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Jun 19, 2010|

7am - June 19 - Oil & Obama; Prez doesn't wat Bobby Jindal to look too good; plus the Pile of Snark

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Allowed under state law the legislature is already approved an 8% tuition increase. North Florida regional medical center has been cited for excellence in general surgery. In the 2010. Health Grades breaking news of the fourth consecutive year. You've gotten that recognition. And a Miami couple has been awarded more than 2.4. Million dollars in damages after the nation's first jury trial. Of interest any drywall lawsuit. Defective sulfur emitting Chinese drywall has been linked to. Possible health problems along with noxious odor corrosion of wiring computers plumbing in jewelry. Hundreds to Tbilisi and filed nationwide and in state and federal courts over the problem settlements have been reached in some of those cases. Sky weather for today is 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms. Look for a hi -- ninety's tonight partly cloudy 40% chance of rain. The low low seventies and for Sunday. The first chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning and then showers and thunderstorms likely in the afternoon with a high of 92. Hear about it first talk about it now on news talk 97.3. The sky. This segment of the skies brought you -- -- -- auto service center -- Jones bill what's important deal is important tell the auto service veteran Jones bill. May I remind you that time -- no it's the new hero broadcasting and eight DG AP that's important top. Get in touch by dialing 1877. WSK I wanna talk express everybody has feelings about back. That's 1877975. Not 825. I'm. Proud to view I'm proud of news. Here's the a musical -- seven point three -- now. Maybe that's -- seven -- -- has -- 974 greatest guy in days. The 8779759825. That is the phone number. Genders in that That's email addresses a Lincoln a sky's website thus guy ninths of a three dot com talk about a number of different things the oil spill. The election coming up. -- Terry called -- nearly into the hour. Tonight. Article on the today's paper about as times union and -- -- -- though that election -- so Tony Google Florida elections it's the division of elections. Elections dot dot dot the state got to tell you yes. Got it now of course and that's why I told you go to Google Florida elections. And -- to the candidates and there are a number. Of Tea Party. Candidates. Here's how you know -- -- there could be a problem. There really isn't a Tea Party. I understand I'm gonna assign Florida the quotable trademark that interview also establish a political party. Com. Not to say on the like an exclusionary. But have you seen and a -- build the presidential election 2008. Have you noticed that are not. But it wasn't just. Barack Obama and John McCain. There were route 450. Libertarian Party constitution party Communist Party social authority Workers Party the Green Party. Etc. RD party. Syllable that and you -- suspect. Of this Tea Party thing to begin as an -- as a party. Because part of the thing -- that I understood the Tea Party is that an anti incumbency thing and I have a little while what is generally an anti incumbent it'd be idiots in congress have run -- wait too long. And Howell the the parties have gotten too big. We build grassroots thing. We need to take a bit dark country back we the people. Would doesn't have to celery require. Organization by political party. It's in -- requires. Getting the people. To educate themselves about the candidates and chill up and vault. But I don't know -- be the wrong Tea Party could be a wonderful thing maybe it's not a shill set up by a Liberal Democrats try to confuse you idiots. But I will tell you this. If the sixteen Tea Party candidates actually went all of their races. And take those seats. And -- country goes in the toilet. You deserve it. Because you are still. Voting for our candidate just because you liked the letters after the names. Is what got our country into the shape let's say it. Pull of that straight party -- Has gotten our country. In the shape it's in right now. And I know like got to make jokes only early ask those cut a check every April 15 and -- circle of I want soleil. To lose eluded more to being an American citizen and and your job but. Don't likely you don't have time. As you deal. I don't care how many hours a day more feel okay how many kids -- -- take care we get back well don't care how much laundry piles of old Jeremy dishes are in the sink. You got time tickets either take the couple hours you will spend -- to a nice restaurant and our economy. Take the seven hours you would have taken sit on your computer play World of Warcraft or whatever the games -- people like. Take that time. And read up about the candidates but you can vote for. You got one month to do your homework. For the primary. Don't just vote because like I like Republicans vulnerable we need to get Republicans because to me there's Democrats and -- Okay I understand they're -- someone agree. Don't just don't get that juries. If that's -- reason. That it's about as smart as what people complain about black people only voting for Obama because he's black. I'm only gonna vote for the Republican because I want Republican and a Democrat won it. Read about the candidate oddly enough of the Democrat is a better candidate. Vote for the Democrat. If the libertarian is the better candidate. In your opinion with the what you believe believe what we need to do in this country then you vote for a libertarian. It's a really freak -- out of the Communist Party candidate. Has the what you think that the the best interest at heart you vote for the county. And there -- things -- did. You got one month to do your homework. -- Chris you're on this guy good morning. Hey we're great great show -- -- -- ordered back Barack. -- -- -- is. An important opportunity. It went straight through these people lot of it between. Although back not -- what. You know keep waiting everybody happy that you're out of that through. I would appreciate that. But he candidate who usually do -- ordered to stop this week and it. In the -- are now why not gonna do whatever they. It the -- as this that give -- irrefutable. And -- all are well ordered that -- well all enamored with the involvement going to be that about it attribute that you're mettler. Hillary and Obama opted their -- he you'll eat moderate. You have -- That he'd want the mineral belt we'll get. They brought equality could be a question do won't even got -- view that the people all the worse. So wake up. I indeed I would edit it is the white political world like Andy's got the -- the black kept the old black people voted -- -- greater percentage in this election than they had. Probably since the first girl I'm an -- and no action. Let's face it other white folk what a majority in the country. If none of -- voted for. And he wouldn't become president and up -- Here's the thing when it comes to Bobby journal of -- speculate on this. And this -- not mean Obama wants things to get lurks. But I think Obama is very much. A political animal. Instead of hope and change. He is -- back exactly like every other politician that we have ever had. Who is interested primarily. In self preservation. If they can not on routes and Obama's try to destroy the country if they can help the country while preserving his old political -- agenda. These -- would Dolan Mac. I'm not gonna say Italy and take the country into the toilet. But all these politicians there are concerned with keeping their jobs in politics keeping their job to watch it. What do you think we have congress people have been there for fifty years. And I think what concerns Barack Obama. When it comes to -- oil spill amongst other things. Is Bobby -- Now Obama gave his first State of the Union Address and it was and jingle gave -- response -- it. And was ho. A little boy it. Nearly all my job really. It looks like mister Rogers is out in eighty. What Bobby jingles doing right now. It's working out he is looking -- estate now momma gonna say he's the not a political and it doesn't have his own aspirations. But he's still what he came. To try to get this thing cleaned out. Which is scoring major points for him Obama does not want Bobby gentle -- candidate. Obama would load -- pay to be the candidate. -- 01 nobody don't want Bobby jingle. Minority did. DN. A Republican. That can cause problems for Obama elected of people word of the Tea Party people split in the -- Split the vote for the Republicans the conservative doesn't crickets and not the -- and able white man. But about regionals the candidate. That could split an awful lot of the minority. Obama would not latest audio bobbled the what are his wife that's what body gently as he got when Bobby jingle go. And I think that is that -- a result of being a political animal. Being a personal Washington. That you pretend he's not I'll sort of throw hard whatever. You -- -- -- that hour. Don't exclude out of power no limit to how. Until two terms are up. And the -- change constitution -- this guy or an item or. -- -- -- -- Here's my thing. On purpose by the global rulers on his birthday by the way they do not want me about that as they already know about a process called. I don't remediation. If -- been in the belt before it clean water -- pristine at -- time they do not want this cleaned up. They want to ruin America there were explosions on. Train a couple of years ago they were hearing natural gas -- explosion in coal mines. I'm here. From that they didn't know what. They're -- -- -- it's an attack on energy in America now there's an explosion in the gulf they have the technology to blow things up from our. We know that. And that is -- or in this entry and depressed is carrying it is not one. And I think since I began when they're Panama and a ticket think about. Honestly an enemy a lot of folks mad. I don't want Sarah Palin on the top two in fact we don't I think Sarah Palin can build. And and a steal a line from love from Newt Gingrich. Does get went ahead and SE packed convention data New Orleans Gingrich -- very interesting point and I know he was going against Palin the little straw poll had. But he said you know look Ted Kennedy. -- never become president. I mean when he was a life obviously can't now either. But he was extraordinarily. Powerful factor in the Democrat party. Is that Sarah Palin is I don't think -- -- -- which he can BB king maker -- get enough people to rally behind a particular candidate I think I don't I don't think she is. In -- completely disappears off the face of the Europe for a good 48 years then come back as a fifty something year old woman. Maybe she's got a shot then. I think right now if you would hurt a ticket not help but despite the fact look look -- every talk -- for their loved every talk realist would vote for. Rush Limbaugh -- got forty million people in his audience. Every Rush Limbaugh listener -- for Sarah Palin she still gets walked in an election by. Mitt Romney. Or anybody else so I think I don't think should be the best candidate out there. Twenty minutes of the 7 o'clock news talk 97 point greatest guy wrote but hillbilly redneck Rock -- hang in you're all coming up -- got to celebrate candidates and on this guy. You're listening to the DH -- on news talk -- seven point three the sky news. -- -- -- pulled -- 97.3 this -- I don't know if you wanna talk about. Just getting out. Oil -- Obama as a whole nine yards but to folks on hold it stayed on hold the brakes on the go to the phone calls well blood -- it. Happy Palin and -- new long yeah yeah yeah yeah is. 88 -- -- operative -- Iran heightened the I. -- -- -- -- -- be an example we in the -- it as in this World Bank. Part that this Supreme Court you know I don't doubt go -- -- and the other night went it is still up about what that. That they don't let the city ban guns. At this stage is Scotland and it you know exactly that a morning. And and I got to get. We have been Obama a little bit I can go don't want saying you know without -- I don't know what he would. Didn't top which dine out about this on their on their air air air air raid and air everybody. And he bout it gonna pick a letter to see why people already did they've patented eight wanna. That does not have been awarded. There's not that the Fed up and aircraft in this country and an end up playing what they're there they're currently the make it cheaper. Against the ballot. Didn't happen and end a war going on right now quickly. Geithner and -- Obama and there's some finance minister over Oregon Sanjaya is really getting ratcheted up right now again. A lot of stuff going on about bet bet good money currently spent. If if if they don't get your -- what it got it. Into the Brooklyn but I'm happy I want to -- -- compared -- is that a little bit counter without a little bit over that that are run wild and all art and I edit it. Destroy American businesses locally and god is that me and I -- I think today after Eric Bennett Kleinberg. I think that the people let this guy radio we ought to get together higher at -- -- -- -- -- why didn't get it will pay this money for mental anguish -- Just died they ain't got their copy yesterday and then it really that popular restaurant -- -- they thought they get that used in things. Our intrepid out of date get throughout camp. And it is triple -- -- That -- -- -- every bit as -- been aren't they need to send him acclaim and probably -- body has. They com -- -- that all right you're gonna make it an opt in Indonesia that that can't spell out. And that would stop on the opera. That are stuck jumpers. Well -- about that honored that Bob they're gonna explain that to -- this guy got that my. He is. I cannot deny that. -- blood good take care and a member of the weekend I've mentioned yesterday how far does this thing -- if you've been impacted by the oil spill. Fisherman yes oil war what are the odds of what about what a big tobacco. You know there are bad a big lung cancer cause and tobacco all people are going on vacation in these areas anymore they're not buying the cigarettes there all of a sudden the tobacco companies lose a few bucks to hey we need some money. When that all the gas stations you know evil oil they were not selling much gas -- people are driving down here to go on vacation near the gulf -- We want money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay in the media are you doing today that the I think you're looking at the door and most of I think Obama went into the presidency. But then knowing that everybody knowing that he's a one term president in -- accomplishment damage. Then he's not gonna be able to get reelected and upbeat when the 2012. We're gonna have to beat the record in the 2012. That's what I think. But. -- I would wonder and I'm gonna make -- the question on the at a summit to get to the new break right here. -- -- was afraid. Of Hillary Clinton's. Remember that did do one doesn't little event -- -- -- McCain was aren't accountable to these rallies and the woman Cindy McCain how do we beat the bitch and of -- big deal. I think most people would killed had Hillary Clinton in this times so parts of Obama. Well yeah but and then again vote either Republican candidate. Nostradamus hang in their bottom of the hour break more to come Jack Anderson. Along on this guy. You're listening to the ADHD. Seen on news talk 97.3. The sky. 737 news talk 97.3 this guy is the obviously -- movement. Yeah that's an okay one. -- goats we got puppies. We got bears. We got drunks. We got a bird's. NN that's we had 911 calls all involved in a -- smart. So get calls America's legacy for the last segment we did the -- appeal acts. Also known as the current stock. But were you thinking. By the like Chris -- saying he named appeal asks did you out of remember that not a guy came. And it's a bad idea it's yours and it's a good idea of mine. Let me before for the -- to me once again let you know on July 26 that he what are register to vote in the primary election. July 26 is the cut off date. Register either of the Democrat -- a nonpartisan. On the register under one of the parties among gonna tell you know. But let me don't know his pardon and leaving the register. You aren't you Republican -- this time actually -- but when it was a note for our registers a Democrat. And voted for Al Sharpton in the presidential primary. Al why they have dictators and kings. Are stupid founding fathers decide they want the people vote you and holding it out yeah seriously you're gonna let me did gang. You put up that lot of candidates on going to do not I would go to vote. Just they wanted to register Republican. You just did see you guys trying to say why. Yes uses they want. I can I -- vote against the a particular incumbent who shall remain nameless. But he -- the BP I have what dale was just the other -- What. I have been saying bowl at the incumbents for four years now. And get a chance to vote on an incumbent hey man that's what I don't. I would -- a man of my war unlike the politicians. Which is why all you people should eventually vote for make. On another -- running for any thing. What do those a mass of writing campaign. And I got like five votes. Gas. Editor hey -- -- to the city gains delegates yet whatever position you want around four. But a note -- 46 is the tunnel data registry and a registered 49 days in advance of an election. August 44 it's primary day in Florida October 4 the cut off for the general election November the tools. In general election today and between now on July 26 the cut off day for register to vote. And you know what this -- the safe side register about a twentieth of July. Eighteenth. It doesn't take -- to fill in the form register today. So -- it in and you vote and now between now and analysts -- -- -- primary day. Read up on the candidates Lauren about the candidates figure out what the candidates stand if there's -- candidate forums show up -- Asked questions that don't answer your questions of mantra like an idiot politician may be to go to different direction. Ultimately go Nostradamus little line Nostradamus talk Jimmie thanks for -- Good morning Chris a gadget -- they don't wanna do wanna at all man out there all the bad. Thomas at their back. I want what you all happy Father's Day I noticed there's. -- lack -- of that going. And listened to radio for the last you know forever. You all know me in. When mothers they came around every head it was would I hours intermittent in that. Jewelry. You know every every kid you know every bridge you gonna get interest and the money. But man we know what we we stick our neck we're out there but there are -- -- The family what are we did not. I talked body yesterday night Allen nor did audible to the oil that's -- don't get your data card it's -- but smile he's well aware of that are united today. Hey I appreciate it act called -- went back -- You know that there's no Bob at a commercial and inner mountain or somewhere about Father's Day without it. Absolute total disrespect and disregard for men in this country it. Fact it was vital not to download on the Warner picked up all the propaganda TD movies and commercials I don't miss not. And I got you back safe -- everybody non glad to hear hey coming home. Have a harder awash in a good point about being Hitler's birthday when Natalie has played. It's still a lot of video. YouTube usually. I don't know what kind of animal lived down -- -- and -- pressure 5000 seat that's where there's a video on there and that he'll swim and ride through the middle that -- Lot. Of those women during normal and they have videos. Your -- and happy -- man -- I got back -- I I know what you're going through. Andy I'd after an -- and about a way. It wasn't in -- a guy I hate to correct yes -- of hung up on enough on this but. And actually with a snake is one of them politicians went down to try to fix the leak. As -- -- sneaky politician. It's got to say thank you to black -- But he's right about the fathers and million dollars not mountains aren't -- ensemble black Michael expects these and these I don't think -- Saudi Intifada that video -- I'm probably gonna get a card sign a card that says you but smell them I'm open. As. I did then and I'm probably gonna get a nice big stake in. -- I told -- -- yesterday for mom's -- the cards are all beautiful flowers and I love -- a new kind than you would never send your mother the same kind of -- -- dad mom I love you the greatest thing ever but man you really steak at the toilet first sultan hours after the fact if you leaf. You have never send that to your mother I do their own birthday cards no birthday guys when you give you tell your mother that and I found mama I give my mama when my dad like. I get Nevada's economy in the pharmacy -- thank you would be in my -- but on his birthday and he can he's. I'm an artist and yeah and I think -- -- and you can -- -- -- Father's Day little lights in Al. I let's get Blackhawk and a black calculus guy good morning. And good morning and yeah I agree with you about building -- -- these -- incumbent and so on and yet but no it would let Stearns yeah -- -- that aren't. And that you know if you moved into the city Gainesville would publicly to on the City Council to if you make more sense and everybody that's on there and on the commission that. Well hey I've got. I would but the problem is a -- publicity game you couldn't pay me and enough. The move that. That move that would account at least slow alone put you on the the F county commission and members do we get some sense those folks. You rest up quickly and be kicked out and -- think it actually kick people out of the commission if they've been voted in. But America you know if they go to -- bill I'll make it fun -- turn like the county the city commission into like that the the Asian. You know you're ought to go at it over there aren't gonna -- -- some people are jumping off the video. Balconies and beat each other and head. You have -- eight. That the at least we do get sucked out of that that was stupid -- center development. People would be paying more attention they know they Paterson may Leo crack somebody upside and she'll get married in inaugural. I'll and we can do that we can do it American stock as we let the pro ransom America dealing a barbed wire baseball. We're like a crazy uniform and a pro wrestler designers and marine matters in the middle of this and influence quick it has some pod. Let's say that to that oh. Apparently are streaming is not working up to -- par again and again I got an email from my dad. Good let's talk godaddy can't listen. It by a mile -- my -- -- beyond the working just fine there 745 news talk 97 point greatest guy you know London. Yeah we'll keep the phone them for a few mormons do not like is that the -- sort we have some but it's not a ton of stuff so -- drive -- to a fairly quickly sort of take another call or two in the final minutes or so of the program here at 877. 9759825. -- but a number of things. Elections coming up -- the I'll be beaten this drama from now through love it lasted -- register for the primary election. Make sure you you know an entry read up on the candidates make sure you learn about them. I got it an email from a listener. -- Terry called up earlier and -- -- -- can mean candidates that are apparently par tee at the mellow I'm not saying that it's it's a complete fraud for whack job liberal counties. I don't know. I think there's an awful lot of parties out there's he had enough to pick from. -- -- need add more parties. Find one you like or here's an even better one. Vote for the candidate you think is best. Letter to Democrat -- -- -- Republican -- -- to libertarian Communist socialist. A constitutional lists. Not analyst at Lehman nothing -- outlook for you you make sense. Nearly as clouds are we have already. But from now until primary day -- -- registered to vote the primary study up on the candidates. Learn about read about can't go to the candidate forums. If you notice that there's -- for survivors candidates running for particular seat you go to a couple candidate forums and you notice like maybe one or two of them haven't shown up to any album. Prime not a good idea. I'm delighted about that if anybody would -- what they're trying to be your poll. And what are they gonna wanna get in there. Being an educated voter via smart Boehner. And maybe just maybe we can turn the ship around. They mechanic Joey oh you're on this guy good morning. -- ought to say -- restore all or they will assume certain amount everybody do and not great show about three days -- -- Bob Rose would be probably. -- -- -- At the -- to Canada thank Bagram about have you said the great as the week and idea happy Father's Day and all the fathers out there I am now busy the phone's. I'm not talking to you people know law. But the vertical brick right here on the other side of the break we will get to the pilots markets what you people love so much -- Anderson. News talk 97 point does this guy. This morning's Sean is -- -- seven point three us. And -- yeah. 751 news talk 97 point greatest guy. It is time for the pilots and are the PO last would you people live for the into the program the phones are busy -- and more phone calls this point in time. The me get through the pile of -- -- Lot of animal stories. Nominee Ninja's this time let -- animal stories. Virginia officials find -- shalom did woman's truck. The Bedford Virginia authorities say the regional drunken driving checkpoint -- the discovery of a goat. Around and shelled in the trunk of a car. Bedford sheriff's office of the Carter by 32 year old woman. Pulled up to the checkpoint on Friday night this would have been the eleventh a week ago. When deputies heard noises from the truck. One asked what was in the truck the driver said she bought a goat from a farmer. To -- to the four passengers and a car more from Kenya but reside in Lynchburg. The goal was panting heavily and animal control this -- the temperature of the trunk was 94 degrees. That's a hot product promoted deal like checkpoint usually at night. I guess all that heavy breathing from the ago. And available at bullish are at war. And you had a woman told -- issues from the United Kingdom and transporting go to the matter was acceptable and there. She was charged that'll go crawl into an animal and released. -- I did not know that city. And an and that begs the question the people asked this all the traveler a cup how we can't be more like the Urals. Why can't we transport goats all bound up and tied up and back of a truck a car. Was he -- -- let it -- -- banks -- does -- they need to be buckled up you put it in the car and the and the pastor cap -- that tell networks. Another headline German student attacks hells angels will puppy. Yes out of Berlin. A German student created a major traffic jam after making a rude gesture and a group of hell's angels motorcycle gang members. Curling up puppy at them and ends escaping on a stolen bulldozer. I don't think you'd escape to quickly and and life. German police said on Monday that the making -- get away from the hell's angels club 26 year old dump the bulldozer causing a three mile traffic jam. It and flood it was home nearby where it was apprehended by police -- what a bloated and April poppy and hell's angels is currently unclear. -- police spokesperson. -- student had lately been suffering from depression. And in case you're wondering before without attacking the -- hells angels the puppy is now -- safe. He threw a pumping through IBERIABANK and he flipped off the hell's angels and draw poppy -- And then announced -- global low current and drove all like the president is crazy. In a little bit crazy you gotta give the hell's angels credit and for not getting on a motorcycle operate driven hells angels on motorcycles to catch a global world. A lot of things exists also -- his -- news it's like a -- and Audubon. 150 mile an hour and each. Top five naked drunk man covered in mud in the woods. -- I don't Lewiston New York police in Western New York say two Canadian man and attended a church festival wound up in the woods drunk naked and covered in mud. It's even crazier than you think it's -- and it's not what you think it is early is that the -- -- State police that her profoundly twenty year old man from Hamilton Ontario sitting along a role in the town of -- just outside of Niagara Falls 5:45 in the morning on Sunday. Covered in mud after questioning him trooper -- a 43 year old man from Hamilton covered in mud passed up in a ditch nearby. There adored him like right there with one of them at some point in Bosnia and police a book and -- highly intoxicated. Amended attended these Saint John Dennis out part of on Saturday and have it was decided to regulate portable one stock event. By dancing can -- the bullets. Both men were taken to a local hospital where there are treated and released OK maybe it is exactly like us. We have these stories from time to time. Here's an update on the -- smugglers. Amanda smuggle fourteen Asian songbirds into the country by hide them inside of pants story a flight from Vietnam to Los Angeles. Has been system into -- four months in prison. Sunny dawn. I'm not making that up. Lowe's also ordered Monday to pay for 4000 -- restitution to the federal authorities caring for the birds 46 year old arrested at LAX after inspectors spotted bird droppings -- -- The -- -- picking up moderate pats. Co defendant -- lead. I'm not making these names up my friends. Was sentenced to six months in prison he was sort of make when he 5000 dollars in restitution prosecutors say that he was -- ringleader. The operations in the leader never affect -- put the birds in his pants. Is that -- that the money -- guess. Donny Don. And doubly. Go to jail for -- birds in the pants. Birds in the plants birds in the pants look like a poll some birds in the pants. Ohio woman jailed for calling 911. What you hate when people to get thrown in jail for call the authorities. Spent three days in jail because and I will -- -- line five times. Seeking -- husband. Dispatcher was flabbergasted at the request and asked Audrey Scott. You need to get a husband. The G-7 year old replied yes. All the -- and a face -- for misusing 911 -- responded let's -- Out of you meant the arrest or not. As you meet people ever held governor doesn't you cubs got to -- on the grounds. No I've never been imprisoned the women get and I guess they have a separate cell to sit in Canada the men do that it's not to like it's only a mixer why you were given me. How -- I don't know all under Tom to try to what are buddy buddy -- you know I can't of the phones habits. After early it's got blamed the case on alcohol by. Railing. -- -- That's a I don't want it -- Although this one final story about a minute up Iowa city police say drunken driver was Beckett. I'll please they're able to track got a drunken driver who struck a street sign thanks apart with clothing or his lack of it that is. Police say witnesses told officers they saw a naked man drug awake from convenience store has a street sign. Please been damaged car short time later driver -- gone beautifully -- and still make it outside of his neighbor's apartment. What year old and a blood alcohol content of point 189. Good hostile act and hostile. Police say witnesses for the convenience store also able to identify the man as a driver of the vehicle -- when he looked like. Get a good look at tried not to seriously trying to -- That's gonna wrap things up a breath hoping had a good time listening program at a good time put it together don't forget Bob wrote back from vacation he'll be in the studios on Monday a media. Chris -- great job as always the way folks I'll be back above on Monday morning plus to own solo thing next Saturday until then happy Father's Day have a great weekend. -- -- --