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Mar 16, 2010|

6am - March 16 2010

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Analysts thought let's let's go that's -- -- like Winnie Harley right family manners on the air. Rudy is serious -- mom rose show ocean. Devoted to welcome my friends six minutes. Live local. It is about Rosie OJ Anderson your job boards and newsroom we gets covered in the heart of Florida your time check sponsored. Northwest seafood satisfy your seafood craving for the freshest fish around in the not for marketplace. -- -- -- -- -- Tuesday march 16. What are instead tomorrow Bill -- today. Saint Patrick's Day. Weird green have -- If the spirit of the Irish alive and well. And a good old saint -- Chase in this snakes down Antonia that's what we do -- -- Although we've been accused of being snake pit to. Mean. Seriously though this is the big deal. They have the votes are now it -- some really comin' down to a folks. Now President Obama told ABC news that he is confident. That health care reform legislation will pass. Quote. I believe we're going to get the votes. We're going to make this happen Obama told ABC's Jake Tapper in an exclusive interview. Obama said Democrats continue to work to get a bill ready for vote by the end of the week. A fiery Obama made a passionate plea for congress to pass reform legislation by highlighting the struggle. Of what Ohio woman who faces a serious illness without health insurance. The easy anecdotal stories data rip your heart out -- Atomic -- fifty year old cleaning woman cancer survivor. From Medina Ohio. She says she had to drop her anthem blue cross blue shield insurance because their monthly premiums kept skyrocketing. You wanna know why I'm here. Ohio. I'm here because of the Toma. -- lady. And it couldn't be because of Dennis Kucinich community. It couldn't -- let's put Dennis Kucinich on stage. And threatened to hang him in front of this crowd. Could -- could keep you yeah. After the event Obama told ABC news and if congress passes this health care reform legislation Canfield and millions of Americans like Kirk could not be denied it. Coverage because of preexisting conditions and -- not face -- -- financial decisions. Really. Strong weather. What's what's wrong whether. -- cancer survivor. -- let's see. And the president's plan to be three years before somebody who's been. Not given health insurance because of preexisting conditions be three years before that kicks in. -- -- -- Jake Tapper asked Obama about what his message is to Americans and members of congress who are worried about this bill. Well the president surprisingly are you ready for this and this is from ABC news. The president did not directly answer that question. Well. I wonder if the doctors that there were treating it no atonement can feel what it -- if she asked them a question -- He didn't directly answer. Should -- come back for more treatments. We're gonna run some tourists and generic. The president did not directly answer the question but said that most of the misinformation. Circulating about things like so called death panels and a government takeover of health care. Turned out not to be true. One. Turned out not to be true. -- is sincere Wazir prognosticators of the future this guy is you scaring me more and more of it turned out until. But your turkeys to you when you say turned out not to be true. You or your saying that it's now in days the past tense ride it turned out not to be true it hasn't turned out. All one we're not a good turnout could be anything. Okay what -- passing didn't happen of the legislation but Sarah Palin's there's going to be death panels how long -- site. -- a year ago yet here and change ago aha and and we had a single death panel yet. -- -- go all this rhetoric about death panels. I slightly as -- as like Hitler or not you know we are innocents this murdering of the Jews turned out not to be true. Because the actual rail cars had not been yeah and not been rolling down -- -- -- Lanka. On -- we have nothing to worry about that. Obama said what it is true. And what came out in last -- health care summit is that there is a philosophical disagreement between Democrats and Republicans on how to best proceed. With reform YL. Now the president is being -- that one. Most people already have health insurance they're not going to see much of a change except that they'll have more protection. In the insurance that they already half. Wait a second could this be the old Democrat trick you can get something for nothing. You can get something for -- thing I should -- -- jingle. You'd get something for nothing. -- Above rose yeah we got them -- we got some bad news for you on your insurance. Alone now -- It's going to be it's really going to be batter the only change you're gonna get is more coverage better coverage. Really how much actually consummate (%expletive). Did we tell you you're gonna get more coverage it's the only change gonna seek. The only changer will I see a change of my premium. Then we tell. You the American average. You can't have something. Okay yeah now you have something for nothing. It's nothing you know. But somebody's gonna pay for if you already have health insurance well well. Either you're gonna pay an additional cost of this plan goes through. Or your employer well. No if ands or buts about it. And to say that you're gonna get better insurance coverage and protection. Now wow. Wow you know what I'm glad that the government did take over one Chrysler and GM. -- because Obama even in this climate he could sell a car. Obama could sell toyotas all the dialogue. Yeah. But for millions of Americans he says they'll be in a more secure position and the federal government state governments are going to be in a position where they're not bring these huge outside million bones -- billion dollar deficits over and over again each year. Then add up to unsustainable. Debt. Will be imposing on future generations. -- -- -- -- you know that Medicare funding that they're gonna add fifteen million people do what what do you think -- comes from the comes from the states. He's saying that state governments. Are gonna be in a position whether or not running huge outside multi billion dollar deficit that's. That's exactly what's going to recur. It's exactly what's going to happen gonna be an even worse shape is a -- and right through right. He's a -- and write to your face. He's lying right to your face the plan includes adding fifteen million people. To Medicare. This stay implements that the states picked that cost up. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Asked about the potential for such unintended consequences. Like you know in December of 2009 chief actuary from the independent senators for. Medicare and Medicaid Services reported at the -- reform bill. Rather hearing rather than lowering the bottom line of government health spending would increase. Government obligations by 234. Billion over ten years. He just got done saying. Now the states -- and federal and state governments work going to be in a position of not running huge outside multi billion dollar deficits over and over again each year. He just got done saying that. He knows the information. He knows the information he knows that it's gonna cost more and he's just life. We're gonna position now and I said this on the show before. That this is not about doing the right staying finding the right plan. This is about getting a political win -- and expanding the size of government. That's all this is about this is all this was ever about -- some Democrats and certainly for the president period. And of story. He has something to add to it sky lines are open 8779759825. -- to the Bob Rochelle. On now Friday or yesterday. Little backgrounds kind of interest. I'll share with the coming up on the Bob Rochelle news talk 97.3 disguise. News talk -- seven point three this guy -- official weather station and hear about it first. Talked about it no news talk 97.3. That's. -- little -- -- have a local contract brought by northwest seafood satisfy your teeth driving with a fresh suspicion around in the middle -- marketplace and. -- town center president pushing very hard to get the votes for his health care plan we'll talk more about that in a little bit I also while wanna talk about. You heard about this. The guy was driving down the road in is up Prius. Says. You know hey calls 9118 -- my cars out of control bill like -- miles an hour helped me out got a lot of play in the press. And I just want to let you know. A little background on this guy. James site called 91 want to report that he was behind the wheel of an out of control Toyota Prius going 94 and a freeway -- -- -- Diego 23 minutes later California Highway Patrol officer help guide him to a stop a rescue that was captured on videotape. Since then it's been learned that -- file for bankruptcy in San Diego no way. He has more than 700000 dollars in debt owed roughly 191000 honest Prius the in 2001. Site by the police report. For 58000 dollars in stolen property including jewelry and digital video camera and equipment 24000 dollars in cash. Sykes is tied a hired a lawful affirmed always indicated he has no plans to -- Toyota. -- 155000. Dollars on television's the big spin in 2006. And the real estate agent has boasted of celebrity clients. Such as constant Ramos of extreme home make up. While authorities say don't doubt -- account. Several bloggers and a man who bought a home from sites in 2007 question whether the 61 year old onto for a New York. May have contracted the incident for publicity or monetary gain. And bought a house in San Diego area from sites in 2007. Told immediately question the circumstances surrounding Monday's incident. Immediately I thought this guy hasn't angle here the man said on Friday but I don't know what the angle Liz. The man who asked not to be identified said the home he purchased from cites an undisclosed problems and eventually cost him 20000 dollars. He tried to sue in civil court -- Sykes and filed for bankruptcy during the process. Manson Sykes came off as a dishonest businessman who was difficult to work with during the transaction. It didn't surprise me he said of the site's recent problems with the Prius I thought this -- trying to pull a scam here Toyota executives who have talked extensively with sites. Have said they're mystified by -- account. So give me a little background on him. And then had a Monday afternoon press conference -- suggest today. Toyota representatives said there were significant inconsistencies. Between what driver James sites that happen newest 2008 Prius and a San Diego freeway last week. And what their own inspection and tester out of the vehicle showed. There are significant inconsistencies. Between the events of march 8 in the findings of this investigation. Courted Toyota -- -- front brakes were worn away. His rear brakes were fine and a reading of electronic data from -- Sikes car show that he had applied the brakes and the accelerator. Alternately at least 250 times. Other Toyota reps say gathered before the microphone in San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium. Stopped short however saying the data indicated -- is actually trying to keep the car in motion rather than stopping it. So just Camille background on this particular guy does that mean. That there's not problems with toyotas now. But does that mean in all their problems are real and -- are being fabricated I'd say that's probably closer to the truth -- Iran about Rochelle good morning. Are about that this group you cannot be quite detonated there about Obama you glad he's ahead of Yemen part -- connecting to a Toyota. -- that I'm on of people that are believing it yet. -- -- -- Yeah -- out in -- using -- and a reference to Karzai was healthcare. And what's going on with health care right now yeah it was. And keep them. It was he was really put an old Dennis Kucinich under the under the hot seat. In front of an Ohio crowd and he may cave then he may cave in he's been against it but he may cave -- Democratic congressional leaders showed signs of progress Monday in winning anti abortion Democrats whose votes are pivotal. The president Barack Obama's fiercely contested remake of the health care system Obama expressed optimism that congress would approve his call for affordable. And nearly universal coverage as he pitched his plan on a trip to Ohio. While Republican senator Jim -- of South Carolina among the -- sharpest opponents said he was less confident. And before that could be stopped. They have to be remarkable people not to fall under the kind of pressure that they're under. So demand -- way against -- plants this man he feels to the Democrats. Because they are being pressured hard. From this president but I understand. How old they capacity now in this and and maybe I don't understand Washington but. The dams had a chance to -- when they had a super majorities in the house in the Senate. They didn't wanna do it had they done it. Back in April or may or June. That gave them a year and change before but when he ten elections for the stupid Americans to forget all about it and get reelected. Now you're closing in on campaign time on primary season time. There running out of time the past this for the stupid Americans to forget the things just and passed. But we remember the immigration thing the -- 601. Right 1940 whenever ones I have no idea anymore. We're gonna rhythm out of if you were not -- we army were dumber than the Democrats than them than I think the Democrats know that they can pass of the day before elections though ads. I don't understand well know that now the twist is that scum in -- that was in play it was okay you're right they could have hurried up and passed it and then hopefully. Some of some of the blow back would have passed before there are there before their election came up and they could have gone down that path of the kind of sad which many of them did eight this just isn't a good bill this just is not gonna work we don't like it the way it is and and you know so they vote their conscience. The -- the politics if they weren't -- involving came rolling back CEO this threat. While there's a lot of union money out there in president Obama's really good friends with the unions it would be so sad if the union money. Just started flowing to local radio and TV in New -- district to help elect candidate defeat you and they and a far left guy elected it and Connecticut to beat Joe Lieberman Katrina like. Yes exactly. And and you muddy the field they feel independent -- popular as Lieberman to go independent -- -- Tea Party guy and their district -- independent as well and then you have eight people on in the -- will go along with what the team wants for the team will pummel you maybe not directly. But indirectly. 628 on a -- Rochelle. John lawyers in the newsroom we've got a ton more to talk about sky lines will be open at 8779759825. You're tuned to the Bob Rochelle live and local news talk 97.3. The sky. Here a moment first talked about it no news talk -- seven point three does sky. 637 of the club pros still have a -- thanks for tuning in skyline throw up an 87797598258. Gators played basketball Thursday. VA area and be a big dance and CAA. Here. Jane and I were filling out their brackets. For entertainment purposes only. -- you do you have you wanna go public within a certain time. Haven't I'm concerned about our south bracket but I have had that though ultimately I got Syracuse and Kentucky's. For the Syracuse. When I'm good bacon and picked Syracuse. I may -- Kentucky. Yeah does have a two I have the final I've got I've got to. Your home east Villanova going all the way to the top I gotta get bounced -- line nectar and figure out. I don't EU actually following you have level of expertise -- I don't have any you know actually I guess I do here's my level of expertise. I watch sports center intermittently. Paid half attention. So if I see a school Leo well that rings a bell. I heard of them high tech that I -- I just heard of -- but like I'll I I saw a clip of them they must be doing well. Jack. The answer is good as any thing. So anyway. 'tis the time March Madness knowledge fun get involved even if you're not a big. A basketball expert like I am a bracket -- -- workers have -- just have some fun. You know its its -- will marches all of that and of course and Patrick's -- just. So I like best. Can you imagine you voted against the president and you're a Democrat. And man he'll do some arm -- he came from Chicago. If you're Dennis Kucinich this guy he's not a big guy and it looks like getting alien in these kind of weird but it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The president says no -- any. Go on up -- Ohio wanna you know wanna fly in Air Force One and you know go see the pizza when ambient. There's like god no I'm not busy. I'm reading a book -- alien visitation. With the east also was on ancestors -- -- the same come anyway. The president's. -- any. I really liked to have -- there meeting and you're going to be on that plane. Mr. President I would be yes would be thrilled to join. Representative Dennis Kucinich the Democrat from Ohio. Flies with president Barack Obama walks into an Ohio senior citizen center. With the chief executive. In time they hear a voice from the audience yell out. Us. A smiling Obama turned to the liberal lawmaker and said did you hear that Dennis. Then turning back to the audience he added go ahead say that again. -- now. I mean talk about being put on not spot. -- yeah it's slow yes. He's old geezer is about to beat up blue Dennis Kucinich you know he could. Considers -- who said later that he remains uncommitted. Is one of 37 Democrats currently in the house who voted against Obama's legislation but it cleared the house last fall. In additional White House is laboring to hold the support of several other Democrats who voted for the bill earlier. But only after first supporting stricter anti abortion limits those would be altered the second time around. So how I won now I gotta say yeah Kucinich to go know when he's gonna be on the hot seat in president. I mean. I don't know. You tell me. And I think that is. And a low class to put the guy on the spot like that in front everybody. I mean isn't it. I mean the president of course was big grin on his face is big smile he's got a home to you know he's got a bunch home he's in their planet. In other senior citizen you know -- you know that day. Scanned the crowd in filtered out anybody who was going to be a voice of dissent you know that. And for him to put Dennis Kucinich on the hot spell it out while how uncomfortable but that's the way this president operates. And I'm sure behind the scenes it's a lot more uncomfortable. And I'm sure the union ties dole running ads against you was a candidate are gonna make you even more uncomfortable in fact to make you employed. Ted you're on -- Bob Rochelle. -- clobbered -- -- like I don't see any difference between them enjoy the primary it's the perfect profile an entrepreneur in California. That's gone to a tough economic times. The it doesn't help put conservatives to make offers hope for Japan socialized auto industry -- -- -- from -- Are -- from Japan. And then just give them -- ammunition to attack American manufacturing and that's just what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- program that little gone off on. Given to protest and commercial for Japanese socialism. When you should be given to the opposite. Most most of those to him as a manufactured year. Well we'll get the W apart from Japan and they get. Our our healthcare burden in Japan and buy it subsidized. Popular -- like they do in Europe there are you make an apology at the end zone. You know -- Is making any apologies for anybody. And in fact I was taken to task firms being one of the first to report on the whole Toyota issued to begin with so many people called -- meant in we're very defensive. So. I don't know Ted you wanna try to position people I think your line about sites is funny California on manure -- heat resistant. Avoiding lawsuits running scams whenever I like that. As far as the automobile. The situation and industry I don't know about -- about soft snow. -- I'd Kathy -- of the Bob -- show good morning. Paid if if I can say -- in the subject completely but. Of course -- an -- broken clock. -- -- -- common sense and incurred any that I've met them. I've met in the -- and. You are right so with this city of Gainesville all the polls are open India's Election Day thank you for reminding people -- And out while maybe you'll get more than a what the normal ten or 12% of registered voters in the city of diesel to actually show up. If your reason is because it's their status quo and there's nothing you can do about it baloney that's a cop out. -- -- if you say you're too busy that's a cop out. Good job Kathy get out there involve folks if you like to direction that this city. Is goes and politically. The vote accordingly if you want to. Have some folks in there with a little bit more common sense -- vote accordingly as well 644 on the Bob Rochelle I'm holding my breath waiting for more than 10% of people -- begins to blow. Scared the crap out of you were having a stroke or some over there two aces. 87797. OpenId to five that's -- guidelines call now. -- moment first talk about it now there's talk body seven point three bus guy a. This morning on the Bob Rotella at a local thanks for tuning in hey sky nice open 87797595. -- -- Our -- since Thursday. I'd like to invite you to the airport -- -- service -- university here -- presenting the eighth annual chili cook off. To benefit the march of dimes and -- this for gosh I think. -- almost old time seven years. Anyway it's Thursday. I'll be out there a little bit early to someone the judges but you get to air bright before noon and goes from noon to one. Five bucks -- you -- Brad drinks and all the proceeds go to the march of dimes what I refer to as a win win. You get a good cheap lunch -- taste good and the march of dimes gives money because they're saving babies. I like it. A C out there that's Thursday you know if pay for your parking that that -- helmets for the -- chili cook off it's you Lyle every -- a -- Eight Daniel chili cook off I hope to see out there to Chile is awesome and you get to say you get to trial of -- I get trial but I think he gets to the -- can make it. There under your -- Bob Rochelle what's undermine. Good morning god bless America -- is there out there a a couple things here first -- go with the wildcat. This page and is out for the Newman state. -- of and a little bit. From letting up there and watch and throughout the years. A couple things about he has a short man syndrome really really bad yet presidential hopeful as for himself real bad. Emperor Obama to put him on the spot he won't go completely the opposite way. The other thing is. Obama pushing the health care so bad. For the simple fact he knows everything along the quarter. Between Mexico and the United States is all apart in. All of island is -- over into the United States. You want to make those thirty million illegal aliens. In the United States legal citizens. There that he can put them up underneath. His wing. Rigorous healthcare Saturday he can have from them. It. Well yeah I mean that's that the this thing has always been that we're not gonna do anything about illegal immigration because the Democrats think their future voters and Republicans think they're cheap labor. And I've made the analogy. There's no such thing as a cheap to -- In other words if you want to bring folks in here and let him stay illegally it's gonna cost you a fortune in the long run. Because it cost between seven and 121000 dollars for public school pupil per year if one illegal immigrant comes and with two kids. You can figure that's fifteen grand out of windows okay so are those tomatoes -- no of course they're not. But that's one of the reasons why you're not seeing action in Washington to really get -- and stop illegal immigration they could very easily do it. The they can do a better job of the border we know all these things they refuse to for the reasons that I cited. And yeah the president thinks they are future voters. -- we go to a large share of the Bob Rochelle. Boring -- but they're back a little while ago but on the Wal-Mart at ease. Being in the country in a bind that the union has that they. Should make more money for a shoddy product reasons. Go to itself a well -- because they make a quality product. No matter what country they're made -- -- The minds of the people that take out is let's make it better product. Eight you have. Factories and -- -- that as Alltel yup it. And they are taking on -- and mind that'll let you a better job that's why Leo innovate better products of America labor. What do a better job and having different mindset of that a you need -- I want more money on -- gonna do a better job until I get on yet but -- should be begging. We're always going to peace Beckett. Yeah let it was actually an American that teamed up -- -- but Toyota long time ago. And introduced to Syria out making quality the number one thing along with saw a great relationship between the workers and management. And you can you can look that up if you don't believe me and they deliver -- Johnny jolly on the Bob -- -- Hey guys. In this column. Rather have a -- nervous breakdown. Saturday. And I heard that go in the meridian for help. And as -- let you guys know them know that they have like. This does nurses the doctors. Help people out and they really need like donations you know polite speeches like movies in close and he always in -- and even through the adult they beefed -- to. And actually -- my heart a lot on how old they actually helped everybody. And now days are very under funded and they need everybody tells the -- that -- -- wrong about that. My dad's a meridian. Yeah meridian over there are getting so there -- they're beautiful people. All right that is thanks a lot in you Noah -- -- -- Thanks for having the guts and courage to call an -- you've had some difficulties there are some emotional issues etc. A lot of people. Feel like they're still a stigma attached that they don't want to admit when they have issues or problems god bless you and your family evening in my friend night. Better days are ahead and thank. Tough times don't last tough people do in life is. 10% what comes action 90% how you deal that sounds like you're on the right path rather hang in different. 655 on the Bob Rose show got a ton of stuff coming up. All black water is not the bad guys that everybody wanted to make them after all. Interesting story coming your way next. The moment first. Hawk development now news talk 97.3. Thus guy.