doctor decided before the flawed and see if the optic nerve was pale. Garrett. I had I had. You know collapses in the past but just burying animal. Like no no real major problems just sperm being being far away my. If not then I mean I I you have high blood pressure can calm day. I went you know yearly it checked regularly heard in a book on mind on pressure on the guys and all that well at. It seemed like you know. One when I slipped and fell I really act couldn't see anything for about two hours. And then all right now right it's my my left side just. I can't. I have I can see but it's just no peripheral vision sometimes like it you know little light flashes back to talking about earlier right. Immunity. It's kind of weird. So credit card did they run a visual field test onion. OK and you didn't do well on that test. No not yet so you don't even a year age if it's not related to the drama get high blood pressure you can develop a type of this team act optic neuropathy. That's almost like a stroke to the attic can be related to high blood pressure so how much the way. I want 85000. 58. Why is your blood pressure than you stressed. Merrill aren't. Well yeah I've been strep or pat I'm pat I've put pressure runs in their run amok and wait there. Yes so you got to try to keep that blood pressure in forty years of age is to hide have blood pressure you know you have further complications down the road so. Definitely Omega three fish all I would drinks and beet juice every day get had beaten Jews in every day that can help your blood pressure and naturally. A guy. Obviously folly a doctor's instructions I would try to get as bad shape of your life. You know cardiovascular exercises along the doctor allows it hit the gym gets in sunshine hydrate all the things you need to do. And you know if you're not it's not getting the answers from your current eye doctor. About this I mean they should be able to look at that they would scored on a educate you what the causes and and what if any treatments are available. You're not happy with that then you need to get a second opinion ameliorate it and possibly some the car optic near rightist. They can cause inflammation of the optic nerve and caused loss of vision and pale optic nerve also says the whole host of things that can cause it. Was it related to trauma are related and eaten another underlying each geology is the question maybe nag in the answers from their current doctors divers second opinion. Yeah I'm gonna debate that they told me to go see you Iraq don't. Heart specialists I get the doctors doctor Abrams. God guide that retina specialist and let me know what they say the music so we get a row rather tired I want to thank everybody for tuning in we'll take more cause next week you've been listening asked that I can ever great day god bless you.