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Apr 9, 2010|

6am - April 9 2010

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Business news. -- -- Ladies and gentlemen. -- great fanfare. The weekend has arrived yeah. -- out of his intro and he stumbled available -- of having a humble moment good this is good in particular clip that -- why would -- alliance for. You know because I was really play it up. -- -- Well mated. Almost twenty seconds into the -- Ford JEZ go just had the surface it's not that bounced. You have a future in this business keep it up. You barely gives and a studio door now left to live here -- has a future. It's Friday April ninth good morning I'm Bob Rose and your time tech sponsors -- jewelry when -- answers always yes and jewelry. It's. I just have to talk about a year. Obama. Smacking down Sarah Palin like to -- stoic. Everybody okay. Ali yeah that could better today and it. I know cat fights like between 22. Women. ESATA -- caddy you're about this. -- Sarah Palin did draw first blood. She said that Obama's change in nuclear policy was akin to a kid on the playground saying go ahead punch me in the face. I'm not all well I'm not exactly the king of great analogies. And thinks there is announced it was an ala get a better understand where she was. But -- and gets it. In up -- President's -- sign a nuclear disarmament treaty -- -- we don't know. Best case scenario -- ago. And worst case scenario there's some stuff hidden in that treated. Course we will be privy to for awhile. You got to submit by treaty before you find out what's and it. How thanks Nancy Pelosi. President Obama put almost back against Republican critics including Sarah Palin. The says the new nuclear stance is too soft in Leeds United States vulnerable to attacks all -- I agree with that and I think she has every right to say that. The scene Thursday at this -- Prague castle in the capital of Czech Republic was one of cooperation between US and Russia back home Obama may face a challenge getting the treaty through. Thus and it. And as. 67. Votes out committed super majority in the Senate apparently weren't -- Does to treating the Fox News folks abroad barren island Krauthammer and company of Krauthammer said -- I believe -- yet. He's like. The -- and are like on the same page of the greatest names ever except -- smart but I mean we're we're in agreement on everything. He thinks forming. Should I do -- has he says we have a mouse. At some talk show host you know they get their memos from the RNC. Your mind right from Charles Krauthammer. Anyway -- Obama brushed off criticism from former Republican vice presidential candidate. And and here's week's -- here's -- now. It's not so much this great cat fight each -- what does it why is this guy so thin skin. -- has to get like in a fight with Fox News. In now. Why does he -- thinks so personally. I I told you that before it's a personality disorder that's -- I asked to do with self love. Seriously. He says he says ask him hey Sarah Palin said you know bad you know like you can on the play Graham but he's at ID. I really have no response. Wow class acts. You win you win you're not getting engaged. To end your class act you're above the phrased it. Oh wait a second he didn't end there or did he. All you're doing so all gonna bury you were so. All I was proud -- you for just. Second there. I really have no response he says and man. His mouth opened again. Because last I checked Sarah Palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues. -- now. Let's see sort of -- eight. You who her fourteen months ago. And an expert on -- she. Yeah. I mean. She could have done just as much homework in the last fourteen months as he has. On nuclear armament and disarmament. She could've done more. The don't have that tedious don't know really what a great job Toronto follows assembly tasks involved. But it's but I really have no response. Because last I checked syrup -- -- much of an expert on nuclear issues. -- me you should check in more off Barry. Now. Well when you do that it adds Al Gore -- -- Al Gore was running in act I did the same thing he was the butt man. And what I meant by it but man is now not you know look at girls butts that -- -- -- that Melissa. -- a Bill Clinton was anything but that's different. Big -- and India back. I say but man because. He would always say something that everybody would agree with. And they say but you know Obama did you bet to on the campaign. You know EE gives you this thing America's built on this and its greatest threat spot at a time has come mobilize to ruin our country. I didn't say exactly like that disagreement. Earlier this week ahead of the treaty signing Obama announced plans to and the development of new nuclear weapons in the US and -- new policy. And the development of new nuclear weapons. Like. One of the things that we -- his weapon and on everybody gas and folks are scared of it. I mean times passed since you know world war two and Nagasaki and Hiroshima but how people talk. Stories are told films -- taken it it was ugly it was nasty. -- -- mistake about it some you'd ever wanna use. But the threat. And I Carty knows it keeps people are not seeing it does it really does work. Now. Why stay on the cutting edge of technology you're had a. Want. On the edge. In anyway -- perform anywhere. We the president doesn't want to maintain an edge as far as space exploration or travel in anyway shape or form because he's got to that aren't that wants him to. We're on the cutting edge of medicine in the United States of America and he's ripping up to shreds as we speak. So he doesn't wanna be on the cutting edge there. I mean at first glance when I saw Newt Gingrich and a headline that said this is the most radical president we've ever had a side while. This kind of harsh. But based on what I just told you how can you think any other what I mean think about it. All the areas that we actually have an advantageous position weathered a strategic. Or financial. Or technological. And all the areas where we have an advantage. When it comes to it nuclear weapons. Or just weapons in general but certainly the use of nuclear weapons. We're ahead of the curve -- ahead of everybody on. Where and everybody in Madison were on the cutting had -- want to come up with cures. Whether once -- implement the new machinery and in stuff before anybody else does. I mean what what else is this guy gonna do. Is frightening. But it is a Friday. And so. Here we got to lighten up a little bit. I'll tell you exactly Gingrich said by the likes and you really care of that. You know the eggs are good eggs are bad coffee's good copies bad. Number out cows are bad because there were causing global warming. Not so bad now that's a new one cows are good now we love cows. Details to follow 6150 about -- sky lines to be open 8779759825. John boy is in the newsroom. 97.3. This guy. A few more runs a microphone and some pretty big gas it's the drugs I'm happy hour. Attorney general Bill McCollum I think this shall we want that the US Supreme Court. Brian darling -- Heritage Foundation. Veteran if you -- you're running back off don't raise taxes and government there's so much back. And columnist John Hawkins the way this -- and garment he would get a medical for the president weirdly -- -- -- -- first talked about it now. News talked about -- point three this high -- There's one in about rose showtime -- runs by -- jewelry is -- -- audiences. Friday April ninth when its hands on Friday weekend. Military support group ride strides motorsports they're putting it on this. And. It's coming up this Sunday for more information you can go to strikes dot com. Or military support groups led to a county and there's a list now the link is on for the strikes. For their website Texas Laura. And there is a link to the military -- group of -- The soldiers need. So if you don't wanna ride in the ride you can still stop by and drop stuff off at the ride location which is at the I'm glad to a recreation center in beautiful -- to a or you can sell by stretch motor sports on 441. And dropping off their turned -- a regular business hours they should be there all day today. So I did. And now I'm gonna make every effort do be involved in the ride so to see out to the idea what else we actually oh. And a Sarah Palin made a comment about the change in nuclear policy. In the Obama administration. You know the one where a if you don't have nuclear stuff we won't use nuclear stuff against you and where we just wanna play nice and it. Nice guys finish last. This is war you're talking about do we have too many enemies as people love to take a shot and us if they know we're not gonna fire back and everything we've got. President Obama's -- such a thin skinny answers back to Sarah Palin's commentary. Because she said look it's -- this stance is too soft it leaves United States vulnerable it's like he can on the playgrounds is go ahead and punched in the face. So he says I really have no response. You know when asked about -- owns comets are really have no response gonna goes on to say because last I checked Sarah -- so much of an expert on nuclear issues. Explicitly Mr. President I did this yesterday I'll do the quick version today is who got some calls and world. -- -- art of war. Two to stay out of war to maintain peace you must appear to be twice as strong as your enemy. Nuclear weaponry. Makes this appear twice as strong as most of our enemies at least at least in and so. So this isn't about being an expert in nuclear issues nuclear armaments weaponry. This has nothing to do this this is this has to do with a word to George W. Bush invented it's called strategic your. -- -- Sun -- the art of war there's certain things he you do and don't do an -- in the art of war basically really not just talking about warfare. Talking about avoidance. Of war. By being strong. And appearing strong no enemy would be dummy enough. To attack you. Today but. Okay now you -- I can use nuclear weapons. If I blow up when near airplanes. And I'll probably get a nice. Trial and have an at a federal. You know courts and now and up. And when he apostle prisons. That's not a whole that's not a big deterrent in case you haven't check lately they Jeff you're on about Rocha. Ignored they they might -- elegant it irritated couple people that -- Abdullah. You know the way that I look at it what are you won't probably not the bottle on it. Is the kinda cute that was probably a -- money victim when he moved you know younger. Now that we've got a little hole Oregon -- your own pocket -- and everybody. And I'm so sick and tired I didn't spend eight years and white and military. -- and it. Eminent domain -- this country that. Neither tactic everything that's great about this nation persons started with -- baseball. Great -- followed with a -- Then they turnaround. And they had you know but now they own should -- -- -- -- these all apple pie and Chevrolet. Apples are going to be -- It's like those guys trying to get a look like in the only thing that I even compared to. Is like that battered women woman syndrome he's just going to beat it up so bad that we all do and a there didn't make it. Yeah yeah it's interesting too because they just got this news release apparently this just the end President Obama. Likes apples. But only the green ones Stuart you're on a bomber -- Epic are you -- -- Obama feel sick MSNBC media. A then twelve people care -- it okay. It's every -- they have gone on this. In the -- it only yesterday and today. They're gonna push with that disclaimer that -- piece of toilet paper rather it be ratified. By this than it was her vote was -- an effort to brainwash America. Leave the president had the power. Eight and nine international law. Well I I I don't think it's a strong has brainwashed. I think it's kind of like don't detract from the dog and pony show and what a great ambassador he has -- eight you know going around to the rest of world making friends with. Some folks we've had in major difficulties with to say the least over the years and and look how he can mend fences and make good things happen. Let's not -- a hold light hearted moment of the dog and pony show let's not weighted down with. You know insignificant factoid slight you know all all trees FB ratified by his super majority of the Senate. It just brings people down. In now if you want at this guy is up on his high horse and he's the night shining more armor and he's making things happen. You don't wanna -- -- all that with. Factor -- about how our government works does you know that's gonna lead to crazy stuff like people. Saying well why why would why would they have to ratify it he's the president. What you mean there's there's -- to -- threes. And there's a system of checks and balances. On. Really. So we're not really -- democracy are we. Are we representative constitutional republic. May get much and then next thing is they start to think. Well I heard some about government for invited people it seems allow more like we're serving the government in the other way around especially when I look at my paycheck and -- -- Rodney. SE misleads the bad thing Stewart bat. Just here's all people need to know. He he's the president he's cool. He's cool and people like. People in Europe like him and stuff and he makes friends and he's nice. -- And he's gonna give all my sick friends and relatives health care because he loves people and he loves. You know sick people to. I tell you need to know all game to add anything deeper than. -- American -- post to you. And don't don't show up and vote. Let's -- house to kind. -- 627 on -- Bob Rochelle skyline -- an 8779759825. This just in cows are good. And gay Jesus coming to a play maybe near you. That I -- -- Jesus. Why how they did. 627 -- Rochelle news Technorati seven point three -- starts. You'll hear those big stories first on the sky and has the same place on the go for your. Hear about it. Talk about it. News talk 97.3. This guy. We're the rush we days at noon on news talk 97.3. This. 637 on the bottom road show live and local have -- for the weekend here. I -- lines are open 87797598258. Gay Jesus play. Coming to the stage -- why it's odd details are coming but first let's check it was -- up your -- above road show. Good morning I -- all -- accurate and the European while Obama. I can't many European then I can't tell what -- limit the -- -- eat all the pink skirt the old. But they won't tell me. You should really integrate -- Bob Hope he can make you. -- Canadian a Canadian truck driver. 65 -- -- -- the other night. He was telling me. Push it meant that -- -- -- ever been in Canada. He says what you could go to any doctor even without insurance and negotiate a payment plan. You can't you can't even pick your doctor. If your doctor. About -- -- note. In the public interest that they be emissions and fuel economy. All Canadian. Hundred odd kilometers an hour that's about sixty miles an hour -- American. The big -- candidate can go. Wow. Good stuff pay government's got to take care of everything people are too stupid to live their lives it's not about freedom and liberty and personal responsibility anymore. Just to just go along you know -- the sheep bulls this. Just move along each people and do at least today yeah it's frightening they're locked at 65 miles an hour well now they don't go 65 all the time they're govern death. The -- they can't park. There's not have throw stuff -- the truck that goes by for transit without mechanical ticket to constantly be Dylan's like on a loop on a giant loop through Canada. Eight is like throw stuff into the -- that passes is -- it that's the end it would be like on the Vivendi Universal and have a sidewalks that move now maybe you'd have to get like on one of those -- -- loading it up believed kind of run alongside the truck and throw -- in there right. I like like that I know there's a lot of companies do that America but it's a company policy that they'll put a governor on it. So they're driver -- -- -- from saint -- so why the move a truck that drove from already had a governor. In how annoying that is when you try to pass somebody. And you hit that mark connector they were only to like sixty cool and you to pass them I think -- you know I think it be great if -- and a head on collision. Yeah your your dad legality one which is he once you get famous then it there was -- a lawsuit. And -- -- got a bunch of Monica as you probably wouldn't surprise. Obama Lou that the citizens -- of the trucks -- -- much safer to get hit by drug at 65 and at 70 yeah. Yeah it's like an earth an accident at 65 you live long enough to feel lagging campaign. It now. I'm well. -- -- -- Employee's job blasphemy. I'm asking for forgiveness in advance just for the sake of entertainment. And mum and I'm hoping that Jesus. Thinks -- entertainment's okay. I hope -- The gay Jesus play is back on. I got this from my MSNBC know go figure. After drawing much scrutiny. When it was set to play at Charlton state university where it was eventually canceled the play has found a new home theater in Fort Worth. Remember folks in Texas air you know. To be conservative. Part of the Bible Belt. A specific date for the shows have been finalized. Out of production of Corpus Christi is expected to debut at the -- 250 seat rose marine theater in a may. The Adam Adolfo executive director theater opera theater to the student's free of charge. Told a morning news it was important to give the -- students a place that is safe. And supportive to present their work. Critics say to play it was blasphemous caused a stir at university became concerned for the well being of those in attendance -- -- black access to the show by making it invitation only. And cancel the production out right just hours before was to debut. And I guess the guy who put played together is a he's a gay Christian chose the play to help other gay news maybe certain with the fifth now. But it is really quick on the fly while Brussels talking. But I have my top five reasons why I know Jesus is not -- -- right are you ready. Number five. They wore those boring robes would absolutely no flare color or style whatsoever. Reason number four that I know Jesus is not -- He never mentioned anything in the Bible about interior decorating. Number three. He did say it's more important what comes out of a man's mouth than what goes into it. And the number two reason why I know Jesus is not day. He really would have done something about that don't truly hair and a nasty beard. And their number one reason why I know Jesus is not today. He had absolutely no Elton John songs on his side time. To do my -- signed a sound effects so we can afford around here escape -- to Bob Rochelle. -- A you know an analogy keep you -- with nuclear weapons I think I got one and help beyond help listeners as part or sport and understand more. It's just like the Yankees giving up part of their payroll and getting rid of like Jeter Rodriguez in this year people are still gonna hate on. They just until they are just completely destroyed people are gonna like them anyways and that's what it's like banks are. -- -- a good sports -- people are still gonna hate and evil and he'll lose even when they lose if you're Yankee hater your Yankee hater. I hate the acts of the Yankees could data can lower their payroll giveaways and star players on and say -- or they can do best they can get you know what if you don't have a star player on your team we will use our star players to play against you. In other words we're gonna give you a chance. Om and some might say well that's boarding. And I would say yeah that is sporting. That's what's called an even playing field. We don't -- out when it comes to war it's not a game. You don't want to play big game ma. Are you want to play any game you remember that movie. With our Matthew Broderick's. Was his name Matthew Broderick yeah otherwise known us skip school today. Thirst dealer. Yeah do you want to play a game what was it into the movie. No matter how you played a game with nuclear war you lose the idea's not to engage in it. The idea is not to engage in the idea's not to engage our enemies and show weakness so that we appear to be. The least bit vulnerable. I -- stuff folks 645 -- rose show. -- -- don't John. Maine he's on us. He gas tiny dancer -- signs. 87797098. To five inches guy lines. Happy Friday my friends it's into the Bob Rhodes show on news talk 97.3 this guy. It's. -- First. Vote in no. Point three this god punish. 651 of the Bob Rochelle live local guidelines over an 8779759825. Barack Obama is still insecurity his position of president -- to answer back to Sarah Palin they said hey what do you think about cirrus. And that you know this new strategy about to know win in when you would use nuclear armaments. This changed policy. That's he thinks it's gonna make us two soft. He says I really have no response. And then he goes on to -- because last I checked syrup no so much of an expert on nuclear issues. This isn't about nuclear issues purse say it's about warfare in general it's about maintaining a position of strength. And the president just doesn't seem to understand that -- has an awfully thin skinned. When he feels like he has to answer back to Sarah Palin and an even thinner skin when he NASA preface his response with I really have no response. I mean. What's wrong -- that kind of personality defects can you have when you say I have no response but. But Obama that would not a black. Apparently didn't have a response -- We're not. It's hmm. Okay let me go to. DC your -- about -- show. It could more than Op Ed today once again at your favorite backed away and when it comes to eat is he planning. I you have a buyout where I work with the single integrated operational plans I was the strategic mission planner when I was in the middle. Now that being -- who is part of a group of Russian. It's still believe that they strike the United States -- that they could survive and win a nuclear game. We have if he -- a lot gonna let it papers and the Russia what a lot on how are we have a minute we get our bird in the year. If we. Get to the point where we don't have marketing program here where we do not have the missiles ready to fire. We will never make a a return strike before the platform or destroy it and army. I don't exactly what you mean and it. This is under a president and I consider to be quite hesitant. Well the thing has. In answer about Sarah Palin is his answer but wait that's not -- state. Is -- and it under his administration. We would have no response if we were locked up over our Portland. This is a guy who's involved in those kinds of things. That's pretty frightening this is a guy remember how long it took him to decide what should I do and Afghanistan. Where -- monorail my own minds. What's that reports that on my desk it's don't tell anybody about that. Sir some of the you know those neo con now Fox News idiots in some of those talk radio a lot. In help people a -- they know we've got to report already. My own mind honesty you know -- Yeah. In president. Russia just launch nukes against us we need to take immediate action and we need your go ahead sir here's the combination here's the code. Here's a briefcase. And we need to synchronize our numbers are you ready Mr. President. Well. I don't know I'd like to see a report on it first. -- your of the Bob Rochelle. Bob yeah. Heard Charlie Crist yesterday said he would not allow insurance rates go up and -- -- now in the price fixing these that it was -- a common man waddle like fuel -- -- well like utilities I guess we're gonna get all that. You talked about governor -- Canadian drug that was one government stop in Tallahassee and pick out Charlie and take him back to Canada with a letter writer. That endless loop up there will be rid of him for a lot. No I -- the the common man would like to drill off the coast of Florida to increases state revenues and lower the price of oil and to maybe get so awful so much foreign oil at least reduce it by a few percentage points. What about that common man -- -- -- we didn't care about that common man that's a different common man. Pressure on about Rochelle. Yeah. The pirate situation allocate them. To decide what to do with the fire completion. Ability bill would be made that decision at all. Yeah not exactly you know as soon as brilliant as the man is is highly educated as he is maybe you know. The -- dishonesty maybe not moon. And keep a people all you know. Operate under you know different different set of guidelines circumstances internally. Eternal in the hair you know some people say the slow method is the you know the best method may be it is. Some times. 656 on the Bob Rochelle pick your map and guide it. Maybe scribbled some -- -- news recently scrambled jets who said so he's trying to light up Cuba. But then it eighty. And the guys from gutter or guitar whatever you say Stratocaster Gibson on an analyst Paul Geist from gutter. -- -- -- Isn't gonna get control I think because of diplomatic immunity. Do you know why he was coming here to the United States. He was coming to see an al-Qaeda inmate. -- Yeah. There qatari. Diplomat who was arrested for sarcastically telling air marshals on a jetliner that he was trying to -- his shoes on fire. Was enroute to visit in in prison member. Other al-Qaeda at the super max prison in Colorado Mohammed Al. -- 27 year old official at the it's our embassy in Washington. Has full diplomatic immunity that makes charging him in the US courts very difficult. I'm sure he didn't know that. Yeah right. Federal officials confirm the -- now face any charges. You mean -- a -- a couple of glasses Hawaiian on the plane. Couple remarks made out loud stupid joke about terrorism bombs or anything else. You're done you're off the plane and you might be doing some time and who scout. You -- -- your shoes on fire in making jokes about it you're definitely gonna spend some time in big house. And I'm not talking about played football for Michigan. Federal officials confirmed he will not face any charges. Saying he absolutely will now be charged with a crime he has diplomatic immunity he invoked it. The joke however. Will probably cost him his post in the USO the other make it look good they'll take him out of there you'll still -- his government gig and I'll send him somewhere else who -- Did he was flying first class to Denver. To visit with a jailed al-Qaeda member. And he's making jokes about blowing up airplanes. Where's the eighteen when you need him. 6590 Bob Rochelle sky lines will continue to be open after the break 8779759825. Weekend is here happy happy Friday. Preceded by may be opening act -- fresh and an hour of hold 5 AM Jeff -- wrote a piece what killed the miners profits over safety. Pretty timely stuff that he'll have for -- You can tune in for that and like I said -- takes over at six so we're taking care area on Saturday morning you betcha. We've got plenty more to talk about coming up Financial Times. Oil and speculation member I told you about that the other day. Yup that's what we're talking about it's coming out on the Bob Rochelle are -- 97.3 this guy.