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Slow down the aging in the eye and entire body, naturally, by acting on information given in this live call-in show. Ask your eye doctor first, but if you want a second opinion, or are looking for an eye doctor, call Dr. Lange at: 352-753-4014 at the Lange Eye Institute in The Villages, FL. Dr. Michael P. Lange is a Board Certified Optometric Physician and a Certified Nutrition Specialist with The Lange Eye Care Institute located in The Villages, FL. He sincerely cares about his patients and goes out of his way to give good service. Listeninig to this program you will hear a lot of preventative measures that can be taken to promote eye good care: in some cases preventing surgery. He offers Breakthrough Technology in new vitamins, plus some that data show improves dry eyes!

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Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better all over Florida. Fantastic doctor flip board certified optimistic position to provide nutritional specialist Ken popular radio. Doctor Michael lining up last night here & Associates. All right good morning and welcome to ask the doctor Amherst. Doctor Michael Lang of the Lang I institute and fortified vitamins your allegiance every Saturday morning alive. Answer any and all questions regarding your vision and eye care to pick up the closing give me scholar at. 77586. Q a when he didn't the feedback in here it's going to turn the line them. Let's see where one of the text amendments coming out here to send help pillar ready and face marks. Good to see if and today is. Davis. Is today the two while the thirteenth fourteenth. Well it's Saturday maybe the twelfth the 13. January. 2019. Once again happy. Pollack had what does that happy new year right at. I got a lot of things to cover here in just a few minutes about them. If you knew the pro whose doctor Len mama board certified up to metric position Hamas source certified. Nutritional specialist sound of lying I Karen associates march 15 of 1993. And hail from the lying eye institute in the villages now if you'd like to see me for an eye exam. Or a nutritional. I exam or LA and I exam with a twist. An immediate phone number of palm would get any openings I've doctor Lawrie computing use my sidekick she helps me out with my patients now since we're so busy. So you would see me Richie doctor Laurie could pretty often times. And myself sushi Nelson. Take here's some of the leg work. All the typing has to be done the need hip compliance. But all the patients seeming. The phone number for the Lang I institute is 3527534014. That's 3527534014. Also doctor yeah eighty X does he do his excellent she's on our staff. Doctor Michael to Latino has space upstairs with his retina senator upstairs and Lang I institute. Doctor toting his word on retina specialist that lots of you guys in Gaza have been seeing for many many years. He's only in tune with nutrition and your probably less likely to have an injection. If you see him with a wet masculine generation than the typical retina specialist but he did he does use a fortified vitamins and also sought to calm match you Al. To help our patients. That have masculine generation. Rights. I would mention. I'm heading now to Sebring. Past Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday next week and I will not be here. MB a tape I'm racing at the winner fast. The fortify viper is ready and I am ready. Com also the following week on Wednesday Thursday and Friday. I'll be representing 45 vitamins. At the sports nutrition summit. In San Diego California. So fortified vitamins and myself will be at the sports nutrition summit. In San Diego. I'm next week. And then fortified items are so be it Las Vegas Manny would be a fortify right and is in Las Vegas and a guy conference. I promoting Arab supplements to eye doctors. But I'm looking forward to the sports nutrition summit. To determine if there's anything we need to add. To the fortified line. Nutrition course to help people with athletic abilities it's time. Lot of things talked about what we're gonna go to the phones first. Bob good morning thanks for holding. Don't let nobody out. No we haven't moved into the house G acts from. I have it's from the contractor than it should be the middle of February. I mean forty. You know it's not the typical house I had this I had that so there's a lot of changes that we made in Baghdad that bomb shelter again at that same firm I. So it's coming along. I'm hoping I would really like McKinsey is thirteenth birthday party. To be in the house so that's the twelfth of February was so we might not be officially moved and that may be there be enough to have a birthday party and it. Eric so Eric. You know I'm glad you asked dad has made really almost a miraculous recovery yesterday was probably the best day. In the last six months and I got to tell you something you know I stopped. Both of his urinary incontinence medications. And you know. What the heck. Let's a year and allow. As the home side but are now there is cognitive abilities have improved dramatically. I mean yesterday was a great day and occupational therapy is actually dismissed and he did so well you'd like the road run around and around the house. And you know so Catan as medications back I think was a big. Benefit but also you know I've got him on the fortify. A super protein I've added some create ten to that. There's some evidence that creates and can help with neuro degenerative diseases in the elderly you know parkinson's and and yet alzheimer's of course it can help with muscle strain. So I had to create attend. I'd teaspoon to create ten to one scoop on the fortified super pro team. And usually use use AT cow's milk and what do you know some blueberries organic blueberries in their blow them up. Protein shake that he has after he has his work out. He's getting you know a half hour sunshine vitamin. And most of the people listening to this show right now are dehydrated. They're not drinking enough warning the drinking a lot of coffee and lose alcohol that got that's a diuretic can actually be hydrates the more. So I'm trying to do everything I can in my power to reverse that aging and yet say. Dad's doing really well also thanks Baskin. Yeah guru. Well. Ari this sort. Well a couple weeks you could talk about your work on the fly I ordered a and also let's go to bigger. You know wrote about the bonus if you swap are already out shot four or fired. And they get ready and probably didn't absurd bit beer and Gucci and we spoke. Now what is the Burkle broad. Important and do other that they are you know so or major dry regiment. Right so that's fortified black current seed oil. Slash GL day. And to you can buy that alone so people that are do you have a supplier of the Omega three and the fortified focused. Now you can by the GO Allah alone now fortified dot com. On a sad that expensive so it's a 140 milligrams which is a very high dosage of GLA when you compare to the stuff that you buy over the counter. And this is nine GM it's a good source and what GLA as it is that a derivative of black currency all. Like current Siegel is the best place to get it because it also has. Some Omega three and black currency all you get a good evening primrose always get a from war all but there's some potential. Negative effects coming from their resources so black currency all is definitely the black bass source. And GLA is called gamma Leno little like acid GLA. And what it does it it's kind of complicated but it stimulates something Gump PG one that's prostaglandin in your body. That is an anti inflammatory. Okay that Omega three and also focused does not stimulate. That cascade of anti inflammatory properties so it's a different. Way of lowering inflammation and our body it is also an anti oxidant improves circulation. Amazing. For the nails they hair in this day and now you know Omega three is good for that. And fortify focus is good for that it's just a triple whammy not only are fighting against try guy but how fighting against skin disorders. I'd get patients with psoriasis. Which is a really a chronic scaly. Itchy red. Swollen type a plaque that some elbows and knees and eyebrows in the scalp that's really a pain and had many patients that cancer rises. Some amiss resolve completely. All right. But once again PGE 11 and it's factor one of its purposes is actually to stimulate tear production. That's why we use it in the fortify advanced dry eye therapy so Natalie doesn't have a lot of benefits it can also help nerve damage repair. So there's a lot of real good benefits for GLA. Anti inflammatory and being one of number one some patients with arthritis. It's gonna help them or remembering the root cause of dry eyes inflammation. So that's why it's helping inflammation in the eye. And not only for dry but it's gonna help other inflammatory properties in the eye which is just about every negative I condition. So the other good thing is for you those of you out there if you by the fortify advanced dry eye therapy. It's are ready marked down 20%. Then when you buy three of these you get another 20% off. I mean your same 40%. Which usually only run those specials when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl and at our annual. Once a year and you home in no rush and they do we have the Lang I institute said this is year round. You'll actually get that. And you by three of those she didn't nine you may get another 20% off that's 40% of my math is correct. What actually are more quick question though let's go what is that don't already have my. Make it true you admired both they're both fighters fighters and all ordered that boat. 840. Milligrams once today does Bob forty weigh about 165. We're sure. That I hours plus fifteen pounds off writes out. One a day anybody under 201. Today. Come over 200 if you have inflammation in your body. Then to dash C go to Q eighty but one a day added Djerejian is going to be fine. Aren't adequate well. Well we're we're signified that beak they're Smart they're perfectly. I'd Bob thank you appreciate that. It. And right in listening as the doctor a doctor Michael. Here at Genesis communications. I'm broadcasting and a variety of radio stations 8:20 AM as one of the biggest stations he'd pick me up just about anywhere in the south certainly in Florida. A 97.3 FN this guy is also a station you can pick me up on. And a few other FM stations as well. Com phone lines are open that 775862820775862820. You just watch and a FaceBook right now a lot of different Facebook's were broadcasting live right Nassau Siegel out of view. Are watching me on that. I let this go back to the fans. Let's see. Caring keystone heights good morning. Important not tell you the best I'm hanging in there and you sounds yeah I'm doing great have a question Rick sorry. I thought medical early stage Cadillac. NN day. And that kind crime or told my mandated by the near by a version is credible drastically. And mountain. Which about how. Whether or not my doing and cataracts or just forget nine. It shut needed to America or federation. After and now allow them. Night a great question I always tell patients when you get to the point where your quality of vision is not acceptable to you do all right. And the doctor tag yet in this is the best I can make you see with glasses or contact lenses. And that's not acceptable to you that's when the cataracts need to come back. Now if you have worse than 27. They don't do anything they don't drive anymore they Iraq on the porch and that said and you know they have a torn eighty cataract and they all want it removed by the same token. I get patients that are accustomed to having 2010 vision are 2015 better than 22 when he when their vision gets to 20/20 five. It's Larry to them there ready to have that cataract removed so it's really up to a year. The ophthalmologist and optometrists can tell you when it needs to be removed if it's causing a physical problem in the out so if it's getting large and there is causing elevated pressure. Or is causing some kind of potential problem then yes it needs to be removed. Now remember you know wanna wait until their right in the olden days used to hear people say oh wait until they're right because the olden days which run that long ago. You stepped it cut DIA open grabbed the cataract pull it out and then suture the guy shot so it's a fairly traumatic procedure. Now days. Even needs any needles I mean many doctors are leaving using an IV sedation anymore just a little cocktail your drink. To numb the senses a little help you relax a topical drop. A laser to make the incision and ultrasonic waves to remove the cataract. So it's just the opposite we don't wanna wait until it's right because if we wait until it's too hard and the guy. And you got to turn ultrasound up and then that's when you have potential problems so. We greatly cataract one before. You say when it's a 22 and ahead. You should consider having it removed or certainly if you're symptomatic he never moved even before then. Okay I'm having sent them but did have I Paramount might. Hand of the market that would make that work. I truly believe and act cataract surgery laced six surgery most surgeries and the guys will make your dry I worst especially lay six surgery. Cataract surgery will make you cry I worse for a period of time. But usually that starts to resolve you know anywhere from a few weeks to a few months after cataract surgery. Sermon is an old saying if they broke don't fix it and it did not have any symptoms and the doctor said it's not that bad and it's absolutely not time. To have that cataract removed now for dry eye. You got to drink more markets like I said earlier in the program everybody's dehydrated. So drink more good Warner should bring mortar don't drink reverse osmosis and distilled water you can put that your battery in your car putting your iron you can bathe in it but don't drink it is very acidic. You need to put ask don't have a Bassett so good spring martyr like zephyr and those are CG year Aveion. Or that mountain. Mountain spring are mound valley. Anything's Saratoga I like mountain valley in Saratoga is the bug thing glass bottles OK so that's even better than a plastic bottle. But you Kerry to sit and only so far and then that product I talked about. Fortify advanced dry eye therapy. It is not to brag but it is the most advanced dry eye nutritional supplement on the market. Probably nobody's gonna come out with it because I'm not. Marking it out much and it you need you see the big discount she get when you buy three are need another 20% off. Everybody wants like a six time mark up the industry. You know barely doubling the price when you buy three I mean literally I'm making a couple dollars so. It has everything in it to help your eyes secretive healthier tear film to lower inflammation in the my domain glanced Tim. Proves circulation to the eye to the retina to the brain. To every part of your body to support little cellular organ now is caught mitochondria. So there isn't a dry eye supplement on the planet like this yet. So I am toot my horn a little bit so it's something to think about from a nutritional standpoint if you take that then you're doing everything UK and then you still got to use your artificial tears. Good lit hygiene clean your eyelashes before we go to bed at night. Little hot compress every now and then. And there's some medication you can use Niger in Greece stay aces. Com they worked for some people but a lot of people that don't have insurance even with insurance does medications are very expensive. And if you listen this program mama big advocate of the least amount of medication least amount of surgery he gets the job done. Right. I've been taking their I'd go from here. Andrea. Completes a man Warrick has my back started our critique after immaculate for years. Thought you'd get from the black current oil right and and that should add that up their mama very. Actor. I act or walker. Of men and they can have interfered. At all. But a bit more chewed. Suddenly have a issue sure. You know where that. I do Wear protective. I would want to nail file and fun of baggage claim you love them up all your I'd buy wholeheartedly and I appreciate your up. There are shadow I'll love it. Most fantastic thanks for the positive employment kayaking is great exercise. I do a lot of kayaking on the day in us so I've been doing a lot of styling row growing and I tenant mix it up a little bit and it's different muscle groups. But definitely Wear those sunglasses when you're out on the order. Aria. But I thanks for the job all. I care about our. And I you listening to ask the doctor I'm your host doctor Michael Lang. Of the Lang I institute and fortified vitamins. I'm negative phone number for fortified vitamins write it down and get a ten piece of paper are touchy twice 866503. 9746866. 503. 9746. Were up Monday through Friday they are closed on the weekends. And the remedy this phone number for Lou Lang I institute so it's just a hop skip and a jump from wherever you are. We're in the villages that's a little bit south of Ocala a little bit north of Orlando. So the villages as were everybody retires as the fastest growing community in the entire country. Not the fastest during geriatric population they're building more homes here than they are in Los Angeles the fastest growing hum its crate a fast growing community. Many got like 60000 homes they're building right now it's crazy. Take an X no illusion of golf carts and walkers and we oats shares. Burger place to have an eye institute I'd throw numbers Illini institute is 352753. 4014352. 7534014. Also up for those of you that are into anti aging you may wanna write this down right to stand try to add ten this seminar. It's being put on my good friend of mine a world renowned retton special specialist doctor shoe lace cal shall. An MD Ph.D. I'm he's. Having a two day seminar. At mission inn resort. At how we in the hills mission inn resort. That's Friday and Saturday February 1. In February 2 likes eight to five or eight to 530. And it's reversal of chronic disease. And he's gonna talk about anti aging is gonna talk about natural ways of reversing aging. I's gonna talk about stem cells lots of really cool stuff is gonna have some moral renowned speakers there it's not expensive and it's like 75 bucks. So it's not that expensive but there's only limited attend this I think he gets 34500 people and that's it. So. Many via phone number write this down it is Friday and Saturday February 1 in the second. Eight to 530 mission inn resort and Howie hills. Doctor shoe lace cal shall reverse of chronic disease phone numbers 352. 775. 1010. And one more time get a pen call this number if you wanna set in a get a reservation or find out more 352. 77510. Ten and doctor Marshall may be calling and later on this during the show the last ten minutes and he may not I don't know my beastly delay. Our rates if once again go to the website. At fortify. Dot com to check out this new product I developed. Com and there's also a new video on there that I just released yesterday. It is with me and doctor Karen hack. We did a video. Talking about. The science. Behind. Fortified advanced dry eye therapy. Fortified focus. We're talking about ass does anthem routine and Z is anthem. Why hey these are so critical not only for your eyes but for your entire body. People don't realize past is Anthony is one of the best ways to stimulate muscle recovery and muscle endurance and to stimulate circulation. So it's something the fortified focus she can add to that fortify super protein if you're an athlete. So. Go to fortify dot com and then go to its focus. And see the new video that we put on there. Also it's probably under advanced dry eye therapy as well and look at all the studies under fortify focused. That we've done and that have done nationally and internationally you be pretty impressed and why and so many people are taking this throughout the world now. Also you can look at any of these videos including this last video we just made released yesterday if you go to. Ocular health channel on YouTube. And a lot of view that follow me a social media probably Marty watched it because I released it on FaceBook minster Graham and Twitter leaned Dan who applies. Ten tourist. So all of you follow me on those sites have bribery already seen the video but has not you go to ocular health. Channel on YouTube. And you see some armor racing video some of the videos of my talk shows some videos that made about certain supplements. But this last one talks about the power. Ask disease and then for the I and the entire body. Mossy go to website doctor Michael Lang dot com that's DR MI CH a EL LE NGE dot com. Doctor Michael Lang that Tommy can hook up to any of my social media is from there I we got a few cable let's not let's see who's next. My old stomping ground is not blinked in them gonna try to take Deborah she's a mine too I think. Or Hershey alarm on. And I'm eager to line 11. We don't want one who is this. Bit the view from prefer mark Saint Petersburg. You welcome. Yet thing out. What my parents look at them look one 888 and the my mother lady who never had problems with cataracts. Is there are all hereditary situation with camera cataracts. He seemed in my late fifty myself what can I expect nothing had that problem because my parents. Well here this certain things at this two things in life he'd get no matter what the right tactics isn't cataracts so. Cataracts really are not genetically linked up I mean there's certain types of cataracts I guess that opinion been haired and most cataracts or age related. Or drug induced or traumatic toll induced. But if you live long enough you gonna get a cataract when he hit sixty most sixty Euro starts they cataract process. When he hit seventy a lot of them need to be removed but most of them in they can wait til their eighty and some even later than that. Before they scatter it needs to be removed now yeah there's a lot of things you can do to slow these cataracts down. Wearing a good pair of sunglasses that has blue filtering properties all right. If you don't know it's blue filtering by the brown lands not degrade lens Maui Jim is a great sunglass has blue blocking properties. There's a lens out there card True Blue. And you go to their website True Blue vision dot com. And you can buy. The best blu filtering sunglasses on that website. Use my last name Lang in the promo code need to get a discount so True Blue vision dot com. Also eating organically grown spinach kale orange bell peppers. And wild Alaskan salmon. If you got a lot of hair throw some go G berries in there those have core rotten noise they can actually help protect the lens. I'm taking a vitamin like to fortify focus. Or even the fortified advanced nutrition advanced complete. Those have the nutrients and it edition and clinical studies to help slow down cataract formation they will not reverse cataracts. So also weight management if you're overweight you more prone to get more advancing cataracts so. Exercise cardiovascular exercise it down your ideal funny at fighting weight takes something like the fortify supplement eat more spinach kale. Orange bell members go to buries them out Alaskan salmon were good pair of sunglasses when you're out in the sun. If you don't know if it's like Maui Gemma True Blue if you don't know that filters the blue light they get the brown collar preferably her -- is for a hatter advisor. And then I hope for the best. If you have cataracts removed at an early age how committed he won't grow back. Are so they're removing an action organ in your Miami they're just taking it out. It's impossible for a to grow back it's like if you take you take me out it ain't coming back is not like a fingernail and hair. So if they remove it it will never come back you can get will we called a secondary cataract and that's mysterious sub capsule Hayes. That's the cars that had the bags that the cataracts at San. We keep that bagging your guy and we put to implant into that bag that bag actually a pacify is anywhere from six weeks to six years. After cataract surgery and had it cleaned and zapped with a laser one time and you're good to gaps. There. I you take care. But by. It's the day now I think devers than waiting patiently. Let's see. The Louisiana. My old stomping ground Deborah thanks holding the morning. Right how are you sad you listen are you doing. During a bit. It's not the weather in Louisiana. I wrote back out. Code hot to cold. It can't get mad and there's little chilly last couple days here you know we're about them saints and yet they gonna go to the Super Bowl are Denny. That aren't expecting. And I. Don't. Well I'm gonna do it the saints won the super Bo were gonna blowout fortified vitamins at 50% off for at least one to two days. Right defensive sort get a divorce. I think that I have IP. Tied at a game yet but my thought pat I would change shape it. And I can't find the man that tell me to switch to all men male because it but basically that if this. Now. Dentistry has gotten crazy out there Britney. So all right I'll men actually you. I'll get back piped up bail out there. On the other point of view it in petitioners which is the best. While. Most joy is absolutely the worst day away from sort her carry so much I had a lot of white it's all genetically modified interferes with your hormones. Stay away from that only soy should never eat this permanent organic soy load ten payload miso soup every now and then. So I agree somewhat with that most dairy and we've talked about this most dairy has it gone to a genetic mutation. So it's gotten anyone beta case seem that anyone beta casing routine mama. You can read a book called the devil in the milk okay. But. You'll see why many people have it and are a negative reaction to a one Beatty case seen. It can increase their risk of leaky got diabetes cancer. And then. Shorter and autism all right so think about it. All the chartered out there you know you didn't. Bowl of fruit loops frosted flakes yet too much sugar in diet it and then you put this they want cow's milk on top avenue wonder why there's so much optimism out there. So. Eight to cow's milk has a nine genetically mutated the way god put these cows on the planet. I. Eight to Beatty case seemed it doesn't cause these problems. Many people can tolerate AT cow's milk when they thought there are lactose intolerant there really intolerant to this bad beta casing prayer team. That's why tell body go to empower left is to not take case seem protein. It is not good for you. Unless it is 82 cow's milk. Or boot smoke. So goat's milk has not gone to that genetic mutation. And so most people injuring a two cows smoke or the goat's milk and have no problem. Now certainly you're lactose intolerant truly lactose intolerant he may still have a problem. And have some reactions to this and that's when you would switch to I you know on alternative dairy source like coconut smoker cashew melt. And those are fine if you're mixing. The whey protein that I'm holding up right now the super protein. You know if you don't wanna do dairy from from an animal source you can do Allman Melky can do cashew milk. But com it only has one gram protein so you know I getting enough protein the other problem I have and you have to be aware of this even and lots of milk sack there. The majority of organic milk eggs. And and majority milk especially chocolate and strawberry melt has something car care green and that her right. CA are made GRE EN character arena RV pronouncing it. And that's an almost all coconut melts on the melts and so you got to look at that. That's one of the leading causes of an aggravation appeared abouts in German this and studies now that are leaking it linking it to colorectal cancer. And we all know somebody with colorectal cancer. So I was talking about this the other day on the show after working out one night I was out of my fortify approaching a stopped at a quick King and I wanna get a post recovery drink so I looked at muscle milk and core power and all these other ones. And and looked at ingredient profile wallop minister Carlo senate which is an artificial sweetener they all have artificial sweeteners and artificial flavors. But the worst thing is they all had this care green and it every single one of measures could buy chocolate Malcolm little small thing a jog come out and had to care green and and all sap. And that's one of the reasons I developed the fortified super pro team. Does it doesn't have any of the bad staff and only has against Atlanta those you that are really purist sat there I also have fortify. Naked super pro team which has no Oregon. No flavor not just pure New Zealand. Grass fed whey protein concentrate. OK. Okay add it it eighteen Leo and of course if that snippet that would write them bodes well. And. I would keep doing that I would keep doing that especially since should not have any problems you obviously are lactose intolerant. Those smokes a very good you're getting both. Yet that's 80% casing protein 20% weight routine in there you get a lot of minerals and there as well some vitamins and so when you add that to the fortify it is the perfect. Free work out and post recovery work out beverage much better than they Allman over coconut milk or anything like that. Attacked what chat let Leo you'd click I mean because they. They don't have that eight kid chocolate yep yep. Yes so HH I command as the what I recommend that they don't have it that's difficult to find because. You know. And there's another one that I was recommending. Am I can't think of the name of it there white mocha is good but they're chocolate milk it comes from AT cast has that care green and it's so. You got a final without care green and it's got to be from an eight to cal source you know you could almost benefit from just taking a little chocolate served. And just making your own chocolate milk. From. Are put some raw cook go up right. Into the push recovery journey to making your own. Okay. The package update it in and congratulations on ending product. Thank you Deborah appreciate that. I think you have a good day and bit lax. I'm there right you had somewhat debit all of them again I'll enjoy it like Julian. I will will have a video up on that ocular health channel shortly after. All right thanks Deborah. Daycare and I got a lot of great college a lot of people watching on FaceBook from all over the world I'd phone lines are open. 775862820. But I think maybe we're gonna get ready to take a break here and go to some commercials here in a second number gonna get a quick. Sip of water so. Another great. I'm doctor Michael Lang. I'm a board certified Affymetrix position and certified nutritional specialist did you know that the majority of vitamins that you can buy over the scanner. Are filled with synthetic nutrient diet and trans fats. All of the things that are bad for you. This is why develop fortified vitamins and all natural nutrition record developed over years of clinical research. Fortified complete plus is equivalent to ten to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The supplement is a multi vitamin I'd vitamin veggie and fruit blends with enzymes and Omega three fish off. Developed to promote total body wellness and healthy vision. Isn't it time that you took control of your hell with fortified vitamins. Take control of your help with the fortified. Learn more and ordered now at www. Fortified. Available and playing high gear & Associates. All Omega three is not created equal hi I'm doctor Michael Lang you hear a lot of commercials that promote a mega three products and may be confusing most large studies confirming the positive health benefits of Omega three were done with fish or fish oil as founder of lying I -- a doctor in search of what's best for my patience I visited Norway or research trip to develop fortified super Omega. The highest quality Omega three fish oil available only wild caught fish with the highest Omega three content are used in this formula produced in Norway it only in a second GNP certified Omega three facility in the world fortified super Omega eliminates any odor or after taste it promotes heart brain guy and joined health fortified super Omega has 16100 milligrams of triple refined Omega three fish oil compared to anything on the market you won't find more bio available form of Omega three to purchase go to fortified dot com that's FO RT IF EYE. Dot com or call 8665039746. That's 8665039746. If you are a loved one is suffering from Matthew Lucci generation then take note of the following information. Hi I'm doctor Michael Langham aboard certified Affymetrix position. A certified nutrition specialist immaculate degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in patients over 55. I have personally seen thousands of patients with Mac in the new generation of clinical practice for over seventeen years I've seen the positive benefits to patients can realistically obtained. The nutritional intervention and lifestyle modifications. I have developed science based nutrition Google called fortified complete immaculate defense. That takes all the latest nutritional research and incorporated into one convenient. Daily packed yet. There is hope for masculine or generation through proper nutrition. Isn't it time that you took control with your help before I complete Matt Dillard. Learn more and ordered now at www. Fortify dot com available at laying right here & Associates. Genesis communications presents the show that's helping people see better and feel better all over the line. Fantastic doctor flip board certified optimistic positioned to provide nutritional specialist Ken popular radio. Doctor Michael lining up last night here & Associates. Durham N. Lang I institute and fortified vitamins. Here each and every Saturday morning live to answer any questions you may have regarding your vision I care any new nutrition literary agents. Optics to make all 77586. 282077586282. When he remember next week I will not be in the studio's live or be running a tape. I'll be racing at Sebring the winner fast in the fortified viper. And then. The following week I probably will be alive again but I'll be gone that week during the week day Wednesday Thursday. At the what is at the sports nutrition summit. In San Diego California. I just checking this out you know com. I've had 3000 steps this morning Keteyian tennis Sorgi said ms. summing get yep he's been watching when I was leaving here at the break. And limping a little bit. Not yesterday last night I got 20000 steps then I was at the gym until midnight but the night before that I get 30000 steps and and held the reason I did and I did almost three hours of Carty oh in the gym I was kind of crazy. Feel that right now so I'm consuming a little extra pro team today. From the fortified source. All right we get regular offense. Injustice economic take a phone line here let me give you a phone number for fortified vitamins first. 866503974668665039746. And annoying nine institute if you like to set up an employment scene near any of my colleagues and in my doctors my associates. A you can call 352. 753. 401. Former relying eye institute is in the villages Florida the dead center of the state the phone numbers 352753. Fours. Or one for you can learn more at Lang I care dot com. Or doctor Michael Lang dot com. And certainly if you wanna learn more about the fortify supplements. And I did check at the break our our videos are up all over the place on the fortify website. Said he go to fortified dot com that's FO RT I asked EYE. Fortified our common lingo on the products click on either focus the new advanced drive there appear in the new black currency go all. In the scroll down all of those in need to see the new video. Why your eyes need axed his hands and and that's me and doctor Karen hack at a video and interview we did together. All right we're gonna sons and see. Billion gains on the garden. They got a thing hairy right sounds good. This deal to most anymore as well run around and and I appreciate you show what. I've just treated it took them happen down. About a month ago. I just about five years now been working on a computer motion Cha and chat lines again all of that. We're an eighty's you like it won't point five and 2.0 diocese. And talk to them. Doctor NG so we're just keep these in that Italy is where she need to continue each fit into actions that. Anyway medal short short about a lot and walker there. Sort of insert a minute that was kind of irritating and outlook says there's no bottom part of it was luck stack never had an MRI center well okay you know you go away. So is it messed it up with a few drops and it anyway over course of about a week. Is starting get more prominent civil rights. And jacket messing around with it and into it's no piece of hard rock out and about an hour or cast sat social well being accepted and it. And it produced at Qassam Iran or something around that and down. That was hit well about three related same thing. And I just got like a little almost struck our calcium deposit that issue look is out and probably a bigger legitimately. Yeah. You know if you work outdoors a lot you can get these things caulk and creations. And aching Dick clogged in the lower led even opera ledge and sometimes there's a little hard particles and they will come out of here I just the way you're experiencing are right. If you have lip swollen LED's lit a demon sometimes that's a type of a sty Carter Oreo commercial lazy and if that happens you put a hot compress on it. Let heat and the massage at am. You know to be wearing some sort of protective eyewear when you're outside in our good pair of sunglasses. That has some rap to it. You know and Oakley a Miley Jammer. You know some good former protective eyewear that Natalie filters to harmful UV in blue light. But is protecting you from you know stuff that's could be get in your eyes well. You know you do get TO local optometrists are ophthalmologist and they can see what's going on very easily to find out if that is a form body and your high. If it's a normal in to tee in your glands it's causing this. It's probably just a normal variation. Sometimes they'll prescribe just some good lit hygiene scrubbing your eyelashes a couple of times today. With something like hockey softer oasis lids and lashes or even baby shampoo. A couple of times today first thing in the morning and evening and dot com prizes in that might help dramatically. Are so. Billy taking a good Omega three official appeared in over everybody over fit right now. Should be taken good Omega three fish oil like the fortified super mega it's triglyceride molecule Bob's stores batted in the stuff. You buy over the count our. That can help keep those glands opened. And help secretive healthier tear film so they don't get blocked decrease in the Chansi having these potential problems. Are much you take care. Eight listen in as an actor 775862820. Let's go back to the parents. Allen and saint Pete thanks holding the morning. They're good morning doctor relying on your verdicts in the news now. You're guys are my big thing in your product stick lot of room in our brief eulogy insure everybody arm a couple of questions that Jim milk. I noticed an ancient and Julio. They're green dead in the from what I can gather is that is that your impression. That's a good question and I would like to know that because it would be ideal to have a grass that eighth to cap because the Omega three is going to be a little bit higher. Savage grains had that question then would be is it a genetically modified grain vs an organic grain. So. Calm and we have to dig a little bit deeper on that but that I. You email them and they responded and they said it didn't say whether or you know. Three but they could say they only grade fever they're all that I simply will be nicer feel. But also law and you know grasp at it and I didn't hear anything back after that. Alleged to have an economic contact them now I know HE caller's that are produced from fund terror and New Zealand there are grass that. So but there obviously not getting it from New Zealand then so then the question would be would you buy the organic grass fed now. Vs a two cow's milk I was still weigh heavy on a two cow's milk are right. Are you guys have the a one beta casing. But if you can find goat's milk that is grass fed so they got something out there where is cotton. Earned burger Meyer remember something like that they sell public's defined that that's grass that are not. As very interest in boys summation. Developed grass at AT cows and and sell it to the public that could be huge because people are trying to become. I'd like to look at it the big break. Thanks for the cop bad or more questions abortion ideology you on the on all the ingredients of although there Williams. Gluten free bread and Newt you're human back. So there were just great ingredients in its candidate ever got to chip to try. No I didn't but I did find something or my wife found something and ate a whole foods or someplace that was similar are and that you know if you can send that to me again I would appreciate that. She she it is fantastic. You can't believe I'm good taste now she's so that. Well it made distributed at the bleachers to attach much frozen I've got. The restaurant shouldn't doubt that the next couple of fear or not I am trying to do commercial. Should got a really. Helio. Certainly Caylee a restaurant there that's when we're well. And castigate issued that email again because that would act you know I go by nature food patch quite often. All right thanks thanks a got a report. You know breads delicious that we shouldn't be eaten too much Brett however this spreads a little bit different. You know it's it's organic it's tie in and organic gluten free grains if I were call. And you know. If you're organic then called gluten thing isn't as bad what should surely have Celia disease. But remember what I always say practice should be whacked. Protein and vegetables supper should be what for routine and vegetables. Now little piece of toast with some good honey on an every down and is now at Enron that. A lunchtime use that bread and make a sandwich with good stuff on the sandwich your fine. So the Brad the best time for that is at lunchtime I was tucked avarice more calls a city. Engine. Lou Angela thanks for holding. I Bert I'm going. I have a blacked out here and that and number one out didn't every adult comfort they want I big idea that. And that could very I have. There's not one high end Smart guys the other big lead in the. Why added that veto correctly would that you're. Alright so 57. In the tens and mainly six surgery is an option all right. So the nearsighted and tasting manic guy lay sixer works quite well however farsighted. Patients. Lay 600 doesn't seem to hold this lawn. As it does for nearsighted so we've done laser surgery on many patient farce and they've had died ration afterwards. At 57 probably a better option would be either pay. Going to contacts just to buy some time if you don't wanna being glasses. And then ultimately having cataract surgery sometime down the road at 57 remember earlier in the program said right around fifty to sixties when you started cataract right. Normal process of maturing. So the good thing about cataract surgery is covered by your medical insurance lay six surgery is not. So depending on what your eyes looked like Hidalgo and you local eye doctor and see if you do have a cataract and it's bad enough. It can be removed and an after cataract surgery. You won't need glasses anymore depending on which procedure you had even have a multi focal implant put and then allows you see up close and in the distance. And and you never get a cataract again later in life. So at this point if you don't have bad enough cataracts and don't recommend having surgery. You probably won't Wear a good new generation contact lens to tide you over. I don't know if I would recommend you having basic surgery certainly that scene knew I probably wouldn't recommend it. The guys at 57 legacy you're gonna have a small cataracts starting. And if you do laser surgery then cataract surgery 510 years down the road may not be quite as accurate. That question is what about corrected let it did do we can't bring. They get change I'm sure they'll if I gotta get corrected lead it what do you recommend. Product quality without a shadow I doubt there's three lenses I like the best. Blue light defense moonlight shield or true and lube. One of those three. Those three filter the harmful blue light. There's a lot of copies out there that just don't filter the blue light so what you can do. Ask them to give you a blue filtering lands all right and then make sure they have a laser says you can check if it's really blocking the blue light so there's a lot of knock off to big companies are selling steadily filled just 56%. Of the blue light. You want to filter a lot more than that so we have a demonstration at the Lang I institute we have a blue laser. And we shine through showing it stops the laser from going through the lens. That's the kind of power you want to protect your eyes. You can also. Believe and I you can get your prescription. And you can worm right if you go to blue light defensive dot com. I you can order that prescription right through blue light defense dot com. And then we send them GM. If you wanted if they can't do it. That's great that I'm glad that he gave me such great information. I know what you're here. Hanging out with it type two diabetics. And it 57 you know 57 is the news. Thirty cent RA. Does not rise seven Assad born in 61. And so I'm trying to do everything to slowdown and aging and and with type two diabetes you got even do more you get you more exercise you got to dig dig dig dig down to your ideal fighting way. Something like that lying die you can Google Lang diet plan. And it's perfect for type two diabetic. Some of the supplements we talked about on here. I mean you have to do things you have to be pro active in your future health he can't depend on your doctor. To keep in shape. I agree with you I've been trying to get them really like. I couldn't help. At this movie and help I go to plan B it is we did some toward doubt. About twice a week I know that. I had battled weight management. Program. You know that something that I had a copy may go. My concern is basically. The scene at night especially when you have. That isn't it wouldn't argue it. At night Burton Burton might. Position. To this. We know now now. I was like I am not a big when I wrote well job. He'd become what god and I don't know didn't do much of an issue Burton Greg bullet. It's out tried tried glasses you can always go to contact lenses down the road and ask in the kitchen it's retrial paired test drive him first okay. All right great thing I see it again. I think the music's on that means not a time thanks to tinian listening that's an actor I'm not here.