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Apr 13, 2010|

6am - April 13 2010

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning my friends. 6 minutes after 6 o'clock live and local Houston April 13 when he -- time Jack Franks you. These jewelry. That's -- jewelry with the answers. I'm not -- Sky -- we opened a little bit 8779759825. Obama puts together this little nuclear. Security summit. Even ABC news asked the question is this -- Now ending more than a symbolic gesture. World leaders 47 nations convene. In DC nuclear security summit gathering of the Obama administration hopes will raise awareness. Is awareness about the threats of nuclear arms getting into the hands of terrorists or rogue nations. But even as the nuclear agenda takes center stage. Austin the experts. Doubt whether -- nuclear summit is all its identity. And whether it will yield any concrete results. Obama's since Sunday the goal nuclear summit to discuss. The terrorist threat. In getting countries to lock down their nuclear weapons. In a specific time for an. The Obama administration itself has pleaded to try to. Secure all vulnerable materials within four years as helping the summit will spark case for. Preventive action among donors. Harris. Four years -- -- for us. Four years. Wow. Is that a crisis. That's usually about. The length of time before the crisis is addressed right health care. It was a crisis because there were thirty million uninsured Americans. Buried for years here in the program maybe. So maybe that's it. It's a crisis. Nukes floating around out there. Don't you worry about it -- in four years I'm all locked down. -- For a long time. New to be flown -- warriors long time try to get health insurance. But who in my did you -- Other real scare tactic if there was ever detonation New York City -- London -- Johannesburg the ramifications economically politically and from a security perspective would be devastating. Running trillions of dollars in debt might be devastating to but. Oh that's different. And economically politically and from a security perspective. A detonation in a large city would be off the ramifications unbelievable. Now the ramifications of the 10% unemployment aren't too good. The ramifications of spending. And so here in -- up to your eyeballs and then some. I don't know but I -- he's the guy in charge. Really good right. Wrong. Lots of good news. -- now. The Dow is up above 111000 for the first time in eighteen months. I in cash and ready to retire. I'm rich -- church. Rules on them on the can Dow ends above 111000 for first time in eighteen months. It has been the best the economy's been since the days and George W. Bush US. Diaz. And Dick Cheney. Wow yeah we haven't had this -- bush January ground now it's just stocks. Not an overall economic indicators fell. Bush with the most that president we ever had. And -- the best that got to move ever had. Since the bush Cheney in -- I'm more Halliburton buy more Halliburton stock went to eighteen months. This president inherited all sorts of problems. And he's already looked enemies already turnaround. Stock markets backup. Dow average above 111000. There's about nine points Monday. Nine analysts said the Dow's move 111000 co Ed good. Could provide a psychological boost him perhaps draw more investors into the market. I don't know. I don't know some investors. There's turn that some are applying based on the the last kind of crash. -- Yeah. All I know there's a few amongst you who are wise -- May know we can move it here and move it over there and they're so smart they're ahead of the curve and I -- few of those people but the average person and invest. The long term and 401K who have mutual funds. Hoping that someday they'll be a little something there. Silly you'll be able to actually fresh fruit and vegetables with your -- Proteins very expensive. Yeah the rest of us were gonna get delegate I'm afraid I'm no expert in this kind of gonna get suckered again so to speak. Does go up people -- -- out time to put money back can invest back in and you're gonna have some folks that are gonna -- profits right back out. Yank it back out I don't think that the stock market is. Ever gonna be representative of what used to be and that is and any fifteen year period the history of the stock market you're gonna see a a good return I think those days are gone I think you -- it's it's volatile. And and in I just don't. I just don't look at it their way -- -- there's probably a lot of people want to take issue of -- argue and and I still contribute -- allies to contribute somewhat but I'm also working very diligently. Two. You know to take -- debt first. -- -- -- Really first and then and then a little bit goes goes in there the for a want cash especially now that the companies are doing a match it's not nearly as soda. A good deal was used today. So a psychological boost is what they're looking for if you remember we've been listening to the Bob -- for any length of time. I've always said that the economy. Is 13 psychological. In other words if you can get people thinking upwardly thinking more positive that the economy will do better. I think that debt still holds true but with this -- and that is. Money's not flowing freely there is and how much capital out there are people are loaning money. In -- so you can have a psychological. Mindset I wanna buy a house I wanna buy a new vehicle. I'm I'm willing to spend I have OK credit. You're gonna have some difficulty. You're gonna have some difficulty so you can have a psychological. Want to abide. Mentality. We the American people but if the if the credit if the money is unavailable. You're not gonna get that benefit that used to get in there and the other part of the psychological boost is. Anybody who pays attention. Understands that. 22 and the year that we're in right now at the end of this year the tax. Thoughts. They'll put in by George W. Bush will disappear. In the tax rates for almost everyone will go up. So people are considering and is well before they make an investment in a purchase. Also mortgages. Andy interest rates that they're charging is going up right now and and just credit in general soul. It's not a good time the it's not a good psychologically. Debt could help it would help a lot more of gas prices were down. And in there was some more capital in the marketplace. Jack you're on above road show good morning. More involved. Member hurt me like there's a well rare or. Hundred billion dollars to go out there are -- ground on this stimulus -- And I'll -- members are right back in the Clinton Years. Didn't -- -- true buy and sell stop the government did -- kind of manipulate the marketplace. By everybody liked it a little better than it really laws that we investors were. That are running up there well so what people not long from don't have all that much money. Yeah I'm not sure how that all plays out but there are some economists that are saying. Things are looking better but some of that looking better is based on some of that. Stimulus money that's been infused into the economy and it's. I mean it's not -- -- paper money. So home. We'll have to see what the long term benefit you look we're gonna get a little blip we're gonna get a little uptick but I don't think gravelly jets. But others disagree estimates there Renault V shaped recovery. That things are gonna start boom and then that you should don't -- naysayers don't be approved polar. 615 you know Bob Rochelle. 87797598. To five will open up the sky phone lines. They've got more to talk about President Obama Hannity. And agree when the leaders from China. They give -- three guesses. Come on its -- this. That whole lot more coming up on above Rochelle live local news talking to seven point three this guy. News talk 97.3. -- 20 minutes after 6 o'clock live local -- Tuesday. I'm gonna run tonight he's doing dancing yeah so jealous I'm Bob -- -- department and on this guys website. Teachers across the state planning on wearing black to classes today started their protest. Against a pair of bills that would make it easier for them to get fired. Governor Crist has until Friday to sign it. Bill is senate bill six. A house bill 7189. That would abolish tenure for new teachers and established a merit pay system for teachers and administrators. -- and education association members are rallying their troops to protest the bills. Called actions. Last minute Vito letter fax email phone campaign to governor Crist statewide where black. And a rally tonight Sumter landing at the villages 73830. So that's what they're doing on that. Look do we need reformation of of public schools education etc. it's that are yet we do as an analyst cases where. You know they're trying to do the right thing I mean if you use the word accountability it sounds good it's just impossible to really measured enforce it. In a reasonable manner in my opinion it's just it's it's it's that would create more bureaucracy would be cumbersome. On. It just doesn't and in -- part of it doesn't make sense does it tenure goes I don't know I mean you know. I don't know that -- he guaranteed any candidate jobs for life I mean you know EU should maintain your employment based on your. On how are you doing your job and and that should be that there should be discretion given to the local. A folks as to who stays who goes hiring and firing of -- a local decision -- there's a degree of accountability at. The superintendent's office and school board and equal locals have. Off in his school board offices. Then all of a sudden you get your ten year by being a good teacher even though you don't only have a year two year contract or whatever. No superintendent their right mind is going to fire you if you organic helping to school district get. A grade every time a grades they grades they grades. He's circuit and CDs and half salt well you may have to worry about being a -- -- -- your job friendly -- area. I hear that they had some teachers decided to -- show -- class from like Miami as we met yesterday and protests. That's not a good idea either. It judicial at all because. This bill might pass. And it's because Charlie Crist everything. What do you mean that he said early in -- weaker two -- or five or whatever ago before it was actually pass. He said he'll probably sign button and he is somewhat hedging on and I think recognized and he put aside a finality was going to sign it. And now all of a sudden if he doesn't sign -- well -- -- not. Does he not stand by his principles -- originally had another is the we need to do for accountability war. Does he do a third option and do nothing for Friday and I guess that gets kicked back to the who legislate. He's under pressure to because this is a Republican bill. And if if Crist vetoes it then they'll say -- clearly he's not a Republican clearly he's cut his ties everything he says goes out the window. Rubio runs away with the election. You know no questions asked at least in the primary. And so he's -- oppression there. But if he signs it. Danny's got every teacher. You know everywhere. At least in most cases and I'm aware are going to be just. Not too happy with -- so it's a difficult series here's what I guess irritates me is the you know the lawmakers are trying to do some sort of reformation public schools and and you know teaching and trying to get the standards higher you get the students to perform better. Incidental of those cases where. If you're making an attempt just like health care reform on a national basis in you might be trying to make a good attempt like the Democrats I have. Tried I guess. But it's just wrong headed it doesn't make sense. In in this case you just can't there's no way to measure effectively. And if a person has a chance to you know to teach in this state or another state. You know it's just one more reason not to necessarily teach in this state you know if you want -- lights Allen chief living teaching in Florida thirty years ago. You know that was a great opportunity for a lot of people. But the cost of living in Florida is not any lower than it is anywhere else you know just -- people used to retire America's it was chief financial security and pension check you know when a good long way -- had a nice warm weather while. But the continual raising of taxes Florida's become a lot like whole bunch of other states so. You know it's not so. You know the -- not so sweet. That's a live here or in you know in many cases to stay in the state. As a teacher and get educated here -- -- to look for opportunities elsewhere so. I I think reading a lot of reformation I think we need something a whole lot bigger than what that is still represents and I just don't think this bill is. I think it's more cumbersome. Then it's in now Dennis worse. I understand in China have a measuring stick but you can do that on the local level like Jason -- you know you do you make the superintendent of schools and those who sit on the a school board and in the the folks who you know part of the staff. Of -- of the school board. You know hold them accountable and then they will make good decisions on teachers and you know. The need to stay in what teachers maybe needs a look for for work elsewhere so the whole idea tenure. Now. Goes out the window -- It is what it is six point six on the Bob Rochelle if you got some thoughts and opinions on that 8779759825. President Obama do it again. He greasy Chinese president fusion towel during the official rivals of the nuclear security summit in Washington. This was yesterday. And he did about he bowed to another leader and. In nobody's bothered to take him aside and I know the sounds like no big deal to us because we're dump -- farming Americans. But for a president who's always concerned about his image around the world -- deployed as a -- about. The second was a leader. If if you wanna say that this person as your -- or your equal in in the you know you're showing -- respect. You can -- I don't have a problem with the vial. Which -- a respectful bow where you maintain eye contact. As soon as your head goes down and you lose eye contact. Then you're saying I am subservient to you why am I going to you now respectful about it each other. -- know it sounds like in on a split hairs here but remember this guy is representative of the United States of America. And and although I am not an expert in all cultures I do know this much and I can't believe the president doesn't have anybody around here. Who would teach him if you're going to plow because you want to try to be respectful in another person's culture you need to learn how to do that properly. Because it does two things that sends a message to a lot of people who understand us. That what's up with this Obama guy allowing his head showing atop his head to it to another world leader like that. He week is he subservient -- What does it mean and then the rest of people go how ignorant is this guy. So it's a lose lose in every direction makes. A president fusion -- -- -- uncomfortable because he knows as wrong. I know it's not a big deal but it's one of those deals -- look solicit any other president was George W. Bush and the it probably try to say somewhere in -- -- so -- the that would mean something I can hope you -- pretzel but. This guy so worried about his world image. You do it again I mean you didn't and. A lot. Let me teach in those I released a -- community organizations are exploited on above rose show John boy isn't newsroom. I'm more to come on news talking to seven point three this guy. Moment first talk about it now -- talk -- seven point three the sky age zero dollars. Talked about it -- we're the rush weekdays at noon on news talk 97.3. Press. 6:38 o'clock until eleven local Tuesday April 13 22 and yes like -- three all wanted the big brick building what do they call it the old armory building the 500 block of north temple avenue. Left -- right across Brett from high school there you go across the high school. You'll see all the people the science. Which I think I'll be at the high school today later today is in fact it provides go yes one -- robberies last again they have to make a game says the freshman deals team -- be there. Today and and Thursday and will instance though. On Thursday Jason in stark on at the Tea Party therefore and then I'm gonna go by the the -- Tea Party. And their get together right system I gotta get out there early because of -- Stephen Willis and so. But a pop in -- pop out and speaking of the Tea Party we're gonna have. Kerry and Wilkins and also Tom he's Morrison's. They're from a diesel Tea Party got organ they're going to be talking about. Some things they have gone off. Night. So it's all that one lined main concerns that the Obama administration is now gonna push for. Now the tank they get their health care thing Dave totally turned that upside down this is true believers who think it's gonna be great. -- -- -- of I hope they're right I I do but. We know we know it's not get a -- but anyway let's move on here's the next thing we have to try to stop. All of that tax value added tax. For some people listening you know old pretty much what it's all about already. But I am trying to reach out to those folks who you know what tune in from time to time in in the get a little tidbits of information wanna make sure that they know. It of that access absolutely. Absolutely nothing to do with unfair attacks and the reason that I have to say this some people are going you know -- -- The reason I have to say it is is because the liberally biased media will spin it. Folks on the left will spin it. They'll try to make it sound like it'll even say well it's a fairway. It's a fairway. To get tax revenue they're gonna use terminology like that. To confuse you. So I wanna make sure and please do yourself a favor and everybody you meet you know that you have a chance to bring it up and educate a little bit. Even it's if it's the simplest in if you ever hear somebody talking about well it's a fair way to you know collect taxes. Not to get router -- you just say. Well just remember it has nothing to do with the fair tax and wherever it's been instituted has been economically damaging. And all I don't know about -- just please look it up for yourself then and and don't gonna just lefty web sites. The of that man -- by Mark Hendrickson. He puts it all together recently progressives made noise about introducing the value added tax and indirect tax you'll know what did this. When you make a purchase today and in your sales taxes candidate the end of it UC what you're paying a sales tax. This won't be that way and be included in the price of the products on sale good because I really don't wanna know how much I'm paying taxes. Well you'll hell. Or your wallet or your bank account will now. -- -- taxes. A six straight taxed at say ten or 15% added to the price of a good at every step of production. With a deduction allowed for the amount of that that was paid during the earlier stages of production at the bottom line is is the more complex it is. Like when I was a kid I went to via the Ford plant. River rouge. Rouge Ford plant in Detroit. And basically you know one complex. They had the ability to bring in ships full of iron or in at the same complex he finished automobile. Would leave the assembly line it was awesome. It was incredible. So you can imagine to go from iron door to a finished automobile. County opportunities are for of that tax. Them. And let's see our automobile industry out they use they can use of that tax increase the price and not old automobile because they're not having any trouble selling them now are day. You see them talking about. Many countries have that taxes and that'll be another argument of the left hate Canada has that Mexico has that the European Union it's it's great. Well EEE it's great for those European countries because it signifies exactly what they're doing what they're doing is they're consuming a huge percentage of their GDP. To pay for their nanny state. It's huge. -- any government that seeks to be all things to all people an air force seeks to spend ubiquitous sleep. Must inevitably seek -- tax ridiculously. These governments have insatiable appetite for revenues. Because facts are cash cows diverting huge sums of money from consumers to government they are favorites of big spending governments. But remember. There's going to be huge economic consequences. And folks this is not. Rocket science this is pretty simple. He's going to raise the cost of products that you consume. When that happens. You know we as Americans and I know it's hard for us but even we as Americans will have to separate between wants and needs. Now obviously that's in need there's no getting around it -- of all want. You may not purchase that product because the cost has gone up. Revenue goes down for the company. Workers are laid off he -- cataclysmic effect wealthy people can afford it. But the more wealthy people pay for the products the last money they'll be able to save the less money that they'll have available for investments. Is pretty obvious things folks the vat tax is bad it's very very bad. Please. You due diligence on this one if you are not already have an understanding of. 644 on the Bob -- 87797598. To -- take your calls on that subject or. In my chaining onto wanna talk about the next segment on news talk 97.3. This guy. Moment first. Development now this talk -- seven point three thus guy. So it's 77975. Candidates five. So let things I've covered so far Obama and the new summit. Is anything real. I'm gonna come out of this and maybe probably not probably not but it looks good. The Dow over 111000. Is that an indicator that the economy is moving in the right direction. Maybe maybe but you know it's better than -- thanking OK so will what will take what we can get. What else to we have going on. The vat tax -- aware my friends it's the next big push I believe from this Obama administration. It is a way for big government to find a new revenue stream. And it will impact people that taxes placed on manufacturing process of goods and services. Many if do we even have manufacturing in the country anymore. I guess they can find some manufacturing process they can now apply that tax to it. He will not seen attacks will be embedded in the cost of the product cost of product will go up. As consumer. He may decide that you. Can't afford it or don't want it because the higher price in in the people that produce a product will find themselves out of work. Sounds pretty basic but dance. Pretty much a long and short of it so be aware of the vat tax will be sold as a fair tax a fair way to do it it is not the fair tax in anyway shape or form please do not be confused passed on the information difference neighbors. We get some calls in here Ted you're on about road show good morning. Yeah I think that I Kristall who -- so the and and basically what everybody gets a larger. Budget only the -- over to the rapture. And I don't think that Americans are aware that is punishing the teacher and they aren't the problem at the curriculum that's the parliament the -- vocational education for kids that ultimately in the certain classes. Out. I think that the flat tax and you know -- -- open -- -- another midnight on Sunday that the Republicans are gonna read -- through. -- -- incredibly good McCain and Lindsey Graham and all the other I no longer get together and they decided well we're gonna screw the people again and and let it -- let it slide. I don't I don't think -- well I don't think I think fifty did their feeder feel in the fire I don't think so I mean you make a good point they've done it before. I think there's too much scrutiny in the Tea Party folks -- you know we give them credit for that. So I don't think they well. -- -- But hey I appreciate the several points -- may very yes reformation of the public school system it needs to be done but this. The marriage tasting is the wrong way to go about it I -- to our Rocco you're on about brochure according. Bop its nuclear thing and at Sandia health camping and hoping to distraction says -- Obama administration. Slowly dismantles our economic system and create a sub class of people which is just what they want and -- on the second point is. He's barrels to -- dignitaries because he really doesn't belong where he is he so all the -- on the sellout class. Being where he is standing out like I would do look like that they got Chinese president know whatever the. Yeah don't know peace -- I mean he's inexperienced but. -- I look the guy got to -- that somehow someway I mean you've got to give him some credit for that Jimmy don't about roadshow. Exported opt out -- to blog that -- right indoor outdoor quite I didn't have a chance was yesterday that you. Yep and the judge judged on what Huckabee showed the other night. Yes I did and I share their letter -- my listeners even put a link on my web page. Carry on like at admitted yesterday that I think that that is what the vet -- go. Krauthammer I think probably first under the brought that up. Probably a month ago he would even even great -- like. Yeah. Yeah and -- -- touched on it before. And you're gonna hear more and more about it but I'm just trying to warn my listeners that. And it's gonna be sold to you and twisted up in all sorts of different things by the -- liberally biased media. Let's go to David you're on about Rochelle. The more about. One course about it a urine and it like get a crack at killer. -- and I think they're shipping they're late to act here it he had a little confusing to me. Because they cut the funding but yet if not -- not really sure they get it is that but. The -- speaker -- this morning at that -- said something about the country delivering -- Enriched uranium. Yes yes and that's true and what they're actually gonna end of doing that that is a good question but yeah that's been part of a program for awhile now. 6550 above Rochelle live and local news talked to simply through this -- Moment first. Okay about it now this talk -- seven point three the sky.